There was only one picture of Elena’s mother.

The photo, surrounded by a hand-made wooden frame, sat on Elena’s bedroom dresser.

Stacy, Elena’s best friend, studied the family photo. Kneeling in front of the dresser, as if before an alter, Elena studied the picture. She reverently held the frame in her long thin fingers as her eyes took in each detail of the photo.

Elena’s mother was on the right. She was very young, just over eighteen years old and very pretty. Her auburn hair was unkempt and made a strange counterpoint to a face of classic beauty. Oddly, that face bore no expression. But her eyes, green and luminous, beamed, quite obviously to Stacy, a distant and desperate look. Those eyes seemed to be asking Stacy for something; and Stacy thought she knew what Elena’s mother was asking her.

In that same photo were two other people. There was a baby girl about two months old; that was Elena. She was being held by her father; the father that raised her for all of her now eighteen years. Stacy studied every feature on this man’s face. He had changed little over the intervening years. It was eighteen years since but he looked only a few years older than he did in the picture. He was as handsome as Elena’s mother was pretty. But his eyes were kind and open. Stacy’s eyes traced down from his easy smile to his sinewy neck and strong arms that bore baby Elena. Stacy’s blood began to race through her veins. She felt that familiar tingly need deep in her belly. She always felt the same ‘want’ when she looked at or talked to Elena’s dad. And even this eighteen year old photo elicited the same sensation inside her.

Stacy looked again at Elena’s mother. One month after the photo was taken she had left them. She did leave a brief note, two sentences according the Elena, and then just disappeared. Elena’s dad was devastated and tried to track her for over a year, and then occasionally after that. Not even a whiff of her whereabouts was ever found. Elena’s dad had never remarried, but was a really great dad. Stacy thought of how much better Elena’s situation was than her own. Her own family was completely dysfunctional. Her parents drank too much and fought constantly. That was why she spent so much time at Elena’s house. Well, she smiled at the thought, there might be one other reason.

Stacy suddenly felt the need to pee. Place put the picture back onto the dresser top and went into the bathroom. No sooner had she finished when she heard the front door of the house open.

“Elena should not be home so soon.” Stacy realized. Her friend had volleyball practice and was not due home for about an hour and a half. A few years ago Elena gave Stacy a key to the house, they were best friends. Stacy would often let herself in. Elena’s dad had no problem with that.

“Damn, did I leave the front door unlocked today, shit!” Stacy was about to call out to see if someone had come in. But even before Stacy had a chance to pull her panties up the bathroom door burst open.

Completely shocked, Stacy jumped up and backed into the towel rack leaving her panties and shorts in a pile in front of the toilet. Stacy looked up at the intruder. But the intruder turned out to be Elena’s dad! He took two steps into the bathroom as he pulled his pants zipper down. It was only then that he saw Stacy.

“What the…” Nick Maurer blurted as he startled at seeing someone in his bathroom. It took him a second or two to recognize the girl. “Stacy! Oh my god, I didn’t know you were here. It’s just that I’m about to explode…” It was then that he noticed Stacy’s state of undress.

Neither of them made a move, they looked at each other, thoughts racing. It was then that Stacy spoke.

“It’s OK. You look like you really have to go. Go ahead, I don’t mind.” And with that she lifted the toilet seat but made no attempt to leave or to dress.

Nick Maurer looked at the pretty girl in front of him, naked from the waist down. This was his daughter’s best friend, so gorgeous, so sexy. They had, over the past few years, grown to like each other very much. Nick often thought about Stacy, in ways other than as a friend of his daughter. He looked at her face and into her eyes. Her blue eyes were smoldering, her breathing was rapid. Her moist lips parted revealing a pink tongue. Primal need forced him to step forward. He reached down and picked up the denim shorts and yellow panties. He brushed them across his nose and cheek and deposited them on the sink vanity. He turned to the toilet and pulled his meaty penis from his pants. He heard a soft gasp. As he relaxed he wondered what he should do next. “Would Stacy really be open to his advances?”

“Let me help you with that Mr…oohhh,” offered Stacy as she took the thick shaft into her fingers and nudged his hand aside. Stacy couldn’t believe that she had just taken her best friend’s father’s penis into her hand. But she knew that an opportunity like this would not come again. Earlier, as she was sitting on the toilet, just before the front door opened, she was daydreaming about this man. A movie played in her head where Elena’s dad was kissing and holding her, touching her, licking her…

“Stacy, maybe you can just call me Nick.” And with that they both laughed. With the broken tension Nick’s bladder relaxed and he jetted out a yellow stream. Stacy felt the liquid ripple through the thin skin on the underside of his penis. She was fascinated by the sensation in her fingertips.

As soon as he finished Nick turned toward Stacy as his cock began to stiffen in her hand. Her eyes still had that same imploring gaze. Her face lifted toward his, almost pleading, while a slight smile widened her lips. Nick reached forward; his large rough hands encircled her small waist. Her tender skin was smooth and warm. He gently, almost imperceptively, pulled the girl toward him. As she leaned forward he heard a snap and his pants dropped to his ankles. They fell exactly where Stacy’s had been a minute before. With locked eyes they leaned toward each other. Both of them seemed to be holding their breath; almost afraid that they might wake from a dream or break an enchanting spell. And then their lips met.

Tenderly, at first, almost cautiously, timidly parting, but only slightly…

And as if by magnetism their mouths drew together again and the kiss was real, deeper and more passionate. The kiss persisted. With open mouths their lips caressed and their tongues probed and explored. Nick felt his underpants get pushed down and they too slid down to his ankles. Their bodies converged, bellies touching first; Nick’s chest pressed against Stacy’s heaving breasts. He could feel the yielding mounds through his work shirt. The kiss intensified and enflamed their passion as their hips came together. Stacy released Nick’s now turgid manhood and allowed it to prod the soft bellymeat just above her pussy.

Despite a raging need Nick broke the kiss, “Stacy, are you sure? Do you want to…you know…I’m a lot older than you.”

“Oh Nick, please, yes; oh yes. I’ve dreamt of this moment for such a long time. And you are not that much older than me.” She began to unbutton Nick’s shirt. She worked her way down as Nick glided his hands over the girl’s silky back. She peeled the shirt from his shoulders, down and off his arms. She tossed it onto the vanity with her shorts and panties.

Nick, spurred on by Stacy, gave his pent up need release. He had to see this young girl’s tits. He needed to feel her nipples on his tongue and press his lips into her pert fleshy mounds. His hands slid slowly up her sides from waist to armpit. Just next to his hands the thin cotton fabric of her tank gathered and retreated. Her taut belly was bared first; the gathered fabric bunched as it pushed into her full breasts. But as Nick’s hands continued upward the firm nearly white mounds lifted and delayed the inevitable. Suddenly, the thin cotton stretched and slid up and the girl’s opalescent orbs were revealed. They were full, firm and round; each one tipped with a quarter-sized pink areola and centered with an erect rosy tip. Nick paused for a minute to take in the beauty before him; her long blonde hair, pretty face, satiny skin, wonderful tits and a pussy sparsely covered by golden down; his need now raged and his blood boiled.

Stacy stretched her arms straight overhead as Nick pushed her shirt up. He pushed it up until it reached her wrists. Nick twisted the shirt around her wrists and held both of her arms with one of his, stretching her and jutting her young breasts out. They kissed and Stacy felt Nick’s hand slide down her arm, roll over her shoulder and slip down her back. He was soon caressing her pert ass cheeks. Stacy released a deep moan. To be handled like this by the man she desired from afar for so long; it felt like a wonderful naughty dream. They held their kiss and felt his hand slide around her waist and move up, oh, just the fingertips tickled her belly and ribs; but they didn’t stop there. His thumb drummed up her ribcage and he took a full handful of breastmeat. The squeeze was gently but firm, perfect; and then he began to tug on her nipple. Another moan poured from the girl’s throat like honey.

Nick with his one arm up, holding Stacy’s arms, smelled the workday on himself. He did not want to offend or distract her enjoyment of his attention so he flicked open the shower curtain and turned on the spray. Stacy looked inquisitively at him.

“I smell. It was a hot day, until the rain,” offered Nick as an explanation.

“Well, I think you smell great,” replied Stacy.

Nick kissed his way down the girl’s neck and across her collarbone. He didn’t stop there but ran his lips downward. Stacy so wanted to feel his mouth on her young tits, and Nick did not disappoint her. He kissed over and around the fleshy orbs. Then he licked teasingly across until he reached her pouting areola. He paused, building anticipation. He was able to hold her arms up while his mouth was at her breasts. Stacy felt the swirl of his tongue around the edges of the swelling areola. His tongue ran around and around slowly, spirally his prey, targeting the turgid center. His tongue then laved then entire nipple and his mouth slurped in as much breastment as possible. This sent sparks from her tits to a place deep in her belly. Her knees were getting weak and she slumped against the wall and released a breathy sigh.

Nick noticed the bathroom was filling with steam. He lowered Stacy’s arms; she didn’t attempt to remove the twisted shirt from her wrists, so Nick did it for her. He stepped out of his puddled pants and pulled off his shoes and socks. Stacy was already naked except for her slip-on sandals. She kicked them off. He wrapped his arm around her and eased her into the shower – he followed her in. As soon as he entered he grabbed the soap and began to lather. Stacy stopped him.

“Hey, let me do that silly.” Stacy washed his chest and arms. “If I do a good job will you return the favor?”

“I think you already smell great. But, of course, I’ll return the favor.”

Stacy washed Nick from the neck down. His back, chest and belly were soon clean. Then she worked her way down his legs to the very soles of his feet. She initially felt shy about the other parts of him but this man was irresistible. Her lathered hands took his cock and washed it clean. Her fingers probed everywhere, she was curious and eager.

“Hey!” Stacy implored, “How come with this part the more I clean the more there is to clean?” Her impish laugh filled the shower as she pointed out the erection in her hand. Then remarked, “It’s like way bigger than I thought it would be.” It was Nick’s turn to laugh.

He took the soap from her hand and in similar fashion covered her with slippery bubbles. His hands were strong but never rough. So gentle that she relaxed so much that she felt herself almost drifting to sleep. But then his hands brushed across her sex. His fingertips swirled through her fine blonde pubes and eased into her pussy lips. His touch aroused her and lust coursed throughout her body. She felt her nether lips begin to swell and separate; she could sense desire and need for this man in her very core. She had to feel his cock in her mouth and deep in her cunt. Once again her knees grew weak. Somehow Nick knew how the girl felt and ended the shower. He held her tightly and rinsed both of them off in the warm water. Her trembling body was ready for release; her need brought to him the same sweet ache.

Nick turned off the water and lifted Stacy up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pushed her pussy against his groin. He grabbed a towel, threw it over them and carried her to the family room. They sat down on the big leather couch, she in his lap. They kissed, feverishly, desperately. His hands played over her wet back and ass. She held his head in her arms and ground her hips into his. Her needy pussy pressed wetly against his growing manhood. Her virginity did not cause her any doubt, not with this man. She wanted him, now!

But Nick did not want things to happen so fast. There was much of this girl and for this girl to enjoy. He wanted to give her more than she expected. He then knew what he wanted Stacy to experience.

With his arms running up Stacy’s back and his hands on her shoulders he pulled her body away from his, leaning her back while still sitting on his lap. Nick leaned in to kiss, lick and nibble at her body, from belly to breasts. Her skin felt like silk on Nick’s tongue, it smelled feminine and faintly of exotic spice. And she was so very responsive to his ministrations. His mouth felt so good on her skin and especially on all those special bits. Wherever his mouth touched her there was a new sensation. She tingled with excitement; an excitement that drew deeply to her core, and right down to her naïve pussy. Nick’s blood-gorged manhood stood upright between them. Stacy’s pussy lips pressed against its underside. She was rubbing and sliding her sex along its length. The girl’s musky juices flowed and coated her ass and his testicles. He was making her crazy; she wanted his mouth everywhere, her neck, her nipples, her belly; anywhere and everywhere! Stacy then knew where she wanted Nick’s beautiful mouth. Oh, the thought made her tremble with lust. Nick felt her quiver, or maybe he just read her mind.

He turned on the couch and laid Stacy on her back. Without pause he kissed her and ran his tongue down her throat and between her breasts. He licked and sucked each nipple in turn and then his mouth resumed its original course. Straight down her belly to where it explored her tender navel. Nick stroked the delicate skin behind the girl’s knees and along her inner thighs. His mouth moved again and entered the stand of fine blonde hairs on her pubic mound. Stacy sighed as she realized that her wish was about to come true.

“Oh, Nick please. Touch me; lick me there, oh yes!”

Nick needed no more encouragement. His tongue sought the pink furrow as he pulled her legs apart. His lips found her nether lips and he suckled at them gently. He pushed her knees wide and the girl’s pussy opened like a ripened peach. His tongue pushed aside the now red-pink inner labia and he kissed her open slit. He mouthed it from top to bottom as his tongue probed her small opening. With each taste he trailed upward and teased the nubbin at the top of her open furrow. Then he felt it on his lips. Her clit eased itself from the wet pink folds. The small red-bud yearned for attention, and Nick grazed it with tongue.

“Oh! Fuck yeah; Oh god, that’s it, mmmm,” cried Stacy.

And Nick drew his tongue across it again.

“Mmmm, oh my god, yeah; keep going, do that more, yeah…”

Nick swirled his tongue around and over the bulging bump. He changed tempo and pressure so she could not settle into a comfortable rhythm. His tongue and lips explored her pussy everywhere but her sensitive clit always got the attention it craved. Stacy was going nuts. Honey poured from her. An exotic spiciness filled Nick’s nose. The fragrance made him mad with desire. Never before had the smell of something drawn this response from him. No other woman made his blood boil like this young girl before him. He couldn’t control himself. He prized Stacy’s clitoris from its velvet nest with his lips and flittered his tongue around and over it.

“Oh, shit; holy…holy crap, arrgh…oh god yeah Nick, that’s it, don’t stop. Fuuuck yeah!” Stacy cheered Nick on.

Nick rolled his tongue round and round, the raspy top and the slick bottom offered a change of texture to Stacy’s tortured bud. Nick varied the pressure and the pace. Stacy was breathing heavily, she moaned and body quivered. She was close, so close…

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh yeah, that’s it, like that, keep going, yeah…

…oh god, don’t stop Nick, you’re making me cum, yeah, cumming, oohhh…”

And with that Stacy moaned loudly and an orgasm exploded through her body. The young girl shook and her thighs clamped Nick’s face tightly to her pussy, not that he would have moved it anyway. Stacy had the most powerful orgasm of her young life. As it rattled through her lithe body all she could savor was the pure pleasure pouring over her. She could also feel Nick’s warm breath flow over her sensitive pussy.

Slowly, as her orgasm subsided Stacy’s legs relaxed their grip and her hands found his head. She pulled him up so that he could lie beside her. They hugged.

“I’m guessing, but I think you liked that,” teased Nick as he tenderly squeezed her breast.

“That was the first time anyone, other than myself, gave me an orgasm. That was way fantastic!” She gushed as she turned her face and kissed him. She could taste and smell herself on his lips. Stacy’s hand accidentally found Nick’s penis, surprisingly thick; tumescent and erect. “And just what do you think you’re gonna do with this?” Stacy teased.

Nick looked into her eyes, “Are you ready?”

“Well, it sure looks like you are!” giggled Stacy. “And just so you know, I can’t wait any longer. Come on Nick, I’m like really ready. I want you in me.”

Nick got to his knees between Stacy’s outstretched legs, his erection pointed straight at the girl’s belly. Stacy took a quick look at the turgid man-flesh and wondered how it could possibly fit inside her petite body. But her curiosity and desire overcame any concern.

Nick pinched Stacy’s nipples as he rubbed his manhood through the pink furrow before him. Fresh girl juice bubbled forth. Neither of them could stand to wait any longer. Stacy looked longingly up at the man above her; the look in her eyes said it all. Nick placed the bulbous head of his cock to Stacy’s weeping entrance. Slowly he thrust his hips forward and eased his meat into her. It was thick, engorged, but soon she began to accept its girth. Little by little his insistence allowed the entire cockhead to penetrate her virginity.

“Oh, god; you’re fuckin’ huge; so fat, so good…” Stacy bubbled. “Keep going, please, more please…”

Nick could not resist the urging of this eighteen year old virgin before him. His pelvis rocked back and then forward with some weight behind it. He could feel his glans pushing through her soft wetness. He saw an inch of his veined shaft disappear into Stacy’s pussy. She groaned as he entered her more deeply; then she felt an odd pressure. They both knew what it was.

“Stacy, this is it. If you want me to be your first lover, well, I think you know what’s going on. Maybe there’ll be a little pain, but it won’t be too bad; and then it’ll be great. Or, I can just back out now.” Nick hoped that he would not be disappointed, but he would not force Stacy to do anything.

“Oh, no Nick,” Stacy insisted as she grabbed his elbows and looked at the cock entering her sex. “It looks like you are already my first, let’s go for it! Will it hurt very much?”

You slowly open your eyes to the rays of the morning sun, turn your head to the left to look at your clock, its half past nine. You realize its Sunday and wonder why the curtains from the window were removed so early. You decide to get back to sleep when your mothers voice screeches, “Vijay, wake up. look who is here!”. You murmur something in your sleep and pull up the blanket. “Vijay! Vijay!” your mothers voice gets louder and louder. You realize that she would just pull you out of your bed if you don’t get up soon, slowly you get up and shout back “Ya mom, coming”.

You crawl out of your bed and toddle to the bathroom. You splash some water on to your face and wipe the sleep off your eyes. Standing before the mirror you look at yourself to check if you looked presentable to your mom’s guest. “Vijay, come down soon” shouts your mother. Quickly you brush and walk down the stairs wondering who is waiting for you.

Just as you enter the living room you hear a lady’s voice, you know its not your mother. You decide to check her out first, from behind the curtains you slowly scan the room. There she is sitting next to your mother, a woman unknown to you. You guess her to be in her mid thirties, nice round face and an amazing body. She is wearing a red color semi transparent sari and matching low neck blouse that showed ample cleavage. Her navel region is also clearly visible, she has a flat stomach and curvy hips. Your cock is twitching in your pyjamas. You adjust your cock and enter the room.

Your mom introduces the lady as Aditi, sister of her friend, Mala. You know Aunt Mala very well she and your mother have been friends since, as long as you can remember. But Aditi is new to you, you greet her and sit on the couch right across the room. You preferred the couch because you can sit cross legged and hide your erection.

Aditi introduces herself as a Software Engineer, just returned from America after 10 years. Now, you understand why you haven’t seen her around. She also informs that she has moved into a house in the neighbourhood with her friend. She enquires about the surroundings and asked where she could get stuffs for her new house. That is when your mom turns towards you and asks you to escort her around the city and help her buy the things she wants. You are overjoyed and readily agree.

You rush back to your room get dressed and after your breakfast you join Aditi. She suggests that you use the bus service so that it ll be helpful for her to know the place better. You take her to the nearby bus stop and wait for the bus. Your mind wanders away into thoughts like ‘why is she staying with her friend’, ‘by friend did she mean a boy friend’, ‘if not was she single?’ and suddenly you spring to the reality as a bus approaches the stop. The bus is full, but you don’t have another choice as the frequency of buses is very low on Sunday. You nod at her and get to the entry of the bus. You wait for her to get in and you follow. The bus was heavily crowded that you managed to find a spot right behind her. You bought the ticket and told her that it would be a 15 minutes ride.

After every stop the bus becomes more and more crowded, she is being pushed back by the crowd from the front. She was now leaning on you for support. Her butt is pressed against your cock and her back is rested on your chest. You start to feel your cock straining under your pants, you shift a little bit to the side so that she doesn’t feel the erection. The jerking motion of the bus made her slide up and down your thighs, your cock is fully erect now and you hope that no one notices it. After 20 minutes of the ride you get down at the Mall.

She doesn’t seem disturbed at all by the ride, she walks right into the mall. You follow her inside and she tells you what she is looking for. After about an hour you get all that is required and you are about to leave then suddenly it starts raining. She suggests on taking an auto back to her place, and so she could introduce you her friend.

It is raining so heavily that by the time you reach her house both of you are completely wet. Her wet sari is so transparent that it is as if, it disappeared in the rain. Her cleavage is now clearly visible so are her sexy hips. You pull down your wet t-shirt to hide your erection. She knocked on the door of the apartment. It was opened by a young attractive woman in her nightie. Aditi introduced her as Meera. Meera is almost of the same age as Aditi, slightly shorter. She invites both of you inside and gives you towels to dry off. Aditi walks into a room with her towel, and Meera strides to the kitchen.

As you dry yourself you notice that the rain is getting heavier. Meera returns with three cups of hot coffee (the smell fills the air) and offers you one. She is very fair and her skin looked flawless and though she is slightly plumpier than Aditi she is irrefutably cute. In her pyjamas you could clearly make out the shape of her freely hanging breasts. You take one of the cups from her and watch her as she sipped her hot coffee. Just as you are about to drink your coffee Aditi walks out of the room wearing an oversized t-shirt and mini shorts. Her legs are long and smooth and you feel an irresistible urge to touch them. She takes her cup from Meera and asks you to change to some dry clothes. Meera walks up right into the room from which Aditi just got out and returns with a pair of shorts, she gives them to you.

You feel that the shorts is too small for you but you need to change as your clothes are completely wet and you feel very cold in them. You go to the room from which Aditi came out, its a bedroom you remove your shirt and then your pants, you look around the room and find a mirror in the dressing table. You go near it and see your reflection in it. You adjust your briefs and when you are about to wear the shorts you see something shine from the partly open drawer. You open the drawer and you are surprised to find a 14 inches long dildo. Your cock springs up to the surprise and you try to adjust it in the new shorts. Then you notice something peculiar about the dildo, its a double sided one. Your imaginations start running wild and the thought of the two ladies in the next room using this made precum flow out of your cock staining the shorts. You curse yourself for what you just did. If they noticed the stain you thought you’d just say it was from the rain. You bring the dildo near your nose and the smell of pussy just intoxicates you. You remove the shorts and your inner wear to avoid staining them anymore. You move the dildo in front of your nose and stick your tongue out to lick it. Your cock is at its maximum and is standing erect like a pole. You put the dildo into your mouth and suck it savouring the taste from both the sides. Once you’ve licked the whole of it you bring it down to your cock and touch your already wet head of the cock with the dildo. The touch of metal on your cock head made you moan. You open your eyes to check if any heard you. Then suddenly you realize that you never closed the door and at the door were Aditi and Meera hugging each other and watching you play.

You pull your shorts up to cover your erection but you struggle to hide it. Aditi and Meera enter the room and come stand before you. Aditi extends her hand and asks you for her dildo. You sheepishly give it to her and get up to leave, when Meera pushes you onto the bed and Aditi licks off your precum sticking to the dildo.

Meera turns to Aditi and asks her “What can we do with this naughty boy?”. Aditi puts one of her legs on the bed and bends down to you and asks you ” Did you like it when i touched you in the bus?”, you are shocked to know that she did all that on purpose you just nod your head.

Aditi gets back and looks at Meera and says ” Lets show him how to use this ” as she holds out the dildo, “and make him watch the whole thing tied to the bed post”. Meera agrees and both of them laugh together.

They tie each of your limb to each one of the four posts of the bed and remove all your clothes, you lie there on your back naked and not able to move any of your limbs. Aditi gets up on the bed and seductively removes her t-shirt and tosses it over your eye , and then sheds her shorts and throws it across your face, you can feel the strong scent of her pussy juices in that shorts. Meera comes over and removes Aditi’s dress off your face to let you see both the ladies on the bed completely naked. They both flash you a sexy smile as your cock gets harder again.

Aditi takes the dildo and touches its one end all over your body while Meera kisses Aditi from behind her. As the dildo touches your body shivers are sent all over your body. Your cock is now rock hard and as erect as a mast. Aditi removes the dildo from your body and Meera sits on your chest facing away from you, this gives you a clear view of her pussy when she bends forward. Her pussy is dripping wet. Aditi brings the dildo closer to your face and inserts it into Meera’s cunt. She moans as she clutches onto your hard cock. Aditi removes the dildo from the cunt and pushes it into your mouth, you lick the juice off it. Meera puts her mouth over your cock and starts licking its head. She slowly begins to replicate what you do to the dildo.

Aditi removes the dildo from your mouth and inserts it into Meera’s cunt again this time she moves it in and out slowly as Meera sucks your cock mimicing the dildo’s motion. Meanwhile Aditi stands over you lowers her pussy onto your mouth. While your cock is being sucked you lick and suck Aditi’s wet cunt.

They both get up and start putting on a show for you, your cock is oozing out juices and it starts to pain. The fondle each other and play with their pussies. They both get so intimate that you feel the pleasure rising along your cock. The lick, suck, twist and turn, right next to you on the bed. Aditi pushes Meera down on her back, her head between your legs and just below your throbbing cock. You just wish she would just turn and give you a nice blowjob. Aditi lies on her and looks teasingly at you. As you look down you can see you erect cock and behind that the two girls kissing passionately. Their nipples are rubbing one another’s. You plead them to stop as you feel the nerves along your cock strain. They just continue pleasuring, they know that a simple stroke would make you cum and relieve you, but that is what they will never do. They sit up as they Meera licks and sucks on Aditi’s nipples. They sit facing each other and spread their legs wide apart. Meera gets the dildo and kisses it before inserting it into Aditi’s pussy. Then she moves forward as she pushes herself onto the other side of the dildo, they moan simultaneously. They start moving their hips one after the other, they do it so systematically as if they had been doing it all their lives. Their breasts juggle as they masturbate, if it can be called that. Their pumping gets harder and stronger, now as they both slide in their pussies touch each other, as if kissing. The whole bed starts to tremble as they near their orgasms. Your cock hits your stomach rapidly and you feel that very much enough to cum. You spurt your load across your stomach and chest and some even fall on your face. They both get to their orgasms as well.

All the three of you lie there like rags. After some time both the girls get up dress up themselves. Meera brings a camera and takes a picture of you lying there covered with your cum. They untie you and as they leave the room, Aditi says ” Now, clean up and don’t talk about this to anyone”. She puts the dildo back in the drawer and goes out of the room. You get dressed and leave the house not able to comprehend what just happened.

The rain cloud popped up over the ridge out of nowhere, a dark cloud suddenly appearing above the treetops blocking the sun. They didn’t even have time to dig their rain jackets out before it broke loose and drenched them both to the skin.

“The site isn’t far, let’s just keep going!” Katie shouted over the deafening rain.

Mike nodded and followed her the last quarter mile up the ridge to the clearing. Katie was cursing her lack of preparation, but at least she had the waterproof cover on her backpack so her gear was dry even if she wasn’t. She set her bag on the stump of a fallen tree and looked around. It was still pouring so she didn’t want to try to unpack and she was already soaked so there was no point in putting on her rain jacket now.

Mike caught her eye and grinned widely.


“If I’d known there was gonna be a wet t-shirt contest I’d have brought my camera,” he said with an approving glance at her chest.

Katie looked down to see her black cotton tank top plastered to her body, clinging to her small breasts like it was painted on. She wondered for a second if maybe she should have worn a bra, but she almost never wore one unless she was at work, didn’t really need one with her A cups, and hadn’t even packed one for this trip. Oh well, at least it wasn’t see through. She put a hand in front each breast and flipped him off before turning and fishing one wet hand into her pack to find her rain jacket so she could cover up.

Just as she pulled it out and was shaking it loose Mike snatched it out of her hand. Her mouth dropped in astonishment as he backed away, dangling the jacket from one hand.

“Come and get it,” he said with a grin and then turned and ran.

Katie chased him into the woods, hurling threats and invectives as she went. Mike dodged and weaved through the trees, letting her catch up and then taking off again at the last second. Running in the rain with the wet smells of the ridge top permeating the air was exhilarating and even though she knew there was no way she could possibly catch up with Mike, her competitive nature took a back seat and she had to admit she was having fun.

Mike skidded to a stop on a wide, flat area of exposed rock overlooking the valley below. The view was breathtaking even with the grey wash of rain obscuring the far distances. He turned just as Katie emerged from the trees, scattering rocks as she slipped on the wet surface.

“I’ve got you cornered now, buddy. Nowhere to run,” Katie said, breathing deep from the exertion.

“You think?” he teased. “Come and get it then.”

He dangled the jacket in front of him, pulling it behind his back when she stepped forward to grab it. She reached around him and he deftly twisted away, laughing. She stepped closer and reached the other way snagging one sleeve before he had a chance to twist back. They both pulled on the jacket in opposite directions, neither willing to let go.

“It appears we are at an impasse,” Mike quoted, grinning down at her.

God she was gorgeous. Her dark hair was wet and slicked back into her ponytail and her cheeks were pink with exertion, eyes bright with laughter. He could feel every inch of her body pressed against him and was desperately trying to ignore the feel of her hard little nipples against his chest as she tugged on to her jacket with one arm wrapped behind him.

His body was not following the command to ignore however, hadn’t been ever since he got a look at those perfect, pointy nipples plastered with the wet fabric of her shirt earlier. He could feel himself growing hard in his pants and he knew he should move, quick, before she noticed too, but there was a line of drips along one eyebrow threatening to run into her eyes and he couldn’t help reaching out with his free hand to wipe them off with his thumb.

“Give it back,” she said weakly.

“What do I get in return?”

Katie’s eyes narrowed. “How about I don’t knee you in the balls.”

Mike burst out laughing. “That’s a fair trade,” he agreed, letting go of the jacket. But before she could move away he brought his hands up to her face and pressed his lips to hers.

He’d meant it to be a brief kiss, just to feel her out, but once he’d had a taste he found he couldn’t stop. He lightly brushed her bottom lip with his tongue and felt her jump, but she didn’t pull away. Encouraged, he took the kiss deeper, sweeping his tongue into her mouth and tangling it with hers. Just as he was telling himself he should stop Katie leaned in, her hands resting tentatively on his neck, her body heat counteracting the chill of his wet shirt. Mike dropped one hand to the small of her back and held her close as he kissed her, oblivious to the chilly rain, until a sudden clap of thunder startled them both back to awareness.

He pulled back and looked into her eyes where he was glad to see a reflection of the same desire he was feeling. At least he wasn’t the only one getting carried away. “That was an even better trade,” he said, his voice husky.

“So you’re saying kissing me is better than a sharp blow to the nuts. I’m flattered,” she said, attempting to suppress a smile.

“Well, I can’t say for sure,” he said seriously. “You haven’t kneed me in the balls yet.”

She laughed and dropped her arms from him, feeling suddenly chilled as he stepped away. She pulled the jacket on over her wet clothes and gave him a shy smile before pulling the hood up. “Should we go make sure our packs haven’t been washed away?”

“Probably,” he said, unable to come up with a clever response. Somehow his brain was suddenly working at half capacity.

Back at the campsite Katie pulled a tarp out of a side pocket of her pack and draped it over the fallen tree, creating a small covered space underneath just big enough for the two of them to sit with their packs. The rain had slacked off some, but it was still falling and it had brought a chilly breeze to the ridge top so they’d decided they should probably make an attempt to get out of the drizzle. Katie crawled in first to change into a dry long sleeved t-shirt and took the opportunity to try and assimilate her thoughts.

He’d kissed her, no big deal. So why had she been fighting a ridiculous grin the whole way back from the overlook? Well, he was a good kisser…a really good kisser. That was enough to make a girl smile, right? But she knew that wasn’t it.

She liked him. And it had been a very long time since she’d actually liked a guy. She dated them; slept with a few of them. But she had never fallen head over heels; never even had much of a crush, unless you counted the occasional celebrity she lusted after. Sarah had accused her of holding herself back because it gave her the upper hand, which may or may not have been true. Katie felt like she just hadn’t found anyone worth putting up with.

In any case, she made no secret of it and had never lied to any of the men she dated about how she felt. They pursued her, sometimes she allowed them to catch her, but in the end either she drove them crazy or they drove her crazy so they never stuck around for long and she was fine with that. There was something different about Mike, though. He might be worth putting up with. He didn’t let her act awkward and uncomfortable and ignored her attempts to boss him around, or laughed at them. Normally that sort of thing would frustrate the hell out of her, but he seemed to be competent enough that she was surprisingly okay with it.

After a few minutes Mike ducked under the shelter and quickly changed his shirt, treating Katie to another all-too-brief look at his body before pulling a dry t-shirt over his head, much to her disappointment. He grinned at her, giving her the distinct impression that he knew exactly what she was thinking. Rather than being embarrassed Katie found herself grinning back.

“Hopefully it stops raining at least long enough for us to get a fire going later,” he said, glancing out at the sky.

“I’m sure it will; it’s just an afternoon shower. They pop up all the time in the summer. Sucks to get wet, but it’s nice afterward when it cools everything off.”

“Yeah? It doesn’t work like that back home. It showers in the afternoon and then it just gets all humid and muggy afterward.”

“Where’s home?”

“Little River, North Carolina. I’m not used to mountains, around there it’s either beach or marsh.”

“Really? You seem awful pale for a guy who grew up on the beach.”

He raised an eyebrow at her. “I think I should take offence at that.”

“I didn’t mean it as an insult,” she said, giggling. “I’m not complaining.”

“Fine, laugh at my Irish ancestry. I’ll have you know my people have a long, proud history of pasty whiteness.”

“Oh, you have Irish in you?”

“Yeah. You want some Irish in you?” he asked with an evil grin.

Katie laughed out loud. “Nice,” she said. “Does that line ever work?”

“Oh, come on,” he said, clapping his hand over his heart. “You’re killing me. That’s some of my best material, right there.”

“Oh you poor thing, you must never get laid,” she said, feigning sympathy.

“I don’t,” he pouted, which looked ridiculous on such a large man. “Of course, I’m not above a little sympathy sex if you’re really feeling sorry for me.”

“Sorry bub, no sympathy here. Somehow I don’t think you have any trouble finding willing participants.”

“Yeah well, I could probably say the same thing about you.”

Katie blushed at that, unsure how to reply, and the smile faltered on her face.

“Hey,” he said, nudging the toe of her hiking boot. “I meant that as a compliment. Did it come out wrong?”

“No, it’s okay,” she said, shaking off the awkwardness. “But for girls the problem isn’t finding willing participants, since most guys are horndogs. Usually the problem is finding a relatively sane horndog with tolerable self-hygiene.”

“Wow, I feel like I’ve learned more about women from that one statement than I have in a decade of dating.”

“Yes well, I’m nothing if not informative,” Katie said, flashing him her fake newscaster-smile.

“Informative. That’s not the first word I’d pick to describe you,” he said, his eyes coming up to fix on her face.

She raised an eyebrow, deflecting what she feared was about to be a cheesy compliment. “How about anal? Controlling? Bitchy? All words I know for a fact have been used to describe me.”

“I was going to say intriguing, but hey, you know you better than I do,” he said with a smirk. Before she could come up with a reply he turned and stuck his head out of the tarp, looking up. “I think it’s just dripping from the trees, maybe we should go ahead and set up now in case it rains again.”

They got to work, quickly and efficiently setting up what they needed for the night. It was nice camping with someone who knew what he was doing and what needed to be done. Katie didn’t feel like she needed to delegate or check to make sure things had been done right. They gathered firewood first, stacking it under the tarp in case it rained again. Then Mike put up his tent while Katie started a small fire and put some water on to boil for dinner. She looked at her tent and considered putting it up, but she knew there was a small hole along one of the bottom seams and decided to wait in case it rained again.

Their fare tonight was much less fancy than Caleb’s feast. Katie had her typical backpacking meal, ramen cup o’noodles and an apple. Mike had an MRE with a surprisingly yummy-smelling glop of chicken and rice and some other random items. She gave him half the apple and he shared a gummy brownie with her as the sun sank low in the sky.

Katie was enjoying herself, but felt jumpy, unsure of how she should act around Mike ever since he kissed her. She found herself half dreading, half anticipating him doing it again at any moment. It wasn’t a feeling she was accustomed to, given that usually she was the one in control of situations like this.

She would have had a much harder time acting nonchalant if he hadn’t kept up his steady stream of teasing and silly innuendo. As it was, he kept her smiling so she never had a chance to really worry herself into the state of anxiety that she was leaning toward.

After they ate Mike built the fire up, filling the small clearing with warmth and light. He dug around in his pack for a minute and pulled out a silver flask.

“Care for some Crown?”

“Oh lordy, that’s hard core.”

“That’s how I roll. Hard core all the way,” he said, sitting down cross legged next to her.

Katie snorted and held out her hand. “Sure, why not?” She took a small sip from the flask, then another slightly longer one before closing it and handing it back. Mike’s fingers brushed against hers as he took it and her hand jerked, letting the flask fall between them. “Sorry,” she muttered, embarrassed, as he picked it up and dusted it off on his shorts.

“So what kind of nursing do you do?”

“I work in rehab. We get the patients who need time to recover from surgery or trauma before they go home. Strokes, hip replacements, heart attacks.”

“Is it mostly elderly people then?”

“Mostly, but also the occasional head trauma or missing limb or paralysis.”

“Wow, that sounds rough.”

“It can be, but not usually. The people we see are on their way back to normal, you know? At least they aren’t going downhill or they’d be in a nursing home, so most of the time it’s positive, they’re improving, and we get to send them home at the end.”

“Sounds like you enjoy it.”

“I do for the most part. It’s been pissing me off lately because they changed the way they bill the insurance for the physical therapy and we aren’t able to give some of our patients the kind of care they really need- You know what, that’s really boring and I don’t really want to start talking about it. The short answer is that I do like it, but I’ve been thinking about going back to school to get my masters so I can have a little bit more say in how things are run. I just have a year and a half left on my contract and if I want them to pay off my loans I have to finish it out.”

“That’s a cool program.”

“Yeah, it is. It’s saving me a lot of money. So what about you? Do you like being a cop?”

“Love it. It’s what I always wanted to do, ever since I was a kid. I wish I could advance faster and move on up to more important things than giving speeding tickets and catching truants, but I gotta put in the time just like everyone else.”

“That’s great that you’re doing something you love. I like my job, but I wouldn’t say I love it.”

By now it was full dark and stars were beginning to twinkle above the treetops. Katie stretched her legs out in front of her and leaned back against her hands to look up at them. The whiskey was warming her from the inside out, relaxing her, so when he spoke again it didn’t rattle her the way it might have otherwise.

“So I have to ask, are you gonna let me kiss you again or are you gonna keep avoiding it all night long?” He leaned back on his hands so he could see her better before continuing, “Because I figure I could either get it over with and just kiss you now, or you can go ahead and tell me that you don’t want me to and we can both stop waiting for it.”

“Wow,” she said, impressed and a little unnerved by his honesty. “Way to take all the spontaneity out of the moment.”

“Hey, you’re the one that jumps every time I touch you,” he said with a crooked grin.

“I do not,” she said, blushing at the lie.

Mike just looked at her with one eyebrow lifted. Katie, never one to refuse a challenge, reached across her body and laid her hand flat against his belly, just below his belly button. It was warm and surprisingly hard under her fingers, but she distinctly felt his muscles twitch at the contact.

“Who’s jumping now?”

“Oh, you play dirty,” he said, his grin widening to a smile.

“Damn right.”

He ran his hand up her arm, twisting toward her and pulling her close until their faces were nearly touching. The smile was still on his face as he looked in her eyes, not moving. He raised that eyebrow again and Katie realized he was waiting on her, challenging her. She lifted her face toward him and he moved back, barely. She narrowed her eyes and tried again, once more finding him just out of reach. Mike chuckled softly as she dropped her hand from his belly and turned her face away before he caught her cheek with one hand and brought her lips back to his in a soft, but insistent kiss.

Maybe it was the whisky or the gentle crackling of campfire in the night air, but for once Katie felt calm and unworried. She let herself feel and not think about what was going to happen next or what it might mean. This felt good, he felt good and for now she didn’t want it to stop. Mike’s tongue explored her mouth, tasting of whiskey, and she sighed, pressing her body closer to him in encouragement. By the time he pulled away several minutes later they were both breathless.

“Damn,” he said, surveying the ground around them. “I should have brought a blanket or something.”

“I could grab my sleeping bag,” she offered.

“I’d hate for it to get all dirty. And the ground is still kind of damp. Would it be totally jumping the gun for me to suggest my tent?”

Katie craned her head around to look at his little tent. Much like hers, it was narrow and tapered at the far end, just long and wide enough for one person to lie down comfortably and tall enough to sit up only at the front near the door. But his sleeping bag was already rolled out like a big puffy cushion and with the door open to the fire it looked welcoming and cozy.

“I don’t know,” she said, turning back to him. “I’m pretty comfortable here in the cold, hard dirt.”

Mike jumped up and held a hand out to her. She took it and he pulled her up with ease, surprising her with his strength. She over-corrected and stumbled into him, catching herself against his chest at the same time he grabbed her elbows to steady her.

“Jesus,” she muttered, splaying her hands across the hard planes of his chest. “You’re like an immovable force, aren’t you?”

“That depends.”

“On what?” she asked, looking up at him with a grin.

“On who’s trying to move me.” He walked backwards, pulling her with him toward the tent, holding her hands loosely to give her the opportunity to change her mind. They paused just outside the tent to brush the dirt off their asses, then Mike motioned her in ahead of him. She knelt awkwardly by the doorway as he crawled in and lay propped on one elbow on his side facing her, his head nearly in her lap

Katie was struck again by his size once they were in the enclosed space. But it wasn’t really his size that was overwhelming her, it was his presence, the way he was looking at her, the way her hand was already working its way up the smooth skin of his side under his t-shirt without her realizing she was doing it.

One side of his mouth came up in a crooked grin and he slid his hand up her thigh, wrapping it around to cup her ass and pulling her off her knees to sit next to him on the sleeping bag. He ran his hand up her back and into her hair, gently tugging at the rubber band until he released her ponytail, her hair, still a little damp from the rain, falling in gentle waves around her face and shoulders. He snaked his fingers up under her hair, rubbing his fingertips firmly against her scalp in little circles. Her hand fell still under his shirt, her eyes dropped closed, her head limp on her neck while he massaged her.

“Oh my God,” she moaned under her breath, “that feels amazing.” She leaned forward slowly until her forehead was resting on his shoulder as his hand moved down to rub her neck.

“Lay down,” he said, his voice uncharacteristically quiet.

She blinked her eyes open and gave a little disappointed sigh before laying back and stretching out next to him.

“On your stomach.”

She gave him an odd look, but complied, rolling to her belly and resting her cheek on her hands. He started at her neck again and slowly worked his way down, digging his thumb into muscles that felt like they’d been tense forever. He slid his hand down the back of her t-shirt trying to reach her shoulders, then tried tugging it up from the bottom, but couldn’t quite get to them.

Not one to stand in the way of a good back rub Katie propped herself up and said, “I’ll take mine off if you’ll take yours off.”

In a surprisingly dexterous move, given the small space, Mike had his shirt off before she could blink and was tugging hers over her head. She laid back down and he continued the massage, this time adding the occasional little wet kiss or nibble to her shoulder, then neck, then jaw. By the time his hand made it to her lower back, digging his fingers deliciously into the tender muscles just below the waistband of her pants he was kissing her again, no longer playful, but demanding.

She rolled and he moved over her, hand sliding around to her hip pulling her close, neither of them breaking the kiss. The sudden heat of his chest against her breasts shocked her and she arched into him, wanting to feel his belly against hers. His sudden intake of air told her she’d pressed against more than just his belly. She did it again, this time raking her nails down his back, eliciting a low groan from deep in his throat.

He pulled back and looked at her, making eye contact for a split-second before dropping his head to her breast. Just before she thought he was about to take her nipple into his mouth dipped and kissed the flesh just below it. She felt his hot breath against her skin and then saw, rather than felt him flick the tip of her nipple with his tongue. If she hadn’t seen it she might not have known he’d done it until she felt the cool wetness after the fact. In the orange glow of the fire she watched his tongue flicking and darting at the hardening nub, hot moist breath taunting her, lips parted as if at any second he might decide to close the scant distance and suck it deep into his mouth. And then he did.

“Oh, God!” she cried out. Her head fell back and hands came up to tangle in his hair, holding him in place as he rolled her nipple against the roof of his mouth with his tongue then slowly dragged his lips off, releasing it with an inaudible pop.

“It’s Mike,” she said, looking up at her.


“If you’re gonna call out someone’s name, I want it to be mine. It turns me on.”

“Really?” she asked looking down her body at him to see if he was joking. He didn’t appear to be. His eyes were locked on hers and there was no trace of a smile on his face.

“Really. Especially when I make you come.”

The words sent a tremble through her belly and she actually felt her inner muscles clench in anticipation. “All right…Mike.”

He smiled back before lowering his head to her other nipple, trailing his hand down her belly to slide into the waistband of her jeans, teasing the elastic of her underwear with his fingertips. Her pants were snug and he couldn’t get his hand in any further, so he pulled it back out and started to undo the button.

Katie put her hand over his and said, “Wait a second.” He looked up at her with a raised eyebrow and the dark look in his eyes was enough to make her think twice about what she was about to say.

Before she could change her mind she took a deep breath and said in a rush, “Before this goes any further I need to tell you that I’m not on birth control and I don’t have any condoms or anything and I just- I don’t know you that well so we probably shouldn’t- we can’t have sex tonight” She took another deep breath, her gaze raking his bare upper body, and added, “as much as I really, really want to. We should probably just stick with…other things.”

“Its okay,” he said, shifting himself up so he could kiss lips her again. “If you want to, I mean, its okay. I have some condoms in my bag.” He drew back to look her in the eyes to make sure she understood. “But it’s totally up to you whether we use them.”

He bent to press wet kisses along her jawbone and up to the hollow under her earlobe. At the same time he drew his hand up her side and slowly stroked the underside of her breast with his thumb. She shuddered at the sensation as he ran his tongue up along the edge of her ear.

“Really? You just travel around with condoms in your backpack?”

He chuckled as he gently probed the labrynth of her ear with his tongue, his hand gently squeezing her breast as his stroking thumb maintained a frustrating distance from the sensitive tip. She arched up against him urging him on, but he continued to tease her.

“No, I got them from Caleb this morning,” he whispered before simultaneously sliding his tongue gently into her ear and finally clamping his warm fingers around her nipple.

“Oh, Jesus!” she gasped as her body jerked in his arms and her hands locked onto his upper arms. He pressed his body more firmly against her, as if offering her an anchor.

It took Katie a moment to absorb his words, she was so caught up in the physical sensations he was drawing from her body. But when she did finally realize what he’d said she froze and her eyes flew open in astonishment.

“Wait, what?” she asked, pushing his hands away to avoid distraction. “Why did you get condoms from Caleb?”

“Just in case-”

“Did he give you a high five and tell you good luck, too?”

“What? What are you-”

Suddenly a horrible thought occurred to her, taking instant hold. “Did you have this all planned out? Get me out here in the middle of nowhere and get in my pants?”

“Wait, are you serious?” Mike finally managed to ask, the confusion on his face turning to irritation.

“Divide and conquer, huh? Did you guys come up with it on the drive up?” she asked, finding her shirt and pulling it back on with shaking hands.

“Are you done with your conspiracy theories?”

“Oh, I’m done, alright,” Katie said, shooting him a withering glare and turning to crawl out of the tent.

She was halfway out when Mike grabbed her by the hips and hauled her back inside. “Now hold on just a damn minute, you’re being ridiculous,” he said, flipping her over to look her in the eye.

She gasped and pushed him away, knocking his elbow out from under him. He lost his balance and fell against her and she started swinging at him with balled fists. He rolled away, but had to grab her wrists to keep her from hitting him and when he did; it was like someone flipped a switch. Suddenly she was all writhing movement.

“What the-”

“Let me go!” she shrieked, kicking at him and yanking her hands trying to get away. Mike held tighter, trying to keep her from striking him. He tried to back away, but the tent was so small there was nowhere to go. “Please, let me go!”

Something in her voice got his attention and when he looked at her face he could see nothing but wild-eyed panic. He released her immediately, holding his hands up and palms open in a gesture of surrender, turning his face away to avoid the blows she rained on him before she scrambled out of the tent and ran.

Almost as soon as she was out of the tent Katie realized what had happened. It wasn’t the first time she’d reacted this way, but it had been a very long time since she’d allowed it to overwhelm her like this. She’d thought she had it under control, but clearly not. Once again her whole body was shaking and she knew from experience that the tears were going to come soon and she wouldn’t be able to stop them.

“Shit, shit, shit…” she muttered to herself, pacing and shaking her hands to rid her body of nervous energy.

A quick glance over her shoulder told her Mike wasn’t coming out after her and she was grateful; she didn’t want him to see her crying and definitely didn’t want to have to explain why. Not that he hadn’t probably figured it out; he was a cop after all. She flushed with shame and embarrassment, grabbed her flashlight off the top of her pack, and ran.

Mike rolled onto his belly and watched her pace around the campsite, then stomp off into the woods. He’d been around enough victims to have a good idea of what had just happened and why. A wave of bitter anger swelled in his belly at whoever had hurt her, but even more than that he wanted to kick his own ass.

He should have just let her go, but at first he hadn’t believed she really thought he and Caleb had really schemed like that. It didn’t matter, he should have let her go, he sure as hell didn’t have any right to grab her like that. His head dropped into his hands and he exhaled a heavy breath, cursing himself. He tongued the cut on his lip to check how bad it was, but it wasn’t much. No more than he deserved, that’s for sure.

He pulled his shirt back on and gave Katie a few minutes head start before following her into the woods to make sure she was alright. He found her at the overlook they’d visited earlier, sitting on the flat rock with her head buried in her arms like she was curled in a little ball. Mike swallowed past the lump in his throat and tamped down the urge to go to her and wrap his arms around her, figuring his comfort wouldn’t be welcome. He left her to be alone for a bit and went back to the campsite.

Katie let the tears take over, knowing fighting them was useless. God knew she’d tried enough times over the years to know that. The anger would come next and that was always better than the tears. She almost looked forward to being able to rage and get it out.

She was surprised it took so little to trigger another panic attack. Intellectually she knew that Mike hadn’t meant to hurt her, but unfortunately intellect had very little to do with it. When he’d dragged her in the tent she felt the fear start, but had already started to suppress it, force it back into the little hidden place in her brain where she usually kept it locked away. Then he’d grabbed her arms and she’d snapped.

She shook her head and stood up, pacing back and forth across the open space. She didn’t want to think about it now, it wouldn’t help. Nothing would help, not even time


“Goddamn it!” she yelled into space. She picked up a rock sitting near her feet and threw it as hard as she could into the dark abyss, cursing loudly. And then another. And another. There was release in the physical effort of it and by the time she had cleared the entire overlook of small rocks and run through her entire vocabulary of expletives she felt a little bit better.

She sat down with a sigh and rested her chin on her fist, staring out over the valley. The wind was picking up and it was getting pretty chilly out here, but she didn’t want to go back yet. Not until she figured out what the hell she was going to say to Mike. That thought brought another sigh. There wasn’t anything she could say to fix it. Nobody wanted broken goods. The best she could hope for at this point was to be able to stay out here until he’d gone to bed. If she could do that she’d just have to get through a few awkward hours tomorrow and then she could go home and she’d never have to see him again.

She was just starting to wonder whether it would be safe to go back when she heard a cough from far off and loud tromping through the woods. She couldn’t see him yet, but it was obviously Mike making sure she knew he was coming. Probably so she didn’t attack him again. Katie groaned to herself and turned back to the overlook to wait for him.

He sat down next to her without a word and handed her a jacket and a warm mug full of what smelled like hot chocolate. This was not what she was expecting at all and as she slid her arms into the jacket she glanced over at him to get an idea of what the hell he was thinking.

“I’m sorry, Katie,” he said, catching her eye.

The guilt and concern in his voice almost brought tears to her eyes again, but she bit them back and shook her head. “I overreacted,” she said, her voice hoarse from crying and yelling.

“I shouldn’t have grabbed you like that.”

Katie shrugged and took a sip of the hot chocolate to cover for the fact that she didn’t know what to say. It was delicious.

“Thank you,” she said lifting the cup to indicate what she meant.

“I thought you might be cold.”

“Yeah, it’s chilly up here.”

She shivered and Mike had to stop himself from putting an arm around her.

“I’m the one who should apologize,” she finally said. “About that whole thing, the condoms and flipping out on you and everything. I guess I got embarrassed at the thought of you and Caleb talking about me and then…” she trailed off, again unsure what to say.

“You don’t have to explain,” he said quietly. “I’m sorry I scared you. And if it makes you feel any better I stole the condoms out of Caleb’s bag without asking.”

Katie snorted mirthlessly. “I hope you left him a few, those two don’t need to procreate.”

“What do you mean? That’s exactly what the world needs, more irresponsible, over-packing horndogs.”

She rewarded him with a half-smile and he smiled back. When she shivered again he held his arm out and she scooted under it, snuggling up next to his warmth. They sat in silence for a while, watching the stars spin slowly overhead while Katie finished the chocolate.

It was cold and she figured he was ready to go to bed, but she didn’t want to move out from under the protective circle of his arm. Quite the contrary, his warm body seemed to be calling to her, begging her to wrap her arms around it and nestle in. She wondered at his ability to make her feel comfortable with him again so easily after what had

happened. It could have even been frightening if she didn’t feel so calm, so…right.

She shifted a little to fit closer to him and he looked down at her. They stared at each other for a long moment and Katie’s heart beat faster in anticipation, but at the last second he sighed and looked away.

“You ready to head back?” he asked, dropping his arm from her shoulders and taking the empty cup from her hand.


They got up and hiked the short distance back to camp in darkness, their eyes long since having adjusted to the starlight. The smell of the campfire drifting on the night air reached them before they got to the clearing, pine smoke with a hint of paper. When they reached its light Katie noticed he’d set her tent up for her.

Conflicting emotions flared in her. On one hand her heart swelled at the thought that he’d made an attempt to give her space and make her comfortable. On the other, she’d been encouraged by him coming to her on the overlook and was half hoping he would just forget what happened earlier, take her in his arms and keep her warm tonight.

“Thanks,” she said, gesturing at the tent.

“No problem. Good night.” With that he quickly turned and crawled into his tent.

Katie stood looking after him for a moment, plagued by guilt and regret. Well that was that, she’d actually liked him and now she’d run him off. As much as you could run off someone who was stuck in the woods with you. Not that she could blame him, she’d probably scared him to death with her histrionics. Why on earth would he want to risk a repeat of that scene?

She sighed and went to her tent where she smiled to see that Mike had even gone so far as to roll out her sleeping bag for her. Normally something like that would bug the crap out of her; she could set up her own damn tent thankyouverymuch. But coming from him it didn’t seem condescending, it just seemed, well, sweet.

She crawled in and changed into her tank top and sweat pants, wishing she’d brought a spare long sleeved t-shirt since her other one had gotten so grubby. After digging fruitlessly in her bag for something warm and comfortable to wear her eyes fell on the fleece Mike had brought her earlier. She wrapped it around herself and lay down, closing her eyes as the smell of him surrounded her, making her feel safe.

Damn, she was in trouble. This guy had definitely gotten under her skin and she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to just go home and forget about him. She fantasized for a moment about just walking over there, crawling into his tent, and screwing his brains out. He probably wouldn’t kick her out of his bed and it might get him out of her system. Slowly the fantasy morphed into possibility. After all, tomorrow was going to be awkward regardless and she could still just go home and never see him again.

She peeked out to see if she could get a glimpse of him, but the fire had burned down to ashy embers and it was too dark. All she could see was the bottom of his sleeping bag hanging out of the opening of his tent. Maybe he was cold. Maybe he wanted his jacket back. Before she could think too much about what she was doing, she was out of her tent and halfway to his. Kneeling in the door she looked inside, barely making out the outline of his head looking up at her.

“I brought your jacket back.”

He lifted up on one elbow and looked at her for a moment before reaching out a hand toward her. For a split second she thought he wanted her to hand him the jacket and go, but then he spoke.

“Come here.”

His voice, low and soft, sent shivers down her spine. She crawled inside and his hand came up, wrapping around her neck and drawing her gently down to him as he lay back. Their lips met in a silent collision, knocking the breath from both of them. Mike held her loosely, hands wandering her back and neck in little tickling caresses.

She ran her tongue along his bottom lip and Mike flinched as Katie recognized a faint metallic taste. Blood. She pulled back and looked down at him, noticing for the first time the small swollen spot in the corner of his mouth where his lip was busted.

“Oh my God, did I-”

“It’s okay,” he said, smiling awkwardly. “You know, you’ve got a hell of a right hook. For a girl.”

“I’m so sorry.” Katie dropped her forehead to his shoulder, mortified, but his hands came up, lifting her face and forcing her to look at him. He didn’t say anything, just smiled and kissed her again, gingerly avoiding the cut.

She tried to put her hands on him, but he was still in his sleeping bag. Without breaking the kiss she pulled the top back, the zipper hissing as she shoved the thick material away. Like a child opening a present her hands reached inside and found him warm and waiting. Her hands roamed his broad chest, teasing the tight hairs and tracing the hard curves of his muscles. Her fingertips found one pointed nipple and circled it a few times before rolling it between her fingers.

Mike jumped and nipped at her lower lip in response. He tightened his arms around her and pulled her on top of his body, kicking the sleeping bag off his feet. Katie settled against him, one leg sliding up between his where his erection was growing hard to ignore. She wiggled her hips against him and smiled at his low groan, but then his hands

came up to her hips, stilling her movements and shifting her to the side.

“Listen,” he said, hesitantly.

Katie’s heart fell and her smile disappeared. Oh God, he wanted to talk about it. She really really did not want to talk about it. Before he could continue she slid her hand down and slowly stroked his erection through his sweat pants, hoping to distract him. It worked, briefly. He made a noise in his throat and tightened his grip on her hips almost painfully as she circled his shaft with her hand and squeezed.

“Katie, wait,” he said, breathlessly, pushing her hand away gently. “Just listen to me for a minute. I’m not gonna ask you to explain things or tell me anything you don’t want to tell me.”

“Okay,” she whispered, relief flooding through her.

“But you were right earlier, I think we should just stick with messing around tonight. No sex.”

“Look, I promise I’m not really crazy. Or at any rate I promise I’m not gonna freak out and cut your dick off or anything.”

My wife Kitty and I were visiting some friends over the weekend that owned a horse ranch. The ranch was more of the board and train type but they did breeding also. The place was small at five hundred acres but far larger than the little three-acre place we had.

Saturday morning after breakfast, we decided to take a walk around the place. It was cool and foggy as we left the house and headed off down a road that we had been told made a loop around and through the ranch.

Kitty and I both love the outdoors and hiking so a place like this was heaven. The woodland sections had been groomed and thinned and the green lush pastures were picture perfect. The road was nowhere near straight as it made its way through the first woodland section.

We walked side by side but ever so often, I would lag back to watch my wife. At five nine, she was on the tall side. Being slender made her seem even taller. She wore a light jacket over a halter-top and short white shorts. Her long tanned legs looked beautiful.

Once out of sight of the main house and barns, Kitty paused and looked around. With a grin, she slipped off the jacket and handed it to me. A grin came to my face as she reached up and removed the halter-top.

Handing me the top she said, “Much better.” She took the jacket back and slipped it on.

I let my eyes wander over my wife’s small breasts. The cool air had her nipples standing up hard and proud. “Oh yes, very much better,” I told her as I took a moment to fold the top and to stuff it in the daypack I had over one shoulder.

Kitty grinned, raised her arms high over her head, and came up on her toes in a long luxurious stretch. Her breasts lifted and flattened, her stomach sucked in, as she stretched and twisted from side to side.

“Show off.” I told her.

“Yes, and you love it,” was her reply.

“I’d love it even more without the shorts.”

“Maybe, after we get a little father from the house. Anyway, it’s still a little cool,” she said as she lowered her arms and came down off her toes. She rubbed her palms over her hard nipples. “The girls love it though.”

“And I love the girls.” I told her as I took a step forward.

With a laugh, she stepped back. “Oh no you don’t. I’m going to tease you a lot more before you get your hands or anything else on the goodies.”

I gave her a hurt, puppy dog look, which made her laugh again.

“Hey, it’s been just as long for me as it’s been for you,” she said referring to how long it had been since we’d had any time alone. Two young kids make alone time precious. They were at their grandmothers for the weekend.

“I know.” I told her. “Just don’t be surprised if I do some teasing of my own.”

“That sounds like fun,” she said as she turned and headed on down the road. “Come on, I want to walk.”

I was grinning as I followed her, my eyes stripping the shorts off her swaying ass. I love my wife and when she’s in a playful mood like today, I love her even more.


An hour or so later found us on the edge of the woods, on the top of a high hill overlooking a large pasture. The fog had lifted and the sun was peaking out of the high clouds ever so often. Four horses were grazing in the pasture and three deer were feeding along the far wood line.

Kitty was watching the deer through binoculars. I was watching Kitty. She had removed the shorts a few minutes earlier and now only wore the jacket. Her heart shaped ass was right at eye level, from where I sat on a log. To me it is one of her best features but then again I am very prejudiced.

She knew I loved her ass and made sure it pointed my way when she bent over to remove her shorts. My dick had hardened instantly at the sight as she slowly lowered the shorts. Her firm little ass and the small cheeseburger of her sex had that effect on me.

She had grinned at me over her shoulder as I licked my lips and made a soft moaning sound. She blew me a kiss and then straightened up. When she turned to hand me the shorts, I found out what had taken her so long with her bath the night before.

Her sex and mound were smooth and hairless. I licked my lips again and she laughed softly. “Hold that thought, when I’ve teased you enough or rather us enough, you can have all of it that you can handle.”

“Promises, promises,” I whispered softly.

She had laughed and turned to look out over the pasture. That is when she had spotted the deer and wanted the binoculars. So, she watched the deer and I sat with a major hard-on and watched her.


The deer finally moved off into the woods. Kitty lowered the glasses and turned around. I had removed my shirt and moved to sit on the ground so I could lean back on the log. Her eyes took me in and then she grinned as they settled on the tent in the front of my shorts.

“I see you haven’t been bored.” She told me as she leaned over and handed me the binoculars.

“Not at all. I can stare at your ass for hours on end and enjoy every second of it.”

“You charmer you.” She replied with a laugh as she moved forward and straddled my legs.

When I looked back around from putting the binoculars up, her sex was almost in my face. “Hello!”

She smiled and lifted her foot to place it on the log behind my shoulder. Her sex was now on display right before my eyes. The slit was slowly opening and the thin inner lips unfolding. Everything had a wet shiny look to it.

When I licked my lips and leaned forward, Kitty laughed, lowered her foot back to the ground, and stepped back. “Not yet.”


“Yes I am, ain’t it wonderful.” She replied with another laugh.

I chuckled as I stood up. “Yes it is.”

Kitty moved away out of reach. “Come on, let’s walk. You can even lag behind and watch my ass some more if you want.”

Grinning, I took a moment to remove my shorts and put them in the day bag. Straightening up, I saw the grin on Kitty’s face as her eyes locked onto my hard dick. It was standing up tight against my lower belly. Now it was her turn to lick her lips.

“Yummy!” she whispered. “I love it when I have that affect on you.”

With a laugh, I relied, “Just thinking about you has this effect on me. It can be embarrassing at times.”

“Being naked and in plan sight on this hill had me damp but seeing that has me wet,” Kitty whispered back. “I wanted you to fuck me last night but if you had I would have woken everyone up with my yelling.”

“I figured as much,” I said as I picked up the daypack and slipped it over my shoulder. “Lead on and I’ll bring up the rear, or something like that.”

“Just remember, I didn’t pack any lube so my rear is off limits,” Kitty said as she turned to head down the road. She took a step or two and then paused to look back over shoulder. “Although if I get much wetter….”

She let the sentence hang as she started walking again. My eyes followed the sway of her heart shaped ass for a dozen steps and then with a sigh, I followed her.


We crossed the hilltop and entered another section of woods. After that was another pasture that ran downhill to more woods. We were halfway through these when I heard the faint rumble of thunder back in the direction of the house. There was a storm coming and we were almost to the back corner of the property.

“How do you feel about getting wet?” I asked my wife.

“I’m pretty wet already.” She replied with a chuckle.

“I mean from rain.”

She stopped walking and looked at me questioningly. About then the soft rumble of thunder behind me drew her attention. “Oh, you mean that rain.”

“Yeah and I don’t think we’ll make the house before it gets here.”

“Is there anywhere else we can go?”

“I don’t know for sure but I think there’s an old hay barn back here somewhere. I heard someone talking about it last night. One of the hands said they had just finished filling it with spring hay.”

“Then I guess we’ll go on until we find it,” Kitty said. “It’ll be such bad luck if we’re trapped there, won’t it.”

I laughed and followed her on down the road. “It sure will.”


The sky was getting dark and the wind was picking up when we exited the woods at the next pasture. Sure enough, across the field near the far tree line was a large wooden barn. It looked old and gray with a rusty tin roof.

“We could cut across the field but this road must go there.” I told my wife.

“Let’s stay on the road, it can’t be far.” She replied as she turned and looked in the direction the storm was coming from. “I think we have time.”

“Then let’s get with the program.” I told her.


We were in the woods and close enough to see the barn through the scattered trees when the first big cold rain drops spattered on the leaves above our heads. We took off at a dead run, laughing like a couple of school kids.

The rain was cold, hard, and heavy as we splashed through a large puddle in front of the barn door. Then we were inside out of the deluge. We were both dripping water and shivering. The rain was loud as it pounded on the tin roof overhead.

I opened the day bag and pulled out the light thermal blanket. I wrapped it around Kitty’s shoulders and then pulled her to me for a quick kiss. I had intended it to be short and gentle but she had other ideas.

She spread the blanket and wrapped it and her arms around me. She pressed her body tightly to mine and kissed the hell out of me. I had not felt that much passion in a kiss in a long time. I slipped my arms around her waist and returned as well as I was getting.

My manhood slowly hardened and slipped up between our bellies. It felt hot to me were it was pressed tightly between us. Kitty’s soft moan followed by a shiver let me know that she felt it to. Her tongue dueled even more fiercely with mine.

I let my hands wander up and down her back for a moment and then cupped her ass cheeks, pulling her tighter to me. With a loud moan, she broke the kiss. “I think that’s enough teasing,” she whispered as she pulled away from me.

Her hand found my dick and she led me over to the large stack of hay. There was a stair step section up the center and she led me up to a wide flat space about half way up the stack. Releasing me, she spread the blanket quickly on the hay bales.

“Ok big boy, it’s show time so get your ass on that blanket.” She told me, lust heavy in her voice.

I grinned at her as I lay down on my back. She stepped across my body, squatted down, lifted my dick up, and whispered, “This is going to hurt so good.”

We both moaned loudly as she sat down on my dick, driving it to the hilt in her hot slippery sex. Without a pause, she lifted her hips and fucked herself with short fast strokes. Her sex was grabbing and clutching at my dick as she moved up and down on it.

My hands found her hips and urged her on as I started to lift my hips to meet her ass. The slapping sound mixed with the drumming of the rain on the roof. The fresh smell of sweet hay and cleansing rain mixed so well with the pungent odor of hot sex.

The rumble of thunder added to the mix, as did the gusts of cool swirling wind that blew through the open barn door. It was surreal on the one hand and very erotic on the other. My wife fucking me in this old barn like a mad woman was driving me toward a climax in a hurry.

Suddenly she stopped moving up and down, sat down hard on my hips, and started to rub her clit on my pelvic bone with quick sharp movements of her hips. Leaning forward, she placed her hands on my chest and moved her hips faster yet. Her sweet pussy was clenching up around my dick as it moved in little short jerky strokes.

A soft whimpering noise was the first sign of her imminent orgasm. I held still and let her have her way. The whimper grew louder and then abruptly it stopped. Her hips slowed and then their movement became jerky as her orgasm washed over her.

A loud groaning moan accompanied a hot flood along my shaft. Kitty was well into her orgasm, her face a mixture of pleasure and pain that is so beautiful on a woman. My own orgasm was close but not quite there, which was all right with me. I was completely wrapped up in her orgasm.


Kitty lay snuggled up on my chest and I had pulled the blanket over her. She would sigh ever so often. My dick was still in her pulsing sex. I love the feel of the little quick grabs that it made from time to time. We were both at peace.

The storm had slacked off. Now the rain was a soft sound on the roof with little rattles of louder bumps as larger drops from the trees landed. It was soothing in a slow lazy way. The wind made a soft moaning sound around the eaves of the barn but wasn’t blowing in the door any longer. We were warm and cozy under the blanket.

Kitty let out a deep sigh and whispered, “I needed that.” I nodded against her hair.

She was silent for a moment and then wiggled her hips. “Oh that’s still up is it. Let me rest for a few more minutes and then….” She let the sentence trail off with a chuckle.

I did not wait. I rolled her over onto her back and grinned down at her. “You can rest later when the kids are around.” I told her as I raised my hips until just the head of my dick was in her pussy.

She made a soft whimpering sound as I withdrew. Then she gasped loudly as I dropped my hips and drove my dick back into her tightness. By the third stroke she was making an “Oh” sound as I pulled out and an “Ah” as I pushed back in.

She raised her feet and hooked her heels on my hips, as the power of my strokes grew and her sounds got longer and louder. She had been quiet in the earlier round but now she was in full song. Her song was one of love and lust.

From her sounds and the way, she was lifting her hips to meet me I knew she was close to coming. I slowed my pace to prolong the experience and to stave off my own orgasm. She was not having any of that I realized as her heels drummed on my ass insistently.

With a big grin, I came up on my arms, and planted my dick deep inside her pussy. I held still as she wiggled and squirmed under me. She was right on the ragged edge of coming and out of control. She made a loud growling sound of frustration as her heels once again pounded my ass.

I felt her fingernails biting into the skin of my back just below my shoulder blades. I rocked my hips from side to side. I knew my pelvic bone was rolling her clit back and forth. Kitty gave a loud yell and rocked her head from side to side as her orgasm crashed down on her.

Her hips were jerking and bucking under mine as I continued to rub and roll her clit back and forth. Her feet slowly moved down the back of my thighs and then my calves until her legs wrapped over mine. She pulled us tighter together and made a loud sobbing moaning sound.

Oh yeah, she was there, big time. I could feel her sex grabbing and squeezing the full length of my dick. Several hot floods worked their way from the head of my dick down along my shaft.

It had been a long, long time since I had felt a barnburner of an orgasm like this one. The last one had been before the kids were born. In fact a couple of them might have been the reason for the kids, come to think about it. I stopped rolling my hips.

I was doing some remembering and mental monthly addition to hold off my own orgasm. The way she was clamping down on me with her sex I was close to giving her pussy the creamy drink it wanted. I was in no hurry. I love it when my wife comes and I was in no hurry to end it all.

Kitty was limp, her arms out to her sides and she was breathing fast. I smiled at the look on her face. It was that slack sated look of a well-satisfied woman. I love to put that look on her face. It means I’m doing my part right.


A little while later, Kitty sighed and whispered, “You’re in big trouble buster.”

“Oh, and why is that?”

“Because you’ve nearly blown the top of my head off twice and I still ain’t got the stuffing out of that thing.” She replied with a giggling chuckle as she flexed her hips under mine.

“How about if I bend you over one of these hay bales and spank your ass,” I said.

“With your hand or your hips?” She asked quickly.

“Both maybe,” I whispered as I lowered my head to kissed her.

“That sounds interesting.” She got out before our lips met and her arms went around my back.

The kiss was short, sweet, and tender. When I lifted my head, Kitty smiled and then sighed. “You need to get off me. I need something to drink.”

When I grinned and moved my hips suggestively, she shook her head. “Nope, I’m saving that for somewhere else and you know it.”

I chuckled as I slipped my dick out of her and came up on my knees. She made a soft moaning sound as I did. I reached over, pulled the daypack close, and got the water bottle out of its pocket. I handed it to her as she came up on one elbow.

“Here ya go,” I said with a grin. “You refill that end and I’ll clean up this one.”

I backed up, lowered my head, and licked at her smooth soft mound. Her hips jerked and her stomach twitched. “Just leave my clit alone, it’s sensitive as hell right this minute.”

With a chuckle I whispered, “I wonder why?” Then I backed up a bit farther and licked at her outer lips. I could taste her sweet, musky flavor even before I got to the edge of her slit. When I dipped my tongue between her lips, the flavor was even stronger.

With a sigh and a twitch of her hips, Kitty recapped the water bottle and lay back, spreading her knees wider. I sucked in the thin folds of her inner lips and then sucked on them. She raised her hips and moaned softly.

I cupped an ass cheek in each hand as I lightly chewed the delicate flesh. The moan turned into a soft yell as I did. Her hands found my head and caressed it as I used my tongue to spread the long thin wings out to either side of her slit.

Lifting my head, I looked up at my wife and said, “I love the way your pussy looks all of the time but with the inner lips spread like this, it is truly beautiful.”

Kitty sighed and whispered, “I feels delicious when you chew and nibble.” She sighed again and lifted her hips. “Aren’t you supposed to be cleaning this old thing up?”

“I’m working on it,” I replied with a grin. “I was pausing to smell the roses and giving you a little rest time.”

Kitty giggled. “I smell like roses huh. Probably more like a plowed garden.”

I lowered my head, took a deep breath through my nose, and let the breath out as a long sigh. “Smells like heaven to me.”

Kitty laughed and then gasped as I ran my tongue up her slit and circled her clit without touching it. I used my hands to roll her legs upward toward her chest and stabbed my tongue into her sopping wet opening. This brought an even louder gasp as her hips quivered.

I love eating my wife’s pussy. It is so sweet and juicy. I also love the little power trip I get from the sounds that she makes as I do. The whimpers and moans start out soft and then build in volume and strength as her orgasm builds. By the time she comes, she is usually in full song.

Right now, I wasn’t out to get her off, I was out to get her on the edge and keep her there as long as possible. I would tease and please her opening, her slit with the inner lips, and circle her clit until her hips started to flex. Then I would pause and let her relax.

When I moved lower and tickled her anus with the tip of my tongue, she gasped loudly and rolled her hips up trying to impale herself on my tongue. I probe at her ass for a moment and then wiggled my tongue against the tight opening. She groaned loudly as my tongue entered her ass.

As I wiggled my tongue deeper and then slowly withdrew it, she groaned again and then whispered, “Remember what I said about my ass being off limits? Well, I think I’m about to change my mind.”

I tongue fucked her ass faster and deeper. The moan that followed was loud, long, and drawn out. I grinned as I licked her from her tailbone to her clit. My tongue on her clit caused her hips to jerk and twitch and her hands to push at my head.

I don’t think I had ever been soaked like this. He held my hand and we dashed through the rain away from the car. We had parked it in the only place that we could find to do so, streets away from the house. The tight-laced corset I had worn tonight seemed like such a good idea when we headed out. Our drive home had seen us aquaplane down country lane, my lungs fighting against the steel bones while I shouted for him to slow down. You could get us killed, I insisted, but he looked at me and knew that I was as exhilarated as he was.

It had been a long midsummer’s day and we had been awake since 5 am, it was now well after midnight. My corset was wet through to the lining. My hair was stuck to my head and rain ran down my face. I had long lost my make up but he had always loved every freckle and blemish. It amazed and delighted me how much he wanted me at my most undesirable. I looked at him, his dark hair sodden as he pulled me through the street. He was tall and lean, with a long dark coat with the rain running off it. My desire for him had always been insatiable; fucking him never satisfied me for long. He would come home from a hard day at work at the funeral parlor and I would strip his suit down. I would slide it off with an unconcealed glee that he enjoyed,lingering playfully with his tie while he pretended not to care, his smile breaking after a moment. I loved to uncover his skin. I loved his broad shoulders, the line of his rib cage, his strong arms. Being cold, wet and tired had not dampened my lust tonight.

We got to the building, I pulled him against the brick wall and kissed him passionately. He pushed back against me but I had caught him off guard and he grinned through the kiss. He allowed me a moment of groping under his wet clothes before he pulled me back so he could look at me. I knew the look in his brown eyes, we weren’t going to fuck against this wall, much as I wanted to. I followed him upstairs and into the warm.

The flat was dark and silent. A storm had intensified above us; a flash of lightening lit up the hallway. I saw all the contours of his face for one blinding moment. Droplets of water hung from his hair and his eyebrows. His eyes were so dark and they held me where I stood, in desperate want. My heart ached for him. We found each other in the dim light. As I kissed him, I could feel him untying the laces of my corset like a pro. I pulled in close as he unwrapped me, slipping the clasps loose with an ease of practice. I felt my rib cage expand as I sighed, he kissed my neck and traced his fingers over the lace marks across my back. I pulled at his wet clothes, his skin cool under my ceaseless roaming. My hands slid over him and my lust multiplied over every sinew. I trembled as the last of our wet clothes hit the floor. I could feel my nipples tighten, my thighs explode in goose pimples, every nerve ending rose and hovered uncertainly for his touch. The mood had changed, our laughter was gone and all that was left was this urgency. He took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

We had made love a hundred times, he had slowly fucked me while he kissed the tip of my nose tenderly as easily as he had thrown me on the bed and bent my kicking knees back, telling me where he was going to violate me. We had cuffed, whipped, spanked and licked each other every way possible. Yet when he laid me out on the bed and covered my body with his, I was as exhilarated as I was in the car earlier. We were dangerously out of control then but I knew we were intent now. I looked into his face, a face I adored and I resolved to give in to whatever he wanted. His expression was serious, I sense that there would no words tonight, just our flesh and our silence as the rain hammered on the window. The lightning flashed and disappeared; in every light he was gorgeous. He had always been gorgeous.

I ran my hands down his back, from the round of his shoulder blades down his back to his slim waist, digging my fingers into his firm ass as I willed him to make love to me. I could feel his muscles tense, I knew he was hard, the tip of his cock starting to get wet just a little. He kissed my face and neck. I wanted him to kiss me everywhere; he had every inch of my flesh for his own. His mouth was warm on my skin, he found the sensitive places on my neck, his teeth hinting until I moaned so he knew what I wanted. He turned me over and with a suddenness that thrilled me, he pulled my hair away and bit down hard on the back of my neck, his teeth in my flesh. I cried out. The pain set me alight, I had known he was going to do this but every time the shock of it made my pussy clench. For just one moment, I was caught on his teeth. My face was crushed in the pillow and I could let my satisfaction cross my face unedited. My sensitive skin was held as if pierced, as if we were creatures and he had caught me. As quickly as he had done so, he released me and kissed me, light brushes on skin dimpled with his teeth marks.

He rolled me back and I kissed him harder, my tongue against his. It was hungry and messy but this was the man I could be that way with. He was the only man for me. He broke away and before I could reach out, his mouth was on my pussy. The tenderness of his licking only made me all the hornier. I tried to direct his mouth but he persisted in the gentle teasing. He ran his tongue all the way up my slit, pushing it into my slick hole and then circling my clit, alternating a finger with his tongue. His finger slid in an inch or two, I could clench all I wanted but he wasn’t going to satisfy me any further yet. I arched my back, my cold skin was so sensitive and taut. He found my nipple and played with it, coordinating his efforts on my nipple and my clit until the pleasure seemed to be swirling from both in a way I could hardly stand. I looked down, his eyes taking in my reaction. I wove my fingers through his hair as he continued, his moans vibrating against me i a way that drove me crazy.

Finally I felt him push into my pussy, my wetness making the penetration delicious. His body curled over mine, my legs circling his muscular back as he pushed inside me. His thrusts were slow, but power wasn’t needed, I luxuriated in the growing pleasure. His cool skin was on mine and I pressed my feverish cheek against his bicep, my hand gripping the tattooed flesh as the muscle flexed with each push. I could feel myself falling apart against his strength. He kissed me and I knew I could lose myself because I was safe with him. My hips moved back and forth steadily. I didn’t want to come, I wished in vain that this would last forever. He plunged into me, pulling back and then in again, my hips circling in a rhythm all our own. The ecstasy grew, each kiss and moan inflaming it until I was sure it would soon be over. I knew I was going to climax and I breathlessly looked up at him. Our eyes locked as we came together, our bodies giving in simultaneously. The lightening lit us up like we were on fire, the flash giving me a snapshot of his body. I tried to remember it, so I could return here anytime I wanted but my senses were too alive. This was the end of the longest day of the year and I knew as I held him close, that we would darken and change. I could never come back.

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