puppy play

Mistress Marla was planning on hosting an afternoon tea for all her lady friends. She wanted to show off her new plates and her new puppy. JJ is her new puppy. He is playful and fun, but can be very bad. He is new to being a puppy, and so he doesn’t always think he needs to take orders in this way. Mistress Marla worked with JJ for several days on his tricks to impress the ladies. He could sit, roll over, and beg. He could walk on leash, but not very well. He liked to frolic a lot more. Mistress Marla explained that this is a party for ladies, and JJ needs to keep his “red thing” out of sight. JJ is circumcised, so it is hard to hide his “red thing” but he needs to concentrate on keeping himself under control.

The day of the tea arrived, and the ladies all came dressed in their best. They all wore sexy high heels and stockings, and some wore gloves. Several wore hats. They all wore some kind of fetish wear. Mistress Marla wore a skin tight white leather dress with white high heels and sheer stockings with a garter belt. She did not wear gloves, but she wore a small pill box hat, tilted at a jaunty military angle.

Mistress Marla invited only her closest friends. There were five in all. At promptly 2 pm, the doorbell rang. The ladies were surprised when Mistress Marla’s boy did not answer, but the Mistress herself. Then they saw JJ, and understood why. Mistress explained that today, JJ would be her new “puppy,” not her house boy. The ladies came in, and began to ooh and ahh about JJ the puppy. JJ was padding around, rubbing up against the ladies’ legs. “No JJ,” Mistress Marla scolded, “these are our guests. You need to be on your good behavior.” JJ was clad in only a dog collar as he was a puppy today.

Mistress Marla commanded JJ to sit. JJ sat back on his haunches, chest up. But JJ’s “red thing” was starting to grow. Mistress Marla was not pleased. She said, “No JJ, get control of yourself or you will have to go out in the yard.” She reached over and whacked JJ on his hard penis with a newspaper. JJ yelped, and he began to deflate.

Mistress Marla busied herself with getting the snacks and beverages served to the ladies. The ladies were seated in the living room and dining room, lounging around on big over-stuffed chairs and sofas. Mistress Marla wished that JJ were serving as her boy today, and reminded herself to borrow one of the ladies’ boys next time to help her with these tasks.

When Mistress Marla came into the living room, there was JJ lying on his back, being scratched by one of the ladies on his belly. And his pesky hard on had returned. JJ was panting a little. Mistress Marla, smiled a little, but scolded JJ in front of the ladies. She said, “JJ, now you know we are showing you off. I want to show the ladies how well you are trained, and what you can do. You know that belly scratching is for later. Do I have to keep whacking your penis with a newspaper?” JJ quickly turned over like a good boy. He put his head down and showed his rear so Mistress Marla could smack it. This time she did so with her bare hand. She swatted him quickly several times, making his butt cheeks red and fire-y. Secretly she smacked his balls a few times as well. She could see he was getting hard again, but pretended to ignore it.

The ladies ate, and JJ came and curled up at Mistress Marla’s feet. He nuzzled her ankles and licked her shoes like a good puppy. She scratched his neck and head, and petted his shoulders. He was doing so well. He had a bit of a hard on, but he had his thigh covering it. Mistress Marla was very proud of him. Time went on and the ladies discussed all kinds of topics like fashion, and travel, and books they had read. One of the ladies, Madam Harmony, shared about the pony training that she and her boy had started. It sounded like fun to Mistress Marla. JJ has a strong back, and he could easily carry Mistress Marla. Maybe this is something they would try next? JJ began to pad around to the ladies, rubbing up against their calves. He sniffed some of their legs and shoes. Several of the ladies scratched his head and stroked his neck. The ladies commented on what a strong neck JJ had. Mistress Marla felt proud of JJ.

Soon the ladies were full of tasty snacks. It was time for Mistress Marla to show off JJ’s tricks. First she had JJ sit on command for the ladies. He sat back on his haunches. But again, he had an erection. JJ just couldn’t keep from growing his “red thing.” One of the ladies, Miss Eleanor, kept squealing about JJ’s “red thing” showing. Mistress Marla reminded the ladies that JJ is a young puppy, and he is not yet ready to master himself so well. Then Mistress commanded JJ to roll over. He did this very well, and all the ladies clapped. Mistress had him do it a few more times. Each time he landed very gracefully back on his paws (his hands and knees). JJ was quite a specimen to watch. He is very muscular and strong, handsome and lithe, and his huge cock was not to be missed. The ladies all pretended that they didn’t see it, but JJ is well hung, and when he is hard, it is difficult to ignore.

Next Mistress wanted to show that JJ could walk on a leash. She placed a lead on JJ’s collar. Then she promenaded him back and forth in the living room. JJ did very well, and kept up with Mistress. She reminded him to heal a few times, but other than that, he did very well. The ladies all clapped again, expressing appreciation at JJ’s ability to cantor alongside Mistress Marla. Finally, Mistress Marla commanded JJ to play dead. He fell back down on his back, belly up, hard on up, and let his tongue fall out to the side. This was all too much for Mistress Marla, and she started to shoo the ladies out for the afternoon so she could wrestle with JJ. The ladies all took their cues, and Madam Harmony promised to have everyone over next month to see her “pony.”

Once everyone was gone, Mistress Marla put JJ the puppy outside to take care of his business. She watched through the kitchen window as JJ tried to pee raising his leg, that magnificent cock hard as a rock. It took JJ a few minutes to manage all that, and that gave Mistress Marla time to clean up, soon JJ was scratching at the back door. Mistress Marla brought him in, and called him over near her favorite stuffed chair. She patted her lap, and JJ laid his head there. Mistress scratched his head and neck and praised him for how well he did at the party. JJ started to sniff at Mistress’ cunt. Mistress pulled up her dress and let JJ lick her pussy. JJ lapped at her like such a good puppy, happily nuzzling his face between her legs. Mistress Marla pulled her dress up even farther, and JJ really got his mouth and tongue into her twat, lapping and licking and tasting. Mistress could feel JJ’s hard cock pressed against her leg. She liked feeling it there. Pretty soon she could feel the pre cum droplets on her leg.

She commanded JJ to lie down on his back, cock straight up into the air. Mistress hiked her dress up around her waist, and sat right down on JJ’s big dick. JJ lapped at her arms and neck and face just like a good puppy. Mistress rode JJ’s delicious thick cock until she started squealing with pleasure. She told JJ that he had better not cum, or she would make him lick it out of her puffy twat. JJ squirmed and bucked, but he was a well trained puppy and knew he shouldn’t squirt his jism. Mistress rode him for a long time, cumming and cumming, juices gushing out of her pretty cunt. Finally she climbed off of JJ, grabbed him by the collar, and hauled him upstairs. “Good JJ,” she said, “You will get to shoot your wad now that you have been such a good puppy and made me proud. Now you need to come upstairs and beg.” JJ just panted and padded along beside Mistress Marla, knowing that he would be well rewarded for being such a good pet. The End

Sven was enjoying the rare occasion when he got the apartment to himself. Mimi was working late on a new campaign for a kitchen company and wouldn’t be back until much later. He opened the fridge and took some water off a shelf. It was 10:30 already and she still wasn’t back. Sven shrugged to himself and flipped open a magazine that lay on the counter. His phone rang and he pulled it away from the charger on the wall.


It was Mimi. “Hey. Sorry I’ve been taking so long. Dan from the art department had to finish some of the boards and it took longer than we were expecting.”

Sven nodded, “Okay. Are you finished now?”


“Good.” Sven leant against the kitchen unit and stretched. “I was wondering where you were.”

“Sorry.” Mimi answered, “I thought we’d be done by half eight. You weren’t planning anything, were you?”

“Er, no…should I?” Sven asked, suddenly panicked.

“No, no. I was just thinking if you’d bought food or anything.”

Sven sighed, “Nope. Just reading. Take your time, okay.”

“Yeah, I shan’t be too long now…and er, I was just wondering if you’d like to be my plaything tonight?”

Sven grinned and leant against the kitchen counter. “Ah, baby, you know I’m always your plaything.”

Mimi laughed, “Good boy, pup. I’ll be home in about 20 minutes.”

“Woah, back up,” He planted the water bottle on the worktop and felt himself blush a little. “Did you just call me pup?”

“I did.” Mimi said, “You said you wanted to try it, let’s do it tonight, hmm?”

Sven sighed. There was a hesitation on the line and he nodded to himself, “Okay. Uh…great. I’ll see you later. Do I, um, do I need to do anything for this?”

“Nope. Not now. Just don’t pee on the carpet before I get home, okay?”

“Har har.” Sven rolled his eyes and laughed nervously, not quite sure how he felt about this sudden announcement. He’d mentioned it to Mimi a couple of weeks previously and had been met by silence. He’d not pushed the subject since. Mimi had laughed and reacted with a reticent smile. He knew it wasn’t her thing – or not in the topping sense at least, but considering her own penchant for kitty ears he thought he’d give it a try. But nothing, the second he’d said it he had regretted it, knowing that she would always have been uncomfortable with the idea. He cleared his throat and nodded.

“You sure? I know you feel weird about it from the top side.”

“Hey. It’s fine. It’s also kind of hypocritical, too, don’t you think since you’re always so good to me when I’m on the bottom? Anyway…” she tailed off again.

“What?” Sven narrowed his eyes, “You’re planning something, I know it.”

“Hmm. May-be” Mimi’s voice lilted down the phone and Sven rolled his eyes. Of course. “Well, I was just out and about and then I suddenly thought about how nice you’d look in a thick, dark leash and I got a little tingly thinking about it.”

“Oh really?” Sven grinned to himself and took a sip of his water.

“Yes. I did.”

Something skated across his neck and Sven jumped across the kitchen. He turned and found Mimi bent double with laughter behind him and ominous looking paper bag in her hand.

“Aw, shit.”

“Hah.” She gasped, “Funniest. Thing. Ever. Oh God, that was so funny.” She flipped her phone closed and planted a kiss on his cheek.

“Oh you…come here.” He picked her up and nibbled her lip playfully. “Bad kitty.”

“Heh. Don’t think I haven’t been watching you for the past five minutes.” Mimi stepped backwards, “Do you want to see all the pretty toys I bought you?”

Mimi rubbed the tiny square of flesh behind Sven’s left ear, running her thumb over his cheek. To his surprise he found himself lying into her hand and half nodding. He had not been expecting that. Woah.

“Um, okay.” He watched as Mimi planted herself on the sofa.

“Come.” She patted the space next to him and Sven obeyed, sitting next to her and grinning like an overexcited child.

Or a puppy, He thought

Mimi leant forward and kissed him on the mouth, the tension crackling between them. “I know how much you want this, Sven. I know for you it’s about…escaping. Forgetting.”

Sven nodded nervously and stroked her arm, “Hmm. Thank you. I thought you’d forgotten or ignored me – it.”

Mimi blushed, “Yeah, well, y’know…I had a little think about it. About you. About what a good boy you’ll be for me.” She rubbed his cheek gently and Sven blushed like a fifteen-year-old girl. “And…” her voice fell to a whisper, the edges of the words grazing his ear like warm honey, “I kind of like it.”

“Hmm. Really?”

Mimi nodded. “Yep. You want to do it then?”

“Yeah…yeah I do, um…” another ripple of nervous laughter coiled up from his chest, “I’m just surprised.”

“Don’t be.” Mimi smiled reassuringly, “You know the safe word, Red for stop, Green for good. Whatever you feel comfortable with, hm?”

“Okay.” Sven nodded and scooped her up into a big bear hug.

“Good.” Mimi gripped Sven’s shoulder tightly and pushed him gently so that he moved onto the floor. “Now, first things first. Puppies don’t wear clothes do they? Silly puppy.”

Sven lowered his head and blushed wildly and Mimi realised she actually had to stop herself from squeaking. God, he looked pretty when he was embarrassed.

“Oh, sorry. I could have-” Sven gestured to his clothes, his eyes meeting Mimi’s.

“Shh!” Mimi gripped his chin and looked into Sven’s pale blue eyes, “Puppies don’t talk either do they?”

Sven shook his head.

“What do puppies do?” Mimi pulled off his t-shirt and began working at the buttons on his Levis.

Sven blushed, “I can’t.” he giggled, “I really can’t”

Mimi rolled her eyes and tilted Sven’s face toward hers. She held him so close he could feel her breath across his cheeks. “I thought you said you wanted this?” Sven nodded and blushed again, nodding mutely. “I…uh..They bark?” he answered, twisting on his heels.

“Yes.” Mimi answered bending low as Sven helped her pull of his jeans, “Are you going to bark for me, baby?”

Sven blushed wildly and looked up at Mimi’s smirking face, “Rfff.” There was a hint of questioning in his voice.

“Good boy.” Mimi scratched his neck playfully, sounding just like she was in the park or the vets’ and not at all like she was petting a near naked man who was twice her size. It was oddly hypnotic. Comforting.

“Do you want to see what I got you, yeah?” she gasped, “Do you? Do you?”

Sven nodded, the blood beginning to drain from his face to the other end of his body. He had never felt so confused.

Mimi reached into the bag and pulled out a thick black collar with a sturdy looking buckle. “Pretty, hm? Puppy’s going to look so pretty, isn’t he?” she looped the collar around his neck and buckled it firmly.

“Ohhh.” She gasped, leaning back into the sofa, grinning down at him “Look at you! I think we should keep this on all night, hm? Look how pretty you look!”

Sven shivered as Mimi rubbed his neck again, the feeling glimmering over his back and around his neck and right between his thighs.

“Okay!” Mimi clapped her hands playfully and stood up, “Are you hungry?” she asked, cupping his face, “Is puppy hungry, hey? Been running errands like a good boy all day for me, yes?”

Sven nodded and let out another twisted bark, blushing awkwardly. He shivered again and sighed heavily his emotions twisting and knotting together so he could not tell humiliation from desire or shame from need. In his fantasies he had always envisioned some imperious mistress yanking at the chain, treating him like a filthy animal. Doing so seemed to justify the shame. But, typically, Mimi had seen what he needed, all that vulnerability and need shimmering beneath his casual cockiness, the hurt behind the humour. And now, with that typical, nurturing way she had, the way she was stroking his cheek as he lay in her lap; she had seen what he needed before he had. It was faintly absurd, he couldn’t deny it, but it was also surprisingly, frighteningly addictive and before long the gentle tugging of subspace was beckoning him nearer.

“Come then.” Mimi whispered, tugging at his collar, “Puppy is probably very hungry.”

Sven nodded again and licked the thick fabric of Mimi’s dark jeans. She grinned at him, her pupils getting inky and she bit her lip, the desire flashing through her. She stood and produced a small box of crackers from the paper bag. Sven raised an eyebrow and leant backward.

“Get on your knees.” She commanded, “Go on, sit like a good boy.”

Sven straightened his back and grinned up at her, growling playfully.

“Good boy.” Mimi flipped the cracker towards him and he caught it in his mouth, winking at her. She laughed and pulled his nipple playfully.

“Is puppy being cheeky, hm?’ she asked, producing another cracker and twirling it through her fingers, “If I give you a cracker will you be a good boy and sit on the sofa, hm?” she ran her hand across his neck and fingered his collar gently. “Will you?”

Sven nodded and licked her hand.

“Okay then.” Mimi flipped the cracker away and it skidded silently across the parquet floor. “Fetch.”

Sven turned and pulled himself across the floor on his knees, picking up the cracker and crawling into the bedroom.

“Hey,” Mimi frowned and watched Sven disappear, “What’s puppy doing?”

She stepped into the bedroom and her mouth fell open.

“Hey.” She smiled, trying hard not to break character, “What’s this then? What has Svenny got, hm?”

Sven bared his teeth and growled a little shaking the thin green fabric from side to side.

“Oh,” Mimi gasped, glaring at him, “Why don’t we put this down, hey?” she rubbed his neck again and tried to remove the nicest dress she had from her boyfriend’s mouth. Sven gripped it tighter between his teeth and growled.

Mimi squinted at him and he stifled a giggle from behind his mouthful of green chiffon.

“Now then.” Mimi cooed, “Let go of the dress. Let go.” Sven growled again and Mimi grabbed a handful of fabric, “You know how I love it, baby.”

Sven’s eyes glittered through the mesh that covered his face and he yanked it back quickly. There was a loud crack and the 50-year-old seams split open.

“YOU LITTLE FUCKER!” Mimi took a swipe for him and Sven fell backwards laughing.

“Oh I’m sorry,” he breathed, “I promise I’ll get it fixed.” He kissed her hard on the mouth and looked down at the aged green silk erupting between them. “The hole’s not too big.”

Mimi pushed him backward and smirked at him, planting a quick, stinging slap across his face. She turned on her heel and picked up the dress. Smart move, she thought, right in the seam. Convenient. Her heartbeat flattened out as she folded the dress up and laid it back into the bottom of the wardrobe. Mimi turned back around and her heart skipped up again as she watched Sven panting on the floor, his hair in his eyes and his chest heaving, the thick, dark stripe of his collar around his neck. Mimi shivered and strode forward, assertive.

” Get up.” She ordered, grabbing his collar roughly. Sven whined and felt the blood pool between his thighs. Just as he’d imagined.

“Dumb animal.” Mimi pushed Sven backward onto the bed and sat next to him gripping his collar again and mashing his face into the cool fabric of the sheets.

“Bad boy.” She shouted, “Very bad boy!” she used her other hand to yank down his boxers and drag him towards her thighs. He moved himself, helping her, aching for her, positively shivering as she trapped his aching cock between her thighs and planted a hard slap across his bare backside. “Ruined my favourite dress and think you can get away with it, hmm?” Sven shook his head and buried his face against her thigh. “What was that?” she asked. Sven let out a low whine and Mimi yanked his head back with the collar, “I asked you a question.”

“No,” he gasped, “No, I don’t. I’m sorry.”

” Are you going to be a good boy now?” she planted a kiss on his mouth and he brushed his lips against hers, grinding against her thigh as best as he could, the wave of unmet need arching through him. Mimi slapped his bottom again and he moaned under her, pushing against her harder as she let slap after slap fall across his naked bottom her other hand pulling tightly at his collar.

“Now!” she said, ” Come with me.” Mimi curled her hand around the thick collar again and pulled Sven off the bed, awkwardly leading him through the apartment.

“Sofa.” She commanded, pushing him towards the pale green sofa in the middle of the room and disappearing behind him. Sven curled up on one end of the sofa and waited patiently, suddenly hit by just how surreal this evening was becoming. And by just how turned on he was.

Mimi sat down next to him and produced a long leash that she clipped to his collar, giving it a little yank backwards. Sven groaned and lay in Mimi’s lap again.

“Don’t want you wondering off on me again, do I?” she purred, tucking her legs underneath herself and pushing Sven to the side so that his legs hung over the arm of the sofa and he lay flat against her, his head in her lap. She turned on the TV and settled down to watch a makeover show that she knew Sven utterly hated. He groaned a little and buried his face in her jeans, nibbling gently at her thigh.

“Stop it!” she tugged the leash and Sven looked up at her pouting. Mimi grinned and pushed his head into her lap again, “Be a good boy while I watch TV, okay?”

Sven groaned again and lay down again, sighing heavily, positively aching with desire. He looked up at Mimi and then back down at his hard on. It was starting to hurt now and Mimi knew it. She could tell by the way he was getting fidgety and restless, awkwardly trying to grind himself against the sofa and failing. Sven reached between his thighs and palmed himself gently; he whined a little and began rubbing himself harder, slicking himself with his own saliva.

“Stop it.” Mimi purred, batting his hands away from his crotch and jamming them between her thighs then winding her fingers through hers, playing with his sticky fingers like it was the most natural thing in the world. Occasionally, she would reach over and run her fingers over his member, teasing him until he was on the very edge and stopping. He didn’t know how much he could take, but regardless, he knew he would.

At last, the programme finished and Sven found himself in the odd position of knowing that apple shaped people shouldn’t wear shift dresses and that he was still horribly, painfully hard. He whined again and Mimi turned off the TV. She stood and looked down at him sprawled out on the sofa, leaking and gasping and looking a little sorry for himself.

“Poor baby.” She let the leash fall to the floor and began pulling off her clothes, letting them fall where she dropped them. “Puppy has had a long day. I think you need to come to bed, yes?”

Sven nodded, not even attempting to hide the desperation any more. All he wanted was their naked bodies pressed together in the dark and her threats and the pull of the leash. Mimi stood in front of him naked and yanked the leash so that he was forced to sit up, his face pressed against her thigh, the smell of her sex making him light headed with desire.

“Please,” he gasped, his voice knotted with need, “Can I just have it? Please let me come, please.”

Sven sniffed and looked up at Mimi, heartbroken. She gave the leash another hearty yank and kissed him roughly. “In time, beautiful. You just be patient.” Sven screwed his eyes shut and knelt onto all fours, Mimi’s saccharine promises making him sweat and ache and whine in anticipation. He rolled his shoulders in a futile attempt to alleviate some of the tension but Mimi pulling him towards the bedroom again, the leash coiled around her hand, cut him short.

She tethered the leash around the head of the bed so that her boyfriend could move but not escape and then lay out next to him, stretching happily.

“Come here,” she drawled, pulling him down onto the sheets and kissing him tenderly on the mouth, her hand running down his body and between his legs. Sven whined and cursed under his breath, his eyelids flickering.

“You want to please, me, don’t you?” Mimi asked, sitting up and straddling his naked form. Sven nodded breathlessly and Mimi yanked the leash forward, making Sven whine again and grind against her thigh.

“Well then show me.” Mimi sank over her boyfriend’s leaking cock, and ground against him, pushing hard and fast making his hands fly upward to the soft curve of her naked ass. He pushed upward as best he could and rolled his head to the side offering him to her. Take me, he whished, Please, baby, please.

Mimi fingered his neck gently and ran her hands over his chest, rubbing his nipple gently so that he blushed and shivered under her, his fingers digging into her bottom again. She pinned his hands over his head, the leash still wrapped around her pale palm. He licked at her nipple and she pushed against him harder, feeling him tense beneath her. Mimi threw hear head backward and gripped the headboard, bending down and planting tiny kisses on Sven’s neck, telling him about all of the things she’d like to do to him, alternating between pleasure and pain as she clawed and pulled and pinched at his torso, telling him what a good boy he was for taking it, her other hand working between his thighs. Sven’s face sank into the cool sheets and he felt his shoulders arch and his balls tense as he came, Mimi’s mouth hot against his ear, telling him what a dirty fucking animal he was. He shook under her and Mimi gripped his collar harder, her mouth pressed against his, alternating between kisses and abuse. She slid against him harder as she tightened, making him wince, his orgasm only half finished. She mumbled something unintelligible and fell forward, her mouth against his chest, her body shaking against his.

For a few seconds they lay panting, twisted around one another, smelling of sex and sweat and leather. Mimi sat up and silently unhooked the leash from Sven’s collar leaving it hanging over the headboard. She kissed him on the mouth and stroked his face gently, smiling down at him.

“Good boy.” She whispered, “You were perfect.”

Sven’s eyes dipped and he blushed, “I should really thank you. I-”

“Hey, Shh.” Mimi kissed him again and curled up next to him. “You need some sleep and silence now.”

“Hmm.” Sven closed his eyes and nodded happily, “Please.”

“Oh,” Mimi swung her legs off the bed and pulled on a pair of sweatpants, “And the number of a good seamstress.”

Sven laughed. “Sorry. I…that was probably a bad idea wasn’t it?” He looked sheepish.

“Yeah.” Mimi answered, walking toward the kitchen. “But you’re lucky it will mend.” She pulled some food from the fridge and quickly hashed together several rounds of sandwiches. She walked back to the bedroom and threw a chocolate bar at Sven. “You don’t actually deserve this after that” she nodded to the wardrobe and raised an eyebrow, “but you’re still all subspace-y and high. Eat it.”

Sven nodded and picked up a handful of food, eating hungrily. Mimi lay against him and rubbed his belly gently, talking softly and peppering his face with kisses until she was happy that he had come back.

“Thank you.” Sven planted a kiss on her forehead and dumped the empty plate and the water bottle on the floor. “Perfect…everything.”

Mimi nodded and lay back down, curling up next to Sven.

“How can I repay you?” he breathed, his fingers running through her hair. Mimi smiled and sighed again, still floating herself.

“You already have.” She answered, “Stop seeing this as a one way street.” She laughed, “That was so hot. I like it. A lot.”

“Really?” Sven turned off the light at the wall and lay down, the sheets tangled around his feet, his chest tingling with post-sex endorphins, fizzing happily. “I’m really glad.” He sighed, kissing her again.

I have now lived with Mistress Sara and Master Tom for over two years. They are great Masters to serve. We have interacted with other “families” and I have found them less then satisfactory compared to my own. Mistress Sara is a lovely woman, beyond words lovely. She is extremely strict and I have walked crooked for a day or so after not following orders, but she is also very kind when she wants to be. I know she cares for me and expresses it through my punishments. I accept that and look forward to it. Master Tom can be more gentle then Mistress Sara but he is very rough. He takes me violently and will leave me with no word after he is done, but he still has a very sweet side to him I enjoy very much.

After I came to live with them I was very surprised to find that they lived just outside the city in a decent sized home. It has 5 bedrooms and three full bathrooms. The room I was given was two doors down from their room. It was painted a bright pink! I do love it so. The bed is a Queen size bed with a pink canopy and I am only allowed pink bedding. Mistress explains that this to bring my Sissy side fully. When you enter my room, after you get over the pinkness, you would probably notice the dresser on the opposite wall from the door. It is four rows high but the top is completely covered in dildos of all designs. Mistress Sara makes me clean them daily and after using them I must suck and lick them clean before using soap and water.

If that doesn’t catch your eye then the pictures of naked men that full walls would. I mean every inch of the walls have naked men on them. The door even has a full sized naked Chip and Dales dancer on it. Mistress Sara told me that she wanted me thinking on nothing but cock all the time and this would help. I know it has helped my dreams more then once. Waking up to a well toned man with an erect penis greeting you every morning is a thrill. Sadly, I didn’t move into this lovely room right away. I did move my things in but Mistress Sara had other plans for me.

When I arrived from the airport, I wasn’t dressed correctly, as all my papers listed me as male. This was the first thing I was punished for. Granted it didn’t happen right away. As much as her and I had talked over the phone and email certain things were still left to be hashed out. Limits, how often I was willing to dress up, whoring me out, and other importance issues. In the end I agreed to almost anything minus my stance on scat. I am more then willing to A2M but I refuse to have anything to do with being shate on or shitting on someone else. Not my thing. I agreed to sign a short term contract, three weeks I would stay for starters.

I had arrived in the early afternoon and it was nearly 7 by the time we had finished working out things. Master Tom wasn’t home yet but Mistress Sara took me to my room where I fell in love with it at that moment. She told me to unpack and that she would be up in 30 minutes to get me for dinner. I asked what I was to wear and she told me to be naked when she arrived. As soon as the door shut I stripped down and started unpacking. All the gorgeous nake men had my little cock standing up when I was done. Not knowing if I was to inform her when I was done, I sat down and started to read from a romance novel I had brought with. Within ten minutes the door opened and a lovely hunk of a man entered. When I failed to stand right away, he walked over to me and pulled me from the chair, tossing me to the ground. My book flew and fell to my hands and knees. At this pointed I figured I had met Master Tom and I ruined it. My head down looking at his feet I heard a zipper and some movement. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back.

Informing that I was to greet him on my knees with my head down he shoved his flacid cock into my mouth. Limp, it was over 6 inches long and a good 2 inches wide. I was stunned for moment but then my mouth started to work again. My tongue rolled around his cock as it slid up and down my lips. I let it fall out once, long enough to catch my breath before he deep throated back in, his lovely balls slapping against me. I sucked his cock for fifteen minutes before he exploded down my throat. I gagged and choked on the amount of semen he produced, it was just so much. I swallowed fast and hard trying to get as much as I could before any fell out. As his cock started to go limp in my mouth he pulled it out and used to slap me several times and quite hard across the face. The last little bit of semen spitting and splashing in my hair. He then walked out without saying a word. I watched his perfectly sculpted ass move away, dumbfounded. Mistress Sara then shouted up for me to come down.

As I walked into the Dining Room naked, I saw dinner was on the table. A very lovely dinner and two place settings. Mistress Sara and Master Tom were laughing in conversation. I walked to the side of Mistress Sara and proceed to stand there for almost five minutes before she looked me. It was a look of distaste as told me to on my hands and knees. I quickly complied and fell to the ground. She walked around me slowly studying me.

“Did you get a chance to use her pussy yet Hun?” she said in a flat matter of fact tone.

Tom was chewing and finished before he answered. “No dear but her mouth was quite nice. Are you sure you want to train her this way right away?” I felt his eyes on me.

“Sweetie, she has to much independence in her, we must remove it right away if she is to be a good Sissy.” Her right foot came up to caress my limit cock with the toe of her heal. She rubbed it for a moment till it was hard. “My this one does have a tiny one doesn’t she?”

Tom stood and walked into the kitchen and brought out two bowls. He set them against the wall. Mistress Sara then walked to the buffet and opened a draw. She removed two items I couldn’t make out and walked back to me. “Open up slut.” I opened my mouth wide as she put a large butt plug into it. I could see what looked like a puppy tail on the end. Next I felt the familiar coldness from lube as she worked it over my “pussy”. She then plucked the dildo from my mouth and pushed into my eager and waiting hole. I sighed softly which earned me a hard slap on the ass.

Grabbing my hair hard, Mistress Sara drug me over the bowls. “You’re training starts right now. You will be called Sparkles and will be the family the dog night and day till I decide otherwise. You will eat from these dishes only.” Pointing down at the two dishes I saw water and wet dog food. “You will not talk! You will bark only.” She then grabbed my face by the chin and turned it to look at her, “Let me hear you bark you slutty worthless dog!” I gave the most conviencing bark I could “Wooof.”

“That will do whore. You will only be allowed to pee when one of us brings you out. When no one is home, you will locked in a kennel. You will wear you plug at all times, if you falls out you will be punished and bigger one will be put in. If any other dogs come around, you will greet them properly by smelling their butt. You be given 10 minutes a day to shower, any more and the punishment will be harsh. Do you understand?”

I stared at her for a moment and started to talk “Ye…. Woof Woof” It still earned me three very hard slapped on the ass. I let out a whine and Mistress Sara went back to the buffet. Sitting on top was a collar she grabbed. It was pink and had little fake diamonds on it. The tag proclaimed I was sparkle and if I was found they could use me as they see fit till my owners came for me. She attatched it and locked it around my neck. Hooking a collar it to it, she led me outside to the backyard. It was a good sized yard and well kept. On what I guessed was the back of the garage, there was a chain kennel with a dog house in it there.

“This is your bathroom. Sadly, as dog owners we will have to clean it up. You will be given wipes for after you shit but only one so it use it well.” Looked over at the kennel as a Great Dane came out of the doghouse. Master Tom walked over and released him from his kennel. He walked right alongside Master Tom until they reached me. Without a command, the dog sat when Master Tom stopped.

Master Tom petted the dog, “This is Toby and you two will play nice. Introduce yourself Sparkles.” I looked at Master Tom lost until he sighed. “Let him sniff your ass and sniff his you pathetic whore.” Feeling stupid, I crawled along side Toby and presented my ass to him. He sniffed it a few times then licked it once. I then crawled behind him. Tom moved a step and Toby got up so I could sniff him. It wasn’t as fowl as I expected but I far from liked it. Mistress Sara then pulled on my leash and I retreated to her side, mirroring Toby. “Good girl.” And she petted me. I felt proud.

“This is Toby’s kennel, yours is in the garage. We can’t have you out in the weather like him nor do you we want you trying something with him.” I turned my head to her to look at her face to see if she was serious. “Don’t look at me like that you filthy whore. I know your type, a cock is a cock and you want them all.” She said this with a little motion leaving me looking toward Toby’s penis. “See! You already can’t take your eyes off it. Slut. Do you have to pee?”

I woofed by best yes woof which Mistress Sara seemed to understand. She then walked around the yard till she said I could go. Now I knew that dogs lifted their legs but I didn’t know which sex did. I looked up at her and whined. “God you are fucking pathetic. Female dogs squat to pee and poop.” I did my best to squat properly but Mistress Sara wasn’t happy and I received five more hard spankings. Mistress Sara led me inside as Master Tom put Toby back into his kennel. Once in the dining room, I was instructed to eat my food and they finished theirs. I crawled over to the dish and sniff it then turned back to whine towards the table. “Eat it or don’t eat it, but it’s all you will get.” Mistress Sara replied. She turned back and contuined eating.

I gave it another sniff before I pushed my face in to it. I had almost used my hands when I remembered that I was a dog. I started eating it and it wasn’t as bad as I expected, it was almost enjoyable and as I was starving I ate it quickly then lapped at the water dish. Mistress Sara and Master Tom made several comments as to how quickly I ate but offered no more. Once I had finished I crawled over to sit at Mistress Sara’s side, wagging my tail against the ground. She petted my head a few times before she finished. I stuck my tongue out like a happy dog and she smiled at me. When they finished, they cleared the table and did the dishes. I followed them, well, like a lost puppy. On occasion one would pet me but otherwise I was left ignored. Once the dishes were finished Mistress Sara attached the leash to me and led me upstairs. I assumed to my lovely pink room to sleep, but no it was to a bathroom.

Once inside, she unattached my leash. “Now one of your jobs here, besides being our new dog is be my urinal. Tom made make you do it later but for the moment you are mine.” The bathroom was fairly decent size but the toilet did catch myattention, especially after she informed me what was going on. It was odd shaped and maybe a little higher than normal. The hole underneath could easy fit my head if I lie on my back, but instead she slid a dish underneath.

“Once you are past the dog stage, who knows when that will be seeing how filthy a slut you are,” I dipped my head at that. “You will put your head under there and drink directly. Seeing as you’re a dog though, you will drink from a dish. Have you ever drunken urine before?”

She looked at me as I shook my head no, she then proceed to spank me even harder then normal seven times. Tears were coming down my cheeks as she move to my front again. “Dogs don’t nod or shake their head. Dumb whore. Anyways, you will enjoy it and I am betting after a while you will beg me to allow you to drink it.” She gave me a very evil smile. One that said you will drink it till you like it no matter what.

She then lifted her skirt and pulled down a lovely pair of white silk and lace tanga style panties. I couldn’t help but want them, they were so cute. It took me a moment to notice her lovely shaven pussy and the bright red landing strip just above it. If I haven’t mentioned it yet, Mistress Sara is a fury red redhead. Slightly pale with beautiful freckles everywhere. She spread her legs slightly as she sat down on the toilet. “Come around and watch your treat come out bitch.” I crawled around to sit in front of her as she started to pee. I have seen many men pee but never a woman and it was lovely. She must of urinated for almost a minute before she sputtered to a stop. Instead of grabbing a piece of toilet paper, she stood and told me to lick it off her. “Three licks, anymore and you will think seven slaps on your whore ass was a treat.” I swallowed hard at this and moved in slowly. The first lick went right down the middle over her beautifully sculpted pussy. The second went down over one lip and the third the other lip. The taste of her and her urine mixed together made my cock stand up. The moment it did, she stepped on it, squeezing it to the ground.

“Don’t let that pathetic excuse for a cock do that again without permission. Next time you be properly punished.” She twisted her foot once before grabbing her panties and sliding them on. The pain numbed me so much that I couldn’t enjoy her pulling them up. As she knelt over to pull my dish out she started talking to me, “Once you are past your dog days, you will remove and replace my panties. You will lick me then wipe your saliva off me. You will make sure I have to do no more then sit and piss into your mouth, do you understand?” she looked at me as she moved the dish to sit infront of me. I gave a quick yes bark and she smiled. “Drink all of it whore.” I moved quickly to start lapping. The though gagged me at first but after the first half the bowl, I was enjoying it some. It was saltly and had a flavor I couldn’t quite place but not bad. I drank it all down, pleasing Mistress Sara as I did. She releashed me and I followed her back down stairs. She took me into the living room where Master Tom was watching TV and he asked how it went. Mistress Sara informed him that I did a great job and she petted me again, which I barked to and wagged my tail.

Mistress Sara pointed to a dog bed next to the couch and I curled up in it as they watched TV. I laid there for almost two hours before my bladder got the best of me and I barked. Mistress Sara was closed to me and looked down at me asking what the matter was. I barked again and finally she told me to bark twice if I had to go to the bathroom. I barked twice and she sighed. She took me out the back yard and walked me around. She asked if I had to go poop and I gave an yes bark. She sighed at me, informing that she knew it would be “messing” until I was only passing dog food through my system, then it would come out more firm. I found a place and squatted. It took a moment to start but it wasn’t as bad as I had thought. Mistress Sara said that she expected worse as she cleaned up. She gave a small amount of toilet paper and told me to clean myself up. I looked at her confused for a moment before she told me to do it normally. She didn’t want me walking in her house filthy with shit.

After we entered the house she informed it was bed time. She told me to follow her as she turned out lights and told Master Tom it was bed time. I took this as he was as much her slave as I was his. I followed them both up stairs to their bedroom where another dog bed was laid out at the foot of their bed. Mistress Sara took a chain that was attached to their bed and locked it on my collar, informing me I would not leave this spot till morning. I crawled into my bed and watched them change.

Mistress Sara told Master Tom to undress her, which he seemed more than happy to do. She first lifted her arms and he pulled her tank top over her head, revealing a white bra that almost matched her panties. He folded that tank top and placed it in the hamper then proceed to unzip her skirt and pull it down. She placed a hand on his shoulder as she stepped out, at this point I had curled up a little bit tighter to hide my growing erection. After folding her skirt and lying it in the hamper he unfastened her bra and set it in there also. This was the first time I had seen her bare breast and they were lovely. Not overly big, maybe 32 or 34 Bs but they were milky white and had the tiny rose bud nipples. Lovely little erect nipples, I whined softly. At that, Mistress Sara just smiled at me as Master Tom removed her panties and fold them also. He was so delicate with her clothing, I was jealous.

After she was naked, Master tom grabbed a bottle of lotion and rubbed it all over her body, as I do most nights. It gave a lovely jasmine smell. That took nearly five minutes and when he was done he reached into a draw pulling out a black and green stripped nighty. I have one almost identical and I knew the fabric was extremely soft. He pulled it over her head and then straightened it out. Then grabbing the matching panties, very small tanga style with green ruffles on the back, he slipped them onto her.

“Did you enjoy the show my little bitch?” Mistress Sara asked in a sweet voice. I barked several times at this, which seemed to please her as she crawled into bed.

Next Master Tom started to strip and I finally got to see his body. Male perfection at work I swear. I almost came watching his bend and twist getting naked. His limp cock hung there, making me drool. Limp it looked like it would ruin me and I wanted it to, I had to use all my control to not crawl over there and start licking at it. Then a thought came to me, I was in theory an untrained dog, why couldn’t I crawl to something I wanted? So I tried it. My chain make a clanking noise as I move towards Master Tom and nuzzled against his limp cock, which reacted to the stimulus almost immeditately. Master Tom looked over at Mistress Sara as she set her book down.

“This is why we never got a female dog. They all just turn into whores so quickly. Do with her as you please tonight, tomorrow morning she will pay the price for it.” I looked up at her shocked but I wanted his cock so much that I didn’t care what the punishment was. He pulled his now hard cock away, which let me get an even better look at it. I knew drool was falling from my mouth and I didn’t care. He told me to turn around which I did quickly and happily. I turned to watch him but Mistress Sara told me to look forward so I had no clue what was going on.

I closed my eyes to try to imagine what was happening when a shadow fell over me. I opened my eyes to see a bare pussy staring at me. “Use your slutty dog tongue and lick me. I might as well get some pleasure out you tonight.” My tongue instantly started to work. My tongue ring sliding over Mistress Sara’s clit, pushing inside her. I didn’t even notice that Master Tom has been spitting on my tail plug and was pulling it out till I felt the pop and moaned, but I kept licking. I would prove my worth to Mistress Sara tonight. She was sighing softly as I worked her pussy. I felt the cold liquid slide my butt cheeks and felt Master Tom’s finger push it side me. At the moment tongue was all the way inside Mistress Sara and I moaned against her pussy, which sent a shiver up her.

Then my eyes shot open WIDE. My tongue stopped moving and I felt my pussy being penetrated with some forced. There was little fore play and no warning. Suddenly Master Tom’s giant cock was buried completely in my slutty pussy. I didn’t want to but I was squeezing his cock hard. The estacy of it made me forget Mistress Sara, which did not make her happy. Master Tom was pumping in and out of me hard and fast. I body could barely handle it and I actually barked a couple times, which made Master Tom laugh. Suddenly a lovely round ass was shoved in my face and Mistress Sara commanded me to lick her ass.

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