This is a story of me and my mom, that how we both indulged in sex relation with each other. It all started in a surprising way and without either of us wanting to go in incest relationship.

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Romy and my mom’s name is Sunaina. My father is Harsh Mohan. My father lives in Gulf country for the last about 2 years and he comes to India for 2 months a year.

My mother is about 40 years old and myself about 23 years. Mom and Dad fell in puppy love and married early and also got a son at early stage. Mom developed some medical problem at the time of my birth, and doctors had to operate her and removed her uterus. She cannot become mother now due to these medical problems. However my parents had no problem and they were satisfied with me only.

My mother is a very beautiful lady and she has very big boobs with a very sexy and proportionate body. She is very sexy and fare in color. I don’t know anything about my parent’s sex life.

Only I and my mom used to live in our house and though I was young guy of 23 years and mom 40 only. And though she was so beautiful but I never saw mom with sexy eyes and there was never a lust or incest thought in my mind about my mom. Though I was not a virgin and I was having sex relationship with some girls of my college and had even fucked them many times. Also I had a big cock to my age and physique but I never thought of having or developing a sex relationship with her.

We both were having a traditional mother son relationship. She was the typical Indian mom for me and I was her loving son.

For 2-3 days she was not feeling well and was always complaining about some stomach ache. She was giving farts a lot these days and her farts were becoming more and more bad smelled. Once we both were sitting on sofa in drawing room and watching TV, when she farted with a loud sound and it smelled so bad that we both had to move out of the room. She was really upset and ashamed , and I asked her about what the problem with her was? She told me that she was suffering from constipation for about 10 days and she was not able to clear her bowls properly. Naturally her shit was being piled up in her rectum and for that she was farting a lot and was smelling so terrible.

I asked her to take some medicine and she told me that she is already taking it for a couple of days but with no effect. I asked her to go to some other doctor and get proper medication as it may become a big problem otherwise.

Next day , when I came back from college , mom was sitting in her bedroom. She was crying in pain and some medical stuff was lying near her feet. I asked her what it was and she told me that she had gone to another doctor and she was told that her shit had dried up in her rectum and had become somewhat like a rock. As the shit had piled up and it was not coming out so her rectum was blocked with that stone type shit. Also that shit was stopping the other shit to come out so her problem of constipation was aggravating. She told that the doctor had given her some medicines and had advised her to take enema. She told me that she had brought the requisite stuff for enema but she was unable to put the nozzle of enema in her shit hole, as she had never done it before in life and she was at a fix as what to do?

I asked her that why did she not take help of some nurse and she replied that she had telephoned the doctor but no nurse was available. She was in real pain now and she was farting a lot and smelling so bad. She was sitting on the bed and her tears were rolling on her cheeks. I also felt bad for her as she had not cleared her bowls properly for about 10 days and now for about 5-6 days she had not even shit a bit, so naturally lot of excrement was stocked in her rectum. Her rectal passage was blocked with the shit block and she was really in pain.

I asked her what can be done. She told me that she had lukewarm water and all stuff but when she tried to put the nozzle of enema in her rectum, it pained as she could not see it and also being the first time she could not do it properly.

I thought of some solution. I knew how to give enema as it was taught in college, but she was my mother and being typically Indian family, it was out of question of seeing my mom in nude. But she was crying in pain and I really wanted to help her. So I asked if I could do anything to help her? I told her that I know how to give enema but she was my mother so I felt awkward to do it with her.

Her eyes sparkled and she said that if I really know, how to give enema, than I may try to help her as she was in terrible pain and she felt shy of lying before some doctor and allow him to see her anus and give her enema. I reluctantly agreed, and lied on the bed facing down. I told her that I also felt shy of it but due to her problem we had to do it.

She told me to go ahead but cautioned me to be careful. She was wearing only petticoat and blouse. With trembling hands I caught hold of her petticoat and rolled it upward. Her marble colored legs came in view and then her buttocks came in view. She was wearing a pink panty. I asked her to remove it also. She was feeling shy and she again started crying. She was feeling bad to lye nude before her own son like this. But I asked her not to worry as it was only for her medication.

Till now I had no bad or nasty thoughts in my mind. She slowly put her fingers in the elastic of her panty and slowly pulled it down till her knees. Now she was lying butt naked before me in all her naked glory. This was the first time in my life when I was watching her in this way. She was so fare and her buttocks were of very big size but so firm and whitish. For the first time in my life my cock gave a jerk for my own mom and to my horror it started getting stiff.

How can a young man of my age could stop such reaction . though she was my own mother, but she was really a beautiful lady also. And here I was also not a virgin and having fucked many girls, I knew of the female anatomy.

Her ass hole was not visible, as she was lying with legs closed, so her buttocks clinched together. I asked her to part her legs a bit apart, so that I may insert the nozzle in her rectum. Feeling much inconvenient and reluctantly she obeyed me and parted her both feet about 2 feet. This made her butt to open up like a big book and to my amazement this also opened her cunt also a bit.

I put both my hands on her buttocks and she gave a shudder but did not speak anything. I slowly held both buttocks and parted them apart. Her ass hole came in view. It was so beautiful and pinkish in color. She was feeling shy and so she had shut her eyes tightly and was not even speaking anything.

When I parted her butts apart and also she opened her legs wide, her cunt was also clearly visible to me. She was clean shaved and her cunt was puffy and very beautiful. I think she could not see that her cunt was quite clear before my eyes otherwise she must have done something to hide it from my view.

There was no time to keep looking at her ass and cunt as she may sense something. By now my cock was solid like a rock and sexy and lewd thought have started coming to my mind.

I ripped my gaze from her cunt and with one hand took the nozzle of enema in hand. Water filled bottle was already hanging from the stand on other side. I put some lubrication on nozzle and with trembling hands, put my fingers on her anus. She trembled and shuddered but did not speak anything. I put some lubrication on her anus and with my trembling finger rubbed it properly on her ass hole. Then I put the nozzle on ass hole and started pushing it slowly in.

Within one minute all the nozzle was in her ass and I started the water flow on to go in her ass. It took about 15 minutes for complete about 2 litters of water to go in her anal passage. In all this time I kept standing there only and savored the uninterrupted view of her cunt and ass. This was becoming too much for me. I was tight as a rock and my cock was aching with pain. It seemed that I may come in my pants only.

When all the water had gone inside her anus, I pulled the nozzle out and her ass hole shut tight. She wiggled a bit. Now she should have felt like moving her bowls and should go to toilet , but she was not feeling like going for a shit. It seemed that the shit block in her rectum had shut the anal passage like a cork and was not allowing the shit to come out.

Mother started crying and weeping in pain now, as she was already having a lot of shit in her and now so much of lukewarm water had also been deposited in her. She sat on the bed and was weeping in agony. But one more problem arose. When she sat on the bed, the water, which was in her ass now started leaking out and started wetting the bed sheet.

This was a new problem. By now she was only in pain because of constipation, but now there was 2 litter water in her anus so neither she could sit or stand as before nor she was going for a shit in toilet.

She was crying in pain and I did not know what to do now. As this was first experience for me also. I asked mother to again lye on the bed so that at least the water may stop leaking and we may think in meantime what to do?

She was still weeping but silently she again lied on the bed. I kept thinking as what to do?

Suddenly I remembered her friend Monika, who lives in the next block and she was also in same problem of acute constipation some months back. I asked mother to call her on mobile and ask her as to what had she done or which medicine had she taken to cure her constipation. Mom readily agreed, and asked me to bring her mobile phone.

Mom was lying on bed, as if she sat, the fluids would start leaking from her anus. So she put the phone on speakerphone and called her friend Monika. She said ” Hello! Monika. How are you? (she was actually sobbing while talking to her friend)”. Monika replied,” I am fine, but what is wrong with you that you are crying?.” Mom said,” Monika! I am suffering from acute constipation. It is so bad that for 10 days I had not gone to toilet and I am farting so bad. Doctor told me that the shit had piled up in my rectum like a stone and it is blocking the route. So I am not able to clear up my bowls. Please help me as some months back the same problem occurred with you. Please tell me what did you do as even the enema is also not working with me.”

Monika replied,” you will be surprised , but I tried all the measures to cure my own constipation and all of them failed. You will not believe what helped me. But I am not sure if you will like to do the same or not.”

Mom replied within her cry,” Monika! Please tell me what helped you? I am dying of constipation . I am ready to try any measure on earth, but it should clear the blockage in my anal passage.”

Monika replied,” O.K. if you are so desperate then I tell you the truth. Actually I had the same problem as you, the shit had stocked up in my ass like a block and enema also failed with me. Doctor asked me to try to put something long and thick in my anus and try to move the blocking shit stone in my ass. I tried with cucumber and even with reddish but all in vain. Then I hit an idea. I knew that my own son Rahul was having a crush on me. I thought of using the situation to my use and thought to get fucked in the ass by him. I thought that as his cock is big and thick enough and though tight as a rod but soft enough not to hurt me in my ass. So I asked him to put his fat cock in my ass and fuck me there. He was more than happy to oblige me and we both did the same. It was a lot of fun and also when he fucked me with his big cock, somehow the blocked shit moved in my anal pipe and it cleared the blockage. I know that your son Romy is very handsome young man. Though he does not have such thoughts about you, but you ask him to fuck you in the ass. This way you both will enjoy a lot and also your problem will be solved”.

Mom was so embarrassed and red with shame. As she had put the phone on speaker phone and all the conversation was audible to both of us, so naturally she was so ashamed. I also could not say anything and was stunned with this new development. We both were pin drop silent. Mom tried to take the phone and tried to shut it off, but her hands were trembling with embarrassment and phone slipped out of her hand.

Mom spoke in angry tone,” monika! Don’t you know what you are speaking. I am so ashamed to hear all this. You should be ashamed of yourself for talking such filthy things and incest with your son to me. This is not the way. How can you, as a mother do such nasty things with your own son?”

Monika replied,” Look Sunaina! There is no incest or bad thing on earth. I was in pain and this was the only way I could think of, to cure my problem. It worked well. You will not believe that even my son liked this so much that even after that day we regularly clear my anal passage in the same way. My son regularly fucks me in the ass and I had not problems of constipation after that day. We both love it. You may call it incest, but we call it medication. It is the most enjoyable form of medication. Pleasure and medication both. Ha Ha Ha. I don’t compel you, if you want to clear your constipation, then call your son and somehow convince him to fuck you in the ass, so that your problem is solved. Otherwise it is all upto you. You keep suffering otherwise. Anyway all the best and goodbye.”

With these words Monika disconnected the phone. We both were silent. My cock which was already so tight and hard from seeing my mom nude and watching her cunt for the first time in my life had grown more tight and was erect like an iron rod after hearing all this conversation of my mom and Monika aunty. Mom was really embarrassed and shy. She was looking the other way and naturally was unable to look my side due to shyness and shame. Both of us had not even though of this conversation to go in this direction.

I was silent and thinking what to say or to do. Mom was also silent. All this was totally unexpected. Mom broke the icy silence in the room and said ,” Romy! My son, I am sorry for all the filthy things my friend just spoke off. Please forgive me as I had called her . she is so bad and spoke all such bad things. Son please I am dying of pain in my anal passage. Please think of some way that may help me or call some doctor.”

I was silent. We both kept thinking of some solution for some time and after a long pause I said,” mom! please don’t be mad with me for what I am going to speak now. I know it is so bad and terrible to speak such things. But I have thought a lot and I think that though what Monkia aunty spoke is very bad but in the present situation this is the only solution. I love you as mother and I had never ever in my life had such thoughts about you. But I think we may have to do the same thing. It is so difficult for me to put such a bad proposal but I can not think of anything better. If you don’t mind and agree I am ready to help you out in the same way as Rahul helped her mother Monika. Perhaps this may work and you may be cured of your constipation.”

Mom was so upset and very angry with me. With burning eyes she looked towards me and spoke,” oh my GOD! Romy have you lost your mind. Have you gone mad and don’t know what you are speaking out. Your should be ashamed of speaking such things to your own mother. Don’t you know this is incest. This is a sin against GOD as well as society. Shut up.”

We both were silent.But mom was in pain. She was wiggling and again started crying. I hugged her with love and said,” look mom! I love you so much. I cant see you in pain. I am sorry for speaking such thing to you. Please forgive me and think of some solution. “

She was silent for some time. I kept hugging her and kept moving me fingers in her hair. After some time, she became silent and as if she had decided something, she spoke,” Look Romy! What I am going to speak is so bad but please forgive me for that. I have thought much and came to solution that perhaps doing the same as Monika is the only solution. Please don’t think bad of your mother. But in life sometimes nasty solutions are the only solutions. Please don’t tell it to any one, l will dye of shame. Please if you don’t mind, will you try to clear the blockage in my anal passage with your penis.”

It was all unexpected so I jumped with mixed feelings of joy and surprise. I was beaming with mixed thoughts. For the first time in my life today I had not only seen my mother nude and not only seen her ass hole and even her cunt hole, but also I was now going to fuck her in her ass and that also with her permission. My cock gave a big jerk of happiness and it grew more rigid and was standing like a pole. Mom had not seen it, she was lying on bed and as she was in pain and crying so naturally her attention was not on my cock.

I silently rose from the bed and brought a bottle of oil from the adjoining bathroom. Mom was tense. I opened my pant and pulled my underwear down and kicked it away. I was only in my T shirt. I asked mom to discard her petticoat so that it may not get dirty with the dirty water leaking out of her ass or from the oil. Mom silently opened the cord of it and wiggling her ass she threw it one side of the bed. She was only wearing her blouse. She had closed her eyes with shame and hid her face in the pillow. She spoke in painful voice,” Oh GOD! What a terrible thing I am going to do. Please forgive me. Romy my son! Please be gentle with me as I am not used to doing such thing in my ass.”

I asked her to raise her buttocks in the air so that the angle of penetration be perfect. She didn’t speak anything and keeping her eyes shut , silently she raised her ass in the air. Now she was standing in doggy style and in this pose not only her ass hole was visible but even her cunt was clearly before my eyes. I think she was not aware of this as she was in pain and her full attention was on her own pain only. I opened her legs about 2 feet for better balance and sat between her parted legs. I put the mouth of oil bottle near her ass hole and dropped some drops of oil on her ass. Then I rubbed her ass hole with my fingers and lubricated her anus properly. Mom kept silent and just kept standing like that only. Some oil slipped down to her cunt also and one drop of oil disappeared in her slit of cunt. Mom also felt it and shivered when it reached her cunt but did not do anything or say anything. I put some oil in my palm and put it on my cock. I lubricated it properly as I knew from my experience that having a big cock like mine in ass is difficult for any lady.

With trembling hands I got hold of my cock and silently put the mushroom head of it on her opening. Mom shivered as she felt the tip of my cock on her anal opening. She was tense and asked me to be gentle with her. I assured her not to worry. I clenched both her buttocks with my hands and gave a slight jerk.

As both my cock and her ass were fully drenched in oil, so the tip of my cock eased its way in her ass. Her opening stretched and mushroom head of my cock started disappearing in her ass. Mom felt the pain. Taking such a big cock in ass was not easy for her. But she was in pain already, she kept silent but motioned me to stop for some time. I stopped pushing my cock in her. Now about 2 inches of cock was in her ass. After about 5 minutes her anal passage got used to it a bit and also her pain in ass subsided , so keeping her eyes shut as before she signaled with her hand to move ahead.

We both were silent and I gave a powerful stroke. More than half of my cock disappeared in her ass. She gave a painful cry but before it that she could signal me to stop I gave another jerk and I was fully in her. All of my cock was now in her ass and my front side and public bone touched her hips. As my waist touched her buttocks , she knew that I was all the way in her now.

She was feeling restless to have a big cock in her ass, but due to her pain of constipation she kept silent and motioned me to stop and wait for some time. I kept all of my cock in her ass and kept standing still for some minutes. But the heat of her ass was becoming unbearable for me and involuntarily I started giving in and out strokes with my cock. She kept silent and I increased my speed.

Now my cock was moving in and out of her ass with full speed. She held the pillow in both her hands and had put her head on it, to keep the balance and also to hid her face. I was withdrawing my cock almost completely out till only the tip was in and then was shoving it in all the way inside, full speed. My orgasm was nearing up and it involuntarily increased my speed. My mom’s full body was shaking with my thrusts and she was wiggling.

I groaned and spoke,’ Oh mom! It is nearing up and I may not stand long”. She kept silent and kept receiving my strokes. Suddenly as if some volcano broke out in me and my hot lava started coming out from some where inside from the tip of my cock. With a big moan I jerked one last time and shoved my complete cock in her with last biggest thrust. My cock hit something like a big stone inside her anal passage and moved it inside along with my cock and the torrents of my semen started coming out of the tip of my cock. I must have cummed about half a litter in her rectum. And I collapsed on her back, with my cock fully wedged in her ass and my front side fully clenched with her buttocks.

Perhaps all the fucking in the ass and jerks to her body had churned the shit blocked in her anal passage and made the blockage move. She terribly felt like going for shit. I was also feeling pressure on my cock for the shit trying and pushing to come out, on my cock which was still wedged in her ass.

Mom asked me that she terribly wants to shit and that she feels that she could not stop it from coming out. She asked me that she want to go to toilet. I said O.K and tried to pull my cock out of her ass. As I started pulling it out, the water started coming out along. Mom immediately motioned me to stop and said,” Oh son! Your cock is fit in my ass like a cork in a bottle. I think all the shit and water along with your semen is pushing to come out. It is still inside just because of your cock. Please don’t pull it out , if you do so, my anal passage may not be able to stop it inside and I may shit all over the bed here only. So please keep it fit like this only and take me to toilet.”

I kept my cock buried in her ass hole only and putting my arms around her waist, I pulled her up in my arms and keeping her that way only, I started walking towards the toilet.

This was a very horny and erotic scene. Here I was carrying my mom in my arms and my cock was fit in her ass till its base and I was walking to the toilet.

In the toilet , I sat on the toilet seat with my mom still in my arms as before and slowly I started moving my body backside. This caused my cock to slowly withdrew from her ass. With a “Plop” sound my cock came out of her ass, and as if some dam bursts, the shit which was piled in her ass, came out with a great force. Along came out a big stone type shit block. All the water, lodged in her rectum and my semen along with shit, came out with great speed. All the toilet filled with the foul smell of her shit. I was standing in front of my mom. Her eyes were shut and she was releasing all the hell from her shit hole. My own cock was covered with her shit and was looking yellowish in color with the shit.

Mom was feeling powerless and she kept both her hands on the ground to keep the balance. After some time the speed of shit and water coming out of her ass hole receded and slowly came to halt. I was standing in front of her and her cunt and also her ass hole were quite free and unobstructed to my gaze. Mom was feeling the release of her rectum and eyes closed. After some time she opened her eyes and smiled shyly towards me. I also smiled sheepishly and asked if she was all right. She smiled back and nodded her head.

After she had released all her shit and had pissed , she opened her eyes and for the first time her eyes fell on my shit covered cock, which was still hanging in front of her face as I was standing in front of her.

She got up from the commode seat and took water mug to clean her. I also got hold of a mug to clean my cock. Mom saw the condition of my cock which was fully covered and yellow with her shit. She stopped me from cleaning my cock and said,” stop Romy! Son I have to clean myself. Please don’t make your own hands dirty with shit. I will clean myself and you also.”

I didn’t say anything and just gave a sheepish smile and nodded my head. She put water in her hand and cleaned her own shit hole and also put water on her cunt to clean that also. Then she took my limp cock in her hand and with another hand she put water on it and started joggling it and rinsing it with water.

After putting one or two mugs of water my cock cleared of the shit on it. Mom was watching my cock with fascination , as it was for the first time in my young life that my cock was near to her face and before her eyes. And she was looking on it. She kept pouring water on it and kept rubbing it and joggling it in her hand to properly clean it.

This all was unexpected for me also, as I had never in my dreams even had dreamt to find my mom holding my cock in her hand and rubbing and caressing it like this. Then to my horror and disbelief my cock twitched in her hand and it started growing in size and getting hard. Mom also felt the same and was very much confused as what to do. But before that I could say anything or mom could do anything to avoid this awkward position, my cock grew fully and became erect like a pole. It was standing rigid in all its glory of 7 inches and mom was holding and rubbing to clean it.

I could not do anything and shyly said,” I am sorry mom, but I can not stop it. Please forgive me.” Mom said,” No my son! You should not be sorry for it as it is just natural. Rather I should be sorry, as I should have sensed this to happen. Anyway it is normal for a young man like you. “

Mom was all right now as her problem of constipation had been cleared and she was normal lady now. She was away from Dad for a long time and naturally she was missing a big and tight cock. When she held my cock, she naturally was fascinated by this. Her female feelings started flowing. Though I was her son but before that she was a lady which had not held a cock for months together.

She kept putting water on my cock, which was tight as an iron rod now and kept joggling it. I sensed that she was surely enjoying the feel of a cock. I sensed that if she kept caressing my cock like that for some more minutes, I may again come in her hands only. So I asked her,” mom please leave my cock. It is completely clean now. But mom had her own mind. She said,” no son! It is not cleaned properly. It is still giving foul smell of my shit. My face is near to it, so I can smell it. So let me clean it properly”. I said,” Mom it is clean. No smell.” Mom kept my cock in her hands and brought it near to her face. She brought her nose near to my cock and pretended to smell it. As she brought the cock near to nose, the tip of my erect cock, touched her closed lips. A moan came out of my mouth. I was near to explode, so I forcibly withdrew my cock from her face and said,” it is all right mom. No problem, you leave it.” Perhaps mom sensed my nearing orgasm so she kept quiet and reluctantly let my cock go from her hands.

I came out of bathroom and after some time mom also came out after cleaning herself. I told her that I was going out with my friends and will be back after some hours.

In the evening when I came back, mom was in kitchen. But certainly, after today mornings fucking in ass in the name of clearing the passage and blockage, our mutual relationship had changed upside down. Now even if we want, we were not the same mom and son as before.

Mom was looking towards me in different way now. I found my self ogling her in petticoat and blouse. I noticed that she was not wearing the bra, as her nipples were clearly visible from the thin fabric of her blouse. This was new as I had found that she was always wearing a bra. Today was different. Perhaps she was not wearing a panty even. What was this happening? Was she sexually liking me after that ass fuck? I was also eager to know that was that a one time stand only or we were ahead for some other chances of anal fuck?

I tried to test the water and asked,” mom! how are you now. Has the blockage been cleared completely and how you feel now. Has your constipation cured completely?”

Mom thought something and then in hesitating tone said,” Oh Romy my loving son! It was so nice of you to help me out in clearing the blockage in my rear, I am much relieved but I still feel some heaviness in my stomach. I think there is still some blockage left and perhaps you may still have to help me out some more times till the blockage is completely gone and my constipation is cured.”

I jumped with joy, so we were going to do it again and even more than one more times. I was gleaming with joy and the happiness was reflecting on my face. Mom also knew of my happiness. She asked me ,” Romy my son! Lets have an early dinner and after that if you don’t mind I may need you in my room for clearing my constipation.

My head was already moving in affirmative like a pendulum.

So after dinner we again went to her bedroom and where in the name of clearing the blockage in her anal passage , we both had a great anal fuck session.

After that we did it almost daily in the name of clearing the passage. It was satisfying, and though we both were enjoying our anal fuck a lot, but we both were missing the real thing. I was thinking some way by which I may be able to fuck her in cunt also.

Our sex relations was regular and continuous in the name of curing constipation, and I was thinking some way to elevate our sex relationship to higher levels.

Unknown to me, mom was also thinking on the same lines and was thinking of some excuse to let me fuck her in the cunt properly. She was dying to have my thick and big cock in her cunt.

As we both were eager to fuck so naturally it was a matter of some days when we get some excuse and ultimately do it or rather start it.

So the day came on next Sunday. I woke up late in the morning as I had fucked mom 2 times in the previous night in the name of clearing the passage for obstacles so I was very much tired and due to Sunday I kept sleeping long. After my morning rituals I came down to the drawing room I planned to go for a cricket match with my friends after breakfast.

When I came down, I asked mom for something to eat. She brought milk from kitchen. It was then that I noticed that she was wearing salwar kamiz and not her usual petticoat and blouse. It seemed that mom was ready to go somewhere out.

I asked mom about her program. She told me that she was not feeling well and she was thinking of meeting some gynecologist. I got alarmed and asked her as to what was wrong with her?.

She told in somewhat hesitating tone,” son! It is a lady thing. You see, your mom is getting old and I am already40 plus in age, so there are lots of changes coming in my body. I am hesitant to speak but I am having some menstrual problems. In my these special days, I feel heaviness in my lower parts and also in my stomach. I think I am heading for menopause , so lots of changes are coming in my body. It is said that when a women starts getting old, some blood clots and some other obstacles start developing in her vaginal passage and start blocking it. It causes unsteadiness in her menstrual discharge. It also caused pain in vagina and stomach. I am also passing through the same periods of my life so some obstacles are blocking my lower passage and I have to see a gynecologist. You have your food and after that I plan to visit hospital.”

I asked mom,” mom if you are feeling this type of trouble, why have you not seen the gynecologist before. Today in Sunday and the doctor may not be there.”

Mom replied,” Actually I was hesitant because the only gynecologist in hospital is a male and it is inconvenient to show my vagina to a male. But now the obstacles are getting more intense and I may have to become shameless and show my body to him.”

I asked,” mom you seem to know many things, so tell me what will he do to cure you?”

Mom replied,” usually the doctor puts his fingers in women’s vagina and tries to find the magnitude of obstacles and then with the help of fingers or some other big things ( bigger than finger), he puts them in her vagina and by pushing in and pulling out , he will try to clear the passage.”

I knew that it was wrong , a gynecologist does not cure the patient in this way. So I thought perhaps there is something hidden massage in the conversation. Also if mom really wanted to see a doctor she would have very well gone yesterday. So I thought it may be mom’s game plan as earlier.

So trying my luck, and pretending hesitant to ask, I asked her in a soft tone,” Mom! It seems wrong to say, but if you feel shy of showing your vagina to a doctor and what he is supposed to do is , just to put his fingers or something big in your vagina and push and pull that thing, to clear the obstacles. Then I may help you with it. If you don’t mind and agree, then I am ready to do the same thing with my fingers. Also if the obstacles don’t clear in your vagina with my fingers, I may try them with my cock…I I mean my penis.”

A glow, came on the face of my mom, as if these were the words , she was eagerly awaiting to hear. She immediately picked my words and said ,” Oh my loving son! You are really a cute and caring. I appreciate your concern. I feel much more at ease with you instead of some unknown male doctor. I think your finger may not be able to clear the obstacles so you may have to do it with your cock. But there is one problem, that as still my menopause has not come, so if you put your cock in my cunt to clear it, I may get pregnant. So you do one thing that you go to market and bring some condom, so that it does not remain risky.”

I jumped with joy, so my mom had given me green signal to fuck her in cunt and has asked me to bring condom. But the word she used was not to bring “A condom” but ” Some condom”. It was double meaning one as well as many condoms. So I tried to test my luck and asked,” Mom should I buy a small pack of condoms or a bigger one?”

Much to my relief, mom replied,” No problem! Son! If the condoms are costly, you may buy small pack and if the bigger one is cheaper, then buy the biggest pack, as it will be cheap.”

My heart was thumping with joy, I thought I may get a heart attack with happiness. Mom had asked me to buy the biggest pack of condoms , so she wanted to do the fucking many times.

I raced out and within 15 minutes I was back with a big pack of condom in my pocket and even bigger smile on my face. Mom knew all the things, she motioned me to come to her bedroom and said that she is going to bathroom to change her suit as it may get wrinkled on bed. I said,” Mom leave it on. Otherwise also, you have to put off your clothes, so no need to change. You only come to room and there you may put these off, as I will also have to do the same.”

Mom agreed and we both went to her bedroom. In the room I put off my shirt and also my pant. I was only in my underwear. The mutual hesitation of seeing one another has gone long back as I was already fucking her in ass regularly. So without much time I pulled down my underwear also and I was totally nude in no time. Mom also seemed to be eager to fuck at earliest so she also put off her salwar and kamiz and was sitting on the bed in bra and panty only. I asked her to remove her panty also, to which she said that she feels shy and asked me to pull that down myself.

I was in a bit playful mood , so I asked her,” mom I had removed my own clothes myself, so you also do it yourself. If you ask me to remove your panty, then I will remove both your bra and panty. As I am totally without clothes so it is not fair that you wear one cloth.”

Mom was also in the same happy and playful mood. She said,” I think there is no need to remove the bra, but anyway I will not remove anything, I feel shy. So whatever you want, you remove it yourself.”

I was happy as in a way, mom has given green signal to remove her bra and panty. Mom was lying on the bed. I came over her and hugged her. While hugging I put both my hands under her back and opened the straps of her bra. As the bra loosened , I removed it completely and threw it away. Now both her whitish and solid beautiful melons were naked before my eyes. They were really beautiful. I was fascinated and was keenly looking toward her boobs. I could not stop myself saying,” Oh mom! You are really beautiful . your boobs are so big and tight. You look younger than the girls half your age. I love you,”

Mom felt shy and with both her hands tried to cover her boobs. She also shut her eyes close in shame. I used the opportunity and came near her waist and put the fingers of both my hands in the elastic of her panty. Mom kept the eyes closed and raised her buttocks in air to help in removing her panty.

I pulled panty down and her beautiful cunt came in view. I had already seen her cunt many a times but this time it was different. In past, I used to fuck her in ass but could only see the cunt and now I was going to fuck her in cunt. One more difference was there, her cunt was completely shaved. ( perhaps she had already made up her mind to fuck and had made the proper arrangements for a fuck).

I kept my palm on her cunt and in a teasingly tone said,” Oh mom! I see you have shaved this time. It looks so beautiful without hair. I think you had make preparations beforehand.”

Mom shyly said,” Thank you Romy my son, that you liked it this way. But actually I had shaved it as I had to visit a doctor.”

I kept my palm on her cunt and kept caressing the clit. She felt the heat and was getting more and more horny with every passing minute. I inserted one finger in her cunt and kept moving it in and out. She was also getting horny and she also put her hand on my erect cock and started joggling it and caressing it on full length. Both of us were flowing in the ocean of lust.

While moving my finger in and out of her cunt, I hit an idea to lick and taste her cunt. I said.” Mom! Your cunt is dry inside and if I insert my cock in it, it will be painful for you due to dryness. So I think I should lubricate it a bit with my saliva so that there is no problem when I push my cock inside.”

Mom was naturally happy with the proposal and said,” you do whatever you want but it should not be painful. “

I was beaming with joy. I parted both her legs apart and sat between them. I lowered my face near her cunt and smelled the fragrance of it. She smelt nice. Then I took out my tongue out and licked the slit from down to her clit and on the top I put both my lips on her clit and started sucking it. This was pure bliss for mom. She started moaning loudly and started bucking her cunt on my face. I inserted one finger in her cunt hole and with my lips and kept sucking her clit and licking the slit of her cunt. She was moaning with pleasure and bucking in air . she put both her hands on my head and kept pushing it down wards so that I may lick her properly.

After 2 minutes of clit licking , she removed my face and said,” oh Romy my loving son! It is so nice that you lubricate my cunt but your own cock will remain dry, so it will be a problem in penetration. So you do one thing that you bring your waist near to my face so that I may also lubricate you, so that we may do it easily and the obstacles in my cunt may be removed.”

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