My name is Scott. I’m a Justice of the Peace in a small rural county in a western state. Things are quiet out here. I help the police occasionally, help sort out land titles and deeds, preside over our small claims court, and perform marriages. I have a small office at the Town Hall, nothing fancy, just a place to work.

I had wanted to be a lawyer, but life got in the way. My girlfriend got pregnant when I was in my first year of law school. So, we got married. Our baby was born but, tragically, he was a sick little fella. He died before he’d turned three. After that, my wife and I just grew farther apart until we finally split up.

That was a while ago. Now I’m 38, I never remarried. The death of my son, and of my marriage, kind of put a damper on my desire for a relationship, I guess. I fell into this Justice of the Peace job and I’ve been doing it for 15 years. I’ve got a place in the country on a little piece of land and I’m happy there. I mean, I’m a good looking guy and everything, thin and strong, and people like me OK. But, I like my privacy.


So anyway, I perform marriages one day per month. Some months nobody gets married, other months two or three couples show up to tie the knot. I had just finished marrying a young couple last month and was back in my office when there was a knock at the door. In walks a big long-haired fella.

“Are you Scott Waters?” he asked.

“I am. What can I do for you?” I’d seen this guy around before. He’d had a few legal scrapes. I knew that he was a heavy truck mechanic.

“I’d like for you to marry my girl and I next month. I’m Calvin Clark.”

“Alright, Calvin, you’ll have to fill out these forms and pay the fee. You can just take them with you and bring them back, with your check, next month on the 15th at 1 PM. Those papers tell you everything you need to do, like get blood tests, provide some folks as witnesses, and get a marriage license.” I handed him the paperwork.

“Thank you, Mr. Waters. Well, the thing is that my girl and I have a sort of special request to ask of you.”

“I’m all ears.”

“You see, my girl is a bit of a wild thing. So am I, I guess. Anyhow, the way she has always thought of her wedding day is a little, well, kinky.”

Now, we didn’t get much of this sort of thing out here. Folks are pretty straight-laced and, well, boring I guess. But, hey, it was their wedding day and I tried to give people what they wanted. I looked at Calvin and waited.

“She wants to be having an orgasm when she says ‘I do’.”

I nearly dropped my coffee cup. “Say that again?”

“You heard right. She and I want her to be cumming when she says ‘I do’. We won’t touch each other. But, she’ll be wearing a vibrator and she’ll have an orgasm during the ceremony.”

To say that I was stunned would be an understatement. I just looked at him for a minute or two. I don’t consider myself to be a prude or anything, but this was a new one on me.

“Look, Calvin, I can sort of understand you folks wanting to do this, but you have to understand. I’m a county official and this is a public building. We can’t do this sort of stuff here.”

Calvin stared at me for a few seconds, then set the paperwork back on my desk. “Alright, Scott, I guess we’ll just have to look for another county or something. Thanks for your time.” He rose and moved toward the door.

I don’t know what came over me. I knew that this was nuts, but I spoke anyway. “Now, just hold your horses, Calvin. Sit down.” I had an idea. Calvin sat back down.

“OK, Calvin, we’d have to do this on a Sunday when this building is closed. We can’t have the County Clerk or somebody walking in. The 15th is a Friday next month. How about if I marry you on Sunday the 17th? Let’s say four PM. We’ll be alone here and you can do what you want.”

“Alright, Scott! That’s what I wanted to hear. You won’t believe how much this means to me and Tricia.”

“Just keep your traps shut about this. Bring another couple to be witnesses and don’t tell anybody else. I could get in some deep shit if you do.”

“You’ve got my word. Nobody else will know.” Smiling widely, Calvin stood up and grabbed the pile of paperwork. I stood, we shook hands, and Calvin went out.


What the hell was I doing? I’ve asked myself that many times in the last few weeks. I finally decided that I was just bored. Life was dull, and here was something different. I guess I just wanted to be a part of somebody else’s life that had some excitement in it.


When I got to the Town Hall at 3:45 there was another car waiting for me, with Calvin at the wheel. I had decided that we’d pull our cars inside, into the Township truck repair shop, so that nobody driving by would notice that we were here. I had a door opener on the visor of my truck and hit the button, then waved for Calvin to follow me inside.

As the garage door closed I got out of my truck. Calvin and his party piled out of his car, and I led them back to my office. I stuck out my hand to Calvin. “Hello, Calvin, are you folks ready to go?” We shook hands.

“You bet, Scott. This is my girl Tricia, and these are our friends Bart and Angie.”

Tricia pushed forward. She was dressed in a denim jacket, a little black skirt, and high-heeled boots. She was pretty, with long dark hair falling around her shoulders. “Ooo, Scott, glad to finally meet the man that’s going to make my naughty wedding dream come true.” She quickly wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She smelled good.

“Leave some for me, Tricia.” Angie nudged her friend aside. “Well, well, who would have guessed that our Justice of the Peace was such a handsome rascal?” Angie was blond, and oozed a sort of sex appeal. She was dressed just like Angie. “And I hear that you’re single? I love single men.” Before I could react she had me in a tight hug and was kissing my cheek.

Angie finally let me go, and Bart stepped up and held out his hand. “Hi Scott, I think we met at the police station once when I was young and stupid. Thanks for doing this, these crazy girls have been planning this for a long time.”

“My pleasure, Bart, glad to help out. Now, why don’t we get the paper work out of the way, then I’ll see about marrying you two.”

Calvin had all the forms filled out. We spent a few minutes going over them and getting signatures, getting everything squared away.

As Calvin and I finished, Bart spoke. “I’m going to set up a couple of video cameras out front, Scott. Why don’t you show me where everybody will be standing? That will give the girls a chance to get ready back here.”

“Sounds good. Follow me.” I led Bart into the big room that we used as a court room and for marriages and showed him around. He had two video cameras that he set on tripods on opposite front sides. Calvin came in a moment later carrying an old boom box. He was wearing black leather pants and a leather dinner jacket with no shirt.

“The girls are almost ready. Are you ready to go, Scott?”

“Ready when you are,” I replied. Calvin set the stereo on the floor and hit the play button. A traditional wedding march began playing. Bart started the cameras, and I took my place near the front.

No sir, I wasn’t ready for what came next. I’d wondered for a month how they were going to do this, even done a little fantasizing. But I didn’t expect this.

The door opened and Angie strode in taking short, slow, measured strides toward us. She was stark naked except for her tall black boots. The view from the front showed a pretty, smiling face over a pair of big, firm tits over a small flower bouquet. Further down was a hairless mound over a prominent pussy, the protruding labia painted with red makeup. She stared into my eyes and watched me take in the sight.

When she got next to me she turned to face Bart. Sticking out of her ass was the end of what must have been a butt plug attached to what looked like a short horse tail. She kissed Bart passionately, then turned and kissed Calvin the same way.

Holy shit, what had I gotten myself into?

Calvin, Bart and Angie then turned back to face the door again. Angie brought me out of my stupor with a wink and a nod toward the door, so I turned, too.

In walked Tricia. She was also naked except for her boots. She walked slowly and proudly as we all stared. Her dark hair was piled on her head, highlighting her pretty face, delicate ears and long smooth neck. Her large, pale tits swayed as she walked. They were capped with big, thick nipples that each had a large, gold ring through them. She held a small bouquet at her waist. Below, her pubic hair was shaved in the shape of an arrow that pointed down to her pussy.

Strapped firmly over her pussy was what must have been a vibrator. A thin, black strap went around each thigh, another went up and over each hip. She looked stunning and excited. Like Angie, she stared into my eyes until she reached us, then turned. I looked down to see her ass. It had several bright red stripes running across her cheeks, and a butt plug and tail like Angie. She hotly kissed first Calvin, then Bart. The four of them turned to face me. Tricia and Calvin were in the middle, with Angie next to Tricia and Bart next to Calvin.

Well I’ve got to say, for a minute my mouth just refused to work. The foursome smiled at my obvious nervousness. I then watched Calvin take something from his pocket and push a button on it. I heard a soft buzzing and saw Tricia jerk, then smile.

“It’s a remote control for her vibrator,” Calvin smiled. “Why don’t you do my part first, then do Tricia’s?”

I shook my head side to side and we all burst out laughing. I guess that broke the tension, I could finally speak. I felt almost giddy.

“We are here today to join this couple in marriage. Calvin, do you come here today of your own free will, to take Tricia to be your wife?”

Calvin held up the remote control and pushed the button. The buzzing got louder and Tricia’s knees nearly buckled. “Yes,” he replied.

“Do you promise to keep and care for her, through good and bad, for as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.” He pushed the button again and the vibrator got louder. Tricia moaned and the other three laughed.

I guess I was getting into it a little, too. I decided to play with Tricia a bit. It seemed like I was in a movie, I might as well play my part.

“Tricia, did you, of your own free will, come to your wedding naked?”

She smiled and answered. “Yes, I did.”

“And, Tricia, did you come to your own wedding with a vibrator on your pussy and a butt plug in your ass?” Calvin pushed the button and the buzzing got louder.

“Ahhh,” Tricia shook as she moaned. She was in danger of falling to the floor. Calvin put his big arm around her waist to hold her up. Angie put her arm around the bride’s shoulders, pushing her large tit into Tricia’s arm.

My dick was getting hard. I had no way to cover myself, so I pushed on.

“Are you here today to take big Calvin to be your husband?” Tricia looked at me through glazed eyes. She was trembling slightly as she replied.


Calvin looked from his bride to me, then handed me the remote control. “There’s one more speed to go, Scott. Would you do the honors?”

Well, why not? This was the best time that I’d had in a long time.

“Do you promise to keep and care for Calvin, through good and bad, as long as you both shall live?” I pointed the remote at Tricia as she watched me, and pushed the button. The buzzing became very loud.

Tricia began shaking like a leaf in a tornado. Her mouth came open and her lips shook. Calvin grabbed the nearest nipple ring and pulled and twisted. Angie grabbed the other one and twisted hard.

Bart stepped behind the bride. “Well, do you?” He spanked her ass with all his strength. That did it.

Tricia’s legs collapsed as she howled. “I dooo…..” Her entire body vibrated and convulsed as she came hard. I watched as her eyes rolled back in her head, and listened to her scream. Her shaking seemed to slow so Bart smacked her ass hard again. This put her back into full orbit. I’d never seen anyone come that hard.

It took almost five minutes for her to stop shaking. When she’d slow, Angie would twist her nipple are Bart would spank her. Finally, they let her come down. I handed to remote back to Calvin and he turned it off.

“With the power vested in me by the state of Idaho, I now pronounce you man and wife. Calvin, you may kiss the bride.”

Calvin put a hand behind her knees and one behind her back and scooped her up. Tricia put her arms around his neck. They looked into each other’s eyes and kissed deeply as Angie and Bart applauded. I was clapping, too. For some reason it was the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen, even though Tricia had a horse tail hanging out of her ass.

Then I heard Angie. “Bart?”

“Go ahead, Ang, but remember that the bride gets the prize.”

Angie stepped up to me and took my hand, pulling toward my judge’s chair. She smiled as she pushed me into the seat, then fell to her knees, her big tits bouncing. She started unbuckling my belt.

“Now, wait a minute, there’s no need..”

“Shut up, handsome.” Angie firmly pulled my pants to my knees and grabbed my still-hard cock. “I’m just the warm-up act. The bride gets the prize.” She winked and began taking long licks of my cock. Bart took one of the cameras and came over to capture the moment. Angie smiled at the camera, took my hands and put them on her tits, then took my cock deep into her mouth.

Well, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that sometimes you are better off not saying anything. So I didn’t.

I squeezed Angie’s tits and pulled on her nipples as she sucked me. I saw that she had one hand rubbing quickly between her legs. All of the sudden she pulled her mouth off of me. She looked into my eyes with a crazed expression and started shaking, so I pinched both nipples hard. She immediately exploded, shaking and cumming until she fell to the floor.

Suddenly, Tricia was in front of me. She stepped over her friend, got on her knees, and inhaled my cock to the root. Calvin came up to watch.

“Man, Scott, she’s been talking about sucking your cock since the day I told her you’d marry us. Isn’t she something?”

I hooked a finger into each of her nipple rings and tugged gently. She pulled her body away from me so that I was now pulling on her tits quite hard. Her hands were on my balls and she was sucking me hard and fast. I vaguely noticed Angie was back on her knees next to Tricia.

“Come on, stud.” It was Angie. “Shoot that big load into her mouth. She wants it. Be the first guy to come in the new bride.”

It was as much as I could take. Both girls were staring me in the eyes. I pulled hard on Tricia’s nipple rings and shot my first blast into her mouth. She never slowed and neither did I as I sent shot after shot down her throat.

I was slumped in the chair as I watched Tricia give a deep tongue kiss to Angie. Both girls had cum on their faces as they turned and smile into the camera.

The two naked girls helped me up and buckled my pants as the guys collected their gear. We went back to my office where I signed the final paperwork and the girls dressed.

Calvin spoke. “Do you know the old Jefferson place out on highway BB?” I nodded. “Well we just bought it. All four of us are living there. Come on out and see us, you’re welcome anytime.”

“Better yet,” smiled Tricia, “Come out for dinner on Friday night. I insist. We’ll watch our wedding video.”

Well you know, maybe it was time for me to start living life a little. Heck, maybe an old dog could learn some new tricks. “OK, see you Friday.”

We went back to the shop for our vehicles. As they loaded into theirs, Angie stuck her head out the window. “See you Friday, handsome,” she said loudly. “And this time, I get the prize.”

I shook my head back and forth and we all laughed as they drove off.

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