public nudity

This story is inspired by the 1863 painting Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe by Edouard Manet. It is a painting of two clothed “dandies” and a nude woman having a picnic lunch. In addition there is a woman wearing a chemise, bathing in the water behind the picnic. (It may help if you Google the painting before reading the story.) This is not a “Period Piece”. Please don’t expect historically accurate dialogue, or anything else historically accurate for that matter. When I decided to write the story, I researched the painting, the painter, the genre, etc., but I’ve decided that the story will be more interesting if I just study the painting and follow my imagination. If the story seems a little disjointed or illogical, it’s probably because the painting is a little disjointed and illogical. Let’s see how this comes out, shall we?


I don’t know what compelled me to take a walk today, but I found myself in the park, heading in the direction of the pond. As I walked I felt my privates stirring, as if my cock knew something I didn’t yet know. I thought about my beloved wife and the last time we made love. It was only eighteen months ago, yet it seemed like another lifetime. Her death was all-too-fresh in my mind, and I quickened my pace to try to shake off the sadness.

As I walked down the path toward the pond, I began to sense that I was not in control of my own decisions, that some unseen hand was compelling my movement toward the grassy shore of the pond. The closer I got to the pond, the more aroused I became, and by the time I neared the grassy area on the shore, my cock was quite stiff.

I began to wonder if I could find a private area to be alone with my thoughts, my memories of my darling departed wife and my erection. My eighteen months alone would allow for a fast orgasm, and I knew that it would take mere minutes to bring myself to messy satisfaction. The park was not crowded on this warm morning, so I felt certain that the opportunity would present itself. I was almost correct.

As I got closer, I felt a sinking feeling when I realized I would not be alone. I heard the voices first– two male voices and the delicate sound of a woman’s voice. I was disappointed at first, believing that these people were foiling my chance to masturbate in nature. I nearly turned around.

Instead, I softened my steps and crouched behind an unruly bank of bushes that afforded me a glimpse of the scene that was to unfold in front of me.

That first peek filled my vision with a shock of cream-colored skin against the backdrop of dark jackets and trousers. I had to pinch myself to determine whether this vision was a dream, or if, in fact, I had actually just stumbled upon two overdressed dandies picnicking on the grass with a completely nude woman. My cock strained against my trousers, and I knew that I would indeed be following through with my plan to pleasure myself, although I was now hoping to take my time and enjoy the scenery.

As I unfastened my trousers and my erection sprang forth, the threesome before me continued their lunch of brioche and a variety of fruits. The dandies discussed the opera while the woman listened politely and savored some dark cherries. Not one of the picnickers acknowledged the woman’s nakedness, and it seemed to me that I was the only one who noticed that her clothes were beside her, rather than draping her body.

I took my rigid flesh into my hand and began stroking slowly. A shiver ran through my body, and I struggled to avoid moaning aloud. My balls felt trapped in my restrictive trousers, so I stopped stroking to lower them to my knees. I was aware of how ridiculous I would look if I was discovered by a passerby, but eighteen months of celibacy pushed that thought from my mind, and I took my hard cock into my hand once again.

I stroked slowly, once, twice, three times, and then hastened my pace a bit. I rested my gaze on the creamy skin of the woman’s smooth back. My eyes followed her spine from the nape of her neck down to her full, fleshy buttocks. I imagined how soft her skin would feel against the palm of my hands, how she would shudder if I ran my hands to the front of her to cup her breasts. Her nipples were soft and lovely, and I yearned to touch, to pinch, to taste them.

One of the men, having finished his lunch, reclined a bit on the grass, propped up on one elbow. I couldn’t make out what the woman said to him, but she began to ease forward onto her knees toward the man. He continued his discussion of the famous Italian diva that had graced the stage of the Paris Opera the week before as the woman reached out and placed her hand over his privates. The contrast between the pale skin of her hand and the dark fabric of his trousers stunned me for a moment, and I lost the rhythm of my stroking.

The woman unfastened his trousers, and proceeded to reach in and remove his flaccid penis. He continued to prate on about the beautiful aria he had heard as the woman dipped her head into his lap and placed his penis in her mouth. This brazen action seemed to arouse me more than the man being fellated for a moment, but as she drew her head back, I could see that his cock was hardening in her mouth.

The dandy smiled at her and reached out to stroke her cheek, feeling his cock poking against his hand.

The other man asked a question about the second act of the opera as he rose to his knees and withdrew his own erection, his balls still hidden inside his pants. He got to his knees, placed his hands on the woman’s buttocks, and pulled her closer to him. She spread her legs, still sucking the other man’s cock, and reached under herself to guide him to her pussy.

She never said a word, and the men did not miss a beat in the conversation as he entered her. He began to fuck her slowly, sliding his cock all the way inside and pulling it all the way out. The woman began to move her head up and down in the first man’s lap at the same pace that the second man fucked her. In turn, I timed my strokes with the threesome, and could not imagine how they remained so focused on their conversation, seeming to ignore the pleasure building in their groins.

My own arousal was beginning to take over my sense of control, and I felt that I would cum before any of the three on which I was spying.

Suddenly a far-off movement caught my eye, and I saw a small rowboat docking on the edge of the pond. A woman climbed out, and waded along the shore dressed only in a gauzy chemise. She began to bathe herself without removing her clothing. The light, wet material allowed a magnificent view of the feminine form underneath, and I could see her dark nipples and the triangle of hair where her legs met.

The absurdity of the scene in front of me only added to the erotic charge in the air. One woman was bathing without removing her clothing, the other ate lunch wearing nothing at all. It didn’t make sense to the rational mind. Fortunately, my cock was far from rational.

I stroked faster, feeling the slippery precum lubricating my shaft. I wondered what the bather thought of the ménage à trois between us just as the second man withdrew his cock from the woman’s pussy. He reached under her and placed his hands on her breasts, caressing for a moment. Keeping his hands on her breasts, he pulled her body up straight, and her mouth left the other man’s cock standing out of his pants. He eased her back gently onto the grass, and pushed her thighs apart.

From my vantage point I had an unobstructed view of her naked, exposed body for a moment. The pink flesh between her legs glistened with her arousal. The soft mounds of her breasts contrasted with the hardness of her erect nipples, sending a surge of pleasure through my cock. I quickened the pace of my hand, and tried hard not to cry out and draw attention to myself.

The man who had been fellated by the nude woman knelt in front of her, and dipped his head between her parted legs. I could see his tongue as it touched her pussy, and she shivered a bit at that first contact. He continued to lick all around her clitoris, slowly at first. The woman began to moan slightly, and her hips started to rock against his mouth. I watched his tongue probing her most private of areas, finding the spots that brought her pleasure.

Although I had heard of cunnilingus, I had never ventured to suggest to my own wife that I perform this wickedly sensuous act on her. This was my first true introduction to oral sex on a woman, and while I was slightly reviled by what I saw, I knew that I would indeed lick a woman between the legs as soon as I could arrange it. I wondered what a pussy would taste like, remembering the musky scent that had emanated from the cleft between my wife’s legs.

Conversation between the picnickers had finally ceased, and the man whose cock had previously been in the woman’s pussy now lowered himself to his hands and knees, straddling the woman’s head. I saw the woman’s tongue reach to meet his cock before he plunged it into her mouth. With a start I realized that she must be tasting the juice of her own pussy mixing with the precum that would be pooling in his slit. I knew that my orgasm would be coming soon.

Beyond this threesome, I could see the bather gathering up her soaking wet chemise, and pulling it up over her waist. She stood like that in the water, the gauzy fabric in one hand, the other hand reaching between her legs to rub her own pussy. I couldn’t believe my eyes, as I had always assumed that masturbation was strictly performed by men only. I watched as she rubbed her fingers in a circular motion around her private area.

I slowed my own strokes, trying to keep my ejaculation at bay. I wanted this moment to last forever, but these eighteen months with no sexual contact just wouldn’t allow much more stimulation before my seed would erupt from my cock.

The man licking the woman’s pussy was very skilled and it wasn’t long before the woman was crying out, announcing her orgasm to all of the participants. His tongue slowed and eventually stopped lapping at her sensitive privates, and he repositioned himself over her so that he could put his cock into her swollen pussy. He began pumping, his head occasionally hitting the back of his friend, whose cock was still in the woman’s mouth.

The woman in the chemise rubbed harder and faster, and a moment later her own orgasm came like a wave over her, causing her to moan loudly. Both men turned to look at the bather and the sight of the chemise clinging to her breasts and her hand between her legs pushed both men to orgasm. When the first man came, I watched as the semen spurted onto the nude woman’s tongue. I was amazed to see that she swallowed every drop of it, seeming to relish the taste of the viscous liquid.

The other man came with his cock embedded deep inside the woman’s pussy. I could hear his grunts as he ground his pelvis into hers.

I finally allowed myself permission to cum, and when I did, I lost myself for a long moment. I saw stars, and heard nothing but the pounding of the blood in my ears. I was not aware that I was yelling loudly, attracting the attention of the picnickers and the bather. My cum erupted like a fountain into the bushes, and I became aware that some had dripped onto my trousers.

When I came to my senses and looked at the people in front of me, I was embarrassed, but satisfied. The dandies had tucked their penises carefully back into their pants, and they were already engaged in a discussion about an upcoming pièce de théâtre. The bather was gathering her things to head back to her boat.

The nude woman remained as she was, naked with her clothes on the ground around her, her chin resting on her hand. She turned to me as I stood up straight, my softening cock still exposed and my trousers still around my ankles. She looked amused, and I felt the flush creeping up my neck. I gave a sheepish wave and pulled up my pants. I was just about to flee down the path in the direction I had come from, and she finally spoke.

“What the hell are you looking at?” was all I heard as I took off running.

A Not-Typical Night Working at Burger King

Many years ago, I worked as an assistant manager at a Burger King while I was in college. It was a good job for me at that time. The job was made better once I realized it was just a college job for me.

It was also where I met Karen, my girlfriend through most of my college years. We hid our relationship from the store manager though many of our co-workers knew about our relationship. This meant that, on many occasions, Karen and I worked together.

Occasionally, we closed the restaurant together. Rarely, it was just the two of us closing; usually there was at least one other employee helping. Because I had a car, I tended to drive everybody home after we were done. Many times, if Karen was with me, we’d go back to the restaurant after dropping everyone else off so that we could make out and screw our brains out. Since we both lived with our parents, this was one of the few places we could be alone.

Over time, we started to push the envelope. My favorite game we played when it was just the two of us closing the restaurant. I remember the first time we played this game like it was yesterday.

It was a Friday night. At 11:00 PM, the only other person with us headed home. So it was just Karen and I left. It was also the time we closed the dining room and went drive-thru only. We stay open for another hour after this; and it’s usually really quiet this last hour. It gives us a change to get a lot of the closing work done so that we can get down to business earlier.

The first fifteen minutes went by like a normal, quiet Friday night. Karen was cleaning up in the back, I was cleaning up in the front and taking care of the few customers. Then things changed when Karen called me into the back of the restaurant.

When I got to her, she wraps me in a bear hug and plants a huge kiss on me. When she’s done kissing me, she tells me “I have an idea. You willing to switch places with me and stay back here to clean?”

“I guess,” I just can’t think of anything else to say. And, I’m puzzled because she has never asked me to stay in the back before. She usually does it because she is faster at it.

She smiles, “Good.” Next thing I know, she has my pants and underwear pulled down and is taking them off of me. When she’s done, I’m in the back of Burger King, while our drive-thru is still open, wearing socks, shoes, a dress shirt and a tie. Oh, and my cock is hard and poking out between the panels of my shirt.

The drive-thru buzzer picked that moment to go off. Karen goes up front to take care of the customer. I stand there like an idiot waiting for her to return because I don’t know what else to do.

She returns and fills me in on what is left to do. “The only thing left up front is cleaning the far side of the sandwich board and putting everything away. There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to do that like you are. And, you should be able to help me from there as well if I need it.” She gives my cock a quick stroke and goes back up front. Puzzled and now horny, I go to the sandwich board to start putting things away.

I end up in the walk-in cooler. I have never before been in there before undressed. The sensation is weird but enjoyable. I drop some pans off at the sink and return to the sandwich boards to grab more things to put away.

As I’m heading towards the walk-in, Karen gets in front of me and takes my cock in her mouth. I’m fully hard instantly and enjoying getting a blow job in the front of the restaurant. Before I cum, the drive thru buzzes and Karen stops what she is doing and goes to take care of the customer.

Pointing at the pans I’m carrying, she tells me “Don’t forget to put those away.”

I realize what just happened and I walk into walk-in with a major hard-on. I open the door and feel the cold on my wet cock. It feels amazing. After 30 seconds of it, I’m no longer close to orgasm and can focus on work again.

I keep grabbing and putting stuff away for the next few minutes. When I’m back at the sandwich board again, Karen is back and starts blowing me again. This time, we don’t get interupted by the drive thru. Instead, as I’m getting ready to cum, she stops and goes back to work leaving me hanging.

After I don’t move for a minute, I hear “Get back to work.”

Her comment makes me realize she isn’t going to let me cum. I get back to cleaning up but I’m distracted by how hard and horny I am. And this time, when I go into the walk-in, the blowing air feels like it could make me cum. But the cold makes that sensation go away pretty quickly.

When I leave the walk-in, Karen is calling me, she needs help. I look and see four cars in the drive-thru. So I go wash my hands, and head to the rear sandwich board to help.

It takes about five minutes to serve all the cars. My cock has softened a bit. I’m not soft, just not fully erect. Being up front, naked, with customers near, was definitely exciting. I’m enjoying this a ton.

Next, I go and grab the frozen burgers to put those away. As I walk into the back, Karen uses her hand until I’m hard. She is then kneeling in front of me and sucking my cock.

It feels like an instant and I’m ready to cum. She stops before I cum, which I expected this time. But, before she gets up, she licks my cock and balls getting them good and wet. She gets up and returns to the front.

I realize what she did as soon as I open the door to the walk-in freezer. The frozen air is blowing on my cock and it is about to make me cum. But it is so cold, especially on my balls, that I can’t cum. After enjoying the sensations for 20 seconds or so, I put the food away and close the freezer. I’m back to a semi-hard cock and nowhere close to cumming.

I move to the sink and start washing dishes. Pretty quickly, I get into a rhythm and my cock gets soft. I’m about half-way through when I feel Karen behind me pushing something into my asshole.

After getting over my surprise, I relax and Karen pushes a butt plug into me that we’ve used before. It slides right in, making me hard and making me moan. Karen reaches around and starts to massage my cock and balls with one hand while the other is fucking me with the butt plug.

She starts stroking my cock and fucking me with the butt plug. I’m quickly ready to cum. Before I do, she removes her hands but leaves the butt plug inserted. I moan and thrust my cock around looking for her hand.

“Sorry honey, no orgasm until we’re done closing.” And she disappears back to the front of the store.

It takes me a few minutes to calm down and get back to the dishes. Somehow, I manage to get through them. It’s difficult because the butt plug hits my prostate ever time I move and I feel it in my cock.

Five minutes later, I’m done with the dishes. It is finally midnight and time to close. After checking that we have no customers, I walk to the circuit box and turn off the exterior lights. The butt plug feels like it is massaging my cock with every step I take.

I yell to Karen that we are closed. She starts tearing everything down. Me, I’m standing still because my next step has me closing out the cash. Which means going up front and standing by the cash register. The cash register that is next to the window. While my cock is hard and being kept that way by a putt plug. And Karen.

After waiting another minute, I figure what the hell and head up front. Once there, I look around and do not believe any one could see below my waist from the outside. To my surprise, as I’m counting the money, I test that theory as somebody is knocking on the window.

My heart is pounding as I pop the window open and see a couple in a car.

“Are you closed?” they ask.

“Yes, we closed at midnight.”

They pull away. My heart goes back to normal but my cock is super hard. I’ve never considered myself an exhibitionist but apparently I like it. Karen heard the knocking and came running up front. She watched what happened, smiled at me and went back to work. And so did I.

Counting money while distracted is tough. Counting money with a hard, frustrated cock is tougher. Worse, the butt plug keeps hitting my prostate making sure my frustration level stays high. It’s to where I don’t want to walk because it feels so good.

I finally finish counting, taking about twice as long as normal. At this rate, it will take me forever to get through my closing work. I don’t want to wait that long to cum so I start moving quicker. But as I move faster, the sensations from the butt plug increase making me moan as I walk through the store. I can just imagine what I site I am.

I come across Karen, she sees my condition and smiles as she gives my cock a few strokes. She moves on quickly starts as I just stand there trying to remember where I was going.

The next 30 minutes or so pass uneventfully. I’m getting through things a bit slower than normal but Karen is a dynamo. At this rate, we should be done soon. Or rather, she will be; I’m now sitting at the desk (sitting is easier; the butt plug doesn’t move around and excite me constantly) trying to balance the cash for the day. I’m having a hard time of it and have to keep starting over.

As I’m getting close to wrapping up the cash, Karen comes in and tells me she’s done. I tell her I’m almost finished. She takes this as an invitation to take a seat on the desk next to me. That’s when I notice that she has removed her pants and panties.

That immediately makes me lose my focus on what I’m doing. I keep looking at her; she spreads her legs a bit so that I can see her pussy. She looks me in the face and tells me I need to finish before we can play.

That makes me look back at the balance sheet sitting on my desk and sigh. I pull the calculator over and start working on it again. All I can think about though is wanting to play with Karen’s delicious pussy and cum; I just can’t focus on this form.

After five minutes of not getting anywhere, Karen tells me to take a break and check that everything has been cleaned. I head to the front with Karen following. I head to the back sandwich board first and as I bend over to check underneath of it, I feel her hand on my cock. She gives it a few pumps and moves the butt plug around a bit. I enjoy her hands but she quickly stops. I take that as a signal and stand back up. Opening the microwave, I peek in and feel her fucking me with the butt plug. Again, I stop and enjoy the sensations but they quickly stop again.

This goes on for the next five minutes. She has me so frustrated, I can barely walk. That’s when she takes me into the walk-in. She kneels in front of me, takes my cock in her mouth as she starts stretching my balls out in the blowing, cold air.

Her mouth feels fantastic but the cold on my balls distracts me and keeps me from cumming. After a few minutes of this, she stops what she is doing and pulls me out of the walk-in. I get worried when she pulls me towards the freezer. Before we get there, she licks my cock like earlier but she also dunks my balls in some warm water.

Into the freezer we go. Between the blow job from a minute ago, the butt plug and Karen being half naked, I’m ready to cum. The freezer has other ideas.

The wetness of my cock and balls affects me immediately. For a split second, I felt ready to cum but then it went away. To my surprise, my cock starts to shrink within a minute. She notices and smiles at me, “Now you should be able to finish up your paperwork.” And she takes me back to the office.

She’s right. When we get to the office, I wrap up my work in 5 minutes. I go back to the front to finish checking everything when I notice that she forget to empty and clean the shake machine. I call to her and let her know.

When she comes up front by the machine, she gets on her tiptoes to start disassembling the machine. I take advantage of that, and run my hands around her with one going to her pussy, and the other reaching under her bra and grabbing a nipple. I start to finger her when I realize she is horny too. I keep fingering her pussy until she starts moaning and moving her hips. As she has done to me tonight, I remove my hands and tell her to finish cleaning the shake machine.

She moans but gets back to work. I let her work a few minutes before I trap her again. This time I reach up behind her, unhook her bra and remove it from under her shirt. I take the bra back to the office and leave her to finish up cleaning.

Pretty soon after, she tells me she is done and we clock out. I pull her into the office, remove her shirt and put her on the desk. I put my hands on her boobs and my mouth on her pussy and start licking.

She cums pretty quickly. As soon as she is done, I stand up and push my cock into her very wet pussy. Needless to say, I fuck her hard. The butt plug adds to the sensations I’m feeling. After a very short time, I cum in her pussy. My orgasm is intense and goes on for what feels like forever.

When I’m finally spent, I pull out. I turn around and Karen pulls the butt plug out with a rather indelicate plopping sound. We wash up, sit down and snuggle for a few minutes and head home.

Early summer had found him on a long detail traveling and working throughout Southeast Asia. It was an all-new experience for the young American businessman, hot and sticky and crowded and sometimes primitive in comparison to what he was used to back in Chicago, not to mention being a minority for the first time. But he had greatly enjoyed being in a part of the world where a man could still gawk at women to his heart’s content; and he had. Besides, the work had proven lucrative and by August he’d earned a couple of weeks to himself. Time to finally enjoy the region’s exalted beaches! He’d heard again and again how they were among the world’s best, and now he had nothing but time to find out. Sun and sand were best, but most of all he was after the easy Asian women he’d heard so much about. None of this politically correct silliness from back home, here a man could be a man, and stare to his heart’s content. And he had every intention of ogling all he wanted.

Asking around among the locals and other expats about just where to go, he soon settled on the east coast of Malaysia. Not so much because of what he’d heard about it as because of what he’d heard about the other options. Phuket and Bali got the highest marks for their busy tourist strips and wild nightlife — but that was just what he didn’t want. He wanted quiet time on the sand and in the water without bumping into dozens of other tourists every way he turned. All the better to admire the ladies up close and personal, and enough privacy to hit on them in peace. That was getting harder to find, of course, but a close look at a couple of tour books found him settling on one promising beach town with a name too long for him to pronounce. There was a Club Med on the way just up the road, but it wouldn’t be open for another year or two. That meant two things to him: it wasn’t yet commercialized, and this could be his last chance to see it before that changed. Not to mention all the lovely native ladies who would surely be ready to party with the rare white guy who showed up.

With that settled, it was just a matter of a flight into Kuala Lumpur and then a bus out to the coast and a taxi from the nearest bus station, thirty kilometers or so away. He arrived just before dusk on a weekday, too late for a swim but with just enough light left to know he’d made the right choice: coconut trees, quaint noodle shops with electric lights catering to just a few hungry tourists, and a quiet beach road which the occasional monkey could be seen crossing casually. Though going in the water was now out of the question, he did make the very short walk across the beach road to have a good look at the secluded shore. A lovely crescent-shaped beach with tree-lined hills off on one side of the horizon and the boundless sea on the other, it would surely make for a lovely day tomorrow. He could only hope the beach would remain nearly as deserted as it was just then. Just a few bathing beauties were all he needed, and with the water not too crowded maybe he could bag one right in the surf.

And then it was back across the road to his hotel. It was a series of tiny huts, each one standing alone with the most basic of concessions, cheap and rickety but air-conditioned with a comfortable bed. That was all he needed on his first night after the trip, and he was looking forward to a leisurely sleep that would surely last well into the next morning.

On his way through the courtyard between the huts, he saw her — one of the pair — for the first time. In the dim light, she was just a figure at first, albeit a delightfully shapely one, standing by one of the several laden clotheslines outside the cottages. As he drew closer, he saw the young woman was a Westerner like him, the first he’d seen in some time. She was in a bikini, collecting t-shirts and underwear off the line. He made no effort to hide his titillation at her body and the underclothes she was collecting as he walked by.

She looked up and saw him staring at her. “Good evening,” she said, in an accent he guessed was Australian.

“Hi there,” he answered, checking her out shamelessly — it had been a very long summer, cooped up in those sterile office buildings, and after all this was politically incorrect country where a man could still be a man. Her curly brown hair was carelessly brushed in the relaxed atmosphere, but it hung pleasantly every which way, and the skimpy swimsuit hugged her firm tall body enticingly. “Looks like you’re enjoying the beach, dear. You here on summer vacation?”

“Summer vacation?” she asked. “It’s winter where we come from. No, we’re on holiday from work.”

“Work?” he asked, surprised. “You look very young. Just the right age for a bikini like that.”

She cast him a wary, uncomfortable look, which he mistook for gratitude at his flattery. “Just got in tonight,” he explained with a grin. “See you there tomorrow, to share the water with me in that nice tight bikini?”

“Keep dreaming,” she told him with a firm look, and turned to go back to her hut. He noticed with a thrill that there was no sign of men’s clothes on the line or in her hands. Alone? With a girlfriend? He’d find out tomorrow, with any luck.

Sure enough, he did. After a leisurely late breakfast the next morning, he made his way down to the beach and saw his new friend lounging on the sand just above the tide, attired in a different but equally revealing bikini. She was watching another young woman — her fellow tourist, he guessed — emerge from the water. The friend wore an even flashier suit, its silver fabric casting dazzling reflections in the bright sun, and her long red hair was streaked back as she strode out of the water. No doubt they were dying for attention from a red-blooded male like him! He made no effort at all to hide his titillation as he admired her, and soon enough he’d caught her eye as well. Her smile faded as she took in his relentless stare, and eventually her friend turned around to see him rooted to the sand, shirtless and utterly lacking in self-consciousness about his own body that was showing the signs of no time for the gym all summer — and which was also showing the telltale sign of being turned on by the view. The brunette nodded at him and then turned back to her friend.

He set down his beach blanket and lay down on his back, but never completely took his eyes off the two friends. He also made no effort to hide the bulge in his swimming trunks; no doubt they’d love that once they noticed it. They were now huddled closely in the sand, talking about something. He waited patiently for them to turn back to him, but they never did. Eventually they stood up, hand in hand, and waded off into the water. Playing hard to get, were they? Well, he knew how to play that game! He enjoyed the view of their barely-clad asses disappearing into the surf for as long as it was available, then finally turned to survey the rest of the scene.

The beach was sparsely attended, just as he had hoped, and there was an unlikely mix of conservatively-dressed locals — even women in full head-to-toe regalia — and Westerners dressed just as skimpily as his two new friends were. He couldn’t be sure if it was just his imagination, or if the few male locals had to struggle to avoid admiring the pale-skinned sunbathers with their acres of visible flesh. The idea set his imagination reeling…maybe one of those lovely ladies would finally decide she’d had enough of the sun and return to her cottage to peel off her swimsuit and play with herself in the cool air indoors, and casually forget to draw the curtains. If one of those local guys got an eyeful of that, then what? Just what contortions of contrition would he have to go through in order to save his soul? Would he even want to bother once he’d seen her charms on display?

The wonderfully politically incorrect fantasy got him so wound up he had to run for the water to keep his last scrap of modesty intact. Safe in the water, he was free to rub himself any way he liked, and he exulted in the feeling of his rigid cock rubbing against the taut fabric of his trunks and his hand making circles around it as he splashed around just below the waterline. He looked around for his two friends, thinking he might want to join them once he’d calmed down; but they had returned to shore. He saw them toweling off, and one of them made wary eye contact with him once and then turned away just as quickly.

Naturally, a successful young businessman like himself did not give up that easily. He kept his eye out for the lovely pair from then on, and that very evening he saw them both at the beachside restaurant where he headed after the beach for dinner. They were both resplendent in colorful sundresses, their hair now dry and combed for a change, and they were sharing a laugh over a bottle of beer when he settled himself discreetly at the next table. Confident that they would enjoy the view as much as he did, he gazed shamelessly at them just as he had done with every woman or girl he’d taken a fancy to since middle school. He was close enough to hear the redhead was also Australian, and let his mind run wild with all the rumors he’d heard about how wild Aussie gals were in the sack. He would find out for sure with one or both of them before the trip was up, that was beyond question.

It was not to be that evening, however. He hadn’t been admiring them but for a few minutes before the brunette looked up to catch his gaze. She stopped chatting about whatever topic had been on tap, and said, “Well hello again” to him.

“Good evening,” he said with a grin.

“How’d you like the beach?” she asked.

“Loved it, thanks. Beautiful view. And the beach was lovely as well.”

“Wasn’t it, though.” Then both of them nodded at him and turned back to their conversation, though it was far more subdued than before. He continued to regard them, a grin pasted to his face, despite their having returned to addressing only one another.

When he hadn’t looked away after a few minutes, the redhead looked up to meet his stare again. “Is something the matter?” she asked him.

“Hardly!” he said. “Like I said, just enjoying the view. It’s not often a man finds such lovely specimens as you in a place like this anymore.”

The brunette snapped to attention now. “Look, sir –”

“Don’t,” the redhead told her, taking her hand. “It’s not going to help, not here. Let’s go.” And without another word, they both got up and left. He once again admired the receding figures, their loud dresses swishing pleasantly around their hips and legs as they headed back for the cottages.

He continued his voyeurism against them for the next couple of days, taking any look he could get, never even trying to hide his prurient interests. Whether it was on the beach or at the restaurant or the bar or the gift-shop down the road, he gawked at the two lovely ladies from a safe distance, not caring if they knew he was there. When they spotted him, there was an inevitable moment of uncomfortable eye contact, but neither of them spoke to him again. This did not faze him, as he was always confident that they were just building up his interest to the point where he would be as irresistible to them as they were to him.

And he saw nearly everything. On returning to his cottage on the third evening, he very nearly caught a glimpse of the redhead taking off her bikini top in their cottage. She spotted him and yanked the curtains shut just in time, and he stood and glared shamelessly at the window for a few minutes, hoping to at least make out her silhouette through the thin cloth. He had no concerns about being reported for harassment: In a conservative country such as this, he knew he could count on the men in charge of the hotel taking his side — who wouldn’t try to get a look at such a lovely pair of breasts, and why wouldn’t she appreciate his horny stares anyway? It was merely the price of being beautiful, after all.

The next day, he was confident his near-miss would at long last make for a conversational piece with his two new friends. That was all he needed to finally get an in with one or both of them. But he got off to a slow start thanks to a leisurely brunch at the hotel with a few too many spiked mango juices, and on his arrival at the beach in midafternoon, he found they weren’t around. Nor were there any other Westerners on the sand or in the water that he could see, though one local family was sitting up the beach looking discreetly away from him. Though disappointed that his two friends weren’t around, he found the relative solitude appealing. It gave him a chance to do something he’d wanted to try ever since that very horny dip in the water on the first day. The water had felt so good, but his trunks had felt horribly in the way in that ever-so-sensuous moment, and he’d hoped for a chance at just a bit of privacy ever since. Now, at last, he had it.

He spread out his blanket carefully, just above the tideline so it wouldn’t be a long walk into the water, and sat down for a modicum of privacy. Looking up the way at the local family on the sand, he waited until he was sure they weren’t paying him any mind, and slipped his trunks off. The warm sun felt delightful on his bare cock, which was now springing to attention due to the sheer forbiddenness of it all, and at first he just sat there and exulted in the wonderful freedom. Another wary glance up at the folks up the beach, and a look out at the water to gauge how quickly he could get safely beneath the waves, and gingerly he stood up. Keeping his back turned in case one of the locals noticed him, he ran awkwardly sideways for the water.

Sure enough, one of the locals did notice, and he knew it because he heard someone’s shrieking laughter before the water was deep enough for him to throw himself in. But his mild embarrassment was well worth it as he felt the clean, cool water envelop him completely. With nothing weighing him down, he was free to exult completely in the sensation against every inch of his skin. This was fine! Any unwanted attention he was still getting from the family on the beach was easily ignored; he simply didn’t look in their direction. They’d get over seeing him, and he cared little about having been seen.

Naturally, he lost all track of time as he frolicked uninhibitedly in the water. Occasionally he was aware of other people in the water, but they were far away enough to be unaware of his nudity. His privacy thusly assured, he enjoyed himself for an hour or more before he had finally worked up the nerve to look for the family on the beach. When he did, to his relief they were gone. Better yet, he finally saw his two friends. As the sun was beginning to sink into the watery horizon, their timing couldn’t have been better! Soon enough it would be dark enough to provide one or both of them the privacy for some playtime with him. The redhead was once again wearing her silver bikini, while the brunette was in a green one. They were approaching his section of the beach, but he felt safe in assuming they would keep their distance when they saw his blanket. He preferred it that way, of course, because they didn’t need to see him like this. It was all well and good for him to drink in their beauty, but he knew all about what women thought of men’s bodies. He’d heard it all so very many times before. And of course he didn’t care to be stared at even with his clothes on, much less with them off. The great thing about being a man, he always figured, was no one wanted to stare at him.

He, of course, wanted his usual look at them while it was available, so he had no qualms about staring at them from his safe point in the water. And so it was that his titillation turned to mild concern as he saw they did not stop at a respectable distance, and then to strong concern as he realized they seemed to be heading straight for his blanket, and then to outright panic as he saw the both of them smiling back at him for once. Had they discovered his secret? If they hadn’t yet, they surely would when they got to his blanket and saw his trunks discarded there.

A few moments later, he knew that they knew. They finally tore their gazes away from him and to his blanket. Helplessly he watched as the brunette bent over his blanket and picked up his trunks, and waved them at him while the redhead laughed out loud. To his horror, the brunette folded up his trunks and stuffed them into her beach bag. The redhead followed suit with his blanket, and for good measure she discovered his room key where he’d hidden it in the sand underneath and put that away as well. Were they going to take his stuff back to their room and leave him high and dry in the water?

Not yet, anyway, he soon realized. They both set their bags down at the far edge of the beach, and hand in hand they jogged into the surf, both grinning ear to ear at him. Did they have no mercy? Did they even realize the position they were putting him in? To add insult to injury, he looked down to see he was rock hard. Thinking about it now, he recalled hearing erections were sometimes caused by fear, something he had never before experienced. But there was no question that he was experiencing it now.

What would they think of the matter, though? Would they misunderstand and think he still wanted to play?

He was about to find out.

The redhead got to him first, and she stopped about six feet in front of him. Just out of his reach, he realized, though he couldn’t think what he might do if he could reach her anyway. “Well hello!” she said, shamelessly looking at his exposed hard penis beneath the water line. “Nice view.”

“Indeed,” agreed the brunette as she paddled up beside her friend. “About time we got a look, isn’t it?”

“What did you do to my stuff?!” he demanded indignantly. “Don’t you realize the position this puts me in?”

“Quite well, I’d say,” replied the brunette.

“Indeed,” said her friend. “But after all, fair’s fair.”

“What do you mean?!” he snapped. “How on earth is it fair that you stole my things and left me naked in the water and locked out of my room?”

“Well, let’s see,” mused the brunette with a wicked grin. “All week you’ve been gawking at us like a couple of slabs of meat, when you never even asked our names — and I assure you, sir, you’re not going to learn them now — and last night you did all you could to see us naked in the privacy of our own hotel room.”

“You have an entitlement streak a mile wide,” continued the redhead, “and you clearly don’t have any concerns beyond your next hard-on, do you?”

“Well, at least he’s got that for now, hasn’t he?” chimed in the brunette.

“That’s not what you think!” he stammered. “It’s…it’s…”

“Fear? Humiliation?” suggested the brunette.

“Looks that way to me all right,” said the redhead, “But maybe he’s learning something too. What do you think?”

“I’m not that optimistic,” answered her friend. “Putting up with guys like this ever since I first grew tits can do that to a gal, you know?”

“I sure do! When was the last time you walked into a pub alone and didn’t get hooted at or worse?”

“Why, I don’t believe it’s ever happened,” the brunette said. “In fact, I usually don’t go in unless I have a guy friend with me for that very reason.”

“If we give him back his bathing suit and keys, he’ll probably go back to his old tricks,” the redhead mused. “He’ll still be a man, and this will just be one nasty little memory. Not a fact of life like it is for us.”

“We can always hope for the best, though,” the brunette said. “Maybe if we make sure he never, ever forgets this…”

Throughout their conversation, the two women never looked at each other, but rather kept their eyes glued to his mercilessly exposed body. At the last comment, he interjected, “I can promise you I never will forget it! Look, I see your point. I get it, I’m a pig. I’m sorry!”

I had to work late today, later than usual. It was almost ten o’clock at night when I was able to leave, but instead of just going home I decided to hang out at the bar attached to where I worked. I had made Larry stay with me at work to help out, but mostly to keep an eye on him. Larry was a young man who would tend to get himself into trouble if not always watched, so whenever I had to work late I would make him stay with me. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust Larry to be alone in my apartment, at least not for short periods of time during the day, but at nighttime he would tend to get himself into trouble if I wasn’t around, so I made him work with me whenever I worked late.

Tonight had been a good night at work. Larry actually worked really well and did an excellent job helping out, so I decided it would only be fair to reward him with a little fun. We stopped at the bar and shot a few games of billiards and had a few drinks. The only time I let Larry drink is when I am with him, otherwise he would drink himself into a stupor and then get into trouble. We had been shooting billiards for a couple of hours and having some fun just joking around; every once in a while when he would go to shoot I would slide my cue stick between his legs and rub it hard against his crotch.

“Maybe I should just pull your pants down and fuck your little tight ass right here on the pool table.” I whispered to him during our last game. He smiled at me and laughed.

“Go for it big man.” Larry replied. “I dare you.”

“Oh, does my little bitch want to be publicly embarrassed?” I asked.

“That’s up to you.” He laughed back.

It was my shot next and I cleared off the last of the balls.

“I think we should head home.” I half commanded tossing my cue on the table.

“Okay.” He sheepishly replied.

We walked the couple of blocks to my apartment building and I unlocked the outside door to the stairwell. I lived on the third floor. Well actually we lived there but it was my apartment. Larry stayed with me but didn’t really live with me. He didn’t pay rent or any bills or even buy any food. I furnished all of that for him. In exchange, when we were home, he was my bitch.

Larry was twenty five years old, but from his outward appearance one would guess him to be late teens at best. That was one of the things I really liked about Larry. The other thing was that he was gay and wanted to be my little bitch. Well he was a bitch in training really. He had only been living with me for about a month and I hadn’t yet turned him fully into a true little bitch. As we walked up the first flight of stairs I reached my hand out and grabbed Larry’s crotch; he was already hard.

“You’re hard already,” I laughed. “When did this happen?”

“It got hard shortly after we started shooting billiards.” He replied his face flushed red.

“Well why didn’t you say something?” I asked. “We could have left earlier.”

“But I was having fun shooting pool.”

“And drinking?” I asked.

“Yeah, the drinks were nice.”

We stopped on the second landing and I stood Larry in front of the large window. I stood behind him and began to caress his chest and stomach over his shirt.

“So earlier you wanted to be embarrassed in public, didn’t you?” I whispered in his ear.

“Yes.” He replied, his face turning even redder than before.

I slide my hands up under his t-shirt and lifted up the front of it and held it up with my left hand while I caressed his smooth hairless body with my right hand. I pinched his left nipple hard.

“Undo your pants and pull them down to your knees.” I whispered.

He did as I said. I looked over his shoulder and watched as he pulled down his jeans and then his leopard patterned underwear. His little four inch hard cock jutted out from his slender smooth body, he had just a hint of pubes just above his little hard cock, but otherwise his body was completely hairless. This was his natural state. I never made him shave or anything; he was just a smooth bodied young man.

“Play with it.” I whispered as I held him in front of the window. I watched as he began stroking his little hard cock. I held his shirt up and slide my other hand down to his firm little ass and slapped it a couple of times as he jerked off while people were walking by two stories below.

“Pull your pants back up.” I said as I pulled his t-shirt off over his head. Once his pants were pulled up we headed on up the stairwell to the third floor.

I slide my key into my lock and opened the door.

“Before you can come in you have to be naked.” I turned and laughed at Larry.

“What?” He whispered in a shocked tone.

“Well you wanted to be embarrassed in public, so strip before you can come in.”

Larry looked up and down the hallway. There was no one around and he didn’t hear the elevators running so he figured he wouldn’t be seen if he did as I asked quickly. He kicked off his shoes and quickly pulled down his pants and underwear and handed them to me.

“Socks to Larry,” I smiled. “You have to be completely naked.”

Larry bent down and pulled off his socks and handed them to me.

“Can I come in now?” He asked nervously looking up and down the hallway, his hands covering his little hard cock.

“Not yet,” I laughed as I pulled my own pants down. “On your knees and suck my cock first.”

Larry quickly dropped to his knees and took my hard six inch cock into his mouth and began to suck. It felt good. I had to admit Larry was a talented cock sucker. He knew how to use his tongue as he sucked a cock and his lips looked so beautiful when they were wrapped around my cock.

“I think I hear the elevators.” I whispered. I gripped his head by his shoulder length blonde hair and held him in place, my cock buried in his mouth. I thrust my hard cock a couple of times into his mouth before letting him get up and step inside just as one of the neighbors walked around the corner from the elevators.

“Hi,” I called down the hall. “How’s it going tonight?”

“Not bad,” He replied. It was Ron, the neighbor three doors down on the other side of the hallway. He was a cutie himself. He was a small guy, slender and well tanned. I knew this because I had seen him before, and tonight he was shirtless and I could see well tanned torso. As he turned to enter his apartment I saw for the first time the starburst tattoo on his lower back. “It’s been a long day.”

“Yeah I just got done with work too,” I said as I did up my pants as I was leaning out the doorway. “Nice tat by the way.”

“Thanks,” Ron said as he turned to look at his lower back, placing a hand on the tattoo. “I got that a few years ago.”

“Well have a good night.”

“I’ll try,” Ron smiled. “But I know it won’t be as good as your night.”

“I think he saw you.” I laughed at Larry standing in my kitchen naked, his little hard cock pointing straight out.

“No he didn’t.” Larry blushed.

“So what’s next?” I said as I gripped Larry’s hard little cock and stroked it a couple of times.

“Is that all you could think of to embarrass me?” Larry laughed.

“Oh you want to be embarrassed some more?”

“That’s up to you.” Larry smiled as I stroked his cock.

“Well then, I think we should go for a little walk,” I said as I tossed him his t-shirt. “Put this on.”

I went into the bedroom and brought back a pair of my workout shorts. They would be big on Larry, but they had a drawstring for him to tighten around his waist.

“Put these on too.” I said tossing them to him. He stepped into them and drew the waist tight. They hung down to almost his knees and were just baggy enough to basically conceal his little hard cock. He let his t-shirt drop down and that covered up his crotch even more. “Get your shoes on and let’s go for a midnight walk under the moon.”

We headed outside and down the street. We walked a couple of blocks on the street and then I led Larry through the old factory area that the city had razed and down the walk path to the redone railroad bridge that led to the paved walking paths. I lifted up the back of his t-shirt.

“Pull the back of your shorts down so that anyone walking up behind us will get a nice view of your sexy little ass.”

Larry pulled the back of the shorts down to just below his smooth tight ass cheeks, his hard little cock kept the front of the shorts from coming down. I held up the back of his t-shirt and walked a step behind him, enjoying watching his little bare ass wiggle as he walked. I reached out with my free hand and gently rubbed his smooth little ass.

“I wonder if anyone is following us.” I whispered. I saw Larry’s face redden. We got across the bridge and I let go of his shirt and pulled the back of his shorts back up. I sat down on one of the picnic tables and lit up a cigarette. “Can I have one too?” Larry asked.

“What?” I laughed. “You want me to give you something to put in your mouth and suck on?”

“Yeah,” He replied. “I want something to suck on.”

“Well suck on this first.” I said as I pulled the front of my pants down.

“Right here?” Larry asked looking around.

“Yup, right here.”

Larry nervously leaned down and sucked my cock into his mouth and worked his magic for a few minutes.

“That’s a good boy.” I laughed. I pulled his head from my crotch and handed him a cig. “Here you go.”

We relaxed and smoked our cigs. When we were done I looked around. “Let’s go this way.” I said walking to the right, Larry followed me. “But give me your shirt.”

Larry took off his t-shirt and handed it to me. Without his shirt, one could easily see his cock was hard under the shorts. We started walking and I was rubbing his back and his ass through the shorts. I reached around to his front and pulled the front of his shorts down past his little hard cock and grabbed his cock in my hand and used it as a leash.

“I’m taking my bitch for a walk.” We both laughed. We walked for a little while until I stopped on a spot between two of the pathway lights. “Squat down.”

I watched Larry squat as I pulled the front of my pants down.

“Suck me bitch.” I half yelled. I watched Larry as he wrapped his sexy lips around my cock and sucked me into his mouth. His tongue flicked the tip of my hard cock; he gently bit down on my cock as he sucked me hard. “Do my balls to bitch.”

Larry pulled his mouth from my cock and began stroking my cock as he sucked my hairy balls into his mouth and hummed as he licked my balls in his mouth. He was gripping my ass and stroking my cock as he manipulated my balls in his mouth.

“Damn boy you sure have a talented mouth.”

“Thanks.” He said pulling his mouth off my balls for a second before sucking my cock fully into his mouth. He pulled slightly on my balls as he sucked my cock.

I reached down and pulled him up by his blonde hair. I reached down and grabbed his cock and squeezed it hard as I stroked him.

“Take off the shorts.”


“Take off the shorts.”

“But then I’ll be completely naked.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“But what if someone comes?”

“Well I guess you’ll have to jump into the bushes and hope there’s no poison ivy in there.” I laughed.

“Are you serious?” He asked very nervously.

“Yes,” I replied squeezing his little cock harder. “You wanted to be embarrassed in public, so get those fucking shorts off.”

Larry nervously pulled down the shorts and stepped out of them and handed them to me.

“How long will I be naked?”

“That all depends,” I laughed. “If you please me then not to long, but otherwise maybe all the way back home.”

We started walking again. Larry was reluctant to walk to fast. I was rubbing his ass as we walked.

“Put your hand down my pants and play with me.” I told him. He did as I said. I looked down the path and saw two people walking our way. They were quite a ways away, but I could see them. I pointed them out to Larry, he blushed and almost panicked.

“Please let me put on my clothes.” He begged in a whisper.

“Kneel and suck me first.”


“You better hurry up before they get to close to actually see what you’re doing.”

Larry dropped to his knees and sucked my cock into his mouth.

“Make me cum before they get here.” I said. “You don’t get any clothes until after I cum.”

Larry sucked my cock for all he was worth. He was doing all his tricks to make me cum. He even had me turn around and tongued my asshole as he stroked my cock. He almost made me cum, but I stepped away from him.

“Come on please feed my your cum so I can get dressed.”

“Oh poor little bitch,” I laughed and rubbed his head. “There’s no need to, they turned off.”

Larry looked down the pathway; the people had turned off the trail.

“Get back up.” I told Larry. I placed my hand on his ass and rubbed it roughly. “So here’s the deal. You want to get dressed to walk home?”

“Yes.” Larry replied.

“Well then, two things will be happening tonight.” I said as I rubbed his ass harder and slide a finger down his crack. “Do you know what they are?”

“I think so,” Larry half smiled. “You want to fuck me?”

“Yes,” I smiled. “You’ve been with me for a while now, and I have wanted to pop that boy pussy of yours for a long time.”

“So if I let you fuck me in the ass I can put my clothes back on?”

“That’s one of the things.”

“What’s the other one?”

“I think you know.” I smiled as I ran a finger across his lips.

“You want to cum in my mouth too?”

“You got it boy.”

“I don’t know about that,” Larry hesitated. “I’ve never had anyone fuck me in the ass or let them cum in my mouth before.”

“Well,” I began as I started to walk away with his clothes. “Your choice, you either accept the deal or I leave you here naked.”

“Wait,” Larry called out as he ran after me. “Do they both happen tonight?”

“No, just one or the other, but the other one happens tomorrow.”

“Okay, I agree.” Larry replied. I stopped and handed him his clothes.

“You better not back out on the deal.”

“I won’t, I promise.”

Larry got dressed and we walked back to my apartment, my hard cock throbbing in my pants, a wide smile on my face.


Coming soon: Larry’s full training weekend.

“Baby, I’m done in the bathroom…you need to get up,” Ann called out from the other room.

She’d woken up first, and I had heard her in the shower at some point, but I’d dozed back off. Then I heard the hair dryer after she’d gotten out, and it woke me up again for a moment. But it was all so fuzzy. I mean, I knew what the noises were, but it seemed more like a dream. I was still tired…actually, I was exhausted. I heard Ann calling out to me, but all I wanted to curl back up under the big red comforter, and drift off again.

Instead, I was staring out the window, looking at the dawning of another gorgeous day. Normally that would have excited me, but it seemed so cruel at the time. I wanted to sleep, yet I knew I couldn’t. And it wasn’t just that the bright blue skies seemed to be calling to me. Ann and I had one more stop to make on our long cross-country drive, and that was about 550 miles away.

Ann hopped onto the cushions of the sectional couch we’d spent the night on, her naked body looking hot from being in the steamy shower, and from being…hot! She yanked the comforter off of me, the cool air making me curl up a little ball like it was some reflexive action.

I felt Ann touch the bare skin of my upper arm, stroking it lovingly. “Come on, Neil. We’re going to have more fun today…but we really need to go. Do you want me to suck start you?”

“Do I want you to do WHAT?”

Ann’s bright smile seemed to block out the sunshine coming through the window. “Haven’t you ever heard that expression…where a woman is so hot, she can suck start a Harley…or a Corvette…or whatever?”

“Yeah…I guess I have. I’ve just never heard it directed at me, though.”

“Well, that saying had to come from somewhere…and you’re my favorite thing to ride. So, if you need me to suck you to get you going, just say the word,” she said, reaching for my cock. I laughed and moved towards the edge of the couch. Ann got a little pout on her face as I scooted away from her. “So I guess that’s a no, then.”

“I love the idea, but you’re right…we need to go. I’ll take a quick shower.”

“Okay…I’ll tidy up out here, and we can go get something to eat before we hit the road.”

When I came out of the bathroom, Ann was already dressed, and she was actually a little conservative from what I’d been used to on the trip. She was wearing a simple sundress that came to mid thigh. It was pale blue, with spaghetti straps over her shoulders, and it had little white buttons that went all the way down the front. It would have seemed plain and ordinary…your run of the mill dress off the rack of most department stores across the land. But Ann was the one wearing it, and that suddenly made it a fashion statement of erotic proportions.

She’d left the top few buttons undone, the material pealing down like flaps on both sides to create a V-like opening at the top. That also showed the tops and insides of Ann’s breasts in the most amazing way…as if they were framed and hung on a wall like a priceless piece of art. Ann had also left the bottom few buttons of the dress open as well, so that more of her perfect legs would show. And with the dress being tight, it hugged every contour of her sexy frame. On her feet, Ann was wearing a pair of white, open toed, high heeled sandals. The spikes were about 4 inches high, and they just slipped onto her feet…no straps holding them to her ankles.

Ann had put her dress from the night before back into the garment bag that it came in, along with the sexy shoes she’s worn. She had also picked up the tuxedo I’d worn, and put it back in its bag, laying it on the bed. And, she had packed up all the other things we’d brought, ready for me to take them downstairs.

I walked out of the bathroom in a pair of tan golf shorts, and I put on a forest green T-shirt over it. Slipping on my sandals, I looked at Ann, who was eyeing me.

“I’ve never met a man that can make a T-shirt look so sexy,” she said as she came over to me and gave me a hug. It was a bullshit compliment, but I loved that Ann went out of her way to make me feel good about myself. But she didn’t have to. I felt good about myself just having her in my arms, knowing she was mine.

“You look amazing too, Ann.”

“What…this? Its six years old. I can’t believe I still have it. It’s so out of style.”

“Ah…that’s right. I forgot that women’s clothes have an expiration date on them. Why would you want to wear something that makes me want to rip if off and fuck you?”

Ann giggled. “You make me laugh so much, Neil.”

“Come on, we can laugh some more on the way to breakfast…otherwise, I AM going to rip that off of you and fuck you!”

Ann smiled over her shoulder as she walked towards the door, making her hip sway in the most seductive way. “I guess that’s one more reason to have an old dress…I won’t care if you ruin it when you rip if off me.”


I was settling the bill at the front desk with Charles, who had told me the night before that he would still be on duty in the morning. Still, it surprised me a little. It made sense when it was Julie at the Mountain Resort we stayed at. She appeared to live there, so she was kind of a round the clock Manager. But for a guy that worked at a hotel, it seemed like a really odd shift. When I’d questioned him about it as he prepared the paperwork, he politely said he was working an extended shift to cover for another employee.

I was looking over the details of the bill, checking all of the additional items that had been added. Like dresses, and tuxes, and limousines. I wasn’t complaining about the price…after all, it was all part of the ‘pampering’ of Ann that her Uncle had insisted on when he gave me the money to pay for such things. But I still wanted to know what I was paying for, so I was taking my time as I looked it over.

Charles must have wondered too, because he said, “Are you finding everything in order, Mr. Thomas?” in his thick British accent.

“It’s Neil, Charles. And yes, everything looks okay. By the way, we left the tux in the suite. It’s on the bed,” I said as I looked at that line on the bill.

“Very well. I’ll make sure we get that returned. If there’s something you wish to dispute on the bill, I’ll gladly get the invoices of the…”

I looked up from the paper and smiled as I shook my head. “There’s no need Charles…it’s fine. I’m not disputing anything. Actually, it just really hit home with me how much Tina really orchestrated. Seeing it all in black and white…it’s a little overwhelming.”

“You have no idea, Neil. As I said yesterday, Miss Roberts is very detail oriented.”

I paid Charles…in cash, which seemed to surprise him. But he just smiled as he handed me my copy of the bill. It was an odd grin, and he let out a little chuckle.

“Something amusing?” I asked.

“More interesting than amusing. I just found it odd that you looked over the bill so carefully, but you didn’t seem to notice the most important detail.”

I looked at the paper again, scanning it over and over to find out what he was talking about. Finally, I noticed at bottom that there was a typed in note…from Tina.

‘Neil, I hope you and Ann enjoyed last night. But no matter what happened, I personally promise that tonight is going to be better. In fact, it won’t even be close. Tina’

I looked at Charles, who said, “As I said…VERY detail oriented. I even had to send a facsimile of that to prove I’d typed it exactly as she’d dictated it to me.”


“Wow?” Charles asked.

“Yeah…wow. If Tina was so concerned about what you typed, it REALLY makes me wonder what she has in store for us tonight.”

“Wonder indeed,” Charles nodded.

While I was at the desk, Ann had finished putting our things in the car for us, and she’d even driven it into up to the door. I just had time to put the bill in the back pocket of my shorts as she walked into the lobby. I didn’t want her to see I’d paid cash…and have her wonder about it. But she seemed to have other things on her mind, just based on the look on her face. When she got to the desk, I introduced her to Charles, and that wasn’t lost on Ann.

“Oh…you’re the one that was working with Tina.”

“Yes Miss Franklin,” Charles said with a nod. “I trust you enjoyed your stay with us?”

“Absolutely,” she said with a wink. “You’re the one that arranged for us to have Molly as our driver, right?”

“Yes…that would be me. Did you find her satisfactory?”

Ann giggled and said, “She was way beyond satisfactory. She was amazing!”

“I’ll be sure to tell her you were pleased.”

“I don’t think you have to…we showed her last night,” Ann winked again. Then she looked at Charles and said, “I’m surprised you’re working this morning…are you here much longer?”

“I’m here for another few hours. Why do you ask?”

“Wow…that may make this a little easier than I thought. Molly said she’d be coming here today to pick up another party…will you be seeing her?”

“Yes. She’s picking up another couple and driving them to Lincoln for the day. I believe she’s due to arrive around 9.”

“I wonder if you’d be good enough to give her something for me.”

“Of course, Miss Franklin…I’d be happy to help.”

Ann put her purse on the counter and opened it. Reaching in, she pulled out one of her ‘Antonio’ dildos, and placed it front and center on the countertop.

“I’d like you to give her this. Let her know it’s my personalized model, and it will help remind her of last night a little easier. And it will keep her from having to shop for one herself today…okay?”

Charles blushed a little, especially when he picked up the rubber phallus and placed it down below, out of sight behind the counter. “Yes, Miss Franklin. I’ll make sure to tell her.”

“Do you need to write that down, or can you remember? Maybe you should say it back to me,” Ann said in a rush.

I looked at Charles with a smile. Shrugging, I said, “What can I say…she’s a stickler for details too.”


“I feel like I should go to the car and put on the dress I had on last night!” Ann said as she looked around the restaurant. She was referring to the slinky, sexy red evening gown she’d worn to the dinner theater.

“Yeah…I feel like a brown suit in a room full of tuxedos,” I said with a laugh.

Ann and I had gone to a restaurant that Charles had recommended we try for breakfast. It was just down the road from the hotel a couple of miles, and it looked enticing as we headed inside. But as we sat down in our booth, both Ann and I looked around as we looked at the menus. It was eerie, because we seemed so out of place. It was like everyone in the place knew just by looking at us that we weren’t from the area.

For the record, I’d never been uncomfortable in the Midwest. Everywhere I’d gone, no matter the state, I felt at home. And part of that was the way people there accept you. As a general rule, they’re warm, friendly, well mannered folks that welcome you even if they didn’t know you. Sure, there were always going to be those few in a crowd that could go out of their way to make you feel bad or unwelcome. But for the most part, those were few and far between to me.

But this was strange. While Ann and I weren’t being stared at, we certainly had been noticed when we’d walked in. And at the same time, we had noticed everyone else. How could we not…it was just too odd to be a coincidence.

Our waitress came over, and bluntly said what everyone in the place apparently already knew before we even sat down. “Hello…you two must be passing through.”

“Uh…yeah,” I said, while Ann slowly nodded as she tried to concentrate on her menu instead of the people around us.

“Well…welcome to Omaha. My name is Trudy, and I’ll be serving you today. Can I get you some coffee?”

“Yes…please,” I said, speaking for both Ann and myself.

“Okay…I’ll be right back to take your order.”

As Trudy walked away, Ann looked at me from behind the menu she seemed to be using to shield herself. Leaning over the table, she whispered, “Have you ever seen anything like this in your life?”

“Not that I can remember.”

“Do you think this has something to do with that rodeo you were telling me was in town?”

“I don’t know…maybe. I don’t know anything about rodeos to be honest. But there has to be a reason for this.”

While Ann and I were still pondering the odd setting we found ourselves in, Trudy came back with our coffee, and pulled out her little pad.

“Are you ready to order, or do you need some more time?”

We were ready, and we went ahead and ordered. But as Trudy was about to leave, Ann caved to her curiosity. Truth be told, if she hadn’t, I was going to a second later.

Ann cleared her throat and politely asked, “Can I ask you a question, Trudy?”

“Sure sweetie. What is it?”

“Why are all these people wearing red?”

“Because…it’s Saturday!” she said as she winked and walked away.

Ann looked at me, the confusion written on her furrowed brow. “What does Saturday have to do with it?”

I looked around the place again, scanning the people that were sitting down. I couldn’t tell what they were wearing, other than the vast majority of them were wearing some kind of red shirt. I was struggling with the meaning of what Trudy had said as well…it seemed too simplistic an answer to make sense. But then I spotted a young guy in a hat at the far end of the restaurant. It was a red baseball cap, with a big white ‘N’ on it.

I looked at Ann, my mouth opening in surprise. “Holy shit…that’s it!”

“What’s it?”

“We’re in Nebraska!”

“I already knew that, Neil.”

“We’re in Nebraska, Ann…on a Saturday in September.”

“So what…that means you have to wear red?”

“In a way…yeah. Unless you’re not from around here.”

“I’m not following, baby.”

“The Nebraska Cornhuskers, Ann. University of Nebraska…in Lincoln, just down the road from here.”

“You mean football?”

“Yeah. They don’t have any professional sports teams in Nebraska. College football is like a religion here.”

“Really?” Ann said, a little surprised.

“Yeah…just like basketball is in…”

“INDIANA,” she said, finishing my sentence. “Oh my God…no WONDER! So all of these people are going to the game?”

Trudy came back with a refill on our coffee, and heard Ann. “Figured it out, did you?”

“Yeah,” I said with a sheepish grin. “I feel really stupid now.”

“Nonsense…it happens a lot. And no…these people aren’t going to the game…not unless they get a move on. We’re playing at Minnesota today.”

“So they’re not even playing at home, and all these people are still wearing red? Why?” I asked.

“Because…it’s Saturday!”


I felt rested for the first time all day. But waking up from a nap always seemed to do that for me. I couldn’t believe how much I needed it…and I was so grateful that Ann had insisted that she start out driving, since she’d slept most of the day as I drove the day before. Since she hadn’t driven at all on our trip from Colorado to Nebraska, she told me she felt obligated to drive when we started.

I was in no mood to argue. I was actually relieved. I hadn’t wanted to get out of bed in the first place, so it didn’t take much arm twisting to get me to ride shotgun instead. I fell asleep sometime just after we crossed the Missouri river into Iowa. When I woke up I was looking out the side window of the car, the dizzying blur of cornrows appearing to fly by as we drove past them. Moving the lever on the passenger seat, I sat up and turned off my right side to face the front of the car.

I usually slept on my side, and somewhere along the way, I must have reverted to that natural position to feel more comfortable. But that was when I was asleep. Now that I was awake, I quickly realized just how uncomfortable it was to be lying there like that. As I sat up, the sharp pain in my neck and the ache in my back hit me at the same time.

I let out a low groan as I attempted to stretch to get the kinks out. Shaking my head for a second, I looked out the window, seeing nothing but miles of cornfields ahead along the long, straight highway we were currently traveling on.

“Are you okay, Neil?” Ann asked, as she drove.

Blinking my eyes, I looked out the windshield again. “Yeah…I’m just getting the kinks out. I shouldn’t have slept on my side. How long was I out?”

“About four hours.”

“Four hours? Where are we?”

“In the middle of the biggest cornfield I’ve ever seen in my life,” Ann laughed. “The damn thing is endless.”

I closed my eyes again, and then opened them, trying to get some kind of focus. I was still groggy, and the sun was making it hard for me to see because of the glare. I fumbled around for my sunglasses, finding them in a little nook on the dashboard, and put them on.

Seeing better, I let out a little sigh, my hand going to my neck as I tried to rub the pain away. “So we’re still in Iowa?” I asked.

“Illinois. We crossed over the Mississippi a half hour ago. But it’s the same, at least from what I can tell. Flat and full of corn.”

“I slept all the way through Iowa?” I said, leaning back into my seat with my eyes closes, still trying to get the kink out of my neck.

“Pretty much. But you obviously needed it baby. You had to be tired after yesterday. And we’ve both spent a lot of energy on this trip. Are you okay?”

“I’ll be fine…just a stiff neck.”

“Anything else stiff?” she asked with a giggle.

“Ha…a little…I always wake up with a hard on. Wait…that means we missed the sign coming into Illinois!”

“Yeah…so? And way to change the subject, by the way.”

“So! We missed it,” I said, upset that the opportunity to take pictures of Ann next to the welcome sign was long gone.

“I know. But you said last night it was going to be too dangerous because of the bridge. And it would have been…trust me. Anyway, I thought you said we were going to stop at some place going into Indiana so we could do both of those at once…didn’t you?”

“Oh…yeah. I guess I did. Man, I must be losing it.”

“No you’re not. You’re just tired. So, care to go back to the OTHER subject?”

I glanced over to Ann for the first time since I’d woken up. Her left foot was up on the dashboard, next to the steering wheel. She’d slipped off her high heeled sandals, once again choosing to drive barefoot. I noticed that she’d unbuttoned one more button on the top of her dress, and at least one, maybe two at the bottom. Ann was showing a little more flesh, which I didn’t mind at all. But what struck me as odd was that she’d moved her dress, so that she wasn’t sitting on the back of it. It was bunched up behind her back, so that she was sitting on her bare bottom on the cloth seat as she drove down the interstate.

I looked down at Ann’s left hand, resting on her thigh near her groin. Her right was obviously on the steering wheel, as she kept the car centered in our lane as we hurtled down the highway. But that left one seemed to be tantalizingly close to her crotch, and the way her fingers were positioned, it made me wonder what she’d been up to while I was asleep.

Taking her cue, I asked, “So, you were asking about the other subject. I assume you’ve had that on your mind for a while.”

“What makes you say that?”

“A couple of things…but, I’ll just go with the fact that you’re sitting on your bare ass.”

Ann looked over and flashed me a sexy grin. Then she moved her hand, lifting up the front of her dress for me. There, buried deep inside her very wet pussy, was one of her dildos…just like the one she’d left for Molly. “Very observant,” she said as she grabbed a hold of it and started moving it in and out of her pussy very slowly.

“How long have you been doing that?” I laughed.

“Three orgasms worth…about once an hour. I’m due for my fourth here pretty soon, but I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do that one myself. After all, we ARE in a new state,” she said with another one of her sexy winks.

“Hmm…what did you have in mind?”

“Actually…I’ve been thinking about that for the last couple of hours. I know you’re still in charge, but would you mind letting me take you somewhere?”

“You actually have some place in mind?”

“Well…I don’t have an exact location specifically. But I’m pretty sure we won’t have any trouble finding a place to stop to do what I want to do.”

“Well, that sounds a little too good to pass up, babe. Go ahead and take us there.”


Ann looked over her shoulder, her eyes in the dreamy state as I pounded into her mercilessly. “God…I’ve always wanted to do this,” she said as she leaned forward just a little.

“Really…just like this?”

“Well…maybe my dreams as a kid were more like what you were doing to me a few minutes ago. But I’ve been dreaming about what you’re doing now all…day…long!” she said, her last few words in time with my balls slapping up against her cunt as I buried my cock inside her.

Once I’d told Ann that she should take us to wherever she had in mind, she started looking for highway signs to find the exit she was looking for. As it turned out, she took the first exit we came across, which was a bit of a surprise. It was a rural exit, and there wasn’t the hint of anything there…not even a gas station. It was literally like we’d gotten off in the middle of nowhere, if you defined ‘nowhere’ as flat, open farmland dotted by the occasional farmhouse few and far between.

Ann turned south off of the exit, and headed down a country road, bordered on both sides by more cornfields. She was driving along, looking at the rows of corn on both sides, like she was expecting to find something there. I was about to ask her what the hell we were doing, when she let out a little shriek of joy and slowed down, turning the car across the highway as she pulled onto a little dirt path that split the field that was to our east.

Now, we were driving IN the cornfield, on a bumpy access road the farmers use to drive their equipment down. The corn was so close to us it seemed like it was practically hitting the mirrors on the car as Ann navigated the ruts and potholes in the trail. About a half mile from the road, there was a little rise in the field, and we went up and over it, and I saw Ann checking her rearview mirror…a happy little smile appearing on her face.

She found a place that was a little wider than the rest of the path, and she stated doing a little maneuvering with the car.

“What are you doing?” I asked, finally intrigued enough that I couldn’t hold in my questions any longer.

“I’m turning around,” she said as she put the car in reverse, and made another quick turn of the wheel.

“Oh…we’re in the wrong cornfield? Maybe we should go back to Iowa…and we’ll find the baseball field you’re looking for,” I laughed, referring to ‘Field of Dreams’, the first movie Ann and I had ever seen together on our last night in Indiana.

“That’s funny,” she said as she backed up and moved forward one more time. “We’re in the right place. I’m just turning around now so we don’t have to do it later.”

“This is the right place? Seriously?”

Ann turned off the car and pulled up the parking brake, stopping in the middle of that dirt road well off the country road we’d turned off of. “Yep…this is it,” Ann said as she started to unbutton the rest of her dress.

“Ann…we’re in the middle of a damn cornfield.”

“Uh huh. You said it…consider this my little ‘Field of Dreams’. Now wait here…I’m going to go build a place for us to have some fun.”

“You’re going to BUILD it?”

“Yep…make it…build it…whatever. What did he say in the movie, Neil…if I build it, you will cum,” she giggled.

It seemed to be a bit of a stretch just to make a pun, but I’d started it by talking about the movie in the first place. I had a little smirk on my face as Ann got out of the car, and took off her dress. She was standing naked outside as she threw it on the seat, along with the dildo she’d had stuffed in her pussy. Then she closed the door and went to the back, opening the hatch. Yelling from the back, she said, “Give me fifteen minutes, and then come fuck me baby.”

“Where are you going to be?”

“You’ll know. Just look.”

With that, she closed the hatch and said, “Oh…no peeking, and come naked.”

I stared straight ahead, shaking my head as I thought about what she could possibly be doing. “What could she be making?” I asked myself, “…and who are we, the children of the corn? This whole thing seems so…weird.”

But then I thought about the movie that we’d shared that last night together in Fort Wayne…the night of our date. And a strange feeling hit me…the way thoughts come full circle. Here we were in a cornfield, much like what was in that movie and we were heading back home, to Indiana, where we’d seen it. And Lord knows…Indiana has its own share of cornfields too. I wasn’t sure of the correlation, if there even was one, but I found it suddenly symbiotic.

Looking out the windshield, I noticed for the first time that Ann had parked in a spot that was hidden. The rise in the field that we’d driven over now hid the car from the country road we’d driven down. It couldn’t have been on purpose, because Ann couldn’t have known it was even there, but the fact that fate had led us to a place where we could truly be alone, and in some way fulfill whatever Ann had in mind kind of hit me as well. Ann and I were big believers in fate…since we felt that’s what brought us together in life.

Checking my watch, I leaned up and took off my shirt, and then unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts, taking them off as I sat in the car. I didn’t want to waste any time once the fifteen minutes were up. At that point, it was just a waiting game, trying to be patient and make sure I gave Ann enough time to do whatever it was that she was doing.

Which had me thinking, “What the hell can she be doing?”

I checked my watch again a few minutes later, and then I checked my cock. Both of them were telling me it was time to go find Ann. I got out of the car, and decided rather quickly that the sandals were staying on, and I headed down the path, looking for where she might be. I was going slowly, not wanting to miss a sign, but I doubt I could have once I saw it. There, about 50 yards farther ahead, was a red bra hanging on a stalk of corn.

I’d never seen Ann wear that particular bra, and she hadn’t worn ANY underwear when we started the day, so she’d obviously gotten that out of the car when she’d opened the back. That, or there was another naked babe running around. Either way, that was where I was headed. Once I got to the bra, I looked down the row of corn. I couldn’t see anything, but I knew that’s where I needed to go.

Now, I’d been in my share of corn mazes before, but those were always done in late fall, near Halloween, made from the tattered tan stalks that came at the very end of the growing season. AND, the pathways cut into the cornfield to make the maze were always as wide as a hallway, never smaller than 4 feet, and sometimes wider. This was just a row of corn that I was following to who knows where. Well, Ann knew, but she wasn’t there to tell me.

I followed that row for about a hundred yards at least, walking along the uneven terrain. I was at least happy that it hadn’t rained recently. I could only imagine how the dark earth would have looked if it were mud instead. Then again, we probably would have gotten the car stuck just a couple of feet onto that little road we’d traveled down to get where we were.

Out of nowhere, a little clearing appeared in front of me as I approached. As I got closer, I could tell that Ann had indeed been busy…and it stunned me that she’d been able to do it in fifteen minutes.

“So…this is how crop circles happen. Horny women working in the fields,” I said as I looked at Ann, who was already sweating and breathing heavy as she lay on the big horse blanket she’d gotten from her Aunt Helen.

“Yeah…I feel a little guilty about ruining the corn, though,” she said as she looked up at me.

“I don’t think it’s that big a deal, Ann. I think this is a field of popcorn…otherwise, they would have harvested them already. Besides, the combine should still be able to separate the corn from the stalks when they come through here.”

“How do you know so much about corn…you never lived on a farm?”

“No…but I know a lot of people who do,” I smiled. “So…what are we doing here?”

“We’re fucking…just like we would if we lived in Indiana when we were kids, and I lived on a farm and you were my boyfriend.”

It was an interesting little fantasy that Ann had come up with. And I was guessing that there was more to it than something that she had come up with in the few hours she’d been driving while I was asleep. But the answers to any questions I might have had at the time would have to come later. I had an extremely horny fiancée on my hands.

I sat down and took off my sandals, placing them next to Ann’s sneakers, answering at least one question I had. And as I was doing that, Ann reached her hand to my lap and started stroking my huge erection.

“Mmm…you came ready,” she said with a smile.

“You told me I’d get to cum…that’s enough motivation for me,” I replied as I turned my attentions to her breasts.

We laid back onto the blanket, made lumpy and uneven from the broken stalks and ears of corn beneath it. Ann had cleared out an area of about 10 square feet, just a little bigger than the blanket, pressing the corn down with her shoes so that she could spread it out. It wasn’t the most comfortable place I’d ever fucked, but there was something exciting about it. It was crude, and a little insane. But it was definitely different, and Ann and I loved to do things that weren’t necessarily ordinary. I thought of her comment the day before, when she’d said something about our little foray into the world of bondage. She said that if it wasn’t what I liked, we could just mark it off the list of things we’d tried, and move on.

I loved the idea that we even had a list, whether it was written, or undocumented; spoken or left to our imagination. Just the idea that we were trying different things sexually to see if it was something that turned us on was inspiring, and a little motivational. And no matter how it turned out in the end, we were still having sex with someone we loved. We could always add it, or cross it off our list.

Ann took my cock into her mouth, sucking me hard down her tight throat. SHE was motivated, her nostrils flaring as she breathed hard while taking me deep. I was playing with her nipples, but she pushed me onto my back, wanting things to progress quicker than I’d anticipated. But I should have seen that coming. She’d been fucking herself with her dildo all the way through Iowa…she’d been having foreplay with herself. Now that she had a real cock to play with, she had no intentions of working our way slowly towards what she wanted. And no man that I know of will complain if his woman wants to go straight to go, and bypass all the other stops along the way, myself included in that group. Ann wanted to fuck, and fuck right then…so I didn’t argue.

Her sucking my cock was just to make it slick, and to get me into the position she wanted to start in. I’d told her that she could be in charge of this little part of our trip for the day, and she was taking full advantage of that privilege. Rolling me onto my back, I thought we were going to do a 69 as Ann swung her body around and threw her leg over my head. I was staring up at a very wet pussy with a very hard clit sticking out in plain view. But instead of lowering her body so I could taste her, Ann scooted forward.

Ann’s pussy gripped my shaft as she sank down over my crotch with her back to me, making our groins meld together. Her hands went to my chest, and she secured her feet on the ground as she started riding me. The way her pussy enveloped my shaft was amazing; the more I fucked Ann, the more I realized what we were built for each other, like my cock was specifically made to fit inside her tight cunt. Of course, she was actually fucking ME at the moment, but the effect felt the same.

I could feel Ann’s nails digging into the skin of my chest. It wasn’t hard, and it didn’t hurt…there was a little pain, but it felt incredible as she sort of massaged them in place, changing the pressure and intensity, just like she was changing her pace as she fucked me.

After a little while, Ann leaned forward, her hands going to my lower legs as she bent my shaft back at an intense angle. She started moaning almost at once, and I could actually feel her clit dragging along the soft skin of my rock hard shaft. I placed my hand on Ann’s lower back, feeling her sweat-slick skin as it moved up and down against my palm. Just my touch had made her body react in such a way that I grinned.

My other hand moved to Ann’s hip. Then I had hands on both hips, feeling her as she rode me. Slowly, I moved my hands around to her ass, until they were under her, feeling her bottom landing on my crotch. Digging MY fingers in, I pulled at her ass, spreading her cheeks so I could peek at the little pink rosebud that was her asshole.

As I held her ass open, with my middle fingers touching her back door, Ann screamed out. “FUCK…NEIL! You make me feel SOOOO GOOOOOD!”

She started cumming, humping her ass up and down faster, making my hands slip. Her hips were moving so fast that I couldn’t grab her again, so I just placed my right hand underneath her, my middle finger rubbing her ass hole.

“Oh…God…FUCK!” she said as pulled off and got on her hands and knees. Looking over her shoulder, Ann practically barked at me. “Fuck me baby. I want you to fuck me!”

I got up and grabbed her hips again. I had my right knee on the ground just inside her right leg. My left leg was bent, my foot firmly planted next to the outside of her left knee, grazing it as I took my cock in my hand and fed it into her gaping cunt. As it sank deep inside her wet gash, I groaned, my fingers digging into the skin of her hips.

“Fuck, Ann…you’re pussy is so damn tight!”

“That’s because your cock is so fucking thick,” she said as she reared her back and slammed her ass back into me.

We began fucking each other hard, the collision of our bodies almost violent. The slapping of my groin hitting Ann’s ass floating through the rows of corn, sounding like to wild animals rutting in the cover of a corn field. We were grunting and squawking, along with some very creative cursing as we went at each other. When one of us would do something particularly hard, the other would raise their level and go even harder. It was like we were trying to out fuck each other. And with Ann and I being as competitive as we were, that was proving to be interesting at the very least.

I knew it was going to happen. And in a way, I wanted it to. From the moment I got on the blanket with Ann, there was no pretending that this was going to be anything other than us fucking. Just looking around where we were told us both that this wasn’t a place to make love. Ann had ‘built’ a place for us to fuck. And that being fact, it was easy to see where we’d end up; it happened almost every time that Ann got into a mood where she wanted her sex hard and rough.

I’d touched on it, when I touched Ann’s ass with my fingers. She was telling me she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. She just wasn’t saying it with words; she was using her body to tell me, and that made it even hotter to me. My right hand made it’s way to Ann’s delectable ass, caressing her skin. Actually, I was dragging my nails lightly across it, making her curse at me, begging me to fuck her harder. Instead, I pulled my cock out of her pussy for a minute, jamming three fingers into it to get them wet. She yelled at me, telling me how close she was to cumming, which I already knew.

When I stuffed my cock back inside her cunt, she knew what I was doing, especially when my fingers grazed her ass again.

“Do it! Stick your fucking fingers in my ass!” she screamed.

I did, not waiting to work my way up to three by starting with just one. I held them together, and rammed all three of them inside her tight back door, making her scream even louder. I was fucking her in time with my cock, invading both of her holes at once. And that brought Ann close again, picking up beyond where we’d left off.

Ann turned her head, her eyes looking almost angry as she neared her orgasm. I knew it was the sexual mood talking. But it stunned me a little when she barked, “When I start to cum, pull that big mother fucker out of my cunt and start fucking my ass with it!”

I wasn’t going to debate it, or ask if she was sure. I knew better. And it wasn’t going to be a problem anyway. I could feel her anal ring loosening up around my fingers as she relaxed. I knew she was working her body, preparing for what she wanted me to do to her. It amazed me that she was learning that kind of control, considering just a few months before the mere thought of taking anything up her ass, let alone something as big as my dick, had mortified her.

But now, Ann was begging me to take her anally and that’s what I intended to do. She lowered her upper body, her nipples dragging along the rough weave of the horse blanket; her hands gripping at the edge of the material as she pushed back into me.


I pulled my fingers out of her back hole and I grabbed both of her cheeks with my hands, stretching them wide to keep her ass open for the tip of my cock. I pulled out of her pussy on one stroke, and jammed my shaft into her ass full bore on the next. Ann’s growl was astounding, the primal scream she was holding back sounding even worse than if she would have just let it out. She sounded like she was being tortured. But when she looked back to me a second time, the smile on her face showed just how what I’d done really made her feel.

Ann’s hand flew to her cunt, and she started frigging her clit frantically to keep her orgasm going strong. I decided to help her, so I reached underneath with both hands, and I started pawing at her tits. That made Ann push her body back up with her left hand to give me room, and I yanked on her nipples, making her wince and hiss at me while I pounded away at her ass.

That’s when Ann said she’d always wanted to be fucked like I was fucking her. And when I questioned her, she admitted that the part with me fucking her ass was just during the last few hours. I wondered what had made her want our sex to be on the rough side, since we’d just done our little experiment with bondage and such a couple of days before. Of course, that was the extreme, and we weren’t going to be doing that again for a while. But, it seemed like every week or so, Ann liked a really hard fuck that included anal. So maybe that’s all this was…it just seemed a little soon on the heels of our night in Colorado.

But then again, that was three states ago…and it was six since I’d fucked her in the ass, since all I’d done at the resort that night was put a butt plug inside her. Maybe that was part if it…I hadn’t actually fucked her anally the night I had her tied and at my mercy. But whatever the root cause happened to be, this was what it was…Ann wanted her ass fucked, I was giving her what she wanted.

I moved my right foot, squatting over Ann as I placed it just outside right knee like my other foot was. Grabbing her hips, and having leverage from having both feet on the ground, I bent my back and started firing forward with my thighs. It was a position I’d never tried, and I doubted Ann had either. But it was a dramatic difference from how we’d just been using and abusing each other…and almost at once I felt my balls starting to stir.

My cock seemed to swell inside Ann as I pumped into her, and she turned to look at me as soon as I felt it.

“You’re going to cum, aren’t you baby!”

All I could do was grunt and nod. I was too far gone to come up with anything to say. I just gripped Ann’s hips tighter and pulled her ass into me. I lasted another few seconds…but I felt my balls tighten so hard it hurt, the cum inside them fighting to get out.

“Oh…FUUUUUUUCK!” I screamed.

Ann pulled forward fast, spinning on her knees as she reached back to grab my cock as it came out of her ass. She held on to the base with a death grip, squeezing it as hard as she could to hold back my load. She had this nasty glare in her eyes as she took the head of my cock into her mouth, sucking back and forth over it as fast as she could. The head of my cock was already sensitized, and it made it feel like torture…like little needles were barely touching my skin. And yet it was the most incredible feeling ever. I was already cumming, my balls churning inside their sack as they pumped away. But with the valve closed, so to speak, and Ann still stimulating me like I was only about to start my orgasm…there were conflicting sexual signals going off in my brain.

Ann stopped sucking, and she held the head of my cock still on her extended tongue. Letting go of my shaft, a huge explosion left the tip of my cock, splattering all over her mouth, face and hair. She slowly stroked me while she squeezed my balls hard with her left hand, and my knees buckled from the extreme pleasure she was giving me. I couldn’t remember cumming with such sudden force, and my cock burned for a moment as my hot sperm shot out of it. But that only lasted a second or two, replaced by an almost euphoric release of emotions that hit me all at once.

I was staggered, and I actually had to go to the ground. By then I’d finished spurting, and Ann helped me to my ass, still gently holding onto my cock. She bent over, sucking me clean before she moved back, sitting on her ass. Her knees bent up, feet on the ground, with her arms around shins like she was just sitting casually. She watched me trying to recover, and she grinned. If there had really had been a contest, and we were trying to out fuck each other, Ann had won.

She slipped her shoes on and stood up, hands on her hips as she looked down at me…my cum dripping from her face. “Since you look like you still need some time, I’ll let you pick up what I brought. I’ll meet you back and the car. I’m going to go clean up a little.”

And with that, Ann turned heel and disappeared into the corn, just like one of the characters would have in that magical first movie we shared together. I lay back for a moment, staring up into the bright blue sky. The entire sexual escapade had lasted less than 10 minutes…but it seemed like I’d been there for hours. And that made me grin as I put on my sandals. Grabbing the blanket, I neatly folded it and headed back to the car, making sure I grabbed her bra along the way.


I was squirming on the seat as I tried to get comfortable. I’d readjusted the seat so the steering wheel felt right, as well as the pedals, but it still felt a little weird sitting in the driver’s seat. Ann was laughing at me as she took another drink from the big jug of water that I’d brought up for her from the back of the car.

She had gotten out a towel I had put with the emergency kit, and she’d used the gallon jug of water clean herself a little before she got dressed again. She left the water and towel out for me to do the same, and once I had, she asked me to bring the water up front because she didn’t want to get dehydrated. Based on how much she’d sweated during our fun in the field, it was hard to blame her.

Ann looked at me as I wiggled my ass, moving over closer to the door. “What in the world are you doing, Neil?”

“Trying to stay off the wet spot you left. No wonder you need to drink…I think there’s a gallon of your cum left on this seat. The damn thing is soaked!”

Ann giggled. “Well, you were sleeping…what was a horny girl supposed to do?”

I got tired of trying to avoid the inevitable, and move back into the center of the bucket seat. “Fuck it! I’ll just have to get wet,” I smiled.

“It’ll dry, baby.”

“Can I ask you something?”

Ann gave me a sweet smile. “Of course.”

“What got you so worked up that you came three times?”

“I told you, I was just horny, baby. I’m horny all the time when I’m around you.”

I laughed and said, “Okay…I already knew that. But there seems to me to be more to it than that. Like what you said back there…the comment about always wanting to do ‘that’ when we were fucking. What were you talking about?”

“Okay…I’m going to tell you. And I’m NOT going to drag it out.” I smiled, just at the thought of Ann admitting that she had tendency to find ways NOT to tell me things. Not on purpose, but just because her mind would wander when it came to things that involved sex. She smiled back and said, “Do you remember Connie from High School?”

“Connie…Connie Russell?” I said…naming the only Connie I could think of that was in our class. And she came to mind because I had actually taken her out a couple of times one summer when I came home from college.

“Yeah. She and I were good friends in High School. We were on the dance team together.”

“I know…she wasn’t as good as you though, if that’s what you’re asking.”

Ann laughed and said, “I think you’re biased…you’ve told me that before.”

“Maybe now, but I wasn’t biased back then. I just love letting you know how hot you were back then too. Anyway, about Connie.”

“Yeah…Connie. She lived south of town…her Dad’s a farmer.”

“I know Ann…I’ve been there.”

“You’ve been where?”

“The Russell’s farm. It’s pretty big.”

“You and Connie are friends?”

“Well, sort of. We DID go to school together.”

“Wait…you were out to her house when we went to school. I thought…”

“I didn’t take her out or anything when we were in school, Ann. I didn’t date anyone when we were in school. I took her out a couple of times after High School. The summer of my sophomore year in college.”

“So you dated her?” Ann asked, a little puzzled.

“No…I took her out. We didn’t date. We just went to the movies together a couple of times. I know I remember taking her to see ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. And…we went dancing once,” I said as I racked my brain trying to recollect that summer.

“If you went dancing…you went on a date. You dated her,” Ann laughed. She wasn’t jealous or anything. She was just surprised that I had gone out with someone that was a friend of hers. It was one of those moments where she’d forgotten that I had a life in town after she’d moved away…and it threw her a little.

“If you say so…but we didn’t date. Actually, she’s not my type.”

“What? Why…because she’s a little heavy?”

“Okay…first of all, I don’t think Connie is ‘heavy’…or even a little heavy. She actually has a very nice body. She’s fuller figured, but she has all the right curves in all the right places. And secondly, I hope you don’t think that I’m that shallow.”

“Baby, I don’t think you’re shallow…far from it. And I never said that Connie wasn’t attractive. I guess that her being a little…curvy, was the first thing that popped into my head. And you’re right, it shouldn’t have. She’s always been a good friend to me…so I shouldn’t have said that. In fact, that’s why I’m puzzled…why wouldn’t she be your type?”

“Because she’s not.”

“Well why not?” Ann said, getting a little defensive about her former friend. “She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s attractive, she’s…”

“Gay,” I said, looking over at Ann with a little smile.


“Connie is gay, Ann.”

“W…when did that happen?” Ann said in shock.

“When did it happen? What kind of question is that? She’s gay, Ann…it’s not like she signed up for a club or something.”

“Well I know that. But when did she start telling people…hell, I thought we were close. She never told me.”

“Ann, do you hear yourself?”

“What? I would have understood.”

“Look Ann…you just spent the last 10 years in California. It’s no big deal there. But be honest…can you really blame Connie for not telling anyone in High School? Fuck, babe…I went through hell not that long ago just going through a divorce in that town. Imagine her coming out about her sexuality 10 years before that, when we were in school. You KNOW why she didn’t tell you.”

“Oh my God…I just can’t believe it. But wait…you went out with her just the next year, and you found out…”

“Okay…I’ll tell you. Connie worked at the plant that summer…we worked together on the production line, right next to each other. And so, we ended up going out.”

“You tried to get in her pants, didn’t you?” Ann laughed.

“I was just back from my freshman year in college Ann. So was she. And I’d had a LOT of sex that year in school…kind of found myself. But I was back in that little town, and here was this attractive girl next to me every day…so sure, I was working at it, for over a month. And she finally agreed to go out. But then she told me when we were standing in line for the movie.”

“She just came out and told you…just like that?”

“She’d just spent her first year in college too, Ann. She went to a little liberal arts school in southern Indiana. And she found HER self. Actually, she just confirmed that she’d been denying who she really is, and she let herself go. So, we went to the movies, and she ended up telling me. Probably because we were in Fort Wayne, and she felt safe bing in a city. She said she needed to tell someone in our town, just so she wouldn’t feel like she was still hiding it. But she really didn’t come out, if you know what I mean.”

“So…you were the first one she told?”

“In our town…yeah. I don’t think there are still very many that know. It’s actually one of the better guarded secrets that town has ever kept. I guess if you only tell the right people, there are those who CAN keep things to themselves.”

“So you just went out that one time then?”

“No…I told you, we went to the movies a couple of times, and we went dancing once. A club in Fort Wayne.”

“But why…after you knew, why did you two still go out? I don’t get it.”

“Because, I’m not shallow Ann. Connie confided something really personal to me. What was I supposed to do, bail on our friendship just because I wasn’t going to get laid?”

“Well…no. Not when you put it like that.”

“We had a good time…it gave her someone that she could hang out with that summer and totally be herself. She didn’t have to hide who she was with me. Besides, she made it up to me that fall when we went back to college,” I laughed.

“She made it up to you…how?”

“She invited me down to her college one weekend. She ended up setting me up with her roommate…a really hot girl named Nikita. Connie even had her come home with her for Thanksgiving that year, and I saw her then too.”

“You saw her? You mean you fucked her,” Ann smiled.

“Yeah…and she fucked me too. It wasn’t a one way street.”

“Nikita…that’s a really pretty name. Is that Hispanic?”

“Actually, Nikita’s black.”

“Wow…I’m learning more about you every day, baby. That is so cool.”

“What…that I slept with a girl that’s black? Kind of a non-issue, don’t you think? I never saw her as black…I just saw her as hot, and horny.”

“I know…that’s what I love about you. You don’t see color. Would it bother you to know I dated a black guy for a while?”

“No…I could care less who you dated. I only care who you’re marrying,” I said as I put my hand on Ann’s leg.

Ann was quiet for a moment, reflecting on all of the things we’d just talked about, which frankly covered a lot of territory. She was staring out the window, watching the world pass us by, and then she let out a little sigh. “So…where is she now?”

“Who, Nikita?”

“No…Connie. She wasn’t at the reunion, but I think this kind of explains why.”

“Funny, I think they’re still living outside of Chicago,” I said, as I pointed at a roadside distance marker as we passed it, telling us how far it was to the Windy City as we traveled east along I-80 in the middle of Illinois.

“They?” Ann asked, turning to look at me.

“Connie and Nikita.”

“They live together?”

“Well, yeah. They’re a couple. They fell in love their last year in college. I guess I left out the part where Nikita’s bisexual, huh?” I laughed.

“Ha…yeah, you kinda did. But wait…you said Connie hooked you up with Nikita.”

“She did, but that was their sophomore year…the fell in love the next year. Then they graduated and moved to Chicago. That’s where Nikita’s from originally. I haven’t seen them in a long time.”


“Wow, what?” I asked.

“I guess it just seems odd to me that Connie introduced you to Nikita and you two had a little fling, and then she ended up with Nikita herself. Well, maybe not odd, but it’s interesting.”

“Why? I told you, Nikita’s bisexual. So are you,” I smiled.

Ann squinted, making her eyes sparkle, her cute little nose wrinkling as she reached over and hit me on the arm. “No I’m not!”

“Well, maybe not by some stereotyped category. But you have to admit, you’re more in touch with that side of you than you were not that long ago. Face it, Ann…you’ve had sex with four different women in the last week, and two of them were women you’d just met.”

“Four? Where do you get four?”

“Well, there was Dana…twice. Then there was Missy doing you, and you doing her later at the party. Then there was Maryam…and then Molly last night. That’s four.”

Ann looked back at me, her mouth opening as the number sank in. “Oh my God,” she mouthed to herself, turning to look out the passenger window again. And with that, the car fell silent.

I let Ann have some space, knowing a lot was going on in her mind. Of course, that space as questionable. I’m not sure it counted as giving her ‘space’ when you considered we were confined two feet apart it a little compact car stuffed to the roof with boxes and suitcases. Still, I could tell Ann needed some time to collect her thoughts, even though I wasn’t really sure the reasons why.

After a while, though, the silence became distracting. Ann wasn’t talking…she was just staring out that side window, watching more farmland whip past us.

I finally felt I needed to reach out to her, just to be sure. “Ann…are you okay?” I asked quietly, not wanting to startle her.

“Huh? Oh…yeah, I’m fine baby,” she said turning a little in her seat to look at me.

“You sure? Whenever you’re that quiet, usually something’s on your mind. You’re not regretting being with them, are you?”


“The girls I mentioned a little while ago…Dana, Missy, and the rest.”

Ann smiled sweetly, her nose wrinkling a little again, making me want to melt in my seat. “No baby. I don’t regret any of them. I was just thinking about how maybe I’ve been wrong about being…bisexual. Maybe…”

I laughed and said, “Ann…I was kidding. You’re not bisexual. You’re just sexual…and you’ve found that you like being with women from time to time. It’s not like you’re Nikita. Not even close.”

“How can you say that?”

“Well, I knew pretty much from the moment I met Nikita that she loved having sex with men…a lot. But, she connected emotionally on a sexual level a lot more with women. I can’t explain HOW I knew…it was just a gut feeling. But I turned out to be right. And based on that, and how well I feel like I know you now, I know you’re not the same.”

“Maybe…but I’ve been with four women in the last seven days, Neil. And the truth is, if things had been just a little different…I could easily have seen myself having sex Gracie in Sacramento that night. And if Julie would have been up for it at the lodge, I would have done her too…of course, you would have been in charge of that one since I was your slave at the time, so that would be different. But still, it’s not like I don’t think about being with women now.”

“We’re both just a little oversexed right now, Ann. And that’s not a bad thing. We knew this was going to be an amazing trip home. Let’s not label what we’re doing…or you. Let’s just enjoy this while it happens, because you and I both know that it’s not going to happen with this kind of frequency all the time. And you know as well as I do that you’re not like Nikita…you’re not going to end up falling in love and living with a woman that’s a lesbian.”

Ann turned all the way around in her seat, scooting herself towards the center. Leaning over, she put her head on my shoulder, letting out a little sigh. “I love the way you talk to me, Neil. You really DO know me…and that kind of astounds me sometimes. You know just what to say to calm me down.”

“I love you, Ann.”

“I love you too, baby. And I love your cock…and I guess that really says everything, doesn’t it. As much as I like being with a woman now, it’s just fun and exciting. But there’s not an emotional connection at all. I know that I couldn’t live without you fucking me with your big fat cock. I need that, because it makes me feel like I’m a part of you.”

It was a happy thought, and we both let out a little closed mouth moan as she stayed glued to my shoulder. We traveled miles in silence again, both of us thinking about our conversation, content to just be with each other. There were lots of happy thoughts going though my head as I felt Ann next to me, breathing peacefully.

I’d been thinking of Ann, and how she had changed over the last week. It was hard not to smile when I thought of the chances she’d taken and the parts of her sexuality that she’d willingly explored with me. It was also hard not to be excited about what we’d do in the future together.

And in truth, I knew at that point that we’d make it together as a couple. Traveling across the country over 4 days together in that tiny, cramped car could give anyone the feeling that they were trapped. Add to that that Ann and I were really still in the infancy of our relationship, and it hit me that we’d handled things along the way better than most couples who have been together for years, or even decades would have been able to do. A sense of peace came over me when I thought of growing old with someone as beautiful and sexy as Ann.

Passing another mile marker sign, I saw how far we were from Chicago, and that brought my thoughts to Connie and Nikita once more. I hadn’t seen either of them in over five years. Connie was one of the first people to see through my ex wife, and call her for what she was. And she was the one person that had the courage to try to talk me out of marrying her. I suppose, in a way, it kind of cost me a friendship, because Connie was so convinced that I was making a mistake that she refused to come to the wedding. At the time, it hurt that she’d made a choice like that. But now it hurt that I’d actually made the wrong choice, and I’d lost a good friend because of it.

Just as all of that was going on in my mind, Ann asked me what I was thinking. So, I told her. Ann looked at me with her big brown eyes, sad that things had played out the way they had between me and Connie. But I kind of shrugged my shoulders about the whole thing.

“She was another part of the collateral damage that my ex created, babe. But I own that…I didn’t listen.”

“And it doesn’t bother you that you’re not friends with Connie now?”

“Well, I suppose it does a little. But I had to come to terms with that a long time ago. Besides, if I’d listened to her, I wouldn’t have you. And I think if I know Connie, all she wanted all along was for me to be happy. That’s what I wanted for her too. That’s why she pitched such a fit at the time…she knew. Somehow, she knew I’d end up heartbroken. But I’m happy now, Ann. I’m happier than I ever thought I could be. Connie would be thrilled if she knew we were together.”

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