Chapter 4 – Don

Don sat in his chair and quietly banged his head on his desk as the phone next to him continued its shrill ringing. The sound of the front door opening just caused him to sigh and wonder what was next on this completely horrid morning.

The mayor of the town stood just inside City Hall and watched the Utility Clerk stop banging his head and answer the phone. Once Don had dealt with the phone, Mayor Ray addressed him, “So… busy morning?”

As Don opened his mouth to reply the phone rang again. With a mighty growl Don snatched the offending instrument and barked a mean good morning into it. He could see Ray chuckling to himself on his way out the door and his thoughts darkened even more.

Fuck Sharon for quitting yesterday! And fuck Wanda for taking today off to go fucking shopping! And then fuck the damn Mayor for laughing at him after Don helped him fuck his wife into shape last night!

That sweet memory though caused him to pause and reflect while blocking out the annoying voice in his ear. That memory led to the one of ass fucking Sharon yesterday too. A huge sigh filled him as he pushed it all aside to do his job.

The next time the door opened the vision that greeted Don caused all memories and thoughts to flee his mind. Long golden hair drifted softly down to a tiny waist. A soft pink sweater molded lush large breasts while a floaty skirt danced over nicely rounded hips and the longest legs Don had seen in a long time. As Don’s mouth started he water he jerked his eyes back to the face belonging to this knock out body. Huge green eyes that twinkled with an inner humor met his as full, pouty lips smiled.

Don stared, unable to speak, unable to react as this goddess walked around the counter. She quickly leaned over and answered the phone at the reception desk with a pert, “Good morning, this is Kathy; how may I help you?”

Don’s thoughts spun erratically as he watched that short, thin skirt sway over one hell of a sweet ass. Kathy from the library? The same Kathy that he drooled over every time he saw her? A Kathy that looked like no librarian he had ever known. He tapped his pen against his desk ignoring the phone that again ringed at his elbow.

When Kathy hung up the counter phone she turned to him. “Okay look, Ray asked me to help you out today but I’m not doing all the work, buddy boy.” She stared right back at him, daring him to say something.

“Ray sent you?” His lips pursed in thought as the front door opened to a customer, so he finally turned to answered the insistent ringing. He continued to watch Kathy as she dealt with the customer. Observing old man Finley leave with a sparkle in his eye and a bulge in his pants caused Don to become aware of his own partial stiffy.

It was a nearing noon before the two finally got a break from the every day business of running City Hall. Kathy had just stepped right in and went to work like it was something she did everyday. Customers had been surprised but very pleased to see her and everyone she dealt with and left with a smile. Especially the men.

“You seem to have worked in here before,” Don commented.

Kathy laughed, “Yes I have. Sharon’s had me in here when you were gone so I could help Wanda.”

“I bet that was fun.”

“Wanda is a little difficult, but I like Sharon and didn’t mind giving her a hand.”

Don let the image that had greeted him yesterday of Wanda with her face buried in Sharon’s muff pass through his mind. He wondered just what kind of “hand” Kathy had given Sharon in the past. And then he wondered what kind of “hand” he could convince her to give him.

“There’s something I’d like to ask you but it’s a bit personal. Would you mind?” Kathy nervously twisted a pen in her fingers.

“Not at all, ask away.”

Kathy took a deep breath as if to steady herself but this caused those very pretty breasts of her’s to push even harder against her sweater. Don just got a glimpse of rock hard nipples and the old man in his pants twitched again. “Sharon sent me an email yesterday that had a video attached that was very informative. And then when Ray called me this morning he just acted kinda weird, like he knew that I had received the video. Did you know Sharon was going to send it to me? It seemed like something she’d want to keep quiet, or personal maybe.”

As Don’s eyes hadn’t left the front of Kathy’s sweater so it took him a moment to process what she had said. A feeling of dread began to fill him. Without bothering to answer Kathy he jerked open his desk drawer and pulled out a key to Sharon’s office.

Jumping up, he headed over to the office door and opened it. After flicking on the lights, it took only moments before he located the camera. “Fuck!” he swore viciously, at the same time giving the bitch props for being so clever.

Hearing the front door open and Kathy greeting a customer gave Don a few minutes to think. He rounded the desk and booted up the computer. It took no effort at all to find the video, Sharon had left it in plain site. Pulling up her email he clicked open the “sent” folder and his eyes widened at what he saw there. It seemed Sharon had neatly informed a few different people of yesterday’s antics.

As he sat drumming his fingers on the desk, Kathy came in the room. “I uh, I locked the front door for lunch. Are you okay? I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Don shoved his fingers through his thick black hair and leaned back in the chair. His blue eyes staring at the computer screen, his mind searching for words to say that wouldn’t make him sound like a complete idiot. “I ah… had no idea she did that. Sharon kind of surprised us all yesterday.”

“Yesterday? That happened just yesterday? Wow. And in here too,” Kathy sat on the edge of the desk beside Don as she looked around the office. Her skirt rode up her thighs exposing creamy skin to Don’s gaze. “So where are Sharon and Wanda today? Why aren’t they here at work?”

Don couldn’t help himself, his hand went to all that warm waiting skin and settled on Kathy’s knee. “Sharon quit yesterday after her little session and Wanda’s out shopping for new clothes. What all did you see in the video?” His hand gently stroked the softness beside him, his fingers sliding and caressing Kathy’s leg.

Kathy unconsciously let her legs open slightly wider, “Umm… uh, just you and a woman that I assumed was Sharon. Her head was kinda cut off by the camera angle. But you were… oh mmm…” She moaned quietly as he hand slid softy up her thigh.

“God you have the most gorgeous legs. Why the hell are you a librarian?”

“Well, when I came back after college I needed a job and, uh Mary gave me one.” She was breathing heavier, her legs falling apart even farther.

Don continued his stroking of her leg letting his fingers glide higher and higher. He couldn’t believe how silky smooth her skin was; it fascinated him. He now had both hands on her leg, running them up and down. Kathy’s small, high pitched sounds made under her quickened breaths combined with the faint musky scent coming from under her skirt had him rock hard.

He glanced quickly up at her face, to check her reaction. Kathy’s head was tilted back, her eyes closed, she leaned back on her hands, causing her nipples to strain against the tight sweater. With her legs now wide open and her skirt riding up nearly to her crotch, Don decided to see how far he could take it.

Leaning forward, he laid his lips on her leg just above the knee. Kathy gasped and a soft, “oh yes,” could barely be heard. Don let just the tip of his tongue reach out to taste. Strawberries! Oh god she tasted like fresh strawberries.

“If you’re going to stop, me do it now,” he growled, fingers tightening on her legs.

His words seemed to bring Kathy back to awareness. Her green eyes snapped wide open and met his, full of swirling emotions. As Don’s thumbs made little circles on the inside of her knees, Kathy eyes cleared. She reached down and pulled her skirt all the way up, exposing her lack of panties and bare, shaved mound to Don.

“When Ray called and asked if I’d come in, I wore this outfit on purpose. And I didn’t wear any panties on purpose.” In one quick move she pulled her sweater over her head and dropped it on the desk. “And I wore my prettiest bra on purpose. That video of you made me so hot that I made myself cum twice last night just thinking about you doing that to me.”

Don quickly stood up and captured her lips with his. Tongues twisted and twined together. Kathy’s hands tangled in Don’s thick black hair, holding him close. It seemed that an explosive fire began to rage inside Don. This woman’s lips were causing electric currents to flash straight to his gut like none had ever done before.

When the kiss finally ended, he leaned back to look deep in those green eyes. “I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’m going to have you.”

Kathy leaned farther back on the desk, giving him full access. As Don’s mouth assaulted her neck and shoulders, breathing and tasting that sweet berry scent, his hands came up to enclose her breasts. Big and firm, they felt so good in his hands. Nipples poked into his palms like little pebbles.

His fingers pulled down the thin pieces of pink lace and gently rolled and pulled on those pebbles. As Kathy’s moans increased, Don left a trail of kisses across her firm mounds in search of the pleasure giving nubs. Taking the berry in his mouth and sucking felt like coming home. His hard cock pulsed in time to his suckling, fingers massaging each breast as if milking them for more.

Kathy’s breathing had turned to ragged gasps, those quiet wails, encouraging. As Don licked his way across to the other waiting nipple, he wrapped his arm around her to help support her. Gently, oh so gently, he bit down and the small dark nub and swirled his tongue around her aureola.

A harsh groan emitted from Kathy and she suddenly started bucking her hips and shaking with an orgasm. Don raised his head in surprise but dropped a hand down between her legs and tweaked the moist clit he encountered. He was amazed at the amount of fluid that quickly coated his fingers. He had never in his life known a woman to orgasm just from sucking her nipples.

After a few short minutes, Kathy relaxed against him. Her head laying heavily on his shoulder he could hear her quietly whispered ,”oh gods.” He stroked her back, helping her calm down, simply amazed at this warm bundle of woman shivering in his arms.

“Does that always happen?”

Kathy shook her head. Looking up at him she said, “Something happened when you touched me. I just kind of exploded.” Inside her head, Kathy’s thoughts swirled. What had just happened here? No man had ever caused her to react like that. She felt like her body wasn’t her own anymore, just a raging, hot, wet mess that seriously needed to be fucked.

“Well normally, I’d be happy to give you several more explosions, but I’m about to have one of my own in my pants unless you could help me with that.”

A sly smile crept across those lush lips. Don felt a hand squeeze the front of his jeans and drew a deep breath to keep steady. “You do seem to have a slight problem down below.”

“Slight?” Don asked incredulously. At Kathy’s giggle he stepped back and jerked down his zipper to release the pressure of his pants. He made short work of the fastenings, but before he could reach in to pull out his iron stiff pole, Kathy’s dainty hands were pushing his out of the way.

Don’s cock was slender, but long. Kathy used both hands to hold his length and still didn’t cover the purple tip. “Oh sweet heaven,” she whispered before sliding off the desk and dropping to her knees. After taking a long swipe with her tongue from base to tip, Kathy slid the long pole into her mouth.

Dale had to grab the back of the chair beside him as his knees nearly buckled at the intense feeling. It felt like his guts were on fire. Reaching down with his other hand, he tangled his fingers in those long golden locks, gently encouraging Kathy’s wondrous sucking.

He marveled at this beautiful creature before him. As his gasps filled the air, he watched as she took more and more of his cock into her hot wet mouth. No woman he’d been with had ever managed to take all of him without gagging, but so far she appeared to have no problems at all in that area. With her hands massaging his heavy ball sack and thighs, Kathy sucked the last of his rod into her mouth, he could actually feel the tip edging down her throat.

Only a few more sucks and he was groaning, “I’m gonna cum. Oh god I’m gonna cum.”

Those words seem to spur Kathy’s sucking on even more, pulling him hard and deep into her mouth. As Don felt his balls grow hard, the eruptions began. He shot load after load down her throat, gripping the chair back hard as the spasms shook his whole body. Don wondered if he’d ever stop cumming as Kathy’s tongue slid and slipped its way around him. He could feel the movements of her throat as she swallowed every drop.

Finally,she drew back, carefully pulling him from her mouth, making sure she left no creamy fluid behind. With a last stroke of her hands, she stood again as Don collapsed down in the chair. He pulled her into his lap and buried his face in her fragrant hair.

It was a few minutes before he was able to think and speak coherently again. He gave her a soft kiss and ran his hands through her long locks. As blue eyes met green, Don suddenly realized that this woman, that he’d known only distantly, had touched him as no woman ever had.

“I uh…” Don started to speak but Kathy’s fingers gently touched his lips stopping his words.

“Lets go get some lunch, finish the day and if you want, we’ll talk tonight after work.” Kathy didn’t want this precious new thing between them analyzed too hard just yet. She’d never experienced love at first sight and wasn’t sure she believed in it, but something fragile was growing between them and she wanted to savor it for a while.

Don was stunned. A woman that didn’t immediately want to talk things over, dissect everything? And she seemed sincere enough that he didn’t even smell a trap! He couldn’t seem to form words into a sentence, so he just nodded his head and allowed Kathy to stand.

After they both put their clothes back in order, she took his hand and led Don from the building. They went to the local diner, grabbed a quick lunch and headed back to the office. Once there, Don opened the front door again and settled back at his desk.

They hadn’t spoken much more than to discuss lunch and how busy the day had been. Kathy acted like nothing unusual had happened. Don was more confused now than ever. As he stared at the back of Kathy’s skirt a sudden flash went through him as he remembered there was nothing underneath it except a smooth bare pussy and a generous handful of ass cheeks. Almost immediately his dick was rock hard again.

Don sighed and resigned himself to an uncomfortable afternoon. As the hours passed, Don’s thoughts were deep. Back in high school he had been heavily into sports and so getting girls had been relatively easy. Also, in college, on a sports scholarship, he enjoyed many romps with many different girls. Even now, he had retained enough of his looks and form, that getting his “itch scratched” wasn’t difficult to do.

But just one touch from Kathy had him spinning out of control. What was it about her that was so different? And why was he so bothered by the thought that what happened between them was meaningless? (it was just a bit awkward) She was so warm and responsive, so soft and sweet. And that ass… oh my god that ass!

Just at that moment, Kathy dropped the pen she was using on the floor and bent to pick it up. Don had a quick flash of rounded white cheek and had to stifle a groan. That skirt should be outlawed, he thought to himself darkly. Then, just as darkly, wondered why he should care if her skirt was too short.

Tapping his pen on the desk, he considered the day’s events. Sure, he’d known Kathy for some time now, but he’d never actually spent time with her like this before. As the memory of the taste of strawberries drifted through him, he decided that he wanted more. More time, more tastes and certainly more getting to know each other.

Casually he rose from his desk and went to the counter to stand beside Kathy. Grinning at the customer and joking about the weather, Don slowly let his hand settle on the round firmness of Kathy’s ass. Feeling the slight jump under his hand told him that she was also quite responsive to his touch.

Very carefully, so as to not draw attention to what he was doing, Don began to bunch the thin skirt up, drawing it up inch by inch. Kathy dealt with the customer and wished him a good day as another came in the door. Don kept on raising the skirt, not allowing anything to show on his face what he was doing.

A few short moments later, his fingers felt bare skin. Kathy’s voice cracked a bit as she chatted with the customer, but Don felt her legs part very slightly. Letting his fingers draw little patterns on her creamy smooth skin, Don leaned against the counter and prepared to enjoy. Kathy thew him a discrete glare and he only smiled in response.

For once fate seemed in his favor as customers continued to come in, just frequently enough that Kathy couldn’t move away. At this point Don’s hand was completely under her skirt and creeping slowly down between her legs. He could see that her nipples were hard points under her sweater and she would bite her lip in concentration to do the computer work.

If this old bat doesn’t leave so I can kill him, I’m going to reach across this counter and bitch slap her. Then I’m gonna bitch slap Don,Kathy thought to herself as her pussy got wetter and wetter due to Don’s wandering fingers.

Don shifted against the counter so his hard on wasn’t trapped against the hard workspace, and nudged Kathy’s hip into his crotch. This also let his fingers dip into that dark musky crack. He could feel Kathy lean her hip into him and shift her legs father apart while still managing to keep her thoughts under control even though her breathing had quickened.

His fingers found the tight puckered little hole they had been seeking and gently stroked. He heard Kathy’s quick gasp and took over speaking to the current customer so she wouldn’t have to. As he gently assaulted that sensitive spot, Kathy’s hips began to move with his fingers.

As soon as the customers had cleared the office, Kathy rounded on Don and grabbed the front of his pants, stroking him. She leaned in and pressed those firm breasts against his chest, rubbing up against him. He quickly discovered that the turn-about play went straight through his system as the heat flash shot through him.

“You are a bad bad man. Until it’s time to lock this door, get back to your desk,” she panted.

“No.” Grabbing her hand, Don jerked Kathy around the corner out of sight of the public and pulled her to him for long hot kiss. Pushing Don back against the wall, Kathy raised one long leg and wrapped it around his waist, grinding her hips against his. As the two wrapped around each other, oblivious to the world, an embarrassed cough was heard.

At Kathy’s jerk, Don moved quickly to keep her held tightly against him. They turned to see who had invaded their stolen moment. A few feet away, shuffling his feet and staring at the floor to hide a huge grin was Fred, the Street Supervisor.

As Kathy’s head dropped to Don’s shoulder to hide, he growled at Fred, “Dude, I got a freaking hot woman in my arms and we have maybe 5 minutes before the next group of old farts comes in, what the hell do you want that can’t wait?”

Fred’s shoulders were shaking with his struggle not to laugh. “I was just gonna turn in this paperwork to Sharon. Didn’t mean to interrupt.”

Last week I was driving home from work on the Kirkpatrick Turnpike and exited on Penn (by Target and Best Buy), I got in the outside right-hand turn lane and waited, traffic was horribly slow, creeping, there had been a wreck in the intersection and we were all at a stand still.

Typically, there was one of the usual scruffy panhandlers approaching each car as we waited out our turn. I watched as he went from car to car, moving on empty-handed; so digging in my purse, I found a couple of singles and waited.. I thought maybe a better ‘contribution’ would be to have a little fun with the hapless fellow and play a little chicken with myself.

Pushing the buttons, I rolled both rider and driver’s side windows down; slid my seat back and readjusted the steering wheel up out of the way. Slipping out of my heels, I first unbuttoned and pulled the zipper down on my skirt but instead of slipping it off, I worked it up over my bottom, then hooked my thumbs in the elastic top of my panty hose. Tugging and pulling, I was able to get the tight nylons down to my feet as I slipped out of them. Of course I was not wearing panties!! Commando!

Turning a bit in the seat, I rested one foot on the console and opened my legs and started rubbing my bare and exposed pussy. I was already DAMP as I easily slid my fingers inside my CUNT and slowly finger-fucked myself. Traffic was bumper-to-bumper, four or five lanes across as I slowly massaged and masturbated myself, watching and waiting as the poorly dressed derelict made his way down the line of cars. It felt really good as I pinched my CLITORIS between my fingers, squeezing hard on my pulsing knob.

Momentarily stopping I reached under the seat and found the BLACK MAX flashlight I kept in the car for emergencies, and this was a ‘borderline’ emergency! Digging two fingers deep inside my hole I collected as much pussy juice as I could and smeared it over the big (4 D batteries!) black flashlight. Getting it sufficiently lubricated, I used the thick handle of the light as a dildo, as I tried to work it inside my CUNT.

It was sooooo fucking rigid and hard, I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it until I spit two or three wads of spit on it. OOOOOOOOH! Nice! I reclined a bit more in the seat as I got the first two or three inches in. Back and forth I fucked myself. Deeper and deeper. I had to lay almost prone in the seat as I was able work the full length in and out of my pussy. Slowly I fucked myself and then bravely, I turned the flashlight around and tried to work the ‘business’ end of the light in my stretched fuck hole.

This is where the ‘chicken’ comes in; fucking myself with the big black beast and fingering my CLITORIS I was building up my ‘courage’, making myself hotter and hotter as he neared my vehicle. Three cars away, would I be brave enough to let him see me? Hell, there were cars all around and my legs were splayed wide, my skirt hiked up over my ass exposing my CUNT as I tried to wedge a BIG-ASS BLACK MAX flashlight inside my pussy! Yes, I was ready, I was so horny, I could have been buck-naked on the hood of my car, I was so FUCKING HORNY!!!

At the car directly in front of me, my shabby prey was talking to the driver, as I reached for the top buttons of my blouse. One, two, three and then four buttons, I was able to open my blouse exposing my lacy sheer brassiere, cradling my C-cup breasts. My CLITORIS was so BIG and purple, throbbing as he walked towards my car. I pushed the huge lens of the light an inch or so deeper while I reached inside my bra and felt how incredibly hard my nipple was. OH FUCK!!

As he neared my car he automatically asked me for ‘a couple of bucks’, then stopping, he bent down and leaned in my window. Smiling broadly I could smell his rancid breath as I touched his large dirty hand and pulled it down between my legs. I don’t know what came over me! I had only intended to let him watch me, definitely not let him put his filthy hands all over me! But I was so HORNY!!

Wordlessly, except for an occasional grunt, he roughly began to manhandle my hairy wet cunt. Roughly rubbing up and down between my pussy lips, I winced as his rough hands mauled my swollen and sensitive CLITORIS. Then finding the flashlight I had embedded in my fuck-hole he pushed it deeply into my CUNT. He kept pushing as I started to wince in pain from the obscene fuck stick. Pulling it slowly out, it felt like a toilet plunger as it seemed to create a vacuum, holding it inside, making it difficult to remove.

Grasping the slick and creamy machined handle of the flashlight he wrested it up and out of my tightly gripping pussy lips causing a loud ‘POP’. Casting it to the floorboard, he plunged his dirty fat thumb inside my wallowed out hole while his thick finger found the tight clinch of my ass. Smearing my wetness over my bunghole, he wedged two fingers inside my tender anus as he double penetrated me. Grinding his thumb as deeply as he could he gripped me like the proverbial bowling ball and lifted me off the seat, as if he was trying to pull me out of my car.

He leaned farther inside the car as he tried to pull my pelvis up to his unshaven face. He was trying to eat my pussy! I felt his hand slide under my butt as he was desperately trying to raise me to his mouth. I arched my back trying to meet his lips, his straining tongue and I felt it. Drooling and spitting on my already frothy LABIA, he flicked his tongue back and forth. Not soft and smooth with a flattened palette, but sharp and pointed like a finger, tweaking across my swollen clitoris and FAT lips. Sucking my little man inside his mouth, he nursed on it like a teat, giving it head as if he was sucking a small penis.

My pussy was CREAMING, dripping out past his thumb as he continued to suck me off. I reached back for support and accidentally grabbed the seat release causing it to fall back, collapsing, as I fell back into the reclined car seat as he almost tumbled in on top of me!

I was sooooo near my climax, crazy with desire. I got to my hands and knees, pushing my ass towards the open driver side window. I reached between my legs and finding his hand, I gave him the rhythm I needed to get off. Guiding him as he rubbed and finger-fucked me, my other hand steadied myself as I felt his hungry mouth began eating out my ass. I couldn’t stand it!! I released his hand and brought my own hand to my brassiere, jerking it down, I freed my breasts so that I could squeeze and fondle my titties.

I felt my ass-eater momentarily stop as his hands fumbled with my skirt, loosening it from around my waist, he jerked it down past my butt, leaving me in only my blouse and brassier! None too quickly he returned to his work on my ass and pussy, forcefully fucking me with three or four of his fingers as it felt like he was trying to wedge his entire hand inside me.

It was then the DAM burst as my pussy was pissing and spraying all over his gnarled fingers as my incredibly overwhelming CLIMAX swept across my trembling body. FUCK!! I was almost pushed through the other window as he finally worked his entire hand inside me and rammed his fist deep into my CUNT. I fell across the console as he pulled me back towards him, his hand embedded in my hole. With his free hand, he grabbed the bottom of my blouse and began stripping it off me. I reached back with one arm then the other as he removed my blouse, then unsnapped my brassiere and as I struggled to get back to my knees, my remaining clothes fell to the seat leaving me naked.

First I was brutalized with the damn Black Max flashlight and now I was being FIST-FUCKED by a god dam vagrant. Slamming repeatedly into me, I imagined my CUNT a speed bag for some Golden Gloves boxer as he rapidly fucked me.

Then somewhere in the vague ozone of reality I thought I heard a car horn. I reached back and pushed on his wrist, trying to remove his buried hand from my stretched and battered CUNT. Finally releasing me, I realized traffic was beginning to creep forward and again the car behind me honked his horn. Bastard!

I plopped back into the soaking wet driver’s seat, filled with my wet piss and creamy CUM, tried to re-adjust the seat and steering wheel. I put the car in DRIVE and turned to look at my derelict ‘lover’, through his snaggle-tooth smile I could see the wetness on his cheeks and chin from the incredible ‘head job’ he had done. Will work for food!!! AMEN! I slipped him the two ones and pressed the accelerator as my car lurched forward.

I made it about four car lengths as traffic again stopped!! And here he comes again……….. Now it’s his turn to play ‘chicken’; I wonder if he’s horny enough to stand next to my car and let me suck him off.

..End of part One

I had moved about four car lengths and was STILL sitting in the middle of traffic with my blouse pulled off and my bra somewhere on the floor, leaving my breasts completely exposed for anyone to see. And having to hurriedly adjust my seat and steering wheel in order to drive forward, I had not had a chance to put my skirt back on. In short I was BUCK-NAKED, sitting in my puddle of piss and frothy CUM-goo as I again waited in traffic.

Luckily, (I guess for those non-exhibitionist), I was in the right-hand turn lane and on my left side was an Action Rental delivery truck, a big box truck that shielded me on the driver’s side. Add to that, even though both side windows were rolled down, my windshield and rear window are both darkly tinted which gave me a small bit of privacy in the chaos of a rush hour traffic jam!

Looking in my rear view mirror I saw my ‘friend’ standing between two lanes of cars, where I had left him when we had stopped our public groping and my public CUMMING. I watched as he spotted my car and started making his way towards me. Sizing him up I realized he was wearing what looked to be a ragged T-shirt that had a picture of Elmo on it, a pair of worn-out Nike’s and an old pair of dirty, off-brand Levi’s, and I could make out a VERY distinct rise in his off-brand Levis’.

Not bothering to get dressed, I again looked in my purse for more ‘spare change’, I found a twenty and watching in my mirror I waited for my turn to play. Except I didn’t see him in the mirror, I looked back and forth to the side mirrors and finally turned and looked out the open window. I was thinking he had enough of me when suddenly the driver’s side door opened!!

OH SHIT! What have I gotten myself into, I thought as he climbed into my car.

I sat petrified, totally exposed, naked, my tits, my CUNT! At first he just stared at me, then without saying a word he unfastened his pants and pulled his thick, uncircumcised cock out. I could smell the thick musky smell of his crotch as I now stared at his fat hard-on.

I LOVE uncut dicks, they fascinate me and I love it that a man can have such a huge piece of meat, be just rock-hard rigid and still have all that skin that he can pull up over a swollen purple head. It was my turn to stare as he stroked himself, pulling the skin back, showing me how large and swollen his pulsing head was. I imagined I could see it throb as he tightly gripped it, making his knuckles white as he squeezed. He seemed proud and well he should be!

I watched as his pre-CUM dribbled out of his slit, there was so much, I wasn’t sure if maybe he was already climaxing as it ran down his shaft, puddling in the thick folds of his foreskin as it finally ran down over his fist. He slowly began to pump it, taking deep strokes as he arched his back, raising his ass off the seat. His window was down and for a split second I worried that someone would see him obscenely masturbating. It is funny how a pussy flash or a topless woman gets people to notice but a hard naked COCK will get a call to the cops!

That was just as I leaned toward his erection. Sliding one arm behind him as he arched off the seat, I tugged his pants down past his ass as my mouth found him. He was big, VERY BIG and my mouth felt stretched as I tried to fit his head inside. With his hand, he helped by pushing hard against the back of my head, choking me as he rammed himself between my taut lips.

He continued jacking off as I tried to suck him, smashing his fist against my mouth as he sloshed his sloppy pre-cum (piss) on my face. I could feel the blood pulsing through his foul smelling cock, his big round head throbbing as my mouth was filling with whatever he was ejaculating; though he had not CUM yet, I could tell he was close. Up and down I went on his meat, sucking, gagging, taking him to the hilt. I was choking as he fucked my mouth. Now gripping my head with both hands he forcefully slammed himself down my throat. I couldn’t breath; I may even have been sobbing from the pain, the pleasure, possibly from fear.

THEN… Oh my GOD!! He began CUMMING! Huge, thick globs of the foulest tasting spunk I had ever had sucked out of someone’s DICK! Pulling me by my hair, he jerked me off his cock as he again was beating his meat, shooting long stringy ropes of his SPUNK on my face, in my eyes, my hair. I couldn’t believe the amount of jizm he shot on me.

Pushing my head back into his crotch he rubbed my face, my lips over his cock and hairy balls, spreading the nasty wetness, smearing it as I felt his spongy balls touching my abused lips. I sucked, I licked, I tried to take one of his big balls in my mouth. I moved my arm from around his waist and pulled his testicles up so I could lick the crease that bisects his scrotum, between his legs to his asshole.

His CUM and pre-CUM was sticky covering his crotch as I tried to spread his legs so I could snake my tongue down towards his ass. And it smelled like ASS as he pushed his pants to his ankles and spread his legs wide. I was on my knees in my seat as he arched his back and pushed my head closer to his asshole.

Reaching for his hairy ass my fingers spread his ass cheeks as I sought out his ass. The wetness of my slobber, his CUM and pre-CUM made his hole a slick easy target as my finger slid deeply inside. I finger-fucked his ass as my mouth again found his still hard dick.

This time he found the seat release and as he fell prone I lost his cock from between my lips but was able to keep my finger buried up his ass. I pushed his one leg up as I watched my now two fingers pumping in and out on his shithole. As nasty as it was, I couldn’t resist and I pulled my fingers out, licked and cleaned them, and replaced them with my lips. I sucked it. I stuck my tongue inside his ass. I tasted the foulness of him. I tried to work my tongue deeper, as I began tongue fucking him. I could feel his balls resting on me as he began to jack-off.

I wasn’t sure if he would be able to CUM again but he was as hard as he was earlier. I moved back and watched as he lay there, eyes closed, furiously pumping his HUGE uncut monster. I crawled on top. I reached between my legs and guided his thick meat between my pussy lips. I had to FUCK him.

He put his hands on my waist as I slowly began fucking him. Trying to enjoy every inch, I worked his cock as deeply as I could inside my CUNT. Grinding my pelvis hard against his as I tried to control his motion, he reached to grab my titties. Rising up the best I could in the cramped quarters I was naked, fucking him in rush hour traffic. My skirt wadded up somewhere on the floor, I rose higher so he could see his cock sliding in and out of my PUSSY.

As I began to bounce up and down, I reached between my legs and spread my labia, pulling my lips wide with each hand until my clit protruded, sticking out at least an inch as I started CUMMING, my own CUM/PISS spraying out in its own erratic, uneven pattern, covering his belly, his chest. I was throwing myself hard against him, as if I was riding the bull at Billy Bob’s!

I lowered my breast to his mouth, letting him suck and bite my nipples as his meat pierced deeply inside. My CUM was SOOOOO intense and his thick meat felt SOOOOOO good I really wanted it in my ass, I may have even cried out, “FUCK MY ASS!” But I knew there wasn’t time as I finally collapsed on top of him. I could feel the wetness covering his belly and chest as I lay on him.

After a few seconds, I felt his hand between my legs, as he ‘plopped’ his still rigid cock out of my CUNT. I didn’t know if I had actually cried out during my CLIMAX or if he was a mind reader, but he was rubbing that big bulbous head against my puckered sphincter. I reached behind, smearing our sticky funk on my asshole, I tried to work his cock inside. Just as it felt like it would never fit, he rammed hard against me. Forcing me into the roof of the car but also sinking his thick meat into my anus. He was trying to ass fuck me as furiously as he had fucked my pussy. I thought I would scream as he drove his giant fuck stick inside me, I knew he would surely split me open, ripping the tender tissue of my bowels as he deeply reamed out my gut.

I rose up, then pushed my ass down on his enormous COCK, trying to force him to a slower pace, I ground my ass against his crotch, burrowing him even deeper. The pain was incredible, the pain was incredibly amazing as I reached back to smear more spit on his cock. Working in and out I was able to lubricate the both of us enough that he slid in and out a bit more easily. The pace quickened, he was again driving hard into my ASS.

I was in orbit, I was in ecstasy as I shivered, trembled as he sunk, speared his DICK deep inside me, causing my CLIMAX, OUR CLIMAX, as he too was filling my intestine with his foul CUM as I peed and creamed all over his filthy body.

I tightly held him as he emptied inside me, his fat meat pulsating with each spurt. We were all but panting as we rested, our breathe coming in heaves, our bodies sweating from the exertion. I tried to rise off my exhausted partner. His semi-hard cock slowly slid out of my greased ass. I could feel my abused asshole emptying as loud farts escaped from it. He had jack-hammered so much air inside me it sounded like I eaten five pounds of pinto beans as the air ‘farted’ out.

We both laughed as I crawled off of him and into the driver’s seat, large globs of his CUM wad still emptying out of my twin CUM holes. I sat in it; I felt it ooze out onto the vinyl seat. He raised his seat and started to pull his pants up over his nasty CUM and blood covered dick, fresh from deep in my shithole, I couldn’t resist that uncut hunk of meat. Reaching for it, I wrapped my hand around him, squeezed more of his CUM out of him. He was sticky, his cum and my cum coated his fleshy snake, there was so much skin it was difficult to pull it tight as his cock softened. Leaning again toward his lap I licked and cleaned his limp cock, sucking it, skinning it back as I tried to remove every trace of our fluids, juices, nasty spunk.

I caught myself making love to his dick, tenderly holding it, kissing it, as I felt myself getting wet, turned on by an uncircumcised penis. I tried sucking it, up and down, trying to once more make him erect. I took only his head in my mouth and tightly sucked it, trying to create a vacuum as I pulled his foreskin tightly to the base of his shaft. I held his round head in my hand and stuck my tongue in his pee slit. I sucked only the tip. I crammed every inch of him in my mouth, his soft meat filling my mouth as I ground my lips against his pelvis. I wrapped both of my hands around his hairy balls, my thumbs and forefingers encircling his testicles as I licked them, squeezed them, twisted his ball sac again and again, making him moan as I punished him. The loose skin of his cock was becoming taut as I pulled tightly on his scrotum. He was getting hard!! I took him in my mouth and took him as deeply as I could. Sucking. Sucking. Sucking. Up and down on his shaft, I was fucking him with my mouth.

Again with the damn HONKING!! Cars were starting to move. I sat up in my seat as the transient pulled his off-brand Levis’ up and hopped out, his Levis’ still unbuttoned, his dark cock peeking out of his open fly as I slowly drove off. Looking in the rear view mirror, I saw him bend down and pick up what appeared to be clothing.

Alison had called me early on a Wednesday and was having a rough day and work and needed to do something to take her mind off of it. I suggested dinner and movie. She was ok with that but couldn’t get out of the office early so we decided to meet late. Alison lived in the same apartment complex that I did. In fact, she lived in the same building just on the opposite side and on the third floor. I was on the first. We hadn’t exactly been dating in the traditional sense. We were more like fuck buddies who spent an inordinate amount of time together.

Later in the afternoon, I decided that I wanted to spice up our outing, so I left work early and stopped at the local adult bookstore for a couple of items. This particular store had a good selection of toys. Finding what I was looking for didn’t take much time. I purchased my goods and headed to my apartment. I took a shower, shaved, got dressed and waited for Alison to arrive.

There was a knock at my door around eight o’clock. I opened it to find Alison wearing a nice red cocktail dress and black heals. Alison was hispanic and had medium length dark hair and large dark eyes. She had full lips and was on the voluptuous side. She looked great to me. I pulled her inside and gave her a long deep kiss. I fondled her breasts while I did it and let one hand slide up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties under her dress so I ran a finger between her lips and across her clit, more to tease her than anything else.

“Rough day, huh?” She nodded and told me briefly about her work troubles. “I think I have a couple of things to help you keep your mind off it. Come with me.” She followed me back to the bedroom where I had stashed my haul from earlier. I opened the bag and pulled out two items. One was a remote controlled butterfly vibrator and the other was a small black butt plug. “You are going to wear these out for our date.” She tried to protest but it wasn’t with much enthusiasm. I had her bend over with her hands on the bed, ass out towards me but still standing. I pulled her dress up so I could see what I was doing. I took the butt plug first. There was some lube in the dresser which I retrieved. I let some drip out and it landed just above her asshole and slowly trickled down. I slowly pushed the butt plug in until it was firmly in place. “I want this to stay in during our entire date. No taking it out, understand?” She stood up and nodded. She was moving a little bit side to side trying to get comfortable. The butterfly I had gotten out earlier so I could get the batteries installed and make sure it worked. It was worn like panties with a little vibrating butterfly that rested over the pussy and clit. This model came with a little remote so that I could control the vibration intensity from about 20 feet away. I held the straps open so that she could step in. I pulled it up and adjusted the straps so it was in the correct position. With her dress back in place I looked up and asked if she wanted to see if it worked. She had her eyes wide and was smiling while biting her lower lip. She nodded. I set the remote to its lowest setting and hit the button. Alison straitened up right away. She now had an opened mouth smile and was moaning lightly.

“Good.” I stopped the vibrator and put the remote into my pocket. “Let’s get out of here. I’m hungry.” This was going to be fun.

We headed to a nondescript chain restaurant, the type that would have some sort of antique bicycle hanging from the ceiling or old license plates affixed on the wall over each booth. I specifically requested a table in the middle of the restaurant. Alison was walking more normally now, but I noticed she sat down somewhat gingerly. I had my hand in my pocket on the butterfly remote. When the hostess reached to hand Alison her menu, I hit the button. Alison sat up perfectly straight and missed the menu entirely. She recovered quickly, but shot me a look. The restaurant was about half full but there was enough noise that no one would be able to hear the soft buzzing coming from under Alison’s dress. After the look she shot me, I decided I would let the vibrator go for a while. She pretended to read the menu but her eyes would close periodically and she would hold her breath. By the time our waiter came to bring us our waters and take our order, Alison was just about to orgasm. As she tried to tell the waiter that she wanted a Cobb salad, I increased the intensity of the vibrator slightly. She got out the word ‘Cobb’ but ‘Salad’ was delayed. She gripped the sides of the table, closed her eyes and dropped her head slightly. She was holding her breath and I could tell that she was trying not to break out into uncontrollable shudders. The waiter looked over at me for an explanation but I just shrugged my shoulders like I had no idea what was happening. Alison looked up and locked eyes with me. She had definitely had an orgasm. I tuned off the vibrator for a moment and let her catch her breath while I ordered my dinner.

I decided to let her eat in peace, but when dessert arrived, I turned the vibrator back on. She tried to take a few bites but couldn’t continue eating. She was squirming in her chair and was beginning to draw looks from some of the other customers. I kept my head down and ate like nothing was wrong all the while increasing and decreasing the vibration intensity to keep her off guard. I couldn’t tell if she had climaxed or not, but at one point she got up and left for the bathroom. The range of the remote wasn’t long enough for the vibration to continue so she was getting a little break. When she returned to the table I gave the vibrator a start just to make sure it hadn’t been removed. She jumped just a little bit when I hit the button so it was clear she still had it. I made a trip to the bathroom myself. I was so aroused at this point, I almost stopped in one of the stalls and rubbed one out. But I held off. There was no since wasting that here in the restaurant by myself.

We left the restaurant and headed over to the movie theater. It was late at this point and there was only one movie that hadn’t started yet and it was hardly a new release. It had to have been in the last week of its theater run. Undaunted we bought our tickets and headed to the theater after a brief stop for movie snacks. This was not the newer theaters with stadium seating but still had the standard theater seats. We sat in the second to last row. As we were moving down the aisle, I reached up under Alison’s skirt to make sure the butt plug was still in place. It was. It was almost show time and the theater was empty except for us. I guess it pays to see movies late on a Wednesday.

The lights dimmed and the previews began. I started up the vibrator again and this time Alison began moaning much more loudly. Also, because I was sitting next to her now, she reached over and began rubbing my cock through my pants. I was hard as a rock at this point. The previews ended and the lights went fully down. No one else had entered the theater. It took Alison about 1.2 seconds after the lights went black to unzip my pants and pull my cock out. She leaned over and started giving me a blow job right away. She was ravenous and moaning like crazy from the vibrator. I reached behind her and started twisting the butt plug in an effort to stimulate her G spot. She started coming again and I could feel the plug move with each of her orgasmic spasms.

The theater was empty so I wasn’t overly concerned. What I failed to foresee was the theater usher who was doing his usually rounds. He clearly saw what was happening and stopped to look for just a second and then he left rather abruptly. I assumed this would be the end of our evening. I kept waiting for the manager to come in and unceremoniously remove us from our seats. What ended up happening though was that the usher came back for a longer view. He had one hand in his pocket and it was obvious he was playing with himself. I waived him over.

“Alison, I think our young friend here would like a blow job as well.”

She turned away from me a looked up at the usher who couldn’t be more that nineteen. She gave him a big grin and then unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. She started working on him and I played with the vibrator remote some more. I increased and decreased the vibration while she sucked him off. He was young and didn’t have a lot of staying power. He came within a minute or two.

“Make sure you swallow the whole thing,” I told Alison. “We don’t want our friend here to go back to work with anything on his clothes.” She licked him clean and then turned her attention back to me. Our usher friend excused himself without saying anything. She had just barely started when another college aged theater employee came in a looked down our row. I waived him over. “Looks like you have another one, Alison.” She smiled and turned around to help the young man out of his pants. As she started sucking on his cock, I glanced over to the left on my side of the row and saw the young woman who sold me the movie snacks looking my way with her hand rubbing herself over her pants. I nodded her over and she walked down the aisle until she got right next to me. I reached up and undid her pants and pulled them down below her knees. I reached behind her thighs with one arm and pulled her closer to me. She was fully shaved, I could now see and I went right in and started licking her pussy while she was still standing. She tasted fantastic. I got my tongue in between her lips and found her clit. She grabbed me by the back of my head and pushed my tongue against her. Alison was still sucking her guy’s cock but he had know taken a seat in the chair next to her’s and she was on her knees in front of him.

I certainly hadn’t anticipated the “Orgy at the AMC” when we started on this date but I was liking where this was heading. My concession girl was now really grinding her pelvis into my face. I kept my mouth where I thought I could do the most good, but she was gyrating so much I doubt I was helping all that much. I still had my cock sticking out of my zipper and it needed some attention. I grabbed my girl and spun her around and pulled her down so she was sitting on my lap. I grabbed her legs behind her knees and pulled them towards her chest to give me easier access to her. Once she was in position, I reached around and slid myself in her. I was so horny at this point, I almost exploded. She was young and tight and I was reaching the end of my control. I pounded her as hard as I could. She was almost screaming with each thrust.

Alison looked over and saw what was going on. I guess she decided I shouldn’t be the only on getting laid. She reached up under her dress and removed the butterfly but left the butt plug. She straddled her guy, facing him and slid herself onto his cock. She pulled out her breasts so he could suck on them while she started fucking him in earnest. She was grinding her hips back and forth taking all of his cock into her. I heard him grunt and Alison jumped off just in time to wrap her lips around the head of his cock while he came. Once again, she did not lose a drop. Her guy was done. He leaned his head back and shut his eyes for a minute probably to contemplate what had just happened.

Meanwhile, I was still fucking my little concession girl. Alison leaned over and started licking my cock on each stroke as it went into her. I couldn’t handle it any more and I came right inside her. I had been holding off for so long it felt like a geyser went off. The girl came too as Alison was now firmly sucking on her clit while I was still inside her. I slowly pulled out and Alison took me in her mouth. I was sensitive and started to shudder every time she would suck on the head of my cock. The girl too was spent. I gently moved her to the seat next to me that Alison had been in so she was next to the usher who was starting to come out of his stupor. I put my cock back in my pants and Alison retrieved her butterfly. At this point, we headed out, leaving to two theater employees in their respective chairs. The movie wasn’t done yet, but honestly, we had no clue what was happening, so there was no problem exiting early.

We had a short drive back to the apartment complex from the theater and headed to my apartment. I led her into the bedroom and removed her dress. I turned her around so her back was to me and bent her over the bed. She still had the butt plug in which I removed. I was getting aroused again. So far, I hadn’t really been able to play with Alison. She did give me a blow job in the theater but I hadn’t really been able to touch her. I got naked behind her, fully erect now. I went to the nightstand and retrieved some lube. I got behind her again and dipped some lube down the crack of her ass. I also added some directly to my cock and started to put it in her asshole. Usually this took some time, but since she had the butt plug in her all night, I slipped right in. I reached around with one hand and grabbed her breasts and tweaked her nipples a little. I reached down between her legs and was going to rub her clit as I fucked her from behind but she grabbed my hand a pulled it away. I think all the butterfly action had made it too sensitive for that. I decided I would just concentrate on what I was doing. Alison was getting tired and had moved down so her stomach was on the bed but her legs were hanging over the side still. I used this to get better leverage by leaning over her with my hands on the bed next to her shoulders. I was able to get in deeper now and was fucking her hard. Each stroke was harder than the last. Alison was screaming now with every pump, like I might split her in two. I had already come once today, so the second time usually took a bit longer. A couple of minutes later and I was ready to cum. I fucked her as hard I as could for the last few seconds and then exploded deep in her ass. I kept slowing moving my cock in and out, not wanting to really be done, but not having the energy to keep going. Eventually I pulled out and flopped down on the bed.

After a couple minutes of silence, I looked over at Alison who had pulled herself fully up on the bed and was laying next to me. She had her eyes closed and was breathing deeply but wasn’t fully asleep. I ran my hands lightly over her still naked body giving her goosebumps which prompted her to pull the cover up around us. With the stress of her workday now a thing of the past, Alison fell asleep with a little smile on her face. Date night appeared to be a complete success.

It started out as another dull evening on an out of town business trip. Returning to my hotel after a busy work day, I wandered into the lounge to check the action. Sitting at the bar sipping my beer, I notice a very attractive woman as she joins a group seated at a table. The guy seated beside me catches me starring and comments on how he would enjoy being her slave for the evening. His comment surprises me since like me, he appears to be a horny business man on an overnight trip.

His name in Terrence, Terry for short, and he is a computer technician working on a project that requires him to stay here for a few days. As our conversation progresses, I learn that he is married and has fantasies about being dominated by women. Unfortunately his wife is also submissive and has no interest in that role. He soon shares another fantasy about his wife being controlled and fucked by a guy a like me while he watches.

My interest is perked when he hands me a photo of her. It shows a very attractive blonde woman with blue eyes in her early 30′s. I think if her body is as good as her face she would be a hot little bitch to play with. I tell him that I am a Dom and given the right opportunity I would consider helping him achieve his fantasy.

As our conversation progresses, I soon learn that I will be in Terry’s home city on business in a few weeks. This results in us putting a date on our calendars for this special event. He is told that he and his wife will both follow my direction without question. We go over my simple rules for the session, no one gets injured, everything is consensual, confidential and anyone can stop or quit at anytime. With that settled we turn back to discussing the women in the room. Terry sure has a different idea about how to use them than I do.


On the evening of the big event Terry and his wife are already at the restaurant when I arrive with my bag of toys. As instructed they are seated opposite each other in a booth at the back of the room. As I step up to the booth, Terry introduced me to his wife, Heather.

She is everything I expected after looking at her photo. She is wearing a dark blue dress with short sleeves and a deep neckline that sets off her light skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. I only get a glimpse of her legs which are covered by the tablecloth. I slide into the booth to sit next to her so she is on my left.

“It is very nice to meet you Heather. You are a very beautiful woman. Terry must be very proud of you. I hope you are as excited about this evening as I am. It should be lots of fun.”

Heather gives me a timid look and replies, “I am really nervous about this. Terry has given me some idea of what will be expected of me, but I have real trepidations about what I will be required to do.”

The waitress comes by with menus and I order wine for the table. I smile at Terry, who is very quiet and looks uncomfortable sitting across from us as we look at the menus. Soon the wine is delivered to our table and our dinner orders taken.

Pouring the wine for everyone I say, “Before we toast, Heather, you must do something to show your willingness to obey me for the rest of the evening. Heather and Terry, both of you must accept the tasks I give you without question. Do you agree?”

Both nod at me.

“Heather, remove your panties and hand them to Terry. Then I want your skirt up behind you so your bare ass touching the seat cushion.”

She blushes and gives me a startled look but doesn’t move. The expression on Terry’s face is priceless.

I firmly tell her, “Don’t make me wait. Do it now!”

She looks anxiously around the room to see if anyone is watching. Then with the blush showing on her light skin, she reaches under her skirt and slides her panties off. Pulling them off over her blue heels, she hands them to Terry. He rolls them up and puts them in his pocket. Heather pulls the back of her skirt out from under her as instructed. As I raise my glass to toast the fun evening ahead I put my hand on her thigh.

As the waitress is returning with our meals, I slip my hand under Heathers skirt and slide it up to her womanhood. Even though my hand is covered by the tablecloth and her skirt, she gasps when I touch her mound. Smiling at the waitress as she places our dinners on the table, I slip my fingers between Heather’s neither lips to rub her clit. This causes her to breathe in short gasps. I am enjoying Heather’s torment as I continue to tease her.

Looking at my companions I bid them to enjoy their meals. Picking up my fork with my right hand, I begin to eat while my left hand keeps Heather entertained. Terry is giving Heather a strange look trying to figure out what is going on as she moans and tries to eat. I explain to him that my fingers are playing with her pussy to warm her up for the evening’s festivities. At the same time, I slip two fingers inside her wet cunt. When I think she is close to climaxing, I withdraw and hold my fingers in front of her mouth to clean. Again she anxiously looks around the room before quickly licking off her juices.

Reaching into my toy bag, I pull out a vibrator egg and show it to Heather and Terry. She has an alarmed look as I reach down under the table cloth and begin inserting it. Using my extended fingers I push it deeply into her canal. Smiling at her as I smooth her skirt down over her lap, I use the remote to turn the egg on low vibe. There is an immediate reaction as she takes a deep breath and her eyes open wide. I leave her alone to eat with the vibe on low. She has a glassy eyed look, as she struggles against the sensations pleasuring her and only picks at her food.

All through dessert and coffee, I keep Heather in an aroused state with the vibe and periodic fingering of her clit. When it is time to leave she has a glassy eyed stare and is covered with sheen of perspiration. I tell Terry to give me his car keys and pay the check. Sliding out of the booth, I offer Heather my hand to assist her.

“Heather, you will take my arm and walk out to the car with me. You will keep the egg inside you while walking to the car. If you lose it, I will make a scene right here to humiliate you. Remember you live in this place and I don’t.”

Heather slides out of the booth and takes my arm. We walk slowly toward the front door. She is taking very short steps trying to keep her thighs pressed together. We make a nice looking couple and several people look at us as we walk through the restaurant. If they only knew her situation with me.

I deliberately stop at the hostess station and make small talk with the young woman on duty. Reaching into my pocket, I press the remote button to turn the egg on high vibe. Immediately Heather gasps as her trembling hand grips my arm. I prolong the conversation to keep Heather squirming from the stimulation.

Saying good bye to the hostess and turning off the egg, I lead Heather out into the parking lot. As instructed their car is parked in secluded spot in the back of the lot. When we reach the car, I leave Heather standing on the passenger side next to a brick wall while I unlock the car and open the trunk.

Turning to Heather is say, “It is time to really test you obedience to me. Take off your dress and hand it to me.”

She gives me a frightened look and quickly turns to see if there is anyone else in the parking lot. After a brief pause she reaches to her back and pulls the zipper down. The dress drops to her ankles. She steps out of it and hands it to me. She is a splendid sight standing there naked except for her bra and heels.

Placing her dress in the trunk, I tell her that I want her bra in the trunk too. Without hesitation this time, she slips her arms out of the straps, spins it around, unsnaps the clasp and throws it to me. Before closing the trunk lid I take a moment to enjoy her perky breasts with pink nipples. She is standing there naked in her blue heels.

Turning the egg vibe on high I step up and take her in my arms. Her body trembles against me as she responds to the vibes. I kiss her while running my hands over the naked skin of her back and buttocks. Our tongues play as she kisses me back. I can feel her passion building as she responds softly to my kisses and caressing.

Terry is approaching from the restaurant. I spin Heather around so her back is pressed against me. Standing this way we both can see Terry walking toward us. He can also see us. Holding her with one hand on her breast my fingers play with her nipple. My other hand is on her pussy with a finger stroking her clit. My lips are kissing her neck and ears. She begins to moan and pant as her orgasm rises.

Blowing softly in her ear, I tell her, “Cum for me little fuck toy. Show your master how you can climax for him.”

Suddenly she loses control as wave of her orgasm hit her nerve endings. She makes all kinds of animal sounds as she forces herself not to scream. Her body struggles against me as I keep stimulating her. I have to hold her tight to keep her from collapsing. Terry standing on the other side of the car is awestruck by watching his naked wife climax under the control of another man.

Once the vibe is turned off and her breathing returns to normal, I open the door so she can get in the back seat. I slide in next to her. Terry gets in the driver’s seat and I hand him the keys.

“Your wife is one hot piece of fuck meat, Terry. Her pussy is just the way I like it, shaved smooth. I can’t wait until we get to your house. Every one of her holes is going to get used tonight. Maybe some of them may get used more than once. Now let’s go. I can’t wait to see what perverted things she will do for me.”

Once on the road, I tell Heather to spread her legs and play with her clit. Leaning over I kiss her with lots of tongue and fondle her nice pink nipples. Turning on the egg to high vibe makes her jerk against me. After a while I move my lips to her tit to suck and lick. She keeps masturbating for the entire ride. This goes on until we pull into the attached garage on their home. Heather has had several orgasms during the trip and looks well used.

Once we are all standing in the garage, she is allowed to remove the egg vibe while Terry and I watch. We then assist her into the house to sit in a kitchen chair. Terry fetches a large glass of water for her and gets me a beer. We sit around the table drinking and chatting while Heather recovers.

When it is time to continue, I stand and tell Heather to undress me. It is very exciting to be undressed by a beautiful naked woman wearing only heels. She unbuttons my shirt and hangs it on the back of a chair. Next she unbuckles my belt, opens my fly and eases my slacks to the floor. She pulls off my shoes and socks leaving me standing there in my tented briefs.

Terry, still fully clothed, stares at us in disbelief.

Pulling Heather to me, I embrace her tightly and kiss her passionately. Her naked breasts press into my chest. My hand softly rubs her naked back and ass.

Breaking the kiss, I tell her, “Show me what a wanton whore you are. Suck my cock in front of your wimpy husband.”

She is in the zone now and drops to her knees in front of me. I feel the cooler air hit my throbbing cock as she pulls down my briefs. Soon my manhood is engulfed in the warmth of her mouth. Her tongue does wonders to the head I am thinking with now. Her hand massages my balls as her mouth drives me wild. Getting close to the edge, I tell her to stop and take me to their bedroom.

Turning to Terry, “Your slut wife really knows how to give good head. You should be proud of her. Bring your chair and follow us so you can watch me fuck your whore wife silly.”

We rush into the large bedroom with a king size bed. Terry follows a little slower with his chair.

Shoving Heather onto the bed so she is laying on her back, I grab her ankles and spread her legs wide. Positioning my eight inch hard cock at the entrance to her sopping pussy, I slam it home with one hard thrust. Her gasp and surprised look tell me that I am giving her more than she usually gets from Terry. Slowly I begin to pump in and out of her hot juicy cunt. Even after having multiple orgasms this evening, she begins to respond to plowed by my rod.

The tempo of my pumping into Heather speeds up as tingling sensations begin to radiate through me. I bring her legs together I hold them to my chest with one arm. This intensifies my stimulation as her pussy clamps on my cock. My free hand plays with her nipple.

We are both breathing hard and groaning as lust takes over our bodies. I feel my balls tighten in preparation for unloading. Then it hits me like an electric shock to my nerve endings as my cock pulses at the bottom of a stroke. I groan loudly and begin pumping my cum inside her tight cunt. Feeling my cum hit her cervix pushes her over the top. She begins to tremble as a massive orgasm rolls through her. Heather and I stay molded together for several minutes until, my cock begins to shrink.

Having almost forgotten that Terry is in the room watching us, I turn to him and say, “You must be really proud of your wife. Not only does she have a awesome figure, but her cunt is fantastic.

Get over here and give her a kiss to show her how much you appreciate what she is doing for you.”

Terry stands and walks to the bed. Leaning down he give his wife a timid kiss on the lips.

“Terry, that is no way to show your appreciation get between her legs and kiss her beautiful pussy. I left you a nice cream pie down there to enjoy while you pleasure her.”

Lying on the bed so my cock is close to Heather’s face, I say, “Heather, use your mouth and tongue to clean my cock and make me hard again for our next session.”

It doesn’t take me long to get hard again as Heather’s mouth swallows my cock. Terry, with his face pressing into her crotch, lapping up our combined juices is a turn on to watch. Soon Heather is responding to Terry’s stimulation and is ready for our next activity. I then tell Terry to stop and go back to his chair.

Stepping away from the bed, I grab a tube of lube out of my toy bag. I order Heather to go over to Terry and pull his cock out of his pants. Terry is not allowed to touch her. Heather is told to bend over at the waist and put her hands on Terry’s thighs. Stepping behind her I place the lube tube to her little rosebud anis entrance. Squeezing an ample amount of lube into her, I lube my hard cock too. I can tell Heather is hesitant about my preparation.

Leaning forward, I whisper in her ear, “You are to suck Terry’s cock while I fuck your ass. When he cums you will swallow it.”

She replies, “Oh no. I can’t do that. No one has ever done that to me there before. I think it is going to hurt so badly when you put it in.”

“Shut the fuck up you stupid bitch. I told you that all you holes were going to be used and this is going to happen. Start sucking on Terry before I have to punish you.”

She sobs as the head of my stiff dick presses against her little puckered opening of her upraised ass . Giving her two hard slaps on the buttocks as I push gets my cock head past her anal muscle. Her body tenses from the pain of my entrance. After waiting for her to adjust, I begin slowly working my hard rod into her tight canal. Reaching under, I begin to stoke her clit while inching into her. It doesn’t take long until I am balls deep in her ass. I remain still with my cock buried fully in her ass, while stoking her clit. Looking across her back at Terry, as she sucks his cock with me in her ass, I can see he is at the height of his fantasy.

Placing my hands on Heather’s hips, I begin to slowly withdraw and push back in. Nothing is tighter than a virgin ass grip on a hard cock. The sensations are indescribable. Keeping my finger moving on her clit, I start pumping faster. Heather has adjusted to my penetration and is beginning to enjoy the action. All three of us are panting as we as our rapidly approaching climaxes build.

Terry, having been the voyeur all evening, is the first one to cum. Heather makes sucking sounds as she swallows his load. Watching Terry’s face as he orgasms pushes me over the edge and I begin pumping my seed into Heather’s tight poop chute. This drives her into another body wracking climax. Three people in various stages of sexual euphoria come down slowly from an evening of sensual delights.

Telling Terry to remain in the chair, I take Heather into the bathroom to shower together. After all the stimulation we just wash each other. After hugs and kisses in the shower, she dries me off with a large bath town which she then wraps around herself. I get dressed and prepare to leave.

My taxi arrives. Terry and Heather, still wearing only the towel, walk me to the door. “You two really know how to entertain an out of town visitor. I had a great time and hope it brought your fantasies to life. I know we will want to do something like this again.”

Terry shakes my hand and says, “It was awesome man. Much more that I expected. You showed me some new techniques. I can’t wait till the next time Heather and I make love. Now I can fuck her in the ass.”

Heather drops her towel and throws her arms around my neck to kiss me while pressing her naked body against me. “I was scared at first, but you made it so exciting for me. I have never had so many wonderful orgasms in a row like that. You really know how to please a girl. Terry and I will have more enjoyable sex now thanks to you. I can hardly wait until the next time we get to do something like this with you.”

She kisses me again and I walk out to the taxi. The driver who witnessed the farewell scene in the open doorway, smiles at me and asks my destination.

I ponder future encounters with Heather and Terry on the ride back to my hotel. After my vigorous workout this evening, it is a good thing I didn’t schedule any morning appointments.

“Er – is this for a man?”

She surprised me. Elaine that is, the woman at ‘Transform’. How the hell had she known? I mean it was really for me but I had to admit there was a man involved. About 35, slightly plump but well built. I didn’t know his name but – yes, this was for him. But how had she known? I’d come into the store an several hours earlier and asked the question nearly every tranny wanted an answer to.

“Elaine. You know, maybe you don’t remember, you said last time I came in for a dressing session. That in the right light and with the right make-up I could look really female? That if I was willing to go all the way, for a really sexy look, you could hide the maleness? Well did you really mean that?”

Elaine had looked me over again once more, carefully. Then she had filled my heart with delight.

“Yes I did. Not quite in full daylight honey but in artificial light or maybe in the evening, you know, if you were willing to go – all the way.”

“All the way?” I asked, not being totally sure what she meant.

“Well we’d have to make sure absolutely everything about you which could be considered male was in some way masked. Ultra-close shave, long feminine wig, you know, make up and jewellery taken to extremes so that you’d look like – well – a bit of a tart, to be honest. So dolled up you couldn’t possibly be male.”

“And you could do that?”

“At a price, yes but it would take time honey. Three or four hours maybe.”

Three or four hours? I’d waited years for the chance, what did that matter?

“OK. Go for it”.

And indeed we’d gone for it. As I waited for the clock to tick round to 8 o’clock my mind went back a week.


….. back to the Friday before, when Marcia had told me she’d had a phone call from an old school friend of hers, Fiona, that Fiona’s husband was supposed to be taking her to Nice for a few days but he’d had a sudden rush on at work and couldn’t make it. And would Marcia like to join her for the trip. All paid for, sorry about the short notice.

‘Would I mind?’ Marcia had asked me.

Mind? The thought of – for several days, on my own, able to – well, you know…… Could I? Of course I fucking could.

“Well it’s a great opportunity, go on, do it, don’t mind me, I can manage for a while on my own.”

I hadn’t had so much time on my own since we’d been married, over ten years earlier. Hadn’t had a chance to – well, you know …….


…. back to the Saturday, Marcia out shopping all morning, quick dash for new clothes, travel stuff and so on.


…. back to the Sunday and Monday and Tuesday, helping Fiona to pack and to make sure she had everything she’d need.


…. back to the Wednesday, leaving work early so I could drive Marcia to the airport, to meeting Fiona again, to watching their plane take off. And planning all I was going to do in the time I had to myself. Dashing home, then a long hot bath and total body hair depilation. Worry about explaining to Marcia later.

After the bath, eagerly anticipating the evening’s fun. Fun? Yes fun but a different sort of fun this time. I was going OUT! I’d headed straight for the bath when I got home to wash away all my male smells. Getting out of the bath I wrapped myself in a thin negligee and then began the process of becoming Bethany. I shaved my face incredibly closely, hot water, new razor etc. Twice. Then I went to the spare bedroom where I had all my ‘Bethany’ items spread out on the bed and hung in the wardrobe.

I tucked my cock and balls between my legs before pulling up my lacy black panties, then pulled on my waist nipper to reduce my waist to just about 24 inch. The padded Wonder-bra gave me a bust many women would be pleased with. At each stage I rather vainly admired myself in the mirror, checking I looked just right. Next came the stockings, black and sheer, so flattering. Then it was time for my make-up. I sat at the dressing table and spent over an hour getting the look right. Just a little bit tarty but classy is how I would describe it. Black eye-liner, mascara, bright red lips are all part of the look. I have two wigs, one blonde, one black, I chose the blonde one, shoulder length and curly. I did my stick-on fake finger nails and my favourite colour of nail polish, a deep cherry red, just the sort of thing a ‘professional’ woman might wear.

Cosmetics completed, I add some jewellery; two gold bracelets, a thin gold anklet, a necklace and ear-rings, of course. I love big hoop dangly ear-rings.

Strange that I always do jewellery before I dress but that’s the way it is. Within minutes I was indeed dressed, in one of my wife’s ‘business’ suits, a deep charcoal colour with an extremely thin white stripe in it. Skirt – short but not too short, and the cream blouse revealing just a little of my enhanced boobs. Just a little, when I had the jacket open which I did. A quick spray of perfume and was ready for the evening.

That very first outing, I’d researched it well. The car park was usually deserted in the evenings, in the daytime it served the council offices to the west and, in the school holidays of course, the small area of parkland to the east. But after about 7 o’clock it was empty, nobody there except maybe one or two cars for people dog-walking in the park, even though they weren’t supposed to do that in the public park. To the south, the service road and to the north, well, one of the attractions.

The toilets, there for the park-goers in the summer and for anyone else caught short in the car park. I’d done my research, called in on my way home and a couple of times later in the evenings. I knew exactly what time the old guy came along to lock them, I’d reckoned that at that time of year I could drive there, wander around in the open air unseen for maybe half an hour in the gathering dusk and still be on my way about twenty minutes before he turned up. Just in case he was early.

Ok so I couldn’t really pass as a woman but in the absence of company I could ‘be’ female in that one way, have just one small quantity of vicarious fun.

I could go into the ‘Ladies’.

OK, I know it sounds silly but life’s like that isn’t it? I mean, people spent fortunes on little glass-like lumps of minerals or chasing an inflated sphere of plastic or leather around, why the hell couldn’t I have my own bit of stupid fun, just going into the Ladies’ toilets wearing a skirt?

OK, so I was ready. I peered out of the window, looked up and down the street, nobody about, that’s one of the advantages of suburbs, nobody walks at least not much. A car passed, then it was quiet again. OK, now for it. With speed but not haste I grabbed my bag and my keys, slipped out of the front door and into the car and drove off, along the street, past the shops, nobody gave the car a second glance, and I was out of town heading for the parkland and for ‘my’ car park. True to form when I arrived it was totally empty, everyone at home watching the soaps or the football or whatever, just me, alone, ready for my first, my very first, ‘public’ outing.

OK, not really public. There were a few houses along the path behind the ‘toilets’ side of the car park square, anyone looking out of their upstairs windows would get a good view of whoever was in the car park. But from that distance I was totally certain they wouldn’t be able to tell my true gender. My height was my only problem really but in only 4″ heels I was no taller than many other tall women, I knew I could get away with that. Nobody would be dashing out of their house to run across and taunt a sad ‘tranny’ on her first outing.

I parked, not right up against the building but about forty yards away, I wanted to – well, you know.

And I did. I opened the car door and experienced for the first time the thrill of exposure as I watched my nylon-clad leg step out onto the gravel. My skirt rode up a little – I shivered at the excitement of it all. I stood and reached down for my bag, then slung it over my shoulder and slid my long red-tipped fingers down my skirt to smooth it out. I blipped the car alarm and set off walking, towards the building I could see so far away. The sound of my high heels on the tarmac, the swish of my skirt as I stepped out in short steps, the skirt restricting my movements, the feeling of the slight breeze across my hair, the gorgeous bounce of my false boobs as my feet hit the floor, all these experiences, all the aspects of dressing I’d read about in other TV tales or stories on the Net, I was there, myself, experiencing them all.

I approached the door, the portal to a world I’d never before been able to enter, the ‘Ladies’! I pulled the handle and walked in. OK so it wasn’t all that different from the ‘Gents’, except there was no trough, and more cubicle doors. And in here at least the mirrors above the basins were in better condition, maybe it’s intrinsic to gender, the vandalism that is, OK there was some but overall the facilities were in better condition that in the equivalent establishment next door. I knew. I’d been in there too. But for now, I was a ‘Lady’, entitled to be there, I glimpsed my reflection and smiled internally. I liked what I saw.

I took a few moments to look around, not that I needed to perform in there at all. I’d made sure of that before I’d come out, didn’t want to be caught short in any way like that. I took my lipstick from my bag and leaned over the small basin to freshen up in the mirror, again not that I needed to of course but it felt good. Then I turned, opened the door again and stepped out, heading towards my car.

I’d had a totally awful thought that it might be stolen while I was in there, it did seem awfully vulnerable all alone in the car park. But as I emerged into the dusk, all set to walk back proudly and femininely and drive home in a very self satisfied way, I looked. The car wasn’t alone. There was another one. I listened, I heard the engine stop, I saw the car door open and a guy get out and head towards me. Obviously he had done just what I had been determined not to do, he was indeed ‘caught short’ and needed the loo!

I realised afterwards that it would have been so easy to get out of it, simply to turn and go back in, let him reach his own destination, then skip out to my car and drive off. But I just didn’t think of that. I was so set on getting to my own car that it just didn’t occur to me to change direction. Walking towards my own car. And almost directly towards this guy. I couldn’t help it, I was trapped, I had to go through with this.

I tried to concentrate as I walked. It was indeed just beginning to get dark, maybe I could get away with this, maybe he wouldn’t notice. I strolled on, about half-way there we approached each other. Should I speak? English diffidence took over, no I wouldn’t, I’d just walk straight past him. But – he was looking at me. From five yards away, he was looking.


That was all he said. The one work. Not even a ‘good’ in front, though that was understood in his words, he’d cut it short. But I had to reply. Hell, I had to get the voice right.

“Good evening”

The very first two words I’d spoken to anyone ‘as a woman’. And I thought there and then that I had got away with it, I just kept on walking, noticing a brief smile as he walked right past me, giving him a quick smile back as my heart pounded fourteen to the dozen. I’d done it, got away with it, not just walked, swung my boobs, showed off, basically to myself but I’d also indulged in ‘social intercourse’ in some sort of way, OK all I’d done was say ‘good evening’ to a guy but that counted, didn’t it?

I was shivering with excitement a little as I drove back home, I calmed down and sneaked into the house. I had that sorted out, how to park just under the tree beside our drive so that I couldn’t be seen by any neighbours who just happened to be there.

I stripped, changed and spent an hour in front of the TV with a beer, contemplating my very first real ‘outing’ as a woman. I’d loved it. I wanted to do it again and I knew I was going to. The next night, in fact. I couldn’t miss the opportunity. Nearly twenty-four hours later I was dressed – again. Almost the same outfit, different blouse though, same suit again same stockings, same shoes, same anticipation. The same venue, I’d thought, just to do that again would give me such a buzz.

I pulled into the car park at just about the same time, empty again, this really was a good spot for it. I parked in the same place and enjoyed again the thrill of swinging my nylon-covered legs out of the car onto the tarmac. I stood and closed the door and turned towards the small building on the edge of the car park. I stopped. Another car was coming into the car park. Not in itself amazing but – it was the same car as yesterday, I was sure. Yes, same colour, same make, same model, same registration number I thought. The door opened. Same man! He was looking towards me.

In that situation it’s obvious to me now what I should have done. Turn round, get back into the car and drive off. Get out of there quickly. But I didn’t. I’d ‘passed’ as I’d walked past this guy yesterday. I could do it again. OK, he might think it odd that the same woman was there visiting the loo again. It never occurred to me to wonder why the same man was there. I was just thinking ‘I gotta do this again’.

So I did. I slung the chain of my bag over my shoulder, breathed in, and put my best be-stockinged and high-heeled foot forward, strolling as steadily as I could towards this guy and past him towards the toilet building. As I passed him he turned and reached into the car, we didn’t do any sort of conversation this time but we did when I returned after doing my lipstick again. After spending a minute or two inside the toilets I’d come out again and set off to walk past this guy towards my car.

“Evening again” he’d said, smiling once more at he but without a hint of recognition.

I mean he obviously did recognise me as the woman he’d seen the previous day but there was no indication that I’d been ‘read’.

“Hello” I muttered and strode past him to my car, getting in and driving off once again in some sort of disturbed state.

But happy, oh so happy, that I’d done this again. But I did ponder somewhat about the guy, why he was there. Trying to put myself in his shoes, to think why he was there. Maybe he DID go there every single night, a brief stop-over on his way home, not too keen to get back to the wife. Or maybe it was just co-incidence. Or. Just maybe. Maybe he’d liked what he’d seen that first evening and come back on the off-chance of having another look. Would I have done that, if I’d seen such a woman in such circumstances? Probably not. But maybe I would have.

That Thursday night I tossed and turned. I was certainly going to ‘dress’ the next night, had to, it was my last chance for a while. But – in what way? I was certainly going out again but where? Somewhere different? Or the same place? And If I chose the same place, did I want that guy to be there again? I decided. Yes I did. And this evening was going to be a little different. I had the excuse, end of the week, people dressed differently at the weekends. That business suit had stood me in good stead for three evenings but this time I could wear something else. Something less formal. More attractive maybe?

Which is how I ended up, that Friday evening, in ‘Transform’ at 5 o’clock, asking Elaine, seeking her opinion and her expertise. And dressing up like I’d never dressed up before. That’s when she asked me.

THE question.

“Er – is this for a man?”

I had to think. I couldn’t deny it. But I didn’t really want to admit it, it was too big a step. Tranny? Yes. Bi-curious? Maybe. But did I actually want to dress for a man? I daren’t admit it.

“Well, in a way.”

That was all I could say really. And I was ready, Elaine had done a good job on me. I stood there ready, beside the door, I took one last look in the mirror, to try to convince myself that this was going to work. Like many trannies I really did think that in the right circumstances I could pass convincingly as a woman. True or not, I did believe that, it was the reason for my question to Elaine, the reason for spending all that money and time in the ‘Transform’ store that afternoon. And now, just before 8 o’clock in the evening on a fine Friday evening in early summer, I knew I was as ready as I was ever going to be.

The business suit was gone, as was the smart cream blouse and the foam pads inside my bra. This time I’d gone for the real thing. It had cost me several hundreds of pounds but it was worth it. Silicone breast forms combined with tight black full-discipline basque to give me a much more desirable feminine figure. A tight slinky white top, with a plunging neckline revealing a deep dark impressive-looking cleavage, tight black mini-skirt, leather with a wide gold belt matching my choice of jewellery, rings and earrings, two bracelets and a necklet. The same wig, I couldn’t really change that, after all I was supposed to be the same woman though dressed up for the weekend, but Elaine had done a great job on my makeup, it was lovely, coal-black mascara to finish off my almond-shaped eyes, deep glossy lipstick to match my extra-long nails.

I really did feel as ‘lovely’ as I had ever done before. Elaine had been right, I was sure. OK I looked a tart but a female tart, at least that was my own opinion. A tranny like me couldn’t have asked for more. I slipped on the black jacket I’d brought with me, picked up the bag containing my ‘drab’ clothes, and stepped out onto the street.

“Good luck” called Elaine. I was going to need it.

I had parked as close to the front door of the shop as possible, so that without running or calling attention to myself I could get to the car and into the driver’s seat. I turned the key and drove off. Starting out from there instead of from home meant that I had further to go to get to my intended destination but that didn’t worry me. Safely cocooned in my car, I drove along the outer ring road round to the motorway and headed south. My heart was still fluttering, but I was having the very best time, looking round at the other cars, hoping nobody would spot anything wrong if they saw me. I was safe in the knowledge that I couldn’t very well be approached while we were all on the move.

As I came off the motorway I checked the time. Just right, a couple more miles, then I pulled into ‘my’ car park and looked round. Yes. He was there! The maroon hatchback was parked in the same spot as on the previous three nights. I drove past and pulled into my own by-now-regular parking bay. I switched off my engine, checked how I looked as well as I could in the pull-down mirror and smiling as I saw my long red talons pushing the dark blonde curls away from my face. Ready!

I opened the door and slid my long stockinged legs out for the last time, appreciating the fact that I was showing a lot more thigh in my tight micro-skirt. I stood and closed the door, slung my bag over my shoulder, and locked up. I turned. The next few minutes was about to be the highlight of my cross-dressing life, walking past HIM.

I set off, yet again appreciating the breeze on my nylon-clad legs but this time there was more. My heels were higher, totally slutty 6″ black patent stilettos, my skirt was shorter and tighter, my tits seemed much bigger and heavier and though I say it myself, very well presented. Aren’t Wonder-bras superb? I strode out in short-ish steps, restricted by the tightness of both my basque and my tiny leather skirt, I was loving it. As I approached THE car, the guy inside got out and stood by the door. I strode on and looked towards him.

NOTES: Another change of direction and style.

This story is a fantasy based on suggestions from an online chat partner in Latin America.

Whilst many of the situations have been discussed between us, it remains a chaste, unrealised relationship, or if you prefer, a dream.

This story is the first two parts of that dream which I may or may not continue with, depending on feedback.


Day 1

The aeroplane hits the runway and we knew that we had arrived on our vacation. It was the first time in many years that either of us had been able to visit overseas and we had chosen Mexico. This meant that I could fly to meet with you and we could travel together.

I was excited when I gripped your hand. Being close to you and being able to touch you continues to surprise me. Each time our bodies touch, however briefly or however tiny, my heart quickens and my thoughts commit each second to my memory. I am afraid that these moments may never repeat or return and that every one may be the last.

You had been seated next to the window and therefore I sat up first to retrieve some of our bags from the lockers above our heads. I was stood in the aisle, reaching up and you moved closer. For the flight, you had chosen to wear a short, denim skirt that had five metal buttons at the front and a three inch, v-shaped gap from the bottom and a red cami blouse made from a thin fabric with narrow straps that stretched over shoulders and down to your bust.

When you moved closer, I could smell your shampoo and perfume that remained strong despite the recycled air conditioning. When I looked down, I could see your bosom and your smooth, sweet skin across your thighs and arms.

Without thinking, the image of you made me harden a little and my cotton shorts became more tight as your face turned towards them. Your eyes looked up at mine.

“Hooo, mi amor. You are getting hot for me? You should have done this sooner, then we could have used the time on our plane to have some fun, yes?” and your beautiful, sweet lips kissed the bulging fabric.

“Yes Maria. Once more, I am a stupid English man. There are many things that we could have done for fun but we have ten days together and we can do anything that you can think of. And also, if your love has not exhausted me, we have the flight back to continue our fun and more.”

With smiles on both of our faces, I move myself into the aisle of the plane to allow you space to leave your seat. I collect our hand luggage and follow you towards the exit doors. We walk slowly but I walk more quickly than you. This allows me to repeatedly bump into you. My groin presses into your buttocks. My erection has not subsided and rubbing against you makes it harder.

“What are you doing? You are being naughty with me?” When you realise that I am playing with you, you walk more slowly and sometimes you step backwards and rub against me. Now my penis is fully hard and it is becoming wet also.

I groan with disappointment when we are at the exit door and our little game must conclude. You turn your face towards me.

“Until later mi amor. We can continue our game later.” And you kiss my cheek with a naughty wink.

We continue to laugh and to enjoy being with each other whilst we collect our luggage and proceed through Customs and Passport Control. Once completed, we leave the airport in a limousine provided by our hotel.

The drives speaks Spanish and I do not understand everything that he says but you open a drawer in the rear of the compartment and remove two glasses and a small bottle of champagne.

“This is with the compliments of the hotel Mark. They hope that we enjoy our vacation with them. I think that we will. Yes?”

I open the bottle and pour the champagne into one glass.

“You do not want to drink? Or you do not want me to drink?” Your face appears confused.

“No Maria. I think that we will both drink but to begin, I thought that we could share our first glass.” I give you the glass and ask that you do not swallow. Then, when you have a mouth full of champagne, I kiss you. Your eyes widen and when my tongue enters your mouth, the champagne flows into my mouth.

We kiss for many moments but it feels like an eternity. There is passion, fizzy bubbles, cold, dry liquid and hot, wet mouths. My left hand touches your right thigh. I stroke your leg and my hand moves into the gap of your skirt. You gasp and swallow the remaining champagne. You relax into the leather seat of the limousine and permit my hand to explore.

“You can keep that glass. I will pour another for myself.” I relax also but my fingers have now found the fabric of your panties and I gently stroke you.

When I have poured my glass, I lean towards you again. I hold my arm in the air in the traditional pose for lovers to share a drink. You entwine your arm in mine and we drink. You ask me not to swallow and kiss me.

We repeat our kiss of passion that exchanges champagne and tongues. Your eyes shine with lust and you are breathing deeply. My finger pushes into your panties and between the lips of your vagina. You gasp again and your eyes open wide.

The limousine slows to a stop and we hear the driver open his door and then your door. He speaks in Spanish again and you reply. When the driver opens my door, I leave the car and look at you, my beautiful, sexy Latina goddess.

“He apologises for interrupting our fun. When our vacation is complete and he drives us to the airport again, he will arrive 30 minutes early and use a longer route. He likes to watch couples enjoy the privacy of his limousine and the freedom of being on vacation.”

I laugh a little, “That does not sound like it would be completely private but perhaps we can give him an exhibition of how much we love each other and how naughty you can be.”

We obtain our room key from reception and a porter carries our luggage to our villa. Our accommodation has its own swimming pool and a Jacuzzi on a secluded patio and the biggest bed that I have ever seen.

“Hoooo!! Wow!! I do not believe this. This is all ours for this week?”

“This is the first time in many years that we can share the same room. I wanted to make this time memorable.”

“Awww, I have remembered every second since I saw you at the airport. And I will remember all of the seconds until you must leave me there again.” And you jump into my arms and wrap your legs around my waist. I wrap my arms around you and you hold my head in your hands so that we can kiss.

There is no audience, no restrictions on where we can go and what we can do. Our kiss has the urgency of anticipation. Your lips are soft and sweet and your breath sweet also. Your scent engulfs me and my senses are overwhelmed.

There is no room, there is no resort, there is no you, there is no me. There is only us. We have merged and become one. My mouth in your mouth. Your mouth in my mouth. Your thighs grip my thighs. My thighs fill your thighs. I kiss your neck and ear. Your eyes close and you permit your senses to feel everything.

Our hearts beat faster and more strongly. I can feel yours and you can feel mine. I squeeze your buttocks with my hand and you squeeze me with your thighs. Your skirt has gathered at your waist and exposed your panties.

No one can see them but my hands feel your naked buttocks and I know that you are wearing a tanga. I grip you with one hand and my other hand holds the fabric of your tanga. I pull the fabric higher and it rubs between your legs. Between the lips of your vagina. Against your clitoris.

Your body rises and falls against me. The energy from your movements has caused the straps of your camiseta to fall from your shoulders. When I kiss your neck, I can kiss lower and lower on your shoulder, following the edge of your camiseta as it falls from you.

Eventually, the swollen mound of your breast is at my lips and I kiss and suck and lick it. I savour its taste and feel in my mouth. A mixture of both saltiness and sweetness. I walk towards a wall and press you against it. I throw your body up slightly and your legs are now wrapped around my stomach and my head is against your breasts.

You pull your camiseta off and I kiss all of your naked torso. Your shoulders, your neck, your chest, your breasts, your dark, large areola and your firm, swollen nipples. You rub your vagina against my stomach and I can feel that your arousal is making you wet.

My arousal is hard and throbbing. I unbutton my shorts and push them down, with my underwear. My penis is released and knows what to do. It pushes up and touches your naked buttocks. It is wet and slides on your skin, searching for your own wetness.

My fingers claw at the gusset of your tanga and pull it away from you. Now my fingers rub between your buttocks, trying to find your vagina. It is very wet here as we slide together. The tip of my penis slides between my fingers and I guide it towards your hidden folds.

You tense your body and hold my head in your hands. We look at each other. There is love in your eyes that is reflected from my eyes.

“We have waited for many years for this moment. I thought that we could never be together. And now, we are here. My dream becomes a reality. You know that I love you but I will understand if this is not what you wished for our first lovemaking.” My heart is pounding loudly in my chest as I await your reply.

“Mi amor, mi papi. I want you. I want all of you. I want you to make love with me. I want you to fill me with your milk and give me a baby. I want you to make me pregnant with our love.” And I smile and relax.

“But now. At this moment, I want you to fuck me. Push your cock deep in me and make me cum. I need it. I want it. I want it all.” And you thrust yourself down onto my penis. You are tight but you are very wet and I slide easily into you.

“Hooooooooooooooooooo. Mi amor. You are inside me. So deep. So good. So much. I love it.” Years of anticipation culminate in the heavenly caress of my angel’s vagina.”

“Maria. I want you more than anything. We have waited too long but we can still be tender and passionate.” I hold you to me and walk towards the bedroom. I climb upon the bed and lay you beneath me.

“Yes, mi amor. Mi papi. Make love to me now, here on this bed. Give me your cum and make our child. Fill my belly with your sperm so that our baby can grow in me.” You are laying on your back and you have opened your legs to me. You are holding your knees and lifting your legs high into the air.

We kiss, slowly, deeply and with love. I begin to make love with you and I move up and down slowly. I can feel each inch of my penis stroked by you. The feeling is indescribable. So soft and also so tight. So wet and also so tender.

You move your hips around me. Our bodies are joined and they are one. Again, there is no me, there is no you. There is only us and we are together and we are one.

Your fingers scratch my back and grip my buttocks. There is a little pain but the ecstasy of the pleasure that I feel conquers the pain. I place my hand between our bodies. My fingers touch your wet skin and they slide down until they find your clit. I squeeze and stroke your clit and your body shivers. You are trembling as your pleasure increases and you are closer to your climax.

“Yes. Yes papi. Rub me there. Make me cum. Make me cum on your cock. I want it. I want it all!!” Your head is moving left and right and your hair sticks to your forehead and neck. Your breath is becoming hoarse.

You lower your legs and your feet press into the mattress of the bed to lift your body up to mine. We are thrusting into each other now. I can feel your body tremble again. I push my thumb onto your clit and kiss your lips, sucking the life from your body as I prepare to pump my life into your body.

I move lower and suck your swollen breast. The round areola and nipple fill my mouth. My teeth gently bite you and graze your skin. My tongue licks you and then I bite you again with more aggression.

“Yes. More. More. I’m cumming. O papi!!” You thrust up and collapse underneath me. Your legs wrap around me again and pull me deeper into you. “Give me you cum. Fill me with your milk.”

Your words and the knowledge that there is nothing between my penis and your womb excite me. There is no condom, there is no diaphragm, there is nothing to stop your impregnation. I thrust deep into you and my climax begins. I can feel your climax squeezing and milking my penis and then my seed is pumping into you.

“O yes. I can feel it. I can feel you inside me. I can feel your sperm. I feel wonderful. I feel special. I love you mi amor. Hug me now.”

We relax and I manoeuvre us until we are laying side by side. My penis remains inside you and tiny pulses squeeze me as I squeeze inside you. I place my arm around your shoulders and hug you.

“I think that our vacation has started really well. Don’t you? But now, I think that all of the travelling has made us tired. Come, let us sleep together. This will be another first for us. I have dreamed so many times of sleeping with you and watching you dream. Now here we are for real and I do not need to dream because you are here and we can dream together.”

“Yes, mi amor. I will sleep now. You can watch me, my protector.”

End of part one

Day 2

I awoke early because I had not adjusted to the different time or it would be more correct to say that my penis woke hard and early. This was because it was laying against your warm body. I was laying behind you and I could smell the scent of your hair and your skin. This and the memories of our first night together cause the blood to pump hot and hard.

There is a slight glisten to your body as the cool of the morning and your heat create a sheen of sweat. Pressing my body more closely to yours, my lips kiss your shoulder. There is a tingle of sensations as I taste your skin. Warm, salty, sweet and intoxicating.

I must repeat the kiss and taste you again and again. My kisses are along the breadth of your shoulder, from your neck to the top of your arm. Again and again, I repeatedly kiss you but occasionally lick to taste more of you.

Then I kiss higher on your neck. My nose nuzzles into your hair to search for your concealed skin at the base of your ear. Once exposed, I kiss and lick at your ear and I detect a change in your breathing. It is less relaxed and peaceful and more sensual. You are not moaning because you are not awake but there is desire in the sound of your breaths.

I slide my fingers along the side of your stomach and hip, slippery with your sweat. As my fingers feel the bone of your hip, I grasp your body and pull you towards me. As we press closer, my penis finds the gap between your buttocks and because your skin is slick with sweat and my penis is wet, it slides in.

The sensations cause me to groan with pleasure and I am worried that you may awaken. I am enjoying the extra time that I have with you and I am in no rush to end it. There is no penetration and my assault on you has not led to an invasion but your labia peel apart and caress the girth of my penis.

I can feel how moist you are as the ridges and veins in my shaft are captured within the folds of your sex. It is very difficult to maintain stillness. I want to thrust and pump and redirect my cock into your waiting pussy. I want to take you, to fill you, to complete you and force our bodies to become one. To surrender all sense of self to achieve the ecstasy of union.

But I resist. I refrain. I control myself. I ignore all sights, sounds, feelings, smells and sensations that are not caused by my intimate entwining of our bodies. The smell of your hair, your skin, the warmth of your body. The image of your naked body at peace, laying next to me. Every curve, crest, swell and valley is etched into my memory, never to be forgotten. The gentle ebb and flow of your breaths as you inhale and exhale and the undulations in your body shape with each respiration. The warm desire that spreads along my body and against and into yours. The exquisite feeling of my pulse as it counts time. My heart beating against my chest, beating against your back. The blood in my engorging flesh and veins in rhythmic cadence. Each beat a countdown to lift-off. No rocket launch has been more desperately wished for completion. No race more earnestly anticipated to start.

But I resist. I refrain. I control myself. But it is hard.

My sensory bubble is burst with the intrusion of sounds from the outside. Something smashes in the world beyond our room and the noise explodes into our sanctuary. There are curses and swearing that follow and I hear and understand only a few words of what must be Spanish. In other circumstances, I would ask if you can translate for me to improve my education.

But this is not the time. I resist. I refrain. I control myself. But it is getting harder.

Your beautiful face briefly appears agitated. Your pretty nose arches in displeasure at the interruption of your dreams. I wish that I could see your dreams and know what they are. You wriggle and the face that was briefly agitated now appears curious. Your memory reminds you where you are and with whom and the smile that I have seen in my computer monitor so many, many times curls around your lips and sparkles in your eyes.

“Mmmm, hoooo, mi amor. You are happy to be here. No?” as you speak, your hips move back and forth and my prick, which was trapped between your legs and against your labia slips effortlessly back and forth also.

I groan my reply. Drowning in desire and pleasure. Unable to believe this is reality.

But I resist. I refrain. I control myself. But it is getting more hard.

“Mi protector. Why you not wake me if you have this hardness to share with me? Why you keep me asleep?” Your hips move faster but not fast and move further backwards and forwards. With each forward thrust, the tip of my cock slides against the top of your slit and searches for your clitoris.

I am unable to talk. There are no words that I can remember that can explain my actions. There is nothing on my mind except the delicious sensation of my flesh moving on your flesh. Your rich, sweet flesh. I want to dominate you. Penetrate you. Violate you. Impregnate you. Inseminate you.

But I resist. I refrain. I control myself. But it is so very, very hard.

“Hooo. Mark, you no speak to me. If you no speak, how can I know what you want? What you want papi? Tell me. Tell me what you want of me. You want again what we do last night? You want fuck with me. You want fill me with your cum. You want make baby. You want your Maria pregnant with our child. You want squirt your hot milk in me. Tell me baby. Tell me what you want.”

I want. I want it all. I want everything that you say. Heaven would be the smallest part of what you say.

But I resist. I refrain. I control myself. I am so very, very, very hard.

We are beyond words now. Our movements explain our desire. Our need. Our love. And what our movements say is yes. Yes. YES. YES!!

I push your shoulder and hip towards the bed and follow you. Now that you are laying on your stomach, your left hand grasps the sheet. The cotton bunches up in your grip and your knuckles become pale as you prepare to be loved.

Your right hand grasps your right buttock and creates more space for me to press down onto you. Your hips raise from the bed and your hand now slides underneath you. Nimble fingers search for your labia, wet with excitement and ready to receive me. You stroke yourself and rub your clitoris. The moan that results is deeper, more visceral, more primal now. More sensual.

We are ready. I press down and the tip of my penis touches the palm of your hand, wet with desire. Your fingers push and guide me and finally, finally my swollen length touches your swollen vagina. My sex with your sex.

I do not resist. I do not refrain. I do not control myself. I am hard and I am ready and I want you.

And with a familiarity created in only 24 hours, we move as one and unite in desire for our pleasure and for the procreation of our progeny.

In and out and up and down. Backwards and forwards and deeper and deeper. Thrust meets thrust.

I don’t know what was in your dreams but I think that they were erotic because it is not very long until you are moaning more loudly and your body is in spasm. I am delighted that you appear to be getting closer to your orgasm.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. I want it. Come on baby. Fuck me. Make me cum. Give me your milk. Squirt in me papi. Fill me. Come on Mark. I want it. Give it to me. O yes. Si. Si. Damelo. Duro bebe. Si. Si. O yes. I’m cumming!!”

You become stiff but at the same time your vagina becomes more soft. It squeezes and caresses me when I am deep inside you. The result is that I become more stiff, more hard.

“Are you ready for me angelita? Can I cum inside you? Do you want me to? Do you want my milk? I want to fill you and fill your womb. I’m so close. I want you. Fuck me Maria. Fuck me and take my cum.”

I do not resist. I do not refrain. I do not control myself. I am hard enough to explode.

I empty my seed inside you. I pump and pump and your spasming vagina squeezes my semen from me.

It is not yet bright because it is early in the morning but with my eyes closed, I can see fireworks explode and bright lights popping because of the intensity of my climax. Suddenly I realise that I have been making love with you for ages with much energy. I can feel sweat on my forehead and on my back. I lower myself onto your back but hug my arms around you and move us until we lay on our sides. I bend my legs until we are curled together. Spooning.

The position reminds me of how I awoke this morning. My body laying against the back of your body. My face against your neck and hair. My legs pressed against your legs. My heart is beating faster and more strongly now and you must be able to feel it on your back. You hold my hand and pull it to your bust. Your breast is damp with sweat and swollen with sexual arousal. Your nipple is hard and erect. I can feel your heartbeat and it is fast and strong also.

“Te amo Maria.”

“Te amo Mark.”

Now that we are awake, we talk more and you tell me about your family and your childhood. How you have been caring for your sisters for many years and the difficulties that you had when you wanted to study.

Once the sun confirms that it is morning again, we leave our bed and shower together. We explore our bodies as we bathe and wash. I am delighted and charmed by every curve, every freckle, every inch of your beautiful body.

Dressed only in towels, we have breakfast on our patio, looking at the landscape that is around us. You are looking at a map of the area.

“Mark. I want to explore the forest. Can we do this today?” Of course I agree and we prepare to leave. You are wearing a black bikini, sandals, a wide brimmed hat, a thin cami top with short sleeves and a short sarong that wrapped around your waist. Both the sarong and cami are also black but also almost transparent. Breathtaking.

We packed some bottles of water, suncream (for me!!), towels, rugs and some fruit and took a bus away from the city. We followed our map towards a lagoon. A tiny speck of blue amongst the dense green of trees and bushes. The path was even and clear so our casual clothes were adequate.

Within 30 minutes, we were at the lagoon and it was incredible. There was a waterfall and the water was more blue than the colour of the ink on the map. We found a comfortable place to sit and relaxed in the sunshine. You removed your sandals, sarong and camisetta. I removed my sneakers and shirt.

We drank a little and we read books and magazines as the sun rose higher. By noon, it was hot. Really hot.

“Mark. I am going to swim. You want to join me baby?” and my eyes follow you as you walk to the water’s edge. You do the thing that women do un self consciously. You pull the fabric of your bikini bottoms away from your ass revealing a tantalising glimpse of your buttocks and their cleft.

I mutter a small expletive under my breath in reaction and jump to my feet to follow you. We don’t know what is in the water or how deep, we do the sensible thing and walk into the lagoon until we can swim.

The water is cool and clear and relaxing. We swim around and splash water at each other. We laugh and we have fun. There is a flat rock near the waterfall and you climb on to it.

“Wait there mi amor. I come for you.” You stand on the rock and remove your bikini. The dark rocks behind you give your tanned body contrast but the image does not endure because you jump back into the lagoon. There is a splash and I realise that you are now naked and swimming towards me.

“This is better. No?” And you wrap yourself around me as I tread water. Your naked body squeezed to my body. I close my eyes to enjoy the feelings and you slip from my grasp. You dive lower and I can feel the cord of my shorts pulled and my trunks removed.

“Catch me!” And you swim away from me towards the rocks again. You throw my shorts on the rocks and turn towards me. “Now we are both naked. This is more better?” You swim into my arms and our bodies glide together.

Despite the cold water, my penis reacts and becomes harder when you are close to me. You move you head close to mine and we kiss for many moments. Then you move your mouth to my ear.

“I have never made love to a man outdoors and certainly never in water. You cannot be my first for all things but I want you to be my first for this. Love me mi amor. Take me in your arms and make love with me, here under the sun and blue skies.”

“Si mi angelita. I will love you anywhere and everywhere and make love with you wherever we can. I also cannot have you as my first for many things but this. This is a first for both of us that we can share. Perhaps, in nine months and 18 years from now we can tell our first child that they were conceived beneath the clear Mexican skies in a beautiful lake.”

“Mmmm. I like this much. Now, stop talking and make your words into reality.” I did not think that it would be use to make love in a lagoon but I was surprised. You raised yourself a little and pointed my penis at your vagina. When you wrapped yourself around me again, I slid easily inside you.

There was no thrusting, no pumping but the gentle motion of the water moved us together and up and down. The result was slow, comfortable, exquisite lovemaking. The water made us lighter and we used less energy. It was only as I became impatient that I kicked my feet to direct us towards the waterfall and the rocks.

Once there, I could stand on solid ground and press you up against the shore. The waterfall covered us and I could thrust you against the side. There was so much pleasure and anticipation that once I started to pump inside you, our orgasms happened very quickly.

After we recovered, I withdrew from you and watched as you swam back to our towels. Your body barely moved the water and yet you swam swiftly and effortlessly until you could step out and lay on our rugs. You wrapped your hair in a towel and lay back, exposed.

I clambered up the rocks to retrieve our swimming clothes, then swam back to join you.

I kissed you on your wet lips. “I’m glad you were my first.”

We lay in the sun, resting, reading and chatting until we were more hungry than could be satisfied with the remaining fruit. Our bodies were dry and we dressed and walked back to the bus stop.

We waited almost thirty minutes for a bus but the time went quickly because we chatted and hugged and squeezed and kissed each other. When it arrived, it was full. Because we did not want to wait longer, we boarded and stood together.

When more people boarded, we were pushed closer together and further into the bus. Finally, you were pressed against the luggage racks and I was pressed behind you. The inevitable happened because your bottom was rubbing my groin when the bus moved and I started to become hard.

“Hooooo. Mi amor, what you doing there? Why you get hard now? You thinking naughty thoughts?” As you spoke your hips moved up and down and you rubbed me. Rubbed me harder.

“I am thinking very naughty thoughts Maria. I am thinking that there are only tiny pieces of clothing that stop my cock from sliding into you. Here. In public. On a bus. Surrounded by strangers. This would another first for me. Will you be my first?”

“Mmmmm. You are very naughty man but I love this. I love you and want same. Yes, we can have another first but it very difficult.” Now we are moving our bodies more than is cause by movement of the bus. Now there is rocking and grinding. I hold your hips, pretending to help you for to stand but really pulling you closer to me.

The bus passes into shadow and it is darker for a little time. You use that time to push your bikini bottoms down to your knees, then to your ankles. You step out of one leg and keep you panty on the other foot.

“Now there is less clothing to stop you. Will you stop or will you continue?” And you grind your almost naked buttocks into me, shielded by your sarong. In response, I cough to disguise the sound of my zipper. I pull my penis out of my shorts and hide it beneath your sarong.

“Now there is nothing to stop me. Will you stop or will you continue?” And I stroke my throbbing hardness between your cheeks. We try to disguise our movements as you pull yourself higher and I bend my knees to go lower. Unfortunately, there is a violent motion of the bus when it drives over a big hole in the road and instead of positioning myself at your vagina, the head of my penis is forced into your anus.

“Shit! I am soo sorry Maria. That is not what I was trying for. Be still and I will remove it.” But your teeth are clenched tight and your hand grips my hip tightly.

“Stop. Stop! Do not move. At least not yet. It feels good. If there is another opportunity, will you try to push deeper. I want to feel you in my culo. I want you to fill my culito with you verga.”

I cannot refuse and as the bus drives over the uneven roads, I am able to push deeper and deeper until I can move forward no more.

“O mi dios. That is… I cannot say words. Be still mi amor. The bus will move us and you can fill me with your hardness. Hooo, so deep, so full.” And we do this exactly. I hold you as we are bounced by the rhythms of the journey. We hope that none of the other passengers realise what we are doing.

“Mark. We are nearly there.”

“Almost Maria. Can I cum in your ass?”

“No mi amor, our journey is almost complete. We must stop now because we need to alight at the next stop. I would like to get my bikini before then and you need to return your penis inside your shorts!!”

I try without success to conceal my frustration. I was close. But I am more successful in concealing my erection. I use your sarong to shield it whilst I put it in my shorts. I drop a packet of gum and when you bend to pick it up, you collect your panty also.

“Thank you mi protector. You help me when I need it again”. The bus stops and we alight. When it drives away, we hold hands and walk to our villa.

When we arrive at the main building, you begin to walk to our apartment at the edge of the beach but I delay you. I point to some stools at the bar near the public swimming pool and suggest with a gesture that we sit there.

“I would like a long, cold drink before we eat. Will you sit with me?” and I sit on a stool facing the pool with my back to the bar.

“Yes Mark. I also would like this but I want to return to the villa. You forget that I have no panty and this is very thin and short?” and you pull at the hem of your sarong.

“I am old and I am foolish and I am forgetful but I do not forget this thing. That is why I want to do this. I want to know when we drink that your beautiful, smooth vagina is looking at me when I am looking at you.” And I point at the stool opposite me.

“O.K. I do this but do not shout at me if we have trouble with the staff or customers for being naughty.” And you slide onto the stool and place your feet on the rail.

“I only will shout when we make love and I scream your name with passion and desire. I could never shout at you with anger.” I move my stool closer to enable my knee to move between your knees only a little. “Now, tell me. What do you want to drink?” and I wave at the contents of the bar.

“Mmmm. I like vodka and coke but this is a vacation. I want to try more new things. I would like a cocktail please. One that is creamy with milk in a big round glass that has straws and parasols and sparklers and …”

I stop you there with a chuckle and a wave of my hand. “O.K. I surrender. You want a ridiculous vacation drink.” I study the bar and talk to the barman. “I think that the glass that you want is called a hurricane glass. Or that is what it is called in English. He is going to make you a Tropical Bliss, the name of which sounds appropriate. It is milk and rum and vodka and pineapple and orange juices and he is going to add all the decoration that he can find. Is that acceptable?”

You jump a little from your stool and you giggle with excitement. “O yes. That is what I want and I will drink this every day that we are here in our tropical bliss. Thank you mi amor. Gracias.” And you lean towards me for a hug. Your barely clothed body squeezes my body and I am breathless. The bar is not full but it is not empty and there other guests swimming in the pool and laying on the tumbonas. But they cannot see what I can see. There is a shiny column behind you. It is square so each side is flat and is similar to a mirror. And the reflection that I can see is of your sarong lifted higher and the curves of your buttocks and the cleft of your bottom exposed and naked.

“I am pleased that you value my choice for you. I am very pleased.” With my hand I hold your wrist and place your palm on my shorts. The image of your nakedness has stiffened me again and your hand can feel the blood pumping into my penis.

“Hooo. Mi amor. I like this more and value this much more.” And you gently hold my hardness and rub my penis.

The noise of ice being blended with milk reminds us that we are sitting in a bar and I lean back onto my stool and you do the same. We appear respectable again but my knee remains between your legs and can now press against our thighs.

We watch the barman when he works. He is creating our drinks with smooth efficiency. He cannot see that your hand is stroking my naked thigh, beneath my shorts and my knee has pressed further to touch your naked vagina. I can feel your swollen labia, hot with blood and wet with arousal.

The barman places our drinks on the counter and hopes that we enjoy them. Your glass is full of sparklers and fruit and straws and plastic stirrers. You jump up and down like a child on the Christmas morning when she sees her gifts from Father Christmas.

The sparkler is soon extinguished and it is safe to remove it so that you can drink. Your sweet lips suck at the straw and your eyes melt with pleasure. “Yes. You make a good choice for me. I like this very much. I am glad that I will drink this every day. What is in your glass?”

“I was less adventurous than you but this is also a vacation drink, but I have drunk them many times before. This is a classic margarita. No fuss, no frills but very strong and powerful and always does the job. As do I. Salud! Maria”

We touch our glassed together in salute and once more, entwine our arms in the lovers’ pose.

You taste my cocktail and I taste yours. You express your appreciation for a good tequila but that you will not change your choice. Yours is nice and creamy, with a strong alcohol effect. I would not advise anyone to drink it quickly with the straw and then try and walk in a straight line!!

We talk and laugh and make observations about the other guests. Again we have forgotten to eat and the alcohol makes us a little drunk more quickly. We forget also that you are not properly clothed and when we laugh and touch each other, it is sometimes more revealing and intimate than is the custom in the public bars.

Again and again, I watch the reflection of your bottom in the mirror behind you. I also look down your cami at your bikini bra. I am glad that in the years from when we first talked, your curves and bust have changed from skinny flesh and bone to the correct shape for a woman. Your ass and breasts are full and rounded and I can only imagine how your body will change again when you are pregnant.

Pregnant? I remember the times that we have made love in the 24 hours that our airplane arrived in Mexico. Every time that I penetrated your fertile flesh, my potent semen ejaculated into your unprotected womb. The essence of a simple Englishman has been inseminated into the heart of a beautiful Latin princess. Your cervix has accepted my gift. Are your ova impregnated already? Is there life that is forming and growing so soon?

The shape of a pregnant woman is beautiful and you will be a beautiful, beautiful pregnant woman. Your breasts will grow with milk for our baby. Your stomach will grow with our baby. Your bottom will grow as your hips adjust to the miracle that is growing within. Your skin will glow and any minor trace of imperfection will be smoothed and disappear. Your hair will become more thick and more lustrous. Your body will produce more of everything that is you. You will bloom and blossom and perform the miracle of life.

And I will be there. I will watch with wonder. I will protect you. I will provide for you. I will worship and adore you. I will love you more. I will draw pictures of you. I will take photographs. I will film you. I will record as many moments as I can for all too briefly the time will come when we welcome our new, perfect child into the world.

I smile in anticipation of the joy we will share and imagine my attempts to persuade you that you can provide enough milk for the baby and for me. I want to suckle at your teat and share with our child a most intimate bond with you.

You realise that I was smiling and pinch the skin of my thigh to get my attention. When you look down at my legs, you can see that my penis has grown and the shape of it is obvious on the fabric of my shorts. Also, there is a darker area of fabric where I have leaked my excitement into the cloth.

“Hooo. You are not so drunken that your penis cannot make me happy. Yes?” Because we are drunken, your hand returns inside my shorts and strokes my erection and your knees move apart. This exposes your nakedness to me.

I cannot resist. I cannot refrain. I have no self control.

My fingers touch your pussy and using your moisture, I rub your labia and around your clitoris. This stimulates both of us and we make a low moan in unison. Your thighs squeeze around my knee which presses my hand and fingers more firmly against you.

We rub each other until our moans become more loud and our eyes are almost closed.

I must resist. I must refrain. I must have self control.

“Angelita. I think that we should slow down. You know that I want you. I can feel that you want me but we are a little drunken and hungry. I suggest that we eat lunch before we enjoy the remainder of our day.” And I withdraw my hand and lean back from you. Your facial expression changes from ecstasy to agony but you release my knee and lean back from me.

We walk from the bar to a restaurant. We sit at a table outside, but within the shadow of the building. The table linen is crisp and white. The cutlery is heavy and shiny. The chairs are generously upholstered and we sink into them.

The waiter takes our order for food and more cocktails. A large pan of spiced chicken with rice is placed on the table between us and the waiter serves a portion to each of us. It is delicious and too quickly, we have eaten all of it and the salad.

This event occurred several years ago in college, so the details may be fuzzy, but I’ll try to get it right. It’s all true, down to the last detail. The Girls name was Tasha and we met over the Internet.

Tasha and I had spoken a number of times and gotten to know one another fairly well over the Internet. She had just broken up with a boyfriend she had been with for years. The poor girl had almost never cum before (despite his frequent sex with her) and then only in one position, despite her immense willingness to please. She was submissive in every way, had a sever pain fetish and had a thing for older men (she was just barely 18) Being the gentleman that I am, I couldn’t let the poor girl go without, so we decide to meet. Her Slave Name was Kitten, and I gave her permission to call me master. I ordered her to wear her gothic best, but to be sure she wore no panties under her skirt, as such would simply get in the way of hat I had planned, and I wanted to be able to smell her heat, for those around us to be able to smell it as well and see her on my arm.

We met at the bus station, and as I kissed her, I could already smell that same heat. We wasted no time, each knowing what the other wanted and wanting desperately to give it to them. We had a reservation at a Swedish bathhouse, with hot tubs in separate privately fenced in areas. But that wasn’t for an hour, and we were not in the mood to wait. We found a tall stand of bushes as we wandered the neighborhood, looking for just such a place. Without words, I stripped her quickly, and had her bare to the waist. Biting her neck and eliciting moans, I quickly went to her breasts, as I sucked on one, I twisted the other viciously; giving her the pain she was begging me for. Seeing the reaction this elicited (her body arched, she moaned and thrust her hips forward) I quickly bit on the nipple I was sucking, lightly then hard. She moaned my name so loud I’m almost certain someone must have heard us. Feeling the thrill of possible discovery, I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her to her knees.

Needing no instruction, she quickly freed my cock and took its full erect length into her mouth; it was ecstasy, as she really knew what she was doing with her mouth. The urge, the desire was almost too much. I nearly came right there in her mouth. Yet I was not about to deprive her of what she had been with for so long and was in such dire need of. Pulling her away with a hand full of her hair I pushed her to the ground. She lay there before me, eyes filled with longing, yet not moving with permission. I told her to assume position, to get on her hands and knees; she did so eagerly, her large breasts swinging freely as she did. I stood behind her and slid up her skirt to reveal her bare ass and her wet cunt.

I caressed her pretty ass slowly, spread it wide and spanked it hard. And again. Then once more. Each time she let out a squeal that was part pain and part pleasure spawned from that pain. As I stopped, she gasped and moaned. I knelt between her legs; them bare but for her large buckled and strapped boots. I spread her ass again and slid my cock along the length of her crack across her anus. She gasped again. And in mid gasp, I plunged myself deep, deep into her tight wet cunt. Wet though she was she was also very tight and not accustomed to so large a cock, I could tell as I slid into her it almost felt as though I were impaling her with a blade, seeking to ultimately split her in two. She cried out, so loud and gasped my name, half begging, and half swearing. Taking a hand full of her hair with one hand the other sliding from her swinging breast to her hips to brace and offer more force to my thrust. And Thrust I did, hard, viciously. I occasionally like to start of slow, but this time, after having gone celibate for so long and after the warmth of her mouth, I wasted not a second. I thrust, Hard, pulling her hair cruelly as I did, in time with my thrust she almost screamed but my next thrust cut her off, an again. Soon she was in no state to make any noise, but her mouth stayed open as if she longed to cry out and to speak and to moan all at once and the combination confused her senses and rendered her dumb. Harder and harder I thrust, I showing no mercy, she desiring none. I had nothing to offer her at that point but passion; pure, raw, hard, merciless, violent. And it was exactly what she wanted.

It only took a few minutes (10-15) before she whispered my name, and I could hear the question in the word. I told her to cum, gave her my permission. And she did. Hard, she moaned now, and I felt her body convulse and as it did, so did mine, filling her, completing her. In that moment, on our knees, behind a row of bushes and trees, in back of a tire repair place, we gave each other our first orgasms in months, and I gave her the first orgasm she had ever received when not on top of a man, the first orgasm she had been given and not had to take for herself. And it was only the first, for the day had just begun.

After we had dressed again (mostly, I kept her bra for myself) we walked to the town Plaza. Her legs were a little shaky so we sat on a bench across the street from a liquor store. She was chilly; so I wrapped my long leather trench coat around her and she leaned into me. My arms around her under the coat, I had full access to all I wanted and could whisper into her ear with only her hearing. I felt her stiffen and quake as my hand found her wet pubic hair and tugged it, hard and without preamble slid two fingers deep into her. This was no challenge as she was still wet and filled with both her cum and mine. But this time I teased her. I had had her, hard, and fast, now I made her wait. I slid my fingers into her and spread them wide, found her clit. I teased it, caressing, massaging, pinching it hard, and making her gasp. I whispered into her ear and told her to shhh. I didn’t even have to tell her what I wanted, but merely touch her hand, and she slid it over to embrace my manhood. Her small hand wrapped around me and stroked vigorously. But I still went slow, torturing her. Almost a half an hour, bringing her to the very edge of orgasm and letting her fall again, never taking her to the moment, but always to just close enough. Finally I did it, I gave her what she needed I kept my free arm wrapped around her tight as dozens of perfect strangers sat and walked not 4 feet from us, she orgasmed yet again. Quietly this time, crying silently as she quaked in my arms. After a few shirt moments we “arranged ourselves” and left, continuing on with our adventure.

We arrived at the hot tub place just as they opened. I paid for our hour and we chose our tub. There were separate changing chambers. Yet we walked through then without changing. We had no need for clothes for what we planned. I gave her permission to undress me, and the ordered her to dance for me as she stripped. She did this. Well. Perhaps it was she could see my cock swelling as she swayed. I took her in my arms once she was bare and pulled her close, our bare flesh, covered with goosebumps in the chill air, right next to the hot water. Bare flesh caressed bare flesh, her hands on my back and ass, mine on her ass and in her hair, I picked her up and carried her to the water and stepped in. She needed no words but straddled me and slid me into herself, riding me slow and hard, this time taking from me what she wanted and at the same time giving more than I could have asked for. She came hard, gasping this time and collapsing on top of me, my cock still deep into her, my arms supporting her entirely as her strength faded with the last thrill of her orgasm.

She climbed off of me and I bent her over the side of the tub. This time she asked me for it. AS I slowly spread her ass wide she bucked it closer to me and asked me for it. She said that I had mentioned it once and it made her want it so bad. She asked me “Fuck my ass. Hard, ream my naughty asshole.” And I did. No lube, but what came from her cunt moments before, already slightly washed away by the warm waters. And I plunged into her deep. And this time she screamed. A true, honest scream of pain. Yet the look in her eyes and the way her hips bucked back for more, told me that this pain was precisely what she wanted. And again. Harder. Her ass was so tight I almost couldn’t fit my cock into her there. But I forced myself anyway. She screamed once more and then whimpered. And moaned. On and on she moaned until I released my sperm deep into her asshole while she quaked and moaned and spammed under me, accepting my violation of her, my possession of her as being right, her very submissiveness to me translating every bit of pain to passion and ecstasy.

As she lay there on the stone beside the tub, the cold making her nipples hard and her skin shiver in ways that make the best parts of her body quake, I took handfuls of the hot water and slowly dripped them onto her naked quivering skin as I caressed her body. She sat up and turned to face me and moaned with her hands tight in my hair as I ate her out hungrily, greedily. Yet satisfaction was not to be had, as the time light on the wall began to flash green, giving the 10-minute warning. I got her dressed slowly and then I did myself we walked to the dorms. I took her to my room. Here the fun continued.

The room was empty as we arrived (I had scheduled this time as “Alone time” with my roommate) I turned the on camera on my computer and set it to record. I ordered her to dance again. She was much more self-conscious this time. Yet I told her to and she did. Next I blindfolded her, and cuffed her hands in front of her. She went to her knees, waiting for my instruction, listening for anything, blind as she was. Perhaps it was the sound of my pants hitting the floor or my shirt as it came off, but she opened her mouth expectantly, hungrily. Yes I didn’t place my cock in her mouth, not yet. I ran it across her face, my hands in her hair. I pulled it to one side and let it fall back, smacking her in the face. I did it again. And a third time. But on the third time, she cleverly turned her head and caught what she wanted. She sucked long, and hard. But I didn’t burst. Not quite yet. I unhand cuffed her and cuffed her hands behind her back. I sat on my bed, bent her over my knee and spanked her like a child, for a good 15 minutes, till her ass was bright red and she was almost cumming. Then I bent her over the bed, adjusted the camera so it could see her face and her ass in the same shot, and I fucked her Harder than I had all day, deeper, longer, we must have fucked in that one sitting for almost an hour before I allowed her to come, and then that much again before she did again and I with her. Then we just lay, bare in each other’s arms. And slept for a time. Then we arose and dressed. Her bus was coming. We kissed goodbye, and she left climbed on the bus and drove away, only limping slightly.

Tasha and I stayed friends for a while, though we only had one more day of pleasure (perhaps the roots of another story, if you liked this one?) I broke off our sexual relationship after that; she was becoming too emotionally attached. This is a problem with younger on occasion, that they can’t handle a purely physical relationship, no matter what they say. But then I was free to move on to the next girl. ;)

It’s late as I have spent entirely too much time preparing for the hunt. I thought I started early enough but there was a wait at the salon and I wasted a bit of time flirting with the manicurist…She has the most beautiful green eyes.

I have three places to stalk this evening and decided to try the farthest from home first so if I don’t find my prey, the ride home will not be as frustrating.

I arrive at the club and even from the parking lot I can feel the pounding bass of the dance music in my chest. Entering I see a familiar face so I smile and nod my hello and continue my hunt. If there was ever a place to find prey this should be it, hot sweating bodies moving and grinding on the dance floor, the smell of alcohol in the air, well dressed men, and barely dressed women. I find a vantage point in the main room and begin my assessment. Beautiful women all around, some appear to be alone, other with friends, and a few with obvious lovers. Could I have my pick of the room? No, but I could easily seduce a few if I chose to take the time. The bass is beginning to distract me from my goals so I decide to move on to my next hunting ground.

I make my way downtown to a seedy bar. It’s the kind of place that would be considered a “last resort” for an evening that has gone terribly wrong the place where you’d go to find a warm body to fill a need and forget about the next day. Although it has its regulars no one takes the time to remember your name. I scan the room before finding a place to sit as the likelyhood of find my prey here is slim but always worth a chance. In the far corner of the room next to the worn down dance floor I see a prospect.

Long dark hair, gorgeous smile, and curves that set my inner beast on fire. Overdressed for this sort of place ( as am I ) she is talking with someone but her subtle body language says she’s not into him. I find a table with an angle that I can catch her eye when she glances away from him. We exchange a few looks and a smile or two and I am just about to come over and save her from this man when a waitress comes by and asks me what I’d like to drink.

“Just a soda please” I answer annoyed because she is distracting me from my prey.

“This is a bar not a rest stop Hun.” “There’s a two drink minimum.”

“Fine I’ll take a soda, you take a shot of whatever makes you happy and send the lady over there another of whatever she’s drinking” I reply without making eye contact.

“Your call darling, but just between you and me. That little philly over there has been here all night. Getting drinks and flirting with all the guys and then shuts them down one right after the other. I think she might be battin for the other team. If you follow me.” “You could do much better with someone like…..

I let the waitress’s voice fade to the background as I see the man stand and offer her his hand taking her to the dance floor.

She moves with grace and vigor to the upbeat music, always maintaining a distance between her and her partner. Her eyes closed and her hands seductively follow her curves. When the music changes to a slow ballad he pulls her close and respectfully places his hands high on her hips and back. Suddenly her natural grace is replaced by awkwardness and she steps, no, stomps on the man’s foot. As he breaks his embrace she mutters something I can’t make out and hurriedly goes to the table, grabs her handbag, and makes her way to the restroom.

She’s not gone long but the man she was with has already moved on to easier game. I follow her with my gaze as she makes her way to the door. I stand as the waitress shows up with the tray of drinks. I throw a bill on the tray and say “Thanks, that should cover it and more.” and follow my prey out of the bar and down the street.

She walks with a slow and deliberate pace down the street and to a narrow gap between two buildings. I follow knowing the chase is coming to an end. As I enter the gap I find her with her back up to a brick wall a hint of a nearby street light glimmers in her eye. Without a word I kiss her full moist lips. They taste of the wine she has been drinking and a hint of saltiness. My hand find her firm breasts beneath her blouse as the other follows her curves down to that luscious ass I was admiring on the dance floor. Our mouths begin a dance of their own exploring, teasing, and biting each other till she bite my lip hard. I pull away and turn her to face the wall. Lifting her skirt and pulling her panties down to her knees with one hand and pulling my throbbing cock out with the other I begin to stroke my cock between the cheeks of that beautiful ass. My hand makes it way under her blouse into her bra and grabs her breast pinching her nipple as I enter her from behind. She gasps in pleasure and I begin to pump forcefully. I feel her clench onto me as I without rhythm slam my cock into her as deeply as I can only pausing for an occasional grind. She orgasms uncontrollably milking me for my seed I remove myself from her and place my cock at the rim off her ass firmly prodding it testing if there’s enough wetness to enter she says the only words she will speak to me this evening “Do it I want your cum!”. I enter her. The tight heat feels amazing and she escalates with another round of even more violent orgasms I lose myself in her slamming my cock into her again and again until we both explode into orgasm my cock pumping cum into her like it will never stop.

When the orgasms subside I remove myself from her, gather my composure, turn and leave.

Making my way down the street to my car, my phone vibrates letting me know I’ve received a text.

“That was fun. Maybe next week I could stalk you?”

I smile and reply back.

“Sure! Just next time don’t trim my nails so close.”

There is a group of girls who have a secret club of facial lovers. They meet every week, and every time they meet, one of them has to bring back a story of being facialized. One is a university student. One is a high school teacher. One is a writer.

The university student talks about how intimate facials can be, and how she never really feels close to any of her male friends until they’ve cum on her face.

“It’s not the same with any other part of your body. There’s a lot of trust involved with the face. I mean, I’ve had guys cum on my tits and still there was no intimacy, no love. It’s best when I finish them. That way, he has to trust me with his penis, so there’s a two-way trust thing going on.”

“I agree,” says the teacher. “That’s why I only let other faculty cum on my face. I feel more seductive and in control with the students, because they’re just kids. With the faculty, I’m vulnerable because I’m the youngest woman there. If the other women there found out, they’d take it straight to the school board. Besides, it’s a little scary letting someone that inexperienced cum on my face. You never know what they’re gonna do.”

“Yeah, but that’s why you like it: you’re scared,” the writer says, grinning. “The young ones are wild, unpredictable.”

“I dunno… have you ever had anyone really young? I mean, since we were?” the teacher says.

“I’ve had my share of youngsters. And besides, I didn’t see you complaining about that sophomore kid you had ram his cock down your throat a few years back.”

The teacher blushed a little.

“God, that was intense. Did I tell you I made him fuck my face?”

“You did. Yeah, I like it when the youngsters facefuck me, definitely.”

“And Daniel doesn’t mind?” the teacher asked, referring to the writer’s husband, a fellow faculty member of hers. He also moonlighted as an occasional lecturer at the student’s university.

“No, not at all, so long as he watches. In fact, just this week Daniel watched while one of the boys in the workshop blew a load on my face. Of course, Daniel’s own dick was wedged pretty tight into your anus, if I remember correctly,” the writer says, pointing a finger at the student. “He may have had his attention elsewhere.”

“It is possible. Thank you for that invite. Your husband’s great, I had a lot of fun,” the student said, smiling. “And I’m glad to hear you liked that guy. He’s a really good friend of mine. In fact, if I were looking for a boyfriend right now, he’d be just my type.”

“So he’s cum on your face a lot then, I take it,” the writer said.

“Oh yeah,” the student said. “Quite a lot.”

“So, do we have tape of this stuff or what?” asked the teacher.

“Oh yeah,” the writer said, brandishing a thumbdrive. “In fact, it was shot by this friend of hers. Daniel got sick of being cameraman, so he handed the boy the camera.”

“Well, plug it in,” the teacher said, pointing to the student’s computer (they were at her house). It had a very large monitor that she used to edit films for her classes.

They watch the video:

A camera is being held to the WRITER’s face as she sits on a couch in an airy suburban living room. There is music playing, and evidence of a fair amount of wine drinking on a nearby table. Other voices can be heard in the background, specifically those of DANIEL and the STUDENT, who are speaking in flirtatious tones.


What don’t you like about cursing in literature?


Well, I didn’t say I didn’t like it, I just dislike it when older writers do it. It seems so forced. Maybe it’s just that I don’t like hearing old men curse, and I always read a book with the writer’s voice in my head. Sometimes I have to go online and find videos of them speaking just so I can understand their speech patterns better.


But you’re okay with younger men cursing?


Yeah… in fact, I find it kind of hot, actually. At the risk of sounding really cliché, ‘fuck’ can be a very sexy word when delivered properly.


Really? The word ‘fuck’ is sexy to you? I’ve always hated it.


Yeah, it’s sexy! Oh my God, you don’t like the word ‘fuck?’ Even in bed?


Yep, even in bed.


Well, that’s a shame.




Well… because… you know.


No I don’t. What?


Well, because you sound really sexy saying it.


I do?


Uh huh.


But I’m not younger than you… or at least not by much.


Well, you’re younger than a lot of guys I’ve slept with.


Say ‘fuck’ again.


Um… okay. Fuck.


(raising eyebrows)





(chuckling, smirking)

Oh-ho!The teacher nervously glances at the phone as she talks.


No, I keep it down. Try to set a good example for the kids.


It must be a nightmare trying to hang onto their concentration now that everyone has phones like that.



Don’t get me started… it’s actually not that much worse than when I was teaching you guys. I remember you texted so much in class that I had to stand directly over you sometimes.


Yeah, yeah… and that one time you could tell that somebody had their phone on because it kept vibrating, and you were so sure it was me?


Oh yeah! I came and stood over you as you worked, and when I heard the vibrating, I put my hand on what I thought was your phone in your pocket…


And then it totally wasn’t my phone…

They both laugh.


So, uh… did anyone ever find out about our little, uh, you know…


Hm? Oh fuck, no! How do you think I managed to keep my job?

“Mmm, I like it when you say fuck,” the writer said.

“Are you guys gonna talk the whole way through, or am I gonna see some dick in this video?” the student asked, unzipping her jeans and sliding them off while still managing to keep her breast in the teacher’s mouth. Once the jeans were all the way off, she got on her hands and knees above the teacher. The teacher’s hands went straight to the student’s ass and panty-covered pussy.

“Oh, there’s dick. Just you wait,” the teacher said after finally taking her lips off the student’s bosom. The student moaned as the teacher’s hands went into her panties.

“What’s this incident you guys are referring to?” the writer asked.

“Well, a few days after I touched his ‘phone,’ I came and stood over him again and asked him if there were any cellphones in his pocket today,” the teacher explained as her finger found the student’s clitoris. The student collapsed onto the teacher, looking up into the older woman’s eyes.

“Fuck me, mommy,” the student said, and laid out beside the teacher, clinging onto her in a fetal position. Because of the awkward position, the teacher had some trouble slipping off the student’s panties, but she managed to before continuing with the story. She threw the wet panties to the writer, who proceeded to rub them on her face and smell them.

“We had a little giggle about that, and he said ‘I don’t think so, but if you want to check, you’re more than welcome.’ So I leaned over his desk, pretending to point out a mistake in his work, and put my hand on his thigh. I reached out and grazed his dick, just grazed it, with my little finger.” As she spoke, the teacher worked three fingers of one hand over the student’s pussy, two spreading her labia open while the third rubbed her clit. “I felt it thicken, and I got so turned on that I had to have one of the seniors fuck me right after that class,” she said, and slipped a finger of her free hand into the student’s ass. Meanwhile, the student fondled her breast with one hand and sucked the thumb of her other hand. “So it became our little thing. He’d ask me to come over to his desk to help him with something or other, and I’d rub his dick through his pants,” the teacher explained.

“Fuck me mommy fuck me mommy fuck me mommy,” the student managed to squeak out when her thumb wasn’t lodged too deep in her mouth.

“Did he ever cum?” the writer asked, toying absently with the student’s panties as she spoke.

“I think so, once… anyway, I’d like to imagine that was his cum I felt through his pants that one time.” the teacher said. “Yeah, if he did cum, it was just the once, though I did notice he was always the last to leave the class on the days I touched his dick.”

“Oh mommy fuck my ass fuck it please mommy fuck my ass,” the student said, and the teacher obligingly worked another finger into the student’s anus. The student sobbed with desire as she got on her hands and knees, ass in the air.

“Poor guy. He must have had an erection like a skyscraper,” the writer said, sticking her tongue out to lick the still-wet patch on the inside of the panties.

“Yeah, I’ll say. This one time, I called him to my desk after the bell rang, and he stood there really awkwardly, book held in front of his crotch.”

“FUCK ME MOMMY FUCK ME MOMMY FUCK ME MOMMY,” the student screamed, her own fingers now buried in her pussy, her plump chest flattened on the couch as the teacher worked four fingers in and out of her ass, almost to the knuckle. Finally, the teacher worked her whole fist into the young girl’s ass.

The student froze, convulsing, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. What began as a breathy, wordless moan worked its way into a massive scream. She dropped onto her back, writhing and clutching at pillows with one hand as she shoved as much as she could of the other into her pussy.

“YES! MOMMY! MOMMY! YES!” she screamed before finally subsiding into a series of moans. After a few minutes, she rolled off the couch and onto the floor, shambling awkwardly on her knees over to where the writer sat. She offered her hand to the writer, dripping as it was with her juices, and the writer began licking the young girl’s fingers.

“Now, where were we?” the teacher asked, flushed and winded. She finally took off her clothes completely and lay naked on the couch, caressing herself lazily. “Oh right, the book. So there we were, alone in the classroom, and I asked him to put down his book for a second. He does, but he sort of hunches over in this weird way.”

“Go on,” the writer said, putting the student’s hand on her chest. The student began unbuttoning the writer’s cardigan.

“So I say ‘stand up straight,’ and he reluctantly does, and boy, does he ever.”

“Big bulge?” the writer asked, reaching under her skirt and raising her ass off the chair so she could pull off her panties before feeding them to the student.

“You have no idea,” the teacher said, laughing.

The teacher is leaning forward on her desk, the young man still standing.


But you were okay with me touching you, right? You didn’t feel molested or anything?


Oh, I had no problem with it. Trust me.


Some days you seemed to like it more than others.


Well, it all depended on where exactly you’d touch me. Like when you went straight for the crotch, it didn’t do much for me, but when you rubbed it more gently, that was heaven.


You mean like when I touch it like this?

The teacher reaches between the boy’s legs, putting her hand all the way up his crotch.


N-no, that’s how I didn’t like it… relatively speaking.


Oh, so you preferred it like this?

The teacher moves her hand slightly, finding the shaft of the boy’s dick wedged down his trouser leg and giving it a squeeze.


Like that?


Uh huh.


Or do you like it when I just graze it, like that?

The teacher runs her fingertips over the bulge, which gets more pronounced as she does it.


(breathing heavily)

Uh huh.

She moves her hand further down, running her fingernails over the lower end of the bulge, which is now throbbing through the boy’s tight pants.


What about this thing right here? You prefer it when I touch this part?





If I just rub it back and forth like this, do you like that?

She starts moving her fingertips back and forth across the end of the bulge, causing it to twitch slightly.



Yeah, that’s pretty good.




The teacher laughs.


This is fun. I kinda wanna see what I’m doing. Do you mind if…

She points to the boy’s belt buckle.


No, not at all, go ahead.

She looks up at him and stops rubbing him so she can lean forward even further and unbuckle his belt.


Are you getting an eyeful?


Yeah… it’s appreciated.


Did you ever sneak a peek in class?


Sure, sometimes.


Ever see any nipple?


Of yours? No… never got so lucky.


You will, later.

She finishes unbuckling, unbuttoning and unzipping him. She pulls down his pants and frees the bulge. She runs her fingertips from the tip of still-clothed shaft to the base and back again, making his dick jerk reflexively in response.

He reaches out and slips his hand underneath her top and bra, cupping her breast and toying with her nipple. She closes her eyes in ecstasy.


Mmmmm… I told you that would have to wait, I’ll get so distracted if you do that.


I didn’t feel like waiting.

Biting her lip, she reluctantly removes his hand and places his fingers in her mouth, sucking on them as she looks in his eyes. Then she puts his hand away and lowers her still-open mouth onto the head of the boy’s clothed cock, sucking on it for a few seconds.

“Bear in mind, that until now, I’d never knowingly touched his cock,” the teacher explained as she masturbated calmly with both hands.

“So there was no actual contact, or even exposure while he was your student?” the writer asked, fondling her now-nude breasts while the student went down on her.

“No… well, sort of,” the teacher said, her eyes wistful as she thought back.

“Did anything happen after you told him to…” the writer paused and moaned as the student’s tongue found her sweet spot. “…to put his book down?”

“Not exactly… I asked him if that was for me, and he said yes. I asked him what he’d like to do to me.”

“And what did he say?” the writer asked, sliding down in her chair and putting her legs over the student’s shoulders.

“Oh, you know, typical stuff, really. Nothing too exciting. Said he’d like to fuck my brains out and make me cum all night long, that kind of thing.”

“Teenagers,” the writer said.

“Hey!” the student said, sticking her head up.

“Calm down, honey. You’re an exception,” the writer said, pushing her head back down. “Wait a second: knowingly? You never knowingly touched his cock?”

“Yeah… a funny thing happened on his senior trip, which I was a chaperone on.”

The writer slides the boy’s boxers down and his cock slaps her in the face. She runs her hand back and forth over it before grabbing it by the head and stroking steadily.


You know, I saw you jerk off on a girl’s tits once. That’s how I know you like it like this.


Yeah, I know…


You do?

She sucks his cock as he tells the story, fondling his balls as she uses her lips and tongue on his cockhead only.


Yeah, senior trip, right? I was with Lorna Barrow and we went out into the woods alone. Lorna didn’t notice because she was… somewhat preoccupied, but when I looked back toward the motel, I could have sworn I saw you watching us from a window. When I pulled out of her mouth to cum on her tits, I thought of you. I’d never cum that hard. Usually, my cum would just go straight down and onto her tits, but this time, it shot out onto her face and into her hair and mouth. She was pretty pissed. She had to wash off in the lake, and pretend that I’d pushed her in it to explain how wet she was.

The teacher pops the young man’s cock out of her mouth, but keeps rubbing it, teasing it, spreading her saliva across it.


I remember that. I confronted Lorna and told her I’d have to tell her parents unless she did me a little favor.

The teacher greedily puts the cock back in her mouth and sucks vigorously, giving off muffled moans and wet smacking noises.


Oh, you did, did you?



She once again removes the cock, but keeps it very close to her lips as she works the head with her fingertips.


I told her to bring me back some of your cum.

She licks the head, teasingly at first, but then crams it back into her mouth.


Oh… so that’s why…

This time, she strokes the whole shaft when the cock is out of her mouth.


Yup. She went right back to your room and blew you, huh?

She puts the dick back in her mouth, and we can tell by the way she works it from the sides that she is teasing it with her tongue.


Yeah… I came to the door and as soon as she was inside the room, she just closed the door and pulled my pants down. Usually, she didn’t like me cumming in her mouth, but this time, when I warned her I was cumming, she just looked in my eyes and kept sucking. I came into her mouth, but it was clearly a bigger load than she expected, and she had to pull me out. I came on her face again, this time on her cheek and chin before she aimed it down at her tits. Then she left.

The teacher continues sucking.


You were outside the door, weren’t you?

The teacher nods, keeping the cock in her mouth.


And she kissed you, giving you a mouthful of my cum?

Again, the teacher nods.


And did you lick off the cum on her face and tits?

Once gain, the teacher nods.


Did you maybe gather some up on your fingers and lick it off?

The teacher nods.


And do you think Lorna liked having you do that, lick cum off her face and scoop it off her tits?

The teacher smiles as broad a smile as she can without letting the cock out of her mouth, and nods again.


And did you maybe put some of my cum in your pussy?

The teacher nods again, more solemnly this time.


Why would you do that?

The teacher finally takes her mouth off the young man’s dick and looks directly into his eyes, grazing the cock with her fingernails.



The teacher looks from his face to his cock, and begins masturbating the young man. As she speaks, she varies her technique, using both hands, running her fingers up and down the bulging blue veins on his dick, fondling his balls, sometimes using just her palms or just the tips of her fingers, occasionally sticking her tongue out and licking the shaft or the head. Her voice gets increasingly frail as she speaks, growing faster and more desperate.


I’ll tell you why. Because I love your cock. And your cum. I adore it. I’ve wanted it since the first time I saw it, since the first time I felt it through your pants. It’s so thick and gorgeous and hot and hard and it tastes so amazing, so salty and I love the way it feels in my mouth, so smooth and yet so rigid and when I feel it in the back of my mouth it’s like I could cum just from the feel of it. Right now, I’m looking at the head of your fucking cock and it’s just so thick and fat and I just want it in my pussy so bad and I want cum to shoot out of it and into me and onto me and everywhere and-

The young man grabs her by the face and forces her to look up at his out-of-frame face. She falls completely onto the desk, supporting herself with her elbows.


You talk too much.

And with that, he shoves the teacher’s head onto his cock, grabbing the back of her head and skullfucking her brutally. She moans onto his dick. With his free hand, he reaches into her top and cups her swaying breast. She fondles his balls.

He stops thrusting for a moment, and they work together to bring his entire cock deep into her throat, where it stays until he pushes her back off the desk and into her revolving office chair, which slams against the wall behind it with the impact.

She tears off her top and reaches under her skirt. She moves her panties to one side and furiously rubs her clit as the young man climbs onto the desk, his face now above the frame. In a second, he is perched on his knees on the edge of the desk, pumping his cock.

Finally, he explodes onto her, the first wad of cum hitting her hair and the side of her face as she continues masturbating. The second burst goes on her breast, and she rubs it into her skin before licking what’s left off her hand. The third lands on her stomach, and she wastes no time in grabbing it with two fingers and plunging them deep into her pussy.

When the spurts become to weak to reach her, the young man climbs off the desk, face still above the frame, and rubs his still-somewhat-hard cock on her stomach and breasts. She raises her arms above her head and spreads her legs, stretching like a dancer. She looks up at his face. He takes her wrists in his hands and rubs his cock on her lips. She moans and takes him back in her mouth. He bucks his hips, fucking her mouth while keeping her hands in the air.

He puts both her wrists in one hand and reaches down to fondle her tit. She pushes him back against the desk, and he lets go of her wrists to steady himself, his cock now fully erect again. The teacher looks into his eyes and laughs a little.


That was fun.

She rolls the chair close enough to the young man to take his cock back in her mouth, sucking on it for a few seconds before taking it back out. She keeps stroking it and rubbing it on her face as they talk.


Oh, God, I’d been waiting for that. Ever since that time at the hotel. You know, that night at the hotel? The night after the thing with little Lorna? I dreamt you were standing over my bed, jerking off and I sucked you off until you came all over my face.


Guess what?


What? You had the same dream?


Not exactly… that wasn’t a dream.

She stops rubbing.




That wasn’t a dream.



Oh, God…

She resumes teasing his cock, rubbing it on her face and licking it as he talks. Her moans rise in intensity as he talks.


That’s right… I broke into your room using a key I got from the lobby… you were on the bed in those weird pyjamas and I very, very carefully unbuttoned them and ran my finger over your breasts… you started moaning in your sleep and your hands went into your pyjama bottoms and I started jerking off… through my pants at first, but then I couldn’t help it, I needed to have my cock near your face, so I took it out and when you actually reached out to touch it, I thought you were awake and I was in deep trouble, but you only kept on moaning and you actually put in your mouth…


(breathy whisper)

Oh God, I thought it was all a dream…


And I think I actually came in your mouth a little before pulling out… some of it shot onto your pillow, but the rest went all over your face and into your hair… I thought I was screwed, especially when you rolled your face right into the wet cum on the pillow, but you never woke up, or at least I didn’t think so, but I guess you were awake, huh? I remember, you slipped your bottoms down and stuck your ass in the air as you masturbated… that’s the first time I saw your ass… God, it was amazing…



Oh, you like my ass, huh?


Oh God, yes…

She pushes his chest, and he sits on the desk, taking the opportunity to remove his clothes. She turns around seductively, unzips her skirt and slinks off her panties. She steadies herself against the chair and presents her ass and pussy to him. He needs no further encouragement, grabbing her by the hips and entering her.

She moans, a long, continuous sound that lasts as long he takes to fill her. Once he is all the way inside, he begins to thrust, slowly at first, then building up speed as his hands explore her, moving across her back and to the back of her hair, grabbing a handful of it. With his free hand, he clutches her ass, then smacks it, drawing a scream of pleasure from the teacher. He grazes her ass crack with his thumb before pushing it into her anus.

I spent the morning cleaning and dressing the boat. It was overcast and the breeze was fitful and against my coming away from the dock under sail. While I have an auxiliary motor, I try never to use it. For some reason, nobody else was around. A big football game or something must have been on. I had a sandwich I had packed for lunch and was taking all my cleaning gear back to my truck when a car pulled up. There were two couples in it, a bit older than me, probably in their fifties. They asked if I minded if they had a picnic on the dock. I told them to be my guest and they took a big basket and cooler down and began to look around.

They liked my boat, a thirty-two foot sloop, and, of course, wanted to come on board. The men stepped on board, and I handed the ladies aboard too. I noticed they were well endowed and not wearing anything but skirts and knit tops. One of them noticed that I noticed and gave me a big smile. She took me by the arm and asked me to show her around. We went forward and looked at the rigging and my pristine decks. In the cockpit I showed her the wheel and boom rigging and how the boom moved. Then she asked to go below. So, down we went.

The quarters are kind of close in a boat that size, but there was a tiny galley and two bunks. She squeezed by me and her full breasts were pressed against me as she passed. She paused and put her hands on my waist and pulled me to her.

“Oh, I almost fell,” she said and looked me right in the eye.”

Here, I’ll hold you,” I answered and pulled her closer. “I hope your husband and friend won’t get the wrong idea if they see us?”

She smiled and said, “I think they were hoping for just that reaction. They want me to ask you to take us out for a sail. We’ll make it fun and worth your while.” As she said the last she pushed against me harder and I was certainly getting harder.

“When do you have to be back,” I asked?

“When do you have to be back,” she countered.

I thought for a minute before I said, “When we have run out of food booze and energy. Sunday some time?”

“I’m Ann. My husband is Larry. Jane is my friend and her husband is Pete.”

“I’m Tom.”

She led me back up on deck and told the others to bring the food and wine aboard.

“We are going for a sail for along as the food the wine and our energy lasts and Tom is ready to play with us as long as we last”.

The men jumped back on the dock and loaded the coolers aboard. I had them stowed below and put the ladies in the cockpit while I got the sails up and cast off. Fitful breeze or no we were going out under sail. The gods were kind and an off shore breeze of about five or six knots filled our sails and we glided away from the dock and out of the river’s mouth like a mirage. As soon as we got clear of the land and moved off shore I began to run along the strand about a mile off shore. As I was setting the lines to keep her steady Ann peeled of her shirt and Jane followed immediately. I had an eyeful of beautiful full breasts and nipples that were standing attention to the caress of the breeze. As the ladies moved around, their breasts swayed and moved in the most seductive way. Larry went below and came right back with wine for everybody. Then he and Pete pulled off their shorts and shirts. They instantly made the two women pull of their skirts. Then they turned to me.

“OK, Captain Tom, we have a dress code on board. Nobody can be dressed! Here I’ll take the wheel. I spent twenty years in the Navy and I came to learn a few things about this sort of thing. You go sit down with the ladies and take a break while I handle this sweet boat. ”

With encouragement like that I sat down between the two ladies and savored a very good wine while the ladies chatted and sat close. At one time or another each had their arm around me and or their hand on my thigh. With my non drinking hand I reached an arm behind each of them in turn and cradled a breast in my hand. Their skin was like velvet. Their nipples were as firm as could be. Before long, my cock was beginning to do more than just swell. The pre-cum was glistening on the head and it was getting hard. Pete noticed and refilled my wine glass remarking that I was going to need the energy. Jane reached down and lifted my cock and began to talk to it and stroke it while Ann made suggestions about what might come next and who might do it. They agreed to share it and Jane went first with slow sucking and stroking. Ann straddled me high up and pushed her beautiful tits in my face I began to suck each nipple as she presented it, stroking and twirling the other when it was out of my mouth. She pressed her pussy against my belly and rubbed her clit on it. From time to time as she arched her back to press downward Jane would give her asshole a lick and Ann would moan with pleasure. After a few minutes they swapped places and I was treated to another array of hard nipples.

Jane stopped after a minute or two and picked up my wine glass. She smiled as she poured it over her breasts and I was quick to lick as much as I could from those beautiful mounds. A good bit ran down my belly and Ann told us to give her more. Pete told Larry to come give me a hand. He made each girl lie down on the cushions on each side of the cockpit and then he poured a small bit of wine in each belly button. I sipped Ann’s and he sipped Jane’s. Then we changed and had another shot. We changed back again and he poured the wine on their pussies. I got down and slurped it up giving her clit a good licking and parting her lips to be sure I had good contact and a taste of her pussy juice. She arched her body up and I grabbed her cheeks in both hands so I could lift her up and plunge my tongue into her. It was all tongue and fingers as I slurped and sucked and pushed home my fingers. I got my fingers wet and slick with her pussy juice and then slid a finger into her asshole and one into her pussy. All the time I was licking and sucking her clit,. she was moaning and shouting

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Don’t stop! Oh yes! Oh, yesss!”

She grabbed my head and held my mouth hard against her pussy and exploded with a flood of juice that washed my face and shot onto my chest.

“Now get up and fuck her hard, man, while her pussy is still pulsing,” Pete shouted.

I did not need to be told twice. I reared back and moved between her legs to shove my hard pulsing dick into her. I slid in like silk, and her muscles grabbed it, it felt like it would be crushed as I rammed her again and again. I could hear Jane giving cries as Larry’s cock jammed into her as his balls slapped against her ass. The rhythmic slapping was as exciting to hear as the sucking noise made by my cock as it pistoned into the delicious pussy below me. When I was about to cum I pulled out and fired ropes of my sticky juice all the way to her face and tits and down her belly. Pete, pulled me back to take the wheel and licked my cum off of her belly and then slid his purple, steel hard cock into her to cum again.

Exhausted we all sat around laughing and panting. Pete still had his cock in Ann, but it was shrinking fast, and he had a hard time holding it in. When it finally popped out she licked it clean, and he went down to bring up the lunch.

The wine and beer and sandwiches were all passed around and we settled down to good food. Then Jane found the carrots. She waved one aloft triumphantly and then began to lick and suck it with great passion. Shiny with her juices she put it between her beautiful full breasts then teased it down her belly to her pussy She slipped it deep into her and began to play with her clit while we all watched and cheered her on. Ann took another one out and did the same with hers, but instead of putting it in her own pussy, she added it to Jane’s. Soon she was between Jane’s legs manipulating the carrots and sucking on Jane’s slippery clit. She pulled one out and inserted it into Jane’s asshole and began to thrust them both in and out vigorously until Jane’s body arched up from the cushions and a great moan of ecstasy drowned out our cheers. Ann pulled the carrots out and passed them around for snacks. She then took a beer bottle and lying on her back inserted it and held it up right.

Pete said, “Watch this!” as he opened the bottle.

When he held a cup between he legs she rolled her hips down ward and poured a neat cup full of beer. Jane tried the same thing but spilled some of the beer.

The warmth of the noonday sun and the beer caused all to settle down to a siesta for an hour or two. I stayed awake to manage the boat and keep everything going smoothly. It was fun to sit there surrounded by naked sleeping bodies. A couple of other boats cruised past us close enough to see us clearly and gave us a big smile and wave. Around three thirty a big cruiser passed us fairly close. At first all I could see of the passengers was a guy at the wheel and three female heads looking at us from the cockpit. He rolled on by but began a long slow turn down wind and came back around to come along side on our lee. As he throttled back to keep pace, the three girls came out of the cockpit as naked as Eve. He waved and called out a Hail. The sound woke my friends and the sat up to look at the same beautiful sight I was enjoying.

“Can we join you or would you like to join us? We have a bit more room than you do.”

The conference did not take more than a minute.

“I’ll heave to and you come along side. We will join you.” It only took a few minutes to come into the wind, lower and lash the sails and pass a tow from my boat to his as soon as all the people were on board his boat. By the time, I got aboard every body was laughing and chattering away like old friends. The big boat’s skipper was Paul.

“Glad to see you man. These girls were giving me a work out.

I laughed and told him his day wasn’t over yet as Ann and Jane came over and put their arms around him. A leggy brunette with a smile like a tigress came up to me and told me her name was Puss. I told her that was my favorite girls’ name and took her in my arms. Larry was left to take the wheel while Pete had the other two girls. I think they swapped the duty later but never had a chance to see.

Puss loved oral both giving and receiving so we spent a lot of time in sixty-nine with her on top or me on top followed by frantic thrusting as I fucked her pussy and her ass. From somewhere, she got a dildo and pushed it into my ass. When she sucked me and licked me, my cum literally exploded. It felt like the head of my cock had been torn off it was so violent, but she took almost all of it and swallowed it as it pumped into her. The drops she could not control, I licked away as we lay together on the deck.

Paul came to me about a half hour before dark and told me we were almost back to my marina. He asked if we wanted to head in. I checked with my friends and they thought it time to head for home. Puss asked me, what was she to do now. I asked what she wanted to do and without a thought she said come with me. We all got back on my boat and had pulled away with a lot of happy goodbyes and promises to do it again, when I noticed that Puss had not brought any clothes with her. When I asked if she wanted me to chase Paul and get them, she told me not to worry, her friends would bring them to her on Monday.

“But you can’t go anywhere like that until Monday.”

“I won’t be going anywhere till Monday and neither will you!” And then she smiled that tigress smile again.

The End

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