This is a story about my own kind of Futanari. Futanari is a Japanese word meaning hermaphrodite, but over the ages in Japan it has had other meanings too, just as how in western society today it can mean a few different things. My story holds true to the hermaphrodite meaning and the futanari in this story all have a pussy and a cock. They all see themselves as women that happen to also have a cock. There are no men in the story but only women, with or without cock: therefore, I view this a story of lesbian sex between women regardless of genitalia

I know that my version of the futanari might not fit everyone’s description of what a futanari or hermaphrodite is. This is a story and you could say that I have created my own little futanari universe where the story is taking place. It is a story and it does not try to be real and I hope I will not offend anyone with how I tell my story either it be by how people look, how I describe them or how the characters in the story describe themselves or others. If anyone still has something they want to point out please send a private message or email and we can discuss it in private.

Main Characters


A shy 20 year old girl with long hair, nice breasts, a wet pussy and a big secret in the form of a giant girl cock. She have lived a sheltered life but is soon on her way to a new world of lesbian sex.


A doctor in her forties who specializes in hermaphrodites. She is a member of the Futanari Club. She is from Latin America, got a fit body together with long beautiful hair. Not a futanari.


Former volleyball player who works as a personal trainer. Though over 40 years old but still has a fit and athletic body. Smaller breasts but amazing long legs and a perfect butt. Likes to put her long hair up in a knot. Also a friend of Mandy and Maria and a member of the Futanari Club. Not a futanari.


A friend of Maria and Jenn. A member of Futanari Club. Around 40 years old. She got more of a full figure and especially a big set of breasts. She can be a bit wild and eager at times. Mother of three and happy in her marriage even if she can’t resist some futanari fun.

The Queen

Another girl with a big cock. Around 35 years old with a very sexy body. The leader of the Futanari Club.


A young girl about the same age as Lisa with Irish descent which is noticeable in her long red hair. Thin body with smaller breasts but a lovely ass. Girlfriend of Yumi with whom she visits the Futanari Club. Not a futanari.


A Young girl about the same age as Lisa of Japanese heritage. Got a small frame but beautiful long black hair and a perfect Japanese butt. Girlfriend of Aine with whom she visits the Futanari Club. Not a futanari.

Futanari Club Chapter 4

By: Sonatatre

Maria had not yet moved in with Lisa and Jenn. Lisa had not fully moved in either but she had been sleeping in bed with Jenn every night since the first one they spent together. Maria had started to talk to her husband about things. He had known about her keenness for women – especially the kind that had a cock and pussy. Maybe that is why they had never had any children as they both knew their relationship would end eventually. Still it was a transition to end their life together. Maria had said she would need a bit more time before she could move in with Lisa and Jenn.

Nonetheless, Lisa was sure it would turn out well. Maria had visited a few times this week and the three women had made love several times. Jenn a few times more since they had been able to spend more time together but when Maria been there she had usually been made the primary focus of Lisa’s big girl cock.

At the next meeting at the Futanari Club, Lisa was excited. This was to be her third visit – The first two visits had been life changing, but this time it would be calmer. First time she had been nervous. Second time it had been the horniness driving her on. This time she was calm and relaxed. She wanted to make love in there, that thing was certain, but having been with Jenn and Maria the whole week (and the weekend before) meant there was no desperate horniness as with the second visit.

She would even be entering with a new set of confidence now. In many ways she was the same person as before but she also had something new in her. She felt like she had grown so much since she had first learned about the club. The first time she had come there alone, the second time with strangers. Now she would be walking in there with friends. It was a new life for a new person and she was very happy she had been able to do this journey.

Jenn had made them some good food to make sure they would be able to hold up for a few hours at the club. Maria had not been with them but she came to pick them up in time for the club to start and they drove there together.

“What do you guys think Mandy will say?” Lisa had been thinking about that too. Mandy might get a bit upset. Her two best friends had decided to move in together with their futanari lover. Mandy was Lisa’s lover too but Mandy was happily married with three children. A very different situation compared to Jenn and Maria. It would be up to Jenn and Maria to tell their friend about it, but if Lisa could help by making love to Mandy she would gladly do so.

There were already over one hundred horny women of all ages at the club. They looked around for Mandy and did not find her at first, but just after they had scanned the room she came in through the front entrance. They all greeted each other with hugs and kisses but then came the awkward moment when Jenn and Maria were going to tell Mandy what had happened since the last club meeting. Mandy already knew that the three of them would hook up, but not what had transpired other than that.

“So did you three have a fun weekend?” Jenn and Maria looked at each other. Lisa felt like she better escape to let them clear things up.

“I am gonna go to the bathroom.” Lisa hurried away. She did need to go to the bathroom as well so it was not a blatant lie. She went out of the first door and into the hall entrance where the bathrooms were. She went inside the bathroom and of course all three of the stalls were busy. She had to wait for her turn.

When she finally made it back she could not see either of her friends anywhere. The big room had filled up even more. She was just about to dive into the crowds to look for her friends when she saw Aine and Yumi run up to her.

“Bad news., the Queen has taken your friends.” What could the Queen need with them? Lisa wondered. The queen did not seem to like older people much and most of the women she surrounded herself with were 20-25. She had some older people around but that was more to abuse them then to make them feel good.

When that fact dawned on Lisa she started to run. She did not even take the time to thank Aine and Yumi for letting her know. She ran across the room pushing her way through the people to the Queens room.

There on the floor in the middle of the room were Jenn, Maria and Mandy, on their knees in front of the naked Queen. Lisa could not fully see from this angle, but it was quite clear that the Queen had her big girl cock in Mandy’s mouth taking it forcefully. When she heard Lisa come out she turned her head.

“Well hello there Lisa I heard you’ve been paying so much attention to these three old skanks so I wanted to see what the fuss was about. I am sure you don’t mind since I let you use two of my girls last time.” Lisa felt her anger build up. She knew that no one at the club dared to speak up against the Queen; if they did they would be cast out of the club, but this was taking things too far. The three women were forced to do this because they were friends with Lisa, so she knew it was up to her to stop it.

“So far I am not very impressed. They are decent at sucking cock but nothing more.” Lisa watched as the Queen pulled herself from Mandy’s mouth and took a step over to Maria, grabbing her by the hair and started to slap her cock in the doctor’s face. Lisa could not take it anymore. She went over to the Queen and pushed her out of the way making her fall over behind Jenn.

“You are making a big mistake Lisa.” The Queen was outraged but Lisa ignored her.

“Get up. We are getting out of this room.” The three ladies hesitated at first, Maria was the first to take Lisa’s hand, and the other two shortly followed. They started to leave – but Lisa stood perfectly still, feeling the fire of anger burn inside her.

“You have gone too far this time Queen.”

“I have gone too far? You have gone too far Lisa! You are out of the club! Your friends too! Banned forever!” Lisa knew what she had to do. There was only one way left to save the club and it was up to her.

“I challenge you to a fuck off! The winner becomes the Queen and the leader of the Futanari Club.” The Queen had stood up and even if she was not that much taller than Lisa, Lisa still felt like the Queen was towering over her. Lisa was more angry then she had ever been before but she still felt it dwarfed compared to the anger that the Queen.

“I accept the challenge. I have seen you fuck and you don’t stand a chance little girl. After you lose I will have you beg to be my fuck slave in front of everyone. If you show enough regret I might grant you that wish but your friends are still gonna be banned forever for disobeying me.” Lisa looked back at her friends standing behind her by the door.

“Same rules as when you won the title from Cynthia.” The Queen was slightly taken back from Lisa knowing about that, but soon her surprised expression turned into an evil grin.

“That means five girls. You only got three. Good luck finding two more that are willing to fight for you. Better tell them that if they do they will be banned from the club as well. I give you one hour. That should be enough time for you to get a willing outsider here and I can have my people set everything up.”

Lisa did not bother to answer. She just walked out of the room with her three friends. Out in the big room everything was normal. She figured that would soon change. They were in desperate trouble now. There was a huge risk that no one at the club would dare to fight for her. Maria, Jenn and Mandy did not have a choice as it was their only chance to stay at the club. They might need to find someone from the outside for this.

“We should get a room to plan things.” Lisa agreed with Mandy. They really needed some privacy to formulate a plan.

“You can get a room for us. I need to talk to Aine and Yumi. They can be our fourth and fifth.” They all agreed. If there was anyone who might be willing to support Lisa it would be the young lesbian couple. Lisa already knew they did not like the Queen but sometimes had to accept her bidding.

The three older women moved towards the stairs to get a room on the balcony while Lisa bolted out into the crowd again. She found Aine and Yumi where she had left them a few minutes ago.

“What happened Lisa? You look like you seen a ghost.” It was much worse than that.

“The Queen was torturing them because they were my friends. I stopped her and she banished us all from the club.”

“You have been banned?” Lisa swallowed hard. It sounded like the two girls were scared from the thought of getting banned.

“We’ve got one chance to stay. I challenged the Queen to a fuck off. It was how she won leadership of the club and if I can beat her I will become the new leader.”

“We have heard about that. She crushed the old president of the club. Do you think you can win?”

“There is one problem. I need five women that I make love to. Right now I got Maria, Jenn and Mandy which is three. So the question would be if you think I can win?” The young couple looked at each other without saying anything. They both nodded and looked back at Lisa.

“If there is a chance to save the club from the Queen’s tyranny then we need to try and do it.”

“If I lose you will get banned from the club too.”

“We would never be able to live with ourselves if we missed out on this chance. Let’s do it!”

Lisa hugged both of them closely and then led them through the room and up the stairs. Below the balcony, where the queen usually had her fuck show, they saw how some women had started to build a small stage. This was sure to be a spectacle but there was no need to think about that now. Mandy was standing outside one of the rooms and they all went inside.

“We got our team now. Wait, where is Maria?”

“She said she had to make a phone call. Don’t worry she will be here.”

Lisa looked at the clock. They still had plenty of time. A few minutes later Maria showed up but she wouldn’t say what she had been up to. They had managed to get a full team and now the rest was up to Lisa. The fate of five very special women rested on her girl cock and she wished she had a more than just a few weeks of experience using it.

They all waited in silence until only a few minutes remained and then Maria stood up.

“We better go out now. Lisa, are you ready?”

Lisa stood up but kept her eyes on the floor. She was far from ready but there was no turning back now. It had all felt so simple when she was angry but now that was all gone and all she could feel was fear. Still it had to be done.

“Maria I will do you first.” She looked at the latina doctor and Maria did a nod in return. Lisa knew it would be awkward out there but by starting with Maria she might be able to forget all about that.

“Aine you will be second.” The cute little irish girl looked as nervous as Lisa felt but she made a wink to show she was ready to battle nonetheless.

“Mandy I will do your after that. Since you need it to be a bit rougher I think it would be good for you to be in the middle.” The 40-year old mother of three blushed and wanted to protest but she probably understood it would be pointless at this time, especially since it was true.

“If we make it that far Yumi will be number 4.” The Japanese girl seemed to be the least nervous out of everyone. Maybe she had that much faith that everything would turn out well? Lisa didn’t know if she became more or less nervous knowing that.

“And if we get the happy ending we all hope for then you will be last Jenn.” Jenn didn’t say anything but instead walked up to her and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

“Whatever happens out there I will still love you Lisa” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Someone loved her?

“We all love you.” Everyone else had said it in unison. Lisa felt like she was about to cry.

“I love you all too. Now let’s go out there and show them!”

Lisa opened the door and walked outside. It was completely empty at the balcony but when she reached the stairs she saw the biggest collection of women she had ever seen looking up on her. She looked behind her to make sure her five women were with her and then started to walk down the stairs. She felt like a general leading her army to war.

She saw the Queen standing on the right side of the stage with five young girls. She had figured that the Queen would hold true to her belief that young is better but she prayed that it was not always the case since she had three older women on her team. The only way up on the stage was on the right side so they had to walk past the Queen on the stage to get to their designated area. She could feel her mocking looks as they walked past and after all six of them were up the Queen took center stage.

“Looks like the challenger decided to show up after all. I am surprised of that but I guess she doesn’t know what she is getting herself into.” The Queen spoke out loud to the audience.

“Let me recap today’s events. That puny futa over there decided to attack your beloved leader and I didn’t have any other choice but to ban her and her old lady friends from the club. That made her challenge me to a fuck off and I thought why not humiliate her further and accept, all so that my pupils can get a good show. After I win you can all be sure that they will be gone for good and never be able to threaten out happy club again. That goes to the two pets that decided to join the treason as well.”

If Lisa had calmed down the anger from before was coming back now and she could tell she was not the only one. As everyone in her team looked ready jump across the platform and take the Queen out. Still they all stayed calm enough to save their feelings for the battle ahead even as the Queen continued her speech.

“As you can all see I have five beautiful specimens of young girls on my team, naked for your enjoyment, of course. Something the other team hasn’t done. But then who would want to see such old ladies naked?”

The Queen was the only one laughing as Lisa and her team looked at each other wondering if they could really undress now. Still all six of them started to undress and Lisa couldn’t help but thinking that the Queen must be crazy not loving Maria’s, Mandy’s and Jenn’s naked bodies.

The Queen looked ready to speak to the public again when the front doors opened. She looked a bit angry wondering who dared to show up late to the club and disturb her time at stage taking the attention away from her. What she saw must have been much worse than that.

In through the door came ten women that Lisa believed was in the range of 30-60 years old. Some people in the audience gasped.

“Who are they? Lisa whispered to Maria.”

“That is Cynthia Campbell, CC, the founder of the club we told you about. Together with some other members that been banned. I thought they would love to be here when you take the club back.”

Lisa felt like she was in the presence of futanari royalty. The Queen must not have agreed with her.

“You are not allowed to be in here. None of you are.”

As the newcomers came closer Lisa got shocked. Cynthia Campbell was her professor from social studies. She had spent many lessons thinking about how sexy she was and what Lisa could do with her new found cock powers to her and now she turns out to be the founder of the club.

“They are my guests. If I win they will be reinstated as full members again.” Lisa stepped forward towards the Queen to show her support of Professor Campbell and the other older members.

“If you win? Are you crazy? You are just a little pup trying to play with the big wolf. As soon as I beat you they better run away with their futanari tail between their legs. You all better run away. Let’s get this over with, assume the position fuckholes.”

The Queen returned to her girls on the stage that all followed her instructions getting into position as scared from the steam coming from the Queen as she had clearly lost control of the situation. Lisa figured she would take her anger out on the poor girls but there was nothing she could do about that now. She had to focus on her task. She gave one last glance at Professor Campbell before she noticed she was standing alone at the front of the stage completely naked and she started to cover herself as she made her way back to her team.

“it used to be customary with the onlookers to do the countdown, right? So start counting already. 3.”

The Queen started the countdown and Lisa and her team started to panic. Maria moved down on her hands and knees on some soft padding that was put on the stage. Lisa got behind her and noticed that she wasn’t even hard yet. The audience continued to count and Jenn came to Lisa’s rescue starting to work on her cock with her hand and as the audience screamed out “start fucking!” Jenn gave Lisa’s big girl cock some quick twists in her mouth.

“That will have to do Lisa. Now show us what your magnificent cock can do.”

Lisa saw that the Queen had already gotten into it when Jenn’s words woke her up from the stress. Her cock was not fully hard yet as Jenn held her against Maria’s pussy she could still slide in easy enough. She started to move and she could feel that Maria was quite wet even if she was usually wetter. Maybe the moment had gotten to her too but as Lisa felt her cock harden she also felt Maria’s juices start to flow.

It was not easy with the huge group gathered in the room to watch her or with the loud noises the Queen was making but Lisa did all she could to try and focus on what she had learned about making Maria cum. Find the correct spots, build up a stable rhythm and then repeat and repeat until the doctor’s body couldn’t hold back the orgasm any longer.

It didn’t take long until she heard Maria’s moans going the right way and she knew she was getting close. That is when she heard a loud scream and when she looked over she could see the first young girl cum around the Queen’s cock. The Queen quickly pulled out and pushed the girl away with her foot before getting behind the second girl.

“Focus girl.”

She looked out into the crowd and saw it was Cynthia that had woken her from her trance. The events on the other side of the stage had made her forget she was fucking Maria and that it was a competition to make her cum as fast as possible. She tried to ignore everything else and went back putting all of her body and mind into pleasing the wonderful pussy. She quickly found her stride again and soon enough she felt Maria shiver she felt her pussy spasm around her cock. She had managed to tie up the score but could not waste any time celebrating so instead gently pulled her cock from Maria’s pussy and get behind Aine.

As she found the entrance Lisa was pleased to find that the younger girl was very wet from having watched her take Maria and she could quickly build up a good speed. She knew that Aine and Maria liked similar styles of making love, especially in this position, and she hoped that by putting them after each other she would be able to reuse the technique from Maria on Aine. She started making love the same way as with Maria and tried some small adjustments to find the best angles and pressure points.

This time when the Queen had her victim orgasm Lisa hardly took notice on it as she was having Aine on the brink as well and not more than a few seconds behind the club leader she had her team mate cry out one of Lisa’s favorite sounds of a woman having an orgasm. She did not have any time to enjoy it nor the fact that she was catching up to the queen because with two orgasms done she still had three left to deliver and the next one would surely be the most difficult one.

She pushed her cock into Mandy from behind with a hard thrust. She had wanted Mandy to be in the middle as it would take some excitement to take the fuckable mother the way she needed to be taken but also it had the highest risk of making Lisa cum so she didn’t want to wait too long into the competition to handle the challenge. She took a firm grip of the hips and set out to find a fast pace with hard, straightforward, thrusts.

Lisa found herself in her own world, only caring about the moans of Mandy and the sound of her buttocks clashing soundly into Lisa’s hips. It felt amazing to drill her giant girl cock into Mandy but that didn’t matter now. She could not care about her own pleasure but only about fucking the pussy as hard as she could into submission. Each time she went deep she could feel the older woman’s pussy grasp her cock tighter and tighter as if she was trying to choke her and it was not until Mandy screamed out like a woman possessed that Lisa came back to reality falling on her ass out of breath.

She came to hearing the shouts of the crowd as Maria and Aine helped her get back up. Her cock ached from the hard fucking and was happy for the respite but she knew that she didn’t have any time to rest. They lined her up behind Yumi and felt a hand on her ass that forced her to push forward and into the little Japanese girl’s tiny pussy. Her curiosity forced her to sneak a peek at the Queen and noticed she was still working on her third girl.

Driven on by the thought of being in the lead she felt a surge of extra strength run through her body and she started to move her hips. Yumi’s pussy was like a puzzle that needed to be worked out. At first it took slow strokes laying a foundation of excitement and then her pussy would slowly open itself up to allow deeper penetration and at last faster movement. It was just what Lisa needed after the almost violent fucking of Mandy. Inch by inch she worked her giant girl cock with small movements to unlock new depth. Going too deep to soon made the pussy cramp up in protest but a few movements later the same depth seemed to make Yumi groan and moan in pleasure. When Lisa felt all of her powerful cock be engulfed by pussy she knew it would not be long before she could count her fourth orgasm in the fuck off. She held her cock deep and used small pushes that was barely noticeable but that made her favorite Asian pussy cream and soon enough the young woman moan out a powerful orgasm.

Again Lisa looked over at the Queen’s side while she was still fucking the last bit of orgasm out of Yumi. The Queen was working ferociously with sweat running down her face. To Lisa’s surprise it was still the third girl being fucked. Could that really be?

Lisa pulled out of the Asian and got up behind Jenn. She was hypnotized by her ass. All the girls on her team had great behinds. Professor Campbell also had a great ass that Lisa liked to look at in class and there had been many other great butts that she had admired lately. Out of all those wonderful creations this was her favorite. Jenn’s ass was a true marvel. She looked over at the Queen again to make sure her lead was as big as she thought.

“I am going to fuck your ass.”

All the girls on her team heard her and Jenn looked back in surprise. Lisa had made up her mind and Jenn gave her the okay as Lisa pushed up against her anus. She had made Jenn cum from having her ass filled with Lisa’s cock before and she felt like nothing could stop her today and she wanted to end it all by fucking what might be her favorite thing in the whole world. Jenn’s wonderful ass.

There had always been plenty of lube involved when Lisa had pushed her giant girl cock into asses in the past and she knew that she had to be careful going in now cause the only lube available was the pussy juice on Lisa’s cock. Still the ass did surrender fast to the cockhead and she started to slowly move her hips. She heard a murmur spread in the crowd but she didn’t care what they thought right now. If she did a good job maybe she could even get some of them to dream about getting fucked in the ass by her cock sometime in the future. She smiled to herself thinking about how happy she would be to oblige.

It didn’t take long before Lisa had all of her big cock into Jenn’s ass. She took a moment to look down and admire it. She loved how the shapely ass stretched to accept her cock. She heard the moans of a orgasm from the other side of the stage but she didn’t care about that anymore. This was her home. Her ass and her club. She started to move and it felt amazing.

“Can I go faster?”

Jenn’s answer sounded a bit strained but she agreed. Lisa started to make each stroke longer and harder. She could feel Jenn struggle to stay relaxed even if that thought felt strange in her head she continued to push harder and faster into the tight ass. She could hear the groans from Jenn but she had heard them before when she made Jenn cum from the ass fucking and Lisa knew she was on the right track. As she kept pounding away she started to think of what she could do to push Jenn over the edge. She knew just the right thing so she leaned over Jenn and whispered to her:

“I want to cum in your ass Jenn. Fill you up with lovely cum. But I can’t do that unless you cum for me. Will you cum for me Jenn?”

She heard Jenn whimper and only a few seconds of hard pounding later she heard Jenn scream out her orgasm while her tight ass started to Milk Lisa’s cock. That was Lisa’s que to have her own orgasm and she started to fill up the older woman’s spectacular ass with warm cum.

Lisa managed to get a few shots into the ass before her other teammates jumped on her making her fall down on her back with her cock shooting cum up into the air raining down on all of them not unlike the champagne rain on the podium at a racing event.

Lisa could hear the cheers of the crowd as she lay under her teammates and it didn’t stop as they got of her and helped her stand up and pushed her out to the front of the stage. The chants of “Queen Lisa” and applauses fading away and she figured they were expecting a speech. She went silent for a moment to think and then she decided what her first decree as the new leader would be.

“I did win the title of Queen but I don’t feel like I am old enough to lead the club. Instead I suggest that the club gets two leaders. One futanari and one woman with just a pussy.”

The crowd showed they agreed with more cheers and applauses. Lisa looked to the side to her friends.

“For the first post I nominate Doctor Maria Lopes.”

Everyone started to cheer as loud as they could and the others pushed Maria forward towards Lisa on the stage and Lisa welcomed her with a hug.

“For the second post I think there is only one choice. Professor Cynthia Campbell.”

Cynthia seemed to be shocked but everyone in the crowd cheered and screamed her name while pushing her forward and her friends lifted her up on the stage. She stood still for a moment clearly taken by the moment and people started to go silent thinking she would refuse to have her club back.

“I accept, but only as long as you keep the title of queen and stay as an honorary leader so that when I get to old you can lead the club for real, Lisa.”

Lisa couldn’t disagree with that so she hugged Cynthia to seal the deal. They all stayed on the stage for a while taking in the cheers of the crowd and the others on team Lisa joined them. Cynthia started to present some of her plans on what to do with the club and Maria added some of her ideas that included the start of having fuck offs for fun again and Cynthia and Maria announced that there would be a fuck off Olympics in a few weeks that would test all the willing members against each other.

Right among the declarations Mandy pointed out that the old Queen was still lying on the stage behind them completely beat. Lisa walked up to her and helped her sit up on her knees.

“It looks like you lost after all. There will be some big changes around here now. Do you want to return as a normal member and stay in the club?”

The Queen looked up on her with desperate eyes and eagerly nod her head. Lisa was ready to let her stay but she wanted to give her a punishment for all she had done.

“As a token of remorse for all the bad things you have done I think you need to show that you will behave better in the future and be friendly to all members of the club I suggest you clean my cock, that was just up Jenn’s ass, with your mouth.”

The former Queen was shocked but it only took her a few moments to accept her position and with Lisa holding her limp cock out towards her mouth she opened her mouth and started to service the superior girl cock.

“She will stay!”

It was a more careful applause from the other members of the club this time but Professor Cynthia helped that.

“If our new Queen would not mind I would like to be appointed caretaker of her to make sure she doesn’t end up doing anything bad.”

Lisa could see that there was something up with that suggestion from the look in Cynthia’s eyes but she still agreed to it and that made some of the older members of the audience cheer and Maria made sure to bring back the good spirit fully with one last declaration.

“It is usually time to leave by now but I suggest we make an exception today and we all go fucking until we can’t fuck anymore.”

That got one last cheer and soon everyone started to run around. On stage Mandy and Aine had picked up all the clothes and Jenn and Yumi made sure to push Maria and Lisa off stage and towards the old Queen’s room. Lisa didn’t mind because all the fucking had made her horny and she felt she had deserved some celebrating.


Lisa strolled into the Futanari Club. It had been a few weeks since the fuck off and already the changes were notable. The local looked a lot better and they had a much better place for food and refreshments. The biggest change was that they had much more members. It had almost doubled and it was not only old members coming back but also plenty of new ones. They had already talked about opening up on more days but also maybe needing to move to a much bigger venue.

She saw Professor Cynthia across the room and hurried over while still making sure to answer all the greetings. She was not used to all the attention but it didn’t bother her as much anymore. She was the Queen after all. Cynthia noticed her when she was almost there and they met in a hug. After the hug Cynthia tugged on a leash and the old queen showed up to her side and Cynthia motioned for her to fall down to her knees which she did. Lisa had never expected that Cynthia would domesticate her and keep her as a pet but the old queen had not protested and seemed very eager to please in her new role. Lisa found it funny that the old Queen had said she would make Lisa her slave and then she turned out to be the slave instead, to the first queen. Maybe that threat had been the old queen’s true desires to be a pet shining through.

“They are waiting for you in your chambers. You should go there as fast as you can because I think they have a surprise for you, just don’t tell them I said anything. I would join you but I need to do some further training to my pet first. Isn’t that right Belle?”

Belle, the old queen, just answered with some purring and rubbing her head against Cynthia’s leg. Lisa wondered what kind of training they would do as she gave Cynthia a quick kiss on the cheek and then ran off to her room. Well inside she found Maria, Jenn, Mandy, Aine and Yumi waiting for her.

“Close the door and sit down. We have some big news.”

They pulled Lisa into the room and Mandy actually closed the door for her. They put her down on the throne that had been changed from the old one to a fresh one just for Lisa. She looked at the women to try and figure out what was going on. Mandy stayed at the door and Jenn, Maria, Yumi and Aine gathered around her all four of them holding her hands.

“Like we said we have some great news. You better be sitting down. Are you ready to hear them?”

Lisa didn’t waste time to point out that she was already sitting down but just said she was ready.

“I’m pregnant.”

“I’m pregnant.”

“I’m pregnant.”

“I’m pregnant.”

Lisa looked around at the four women in shock.

“All of you?”

They all nod their head and Lisa felt like she would faint.

“How is that possible?”

They all laughed and Lisa couldn’t help but laugh too and she gave all of them a soft kiss.

“I guess your sperm is just that powerful.”

“Just as your cock.”

Lisa didn’t know what to say. She pulled all of them into a close embrace.

“There is one more thing.”

Lisa straightened up and looked at Jenn that was speaking.

“Me and Maria been talking to them and they would like to move in with us.”

“That would be wonderful. Do you really want that?”

“More than anything Lisa. And we accept the conditions.”

“What conditions?”

“Don’t you remember the condition me and Maria had to fulfill before we could live together? Or maybe I should say what hole you had to fulfill.”

Lisa thought for a moment and then remembered. She loved those conditions and she had been thinking about doing that to Aine and Yumi since she first learned about it.

“We have made sure to prepare ourselves for you and your girl cock.”

Both of the girls turned around on their knees, Yumi lifting her skirt up and Aine dropping her tights down before they bend over putting their heads down to the ground leaving their asses pointing up towards Lisa and exposing one lovely butt plug planted in each of their asses.

“Hey, that is cheating.”

Maria protested remembering her own ordeal.

“I allow it.”

Having two such fine asses being offered to her she could not do anything but accept.

“You two girls just stay in that position. Someone else need to get lube and suck my cock so that it is as big and hard as it can get.”

Maria and Jenn both quickly dove into the Lisa’s lap and fished out her cock which meant Mandy was left to get the lube. Lisa was already hard from the expectations of the ass fucking but she let both Jenn and Maria suck her for a minute before she told them it was enough. Mandy was quickly there to cover Lisa’s cock with lube.

“Can I just pull these out?”

Lisa pointed at the butt plugs and Jenn nodded her head. She spent a few seconds to think about which ass to assault first and decided that it had to be Yumi. She gently pulled at the plug until it slid out leaving the tiny hole to gap for a second or two before it closed up. Mandy covered it with lube and Lisa lined herself up.

“So Yumi, you want to move in with me and the girls.”

“Yes.” Yumi said without moving a muscle.

“What about you Aine? Do you want the same?”

“Yes of course.”

“Do you both give your pregnant bodies to me to use as I please?” Even if Lisa couldn’t see that the two girls were pregnant she still liked the idea of that.

“You already got both of us pregnant so in a way we already did.” Lisa had to agree with what Aine said. It was true that they were already connected to each other that way.

“And if I want to take you in the ass? Will you willingly submit yourself to that?”

“Gladly.” Yumi Said.

“Reluctantly” Aine followed.

Lisa couldn’t hold back any longer but pushed her hard cock forward and with the help of the lube the head managed to find its way into a groaning Yumi and then it was as if her ass sucked a few extra inches into it making both of them moan.

“I am inside your girlfriends ass now Aine. Do you not want the same for yourself?” Lisa saw how Aine looked over at Yumi with a mixture of lust and terror in her eyes.

“We have played with Yumi’s butt a lot. She loves it and I love playing with it too. But getting the butt plug in me was the first time we ever did something to my ass. It feels strange enough and it scares me that you got such a big cock.” Lisa started to move her cock in the Japanese girl’s ass while listening to Aine.

“I will be careful. Maria had never taken anal sex before either but we made that work. Oh, part of that was because Jenn prepared her so well. Maybe Jenn can prepare your ass while I take Yumi?”

There were no protests from anyone and while Lisa was pumping Yumi, Jenn got behind Aine and gently pulled out the plug and started to work her ass with lubed fingers and tongue. Lisa loved that sight and she felt her cock grow harder inside of Yumi’s rectum. Yumi seemed to struggle with a giant girl cock in her pussy but her ass, even if tighter, seemed to welcome it willingly. Lisa found a nice rhythm with long, hard strokes and she loved how Yumi moved her body to meet each thrust.

“Let me know when you feel Aine is ready Jenn. It better be soon or Yumi gonna make me cum”

“Oh, she has been ready for a while. I just enjoy licking her ass so I didn’t say anything.” They all laughed and Lisa gave Yumi a few last strokes before pulling out and as Jenn moved Lisa took her place behind Aine.

Lisa saw how the two girlfriends were holding hands to help Aine get through it and she took that as the cue that Aine was ready to be conquered. Lisa pushed forward but even with the lube it seemed like the butt didn’t want to surrender so Lisa used the technique she had learned where she pushed downwards and forward and it felt like she bent the ass open and the head could slip inside. Aine was breathing heavily and Lisa held still to let her get used to the new feeling. Once the most intense breathing stopped Lisa felt confident to start to move very slowly using the lube to let her cock slide deeper.

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