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[Author's note: From this point in the story, the characters will begin to interact with characters from the series; "The Screamer" To avoid any confusion on my readers' part, a familiarity with both series would be helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read and for all your wonderful encouragement.]


Game Day had arrived. Cherry woke to find she was alone in the suite. Her guys had already left to get to the stadium. She found a fresh pot of coffee and a note from Rashad telling her to get ready for a great day.

She showered and did her hair and makeup. She put on her thong and stood in front of the mirror. Her body made her smile. She was a good-looking woman who looked ten years younger than she actually was.

So much was going through her head. What did it really mean to her to be in the D’Orgasmic Lingerie catalog? Diane was a top paid model. She was a stripper. Surely, she wouldn’t be making the same kind of money Diane was. Would she have to move? If she did this, would she have to quit dancing? She didn’t know the answers to any of this. Lori would help her. She trusted her.

Mark, on the other hand, was someone she doubted she would ever figure out. He was not the man she had initially thought she knew. He was, in fact, much more. She had no idea he was wealthy. As funny as that may sound, that part never crossed her mind. Wasn’t that what every stripper wanted? Find a wealthy man to keep her in a manner she would like to become accustomed to. She never looked at him that way. He was her friend. He was her go to guy for everything. He was her sounding board. She didn’t care if he was rich or dead broke. He was her friend.

Why wouldn’t he sleep with her? He is sleeping with everyone else and from what she heard; he’s doing it very well too. She knew she could please him far better than anyone else could and he won’t even give her a chance to try. Was he trying to push her away? Did her fixation with black men really upset him? That can’t be it. If it were, he would never have introduced her to her guys. He certainly would never have arranged this trip. It had to be something else; something she just didn’t understand.

She took out the jersey they had made for her. She put it on and it was a perfect fit. She had planned to wear a very short skirt with it but it fit over her hips perfectly. She didn’t need a skirt at all. The jersey would be great all by itself. She put on a pair of heels and looked in the mirror. Damn, she was hot.

Mark said there would be media at the game. She didn’t want to embarrass him. She had better check with him before they left to make certain.

She walked to his suite and saw Diane as she entered.

“Damn girl, you look hot,” Diane said. “That jersey fits you perfectly.”

“I hope it isn’t too much. I don’t want Mark to be embarrassed.”

“Embarrassed, who me?” he said as he walked out of his bedroom with Michelle and Aleka. “Wow, you look good Cherry, you look really good.”

She looked at the others. Aleka, Diane and Lori all wore short skirts and heels. For the first time she could ever recall, she felt under dressed. She definitely sizzled though. Mark came over to her and kissed her good morning. He turned her around and laughed at the back of her jersey; 36-23-40. This photo was going to be on many front pages across the globe before the first quarter was over. He liked that a lot.

“I just wanted to let everyone know there is a party back here after the game,” Mark said. “I know you’re going to love it. Lori and Michelle have been on the phone all morning. There should be about fifty to sixty people coming back. We’ve played with many of them in the past. It will be fun.”

“It sounds like fun Mark,” Aleka said.

They walked to the elevator as the hotel staff was preparing to set up the suites with food tables and several portable bars. Cherry was not expecting this but she knew it would be a good time.

The limo was waiting as they left the hotel. The four women were attracting a lot of attention from the other guests. Mark smiled and thought that he was so fortunate to have these women in his life. He looked at Cherry and knew that she carried her beauty and sensuality well.

“Ladies, remember that the cameras can see into the skybox so keep your clothes on until we get back to the hotel,” Michelle smiled on the way to the stadium. “Once we get back, it is party time. It’s going to be one hell of a party.”

“Michelle will take you up to the skybox. Cherry and I will be up shortly,” Mark said as they arrived at the VIP entrance. The photographers swarmed the limo as the sea of beauty departed the vehicle.

“Where are we going Mark?” Cherry asked as they began walking into the long corridors beneath the stadium.

“I have clients in both divisions. These men are the best of the best. I can’t take sides. I have to say hello and wish them all luck. I kinda figured I’d give my BBC princess the thrill of her life and take her into not one but two NFL locker rooms. Don’t you dare tell me I don’t know how to lubricate that sweet pussy of yours,” he smirked.

“Oh you get it wet and leave it alone. You’re weird Mark, you really are,” she said as she ran her arm through his as they walked.

“Yeah, I’ve heard that before.”

They walked into the AFC locker room and the catcalls were so loud. Mark shook hands with everyone and introduced Cherry to everyone. They left and went down to the NFC locker room and as they walked in the door, Chris was standing there. He bent over and kissed Cherry’s luscious lips. The volume went sky high when Rashad and Jamal did the same. Suddenly, everyone noticed her jersey and the level of obscenities became ear shattering. Again, Mark did the introductions and they left to head to the skybox.

The guys were barraged with questions from the other players. Their responses caused more hoots, hollers, and bright white grins from three very happy men.

They made their way into the box and Cherry was surprised to see Kono and Daniel from the shoe store there. Michelle had invited them along with the sales people from the lingerie and dress shop too. Cherry was happy to see them as she didn’t have time to get to know them before. Brenda and Joy were two sexy, hot sluts for sure.

Several other men and women were Mark’s guests as well. Cherry couldn’t remember their names but they all looked hot. The men were handsome white men and the women were a mix of color and beauty. The common denominator was that they all looked hot as fuck and that was precisely what she planned on doing.

Cherry was fucking horny as hell today. She kissed Mark and whispered in his ear, “Mission accomplished my dear.”

Mark laughed loudly.

Watching a game from a skybox was wonderful. All the food and drink you could want and it even had its own bathroom. Cherry didn’t have a clue what was happening on the field but she did know which side she was pulling for.

Kono came up to her and kissed her hello. “This is so wonderful. Daniel and I were so happy to be invited to this. I am so glad to see you again. Michelle also invited us back to the hotel after the game. I hear there is going to be a party. Is there any chance we could pick up where we left off the other day?”

“Darling, I hope you’re as horny as I am,” Cherry said as she pointed to the field. “A good number of those players are going to be in your face with their cocks begging for you to wrap your lips around them and suck them like there is no tomorrow. As for you and I, we’re definitely going to get it on. Have you ever heard the Vegas line that what happens here, stays here? Keep it that way and you’ll have so much fun.”

“Cherry, is that who I think it is? I saw her in the store with you the other day,” Kono asked as she motioned to Aleka.

“Kono, my love that is precisely what has to stay quiet. Aleka, have you met Kono?”

Aleka came over and gave Kono a big kiss hello. “Cherry is this the lovely lady you told me about; the woman with the second sweetest pussy in the Islands?”

“Yes my dear. Her pussy is so sweet but dammit Aleka, you have to promise me one thing. You have to save some of it for me.”

Kono looked at the two women and her eyes almost popped out of her head. “Ohmigod, Daniel is going to be so jealous. Ever since you were in the store, all he could talk about was how very hard his cock was and that it just wouldn’t go down. He was sure you were Miss Hawaii but I didn’t want him to make an ass of himself. And you Cherry, even after Lori blew him in the back room, all he wanted were the two of you.”

Aleka took Kono’s face in her hands and pulled her to her lips. Their kiss lingered and Cherry saw both women’s nipples harden under their tops. “Now Kono, tell us, exactly how hard is Daniels cock and what did you do to help that poor man out of that predicament?

“He has a wonderful cock. I met him when I started working in the store. He teased me and I teased him back. After you left, he was in such a state that I took him into the back room and sucked his cock. It tasted so good and he came so much. I just had to fuck him after the store closed. His cock is delicious and he knows how to fuck a woman very well.”

“Well my darling, I don’t think he is going to be jealous for too much longer. Cherry and I will fuck his brains out and yours too. I hope you can keep up but I know Hawaiian women are, just like me, insatiable,” Aleka purred.

“It’s going to be a fuckfest!” Cherry purred. “Come on Aleka; want to see how long it takes?”

Mark grabbed their arms as they walked past him. “Be gentle ladies, he is a nice guy. Don’t scare him.”

Michelle burst out laughing at that comment.

Moments later, Daniel was grinning like the Cheshire cat as both of these gorgeous women were whispering in his ear and rubbing their hot bodies against his. Mark saw a rather substantial bulge in his shorts and thought he wouldn’t mind a bit of that himself.

The game was progressing and Cherry was actually trying to understand what was actually happening. Mark tried his best to explain it as best he could. Cherry, to her credit actually listened and did pick up some of the fundamentals of the game. She was excited when Jamal caught a pass that went for some thirty plus yards. She was actually proud of herself for knowing what that meant.

Jack and Tom were laughing and teasing Cherry relentlessly while hitting on Brenda and Joy. It was good to see those crazy idiots who kept her safe and laughing on the plane. Brenda and Joy, it appeared, were just as good at dishing it out as they were receiving their ribbing.

Jack walked up to the bar as Cherry was pouring drinks for Mark and her. He put his arm around her tiny waist and kissed her.

“It is good to see you Cherry. The boss has many women in his life but you, my dear, top them all. I’ve seen some of the hottest and sexiest women on earth on that plane but none can compare to you.”

“You and Tom are not too shabby yourselves,” she said as she grabbed his substantial package and squeezed it playfully. “I hope you two will share some of this with me later. I think I’ll like that a lot.”

“You got it baby; you just made two cocksuckers very happy,” he said as he kissed her again.

Cherry walked back to Mark who was laughing to himself. “You will enjoy them my love. They fuck like storm troopers. I know they can lick a sweet pussy very well too. I also know they suck cock with the best of them.”

“Why haven’t I ever seen you do that Mark? I know you enjoy cock as much as I do.”

“Business is business. That part of me is reserved for very private encounters where I can control the environment,” he said.

“That turns me on so much. Maybe someday, we can share one or two together. I’d love that Mark, I really would.”

“Someday, Cherry, maybe someday.”

The game was over and the NFC won the game. Cherry was excited, as she knew the guys would be in a good mood. That good mood would translate into good fucking.

When they arrived back at the hotel, Cherry was shocked to see a portable platform stripper pole in the suite. She looked at Mark quizzically, “What is this?”

“We have just watched the best of the best play football. The people who care coming are the best of the best in their professions. They are wonderful, sexy people. Why wouldn’t they want to see this party kicked off by the best stripper in the universe?” he said.

“This is going to cost you, you know that don’t you?”

“I’ve heard that before. I can afford it,” he laughed.

Cherry walked down to her suite and changed into more stripperlicious attire. If he wanted this party kicked off with a bang that is what she would give him. She took out her sapphires and put them on. She selected her sluttiest new shoes and the one outfit she knew would drive every cock to attention. She redid her makeup and hair. She looked in the mirror and saw the sluttiest walking wet, wet dream ever imagined. The boys arrived back in the suite and quickly changed into party attire. Damn they looked so good. She walked out of her bedroom and they went fucking nuts.

“Lock the fucking door. We aren’t sharing you with anyone!” Rashad exclaimed. “I’ve never seen you look hotter in my life. Fuck girl, my dick is hard already.”

“Good, Mark wants this party kicked off properly, let’s go do it. Rashad, take this tape down to Mark. Tell him to blast it. I’ll take care of the rest,” she said.

Rashad disappeared down the hall and Chris handed her the Snakebite. She took it, kissed both of them, turned and dragged them into the hall. She took their arms and pranced down the hall with the two gorgeous men on her arms. The door was open and the room was full of hot, sexy people that she definitely wanted to do all night.

She heard Handsome Boy blaring on the speakers and she burst into the room and onto the platform. She began to dance and all eyes were on her. Her body moved in ways most would think impossible but she pulled it off with style and finesse. This is what she did. This is what she was good at doing.

Cherry moved with the music, sensuous and sultry. All eyes were on her and she loved it. As her hips moved, she looked out at a sea of hungry faces. Unlike at the Peeler Palace, these faces were strong, refined, handsome, and gorgeous. The men were, she assumed, professional athletes and the women were simply stunning.

She began to strip slowly, teasing all and pleasing everyone. This was not the club. She could do whatever she wanted and she wanted to do so much. She saw a face she recognized. He was an actor she thought. She couldn’t be sure but she knew his face and knew he was famous. She came off the platform and danced towards him. She pulled him to his feet and her hands began to caress his rock hard chest. She began to undo the buttons on his shirt. Her lips kissed his chest before she danced away. A woman caught her eye and she danced up behind her. Cherry wrapped her arms around her and began to kiss her neck. The woman moved her head to allow her full access to her long, soft neck as she felt Cherry’s breasts against her back. Cherry brought her hands up and began to fondle this woman deliciously. She turned into Cherry’s kiss and the kiss lingered until she danced away.

Her bikini top fell away and the sapphires shone on her spectacular breasts. Gasps came from everywhere as her jeweled breasts stunned everyone; she was so happy. Her body was her passion and her passion saw a new and exciting face in the crowd. A tall, lean black man with a bright white smile and body that was amazing caught her eye. He was standing with a lovely oriental woman, a goddess in her own right.

Cherry danced close to him, her breasts crushed against him as she undid the zipper on his slacks. Her hand fished him out and she sank to her knees. She had no idea who he was but when her lips closed over his massive black cock, she didn’t care one bit either. All eyes in the room were on her and the fabulous cock between her lovely red lips. He looked down at this fabulous brunette and she looked at him as she took him into her mouth. Her ass was shaking to the beat of the music and her throat was opening. She felt him stretch her throat and she took him all the way in. Her body danced to the heavy beat while he filled her throat. She pulled him out, kissed this glorious no named man and danced back onto the pole.

Baditude blared and she danced that pole for all she was worth. People watched in amazement as she ascended the pole and inverted her body, twirling from her ankles at the top of it. Her athletic body held everyone’s attention as she performed on that stage. No one knew how she did it, they just watched in awe as she climbed the pole regaining her upright position, landing totally naked except for her stilettos on the stage.

The music was in her head, the fire was in her pussy and now, she was going to get this party rocking. She came off the stage again and began lap dancing men and women everywhere. She undid dresses and took of tops, shirts, slacks and skirts. She was naked and she wanted everyone else naked as well.

She saw Mark standing by the bar. She danced over to him and pulled him onto her lips. Her hands began to undress him, slowly and sensuously. He smiled as she had brought this party to life quickly. She removed his shirt and undid his slacks. They fell to the floor and she moved to kneel in front of him. She began to kiss his legs. Mark’s cock was filling fast and she held him, for the first time, in her hands. She looked up at the man she loved and he looked down at her. She saw something in his eyes that told her not to continue. She kissed his shaft lightly, stood and kissed him deeply before dancing away.

Everywhere she danced, people became naked and the party had begun. A very pretty blonde woman was doing a good job of taking Chris into her mouth. Cherry giggled as she saw how wide her lips were stretched over his horsecock. The smuttiness’ of the visual made her pussy gush. Mark was fucking the oriental woman she had seen before. She loved watching him fuck; it bothered her too. Two good-looking men were doubling Michelle and Lori was…well, she was Lori…on her knees and sucking someone for all she was worth.

Aleka came over to her and kissed her. Wearing only heels and a gardenia, she looked simply divine. She grabbed Cherry and dragged her towards Daniel who was naked and erect and Kono who was dripping wet. Aleka kissed Kono and her tiny tits heaved as the two women explored her beautiful body. Aleka licked one nipple while Cherry licked the other. Both women were touching and stroking Daniels fine cock at the same time.

Aleka pushed Kono down and began to lick her sweet pussy. She loved sweet and she was getting the finest tropical dew imaginable.

Cherry spun onto Daniel and his lips met hers fiercely. This man had the body of a surfer, long, lean and chiseled perfectly. He felt good against her chest. Her breasts caused his rock hard, perfect cock to swell against her tummy. He felt her nails scratching his neck as their tongues dance.

Cherry knelt, put one finger under the crown of his cock, and pushed it tight to his abdomen. Her tongue began to lick his proud shaft from his balls to the tip of his cock. She lavished so much praise upon him she felt he might come too quickly. She knew exactly how to handle that and she allowed him to linger deliciously. She took him into her mouth and watched the look on his face as her mouth expertly sucked and pleased him. Kono was right; he had a fantastic cock. Cherry held his balls and she sucked him harder. He grabbed her head and guided her along his amazing shaft. He began to fuck her face. She loved being face fucked and it made her pussy so wet.

She slid his cock from her mouth and pushed him back onto the chair. She straddled his cock and fucked him so well. Daniel was in seventh heaven and Cherry enjoyed every minute she spent with him. He was strong, handsome and virile. What more could she ask for? Her pussy clamped down on him and she rode him hard.

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