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Iron Rain Part 11

We stepped out of the car and as we walked to the visitor’s center our feet made that soft crunching sound in the freshly fallen snow. It was early morning in the town of Hammerton Missouri and true to her word the GPS failed about twenty miles from the tiny community and we had to rely upon the directions Morrigan had given us. Akira plucked a brochure from the clear plastic box and opened up the tri-fold advertisement which she noted had last been printed over eight years prior.

“I’m guessing they don’t get a lot of visitors Kouryou,” Akira said with a wry grin.

“Apparently not,” I replied looking around at the snow shrouded buildings and noted the pristine snow and almost perfect silence broken only by the wind and our voices.

“They have a castle,” Akira exclaimed. “Eisermann Castle, a Germanic landmark brought stone by stone from the old country in the late seventeenth century it says.”

“Wow, if I remember right that is like way before the Louisiana Purchase. This just gets stranger and stranger you know,” I said heading back to the car when I saw movement off to my left.

A solitary figure bundled up and fitting her keys into the glass doors of what could only be Stella’s Diner. The door opened and the figure stomped her feet before entering. The door slowly slid closed behind her as one by one the lights came on, and as if by magic other people appeared out of the snow to slowly meander to other store fronts and as we watched the town came alive. With a soft buzz heard over the falling snow the neon lights reminiscent of a bygone time the pink and blue letters came alive ‘Stella’s Diner’.

A few minutes later that same figure who had unlocked the diner approached us holding what appeared to be two steaming cups of coffee.

“You two really should come out of the weather,” the cheery middle aged woman said with a brilliant smile. “Here this’ll warm you up and I know the diner isn’t open yet but if you want to get out of the wind you are more than welcome to have a seat and I’ll get you a bite if you’re hungry?”

“How can we possibly refuse an offer like that?” I told her.

“New England area right, no let me guess Massachusetts?” she asked.

“Got it in one…” I said.

“Stella, just like the diner, and you are young man?”

“I’m Nick Shaw and this is my companion Akira Kusanagi,” I completed our introductions.

“Ooh my, she is a looker, want my advice you should marry that one.” Stella said turning and heading back to her diner.

Sipping our coffee and laughing we followed Stella back to the warm interior of her diner and had a nice home cooked meal. The interior of the diner reminded me of the 1950′s and even that homespun attitude of the kindness to strangers seemed like it stepped right out of that very same bygone generation. If this was the way the rest of the town was I think we were going to enjoy our brief visit. Stella had barely turned the sign from closed to open before the morning rush flowed in they were slammed. The ethnic diversity was nothing short of stunning. It was little New York or something as men, women and children of every conceivable nationality, race and creed filed in and found their seat, booth or spot. We had chosen two stools at the counter to sit in and I waved Stella over for a quick question.

“How’s the meal sweetie?” she asked.

“Great, don’t take offense or anything by this but how big is this town?” I asked.

“No offense taken darling, I think the last census placed us at around fourteen thousand for the town and surrounding farms and factories.”

“Nik!” A shout rose up and I turned to see a man in his late twenties early thirties with dark brown hair and eyes with a look that screamed a keen mind that little escaped his perception.

“Who is that,” Akira asked Stella.

“Oh that’s just Nik Salte our local golden boy he works at the power plant that supplies the town.” She said smiling. “He’s available if you want his number.” She added with a wink.

We finished our meal in silence but couldn’t help but watch the interactive nature of the entire crowd as everyone seemed to find time to say hi to everyone else.

“If you are looking for Quinn, he’s the one in the booth next to tall blonde chap,” Oswald Sebastian Kane said appearing out of the blue and sitting next to me without any warning.

I jumped and he just smiled.

“A little warning next time Oswald,” I said biting back more than a few harsh syllables. “I thought you said you didn’t know where the ring was or who had it.”

“Oh about that I lied, Quinn is old school when it comes to dealing with people. He prefers face to face interactions.”

“Oswald, I suggest the next time you make an appearance you do it with some style and grace,” Akira said behind him with not a little menace in her voice.

“Dear me love I had no idea you were so protective of Nick here,” Oswald said feeling the tip of the Japanese tanto knife pressed discreetly at the base of his spine.

“Keeping him safe is in my job description you might say now let’s not upset these gentle folk shall we?” Akira said moving back to sit next to me with a friendly smile the knife never being seen by a single soul.

“Touchy city folk,” he said and when I turned on him and he saw the deadly seriousness he had aroused his smile faded. “I take it things have gotten serious then?”

“You might say that, there has already been one attempt on my sister’s life,” I told him.

“Ah, then please accept my most sincere apology, had I known I would have handled my entrance less dramatically.”

“Apology accepted, now why the heck did you lie to me, really?” I asked.

“To test your conviction to find the ring, it is not an item easily traced and few knew where it lay.” He said.

“It took me about five minutes to discover who had it and where to find him,” I said with a grin.

“Five minutes…” he began to argue but my next word stopped him dead.


“Oh, hmm that little tart is always in everyone’s business. Not that I mind she is pleasant enough to look at and easy… well friendly too.” Oswald said smiling at the memories.

“Yeah, she gets around… a lot.” Akira said with a roll of the eyes.

“Well if you two are ready I will introduce you to Quinn and Sam,” he offered.

The three of us walked over to the table in the back and the two men sat opposite each other and were as different in appearance as they were in demeanor. Quinn the dark haired man with the fair skin and green eyes was of average height and build and had that rough and tumble look of a man who was all business all the time. Sam on the other hand was well over six foot with broad shoulders and a long mane of wavy blonde hair and eyes so blue they were his most prominent feature easily. Then there was his gentle smile and general air of perpetual relaxation as if all was always well with his world every moment of every day. As we approached both men rose in difference to Akira whom they both looked at with some measure of obvious attraction. Quinn licked his lips as she approached and Sam bowed his head but his gaze seemed fixed on hers.

“Gentlemen, this is Nick Shaw a compatriot and seeker of rare antiquities and this lovely young lady here is Akira Kusanagi, Mistress of the Black Lotus School and Nick’s talented bodyguard.” Oswald said with a slight tip of his head.

Our mutual shock must have been a private joke with the pair at the table because the smiled and Sam actually chuckled at our expense.

“Please do not take offense your secrets are safe with us but Oz does have a rude habit of spying on people when they are unawares,” Sam said in his slow tenor voice.

“Yeah, so I’ve noticed,” I said not amused.

“So Mister Shaw,” Quinn addressed me in his Texan drawl that he still possessed even after being away for if it was to be believed nearly seventy years now. “You have come about my little trinket that belongs to your organization.”

“That is correct,” I replied as they made room for us to sit with them.

Akira sat next to Sam and Oswald and I scrunched in next to Quinn. A fresh pot of coffee was brought over along with three fresh mugs and after it was poured and we were comfortable the haggling began.

“Mr. Shaw,” Quinn began but I interrupted him.

“I prefer Nick, Mr. Shaw sounds like my father.”

“Very well, Nick, what do you know about the ring?” Quinn asked.

“That the owner prior to you was,” I stopped and looked around like some conspirator in a bad spy film. “Well he was a Nephilim.”

“That is and isn’t true,” he replied. “When I cut his head off all those years ago he was a Nephilim and a monster through and through. Though we used the term revenant back then not knowing the nature of the thing we hunted down and killed. I have learned much in my time since then. Anyway the man was born human but was altered by the ring. Not by magic or curses per se but by the ingenious device built into the damnable thing.” He paused and I could see the harsh memory cloud his mind and then he returned to the here and now. “When I took the ring as a trophy of our victory I was ignorant of its real purpose. When the sun had set and full night had fallen only then did the thing wake up and bite me. I say bite but there are a series of needles hidden within the confines of signet and they somehow took a sample of my blood and when I failed to pass as Nephilim it did what it was created to do. It injected me with highly refined and potent Nephilim blood. It only took a few hours for the change to take place and by the next dawn I realized I had become like the beast we had slain except for some reason or another I was unharmed by sunlight. Each night the ring bit me until nothing of my humanity remained. Well that is not entirely true, nothing physically human remained would be more precise a statement. I possessed their hunger and abilities and longevity but I was still well me. I realized that the monster we destroyed was the byproduct of decisions he himself had made and the power had corrupted him utterly. I vowed that I would not become like that poor lost soul I promised myself I would remain true to who I was and so I have.”

“Why does the ring function as it does?” I asked him.

“That is an answer that took me fifty years to discover but you should know if you truly intend upon purchasing the ring. I will tell you all that I know and if some of it you already know please bear with me.” He said and I could see him settle his thoughts. “It was just after the Great Flood and all of the Nephilim were drowned, all but one. Her name is lost to history but those that came after called her the Great Mother. She was the strongest of her race and it was that strength that allowed to her to survive as long as she had. She was dying when he found her and nursed her back to health. He allowed her to feed from him but due to his unique physiology she was unable to change him. Before the flood, victims of the Nephilim became Nephilim themselves but that was about to change. Her beauty and her hunger seduced him and in all they had twelve children, six sons and six daughters. Because of his uniqueness the twelve no longer required humans to reproduce they could do it amongst themselves in the traditional manner. Each child possessed a strong dominant ability which they passed down to their children. The siblings formed a single clan and wanting all the traits to survive they bore offspring with each other until they were sure the race as a whole would last. But the Great Mother was not satisfied with that she begged a boon from her lover and it was he who took her blood and stolen knowledge and fashioned the ring to ensure that no matter what that the Nephilim would survive.”

“What madman would do such a thing,” I asked.

“I don’t know his name only that it was he who founded the Silver Twilight,” Quinn said and fell silent.

“It makes a sick sense now,” I said. “He created the lodge to help mankind against the plague he had created. He was the only one who could see far enough ahead to lay the ground work for humanities survival. But I still don’t understand my part in all of this.”

“I think you are over thinking things Nick,” Sam said in his easy going manner.

“I don’t doubt that at all,” I said. “What is your take on this?”

“I believe from everything that Oz has told us about you and your unusual birth and all the obvious manipulation involved.” He stopped and looked at everyone then continued. “You are the anti-venom Nick. If you believe the Nephilim are a sickness then you are the cure don’t you see? He has taken his own children over untold generations and has been trying to recreate whatever it is that is unique to him. You are that endgame, that solution to the Nephilim. Not to kill them but to breed with one or more of them and cure them. Your children will not have the hunger; your children will finish what he started all those centuries ago.”

The silence that fell was profound. I let my head drop and stared at the table’s surface but not seeing it really. Sam’s words had struck me to my core and I knew he was right. Down to my very soul I knew that was what he had wanted all along. Safe within the brotherhood of the Silver Twilight and with enough influence to nudge things along my children would provide the final link to end the negative impact the Nephilim had and who knows how many generations it would take but there was hope for something better, something greater to rise from all of this.

The others chatted but my mind was far away and I wondered at the thoughts of trying to find a Nephilim to have children with. This wasn’t going to be easy unless a deep seated suspicion proved to be true. Even that hope was a two edged sword and there would be emotional fall out either way.

“Kouryou, we are going to Quinn’s shop are you okay?” Akira asked and I nodded shaking off the last bit of the mental fog.

“Yeah, let’s go.” I told her.

A block off Main Street one could barely make out the tiny bit of the blue overhang under the inches of freshly fallen snow. As we drew nearer I could make out the flowing gold script that told us we have nearly arrived at Quinn’s Emporium. It was a two story stone edifice done in turn of the century style with one large window allowing an easy view of the rows and rows of shelves and cabinets and one smaller window that showed the sales counter and the antique cash register the shown with its polished copper exterior. Between them a stout oaken door that would deter the most determined thief. Quinn approached the door as he fished out his keys and as he grabbed the door knob to unlock the store it turned in his hand and he just smiled and shook his head.

“Silly me I forgot to lock up last night,” Quinn said and Sam chuckled behind him as we all filed into the chilly interior of the shop.

Sam moved directly to the western wall of the store where an ancient hearth stood and with a little kindling and a wooden match the fire was soon going. A few minutes’ later logs were added and warmth radiated from the fireplace. Quinn started a pot of coffee as Oz turned on a few overhead lights. Just beyond the counter along the eastern wall were four comfy leather couches and it was here that we migrated to, to discuss the ring’s price.

“So knowing everything you do about the ring do you still want it?” Quinn asked as Akira meandered among the shelves and cabinets oohing and ahing.

“More so now that I know what the damn thing does, I intend on destroying it.” I told them.

“Good luck,” Sam said. “We have tried many times over the years.”

“What do you have in mind for your first attempt?” Quinn asked curious as hell.

“My company is developing a new Solar Furnace as a power source and also for manufacturing purposes. We expect to generate some four thousand degrees Celsius. If it proves successful we are going to create an entire branch devoted to solar power research,” I said.

“So you are going to use focused sunlight to melt it?” Sam asked and I nodded. “Have to admit we have not tried that.”

“That won’t fit in the museum,” Quinn said grinning.

“Museum, you have a museum,” I asked.

“Yeah, there is a room in the basement that is dedicated to all the attempts to get rid of the ring.” Quinn said smiling sadly. “They range from brute force to the sublime, care to see it so you know what lengths we have already gone through and you can check those off your list?”

“I am curious to see what you’ve tried so far…” I began but Akira’s voice completely derailed that thought.

“OOH PRETTY,” She was bent over a glass case and staring intently at something.

“Bet it’s the matching bracelets,” Sam said offering a crisp one hundred dollar bill.

“I am thinking it’s the earrings,” Quinn said shaking his hand.

All three of us stopped dead in our tracks seeing that Akira had shed her heavy winter coat and was down to her short skirt, tight black sweater and leather boots. Her skirt was just barely covering her round ass cheeks in her current position.

“Dddamn,” I whispered.

“I second that,” Quinn added.

“The motion is carried,” Sam said smiling.

Akira without standing up turned her head and looked at us and just shook her head and smile.

“Boys… Nick, how much do you love me?” she asked licking her lips.

“A lot,” I managed.

“Good be a dear and buy me the bracelets and earrings and I will love you forever and ever.”

“Looks like we are finding a bed and breakfast eh?” I asked and she nodded.

I walked over and stood next to her and saw the items she was looking at and raised an eyebrow at the shiny violet metal bracelets with the queer designs etched into them. Then she pointed to the sparkling dangly earrings with the dark gems set into them.

“You certainly have interesting taste Akira,” I told her.

“MMMMMM, I’ve seen those characters before,” she whispered to me. “Where did you get these bracelets from?”

“Mmm those are from the Amazon River Basin somewhere, Jon wasn’t specific in his letter, why?” Quinn asked.

“The pattern looks vaguely familiar is all,” she lied.

“Perhaps it reminds you of the black obelisk in the courtyard of the Black Lotus School?” Sam asked nicely.

“MMMMM perhaps,” Akira said knowing she was busted. “How does a man know what the Black Lotus School courtyard looks like?”

“I dated a student once,” he said smiling.

“Dated,” Akira said standing up and looking at him as she walked up to him.

“Well maybe that’s a nice word for an on again off again affair,” he grinned.

“Hmm,” she said her hands moving like a blur and grabbing his hands. “Aha, you have the Marks! She taught you, didn’t she?”

“Yes and no,” Sam said.

Instinctively I took a step backward and Sam’s fist shot out missing my nose by inches.

“Naughty, naughty you’ve been teaching Nick,” Sam said.

“I can’t be there all the time,” Akira said smiling. “Now how much for the lot?”

“You mean the bracelets and the earrings?” Quinn asked.

“You forgot the ring,” Akira said beginning the haggling in truth.

“Ah, well let me think… friend’s discount and first time purchase plus sales tax… I think an even hundred thousand should cover it.” He said.

“Pay the man,” Akira said with a brilliant smile.

“That was some harsh negotiations,” I said. “Where’s the nearest bank I can wire transfer the money to your account.”

“I’ll take a check,” Quinn said. “I mean you are the President and CEO of Numenor Technology right? I trust you, besides Oz can find you if the check bounces… like that’s going to happen.”

“Speaking of Oz, where the hell is he?” I asked and saw a strange expression on Akira’s face and if I didn’t know better she had that freshly fucked look.

“He just left,” she said a little out of breath.

“Okay, now let me write out that check and we can go see this museum of yours,” I said still puzzled over whatever it was that I missed.

So as I took out my check book and we walked up to the front Akira availed herself of the ladies room and with a final shrug figured she would or wouldn’t explain to me what the fuck just happened. The jewelry was placed in an appropriate box and before we headed downstairs I took a good long look at the ring and it was indeed a thing of beauty. The metal was dark gray yet bright catching the light from above nicely and the stones that been carved in the shapes of the swords and the eye were so dark they appeared black except under a full bright illumination and then they glowed like flowing blood. I didn’t touch it I just turned the box this way and that so that I could see it from all sides. Then with a pinching gesture the box snapped shut. We headed downstairs and it was just Quinn, Sam and me; Akira was still occupied in the ladies room and I suspected I knew why… round two.

The basement was an attempt at controlled chaos and that the unopened crates lay neatly stacked in one corner of the unfinished level. While the opened crates that had not yet been processed were in another corner in some sort of system I guessed. Last were the empty crates that took up the last corner and it was this that appeared to be nothing more than a leaning pile that would and could come crashing down at any minute. We must have passed under the bathroom for there were the soft but unmistakable grunts coming from Akira.

“UNNN UNNNN UNNNN…” she was moaning for all she was worth.

“Well that answers where Oz got off to,” I said and the other two just smiled.

“Doesn’t it bother you that she is… well with Oz?” Sam asked genuinely concerned.

“Nah, she’s a big girl and it isn’t like we are exclusive,” I told him.

“Ah, well I am sorry I pried,” Sam replied a little saddened.

“No harm, no foul,” I told him and we continued on to the single door unremarkable in every way and yet I felt that what lay beyond was anything but.

There was no lock and the door wouldn’t withstand much punishment and yet there was a sense of privacy and something subtle that kept the curious away. The entire display began in the middle of the room and spiraled out from there in chronological order. At the very center at first glance an ancient hammer dating back to the late nineteenth century but the distinct impression in the business end of it was obvious to all; there inset into the head of the hammer a perfect impression of the Bloodstone Ring. Then there was an anvil and a larger hammer and the subtle but definite progression of heavier and heavier objects stopped and a more intelligent tack became apparent. Now there were crucibles and attempt to melt the thing but that failed as well. Then there was a most beautiful and disturbing thing off on one side of the wall. The long bar of metal that became more and more slender as it rose from the dull irregular base of lightning glass that held it up.

“It suffered a direct lightning strike?” I asked.

“Yep, that’s when I realized this was going to be a very long process,” Quinn said softly.

This was followed by various containers of acids and other chemicals. One of his last attempts surprised even me.

“Thermite really,” I said amazed.

“Yeah saw it on a TV show and decided to give it a try; it was one of the more entertaining attempts I can tell you.”

“Tell him about Hawaii,” Sam said with a giggle.

“Oh yeah,” he said laughing. “I heard there was an eruption so we booked a flight and managed to convince one of the volcanologists to allow us to use two of their suits for a half hour after a healthy contribution to their research of course. We placed the ring on a rod and dipped it onto the lava. Then we poured cold water over it hoping the extreme temperature change might do the trick but it didn’t. It was difficult trying to explain how the ring survived to the on looking scientist but we just said… sorry wrong volcano and we walked away. Man the look on his face was fucking priceless.”

“Yeah I wish I could have been there,” I said then I saw it. “Is that a submarine?”

“Funny story that,” Sam actually spoke up this time. “Nik Salte, you saw him at the diner, well he was contacted by an underwater research group to develop a small power plant for a submarine. We were able to convince them to take along an experiment of the effects of water pressure on a new alloy we were supposedly developing. We built this box with wickedly reinforced sides that would hold up to about four atmospheres of pressure before it failed. Inside the box was the ring of course. They lowered it to the bottom of a deep trench where the box failed and when they brought it up it was squished and the ring had almost fallen out but it was none the worse for wear.”

“How did you explain the ring,” I asked.

“We just told them it was the ring all along that was crafted from the alloy and they pronounced it a huge success,” Sam finished the story with a big grin.

“Wow, it looks like I really do have my job cut out for me,” I said thinking out loud. “I’ll look at it as a project that will keep me amused for a while.”

“Good luck, I’m glad it isn’t my problem anymore,” Quinn said as he led us out of the museum and we all looked up and heard that the noise from the first floor had ceased. “Well looks like she is ready to leave now.”

“Yep,” I said smiling. “If you guys ever come across anything interesting you know where to find me.”

“Will do, I will give Jaime a call and tell her she has guests and she can get a room ready for you two.” Quinn offered.

“That’ll be great; of course we didn’t plan on staying we may have to do some clothes shopping especially her.” I said with a look of exasperation.

As we made our way towards the counter the door to the ladies bathroom opened and Akira stepped out followed by Oz. Akira was completely and utterly disheveled and Oz looked very pleased with himself as he tucked in his shirt and zipped his fly. Akira walked over and it appeared she was almost drunk. Then I spied the droplets of blood by her mouth and my long held suspicion had been proven without a shadow of a doubt. Akira Kusanagi, Majestrix of the Sisterhood, was a Nephilim and surprisingly I found that I was quite comfortable with that. I walked over and guided her back into the bathroom with words to the effect of…

“You need to put yourself back together before we step outside into the cold sweetness,” I whispered in her ear. “You have been keeping a secret from me and we will talk at the bed and breakfast.”

The expression of pain and sorrow on her face cut me to the quick but I managed a smile as I closed the door after her. I could hear her crying in the bathroom and knew that going in would only make things worse. I had two cups of coffee and the three of us sat on the couch waiting for her to reemerge but Oz had left the minute he was finished with her. He and I were going to talk about that. After what seemed like forever the door opened and she stepped out her clothing as impeccable as I expected her to be and no sign whatsoever of her drunken state.

“I just wanted to apologize to all of you,” she said and bowed low.

“We need to go clothes shopping for our stay here in town,” I told her.

“Staying? Why are we staying Kouryou?” She asked.

“Call it a gut instinct,” I said. “There are people and things I would like to see while I am here and it may take a day or two.”

Quinn told us he had talked to the manager at the nicest bed and breakfast in town Jaime La Chance and we had a room set aside for as long as we needed. We said our goodbyes and it wasn’t hard finding the stores we wanted so we could get enough clothes for the duration. When I picked out some lingerie for Akira she knew that things were still good between us and that nothing had changed.

“Kouryou…” she began but I touched my finger to her lips and she instantly fell silent.

“No words are necessary,” I said softly.

Eisermann’s Daguerreotypes:

It was close to noon by the time our little shopping trip and self guided tour of the small town was complete. The snow had stopped and I finally got a good look at the town and was amazed on so many levels and wondered how it had managed to stay under the radar as it obviously had. There were no power lines or telephone poles anywhere in town and that could mean only one thing all the utilities were buried beneath the town. The layout of the town was so perfect it was as if the founders had laid out the streets and all the possible expansions ahead of time but that is highly unlikely, wasn’t it? I was sure a bird’s eye view of the town would be like a piece of graph paper taking into consideration the lay of the land and the steady slope from the eastern side of the town up to the higher elevation to the west and the mountains.

Akira and I drove to the bed and breakfast and deposited our purchases and my briefcase in the room.

“Would you like a fashion show Kouryou,” Akira purred and as I sat on the kings sized bed I gave her the nod.

She began with the more conservative clothing she had bought first there was nothing here that would raise a single eyebrow while we were in town. Then she slipped into the first piece of lingerie that was black stockings, a garter belt and a smile. I smiled and then she returned wearing bright red mesh stockings, and a t-bar and bustier of the same shade of scarlet. Her last outfit was something straight out of young man’s wet dream. Akira was wearing what could only be described as the epitome of the Japanese Schoolgirl’s Uniform down to the pigtails, super short skirt and Patten leather shoes with knee socks. Smiling she lifted up the short skirt revealing a freshly shaved pussy and I could see that she was eager to make up with me about her indiscretion at Quinn’s.

“I like, be a dear and get me my briefcase,” I asked her.

Smiling she walked over and bent over letting the skirt ride all the way up until her pussy and puckered anus were visible. Then she slowly stood up and walked it over to me.

“Wait,” she said confused. “When did you get a briefcase?”

“I was wondering when you were going to notice,” I said smiling. “Now be a love and turn around and grab your ankles.”

Smiling Akira eagerly followed my directions and faced away from me and bent over and grabbed her ankles. I opened the briefcase and retrieved the bottle of lube and put a dot on my index finger and wondered if it would perform as the product claimed. I began with her clit and slit and applied the lube liberally.

“MMMMMMM Kouryou what is thattttttttttttttttt OH MY GOD!” she moaned and bit her lip as I blew on her sex.

“It’s supposed to make you more sensitive does it work,” I asked.

She could only whimper in response.

“Good, well if a little is good more is better,” I said as I applied the lube to her tight little asshole.

“UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN,” she moaned/growled as I began fingering her ass.

“Just testing, says it lasts for about an hour that should be long enough,” I said smiling as I took the toy from the briefcase.

It was a small vibrator the color of deep sapphire; it had two independent motors that could stimulate her pussy or ass with different sensations at the same time. I eased the U-shaped toy into both of her holes and she nearly came and it wasn’t even on yet. I cleaned my fingers and capped the bottle of lube and slipped it into my pocket, just in case. Then I took out the replacement watch that Jesse had sent to take the place of the one he had fragged onboard the Numenor. It took mere seconds before I was able to access the toy through the watch, perfect. With a touch the toy came to life and Akira’s cry of pleasure echoed off the walls.

“That’ll work,” I said smiling. “Now get dressed and put on something presentable to meet the mayor. We are having a late lunch with him in less than an hour.”

“Kouryou,” she asked. “Not with the toy up inside of me?”

“Yep,” I grinned savagely. “I want to see you squirm a little is all and it isn’t like you aren’t going to enjoy yourself.”

“Master is cruel,” she said pouting.

“Cruel would be teasing you with the toy all day and not fucking you afterwards.”

“Oh… in that case… NNNNNNNNNNNNNNick!!!!!” she shouted as I tripled the pulse pattern’s strength without warning in both her holes sending her orgasm crashing over her dropping Akira to her knees.

“Now get dressed or I will have to leave you behind,” I said changing to a nice suit I had purchased for just this occasion.

“I don’t remember us being invited,” she said as she quickly stripped down and but on a nice long skirt, blouse and matching jacket.

“Sam came by while you were in the changing room at the lingerie store.”

“Are you angry with me Master,” she asked as she touched up her makeup.

“Not at all, I saw the toy and lube when we walked into the store and I decided right then and there to get your juices going with a nice new toy.” I told her as I adjusted the pleasure to a more tolerable level… for now. “I do have one question though, how the hell did Oz fuck you at Quinn’s without us seeing?”

“Have you ever heard of Inpo,” Akira asked smiling remembering the feeling of her skirt being lifted up by unseen hands and a hard cock sliding into her pussy from behind as she was bent over looking at one of the displays.

“Sure I have and any other number of mythical martial art techniques, like Kaiajitsu,” I told her.

“Well as it happens both of them exist and Oswald Sebastian Kane has somehow mastered Inpo,” she said shivering remembering his voice telling her to bend over the glass display case in front of everyone while he drilled her pussy hard and fast.

“You are telling me that he can make himself invisible, really?”

“It is not magic it is the art of knowing where a person’s blind spots are. Your vision is flawed you have to learn to rely on your other senses.”

“I don’t…” but even as I said it she looked at me intently and side stepped disappearing from my line of sight. “…what the fuck!”

However the minute I turned my head she reappeared but had proved her point.

“You can do it? How long have you known he could?” I was rambling.

“I suspected he was using some sort of stealth technique but I didn’t know what or how much he had mastered it until today,” she said with a pleasant shiver.

“I have been totally schooled,” I told her. “And you say that Kaiajitsu is real too?”

“Have you ever heard of an opera singer breaking a glass with her voice,” she asked and I nodded. “It’s the same principal but with someone who has strong Ki skills you can utilize your voice for any number of effects. When a woman alters her voice to that sexy tone that is a very basic modulation now imagine someone who has spent years honing that skill alone. She could make you climax just by talking to you.”

“That sounds like the legends of the Sirens,” I said and she nodded.

“Much of myth has a basis in truth. I have heard of masters who can shatter stone, bone, even internal organs by the power of their voice alone.”

“Whoa… that would be so cool, but it isn’t like there are Kaiajitsu masters roaming the Midwest looking for students.”

“You’d have more luck with the Inpo Kouryou,” she said and smiled that dreamy little smile of hers.

“Just so I could fuck you in public and no one could see me?” and her purr was all the answer I needed. “I have to talk to Oz about this Inpo thing it seems.”

The mayor’s car picked us up at the bed and breakfast and we enjoyed the scenic route up the modestly steep climb up into the foothills of the mountains. Our path was one long half moon that took us to a spot that overlooked the majority of the town and a scenic view of the rest of the mountain valley.

“How the hell did they do it,” I muttered out loud.

“Kouryou,” Akira whimpered in response. “I don’t understand how did they do what?”

“How did they manage to move a castle stone by stone from Europe all the way up here,” I asked again.

“MMMMMMM,” she moaned softly her eyes half closed. “Determination, I would guess sheer willful determination.”

Her body shook suddenly as if from a deep chill but we both knew better. Akira opened her eyes all the way now and pursed her lips then with another smaller shiver she bit her lip as another smaller orgasm gripped her so soon after the first one.

“Enjoying the ride,” I asked and she could only nod. “Good, I don’t suppose we need to reapply your ointment do we?”

She shook her head vigorously and I couldn’t help but smile. The car came to a halt parked on the west side of the castle and the driver came out and around to open our door for us. We stepped out and I couldn’t help but gasp at the overwhelming beauty of the vista before us. The snow covered landscape that could have graced any art museum with its sweeping elevation from the distant eastern edge of the valley to the western foothills of the surrounding mountains. South lay the town proper and beyond that what appeared to be a small cluster of redwood trees climbing high above everything else in their ancient majesty!

“Wow,” I whispered lost in the beauty around me.

“Wow indeed Nick,” a cultured voice said and I looked up to see the middle aged mayor of Hammerton Augustus Eisermann. “You don’t mind if I call you Nick?”

“No I prefer Nick to Mr. Shaw much less formal, if you don’t mind my asking those trees over there…” I didn’t even have to point them out.

“Yes, we call them the Sentinel Trees but if you want to see them I can give Mary Stone a call and she would gladly give you a tour. The trees are on her land you see but we all lay claim to them in some way or another.”

“Who could blame you,” I said. “I was surprised when Sam stopped by the store and told me you wanted to meet. But I am glad you did if only for the view.”

“If you want a view of the valley,” he said and pointed twenty feet up on the southern wall was a sheltered balcony. “The dining room provides a stunning outlook so if you don’t mind we can move inside, warm up and chat a bit.”

We followed the mayor inside and up to the dining room and despite his salt and pepper hair he managed to two flights of stairs easily. The castle’s dark stone was everywhere in various stages of rough and polish. I had played any number of role playing games over the years but this place by its very nature redefined for me the word castle. This place could resist a siege and was the dark stone bastion of the valley. The furnishings and decorations covered hundreds of years of the Eisermann family occupation and I wondered what drove his distant ancestor to move this beast from Europe to the ‘New World’.

The dining room was vast with huge vaulted ceilings and a massive hearth that you could imagine entire trees fed to its blazing belly. I took off my coat and one of the many servants who worked for the mayor was there to take it from me and offer a glass of a deep blue beverage that smelled fruity yet I suspected it was not grape juice.

“It’s ice wine Nick and if you have the time, tomorrow is the Ice Wine Festival here in our tiny little haven,” the mayor’s deep voice filled the room.

I took a tentative sip and though I wasn’t a wine drinker by nature it was excellent!

“I’ll take two cases,” I said smiling thinking of Petra.

“Consider them a gift then,” he replied. “Plus I have a rather nice bottle I will send home with you for a special occasion.”

“Thank you for your generosity,” I said as we made our way to the end of the long table and the seats closest to the balcony.

“I hope you enjoy lunch everything on the table is from town either grown or raised.”

“I brought my appetite,” I said and he looked over at the silent Akira. “She is the quiet type.” I explained seeing the half lidded eyes and knew she was close to another climax.

“You must be the lovely Akira Kusanagi,” the mayor said offering her his hand.

“I must be,” she said dreamily. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Mayor.”

“Pfft,” he made a derisive noise. “Call me August and consider yourself at home while you are here.”

“And you can call me Celeste,” another voice broke the moment as a stunning young woman with raven black hair that almost glowed with sapphire highlights strode into the room wearing only a bathrobe.

She walked straight up to me and stopped as we shook hands and eyed each other appraisingly. Celeste had the face of a green eyed angel but the flame that flickered in their depths was hell fire I had no doubt.

“A pleasure to meet you Celeste,” I said noticing the way she gripped my hand. “You fence?”

“Sherlock fucking Holmes,” she blurted out.

“Celeste,” the mayor roared.

“Sorry daddy,” she said breaking eye contact and looking over at him in genuine distress. “I am sorry Nick I have a sailor’s vocabulary sometimes.”

“Daddy eh,” I said smiling and letting go of her hand. “You make some gorgeous babies August.”

“Thanks, you should have seen her mother,” he said softly.

“I am sorry, I didn’t realize,” I began to apologize but he waved me off.

“No, she’s not dead just moved on.” He explained.

“Oh, well perhaps we should wait while Celeste changes and I can get a good look from the balcony,” I offered.

“Ummm,” Celeste said and then I saw the wheels moving. “Be right back.”

She stalked off and I looked at the mayor and he just smiled.

“She was going to change right,” I said and he just smiled even more.

“No, Celeste has a particular lack of modesty and I have myself to blame for that.”

“I hope I didn’t offend her, I don’t want to start things off with upsetting anyone here,” I explained.

“No, I think she needs to learn that the outside world actually wears clothes despite my best attempts she disagrees.” August said motioning for us to follow him out onto the balcony.

“Beautiful,” Akira whispered. “This is a view that I could never get tired of seeing.”

“I never have,” August said with no little pride. “Each season is an entirely new beauty to behold.”

“I’m a city kid and well this is just breathtaking, thank you August,” I told him.

“I am so very glad you are enjoying your time in our little town Nick,” he said with genuine fondness.

I walked over to the right side of the balcony for a better look at the Sentinel Trees and felt the strangest ‘sensation’. It was like an itchy buzzing in my head and the closer I got to the far right side of the balcony the louder it got. The itch became a need, the need a compulsion and before I knew what I was doing I had squatted down and ran my hand along the inner wall until with a near physical jolt my hand touched a smooth polished brick identical to the others. With a little testing that single stone slid towards me and behind it… I reached in and my fingers closed around the softest of silks and I gently brought out my discovery. I returned the stone to its rightful place and stood up.

“I am so sorry,” I said as I turned to face August but he had an expression that was a mixture of wonder and joy. “I couldn’t help myself.”

“No harm done my boy no harm at all,” he was smiling now, no it was more than that he was absolutely bursting at the seams. “What is it that you’ve found?”

Behind him stood Akira in her dreamy orgasmic fog and next to her was Celeste in jeans and a black silk blouse that clung to her hard nipples enticingly and she was barefoot despite the cold. Celeste was looking at me with a look that bordered on pain and disappointment. I looked down at my hand then and saw the ornately stitched cloth of blue and gold. I reached down and gently pulled the cloth away to reveal a clear flawless gem that sparkled with an almost inner light. When I turned it in my hand the stone seemed to shift from clear to an icy blue to a sapphire hue that was so dark it was nearly black. I looked back up and even Akira was now staring intently at the thumb sized jewel.

“Go ahead touch it,” August said and I nodded.

I took my index finger and slowly, tentatively touched the stone in the palm of my hand and the effect was sudden, not completely unpleasant but much unexpected. The sensation was similar if much briefer to the cleansing ritual Akira and I had performed. The jolt seemed to knock loose all the negativity I had picked up since that night.

“Whoa,” I muttered.

“Yes,” August was standing next to me now. “It’s called a Shintai I found it on my travels, I wasn’t always a mayor. There are places where falling stars have struck the earth that are very sacred, very sacred indeed. Some leave just a whisper of their impact while others leave scars that will never heal.”

“The ocean, when the GPS went out…” I muttered covering the gem again. “…we lost all our bearings and she said we were near a large impact site but I didn’t know what she meant, until now. Shintai… that’s Japanese for ‘god body’, a sacred vessel for the divine.”

“Very good,” August seemed to be so very pleased how things were progressing.

I began to hand over the cloth covered stone when August touched my fist and shook his head.

“Finders… Keepers…” he said smiling. “Besides it’ll help keep your Ki cleansed.”

“Then why hide it,” I asked but even before I finished asking it I knew that answer, “Unless you were waiting for someone to find it?”

“And find it you did my boy, find it you did,” August said slapping me on the back and leading me and the others back inside. “It works best when worn against the skin and I have just the thing.”

He motioned and with no attempt to hide her disappointment Celeste reached behind her neck and unclasped a cunningly wrought silver chain and hanging on the chain was a queer looking pendent. The design was of three concentric circles bisected by a single line that ran from the central circle upwards to the outer most one. It appeared to be made of sterling silver until Celeste hung it around my neck and fixed the chain’s clasp and I felt the weight of the thing. August took the stone from my hand and settled it into the hub at the center of the design and like iron and a magnet it stuck there without any apparent means.

“There reunited at long last,” August said and Celeste found her seat and pouted as the charm was slipped beneath my shirt and hung near my heart.

“It is obvious that Celeste had her heart set on finding the stone,” I began but August shook his head.

“Celeste has had much handed to her already some things are meant for others and she must accept that fact graciously,” he said taking his seat.

I sat opposite Celeste and Akira sat next to me and lunch was served. I was starved and we ate in apparent silence though I was catching some sort of exchange between Celeste and Akira and it was not going well. I glanced at August and he seemed off in his own little world and decided not to interrupt his daydream. When dessert was brought the silence was broken at long last and the mayor offered us a chance to stay at the castle but I didn’t think that was a good idea.

“If you want to stay here for the night you can accompany me to the Ice Wine Festival tomorrow as my guests,” he said smiling.

“That would be great,” I began and looked at Celeste, then Akira and then back at him. “But I am not sure that would be a wise decision on our part, I am sorry.”

“I understand completely,” he said grinning. “That sort of tension is unhealthy in the best of situations.”

The girls looked at me and then the mayor and then the open hostility became apparent. Akira offered me a brilliant smile and a gentle squeeze on my thigh. Celeste looked about ready to burst but said nothing.

“I would like to attend the festival though,” I said returning Akira’s squeeze.

“Excellent, I will send my car around say eight o’clock and we can break our fast together?”

“We would be delighted to share another meal with you and Celeste,” I said. “I don’t suppose we could get the grand tour of your lovely home?”

“Celeste would be delighted to walk you around; I sadly have preparations for tomorrow to finish hammering out.” He said as he stood and we all rose to our feet and he departed out a door in the eastern wall and Celeste smiled and began our tour with the dining room.

The castle was massive and had quite a bit of history even before it arrived in the New World. There were tapestries and oil paintings of Eisermann’s long dead decorating the rooms and corridors. There were also old photographs or daguerreotypes of the family from turn of last century. But there were also landscape photos that were more than a little disturbing. There was one of a graveyard so ancient that the stones were bunched up one on top the other and there appeared to be a weathered gargoyle seated atop a grave stone with an evil leer as if an artisan had carved it simply to be photographed. Another and the most unsettling of the lot was a flooded city of great dark stone and every edifice was covered in algae and choked with fungus and weeds but it was the sheer size it conveyed that was overwhelming. It appeared as if some great upheaval had vomited the damned thing out of the darkest stygian depths the ocean possessed. I prayed it was some trick of lighting and double exposure for if such a place existed upon the earth or beneath the sea I would never know a moment’s peace.

“South Pacific 1917, if grandpa is to be believed,” Celeste said leaning in close to explain the photo and I could take in her scent a mix of musk and lavender.

“And this one,” I said pointing to the gargoyle in the graveyard enjoying the smell of a bitch in heat.

“Outskirts of Hamburg Germany 1915, it was taken during the Winter Solstice if I remember right.”

“Did he have the gargoyle carved for the photo,” I asked.

“There’s no gargoyle in that photo,” Celeste said leaning closer still her nipples brushing up against my arm.

“Of course there is its right…” I began to say but stopped and gazed stymied at the lack of the grinning thing in the photo. “Maybe it was another picture?”

“I can tell you now that there is no gargoyle in any of these photos,” she said. “Could have been a trick of the light.” She offered.

“Maybe,” I said then I saw the last photo and it chilled me to the core. “The Black Pyramid…”

“Oh you’ve seen this photo before,” Celeste said smiling. “It’s my favorite. Grandpa said he took it after a freak storm near the Bahamas blew his ship off course and this was on top of a mountain on a tropical island of all places. Wow what an imagination he had.”

“You didn’t believe him,” Akira spoke up at last.

“Not in the least, I loved him to death up to the day he died. But really an entire island with a black pyramid in the Bahamas… you don’t think it exists? Most of these are camera tricks with models or something. Do you really think something as terrible as that,” she pointed to the flooded city, “could possibly be real? You’d have to be delusional.”

“I agree that city couldn’t possibly exist.” I told her as she took my arm and we concluded our tour of the castle.

Later as the mayor’s car waited outside Celeste seemed generally distressed at our leaving and I wasn’t sure if it was the sexual tension between her and me or the rivalry between her and Akira.

“I am sorry I am the reason you aren’t staying,” Celeste said with genuine sorrow in her voice but that didn’t tell me why.

“We will be back in the morning for breakfast and then there will be the festival,” I said trying to read her body language and facial expressions.

“Good, I’d hate to think that I had spoiled your visit,” she replied as Akira stood stock still and stoic beside me.

“You are too hard on yourself, besides we can still be friends right,” I asked and saw the knee jerk reaction of a girl that wanted to be much more than friends and she hid it poorly.

Her father had said that she was spoiled rotten, maybe not in those words but the message had been loud and clear. Celeste was not used to getting what she wanted and maybe this would be a good lesson for her. She bit her lip and looked at me with an expression of barely contained lust but I ignored her and I turned to go. I heard the softest of whimpers as Akira and I walked to the car and Celeste stomped her foot and headed back into the interior of the castle.

“Master is wise to leave that one alone,” Akira whispered in my ear as the car door was opened and we slipped into the back seat.

“You don’t really believe she’s given up do you,” I asked and Akira shook her head. “Me either she will come up with some way of getting me alone.”

“You’re not going to partake of that forbidden fruit are you,” Akira asked smiling now and pulling up her skirt showing me her drenched pussy and the toy buried in both her holes.

“MMMMMMMMMMM,” I said licking my lips. “No, it would be too weird after I have already fucked her mother.”

“I don’t recall the mayor ever mentioning Celeste’s mother’s name,” Akira said.

“He didn’t, just imagine her a little older with blue eyes instead of green and tell me who she reminds you of.”

“NO…” Akira said grinning. “That is just coincidence isn’t it?”

“I don’t think so, now be a good little slut and lower your skirt. We wouldn’t want the driver having an accident staring at that soaked pussy of yours.”

“Yes Master, she does look like Cyan Michaels doesn’t she?”

“Yes she does, and it would be wrong on so many levels to sleep with mother and daughter,” I said getting rock hard thinking about it.

“But that would definitely be a notch off your bucket list,” she said smiling wickedly.

“It isn’t always about the sex,” I said.

“Oh you fucking liar, it is ALWAYS about the sex,” she said licking her lips. “You just don’t want to admit tagging both of them would feel good.”

“Am I that transparent?” I asked.

“No, all men are that transparent, not just you.”

“Well, at least I am not alone,” I said smirking.

The rest of the drive back to the bed and breakfast was done in silence but the sexual tension just built and built. Akira’s smoldering looks and me adjusting the toy pleasuring her to a new height of stimulation just being the tip of the iceberg. When the car dropped us off we didn’t quite race to the room but we didn’t walk either. What happened next was thrilling and memorable and so very out of character with Akira that at first she took me completely off guard. The door to the room closed and things happened so quickly after that. First she tore off the skirt and sent buttons flying and actually broke the zipper. Next she tore the toy from between her legs and sent it in the general direction of the skirt. Then she was tearing off my clothes with her teeth and fingers. I am glad I bought more than one set of nice clothes to wear. Once naked she looked me up and down and smiled displaying her canines which had extended to wickedly sharp points revealing at long last her Nephilim nature. She removed the rest of her clothing and pulled me to her pressing her tits and pussy to me as her mouth descended relentlessly towards my neck.

“You need to choose a safe word now lover,” she was panting at holding back. “So that I know when you are afraid I will harm you and I can try and stop.”

She put a lot of emphasis on the word try.

“Numenor,” I moaned as she rubbed her slick sex over mine.

“Okay Numenor it is,” then without any word of warning she bit me and drove me deep inside of her at the same instant.

“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN,” I moaned for it was so sudden and the pleasure so intense I could form no coherent thoughts.

I could actually feel the pulse in my neck and her needlelike teeth as they extracted what she needed and all too soon it was over. Like some feral cat she was licking my neck and what little pain there had been vanished like smoke only to be replaced by the pleasure of her driving her hips forward impaling herself over and over again. In the fugue of her drinking from me she had managed to lift her left leg up and over my shoulder and this allowed for deeper penetration and perfect access to her tight wet slit.

“MMMMMMMMM, I’m not done yet lover,” she growled in my ear. “I have had little sips of you since our time together began but things are just getting started.”

“I can’t wait,” it was me purring this time feeling the intoxicating sensation of her ‘kiss’.

“Good, now be a lamb and hammer my pussy like I know only you can,” she moaned.

“MMMMMMMMMM,” I growled feeling the passion awake in me like molten heat between my legs. “Here we go.”

I grabbed her and lifted her up and tossed her lightly onto the bed where she landed on her back. I stalked over and spun her onto her belly and positioned her ass right at the edge of the bed. Even as I lined up the head of my cock with her pussy Akira lowered her head and tits to the bed and raised her ass up as high as it could go. The tip slid in, I grabbed her hips firmly and rammed my cock as deep as it could go. Then I began to slam into her as hard as I could, holding nothing back now and even she was surprised by the force I could generate.

“UNNN UNNNN UNNNN,” she grunted. “Fuck me lover!”

I looked down and saw the tiny shockwaves ripple through her ass cheeks as our flesh collided and I thrust my hips forward. She became a primal thing and whatever she had awoken in me responded in kind. This was not making love, this was just the most basic need to give pleasure and receive it. I reached forward as I hammered away at her pussy and took a fist full of hair and used that as leverage now and her grunts became pleas for more. I leaned back and thrust into her like a cowboy riding a bull and she bucked and thrust backwards driving my cock as deep as it could go each and every time. When she came it was with a body shaking pussy squeezing ferocity that at another time might have alarmed me but not tonight. No tonight was about pushing the boundaries and exploring our deepest hungers.

The red haze dropped down over my eyes at some point in the night and after that there were only flashes of memory. Akira on her back her ass impaled upon my hard flesh and my body crushing hers to the bed as I drove into her with a predatory need to violate her. Then I was on my back and she was giving me head and just before I came she sank her canines into the pulsing vein of my cock. The first coherent thought was Akira straddling me riding me nice and slow her lips stained with cum and my blood. She was cupping her tits and teasing her nipples as she moved her hips up and down so slowly it was almost painful. When she looked down at me her eyes shone with a brightness and soulful worship it was intoxicating.

“MMMMMMM,” she purred. “If I ever thought about taking someone as a sex slave you’d be top of my list. Nick you did things to me no man has ever had the nerve to and lived. MMMMMMMM we must never do this ever again.”

“What,” her statement drove away the fog and my alarm caused me to swell inside of her.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, I love it when your cock stretches me like that.”

“Why shouldn’t we repeat what happened tonight,” I asked.

“I’m not sure I’d survive,” she said pulling her hair to the side and showing me the teeth marks on her neck.

“Did I do that?”

“MMMMHMMMM,” she purred. “You should see my back where your nails raked me.”

“You’re not upset,” I said and she laughed.

“Hell no, I’ve never cut loose like I did tonight… ever. But it is a very dangerous thing because it would normally end in a death. I will heal by dawn and you have already recovered. Though I do suggest we finish up in the shower and get rid of the sheets so that they don’t call the police in here looking for a corpse.”

“I bit you…” I began and she smiled.

“I at least have canines made for that particular task, you lover do not.”

“Okay, we keep the bloodletting to a minimum then,” I moaned as an orgasm had snuck up on me while we talked.

“YESSSSSSSSSSS,” she moaned. “I can feel your cock getting bigger still… are you close lover?”


“Can I swallow?”

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS,” I groaned fighting back the urge to climax.

Faster than I have ever seen her move she was off of me and her talented lips were wrapped around me as she licked and sucked my cock. Her head bobbed up and down and I grabbed the bloody sheets and even as I cried out telling her she slipped her canines into that pulsing vein again and drank of both blood and cum. I nearly passed out from the pleasure of my orgasm heightened by the effects of her ‘kiss’.

That drunk feeling coursed through me again and it took her helping me into the shower to make that particular event happen. The hot water and her hands roaming over my body pushed away the euphoric cloud and as we kissed and caressed one another the mixture of sweat, blood and cum flowed down the drain. Every touch was a promise of an orgasm and we nearly ran the poor old bed and breakfast out of hot water until with one last thrust of my hips into her from behind our sexual hunger was at last sated. We actually managed to wash up, rinse and dry off without another round of sex beginning and to our mutual dismay the bed was made and on our pillows were two mints and a note.

“Mister Shaw, do not be alarmed that I snuck in and changed your sheets. After all the delicious sounds that drifted down to my bedroom from yours I felt you might want some clean linen to ‘sleep’ on. Please forgive my spying on you while you were in the shower but a girl is curious as to what kind of man can cause a woman to make ‘those’ sorts of noises for so long. Rest well and I will wake you at seven for your breakfast with the Mayor.

Jaime La Chance

P.S. If you ever want a second girl to give your friend a break or want to see what a country girl can do you know where to find me.

With Lust… Jaime.”

We read the note and I was impressed with her forward nature.

“MMMMM Kouryou it appears you have a fan,” Akira said popping a mint into her mouth and tugging the covers down.

“It appears so, should I let the cowgirl ride this bronco,” I asked sliding in behind her.

“MMMMMM it would be cruel not to, I mean after watching us fuck in the shower she is probably masturbating even now thinking of that long… hard… cock… sliding in and out of her.”

“You are so naughty,” I said spooning behind her and easing my length into her as we closed our eyes for some much needed rest.

“MMMMMMMMM what a perfect end to a perfect night,” she said pressing her body back against mine and soon her regular breathing told me she was fast asleep.

I found the perfect silence and drifted in that healing darkness for a time but it was the hungry lips on my cock that brought me around and there kneeling between my legs was the sultry country girl Jaime La Chance. I smiled and crossed my arms behind my head letting her do all the work. Her long auburn hair was neatly braided to keep it out of her face for just this situation I was sure. She was able to get about half my cock into her mouth but what she lacked in skill she more than made up with desire. Jaime’s lips and tongue were licking and sucking for all she was worth and I was so hard it was almost painful. She drew off the long night shirt she was wearing revealing her young body to me. Her breasts were small but the nipples were rigid and eager to be tasted. She had a body that was sun kissed and unmarred by tan lines and I suspected she had a secret spot that she sun bathed nude in even during the winter. I crooked my finger and she nodded as she slowly and carefully straddled me not wanting to wake Akira. Her tight young pussy wrapped around me as she lowered herself impaling her sex upon mine in agonizing slowness. She ground against me and made circles with her hips biting her lip the entire time to keep from crying out. I felt for the poor thing and sat up and with her still transfixed upon me I shifted to the edge of the bed and stood up with her legs wrapping around me for dear life. Jaime actually bit my shoulder to keep from screaming as her first climax slammed into her as with each and every step to the bathroom one followed the other. I didn’t learn to afterwards that she was highly prone to multiple orgasms. Not wanting to wake Akira I bent my knees and eased out of her and she instinctively bent over the sink and I slid into her from behind.

“MMMMMMMMMMMM,” she moaned oh so softly.

I thrust into her at a nice slow pace savoring the feel of so tight a pussy wrapped around me. Besides I didn’t want to hurt the poor thing.

“FFFFFASTER,” she begged.

I drove my hips quicker now loving as her body shiver and shook and her pussy nearly squeezed me out with one particularly powerful orgasm. I kept thrusting and she was driving her hips backward now and it was the soft coo from the doorway as Akira stood watching her fingers teasing her clit and sliding in and out of her pussy. Jaime was beyond noticing her for the moment and I gave Akira quite the show and Jaime’s sex quite the pounding.

“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN FUCK…” she moaned as softly as she could. “…Feels so damn good!”

I never spoke I just alternated speed, force and rhythm for her pleasure and just enjoyed each and every orgasm she experienced. I motioned for Akira and she nodded understanding my thoughts somehow and tossed me the bottle of lubricant from my coat pocket and I applied a little to my finger and began rubbing in on Jaime’s very tight anus.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM what’s that tingling sensation,” she moaned a bit louder now.

“Just a little something to make ‘this’,” I said easing a finger into her ass, “a bit more intense.”

“UNNNNNNNNNNN,” she moaned. “That feels amazing.”

I fingered her ass while she thrust back onto my cock and I felt the first tingling of an orgasm. I thrust the finger into her faster now and she was panting and moaning.


Smiling I eased a second finger into her ass and her body reacted instantly with a particularly powerful orgasm. I thrust both fingers harder and faster now as my cock began to swell inside of her.

“MMMMMMMMMMMORE…” she growled.

I rammed my fingers in and out of her rectum and she was thrusting her hips faster now.

“NO… MORE IN MY ASSSSSS…” she was begging.

“You mean?” I whispered.

“PLEASE… don’t make me say it…” Jaime moaned completely possessed by her body’s desires.

“Just this once you understand,” I said as her hips stopped and I pulled out of her pussy slowly. “Now I need you to bend over and grab your ankles for me,” I said moving back giving her room.

Jaime eagerly shifted her position so that she could follow my direction and folded her body and grabbed her ankles with ease. Then I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her ass.

“Is this what you want,” I teased her.

“YESSSSSSSSSSS,” she begged.

I leaned forward and my body weight did all the work. As Jaime tried to relax, her sphincter opened slowly and relentlessly and with a guttural cry she climaxed halfway through my head penetrating her ass. She came again when a third of the shaft had followed the tip deep into her. And as I began to thrust into her slowly my own climax not far off she had bitten her lip so hard droplets of blood fell to the floor of the bathroom. All the while Akira watched and teased two powerful orgasms from her pussy. My cock was gliding in and out of Jaime’s ass and all that time it swelled and swelled stretching her first anal experience to its limits.

“MMMMMMMMMMM I want to feel you cum inside of me,” she begged.

I wanted that more than anything as well so I started thrusting harder and faster now as I was so damn close. I grabbed her hips and the torrent of sound that erupted from that petite young thing was nothing short of amazing. When I rammed my cock into her for the last time and cum oozed from her ass she was covered in sweat, trying to catch her breath and in seventh heaven.

“Damn I needed that,” I moaned.

“MMMMMMMMMM so did I,” she purred.

“NNNNNNNNNNNN so did I,” Akira mirrored her purr.

“UHHHHHHHHH you were watching?” Jaime said flushing red with embarrassment.

“Oh sweetness you have nothing to be ashamed of,” Akira said as I pulled out of Jaime’s stretched ass. “You have an amazing body and any man would be lucky to share his bed with you.”

Jaime stood up and started to walk but could only manage a slow waddle.

“Damn my pussy and ass have never been fucked like that before,” she gasped.

“And I thought I was your first,” I said smiling.

“Oh you are, the closest thing to a man in my ass has been a toy but nothing nearly as thick as that fine cock of yours,” she said stealing a kiss. “Damn I need to get ready to wake up that guy in the honeymoon suite for his meeting with the Mayor… oh I’ve already done that. Do I need to make sure you’re ‘up’ before I leave?”

“Jaime La Chance, if you don’t leave now you won’t walk for a month by the time I am finished with you,” I told her.

“Promises… promises…” she said winking. “Besides there are other guests to wake up, today is the Festival.”

With that she moved with a slowness that hinted of how tender and sore her nether region was and I could only smile with a sense of a job well done.

“Damn Kouryou,” Akira purred in my ear. “I almost wanted to join in but I didn’t want to spoil her moment.”

“I’ll make it up to you,” I told her. “After we partake of the festival and see what other wonders this town has to offer.”

“MMMMMMM I look forward to it,” she purred and slipped into the shower to wash her juices from her body and inspire another short ‘romp’ before breakfast.

The Ice Wine Festival

Akira and I arrived at Castle Eisermann and I hoped that freshly fucked look had faded just a bit for Celeste’s sake. Breakfast was fresh fruit, pancakes and milk from cows here in the valley. We made some small talk and I sensed that August Eisermann was a bit nervous about something and so after we had eaten I gave him the opportunity for a private conversation.

“August, there is something that I need your advice upon can I pick your brain,” I said and the look of relief was clearly evident.

“Of course I would be happy to assist,” he said getting to his feet and gave Celeste the ‘look’ and she and Akira took another tour of the castle.

He and I stepped out onto the balcony and I waited for him to speak. It didn’t take long.

“You are a very perceptive young man,” he began. “I have heard some troubling news and I fear you may be the source of some unrest among people of some influence.”

I felt the color run from my face and I knew exactly what he meant. My shoulders dropped and the burden of a very important event was once again weighing on my thoughts.

“It was suggested to me that I should make sure of the people I trust before I move ahead with my plans to improve things. I don’t know if you are aware of the desalinization plants I am building to produce and deliver fresh water to key areas all over the world?”

“I am very aware of that project and I salute you for your plans and the price you are building them for. There can’t be any profit for you at the costs I have been quoted,” he said smiling.

“Oh no, the net loss for the first five years is horrific, but the jobs it has created and will maintain during the manufacturing and running will boost crippled economies all over. But that’s not what you are concerned over is it?”

“No, I have heard whispered among several Governors that they have received a list of prisoners incarcerated under false pretenses and there is documentation of evidence tampering and gross negligence among prosecutors and police alike. The letters request immediate pardons and prosecution of those involved.”

“Yeah, it is step one in what I call the Shadow Gambit,” I told him.

“What is the end game for this gambit of yours Nick?” he asked a mixture of excitement and curiosity on his face.

“To force my enemies to reveal themselves and take them off the board in one fell swoop and to eliminate a cancer eating away at the economic structure of the world’s financial resources all in a series of carefully timed maneuvers.”

“Sounds dangerous,” he said but smiled. “And you can pull this off?”

“Yep, I gave them a week to mull it over and comply or else step two will be initiated,” I said with a grim look.

“What’s step two,” he said seeing the light in my eyes.

“A copy of all the files ends up on the desk of the President of the United States, I mean it is an election year and what better way to seal his allegiance than to hand him a winning strategy.”

“Brilliant, but you mentioned allegiance what sort of response are you expecting from him?”

“He is a member in good standing,” I said. “It would be wise of him to prove his loyalty to the Order and follow through if the governors fail to take action.”

At the mention of the Order August’s eyes widened in surprise.

“It’s You,” he said grinning ear to ear now. “Hell of a show in Japan my boy!”

“I know I can count on your loyalty August, but not to me but to the Order itself.”

“Nick, I have been waiting a long time for someone to clean house and rebuild things as they once were. I am glad it is you. So, how can I help?”

“I need a sounding board, someone I can bounce ideas off of who won’t judge me per se and give me their honest opinion.”

“What about Akira?”

“I have told her most of what I have planned, but there are terrible things I must do and I don’t want to drive her away.”

“I think you underestimate her loyalty and her commitment to you. I have seen it in her eyes she would die for you. I doubt there is something so heinous she would revile you.”

I nodded then I told him the other parts to my Shadow Gambit and saw the smile die and the light leave his eyes but I also saw him see the logic behind my plan and he nodded.

“It is a terrible thing you have set into motion but as you have said it is a cancer that needs to be removed and I admire your conviction. Now quit being an idiot and tell the girl what you are going to do and if you ever need advice I am glad to serve you Sir in any capacity.”

“There is one thing before we leave for the festival…” I said.

The Ice Wine Festival was a blast, there were live bands and food and drink. The weather had cooperated and the temperature was even pleasant enough to go with a light jacket. We rode with the Mayor at the head of the parade and the turnout was amazing. After the parade the four of us went from vendor to vendor trying their wares and it was one delicious dish after the other. At a lull in our meanderings I felt a gentle hand on my arm and turned to see a stunning redhead looking me in the eye. Her freckled skin and amazing green eyes told me she was Irish stock and not too many generations removed. Then she spoke and I realized she was an import and felt my cock stir when she talked.

“I hear from the Mayor that you would like to see the Sentinel Trees, is that right?” her eyes were intense and when she licked her lips I nearly took her right then and there.

“You must be Mary Stone,” I said and smiled. “Yes I couldn’t help but notice them when we arrived…” I turned and Akira had managed to vanish from my side and I wondered if that was on purpose and had she been distracted.

Either way I was going to spend some pleasant time alone with this gorgeous woman.

“If you would like to follow me we can walk to the trees and I can get to know you a little better.”

“I like the sound of that,” I blurted out and she just smiled.

“I am a happily married woman,” she said wistfully.

“So you are a farmer’s wife then?”

“Oh no, Jon travels all over the world on buying trips for Quinn’s Emporium,” she said softly.

Déjà vu man, I thought as the similarity between her and Petra sprang to mind.

“Sounds like my dad, most of the year he is off making sales and coordinating deals with his suppliers and customers.”

“You poor thing, how does your mother handle it,” Mary asked.

“Well my birth mom passed away six years ago,” I said and saw the pain in her eyes. “But he has remarried and she is a good fit for him. I like her and we get along.”

“MMMM,” she said biting her lip. “Must be hard, a young man stuck at home with an older woman who misses her husband so much.”

“She’s not that old,” I said her eyes glittering with lust. “She is quite attractive to be honest and if things were different…”

“So you find older women attractive, is that what you’re saying,” she was smiling.

“Just the sexy ones,” I replied with a wink.

“You are incorrigible but I like your honesty,” she said guiding me up a steep narrow path towards her farm. “So have you ever…”

“Have I ever been with a more experienced member of the opposite sex?” I said. “Yes, yes I have.”

“MMMM and how did you find her,” Mary said her cheeks flushing and her arousal obvious.

“Patient, eager to please and very talented,” I said softly. “I learned a few things and had a few of my firsts with her.”

“It is nice when a young man is eager to learn,” she said in a near moan. “And you can be their first in some things… what things?” she blurted out suddenly.

“Huh,” I asked taken by surprise.

“What was she your first in, unless I am prying?” she said biting her lip again.

“Well,” thinking of Kat and her hand job that was my first orgasm with an older woman. “My first orgasm was with a woman’s hand wrapped around my… and she stroked me until…”

Was it the small town atmosphere but I was feeling shy all of a sudden?

“MMMMMM,” she purred. “I bet it felt amazing that first touch of a woman.”

“Oh yeah it did,” I replied.

“Ever have sex in a hot air balloon?” she asked out of nowhere.

“UMMMM no…”

“Want to?”

I blinked hard a few times and I saw that unbridled hunger blazing in her eyes.

“Sure… but what about…” she was kissing me then and I knew that mentioning her husband would just spoil the moment.

I almost tore off her clothes right then and there but she managed to break our embrace and take me by the hand. Mary led me up passed her farm to one of their barns and there prepped for takeoff was a balloon tethered to the earth and a single field hand standing watch to make sure it stayed secure.

“Phillip I’ll take it from here,” she said and he just smiled and headed off towards town. “I am so glad I wore my wool skirt today.”

“I take it you’re not wearing anything underneath it?”

“Not a damn thing, now help me into the basket and then climb in after and we can get this thing off the ground.”

The balloon was ready and so was she and with a slight jarring sensation we were lifting up into the sky. Apparently this had become part of the annual festival goings on and once we were at the correct altitude Mary was at the right height kneeling in front of me and freeing my ‘balloon’. Her lips wrapped around me and she placed my hands on either side of her head and I knew what she wanted. As I throat fucked the content housewife and eager cock sucker I was also enjoying the view around me. Of course her talented tongue and mild gag reflex told me the slut wanted me to blow down her throat.

“So do you want to swallow my cum,” I asked and she purred around my cock as an answer. “Then can I bend you over and fuck your tight little pussy from behind?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMHMMMMMMMMMMM,” she moaned even more.

“Does that soaked slit of yours miss a long thick cock in it?” I said as I thrust down her throat.

I looked up as you walked back towards the fire, staggering a little and smirking at yourself, enjoying the buzz and the night. I watch you come towards me, firelight gleaming off of the red in your beard, shirt still half un-tucked and your hair ruffled. My eyes move over your body. From the face I love so well, tawny eyes and your throat, bristled with unshaven hair. Down your hard chest and belly to the bulge in your jeans, my favorite place.

You drop to the ground next to me and watch quietly as I reach over to slide my hand up your leg, your crotch, pulling your shirt up to feel the coarse hair and warm skin. I pull your shirt free of your shoulders and pause to kiss you, taste of booze on your lips as I unzip your jeans, exposing the deep V of your pelvis and slowly awakening cock.

I tip the bottle over your chest, leaning in to lick off the drops of whiskey trickling through your chest hair. Now a nipple, lapping and nipping at you, my head spinning with drink and desire. You startle and giggle as a cool splash hits your solar plexus, hitching up your hips as it runs down your belly. My mouth chases it, down and down, until your hard cock is in my face and I can’t help but suck it.

Take it in, fast and sharp, deep throating you until I feel the full head hit the back of my throat. You groan and try to reach for me, but I push your hands away. Just lean back and enjoy baby, let me do you, rule your body with lips and tongue, the barest scraping of teeth along the bottom of your shaft. So quickly your cum explodes in my mouth, salty as I swallow it and moan deep in my throat.

“Your turn.” you whisper, panting, pushing me back onto the ground and pulling off my pants with one fluid movement. Your fingers caress my pussy through the thin cotton of my panties. I close my eyes and pull my shirt off to expose my breasts to you, open them to see your eyes staring at my heaving chest. Gasp to feel a finger sliding into my panties, testing the wetness there. You pull them to the side and your head drops for a taste. barest flick of your tongue over my clit, over my soft lips. You stiffen your tongue and push it inside me, teasing to hear me cry for more.

Your firm hands slide my panties down my hips and you push my legs open, burying your face between them, lapping at my juices, sucking my clit into your hot mouth. You tongue fuck me, making me squirm on the ground and beg you for your cock, “Fuck me. Oh fuck me now please fuck I need your cock baby.”

Kneeling, you lift my hips to your lap, guiding yourself into my pussy and pulling one leg up to hook over your shoulder. There’s fire in your eyes as you pull back for a hard thrust, and another. You grab my throat and growl as you pound me harder and harder, balls slapping my ass, fingers digging into the soft flesh of my throat. Your hand forces my face to yours and you meet my eyes, forcing me to feel your strength, your physical power over me.

A scream escapes my lips as I cum, the muscles of my cunt gripping you, soaking your balls with my cum, making your cock even harder. Your head rears back, eyes closed tight as you moan, fighting off the orgasm that threatens to overtake you. Still connected, we rock back until I’m on top of you, hips grinding and riding your cock, tits jiggling. I reach back to pull your knees up, to force your cock into me as deeply as I can take it.

I rise up to straddle your face and your hands grab my ass, muscles straining to control the movement of my hips, to force me to go where you want me to as my juices soak your beard and your tongue runs over and over my pussy and ass.

You smack me hard on the hip and push me off of you, face down into the dirt. A hand grabs my hair and you thrust into me hard from behind. “Now you’re gonna get it slut. Now you’re in trouble.” you grunt as I feel your cock push into the opening of my tight asshole. The pain of your thick cock driving into me is as intense as the sensation at the same moment of your fingers in my pussy and your thumb circling my clit.

I’m too loud and you cover my mouth, muffling my cries as I cum on your hand, wetness running down my thighs as your hot load squirts into my ass. One more thrust and you fall back, exhausted and spent as I stay on my knees, trembling, almost unbelieving of what we just experienced.

You roll onto your side and pick up the forgotten bottle, taking a long pull and grinning my way. “I told you how much you would love camping with me” you say, chuckling. Grabbing the blanket you reach for me, pulling me into your arms and wrapping our naked bodies more tightly together, hot in the cool night air.

I was having lunch with Fiona in the library cafeteria one day when Ben joined us. He was looking very smug and mischievous, and he handed me a present wrapped in silver paper. “Go on,” he said. “Open it.”

I unwrapped it carefully, and laughed. Fiona grabbed it from me for a closer look. “What is it?” she asked.

“It’s a butt plug,” I explained. Medium-sized, and worryingly large for all that. This was the Monday before that Saturday at his parents’ place. I was still an anal virgin, although I had been enjoying Ben’s finger in my ass recently while his tongue was busy elsewhere.

Fiona, in contrast, had no interest in anything anal. She handed the butt plug back quickly. “That goes in your…” She trailed off, unwilling even to say it.

“My ass. Yes.” I turned to Ben. “Now?”

“No time like the present,” he said, grinning.

I took my present, and the tube of lube he handed to me, into the toilets. In the privacy of a cubicle, I slicked the plug with lube, and spent a minute fingering my ass, readying it. I placed the plug on the seat and slowly lowered myself onto it. The pointed end slipped easily into my tight ring, but I soon felt resistance as the plug widened, stretching me deliciously. For a moment I feared it wouldn’t go in, that it was simply too big for me. The feeling of being stretched so wide was exquisite, intoxicating. And then suddenly it pushed through, slotting into place.

For a minute I just sat there, loving the strange feeling of my ass being full, then stood, adjusted my skirt, and left the cubicle. I looked at myself in the mirror. Smartly dressed, nothing to suggest a woman with a butt plug and no knickers, except my face looked a little flushed, and the points of my nipples pushed visibly against the fabric of my shirt.

I rejoined the others, conscious with every step of that unfamiliar pressure. I felt another pressure also, a very familiar wetness. But I pretended innocence, as if nothing special had happened, and munched away at my sandwich while Ben and Fiona studied me.

“Did you do it?” Fiona whispered, blushing.

“Would you like one?” I replied.

“No!” she hissed.

Ben chuckled to himself, saying nothing, but I enjoyed the fresh hunger in his eyes as he watched me. After lunch he followed me through the library to an aisle in a quiet corner (education in schools, I think). He pushed me back against the books and kissed me while his fingers bunched my skirt up and searched underneath, finding the hard base of the plug.

The bulge in his pants pressed hard against my crotch. “I’m sorry, Sir,” I said cruelly, “but you’ll just have to wait till tonight.” I fixed my skirt and walked off, waving goodbye.

I quickly grew accustomed to the plug. More than anything, the knowledge that only Ben and Fiona knew I wore it, that everyone else was oblivious, was what excited me the most. Going knickerless was a delicious tease, but the plug was a dirty secret. I imagined being hit by a car, and doctors discovering first my lack of underwear – shock! – and then the butt plug – horror!

Getting home that night, Ben was waiting, prepared. He didn’t let me undress at all, just dragged me to the bed, lifted my skirt and pushed into me. I loved his urgent hunger, his need for me. I loved the feel of his thick cock filling me while the plug was buried in my ass. My orgasm, when I came, felt twice as intense as usual, and seemed to last twice as long, as my ass clenched about that intruder.

I wore that plug every day that week, finding it easier each time I pressed it into place, and so I wasn’t wholly unprepared when Mr Appreciative’s slender length went where no man had gone before. To be honest, though, I was a little overwhelmed by everything that was going on at the time and can’t say I enjoyed my first anal experience beyond the knowledge that it was happening; at least it wasn’t painful.

The following week – on Wednesday, I think – Ben cornered me in medieval folklore just before lunch. We kissed hello, and I pressed my hand against his crotch, feeling the hard urgency contained within his jeans. “Later,” I laughed, and bent down to replace my books on the bottom shelf – well aware that my own bottom shelf was thus presented teasingly to Ben. I hoped he would take advantage and slip his hand beneath my skirt, knew that his fingers would touch the plug and move between my thighs to discover how wet I was becoming.

But it wasn’t his fingers that pressed between my thighs. His hand on my back forced me to stay bent over, and his stiff cock, wrapped in protective latex, nudged at my entrance, pushed between my lips, thrust impatiently into my pussy, stretching me deliciously, a little painfully. He fucked me slowly at first, but quickly built up speed, until the unmistakeable sound of cock pounding pussy would have made any nearby librarians rush to shush us. (“Excuse me, sir, but would you mind fucking her a little more gently? People are trying to study.”)

No librarians interrupted us. Two student girls passed the aisle at one point, stopped in amazement and watched us for a few seconds before wandering off in a gale of laughter. I was too close to my climax at the time to care, and it seemed the sight of the girls watching us was enough to trigger Ben’s climax. We came together, Ben’s cock pulsing while I tightened about him.

Possibly the funniest thing we did was on the plane over to Paris. Fiona, Ben and I decided to have a nice romantic weekend in the city of love, and while queuing at security we were joking about joining the mile high club, but it’s not really possible on a short flight in a tiny jet.

The flight itself was just over an hour, which is just enough time for the flight crew to serve drinks and biscuits before the final descent starts. There were two seats either side of the central aisle, and we had booked three of the four seats in the last row, on the off chance we could sneak into the toilet for a quickie. We didn’t do that, but the plane wasn’t full and we had the back row to ourselves.

Ben took the window seat and I sat next to him. During take off I gained access to his cockpit and with my hand on the stick I helped him to gain altitude. A little later we had a ten minute window of opportunity, while the flight attendants worked slowly towards the tail with the trolley. I leaned over and worked him with my mouth, using long deep strokes (as well as I could in that awkward position), determined to make him come.

And I did, and the trolley was still three rows away. I sat back, grinning happily while Ben tidied himself away. I was still smiling when the flight attendant asked me, “Would you like something else to drink?” The shocked expression on my face had Fiona giggling for hours. (It became a long-running private joke between us to use that exact question whenever Ben or Fiona were offering to get me a drink.)

Our hotel room was a family room with a large double bed and also a single bed, though of course we never used the single. It was on the third floor, and the large window looked out at another much larger hotel. Anyone there looking out of their windows could easily see into our room, and we chose not to draw the curtains.

We got back to the room late on the Friday after an excellent meal and a little too much wine. Even Fiona was relaxed enough for us to show her off to the world. We switched the main light off but left the reading lights on, enough to both reveal us and silhouette us to any curious watchers.

We stood in front of the window, stripping slowly, then Fiona knelt to take Ben’s rising cock in her mouth. I love doing this, but I’d had my turn that day. Fiona took her time, making love to it with her lips and tongue. I sat on the bed watching this beautiful scene for a while, then lay on the floor behind her and worked my head between her thighs until her pussy was poised above my thirsty mouth.

The position was awkward, but I was able to attend to her pleasure, licking her wet lips, caressing her clit, kissing it, sucking it. Her hips thrust against my head in a gentle rhythm as her own head bobbed up and down Ben’s hungry shaft.

As Ben started to get close, he withdrew and asked us to sixty-nine. We shifted position, me still on the floor but Fiona now facing the other way. Although officially we were girlfriends, we didn’t have sex with each other very often, so going down on me was a relatively new experience for Fiona. Ben sat on the bed watching as we devoured each other’s tender flesh.

A movement caught my eye. A silhouette in one of the windows that looked out at us. I was sure it was a woman, standing naked with legs slightly apart. I lost sight of her as Ben knelt above my head and pushed his beautiful cock deep into the pussy I was tonguing. I licked along his length as he thrust in and out of her, wishing he didn’t need to wear a condom – I don’t like the flavour. (We always insisted on condoms for vaginal penetration.)

After a while he asked to swap, and Fiona rolled over onto her back. I knelt up and looked over at the figure watching us. It was definitely a woman, definitely watching us. I moved into position and bent to resume my attack on Fiona’s gorgeous pussy. I loved that we were being watched. I hoped the woman was fingering herself to a lovely orgasm as she watched us. I wondered whether we could invite her over.

Ben knelt behind me and pressed the head of his cock against the tight ring of my ass. He had removed his condom and was slick with cool lube. We’d done anal a few times by that point, and I was still wearing the plug regularly, but Ben’s cock is thick. He had to really force it against my ass to open me. The combination of Fiona’s tongue on my clit and the head of Ben’s cock pushing into my ass triggered a powerful orgasm. I cried out as my tight muscles clenched around the intruder, and I felt Fiona drinking the sudden rush of my juices.

I lay there on top of Fiona for a minute, unable to think, my entire awareness being that cock stretching my ass. And then he started to move and the pain-pleasure of his cock sliding into me triggered another mini-orgasm. He built up a rhythm, and I recovered enough to pay attention again to Fiona, licking her clit in time with the cock fucking my ass.

I was in heaven. Ass-fucking clit-licking heaven. I wanted it to last forever, but Ben’s panting grew heavier, and heavier, until he cried out, his cock thrust hard and deep into my ass, and the glorious sensation of his cum filling me triggered another amazing orgasm, and I lost all control as I convulsed helplessly about his pulsing member.

Ben pulled out of me slowly, and I crawled off Fiona. I lay on my back, my ass towards the window, showing the woman (and anyone else who watched) exactly what Ben had done to me, though it was probably too dark for them to see anything. Ben and Fiona climbed onto the bed to play more, but I was happy to lie there by the window while my cum-filled ass slowly recovered.

Sitting in the stands, Cory reveled in the fact that it was a perfect Fall Saturday for football. Blue sky, white clouds, temperature in the crisp sixties. The peak foliage around the stadium was a magical tapestry.

Everything was perfect except the score. Cory had driven with some friends from his school to the State campus for the annual rivalry game. It was a down year for his college, but he hoped the game would be competitive. Not this year. State had bowl aspirations and early in the third quarter, they were starting to pile up the points. The game was turn into a blowout. While the home team fans were enjoying every minute, Cory was fast losing interest.

Although the game was a disappointment, he wasn’t going to let it spoil an otherwise ideal day. State had a picturesque campus. It was nestled in a beautiful river valley and surrounded by tree covered hills. Rather than watch the debacle on the field, he decided to explore the enormous stadium and catch some fall views.

Turning to his buddies, he said, “I’m going to check out the stadium. Anybody interested?”

Gil shook his head, “Nah, I’m just going to check out this six pack and those cheerleaders.” The others nodded in agreement and returned to sunning themselves and ogling nearby coeds.

Cory adjusted his baseball cap and picked up his beer, “I’ll meet you back at the van.” Without looking up, they waved and he set out for the stairs.

The stadium was a huge bowl. Today, it was only half-filled and more people were leaving as the outcome was clear. After the half, most of the fans had settled into the lower portion of the stadium with only a few people scattered around the upper seats.

He bought a hot dog and did a quick loop of the concourse. Then, he mounted the ramp and walked up to the highest reaches of the stadium. At the top edge, the view was gorgeous. While the players were small from this height, the colors were impressive. The field was a brilliant apple green. The far stands were a swath of the home team’s crimson. Beyond the coliseum, the yellow, orange and red trees framed the brick buildings and swept up the hills.

Looking over the precipice, he enjoyed the light breeze and watched the tiny figures below strolling across the campus green or relaxing in the sun. Turning back to the field, Cory planned his next move and decided to circle the top of the stadium. The only people up this high were a couple under a blanket high in the end zone. From his position at the fifty yard line, he headed left away from the couple.

Eventually, he’d gone two thirds around and was approaching the lone couple he’d spotted earlier. Taking a closer look, he noticed there was now only person under the blanket. It was a girl with a bright shock of red hair. Her back was against the top wall of the stadium and the blanket was pulled up to her neck. Cory assumed her boyfriend had gone for snacks or a bathroom break.

On closer examination, Cory saw some motion under the blanket. Squinting at the blue covering, there appeared to be a pair of feet sticking out of the bottom of the blanket. They clearly belonged to someone kneeling between the legs of the girl with red hair. Fascinated, he stared at the scene to confirm his first impression. Even at this distance, it was clear that the two of them had long since lost interest in the game and had found a more interesting sexual distraction.

Riveted by the action, Cory moved closer. He looked around furtively to see if there was anyone nearby who might observe his planned voyeurism. There was no one else in this portion of the stadium and the attention of the fans below was directed at the field.

Titillated by the unexpected display, he felt a vicarious carnal rush. Cory stopped several times and pretended to look over the parapet at the campus. In fact, his peripheral vision was glued to the red-haired maiden to his right. Red’s attractive face was dappled with freckles and framed by flowing red hair that fell below her shoulders. Her eyes were closed and a pleased smile graced her full red lips.

As he watched, the pair fell into an erotic rocking rhythm. The visible girl moved her hips forward causing her splayed knees to spread further open in response. Her invisible partner was a series of lumps under the blanket that marked a head, shoulders and butt. They thrust forward to meet Red’s rocking hips.

Rapt by the scene, he got a hint of the source of their reduced inhibitions. Cory smelled the faint remnants of marijuana and saw a discarded joint on the ground next to their scattered paraphernalia. It brought a smile to his face as it triggered pleasant memories of his own pot enhanced sex adventures. But, he had to concede that his indoor trysts where mild compared to this bold fling.

Confident that the pair was doubly oblivious to everything but their interaction, Cory relaxed and enjoyed the private show. His libido kicked in and he became more aroused.

Red was undeniably enjoying receiving oral sex and she was breathing heavily from the ministrations. Her hands were under the blanket apparently resting on her partner’s head and pressing it into her crotch. Cory couldn’t make out all the words, but at various points he heard Red give throaty encouragement, “That’s great.”; “Oh, Lee, that’s perfect.”

Cory envied Lee and imagined swapping places with him. He visualized his hands massaging Red’s thighs and his tongue buried deep in her likely thick and deep red bush.

As the pace picked up, Cory became increasingly inflamed by the salacious public display. His prick was stiff and raging. Leaning against the wall, he slipped his hand into his jeans pocket to apply some pressure and enhance the pleasure. Unknown to the central players, their escapade had just become a virtual ménage-a-trois.

There was a roar from lower in the stadium as someone scored, but he didn’t care. The steamy action here was more exciting than any football game he’d ever attended.

Red had moved beyond talking and was emitting a low, steady moan of joy. As the pace of the action accelerated, the blanket slipped from her neck and shoulders to her waist. Although it still covered her lover, it revealed that her sweater and pink tee shirt were pulled up. Delightfully, her lacy blue bra was unfastened uncovering her tits. The full pale breasts were flushed with excitement and heaving in rhythm to the rocking between her thighs.

Cory’s eyes expanded and his mouth went dry. As he watched, Red’s left hand squeezed and massaged her bosom. Moving between her engorged nipples, she tweaked them to a more feverish level.

Cory fantasized that this was the type of memorable scene that needed to be displayed on the stadium’s scoreboard Jumbotron. While he relished the private performance, he knew his buddies would never believe him. He consoled himself with the certain knowledge that this spectacle would fuel his masturbatory fantasies for months.

His wandering thoughts were dispersed by Red’s breathless, but loud groan, “Yes, Lee. Yes. Right there. More! More!” As she arched her back, her body moved in a slow and sensual ballet.

Cory couldn’t believe that Red had yet to come. He was a third party observer and wasn’t sure how much more he could take before he shot a loud in his boxers. His body was afire with lust and he rubbed his dick furiously.

Red humped her body quickly back and forth while biting her bottom lip. The motion caused her tits to jiggle and bounce. The head under the blanket moved feverishly. Red’s face pinched in concentration and her eyes were squinted tightly shut. In barely a whisper, she said, “That’s it. Now, now! Ohhh gawd! I love you, Lee!! Yeeesssss!!!”

Red’s stiffened and then her body shivered in intense pleasure. Her muscles relaxed and enjoyed the climax. She collapsed against the wall with a blissful expression on her face. Arms flopped to the sides and glorious breasts heedlessly unfurled to the autumn sky. They were flecked with little beads of sweat that Cory yearned to lick.

The scene was frozen for a moment as both paramours recovered from their titillating exertions. Retreating from the edge of orgasm, Cory sat and let his own heart and breathing slow. After a minute, Lee began to stir under the blanket. As he began to emerge, Cory was ready to give a thumbs up to the lucky guy. He also prepared to beat a hasty retreat if that was necessary.

Cory got a shock when a cute African-American girl appeared. Her chestnut brown complexion was flawless. A tight lavender camisole accented perky and braless breasts. Lee pushed her bangs off her forehead and used the edge of the blanket to wipe her face. She leaned in and gave her playmate a sensuous kiss on the lips. Eyes still closed, the recipient of the tongue lashing responded in kind.

When Lee stood up, the blanket had fallen to the ground. It revealed that Red was wearing a short plaid skirt in school colors. It was pushed high on her still widely spread thighs. Cory leaned to his right attempting to confirm his erotic suspicions about her pubic hair. But, he couldn’t see from this angle.

His movement must have broken Lee’s euphoria. She turned her head and saw Cory for the first time. His close position and obvious fixation made it clear he was an intentional voyeur of their very public, private love making. He braced for her to yell and hurl abuse.

Instead, Lee broke into a fit of giggles. Her smile lit up the day. She patted her lover on the arm and said, “We’d better go, dear.” Finally shaken from her blissful trance, Red opened her eyes and smiled up at her companion. Lee pointed at Cory. Red turned, then flushed crimson, “Oh, damn!”

Cory continued to gawk with a sheepish grin on his face.

Red jumped to her feet and raced to close her bra and pull down her shirts. More casually, Lee re-buttoned the front of her jeans and pulled up the zipper. It was obvious that Lee had serviced herself at the same time she was doing her friend. Red was embarrassed and kept facing away from Cory’s lecherous stare. However, Lee seemed relaxed and almost proud. She faced Cory as she straightened her clothes, pulled on a hoodie and smoothed her ponytail. Her moves accented her shapely buttocks.

They both appeared a little tipsy. In the clutter at their feet, Cory saw an empty wine bottle that they had smuggled in to complement the joint.

As soon as their clothes were together, the girls started to grab at their scattered stuff. In their haste and inebriation, they dropped and retrieved several items as they stuffed things in their bag. Finally, Red urged Lee to hurry up and started to move away. Lee fetched the blanket from the ground, gave it a quick shake and followed.

Cory enjoyed the sway of their hips as they walked toward the aisle. Moving cautiously down the steps, they held hands to support each other. It was an unpretentious display of their affection. As they went, the girls whispered in each other’s ears and he could hear them both laugh.

Just before they disappeared into an exit tunnel, Lee turned, flash a smile and gave Cory a little hand wave.

Cory grinned and leaned back. As he savored the memory of the unexpected burlesque show, he spotted something where the girls had been sitting. He walked over hoping to find something they’d left that would give him an excuse to pursue them and return it.

He reached down and picked up the blue cloth. It was a pair of thin nylon panties with embroidered lace. His breath caught.

His mind racing, Cory assumed they were Red’s lingerie that had Lee had removed to have easier access to her pussy. They must have gotten tangled in the blanket. In her haste to retreat, Red had obviously forgotten her sexy undies.

His heart was once again pumping at this unexpected erotic find. He got even more stimulated visualizing the red-headed coed strolling across the campus bare-assed under her mini-skirt. He wondered how long it would be before she realized she was fully open to the breeze.

Feeling a guilty but irresistible urge, Cory balled the lingerie in his palm. He brought it to his nose and inhaled. He was rewarded with the strong smell of her perfume and a hint of female musk. His head spun.

All thoughts of returning this treasure evaporated. He thrust the panties into his pocket. On the drive home, it would serve as the coup de grace evidence to convince his buddies that he wasn’t making up the unbelievable story. More importantly, the panties would be a permanent souvenir to stimulate his erotic fantasies.

Cory’s team lost that day, but he scored a lifetime memory.

Camilla had her first taste of female genitals that night as she and Candice made love in the 69 position, with Camilla on top. With Candice licking Camilla’s vulva and anus from below, and this being Camilla’s first time to perform cunnilingus, this sex was like being taught the technique and practicing it simultaneously; for Camilla simply mimicked everything she felt Candice doing, except for the anilingus, which only Candice indulged in. When Candice licked, tickled, and sucked on Camilla’s clitoris, Camilla immediately returned the favour; but when Candice put her finger or tongue in Camilla’s anus, Camilla didn’t do the same for Candice. Candice’s anus was inaccessible to Camilla, Candice being on her back; but with Camilla on top, and her beautifully-curved behind pushed out in front of Candice’s face, Camilla’s pretty brown eye was seeing eye-to-eye with Candice’s eager green eyes.

Though Camilla didn’t show the same level of erotic interest in the anus of any of her lovers, she found their salacious fascination with her anus extremely flattering. If they considered the dirtiest part of her body to be beautiful and arousing, how much more of a sex goddess must they have found the rest of her to be! To have one’s ass kissed or licked is normally called sycophancy; but in an erotic context, it means one is being worshipped, and Camilla loved to be given a religious kind of devotion in the bedroom. In her idealized self-conception, she was Aphrodite in body, and Athena in mind. To be Aphrodite, every part of her body had to be sanctified, including her cruder areas; so she wanted to use her anus more prominently as a sexual object in order to make herself all the more desirable; therefore she would have to learn how to gain more pleasure from its being stimulated and penetrated.

Camilla got some pleasure from licking Candice’s vulva; for Camilla, cunnilingus would be an acquired taste. Candice’s licking, however, made Camilla sigh, squeal, and scream as much as it had the first time they’d made love. Candice also enjoyed giving and receiving oral pleasure, and moaned with Camilla. When Candice simultaneously had one finger in Camilla’s anus, another finger in her vagina to stimulate her G-spot, and her lips and tongue all over Camilla’s clitoris, it didn’t take long for Camilla to ejaculate all over Candice’s most receptive face.

That Saturday morning, before leaving the apartment to go shopping, Candice shaved Camilla’s pubes again. She also put Camilla’s captive bead ring on her huge clitoris again for her. Promptly after that, Candice started licking Camilla’s genitals: the ring in her clitoris added another dimension of pleasure for her. Camilla ran her hands through Candice’s red hair as she joyfully received her friend’s electric tongue, and she sprayed her orgasm all over Candice’s face. Luckily, none of Camilla’s fluid got on the ring, but Candice happily licked it off her face.


Camilla had been told the night before that the electrical problems at Luvlee’s would be fixed by Saturday night, so when Camilla went shopping with Candice that afternoon and found a black T-shirt that said “Ass–the new vagina,” Camilla immediately bought it with the intention of wearing it that night. She would wear it to excite a particularly high level of lewdness among the Luvlee’s clientele, in particular, Mr. Hanson, her high school history teacher, whom she’d massaged and teased the night before.

Indeed, when he walked into the strip joint and saw her in that black T-shirt, tight cut-off denim shorts and high heels, he became very excited.

“Hi, sir!” she said with a grin when she saw him.

“Hi,” he said. Pointing to the message on the T-shirt, he asked, “Do you really believe in that philosophy?”

“Sure,” she said with a wicked smile. “I wouldn’t have bought the shirt if I didn’t believe in what it says.” Turning around and bending over with her legs spread wide open, she asked, “Do you like my Daisy Dukes?”

“I sure do,” he panted. “How soon will you take them off?”

“Next song. I’m onstage next. Come sit at pervert’s row so you can see my body up close.”

He found a seat at the tip rail as she’d recommended, and a new song, ‘Erotic City’ by Prince, started to play as Camilla came onstage to the cheering of all the customers. She swayed her behind to the beat, bending over and pointing her bottom directly at Hanson’s face. At the first singing of the chorus, where one isn’t sure if one hears the word ‘funk’ or ‘fuck’, she unzipped and dropped her shorts, exposing her dainty light-blue panties. Again, she turned around, bent down, and pointed her soft buttocks at Hanson’s face, gyrating them clockwise and counter-clockwise to the beat. At the group harmony singing of “Whoa-whoa! Whoa-whoa! Whoa-whoa-whoa!”, she took of her top; bra-less, she exposed her large breasts with a wiggle and, wide-eyed and mouth agape, affected a look of shock, as if she’d only accidentally bared her bosom before so many cheering men.

Her second song was ‘Nasty Girl’, by Vanity 6. Halfway into the song, she removed her panties; she was now completely nude except for her high heels. Hanson was thrilled to see her shaved pubes and the ring in her clitoris when she squatted before him. After stuffing her panties inside her vagina, she stuffed them in his shirt pocket. By the end of the song, she removed her high heels.

Her third song was ‘Erotica’, by Madonna. On all fours, crawling slowly about the stage, she kept her legs wide apart and her behind pushed out so both her vulva and anus were always fully exposed to all the panting members of the audience (who included about half a dozen women in the packed strip club). At one point, she pointed her behind at Hanson and, looking back at him, smiled suggestively, biting her lower lip. He breathed heavily at her implied willingness to receive anal sex from him. Her anus looked like a chocolate-coated raisin, and her vulva was like a pastry with strawberry sauce sandwiched in the middle: her delicious labia. Hanson licked his lips, and a customer from back was heard shouting, “Ass–the new vagina!”

After her song was over, she got offstage, and she and Hanson went into a private room for lap-dances. Rubbing her soft, smooth buttocks against his long, hard penis, she said, “Oh, I remember him,” and giggled. At one point during their many lap-dances, she ‘accidentally’ knocked over her purse, and her tube of anal lube fell out for him to see. Lewdly looking in his eyes, smiling, and giggling, she put the tube back in her purse. After several more songs had gone by, she asked him, “Did you remember to go to the ATM tonight?”

“Yes,” he groaned in response to her grinding behind, which still massaged his erection. “I have almost a thousand dollars on me.”

“Good,” she said. When the next song started, she got up, bent over with her legs wide open, and opened her buttocks and labia to widen her anal and vaginal holes. “Do you want a taste?”

He stabbed his tongue in her vagina while the tip of his nose rested against her anal opening. He breathed in, but smelled not even the slightest faecal door. She had the sweetest anus and vagina he’d ever known, and he gluttonously licked and poked his tongue as deep inside both holes as he could. She giggled, squealed, and sighed with pleasure. Later, she turned around, sat on his lap facing him, and pushed her breasts in his face while stroking the hidden erection in his pants. He sucked on her raspberry nipples while sticking his finger in her anus. He heard her moans of pleasure as she put her slithering tongue in his ear.

With his hands still massaging her buttocks and anus, she said, “You touched my bum in history class yesterday afternoon, you bad boy!” Then she giggled again.

“You liked it,” he insisted, opening and closing her anus. She looked in his eyes and grinned in approval of his lust.

Finally, Luvlee’s closed for the night, and Camilla put on a sexy, revealing dark blue evening gown. It was elegant-looking and slutty-looking at the same time. She was nude under it, and not only did the low-cut top generously reveal her cleavage, to the point of bordering on exposing her nipples, but also the low-cut back showed off almost an inch of her anal cleft! If she bent over (which she would take every opportunity to do that night), some nipple would be exposed in the front, and about half of her buttocks would show as well. If she bent over with her legs wide apart (her most usual way of bending over), her anus would be in plain view.

“Are you sure this 24-hour restaurant we’re going to–Lehar’s–will accept you being dressed, or rather undressed, like that?” he asked.

“Sure,” she replied. “The restaurant’s manager hopes I’ll let him sleep with me, so he lets me get away with wearing all kinds of bad girl outfits.” Indeed, her face was brightly made up, so much so as to make a prostitute seem like a nun in comparison; and her ruby red lipstick was a welcome sign for Hanson’s phallus (or that of any man she liked, for that matter) to enter her mouth. So desirable did Camilla look that if Aphrodite were to descend to earth in a modern woman’s clothes, she’d look like Camilla did that night.

When they were in Lehar’s and were taken to their table, her callipygian behind glided onto her seat, and sat there curved outwards, her anal cleft always exposed, for the viewing pleasure of any other interested customers. She asked him, “Which parts of my body do you think are the prettiest?”

“Every millimetre of you is flawless,” he said. “Even your dirtiest parts are delectable. Forgive me if this sounds ungentlemanly, but you have the most beautiful asshole I’ve ever seen.” For obvious reasons, this last clause was whispered.

“Why, thank you,” she said with a high pitch and a sincere ear-to-ear grin. “You’re gonna get some good lovin’ tonight.”

Neither of them knew that someone they knew saw them together there, someone who–by a bizarre twist of fate?–felt strangely drawn to that particular restaurant at that time.

After they finished their dinner at the restaurant, they went in Hanson’s car towards the neighbourhood where he lived. Before they got there, they came to a park. She asked him to stop; she wanted to walk through the park with him for a while. He stopped by the entrance (the park was ringed with tall trees), and they walked in. As they approached a bench, he, behind her, ogled her exposed anal cleft.

Suddenly, not able to contain himself any longer, he pulled the shoulder straps of her dress to the sides, and her dress dropped on the pavement. Except for her high heels, she was now completely naked.

Looking back at him, she smiled and said, “You’re bad!”

“Ever done it in a public place?” he asked.

“Yeah, but if you put it in my pussy, I’ll scream so loud with pleasure people will hear.” Then she knelt on the bench and pushed out her behind to display her pretty anus. “Got any other ideas?” she asked with widened eyes and a sexy pout.

“Yes, I do,” he said, and frantically reached for her purse. He took out the anal lube, put a generous amount on his finger, and put it as deep in her rectum as he could reach. He lubricated her rectum thoroughly, and put some more on his right hand. Then he unzipped his fly with his left hand, and pulled out his half-erect penis. When he finished lubricating it, it was almost fully erect.

Camilla looked back at him, but the sight of a pair of eyes–at 2 o’clock from Camilla’s point of view–watching the lovers through the leaves of the trees distracted her from seeing his phallus as he prepared to put it in. Let the voyeur look, she thought as she felt Hanson’s penis push against her opening anus. He slid it in slowly and gently; they moaned together. He pushed it in halfway and asked her if it hurt: she sighed and said she loved it; indeed, she loved how his phallus massaged the anal wall that neighboured her vaginal wall. She wondered how their peeping Tom was enjoying the show; with only the watcher’s eyes visible, Camilla knew neither who it was nor what reaction–favourable or unfavourable–she and Hanson were getting.

Finally, Hanson went all the way in. She asked him in groans how he liked the feeling; he said it was the best ever. Indeed, sliding his phallus in and out of that pretty brown hole, and looking at the creamy white skin of her beautifully-curved naked body, was the greatest experience he’d ever had. Not wanting to contaminate that rectal perfection, he pulled his phallus out and ejaculated on her back. She just giggled: “It’s raining!” He looked at her behind and admired the big hole in the middle of the chocolate donut that was her stretched-open anus. Not wanting to get his come on her dress, she, in all insouciance over who could have been watching, just walked back to the car naked, smiling immodestly and making not even the slightest attempt to cover herself. Hanson carried her dress and purse for her, and enjoyed watching his come flow down her back and drip off of her buttocks as she walked. He would wipe her back clean with a cloth from his car, and then they would drive to his home for more fun.

She was quivering with pleasure to think some stranger in the park saw her naked and receiving anal sex from her history teacher. She would have quivered with fear to know that her watcher, the same watcher in Lehar’s, was her hated drama teacher, Ms. Callahan.

Chapter 03: A Blast at the Beach

Early one morning that strange summer I got a call from Doug. He wanted to take a ride north to Gunnison Beach on Sandy Hook to explore the naturist resort there. Although my wife Rose was going to be around all that day, I agreed to go with him.

I agreed partly because I knew going would keep Doug away from Rose, even if only for a short time. It was a difficult period for me, as I was contending with jealousy in the wake of Doug and Rose’s encounter a few weeks earlier. Two other times since then I had returned to the house to find Doug there. Both times he was sporting a monstrous erection and seated on the couch in our living room directly across from Rose. I was never able to prove that there’d been any back-door hijinks, however Rose eventually admitted to me that she’d carried on a fling with Doug that lasted for many years. But that’s a different story altogether. The issue ultimately blew over and Doug, Rose and I are all on good terms today.

I rolled out of bed that particular day ready for a change of scenery. After more than a month of being constantly naked, day in day out, I found it a little unsettling to have to don clothes to make the hour or so trip to Sandy Hook. I dug out some khaki shorts and vest and donned my usual safari hat (probably one of the reasons Rose felt free to cheat on me was because, nude or no, I was always wearing that ridiculous thing). Doug said he’d drive, and soon rolled up in his small Italian roadster.

While I had gotten dressed for the trip, Doug was wearing barely anything at all. The only thing he had on was a strange, loincloth-like piece that barely covered his enormous penis. One of his female aficionados at our club had devised it for him. It consisted of a snug piece of cloth and several straps that held Doug’s humungous member to his left leg, and that was basically it. One tug on the straps and the cloth would instantly detach to reveal Doug’s cock in all its gross, resplendent glory. I wondered if police officers would feel it even met the legal criteria for clothing, if it came to that. It was so tight fitting I didn’t see how he could possibly get hard and keep it on.

We set off on the trip, driving north on Route 9 with the top down, passing through the various Jersey Shore towns. It was a fantastic day outside, cloudless. Since it was the middle of the week there was little traffic, so we made good time to the park gates.

As we rolled up, I realized the gate attendant would be staring directly down into Doug’s crotch. He seemed unfazed, and pushed his idiotic-looking wraparound sunglasses back on his nose.

The attendant was a young woman who resembled Doug’s occasional flame from the club, Elaine. She glanced down at Doug’s strong physique as he sat impassively, half-nude in the car. Her eyebrows shot up when she saw was between his legs. “Hello,” I called across to her.

We paid the toll and she raised the gates. She gave us a sly grin. “I know where you guys are heading today. Great day for the beach. The water ought to be fine. It’ll be uh, hard…finding parking down by Gunnison. You fellas have fun.”

Doug gave her his typical unreadable smirk and we took off.

“How nice. She thinks we’re a gay couple,” I said jokingly. “Look Doug, while I appreciate your huge dick, getting hands on with it is another matter entirely.” And it was true. I was perpetually aroused by seeing women’s passionate reaction to his improbably gigantic schlong and their inevitable, adoring capitulation before it. That summer so far I had personally witnessed more than a dozen women desperately beating him off and sucking at it, including my own Rose, and it was always amusing. It still is.

The road to the beach was virtually deserted. Heat steamed off the blacktop of the four lane highway that ran down the peninsula to the beach. On one side was the Atlantic, the other the bay. Sailboats drifted in the distance. The cliffs of the Atlantic Highlands rose off to our left. Before us there was the rough scrubland of Sandy Hook, with its aging war base and–somewhere out on the far side of those wilds–public naturist resort.

We hadn’t gone further than a half-mile from the gate when Doug single-handedly yanked on the straps attached to his “loincloth.” It came off immediately and he tossed it out the window. I watched in the rearview mirror as the tiny cloth fluttered in the wind, quickly lost behind us. His incredible penis unfurled, wobbling and vibrating with the car’s motion, its head drooping off the leather seats and down toward the floor.

I had known Doug to be an exhibitonist par excellence, but this made me a little anxious. Though we were off the beaten trail, we could still encounter police and uptight drivers who might report us. And there was always the possibity of a crash. I could see the headlines now: Naked Man Arrested Driving; College Professor Rode Shotgun. Any way you sliced it, it didn’t look good for my career.

But there was nobody in sight on the road ahead. We drove on in silence for awhile. Then out of nowhere I spotted a Jeep coming up quickly from behind. It contained a pair of young women. The Jeep slowed behind us for awhile, then made a move to pass on the left. The vehicle came up alongside us and matched our speed. The woman were laughing and looking down at us.

They cheered and waved. It wasn’t clear to me that they were reacting to Doug’s nakedness specifically, or even if they could see the coiled serpent in his lap.

Doug glanced up at them cooly, his expression betraying nothing. Then, as if on cue, his dick sprang to life. It jerked sideways and bounced off the back of the steering wheel until it stood straight up like some massive transmission stick. Without exaggerating, the head rested on the center post of the steering column. Doug could’ve used it to beep the horn.

I could just about see the woman in the passenger’s seat. Her face lit up, and she tapped the driver, who turned to look once, twice, three times. Both of their mouths hung open, and then they began cheering and beeping. After a few moments of this they sped off in front of us and disappeared around a curve up ahead.

“They seemed to have some effect on you, eh?” I said to Doug. He didn’t responded. Eventually his cock settled down and went limp.

After a few more minutes of driving through what seemed like a dense jungle brush, we arrived at the parking lot for Gunnison. It was indeed crowded. People were milling about the lot in various states of undress. I wondered if Doug intended to walk fully nude from his car all the way to the beach, a distance of maybe a quarter mile. No sooner did the thought cross my mind than Doug stood up out of the vehicle, his hideous, magnificent prick waving shamelessly in the breeze. He locked the door and trotted off ahead of me, keys jingling in his hand.

People immediately took notice of him, though no one made too much of a fuss. An elderly woman being helped out a car by a nurse raised her hand to her mouth and they both broke into a grin. One man nudged a friend who was lounging with him against the side of a car. All eyes were on Doug as he sauntered toward the beach.

I had seen enough of Doug those past few months so that I was usually unfazed by it, but at that moment it struck me once again how singularly huge his penis truly was. It swung down from his crotch like some rude, fleshy belt, slapping up against his thighs with each step. It was dark brown, almost purple, almost a different color entirely from the rest of his tanned body, and his pubis and the huge testicles that descended below it were covered with coarse black hair. It looked almost like some dwarf leg that had been grafted onto him, but I knew from the gallons of semen he’d expended since the time I’d met him that it was all too real.

The prick garnered its fair share of gasps and stairs and we moved steadily closer to the ocean and people became less and less clothed. We approached a sign that warned of “nude sunbathers ahead,” and I readied myself to remove my outfit.

Just then, a chunky, red-faced young woman in a ranger outfit came stalking up behind Doug.

“Sir!” She shouted in a strident tone. “Sir! You need to be clothed in this area…”

Doug whirled, and his dong followed in a blur, whipping around his hip before settling down directly in front of him again.

The ranger stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes bulged as she beheld the monstrous thing.

“Oh…okay…I…” the woman stuttered. She was at a loss for words. She took a tentative step forward, and for a moment I actually thought she was going to fling herself down in the sand and begin sucking away at it, as so many others so often did.

The ranger regained her composure, and wrenched her eyes away from Doug’s huge tumescence and up at his face. He gave her his patented smirk and said nothing. “Sir, the clothing-optional area is over there.” She pointed behind Doug, but he didn’t turn away from her. She glanced down again involuntarily, then up at Doug’s face. “Please…it’s fine this time, but please make sure you’re covered up when you come back this way to the parking lot.”

Doug still didn’t move, and I could see the poor woman’s breathing begin to increase steadily. Other people watched the confrontation, alternately concentrating on the pair and Doug’s preposerously massive cock.

Finally I stepped up and thanked the woman, and Doug and I turned and marched off past the sign.

There were rows upon rows of naked bodies laying the sand and playing about. It was far more crowded and lively that the beach back at the club. We made our way past the lifeguard stand and finally found a small section where we could carve out our own spot to sit down.

It was set back away from the more crowded area. Some people had set up windbreaks for privacy. There was a tent nearby that was bouncing suspiciously. Couples of various orientation were scattered about us. Birds hunkered down on the closed off sand dunes to our back.

I set my things down, unrolled a blanket, and began to disrobe. Doug, naked now for some time already, tossed his keys to one side and sat directly down in the sand. His giant prick sunk into it like an ostrich burying its head, his huge balls burrowing in beneath it.

Nude I resembled most of the men on that beach: somewhat portly, with rounded shoulders and of average endowment. There were several skinny guys, and some with athletic builds. Doug would have fallen into the latter category, but the sheer enormity of his member made him unforgettable.

The sun beat down on us. Doug was soon laying down and snoring quietly away. I rubbed sunscreen everywhere, and another slightly obese fellow with a pork pie hat invited me to play volleyball. I trotted off to join the game, leaving Doug and his sausage to roast. I played with a group of guys and gals for almost an hour, then we broke and took a dip in the sea.

I returned to my blanket to find Doug had turned over. His bronzed backside was caked in sand, and he was still asleep.

“That’s a recipe for sun poisoning,” I said aloud as I dried myself off and sat down on my blanket next to him.

I intended to doze off myself, but suddenly a shape whizzed by my head. I turned to see a frisbee take a bounce off Doug’s sandy ass and land a couple feet away.

Doug awoke and pushed himself up. A pair of woman strode over.

“Oops,” said the first one. “Sorry ’bout that.”

Doug was a little over six foot tall, and this young lady had a couple inches on him. She had a formidable physique and a guitar-shaped figure. Her skin was a light olive color, and black ringlets covered her head. She had a high forehead, a petite, upturned nose, and pencil-thin eyebrows; her eyes were shaded by a pair of large brown sunglasses. Her wide mouth smiled to reveal a set of small, symmetrical teeth. Her tight breasts jutted out fiercely. The only thing she wore was a lime green bikini bottom. Her shadow towered over us both.

“Watch where you’re throwing,” Doug growled, turning over. His immense tool tumbled into view. It was dusted over with sand.

“Madre de Dios,” the tall woman said. “Delores, take a look at that huge fucking dick!”

The second woman she called Delores was much shorter than her friend. She was compactly built with big curves, large breasts and a copious ass. She had nut-brown skin, and her dark brown areolae were the size of small pancakes. She had large, innocent, doe-like eyes and straight, black hair that fell to her shoulders. A pair of blue trunks covered her womanhood.

When she beheld Doug’s oversized gonads she emitted a high-pitched whistle. “That’s the guy we saw in the car back on the highway,” Delores said.

The tall woman smiled at me and said, “You are one lucky man to wake up to that cock every morning.”

“Ah,” I said, “No, we’re straight. Just friends. I’m married actually. Wife is back at home today.”

They both laughed. “Whatever you say,” Delores said. “That true, big boy?” said the tall woman, grinning. “You like ladies?”

Doug looked at her, more coldly than usual, I thought. “Some of them,” he said.

The women laughed uproariously, and Delores pushed her friend. Then the tall woman knelt in the sand to get a closer look at Doug’s cock.

“So what do you call it?” she asked Doug. “All guys name their dicks, right?”

Doug said nothing. He was as annoyed as I’d seen him. He lay on his back looking up at her. The tall woman pushed closer to his prick. The organ seemed to stir slightly.

“What’s your name, handsome? I’m Erica,” she said, speaking directly to the phallus. Doug’s dick lurched to life. In seconds he was at full mast. His massive cock head resembled some ancient, horrible leviathan that had landed on the beach. It throbbed with excitement, and sand flaked from the folds of skin under his naked glans.

Doug had a strained look. I could tell he was struggling to get the raging boner under control and having no success.

“I think he likes me,” Erica said, brushing sand off the shaft.

“Go Erica!” Delores urged, bending over to pick up the misguided frisbee, her swimsuit perfectly framing her strong, beautiful buttocks. “You ever seen a cock that big?”

“I’ve seen a lot of big dicks,” Erica said as her hands continued to caress Doug’s trunk, “but this one takes the cake.”

Doug’s erection was thundering. Then Erica did what no other woman I’d seen do up until then: she took Doug’s shaft, wider than a beer can at some points, in one hand. Doug laid back in the sand, his chin aimed skyward. His hands sought purchase in the sand. Erica pumped his cock a few times.

“Miss,” I said feebly, “public sex is expressly forbidden, here as much as anywhere else.” I scanned the beach: there was no sign of the ranger, and the lifeguards weren’t paying any attention. None of the sunbathers around us seemed to notice what was happening. “Please…we could get kicked off, or even locked up, if the authorities get involved.”

Erica stared down at Doug’s pounding erection, gently picking off bits of sand. “Delores, keep a watch for the cops and them.”

Delores nodded and smiled.

Erica looked closely at Doug’s humungous, knotted prick head, running a finger under the many fissures and layers of thick skin. The head wobbled ominously, red as a ripe tomato. It shone in the sun.

Without hesitation, Erica took Doug’s thick dick head deep into her mouth. I had seen several women gag and fail at that task, yet this giantess had swallowed almost a quarter of Doug’s foot-long-plus member with ease. She sucked at it long and slow. Another inch of the shaft disappeared down her gullet.

I looked around nervously. Across from us, a cute, zaftig woman on a blanket was watching. The man next to her slept on, heedless. Slowly the woman put a hand on her hairy mound and began to massage it in time to Erica’s sucking.

Erica’s nostrils flared as she dove down on Doug’s penis. Her hands squoze his balls and pressed his perineum. I had seen several woman attempting to give Doug adequate head, including my own wife, but this was different–Erica was actually fucking him with her mouth. She looped an arm under each of Doug’s legs and lifted them slightly, driving him deeper into her throat. Her suglasses fell from her face and plunked on Doug’s belly, then slid off into the sand.

“Old man, watch and make sure nobody’s coming,” Delores commanded me, then grinned. “You know what I mean.” She placed the frisbee on my blanket and lay down beside Doug. He was breathing heavily.

I stood up and surveyed the beach. The lifeguards were intent on the ocean. A pudgy man occupying a sheet nearby had his puny cock in his hand and was jerking it wildly as he watched Erica devour Doug. In a matter of seconds he had deposited his load in the sand and just sat there, panting and staring. Aside from him, only a few other folk were paying any mind to the scene, and all who did seemed pleased and fascinated. The zaftig woman who’d been stroking herself moaned aloud.

“It’s okay, baby,” Delores whispered to Doug, running her fingers through his greasy hair. “You say you like pussy? Well, how bout some of this?”

Delores slid up so her hips were aligned with Doug’s face, then slowly pulled down her swimsuit. Her pubis was covered in thick, black hair. She was already moist. Doug gave her a weak nod. She stood, legs spread apart over him, her back to Erica, then lowered her cunt onto Doug’s waiting face. He pressed up into her and her lips curled with delight.

By now my own cock was rigid and throbbing. I felt as if the slightest wind would have me spurting semen and battled to stay in control. Delores looked over at me.

“Grandpa…” she said as she bounced lightly on Doug’s face, “viene aqui.” She gestured for me to approach.

With one eye warily on the other beachgoers, I sidled over to the copulating trio. Delores immediately grabbed my prick and inserted it into her mouth. My balls slapped against her chin. I could do nothing but hold her head to me as she feasted, petting her lustrous hair.

We were all working in a rhythm, I realized: Erica deep-throating Doug, who chewed on Delores, who in turn fellated me. It was magnificent, but I knew I wouldn’t last.

Fortunately Doug was the first to go. Erica’s eyes got huge as what I assumed was the first explosion of semen fired into her throat, but she held on. A thin stream of white trickled out of the corner of her mouth.

His climax had a sort of domino effect on us. Delores flung her head back from my penis in ecstasy. She grunted heartily and laughed. I couldn’t take it anymore. The orgasm was one of the most powerful I’ve ever had. I expelled a torrent of semen all over Delores’s beautiful face and chest.

Finally Erica withdrew from Doug’s dick, gulping down the last of his come. She kissed each of his balls in turn. Doug rested his head back in the sand, his cheeks wet with Delores’s juice. He looked finished. His penis sagged and arched downwards.

“Now that’s what I call a DICK,” Erica said joyously.


Later on, the ladies walked with us back to the parking lot. Erica, Delores. And I were all fully clothed; Doug much less so. As we passed the ranger station, the woman we’d ran into earlier watched us walk by with a mixture of indignation and awe.

Erica Had fashioned a makeshift sling out of her bikini bottom for Doug’s huge dick. The small piece of clothing barely concealed his drooping penis. She used the suit’s ties to lash the prick tightly, then tied it around his hips right above his asscheeks. Holding the tie wrapped around his dong, she lead him to the car like a perverse circus performer leading an elephant by the trunk. She smiled victoriously.

And for the first time since I’d known him, Doug was genuinely smiling, too.

It all started when I stood on our bathroom scale and I was not happy with the numbers I saw. This has got to change. I was going in the wrong direction.

I told my wife that I wanted to loose twenty pounds. That would put me at one-eighty. To get there I told her, I would need some motivation.

“How about, if I lose twenty pounds I get to play with your pussy at the movies with other people in the theater?” I asked her.

This is a big time fantasy of mine.

Not believing that I could lose the weight. “Sure, its a bet” She said.

I cut my portions and ate more fruit and veggies. I ate less red meat. I started to walk after lunch and after work each day. It did not take long before the pounds came off. I was highly motivated.

One morning, I had her come into the bathroom and I showed her the scale. 175 was on the meter. It looked like I was going to get me some public pussy.

“OK, you win. Good Job” she said.

I started to look for the right movie. I knew the theater could not be full so it would have to be a move that was out for awhile.

I found one. It was in the middle of the week and a matinee. I called her and told her to put on a skirt and be ready to go. I sneaked out of work and picked her up.

I was right, the place was empty. We picked our seats, right at the top in the middle. They were just right. A few people came in and found places to sit. As the previews started there was twenty other people in the room. I put my hand on the inside of her leg and then disaster.

Some asshole came in and sat right next to us. She picked up my hand and looked at me.

“Not this time.” She said.

We watched the fucking movie.

OK, I will try to set this up again. I will have to wait for another movie to present itself. It is not easy to get the time off of work.

It was over a month before I could set up the next attempt. This time my wife was all in. She even wore a front zipper dress with no underwear. We went to a late night move this time. First we went out to diner.

We had a nice meal at a local bar. As my wife consumed her wine the zippers got lower and higher. I was really looking forward to nights entertainment.

We went to the movie complex and it looked good. We got out favorite seats. All was good. A few people came in and sat down. No on was too close to make her uncomfortable. So far so good. The lights started to dim. The previews started. I leaned over and gave her a nice kiss. I pulled her top zipper down and exposed her left breast. This was fucking great. She was into it. Even with the dim lighting, I could see that her nipple was hard and waiting for some action.

Crap. I looked up and saw some people walking up the stairs towards the top. I zippered her up. I did not want to embarrass her.

They sat down in our row near us. There were seats in the row right in front of us, but they had to be dicks.

We watched the move.

I figured I would have to wait and see if destiny would find a time and place for me.

My wife and I went to a few more movies but it never seamed to be the time or place.

Then things aligned.

We went out to diner and a movie. She just happened to have on a skirt. I think she forgot about the bet. It was months since I made an attempt to get to her pussy during a movie.

We had a nice meal and a few rounds to relax. I was driving so I did not relax so much. After the meal we walked over the theater holding hands. It was a very nice night night out.

As luck would have it, we got our favorite seats, at the top in the middle. The house was full but no one sat in the row we were in. there were people right below us.

The lights dimed and I started to lightly stroke her leg. She said her legs were a little sore so I moved her leg over mine and gave her a mini massage. I keep this around her knee and on her calf during the previews. I could feel he relax as I rubbed her leg.

The lights went all the way down and the main attraction started. Well, there I was with her legs spread and I was already rubbing her and I could feel her relaxing, what the hell. I slowly started to extend my massage.

She was OK with it until I got to her pussy. She pushed my hand away and move her legs away.

I am a very persistent man. I put my hand back on her leg had just left it there for a bit.

My wife thinks that she is not into kinky things but at her heart she is a very sexy dirty girl. Her body betrays her all the time. As this story continues you will see that I am right.

I slowly work my hand back to her pussy and just push my hand against her. I can feel her heat so I finger her pussy through her panties for a few moments and then she puts her hand on my hand.

“Relax” I whisper into her ear.

“You already got me off.” She says.

I can’t believe how fast she came. Like I said, she is a kinky girl.

She starts to rub my cock through my pants. I open my belt and unzip to give her access to my cock. She starts to give me a hand job, I’m in heaven.

“Why don’t you lean over here and give me a blow job” I ask her.

“No way, they will hear me.” She says and nods her head toward the people in the row in front of us.

“No one will hear you.” I say.

Then she actually leans over and takes my cock into her mouth and gives me a blow job. This was the most amazing thing. It felt like I was a water balloon being over filled until it could not take any more water and it exploded. Kaboom. I came like I was eighteen again. She swallowed as much as she could.

I smelled cum the rest of the movie. It put a smile on my face.

“The grave’s a fine and private place, 
But none I think do there embrace.”

The words of Andrew Marvell echoed around in my head as I thought back to the unlikely events of the previous night. Little did I know then how much those words from a favourite poem would come to resonate with me…..

There were no two ways about it: Mark was the embodiment of everything that attracted me to a man: tall, taut, classically handsome, with an abundant head of lightly salt and peppered hair. His face bore the marks of a man who was a stranger to abstinence, each deep etching around his eyes telling tales of a thousand and one nights spent in a haze of whisky and smoke. His gait was that of a weary cowboy, each foot barely leaving the ground as he propelled himself forward from his hips.

I allowed myself to drink him in fully as he stood in front of the class, demonstrating some theory or other to a room of adoring young women. I could have sworn that blouses suddenly unbuttoned themselves and skirts rode up a few inches of their own accord in his presence. His reputation as a serial seducer of young women was an open secret around the school. It was surely only a matter of time before he’d zoom in on my shameless desire and have his way with me.I gazed at him dreamily, imagining what it would be like to be undressed by him, his big, masculine hands roving up and down my naked body. I had to have him!

I was snapped out of my reverie when he finally spoke. Ah, that voice! Deep, gravelly, full-throated. The kind of voice that could have you naked and begging for it simply by reciting the contents of the phonebook.

“Vanessa, would you like to give us an example?” He flashed a cheeky smile at me, as everyone turned expectantly in my direction.

“I, I, I…” I stammered, flushing a deep shade of crimson after having been caught fantasising about being stripped naked by the teacher.

“Anyone?” he said, grinning at my obvious embarrassment.

I felt mortified. I was sure that he had been able to read my mind at the precise moment that I was imagining him touching me slowly and with great precision. I kept my head down for the rest of the class and tried to remain invisible. As soon as class was over, I hurriedly packed up my books into a large, brown shoulder bag and made a beeline for the exit.

“Vanessa” called out a grizzled voice. “Would you mind hanging back for a moment?”

I froze in my tracks and felt a shiver of excitement and terror overcome me. Surely I couldn’t be in trouble for a momentary lapse in concentration? I was otherwise a model student. Nothing had ever distracted me from my goal of achieving the highest marks in the end of year exams. Until now.

I made my way to the front of the class where he was standing, penetrating me with his piercing glacier-blue eyes. It was a hot, sticky day and I was wearing the coolest thing I had been able to find in my wardrobe: a sheer, pale blue top barely concealing a sheer black lace bra underneath and a short, figure-hugging denim skirt. He looked me up and down approvingly.

“Vanessa, I think you and I have a few things to discuss about the class today. How about I buy you a beer next door?”

I stared at him uncomprehendingly. Had he just offered to buy me a drink? I felt suddenly woozy standing so close to him and inhaling the intoxicating scent of sweat mingled with the remnants of his aftershave.

“Shall we?” he said as he led me by the arm towards the door. I nodded mutely, unable to compel my vocal chords into action, such was my disbelief that the object of my lust was offering to buy me a drink.

We left the relative cool of the building for the sultry night air as he guided me deftly by the arm through the crowd of students milling around on the sidewalk and straight into the bar next door. He ordered two beers and two shots of whisky and scooped them up expertly in both hands before heading towards the patio outside. He deposited the drinks on a wooden ledge, took a cigarette from a soft pack inside his shirt pocket and lit it, inhaling and exhaling deeply before downing the shot in one go. I followed suit, hoping that the liquor would make me steadier on my feet.

He moved closer towards me and placed his free hand on my hip. “I want to see you naked, Vanessa” he whispered into my ear. As he said the words, his hand moved up towards my face, lightly brushing against my right breast as it did so. I felt a deep throb of desire in my groin.

He moved back to where he had been standing and we made polite small talk for a while, downing another couple of beers and shots before he grabbed me by the hand and signalled toward the door.

“Follow me” he said, as he led me into the balmy night and we headed north along the busy main road. The drink had done its job and I was feeling more relaxed now, but still heady with excitement. He stopped momentarily, turned towards me and kissed me lightly on the mouth. I could barely breathe. “I can’t wait to see you naked” he repeated.

As he broke away again, we continued to walk side by side in silence towards an unknown destination for what seemed like an eternity. Suddenly, he stopped dead in front of a set of 8 foot iron gates. I stared in disbelief as he started to climb up the gates leading into the city’s oldest cemetery.

“Follow me” he ordered, as he slipped over the top of the gates and onto the other side. It proved something of a challenge to find a lady-like way for me to scale the gates in my tight, short skirt and high heels. Once safely over the top, he extended a hand towards me as I started to descend, then put both hands on my hips and pulled me down. He once again took my hand and led me into the heart of the cemetery, away from the streetlights illuminating the area outside the perimeter gates. As we moved further into the shadows, the only light came from a night sky peppered with stars and an orange-tinged crescent moon.

Once we were safely away from prying eyes and the city cops on night patrol, he turned to address me again.

“Take off your clothes” he ordered, as he lit another cigarette and exhaled deeply, without ever taking his eyes off me.

I lifted my top over my head and flung it over a nearby headstone. I shivered with anticipation and excitement, despite the warm July air.

“Continue” he said, drawing deeply and languorously on his cigarette, a trail of smoke escaping his lips into the darkness.

I wriggled out of my skirt and stepped out of it. I stood there, self-consciously, in only my sheer, lace bra and panties, almost completely exposed. My large, brown nipples were clearly visible, as was my shaved mound. He signalled to me to remove the rest of my clothing and I did so obediently. He stood gazing at my naked body for a good few minutes before speaking again.

“I want you to touch yourself.”

Now fully under his spell, I guided my hand down slowly across my breasts and nipples towards my clit and started rubbing it gently in a circular motion. I moaned as I felt the waves of pleasure rippling through my body.

He extinguished his cigarette and moved slowly towards me, never deviating his gaze from my body. “You’re a dirty little slut, aren’t you Vanessa” he said, as he brushed his lips over mine. “You like being naked here, in front of me, in public, touching yourself, don’t you?”

I nodded weakly, feeling my heart pounding and the blood rushing to my extremities. His tongue now brushed across both of my hard nipples before he squeezed my breasts together and buried his face in them. I moved my hand in the direction of his cock which was now straining against the zipper of his jeans, but he pushed it away. “Not yet. Not until I tell you to. I haven’t finished with you yet.”

He pushed two fingers into my throbbing, wet pussy, as deep as he could go and I groaned, my legs threatening to give way. I had to hold onto his shoulders to steady myself. He slowly sank to his knees on the soft, wet grass and as he did, he buried his face in my crotch. His tongue slowly circled my clit, then he sucked on it with his whole mouth, all the while moving his fingers in and out of my pussy. “You’re so wet, you dirty whore” he said, as he came up for air, putting his fingers in my mouth for me to suck.

He resumed, delicately but insistently eating my pussy for what seemed like hours, until I started to feel the pressure building up inside me. “Don’t stop!” I shouted, the pleasure almost too much to bear. Just as I was about to climax, he pulled away, lay down on the grass on his back and pulled me over him, until I was sitting on his face. He continued licking and sucking me until I came with such force that my whole body convulsed.

“Grind down on me baby” he shouted, as I rocked my hips and buried my pussy into him. His tongue was now deep inside my pussy, as I continued to cum all over his face. He licked all around his mouth hungrily and pushed me up into a standing position.

“Bend over” he said, as he got to his feet and unzipped himself behind me. He thrust his hard cock into my soaking wet pussy, grabbed hold of my breasts and began pumping me like a man who hadn’t fucked in a year. “I’m fucking you real hard, you dirty whore” he said, increasing the speed and intensity of his thrusts. I moaned in ecstasy as I felt his cock deep inside me.

Just at that moment, he pulled out and told me to turn around and get to my knees. “You want my cock in your mouth, don’t you slut?” he said, thrusting his rock hard erection into my face. Take me in your mouth, bitch. I want you to take it all in, as far as you can.”

I opened my mouth and started teasing the tip of this shaft with my tongue, circling it gently to begin with, then sucking on it harder until I took all of him into my mouth. I felt him quiver with excitement as I sucked on his throbbing cock.

“Stroke my balls” he said and I complied, fondling one, then the other and then kneading them gently in my hand. I slid one finger back towards his opening and began stroking it lightly. He leaned backwards and let out a groan. I gently slid the finger into his ass and started massaging him. At that moment, his whole body stiffened and as he took his cock out of my mouth, it exploded with cum all over my face and breasts. I lapped it up enthusiastically.

He took a few minutes to regain his composure, then lit a cigarette. “You know we’re not done yet, don’t you?” he said, staring at me intently. I want to take your ass, you dirty girl. I want to fuck your ass.”

I nodded again, as I wiped the cum from my face and licked my fingers. “Mmm, you like licking my cum, don’t you?” he said. As I started rubbing his cum into my breasts, I could see him getting hard again almost instantly. “A slut like you makes me really hard. Show me your ass.”

I turned my back to him and bent over to touch my toes, pulling my large, rounded buttocks apart to reveal my tight hole. He moved towards me, running his hands up and down his stiff shaft until it oozed with pre-cum. He pressed himself against me and ran the tip of his shaft around my ass. He started to push it in and I winced with both pain and pleasure.

“You’re taking my whole cock in your ass now slut” he said as he thrust into me. At the same time, he bent forward and started gently rubbing my clit with one of his hands, barely touching it, but driving me into a frenzy. He slapped me repeatedly on my buttocks as I came fast and hard, pumping me from behind all the while until he pulled out and squirted what seemed like an endless stream of cum all over my buttocks.

I lay down on the grass, completely spent, giddy with exhaustion. He took another cigarette from his shirt pocket and lit it, illuminating the air around us for a brief moment.

“Vanessa, I think you’re ready to graduate top of the class now. You’re a star student.”

Oh how wrong Andrew Marvell had been! If only he had succeeded in persuading his coy mistress to follow him to a nearby cemetery, who knows what might have happened…

Mark worked at the library while attending a small mid western college. It had its advantages, one of which was that Mark would take some of the more playful coeds he knew to several out of the way locations, and have sex with them there in the library.

Sometimes it would be good hard fucking, and sometimes a good blow job. Either way he usually had something going on. Mark liked the challenge of having sex with the girls that came into the library, especially since Ms. Reed liked to keep a close eye on her employees.

Ms. Reed was an attractive woman in her early forties, although she looked more like she was in her mid thirties. She had a really nice body, and she seemed to like Mark. She would playfully flirt with him, and wink probably just to get his reaction or tease him.

He would catcher her staring at the bulge in his pants numerous times, which made him wonder if her looks, and flirtation was all for show or was there something to it. One night Sara, a new girl Mark had met a few days earlier came in the library.

It didn’t take long for the two of them to end up in a deserted section of the library where they were soon kissing and fondling one another. Mark happened to see out of the corner of his eye that Ms. Reed was watching them.

Upset that she would spy on him he decided that if she really wanted to watch, he was going to make it worth her while. Mark started kissing Sara while he started unbuttoning her blouse. Once he had accomplished that task, he pushed her blouse open exposing her bra that was the only thing between him, and Sara’s gorgeous tits.

He smiled when he noticed her bra had the clasp in front, which made opening her bra a breeze. He took his time, positioning her so Ms. Reed would get a full view of Sara’s tits. Then he opened Sara’s bra, pulling the cup down one at a time, baring each breast for his view, and that of Ms. Reed.

Sara’s tits were even better than he had imagined, with large aureole’s, and rock hard nipples. Mark started running his tongue over Sara’s aureole’s, listening to her moan as he started flicking her nipples with his tongue. As he moved on to sucking Sara’s nipples, he could hear two distinct moans.

One was Sara’s of course, but he was sure he couldn’t hear a slightly weaker moan. As he listened he was sure it was Ms. Reed, who was probably fingering her pussy. After taking Sara to a small orgasm sucking her sensitive nipples he had Sara lean back against a shelf, where he pulled Sara’s skirt up and started kissing her inner thighs.

While kissing her inner thighs, he pulled her panties aside working his way toward her pussy. Sara was moaning softly as Mark parted her folds, and started licking up her love juices. Sara in the meantime thrust her pussy into his face, and ran her fingers through his hair as she tried not to make any noise.

It wasn’t long before Sara started cumming, and humping Mark’s face as he sucked her clit and fingered her pussy. Mark stood up and peeked out of the corner of his eye in the direction where he thought Ms. Reed was hiding. After a couple of seconds he spotted her through an opening in the books on the shelf.

She had her eyes glued to the action, and making no effort to stop he and Sara. His attention then shifted back to Sara when he took out his cock, and placed it to her lips. Sara took his cock in her hand, and started running her tongue over the head of Mark’s cock.

With some coaxing from Mark, Sara took his cock down her throat, and started sucking his cock. Knowing that Ms. Reed was still watching, Mark held onto Sara’s head, and started thrusting his hips forward driving his cock deeper down her throat. Suddenly he heard Sara start to gag and pull away saying,

“Stop it Mark….you’re going to choke me with that big cock.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,”

Mark replied, the frustration along with some anger in his voice. Reacting to Mark’s tone Sara stood up, and began scolding him saying all he cared about was himself. Then after straightening up she left in huff leaving Mark standing there with his cock still rock hard and aching to cum.

Knowing Ms. Reed was still spying on him Mark decided to see just how much of a reaction he could get out of her. With any luck he would soon know that if all that flirting she’d done was for real or just teasing on her part. Mark pretended to be frustrated saying,

“Fucking college girls,” he hissed under his breath. Too bad there aren’t any REAL women around here.”

Mark reached down and started slowly stroking his cock, waiting to see if Ms. Reed would react. He didn’t have to wait long. He heard her foot steps as she came down the aisle next to him and rounded the corner, her arms folded across her chest, and a little sneer on her face. She paused for a moment not saying anything then said,

“Well Casanova, having a little trouble?”

Mark looked down making no attempt to hide, or stop stroking his still hard cock saying,

“Oh, I suppose you could say that.”

Ms. Reed’s eyes were fixed on Mark’s cock, the veins bulging, and in much need of relief.

“I should fire you on the spot you know.”

“Ya, I suppose so.”

“Is that what you want me to do Mark?”

“You know what I want…after all…you were watching us the whole time….right?”

Ms. Reed blushed a little as she smiled saying,

“Yes, I suppose I was. Of course it’s hard not to when there are two people having sex in the back. Not to mention that you’re standing here with your cock in your hand masturbating. You can’t blame me for watching can you?”

“I suppose not,” Mark replied.

“And by the way Mark, didn’t I hear you mention something about wanting a real woman?”

Mark just smiled as Ms. Reed walked over, and began slowly running her fingers over his cock as he stood there making it jump from her touch. As she continued sliding her fingers along the length of his shaft she said,

“Why don’t you come by my office after we close. I’m sure we can work something out.”

“Why not do it right here and now, or are you afraid?”

Ms. Reed stared at Mark’s cock as she pondered the idea of taking him right there where anyone could find them. Mark didn’t wait as he reached out and pulled her toward him, kissing her and sliding his tongue between her sweet lips.

Ms. Reed hesitated not sure whether to slap him, fire him, or do what she really wanted to do, which was take him right there in the aisle. Finally she gave into her lust and started kissing Mark. As they kissed Mark pulled her dress up and pulled her panties aside. He took his cock, and began rubbing the head against her pussy.

“Oh yes Mark, that feels so good.”

Mark turned Ms. Reed around, and pulled her panties down allowing them to fall down around her ankles. As she kicked them aside Mark eased the thick head of his cock into her pussy. She let out a loud sigh as Mark slowly pushed the full length of his cock into her warm, welcoming pussy.

He started pumping his hips forward, driving his cock deep into her pussy, as he felt her pussy clamp down on his cock, and begin milking him as he fucked her. Mark reached down, and placed his hand on her thigh raising her leg up for better access. He unbuttoned as many buttons as he could on her blouse with his free hand placing his face in her chest.

He began running his tongue over her breasts, and kissing them as she moaned softly. She placed her hands on the book shelves on either side of her trying to maintain her balance as Mark really started slamming his cock hard into her pussy. Never would Ms. Reed have imagined she’d be having sex in the library, let alone with a handsome young employee like Mark.

Yet here she was, a cock slamming her pussy, and feeling the beginnings of a powerful orgasm welling up inside her. Mark felt his balls tighten as his cock began to spasm, and begin pumping his hot load deep into Ms. Reed’s pussy. As his cock spewed his load into her pussy Ms. Reed started cumming, biting her lower lip so she wouldn’t call out.

Once they were finished cumming they heard someone coming. Mark stuffed his cock quickly back into his pants, and took off just in time to catch the library patron before they discovered Ms. Reed trying to get her panties back up. They went back to work as the library started filling up with students and faculty.

They were too busy to talk about what had transpired that day, and Mark was finished for the day, so their talk would have to wait. On his next day back at the library Mark wondered what Ms. Reed was going to say if anything, or would she act as if nothing had happened. He got his answer when Ms. Reed called him aside,

“I hope that you will be discreet about the our little session the other day.”

“Of course Ms. Reed.”

“Good, and just so you know, I really did enjoy our time together. Since our work relationship had been altered forever so to speak, you may call me Gina when we’re alone.”

“Alright Gina.”

Mark was thinking of making a move right then, but the library started getting busy so it would have to wait. Later that day Mark heard Gina telling another coworker that she was going down to the basement to take care of some unfinished business, and to make sure no one disturbed her.

Of course hearing that piqued Mark’s interest. He waited until he was sure Gina would be busy doing whatever it was she planning, and then made his way down into the basement, and started quietly looking for Gina.

As he searched in the dimly lit basement he heard someone moaning softly. He followed the sound and came upon something totally unexpected. Gina was leaning back in an old wooden swivel chair with her skirt pulled up, and her panties pulled aside.

She was oblivious to his presence as he watched her as she fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit. As he watched this beautiful sight before him, Mark’s cock began to hardened as he watched. Gina continued working herself into an erotic frenzy as Mark looked on.

Mark couldn’t believe how nice her breasts were as he watched her move her left hand up, and start caressing her breasts, squeezing them, and rolling her nipples between her fingers. He watched her breasts heave up and down as her arousal grew and grew.

Her fingers were a blur as she fingered her pussy, moving her hand back down to her clit where she began rubbing it furiously. Gina was moaning and moving her head from side to side, her legs spread as wide as she could get them while Mark took out his now rigid cock, and started stroking it.

It wasn’t long before Gina gasp and started cumming, her body shaking as the orgasms shot through her. After cumming numerous times Gina rested for a moment, and then straightened up before getting up to finish her work.

Mark waited for her to get involved in her work again, and then walked up behind her sliding his hands around her waist, and cupped her breasts in his hands. Gina gasped as Mark rolled her still rock hard nipples between his fingers throujgh her blouse. As she cooed and sighed he whispered in her ear,

“Is that all you’re going to do, or would you like something more?”

Gina was going to scold Mark for sneaking up behind her and startling her, but having his hand on her breasts felt so good. She couldn’t help smiling and said,

“I was wondering if you and overheard me, and how long it would take before your curiosity got the better of you, before you came down here looking for me.”

Mark was too busy caressing her breasts to answer. Gina placed her hands on top of Mark’s asking,

“Did you watch me masturbating?”


“Did you like what you saw?”

“Of course. You have really nice tits, and an even nicer pussy. As a matter of fact, I think that pussy needs more attention than just a couple of fingers, although from the size of your orgasm, it must have felt good, but I think my nice, hard cock will be just what your pussy needs.”

Before Gina could reply Mark turned her around, and began to slowly unbutton her blouse as they began kissing. He pushed her blouse off her shoulders tossing it onto the chair where she had been masturbating only moments before.

Her blouse was then followed by her bra. Mark took Gina’s breasts in his hands where he began kissing and caressing them, pausing long enough to comment on how nice and firm Gina’s breasts were.

He then kissed his way down Gina’s neck to her breasts where he started running his tongue over her nipples while she ran her fingers through his hair. He took her nipples into his mouth, and started sucking them as she gasped from his warm lips on her nipples.

Her nipples were so damn sensitive as Gina reacted to his sucking them. He could feel her body start to shudder as a small orgasm washed over her. Once she was finished, Mark unzipped the back of her skirt letting it fall down around her feet as she stepped out of her skirt clad only in her panties now.

“Mark, I want to suck your cock.”

Mark nodded as he sat down in the old wooden swivel chair, parting his legs as Gina knelt down in front of him. She marveled at his hard cock, licking it and running her tongue up, and down his shaft as if she were worshiping some sort of ancient phallic deity.

She took the large head into her mouth, working her way down until she had nearly engulfed his entire cock. Mark was amazed at her ability to take his cock all the way down her throat. Gina was the first woman to even come close to taking his entire cock down her throat, most girls said they he was too big, or they thought they were going to choke and stopped.

Gina was soon bobbing her head up and down, and making slurping sounds as she sucked his cock and tugged at his balls. After several minutes she raised her head up until just the head of Mark’s cock was in her mouth.

She moved forward trapping his cock between her marvelous breasts as she sucked just the head of his cock. Then she placed his cock between her breasts, and began tit fucking him. She would suck the head of his cock each time it came into view from between those magnificent tits of hers.

After doing this numerous times Mark couldn’t hold back, and exploded, his load of hot cum hitting her in the mouth and chin, while the rest spilled down onto her breasts. Gina rose up holding her breasts in her hands so Mark could lick his cum from her breasts.

Mark lowered his head, licking his cum from her breasts, and nipples, after which he licked the excess from her chin. Then they exchanged a cum laden kiss. With his cock still hard, Mark saw a table and asked Gina to bend over the table. Mark then stood behind her, and slowly eased his cock into Gina’s tight pussy and started fucking her.

Soon his balls were slapping against her ass, as he pounded her hot pussy. Mark held into her hips slamming his cock harder, and harder into Gina’s tight pussy, listening to her moans of pleasure.

The harder he fucked her the more she moaned, and wiggled her hips, pushing her pussy against his powerful thrusts. Finally Gina started cumming, and begging Mark to fuck her harder. With his orgasm closing in, Mark slammed his cock into her pussy one last time filling her with his hot load. Gina came so hard this time she nearly passed out. Afterward she said,

“We better get back upstairs before we’re missed,”

But not before Gina licked their combined juices from Mark’s cock. Gina suggested Mark wait about fifteen minutes before he went back up stairs, and make sure he wasn’t seen. Gina was off the next couple of days, but finally she was back.

It was a slow Saturday afternoon, and around 3 that afternoon, Gina sent everyone home leaving just her and Mark. He walked up behind Gina putting his arms around her waist, and started grinding his crotch against her sexy ass.

“Mark….not out here…we could be seen.”

“That’s half the fun isn’t it?”

Gina laughed, “Calm down boy, we’ll have time after closing.”

Mark just smiled and got down on his knees and crawled under the counter.

“Mark! What are you doing?”

Ignoring her question Mark lifted Gina’s skirt and yanked her panties down. With her panties down around her ankles Mark moved his hand between her legs, and onto her pussy when he was totally surprised by what he felt, or rather what he didn’t feel.

“Wow! Your pussy is bare.”

“Yes! It was supposed to be a surprise for later. Now get out from under there before someone comes in.”

Just at that moment the Dean walked into the library.

“Oh shit! It’s the Dean…don’t move,” Gina hissed.

Mark heard the Dean walk up to the desk, and greet Gina asking how she was doing. Thinking it would be sublime torture, Mark started running his hand up Gina’s leg toward her pussy. Gina was becoming aroused just from the thought that the Dean as standing right in front of her while Mark teased her pussy.

Just the idea of getting caught made her want it all the more. Gina spread her legs farther apart without making it obvious, while Mark’s hands continued to roam from her pussy to her ass.

Gina’s pussy was burning with passion, and desire as she stood there trying to maintain her composure as the Dean rambled on, talking about nothing really. He was just bored, and looking for some conversation. Mark rose up a little, and started kissing Gina’s inner thighs, and running his tongue over her sensitive clit.

“Are you alright my dear?” The Dean asked.

“Oh yes….I’m fine.”

“You seem a little antsy.”

“New shoes, they’re a little on the tight side.”

Trying not to laugh Mark ran his tongue between Gina’s folds lapping up her juices as he slid his thumb into her pussy. Gina was beside herself wanting Mark’s cock in her pussy, all while still trying to maintain her composure.

“Well, I just came by to chat, and see how you were doing. You should get those shoes stretched.”

“Yes! I’ll do that.”

As the Dean left the library Mark took Gina’s clit between his lips, and slid his little finger into her ass.

“Oooohhhh Mark! You’re so fucking bad, but don’t stop. Ooh that feels so fucking good. Oh…I’m fuck…I’m gonna cum.”

Mark worked Gina’s pussy with his thumb penetrating her ass with his pinky finger while he sucked her clit. Gina gasped loudly as she exploded, cumming all over Mark’s face. Afterward Gina locked up the library and took Mark into her office where they both fucked until they were weak with exhaustion.

Mark and Gina carried on their torrid affair until he finally graduated from college a couple of years later. Mark found a good job, and a year later was married, whereas Gina also found the man of her dreams, and is very happy. They don’t see one another anymore now, but they still have great memories of their time at the college bookstore.

I was on fire. My first little stunt had two effects on me. The first was that I was now so horny that I couldn’t sit still. The second, and more importantly, was that because I was so horny, I knew that I would continue on my adventure.

My face was covered with the slime from my throat and the mixture of come and sweat that had puddled on the leather of the car seat. My little jacket and blouse were missing some buttons and my bra was pulled down around my stomach. My pantyhose was pulled up over my hips. It was soaked from my orgasm. The thong that was underneath my panties was now in my mouth, one strap hanging out like spaghetti. I was a whore.

I had just masturbated publicly at the side of the freeway, although no one had stopped to take me up on the implicit offer. I was at the beginning of another journey in which I would satisfy my addiction. Every so often, my need to be used gets too distracting. It becomes all I can think about. I am useless until I head out looking to get used hard.

As before, I knew I would pull progressively more daring stunts until I got caught by the wrong crowd and then put through my paces. I needed to feel the thrill of the danger. I needed to disconnect my mind and live only through my body. I needed to give my body away to strangers. I was addicted to the danger, to the possibility that I might get killed or seriously injured. I know it was irrational, but it was the very irrationality that compelled me to do it. In my normal life I was an in-control professional woman. When I succumbed to my addiction I became a reckless slut.

My heart raced as I drove along the freeway. I sucked my panties, tasting my desire. My sweaty hands gripped the wheel. I didn’t drive quickly, rather I cruised along and let my brain disengage. I knew that I would become more and more open to suggestions. I would pull over when I saw something that seemed to be a sign. In my real life I would never be so superstitious, but now I was open to anything, and further I wanted my actions to be controlled externally. My number one rule on these excursions to the bottom was, obey everyone. Once I got caught by the wrong group, I would be theirs until they tired of me.

I had been driving now for over twenty minutes. The freeway was endless. The cars moved steadily, carrying me away. A car whipped across the lanes in front of me, moving quickly from the fast lane all the way over to an exit. I followed.

I exited off the freeway and into the collector lanes. The little red hatchback that prompted the move was already weaving its way out of sight. But there, at the side of the road, was a hitchhiker.

With a sigh and a trembling jaw I signaled and pulled over about a hundred yards past him. In the rearview mirror I could see the dried saliva on my face. I looked down at my crumpled jacket and pointy little nipples that peeked out. I saw how silly my bra looked across my abdomen. I inhaled and smelled my sex. I could see the strap of my panties dangling over my chin. I felt a little silly, and a little scared.

My hands were nervous in my lap. I ran them up and down my thighs. Then I spread my legs and rubbed my pussy through my hose. That helped. In the mirror I could see a guy in his twenties walking up to my car. He looked young. He was dressed in a maroon sweatshirt and jeans. He had a baseball cap on and was carrying an army surplus pack. He was wearing old hiking boots.

He came to the passenger side and looked in the window. With a sigh and a click I unlocked the door.

The door opened and the boy got in. I could see him hesitate when he got a closer look at me. He froze half in and half out of the car. “What the hell?” he said.

I looked up at him and slowly pulled my panties out of my mouth. I threw them in the back seat. The boy sat down and closed the door. “What the hell?” he said.

I had only one hard and fast rule when I was giving in to my addiction—obey everyone. But I also had one other unofficial rule—don’t speak unless directly ordered too. It was part of giving up control. I would do whatever was asked, my body would be a puppet. If I spoke independently then I would be taking a hand at my own strings.

I turned and looked directly at the boy. His brown hair feathered out from under his cap. He was clean, although a few days away from a shave. His was a little soft around the edges, but his eyes were wild.

We looked at each other for a moment. I could see his eyes darting down to my breasts. My cheeks reddened. He licked his lips nervously. I was in absolute heaven.

“What do you want?” He timidly asked me. I looked at him in silence. My mouth pouted open and I raked my lower lip with my upper teeth. I wanted to pull my jacket and blouse open for him. But instead I waited.

His pack was awkwardly at his side, resting against the dash as he sat sideways looking at me. “Do you mind if I put this in the backseat?” He asked.

I tipped my head and slowly blinked at him.

“Well, okay then.” He clumsily reached back and opened the door, stumbled out and threw his pack in the back seat. He got back in the front. “Are you okay” he asked. “Were you attacked? Are you hurt?”

I slowly shook my head no. My tongue snaked out and licked my lips. I couldn’t wait. My hands reached up and pulled open my jacket and blouse. The boy’s eyes widened. I held myself open.

Both of the boy’s hands slowly reached out, and tentatively moved to my breasts. Their touch was electric. He held his hands still for a moment, and then he started to squeeze.

I moaned softly. He squeezed harder.

I moaned harder. He pinched my left nipple while his face pressed in and started to suck on my left. I closed my eyes and smiled.

The boy bit down on my nipple and my hands flew to the back of his head, pushing him into me. He grinded his teeth lightly and I screamed and twitched.

The boy pulled away and looked at me anxiously. “Is, is this okay?”

I nodded.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked.

I looked him in the eye, weighing whether or not I needed to speak, and the answer came out, “Anything.”

“Anything?” asked the boy.

“Anything” I replied.

He thought about this for a moment, his eyes glued to my breasts. He took a breath, “What will you do to me?”

The magic question! “Anything” I replied.

The boy’s eyes narrowed. “Suck my cock!” he blurted out.

I leaned forward slowly, licking my lips, and began to open his jeans.

“Shit!” said the boy.

He was hard as a rock and my mouth swallowed him whole. My head slowly raised and lowered, taking him fully with each slow stroke. I kept going at this slow steady pace until I felt him push down on my head. He held me there, with him fully inside me, for a few seconds. Then he started to pump himself into me with an ever-increasing pace. Some of his strokes hurt as he banged the back of my throat, but I nevertheless did my best to slide my tongue along the underside of his shaft as he fucked my face. He liked that. He started to pump my head harder and faster. I could taste his precum.

Without warning he threw my head off of him and took a couple of calming breaths. His cock glistened and throbbed, but didn’t come just yet.

“What else will you do?” he said, as if to himself. He kicked off his shoes and slide his pants and underwear down, spreading his knees wide. “Lick my balls” he said.

I smoothly leaned forward and licked his balls the way a cat cleans its paws. He liked that. Then I took his balls into my mouth and sucked them. He liked that too.

“Lick lower” he said.

I licked his balls, and then trailed my tongue down to their base and licked there firmly. Then I plunged my little tongue as far as it could go into his anus. It smelled and tasted foul, but the boy liked it. I licked all around the outside of his anus and then pushed my tongue back inside repeatedly.

One of the boy’s hands held my head into his ass. Then both hands grabbed my face, lifted it up and forced it back onto his cock. He pumped harder then ever and, after about a minute, came in my throat. The salty drug flowed into me. My pussy was on fire. I was getting what I needed.

The boy stopped pumping, but held my head over his cock. I twirled it with my tongue, hoping it would harden again. I needed another orgasm. I needed more come.

He pulled me off of him and I sat back up in my seat.

The boy looked at me reflectively. “Show me your pussy” he said.

I immediately turned in my seat and lifted my right leg up, bending my knee to place my shoe on the handbrake. I pushed my knee into the back of the seat to give him the best view. I didn’t need to lift up my skirt. My pussy was clearly visible through my slick pantyhose. My lips were engorged. I could feel them pulse.

The boy reached out and stroked my pussy through my pantyhose. His fingers pushed at my entrance and my hips thrust forward to meet him. He pushed harder and harder in one continuous thrust. His two fingers were completely inside me and my hose had not ripped. I was close to orgasm. My hips bucked against his fingers.

His left hand took hold of my foot, lifted it up and slipped off my pump. As I fucked his right hand his left tickled the bottom of my foot. He lifted it to his mouth and sucked on my big toe. His mouth felt wet and warm. He started to lick the bottom of my foot from heel to toe. I was in heaven.

He then took my foot and rubbed it against his cock. The nylon easily slid over his hardening shaft. He took his hand away from my pussy. I hadn’t yet come! His hand trailed up to my breast. Pain shot through one nipple, then the other. Then his fingers pushed open my mouth and pushed down my throat. His cock was hard and he kept masturbating himself with my foot.

I gagged against his fingers. He pulled them out. I opened my mouth as he presented them again, and again he gagged me. Then, instead of ramming his fingers down my throat, he simply held them in front of my face. “Gag yourself on these you slut.”

I opened my mouth and pushed my head down over his fingers until I gagged. “Is there anything you won’t do?” For a reply I gagged myself once again. I started retching, but managed to keep everything down.

He lifted my foot back up to his mouth. “Pull down your pantyhose slut.”

It took some effort, but I managed to ease my hose down to my knees, all the while letting the boy continue to suck on my toes. I had to lift my other foot up so no they were both in his face. He slipped off my other pump and started to lick my left foot. It felt terrific to have my pussy exposed and I loved the attention he was paying to my feet.

The boy tried to angle his cock into my pussy, but there was no place for my legs to go in the cramped front seat of my sedan. He thought for a minute. “Recline your seat” he said as he reached back to recline his seat. Now the boy had more room to use me.

His hands slid up my legs to my knees. He grabbed my bunched pantyhose and pulled it off. “On your back! Spread your legs!”

I obeyed.

He climbed awkwardly on top of me. His cock knew the way and he shoved it inside my pussy. My outer lips pulled at the quick invasion, but after he started pumping everything was slick. I was ready for him.

He pumped into me for all he was worth. I could now see the cars streaming past just one lane away, but most were moving too quickly to see much more than a jumble of bodies. Then a horn honked. I guess they could see more than I thought!

The horn seemed to throw off the boy. I think he only just then realized where he was. He stopped fucking me, pulled out and slunk down under the dash. I could feel his breath on my pussy. I thought I was going to come.

“You are such a nasty fucking whore” I could here him say from between my legs. Then he gave my pussy a crude dog’s lick and rolled back up into the seat beside me.

I was so turned on I could hardly stand it. “Get your mouth back on my cock you whore! And stick your ass up for all the world to see while you blow me!”

I rolled over, felt the cool of the driver’s window on my ass, and went back to work on the boy’s cock. I needed to orgasm. Now the honks really started coming. My bare ass was on complete display. There was no doubt about what I was doing. What if someone recognized my car?

It didn’t matter. All that mattered was that my body was on its way to getting another load dumped into it. I sucked. He pumped my head, and then ejaculated his second load inside me. I loved it. My hand had snaked its way between my legs and as the boy came in my mouth I squirted all over the window. My orgasm was incredible.

After, I looked up from the boy’s cock, my eyes were questioning. I wanted to see what his next orders would be.

“It stinks in here” he said, and got out of the car. Without a word he retrieved his bag from the back, shut the door and walked away along the side of the road. I was at a loss.

I pulled up my seat and looked out the window to see the boy walking away, his back to me, not trying to flag down a ride. He looked angry from the way he walked. I think he was confused. It must be hard for a guy to treat me like I need after he’s come twice.

Well, I had come twice two but that wasn’t nearly enough. I threw my pantyhose in the back seat and slipped my pumps back on, and once again merged back into traffic. I slowed as I passed the boy but he turned to avoid my gaze.

I was in the collector lanes driving slowly, without direction, just following along. I found myself on an off-ramp and my car ended up pulling into one of the many suburban bedroom communities that seem to have no sidewalks or downtowns, just an endless succession of strip malls.

The strip malls didn’t catch my attention. It was about seven o’clock and dusk was settling in. As I drove my left hand slowly traced the outline of my pussy. I saw a park and turned in. It was big. The slow drive leading to the parking lot took about a minute. I passed soccer fields, baseball diamonds and a playground. The parking lot itself was empty.

I left my purse and my keys in my car. I figured I was better off to leave the car unlocked than to take my keys with me. There was a paved path and I followed it. Ahead, over a little rise, I could hear the sound of skateboards grinding and banging away.

This got me scared. I had never considered what would happen if I ran into young kids—getting used by a twenty year old was one thing, but what would happen if I ran into a fifteen year old? I guess these are cases where reality invades my fantasy life and forces me to recognize that I do actually have limits on these adventures. I would not play with children, under any circumstances.

In a strange way, by acknowledging my own hand in things, I felt even more debased. It wasn’t really an addiction that I had no control over. I did have some control and I was giving in anyway. I really was a whore.

As I gained the rise I could see a group of six guys hanging around the skatepark. Strangely, they all seemed about my age. Five of them were watching one guy as he tried to jump up on what looked like a concrete table. It was about two feet high. The guy missed. I kept walking towards them. My top was open. My legs were bare. My hair was messy. The guys stopped as I approached. I walked up to the table, knelt down and leaned over it, pressing my breasts onto the rough, cool surface. My head hung over the edge in submission. I closed my eyes and waited.

Nobody moved.

My heart was racing. My quick breaths pushed my tits into the concrete. I could feel a breeze on my pussy. I wasn’t sure if my short skirt was covering it up or not. My knees were uncomfortable. I lifted them off the ground, and of their own accord they spread apart wider. My heels popped out of my pumps as I pushed with my feet to take the pressure off my knees.

I waited. My fingers were spread flat against the concrete. I didn’t move. My pussy throbbed. I wanted to reach back and pull my ass apart. But I waited.

After a few seconds, I started to hear feet shuffling. I couldn’t see anything by the concrete in front of me. The men moved around and stood behind me. No one said anything. I don’t know what they were thinking. I was trying my best not to think.

I heard a giggle, and then I felt a hand on my bare ass. It just stayed there for a moment and then it started to squeeze and kneed my ass cheek. My skirt was lifted up and a second hand pulled my ass apart. I moaned and pushed back, forcing my cheeks apart further.

Then I felt a finger push directly into me. It caught a little, but I was wet enough that it slid right in. I felt another finger tease my clit. I started to buck against the fingers. More hands pulled at me. Pulling at my legs and my arms. I was gently made to roll over. I looked up and saw six men looking down at me with a mixture of lust and trepidation. They weren’t really sure what to do. I knew it would only be a little while longer before the dam broke and they lost themselves in my body. I made eye contact and then my head relaxed and hung over the edge. I could no longer see the men. I felt like I was offering my neck, and the rest of me, up for sacrifice.

Two guys held my legs apart, stroking them. One of my shoes had fallen off. A third guy was between my legs. He kept fingering me and rubbing my clit. The other three guys stood watching.

Then one of the watchers walked around the table and stood at my shoulder. My hand immediately snaked out to rub his cock through his baggy shorts. My hand slipped easily up the leg of his shorts, through his boxers and took hold of his hard cock. In an instant my other hand was stroking the second watcher’s cock.

The ice was broken.

The one guy at my leg rubbed my foot against his crotch. My toes curled, trying to pleasure his shaft. He slid my foot inside his shorts and continued to masturbate himself with me. The other guy slid off my shoe and did the same. I felt the fingers leave my pussy and clit. In a moment I felt a cock push inside me. It started to thrust fast and hard.

The final guy walked around to stand at my head. I squatted down a little and his crotch nuzzled my chin. In a flash his shorts were off. He guided his cock into my yawning mouth. My tongue reached out to greet him. He pushed in deep and the back of my head hit the unforgiving concrete. He didn’t notice. He kept pumping.

I took him.

My body took both of them. It took them easily. The other four gyrated against my hands and feet. I hoped that they would last long enough to get inside me too. Although I loved the feel of the four cocks against my skin—both my palms and my soles are very sensitive. I could feel the hardness and the expectancy in those four cocks. I wanted them. I wanted their come.

The guy fucking me grabbed both of my breasts. I couldn’t see him, but I knew it was him by the way his squeezes matched his thrusts. My moans encouraged him to work my breasts harder. Tears sprang from my eyes, both from the cock gagging me and the sharp pinches on my nipples.

The guy fucking me started to come. He let go of my breasts and grunted as he dumped into me. As he pulled out the guy fucking my face leaned forward, put his hands on the top of the table on either side of my hips and pumped my face like an animal. It was a very uncomfortable position for me and it killed my building orgasm. I took his semen directly down my throat. As he finished I could feel his breath on my pussy. Then I felt a furtive little lick along my hole. Then the guy quickly stood up and stood aside.

One of the guys at my shoulder dropped his shorts and plunged down my throat. He was ready. He pumped me deep and fast. One of the foot guys jumped into my pussy. He was also chomping at the bit. My back hurt and my neck was killing me, but I was loving it. My body was taking these guys and it could handle more. I was totally in the moment. I was a mouth, a pussy, a foot, a hand. I was a thing to be fucked.

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