public humiliation

As I lay back on my towel in the sand, eyes closed, letting the warm breeze drift over my almost naked body I took a sip of a freshly opened beer, the cold liquid running through my body.

“Ahhh,” I exhaled. I’ve arrived, I thought…finally.

10 years ago I dropped out of high school at the age of 17 because I wanted to start my own business, I knew that I could do it, school could get me no further. I also knew it would be a long, hard road so I wanted to get started right away.

I was right on both accounts, it was long and hard, but I did it. I’d worked my ass off for a decade but I sold a portion of the company and stepped down in my active role , I’d now collect checks while I let others do the work.

This happened less than a month ago, and since then I’d sold my condo and bought this place, this amazing place. It’s a private bungalow on the beach in a secluded area in Hawaii, no one within a 20 minute drive, the nearest city 20 minutes past that.

For the past week, I’d been waking to the sounds of the ocean, the waves hitting the sand 50 feet from my window. I often pondered whether this was worth it all, I’d spent a lot of prime years in my life just working, I’d missed out on a lot of experiences, especially college, but also so many other little things, I barely had any real hobbies, and perhaps the biggest thing was I’d never had time for a relationship, I’d been on sporadic dates, a lot, but I’d never met anyone who could make me take the time out of my life for them, and I know now that that was a mistake.

I’d met some great people, but brushed them off because they were getting in the way of my single minded focus.

I realized that any mistakes in the past, any obligations on my life, were now gone, I could do what I wanted, what I deep down wanted, and if I didn’t for any reason, then the last 10 years of my life would truly have gone to waste.

What did I want the most? I thought. That was easy, a beautiful, amazing women to share all this with, but was it that easy? I know that in my sex life for the past 10 years I was all about ‘getting mine’ I wasn’t interested in woman for relationships, I wanted to meet ones that would hook up, no commitments, nothing.

I realized too, that my favorite ones were the ones that I could let go with, not be in charge, making decisions. The girls that would take over, be in charge, the ones that would get on top of me and ride me hard, while I would just lay back and watch them work.

I’d never made the connection before, but I’d had a passing sexual fantasy, one that came up in dreams more often than conscious thought that now seemed very connected to my sex life up to this point.

I then started to ponder a way to make this fantasy a reality. At first, I felt intense fear and reluctance as I’d never thought about anything like this before in my life, then I started to think deeper, my fear faded, the details feel into place and I started to get excited, nervous excited, but excited.

I laid around for another hour thinking about it, went for a swim in the ocean, the whole time rolling it over in my mind.

I was finally ready and headed inside to my laptop and I started browsing around any message board, dating websites, etc that would have college girls on them. I figured the timing would be perfect, as exams were finishing right about now leading into summer.

I found a bunch of sites and decided to write my pitch:

This may be the most unusual request you’ve ever read in your life, it’s certainly the most unusual I’ve ever asked, or even heard about. I assure you I am 100% serious.

I’m a 26 year old single guy and I just moved into a beach house in Hawaii. I own my own business and am not needed there for long periods of time. I never went to college as I was busy with my business the whole time, I am looking for a college co-ed who has a few weeks of spare time in her summer vacation.

Here’s the strange part, I’ve recently decided that I want to try some dominant-submissive stuff, so I am looking for a girl to dominate me for 2 weeks in my place in Hawaii.

The trip would be all expenses paid, I mean everything, food, plane, you will have everything you need, you’ll live in luxury for the whole time. But, this isn’t a regular Cancun, all inclusive deal, this is ALL inclusive, you have me as your complete and total control, I’ll take care of whatever you need, you have no need to lift a finger, anything you want done for you you simply ask me and I will.

If you’re interested I want a girl who is college aged, attractive, and interested in being a dominate, though no experience is required, you must be willing and able to order me around for two weeks as basically your slave, sexual and otherwise.

I can promise that this will be the most pleasurable two weeks of your life, you’ll have a private beach house and a man willing to do whatever it takes to please you, to satisfy you 24/7.

I’ve attached picture of myself in this message.

As far as my interests on being a submissive, bondage, teasing, some spanking/pain/punishment stuff, humiliation and total service to you, are what gets me turned on about all this.

If you are interested please reply with the following details: First name, real age, pictures, earliest departure date and latest return date, at least one picture in bikini and a face close-up, but the more pictures the better, nothing with less than a bikini, I kind of want it to be a surprise, but all sexy pictures without nudity are strongly encouraged.

I have a whole bunch of questions, but I have to be sure I am sexually attracted to you before I waste our time. I’ll be contacting probably the 10-20 girls who I find turn me on the most. Note that your pictures will not be shared with ANYONE but me.

Thanks for applying and I hope to hear from you soon. Any questions, please contact me, you have 1 week to apply.

And with that I went to all the sites I had bookmarked and posted it as a profile or to a message board and shaking with excitement and uncertainty, I turned the computer off and headed out for a run along the beach.

I resisted checking my email and profiles for a whole week to let the time run out. I actually let it run that 7th day, so on the 8th morning, very excited, I began to check for applicants, praying I got at least 1 I found hot.

Amazed, I had a bit over 100 girls apply from all across America. Realizing that today was going to be an awesome day, I grabbed a coffee and settled in. I was impressed to find a lot of girls tried really hard with the pictures, some sending 10 in different poses and outfits, a lot including a few leather or latex bdsm ones, many even explaining that they took these just for me!

I don’t know how many hours I took, but I had over 40 girls that I thought were hot. I kept slowly eliminating them until I was finally down to 12, this would be a great number to work with for the next part of the interview process.

So, I sent out an email to all the girls that went like this:

Congratulations girls, you were one of 12 girls selected from over 100, I’d like to ask you a few more questions. I am hoping this will narrow it down some more.

First, I’d like to read a little bit about you in general to get an idea of your interests, personality, etc, the more you can tell me the better, but keep it under 1 page please.

I also need to know your experience with dominate-slave, if any, if not, tell me why it interests you, go into detail. I’d also like to hear about some of your favorite sexual experiences. I want you to go through the sex toy website attached and give me a list of anything you’d want on this trip to use on you and/or me. Go through the site well, add anything you may think would come in handy that you’d be interested in trying.

Give me an example of a perfect day at my place as you would run it (and you’re under control, so that’s how it would actually happen) and finally explain why you would be a great candidate, besides physical appearance.

Finally, I am looking for someone to truly be in control, so if you don’t have a history in bdsm explain why you are certain you could be an authoritative, powerful, intimidating dominant, instead of the regular girl you are in your daily life.

Thanks, I know that this is a lot, so take your time, but I am setting a deadline for a week from now again. I would love to hear about you ladies as much as possible, but please limit your whole application to 5 pages of writing, that’s probably over 2000 words, but don’t feel a need to write that much if you feel like you’ve described what I have asked fully, there is no minimum.

I don’t know how long it will take me to get through them, and how much I can limit it down, but rest assured you will know as soon as I do.

Thanks again, you guys are all incredibly sexy and I am SO excited to begin this.

Once again, I tried to push it out of my life as much as I could for the week and on that 8th day I again opened up that email account to find 12 applications, all sent within the past 3 days.

I printed them all out and matched them to the images I had also since printed in high quality. I read through each once to see if there were any easily eliminations. There were, I cut 1 for being basically incomplete, she didn’t talk about herself, why she’d be good, etc. 2 girls sounded just mean spirited, it wasn’t a sexual thing to them, it was a ‘take out the anger,’ also no good, I also thought one girl was trying to use me for a free vacation.

So that was 8, I then cut another girl who only picked a vibrator for toys, not what I am looking for.

I then cut one more girl, who was almost a professional dominatrix, she had tons of experience. That didn’t vibe with me, so I was down to 6 amazing, mind blowingly attractive and qualified applicants.

I decided to put them away for the day and get back to it tomorrow.

The next day I was able to eliminate one more girl, just didn’t think her application or physical appearance was quite at the level of the others, there was nothing wrong, I just knew I wouldn’t have picked her.

For the next few days I wasn’t sure how I could decide, I was always changing the way I’m leaning, I spent hours each day reading them over, looking at the pictures and just thinking about them.

I then decided to maybe let them make the decision for me as I had a further idea for the vacation, so I wrote them:

Hello girls, I’ve got it down to 5 so far, but I am stuck at the moment. I have a few more things I’d like to mention before the trip.

I want you to pack light, we will be secluded the whole time, so you can only bring nightwear, underwear, any dominant clothing you like, two sundresses and however many bikinis you would like, then sandals for footwear, a few other limited accessories will be fine, and toiletries should be brought too.

I also insist you not use your cellphone, or any electronics for the whole trip, if you bring them, we’ll just put them away somewhere for the trip, it’s no big deal, I do this to insist you aren’t distracted, have other intentions or using me for a vacation.

There will be a car and trips to the local city can be made together. If there are any problems with this let me know immediately, if you have some specific clothes questions, or inclusions for specific reasons let me know and I’ll consider it, also any other items at all you’d like let me know, especially food, drinks. I keep a fully stocked kitchen, but there’s nothing fancy, a few vegetables, some meat, dairy, bread, etc, these requests won’t have any affect on your standing, anything expensive or odd is fine, worst case I’ll just say no, remember that I want you to be as truly as happy and comfortable as possible the whole time..

I hope this restrictions won’t be a problem, even though they may take you a bit out of your comfort zone in terms of packing so light, but please remember that these few restrictions are the only ones you have to cross, after that I’m completely yours, so I hope you think it’s a fair deal.

Get back to me soon, take care.

Later that day, I got the first response, and unfortunately it was negative:

I’m so sorry Brent, but I was already pretty nervous about doing it, and I don’t think I could go without my cellphone for long, but know that I was determined to make it the best two weeks of both our lives, so if you do happen to reconsider, please let me know right away.

I hope you have a great time, best of luck!

Over the next two days the other results came in, they were all accepting of the situation, two were happy to try it, and the other two you could tell were uncomfortable with giving up control of their packing and world communication, but it proved how eager they were to do this. I’m not sure which response was better. They asked for various stuff for the house, from alcohol to sleeping supplies like feather pillows to beach type stuff. Three of the girls each had a special request for clothing, one a “little, tight black dress” another workout clothes and a third asked about “comfy cotton shorts and hoody.” I thought all these were fine and approved them.

Again I spent two days looking over these final 4, all the girls were stunning, all had amazing applications, great personalities, healthy sexual views according to this challenge, an obvious interest in trying it and awesome day plans, creative and well thought out.

I agonized, but I eventually took off what may have been my favorite girl, just my type, so sweet and bubbly, but I just feared she couldn’t get totally into it as a dominant, like she wouldn’t be able to be firm and demanding, so I had to cut her, even though I was totally in love with her from her application, if this was a pick my future wife contest, she would have won, and I told her so via email.

I then to cut another girl because her perfect day and toy selection wasn’t as varied and diverse as the other two.

I had an idea to narrow down the last two and contacted both girls:

Hey, congrats you are the final two girls, but you’re both perfect, I can’t decide. I can think of one thing: Can you both come out to Hawaii this Saturday, I’ll interview you both over lunch or a coffee and pick the winner, if you don’t win you are welcome to stay at a great resort in Hawaii for the weekend on me, or I can fly you back home as soon as you hear you weren’t selected if that’s preferable, whatever you want is fine with me.

Both emailed me back with the same request: Can I bring a girlfriend to spend the weekend if I don’t make it? She can buy her own ticket.

I told both it would be fine, I’d take care of the ticket as well, I then sent out a pair of tickets to each girl, Meghan in Phoenix and Jennifer in Cincinnati. I told them to wear one of their sundresses to meet me.

The rest of the week I thought about these two girls the whole time it was crazy. Meghan was 21. She was a tall, tanned, light blond haired beauty, she was lean, but toned, as she told me she played soccer and did yoga regularly. She had a picture of herself in a bikini her body away from the camera but her face turned around to smile flirtatiously for the camera, her ass looked amazing, She had a lot of side views in her bikini to check out her great legs and firm ass, she had one of her in a club outfit, short skirt and heels and her legs were stunning, I also loved two she had of her in hot pants and a sports bra doing yoga:

Jennifer was shorter, probably 5’4″, 5,5″ and 19, she had simple straight black hair the always fell perfectly down her body, falling just past her shoulders. She didn’t wear glasses, but if she did she’d have a really strong bookish look. She struck me, by her appearance, as very polite, nice, mild mannered..nice. She had rather pale skin, I liked it, it looked so fragile, like porcelain. She wasn’t quite as lean as Meghan, but was curvy, her hips flared out to make her waist look tiny, her breasts were definitely more full, they were probably about the same sized, but on her smaller frame looked bigger, and wonderfully round looking.

She didn’t exude sexuality like Meghan, frolicking in her bikini by the pool, or dress to kill in tight dresses or club wear. Jenn submitted one bikini pic, out of obligation it seemed, she wasn’t as eager as Meghan was. She had her hands on her hips, and looked comfortable with herself smiling easily into the camera, then 6 more of her in various clothes, two in jeans, two in nice dresses, one in shorts and a tank top and one of her in a professional attire, white blouse and tight dress pants.

I loved both the girl’s profiles and couldn’t wait to meet them, I had them take separate planes a few hours apart, I had a limo meet Meghan and her friend at the airport and then drop off her friend at the hotel and then bring her to the cafe.

I waited nervously at the quiet booth I had gotten in the corner, facing away from the entrance, too scared to watch, soon enough I felt a tap on my shoulder and my blood turned cold. I looked up to see Meghan in the flesh, smiling down at me, I stood up and greeted her with a friendly hug.

I directed her to the opposite side of the booth and I sat down across from her, feeling nervous, I could tell she was too, though she played confident very well.

She looked incredible in that thin, flowered sundress, you could just barely see through it, it was cut high on her arms and legs, it looked like it was delicately wrapped around her long body. She looked breathtaking, my beach goddesss.

“It’s awesome to finally meet you Meghan, I feel like we’re already acquaintances, you wrote a lot in your…application.”

She laughed while throwing her hair back over her shoulder, “Good, I hope you liked it.”

“Of course, I’m hoping this meeting doesn’t feel like an interview, I’m hoping we can just have a conversation about the next two weeks and ourselves and we’ll see how it sounds, if you want to say anything or ask me something, for sure go for it. Also, don’t be nervous or pressured, you already won a free weekend in hawaii for two friends, you’re an amazing woman.”

“That’s so sweet, thanks, and I hope we can have a nice conversation too.”

“Great, ok, how hard of a decision was it for you to apply?”

“Wow, umm, it’s weird, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it or not, but it wasn’t fear, I was uncertain if you were legit, if I wanted to apply and probably not even get picked, but I love trying new things, so the day after I saw it, I logged back in and said, he looks good, it’s a free hawaii vacation, why not try? I didn’t think anything would come of it, it’s surreal that I am even here. What about you, why put that ad out now, what made you do it?”

“Pretty random actually, I have tons of different fantasies and a submissive one isn’t even one that comes up often, but it’s weird I was thinking about my sexual history and a girl that was in control, not like submissive, but a take charge in bed type girl, always left me feeling the best, and then it clicked that I would actually like to try something like this. I only wanted college aged girls because I missed that part of my life and would like to get a piece, the best piece, of it.”

“But how long until you put it up, were you scared?”

“Not really, I kind of thought, is this something that I want to do? And I said yes, at that point on I’ve been scared, but never to the point of turning back or even close.”


“What appeals to you more, the pleasure you’ll get from me, like sexually, as your servant and also just the pleasure of living in hawaii, or the satisfaction and power of ordering around and using me, trying something like that?”

Meghan smiled deeply at that question, “That’s a good one, I haven’t thought about it that way, I’m really excited to order you around, to experiment on your body basically, I’m curious, but I have to say that honestly the thought of living the life of a sexy, powerful princess is the part I’ve been dreaming about the most. So I guess both, Im looking forward to having everything done for me, but because I can make you do it, that’s why I am so excited.”

He had just got a coffee from the machine and was settling in front of his computer screen to start work for the day when she rang him. He was to be waiting outside his office building in twenty minutes with his cock cage on (but no underwear) and $1500 in cash in his pocket. He would be taking the rest of the week off. As soon as she had given him that list she rang off quickly, without waiting for any sort of response, but he had been expecting the call and he knew what it meant; she had finished her lessons and was going to prove her skills on him to graduate.

As he waited for the lift down, excited but very nervous, he wondered if she had reached another decision as well; he hoped that being told to take the rest of the week off meant she had. He had got up from his desk and left the office without explanation or even logging off. He had to get to the bank to get the money she had asked for in time to meet her and time was tight; he would have to ring up later and say he had had a sudden illness and needed to go home.

Exactly on time a big white Executive taxi pulled up and he was only just ready. The bank had been more difficult than he had expected and his obviously being in a hurry hadn’t helped. The teller had been very suspicious about him withdrawing so much cash and he had had to show photo id and answer a lot of security questions. He was still sweating from nervousness and running up the hill to get back in front of his office as the taxi arrived.

C, was sitting in the back of the cab in a black dress and her favorite jacket with flowers embroidered over the back and shoulders. She was looking a little tense herself and gave him a tight smile though the window, which he returned as best he could. The driver, a grey-haired, portly middle aged man, held the door open for him. As soon as he got in C held out her hand for the money, took it and put it in the bag at her feet without saying anything. To his surprise she pulled a leather blindfold with an elastic strap out of the bag as she straightened up, slipped it over his head and adjusted it so he couldn’t see a thing. He had expected her to ask about his breathlessness but she stayed completely silent. As soon as the cab began to move she reached between his legs and felt for his cage and opened his fly to slip in a hand to see that he wasn’t wearing his underwear.

Getting out of his underwear at work had needed some careful work in the men’s toilets but the cage hadn’t been an issue; he had been wearing it for the last four weeks and she had the key. She left her hand in his trousers once she had checked he was as she had asked.

The car had moved off as soon as the driver was back in his seat, they must have discussed the destination before he got in and she didn’t want him to hear where they were going. Sitting in the back he was feeling an exciting mix of fear about what he hoped would happen next, embarrassment about what the driver was thinking and concern that someone from work had seen the blindfold or her reaching into his trousers. He held her other hand; she seemed more relaxed now that he was next to her but still said nothing. Slowly his breathing returned to normal.

The car journey took quite a while. He tried to guess where they were going but soon got confused. It was clear from the traffic and the noise from the streets that they were staying near the central city, so he guessed that the driver had been asked not to take a direct route but their destination was somewhere nearby. He sat holding her hand, trying to stay calm and wondering about what she had in store for him. He thought he could feel her excitement through the tension in her hand but it might just have been his.

Finally they stopped. There was the sound of people walking and talking nearby on the footpath but he wasn’t asked to remove his blindfold. The driver opened the door, took him by the arm and helped C guide him out. The footpath seemed quite crowded and he wondered what they thought about the blindfold and hoped even more they didn’t see his trousers were open. It clearly wasn’t bothering C so he did his best to look nonchalant under the mask and just follow where he was being led.

She guided him across the footpath to a doorway, letting him go while she spoke into an entry phone. The door clicked almost immediately and she led him into what seemed to be a narrow hallway. There was the sound of heels up above and a voice calling “Come upstairs!” She led him down the hall and started on the stairs but he was very slow in his blindfold, feeling for each tread as he walked up. There was an impatient clicking noise then a fairly fairly brusque, “Oh I see,” and the heels came down the stairs. He was taken firmly by the arm and pulled up at least four flights of stairs with a lot less regard than he had been shown before by C. At the top of the stairs he was pushed into a room and left for a minute while outside he could hear the heels saying, “You go along and talk to Mistress — I’ll get him sorted.” The door opened and closed and his blindfold was removed. The wearer of the heels turned out to be a solidly built middle aged woman who looked at him in a business-like sort of way and said “Get undressed. You can leave your clothes on the chair. I’ll come and get you when they are ready.”

She left, leaving the door open and he heard the heels go down the hall. A door opened, there was a brief conversation and the heels came back down the hall past the door to his room. She glanced in as she passed and frowned at him on seeing he was still standing there fully dressed. He quickly took off his clothes and put them neatly over the only chair in the room, a big armchair. The room was small with only the chair, a small table and a frosted window by way of furnishing. Once undressed he was at a bit of a loss; it felt silly to be standing naked but the chair had a very grand look and didn’t seem meant for him. Finally he knelt upright in the middle of the floor facing the door and waited. In the quiet he realized that there was an open door to the outside somewhere. He could hear street noise and the sound of road works so he guessed they were near the new motorway extension close to the centre of town. He could smell cigarette smoke and also guessed it was the woman who had met them having a smoke while she waited. He could hear the occasional sound of heels elsewhere in the building. After a while the woman, now smelling strongly of smoke came back into the room “Good boy,” she said approvingly seeing him kneeling naked, “Now just put your head on the floor and don’t look up until I come for you,” and she left again, shutting the door this time.

He did as she asked and waited a long time. It was quiet except for the occasional sound of heels deep in the building and when she came he heard her approach a long way down the hall. She had a collar, lead and full-face bondage hood with her. In silence the collar was quickly buckled on but the hood was very tight and she spent a long time pulling his head around to get it on. Eventually it was in place and she locked it with a padlock at the back. She unzipped the mouth hole and made sure it was in the right place by pushing her fingers into his mouth.

“Do you know what your Mistress has in mind for you?” she asked.

“No, Ma’am, she hasn’t said.”

“But you are happy to undergo what she asks? Do you need to be able to use your safeword?”

“I am happy to take whatever she asks for. If she thinks I need my safeword she will ask me.”

“OK then but everything that happens here is consensual — you are sure about this? Kneel up and tell me that you are happy to go with whatever your Mistress asks”

“Yes, Ma’am, anything she wants of me.”

“Good. She’s going to have some fun and don’t come whining to me if you can’t handle it.”

Zipped back up again, the hood was so tight that it acted almost like a gag. She didn’t open the eye holes. “Crawl,” she said pulling on the lead and he followed her down the hall on his knees.

He was led into what felt to be the centre of a large room. The woman dropped the lead onto the floor beside him without saying anything, the heels retreated and a door closed. There was a long silence. He was waiting for his mistress, and other people maybe, to come into the room to start in on him when the creak of leather very close by gave him a shock. There were people in the room already. He stayed still trying to work out where they were, his heart beating hard. Suddenly, with no other warning he was dragged by the collar and pushed hard through a narrow opening scraping his shoulders. A metal door clanged shut. Whoever had grabbed him was surprisingly strong. He was held again and pulled upwards. He reached out and found he was holding the bars of a cage. “Stand up!” ordered a loud, deliberately harsh voice. The sudden movement and noise after the previous quiet waiting was disorienting. As soon as he was standing his hands were stretched out and cuffed one at a time so that his stomach was pressed against the bars. The leather creaked away. There was a silence then C said “He looks good like that.” He hadn’t even known she was in the room although now he knew she was there he could smell her scent — Angel.

“In a fucking cage where he belongs,” said the hash voice.

“What should I do with him?” asked his Mistress. Someone started to play with with cock in its cage through the bars.

“It’s up to you,” said the harsh voice, “Impress me with your control.”

“What I want is for him to be marked for me. I want bruises on him that will last as long as possible. I want people to know he is mine and know that he is prepared to suffer for it.” Her voice came from right next to him so he knew it was his Mistress playing with him. His cock was hard now and he was getting excited.

“OK, we can get his arse well bruised up with the strap the put some nice tramlines on it with the cane.”

“How many strokes? 12, 18?”

“We’ll see. Shall we have a few games to get him warmed up while we wait?” Wait for what he wondered.

C had moved away. Rougher hands took hold of his cock cage and sharp nails dug into his cock through the gaps in the metal work. “You have got him done up nicely haven’t you C? You can’t wank yourself with that on can you? It’s been a pleasure teaching your Mistress, pussy, and I look forward to seeing what she does to you.”

Both his nipples were twisted until he tried to squeak. He felt one nipple being pulled then it was bitten by a really sharp clamp. The other nipple was treated the same way then both clamps were pulled hard making him twist in his bonds and moan. The pressure was released the reapplied several times bringing him to his toes each time. Throughout this torment his balls were being fondled, keeping his cock hard and straining against the cage.

There was a brief whispered conversation and his hands were released. He was forced to his knees by someone pulling on the clamps then a strong hand on his head pushed him on to all fours. The cage was opened and he was pulled out by his lead and left on the floor. He could feel a chain between the nipple clamps dragging on the floor, catching on the edge of the cage as he was pulled out.

The harsh voice said “Crawl over to me.”

It was disorientating in the mask and the pain from the clips on his nipples was distracting. He crawled towards where he thought the voice was coming from. There was swoosh and a something hit one of his buttocks. “No slave, over here; show me your arse and I’ll paddle it for you.”

He turned around and crawled towards the voice again but there was a mocking laugh and his other buttock took a nasty blow. He heard C call “Over here!” and he crawled towards her voice. Five or six blows caught his arse and he caught his hand in the chain of the clamps badly hurting his nipples making him stop. There was more laughter. He felt legs go either side of his head holding him steady and a series of harder blows hit his arse making him squeak. From the smell of Angel he guessed it was C. She moved away and there were more calls and he was hit again.

Finally, still laughing someone dragged him across the floor.

“Fucking useless. Your Mistress wants her slave here to help her relax before she gets to work on you!” He felt someone else take the lead and he was pulled in between their legs. It was C. The zip over his mouth was undone and fingers pushed into his mouth making sure it could open wide. “Don’t think this is a chance to talk. Any sound from you and you’ll get more of this.” He was hit a few more times and his face was firmly pulled into his Mistress’s crotch as she pulled her panties to one side. He began the long slow licks to her labia and clitoris that he knew she liked. Bringing his hands up to steady himself he found that she had changed into a corset and boots. He ran his hand over her thigh above the boot top thinking he would slide a finger into her, which she usually liked, but his hand was brushed away. He could feel her move under his mouth, obviously very excited but she was in no hurry to come. His head was held firmly by the hood to direct his tongue exactly where she wanted and as he felt her come close to orgasm he was pulled away for a while then allowed to continue. At last she hooked her legs over his back; holding him in hard against herself and digging her heels into him she let herself come, arching her back in a long shuddering moan.

As soon as her orgasm subsided he was dragged away by the other woman and the hood zipped up. His face was still wet with his Mistress’s juices and her scent was strong in the hood. He was pulled into the centre of the room and told to kneel with his hands on his head. They were clipped to something that he soon realised was a chain as with a loud rattle it started to haul him slowly but relentlessly up. He was lifted clanking onto the balls of his feet and then onto his tiptoes before it stopped. Most of his weight was taken by his arms; almost immediately he started to feel the strain and his heat began to beat faster with the fear from feeling stretched out and terribly exposed.

There was a long silence as the two women looked at him and his arms ached. The silence was broken by the harsh voice, “Should we play a little more while we wait? Turn to me!”

He tried to shuffle round to where the voice was coming from but his toes scrabbled on the floor.

“Hurry up!” there was a loud swish and a crack and there was a shocking pain in his buttocks. “Show me your arse, slave, and I’ll hit it – you should have learned that by now.” There was another crack and his arse burned. The voice seemed to be coming from the other direction now so he turned back towards it. There was a firm pull of the chain connected to his nipple clamps and he stopped. Someone started to play with his cock in the cage and the pull on nipple clamps got stronger and stronger. He gasped at the clamps but his cock was getting hard. The stroking went on, fondling his balls and touching his glans as his cock strained against the restraint of its cage.

From down below he heard a bell.

“Good slave” said the harsh voice “Stand nice and still, it’s nearly time for the show.”

The pressure on the clamps was released and the fondling stopped. , “Wait here for a moment,” said the voice. There was a chuckle, the clamps were pulled off sending a burning pain through his nipples that made him buck and gasp as the blood flowed back into them then he heard both women leave the room and the door close. The bell went again downstairs and people were talking, a number of people it sounded like. His arms were getting more painful and he tried to stand higher on tiptoe to take the weight off them. The bell rang a third time and there were some quite loud voices that were quickly shushed as they came up the stairs. The door opened and people started coming in. There was some quiet talk as they came through the door and then a surprised silence that was followed by a steady rise in excited whispering. There was nothing he could hear clearly but it was all feminine. As the room filled with a mixture of expensive scents he realised that C had invited a group of her friends to witness her graduation.

His arms and shoulders were aching and his legs beginning to tremble with the strain of keeping the weight off them. The volume of whispering was slowly rising and then suddenly stopped. In the quiet he heard the door close firmly and two set of heels walk across the room. The harsh voice spoke “Welcome to my Salon ladies, C has asked you here this morning to see her demonstrate her skills in domination. She has completed her lessons with me and now it is time for me to see what she has learned and if she has what it takes to graduate to working on her own. I would ask you to keep quiet so our subject here,” and she pinched his already aching nipple hard, “Can’t recognise you. Have many of you been involved in this sort of thing before?”

There was a vaguely negative rustle.

“Good, you are in for a treat then. C, over to you.”

C was standing next to him, her shoulder against his side, he could smell the Angel strongly and feel the warmth of her on his skin. He knew his Mistress didn’t like speaking in public but was good at it when she had to be.

“First,” she said, “I want to thank you all for joining us; this is an important day for me. Some of you have known about my hobbies, some for quite a while; I have been interested in bondage and discipline for a long time. However, this is the first time I have had a proper slave to show off to you.” He was patted on the backside. “Most of you might recognize him with the hood off and his clothes on.”

From the audience there was a delighted cry of, “Oh, I know who…” that was quickly shushed.

“I haven’t had a slave to show you before because this is the first I have found who was willing to totally give themselves to me and then I wasn’t confident enough of my skills to use him properly in front of you. Now I am. Mistress M has taught me a lot over the past few weeks and has provided the venue for our gathering. I hope I can do justice to her lessons.

Having a slave – and when he is like this he has no name just a function and that is to please me – is an important part of allowing me to express myself. I value and love him dearly – although that may seem an odd thing to say when you see how I treat him – for putting himself so totally under my control. I know that he is doing this for me to show his love. He trusts me completely and I won’t abuse that trust but I will take him far beyond his own pleasure to explore mine. It will be exciting for us both.”

At this his heart filled with love for her and a desperation to make her proud of him. He had looked forward to this day to prove he could love her as she needed and hope that it was the start of a new life for them.

“OK, so let us start the show. I think you will find it exciting too,” she finished, moving away from him, and there was a smattering of excited applause.

He felt someone securing his ankles. The chain holding his wrists was tightened, lifting his feet off the floor and stretching him out so that he was completely immobilized. He was just wondering how long he could stand the pain in his arms as they took his full weight when the first blow from the strap hit him. His Mistress had beaten him regularly but he had never been hit that hard before. The previous blows in their games had been almost playful in comparison, this was a new league. The pain in his arms and shoulders was forgotten. Being stretched out tight meant he could hardly react at all to the pain and the hood muffled his cry. There was a pause as his arse, already sore from before, began to burn and he was hit again.

The long week had finally come to an end and it was time to pick up my beautiful wife Tasha from her trip. As she walked through airport security I tried hard not to think about how sexy she looked as I watched her tall, slender frame come toward me.

“Did you miss me?” She smiled and asked while glancing down at my hidden, but tortured cock. I shook my head yes and was rewarded with a kiss before heading to baggage claim. “So how was it?” She asked. Of course what she was referring to was the CB6000s that she had put on me before heading off for a week with her family. It had been delicious torture, and on the way home, I proceeded to tell her all about how I had to sit down to pee, and how I tried to keep myself busy thinking about anything but sex all week. She would occasionally laugh, reminding me I had asked for it, which was true. Nonetheless, I was really looking forward to finally getting some relief. Unfortunately, I would have to wait a while longer until that relief would come because when we got home, Tasha told me that she wanted to leave me in my predicament a while longer.

“Aren’t you horny though?” I asked. She smiled and said something she knew would cause me to turn several shades of red.

“Yes, that is one reason I plan to leave you that way. I need to have an orgasm, but I need your tongue at its eager best tonight… and not your little thing.” Tasha loved to torment me by reminding me that I have the smallest cock she has ever been with and that I have never given her an orgasm with it. This of course made my cock, although tiny, try desperately to grow to its full size inside its miniature prison.

As soon as we had gotten home, it didn’t take long before Tasha was ready for that orgasm she needed. As she lay naked on the bed I was almost weeping looking at her in all her beauty. I quickly began to earn my keep, doing everything I could to eat her pussy for all I was worth. While she was enjoying my tongue, she tortured me further by talking about how horny it made her to think about me all locked up safe while she was gone, adding that she was sure glad she wasn’t restricted like me all week. I stopped for a minute to look up and ask her what she you meant by that. She just smiled and pushed my head back down, telling me there was no need to worry about that. After several powerful orgasms, she told me she was tired as I settled in next to her on the bed. She quickly drifted off to sleep, but in my present condition, sleep would not come quite as easily for me. I had a weeks’ worth of sexual frustration and was now left to wonder what my wife had been up to while she was away. Maybe she met one of her old high school boyfriends or a total stranger when she went out partying. Or, maybe she just meant she masturbated a lot, though doubt was rapidly creeping into my head. The conflicting emotions were pure hell. I was curious, jealous, angry, but all the while, incredibly horny.

The next day was Saturday, so we went about our usual routine of weekend chores. I was constantly aware of my still-frustrated cock and was now imagining Tasha being fucked hard by some hot, well-hung stranger. Later that afternoon, as she looked at me with the key to my freedom in her hand, I thought I would cry. The instant I was released from my prison my poor little cock sprang to life. Tasha slowly got undressed and asked me what I had been thinking about all day. I confessed I had been thinking about her having wild sex with some guy slamming in and out of her wet-hot pussy with his big cock. As I entered her warm hole, she continued to ask me to give her more details about what I had imagined, but that she wanted me to be very specific. Adding her own brand of cruelty, she reminded me how much bigger her previous lovers had been. It didn’t take long before I exploded with an incredible orgasm. As I lay there totally spent, Tasha lay next to me, her demeanor suddenly changed.

“Gavin honey, I need to know how you feel about what has happened this past week.” I told her about all the emotions I had had gone through, but how turned on I had been the whole time. She finally confessed that nothing happened while she was gone, other than the usual family stuff. She had purposely led me to believe something had happened because she wanted to know how I would feel if it had. “I need to know if you could handle it if our fantasy became reality.” She told me that she really needed to be sure because it could be too late to back out later if and when it did. Her little trick only made me love her that much more. I told her that I now knew I could definitely handle it. In fact, I wanted that to happen more than ever. I guess I should tell you how we finally got started with this new and exciting aspect of our sex life.

A couple of years ago Tasha was working as a receptionist, when a man in her office named Nathan began to really take a liking to her. He would tell her about how big his cock was, and that he really knew how to use it. After some prying and prodding from me she confessed that she didn’t mind his attention, but had told him that she couldn’t do anything about it because she was married. At first I was angry, but then the thought of her with him began to play into my fantasies and we began to talk about her with him during our sex sessions. She would describe what he might do to her and how she might pleasure him and it would always make me cum very quickly. In fact, if he hadn’t been transferred to another office, I’m pretty sure she might have been tempted to take him up on his offer. Eventually, we began to talk about her cuckolding me, an idea that really got me turned on.

So now after her trip and testing the mental waters things were pretty normal for the next couple of days until I got a text from her while at work. She said she would be a little late getting home and that I should be locked securely in my cock cage by the time she got there. When I arrived home I was so excited I didn’t know how I was going to get my hard, yet little cock into its small cage. I thought about masturbation as a solution but I wasn’t sure when she would arrive and didn’t want to disobey her. I finally managed to calm down enough to slip it on; I guess being small has at least one advantage. When Tasha got home she inspected me to make sure I was secure and then told me she had decided that we both needed to get into shape. She had signed us up at a local gym and that we were going there to meet with our personal trainers on Saturday.

On Saturday, we both made it to the gym; the young girl at the counter took us to meet with our trainers. I was first and was led into an office and introduced to Jennifer, a shapely brunette that looked to be about 25. Damn, Tasha had to know this would make my predicament even more difficult to deal with. After the standard interview questions about my fitness goals, etc., Jennifer took me to the weight room to put me through my paces. I was trying so hard to impress her (and not think too much about her sexy body), that it took me a while to notice my wife with her trainer, on the other side of the room. When I did, I almost dropped the dumbbells I was lifting. Her new trainer was none other than Nathan! I tried to muster up everything I could to act as normal as possible, as I realized the man spotting my wife was most definitely making moves on her even as I watched. I excused myself, telling Jennifer I needed to talk to my wife for a minute, promising to return to finish up in a few minutes. As I approached Tasha, who was giggling like a school girl, she stopped her reps.

“Hi Gavin, you remember Nathan, don’t you?” Nathan turned around and reached out to shake my hand.

“How ya been doin buddy?” he asked, but his hard grip told me he was anything but happy to see me again. “Glad you let me borrow your wife for a while, so I can give her what she needs.” That got a good chuckle from both of them, and I’m sure a red face from me.

With that, I suddenly remembered Tasha’s warning about fantasy possibly becoming reality. I sheepishly excused myself, turning away to go back over to Jennifer. Somehow, I managed to finish my workout, doing my best to ignore the obvious flirting that was going on just 50 feet from me, even if I couldn’t hear it. Jennifer must have noticed it too, taking kind-hearted pity on me. She was smooth when she said she needed to cut our session short for today, but that she’d make it up next time. After showering, I waited in the lobby for Tasha to finish up her first training session and post-workout shower. When she finally came out of the women’s locker room, coincidently, Nathan walked over from the weight room at the same time. As if staged, he once again shook my hand, only this time without the menacing effect. He explained since the three of us were old friends, maybe we should get together for dinner. Funny how that just worked out; we’re now old friends all of a sudden. Before I ever had the chance to respond, Tasha was quick to accept his offer, making arrangements for us to meet him later that night.

My head was spinning by the time we got home and began to get ready to leave again for our dinner “date.” I thought about trying to talk Tasha into calling the whole thing off, but something inside me wanted to see this through. I was excited and nervous as I realized what I had been fantasizing about for some time now might actually become a reality, whether I was prepared for it or not. When we met up with Nathan, he and Tasha walked ahead of me into what turned out to be more of a bar than a restaurant. There were some booths in the back of the room and as Tasha picked one and slid in, Nathan brushed me aside and slid in beside her. I was left looking stupid, forced to sit across from her, while he sat next to my wife. After a few long, uncomfortable minutes a waitress showed up.

No sooner had she asked to take our order when Nathan said “The lady and I will have a glass of red wine, but her little husband will have a cup of milk.” They had a real good laugh at my expense, then Tasha told the waitress that I would probably need a stiff drink instead, adding that she was going to have something “stiff” herself a little later on. I felt like crawling under the table. I couldn’t believe how fast all this was happening, yet I felt helpless to do anything about it. Only a couple of weeks ago we decided to explore the possibility of my being a cuckold, and now I was sitting here being humiliated by my wife and her soon to be lover. Things did not get any easier for me once the wine started to take effect. I was told to go and get more drinks for them, only to find that another couple had taken my seat while I was at the bar. I had to find a seat at the bar and watch what was happening at my own table.

At one point the waitress came up to me and said “I have to know if it is true” then reached down to grab my cock cage. She laughed pretty hard before handing me a double-bourbon, telling me it was her treat, since I was going to need it.

At this point, I was completely mortified, realizing my humiliation was now shared by more than a few other people in the bar. I wondered if the waitress had told the rest of the staff too. I felt as though everywhere I looked I was catching stares from people amused at my pathetic circumstances. As ironic as it may sound, I was also aware of how turned on I was. While I’ve never been more embarrassed, I’ve never felt more alive in my entire life. When Tasha and Nathan decided it was finally time to go, the waitress brought the bill over. Tasha pointed toward me, telling her I was treating our guest tonight.

It was the longest cab ride home. Of course, I had to sit in front with the cabbie, so Nathan could have the backseat to warm up Tasha for whatever the two of them had in mind. They began to make out while the cabbie rambled on about nothing and everything, but that was quickly interrupted by Nathan when he blurted out

“Hey Gavin, you needle-dick mother fucker, you’re going to pay for keeping your wife’s sweet, tight, little ass from me all this time. I am going to fuck her so hard tonight she’ll never let you touch her with that little dick of yours again.”

I wish I could’ve crawled under the seat to hide as the cabbie looked at me with total disbelief. I hoped he wouldn’t ask, so when he gave me a puzzled look, all I could do was nod “yes.” After what seemed like an eternity, we finally arrived home. I got out and paid the cab driver as quick as possible, saying nothing, while my tormentors walked straight from the cab into the house. When I got to the front door and reached to turn the knob, I realized it was locked. I quickly realized I didn’t have my keys either. I began knocking when my cell phone rang in my pocket; it was Tasha.

“Honey don’t talk just listen. I hope you are having as much fun as I am tonight, because the evening is just getting started. You have wanted this for a while now, so you are going to get your wish tonight. I want you to show me that you are truly ready to be my little cucky. Go to the garage, strip and put your clothes in the trunk of our car, then close it. Keep your cell phone with you though, with the ringer turned on. After you’ve done that, knock on the back door. I’m turning off my phone now.”

With that she hung up. I stood there for a momentdazed… contemplating my fate. If I did as I was told, I would be left naked, and might still not be allowed inside. If I did not do as she said, I knew I would not find out what was going on inside. I had to know what was taking place inside my own house, so I shed my clothes and put them in the trunk, which had been conveniently left open. I wonder when she came up with this scheme. I paused for a second before running into the night air for the quick trip from our detached garage to the back door. Tasha had planned this to perfection, including turning on the flood lights that shined on the back of the house, so the neighbors could see if they were looking. I knocked, then waited for someone to let me in. Standing at the door naked for what seemed like forever, my phone started ringing again. I answered immediately, to heard the voices of Tasha and Nathan, realizing I was on the speaker phone. I heard Nathan ask her if I had actually done what she told me to, then Tasha telling him to let her up so they could both check. The floodlights were shining brightly on my naked body, so it would be easy for them to see.

“How bad do you want to come inside?” I heard Tasha asking on the phone.

She knew the answer, but made me beg, then promise to do whatever I was told before agreeing to let me in. As the door opened, I followed Tasha to our bedroom where Nathan was relaxing on our bed, drinking a beer. In the corner of the room was the wooden chair from our living room. Nathan got up and kissed Tasha before turning to me.

“Ok here’s the deal Bitch boy, I’m going to fuck your wife like she never been fucked before, and certainly not from your needle dick, and I don’t want any problems or whimpering from you.”

With that, he shoved me back in the chair and opened the dresser drawer, pulling out a handful of rope. I started to protest but the look he gave me told me that would not be in my best interest. Tasha eagerly joined him and in a few minutes I was bound tightly to the chair. A piece of duct tape was added over my mouth so I was completely helpless to protest. Tasha asked Nathan if he would like to see what she has had to settle for from her pathetic man. She produced the key to my cock’s cage. There I was, just seconds away from the freedom I desperately wanted for days now, but wishing I could speak… begging her not to do it. I looked down, watching in horror as she removed it, releasing my poor cock to spring back to life.

“Oh my God!” I heard Nathan laugh. “Is that it hard?”

He asked her how she had survived this long with that tiny prick, pointing at my small, but rock-hard manhood. Adding insult to injury, he couldn’t resist reaching down to flick my tiny tool with his finger, laughing even harder as he did. Tasha explained that I had to eat her pussy in any hope of her having an orgasm. After more laughter, she walked over to Nathan and embraced him with a long, deep kiss as they both stood just inches in front of my chair. As she kissed him, I watched as his hands reached inside her robe. As it fell to the floor, I watched him caress her breasts. Tasha knelt down in front of him, before gazing over at me and saying

“Let’s see what a real man has for me tonight.”

I was unable to do anything but watch as my beautiful wife knelt before my Nemesis and proceeded to undo his pants and free his monster cock. She made sure to comment how it was only semi hard, but was already much bigger than mine at its hardest. She wrapped her voluptuous lips around it and started to lick and suck on his cock. It wasn’t long before it grew to it full glory; I was going crazy on the inside, watching his massive prick slide in and out of my beautiful wife’s mouth, just a few feet in front of my face.

After a few minutes, Nathan pulled Tasha’s mouth off his cock, telling her that he needed to feel her pussy. As Tasha climbed onto the bed, Nathan swung around to join her, making damn sure his impressive cock smacked me in the face in the process. He grabbed the arms of the chair and picked it up with me still helplessly bound in it and set it beside the bed. Saying that he wanted to make sure I had a good view as he ruined my wife’s pussy for a little dick like mine. He said if I behaved myself he would remove the tape. I shook my head up and down, to which he ripped the tape off from my mouth. The moment that had run through my head countless times over the past weeks was finally here. I watched as he climbed on top of my super-horny wife and placed the head of his massive cock at the entrance of her slick pussy.

“Do you want this baby?” he asked.

“Oh god yes! Give it to me please” Tasha begged. ”

Not until your pencil-dick husband begs me to,” Nathan answered, smiling.

Tasha looked over at me with a look that was both pleading and threatening. What? He expects me to beg him to fuck my wife right there in front of my face? Why doesn’t he just do it already? He began rubbing his cock up and down her soaking pussy lips as Tasha began to moan, as if asking him to just fuck her and forget about me.

“Oh no, I want Bitch boy to make his new role official and ask me to fuck you the way he can’t.”

Tasha was getting desperate and looked at me with a look that said if I ever wanted to touch her again, I better hurry up and get to it. My mind was racing as I tried to think of the right words.

“Just do it already!”

“No boy, that ain’t gonna do.” Nathan said. “Tell me like you mean it. You know you want me to fuck her, so now I want to hear it, you sorry son of a bitch!”

I gulped before saying “Nathan please fuck my wife.”

He smiled but said that was close, but only warmer.

“Nathan, please fuck my wife’s pussy like I can’t?”

“Almost there!” he said.

God sometimes I hate this arrogant son of a bitch! I knew I had to really make it good, so I swallowed what small piece of pride I had left, deciding to give him what he wanted. That’s when it just came out,

“Please sir, will you fuck my wife with you big cock and make her cum the way I can’t with my little penis?”

Nathan gave me a big smile and said that was better and he would be happy to help us both out. I sat mesmerized as his tool began to enter her, Tasha cried out as he stretched her pussy to accommodate his girth. He moaned and told Tasha that she felt like a virgin after so long without a real cock. Tasha let out a huge groan and threw her head back and looked at me.

This is a fictional story and contains scenes of explicit sexual (XXX) and s/m activities. It is a forced feminization fantasy story of a reluctant man, who is forced to cooperate in being the bride of another male. If you are not interested in these type stories, please read no further.


Martin watched the guest from the table. The Baron was still making the rounds without his new wife at his side, receiving congratulations from everyone. Martin watched as Leanne stood and walked out of the room. The plug in his bottom still causing discomfort, even more since he had sat down. Martin was suddenly surprised when a woman approached him from behind.

“Lady Vargos, excuse me but would you please accompany me for a moment. A private audience has been requested of you,” she said touching his arm.

“Well tell them request denied. I don’t want to see anyone right now,” he said thinking about what Missy had just said to him.

“I’m sorry sir, but this audience with you has been approved for you, so if you don’t mind,” she said taking Martin’s arm now.

Martin wondered and then worried who it might be. He looked around for that strange man taking pictures, and couldn’t find him. “Oh great,” he said as she helped him stand and walk out of the room.

Leanne was waiting for Martin down at the end of a long hallway, where she took him by the arm now.

“Thank you very much. I’ll take it from here,” she said leading Martin into the room. Martin stopped suddenly seeing the familiar styling chair with the straps hanging and waiting in the middle of the room. Leanne had warned him the chair would be brought here. He pulled away from Leanne.

“What is this? You haven’t had enough fun at my expense yet? What’s this about?” Martin said backing away from her pointing at the chair.

“Just settle down. I’m not going to do anything to you. At least not yet. Just have a seat. You will be fine.” Leanne said holding up the remote control that would activate the shock in his butt plug if she so desired.

“You said you would take this thing out of my ass after the banquet.”

“And I will, after your little meeting is over.”

“What little meeting? Who is this meeting with?” he asked as he slowly sat down in the chair. “And why do I have to be strapped in this chair to meet this person?”

“You’ll find out soon enough,” she said as she went to work securing him in the chair. The chair had many 2″ straps attached to it. Leanne first strapped both Martin’s wrist to the arms tightly. Then she strapped both forearms just before the elbows. Pulling them tight before buckling them.

“That’s too tight. Loosen them up some.”

“Hush Lady Vargos. I’ll decide how tight they should be, not you.” Then she continued. She strapped his upper arms at the biceps. Martin watched as she snugged him in the chair. Without any concerns for Martin she pulled hard on the waist strap pulling him up tight against the back of the chair.

“Leanne, why are you doing this so tight?” Martin spat out as he felt himself becoming more and more immobilized.

“Quiet please Lady Vargos,” she said now pulling the strap at his chest above his padded bra. Leanne removed the hobbles just above Martin’s knees, then she made sure his thighs had a strap wrapped around them and pulled tight holding them together, then another just below his knees. Finally his ankles were strapped together and secured to the chair. Leanne stood in front of him and looked at the helpless feminized man for a moment.

“Getting some cheap thrills you sadistic bitch?” Martin hissed at her as she looked at him.

“Oh, I’m not done yet.” she said as she walked behind him raising the headrest on the chair. Martin’s head was pushed back against the headrest and held firmly as a strap was then pulled tightly across his forehead securing his head to the head rest. A chin strap that was also attached to the head rest was fastened in place and that finished the scene. Martin sat motionless unable to move.

“Why are you doing this to me?” he asked only able to move his fingers and toes now.

“You have a special guest Lady Vargos. This was all needed I’m afraid,” Leanne sweetly patted Martin’s cheek and then with a smile she pulled her hand back and gave him a hard slap across the face. The slap shocked Martin. She pretended like it was no more than a little love tap, but she slapped him hard and it stunned and hurt the unsuspecting Martin. She then pumped the chair up as high as it would go and turned the helplessly bound Martin slowly away from the door.

“Now don’t you go anywhere. It’s time for your meeting,” she said smiling as she turned to leave. Martin could hear Leanne’s heels as she walked out of the room. He sat stiffly erect in the modified styling chair, wearing his pink dress and pink high heels. He had no idea why she had done this to him. She had never immobilized his head like this before. Martin gripped the ends of the chairs arms twisting in the tight bonds, becoming more and more anxious as he sat alone in the quiet room. Then he heard the door open and the sound of high heels slowly approached him from behind.

“Really sucks doesn’t it Martin. Having all this celebration for your new found captivity, and sexual slavery. I mean that’s what it really is right? They call it marriage.” a male voice said from behind him.

Martin felt the chair being turned around slowly to find it was Dorothy. He had seen Dorothy at the banquet, but they had not mingled during the evening. Dorothy was dressed very appropriately for a woman that might be attending such a huge social event as this one. His hair was done up formally much like Martin’s, and his face glamorously made up. He wore a low cut dress that was knee length and had a full skirt. The dress was a deep sapphire blue color, and had a sequined bodice with a silk skirt. He walked in front of Martin carrying himself as if he were actually a young lady. Martin couldn’t help but notice Dorothy’s real cleavage that was exposed by the low cut dress he was wearing.

“What the hell are you doing? Why are you still wearing a dress? I thought you said nobody is making you do this shit now,” Martin said looking at Dorothy’s breast. Dorothy laughed and looked down at himself.

“This dress? I actually bought this dress for myself just to wear here tonight for your banquet. What do you think of it?” he said flaring the skirt out with his hands, smiling as if he was waiting for a compliment on his dress .

“What do I think of it? I think you’ve lost your mind. You said you hated being forced to dress as a woman and do all this,” Martin said as looked for an answer.

“Martin, you as well as anyone should know by now, that the way I dress says absolutely nothing about who I really am. Especially here. What does it say to you that I’m dressed like this right now? Tell me Martin, I want to hear it,” Dorothy said as he smiled and winked at him.

“I don’t know. You have gotten so used to being forced to be a woman you have forgotten who you used to be. Don’t you want to be a man again?” Martin said with a puzzled look on his face, with his eyes shifted over to Dorothy, unable to move his head. Dorothy laughed at Martin’s struggled answer.

“Oh Martin. I never quit being a man. Look, I don’t like to wear women’s clothes anymore now than I ever did, and I will stop soon. It’s not a desire of mine to wear women’s clothes. I’ve worn them for so long though that it doesn’t really bother me to be seen like this anymore, at least around these parts. Look, I have breast Martin. Remember?” Dorothy said as he pushed up on his breast. “What else would I wear here tonight? I would have caused much more of a stir had I shown up suddenly dressed as a man with tits, don’t you think? I mean after all this how people expect me to look right now when I show up to these things.” Dorothy looked at his nails and sighed, “It was just easier I guess.”

“You’re as nuts as the rest of these people here. You have turned into some kind of fag,” Martin said looking a little disgusted at him.

“No Martin, That’s not true. I have a beautiful woman now who takes care of all my needs. Money can overcome a lot of obstacles. Funny, she doesn’t even seem to notice I am wearing women’s clothes.”

“Yeah right. No real man would just go buy a dress for himself to wear to a public banquet.”

Dorothy looked Martin over and then he just smiled for a moment. “You look very pretty in that dress Martin. Are you a real man?”

“Yes, damn it. It’s not the same. I’m not the one dressing myself up like this and you know it. I’m a real man.”

“I’m a real man too Martin.” Dorothy ran his finger gently tracing the edges of the chin strap holding Martin’s head firmly in place, as he reflected for a moment. “Listen, I have something I want to tell you. I know what is happening to you and the reason you are here.”

“Why am I here?” Martin said through a stiff jaw. Dorothy paused for a moment more.

“Well…?” Martin said impatiently.

“Martin, you’ve already been told your father set this whole thing up for you, and that is all true. The process all started back when you were married to your second wife. You know the one that you felt Missy had forced you into a divorce,” Martin reflected with a scowl on his face.


“Well you were right in your assumption, Missy did actively pursue getting your marriage annulled behind your back. It was unknowing on her part though that she was set up to do the deed. She thought she was getting a gold digger out of your life while trying to impress your father by caring so much about you.” Dorothy then smiled. Martin was speechless at this point. “Of course we both know there is no bigger gold digger than Missy. Right?” Dorothy grinned. “She silly girl actually thought she was married to your father you know. She was just a young public show piece for him. He didn’t care about her. Ask her how many times her pussy was touched by your father during their marriage. Zero times would be my guess.”

Martin recalled his discussion with Missy in the garden and how she had complained about having to have so much oral and anal sex with no compassion at all from him. How it physically had pained her. He pictured her in his mind going through what he had experienced the past few days.

“You’re saying I was separated from my wife, and a marriage that I was very happy with, and then forced into a divorce just so all this could be done to me?” He looked at him skeptical. “I was forced out of a normal marriage for this?”

“Yes Martin. That is exactly what I’m saying. From that point on plans were being made for you behind the scenes to live your life acting as a woman for another man. You were to be made a wife basically and all along you were destined to end up right here where you are now. You never really had a choice in the matter actually. It was going to be done to you whether you wanted it or not. It was obvious to me when we first met that you didn’t much care for your new lifestyle, and I would guess by your attitude and the fact you are sitting in that chair, it’s obvious to me you haven’t agreed with the decision to do all this yet.”

Dorothy paced the floor his skirt swaying back and forth as he talked. “Your father was able to get his parents to sign off on this arranged marriage of yours and keep it quiet, since he supported their lifestyle and he told them it was what he wanted, because he felt it was best for you. His sister is a nut, as you well know, and she did it for monetary reasons, of course. She also thought that an arranged marriage, in an alternate lifestyle, might be a good thing for you. She didn’t seem to think you were having much luck with women anyway. It didn’t matter to her that you were to marry a man and have to dress like a woman. She had commented that “she liked men too.” She was pretty weird. Your cousin, that poor girl, had to be coerced a bit as your father needed that last signature from a family member for the arranged marriage to be registered. Your father just calmly suggested to her that he could very easily arrange for her to have her own arranged marriage and wedding ceremony if she had any issues with signing. “Possibly to another woman,” he had suggested to her. So she signed, rather reluctantly, and kept quiet. I think that poor girl still worries today about an arranged marriage of her own.”

“Your saying my father forced them all to sign that document? And they all did it knowing I would end up like this? Dressed as a woman, and being sexually assaulted everyday by a insane man.”

“Well, except for your aunt, yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Your aunt didn’t need to be coerced. if any of them had objected, you wouldn’t be here.”

Martin jerked at his restraints in anger now, his head held rigidly still against the headrest.

“You’re lying to me! Tell me Dorothy, who told you all this crap? I don’t know that I believe you. There was also a John Hastings that signed the document too. I’ve seen it. He was also involved in having this done to me? Do you know who he was? I don’t remember a John Hastings in the family. How could he be involved?”

Dorothy walked away from the chair and then turned to face Martin again. Putting his hands on his hips he struck a feminine pose and looked at Martin, smiled, and then said in a sexy, sensuous voice, “Nobody told me about all this Martin. I was there for the whole thing. That’s my real name. I’m John Hastings. I was secretly forced to marry your father Martin. That legally made me your step……whatever. Your father never gave me a feminine name like you have. He always called me John for some weird reason. I created the name Dorothy because I felt even more ridiculous in public being called John dressed like this.” Dorothy said holding his hands out. “That’s right honey, my husband that just died recently was your father. Oh, and by the way, I am the one that asked him to do this to you.”

Martin felt sick. He couldn’t say a word initially. “What?” he gasped. “That can’t be right. I don’t even know you.”

“I’m sorry honey. That’s how it all really happened. I wanted you to hear the real story from me, so you would have no doubts at all, with all the rumors flying around about how you ensnared the Baron’s heart and all.”

“Why would you to do this to me?” Martin’s lip trembled as he became very emotional at the new revelation. “I haven’t done anything to you. If your story is true, it’s my father that forced you to be what you are, not me. I didn’t even know you existed.” Martin tried to turn his head to look at Dorothy but couldn’t, only able to shift his eyes to the side, “Are you enjoying watching me suffer like this?” Martin twisted as best he could in the chair growling. “You sadistic ass hole.”

“Look honey, At least I didn’t ask for your head on a silver platter, but I did ask for your father to do this to you,” Dorothy said sitting across from Martin now in a very unladylike manner with his knees spread, leaning forward with his elbows on his thighs. “Your father was in love with me Martin, or in love with what he was doing to me. I’m not really sure which.” Dorothy reflected and then turned his attention back to Martin. “He forced me to dress up in outrageous women’s fetish wear, and then he paraded me around his select groups of friends totally humiliating me. Then he would force me to do my wifely duties when we were alone together. As far as I was concerned, I think he was somehow turned on by my total embarrassment, and enjoyed seeing me agonize in the degradation of it all. A sadistic bastard he was. You’ve had similar experiences here I’m sure, only it was much worse for me Martin. Much worse honey. I fought him and all those that were involved in doing this to me. I refused to cooperate with anything. I was in a constant state of restraint of some sort. I spent many hours in that same chair you are in right now. Believe it or not, that head rest was added to that chair just for me, to totally immobilize me. How do you like it?”

“What? This is madness.” Martin gripped the end of the chair handles as he pushed back one last time against the straps holding him still. “So, you know Leanne?” Martin asked blankly.

“Yes. Leanne is a total bitch, and a cunt. I have absolutely no use for her. She has no problems whatsoever doing this type of thing to men. She see’s it as a very nice paycheck. She’s the one who got me started just like you. She’s good at initiating the decline of a man’s masculinity. No feelings or sympathy at all for the man who wants to be a man, if he is sitting in her chair.”

“And what about Lisa? How does she fit into all this? I think she’s even worse than Leanne.”

“I don’t know Lisa.” Dorothy said as Martin stared straight ahead, taking in all this information and trying to make some sense of it all.

“Your father couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t treat him like a loving spouse. Why I wouldn’t love him back as he kept saying he loved me, I mean after all he did turn me into a princess and all, whether I wanted to be one or not.” Dorothy looked at his dress and continued, “You see Martin, as I said before when we were in the garden, I wasn’t a rich man like you. I worked for your father for years without a clue of his intentions toward me. My family, especially my parents had very little and my relationship with them was rocky to say the least, so they jumped at the opportunity to be wealthy at my expense. It didn’t bother them at all. When my mother saw how I was being dressed after the fact, she just smiled and accepted it as part of the arranged marriage agreement. No offer to help me, or even an expression of sympathy for the fate she had just inflicted on me.”

Dorothy stared at the floor in quiet reflection for a moment. “Your father thought by giving me all the wealth any man could dream of wanting, would make me want to spread my legs wide for him and scream like some love struck girl, “Oh baby make love to me, harder, deeper,” but that didn’t happen. Your father was a pervert Martin, and saw nothing wrong with forcing me to do all this. He had all the rights to my body as my husband. Apparently it is not abuse if he is sticking his cock up my ass and I don’t want it there. It is legal here to force a marriage the way they did ours. That’s why we were brought here in the first place. After all, once your father and I were married he felt no sympathy for me at all for the physical aspects of our relationship that he fully exploited for his own enjoyment. Nor did he concern himself in what he was doing to me in depriving me of my manhood. He actually thought I was being very unreasonable about it all, but he wanted me to emotionally desire him. Then he gave me this unusual but permanent gift,” Dorothy said grasping both his breast, “It was like he was showing me he could do what he wanted with me even if I disagreed, but he wanted me to feel good about it I think, in some demented way. He had a sick mind Martin. I think he really enjoyed my suffering. I guess if I was a masochistic crossdresser I’d been in seventh heaven, but I was neither of those. I won’t tell you what all he did to me,” Dorothy said softly turning his back to Martin and softly unzipping his dress. “but his fiendish imagination was………well, I’ll just say it’s best he’s gone.” Dorothy hung his head as his dress hit the floor.

“What are you doing Dorothy?” Martin looked at the feminized man’s body. Dorothy slid his panties down slightly to reveal initials tattooed across his lower back, over each butt cheek, in large elaborate script just under the panty line. G H.

“George Hastings,” Martin thought as he saw the letters. It was his father’s initials. Martin stared as Dorothy just stood there so he could see the humiliating permanent mark that had been left on him. This was the first real sign that his father had really been associated with this man. Martin was stunned silent now.

“Your father had his initials tattooed on my body Martin. I hated him for that as much if not more than the breast implants he forced me to have. I am not a possession, no matter how possessed I may be forced into being. Do you understand that?” Dorothy just continued to stand with his back to Martin, his panties pulled down under his butt cheeks to expose his bare ass and the initials of George Hastings.

“Then a situation arose, after my implants, and I told him that if he really believed that our relationship and marriage was perfectly normal, and there was nothing unusual or wrong with forcing one man to become another man’s bride because a piece of paper said he could, would he do something for me to prove his love for me.”

“What situation arose?” Martin said in anger. Dorothy turned slowly and held up a finger to his lips for Martin to hold on as he explained more. Martin saw Dorothy’s cock and balls hanging between his legs now. “Put some clothes on. I don’t want to see your dick hanging there.” Dorothy ignored him and continued.

“I asked him to make you someone else’s wife, just like he had done to me. Offer you up to a man that was looking for such a bride, like the Baron. If he would do that for me, then I would give him the affection he so desired from myself willingly, but not until you were married to another man and the marriage had been consummated with the full three night ritual, and you were forced to dress like a woman just like me.” Martin could see the anger in Dorothy’s heavily made up eyes. “I have to admit he was reluctant at first, he didn’t seem to want to do this to you. Not his own son. It’s ok for someone else’s son to be forced to dress like a woman, but not his.” Dorothy continued talking as he unhooked his bra, allowing his breast to stand firmly and proudly on his male chest, the nipples both brightly tattooed into pretty flowers, pierced with small gold rings.

“What are you doing Dorothy?” Martin said nervously watching the nude man strut toward him slowly as he talked. Dorothy took the chair and released the back allowing it to tilt back slightly so Martin was now in a reclining position.

“Then I reached out and gave your father a very deep seductive kiss of my own free will for the first time ever. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever done in my life Martin. I’d rather be forcibly fucked in my ass by him than to willingly kiss him on the lips. At least I wouldn’t have to look at him. After that kiss though, well………….your divorce plans began to develop almost immediately, and his promise that you would be given in marriage to another man as a male bride if I accepted my relationship with him. Your fate was sealed then.” Dorothy smiled now. “I also begged him to please have these implants removed from my chest, but he said no. He said they would have to stay because he liked me with breast,” Dorothy said looking at his breast with a pouty lower lip. “You know Martin. I still think he would have pulled a fast one on me in some way if he hadn’t died. Kind of like he did to Missy. He would have made me think somehow it had been done when it actually hadn’t, but when he died, and all the pieces were already so neatly in place, it was easy to set in motion your marriage, and here you are. The Baron insisted after all.”

“You’re the one responsible for me being here then?” he yelled at Dorothy.

“No Martin. I’m just the one who requested you to be here. Your father is totally responsible. If he had let me go, I never would have had to ask for such a thing, and you would not be here right now dressed as a woman sitting on your sore, abused butt hole. But I wanted to see him suffer in some way, just a little. Make him have to see you, his own son being forced into wearing a dress whenever he came to visit, knowing full well you probably had a dick in your mouth that very morning and one up your ass the night before just because of him and his stupid obsessive desires for me.”

“Why am I the one suffering here now for all this. It was my father that did you wrong, not me. Why take it out on me?” Martin looked out the corner of his eye at Dorothy now standing next to the chair.

“Suffering? Oh honey your not suffering. You just think you are suffering. You’re just a little upset right now sweetie at having all this perversion inflicted on you so quickly. You’re just all emotional trying to cope because you have to dress like a girl while every woman laughs at you when they see you, and other people just sit back and seem to be enjoying the mental and physical conflicts you are having right now. It’s only been three days Martin. Just three days honey.” Dorothy picked up his own cock in his hand and slowly stroked it where Martin could see what he was doing, and then Dorothy stared at Martin’s still disbelieving face.

“What are you doing?” Martin hissed in anger.

“You don’t really understand how all this works yet, do you honey? Let me ask you a simple little question Martin. If I told you I was going to masturbate right now and cum in your ear, what would you do?” Martin felt Dorothy touch his cock up close to his ear.

“Damn it Dorothy, I’ll get you for this. Get away from me.”

“No honey that’s not the correct answer, Dorothy breathed feeling the excitement inside him growing, “Now try again dear, and this time be realistic. Look around you first.” Dorothy said as he slowly picked up the pace and stroked his cock even faster causing it into a firmer erection.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!” Martin was unable to move, desperate to get away from all this.

“That’s not it either. Martin. The answer is, nothing. You will do absolutely nothing but just sit here in this wonderful chair that was designed for poor boys like us, and allow me to jerk off in your ear. My cum will fill your ear and run down the side of your face and you will be able to do nothing to stop it.” Dorothy outlined the route his cum would take with his fingertip as he talked. “That’s how the reality is here. The sooner you accept it the better.” Dorothy was now stroking himself fully enjoying the twinges of ecstasy that were still deep in his loins.

“Why are you torturing me like this?” Martin sat limp now in the chair, waiting, almost resigned now that Dorothy was going to do as she had said, but hoping she was only bluffing about masturbating on him.

“Honey, You want to know what real suffering is?” Dorothy began as he continued to masturbate himself, “In two years you will wonder why this man still does all this to you everyday single day he’s in town. Oh, he’ll be gone often enough, they always are. He’ll have some beautiful young girl that accompanies him on his trips and performs in his bed at night, receives gifts and favors from him. You’ll wonder why he doesn’t just keep her and let you go. You’ll never get used to it either, I can promise you that, but you will become more accustomed to things. Even though his dick may not be as painful when filling your ass physically, as you will get more and more used to that, mentally it is only going to get worse Martin. Much worse.”

Dorothy put one of his hands firmly on Martin’s forehead now. “Martin, a couple of years ago when I was strapped to that hospital bed knowing that the room down the hall was in the process of being prepped by the medical staff, I knew what time I was scheduled to have surgery, and there was a clock on the wall that I could see as it slowly counted down. It was a very sadistic setup. Evil in fact, and nobody would listen to me, no matter how emphatically I protested I was a man and I didn’t want breast, they were going to give me a pair of breast anyway Martin,” Dorothy smiled and looked Martin in the eye, breathing very heavily now from the physical stimulation he was giving himself. “I’ll tell you something, when they started pushing me down that hall, unable to get off that table, unable to do anything but go with them, so they could do a surgical process on me so I’d to have breast like a woman, I began to understand real mental anguish as a man. I screamed till they put me out. It was a nightmare Martin. When I awoke, it was all over, and I had breast. I know what suffering is Martin. I’ve lived through it.” Dorothy firmly gripped Martin’s forehead now and placed the end of his erect penis firmly in Martin’s ear and pushed forward.

“Oh my………..Shhhhh…… be very still baby,” Dorothy said softly taking deep breaths and as he pushed forward his legs started shaking. He stroked his erect cock now with a fierce anticipation of his building orgasm, “Oh, yes! Oh baby, oh yes,……oh………Oh I’m cumming……… YESSS!!!!!!”

“NO! DAMN YOU DOROTHY DON’T DO IT. STOP,” Martin squealed, but it was too late, as Dorothy’s hot semen began shooting directly into his ear from point blank range, running out the bottom of his ear, down his lobes to his earrings and onto his shoulder and down his neck. It was a very humiliating and degrading act that Dorothy was performing on Martin. Dorothy pressed his dick hard against Martin’s ear as the cum kept filling it and then running down Martin’s neck.

“Oh my god! Stop!” Martin broke down and cried as he panicked and struggled against the leather straps. “You are disgusting faggot. Stop this,” Martin said as his voice faded into sobs. He could literally hear the demoralizing act that was taking place, each time the cum shot into his ear. Martin’s toes curled under as the hot semen was pumped in his ear, and finally they relaxed only after the last bit of cum was expelled from Dorothy’s penis.

Martin didn’t say a word but wept openly from the humiliation of what Dorothy had just done to him, as well as he was now emotionally broken by the entire ordeal. As Dorothy put his panties back on, Martin swam in the despair of the revelations Dorothy had just put on him. He just didn’t understand why everyone seemed to insist this was now the best life for him and were so determined that this was how he was going to live from now on that the use of force was accepted and even encouraged. He also couldn’t understand the cruelty of Dorothy, after all he had been forced through the same things and had seemed like an ally the last time they had met. Why was there no compassion from him now?

As Dorothy was putting on his high heels he said, “You see Martin, you just laid there and let me masturbate in your ear, just like I said you would.” Dorothy looked at himself in the mirror as he put his breast in the cups of his bra and fastened it behind his back. Pulling up his dress he then primped his hair slightly, using the mannerisms any woman would, doing the same things, and then he turned back to Martin, “We will be talking again I’m sure.” Dorothy looked at Martin’s tears, “Oh stop your crying Martin, and try to be a little more resigned to the fact of what is going on here with you the next time we meet. It wouldn’t hurt if you were to show a little more consideration for the people that are trying to help you here too.” Dorothy walked away from the mirror now, “Oh and honey, a helpful hint, try to be a little less vocal about your own selfish concerns in all this. You’re a real heterosexual man who happens to have a husband and dresses like a woman now, so just deal with it. Nobody here really cares what you have to say about it and it’s so unbecoming a real man of your means and stature in society to be whining all the time about what clothes you are wearing.” Dorothy gave a smile and a wink to Martin, “Wouldn’t you agree……………Lady Vargos?” Dorothy gave a giggle as he dabbed his finger in Martin’s ear and got a drop of his semen on his fingertip and then quickly touched it to the tip of Martin’s nose. He then turned to leave the room as Martin cried still reclined back in the restraining chair.

When Leanne entered Martin was still feeling his helplessness and he felt sorry for himself. Almost pure self pity. He couldn’t help it. It was such a huge conspiracy against him in his mind. All the people who wanted him here were getting their way. Leanne walked in and sat the chair back up right. She then noticed the semen in and around Martin’s ear, and running down his neck.

“Well that figures,” she said reaching for a towel and cleaning Martin’s neck and ear as best she could. “That man has always been a problem,” she said referring to Dorothy. “I can’t believe he did this.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you knew him Leanne? Why did you just let him do this to me?”

“He was suppose to just talk with you. Not jerk off on you. And it’s not my job to reveal those type things Lady Vargos. I’m here to decorate you in the appropriate fashions for your public and social needs. Along with any fetish desires your husband may request for evenings or in the bedroom,” she said as she finished wiping the cum out of his ear.

“I don’t like it.” he cried softly his lip shaking.

“I know you don’t. That’s why you are seated in this chair with all these straps. You will adjust with time though. I promise it will get easier for you Lady Vargos.” Leanne pulled a full length mirror in front of Martin so he could see how he looked strapped in the chair. He looked so erect and rigid in the chair. He moved his fingers, watching his red fingernails dangle helplessly over the ends of the arm rest. He wiggled his toes that protruded through the ends of the pink peep toe pumps he was wearing.

“Let me out of this chair Leanne,” Martin blubbered as she watched him. Leanne turned the chair around. He could the feel the headrest loosen finally.

Leanne began to loosen all the straps, but as she did she told Martin that he had one more person to meet before his husband left, then he could retire for the evening. She told him that the concubine the Baron was taking with him needed to meet with him before they left. It was customary for the woman that was approved to sleep with the husband when he was away, meet with him, the wife, before sharing time with the Baron. The same was true of the concubine that would take care of Martin, but the Baron had already met with them as he was the one who also approved that concubine, though Martin had absolutely no say in the matter. Sex with these concubines was not seen as an infidelity of the marriage, but a healthy way of catering to the sexual desires and loneliness of the spouses while they were separated.

As Martin slowly stood Leanne had him turn around and lift dress and drop his panties so the butt plug could now be removed. Martin was bent over holding the chair arm when Leanne pulled the tape off his buttocks with one quick pull.

“YEOOWW!!” Martin tried to stand and turn only to be pushed back down by Leanne. “That hurt,” he said as she had him spread his legs more.

“QUIET! OK, Let it out slowly,” she said pulling on the base of the plug. Martin was so relieved when the plug was finally removed. He tried to stand again only to be held down by Leanne. Leanne put on a latex glove and popped it at the wrist as she slid her hand in it. Leanne’s lubricated, gloved finger entered his tight, sore ass hole to lubricate his anal opening again.

“What are you doing this for?” Martin whined, but some how he deep down inside didn’t really want to know.

“Y our husband is getting ready to leave.”

“I don’t want to see him right now,” Martin said through tears that he couldn’t control any longer. His brain was so confused now as to who he was or who he was going to be, having heard all the reasons he was here, and all the people that had taken part in it.

“I’m sorry ma’am, your husband wants me to bring you to the men’s restroom to see him before he goes.” Leanne now let in a man and woman to help escort Martin. The girl had a smile on her face as the man stepped in the room to assist her.

“THE MEN’S RESTROOM!” Martin yelled as his tears welled up ready to flow again. Martin was forcibly stood up. “A public restroom?” Martin whined twisting in their grip. Taking him by the arms they stood him up and escorted him forcibly out of the room and down the hall.

“Oh god,” he cried out as he was dragged down the hallway, his 6″ high heels dragging the floor. Martin was so exhausted he could give little resistance at all.

“Stop pushing me,” Martin insisted as he was dragged down the hall with his head hanging low till they got to the public restrooms. There stood the Baron arm in arm with Tiffany. Tiffany looked hot in her tight black leather pants and 4″ red high heel sandals that showed off her turquoise painted toenails, and of course Martin now knew all too well how the Baron insisted on seeing pretty toenails on his women, and on him too. She wore a white peasant blouse with no bra that clearly showed her nipples through the fabric, and she now had elegant long red fingernails. She smiled as Martin was brought in front of them. It was obvious that someone had assisted her in her new look that now catered more to the Baron’s likes.

“Haven’t you done enough to me all ready?” Martin said pulling back as best he could.

“Ah,there you are my sweet,” the Baron smiled at the feminized, emotionally broken man. “Marcia this is Tiffany. She will be my concubine while I am away. Isn’t she beautiful,” the Baron said smiling and giving her a quick kiss on the lips. “I will leave you two to talk privately about details, while I finish up a couple of things.” As the Baron was walking away, Martin was pulled to his feet and his hands were pulled behind his back and handcuffed. The attendants left also leaving Martin alone with Tiffany.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Lady Vargos. Your husband is such a wonderful man,” she said with a giggle at the sight of this distressed man standing in front of her.

“What do you want?” Martin looked at her with eyes that seemed resigned to his fate.

“As you know, I will be having sex with your husband and taking care of his needs while we are away. Are there any special needs he has or little things that he likes in bed that you could share with me?”

” WHAT? You can’t be serious.” Martin stumbled in his 6″ heels his male voice sounding sharp. “I could care less.”

“That’s what we’re here to talk about right? Satisfying your husband. I don’t want to disappoint him or you either.”

“I hope you like a mouth full of dick bitch, because that’s what you’re going to get,” Martin tried to sound aggressive and intimidate her, but he sounded tired.

“Well duh. Like I didn’t know that. Of course he will want me to suck his penis. He’s a man isn’t he?” Tiffany said in a matter of fact manner. Then she had a bit of an embarrassed look on her face. “I’m sorry Lady Vargos. I didn’t mean to be disrespectful to you. I know you are a man too, and you don’t get your penis sucked anymore…………..but I’m sure you still desire the pleasures and feeling of such things if you were allowed. Maybe your concubine will be so kind as to offer you some oral stimulation.”

“Just go away. I’m done with this. Leave me alone.”

“I do have a pussy for him to use. I will offer that to him first. Hopefully he’ll want that instead of well, you know. I mean, I can take it up my bottom if I have to, but it’s very uncomfortable for me, and if he has a really big penis it just hurts too much,” she said in a bashful manner. “How about moaning. Does he like for you to moan during sex? Do you scream out during his orgasm? Does he like that?” she asked.

“Yeah. I scream all the time, but know one cares. What man wouldn’t scream with a another man’s big dick stuck up his ass,” Martin said in a mildly sarcastic tone.

“Does he have a big penis?” she asked with a timid smile.

“Yes.” Martin said quietly. “Is that whaht you want to here?”

“I like a man with a large penis. I’m sure I will enjoy sharing time with him.” she said smiling.

The Baron was coming back down the hallway now. “Thank you very much Lady Vargos. I will do my best,” she said as she stepped back and received another kiss from the Baron. This time it was little more passionate.

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