Everyone has that one teacher that they don’t really notice. They forget their name, never talk to them and just never give them a second thought. For Coralie, that teacher was Ramona Emerson. Ramona taught Coralie in a class called “Prep for H.E”, short for Preparation for Higher Education, preparing the college students for university. Like most students at the college, Coralie found Prep for H.E a complete waste of time and spent most of her time there talking to her best friend, a pretty Syrian girl named Damisi.

One day Ramona was in a particularly irritable mood and soon tired of Coralie and Damisi chattering about boys, and put them at opposite sides of the room, much to the annoyance of Coralie. She looked at Ramona, tall and curvy with shoulder length shaggy auburn hair and blue eyes, the complete opposite of the petite Coralie, who had long, fine blonde hair with the tips dyed black and a full fringe skimming her grey-green eyes. “Silly cow,” Coralie muttered. “Not like we do anything in this class anyway.”

Ramona heard. She turned and looked down on Coralie. “YOU don’t do anything in this class, Coralie! Except for get on my nerves, that is. You should be doing something, you just don’t.” Coralie smirked and asked exactly what it was she was meant to do.

“I’ve had it up to here with you, Miss Creamer,” Ramona snapped, gesturing above her head. “I’ll speak to you after class.”

After class, Coralie tried to slip out of the door, hidden by Damisi. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. Ramona. “Move along, Miss Gana,” she said to Damisi. “You can see Coralie later, I want to talk to her.” Damisi nodded and strutted off down the corridor, leaving her friend with the teacher.

Coralie looked down into her own cleavage, which was spilling out of her black lace-trim tank top. “Coralie,” said Ramona simply. The obnoxious 19 year old straightened her turquoise hotpants and stepped back into the room. “First of all,” said Ramona, “if I ask you to stay after class, you will stay, not get your friends to smuggle you out.” Coralie nodded, shuffling her Converse-adorned feet on the floor. “Another thing, I’m not a stupid cow, you are.” Coralie gasped. “You are, Coralie!” snapped the older woman. “You giggle with Damisi for hours about the daftest topics available for conversation, then you complain that you don’t learn anything. What do I have to do to get your attention?”

“Sorry,” said Coralie, looking up at Ramona for the first time. Ramona shook her head.

“Sorry my ass,” she smirked. “And I didn’t ask for an apology, I asked you what would get your attention in class. What about this?” she growled, and within a second her jumper was off and she was digging her huge tits out of her bra. Coralie couldn’t help but look. They stood up remarkably well for a woman in her fifties, and were full and ripe, topped by large dark pink nipples.

“All you talk about is sex, so how about I teach like this, you slut?” Coralie flinched, knowing she had pushed Ramona over the edge.

Slowly, Coralie walked over to Ramona and cupped one of her breasts with her hand. “Fucking gorgeous,” she whispered, pinching the nipple softly to harden it.

“Get OFF me, Coralie!” the teacher cried half-heartedly, before closing her eyes and sighing as Coralie flicked her tongue against the nipple.

“See, the thing is, ‘Mona,” whispered Coralie into her teacher’s ear. “I don’t want to get off you. I want to get off WITH you.. and I think that’s what you want too.” With that, Coralie bit softly on the older woman’s earlobe before moving down to kiss and suck on her neck while still fondling her breast with one hand, using the other to hold her hair.

The teacher shivered with pleasure and whimpered a small “yes” before slipping a hand between Coralie’s legs, massaging her swollen pussy through her shorts. Coralie had never been with a woman before, but at that moment, probably due to a mixture of the frustration and tension and the beauty of her teacher’s 36 Es, she wanted this woman more than she’d ever wanted anyone.

“Seems you wanna get me off too, baby girl,” purred Coralie, before walking over and turning the lock on the door. No sooner had the lock clicked and Ramona had her pinned against the wall, kissing her feverishly. Coralie could tell that her lover was hungry for her kisses. For more than kisses.

Coralie pushed Ramona back and stripped completely naked. Her pussy was shaved clean and her boy was pale white but perfectly toned and her 34 C breasts were topped by small light pink nipples. Ramona looked her up and down like a lion sizing up its prey. “Your turn,” said Coralie with a small smile. Ramona stripped, revealing that her pussy was not only shaven, but there was something small and silver there. A shock of pleasure and surprise went through Coralie as she realized her teacher had her clit pierced. “Sit down,” she told her, gesturing to the teacher’s large, comfy chair.

Ramona sat and Coralie kneeled in front of her. She kissed Ramona’s legs from the knee right up the thigh into her groin, where she placed small, teasing kisses before running her tongue up her slit and over her pierced nub. Ramona let out a small cry of pleasure and stroked her young lover’s hair. Coralie started licking faster, tasting every part of her teacher’s sex, pulling on her labia with her lips and sucking her clit while slowly massaging her inside with one finger. Ramona gasped and jerked and moaned her approval. Coralie flicked her tongue against the little bar through the older woman’s clit, and on hearing a beautifully erotic moan in response, began flicking at it with her tongue as she sucked on Ramona’s clit, occasionally nibbling it to make it vibrate. As Ramona got wetter and louder, Coralie realized she was close to cumming. She continued her oral assault on Ramona’s pussy and added another finger, now finger fucking her hard with three long, slender fingers as she licked, bit and sucked her cunt. After a while, Ramona squealed and tightened her legs around Coralie’s head, and her pussy contracted around the girl’s fingers. As soon as she released, a flow of almost clear, white juice soaked Coralie’s hand and went into her mouth. She licked her lips and her fingers before roughly pulling Ramona down on top of her and kissing her deeply.

After kissing for a while, Ramona’s hand wandered back between Coralie’s legs. She found that her hot little student was dripping wet, and took a sharp intake of air when touched. She slipped two of her fingers into Coralie and curled them, trying to find her G-spot. A buck of the hips and a squeal from Coralie a few seconds later told her she had succeeded. She massaged Coralie’s secret spot while rubbing her bulbous little clit with her thumb. Coralie’s moans became louder and her cries of “fuck me” more desperate with every second, until she spasmed and let out a guttural screech while pulling Ramona’s hair.

Ramona kissed the girl’s lips one more time before moving down to play with her breasts. She pinched Coralie’s nipples hard and bit them, making Coralie squeal. She had heard of this kind of rough play before, and wasn’t really interested in it, but right now it felt amazing. The pain heightened her sensitivity, so when Ramona swirled her wet, warm tongue around the nipple right after nipping it with her teeth, it felt like little electric shocks through the girl’s body.

After tormenting Coralie’s breasts, Ramona kissed and licked her way down to where she most wanted to be — right between her thighs. When she was there, she did not want to lick Coralie in the fast and furious way the girl had licked her, but rather methodically in order to build her up to a powerful, mind blowing orgasm. First, she took her clit very gently between her teeth and probed it with her tongue. Coralie cried out and grabbed Ramona’s hair, pushing her face into the sweet young pussy. Ramona gave in and attacked Coralie with her tongue, pushing it deep inside her and sucking hard on her smooth pink pussy lips. Coralie’s body shook and writhed uncontrollably, as the sexiest sounds known to man escaped her lips. She came like a woman possessed, throwing her head back and her lower body upwards while crying out “AIII.. AIII.. AI..” finally finishing with a long sigh of Ramona’s name before falling onto the floor almost crying.

Ramona kissed her tenderly this time, softly playing with Coralie’s lips using her tongue. The two women got dressed and agreed that after that, Coralie should be sure to be on her worst behavior at all times in Prep for H.E — after all, there had to be some reason to keep her behind.

The following story is completely true, but obviously, the names are changed. I have done my best to write it accurately and do the events justice. Even though I obviously cannot remember exactly what people said when, I have tried hard to make the dialogue in the story as close to what was actually said as possible. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy!

When I was twenty-one years old and a senior in college, I had a sexual experience that was quite strange and unexpected.

I was in my last semester before graduation. One of the courses in which I was enrolled was a 100-level math course. I needed to take it to fulfill my college’s distribution requirements so that I could graduate. The professor was nice enough, if a little strange, and the course wasn’t too difficult, so I was just sort of coasting through it without having to put in much effort, and looking forward to my graduation in May.

Professor Kirkland, who taught the class, was probably mid-fifties. He was about average height, and although he wasn’t too fat, he certainly had a gut. He had dark gray hair with a bald spot on the back that you could see when he turned around to write on the chalkboard, and a bushy, white beard. He wore glasses, and was generally an easygoing professor.

The only real problem with the class was that it met at 9:30 in the morning–a little early for my taste, but I usually had no problem getting up, and was always on time for class. However, on the day of the midterm exam–worth thirty percent of our grade, according to our syllabus, my alarm didn’t go off. I don’t know why that happened, but I do know that I woke up to see that it was already 10:30. I panicked. Class would already be over by the time I could get there. I had slept through the midterm, and so I would receive a zero. I was, as they say, fucked.

I felt so awful at that moment. I sent off a frantic e-mail to Professor Kirkland explaining what had happened and saying that if there were any way I could make up some of the credit I had lost I would be happy to do it. But I knew it was hopeless. No professor would let you make up an exam you didn’t show up for. I felt sick to my stomach.

Now, I know this is a popular convention in pornography. The young female student tells her teacher, “Oh, I’ll do anything for an A!” with a seductive look. The teacher replies, “ANYTHING?”, unzips his pants, and it goes from there. But I promise you that sex was completely absent from my mind when I wrote that e-mail. I was only hoping to maybe take the exam for half credit, or do an extra-credit assignment or something. The idea of doing any sort of favors for a better grade never entered my mind.

Waiting for Professor Kirkland’s response, which took about an hour to arrive, made time seem twice as long. I could barely breath as I hoped against hope that he might have mercy on me and my grade.

When his response finally arrived, it read:

“Dear Ben,

Unfortunately, I do not allow students to re-take missed exams without a legitimate excuse. However, we might be able to figure out a way you can make up some credit in my course. Why don’t you stop by my office around 3:00 this afternoon, and maybe we can work something out?

See you then,

Professor Kirkland”

I showed up at his office promptly at 3:00, and knocked gingerly at the big, wooden door that was slightly ajar. “Come in, come in,” I heard his gruff voice say from inside. I opened the door and stepped in, then stepped towards the chair in front of his desk, behind which he was seated.

“Why don’t you close the door behind you before you sit down?” Professor Kirkland suggested. I turned around and pulled the door shut. Then I sat down in front of his desk and fidgeted nervously.

“Now… Ben, right?” he started. It was a big class, so it was understandable that he might not be sure of my name. I nodded. “Good, good. Ben, as I said in my e-mail, I’m sorry, but I really can’t let you re-take the midterm. However, I do understand that sometimes things like this happen, so I want to give you a chance to help your grade some.” I nodded again. All of this sounded good to me.

“So, here’s what I’m offering,” he continued. “I would be willing to offer you an increase in your grade in return for certain… favors.” Confusion passed over my face at that last word. I was naive, and really had no idea what he meant by it. But he paused, expecting an answer, so I had to respond. “Uh… I’m sorry, I’m not sure I quite understand,” I said.

“If you perform certain favors for me, I would be willing to give you a better grade in the class–let’s say a 98–regardless of the work you perform in the class for the rest of the semester.” I still looked confused, and he saw this and explained. “The favors, of course, would be sexual in nature.” I was shocked, and I’m sure that my face registered this sudden realization.

“Of course, I don’t mean to pressure you into something you’re uncomfortable with. If you wish, you can decline my offer and I won’t penalize your grade, but I will still have to give you a zero for the missed exam. This is just an opportunity if you wish to compensate for that blow to your grade.”

I sat there, silent and flabbergasted, with no idea how to respond. After a few moments, he said, “Look, if you want to take me up on my offer, just come by my house tonight at around 8:00 and we’ll work it all out. If not, that’s OK too. Just e-mail me if you think you want to come, and I’ll give you my address and directions. Think it over, Ben, and have a good afternoon.”

I was still so shocked that all I could do was nod as I stood up, opened the door, and left.

Now, I don’t consider myself gorgeous or anything, but I’m a decent-looking guy. I’m average height, fairly skinny, with short, brown hair and fair skin. I guess I would say I’m attractive, but the idea that someone would ever want to pay or bribe me for sex just hadn’t occurred to me. Certainly, I had fantasized about sex with a professor, but only female ones–Professor Cleary, contemporary poetry, I’m thinking of you and your incredible breasts. I considered myself straight. The possibility of sex with men was something I simply never thought about.

After leaving Professor Kirkland’s office, my initial reaction was a resounding “no.” After all, I thought, I’m not gay, he’s a overweight old guy, and either way, it would be immoral to have sex for a good grade.

I briefly considered reporting him. But then I realized that although it might result in his getting fired, my grade situation would remain the same, so what would the point be?

And then I began to think about my grade. With a zero on the exam, the best possible grade I could get would be a C-, with a strong possibility of something below that. A grade like that would wreck my GPA. After all the hard work I had put into college, to have this BS class bring down my GPA would be the worst.

But I still couldn’t have gay sex, could I? Not for grades, not for money, not for anything. But as I thought about it over the next few hours, I began to realize two things. One was that my options were very limited. Either I let this old man have his way with me, or I take a huge hit in my GPA. The second one, somehow, seemed worse.

The second thing I realized was that I wasn’t quite as opposed to the idea of sex with a man as I had previously assumed. Looking at guys didn’t really do much for me, but it also didn’t gross me out. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed like it might not be that bad.

So a few hours later, I sent Professor Kirkland an e-mail that said, “I’ve decided to do it. Where is your house?”

While I waited anxiously for his response, I realized that I didn’t even know what exactly these sexual favors would entail. Would I just have to let him see me naked? Would I have jerk him off? He might even expect me to suck him off, but certainly no more than that. Could I do that?

“Great, Ben. I’m glad to hear it!” his response came about fifteen minutes later. He told me his address and reminded me to be there at 8:00.

I considered walking away about five different times as I approached his front door. I’ve never been so nervous in my life. But before I knew it, I had rung the doorbell. Moments later, the door opened, and there he was. He was still dressed in his jacket and tie, his wrinkled face and white beard illuminated by the lights inside his house. He smiled.

“Glad you came, Ben. Come on in.” He shut the door behind me. “Why don’t you go have a seat on the couch?” he said, gesturing towards the living room. I looked around quickly as I followed his instructions. His house was really nice.

I sat down on the couch, and he came in and sat on an easy chair opposite me. “Now, Ben,” he began. “If you do everything I ask, then after tonight you will have an A in my course with no further effort required on your part. Sound good to you?” he asked with a smile. I nodded and fidgeted nervously.

“Great! Let’s get to it, then.” He stood up from his chair. “How about you come over here and kneel down in front of me?” I nodded silently, and then stood up, walked over to him, and knelt in front of him. My face was right in front of his crotch.

“Go ahead and take out my dick, Ben,” he suggested matter-of-factly in his gruff voice. I paused, but I knew this was what I had to do. I reached up gingerly and unzipped his fly. I then reached in, found the fly in his underwear, reached through that, and then in a quick motion brought his penis out into the open.

And there it was, right in front of my face. It hung down, flaccid but clearly starting to fill with blood. The most obvious fact about it was that it was big. Without even being erect, it was impressive. I wondered how big it would get.

“Go ahead and play with it, Ben,” Professor Kirkland said. I reached out and grabbed it again, and then started to slowly rub my grasping hand up and down over its surface like I did to myself when I masturbated. It grew in my hand, and in a few moments it was fully hard. If I had to guess, I’d say it was seven and a half inches and fairly thick. Its head was circumcised and its shaft was smooth. Its tip glistened with precum.

“OK, Ben. Now suck it for me.” I had never sucked a dick before, but I knew what I liked girls to do to me, so I tried to do that. I licked around the head, then closed my lips around it and started to bob my head and get a rhythm going. Whatever I was doing, Professor Kirkland must have liked it, because he started to grunt and moan. As I sucked, I could taste the salty precum in my mouth as it oozed from the tip of his cock. I looked up at him, still fully dressed with just his dick exposed, and he looked down at me through his glasses. He then gently pulled my head back from his crotch with his hands. “Good job, Ben,” he said, and then sat back in his chair. “Now stand up.”

I stood. “Take off your shirt,” he ordered. I pulled my sweatshirt up over my head, and then did the same with my t-shirt, until I stood bare-chested before him. He was slowly rubbing his large and stiff cock. “Now take off your pants.” I pulled them down and then stepped out of them. Now, all I was wearing were a pair of simple, navy boxer-briefs. I felt an intense nervousness and more than a little self-conscious. “Good, good,” he said. “Now take those off.” He pointed to my underwear.

Slowly, I lowered them, and then stood there completely naked, shifting my weight nervously from one foot to the other. He kept rubbing his dick. “OK, Ben. Now sit down on the couch.” I sat.

He stood up and undressed. He undid his tie, unbuttoned his shirt, unbuckled his belt, and took everything off until he was as naked as I was. He had a hairy chest, a hairy, round belly, thick, hairy legs, and thick, bushy pubes. He looked at me through his glasses as I ogled his big cock again. “Now stand up and come over here, Ben.”

“Yes, professor,” I answered, and stood up. Now we were both naked and standing facing each other.

“Turn around,” he ordered, and I did so. Then I felt his big, strong hand grab my ass. First he cupped one cheek, and then the other. Then, he gave each a light slap. “Great, Ben. This is going to work out just great. You’ll have your A in no time. I have to go into the other room and get some stuff. But I want you to be clean for me. What I need you to do is go to the bathroom. In there you’ll find an enema. It’s just a little red bag with a plastic tip attached. All you have to do is fill it with warm water, put the tip into your ass, and squirt the water in. Then eject it into the toilet. Do that until the water comes out clean. Then come back here and put your face on the floor and your ass int the air. I’ll be back in a little bit.” Then he walked out of the room.

I thought about what he had said and my heart raced. He doesn’t just want some head, I thought, he wants to fuck my ass! I had never had anything in my butthole before, and all I knew was that it was supposed to hurt. I had watched hundreds of girls get fucked in the ass in porn, and had eagerly jerked off to it, but I had never considered that something might go into my own ass. But I couldn’t back out now. I went to the bathroom.

The enema was right there like he said it would be. I followed his instructions. The water squirting into my ass felt incredibly strange, but I did the routine until the water came out clear like he said it should. My ass was clean and ready to be fucked. I then returned to the living room.

Professor Kirkland soon walked back in the door with a big tube of lube in one hand and a small, bright blue toy in the other that I assumed was destined to go in my ass. His thick cock swung between his legs as he walked towards me. “Come on, Ben,” he said. “Face on the floor, ass in the air.”

I did as I was told. I felt so vulnerable. I looked back to see Professor Kirkland putting lubricant on his finger. Then I felt an wet coldness press up against my butthole. I gasped. He continued to rub the lube slowly around my sphincter with his thick finger for about a minute.

Just as I was getting used to this, I felt pressure against my asshole. His well-lubed finger entered me slowly until it was in all the way. It felt unbelievably strange, but it didn’t really hurt.

“Good job, Ben,” Professor Kirkland said. “You’re ready for my toy.” At that, I felt something slightly bigger press at my entrance, which I assumed was that small blue toy. Soon, it was all the way in without too much discomfort. After about a minute of slow in-and-out motion with the toy, he withdrew it from my ass, and all of a sudden my hole felt open and vulnerable.

“You’re doing great, Ben. Now I’m going to fuck your ass.” I turned around to see him squeezing an unbelievable amount of lubrication from the tube onto his giant, hard penis. He rubbed it slowly all over his cock until it glistened.

He pressed the head of his cock to my asshole. At first, it just wouldn’t go in. His cock was much bigger than either his finger or the toy, and my sphincter wouldn’t open up to take it in. But he kept pressing and pressing until he forced his way in, and I gasped loudly. He chuckled at this and slapped my buttcheek.

Just the head was in at this point. “Are you ready, Ben?” he asked. “Yes,” I replied. Without a pause, he started to press further and further into my ass. It was the weird sensation I felt with the finger and toy multiplied by ten. He kept going further and further. Finally, he was in to the root. It hurt.

Then he pulled out, and pushed back in. More pain, more of that weird feeling. But it also felt kind of sexy. My dick started to get hard.

Then the real fucking started. He pulled all the way out, so that I could feel my asshole open to the air, and then pushed his cock all the way back in. Then he started a rhythm going, each time going in the whole length of his shaft. He started grunting and moaning, and grabbed my asscheeks. With each thrust, he pulled by ass back onto his cock with his strong hand. I started to yelp and moan. It felt kind of good, but it also hurt a good deal. My cock was hard, but I wasn’t quite sure whether or not I liked it.

After a few minutes, I was drooling onto the carpet and gasping for air when he said, “Turn over, Ben.” “Yes, professor,” I replied. As I flipped onto my back, he stood up, got a pillow from the couch, and then came back to me on the floor. “Lift up your ass,” he said. I did so, and he shoved the pillow underneath my hips, so my butt was higher up. He re-lubed his huge cock. Then, he pushed my legs back so that my knees were near by head, and put his cock all the way back in my ass. “Ow,” I gasped, but he picked up his rhythm again and began fucking me as hard as ever. After a minute or so, he grabbed my hard cock and began to jerk me off, pumping with every thrust. I guess I didn’t realize quite how turned on I was until that moment. It felt amazing, even if his cock was hurting my butthole. After a few minutes, a familiar feeling began to creep up on me. Before I knew what was happening, my cock began to twitch, and cock began to shoot pulse after pulse of semen as I had one of the most incredible orgasms I’ve ever experienced. The come shot so far that the first spurt landed on my chin, with ensuing globs stretching across my chest and belly. Professor Kirkland grabbed both my ankles and continued to fuck me.

Now that I had just orgasmed, I began to realize just how uncomfortable it was to have his big dick fucking me like a jackhammer. It hurt every time it went all the way in. I looked up at Professor Kirkland’s face, and he stared right back in to my eyes with a determined expression. Then, all of a sudden he pulled out.

“OK, Ben. Get on your knees. I’m going to come on your face.”

I got on my knees, and he began to jerk his big, slippery cock as fast as his hand could go. Then his body spasmed, and he pointed the head right at my face. “UGH!” he grunted as fat globs of come draped themselves across my face. Some fell into my partially opened mouth. It tasted salty and strange. The texture and warmth of it was a little gross, so I spit the semen out and it dribbled down my chin. Professor Kirkland squeezed out the last drops of come from his cock, and then stepped back to look at me. My face was covered with his come, and my body was covered in my own.

“Alright, you did great,” he said, breathing heavily. “You definitely deserve that A. Why don’t you go to the bathroom and clean yourself up?” He showed me to the bathroom and offered me a wet washcloth. I wiped the semen from my body. When I came back into the living room, he was lounging naked on a chair. “You can get dressed now, Ben. You did fantastically.” I dressed myself wordlessly as he watched, and then he led me to the door. I stepped outside, he closed the door behind me, and that was that.

My ass was sore for a day or so after that, but I didn’t regret what I did. Sure enough, I got that 98 in Professor Kirkland’s course, and graduated with a fantastic GPA.

I did have a few other experiences with Professor Kirkland. If there’s any interest, I can write about those, too. Hope you enjoyed!

This is the sequel to Amy and the Professor.

A week passed after I’d used Amy in every way I’d wanted to. I’d been true to my word, in that she now had an A for the last exam. And, to my daily pleasure, she had kept her word, never forgetting to wear a cute skirt to class and to sit in the front row.

There was one difference however, since the reason for wearing the skirts was now known, Amy made sure that when I was sitting at my desk, I had a wonderful view of the cute panties she was wearing. Other than those delightful little glimpses, we did nothing to suggest that we had anything other than a student/professor relationship.

One evening a couple of days into the next week, as I had just finished cleaning off my desk and was about to leave for the day, there was a knock on the door. I said, “Come in, the doors not locked.”

The door opened and Amy walked in, and right behind her was Lisa, another one of my students from Amy’s class. While Amy stood about 5’3″, Lisa was just a touch over 5′. They differed in other ways too: Lisa was a brunette while Amy was a strawberry blond; and, Amy had beautiful D cup breasts, while Lisa’s were a small B cup; finally Lisa was cute, while Amy was beautiful.

While I much preferred Amy, I thought that Lisa would be a tasty little morsel.

Most exciting of all, were the short skirts and see-through blouses they were both wearing. Plus, this time it wasn’t sandals but stockings and high heels that adorned their legs and feet.

I asked them both to take a seat in the two chairs in front of my desk and then I got up and walked over and closed and locked the door to my office.

Returning to my seat, I asked, “And, my sweet Amy, to what do I owe this delightful visit?”

“Professor, Sir, Lisa came to me a couple of days ago and shared that she won’t be able to graduate unless she passes your course. She said she didn’t know what she was going to do, that she couldn’t afford to spend another semester here. I told her that you often took pity on special cases and that I was sure something could be worked out.”

“Now Amy, you shouldn’t have given Lisa the expectation that something could be worked out … you should have talked to me first. I don’t know what I’m going to do with you. …

“However, I will admit that you two young ladies look very cute … I love those skirts, especially how they look when you are wearing stockings.”

Turning to Lisa, I said, “Lisa, a special case demands a strong commitment on your part. Are you willing to do whatever is necessary in order to earn the grade you desire?”

“Yes, Professor Bradley, whatever you ask of me I will gladly do.”

“We’ll, let’s begin.” Then in a commanding voice I said, “First, when you are in my office you will not call me Professor Bradley, I am to be called, Professor or Sir. Do you understand?”

Lisa lowered her eyes, and quietly replied, “Yes Sir, I understand.”

“And, you will not lower eyes when you talk to me. You will look into my eyes so that I may see your commitment to my commands. Do you understand?”

Lisa quickly looked up, once again, replying, “Yes sir.”

I looked over at Amy, smiled, saying, “Baby, you’ve brought me a cute one who learned, much quicker than you, the importance of following my directions without question.”

“Yes Sir. I hope I have pleased you, Sir.”

“Yes Baby, I am very well pleased.”

“Lisa, in my presence you will mostly be called by a name of endearment to show that I care for you, Amy is my sweet Baby, you will be my little Princess. Does that please you?”

“Sir, it more than pleases me, it is exciting for me to be your little Princess.”

“Baby, you have truly brought me a very special one … I suspect that you have prepared her just for me.”

“Yes Professor, as a gift to you, I made sure that your little princess would know just how to respond to your commands.”

I leaned back in my chair and thought, Well, this is a wonderful surprise. … Just how am I going to have my way with these two, hot, little college girls?… Well … I might as well get a better look at my new little princess.

“Princess, stand up and turn around for me, I want to see that cute little body of yours.”

Lisa immediately stood and slowly turned around.

I smiled with approval and noticed Amy’s matching smile as she saw that I approved of this sweet little package.

I said, “Princess, come over to me I want to see your panties and touch that sweet little ass … “

Lisa came around my desk, turned her back and bent over, so I could get a real good look and feel. She was wearing my favorite, little silky panties.

Again, I looked over at Amy, still smiling, obviously very pleased with my delight with the new toy she’d brought me. We both knew Lisa was just a play thing … for us both to play with. Our commitment was to each other and each other’s pleasure.

“Princess take off your blouse, I want to see your bra and those cute little breasts.”

“Yes, Sir, whatever you say Professor,” and she quickly took off her blouse and tossed it aside.

She was wearing my favorite, a silky little bra with no seams on top.

“Baby, come here. I want you to see these cute little breasts. They don’t compare to yours, but they look like a lot of fun.”

Amy came right over and we both began to touch and massage Lisa’s little breasts. That was very exciting … I loved watching Amy play with Lisa’s breasts. I’ll have to get these two baby’s of mine together, I thought.

“Baby, take off your blouse, too.” Amy’s blouse came quickly off and was also tossed aside.

“Both of you, stand here, right in front of me, I want to compare your breasts.”

They both quickly stood in front of me and I sat back and took my time looking over this wonderful surprise that had dropped in on me this afternoon. They both were wearing: high heels; thigh high stockings; cute little plaid skirts, and sexy bras … a sight to behold.

I reached and touched both Amy’s and Lisa’s breasts, pinching each nipple, loving the feel of their breasts through their silky bras.

Then, … “Turn around and bend over.”

Initially, they were confused … Not sure who I was talking to, “Both of you, right now!”

They both turned around and bent over … There, easily within arm’s reach were two of the cutest bottoms I’d ever seen. I couldn’t help myself, I had to touch those sweet asses.

After a few minutes of pleasure as I massaged, squeezed, and spanked those two bottoms, I said, “Spread your legs, I want to feel your pussies.”

They both started to pull their panties down, assuming I wanted them to, “No, leave your panties on. I will tell you when I want you to take them off.”

They pulled their panties back up and spread their legs … I massaged their pussies and thought, God, how I love the feel of these pussies through the silky panties.

It was hard to control myself, I wanted Lisa to straddle and fuck me, while Lisa sat on my face, facing Amy, so I could I eat her pussy while the two of them deep kissed each other. But … there was more to do … that exciting action would have to wait.

“I want you to kiss each other. I want passionate, deep, full mouth kissing.” They looked at each other, hesitating.

In a commanding voice, I said, “What are you waiting for? Start kissing, right now!”

I sat back and watched them kiss, loving the tentative beginning and its morph into long, deep, passionate kisses. It was so erotic, it took my breath away. Soon their hands were exploring each other’s bodies. As I watched, I instinctively began stroking my cock through my pants.

After awhile, I decided, it was time for Lisa’s real initiation. I stroked my goatee and thought. This time we do it without the blindfold. Then, I reached into the bottom drawer of my desk and pulled the three lengths of rope that I’d tied Amy down with a little over a week ago,

I stood up, walked over to the two girls and said, “Princess raise your hands above your head and clasp them together. “

She was so sexually excited that she followed my instructions immediately. Almost without thinking.

As I tied her hands together I had another thought, She is so good at taking suggestions … It would be fun to use hypnosis to see if I could turn her into a present for my Sweet Baby Girl. I was determined to make this happen.

“Baby, I’m taking our sweet princess over to the desk, help me tie her down. That only took a couple of minutes, first we took off her skirt, panties and bra, leaving her stockings and high heels on. Then we secured her in the same way I’d secured Amy earlier, except this time I put a pillow under Lisa’s butt … her pussy needed to be up higher for what I had in mind.

Then, as before, I stepped back and looked at, what was this time, our handiwork. “Baby come here and look at our little princess all tied down … ready to be played with; used to our hearts content.”

Amy joined me and we stood there together, looking at Lisa from the bottom up her legs tied down, her pussy fully exposed, her belly and then her tiny breasts, up to her face, which had a look of contentment on it.

“Baby, I believe she likes being tied down almost as much as you did.”

“I agree … from the look on her face, it sure looks like it. Can I play to, Professor? I’ve been dreaming about having some fun with this cute little body.”

“That’s my plan, Baby … to begin we will share this sweet little morsel. This is what we’re going to do. You’re going to help me undress and then spend some time sucking my cock … I want you to suck it over there right next to the desk, close to her face, so she can watch you and get even more excited.

“Yes, Professor, I’ve been dreaming about sucking your cock every night since we were together, it will be so good to feel it in my mouth, and down my throat again.”

“Then Baby, I will undress you and spend some time playing with your sweet body. Again I want our tied down little princess to watch as I pleasure you. Watch as I suck on your tits … Oh baby, I just remembered I’ve got a surprise for you in my desk.” I went around to the back of my desk, opened the top drawer and pulled out my surprise.

“Baby, I think you’ll like these,” and I showed her a pair of nipple clamps, with a gold chain hanging between them.

“Professor, Sir! How did you know I love nipple clamps?”

“I suspected as much when you almost came every time I played rough with your nipples. I’m delighted that you like them. I’ll attach them when the time is right, Baby.”

After I’ve played with you for awhile Baby … licked your sweet pussy and kissed you deeply … with our little princess watching everything. Then, Baby, I want you to straddle her face so she can lick your pussy. I will be fucking her at the same time.”

Then I will throat fuck her while you lick her pussy and, hopefully, make her cum … I’m hoping it will be the best she’s ever experienced. After that … well … we’ll see.

And with that said, I grabbed my sweet baby and kissed her deeply. Then I took off my shirt as Amy undid my belt and the buttons of my jeans. My pants fell to the floor, and, as usual I was going commando style … no underpants to deal with. Then I sat on my desk close to Lisa’s head, and relaxed while Amy took off my shoes and socks.

Then she began to suck me. She knew I loved to be sucked while she was still dressed in her skirt and bra … God, how I loved it. She’d been practicing and took my cock all the way in with no trouble whatsoever. I, again, marveled at how much her throat felt like a cunt. And it dawned on me how easy it would be cum when I was deep in her throat. … But … no … I liked to play, much more than I liked to cum.

I glanced at Lisa, she couldn’t keep her eyes off of us. She licked her lips every time Amy swallowed my cock. Once I heard her whimper and then she asked, “Professor, please let me suck on your cock?”

“Not yet, my little Princess, right now, I want you to watch my sweet Baby sucking on it. … patience Princess, you will have your turn.”

“Yes Sir, I will be patient.”

Not too much later, “Okay Baby, it’s my turn. But give me a big, wet kiss first.”

Amy, stood up and fell into my arms, giving me the biggest, wettest, kiss I could imagine. “Thank you Sir, for letting me service your cock … I was afraid that you would want your new little princess to service you first.”

“Baby, you will always come first with me.”

Then I slowly undressed her, taking time to plant sweet kisses on the most sensitive places. When she was undressed (I left her stockings on), I put her on the desk, again right next to Lisa, pulled her ass to the edge of the desk and pushed her back so she her head rested on Lisa’s belly. Then I spread her legs and dove right in. I’ve never tasted a pussy as sweet as Amy’s I could eat her for hours and not get tired. I sucked and licked her clit … rubbing my tongue over it, pulling on it with my lips, then I put two fingers up inside of her cunt, searching for the sweet, rough, spot and finding it. Then I went to town. … she moaned, gasped, squealed, then her legs wrapped around my head and she cried out, “Oh my God! Oh my … yes, yes, yeeeessss! And she came

I stood up, pulled her forward again, and put my cock inside of her. And, very slowly, I began putting it in and pulling it out … almost all the way out.

“Sir, faster please … Sir, I want to cum again and I’m so close … Please faster Sir … Please.”

“Beg me Baby, Beg me to fuck you faster. Beg me to pound my cock into you, so you can come again. Beg me, Baby.”

She gasped, “Professor Sir, please, please, please fuck me harder and faster, please Professor … please, I want to cum … Please, please, please, I am so close to cumming … please faster and harder.”

I obliged her, and began fucking her as fast and as hard as I could … pounding her, thrusting my cock ever deeper into her sweet cunt.

It didn’t take long before Amy began to scream, “Oh God … God … Oh yes, yes yes … Professor I’m cummmmmmming!!!!!” And her legs wrapped around me tight pulling me as close to her, as deep into her as was possible. I thought I heard an echo as Amy was screaming, but I was too focused to look around … all I wanted to see was her beautiful face as she came … the look was one of pure ecstasy … I loved seeing it.

I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply. “Was that good, Baby?”

“The best Professor, Sir, nobody makes me cum like you do … promise you will fuck me forever. Promise me, please.”

“I promise to fuck you as long as I can and as long as you want me to, Baby. That’s all I can promise.” Then, I kissed her again.

I glanced at Lisa, her eyes were rolled back in her head, her tongue was hanging out, and she was moaning from someplace deep in her body. “Are okay my little Princess?” I asked.

Her eyes came into focus and she gasped, “I came when Amy came … I’ve never come without touching myself before, but this time I came with Amy. … God it was wonderful, I’ve never cum so hard before.”

I quickly realized that Lisa had been the echo I’d heard, when she’d come at the exact same time that Amy came. … Will wonders never cease.

“Okay baby, it’s time to play with our sweet little princess. But first …” I grabbed the nipple clamps and, first kissing and licking each of Amy’s nipples I attached the clamps as she moaned softly. I tugged on the chain a bit and she jumped at me, kissing me deeply.

“Oh God Professor, that is so erotic, both pleasure and pain at the same time … thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“My pleasure baby … I can’t wait to tug on the chain while I’m fucking you baby.”

“Oh yes, please Professor.”

“All in good time baby, but first, we have to take care of our little princess.

Amy straddled Lisa’s face, facing me; and Lisa began licking Amy as soon as Amy’s pussy was on her mouth. When I was ready, I began fucking Lisa … she was so wet. Then I reached toward Amy and said, “Kiss me Baby!” Amy threw her arms around be and pulled me to her; our mouths came together with intense passion. With all the fucking and the licking and kissing going on … God, it was wonderful.

Amy buried her head in my shoulder, kissing my neck as Lisa really got into the swing of things, in the meantime I was pumping harder and faster which resulted in loud moans in between licks.

This was very erotic and went on for quite some time, put I wasn’t finished, “Baby … It’s time for you to lick our little princesses pussy, while I mouth fuck her … I think she’s ready for that. … Aren’t you my little Princess?”

Yes, Sir. Please fuck me in the mouth … I want your cock in my mouth I will take all that I can Professor … but I’ve never been mouth fucked before. Please Professor I want to try, please Sir, please mouth fuck me.”

I looked over at Amy, smiled, and said, “Baby, you really got this little one ready for me, didn’t you?

“Yes Sir. Are you pleased that I prepared in advance so she would want to pleasure you in just the way you like to be pleasured?”

“Yes Baby, you are a very good girl, you’ve made your Professor very happy.”

As I straddled Lisa’s head and placed my cock in her mouth, Amy was already hard at work eating her pussy out. I began mouth fucking her she wasn’t able to take my cock all the way in, but she was trying her best. It was fun, but Amy was so much better. Lisa needed much more training.

Lisa’s moans, although muffled by my cock in her mouth, got louder and more frequent. Then, all of a sudden my cock was pushed out of her mouth as Lisa screamed, “God, yes. God, God, yes, yes, yeeessss!” And she came with an intensity that I’m sure she’d never experienced before.

I looked back at Amy and she looked up at me, her face was soaked and she wore a sly but sweet smile, “Professor,” she said, “she’s a squinter. … You might want to make her cum again, this time for you … it’s a very interesting experience.”

I continued mouth fucking Lisa for a while more, while Amy lapped up her juices and finger fucked her. Then I said, “Baby, I’ll do 69 with Lisa to make her come … I want you to lick and play with my ass at the same time.”

“Yes, Professor Sir, if that will please you.”

“Yes. Baby … that will please me very much.”

Lisa, of course, had nothing to say about any of this … for the time being she was our play toy, for us to use her in any way we desired.

I wish I had a picture of us during this time. Lisa was still tied down, her legs spread. I was on top licking her pussy while my cock was in her mouth and she was sucking on it with all her might. Amy was standing behind Lisa’s head her hands caressing my butt cheeks as she licked and played with my asshole. I was in heaven, licking pussy while my cock and ass were being serviced by two very cute college girls.

Then, as planned, Lisa came again, thrusting her pussy against my mouth and screaming her delight as her juices squirted all over my face and down my throat. She really was a fun fuck … especially fun with your face buried in her pussy.

I got down off the desk, reached over and grabbed Amy’s nipple clamp chain and pulled her to me, she moaned and I kissed her deeply, then, “Sweet Baby, I need you to lick our Princesses juices off my face … clean me with your tongue. Then I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Amy began licking my face, searching every crevice for a sign of Lisa’s juices. I loved how her tongue felt as she worked hard to do a perfect job. It was so erotic that I couldn’t help but put my hand between her legs and play with her pussy as she went about her work. When she finished we kissed again.

“Baby Girl, I’ve decided to give Lisa to you as a gift. She will be sub for you to care for and protect, to use in any way you choose. Would you like that, Baby?

I walk into the classroom with my battered soft brown leather briefcase, closing the door behind me. It is my first day at a new school having taken over from the previous History teacher, who left for some reason I can’t seem to find out. This is my first lesson, a group of 18 year old students who have all chosen to take History. I like teaching 18 year olds because having chosen your subject it means they want to learn and that makes teaching so much easier.

The classroom door has a glass top half, the desks are all individual old dark brown, my own desk is large, old and tall. There is an old blackboard that winds round. Opposite the door windows run the length of the 1st floor classroom. It is an old building and I quite like the traditional way it looks.

There is a girl leaning back against my desk at the front of a noisy class, wearing a short thigh length grey skirt showing a shapely pair of legs and a white shirt with 4 buttons undone. Rather attractive with long black hair and someone every guy is after I bet.

“Right quieten down class and sit down please.”

You turn round to face me leaning over the desk as I sit down, put my case on the floor and glancing up.

I can’t help but notice your tits thrusting out of your top, Very nice I think to myself has she undone another button?

“I run this class, I’m not gonna have the trouble with you that I had with the last teacher am I? I had to get rid of him” you inform me in a quiet, but very commanding manner, your teenage arrogance shining through.

“I’ve seen you looking at my tits already you dirty old pervert. I shall start spreading it around that you keep staring at my tits and touching me, then I’ll go to the Headmaster and tell him. Your career will be ruined just like the last poor sod that didn’t do as he was told, so remember, I run this class, see me afterwards.”

You do a button up and walk back to your seat. I sit there for a moment with my mouth open, dumbstruck. I’m at a loss quite how to deal with that so I start the class.

“Right quieten down please, my name is Mr Brown and I will be running this class from now on.” I see you sitting there smiling to yourself.

The class passes without a hitch, you seem to ask a few questions that involve me looking over your shoulder at your text book as I walked round looking at everyone’s work, but no more than others I suppose and it is a good view so I’m not complaining.

I dismiss the class at the sound of the buzzer and sit down packing away my books. I hear the door shut and then your voice. “Now Sir, let me tell you the rules.”


“Yes rules. I run this class and you will do as I say.”

At this point you are standing in front of me, You lean over and undo another button. “You like my tits you pervert, don’t you?”

My eyes widen and I just nod as you bend your legs and sink down to your haunches.

“Good, that makes this easier” and you start to rub my thigh.

I can feel my groin stirring as you continue caressing. “Easier?”

“Yes. I get straight A’s and don’t do any work, OK?”

“I can’t give you A’s without any work.”

“You don’t have a choice, I get what I want, I’m in charge here” you say running the palm of your hand up my hardening shaft.

“You are going to do exactly as I say. I know you want me it is written all over your face and your cock is rock hard for me. I want fucking.”

“What” I exclaim.

You stand up, grab my hair and thrust my face into your pussy. “You heard, now lick my clit old man, I wanna be wet before you fuck me.”

You are holding my head with both hands pushing it and thrusting your pussy forward. I move your thong to one side and start to lick your outer lips. Using both thumbs I part the folds and my tongue seeks out your clit. You let out an involuntary moan and pull me closer, “Lick it old man.”

I continue circling and flicking fast on your clit, I can hear you sigh.

You pull my head back “fuck me now.”

You walk off still holding my hair, dragging me round to the side of the desk so the desk is between you and the door. You bend over “fuck me from behind you old pervert.”

I must be mad but I can’t wait. I unzip and find your wet entrance with my rock hard cock, slowly sliding in as far as I can. I ease out and thrust forward gently.

“Fuck me hard if you wanna keep your job Bitch.”

I pull out slap your arse and begin hammering in hard. I pull your hair as I slow down to reach round and feel those tits.

“Don’t slow, don’t stop, just fuck me hard.”

I fuck you for all I’m worth, feel you convulse and pump my seed inside you, all too quickly.

“Did I tell you to cum inside me Bitch?”

You turn round with an angry look on your face, grab my hair and pull it back, “I tell you what you can do, you are mine, my Bitch, your cock is mine, you will do as you are told, is that clear Bitch?”


“Good, now I get straight A’s and don’t have to do any work, understand?”


You sit down on my seat and part your legs.

“Now get down on your knees under the desk and lick your own cum out of my pussy.”

“What, thats filthy.”

“You shouldn’t have cum in me without permission then, now please me slave, drink it.”

I sink to my knees and crawl under the desk. Reluctantly I lick your pussy before slowly lapping the seeping cum.

“I can’t do this it’s horrible.”

“I don’t give a fuck, now you know what we have to put up with, drink the lot you pathetic creature.”

“I can’t.”

“Fuckin do it wimp, or you’re history. You want me to go to the Headmaster with my pussy full of your cum?”

I can see that might be a problem so reluctantly start again but soon stop trying to take the taste away. You push my head back “I didn’t tell you to stop, drink all of it you fuckin useless wimp. I run this class and that includes you. When I want cock I get it, when I want my pussy licked I get it.”

“But, it’s horrible.”

“Like I care, now fuckin drink it till I tell you to stop Bitch.”

The classroom door opens and I am alarmed when I hear the Headmaster’s voice “Kirsty, should you be in here?”

You pull my head closer forcing me to continue, hidden under the desk.

“Yes sir, I’m to wait here while Mr Brown finishes something for me.”

“What was the lesson like Kirsty, I hope you learnt something, he comes highly recommended.”

“Oh he was hard sir, good though, he’ll lick us into shape I’m sure.”

“No trouble then?”

“He’s going to be no trouble sir. I have a lot to catch up on after the last teacher Sir. It will be a long hard year and I will probably need extra lessons, but we have to put the effort in to get the rewards, don’t we Sir? Could you get Mr Brown to teach me during this break period every week Sir, somewhere we won’t be disturbed, it’s going to be hard for me otherwise?”

I am scared, thinking, why don’t she just get rid of him, don’t keep him talking. Your hand is continually pushing my head to your slit making me lick every filthy horrible drop.

“Yes of course, I’m sure he won’t mind, I must say it’s a refreshing change Kirsty.”

“If the right person touches the right buttons Sir, an explosion takes place, sometimes you have to do as you are told Sir, I hope my grades will improve now.”

“You’re an intelligent girl and you don’t use the talent you have Kirsty. Excellent, well he seems a good addition to the staff if he can produce such changes in a day.”

“Oh he’s good Sir, he’s very good” you say patting my head “and I’ll put my talent to good use Sir, you can be sure of that.”

I hear the door close and footsteps disappearing along the corridor.

“Haven’t you finished yet wimp, work fuckin faster, you’ve got a lot to learn this year. You heard the Headmaster, you’re to spend extra time with me each week, alone and undisturbed where you will learn to obey without question. I hate pathetic little creatures like you, now lick my clit, I’m gonna cum all over your face.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day.” The roses dropped on my plate, and I looked up in surprise.

“Do I know you?” I was at my favorite Chinese takeout restaurant for dinner. It was Valentine’s Day, but I was alone and content. The man before me was white, twice my age, and dressed in a disheveled suit.

“No,” he said, dourly answering my question, “But I spent too much money on these to throw them in the trash. A pretty girl should have them.”

“Thank you,” I said cautiously. I moved them to the side so I could finish my sweet and sour chicken. “Do you want to sit down?”

He looked toward the counter and shrugged. He must have been planning to carry out, but they were slow tonight. Plenty of lonely diners. Sighing, he sat across from me. His medium build was all slumped under his nice clothes. He had blue eyes and a ridge in his nose that meant he wore glasses most of the time.

“I’m Claire,” I said.

“Dr. Robert Pearl,” he said sadly.

“Are you a doctor?” I asked.

“Not that kind. I teach applied physics at the university.”

“Oh, that’s interesting,” said the English major. I wasn’t even sure how physics could be applied. “Are you teaching any interesting classes?”

“No.” He sighed again. “You’re not married, are you? I don’t want a husband barging in and stabbing me in the throat.”

I laughed at the unexpected imagery. “No, I’m single.”

“I would expect a beautiful black woman like you to have plenty of dates tonight.” It would have sounded like a come-on if he weren’t so depressed.

“I’m not a romantic type. I’m single by choice. YOLO and all that.” He snorted, and I realized the term was probably lost on him. “You only live once,” I explained.

“I’ve heard the students saying things like that. Yolo, Rolo.” I laughed again, but I felt bad about it.

“I guess you were expecting someone tonight,” I said.

“She showed up, but she was expecting someone else. Some muscle-bound egghead, I suppose.”

“Oh. Well, you seem nice enough.”

He snorted again. “She took one look at me and walked out the door. We’ve been talking online for weeks, but apparently my words impressed her more than my looks.”

“Online relationships are like that sometimes,” I said. He was fairly handsome, I thought. I’d fuck him. I hadn’t been with anyone much older, but they say they have more experience.

“I suppose I was optimistic to suggest meeting for the first time on Valentine’s Day.”

“Live and learn,” I said. They called out his order at the counter–chicken teriyaki–and he stood up to go. “Why don’t you eat with me?” I asked. “It’s the least I can do for some flowers.”

He paid for his food and returned to the table. We exchanged the usual getting to know you questions. He taught how to apply physics, and I took calls in a call center. His initially gloomy demeanor was replaced by a cynical but humorous attitude. Since we didn’t have much in common, our conversation drifted around casual topics, finally settling on the one thing everyone had in common–sex.

He called himself a sexual connoisseur, not just online but in person too. He claimed to have seduced women young and old. This woman, he said, was pure bad luck. “I’ve never had someone reject me so underhandedly.” When it came to me, he said, “I assume you’re single because you like sleeping around.”

“That’s one way to put it.”

“The ethical slut is what they call it. Interesting that the women’s liberation movement has come to that.”

“It is a form of freedom to be able to have sex with who you want.”

“I doubt those young guys care anything about that. They’re horny, and you’re available is all that matters.” I shrugged. “Not that my generation had anything against free pussy, but when you get older, you start to appreciate sex. There’s no rush to get off, so you enjoy the sensual side of it.”

“I can see that,” I said.

“There’s nothing like laying a woman down and tasting her from head to toe, paying special attention to her breasts and crotch, and then slowly entering her and feeling every inch of those soft folds.”

“I could see why you get a lot of responses online,” I said, squirming as I imagined him doing those things.

“And it would have been even better in person. Anal is my favorite. Turning her over, squeezing those round cheeks in my hands. Opening up her tight rosebud with my finger, preparing her for my larger shaft–” he must have seen the expression on my face, because he stopped. “You’ve never experienced anal?”

“No. It seems kind of…icky.”

“It can be ‘icky,’ but it is also very intense with the right preparation. You have to go slow and relax the muscles, almost trick them into accepting something so foreign. The dirtiness and the wrongness of it heighten your sensitivity. Of course, when it’s one of your young men doing it, they want to rush and treat it like a vagina. The ass is different, and it has to be treated that way. Gently at first, and, once you’re ready, as much hard fucking as you can stand.”

Sounded like fun, I thought, but none of my guys had ever wanted to go ‘back there.’ “I’ll have to find the right person to try it with,” I said, but then I realized: you only live once. “Sounds like you’re free tonight?”

He grinned. “I am, and I would be honored to introduce you to the art of anal. We’ll wait until the Chinese gets through you, first.”

We finished my dinner, and he met me at my house. When he came in, he put condoms and three bottles on my coffee table: wine, lube, and a laxative.

“Fun date night,” I said.

“I’ve had worse. This stuff works in an hour,” he said, pointing to the laxative.

“What do we do until then?”

He certainly had ideas. I spent the hour naked on the couch, moaning as he explored every crevice of my body.

“There’s something sexy about a classy black woman,” he said as he kissed down my neck and my shoulders. “Nothing like knowing the lady in your office is a wanton slut under the right circumstances. Of course, I could be talking about your mother.”

“You better not be,” I said as he tickled my collarbone with his tongue. “She’s never taken a physics class.”

“I’ve never directly picked up a student of mine,” he said, moving on to my breasts. “Most of the female students study liberal arts. Girls your age won’t even consider a man my age based on looks alone, but once I send them an email explaining what I can do, they will gladly meet me.”

“I can provide a reference,” I said. The way he sucked on my nipples almost made me come by itself. He kissed a gentle line down past my navel, then lifted my thighs and brought me to his mouth.

“Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice?’”

“Yes,” I gasped.

“It’s not true. All pussies taste uniquely delicious.” He licked my lips inside and out until I was begging him to fuck me. Finally he placed his mouth on my clit and replaced his tongue with two fingers. He massaged my muscles as he latched on to me, following my hips as they bucked and shuddered.

I gave a big sigh when he pulled away. He poured glasses of wine for both of us, but with the satisfied feeling I felt my stomach rumbling. I said, “I think I have to go.”

“Let it all out and hop in the shower,” he said, leaning back on the couch with his glass.

Sitting on the toilet was not pleasant, but I did have a nice empty stomach when I started the shower and got in. I almost screamed when he opened the shower door and joined me.

“I don’t remember inviting you in.”

“It’s dangerous to leave a man alone in your house. Besides, I have a vested interest in your cleanliness.” He pulled me to him and kissed me. His lips were soft but firm as he gently but insistently held me. I liked his initiative.

I didn’t get a chance to see his cock, but it felt hard and long pressing between us. He turned me around toward the shower wall and poured soap in his hands. He ran his hands up over my breasts, squeezing them, and back down and around my thighs. He came around to my ass, briefly cupping them before sliding one hand in between my cheeks.

He gently rubbed between my legs, and I instinctively lifted my hips toward him. His finger briefly circled my clit before sliding back to my asshole. I tensed up, but he ran his other hand up my back and whispered, “Relax.”

His finger tickled me briefly before pressing in. The invasion immediately felt wrong, but I tried to breathe as he made small circles inside me. Then he pressed deeper and deeper until I felt his other fingers on my cheeks. I felt so horny as I leaned back against him. It almost felt like he was inside my pussy, but it was different somehow.

He pumped in and out, slowly stretching me. I started to moan, but he pulled away. “I think you’re ready,” he said. He reached over and shut the water off. I trembled with the cold but quickly jumped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. I only had one in the bathroom, so I wrapped it around me and ran into the bedroom to give him another. He had disappeared but soon returned with the lube and condoms.

Finally I got a good look at him. He wasn’t too flabby for an old guy. No muscle but, I was happy to see, no beer gut. As far as his cock, it was long and dark red, almost purple. “Are you sure that thing’s going to fit?” I asked.

“I’ve done the calculations,” he said, briskly drying off and herding me to the bed. “Lay down and put your ass up in the air.” I did so, and he rubbed slow circles around my cheeks. “It may be a stereotype, but most black women I know have fantastic asses.”

I moaned instead of answering as his finger returned inside me. He probed me slowly, and I got used to the fullness. He had put a little lube on his finger, and it made a squishy sound as he pushed in and out.

“Rub your clit,” he said, “Get ready for my tool to stretch you.”

“What kind of tool is it?” I asked jokingly as I touched myself. I couldn’t believe how hot I was just from his finger.

“A slide rule. You probably don’t even know what that is. Do you want me to tell you what a young slut you are?”

“I don’t care what you do, just fuck me already.” He chuckled and kissed my back. I felt his finger leave, and I rubbed myself furiously as he put on a condom and lube. In my pre-orgasmic daze, I felt him pressing against my hole. After just brief resistance the head was in.

I gasped at the largeness and reflexively pushed back. He held onto my back and continued to slide in. I started trembling as he buried himself deep inside me. Finally his body was touching mine, and he whispered in my ear.

“How does it feel to know I have violated your one last private hole?” He started stroking, grinding inside me at a slow pace. My body felt like jelly, with only his shaft preventing me from melting into the bed. He kissed around my neck and grabbed my breasts from behind. As he increased his pace, my orgasm took over.

On the other side, he was thrusting rapidly with confident strokes. “Now you’re completely opened and pliable for my cock,” he said. “Are you ready to feel my hot sticky cum flooding your virgin ass?” I felt him stiffen up and push all the way in. Another orgasm rocked me as I felt his throbbing cock shooting his cum.

He rested on top of me before pulling away. I collapsed on the bed and rolled over. The feeling of the lube and God knows what else leaking out of me made me shiver. He grabbed a towel and wiped himself and my behind.

“Beautiful,” he said, and I laughed at his brevity.

“Is that all?”

“Nothing else needs to be said.” He sounded out of breath. He laid beside me and pulled me close to him. “I think this turned out to be a good Valentine’s Day.” I murmured my agreement.

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