I had eaten a weekend’s worth of the wrong food — chips, popcorn, bread, cake, you name it, if it was really bad for me I ate it. As a result of this bottom feeder behaviour I was ill, out of sorts and felt completely blocked up. By Tuesday I was still rough, so when Hubby came home I asked him to give me an enema.

He agreed, even though he was in sort of a rush to go to the gym. I prepared a litre of warm, soapy water and took it upstairs to our room. He asked me to undress and put a towel on the bed. I did this, but also put our big bolster on the bed as well. It’s a black vinyl bolster, two feet long and eighteen inches in diameter and is very comfy.

I knelt over the bolster with my head down and bottom up, legs spread. He began by putting on a latex glove and spreading a small amount of lubricant around my anus before slipping his finger in. Of course, he can’t resist a few minutes of anal fingering before deciding that I’ve been lubricated enough. Remember, he wants to go to the gym so he’s in a bit of a hurry.

He filled the syringe and inserted the tip into my bottom. Gently he pushed the plunger down and I felt the warm water trickle into my rectum. He repeated this four or five times, then began hand stroking my pussy from behind. He is such a bad hubby! He took off his gym shorts and pants, slipped his stiff cock into my pussy and had a little fuck. He is very good at this, and as I am already wet I quite enjoy it, even though he’s thrusting very hard and I’m starting to get cramps in my belly. He stopped and finished giving me the rest of the enema, then resumed screwing me, but this time he fingered my anus as well. It is simply a matter of time before he moves his cock from my pussy to my lubricated ass, the very one he just filled with warm, soapy water. Hubby loves giving me a good ass pounding, and proceeded to do so until I told him I was ready to ditch the enema.

He let me go and I wrapped up in a robe and departed for the loo. When I returned, he was laying on the bed, with a fresh glove on and nothing else. He asked me to take the robe off, step up to the bed and turn my back to him, then bend over and spread my cheeks and hold them apart. I did this, and felt his finger slip in and out of my bottom. It felt warm and stingy, and I realised that he had just rubbed Tiger Balm all around and up my anus. Tiger Balm enhances the feeling of any stimulus to the skin, we have found.

Hubby asked me to get the riding crop out of the closet and come back to the bed. When I brought him the riding crop, he told me to lace my fingers and put them behind my head. He gave me several hard strokes across my buttocks, until I just couldn’t stand still anymore. Then he had me lay face down on the bed and whipped my bottom until I was squealing and just about to start crying. I’m not much of a screamer, but the riding crop hurts.

He told me to stand up, bend over and spread my cheeks again. I obeyed, feeling the raised welts on my hot, stinging buttocks. He stood up behind me, and gave my anus ten hard strokes of the riding crop. This hurt even worse than the whipping. My anus was already sensitive from the Tiger Balm and tender from his attentions, and the riding crop has a stiff leather tip which he is very accurate at aiming. He pushed me back onto the bed, kneeling over the bolster, and then I felt his cock pressing up against my asshole. Slowly he worked it in, and at first it felt nice and warm. Compared to that riding crop sodomy is soothing. This feeling did not last as once he was properly in he thrust his very stiff cock deeply into my rectum and reamed me hard for a time, then pulled out with a pop and again applied the riding crop to my buttocks. Another nice thing about the bolster is that it muffles all but the loudest screams.

He bade me to stand up, staying bent over, and spread my cheeks. He gave me another ten sharp, hard blows on my sore, throbbing anus. He enjoys doing this as I pucker up after each stroke, in an attempt to relieve some of the sting. I can’t help it. Of course, he sees this as an invitation to whip my anus more, and harder. Having to maintain my balance and keep myself spread for him, plus not moving to evade the riding crop is all very difficult and makes the punishment much harder to bear than when I’m tied down and unable to move, I’ve noticed. More obedience, discipline and attention to detail is required to stand and present for punishment; we both know I need development in this area.

After my ten he fucked my ass some more, with long, slow, deep thrusts. I could tell by his breathing that he was getting excited and tightened up to encourage him to cum. He pulled out before that could happen, and one final time applied the riding crop vigorously to my already well-marked bottom.

“I’m going to the gym,” he said.

“Please, I need another enema,” I asked. He replied, “You are running out of time, you better go get more water and a fresh towel.” He gave me one more enema, this time without any other business. While I was in the loo (sitting very gingerly on the toilet) he called good-bye through the closed door and headed to the gym at last. Hubby likes taking the time to help me.

Chapter 1 – Fulfilling people’s desires…

Brooke is a college student and probably the black girl of your dreams. Huge tits, perfect round butt, unbelievable curves, long black hair and a sexy smile on her face. She has a delicious body and she knows how to use it. But this lady won’t tease you and take advantage of you. She will please you and submit to your nastiest desires…

The alarm clock was ringing loudly as I woke up after a few hours of sleep. Sleeping with your hands tied with handcuffs on the bed’s headboard, is definitely not the ideal way to rest. I was feeling my arms so cramped as I managed to reach the key with my lips. I quickly untied myself and got up. I couldn’t be late this evening, or else…

I was very anxious, wondering what’s going to happen tonight, as I walked into the bathroom. I never noticed the big butt plug up my ass until I had to pee. It must had been left in there since last night and I wasn’t feeling it stretching my tight little asshole. It popped out when I pulled it, leaving my asshole wide open. “I’m a really big slut…” I thought. I always feel like that after a long night full of sex. Sometimes I don’t even remember what happened. But then I become horny again and with my pussy all wet, I just can’t stop thinking of my next adventure.

I took a bath and applied lotion all over my body. Back to my bedroom were the clothes I was ordered to wear for tonight’s occasion. A black lacey thong, pink fishnet stockings, an extremely short black leather skirt, a pink see through top, and a pair of 6” high heel sandals with ankle straps. “Oh no, I ‘ll totally look like a cheap slut with those on.” I thought. Yet I had no choice but to put them on. I also put on some makeup, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick and brushed my hair. Ready just on time as the door opened.

“Honeyyy, I’m back. You better be ready.”

That was my stepdad. He is always very strict with me. Whenever I don’t obey his rules, there’s a rough punishment waiting for me. He had ordered me to dress up and be ready before he had returned home.

I quickly walked downstairs, being very careful not to trip and fall in those high heels.

“Yes daddy, I’m ready.”

He came up to me and examined my body up and down.

“Mmm, I see you did a great job Brooke, good girl.”

“Dad, what’s up for tonight? Why did you have me dress up like this?”

“That’s a surprise my little Brooke. You ‘ll find out at the right time. The only thing that you need to know is that tonight you ‘ll have to do whatever they ask you, got it?” He said, as he gently slapped my face with his hand.

Then he brought in a big box and opened it. He took out two pairs of leather handcuffs with which he tied my hands behind my back and my legs. He put a ball gag in mouth, and a blindfold on my eyes. I was totally unable to move, speak or see what was going on, as he grabbed me and put me into the box. He closed it, wrapped it all over and tied a red ribbon around it.

“Ok, guys come on in, you can take it now. You remember the address I gave you right?”

“Yes sir. We ‘ll have it delivered within 30 minutes.”

The two men had no idea what was in the box. They carried it and placed it carefully into the lorry. Then they started the engine and drove all the way to deliver the package. Inside the box I could feel every bump and I was so wet trying to realise what was happening and what’s about to happen.

It all started last night, when my stepdad had called home for dinner his boss and his wife. I was asked to join them and be very polite and elegant, showing off my well manners and lovely personality.

“Make sure you won’t dress like a slut and try to be nice with my boss and his wife. Don’t even think of teasing him like you do with all those guys you meet, his wife is so jealous.”

So I tried to be good. I was wearing a short blue dress, a pair of black stockings, a silk blue thong and stiletto high heels. I was even wearing a bra, so my hard pierced nipples wouldn’t be noticed under the thin fabric of my dress.

However, my stepdad’s boss couldn’t keep his eyes off me. He was even stroking my thighs with his hand under the table during dinner, and he was always asking me about life in college and the guys I was hanging out with. I didn’t say anything as he kept doing this all night. His wife seemed quite annoyed by the situation. He should be more careful since they would have their wedding anniversary the other day.

Despite that, the dinner went quite well and the couple left pleased. But my stepdad wasn’t pleased with me. Not at all actually.

“I told you not to be provocative, didn’t I? I noticed everything, you fucking slut. Your eyes full of lust, and I could even smell your wet cunt. Not to mention your outfit! Maybe the next time I’ll tell you to dress properly, you’ll come naked, you horny bitch!”

“Dad, I never wanted to…”

“Shut your dirty little mouth! This time I’m going to teach you a lesson you won’t forget.”

He said and slapped my face so hard I almost passed out. Then he grabbed my hair and dragged me up to his bedroom. Everything was happening so fast… He tore my dress apart, sat on the bed and made me bend over his knees. Holding his leather belt on his hand, he kept whipping my ass harder and harder. My asscheeks quickly turned red and began to sting. I started to cry. The pain was unbearable.

“Please daddy stop, no more please, no…”

“You fucking whore! You want me to stop?”

“Yes daddy, please stop.”

“I said I would give you a lesson and I will!”

He whipped my ass a couple of times more and pushed me down to the floor. I knew my punishment wasn’t over yet.

“Now bitch, you ‘ll learn what real pain is. You ‘ll never defy me again!”

He took his pants off, letting his huge cock free. It was like 10” big and you could see the veins on it. He grabbed my hair again and led his cock straight into my mouth. Holding my hair tight, he was pushing all the way in and out, making me suck it deep and gag. I was allowed to breathe for less than a second and then his cock would be deep in my throat again.

When he thought I had had enough of him in my mouth, he took his cock out and slapped my face with it, leaving his precum on my cheeks.

Then he put me down on all fours and shoved his cock deep inside my ass. No lube. No preparation. No warning. I was unable to move or speak from the shock. It felt so painful, as he was ramming my asshole hard. That was my real punishment. He was pulling my hair and slapping my asscheeks while fucking me. I was having the roughest fucking of my life and he made sure that the pain would be far greater than the pleasure I was getting from it. I was praying for this to end soon. Suddenly he pulled off his cock and shot his thick cum all over my face.

“I hope that from now on you’ll start to behave properly.”

He led me to the bed and tied my hands with handcuffs on the headboard. He looked at my pussy dripping wet and my asshole wide open from the fucking. Then took a butt plug and pushed it in.

“This will close up this hole for now. I’ll let you sleep for a while, but tomorrow I want you to make up for all you did tonight. I’ll leave you the necessary instructions. Make sure you follow them and be ready when I return from work.”

Feeling faint and weak, I quickly fell asleep. He set the alarm and left.

My mind suddenly returned back to the present while I felt the box moving. The delivery had been finished.

“Please sign here Mr Jones. Thank you.”

My stepdad’s boss, David, received the box and took it into the house.

“Hey Stacey, look what they sent us. I wonder what’s inside…”

He quickly unwrapped it and opened it.

“OMG it’s Brooke from last night! What a sexy outfit and she’s all tied up, gagged and blindfolded! What does that mean? Oh, wait a second, there’s a little notice here.”

“Happy Anniversary Stacey and David! Please accept this gift from me. She will please you all night long.”

“What an awesome gift this is! Look honey we got a special fucktoy for our special night.”

He grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the box. Then took off the blindfold and the ball gag.

“Mmm, I don’t know David, this girl is such a slut…”

“That’s why it’s going to be amazing! Do you want to play with us tonight, sexy?”

“Y-Yes sir.” I was so embarrassed being sent as a fucking sex toy to some strangers.

“Look Stacey, our little Brooke is so shy… Haha, but you can’t hide your arousal young lady. You want it so much isn’t that right?”

He put his hand under my skirt and reached my soaked thong.

“OMG she’s horny as hell!”

“Hey David look there’s another box here, a smaller one. It’s full of sex toys.”

“Let’s not waste any more time, honey. I’ll take her to our bedroom, you go and prepare yourself.”

He didn’t mind to take off my leather handcuffs, yet he put a spiky collar on my neck and pulled me all the way upstairs with a leash. He even took the chance to make fun of me.

“You must love being a fucking slave, don’t you Brooke? I bet that if I had you tied up here, spanking your ass hard, you would say “thank you master” and beg for more, isn’t that right?”

I should deny that, but I couldn’t. He was absolutely right. I was a dirty little slut, who loved some good fucking, and it was very pretty obvious to him.

“Now make your master happy bitch, suck my cock deep, make it hard.”

He took off my handcuffs and held me from the leash. I took his cock in my hands and started rubbing it slowly and licking it all over. It didn’t actually need any sucking, as his cock was hard as rock already. He wanted to have me since last night, when he first met me.

I was sucking his cock slowly, deeper and deeper. Then I would pull off and suck his balls. My eyes were meeting his eyes, full of lust and appreciation. I treated his cock as it deserved, making it red and hard, ready to fuck the shit out of me.

Then Stacey showed up wearing a sexy police officer costume.

“These people are quite kinky.” I thought.

“Hands up everybody, police is here!”

She came up to me and grabbed my hair.

“So you like to seduce married men and suck their cocks you little whore, huh?”

“I didn’t… H-He asked me to do this, madam officer.”

“Shut up you fucking whore, you ‘re under arrest.”

She slapped me on the face and put a ball gag on my mouth. Then she took a pair of handcuffs from her belt and tied my hands to the bed. After that she moved to David.

“Now you two are going to obey me and make me happy, otherwise you ‘ll be very sorry, got that?”

“Yes madam.”

“Good. Now go and fuck her pussy hard, make her feel your cock deep inside her.”

David came behind me and slowly removed my see through top, my leather skirt, my bra and thong.

“You hand this over to me.”

He handed over my black lacey thong to her. It was soaked with my juices.

“Mmm, now my husband will give you what you want so much, you horny bitch.”

Then David pushed his cock in my pussy and started fucking me hard. He was holding me with one hand and with the other he was rubbing my clit. It felt so fucking great. He gradually increased the speed and the power of his thrusts. Stacey was sitting on an armchair, holding my wet thong, smelling it and playing with her clit, while looking at her husband ramming my pussy at the same time.

David pinched my nipples and gave my asscheeks a few slaps as he was about to cum. Then he pulled out and finished on my chest. Stacey came above me and licked every drop of his cum.

“Take a little rest David, I ‘ll take care of her now.”

She took off her shirt and put her huge tits on my face. She sat on my chest, lifting her skirt and removed the ball gag from my mouth. While leaning back she rubbed my clit with her hand. I was licking her clit with my tongue slowly and steady. If I was doing it right, she would rub my clit more and more. Her pussy was all wet, her juices were dripping into my mouth, I was loving every moment of it. David was standing nearby, playing with his cock which had become hard again. Suddenly Stacey got up and went to the bathroom.

A moment later she returned. I noticed a strange bulge under her mini skirt. She came close to me and as she lifted her skirt up, I saw the monster. She was wearing a huge strapon cock and it was coming straight into my mouth.

My lips stretched wide as she put it into my mouth. She pushed it deep but didn’t left it in there for long. She just wanted to make it wet before driving it into my pussy.

Stacey stretched my pussy wide open with her hands and shoved her big strapon cock inside. I was moaning loud while the rubber beast was fucking the shit out of me. Having my legs wide open for her, I was biting my lips, so as not to shout it loud :

“Yes, yes, more please, fuck my pussy. Yes, deeper please, yeah that’s it, fuck my pussy!”

I soon had an extreme orgasm. Stacey smiled at me and pulled off. She took off the strapon cock and her skirt. Wearing only a pair of stiletto high heels she walked to David. He was totally naked and his big cock was hard again.

“Now it’s my turn David, let’s fuck like animals.”

She lied on the floor over a rug made of fur and he lied above her. He kissed her lips deep and she kissed him back passionately. She opened her legs for him as he slid his big cock in her pussy. Her arms around his head and his hands touching every part of her body, while his cock was fucking her pussy slowly.

He pinched her nipples and rubbed her clit. She was moaning loud. He put her legs on his shoulders and fucked her deeper and harder. They were about to cum any moment from now. Then David grabbed her throat hard with his big hands, choking her, and fucked her as hard as never before. He came inside her wife’s pussy and she had a big orgasm too. They lied down next to each other, driven in heaven with pleasure.

“Oh David…”

“Mmm happy anniversary my love.”

“It was the best anniversary ever and that gift was amazing.”

“I forgot about her. What should I do with her now?”

“We don’t need her anymore, just get rid of her.”

“It’s too late to drive her back home.”

“Just leave her at her college. She can find the way herself. Then come back here, so we can have another round.”

Stacey went to the bathroom, while David put some clothes on. He untied me and quickly led me to his car. He drove me to the college and pulled me out of the car.

“David, wait. We forgot my clothes.”

“Damn, I don’t have the time for it now.”

The campus was empty. He grabbed my leash and led me to a tree, where he tied my hands.

“What are you doing? You can’t leave me here naked.”

“Don’t worry it’s too dark they won’t see you. I’ll bring your clothes tomorrow morning.”

“No. Don’t leave me here”

“Shut up.”

He put the ball gag on my mouth again, got back in the car and drove all the way home, leaving me helpless.

This is an audio reading of my story ‘Punishing a Good Girl’

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* * * * *

“Did you rat us out?”


I felt a sharp sting on my butt-cheeks. Even though I was wearing my jeans still I felt as if I am naked. I am not good at lying especially before two of the greatest bullies from my class but what could I have said? ‘Yes I did rat you out’, not very likely. Jojen and Theon both stood around 6′ and pretty muscular too, towering over my 5’8″ and skinny frame. Theon kneed me behind my knees making me drop on the cold wooden floor right on my knees. Jojen grabbed my hair, smiling. I didn’t like the smile, Jojen and Theon were gays openly, now that I don’t have anything against being gay still I have always felt uncomfortable whenever a guy checked me out. Everything was happening in the college gym where no one normally comes in after college hours. Theon walked up to my front realizing that I am too weak to free myself from Jojen’s grip. We were all college students and above 18, so legally they were doing nothing wrong but sexually bullying me.

Theon: “A rat and a liar, this one is a handful. Anyway, Candy, the question was rhetoric. We know you snitched us out as the ones who broke the hallway lights to the principle. No need to lie now and makes this worse.”

Me: “My name is Cam, not Candy.”

Jojen: “Not to us. To us you are only a Candy.”

Without giving me a scope to reply Jojen pushed his index finger inside my mouth, sliding it in and out in slow rhythm. I tried to pull my head off but Jojen was so much stronger than me, not only I failed to free myself but also it seemed it didn’t affect him at all as he held my head with his hand and using my mouth in the obscene way with his other. Their amusement was so palpable I lowered my eyes and blushed deep.

Theon: “Told you this one would break easy. I mean, look at his mouth, his lips. He was destined to be a cocksucking twink boy. See how he is blushing, it is just a sign that he is loving this more than us but need us to force it on him so that in the future no can say he is a fag.”

The comment turned me red but I was so helpless to do anything. I was never a fighter, let alone fighting two stronger guys alone. I feared I was submissive but was skeptical about it so far, only to be proven right by this incident. I didn’t say anything nor tried to pull myself away again. Jojen looked down at me and scoffed. After couple of minutes my mouth loosened a little, saliva dripping down along my under-lip down to my chin, then on the floor. Apparently Jojen was waiting for this to happen. He pulled out his finger from my mouth and wiped it over my cheeks. Pulling down the zipper he whipped his hard cock out, before my mind could register the size of it he placed both of his hands behind my head and pulled my face into it so hard, within an instant I found my nose under his balls and his monstrous 7 inch lying over my forehead. As I gagged from the sweaty smell both of them laughed and took their turns to pet my head like people pet a dog out of pity.

Holding me down there for a notable time Jojen pulled my head up a little so that I can see the aroused monster, just before my wide eyes. His hands guided me towards it and till I felt the damp tip of his cock. Though I fought, it was weak and a tight slap landed on my face as a reward. Partly out of fear, partly out of arousal I opened my mouth spontaneously letting Jojen push his dick inside my eager mouth. I was so confused, I always thought of myself as a straight guy but now feeling his dick sliding in and out in slow rhythm, doubt started to crawl inside my mind. I always felt uncomfortable around gays, was it because I didn’t like the way they eyed me or was it because deep down I was always a submissive gay, who craved to be someone’s bitch? The doubt only heightened when I felt my eyelids becoming heavier and before long I closed my eyes.

I heard footsteps and got a bit alerted. It cannot be Jojen so I understood it must be Theon. I thought to myself, ‘why is he getting behind me?’ I knew the answer only pretended to be innocent and unaware. Theon gently placed his hands beside my waist and pulled me a little behind. I felt a bit ashamed when I realized he wanted me to be on my fours and ready. I yielded, like a weak willed prey and why wouldn’t I, when I loved it? Theon unbuckled my jeans and pulled it down gently along with my underwear, leaving my ass bare. He slapped my ass cheeks gently and let his fingers feel the deepness between my bubbly ass-cheeks and from the moan he made I guessed he wasn’t unsatisfied.

I was still drooling. Theon gently wiped my chin, collecting my saliva on his index finger. Jojen kept on sliding his cock in and out, in the same rhythm with occasional hike in pace. Theon used his finger and my saliva to lube up the entrance of my asshole. When he was happy about it, he wiped my chin again. Getting enough of it, he pushed his finger inside my asshole. Till today, I still recall the way Jojen moaned when I tightened my lips around his cock, as if seeking solace when Theon pushed a finger inside my virgin butthole. I started to slide my head up and down along Jojen’s huge shaft as Theon was busy loosening my asshole the same way Jojen loosened my mouth. Before long Theon pulled out his finger and slapped my ass-cheeks a little. Jojen: “Wow, you were motherfucking right Theon. See how this little bitch is sucking my cock on my own. I am not even pushing his head down or anything. Poor slut finally realized his place. Good little boy, suck me harder.”

Theon: “I am always right, thought you would know that by now Jojen. Candy, I hope you got that you are not purely straight. I mean, you can be gay, you can be bisexual but not straight. My advice is better stay gay than bisexual. Since with this size you surely cannot please a girl with the thing hanging between your leg and I will really hate to see your eyes full with tears, face buried on a pillow when she says you are just too small for her.”

I paid little heed to their cruel words, they did slap me, they did strip me down, they were fucking me in the middle of the gym from behind like a dog takes his bitch but I knew deep down the words both of them cared and wanted me to be their cocksucker out of serving needs and love, not fear. They were being rough and mean because they wanted to play it like that, it was sort of a role-play for them. I moaned as Theon placed one of his hands on my waist and pushed himself inside me gently but I moaned louder when he began to stroke my little thing with his other hand. I felt like a little closet sissy who was guided by two men and now the closet sissy must pay his due. Within minutes I began to cum, all over the floor, sweating like a hog. Jojen smiled silently as I ejaculated and Theon gave out a cackle.

Jojen: “Oh, you ejaculated pretty quick Candy, another reason for you to stay gay. You cum quickly for a gay man, he considers you to be cute and his little sissy bitch but you cum quickly for a woman, she considers you to be premature and not man enough. Now keep up Candy, we two last much longer than you and I don’t want to be sleeping down there.”

Theon: “As if you are sleeping Jojen. Think, he cannot feel your veins popping out almost too eager to fill his mouth and throat with your jizz? Oh, this Candy has a butt simply so amazing and tight that I am finding difficulty in controlling myself.”

As Theon started to thrust in and out in a beasty lust I tried my best to loosen up. Theon was right though. My tongue could feel the veins appearing all over Jojen’s dick, which weren’t there few minutes back. I tightened my lips around the cock and began to deepthroat it like girls from porn movies. Had I not been sucking his cock for at least 5 minutes or so, it would have been extremely difficult to deepthroat but now after a couple of strokes my throat seemed to adjust to the size and soon enough I sensed Jojen’s body trembling a little. He placed his hands behind my head, holding my head still and began to moan. I looked up at his face, loving the way his expression changed as his moans turned into a squeal of pleasure. I loved how hot semen began to fill up my mouth with his seeds, few strands directly hitting the back of my throat seeping into my stomach. Though I couldn’t taste it all but I was never happier because I just made a man cum and have enough jizz in my mouth to taste.

Theon was doing his best from behind. The pain was receding with each thrust and before long it was reduced to naught leaving nothing but pure intimate pleasure. Jojen kept his boy inside my mouth for as long as it took to swallow his semen. It tasted a bit different than what I had hoped but nevertheless it tasted good. When I saw long after he ejaculated Jojen wasn’t in a hurry to pull himself out I guessed what he might want next. I was proved to be right when I began to lick his cock clean and was rewarded with a kind smile. Before long I felt another warmth inside me as Theon began to shoot out his love seeds (asshole). Pulling myself away from Jojen I turned around, the popping sound when Theon’s dick slid out of my ass made him moan. I brought my mouth close to his cock, it smelled a bit nasty but I didn’t mind. I started to lick his cock ignoring the surprised look of his face. Eagerly I tasted his semen along with the weird taste of my own ass, starting with a long slurp from his base to the tip.

Theon: “I never expected a boy to lick my 8″ member clean, right after I had taken his ass. It tastes weird and is humiliating, they all complained. Wait till I show them our newest find and remind them why I had dumped their asses long ago.”

Jojen wasn’t much of a talker, he only nodded and pulled up his pants, enjoying the sight of my cum-filled ass he gave me a couple of pats over my cheeks and sat down on a nearby chair, still smiling. Theon didn’t linger around for long either after pulling up his pants he dragged a chair next to Jojen and sat down, all sweaty a smile of satisfaction on his lips.

Theon: “Did you like it Candy?”

Me: “Oh yes.. I mean, yeah I was a bit shy and scared and hated it at the beginning but in the end I loved it. Thank you so much, both of you.”

Theon: “Good girl. I will see you tomorrow at the same time, bring a slutty maid costume in your bag and get dressed once you are inside the gym. Now shoo Candy, Theon and Jojen are about to play now and surely a little girl can give two grownups some privacy, don’t you think?”

I wanted to stay, to watch them maybe also join them but I did as Theon told me to. We have just started today and excessive curiosity and participation may spoil the whole thing before it matures. As I walked out of the gym, I heard the unmistakable sound of chair falling down on the floor followed by a passionate smooch and lovers’ moans.

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If you need a list of the cast of Cassidy’s please refer to chapters 1 — 36.

Lacy Alexis — Sister to Valentina

Ellen McGraw — Pregnant stalker and supermodel

The Cassidy Kennedy’s

Derrick Cassidy Kennedy — Suitor to Lacy Alexis

Amber Cassidy Kennedy — Mother to Derrick

Senator Alan Cassidy Kennedy — Father to Derrick

Jackson Cassidy Kennedy — Brother to Derrick married to Pedro

Pedro Cassidy Kennedy — Husband to Jackson, changed his name to Cassidy Kennedy after their marriage

Janice Cassidy Kennedy McGarrett — Sister to Derrick

Bronson McGarrett — Husband to Janice


Margaret Jones — Assistant to Hayley

Brian West — Assistant to Jake

Marvina — New Housekeeper to Hayley and Jake


The Christening for the twins had been postponed until the Sunday after Thanksgiving due to a water main break at the church, so Hayley and Jake would only be spending two days in Denver.

Brian West had prepared everything for Jake and Hayley’s trip for Thanksgiving. He and Margaret had prepared a surprise for their return home…the house would be decorated for the holidays except for the tree. Hayley wanted to do it herself with Jake’s help. Mason and Daniela would not be joining them, they were spending Thanksgiving in Connecticut and Frederick was coming. On Sunday they would meet at the church for the Christening of the twins who at four months old were very animated. Camilla always wanted her daddy to hold her while Carlos always wanted to be with his mommy.

Blake and Valentina along with Derrick and Lacy were invited to Mason’s home for the holiday. Frederick would be flying in and Cook was sending pies with him to make their celebration complete.

Daniela insisted on making part of the dinner with the chef from Mason’s restaurant doing the rest. Servers were hired and Daniela was excited about her first Thanksgiving in her new home.

As her family sat at the table, Daniela realized that she had much to be thankful for. She glanced over at Mason and grinned. He was handsome, loving and a great father. She couldn’t ask for more and her father loved her. He was thinking of retiring in a year and she hoped he would move in with them.

Blake had brought two very expensive bottles of wine and Valentina had insisted on feeding Camilla and Mason chuckled to himself wondering how she was going to remain clean in her white blouse after feeding Camilla who loved to throw food.

Somehow Valentina managed. Camilla looked over at her daddy with a look that said ‘see I can behave’ as Valentina shoved a spoonful of baby food into her mouth.

Derrick had his hand on Lacy’s knee the entire time. He was very possessive of her. He also watched her with the twins. She had a few things to learn, but he felt that Lacy would be a good mother.


Hayley and Jake had settled into newlywed bliss. They enjoyed each other’s company. Jake was attending school. He found studying the law to be not only interesting, but because of the formula he was able to retain more.

They used the playroom now and again, but Hayley was perfectly happy sitting at Jake’s feet or being over his lap as he spanked her beautiful behind.


They flew out to Denver on Thanksgiving eve and spent the holiday with all of the Cassidy’s. Helen was beside herself with joy and gushed all over Quinn who at three months pregnant had now opened the door for Brandon and Samantha to begin trying.

Jonah was grinning as well as his father slapped him on the back congratulating him.

Denise and Daniel hadn’t spent a great deal of time with any of their family and vowed to make that a priority. They invited Brandon and Samantha to spend some time with them.

Hayley and Jake were happy to see everyone. They would all be flying back to New York the day after Thanksgiving to get ready for the christening of the Chadwell twins.

Hayley spent some time with Cook downstairs. He would also be coming back to New York since he was invited by Frederick to attend the christening.

There would be no sex amongst other members of the family ever again. It was now time for procreation and starting your own line of the Cassidy dynasty.

Matthew took a walk with Hayley and Samantha. “I’m glad the ritual part of our lives is over. You know why we do what we do and I’m sure you will be looking with dread over the next twenty one or so years when you have your own children, just as your mother and I did, but I assure you that you will understand. As time goes on you’ll forget about it until it rears its ugly head and your son or daughter tells you that they are getting married.

Until then, love your children as your mother and I have loved you and instill the ritual into them without giving them any details. The Ritual must continue and must thrive. You two are the future.”

Hayley and Samantha both understood. Hayley really understood more than her father and Samantha. Her classes with Kenneth brought new insight every day and she was committed to ensuring that the Ritual continued for the sake of the country and the Cassidy family.

The current vice-president of the Board was retiring. Ian Barkley Cassidy was 90 and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with his wife who wanted them to move to Thailand. Kenneth wanted Hayley to take his place and would be putting it to the vote at the next meeting.

Thanksgiving day brought about a wonderful dinner and great conversation. Jake marveled at how much things had calmed down. They were just a typical family having a typical dinner. He began to relax and realize that this would work.

After a night of singing, drinking, card games and chess they all went to bed by one. In the morning at ten three SUV’s loaded with bags went to the airport. In a 14 seater plane, Jake, Haley, Helen, Matthew, Quinn, Jonah, Denise, Daniel, Cook, Samantha and Brandon along with pies, a small turkey, some candied yams and a ham boarded.

Once in New York, Cook and his dinner were taken to a townhouse where Matthew and Helen were staying. This would be the place for the celebration after the christening.

The rest were dropped off at the Plaza with the exception of Jake and Hayley who were taken home.

Jake and Hayley were very surprised at the festive decorations Brian had set up. The house was ready for the holidays. Jake called Brian and thanked him especially for leaving the Christmas tree for he and Hayley to decorate.

Marvina had welcomed them home with freshly baked cookies and hot chocolate. She was thrilled to know that Cook was in town and she would see him at the christening.


Lord and Lady Chadwell flew in on Saturday as did the rest of the Chadwell’s.

The babies seemed to know that something was amiss when they woke up that morning; they were a little cranky. Lady Catherine arrived at the house and immediately took charge. The twins looked beautiful in their christening gowns; one which was Daniela’s given by the King to Frederick and the other passed down from generations which Mason had once worn. The photographers hired snapped away.

Mason and Daniela rode with Lord and Lady Catherine to the church. Everyone from the Cassidy family and the Chadwell’s were in attendance. Sylvia greeted her brother warmly and Mason shook hands with Adam. They had come to an agreement and Mason understood his brother-in-law’s relationship with his pain-slut sister.

Claudia shyly asked to hold Camilla. The change in Claudia was a delight to see. She cooed at the baby and kissed her cheek. Camilla laughed up at her.

“Your wife looks happy.” Mason said to Martin.

“You have no idea how much she’s changed since the Ritual. She’s a much better person and I’m very happy for it. As soon as you and Daniela get married I’m going to knock her up. She really wants to have children badly.” Martin said patting Mason on the back.

Mary and Stephen arrived holding hands. Mary asked Lady Catherine if she could hold Carlos and she handed him over. Mary thought that he looked so much like Jake, even more so now than he had before. She held her tongue. It was none of her business, but she hoped Jake wasn’t the father and hadn’t cheated on Hayley.

Hayley nudged Jake and he turned to see Mary with Carlos. He groaned, “I can see her mind thinking from here.”

“I’ll go get the baby, after all I’m his godmother and I need him for the ceremony.” Hayley said sweetly. Walking down the steps of the church she took the baby from Mary after greeting her.

“Hey there, I’m so happy you’re here. Hello Stephen.” Hayley said and took Carlos.

“He is such a handsome boy.” Mary said nonchalantly, “He’s a little dark, who’s his father?”

Hayley smiled broadly at Mary, “I have no idea. All I know, ” Hayley said conspiratorially, “Is that they are now Chadwell’s and if that is what Mason and Daniela want us to believe than that is what we will all believe.”

Mary nodded; she would not say anything else. Once in the church Mary greeted her brother and congratulated Daniela and Mason.

Marvina arrived and Jake nearly didn’t recognize her. She was dressed out in her Sunday best with a huge white church hat on her head. She looked stylish and was holding onto the arm of Cook who looked dapper in his pinstriped suit.

Blake and Valentina were there as well as Lacy and Derrick. Claudia looked with envy at the pregnant Valentina who looked stunning in her off white dress.

Frederick along with Daniela Mason, Lord and Lacy Chadwell and Jake and Hayley stood on the altar.

The twins were baptized and christened. They behaved well with the exception of Carlos who would have rather played with the water than have it sprinkled on him.

Camilla was a little angel and slept through the entire ceremony. Jake and Hayley stood with Daniela and Mason and agreed to raise and protect the children.

The ceremony over, Matthew took little Camilla into his arms and kissed her. He felt a strong connection to her and hoped he’d live long enough to see her grow up. He envied Daniela and Mason seeing her every day and wished that he could spend more time with her.

Helen took Carlos and kissed him. She knew how hard this was for Hayley and she took her daughter’s hand. Hayley smiled. She and Jake had talked about it a few months earlier. He apologized for not thinking of her feelings. Photographs were taken and the twins were passed around.

At the townhouse, appropriate christening gifts were given and the babies were held and fed. Helen had arranged for a portable crib to be brought in and the twins were taken out of their christening gowns and put to bed.

Daniela and Mason looked like very proud parents. They ate and drank and then packed up their babies and returned home. Lady Catherine offered to go home with them, but they declined her invitation. They wanted to be alone with their babies.

Portia had attended the ceremony, but it was her day off and together they gave the babies a bath. By the time they were done dressing the twins for bed, Mason and Daniela were exhausted.

They put Camilla and Carlos in their beds, turned on the baby monitor and turned off the lights. Mason went into the kitchen and returned with two glasses of champagne, a tray of antipasti and some Italian bread.

He and Daniela ate and drank. They got ready for bed. Mason made love to Daniela that night. “I want to thank you for bringing the babies into my life. I love you.”

“I love you too. I want to thank you for being such a good father.” Daniela said as she caressed his face.

“We have a little over a month until we’re married.” Mason said as he nibbled on her nipples and kneaded her breasts.

“I can’t wait.” Daniela moaned.

Mason slid inside her pussy and kissed her as he moved back and forth. Daniela wrapped her legs around his back. She was completely and utterly happy and so was he.


Lacy was tipsy. She had been drinking since she arrived at the townhouse. Derrick had already warned her to stop and so had Valentina. Blake watched her. Lacy went over to Stephen, she ran her hands down his arm and Mary came over to her, “Keep your grubby hands off my boyfriend. Go snuggle up to your own.”

“I’m sorry Mary, I didn’t mean any harm. Weren’t those babies cute? I swear, one of them looks black.” Lacy said.

Derrick grabbed her arm, “It’s time you got home.”

Blake went over to Derrick, “I think that you should stay at my house and we should give Miss Lacy a spanking so that she won’t do this again.”

Derrick nodded and clasping Lacy’s hand tightly in his, they thanked Matthew and Helen for inviting them.


Lord and Lady Chadwell left soon after. Once in their hotel room, Lord Chadwell helped Catherine off with her dress. He knelt on the floor to take off her shoes and caress her stocking legs. “The twins are so beautiful my dear.” Lord Chadwell said still kneeling awaiting his wife’s permission to take off her stockings.

“You may remove them and then I think I need to unwind.” Catherine said. “You may undress.”

Lord Thomas Chadwell took off his clothes. He hung his and his wife’s clothes in the closet, then putting on his collar he returned to the bedroom where she was lying on the chaise.

The sight of her like this always made his dick hard, but his dick might not even be used this night. Thomas crawled towards Catherine who opened her legs. She grabbed him by the sides of his head and pulled him into her pussy. She never did this unless she was in heat and Catherine was in heat thinking about the wedding night ritual with Daniela and Mason.

Thomas was held in her pussy. He licked and sucked Catherine’s twat as she held him inside her nearly suffocating him. Thomas didn’t mind in fact his dick was hard as steel as he sucked on his wife’s juices.

“What a good boy you are my love? I’m glad you got over your temper tantrum the other night when I wouldn’t let you have your way. I really hated whipping your ass in the stable, but I loved how lovely it looked after and how hard you got when I fucked you.” Catherine said as she stroked his head, “Lick my clit harder.”

Thomas did as she asked. Catherine thought of Mason’s cock. She licked her lips as she thought of taking him in her mouth again her handsome young son with two babies. She was so very proud of him and Daniela; Catherine would enjoy sucking her pussy again. It would taste different than her pregnant pussy and Catherine couldn’t wait. “Yes, like that, keep it up. I’m about to, about to, cum.”

Catherine pulled his head in harder, Thomas took a deep breath and sucked on her clit as she exploded holding his head in her pussy, his face was soon soaked.

She held him there as he continued to lick her. When he was released, Thomas knelt eyes lowered.

“I’m sure you want to play with that little cock of yours don’t you?” Catherine said.

“I want whatever you wish my dear” Lord Thomas said wishing he could stroke his aching cock.

“Good answer” Catherine said and grabbed his head again, “Please me until I say stop and then we shall see…”

Thomas with a smile on his face went back to eating his wife’s pussy again.


The moment they arrived at Blake’s house and the door was closed, Valentina slapped her sister’s face. “How dare you embarrass me like that? Getting drunk, are you crazy?”

Lacy rubbed her cheek, “Jeez, I’m sorry. I guess I drank too much champagne.”

Derrick was annoyed. He wasn’t really angry but Lacy needed to learn a lesson. In a calm voice he said, “Strip”

Lacy looked at him and did as she was told. “Into the Danger Zone.” Blake added.

“Come on guys, I didn’t do anything that…”Lacy started to say the rest but Derrick grabbed her nipple and pulled it.

“Ouch, Sir, please.” She slurred.

Derrick picked her up and over his shoulder. He spanked her ass as he led her downstairs.

Valentina was so angry she was shaking. Blake held her. “Go up to bed. I’ll be up after we’ve chastised her. She’s just letting off steam. I think it’s good for her. She went through a lot with Derrick, so don’t be too hard on her. I’m sure Lacy will regret it in the morning.”

Valentina stroked his face, “Don’t be too long Sir.” She said as she went upstairs. Blake watched her and his dick did a jump, even pregnant she was one very hot looking woman.


Down in the Danger Zone, Derrick unceremoniously dumped Lacy onto the bed on her stomach. He secured her wrists to her ankles and picking up the paddle began to spank her ass, Lacy felt her pussy grow wet as Derrick welded the paddle. Blake came downstairs. “One more Derrick then done.” He said.

Derrick nodded and gave the final blow. Lacy’s ass was red but not damaged. Derrick felt her red ass, it was hot to his touch. His dick was hard and Blake unzipped Derrick’s pants. Derrick allowed Blake to take out his cock and stroke it.

He moaned, ‘That’s really good. I can’t wait to fuck her. I want to watch her take your dick in her mouth.” Derrick said to Blake.

“I heard she can suck it all.” Derrick said as Blake undressed.

“Yes, she couldn’t at first, but now she’s quite good. I’m not going to cum in her mouth, my wife wants that privilege, but she can make me hard.” Blake said stroking his own cock.

To Blake’s surprise, Derrick knelt in front of him. He looked up at Blake and Blake nodded. Derrick took Blake’s dick in his mouth and sucked on it. He could barely get his mouth around half of it and couldn’t imagine anyone taking all of it.

Blake pulled out of Derrick’s mouth and climbing on the bed grabbed Lacy’s hair and pulled her head up to look at him, “Are you sober now?”

She nodded. “You know what to do and don’t get drunk again or I will tan your hide.”

Lacy nodded again and opened her mouth. Derrick stroked his cock. He put lube on his dick and Lacy’s ass and eased himself inside her. Lacy moaned around Blake’s cock.

Blake moved in Lacy’s mouth, she had become quite the good cocksucker. Blake moved more of himself in her mouth as Derrick watched. Finally Blake felt Lacy relax her throat and Blake pulled her all the way down to his groin. Derrick’s eyes grew wide as he fucked in and out of Lacy’s ass.

Slowly Blake withdrew from Lacy’s mouth. Lacy begged, “Please Sir, please may I suck you.”

Black laughed, “Your master will cum in your mouth, your sister needs my dick now.

Blake picked up his clothes and left. Derrick fucked Lacy’s ass. He spanked her behind as he moved in and out and twisted his hips, “You are never to drink more than one or two drinks at the most. I don’t want to see you behave this way again or it will be worse for you, do you understand?” He said as he swatted her butt.

“Yes Sir, I’m sorry sir.” Lacy said.

“Your punishment will be denial. Don’t you dare cum.” He said. “I’m spending tonight with you and will make sure.”

Derrick pulled out. He went to the bathroom and washed up. When he returned he picked Lacy up and brought her into the bedroom. He kept her tied up as he fucked her face and pulled her all the way down on his cock.

Derrick exploded into her mouth and Lacy sucked him. She thought that after he came he would untie her. Derrick did not. He left her tied, between his legs where they both fell asleep. He awakened in the middle of the night and woke her. Derrick took hold of the sides of Lacy’s head and slid his dick all the way down her throat. When he was very hard he picked her up and sat her asshole down onto his dick.

Lacy was half awake, but she woke up fully when she felt his hard cock drilling inside her anal passage. Derrick moved her tied body up and down his dick. Finally he came and eased her off of him. He got out of bed and taking a knife cut her out of her bindings.

Derrick went into the bathroom and returned with lotion. He soothed her aching arms and legs. He had washed himself, but he still wanted her mouth.

I was very angry. Quite angry. Angry enough to have rung the police to see if they knew where she was. They had found her, and were bringing her home. She had been at a party which I had expressly told her I did not want her to attend, and she knew what would happen now that she was being brought home, in disgrace, by the police.

Waiting by the door, the clock had just crept past 1am when there was a knock. I opened it, to see my love, tears dampening her cheeks and making her mascara blotchy, flanked by two police officers whom I thanked.

I stepped aside and she walked in, not saying a word, but simply walked by me, and into the main room of our home. I told the police what they needed to hear and they left. I then closed the door and walked into the living room, where she was standing, facing the window, hands clasped in front of her, sobbing quietly.

“You know what has to happen now, don’t you?” I asked, walking up behind her and putting my hands on her shoulders. She turned and buried her face in my chest, her hands balled up into tiny fists as she cried out her apology and begged to be let off.

I lifted her tear-stained face with two fingers, and kissed her full, wet lips. “You know I can’t let you off, dear. This is the third time you’ve gone to a party that I didn’t want you to attend. Now go into our bedroom, and bring me what you want to feel.”

She sniffed, then nodded her head, and walked into the back of the house. I stood in the living room, breathing deeply, trying to calm myself down so that I wouldn’t let my anger flow into my actions. Then with her quiet steps, she returned, holding a leather belt that I had gotten made in Penang some years ago. It was sturdy leather, 4mm thick, and 30mm wide, well over 2 meters long, with holes all along it’s length. I knew how much this would hurt, but it was her choice. It always had been.

“All right, darling, over the chair.” I said as I took the belt from her limp hands. She walked over to the recliner that I usually sat in, and bent herself over the back, elevating her bottom until it was the highest point of her, with her hands resting on the arms of the chair, and her feet flat on the floor.

I stepped beside her, and lifted her party dress clear, then slipping my fingers into the elastic, slid her panties down and clear, until they lay in a crumpled pool over her bare feet.

I ran my hands across her smooth, coffee-coloured bottom, feeling the soft warmth and vibrancy of it, pressing into the flesh to feel how firm her buttocks were, then I lightly slapped it, and she jumped. That was the signal for her to prepare. I stepped back as she shifted position to make her as comfortable as possible. I lifted the strap and brought it down across her backside with a light crack. She jumped and yelped, but didn’t move. I gave her another stroke, this time a bit harder. Another cry, but no jumping this time. I then began to methodically strap her backside, from top to bottom, waiting about ten seconds between each hit to see the welt begin to rise. I finished after about 12 hits, and stood watching her.

She was crying openly, sobbing her heart out, and her bottom was quite red, with visible lines showing where the belt had hit, and thin welts showing where the lashes had crossed over. But she knew it wasn’t over yet, and she was right. I walked up to her, and put my hand on the small of her back as I coiled the belt into a much smaller, but more painful lash.

“Are you ready, dear?” I asked

After a few more sobs, she nodded, her beautiful black hair rolling in waves with the motion of her head. I lifted my arm and laid the belt down another twenty times, giving her backside a very good covering of welts. I finally dropped the belt when I felt she had been disciplined enough and just held her down, crying, for another minute or so, then I shifted my hand and pulled her to a standing position.

She threw her arms around me and just collapsed, crying into my shirt as I picked her up and carried her into our bedroom. I laid her on her side on the bed and left her to go into the den. I poured two glasses of whiskey, downed one, then carried the other into the bedroom where I made her drink it.

She coughed a bit, but the drink soon calmed her down, and I helped her to stand so that I could undress her. I unzipped and removed her party dress, then unclasped her bra and put it with the dress. She stood in front of me, totally naked, cheeks damp with tears, her eyes very bright. I pushed her a step backwards so that I could gaze upon her disciplined and submissive body. Since I had married the girl, she had given herself totally to me, never refusing any of my desires or wants, going along with any idea I could imagine, always eager, and always ready to try something new.

I let my gaze drop from her oval face, slanted eyes, upturned nose and full lips, to her graceful neck, gently swelling breasts with their small but hard nipples, to the soft bellybutton, then down, to the smooth bareness of her vulva, which she waxed every week, because she knew I liked her to be hairless. I let my hand rest on her hip and gently turned her around so that I could see the damage done to her smooth bottom. The red angry marks were a stark contrast to the rest of her coffee-coloured skin. I stood, and pressed on her upper back, so that she bent over, resting her hands on her knees and pushing her bottom out as she kept her legs straight. My other hand rubbed her sore backside, feeling the heat radiating from the flesh, then my fingers slipped beneath her bottom to caress her vulva from behind, and she let out a long groan of pent-up frustration.

I continued rubbing her, slipping one, then two fingers inside her to feel her moistness and the tightness of my love’s insides. She continued to groan softly, moving her hips in a circular motion to try and speed up my actions, trying to distract me from the last stage of her punishment. But she had to learn, I knew that, and she would soon remember what happened to a naughty wife who disobeyed her husband and stayed out all night to party with the girls.

I slipped my fingers from her vulva and up a bit, until one rested on the rosebud of her anus. I rubbed it, hearing her groan in embarrassment. She liked anal sex, but it embarrassed her greatly whenever I would touch her, or even refer to her ass in any type of discussion. I pressed with my slick finger, and it slipped past her anal muscle, into the warm dampness of her anus. I pushed until my finger was in her up to the knuckle, then I slipped it out and she felt my erect cockhead pressed against her buttocks.

Standing close behind her, I slid my hands under her to cup both breasts, and pulled her into a standing position as I fell back onto the bed, pulling her with me. She gasped as her sore bottom hit my crotch, but I then rolled her onto her side, and she drew her legs into a fetal position, holding her buttocks apart with one hand so I could have access to her rear entrance.

I rolled over and returned with a jar of lubricant which I used on my cock, to make it very slick, and also worked a good-sized dollop into her anal passage. Gripping her hip with one hand, I maneuvered myself into position, and pressed into her back passage with a single, smooth motion. She groaned as my entire cock slid into her and my groin pressed against her welted backside. I began to rock back and forth, slowly fucking her back into my good graces. She rocked in time with my thrusts, letting me take her as I wanted, as I needed, as she needed to be taken to feel she had been forgiven.

I thrust into her solidly, feeling the familiar surge in my groin and then pushed deeply into her as I came. I gasped into her hair and wrapped my arms around her as my cock surged, sending spurt after spurt of semen deep into her moist insides.

I held her tightly to me as we both fell asleep, comforted in the knowledge that she was now forgiven and that I still loved her.

Dan stepped out into the quiet remains of a Saturday night, a knotted garbage bag in hand. At nearly one in the morning, the small bedroom community of Kessler Grove lay still. The only sounds, even on a weekend night, were the soft rush of traffic from the not far-off interstate, the odd bark of a dog or call of an owl.

He drew a breath of cool night air and shuffled down the steps of the back porch, thoughts of what Gina might have done that night brushing his mind. After nearly three weeks, the mournful effect of their breakup had largely withered. Weekend nights, though, still played dark tricks on the nineteen year-old. His parents were gone until Sunday afternoon and Dan rued the evening he and his ex-girlfriend might have had together.

Ex-girlfriend my ass, he thought. Over the last three weeks he had accepted that a month of weekend dates and awkward, intermittent sex did not make a relationship.

Overall, though, he was proud of himself. Only once, while he sat near comatose in front of the TV did thoughts of his ex-girlfriend agitate him. An image of her wedged under some hot-shot business major had done little more than bring a snort of contempt.

With a sigh, Dan opened the garage side-door and dropped the bag into its rubber holding cell. That done, he pulled the door shut behind him. Tired but restless, Dan stood for a moment on the brick walkway and rolled his shoulders. He somewhat regretted not going out with Dom and Nick that night, but drinking in the Oak Hill Cemetery hadn’t been very appealing.

Even if Jennifer Salasky was there. Dan knew her socially. He also knew she had liked him for quite some time. She was cute and quiet in a thoughtful sort of way. Unlike Gina, Jennifer probably wouldn’t harp on him about an alleged lack of ambition. In all likelihood she’d make a great girlfriend and be an enthusiastic bed partner. Thoughts of the pale brunette stirred his libido and Dan almost wished he could misuse Jennifer’s affections. Damn, he thought and grinned.

A sharp moan stopped him in mid-step. Dan looked laterally across the yard, towards a neighboring two-story brick house a hundred feet or so away. Once or twice Dan had heard those particular neighbors go at it. The night was still and Dan shrugged. Must have been a dog, he reasoned. Or a horny mind. He grinned again and reached the squat concrete porch.

Another cry found his ears and Dan started. Definitely not a dog. He grinned and looked toward the neighbor’s house. The windows were dark. Dan stood for a moment and waited for the carnal couple to fill the night with orgasmic cries. From what he’d just heard, his neighbors were likely to really go at it. Dan ran his tongue across his lip.

Another cry filled the night and Dan frowned. He could swear the sound came more from behind him. He turned around and stared at the McWilliams house. A laugh bubbled in his throat. He considered whether the geriatric couple were fucking and dismissed the notion. Maybe they still did the deed, but not so vigorously that Mrs. McWilliams would break the night’s silence.

“Umgah owgey!”

Dan turned and looked across the yard. The voice sounded as if it came through a pillow from somewhere beyond the shed. He now remembered his mom saying something about the little house and the woman who’d moved into it not more than a week earlier. His brow rose. He also remembered seeing, as he came home from work a few evenings ago, a rather attractive brunette near the house. He summoned the vision but got little more than a reddish summer dress and black hair cut, he thought, in a bob.

Another cry drifted over the shed. Damn, she sounds like she’s getting a good workout, he thought. Dan’s cock pushed against the leg of his sweatpants. He bit his lip and heard his heart thump. He shifted and grunted as the feel of fleecy cotton coaxed his member fully erect.

A distant but long, guttural moan drifted from over the shed. Thoughts of his ex-girlfriend were buried by his rising libido. His cock swelled to life with a need for the embrace of slick warmth. Another moan filled the night and Dan had an urge to whip it out and satisfy himself.

He swallowed and looked toward the shed. A space of some three feet stood between the shed and the high fence separating his house from the McWilliams. A space filled with night. Dan realized he could slip behind the shed and be closer – some thirty feet closer – to the woman’s house. Every sound she made would find his ears and in the dark, Dan could tackle his growing need.

The shadows slipped around him as he stepped into the space. He looked down at himself and grinned. His t-shirt and sweatpants were nearly invisible and his arms were little more than gray silhouettes. His heart raced and he breathed fast as he crept closer towards the neighbor’s yard. A waist-high chain-link fence bordered the two properties. Beyond that lay a landscape made of shadows and night.

He crept forward until the dark shape of the woman’s house showed itself. A squat deck adorned with the fuzzy shapes of potted plants jutted out from the house and its French doors. His eye caught an oddity in the shadowy contours – a sliver of light a lower corner of the doors.

“Peas!” The muffled cry was followed by what sounded like whimpering moans. Dan’s mouth fell open into a grin and his heart raced. Another moan slid from the dark house. Dan breathed hard and rubbed his stiff cock through his sweats, squirming at the sensations that demanded a more vigorous touch.

“Peas fug gee, peas!” A long moan followed the tortured plea and Dan nearly came. He gasped through tight lips and forced his hand away from himself. Dan giggled behind clenched teeth as he anticipated the onslaught of orgasmic wails. He glanced around him, the shadowy night reassuring that he was invisible. He tugged his sweat pants down, just over his hip bones. Anxiety he just might be seen stayed the descent of his pants.

He twisted his head around the corner of the shed. A Weeping Willow dripped shadows across a good chunk of the yard and Dan knew even the keenest-eyed neighbor could not see him. The rear-most neighbor’s house hid behind a solid white fence. In the night, the woman’s house was well-hidden. The space he stood in must, he realized, be all but non-existent.

He glanced back to the woman’s house and licked his dry lips as he looked at the faint sliver of light. He set a hand atop the fence and squatted. The doors themselves seemed somewhat paler than they should be.

Another soft, but distinct moan filled the night. Dan dropped to his knees, his cock aching for stimulation. Images of just how the woman and her lover were fucking spun in Dan’s head. A tattoo of sharp cries filled his ears and Dan saw an image of the woman on all fours. Breathing deep, he pushed his sweatpants down and stopped. He blinked and peered at the French doors. For a moment he thought he saw a vague blur of movement. Holy shit, he thought. They were doing it right in that room. A room with a light.

Dan froze as a notion possessed him. The yard was dark and would hide his approach if he crept up to the deck. He could crouch right at the steps and, if not see much of anything at least he could hear that much better. A shudder of excitement and fear rose from his chest. I’ll be so fucked if I’m caught, he thought. Everyone in the Grove would know and his troubles would be far more than legal.

“Uh whaa um!” The woman cried. Shaking, he stood and placed his hands on top of the fence. He was just tall enough he could swing one leg and the other over with casual effort. Fear, though, kept his feet where they were. He leaned his head just past the fence and looked toward the side lawn of the woman’s house. Three privet bushes marched from the corner of the woman’s house to the edge of the McWilliams’ property, obscuring, if not blocking a view from the street. He took a breath and chewed on a lip, considering the risks and rewards of sneaking into his neighbor’s yard.

He knew he might never have an opportunity like this again. Quickly and with only the slightest sound, Dan swung one leg and then the other over the fence. He almost went right back over, but crouched instead. He looked behind him and saw nothing but the neighbor’s white fence. He looked across the breadth of the yard and saw only the willow and darkness. He looked toward the French doors and what lay just the other side of them.

This is crazy, he thought. Instead of going back over the fence, though, he trotted in a crouch toward the deck, the sound of his breath and the plod of his shoes horribly loud in his ears. His half-erect cock bobbed against his thigh and he struggled against nervous laughter. He reached the deck and squatted in the elbow of the steps.

Slowly he shifted onto his knees and bent his body upright. The deck’s handrail and two potted plants either side of his face giving him confidence. He wrestled with his fast, panicky breathing and willed away the urge to flinch at the slightest sound.

“Do you won a gum?” A voice said. Dan frowned as he stared at the doors. The voice didn’t sound very masculine. A pale shadow shifted behind a door and Dan’s head throbbed with the urge to run back to the fence.

“Ess! Make me come!” The woman said. Dan grinned and stared at the doors, his cock returning to its engorged glory. Holy shit, Dan thought. He breathed fast and swallowed.

“Are you goring be a good girl?”

The voice sounded more as if it came from a woman. Dan’s mouth opened. The shadow drifted into view again, but Dan didn’t flinch. He was invisible, after all. Silent, as well.

“Are you going to be a good little bitch?”

This time Dan didn’t suspect; he knew. His neighbor was fucking a woman, not a man. Dan bit his lip and squirmed. He also looked at the sliver of light in the door’s lower corner. His breath shuddered as he thought of what creeping up to the door would reveal. No way, he thought. No fucking way.

“Do you won id?” The woman-voice said.

“Ess! I won it in my boo-see!”

Dan nearly moaned and he felt dizzy from the visions dancing in his head. He bit his lip until pain made him blink. The sliver of light beckoned. He’d be a fool if he passed the opportunity. Go slow, he told himself, just take quick a look. Enough to know exactly what the two women were doing.

He lifted himself into a crouch and set a shaking foot onto the first step. Cool air brushed his face and he nearly abandoned his course of action. Another moan from within the house brought his other foot onto the next step. He kept his eyes on the French doors, fearful he would see the shadow grow large and the door open. The deck creaked. Dan froze, one foot on the deck itself, the other on the steps. Too risky, he thought.

“Fuck me!”

Dan stared at the doors and an iron resolve surged through him. His breath tight, he crept forward, grinning in triumph as the deck took his weight without a peep. His eyes fell to the sliver and he quivered with expectation. His mouth fell open when he heard the shuddering scrape at his feet. Something grabbed his foot and Dan twisted in panic, the grip on his foot tightening.

His balance faltered as he spun himself around. The sound of something scraping the deck roared in his ears as he fell forward. The thump of his knee hitting the deck was almost as loud as the sound of something bouncing and clattering behind him. Arms flailing, Dan fell forward yet again, his palms and his chin biting into the grass. Minutes or even hours passed as he struggled to get on his feet and run.

The doors opened and a thin squeal of fear leaped from his throat as the knock of footsteps bore down on him. He kicked his legs, his knees barking against the steps. He pushed against the lawn. Something hard and sharp pressed between his shoulder blades.

“Don’t fucking move!” A woman hissed.

Dan felt a cold numbness wash through his body. He turned his head toward the fence and could swear the shadows there grinned in amusement.

“You!” The woman’s voice was a stern whisper. Dan whimpered in silence as he thought of how everything had gone wrong. The clatter of whatever he’d caught his foot in sounded in his ears over and over. Worse, the woman apparently recognized him. An eternity passed before the woman spoke again.

“Put your hands behind your back!”

Without thinking, Dan obeyed. He heard an odd, soft creaking as the woman shifted herself. She grabbed his thumbs and bent them until Dan gasped.

“You will stand up,” The woman said, her voice a whisper laced with broken glass. “If you try anything funny I’ll break both of your thumbs. Do you understand?” She bent his thumbs again.

“Y-yes.” Dan said. The pressure on his back disappeared. He stumbled to his knees and then his feet, wincing at the pain in his thumbs.

“You will turn around and walk into the house.”

The woman goaded Dan around and pushed him to the steps. Visions of police and the look of shame on his parents’ faces loomed before him. He glanced down and saw the dark shape of the small charcoal grill his foot had tangled with.

“Turn your head to the right and keep it there, understand?”

The woman bent his thumbs again for emphasis. Dan grimaced and fought an urge to break her grip. Even if he did, with his digits intact, it wouldn’t matter. The French door stood half-open. Maybe he could talk his way out of any trouble, if he could think of anything that might mollify his captor.

He turned his head to the right as far as he could and stepped over the threshold. The wall of whatever room he stepped into was beige with soft light. He moved forward at the woman’s prodding, his eyes passing over an autumn landscape print hanging on the wall.

“Who the hell is that?” Another, younger-sounding woman said. An image of a wide-eyed blond with a pleasantly heavy bottom and messy hair gathered up in knot leapt into his mind.

Dan’s captor prodded him forward, the wall and an entrance to a hallway sliding past his vision. As shocked as he was by his predicament, he marveled at the scent of feminine exertion and arousal that laced the air.

“On your knees!” The woman said. Dan obeyed.

“Lean forward and place your left cheek on the couch.” Dan again did as he was told. The fuzzy red of an armrest looked back at him. What felt like velvet met his face. I am so fucking fucked, he thought. He might have laughed at how his cock withered in agreement.

“Is he a creeper?” The other woman said. Dan winced. He thought of everything that word implied and kissed his own ass goodbye.

“It seems so, Kat. Unless our young intruder here has a compelling reason as to why he was on the deck. Did your cat run into my backyard?” The woman said. Dan squeezed his eyes shut.

“No.” He said, grimacing against the discomfort in his thumbs and knees.

“Ah.” The woman said. “Stay exactly as you are. If you so much as move a finger I’ll abandon any thought of listening to an explanation. Instead, I’ll simply call the police, yes?” She said. The pressure on his thumbs disappeared.

“Yes.” Dan said. He summoned the will to turn and confront both women. He’d broken the law, he knew, but wasn’t the woman doing the same by forcing him down on his knees? He thought for a moment and then heard the phrase “citizen’s arrest”.

That odd creaking noise came again when the woman moved away. Dan thought he knew what made the odd sound. An image of the woman he’d seen just days earlier came to mind. He pictured his captor wearing a latex cat suit, her black hair cut into a blunt bob. If he saw her face, he knew her eyes would be dark and fierce, her skin pale and her contours subdued but stern.

Kat started a question that was answered with a “shush” from the woman. He heard her approach and bit his lip. Why the hell didn’t she just call the police and get the whole thing over with?

Dan opened his eyes when she grabbed his wrists and wrapped something around them. Before he could open his mouth and protest, he felt something soft binding him. In moments his hands were tied together. Dan breathed fast. What his captor did could not, he suspected, be at all legal. I’m really, really fucked.

“Keep your eyes straight ahead.” The woman said. She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him upright. Dan looked down the short length of the shadowy hallway. A door stood ajar, letting darkness spill out of a room.

“Hey!” He said when something snaked over his eyes. A blindfold. His breath rattled out of him as he realized how vulnerable he now was. No one knows where I am, he thought. He trembled and swore he heard the night laugh at him.

“I’m, I’m sorry for what I did. Please, just call the cops.” Dan said. He fought against the panicky whine in his voice. Kat snickered and a shiver raced down his back.

“I’m sure I will. Or perhaps your explanation will be so moving I’ll simply forget about this and send you on your way home.” The woman said.

“Hmm, no. I should walk you home and tell your parents how you came to be on my doorstep. Don’t you think, Kat?”

Kat snickered again. Dan shivered. Please just call the police, he thought. The woman stood up, creaking as she did so. Dan suddenly realized what the odd sound was. She wore, he was certain, something made from latex.

“Maybe you should call the police, Diane.” Kat said, her voice sputtering laughter.

“My parents aren’t home. They’re out of town.” Dan said.

“Oh. Well, I guess it’s the police then.” Diane said.

Dan chewed on his lip and let his head droop. If Diane and Kat pressed charges, he’d spend the rest of the night in a cell. That prospect didn’t sicken him as much as the call he would make to his parents. I’m so, so fucked, he thought.

“Wait! I, I swear I’ll never do anything like this again. I – I didn’t even see anything!” Dan sought for more words, but realized how pointless it all was. Soft pain bit into his knees but Dan dared not shift.

His heart beat in his ears as he waited for the women to say something. Diane’s attire creaked as she paced behind him. After more than a few moments had passed, he felt some measure of hope. His mind grasped onto the fact that police or even parental involvement might make Diane’s private life public.

“How old are you young man?” Diane said at last. She moved directly behind him, the creak of her movements loud in his ears. An odor he couldn’t place drifted over his nose.


“And your name?” Diane said.


“So, Dan, is it becoming of a young man to peep through windows? Surely you know such things are not only rude but illegal, as well.”

Dan said nothing. He merely stared into his blindfold.

“Do you know what the word trespass means? As well as voyeurism?” Diane said. Her hand fell to his shoulder and she drummed her fingers. Dan flinched.

“I’m sorry about what I did, I swear.” He said. He felt feverish and a trickle of sweat slipped down his spine.

The fingers stopped and Diane moved away. She sighed.

“Does he sound sorry, Kat?” Diane said. Kat snorted.

“He’s just sorry he got caught. I’ll bet he saw something, too.” Kat said.

Dan let out a breath and shifted on his knees, the biting pain lessening somewhat. The brief hope Diane might let him off with a warning faded fast. Both women were simply playing with him. He’d disrespected their privacy and now they were having fun with him before letting the hammer fall.

“Is this true, Dan? Are you truly sorry for violating the basic rights of another? And, are you being truthful when you say you didn’t see anything?” Diane said. She clapped her hands together and Dan jumped. An odd liquid sound flitted about his ears.

“Either way, you still trespassed and invaded my privacy. Possibly ruined our night’s fun as well.” She said. Dan shrank when she approached and bent down to him. Hair tickled his ear.

“Were you going to do something to us, Dan? Maybe lose control and force yourself on me and poor little Kat?”

“No!” Dan said. He screwed his eyes shut and struggled against how the sound of her breath in his ear and the rubbery smell of her affected him.

“I was just going to – to look and,” He let the rest die off.

“To what? Stand on my deck and jerk off?” Diane said. She sighed and stood up. Dan swallowed several times. Kat snickered again.

“No, I was, I heard something and got curious, that’s all. Honestly, I know what I did was stupid and I’m really sorry! I’ll, I don’t know.” Dan let his head drop. Fuck it, he thought.

“Well, we do have a problem.” Diane said. “I value my privacy and really do not want my habits becoming public knowledge. But, you, young man have committed a rather serious offense.” She moved behind him and creaked as she squatted. Dan could feel the warmth of her face near his own. He squirmed.

“Would you, young man, be willing to demonstrate for Kat and I just how sorry you are, and perform a fitting penance?” Diane whispered.

The sound of her moist lips in his ear sent a fever-filled balloon through his body. He knew Diane must be messing with his head, but his libido didn’t. His cock hardened and pushed out against his sweats. He bit his lip and willed his member lay dormant. His body mocked him, however.

“Mmm. It seems you’re not only willing but very able, as well.” Diane said. She stroked his neck and stood up.

“Well, Kat, should we let Dan make amends for his transgressions? It might be quite a bit of unexpected fun.” Diane said.

“I don’t know. He’s kind of skinny.” Kat said. Diane chuckled.

“Perhaps he’s not skinny everywhere, Kat.” Diane said. She leaned over and Dan felt the tickle of her hair on the nape of his neck.

“Would you like to show Kat what you’re made of, young man?” Diane whispered. She breathed in his ear and Dan quivered.

He swallowed and corralled his thoughts. Any moment Diane and Kat would laugh. Or kick him out the door with a warning. The way Diane rubbed his shoulder, though, suggested Dan would receive something more than a verbal reprimand. He swallowed again and searched for his voice.

“Y-yeah. Yes. I want to show Kat what I’m made of.” He said, his breath coming fast. He gasped when he felt the tip of Diane’s tongue trace the edge of his ear.

“Very good. Now, stand up.” Diane said.

Dan got to his feet and took a deep breath. A part of him said this was all craziness. He didn’t know these two women, hadn’t even seen them. He had heard them, though, and the intensity of Kat’s earlier cries suggested a possibility for overwhelming pleasure.

“Take your shoes off.”

Dan did as she instructed. He heard her kick his footwear off to the side.

“Come this way.” Diane turned him away from the couch and guided him to what must be the center of the floor.

“Hmm,” Kat said. “He’s pretty cute. Aw, his fella wants to come out and play!” Kat laughed.

“If you’ll both excuse me for a moment, I’ll fetch the proper tools for our little game.” Diane said. She slid a hand over his cock as she walked away and Dan breathed deep. She left the living room.

“Nervous?” Kat said.

“Kind of. Yeah.” Dan said. I’m fucking crazy as well, he thought. Tools? Game? What the hell am I doing?

“Good. You come harder when you’re nervous.” She breathed. “Follow the rules, Dan, and we’ll all come.”

Dan could hear feverish lust in her voice and his head swam. He still couldn’t believe any of this wasn’t some joke. That Diane and Kat wouldn’t drive him to a frenzy and, so to speak, pull the rug from under him. He grinned. Even if they did just that, it would be the best sexual experience he’d had in months. Maybe ever. Thoughts of Gina, of Jennifer and mindless nights driving around paled before whatever new realm he’d entered.

Diane walked into the living room and set something down. Dan heard what sounded like the latches of a toolbox. He swallowed again and his own arousal wavered as he wondered just what sort of tools Diane planned on using. Kat’s earlier cries rang in his ears and Dan’s trepidation vanished.

The sound of things metal filled his ears and then Diane stepped in front of him. Something cold and hard caressed his cheek and he flinched. Diane chuckled.

“Don’t worry, young man. The only pain you might have is a case of blue balls. Are you particularly fond of this shirt?” Diane said as she grasped the garment’s hem.

“No.” Dan said.

“Good. Now be still while I remove it.”

Dan’s stomach quivered as Diane began cutting his shirt up the middle. The slight creak of her garment and the rasp of the scissor blades made for an odd cadence. He lifted his head up and away when the blades reached his collar.

“There!” Diane said as his shirt opened.

She spread the shirt open with the scissors and needles ran along Dan’s scalp when the cool steel brushed his bare chest. He gasped squirmed against the bonds of his wrists when Diane’s metallic touch slid down his chest to his stomach.

“You’re lean but certainly fit. Do you think he’ll have the stamina for some games, Kat?” Diane said.

“Does his tongue have any stamina?” Kat said, and laughed.

“Now now, young lady. Don’t get Dan overly excited.” Diane said. She slid the scissors into his waistband, the cold sliding down his groin. Dan shivered and curled his toes. He gulped and fought two emotions – fear and an excitement he wasn’t sure he’d ever felt.

“Or hopeful, for that matter.” Diane said. She pulled the scissors from his pants and stepped away, her second skin creaking as she moved.

More sounds came from the toolbox. Dan trembled as he wondered what Diane would do next and his mostly erect cock throbbed. He anticipated some touch or other with every sound he heard and reflexively stared into his blindfold, as if sheer effort might turn the thing transparent. The sound of someone, probably Kat, shifting position spawned what was denied his vision.

The soft creak of Diane’s movements approached him. She put her hands on his shoulders and turned him around. A nudge between his shoulder blades sent him a step forward. She nudged and he stepped again, their dance repeating until Dan feared he would smack into a wall. He made a sound when she grasped his ass with both hands and squeezed his rump, hard.

“Now Dan, in spite of your un-neighborly conduct, I’m more than willing to offer a laurel branch of sorts, should you be interested. Do you still wish to play with Kat and I? You’re more than free to go.” Diane said.

She kneaded the cheeks of his ass, her fingertips working into the firm shape of his rump until he winced. A far-off voice suggested he should indeed simply go. His body screamed otherwise and another voice, quiet and calm, whispered that playtime with the two women would be an unforgettable experience. A life-changing one at that.

“Yes.” He said after a moment. “I – I want to play.” He let his breath out. Diane’s fingers slid into the cleft of his ass and he gasped. She laughed.

“And a fine playmate you’ll be, I think.” She said. Her hands disappeared from his back side.

“First we’ll exchange this blindfold for something as effective but more interesting. You will stare straight ahead. If you follow the rules more of your sight will be returned. Yes?” Diane said.

Dan sensed that her hands were paused in midair as she waited for an answer.

“Yes.” He said.

The blindfold’s grip relaxed and Dan stared at a champagne-hued wall. Something slid over his head and once more his sight disappeared. Diane had put something like a cloth bag on his head. His mouth was left exposed and Dan could well guess why. He felt the strange mask cinch up around his neck and restless energy flowed through him as he thought of what sort of things Diane would have him do.

She spun him around and marched him to what must be the center of the room. He heard Kat make an approving noise. Dan felt his cock thicken as expectation spun carnal scenarios in his head.

“Kat,” She said, and Dan realized Diane was rather tall. The center of her voice sounded as if it came from only a couple of inches below his ear.

“Crawl over here and pull Dan’s pants down. With your teeth.” Diane said, her voice liquid warm against his neck.

The sound of Kat’s movements and excited breath grew large as she approached. Dan dug his fingers into his palms and a heavy breath slipped from him when Kat’s head bumped his groin. His cock, heavy but not hard instantly grew erect. She moved her head and Dan felt his sweats slip down over his hips. She stopped and readjusted herself, struggling to pull the hem of his pants past his cock.

His pants slipped past his buttocks and his cock swung free. The sensation of being exposed was electrifying. He couldn’t remember when his cock had swollen to such a rigid state. He breathed quickly and trembled with pleasant anxiety.

“Well,” Diane said. “Dan is certainly a healthy young man indeed. And his legs aren’t the only things that are long. Is he thick enough for you, Kat?”

“Yeah.” Kat breathed. Dan could feel the warmth of her voice on his sensitive flesh.

Diane moved behind Dan and gripped his waist. Her rubber-clad body pressed against his back and Dan’s head spun as he felt the warmth of her. He could feel the weight of her breasts against his back and her hips against his ass. Her hands slid over his stomach and chest, then down along the crest of his hipbones, fingertips sliding towards where his achingly hard cock joined his body.

“Mmm.” She crooned against his neck. “Lean and hard everywhere.”

She ran her hands along his hipbones repeatedly, every pass bringing her touch nearer and nearer his cock. Her body moved against his and her warm, moist breath drifted up his neck to his ear. Dan fought against the urge to thrust himself forward, seeking Kat’s mouth.

“Kat, use your tongue as a pillow for Dan’s weary head. Dan,” Diane breathed. Her tongue slid along the side of his neck. “You will remain absolutely still while we see just how much self-control you have.”

Diane broke her grip on his body and Dan nearly stumbled. He blinked and struggled for balance. Diane stepped away and Dan breathed hard, his hands twisting in his bonds. Not in a bid for freedom, but because he felt as if he would scream if he didn’t have some outlet for his fevered desire.

“Kat, move yourself into position, and you,” Something stiff brushed his chest. “Will keep those hips as they are, yes?” Diane said.

“Yes.” Dan said. Oh God yes!

He heard Kat shifting below him and bit his lip when her wet breath slid over the head of his cock. Her wet tongue slipped under the end of his member and Dan dug his toes into the carpet. Neither he nor Kat could be perfectly still and the small movements of her slick tongue incited a wild need.

“Now, there is the matter of your transgression, Dan, and I can think of no better punishment than an old fashioned caning. Can you?” Diane said.

He bit his lip and stared into the black void of his hood, the conflict between pain and pleasure a labyrinth. He had, in a fog of arousal, almost forgotten how serious his trespassing was. The reason for his standing where he did, measured against the feel of Kat’s tongue, suggested Diane’s punishment would not be mild. That Kat was on her knees, her warm breath sliding over his flesh, suggested pleasures greater than any pain.

“No.” He breathed. “A caning is what I need.” He closed his eyes.

“Very good. I think nineteen blows will do nicely.” Diane said. She stepped closer and Dan swallowed. He clenched his buttocks in anticipation of the first blow.

“Ah ah! No cheating young man.” Diane said and patted his ass.

“Relax yourself and no flinching into Kat’s mouth. Count each strike for me, please.” She said.

Dan drew a breath and chewed on his lip as he heard the creak of Diane’s rubber skin. He sensed more than heard the cane slide through the air. The cane kissed a cheek and Dan counted the first blow. Diane divided her strikes evenly on his rump, each swing of her instrument spawning a thin line of heat on his flesh.

The liquid warmth of Kat’s tongue was its own unique pain. Dan couldn’t tell if one ache mitigated or amplified the other and he didn’t care. The feel of tongue or cane sent burning needles of pleasure through his body.

“You’ve barely flinched or made any sound, Dan. Am I being too gentle?” Diane chuckled. The next expected strike, number twelve, hung in the air.

“We’ve only seven to go. Lucky seven, should you want it so, Dan. Do you?” Diane said.

Dan licked his lips and wondered what she meant. He thought for only a moment more.

“Yes.” He said.

“Very good. Kat, when you hear the cane, suck Dan off. And Dan, you’re not allowed to come. Should you reach that point, you will say ‘red light’. Ready?”

Diane’s words had barely sunk into his head when the next sting fell on his ass and Kat’s wet mouth engulfed him. He moaned and his balance wavered as Kat’s mouth pulled on the engorged head of his cock. The next strike fell, razor-sharp, but Kat’s sucking mouth spawned a different ache that dulled the cane’s biting kiss.

The feel of Kat’s mouth and the hot sting of Diane’s work sent Dan into a hazy realm where one sensation amplified the other. He grunted ‘eighteen’ and flexed every muscle in his body as he fought against the grip of an orgasm. The phrase Diane had given him faltered on his tongue. Only one strike remained and Dan screwed his eyes shut. He would not be a slave of his libido’s greed.

“Nineteen!” He grunted through clenched teeth.

Kat’s mouth pulled away from his cock and for several moments Dan trembled as he wrestled with the need for release. A thread of semen spilled from him. Finally, the urge retreated and Dan drew a deep breath. He rolled his head and shoulders back, an odd feeling of triumph possessing him. Diane leaned close to him and slid her hand down his back.

“Good boy.” She breathed in his ear. Dan groaned as his body responded to the liquid warmth in her voice. Her hand moved down and over his ass. She squeezed.

“Now, Kat will salve your wounds. Kat,” Diane said as she turned Dan around.

“Crawl and give Dan a healing kiss.” Diane said.

Dan heard the shuffle of Kat’s knees and her excited breath. He realized that her hands must be bound as his were. Diane stepped away and Dan felt Kat’s breath on his ass. A surprised sound leapt from his throat when he felt her wet tongue caress a cheek. He’d suspected his “healing kiss” would be as such, but the feel of Kat’s action still surprised him.

“Kiss him well, Kat. His rump is almost as red as his cock.” Diane said. Dan could hear her rummage in the toolbox. Kat continued with her healing touch and Dan wondered if the next game would be as maddening as his caning.

The sound of Diane’s creaking suit loomed from behind and Dan made a noise when he felt Kat’s face shoved against his ass.

“One last healing kiss, little kitten.” Diane said.

Kat’s tongue slid up the length of his crack and Dan shuddered against the odd but arousing sensation. Oh my God, he thought. Visions and expected sensations moved through his head of what Diane would demand of him and Kat. Before the night was over, Dan suspected he would be well-versed in carnal techniques foreign to him.

“Good kitty. Would you like to play swordfish?” Diane said. Kat gasped and Dan figured this new game was a favorite of his fellow slave. He heard Diane do something for a few moments and then a soft sound from Kat.

“Alright then. Coffee table. All fours!” Diane said.

Kat shuffled away and Dan hoped he was the swordfish. Diane, without a word, turned him around. He heard something bump against her body and a strong odor of rubber filled his nostrils.

“Open your mouth.” She said.

Dan faltered only a moment before obeying her command. He moaned with surprise as something thick and smooth slid into his mouth. Its size and taste summoned a fair amount of saliva.

“Hmm, it’s always nice to see a handsome young man suck on my cock.” Diane said with a hint of deep throated laughter.

Dan stared wide-eyed into his hood as he realized Diane had shoved a dildo into his mouth. A dildo that held the faint taste of, no doubt, Kat. She pulled the thing from his mouth and Dan considered if he was up to Diane’s increasingly perverse play. The memory of Kat’s tongue and the way the caning had amplified his senses said yes.

“Does my handsome young swordfish want to go home now?” Diane said. Dan shook his head.

“Good, because your penance is not yet complete, and poor little Kat still needs to come. Firstly, though, I will audition you and ensure you are worthy of the job. On your knees.” She said.

Dan descended to the floor. Thoughts of Kat with her ass in the air and his audition banished his vague fears. On the floor with his knees apart, Dan felt energized and ready. His cock, half-limp, thickened and stretched out before him, eager for the buttery grip of a woman.

Diane, from the sounds Dan heard, did something with the outfit she wore. He heard the sound of snap-buttons and rubber stretching against itself. Her steps moved a few feet to his left and she clapped her hands twice.

“Crawl to me Dan!” She said.

He moved, his knees grinding into the carpet as he sought the woman who owned his libido. The smell and, Dan would swear, heat of her body guided his journey across the living room floor. He moved until she grasped his head in both hands. Dan had only a moment before Diane pulled his head downward. He leaned forward and sensed her thighs on either side of his head.

“Stick your tongue out and lick.” Diane said, her voice whiskey-thick above him.

Dan pushed his tongue out and Diane pulled his head forward, his cloth-garbed face wedged between rubber-wrapped thighs. His tongue found not the wet, silken flesh of her pussy, but soft, warm rubber. He pushed with the tip of his tongue and felt the soft contours of her sex. A thin layer of rubber separated her from his tongue. As he licked, the bouquet of her arousal mingled with the heavier smell of her artificial skin.

Diane’s grip on his head tightened and she shifted her hips as he pleasured her. Her gloved fingertips caressed his scalp and her every breath became deeper and rough. Suppressed moans drifted above his head as Dan licked, the now heavier smell of her sex and the way her rubber-clad flesh felt under his tongue maddening his own arousal. She moaned louder and bucked against his face. Dan, now rock hard and desperate for the feel of slick, tight flesh, pushed his tongue deeper into the folds of her pussy.

She grunted and shook. Dan grinned as he licked, feeling a smug sense of power. She pulled his head from between her thighs and pushed him back up into a kneeling position. She caught her breath and not so gently caressed his head. A single, guttural laugh came from her.

“Naughty little Dan. Or should I say not so little. Hoping to make me beg for dick? Stand up!” She said.

“Make him fuck me, Diane!” Kat said. Dan’s cock throbbed at the rough desperation in her voice.

He stood. Diane moved forward and took hold of his member. Dan flinched as both wariness and eagerness shot through him. He felt a string cinch around his cock, just behind the head. His breath froze in his chest and his member softened as Diane tightened this new bond. He winced and breathed fast as the string gripped delicate skin.

“Not too loose, is it?” Diane said, her voice lyrical.

“N-no.” Dan said.

She tugged on the string and Dan gasped. Diane laughed and tugged repeatedly. The sensation, at first uncomfortable, soon became pleasurable and Dan’s cock swelled almost painfully. He breathed fast as Diane continued her tugs. A glimmer of orgasm filled the head of his member.

“Mmm, you like playing dog walker, eh?” Diane said. She stood up. “On your knees, little dog.”

Dan once more returned to the floor. Diane tugged rhythmically and Dan twisted his hands in his bonds. The head of his cock felt bloated with the need for a firm, wet grip. The sound of Kat breathing fast and shifting on the table was a beacon for the young man.

“Now, we’ll play doggy walk over to Kat, and then we’ll see how agile your head is. Come along!” Diane said and tugged hard on Dan’s leash. He grunted and eagerly shuffled after her. Dan moved as quickly as he could, eager to play with Kat. An image of the young woman, round, pale ass in the air and blond head writhing possessed him. After several moments, he wondered why he hadn’t reached her. Then he realized Diane had led him in a circle.

“Stop, doggy.” Diane said. The pull on his cock relaxed as Diane stepped behind him, the creak of her second skin soothing and exciting all at once. She undid the drawstring at the back of his neck and then pulled the mask up to his eyes.

“Because you have been such a good boy, Dan, you will now have some semblance of your vision returned. Keep your head and eyes straight, yes?” She said.

“Yes.” Dan said.

Diane pulled the hood off and blinked against the expected glare. He stared instead at a softly lit corner of the room. A moment later he felt another hood sliding over his head. The new hood was a twin of the other, though softer and lighter. It slid down over his face and his vision became diffused rather than blocked.

“Turn around, Dan.” Diane said.

She gave his ass a good smack. Dan shuffled around, eager to see his playmates. The sheer weight of his new hood cast the room in a slick, heavy fog. Diane stepped a few feet in front of him. He pulled his head back and looked her figure up and down. She seemed rather tall and her dark cat suit revealed a figure neither lean nor curvy, though her hips and thighs suggested a more than modest strength. Her face was rather soft, pale and framed by black hair cut into a bob.

Across the room he saw Kat on all fours atop the coffee table. She was not as Dan had imagined. His eyes filled with the sight of a lean woman with liquid-smooth caramel skin and what seemed a polite mass of auburn curls. He ran his gaze along her body, the sight of her firm, round ass making him prickly hot.

Kat rocked back and forth, her back rising and falling as she breathed. She turned her head and her dark eyes glistened. A wet tongue slid between full lips and she grinned.

“I want his cock, Diane.” Kat said. Dan hardened almost painfully and squirmed where he knelt.

The dark shaped of Diane’s mouth stretched into a grin and she tugged his cock-leash.

“Well,” She said, her head nodding downward. “You certainly are happy to have your sight returned.” Diane said. She looked over her shoulder at Kat.

“Let’s see if your sense of taste brings you as much joy.”

Diane tugged and Dan followed, breathing fast as he watched the rolling movement of Diane’s ass. His knees devoured the distance between him and Kat and he breathed hard as the sight of her body solidified the nearer to her he came. Her brown skin looked as if might melt under his tongue. The firm contours of her body told Dan she couldn’t be much older than him. He quivered as he thought of taking her from behind, the firm weight of her small breasts filling his hands.

Diane tugged and led Dan behind Kat. Her glossy brown rump filled his vision. His head swam with the sight of her offered up as she was. He breathed hard as his eyes found the bare, plump lips of her pussy. What Diane had said about his sense of taste went through his head. He ran his tongue over his lips and wanted to plunge his cock into Kat’s firm little body.

“Do you still need to come, little kitten?” Diane said. She slapped and grasped Kat’s ass.

“Yes.” Kat gasped. Diane worked her gloved fingers into Kat’s rump and tugged on Dan’s leash. He quivered as the head of his cock screamed for the touch of slick, feminine warmth.

“Dan, you will lick Kat and stop only when she says “red light”. You will start again when she says “green light”. Kat, you will not cheat.” Diane said.

Diane’s hand moved from Kat’s ass to the back of Dan’s head. She pulled and he bent forward, the heat and smell of Kat’s arousal engulfing his senses. He shoved his face against the warm mass of her rump and stuck out his tongue.

Her wet flesh had a rich, high taste. The smell of her arousal filled his nostrils and Dan worked his tongue deeper into the folds of her feverish sex. Within moments the juices of her lust and his saliva dripped from his chin. He circled the tight little mouth of her pussy, the sound of Kat’s moans and the way she squirmed against him goading Dan to more frenzied effort.

Her fast breathing became thin moans and she shoved herself against Dan’s face. He licked her pussy with firm strokes, caressing her clitoris with the flat of his tongue. His back and neck cramped but he ignored the ache. The feel of her sex on his tongue and the way she moved under his touch sired an ethereal pleasure in Dan. Licking a woman was not new to him, but he had never before felt such complete pleasure in this particular act.

He heard Diane step around the coffee table, vaguely aware she had dropped something onto the couch. Once more, he felt a pleasurable tug on his cock as he licked Kat. The repetitive tugs fueled an unbearable need in Dan. Within the blink of an eye grew a hope Diane would command him to fuck his fellow playmate.

Kat’s moans had grown to grunts and wails as she moved against his mouth. A whimper of pleasure slipped from her and she smacked the table with her hand.

“Red, red light!” She moaned.

Dan pulled his head away and pulled himself upright. He gazed at the glistening cleft of Kat’s pussy. She moaned and quivered, the muscles of her back working as she struggled with the need for orgasmic release. Sweat tickled his lean body. The heavy need for Kat’s slick pussy was the greater sensation, though. One that made him shake with desire and hope.

“Stand, Dan.” Diane said.

He stood and looked down at Kat, the taper of her waist and flare of her hips heightening his lust. Her head was bowed and she breathed hard. Diane twined her fingers into Kat’s reddish curls.

“Is the intersection almost clear, pet?” Diane said. She laughed softly when Kat whimpered. Diane looked at Dan, her veiled features glowing with merriment.

She tugged on his leash until he was forced to step forward. Nearer to Kat he moved, Diane’s tugs guiding his cock to within inches of Kat’s pussy. Please, oh God please, he thought, his eyes fixed on Kat’s ass. Dan shook with the unbearable need to slide himself into Kat.

“Green light.” Kat said.

Dan nearly thrust himself forward but restrained himself. The game’s rules made him a puppet who could act only on Diane’s word. As much as Kat might want relief from her carnal torment, Dan wasn’t sure how she’d react to any violation of the game’s rules.

“Now, Dan.” Diane said. She wore what Dan would swear was a smirk.

“Very gently and slowly insert the tip of your penis into Kat’s little pussy. Just the tip.” Diane said.

Dan trembled as he bent his knees and moved his hips towards Kat. Sweat coated his brow as he stared down at his cock, only a whisper away from the slick cleft of Kat’s sex. He groaned when he pushed his hips and felt wet, buttery heat slip around the tip of his cock. A long, silken breath slipped from Kat. She writhed and Dan bent double as the liquid heat of her pussy slipped over the head of his cock.

“Ah, ah!” Diane said as she struck Kat’s ass with a thin wand. Kat gasped and her head dropped.

“Be still. Both of you!” Diane said. She drew the wand along Kat’s spine to the cleft of her ass.

“Kat, you will move yourself back and forth as I count to thirty. You will engulf the head of Dan’s cock only and not before the end of the count. Do you understand, young lady?” Diane said. Kat whimpered her assent.

“Dan,” Diane said, fixing him with a sober gaze. “You will remain absolutely still. You will also say “red light” should you begin to come.”

Dan breathed deep and could do little more than nod his head. His cock already anticipated the feel of Kat and the shadow of an orgasm embraced his body. He breathed deeper and curled his toes.

“Ready?” Diane said. “Begin!”

She struck Kat’s ass with the wand and Dan’s squirming playmate eased herself back. Diane began her count from one, Dan shifted his hips, lining his achingly stiff member up with the juicy cleft of Kat’s pussy. He tensed when the soft warmth of her slipped over his member. Kat moaned and ever so slowly pushed backwards to the beat of Diane’s count.

Dan rolled his head back and grimaced as more of his cockhead disappeared into Kat. The sound of her breathing and the slick heat of her grip overwhelmed his senses. Diane reached twenty-three in her count and Dan shivered as he fought the rising tide of an orgasm.

He opened his mouth, the phrase that would end the torture welling up in his throat falling when he heard Diane count twenty-eight. His stomach muscles tensed and bucked as he reached his threshold and he forced his hips to stay as they were. Diane’s game was, he now knew, a bizzare punishment and lesson. A hint of semen spilled from his cock and his leg shook as he suffered through the last two beats of Diane’s count.

“Thirty!” Diane said. She struck Kat with the wand and the young woman pulled herself forward with a heavy groan.

Dan sat back on his heels and bowed his head, his eyes squeezed shut. The tempest of his burgeoning orgasm began a retreat and he breathed easier, his thighs quivering.

“Kat, I do hope you will not be disappointed if we skip swordfish tonight.” Diane said. Kat vocalized her displeasure.

“Not to worry. Our uninvited guest has inspired an interesting and, I believe, quite satisfying idea.” Diane said.

“Dan, crawl to your right, please.”

Dan did so, moving toward the center of the living room. He glanced at the French doors on his left and wondered how long ago he had passed through them. Another lifetime ago, it seemed.

The creak of Diane’s movement passed by Dan’s head and he watched as she stepped to a grayish box sitting on the floor. A toolbox, as he’d thought. She crouched and Dan ran his eyes over the shiny, dark form of her. The round shape of her ass caught the light and Dan felt prickly heat dance across his shoulders and chest.

She rummaged in the box and when she stood and turned, Dan shivered. She stepped toward him and Dan felt a chill until his fogged vision could see she held a belt in her hand and not a whip.

“Hurry!” Kat said.

He then thought of how a belt might be used and swallowed. His punishment, it seemed, was about to become very interesting, as Diane had said. Dan remembered the cane and hoped satisfaction would be his as well.

“Stand.” Diane said. Dan struggled to his feet, his legs shaking.

She turned him around and he felt her pull on the binds around his wrists. A devilish thought swam up from some dark pool in his mind. Maybe she would have him spank Kat. He imagined her cry and writhe as he kissed her ass with black leather, spanking her until she came.

“When I undo your bonds, you will hold your arms straight out to the side.” Diane said. He felt a tug and the bonds relaxed. Diane pulled them away and Dan stretched his arms out, rolling his shoulders against a cramp.

She leaned into his back and brought her arms around his waist. He felt the leather against his stomach tighten as she secured the belt around him.

“Lie down on the floor and put your arms at your sides.” Diane said. Dan dropped to the floor, wondering what purpose the belt could serve. He stretched himself out and felt the carpet scratch against his sweaty skin. His cock, somewhat limp and heavy with deferred release, lazed back against his abdomen.

“Kat, did you ever slide down a banister?” Diane said.

She squatted on his thighs. He looked up at her and the lengths of rope in her hands. The weight of her warm ass on his legs made his cock twitch.

“No. We didn’t have stairs.” Kat said.

“Poor thing. It’s great fun, and this banister will be the funnest of all!” Diane said.

Dan learned what the belt was for when Diane secured his wrists to it. He looked up at her, his queen now that he was once more restrained. She placed her hands on his chest and slid them down to either side of his now erect cock.

“I’m glad you haven’t lost interest yet, young man.” She said.

She moved her ass down his legs and bent herself forward until her face was no more than half-a-foot from his cock. He gasped and squirmed when her warm breath drifted over the length of his keenly sensitive member.

He felt a touch on the underside of his cock and craned his head down the length of his body, hoping he would see Diane’s mouth opening. She lifted her head and Dan could just see glinting strand of saliva.

“Are you ready to ride the banister, Kat?” Diane said.

Her finger caressed the underside of his cock, the touch agonizingly pleasant. She spread her saliva along the length of him and Dan shivered when her fingertip lingered at the rim of his glans. She caressed him faster and Dan tensed as the sensation shifted between ache and pleasure.

Diane ceased her touch when Dan moaned and bucked. She pulled herself upright and gripped his thighs, almost painfully. He looked at her and the shadowy smile she wore. Her fingers massaged his thighs rather roughly.

“Well, my handsome young banister. Are you ready to prove your worth?” She said. Dan nodded.

“Yes.” He breathed.

Diane rose from him, the warm creak of her suit sending a tingle along his spine. He watched as she moved to where Kat, still on all fours, waited patiently. Diane moved to the opposite side of her young plaything and caressed Kat’s rump.

Kat lifted her head and cooed. Then she gasped when Diane fingered her pussy. Kat writhed on her elbows and knees, moaning as Diane vigorously worked her finger.

Diane grabbed a handful of Kat’s hair with her other hand and goaded Kat off the table. Dan’s lust ascended rapidly as he saw his playmate stand. She was a glossy, brown sliver of a moderately tall young woman with a fine-featured face and small, high breasts.

Dan’s head throbbed as he thought of how her dark, flat nipples would feel under his tongue and between his lips. He swept his eyes down to the jut of her hip bones and further down still to the hairless flesh of her sex. He saw a vision of her bare pussy lips opening as she slid down the length of his cock.

Kat looked at him and Dan could see her face burn with a need as great or even greater than his own. She bit her lip and rocked her hips back and forth.

“Before we play banister, Kat, I must ensure you have no means to violate the rules.” Diane said.

She pulled Kat’s arms behind her and used a length of rope to bind her wrists. Kat seemed oblivious to the action, her lusty gaze fixed on Dan’s body.

Her wrists bound, Kat’s breathing and rocking increased. Dan could swear her dark eyes glowed brighter in anticipation of the game. Diane stepped behind Kat and pushed her forward until Kat stood at Dan’s feet.

“The rules are simple – you will slide along the length of Dan’s cock until you come. If Dan can maintain what has, so far, been an admirable display of self-control.” Diane said. She kneaded Kat’s shoulders and placed her chin in the crook of her neck.

“You may only slide, however. Dan’s member must remain outside of that tight little pussy.” Diane said, her hands caressing Kat’s hips and thighs.

“Is the light green, little kitty?” Diane said. Kat breathed her affirmation and Diane stood up straight.

“Good. Move your feet apart, pet.” Diane said.

Kat did so, twisting her feet until she was an inverted ‘Y’. Dan felt a wave of heat as he saw the glistening cleft of her pussy revealed. Kat breathed harder and chewed on her lip.

Diane crouched and slid her hand up along Kat’s inner thigh, then extended a middle finger that slipped into the young woman’s pussy. Kat tossed her head, moaning as she rode Diane’s finger and the sound of soapy hands slipping together filled the room.

“Ready to ride the banister, all the way to the bottom?” Diane said. She withdrew her finger from Kat and stood upright.

“Yes!” Kat said, her pert breasts rising and falling as she breathed.

“Then move to top of the stairs.” Diane said.

Kat fell to her knees as much as moved to them. She scooched herself eagerly towards Dan’s cock. Dan balled his hands and drew a deep breath as he looked at Kat. The scent of her filled his nostrils and the sight of her tensed body filled his eyes. His cock ached and he knew he wouldn’t last long at the game.

“Wait a moment, Kat.” Diane said. Kat nearly growled with frustration. She rocked back and forth and pulled at her lips with her teeth.

Diane grabbed Dan’s legs. He felt her wrap his legs in rope at the ankles and just above the knees. Bound, immobilized and with Kat straddling him, Dan felt his lust grow even keener. His cock swelled until he thought it would literally burst. The only relief, he knew, would be Kat’s slick flesh engulfing him. He breathed hard and twisted his body, desperate for the feel of her.

Diane crouched near his side, a bottle in her hand. She laid a generous thread of lube along Dan’s cock and stood up.

“Hop on the banister, Kat!” Diane said.

Kat moved forward and pressed herself onto Dan. The sudden weight of her body as much as her soft warmth made him exhale and gasp. He closed his eyes and ground his head into the floor, struggling against the orgasm he could already feel building. Kat shifted her hips until the length of his cock wedged between the lips of her wet pussy.

With no subtlety at all, Kat pushed her hips back and forth, her breath fast. Dan curled his toes and felt the rope bite into his wrists as his body tensed against the onslaught of carnal pleasure. The flesh of Kat’s pussy felt fever-hot and her juices were as if heat itself had become liquid.

“Careful Kat. Sliding too fast and too hard might bring the stairs down.” Diane said.

Dan barely heard her. Kat as well seemed oblivious to Diane’s warning. She slid her pussy with desperate vigor against him, crying out as she chased the orgasmic relief denied her the entire night.

Nearly every muscle in Dan’s body tensed and shook as he suffered under Kat’s furious work. He wanted to let go and come but doing so would be the end of Kat’s liquid heat. The end of the game, as well. As bizarre as it all was, Dan felt a satisfaction he would never have imagined outside of penetration and orgasm. He grunted and fought against the urge to come.

“Are you almost at the bottom of the stairs, Kat. I’d hurry. Your banister is starting to shake a little too much.” Diane said.

She chuckled and Dan felt a resolve burn in him. He would show her he wasn’t weak. He would remain as he was and be the instrument for Kat’s pleasure. Though he couldn’t move his body, his will was not so bound. He would ride the crest of his own pleasure and deny its merciless demand he submit to it.

He opened his eyes and craned his head. Kat was bent nearly double as she rode him, her mouth open and eyes closed. Her skin was glossed with sweat and the contours of her flat stomach writhed as she exerted herself.

Dan’s own flesh was now coated with sweat as the effort of resisting taxed him. The keen ache of a rising orgasm filled the mass of his cock and every move Kat now made swept Dan’s body with countless needles of pleasure.

He groaned and threw his head back. Kat drew herself upright as she moved faster, the wet sounds of her pussy filling Dan’s ears. She threw her head back and let loose a harsh wail he barely heard.

Author’s Note: This entire story is being written as a collaboration with the talented Doctor_Tease. Chapters will be posted on an alternating basis so please look to his profile for the previous and next installments


I hurt. My instincts were warring with my sluggish brain as I struggled back to awareness, screaming at me to move, and move quickly, but my body wasn’t obeying my commands. I felt tender and bruised all over, each nerve ending sensitive, my muscles weak as I tried to take mental inventory. My last memories were fuzzy – Cole’s voice and hands, the cold chain around my neck, my desperate, panicked struggle. I shivered. It wasn’t the water, or even the shocks – I’d been through worse. It was the way he’d systematically stripped me down, exposed me, made me question my very nature. I felt raw and jumbled, like he’d hollowed me out and put everything back in the wrong place. Who I was, what I was, all of it seemed so tenuous now.

“I’m an agent.” I whispered, my voice hoarse, as I wrenched my eyelids open.

I was talking to myself.

My hands were secured behind my back, wrapped in some sort of leather cuff, and I still wore the silver chain around my throat, but I was otherwise unrestrained in a bare concrete cell. A quick scan of the space told me that there were no windows, a single door, and no less than three cameras monitoring me. I remembered the cells Cole had led me past earlier, the video screens showing their occupants being sexually tortured, and I whimpered, wondering what sort of torment he’d devised for me next. My nipples hardened in spite of myself as I imagined the things he could dream up. I had a sudden urge to just lie there, to give up and let him win. To stop fighting him, to just accept his control. I felt a warmth pooling in my core at the idea, a traitorous little voice whispering that I’d probably even enjoy it. To feel his hands caressing my sensitive little nipples, his cock in my pussy as he held me down and fucked me. To hear him call me his little slut, to know that that’s what I truly was. Would that be so bad?

“No.” I whispered again, my voice coming out in a sob. “No, I’m an agent. I’m an agent.”

I gritted my teeth, whispering my new mantra to myself, tears running down my cheeks as I fought back the tide of emotions, the weakness, the confusion.

“I’m an agent.” I hissed, my breath turning to a gasp as I sat up, my sore muscles protesting.

“I’m an agent.” I rolled to my feet in a maneuver that should have been second nature and yet felt stiff and somehow foreign.

“I’m an agent!” I screamed at the nearest camera, my face flushed, my chest heaving with the effort of choking back my tears.

“Fuck you, Cole, I’m going to win. I’m going to win.” I whispered, turning my back on the camera, my brain finally clicking into gear, my training coming to the forefront.

I scanned the room again, assessing the door strength, hinges, walls, floor, cameras. The door was a simple steel affair with a peephole in the center – standard issue, virtually impossible to break out of. Ok, walls? Solid concrete, no weaknesses or flaws, same with the floor. I eyed the cameras, mentally lining up their trajectory with the glimpses I’d caught of those other captives. If I was right….Oh yes, I was right.

“Mistake number one, you fucker.” I muttered under my breath, studiously ignoring the small area in the corner that the cameras couldn’t see. Maybe Cole thought his little cell was so impervious he could afford to have a blind spot, but I intended to prove him wrong.

“Cole.” I said, turning fully to one of the cameras. “Let’s talk.” I tried to make my voice sound forlorn, my body language that of someone broken, hopeless. “I can’t….I can’t do this anymore. Please. I just…..let’s talk.” I let a few more tears fall, hunching my shoulders and bowing my head. There was a pause, just long enough for me to wonder if anyone was even monitoring the feeds from my cell, then a voice crackled out of a hidden speaker.

“I’m sure Cole will be more than happy to hear that, Aleks.”

Oh good, an underling.

I sobbed harder, my words coming out in gasps. “Please, just let me talk to him. Let me see him, I need to end this. I can’t keep going.”

The voice sounded slightly hesitant this time. “Cole will speak with you when he has the time, in the meantime…”

“Please,” I gasped, crumpling to the ground, my voice breaking with anguish. “Please, I just need to talk to someone. Don’t leave me in here. I can’t breathe, please….I can’t…..”

There was another long pause, then the voice came back on. “I’m sending someone down to you. If this is a trick, you will sorely regret it.” My only response was to sob harder, curling onto my side in the fetal position and then rolling so that all but my head was safely in that convenient little blind spot.

Carefully keeping my face a mask of misery and fear, I smoothly brought my bound arms underneath me so they were at my front. “Mistake number two.” I thought to myself, examining the locking mechanism through tear blurred eyes. Simple, but not one I could pick without tools, sadly. Still, I knew several highly effective fighting techniques that could be employed with my hands bound. I sincerely hoped I would get to try them out on Cole.

It took less time than I expected before a small noise outside my door alerted me that my new marks had arrived. A little shot of adrenalin and pleasure went through me just then, reminding me why it was I was so good as an agent. This was what I lived for. What I was good at. Not even Cole could take it away from me.

The door swung open and a uniformed man took one step inside before I exploded into action. I rolled, my legs tangling with his and bringing him crashing to the ground where a quick blow from my bound hands to the back of his neck took him out of the fight. I didn’t stop to assess whether my aim had been good, I just kept rolling, dodging the booted kick coming my way from his backup and bringing my own feet up in a hard kick to a sensitive groin.

As my latest victim bent double, groaning, I had time to count that there were two more in the corridor, one reaching for a baton, the other for a radio. I rolled again, this time forward and to my feet, coming up swinging, my fists making contact with the second man’s solar plexus. He let out a cough, his radio dropping forgotten to his side, and I grabbed him, spinning him so he shielded me from his partner. I still had the slight edge of surprise on my side as the other guard hadn’t fully got his weapon up, so I shoved my meat shield forward, his weight bowling his partner over and sending them both to the ground. A couple of quick blows took them out completely.

I paused for a moment, getting my bearings before taking off down the corridor at a sprint. I was a bit disgusted that none of the guards had been carrying guns, but perhaps Cole had been smarter not to trust such incompetents with them. Still, my escape would have been much easier with a little extra firepower on my side.

I kept a steady pace as I traversed the long hallway lined with cells, trying not to be distracted by the images I could see on their monitor screens. I could hear moans from behind the doors, sometimes accompanied by sharp cries and yelps, and what I saw made me quiver with a horrible combination of lust and fear. The small part of my brain, the part that Cole kept tapping into, wanted to be one of those girls, wanted to be tied down, fucked mercilessly, used as an object. I struggled to keep focused, but my eyes kept wandering – a girl in a rope harness being fucked by a mechanical dildo, another with her tits caught in suction, her nipples swollen and red, yet another writhing on the floor, a shiny substance all over her pussy and ass. It would be so easy….

“No.” I growled, closing my eyes as I sped down the corridor, aiming for a stairwell I could see at the end. I was maybe fifty feet away when the alarms started, a shrieking klaxon that nearly deafened me before it was abruptly shut off.

“Smart.” I muttered, privately pissed off. An alarm would have been an easy way to mask any noise I made in my escape. I reached the door and paused, my breath coming easy, my muscles feeling better for the stretching I’d just given them. I slowly pushed the door open, crouching down and ducking my head around the corner, trying not to present an obvious target.

It was unnecessary. The stairwell was deserted.

“Sloppy again, Cole,” I grinned, running through the door and starting down the stairs as quickly as I could go. This was obviously a maintenance exit, all bare concrete and metal, no windows, and I wished briefly that I could see how many floors up I was.

I had made it down perhaps two flights when the bang of a door opening above me made me pause, quieting my breath and hugging the wall, listening for footsteps. They came quickly, a single set of boots pounding down the steps, and I ducked into position, waiting for my pursuer to come around the corner and into my waiting fists.

I swung hard but he twisted at the last second, taking my blow to his shoulder instead of his head. I had just enough time to register that it was Cole himself after me before his return blow caught me in the chest, momentarily stunning me. I grunted and brought my knee up against his crotch in a feint before catching him in the ear with my bound fists. He growled at me, twisting his body so my knee hit his thigh before taking a step back to assess me.

We circled for a moment, silent, each throwing tentative punches, dodging, and trying to get a feel for the other. I got another kick in, this time narrowly missing his solar plexus, and he roared at me, charging forward in a rush I narrowly avoided. We circled some more, his face a mask of anger, mine of concentration. I had started the fight confident, but I was beginning to worry as my bound hands made my moves slower and more predictable, and I had never seen Cole look so furious

I had just about resolved to cut and try to run when his boot flew out in a kick and I was forced to dodge, grabbing his leg in my hands and twisting, pulling him off balance. He fell into me, taking me down with him in a tangled heap. I hissed at him, twisting and struggling as he grappled with me, one big hand fisting itself in my hair and wrenching my neck back, his weight pinning me to the ground. I felt his position shift, slightly, and then he was pressing against me, a hard bulge nestled up against my ass as he tugged on my hair even harder.

“No more games, Aleks,” he growled into my ear, his voice cold and furious. “No more teasing, no more fun. I’ve been taking my time–indulging your little fantasies–and this is how you decide to repay me?”

“You’re fucking insane,” I spat. He had all the advantages on his side: gravity, my bound wrists, his painful grip on my hair. My only chance was to piss him off enough to make another mistake, but I knew that chance wasn’t good. “Maybe if you weren’t completely incompetent at your twisted little job, you wouldn’t have prisoners running around beating the shit out of your idiot gua–AAGH!”

He’d bitten my ear, hard enough to make me cry out, maybe hard enough to draw blood. For all the hate I felt for him, all the fury and desperation building in my chest, I couldn’t help but notice that it was a strangely intimate way to inflict pain.

“Do you remember the first thing I told you when I walked into your cell, cunt?” I felt his hand slide down between us as he snarled in my ear. “I said I was going to fuck your ass. It wasn’t a joke. It wasn’t banter. It was a promise that I was going to do a painful, cruel, degrading thing to your tight little body, and now you get to see that my promises come true.”

I felt and heard his zipper, and I broke.

I fought hard. I bucked, I kicked, I screamed. My bound hands flailed ineffectually against the ground as I writhed under him, desperate to keep him from fulfilling his threat. My newfound confidence, my fragile hold on myself, all of it was on the line. I couldn’t let him win. I called him every insult I could think of, tears streaming down my face as he used my hair to haul me up onto my knees, keeping my legs spread with his own, and then pressing my face to the ground, leaving me exposed and vulnerable.

I could feel his cock against my pussy, warm and thick, and I cried out when his fingers delved inside me. His thumb pressed down on my clit, rocking back and forth as he leaned forward, his breath hot in my throbbing ear.

“You’re wet, Aleks. Soaking. Wet. Scream and beg all you want–it just tells me that you want this. You need my cock in your ass.”

I cried out my denials, even as he slid his dick back and forth across my wet lips, gathering the moisture there while his thumb danced over my clit, making me squirm.

“Take a breath, girl,” he growled, and pressed the head of his cock against my asshole.

I ignored his advice and screamed, bucking against him, trying to dislodge him, but he was inexorable. His cock pressed forward, stretching and burning as it slid slowly past my tight little ring, filling me up inch by inch as I panted and moaned, begging him to stop. My ass felt like it was on fire, every nerve ending screaming–and yet deep down there was a spark of pleasure.

I could feel it in my core, that desire to submit, to let him do with me as he wanted, and the hot shame of it washed over me as he grunted and shoved the last few inches in, his balls slapping against my wet pussy. The fullness of it made me cry out again. I struggled harder, writhing and moaning against him, but he ignored me and pulled back till just the head of his cock was left inside of me before slamming forward, rocking my body and making me scream. The pain of it was fading, but in its place was a dirty sort of pleasure. He began to fuck me, slowly at first and then faster: his balls swung against my clit and the silver slave chain swung against my neck, his fist in my hair keeping me under control.

“I’m not even going to ask you any questions,” he growled, pinching my clit cruelly, making me tighten around his cock in a way that sent little jolts of pleasure through me. “I just want you to take this, slut. I want you to know how much you need it. I want you to know just how getting fucked like this makes you feel.” I had no words: I just moaned, shaking my head as much as his grip would allow, and he made an angry noise before redoubling his efforts, fucking my ass deeper and harder.

“You’ve lost, Aleks. Just give up and enjoy it. We both know you’re going to come on my cock…”

I whimpered, trying to deny the truth of his words as the jolts of pleasure became stronger, my pussy flooding his hand as he tugged and pinched my clit.

“No,” I moaned, my ass tightening around him again, unconsciously. “No, no, no, no!

I broke off into a scream, my back arching and my pussy and ass spasming as an orgasm crashed over me. I was overwhelmed. Every bit of pent up frustration, all of Cole’s torment and teasing, all of my own insecurities and doubts, all of it fueled my climax as I broke down and wept, my cunt clenching as waves of pleasure washed over me, each one pushed higher as Cole continued to ride my ass. I dimly heard him yell, felt his own orgasm as he slammed into me one more time, but it was through a fog. I knew when he pulled out of me, a strange emptiness inside me making me wish he hadn’t stopped, but my body felt distant, drugged, as if it no longer belonged to me.

“Little Aleks,” I heard his voice in my ear, his hand gently stroking my sweat dampened curls from my face, “I told you. You are mine.”

His stomach lurched when his father made an unsettling declaration. Stunned, Josh glared at his father’s back as he left the store for his lunch break. He stared at the shutting front door, scowling, arms crossed. Josh wasn’t sure how to break the news to his friends, his coworkers. Their tight trio was about to be interrupted if his dad went through with his plan. Even as store manager and the owner’s son, he had no say in his father’s decision.

With no customers in the store, Josh forwent the fake, warm smile he had to force on his face. He gave the door his father left through the finger and went to the back of the store. He passed through the huge shelves full of used books crowding the small space and threw open the back office’s door. His two colleagues had already decided to take a lunch break since business was slow that day. Josh felt too sick to eat and plopped down on the ragged couch.

He rubbed his forehead and moaned. “This fucking sucks,” he said with a drawn out whine.

“What, Chief?” one of them asked as he tipped a near empty bag of chips to his mouth. Josh moaned in response.

“Just fuckin say it,” the other man said as he lit up his second cigarette, the only thing he ever had for lunch. “I’m fired, right?”

“My dad isn’t going to fire you ’cause you missed a few days.” He sighed and smiled bitterly. “We’re getting a new employee.”

The two of them stared at their manager. Both of them felt just as ill. “Well,” Freak shrugged and tossed the empty, crumpled bag, “maybe he would make us a quartet. Gotta look at the bright side of things. But if it doesn’t work out, we’ll just get him fired.”

Josh’s hands curled into fists. “My dad’s hiring a woman.”

“Fuck me,” Badass said and looked at the clock, hoping to get another cigarette in before his lunch break was up.

“Can’t you fight him on this?” Freak asked.

“I’ll try.” He got up and went to his small locker. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one. “She’s gonna ruin everything we have here.” He shook his head. “I guess it’s to make him look better. Make him not look like a sexist for only hiring men or some shit like that.”

The three of them grieved in silence. The store was their domain. They had a system, they had secrets, they had parties after hours – parties that would get all, including Josh, fired if his father found out. They bent the rules, but Josh, the ringleader, kept the other two in line if they went too far. With a woman working there they would have to be well-mannered at all times. Josh cringed at the thought of smiling and being charming all day long. It was difficult enough putting on a show for his father when he visited the store two days a week. His visits decreased as his trust in his son’s management skills grew. Josh laughed at his dad’s ignorance. If only he knew what went on while he was gone.

“Fuck it,” Josh said and tapped the cigarette into the ash tray. “I’ll figure something out.”

The bells on the front door jingled, signaling a customer. Josh groaned and flicked the smoldering stick away. “Freak, finish dusting the back row,” he said and stood.

“When this woman comes along, can we make her do the tedious work?” Freak asked. His leader said nothing and closed the door behind him.

Josh approached the front counter and put a reluctant smile on his face. The young woman was already browsing the first shelf.

“Hello, Miss. Can I be of any assistance?”

The brunette turned to him. Her heart fluttered at the sight of the handsome man in front of her. His smile was sweet. His eyes were dark yet sparkling. There was a welcoming warmth about him. She adjusted her thick-framed glasses and ducked her head when she felt herself blushing.

“I was just checking this place out. What do you have here?” Her timid speech and slumped shoulders annoyed him. Her attire was pitiful and screamed geek. Her blunt hair was half pulled back – a sweet and dull style. Her makeup was as simple as mascara and blush. She was barely beautiful.

“We have anything and everything,” he said with his arms spread. He dropped them to his sides. “Let me know if you need anything.” He did an about face then took a step back when she called out to him. He quickly smiled and turned back to her.

“Actually…I was wondering…” She cleared her throat and stood straight. “I am passionate about books.” The corners of his lips dropped a little. He knew what was coming next. “And I’m looking for a job.” His annoyance turned to unreasonable hatred. “So, I was curious. Are you guys hiring?”

His head started to shake but stopped when his dad came into the shop. Startled by the bells, she turned to the older man carrying a paper bag with his to-go lunch inside. “Hello, welcome,” he greeted her. “Can I help you?” Josh’s smile dropped entirely.

“Yes, I was wondering if you were hiring?” she asked. Josh gritted his teeth from her high pitched voice.

The relieved smile of his father’s face made his son even more nauseated. “Talk about being at the right place at the right time! As a matter of fact, we are hiring.” His father ducked behind the front counter and took an application from a dusty stack of papers. Josh studied her smile and felt more irritable than ever. She turned to him with a smile; he reciprocated with one although he was far from amused. “Here you go,” he handed her the paper. She examined it briefly. “And your name is…”

“Charlotte.” They shook hands, then she nodded to Josh who was backing away slowly. “I will fill this out ASAP.” She turned to the door. “Thanks!” she squeaked and left.

Josh turned to his father. “If you hire her, I’m quitting.”

“And where will you go?” His question silenced his son. When Josh had no answer, his father walked away, shaking his head. “Spoiled rotten…” he mumbled. His son resented his father holding his job over his head. He failed at every job he tried for because of his passive aggressive attitude and problems with authority. Pissed at his father’s threat, he sulked throughout the day and avoided him. The woman had returned with the application. Josh hid as his father took care of it.

Just after seven when the store closed, his father gathered the three of them for a meeting to announce that the sweet, young lady that stopped by that day was hired. He went on about how her charm would help the store’s image, that it also needed a feminine touch. Looking directly at his son, he said that her cheery attitude would make the customers feel more welcome and willing to come back. Josh comprehended the silent message. He was a light switch. He was seemingly charming until a customer gave him problems. His dark nature was powerful and impulsive. As his father continued, Josh looked to the side and said nothing.

“She starts tomorrow. I expect that she’ll be treated with respect. Watch your language and abide by the rules.” He narrowed his eyes on his son. “I’m expecting you to be on your best behavior around this young lady.”

He shot a glare at his father. “I’m twenty-five. You don’t need to speak to me like I’m a child.”

“Then stop acting like one.” Josh rolled his eyes like he did at thirteen. “You’re a manager, dammit. You won’t be for very long if you keep this up.”

“Then where will I go?” he asked, his voice heavy with sarcasm.

“Honestly, I don’t care anymore. I’m done helping you.” The two others heard the father-son argument many times before, but they never heard the owner give up on his son. “I expect all of you to be on time,” he said and tossed a “goodnight” over his shoulder as he left. Freak and Badass responded with a “goodnight” back. Neither hated their boss. He was fair and lenient with them.

A moment of quiet passed before Josh stood. “Lock up,” he told the others. “I have to go.” On the way back to his apartment, he fought temptation to call his therapist and rant. He didn’t care if he was intruding on her personal time again. The last session made him leave early in rage. He couldn’t bear to hear the revelations about his apathetic and dark feelings that they spent months deciphering. He hated having to go. It was a condition by his father for him to keep working at the shop.

The last session from two days ago played in his head.

For once during an appointment, he kept his eyes off of her legs and paid attention. He mostly looked at the floor then raised his eyes when she said she reached a conclusion about his problems.

“The repressed sadomasochistic feelings are going to make you last out,” she said, hands folded on her crossed legs.

“But I get plenty of it at the parties. And prostitutes help.”

“But that’s just sex. You have no emotional connections to your playmates.” Her eyes squinted, thinking of how to get him to understand. “You have no romantic partner in your life to do these sessions with. You’re alone even though you’re surrounded by sex.” Her smile was grim yet sympathetic. “You need a woman, a woman you can love, a woman who can love you and fulfill the emotional hole you’ve created by making SM solely physical.” She looked him straight in the eye. “With her, sex will have meaning.”

The last sentences felt like an attack. He reacted inappropriately by storming out and slamming her door shut. It was normal for him to act like a child when listening to truths about him, truths that he refused to face. He ignored it all by delving into BDSM to cure his sexual needs, but sessions with strangers didn’t take all of the hurt away. He acknowledged he was headed down a destructive path. He felt the damage he had done would never attract a woman, especially one willing to be a submissive. He needed a woman to save him, one that would love him back and serve his needs.


Freak moped and regarded his two friends with cuss words and a “fuck it” attitude. Badass’s lips were tight and remained that way. Josh didn’t greet the other two as he came in for work. He found a letter from his father, a list of things to teach the new woman. He added a short comment about respecting and being patient with her. His father had suspected Josh’s lust for control made him degrade women who didn’t listen to him. His sexual impulses showed through normal interactions with females. Fortunately for his father, no customers had complained about his subtle harassments and sexual invitations.

He crumpled the paper and tossed it in the trash. “Freak,” he yelled to the other side of the store. “Go clean the back of evidence.” Freak knew what his leader meant. Like a whirlwind, he flew through the back offices, hiding anything that would make the new girl tattle on them.

The twenty minutes until Charlotte’s shift was excruciatingly long as Josh waited at the front counter. He preoccupied himself with tedious tasks as he kept an eye on the door. Just five minutes before, the woman entered with a bright smile and different yet same nerdy attire. He exaggerated his smile.

“Hi!” she said with a small wave. “I’m on time, right?”

“Exactly when we wanted you here.” His sexiness made her blush. She never had an opportunity to talk to a man as handsome as Josh. Her courage was weak. And never had a man of his caliber smile upon her as Josh did.

“Great!” She slipped her backpack off her shoulders. “What do you want me to do, Boss?” Her words gave him hope. The little sign of submission made him smile in a twisted way. Controlling her would be easy. Keeping her in line would be just as simple.

“Follow,” he said and turned. She followed him to the back room where the two other employees were getting ready for the store to open. Josh pointed to them. “Your two colleagues.”

“Hi,” she said and went to Freak, hand extended. “I’m Charlotte.”

“Topher,” he said, shaking her hand and openly looking her up and down. He tried searching for some bit of sexiness in her and gave up. Nothing about her was suggestive. Her skinny body and boobs were covered with ill-fitted clothing.

She turned and headed for the man behind a computer. “And you are?”

“Wayne,” he said and looked back at the screen, pretending not to notice her extended hand. She dropped it after a few seconds.

“Well, it was nice to meet you both. I’m sure we can get along. I’m not a bitch or anything like that. I’m actually very agreeable.”

“Isn’t that nice,” Badass said, eyes still on the screen. Charlotte glanced at him again and frowned at his leather and motorcycle apparel. For working at a bookstore, it seemed inappropriate. Looking at Freak, she noted that he wasn’t dressed much better. Across his shirt was a sexual reference that revealed itself upon closer inspection. Her eyes went back to Josh. He was different – well dressed, tame hair, clean shaven, and nothing dark about him.

After giving her a tour, Josh opened the store and continued her training. For the rest of her shift, she followed him around, a puppy at his heels, with never ending questions and always asking for reassurance that she was doing something correctly. But as annoying as that was, she obeyed all commands and never complained. He appreciated that she was a fast-learner. He hated that her geek-like tendencies didn’t subside. It got worse. He felt that he encouraged it by smiling at every stupid joke she made. The other irritable thing about her was her passion for following the rules no matter how strict there were.

At the end of her shift, she said a cheerful goodbye. “I’m soooo glad to be working here. You guys are great. See ya tomorrow!” she said and almost skipped out the front door.

Josh let his mouth muscles relax. “We’re screwed,” Freak said and brought the weed out.

“Fucking wait until after work!” Josh snapped. Freak bowed his head and put the pot back. “I don’t think we’ll have much a problem soon. She’s a good girl. She does what she’s told. With enough training, I’ll get her to follow our rules. The two of you hang back. I’ll work on her first. Then it will be your turns. With the three of us above her, she wouldn’t dare let my father know what we do here.”

“You mean we’re going to end up using her?” Freak asked, salivating at the thought.

“Fuck no. She’s ugly as hell. We’re only training her to keep her quiet.” A wicked smile came to his face. “She likes pleasing me. It won’t take long at all.” He nodded to them. “As I said, I’ll go first. Stay back until I give you the OK to groom her.”

Badass gave him his usual half-assed grin. “And if she resists?”

“Then we’ll get her fired.”

“Or punish her?” Freak suggested. His mind was spinning a million miles per hour, fantasizing of what he could do to her. Josh scowled at the thought, though he was excited about her need to obey. But her hideous clothes and exaggerated eagerness was something he had to get past if he was ever going to use her for his and their purposes.


After one week with Charlotte, Josh was ready to let her go or quit himself. She made it clear that she was happy working there and had no plans to leave. His father was satisfied that she brought in the customers. The three of them suffered her kindness and smiled back even though they despised her. Josh hated looking up from his work and seeing her stare at him. He charmed her back with a teasing smile that he regretted doing every time. Her questions started to become personal; her interest in him was growing. Deflecting her inquiries was difficult with the devil within him ready to lash out at her.

Josh checked the time again. Charlotte was due for her shift in five minutes, yet she wasn’t there. His eyes followed the minute hand; his excitement that she could be late put a grin on his face. He needed her to break the rules. He needed a reason to punish her. And he really needed a reason to fire her.

But her sunny smile appeared in front of him three minutes later.

“Hello, my guys,” she greeted Josh and Freak. Both stopped what they were doing and stared. She brushed her loose hair out of her face and put her hands on her hips. “I said, hello.” Neither could tear their eyes away from the cleavage exposed by her deep ‘v’ neck shirt. “Never mind.” She rolled her eyes and went to the back. A minute later, Badass came from the back and pointed behind him.

“Did you see that?” he asked his silent friends.

“That’s new and sudden. Wonder who she’s trying to impress…” Freak smirked at Josh.

“You gonna blow the whistle on her for dressing like a slut?” Badass asked.

Josh shook his head. “I’ve seen worse in public. I don’t have enough ammo.” He bit his lip, trying to hide a smile. “I wanna see how far this goes.”

She dared to go further when a couple days later, she showed up in a miniskirt. A day later, she was wearing heels. A day after that, she sported a new haircut – still long but layered. Josh did what he could to pretend that he didn’t notice the woman transforming before him, though he was weakening at each painful attempt she made to get his attention. Her laugh was deeper and cut shorter. Her smile was more confident. She often bit her lip in a coy, suggestive manner. Her perkiness turned to slight arrogance.

Freak and Badass were aware of the changes and were chomping at the bit for the opportunity to make her their plaything. Josh tightened their reigns, reminding them that he was first. The time to test her was near.

Charlotte entered the store, passing her employer by with a “Hey, Josh,” as a greeting. He looked up from the front computer and narrowed his eyes on her. Part of her midriff was showing – a strip of flesh revealing tight abs. Her breasts spilled from her top. Her shorts barely covered her ass. He frowned at her. “We need to talk,” he said. “Follow me.”

Her lips trembled. The thought that she did something wrong brought tears to her eyes. Head down, she followed him to the back and into his dad’s empty office. Josh shut the door behind them. “Did I do something wrong, Boss?”

“It’s the way you’ve been dressing,” he said with crossed arms. She lowered her eyes and bit her lip. “It’s slutty.” A tiny gasp escaped her lips. Her eyes became glossy. “Tomorrow, I expect you to dress-”

“I’m sorry! I will never do this again, I swear! Please don’t do anything. I’ll only wear conservative clothing from now on-”

“Shut up.” She startled at his harsh command. “You didn’t let me finish.” Defeated and about to cry, she hung her head. “Tomorrow I want you to wear an even shorter skirt than that one you wear often. Make it a leather miniskirt. And a black corset top. Wear three inch heels, also black. No jewelry. Keep your hair down. Go heavy on the makeup. Slutty not hideous.” Her frightened eyes looked up at him. She was expecting him to break out in laughter and say that it was all a joke, but his serious eyes pierced through hers. He walked just past her and stopped. “That will be all,” he growled into her ear.

She avoided Josh the rest of the day and rushed out the door without a goodbye to any of them. Freak and Badass approached their leader when she left. “I know she’ll do as I say,” Josh said. “I can’t be wrong.” The others didn’t share his confidence and feared their jobs were at stake. The three impatiently waited for her shift to start the next day. And while Josh stared at the clock before his shift, he started to understand his friends’ fears.

He shifted his gaze from clock to door and back again. At a minute before she was supposed to start, he felt nausea turn his stomach. The countdown made him sweat. His mouth went dry. With ten seconds to spare, she entered with her head down.

He stopped breathing when she entered. Her face was hidden by sexy, sleek hair. Her corset encompassed her tiny waist and C cup breasts. The leather skirt just covered her cunt. Her heels were exactly three inches. The new and extremely attractive woman peeked up at him. Josh’s cock hardened without his permission. He nodded to her, acknowledging that she obeyed his orders.

While she started her work, Josh went to Badass and spoke in a whisper. “You’re next.” Badass smirked. He was ready. Even in heels and a tight skirt, Charlotte ran from point to point to obey all of Badass’s orders, never objecting to his numerous demands. Josh watched her closely, noting the faint smile on her lips when given a command. Observing her subservience brought on strong urges late at night in which Josh gave in and jerked off visualizing his sexy employee.

The two of them coordinated to make sure her behavior and dress were controlled on the days when the owner came by. Josh’s father came in less often than usual, allowing the two the joy of controlling their submissive coworker. One week after Badass’s turn, Freak was allowed his time to have fun with her. The three sometimes had contradicting commands, yet Charlotte found a way to please them all. But it was Josh’s orders that made her blush and smile.

His hatred for her mellowed into acceptance. No longer did he grit his teeth at her stupid jokes but grinned at her innocent, childlike nature that broke through her mature, slutty façade. Jealousy started to make him snap at his two minions. He wanted her to himself and was ready to cut them off. He could see how badly she wanted him too and only him. Her eyes begged for him to ask her out and spend time alone together. The fear that his disturbing personality would scare her away caused him to avoid the next step – a true relationship.

He watched her every second possible and loved catching a moment that she was bent over straightening shelves and picking up strategically placed trash on the floor. She fell for the trash trick each time. Josh openly studied the lifting skirt when he gave her that chore. It wasn’t until two months later, that he noticed that she forwent panties.

Josh’s jaw dropped a little as he watched Charlotte restocking a low shelf. His cock hardened and his heart pounded. He walked across the store and stood behind her.

“Your cunt is showing,” he said, his control over his mouth had gone the second his dick swelled. She straightened and pulled down the hem of her skirt only achieving a drop of a half an inch. Her eyes stayed on the shelf in front of her. “Be careful if we have customers in the store. Now, bend over again.” Slowly, her spine curved and she placed her hands on the second to bottom shelf. Without thinking, he raised his arm and brought his palm against her bare flesh. She gasped when he struck her ass. “That was a warning,” he said and started to walk away.

The soft moan that came from her made him harder than ever. Instead of going back to the front counter, he turned for the bathroom and locked himself in. He stroked himself until eruption but even coming hard wasn’t enough. He needed her cunt.

She startled him as he opened the door. Hands behind her back, face red and miserable, she looked up at him. “May I please take a break, Boss?” she asked in a strained voice that gave away her feelings and intentions.

“You may.” She ran into the women’s bathroom and shut the door quickly. Leaning against it, Josh smiled as he heard the lock click. Seconds later, he heard little gasps and moans and the slight sopping noises of her juicy pussy being finger fucked. His smile grew wider as her moans increased to an animal like grunt followed by an “ohh.”

Silently, he laughed and stepped back from the door. Her face turned from pale to pink within a second when she came out and saw her manager waiting for her.

“Work is not the place to make yourself come.” Her head lowered in shame. “If I catch you masturbating again…” His mind worked to come up with a safe punishment. “I’ll have to discipline you in private.” Leaving the threat ambiguous made her sexual misery worse. Her shoulders dropped and her lips parted.

“Yes, Sir.” Those two small words broke the dam he built to control his repressed lust for her. His head spun with the sudden emotions breaking through their barriers. He wanted to kiss her, take her, spend time with her. Euphoria gripped his heart, causing his negativity to subside. He was sweeter to her, even in his commands. When the embarrassment of that day was over, she became bolder around him. She purposely ran into him, acting as if it were an accident. The contact made both electrified with lust. He had to stop himself from bending her over the couch in the break room and fucking the hell out of her. He was ready for his next move – making her his.


Freak took another hit on a joint and slumped down in the couch, letting the high relax him. He had time that morning to finish it before Charlotte came in. Josh and Badass sat at the computer nearby, conversing about the store’s financial matters. Badass also had a joint pinched in his fingers. Josh passed, knowing that one of them had to have a clear head to greet customers until Charlotte’s shift started.

The irritating bells on the door jingled. Josh jumped up and closed the door, ready with a smile for the customer that just walked in.

“Charlotte!” He froze where he stood. “What are you doing here?”

As she shrugged, the straps of her shirt fell over her shoulders. “I decided to come in early and just hang.”

Slowly, he shook his head. “That’s not a good idea.”

“Why not?” she said and laughed. “I’ll just do some reading.” She scooted around his rigid figure to the back. He quickly jumped ahead of her and blocked the door. “Josh…”

“Don’t go back there.”

“Why not?” Her eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“Because I said so.” She wanted to listen but paranoia kept her from bowing and obeying. The thought that he was hiding a woman in there made her more angry than hurt. Josh didn’t want to fight her and tow her away against her will. Defeated, he dropped his arms and watched her enter the back room.

Freak and Badass were too preoccupied to notice her right away. “Oh,” she said, flustered on how to respond. Both tried to hide what was in their hands, but it was too late. “You’re smoking pot.” She looked to Josh, but he didn’t seem surprised. She shook her head, confusion marked her face. “I’ll just come back when my shift starts.” Josh saw a bit of condescending disappointment in her eyes that made him hold his breath. While the other two dominant men hung their heads, Josh held his high, giving her a silent warning with his eyes.

Whatever submissiveness she embraced over the past few months had disappeared. He knew that discouraging look she gave him; his father gave him that look all the time. Distracted with plans to keep her silent, Josh half-assed his duties for the next hour. He knew he had to get to her before she got to his father first.

But she did beat him to it. His father came in when she did. Josh felt his stomach drop. Their silence for the rest of the day revealed more to him than words could. Charlotte ignored him and did only what his father asked. Each hour that passed made him more nauseated. At the end of the day, his father kept them all to hold a meeting. Her betrayal made his chest tighten and his eyes water with rage. The three men plopped down on the couch while Charlotte sat on a chair nearby, looking as if she was sitting regally on a throne. Josh glared at her. She noticed him and pursed her lips, turning her head away. All his mind could concentrate on was revenge.

The ten minute lecture was painful. The three looked past the owner in silence while the girl next to them beamed with pride. Josh kept wondering where he went wrong with her. He was confident in her obedience. He was sure she was in his grasp.

His father made several threats on the three’s jobs. He made a promise to come in everyday and inspect their lockers. Glaring at his son, he suggested that he wasn’t management material and that someone else could probably do his job better. When the owner casually looked at Charlotte, Josh’s cheeks flushed with anger.

Charlotte left with his father. The three remained on the couch, sulking. At the sound of the front door shutting, Josh leaped up and began to pace with long strides.

“Little fucking bitch!” Freak’s fists balled up; one struck the couch.

“What the fuck went wrong?” Badass asked with a dropped jaw that soon tightly held a lit cigarette. Josh had no response and paced faster, periodically shaking his head. The treason made him furious, hurt, and scared. The strong emotions made him quake and ready to lash out at the nearest victim.

“She was so good…she never disobeyed us…why now…did she think we weren’t bold enough to punish her if she went against us…” He slammed his fist into his palm. “She deserves to be punished. Set her straight and we’ll never have a problem again.” He stopped pacing and ran his hand through his hair and tried to control his breathing.

“I think we should do it, Boss. Maybe some humiliation would work on her. Like embarrass her in front of customers. Make her worship us in front of them,” Badass said.

“And I’d be willing to spank her. Trust me, a woman never offends me twice after being over my lap,” Freak said with a smirk.

Josh shook his head. “This has to be private and we can’t do something that will make her cry sexual harassment. We gotta do something that is within her comfort zone.”

“Since when do you care about a slave’s comfort zone?” Freak asked.

“Since the fact that she isn’t a slave.” He exhaled and rubbed his forehead. “We have to find something to use against her.”

“Damn pussy,” Freak said and got up, heading to her locker. “Blackmailing her instead of dealing with it aggressively? Have you lost your nerve?” Freak opened the locker. Josh and Badass joined him. Just as they would expect from her personality, her locker was filled with books. Freak reached in and grabbed one. “What the?”

“What?” Josh said and pushed his way through to examine the locker himself.

“I’ve read this before.” Freak flipped through the pages. Some were folded at the corners. He stopped at one, skimmed the text, and laughed wickedly. He gave the book to Josh. “We’re in luck. The bitch is infatuated with kink.”

Badass picked up three other books. Their store’s sticker and price tag was on them. “It’s been a while since anyone had purchased erotica from here.”

“What are you saying?” Josh asked.

“I gotta check the computer to be sure, but I would remember if someone purchased books from that one shelf, the SM one.”

Freak laughed hard. “She stole them! Holy fuck!” He grabbed the last book and opened it. “I think we know the solution to this problem.”

“She’s been a true sub all along. We’ll just have to give the brat what she needs and then some.” He took all the books into a pile in his arms. “I have to study.”


Badass and Freak looked upon her with a coldness that made Charlotte even more arrogant, but Josh was sweeter than ever. Realizing that he shrugged off the night before, she reciprocated with affection. As her shift ended, Josh cornered her, smiled, and stroked her arm.

“So, I was thinking…” Her eyes lit up and his caress caused a shiver down her spine. “We should spend some time together.” A sappy smile appeared on her lips.

“You’re not mad about last night?”

He laughed. “No, I should have known better. No hard feelings.” He cupped her face, making her knees wobble. “Come back here at eight. We can talk, hang out. I’ll order some food and bring over some movies.” He leaned within inches of her face. “Maybe do other things…” Her heart skipped a beat as his lips came closer to hers. With a teasing smile, he withdrew before they touched. “Say you’ll come.”

“Of course,” she said as if in a trance. She bit her lip and walked out the door smiling. When she was gone from his sight, Josh dropped the smile and glared at the door.

Freak came up and stood beside him. “She bought it?”

“Yep,” Josh said and laughed in an evil manner. “That gullible bitch has no idea what’s coming to her.”


As he did every time she entered the shop, he waited by the front counter. And as always, she never came in late. At 7:55, Charlotte pulled open the door, hanging her head. Josh held his breath as she entered. She embraced the whore inside of her by wearing a tiny, plaid skirt and a black tank top that revealed much more than he ever requested from her. She ditched the glasses for contacts and wore her hair in thick waves. Her dark lined eyes peeked up at him.

His eyes wandered from her hair to her high-heeled boots and back up to her blushing face. “Come.” He waved for her to follow him to the back room. Eyes locked on him, she smiled and entered the break room. He grinned back and slammed the door shut after them. His lips returned to their naturally thin line. She looked around and noticed they were not alone. Badass and Freak leaned against the wall in the shadows of the dimly lit room, each with a triumphant smirk on their faces. The room was different. Where the couch used to be was a bar secured to the ground. Candles flickered, randomly placed around the room.

Goosebumps appeared on her arms. “What are they doing here?” she asked Josh. He ignored her question and nodded to the two other men. “What are you doing?” she squeaked in protest as Badass and Freak grabbed her arms and towed her to the empty space in the room. They forced her to the ground. Before she could complain again, they chained her wrists to the bar on the ground. “What the-”

“Shhh,” Josh said. “You brought this upon yourself.”

With wide frightened eyes pleading for her freedom, she struggled with the chains, feeling more helpless each second. Josh did nothing to help her and lit a cigarette. He leaned against another wall and hid in the darkness. All she could see were his emotionless eyes, the wisps of smoke, and the glowing end of the stick bobbing up and down.

“Josh…” she cried out to him.

“She is damn sexy tonight,” Badass said and started to circle her.

“Anyone wanna bet what color her panties are?” Freak circled her in the opposite direction.

“Please, don’t do anything,” she begged the two hawks watching their prey with terrifying eyes.

“We didn’t give you permission to speak!” Josh yelled. Charlotte flinched. The two stopped in front of her and looked to their leader for orders. His voice dropped to a dangerously calm tone. “Now, you’re not going to speak unless we tell you to. Isn’t that right, girl?” She nodded her head as tears streamed down her cheeks. “Good girl.” She avoided his eyes by bowing her head. “Do you understand why you’re here?” She bit her lip in response and started to tremble. “I thought you wanted to please me, Charlotte. But tattling on us and stealing from the store was wrong. Do you want to keep your job?” Through blurred eyes, she looked up at him and nodded. “Then you will submit to your punishment.” She winced; her chest heaved in anticipation. Josh nodded to Badass. “You’re up first.”

Badass gave her a crooked grin and stood in front of her. “Ever taken nine inches in your mouth?” She drew back as far as she could. “Today is your lucky day then.” Her head turned away as he dropped his jeans. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see his massive twitching cock. Her lips tightened. He swooped down a grabbed her hair, yanking her up. She fought by pulling her head away. With two hands full of hair, he steadied her head until she gave up fighting. Her breathing was heavy. Her eyes were shut tight.

“Open wide…” She whimpered and winced as he came closer. “Do as I say, sweetheart. Fighting will make it worse.” Her grunts became louder. She pulled her head away side to side to avoid him.

“Suck his cock, you little whore!” Josh shouted. “Do it, or I will discipline you in front of them. Either way you will have his cock down your throat.”

She gulped in fear and slowly parted her lips, bringing her mouth to him. “Are you fucking serious? Do you even know how to give a blowjob?” She shrunk under his ridicule. “Get him wet first, idiot.” Her trembling tongue licked the biggest dick she had ever seen in one wet trail on its underside. She winced as the taste of cock was new and not pleasant for her. After he was lubed with spit, he ordered her to sit back. “Have you ever drunk cum before, slave?”

“Slave?” she asked; her body trembled more.

“Are you not chained?” She ducked her head and didn’t answer. “I’ll ask you again. Have you ever swallowed jizz?” She shook her head. “There’s a first for everything. If you dare spit it out, you will face a far more severe punishment than this. Understood?” Eyes still down, she nodded slowly. “Address me as Master.”

“Address us all as Master,” Josh said.

“Yes, Masters,” she said in a low, defeated voice. Badass grabbed her hair and forced his dick through her lips. She gagged at the invasion and yanked at her chains, wanting her hands to be free. Her neck hurt straining to keep it up and level with his groin. He glided his dick in and out while ignoring her muffled cries. Her discomfort made fucking her face even more of a thrill. But after a while, her protests quieted to a long satisfying moan that surprised them all.

“Badass, I think she likes it!” Freak said. Josh smiled sinisterly. His predictions turned out to be correct.

The rougher Badass abused her mouth the louder she got. His fingers wound tighter around her hair. “That’s a good slave. Now swallow.” She objected in fear with a squeal. Badass didn’t pay attention to her and instead tilted his back and shoved himself into her one last time. The two others watched their wide-eyed and terrified slave try to keep down every drop. He withdrew and left their slave coughing and fighting to keep the nasty cum down.

She heard his zipper slide up and Josh’s voice. “Freak, you may proceed.”

“About fuckin time.” Freak pushed himself away from the wall and stepped behind her. Their slave cowered and shook. “Hm, what should I do to you?” He squatted behind her and lifted her skirt. “No fucking way!” His laughter made her flinch. “She’s not wearing panties.” The two chuckled a little without humor. To further her humiliation, he ordered her to get on all fours. Freak’s finger traced her naked ass and down the crack to her asshole. She jerked as he openly explored a human’s most disgusting body part. Skirt pulled all the way up, he parted her ass to study her hole better.

“I think she can handle me,” he said and stood. “Don’t you move.”

Tears formed in her eyes as she waited a couple minutes for Freak to ready himself. He knelt behind her and gave her ass a few slaps. “Don’t tense up.” At the sound of the bottle of lube being opened, she looked up at Josh, pleading with her eyes to be released. He stared back and didn’t attempt to stop him. Soft moans of complaint escaped her lips as Freak’s dick neared her back hole.

“Please don’t!”

“Shut up!” Freak yelled and started to enter her. “Wish you wore some panties that I could have shoved in your mouth.”

“She’ll shut up,” Josh said and looked into their slave’s eyes. “You’ll be quiet and take it, right?”

She hung her head. “Yes, Master.” Josh went hard as he realized that she wanted only to serve him. He wanted to fling Freak out of the way and selfishly keep her to himself. But he stayed back and watched.

He worked into her, taking centimeters at a time. The stretching made her grit her teeth, but a soft “oh” came from her lips when he was all the way in. Her back arched as a shiver went down her spine. Freak groaned as the tight, warm hole constricted his member. He let it rest inside of her, allowing her muscles to accommodate his size. Slowly, he rocked himself in and out. Both moaned as their pleasure intensified. Their slave’s fingers curled against the ground, seeking to hold on to anything. He gripped her hips and pushed in harder and faster.

The constant friction overwhelmed her and moistened her more each second. Her beastly moans increased as she felt closer to a climax, a place she had rarely been before. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head. They heard a whimper from her, a wordless beg to come.

This is a tough chapter. You’ve been warned.

Thanks for being patient with me.


The next day Vivienne went into work, determined not to even look at Michael. It was over; she conquered him. She fucked the happily married husband, she’d proven herself to be his irresistible better, and Victor was tickled pink. It was enough.

Until Michael walked by her in the hallway, his eyes focused on her with that razor-sharp intensity that made her want to just be fucked in front of the entire office, and she had to face reality… It wasn’t enough.

She didn’t know why, couldn’t pinpoint the reason that her whole world shattered into thousands of unrecognizable pieces when she looked at him. Men never did that to her. She never before was turned into a blubbering, shivering mess of hormones and raw want. Yet she couldn’t stop- couldn’t make the fantasies of fucking Michael again end, or the desire to kiss his mouth and swallow his cock deep inside. 

Perhaps it was because he was so good. He was the antithesis of her… of Victor, even. Being with him reminded her of something she accepted she would never have long ago.

All day long she was jittery, and her nerves didn’t calm even when she arrived at the weekly office meeting. When she was called upon to speak, her voice was breathless and unsure. More than a few people traded glances- it was unlike Vivienne to be anything but self-assured and bold. She saw them all staring at her and hated them for it. Most of all she hated Michael for making her so weak… She never wanted to feel helpless around a man again, and yet here she was, barely able to answer yes or no questions.

Victor had been so, so right and he wasn’t even aware of it. He had never anticipated anything like this.

Michael watched Vivienne throughout the day. She could sense his eyes burning through her clothing, recalling the way she wrapped herself around him. Like an idiot, she wondered what happened when he finally made it home the night before. Did he fuck Christine? Did she care?

Watching the way his dark eyes flicked between her and the pad he was writing on, she decided yes. Yes, she cared. As if he could read her thoughts, he offered her a subtle smirk that made Vivienne wonder if he didn’t have a little of the wicked inside, too.

She snuck out during her lunch break and dialed her husband’s number. He was all she had, her only friend. Part of her was terrified of what he would say. Victor never experienced jealousy when it came to her, but then he’d always known she belonged to him. She wasn’t a moron- she didn’t intend on running off with Michael, because what kind of happy ending would that be?- but these thoughts were dangerous. Compulsive. She couldn’t remember ever feeling such a persistent ache between her thighs, such an empty, hollow longing in her chest. Not even for Victor.

“Hi.” Victor’s tone was curt; he hadn’t been pleased when she begged off giving him head in the shower that morning.

She doubted it was because she denied him a blow job; Victor was uncanny with his observational skills. She shook just thinking of what was possibly churning in his mind.

“I just… I needed to talk to you. I’m having a bad day.”

He let out a long breath. “Inferior assholes giving you a hard time?”

”No. It’s not that.”

There was an unmistakable weight to her words and she knew Victor would understand her meaning instantly. 

“Are you regretting it? Did you suddenly grow a conscience?” He laughed, but it wasn’t a happy sound. “Is he making you feel guilty?”

It was cold outside. Vivienne huddled in her coat and watched her pants visibly puff in the air. “Yes to all your questions, but not in the way you think.”

There was a silence. Then, “Is this how we’re going to discuss this, Vivienne? Like scared children? I’d much rather do this face to face.”

”We both know we would never get around to it. You’d start fucking me on the dinner table.”

He laughed again. “Maybe. So what do you want to do? Fuck him again? You want my permission?”

“I want to forget about it. I hate what this is doing to me.”

”And what about what it’s doing to me?”

Vivienne pulled in a deep breath as a rare flare of anger pulsed through her. “You set me on this course, Victor. You knew the risks.”

He was quiet for a few seconds. “We’ll discuss this when I get home from work. Until then, I suggest you keep those pretty legs crossed and remember who you belong to.”

He hung up on her. Vivienne didn’t feel anything but empty. And maybe just a twinge of wanting to be near Michael, just for a second, like a kitten who twirls around its Master’s ankles… desperate to be pet.

So when Michael glanced her way when he was leaving, she couldn’t help but follow him.


”How did you meet him?”

Vivienne kicked her leg out from underneath the shabby motel’s bed-sheet and sighed. Her nose scrunched up as her eyes scanned his face. He could tell she didn’t like the question, or talking about her husband, but it comforted him knowing they were in the same boat. Somehow having a fling with a married woman was a lot better than screwing a single girl. That was how he rationalized it in his head, anyway.

He kissed down her damp neck, redolent of the sex they’d had just moments before. His lips made trails against her skin, up and down her arm. When his tongue slivered out to taste her elbow, she giggled slightly and relaxed. And then she started to speak.

“He saved me. I was… Well, my life was a bit of a mess. Victor took care of things for me.”

Michael smiled against her shoulder. “I don’t think you could have come up with a more vague answer.”

”I’m sorry, it’s just… I’ve never talked about this with anyone before. I don’t know how you’ll take it. It’s not…” She smiled at him sadly, looking vulnerable for the first time he’d known her. “It’s not a nice story. Not like yours. We didn’t sweep each other off our feet in the university library.”

Michael shifted uncomfortably, his thoughts instantly going to Christine. She was probably eating take-out all alone, growing suspicious and resentful. He felt awful about it, truly he did, and he still cared so much. But he couldn’t resist the warm body next to him, looking at him with big green eyes that for the first time seemed real to him somehow. Human.

Vivienne saw his somber expression and started talking again. “My mother died when I was twelve. I think I told you that before, right?”

He fingered the delicate charm bracelet on her wrist- the one she mentioned was once her mother’s. “Yes.”

“A family friend took me in. He wasn’t a very nice man. To his credit, he tried to be good for a while. And then he didn’t anymore. He thought of me as a burden. I hated living there, so I left and drifted around a bit. I met this older guy- Carl- and he let me stay with him for a while. He kind of thought of me as his live-in girlfriend. We… Well, I guess I sort of was. And I felt like I couldn’t ever leave, you know? He wouldn’t let me. He… wasn’t very nice, either. Then Victor came around… They were sort of friends for a bit. It’s a long story.” 

Michael kissed her fingertips. “Carl forced you to stay with him?”

“Not exactly. He made me weak. He made giving into him seem easy, but that’s because it looked like my only option at the time. And I guess it was, and he took advantage of that. I don’t have any dark, deep-seated issues over it or anything.”

Michael only quirked an eyebrow.

”Well,” Vivienne continued, “not as many dark, deep-seated issues I would have had if Victor hadn’t taken me away.”

”Did you two run away?”

“Not really.” Vivienne exhaled and climbed on top of him. She flung her hair back and grinned at him. Straddling him there, her nipples rosy pink in the gauzy light of the motel room, Michael thought he never saw anything so beautiful. “Victor is a proficient businessman. He just promised Carl something better in exchange.”

”Your husband bartered for you?” Michael tried to keep the shock and disgust out of his tone, but her smile fell.

Then those lips curved upwards as she spread her slippery heat along the length of his cock. He hardened quickly beneath her movements.

“What would YOU give to fuck me, Michael?”

He tried to smile but she felt too good. “I-I don’t know.”

”Oh, I think you do. I think you know exactly what you’d give.”

His hand found the soft flesh of her hip and squeezed. She took that exact moment to fist his cock with her hand. Ecstasy shot down his spine in a cold shudder. “Everything.”

The answer came out so easily, and if she didn’t feel so good against him, he would have been horrified because of how true it was.

Vivienne slid down his body, running her tongue across his nipples, into the dip of his bellybutton, across the peaks of his hipbones. “Everything, hm? I’d like to see that.”

He tried to answer but her tongue was now dancing across his thighs. She skirted it around his balls, neglecting the swollen head that glistened with his pleasure.

She sighed against him, making his cock twitch. “Yes. I’d like to see you give up everything.”

At this, his hand clutched her chin and tugged it up sharply so that her eyes met his. “I already have risked everything to be here with you right now.” His voice was deep and rougher than he meant it to be, but it got his point across.

She didn’t respond; she merely took him into her throat, all the while keeping her eyes on his.

“I don’t know- Jesus- I don’t know what you’re doing to me. You’re all I can think about now. It’s like… Oh, God, like that!” His head clutched the silky strands of red hair that fanned across his thighs while she sucked like a wanton goddess. “It’s like you’ve possessed me.”

“Oh, honey,” she whispered with wet lips that brushed against his sensitive head. “I have.”

She rammed him back into her mouth and moaned.

“Fuck!” His breath came in quick spurts as he watched her bob up and down. Her giving him head was so fucking beautiful. She didn’t do it because it was nice for him, or because she felt she had to, or because she wanted him to love her. It was because she enjoyed it. It was written all over her- the way she closed her eyes as though she were savoring it, the passionate hums she breathed that vibrated down his cock and drove him crazy.

”You look so beautiful.” Her eyes flickered up to him and she winked. “No, really. So beautiful… Your mouth on me…. So fucking sexy.”

He was devastatingly close, but he didn’t want to cum like this. So he pulled her head off of him, which was a painful task, and tackled her.

“I need to fuck you.”

She bit his lip. “So fuck me.”

He drove into her, slapping his hips against hers. Her moans quickly turned into broken pleas.

“Yes, yeah, yeah.” She arched up into his body, greedily taking his cock. He loved it, loved every instant of making her his. His mouth sucked her breast and he delighted into how her sounds changed- everything she called out sounded like a question. And every plunge of his cock was her answer.

“You like my cock?”

She ran her hands down his back and dug her fingernails into his ass. “I love it. I love you f-filling me up. I wanna feel your fucking all day tomorrow.”

“What would give up to have me, Vivienne?”

She smiled a little at how he turned the game around on her but didn’t answer. He pushed up and pulled her body with him, fucking into her with powerful thrusts that made him dizzy. 

“Answer me.”

She kissed him and sucked his tongue into her mouth. He pulled away and asked her again.

”Tell me. What would you give for this dick fucking you, cumming into you every day? Huh?”

Vivienne screamed and thrashed against him before her entire body froze beneath him. Her nails bit into the skin of his back as she clawed desperately through the tremor of her orgasm. All the while, Michael pounded into her, feeling almost numb from the exquisite sensation of sliding through the tightening of her cunt. 

Finally she relaxed and laughed against his lips. Her body slithered beneath him in slow, purposeful nudges that balanced out the fast and rough movements of his own.

“God, you’re so good.” She licked her lips and grinned. Those magical hands swirled up her belly and clenched around her breasts, pinching and rolling the nipples between her fingers.

Michael appreciated the gesture a little too much. He wanted to own her, own those fingers and those nipples and that nearly sacred place between her thighs.

He realized as he continued pushing towards his own orgasm that at least in that moment, he did. He owned her. He gave her what she wanted and she was positively fucking glowing from it.

“Fuck! Oh, fu- I’m gonna…” Michael tore himself from her and stroked his cock against her pink flesh.

He shoved his face into her neck just as the exploding thrill surged through his cock. His cum shot out in a round of stripes that ran from her pussy to the middle of her stomach.

When he was done, he laughed breathlessly and dropped next to her. “Jesus.”

She ran a hand through the mess on her stomach and licked part of him off her finger, giggling when she saw him staring. “You’re delicious. I can’t help myself.”

He continued watch her. She was so beautiful and wild. He meant it when he said he would give everything. He only hoped he wouldn’t have to, that this would fizzle out and he could go back to living his ordinary life where he belonged. 

Vivienne turned on her side and perched herself up on her elbow, resting her head on her hand. Her other stroked along his body. He loved the electric current that followed with every glide of her fingers.

“You’re going to destroy me,” he whispered. And both of them knew he wasn’t kidding.


“You were home so late last night.”

Michael rubbed his eyes and smiled. It didn’t escape Christine’s attention that it was forced. “Did I wake you? Sorry… Things have been so crazy lately.”

Christine stood with a sigh and went into the bathroom, straightening things up. She made a small noise of annoyance when she saw his clothes from the night before, just thrown all over the floor from when he took his shower. 

She was awake when he stumbled in at 2AM, but she didn’t let him know. She didn’t feel much like talking to him. It wasn’t his fault that things were so hectic at work, but he could at least make an effort to come home at a normal hour.

She hated this; it was like they hadn’t spent more than ten minutes in each other’s presence for the longest time. And forget about sex… He was too tired, or distracted, or just not home.

Christine longed to speak with him about it, but that was the other thing- his mood. Everything she said annoyed him. He either snapped at her or rolled his eyes. Or worse, sighed and left the room.

So she picked up his clothes. She flung them into the hamper, eager to get them away from her, when she noticed something on his dress shirt. Christine slowly reached for it and picked it up, analyzing the collar. 

There, in perfect contrast with the starched white, was a ring of red lipstick. 

She didn’t have to ask what it meant, or why it was there. She didn’t even kid herself for a moment there was a reasonable explanation. She was a smart girl; she always had been. The more important question to ask was what she was going to do about it. Fury and nausea bubbled in her stomach, making it next to impossible to breathe. Tears gathered in an unbearable huddle deep within her chest and crept up and up until they burned her eyes. 

“I’m getting up, Chris. Do you want to go out for dinner tonight?” Michael called out, startling her.

”Sure,” she whispered. Her throat was filled with unshed tears. She cleared it. “Sure,” she repeated louder.

”I’ll take you out. We’ll go someplace nice.” 

She waited for a few minutes and then numbly grabbed a basket for the offending clothes. As she walked down the stairs, she told herself to be calm and to be careful. Her body was shaking.

Michael sat in the kitchen, drinking a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper. It was just like any other morning. He smiled at her as she walked by. She had to remind herself to be calm, and especially not to throw up.

She went into the laundry room and closed the door. She knew what she was going to do- she was going to do what many, many women had done before her. 

Christine grabbed the bleach with shaking hands and poured it all over the shirt, practically dumping the whole bottle on it. Then she threw it in the wash and closed her eyes. 

Finally she could breathe again.


Victor had thankfully been asleep when Vivienne snuck in. She didn’t want to speak with him; everything felt so raw and new. She didn’t trust herself not to start crying, or to tell him she thought she was starting to feel something horrific and chaotic for her conquest. She was also terrified she wouldn’t have to say anything… That Victor would just look at her and know.

So she pulled herself into bed beside him, his light snores easing her, and drifted slowly asleep. One thing haunted her just before she drifted into the blissfulness of dreamland- Michael’s question.

“What would give up to have me, Vivienne?”

If she had allowed herself to answer, if she could have tore away the mask she’d cultivated for years, if she could undo all the damage that ravaged anything good inside her, she would have answered “anything”. She would have said that to any man she was toying with before, because that would have been what they wanted to hear.

But she couldn’t have said it this time. Not with Michael. She would have meant it.

The next morning she woke first and tip-toed to the bathroom like the scared little girl she was. The spray was hot and unforgiving, scorching her pale skin just the way she liked it. She didn’t want to think about the man in her bed, or the man that was currently in someone else’s. She wanted to shower and forget, and maybe just once feel clean when she emerged.

“I didn’t hear you come in.”

Vivienne jumped at the sound of Victor’s voice on the other side of the curtain. The soap in her hand fell to the floor of the tub. Her mouth opened to reply but he swept the curtain aside at that moment and stared at her, and words weren’t necessary.

They never were with Victor.

His blue eyes sizzled with omniscience. He was naked and hard and furious. One tan leg stepped into the shower, followed by the other.

His long arm reached out and turned the water hotter. His eyes never left hers, but he said nothing. Instead he turned her body around and slammed the front of it into the wet shower wall.

Vivienne felt the tip of his erection tickling her ass cheek and thought maybe he’d just fuck her and leave the unpleasant words unsaid. That was usually his style. But she knew it was too good to be true, especially when he decided that moment to shove his cock up her ass.

Victor knew she hated anal. Absolutely loathed it. She did it now and then when he particularly asked for it (which was rare, seeing as he fucking knew she detested the act), and maybe she’d let one of the others do it up the ass if they were tiny or pathetic and she really wanted to lord over them.

Yet here he was, hammering into her. Reminding her all over again. It hurt. As if that wasn’t enough, he started speaking.

“Isn’t this how Carl used to do you?” he whispered in her ear, his voice gravelly with arousal and anger.

His hand grabbed her hair and pulled until she yelped. “Yes!”

“Who saved you from that?”

His breaths were choppy, his movements haphazard. He was close, but Vivienne knew he’d hold out until she answered him.

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