Carmen and I found each other online (surprise, surprise!). We had been exchanging correspondence for a little while, and when we were both comfortable, we decided to meet. She was 49. The best encounters happen when a connection is established over a little time, rather than jumping in too quickly. We got on very well at our first meeting over coffee and a light lunch. We knew we shared similar kinks and also a similar desire to keep things discrete due to work issues. We were both looking for something casual and see if and where it evolved too…

When Carmen arrived she was immaculately dressed in feminine business attire that covered magnificent curves. Curves that I had seen nakedly displayed in some photos she had shared with me. A river of red hair cascaded around her perfectly made up face. We both had to return to our respective workplaces for the afternoon, but we arranged to meet again for dinner and our general chemistry suggested a good chance that something may transpire after that. On the day of our next meeting after returning home from work and showered quickly, dressed and took the liberty of bringing some goodies in a suitcase – just in case.

When Carmen arrived at where we were to meet she was dressed beautifully in a wonderful red and black dress that really showed off her curves – including her magnificent 44 DD breasts that I planned on getting my hands and implements on. The dinner went swimmingly well and it was clear that things were progressing very well. We were both comfortable in each other’s presence. When dessert came I ratcheted up the conversation.

As I marvelled at the decadent chocolate and fruit creation on plate, I said rather casually, “This looks good, god I’d like to stick it into your cunt.”

This was a calculated statement, I knew Carmen liked food play and the word ‘cunt’, and she didn’t miss a beat.

“It would be good if you smeared it over my big tits too and licked it off, particularly if they were tied up first,” she replied nonchalantly.

We were both on the same wavelengths in terms of kink and banter. For the next little while our banter was like this, nonchalantly discussing our mutually shared kinks as if we were discussing the weather. At one stage, as the waitress drifted towards our table, Carmen was musing about my fist in her pumped cunt, and the poor shocked waitress beat a hasty path away from our table. We both laughed when we realised what had happened, and also realised that we had probably overstayed our welcome at this plush and conservative establishment. Waiting for the taxi we established a verbal agreement for events and safe limits.

Carmen invited me back to her house and said once we arrived there and went inside, she was mine to use. The taxi trip seemed to take an age, the anticipation of using Carmen was intoxicating and she obviously felt the same way. Finally we were there and we went inside. Wordlessly, Carmen led me to her bedroom, and when we went through the door, she kicked off her shoes, stared into my eyes, smiled mischievously, and said

“I am your blank canvas, now create a depraved masterpiece.”

“I will indeed Carmen,” was my simple response, also knowing that deep down I had to live up to the expectation.

I kissed her passionately and deeply before I told her to stand still, lock her hands behind her back, and close her eyes while I busied myself getting organised. I then applied a blindfold to her and sensually caressed her face and neck – slowly and lightly with my fingers — tracing the outline of her ears, her eyebrows, her lips, the nape of her neck. My breath was hot against her skin and I could smell her perfume deeply – Narciso Rodriguez if I was not mistaken. I could feel Carmen’s body tense and breathing change under the gentle, but teasing touch. I then started to undress her, unzipping her dress and she instinctively shimmied and stepped out of it. I commented on her black lingerie which was hemmed vibrantly in red.

She stood in front of me in her lingerie and stockings – a magnificent rubenesque beauty. I guided her legs apart where she stood. She had obediently kept her hands locked behind her back, but it was time for a more permanent arrangement, and I applied a set of Velcro cuffs. I also cuffed her ankles and applied a spreader bar, gazing up at her still covered cunt as I did. I caressed and teased her again. This time I teased her body through her lingerie. I focussed on those magnificent tits. Carmen was unable to suppress a light moan or two as I teased her, particularly when I moved to teasing her inner thighs and repeatedly traced the edge of her panties with a finger without delving inside. As I continued the moans became a bit more urgent and a light bead of sweat developed on her forehead.

I could not wait any longer to get my hands on those tits, so I removed the alabaster mounds from their lacy constraint. My lips descended to the ginger shaded nipples and massive aureoles and Carmen yelped and nearly buckled as I went about sucking her nipples as hard as I could. I commanded her to stay silent and still, but knowing that this would be difficult as she had told me online how responsive her nipples were to hard sucking. I then started to intersperse my strong sucking with a light nibble or two. As her arousal obviously built up significantly, I wickedly vacated her engorged nipples. It was time to get a bit more serious and commence mixing exquisite pleasure with more than a pang of pain.

I grabbed the lovely nipples in my fingers and lightly squeezed them. Over the next ten or fifteen minutes I used my fingers to work over Carmen’s nipples and then her tits. I finished this little activity by having Carmen stand as straight as she could with her chest pushed out and I pulled her tits outwards by the nipples. Repeatedly, I did this and shook her whole tits vigorously in my vice like grip. She vocalised loudly from the treatment in a tone that was a mix of pleasure and pain. I had to warn her that she would find herself gagged if she did not keep quiet.

I was still yet to expose Carmen’s cunt, but decided that that could wait, so I could get more serious with her tits. It was too hard to leave them alone and my cock was rock hard in my trousers. I would give her tits multiple torments. First I got some of my big rubber bands and deftly put them around the base of her tits. Her tits were huge but when they bands were in place they looked even bigger — massive glowing orbs. As the rubber bands started to do their trick, Carmen’s tits turned a lovely shade of pink and then red. Her veins became more pronounced and it was almost as if they were pulsing. I double wrapped a very small rubber band around each huge nipple. After I had finished I admired my work. Her tits looked superb. Carmen had discussed how she absolutely loved having her tits slapped. I reminded her to push chest out and then set about slapping them. Lightly to begin with, but by the time I had finished I had covered every inch of those bound beautiful tits. Carmen had told me that her tits had a high pain threshold and I tested it. I let her yelp and squirm as I slapped her tits. I slapped them rhythmically, building the strokes to a crescendo before a fitting dénouement. Her huge globes were a fiery red colour and looked as though they were going to explode. I set about removing the rubber bands. They had not surprisingly left deep grooves in her tits and nipples. It had been a good start, but it was time for a change of activity.

I released Carmen’s wrists from their cuffs and also removed the spreader bar from her ankles. I let her have a quick break sitting on the bed while I found the kitchen and bought her back a small glass of water. I admired her thoroughly reddened big tits and smiled to myself knowing that they would receive more torments.

“Take your panties off and kneel on the bed,” I ordered as she finished the glass of water.

As I looked at her bare cunt for the first time, not surprisingly it was completely sodden. The room itself now smelt deeply of wet cunt. I went around to her front, took of her blindfold and commanded her to look deeply into my eyes. I then directed her gaze to the clamps, chain and weights that I held in my hand. She knew instinctively to hold her gaze into my eyes as I set about reaching around and putting the teeth of the clamps on the already tormented nipples. Her gaze did not leave mine as I tugged gently on the chain that joined the two clamps, pulling her engorged nipples forward. I placed a couple of weights on the short chain and let it swing freely. I then went and got some lubricant.

“It’s time I filled and stretched your cunt isn’t it,” I asked rhetorically before adding, “After all, that is one of the main reasons I am here isn’t it, to gape and fill your holes.”

“Yes, I need my holes filled and stretched, oh please stretch and fill them,” replied Carmen, the urgency clearly evident in her voice.

I went to work, using lots of lubricant, and I was quickly able to get four fingers into the lovely big wet hole. Even before I really got serious though, Carmen started to cum and cum violently, there would be no stopping the release of her pent up erotic energy. I could feel her cunt convulsing against my plunging fingers. Her nipples were being tormented at the same time – the weights swung widely and dragged at her clamped nipples. I did not allow her to bask in any post-orgasmic bliss as I was focussed on opening up and filling the wonderful hole. I spent a long time working my fist into her cunt and finally her hole accepted the invader. I could have rushed it more, but so much of the pleasure of fisting is in taking it slow. As my fist found its way deeper and deeper into her cunt, I asked what Carmen had to say for herself.

“Ohh thank you. Thank you for filling my hole. Thank you for fisting my cunt. I hope my accepting hole pleases you,” she answered.

For about the next 40 minutes I thoroughly fisted her hole. Three more climaxes ensued. The first as I thrust hard fast and deep; and, the second as I held my fist still and deep in her pulsing cunt, while I circled her burgeoning clit lightly with my finger. The third as I churned my fist into her cunt deeply and spanked her ass with my other hand. When I finished for the time being, I whispered in her ear how impressed I was with her accommodating hole and how it was living up to expectations. I kissed her on the mouth — deeply and passionately. It was a long hot kiss, before I removed the clamps from her tits, put the blindfold back on and went and got a new implement from my suitcase. I laid Carmen on her back and had her spread her legs widely — the spreader bar went back on. I admired the already thoroughly used hole but I had plenty more in store for it. When I left it would look vastly different than when I arrived — vastly different indeed. I cuffed her hands to the back of the bed — she was now nicely restrained. It was my pussy pump that I had gotten out of my suitcase and I placed the cup of the implement on Carmen’s cunt. Over the best part of an hour and a half I pumped her cunt, periodically releasing the pressure of course, before reapplying it. By the end of it her cunt was gargantuan — red/purple and swollen. It was even more beautiful than it was before. I also came while the pussy pump was in position. I had fed the restrained Carmen my cock and she had slurped it expertly. I squatted over her face, pulling her nipples upwards hard as I erupted – a torrent of cum arced across her face, neck and tits. She cleaned off my cock nicely.

All the way through her pumping, I had been periodically telling Carmen how big and coloured her cunt was becoming. Having her pussy pumped was one of her desires, and this was the first time it had been done. I made sure I did it properly. I uncuffed her from the bed removed the spreader bar. I slowly removed her blindfold and told her she could check out what her cunt looked like now — her eyes bulged and she looked surprised, pleasingly surprised. She finally commented that her cunt looked even better than she hoped. I allowed her a brief interlude to marvel at her cunt but not touch it. I left her blindfold off as I wanted her to watch the next period. I roped one tit and then the other and then pulled them together tightly so her tits mashed together and secured them in place. I tied her hands together. They were to stay like that for a long time as I worked over her thoroughly pumped cunt — I spanked it, I fisted it repeatedly, I stuck toys into it, and I shoved all manner of household items and vegetables into it. This is what she said she loved — to be restrained and to have her cunt filled with all manner of things. I fucked her with a cob of corn. I fucked her with one salami and then two — her engorged cunt lips buckling in and out with each pistoning stroke of the massive meats. I fucked her with a massive can of energy drink (you know the ones!). I fucked hew with a metal egg whisk. I fucked and stretched her even further with shampoo and conditioner bottles — twisting the wickedly shaped ones around inside what was now a cavern with massive fleshy doors. I fucked her silly and she came repeatedly. I spent hours working that hole, but I still had one more thing to do — pay her anal cavity the appropriate attention and stretch it as well.

I unrestrained her tits, and had her kneel on the bed. I worked on her bumhole slowly and gently. At first just circling her sphincter with a well lubed finger before inching it in a fraction and popping it out. Eventually I was able to slide and fuck her bumhole with two fingers and then after a while a third one. I was not rough and continued with slow strokes. I was pleased when her asshole gaped nicely after my fingers were with withdrawn, but not content I continued fingering her anus and with plenty of lube applied started twisting and churning the three fingers into her bumhole. In the end it gaped magnificently and of course her cunt below was still a gaping swollen mass. I had one or two more tricks that I wanted to finish her off with. I got out a big vibrator — one with really strong vibrations and one that also had a clit stimulator attached. It sailed into her gaping cunt and I got it positioned just right and then I taped it into perfect position to hold it there. . I put the spreader bar back on to her ankles and restrained her arms out to her side.

For more than an hour, Carmen laid like that. When I first turned the powerful vibrator on she shuddered and nearly convulsed — almost cumming immediately. Whether the vibrator was on or off was solely at my discretion. I forced orgasms and denied them – and everything in between. I spanked her big ass with my bare hands and my riding crop as the vibrator did its wicked thing. I continued to gape her ass — finally working in two fingers from each hand. I fucked her ass and came twice. The first time I simply buried my cock deeply into her anal tunnel and turned the vibrator right up and Carmen simply spasmed uncontrollably. The second time I grabbed her long ref hair and fucked into her ass hard and deep as you came again. Finally, we were both exhausted and we showered together and kissed sweetly before falling asleep in each other’s arms. In the morning Carmen’s cunt and tits unsurprisingly still showed the signs of your activities. I couldn’t resist giving her a farewell fisting after breakfast. This though wouldn’t be our last encounter.

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