public masturbation

Saturday finds Doug and Elizabeth sleeping in after a long day spent at the beach, then a huge dinner at a seafood restaurant overlooking the bay and barhopping on the boardwalk till midnight.

Elizabeth wakes to the sound of rain pattering on the deck. Crap, she thinks, I really wanted to go to the beach today. She debates whether or not to go downstairs to check the weather forecast on TV – she hopes the rain’s just passing through and that the sun will come out eventually – but decides against it; she’d much rather stay in a warm bed snuggled up against Doug, their arms around each other and legs entwined.

She smiles as she rests her chin on Doug’s chest, inhaling deeply the male scent of him: soap, spicy cologne and a slight hint of musk, and she remembers kissing him for the first time, then burying her face in his shoulder and smelling that smell and getting extremely turned on by it … and by his hands gently stroking then ever-so-slowly undressing her.

Then she thinks of being at dinner with him Friday night, thinks of how he had furtively fondled her breast as he helped her into her chair when she returned from the restroom. “Why must you tease me?” she wanted to know.

“I like it; it’s fun. And you like it too. Admit it.” Elizabeth nodded and smiled. “More wine?” he asked, gesturing at the bottle of chardonnay they’d ordered.

“Yes, please.” He reached for her glass and filled it. “Talk about being a tease,” he mock-scolded her, “you strutting around in your bra and panties and heels in front of me, pretending to decide what to wear to go out tonight … not to mention that skimpy little sundress you’ve got on.” He indicated the strappy purple dress she wore, and she cocked an eyebrow at him.

Sipping at her wine, Elizabeth waited for him to put the bottle back in the ice bucket. Then, very discreetly she slipped her right foot out of her shoe and placed it in Doug’s lap, causing him to twitch in his seat. “Hey!” he exclaimed softly. “What are you doing?”

“I told you earlier: Payback’s a bitch,” she replied saucily as a sly grin spread across her face. She moved the ball of her foot to the crotch of his khaki pants and started applying the gentlest pressure to his cock and balls, her eyes never leaving his.

His lips parted and his tongue touched the corner of his mouth as she caressed him this way for a few moments, and she paused when their waitress approached their table. “Are you ready to order?” she asked.

“I’m not sure what I want yet,” Elizabeth replied. “What about you, baby? Need a few more minutes to decide?” All he could do was nod – he was afraid he’d groan if he tried to speak – so she asked the server, “Could we have a few more minutes, please?” As the server departed Elizabeth resumed moving her toes over his crotch. “Do you like that, baby?” she mouthed at him from across the table, all wide-eyed innocence – looking at her no one would suspect that she had her bare foot planted squarely in Doug’s crotch, hidden as it was by the tablecloth – looking for all the world like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Again he could only nod. And he had to admit, the fact that Elizabeth was playing with him in public was really turning him on.

The server returned to the table. “I’m really sorry,” Elizabeth told her. “We’ve been so busy chatting we still haven’t decided what we want. We’ll need a few more minutes, please.” As the server walked away again Elizabeth commented wryly, “We’re going to have to leave her a really big tip for this,” and continued rubbing his crotch with her foot.

Minutes passed as Elizabeth continued this delicious torture; Doug had no idea how he kept a straight face despite being extremely aroused by what this beautiful woman was doing to him until he felt his impending orgasm. She grinned as his eyes widened and his mouth fell open. “You close, baby?” she asked even though she already knew the answer, but because he didn’t want to blow his load in his pants he told her to stop. At this, Elizabeth leaned over enough that he could see down the front of her dress and asked him, “You don’t want me to finish you off right here?”

“No, you tease,” Doug replied before getting up and heading to the bathroom, holding his napkin in front of himself to conceal his erection.

He locked himself in a stall, unzipped his pants and pulled his shaft through the opening of his boxer shorts; then he pictured Elizabeth standing in front of him, her dress pulled up over her ass, that gorgeous little ass he loved so much, and he started stroking himself as he envisioned himself bending her over and ramming his cock into her hot, velvety sex.

Then he imagined her whispered question of “Am I your dirty little whore, Doug?”

“Yes,” he told her.

“Then say it, baby … tell me you’re going to fuck me like the dirty little whore I am. After what I just did to you in the dining room. Say it.” He inhaled deeply, then heard himself fairly growl at her as he continued thrusting in and out, “This is what you get for being a dirty little whore, Elizabeth … teasing me in the dining room like that … you fucking tease … I bet you like being fucked like this, all dirty little whores like you do …” In his mind he could hear her crying out in ecstasy at all the filthy things he was saying to her, and at this he came with a shudder, catching his load in the napkin he’d brought with him from the dining room.

After cleaning up and disposing of his soiled napkin in the men’s room trash bin, Doug returned to the dining room to find Elizabeth waiting for him with an extremely cocky grin on her face. He moved to stand next to her, then leaned over and gave her a hard kiss on the mouth. She raised her eyebrows at him as he sat down. “Everything okay, baby?” she wanted to know.

“It’s all good.” He sipped at his wine. “I didn’t want to piss off our server,” Elizabeth told him, “so I ordered steamed clams and mussels as an appetizer, and broiled crab cakes for each of us. They’re very good here. I hope that’s okay.” She stared back as Doug contemplated her quietly for a minute or two. “What is it?” she wanted to know.

“Just thinking of how I’m going to get you back for that one.” She giggled, then asked, “What, are we going to be one-upping each other all weekend?”

“Certainly looks that way, doesn’t it?”

“God, I don’t know if I’ll be able to take it,” she told him. She watched as he leaned across the table towards her. “Oh, E,” he replied in a low voice. “Baby … you don’t have a choice.”

* * *

Elizabeth raises herself on one elbow when she feels Doug stirring next to her. “You awake?” she asks softly.

“Yeah.” She leans over to kiss him on the cheek. “That the best you can do, E?” he teases, and she laughs. “No,” she says simply. “I can do better.” She presses her lips to his and parts them with her tongue, gently lapping at his teeth. When she withdraws her tongue, he slips his into her mouth, and he groans softly when she begins sucking on it. “That better?” she asks, when they both come up for air.

“A little,” he tells her.

“I can think of something even better than that,” she says. She rises to straddle his waist and kisses him again, then trails a line of kisses across his cheek to his earlobe, taking it carefully between her teeth for a quick nibble. Then her tongue laps at the sensitive skin just behind his ear, making him moan with pleasure. “How’s that, baby?” she whispers.

“It’s okay,” Doug replies jokingly. Elizabeth chuckles at this then tells him in a soft, sultry tone, “I’m just getting started.” And with that, he feels her lips and tongue move down the side of his neck to his chest. “How about that?” she murmurs.

“Getting better,” he says. “But not by much.” She nuzzles the base of his neck with her nose, then resumes kissing and licking a path down his chest. When she reaches the middle of his breastbone, she shifts her focus to his right nipple, giving it a few quick licks, then sucks on it; this she repeats on his left one, finishing with a gentle nip of her teeth, and she smiles when she hears him draw a deep breath.

Elizabeth kisses a line down his nicely muscled abdomen, stopping when she reaches his navel, and she rims it with her tongue. “That tickles, E,” he murmurs, and he sucks in his breath again as he feels her lips graze the top of his right thigh; his shaft starts to harden when her hair brushes against it. Slowly, delicately, she traces her lips and tongue along the line of his leg where it meets his torso, stopping at his hipbone. He reaches down to caress her cheek; she takes his hand in hers and kisses his palm, looking directly into his eyes as she does so, and he believes it’s one of the sexiest things a woman’s ever done to him.

Then she outdoes herself: she rises to her knees, still holding Doug’s hand, and slides his index finger in her mouth, running her tongue around it, which completely electrifies him. “Oh, baby … that’s so sexy,” he moans, and she gives him a look that could melt steel. She inserts each of his fingers in her mouth in turn, alternately licking and sucking them, and when she’s finished she moves up his torso, and he groans again as he feels her breasts seductively graze his skin. Then her mouth is at his ear again and she whispers, “Do you know how much I like to give you head, Doug? How much I like to suck your cock?” which further inflames his desire for her. Without waiting for an answer, she slides back down his chest and over his abdomen, pausing to briefly rub her nose in his pubic hair.

Finally, her right hand wraps around the base of Doug’s shaft, and he shudders as he feels her tongue lap at the head, then at the sensitive skin on the underside of it, and then she plunges him halfway into her mouth. When her lips move upwards, she flicks her tongue against him; she pauses at the tip before moving slowly downwards, her tongue circling his shaft.

Elizabeth starts blowing him in earnest, her eager lips moving up and down and her tongue darting against him, her hand moving in time with her mouth, and every time she reaches the tip she licks a bit harder. His hands convulsively ball into fists on either side of her head, and her name escapes his lips with a groan.

She takes a brief break in the action to rest her neck, leaving the tip in her mouth and gently sucking on it, thoroughly enjoying the lustful look on his face as he stares down at her, totally mesmerized by what she’s doing to him. She hesitates for a moment, then starts massaging his inner thigh with her left hand as her right one drops to carefully caress his balls … then her lips slide all the way down his shaft, and her nose is once again buried in his pubic hair. He cries out seeing that his entire six inches is in her hot little mouth, which languidly moves up and down the entire length of him, and he’s amazed that she doesn’t gag when he holds her head in place to prolong his pleasure as her tongue laps greedily at the base of his cock. Elizabeth doesn’t seem to mind; she nuzzles her face in his pubic hair and inhales deeply the essential scent of him.

When Doug lets go, she wraps her right hand around the base of his shaft again and resumes moving it in time with her lips and tongue; the only sounds in the room are his harsh exhalations and moans, and the wet, squishy sounds her mouth makes as she continues to blow him. “Oh, E … oh, babe … I’m so close,” Elizabeth hears Doug sigh, and she stops what she’s doing. She rises to whisper in his ear again, making sure to rub against his shaft as she does so, while her hand remains wrapped around the base of it and gently squeezes. This time she tells him, “I want you to come in my mouth, baby,” before heading back south to finish what she’s started.

This turns Doug on even more (if such a thing is possible) and he feels himself ready to explode as Elizabeth takes him into her mouth one final time, her mouth and tongue moving faster by degrees up and down his shaft, her hand slipping up and down, her slender, delicate fingers warm around him as they grip him with such exquisite pressure and he’s loving the feel of her lips sucking him and her tongue licking him as she blows him and he feels his climax begin at the base of his spine and he utters a long, low groan as he’s carried off to a mindless Nirvana by what might be the most powerful orgasm he’s ever had in his whole life. As his load spurts into her mouth, his hips tremble against her face and his fingers tangle in her hair, and he calls her name as he feels her mouth and fingers milk every last drop from him … then one final violent shudder when he’s truly sated, his head thrown back and his breathing labored, as if he’s just completed a marathon.

Doug’s so out of it that he hasn’t realized that Elizabeth’s gotten off the bed and gone to the bathroom to rinse her mouth and brush her teeth. When she’s done she returns with a washcloth and a hand towel; he gasps when he feels warm, damp terrycloth moving carefully over his crotch.

Elizabeth tenderly cleans him up and dries him off, and after dropping the bath linens on the floor next to the bed, she lies back down next to him. Again her mouth moves to his ear and her breath is hot against his skin and she wants to know, “So, was that any better?”

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