All characters in this story, even those merely mentioned, are over 18

Chapter 1.


Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, waiting for a big cock to stuff it . . . as the most notorious slut in Tuffetville did every day. It was a warm, sunny day, with a cool breeze sweeping through the grassy hills and woodlands of Tuffetville, so there was little need for Muffet to wear much clothing, not that she ever did. The tight little sundress she wore barely contained her large, cushiony breasts, and the dress was so short that most of her smooth, big ass was left on perfect display. When she bothered to wear panties they were the tinniest little thongs imaginable, with barely enough material to cover the puffy lips of her almost perpetually wet pussy. Her brown curly hair fell in thick ringlets around her bare shoulders, although she tried to keep it under control with a puffy white hat. Despite her 23 year old lewd, womanly body, she had the freckled face of a young curious girl, equipped with big brown eyes and the most perfect pair of fat cock-sucking lips ever slapped on the face of any slut ever born in Tuffetville, which was a small hamlet well known for its slutty girls.

But of all the sluttiest sluts in the slutty sluts-town of Tuffetville, Little Miss Muffet was by far the sluttiest. The moment she turned eighteen she had three big cocks stuffed inside her. The handsome mayor in her mouth, the hunky blacksmith popping her tight little cherry, and the cute shepherd’s son up her puckered ass. She loved it, and there wasn’t a bed, cot, or pile of hay in all of Tuffetville that she hadn’t rolled around in, playing wicked games with all the boys and girls her age, and sometimes their parents as well.

But the problem with being the most desired, most talented, and most experienced little slut in town meant that she was getting bored. There was no one left to fuck her for the first time, and even the hulking blacksmith with his giant cock was no match for her. She could have him wrapped around her little finger in seconds, cumming like a bitch at her feet, just like every other cock and pussy around. She was becoming so bored that she considered moving on, going to one of the larger cities in the west, or maybe the busy ports of the south. Somewhere, anywhere she could find some action.

But action came to her.

One day a strange man came to Tuffetville, a black man. His skin was like polished ebony, and his muscles were as hard as iron. His clothing was exotic and foreign, and through his tight pantaloons was outlined the biggest, thickest cock Little Miss Muffet had ever seen on anything that wasn’t a farm animal.

His name was Spider.

Now Little Miss Muffet waited under a tree up on a hill outside of town, eagerly awaiting her tryst with the black wanderer. He was late. He usually was. That was fine with Muffet though. She understood her man came when he wanted to, and she was just happy that he did. Spider had a lot of other bitches on the side, both in Tuffetville and in the surrounding villages, so Muffet had to do her best to fuck him better than any other girl. None of the men liked Spider, since he easily seduced any daughter or wife away from their father or husband, so he developed a habit of moving from town to town quickly, fucking as much white pussy as he wanted, leaving only broken marriages and mocha-skinned children behind.

As Little Miss Muffet thought about his big, black cock and his hard chocolate muscles she grew hysterically aroused. She spread her legs open and began to pet her angry pussy, trying desperately to calm it down, but it only become further enraged by the unforgivable absence of cock. Pretty soon she was slapping it angrily, hurting herself, trying to cum, but no orgasm was possible on her own. Only Spider could fuck her properly anymore, as she told all the disappointed boys in town.

“Ha! You become more impatient every day, you fat slut,” a sexy, deep voice greeted her. Spider stepped out of the shadows, already removing the silk clothes he wore, unleashing his powerful body.

Little Miss Muffet gasped in fright, almost passing out from a sudden rush of emotion.

“What’s wrong, my little slave, do I scare you?”

“Yes,” Muffet whimpered. Her lips were quivering, but she spread her legs for him none the less, offering up her hot cunt as if by instinct rather than choice. “But that excites me. I never know if you’re going to kiss me or slap me. I can’t tell if you’re going to be gentle and loving, or fuck me like a cheap whore. You scare the shit out of me, and that makes me so wet.”

She clumsily pulled her soaked thong out of the way, moaning pathetically as she rubbed her aching cunt, physically begging him to stop waiting and just fuck her.

“Fuck me,” she almost cried. “Please . . . fuck me before I go crazy.”

Spider laughed. Muffet was one of his very favorite sluts. Not THE favorite, but one of them. If it wasn’t for her hot, slippery throat, and cunt that was as soft as butter, he would have left Tuffetville weeks ago. He was pretty sure he had impregnated both the mayor’s wife and his young daughter, and he didn’t want to be around when two new black babies popped out.

“What? No foreplay. Greedy bitch!” His strong hand grabbed her by her brown curls and pulled her up. She squeaked in pain right before ten inches of thick, pussy-splitting meat rammed past her fat lips and down her accommodating esophagus. Muffet was a prize winning cock-sucker (literally, Tuffetville had an annual contest) but even she had a little trouble taking down Spider’s womb-buster without gagging a little. Her mascara ran dark rivers down her cheeks as her eyes watered, and long strands of spit dripped from her chin as she struggled to breath. Spider face-fucked her like this until the very last second before she would pass out, and then he let go of her hair and she popped off.

She fell on her back gasping for air, bubbles of spit and pre-cum popped out of her nose. Her head swam with the thick smell of Spider’s intoxicating pheromones, and her body chemistry responded by making her cunt start to moisten up like a watermelon on a hot day. Spider was already on top of her, his dark hands digging into the soft flesh of her pale tits, squeezing them as if they would pop. She whimpered, and then she felt the iron-hard ram’s-head of his cock pressing against her pink gate. He held it there for a moment, just to emphasize how much she was going to feel it when he penetrated her, and then he did it.

“FUCK!” Muffet screamed so loud that every bird nearby flew off. “Holy mother-fucking god! Fuck me!”

Spider laughed as he pounded her with the full force of a battering ram, hard enough to break most little white sluts in half, but he knew that Muffet’s fat cunt could take it, so he gave it to her. She was screaming her head off so he reached back and delivered a brutal bitch-slap across her drooling face, sending wads of spit flying from her mouth. He leaned down and kissed her then, raping her mouth with his tongue as he raped her pussy with his dick. He was a very good kisser. It was said with one kiss he could make a gentle virgin experience an orgasm, which might have been an exaggeration, but at that moment Muffet began to spasm uncontrollably. She was cumming her brains out, so he decided to let loose, and his cock exploded deep into her willing, open body.

He spurted in her three times, ejaculating five-times the amount of cum most men were capable for producing, and even then he wasn’t done. He pulled out, stood up, spurting thick strands of cum across her stomach and breasts, and then he grabbed her by her curly hair and wrenched her to her knees. He put is cock right in front of her slobbering face she was ready for it, long tongue dangling to catch as much of her conqueror’s white chocolate as she could. Copious amounts of cum filled her hungry mouth, but even more shot across her eyes, chin, nose, and coated her entire face.

As his orgasm subsided Spider gasped in the afterglow of what an amazing facial he had just given this cheap slut. He really was an artist. Weakly, Muffet began to scoop up cum with her fingers, shoveling it into her veracious mouth. Dripping with his spunk, she smiled up at him with a big bright smile and her two girlish brown eyes, looking very ridiculous covered in as much semen as she was.

“Enjoying your curds and whey, slut?” he asked.

She nodded.

He smiled back, before bitch-slapping her so hard that she was knocked out.

Chapter 2. #####

Little Miss Muffet staggered awake about an hour later, lying half naked under the same tree, still covered in her master’s cum, but he was nowhere to be seen. Muffet whimpered sadly as she stroked the side of her face Spider had so roughly slapped he that it was still a little sore, but nowhere near as sore as her battered cunt was. She poked at it curiously to find that her larger-than-average clit was still erect and she was still horny for another round of rough sex. And she should have gotten one. Spider never came just once with her. Sometimes he’d bust three nuts in a row, one for each of her holes, but this had been their shortest sex-session ever. Normally they fucked for hours, or at least until Muffet passed out from the stress of her multiple orgasms. He had even slapped her out just so he could leave.

“Jerk! That big, sexy jerk!”

She knew what was going on, and it terrified her. Spider was getting bored with her, but that could only mean that he found some new bitch to beat up with his cock. It couldn’t have been any slut in Tuffetville, none of them were as dirty or wet as Muffet was. It had to be someone who lived nearby though, and chances were that Spider was heading there now. She struggled to her feet, tucked her big tits back into her tight dress, and pulled up her panties. She was going to find this slut and make the little bitch pay for stealing her man.

Chapter 3. ####

“Hey Muffet,” the cute shepherd’s son greeted the beautiful girl who had taken his virginity. Everyone knew he was in love with her. “Watcha’ up to?”

“Looking for Spider. Seen him?”

“Oh . . . yeah,” he moped. “He went past the blacksmith’s house. But, you know, if you want, you could come up to my room and I could-”


Muffet’s knee came up into the shy boy’s balls like a sledgehammer, mashing them into his hipbone. He fell to the ground crying in pain, clutching his unimpressively ordinary sized penis.

“Thanks, but I’m not interested in your little penis. Maybe you should go fuck a sheep or something. Bye.”

So Muffet strutted into the Blacksmith’s shop, swaggering like the sexual bombshell she knew she was. The big, ruggedly handsome blacksmith smiled when he saw her curvaceous young body, so much better than his skinny little wife. He had loved Muffet from the moment he took her virginity, and for a time he had been her favorite cock.

“My sweet child, to what do I owe the pleasure?” He hugged her, cupping her big ass in his strong, giant hands and pushed her soft body into his, her large tits squishing into his iron-hard chest. He kissed her, but she didn’t kiss back.

“Just looking for Spider. Seen him?”

His disappointment was plain to see. “Yes . . . well . . . he was headed over to the well to gather water.”

“Thanks. Bye,”

“Wait!” He grabbed her wrist before she could leave. Little Miss Muffet did not like that one bit. She picked up a heavy looking hammer and swung it up into his crotch, delivering a blow to his testicles that could have easily popped one. The big, strong man fell to his knees, crying from both the metaphorical pain of betrayal and the literal pain in his balls.

“Why . . . (gasp) . . . is Spider so special.”

Muffet giggled evilly. “Go ask your wife, or your daughter, or your sister, or any other fucking woman you know. They’ll tell you.”

Next Muffet came to the well at the center of town, where most of the folk gathered in the beautifully rustic square for dances and festivals. A tall blonde girl was sitting by the well, wearing an expensive dress that was cut low to reveal her firm, milky white breasts. It was Giselle, the Mayor’s daughter, the one Spider had knocked up.

“Hello Muffet,” Giselle sneered. “You’re looking particularly whorish today. Is that dried semen on your chin?”

“S’up bitch.” Muffet replied, licking her chin to get the last of Spider’s spunk.

Muffet and Giselle hated each other, but that had never stopped them from experimenting with lesbian love. Why shouldn’t they? They were both hot, young and horny. But other than seeing Giselle naked, in bed, with her legs spread wide open, Muffet did not like seeing this ho around town. “Seen Spider?”

Giselle laughed haughtily, rubbing her still flat stomach. She wasn’t showing yet. “Daddy went to the east bridge out of town. Says he has something important to—HEY!” Giselle screamed as Muffet callously pushed her into the well. She toppled backwards and disappeared down the dark hole, landing with a splash. Luckily the well was mostly full, so they could fish her out easily enough, not that Muffet would have minded it that much if the rich bitch had drowned.

Muffet came to the east bridge, a small little thing made of stone that went over a small, shallow stream. It was rarely used because it lead to the eastern woods, which were mostly uninhabited and used only for hunting. Two 19 year old girls were sitting on the bridge kissing. Their blouses were undone, revealing their flat, nubile chests, and their skirts were hiked up to show their skinny legs. The girls were twin sisters, Linda and Lindsey, both redheaded and freckled.

“Hey Muffet!” the girls greeted in unison. Their hands were in the either twin’s lap, mildly stroking the other’s pussy. “Wanna go for a swim?”

“No thanks girls. I’m looking for someone. Spider. Seen him?”

The twins giggled. “Oh, we saw him.” Linda said

“And felt him.” Lindsey said.

“He’s such a stud. He came right up to us and started kissing us. Most boys are such pussies that they actually ask first.”

“And he felt up out tits too, with those big strong hands of his.”

“He said we’re too small for him still, even though we’re almost 20.”

“But maybe in a year when we’re bigger he’ll fuck us like he does to our mom.”

“Yeah. Mom can’t even walk the mornings after he splits her open with that giant cock.”

“He let us play with his big cock for a little bit, though.”

“But he took it away when we started to get him too horny.”

Muffet clenched her fists in jealous anger. “So . . . where . . . is . . . he?”

The stupid twins pointed to the woods, obliviously unaware of Muffet’s anger. “He went that way. He had some stuff with him. Said he was only going about a day’s walk to the east.”

“Thanks,” Muffet said. She grabbed either twin but their short red-hair and then violently cracked their heads together, knocking them both senseless. She pushed and they both tumbled off the bridge and fell into the shallow stream below. “Fucking retards.”

And with that, Muffet entered the dark woods.

Chapter 4. #####

Muffet walked all day and all night through the dark woods, and as the air grew cold and the sky grew dark she began to regret coming so unprepared. She had been lead by her burning jealousy to this, being such an emotional person as she was, but her recklessness had never gotten her into this much trouble before. She was cold, hungry, and more than a little scared. The woods were filled with all kinds of trolls and werewolves, just the kinds of monsters who loved to brutally rape stupid bimbos who went wandering in the woods alone. Although, the idea of being gang-banged by werewolves didn’t seem all that bad. For one thing, they had fur, so she’d at least be warm.

Carelessly, she walked into a sharp tree branch, and it tore the tight dress off of her body like a candy wrapper, leaving her naked other than her thong-panties and stockings. The cold air kissed her nipples and made them stiffen up, each poking out a full inch. Begrudgingly, she marched on after the cock she needed so badly.

Finally, something lit up the darkness. There was a light in the distance through all the twisted evil trees. Muffet scampered over, dodging from tree to tree so she wouldn’t be seen, although it would have been hard to not notice the curvy naked white woman prancing through the middle of the woods all by herself.

In a clearing in the woods, beside a lake and a waterfall that came from a small cliff, rose a tiny little tower, capped by a small cabin at the very top. Even in the moonlight it was colorful and totally gay looking. Muffet wondered if some sort of witch lived her, but it looked a little too cute to belong to a witch. As Muffet crept closer she could hear the unmistakably sound of hard, rough, bed-breaking sex going on at the top of the tower. From the sounds of it there was a young woman up there getting the daylights fucked out of her, and she was loving every second of it. There was only one man Muffet knew of who could fuck a woman like that: Spider.

Muffet crept around the tower looking for a door, a ladder, a stair, anything, but here was nothing. There was no way to get up there. Miserable, she cried as she listened to the glorious sounds of epic sex occurring right above her head, so close but so far, and her body responded to the stimulus as it always did. She started to get horny. She found some soft looking bushes to lie down in, trying to keep warm as she started finger-fucking herself to the sounds of Spider’s cock-thrusts echoing in her otherwise vacant mind. She just sat there, cried, and masturbated as the fucking went on for hours and hours, before finally it reached its peak. The woman began to scream in orgasmic joy so powerfully that it the tower shook, and Muffet could not resist how absolutely sexy it sounded. She started to spurt as well, and so together the strangers climaxed, and Muffet promptly fell asleep.

Chapter 5 #####.

Muffet woke up the next morning to find the sun shining down on her naked, dew covered body. Luckily it had been summer so she hadn’t gotten too cold that night, and the soft grass she was laying on was as comfortable as any mattress.

When she looked up at the tower something was different about it. A couple of big doors were open to a small balcony, and spilling from the balcony was what looked like yards worth of golden hair. Human hair! And hanging from the very bottom of it was none other than Muffet’s black Adonis himself, Spider. He was clothed, but only in a pair of tight silk pants which strained to contain his semi-erect cock, and his muscles were glistening with a sheen of sexual energy. It was obvious just from looking at him that he had been fucking all night. Muffet had never seen him that tired looking before, even after the orgy on her birthday when he fucked her and eight of her friends.

“When will I see you again?” a female voice called down from the balcony. “I . . . I think I’m addicted to you.”

“And I to you, my dirty little girl,” Spider called back in his sexy accent. “But I have other gardens that need tending.”

“You mean other bitches who need fucking,” the woman laughed back. She didn’t even sound jealous.

“Aye. There’s one fat cock-sucker in a hamlet nearby. I liked her more than most, but I think I’ve fucked her as many times as I need to. I’m going to visit Tuffetville one last time, just to say goodbye to her and to make it clear to some other bitches I’ve knocked up that they’re on their own. There are also these two petite twins I want to pop, even though they might not be big enough to handle my cock without injury.”

The woman laughed. “Well hurry back, stud. There aren’t exactly a lot of other cocks around here.”

Spider laughed one last time and ran off in the direction that Muffet had just come from. He didn’t see her hiding in the bushes, or hear her sobs of misery to know that she was being dumped like another other cheap baby-mama. More mascara ran down her face as she cried and hit the ground with her first. So that was it. The most interesting thing in her life was gone.

Or was it?

The golden hair started to ascend back into the tower, like a blonde rope, and Muffet got a wicked idea. She ran over to the hair, and just before it was out of reach the jumped up and took a hold of it.

“Ouch,” the woman complained. “Spider? Are you staying? Oh goodie! I’m already starving for another cock-load of your salty cream.”

The suddenly came up even faster, and Muffet found herself standing on the balcony, looking at the source of the golden hair. It was all growing from the pretty head of a young woman about the same age as her. This girl was gorgeous as all fuck too. She was tall, slender, long-legged, blue-eyed, and her unblemished skin was almost as radiant and golden as her hair. Her perfectly shaped tits heaved with every breath, shining like two balls of gold, begging to be stolen, and her two pointy golden nipples practically dripped with sex-appeal. She was a perfect blonde princess, just the kind that Spider lusted after most, so unlike a country-pumpkin like Muffet. For the first time in her life Muffet knew what it was like to feel inadequate, and that feeling really pissed her off.

“Who the fuck are you?” she asked, her blue eyes wide with shock.

Muffet choked back a sob. “I’m Little Miss Muffet, and I’m the bitch who’s going to kick your fucking ass.”

Without any more warning Muffet threw her fist right into the princess’s perfect face, connecting with her shapely cheekbone. The bitch staggered backwards from the blow, but Muffet wasn’t down. Three more punches battered blondie’s face in a perfect combo, keeping the bitch in too much pain to react. Muffet finished her combo by lifting her foot and kicking it right into the whore’s athletic stomach. With a heavy ‘oof,’ she flew through the air and landed on a fragile wooden chair, which immediately snapped to pieces underneath her.

“Ouch, fuck!” The beautiful woman whined as she clutched her perfect ass on the ground, her long legs were spread wide open, revealing her pretty, freshly deflowered pussy. She was giving Muffet a perfect target.

“Fuck you!” Muffet brought down her high-heeled clog right on her opponent’s pussy, twisting it with cruel, sadistic joy.

“OH FUCK WHY?” the woman cried, tears falling from her crystal blue eyes as she squirmed in intense pain.

“What’s your name bitch?” Muffet asked, twisting her heel a little on the whore’s golden clit.

Blondie only cried and whined, saying nothing that was intelligible.

Muffet stomped again. “Your name bitch! What is it?”

“Rapunzel!” she screamed. “I’m Rapunzel!”

Muffet licked her lips, enjoying the pain in Rapunzel’s voice. She leaned over to whisper into the bitch’s ear. “Well, nice to meet you Rapunzel. I’m sure we’re going to be the best of friends . . . right up until I strangle you’re skinny neck with all this hair. Now stand up bitch. Stand up!”

Muffet grabbed Rapunzel by her scalp and lifted the tall bitch to her feet. She stood groggily, dizzy with pain, and long legs shook and her tits jiggled as she struggled a to stay standing.

Muffet started running Rapunzel along the floor, leading her by her scalp. “Kiss the wall, bitch!”


Rapunzel was slammed head first into the wall, hitting it so hard that it actually left a dent, wooden boards snapping in half. Rapunzel staggered back, her vision doubling and blurry with acute, throbbing pain. Then Muffet’s arms were wrapping around her waist, and she was lifted off the ground. Muffet arched back, slamming Rapunzel head first into the floor in a perfectly executed backward-suplex.

Muffet rose to her feet, but Rapunzel stayed exactly where she was, resting on her head and shoulders, ass and pussy sticking straight up in the air. Muffet was pretty confident that she had already won, and that this long-haired bitch was a complete weakling. She spat onto Rapunzel’s blank face, disgusted with how boring the dumb whore was, but she did have a very edible looking pussy and ass. Her holes were as pretty and inviting as such holes could be, and Muffet couldn’t blame Spider for wanting to fuck them, she just didn’t think they were as good as her own. Still, she had to get a taste, just to be sure.

“I’m kinda sure you’re in way too much pain to feel this, but I’m going to eat your pussy, okay,” Muffet told her comatose victim. “That spunk inside belongs to me anyway.”

Slowly and sensually, Muffet stuck out her long, fat tongue and started to lap at Rapunzel’s pink, tasty lips, immediately amazed at how fresh and sweet they were. Muffet flicked he clit, explored the inside folds of her tight lips, and then plunged in as deeply as she could, where she tasted Spider. This was without a doubt the best pussy she had ever eaten.

Muffet thought that Rapunzel was knocked out for good, but suddenly her long legs snapped around Muffet’s head, causing the attacker to muffle incoherently into the wet pussy. Muffet looked into Rapunzel’s blue eyes and saw them blazing with righteous, sadistic hatred.

“Like the way it tastes, you fat bitch? Good, because this is you last meal.” Rapunzel arched her back with amazing flexibility, positioning herself on her hands so that she was now off the ground, Muffet’s face still buried in her snatch. Then, which incredible stregnth, Rapunzel did a backwards summersault, throwing Muffet through the air and against the wall which she struck with a heavy thud.

“Impressed?” Rapunzel asked. “My mother taught me a dozen different ways to use my body as a weapon, in case some monster or rapist ever snuck into my tower.”

Muffet was quick back to her feet, but Rapunzel was faster. Muffet expected the bitch to use her long, powerful legs to kick her. She did not expect Rapunzel to go for the vase on a nearby table, which she grabbed and shattered against Muffet’s head. Muffet staggered in place, dizzy with pain. Then the kicks came. Rapunzel spun with the grace of a ballerina, launching out a devastating spin-kick that struck Muffet right in the face, spinning her around as if she were on a swivel. Then the blonde beutty unleashed a flurry of lightning-fast high-kicks, all of which either struck Muffet in the face or her large breasts. Muffet occasionally tried to punch back or block, but Rapunzel expertly pushed her arms aside with a counter punch or kick, and then began attacking again.

Muffet fell against the wall and almost passed out. Rapunzel was backing away, almost to the other side of the room. She began runing forward then, lept in the air, and came down with a lethal flying kick aimed at Muffet’s head. Muffet saw it just in time and moved, saving her life by mere inches. Wooden boards snapped as Rapunzel’s foot went right through the wall. She had the stupidest look on her face when she realized she was stuck, balancing on one leg.

Muffet ducked down between Rapunzel’s legs, grabbing her firm ass to hold her still, and then Muffet started punching her right in her exposed vagina. One! Two! Three! Each punch was harder than the last, and Rapunzel barked in pain as she tried with futility to pull her leg free. Muffet was going to punch her pussy to death.

But it got worse. Muffet rested on her back, directly beneath Rapunzel’s spread legs, and she raised both of her own legs, aiming her high-heeled shoes right for the already battered cunt.

“Ready to fly, sweetie?” Muffet asked in a fake girly voice.

“Oh, god . . . Pleas don’t-”


Both feet flew up with all of Muffet’s strength, striking Rapunzel right in her beaten womanhood. The force of the blow launched her up, her leg coming free from the wall, and she flew through the air, landing on her small dining table. It shattered beneath her, and once again Rapunzel writhed in pain amongst the fragments of her once peaceful home.

Now was the moment, Muffet realized, to end this bitch. Permanently. She strutted over to the fireplace mantle, the highest surface in the room, and climbed atop it. She turned her back to Rapunzel, so that her big ass was directed towards the floor where the bitch’s face was rolling. She was going to jump, and land ass-first on that stupid bitch’s blonde head. Muffet imagined Rapunzel’s head being slammed through the floor, with her lower body sticking up like a flower. This was going to be sweet.

“Here it comes, bitch!” Muffet yelled. “It ends!” She leapt, she flew, but before she landed on the slut’s head something stopped her. Something wrapped around her waist and neck and held her up in the air, swinging back and forth as if on a swing.

It was hair. Hair!

Rapunzel did not have the strength to stand yet, but she did have the strength to throw her hair up and over the rafters in the ceiling. Golden locks of hair hung around the room like spider-webs, and Muffet had landed right in it like a dumb, fat fly.

Rapunzel stood up, holding her hair like a lasso, and she laughed. “You’re right, you know? This is the end. But for you, cunt.”

Rapunzel walked over to a set of drawers near her bed, swaggering on her tight ass, and with every step the hair around Muffet’s waist and neck tightened, choking her. Muffet just hung there and watched as Rapunzel’s long, slender body bent over, tightening the hair-noose even more, and forcing Mueffet to look deeply into her princess’s shapely ass and vaginal mound. Rapunzel stood back up, snapping a belt into place around her waist, and another between her legs to make a sort of leather g-string. She turned, and projecting erectly from her crotch was a big, curved, ivory dildo.

“Like it, fatty?” Rapunzel laughed, stroking the ivory penis as if it were an actual cock. “It’s not nearly as good as Spider’s hot, cum-filled cock, but it’s good enough for you. Better, actually. A pig like you doesn’t deserve such a nice, smooth toy.”

Rapunzel walked forward a little, leading with her hips, aiming the big dildo at Muffet’s cunt which was wide open and hanging about four feet off the ground. Rapunzel shook her hair slightly, and this caused Muffet to begin swinging back and forth, every turn getting close and closer to colliding with the princess’s outward hips.

“My adoptive mother is the one who put me in this tower,” Rapunzel said. “She said it was to protect me, but I see that was complete bullshit now. When I was younger I became unbelievably horny sometimes, almost feverish with heat and an animalistic need to get fucked. Mother was afraid I’d leave the tower in search of sex, so she brought me little girls (of legal age) from nearby villages to play with. I was too much for them though, and usually fucked them so hard the cried. Then my mother got this strap-on dildo to fuck me into submission herself, which was fine for a time. Sometimes she fucked me for hours just to put me to bed. But now I’ve had real cock. Real BIG cock, and I am never going back. Spider is going to take me away next time he comes, and we are going to travel the world together, making love with every step. And I am not going to let a cheap country slut with fat tits like you stop that from happening.”

Muffet grunted in pain as the dildo started hitting her crotch as she swung forward. It didn’t just slide in. The dildo was completely without lubrication, and despite how surprisingly wet she was, sudden penetration from a prick that big was going to hurt.

Muffet laughed nervously. “You’re a fucking dumb slut. He’s going to dump your freak-ass the moment he gets another little blonde princess to bounce on his cock and suck his big balls. Spider doesn’t love you. He only loves pussy, fresh pussy-OUCH!”

Rapunzel’s fist smacked into Muffet’s exposed cunt as she swung forward again. “Shut up! He does love me. He’s leaving you for me, you worthless peasant cum-dumpster! You’re the cheap whore here, not me.” Rapunzel punched her cunt again with another loud smack.

Muffet coughed in pain and struggled in the hair-web. “Fuck you, princess.”

“No, bitch . . . fuck you.” This was Muffet’s last swing. Rapunzel grabbed the thicker girl by her waist, and punched in every inch of her massive ivory dildo into her enemy’s sopping, bruised pussy, burring it to the hilt without so much as a drop of lubrication other than Muffet’s own juices.

“FFFFUUUUUUCK!” Muffet screamed, feeling like her stomach had just been punched up into her chest. Her hoarse gasping and wheezing was drowned out by Rapunzel’s sadistic, musical laughter.

“Squeal piggy! Squeal you fucking peasant!” Rapunzel yelled as she began to brutally fuck the daylights out of Muffet’s silk-pocket, hitting her with fast, hard thrusts as if she were tenderizing a piece of meat. And Muffet did squeal, as much as she tried not to, but there was no helping it. She squealed like a pig getting fucked by a horse. And fucking wasn’t that only thing Rapunzel did. She grabbed Muffet’s fat pillow-tits, squeezing them with raptor like strength, pinching the nipples between her long, sharp nails.

“What big fat tits you have,” Rapunzel sneered in disgust. “They’re like big sacks of dough. I think spider prefers tits like mine,” she said, one hand rubbing her own young, firm perfectly sloped, smaller breast. She pushed it up, leaned down, and took a long erotic taste of her own golden nipple. “Mmmm . . . delicious. What do yours taste like?”

Rapunzel leaned down, still beating the shit out of Muffet’s pussy, and took one of the peasant’s big nipples into mouth, sucking so hard that it made Muffet squeal even more. She bit down, teeth digging into soft flesh, and Muffet screamed.

That was it. The pain had become to pleasurable, and Muffet felt the insides of her body begin to melt in a way that she had only felt when Spider fucked her. Her muscles tensed, but her pussy blossomed like a wet flower, and something big and moist popped insider her. She started to shake, moan, and cum like she was being electrocuted. A stream of cum burst from her battered cunt, drenching Rapunzel’s ivory cock, and dripping on the floor where it made a huge puddle.

Perhaps it was the sudden wave of pheromones from Muffet’s body, or her vibrations travelling through the didlo, but in that moment Rapunzel lost control of herself as well, also experiencing a large, leg-shaking orgasm. She bit her lip to stop from screaming, and her toes curled up so much that she almost fell over. She kept thrusting into Muffet’s dripping hole, prolonging both of their climaxes.

When their pleasure finally began to subside, they were both panting and huffing like two athlete’s after a marathon, but Muffet was also was whimpering submissively like a freshly popped virgin. Overwhelmed by sex, Rapunzel forgot that Muffet was her enemy, and she leaned down to kiss her. Their tongues and lips smacked against each other in sloppy, wet eroticism, more sexually explicit than passionate.

Rapunzel lost herself in the kiss, loving the taste of strawberries and cum on Muffet’s juicy lips, but Muffet was regaining her senses quickly. She ended the kiss, leaned back, and then brought up her forehead smacking into Rapunzel’s elegant little nose.


Rapunzel staggered back, stunned by the pain in her face and still dizzy with the afterglow of their orgasm. The ivory dildo slid out of Muffet’s cunt with a wet popping sound, and Rapunzel let go of her golden hair-lasso. Muffet fell to the ground, her big ass landing on a pile of rubble, but she was free.

Before the dazed princess could react Muffet grabbed a huge arm-full of Rapunzel’s golden hair, wrapping it around her left arm like a hose. She pulled, and Rapunzel was lifted off of her feet towards the rafters, swinging forward, right into the raised heel of Muffet’s foot as she kicked out.


Muffet’s foot sunk into Rapunzel’s stomach with a loud smack, causing the hanging princess’s tongue to shoot out of her mouth, and her blue eyes to nearly pop out of her skull.

Muffet let the long hair unravel from her arm, and Rapunzel landed hard on the floor, squarely on her ass, splashing into the puddle of their shared cum. Rapunzel groaned in pain, clutching her stomach, trying not to vomit.

“You got the floor all wet, bitch, you should clean it up.” Muffet grabbed Rapunzel by her head again, and slammed it against the floor. She grabbed Rapunzel by her long legs, and held her upside down, sweeping the floor with her golden hair like it was a mob, soaking up every drop of the cum-puddle. Rapunzel screamed in futile rage as her precious hair was stained and dirtied, wiggling weekly to escape, and Muffet just laughed. Rapunzel’s pussy was right in front of Muffet’s face, so as she used the princess as a mob she also stuck her tongue out and orally raped the blonde bitch. As much as it disgusted Rapunzel, she could not lie to her body, and a small orgasm shook through her, heightening her humiliation

Muffet let go of Rapunzel, dropping her to the floor, but then she grabbed the princess by the waste and hiked her ass up, kicking her legs open so that her golden sex was fully exposed. Rapunzel was crying, crippled by the pain in her gut and the shame of being used as a mop.

Rapunzel could hear the sound of leather straps being snapped into place. Muffet was standing over her, wearing her mother’s ivory didlo. Rapunzel knew what was coming but was powerless to do anything about it. She merely whimpered.

The smooth, wet tip of the ivory cock pressed against Rapunzel’s hole, but not her pussy. Muffet was aiming for the princess’s inexperienced asshole.

“No . . . NO! Not there! Please not in there!” Rapunzel tried to kick away, even to crawl along the floor as her long nails scratched against the polished wood, but Muffet’s strong hands held her in place.

“You’re not going anywhere, bitch. You’re going to stay right here, and I am going to fuck your ass until it’s as big as that rude mouth of yours!” Muffet took a handful of golden hair near Rapunzel’s scalp, tugging on it harshly as she pressed into the princess’s puckered pink asshole with all her might. The bitch was tight, but the cock was well lubed, and it began to slide in despite every muscle in Rapunzel’s broken body trying pathetically to push back. As Muffet finally got the hilt of her new ivory cock to touch the stretched out rim of her opponent’s anus Rapunzel began to sob, mostly out of denial to the pleasure she was feeling. Despite being locked in a tower her whole life, Rapunzel was a princess. She was not supposed to be used as a mop for cum and a toy for anal sex.

“Stop crying bitch,” Muffet laughed, slapping Rapunzel’s ass. “I can tell you love this.” Muffet’s wide hips began thrusting the dildo in and out of Rapunzel’s tight hole, stretching her in places the princess had never wanted to be stretched, fucking her harder than even Spider had before. The sounds of hips slapping against ass cheeks filled the tower, along with the pathetic cries of Rapunzel as her mind began to crack. She was regressing, becoming sluttier and dirtier by the second as the pain fermented into a sort of sick pleasure. Her pink tongue wiggled out of her mouth and even began to lick the floor that was still damp with Muffet’s cunt-honey. Not long after that Muffet noticed that Rapunzel was no longer resisting the ivory cock. In fact, it seemed as if she were pushing back, although Rapunzel’s body was so weak that she could barely tell.

Muffet spanked the princess’s ass a few more times, and then decided to end the stuck-up little whore. She reached under Rapunzel’s legs, and penetrated her wet cunt with one, then two, then three, then four fingers, finally working her whole hand inside. Now the princess was getting fucked in both hole’s and she was dripping like a rain cloud. Her face contorted in a sort of pain as she bit her lower lip, trying so hard to stop from yelling “Fuck yes! Fuck me harder!” but it was obvious to Muffet what the princess’s slutty body wanted.

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