I never figured I would have been in a situation like I was, but I guess life just throws curve balls like that.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Shelby. Just like the car. And that’s the only real name you will get in this tale. I am 35 years old and very proud of where I am in my life, and very proud with how I look. As a bartender, most of my tips come from how I look. I’m 5’5 and 120 lbs. I was a cheerleader in high school and college, so I try to stay physically fit. I was a high B cup growing up. I received surgery to go up to a C, and later on went up to a D. With a (as past boyfriends put it) thick, firm ass, tight waist, and D cup boobs, I am quite satisfied with my body, as were my boyfriends. A tight, curvy, white woman can attract her share of sexy black men, but that’s not what this story is about.

It all started when I first moved out to Los Angeles when I was 30. I didn’t know that many people so I spent a lot of time hanging out with my aunt, her husband, and her two sons; Tyler, 12, and Derek, 18. I’ve known Ty and D since they were born, but we never really talked. I was 12 years older than Derek, so we didn’t have much to talk about. I was more closer to my aunt and her husband. But when I first moved out here, I actually was quite impressed with how Derek grew up. He had firm muscles, but not big and bulky. You could feel them with every hug. He was athletic. Almost 6 foot tall, long hair on top with it shaved on the sides. It looked good on him.

It was mid-May. With May in L.A. I was in just a slim fit t-shirt and denim shorts. I remember I was sitting around my aunt’s kitchen, when Derek came down. He looked a bit distressed.

“What’s up, little man?” I asked. (My nickname for him since he was little)

“Nothing.” He said reaching for the refrigerator door.

I knew something was wrong, because he was the talkative one.

“Yea right. Come talk to your cousin.” I responded.

He grabbed a bottle of water and closed the door, more furious than when he opened it.

“It’s a short story. Me and Megan broke up.”

I still remember that exact answer, because I remember wanting to correct his grammar but I thought it wouldn’t be the right time. He was clearly frustrated with the situation.

“Aww… I’m so sorry to hear that.” I said, getting up and walking over to him. I wrapped my arms around him. It was a good hug. I felt his firm muscles under my arms. His strong chest pushed against mine. I remember how good he smelled. I remember thinking ‘There’s nothing wrong with enjoying his cologne.’. His one arm wrapped around my waist. His hand gracefully touching my lower back, and falling to the brim of my shorts.

We pulled away.

“That’s not the most upsetting part,” he continued. “Prom is next week. I’ve paid for two of everything. And a lot of that money I can’t get back. Plus, I’m gonna be stag in a group of couples. That’s just flat out embarrassing.”

Thinking about it for a moment, I couldn’t do anything but agree with him. He was right. It was a shitty situation.

“There has to be someone you can ask. It’s a big school.”

“All the normal girls I know already have dates.”

“Then don’t ask any of your normal girls. Like I said, it’s a big school.” I responded.

“I guess your right. We’ll see what happens.”

That was the end of that situation. The next few days went on like normal for everyone. Except when I stopped by the visit, there was a lot more talk about Megan. Except the name ‘Megan’ was replaced with ‘bitch’ and ‘cunt’. Even by my aunt, which I thought was funny as hell.

Two days before the big night, I felt like Derek wanted to say something. I tried to get it out of him, but I got nowhere. Just as I was about to leave, he stopped me at the curb.

“I asked everyone I know about prom.”

“And?” I asked.

“I got nowhere.”

“Aww, that sucks. I’m sorry.”

“Do you wanna go with me?” he blurted out.

I was stunned. “I… uhh… What?”

“Do you want to go with me?” he repeated.

“I can’t go with you.” I felt like shouting. But he shushed me.

“Why not?”

“I’m almost twice your age.”


“I’m your cousin.”

“My friends don’t know that.”

“I just can’t.” I started to continue.

“I’ll pay you.”

I stood there in silence. Now I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but Los Angeles is an expensive place. And free money, just to get dressed up and listen to music for a few hours, seemed like a no brainer. Except for the person asking me.

“Just think about it.” he said.

I took a deep breath. “I’ll think about it.” I promised him.

He smiled. “Thank you.”

He walked back inside.

And this is the start of my whorish downward spiral.

About a day later I sent him a text message saying I’ll do it. He sent one back thanking me. I reminded him about payment. We agreed on 200 bucks. I sort of felt bad about taking his money, but it did ease the awkwardness about it a little. At least for me it did. I told him he also had to pay for my dress, which he obliged. But he had a request of his own. Absolutely no one must know that we were cousins. The embarrassment he would feel about taking his cousin to prom would no doubt be worse than going alone. I figured it would be the least I could do.

When I saw him, he handed me a stack of bills for payment and the dress. He said any color would do. So I promptly went to the second hand store. I’m a vintage kind of girl so I’ve been there a few times, and know exactly what kind of selection they had. I actually found a beautiful strapless gown. It was canary yellow with a glitter pattern trimming it. It went all the way to the floor but it had a sexy little slit going up the thigh. Even if I didn’t wear it to the prom, I still wanted it. It was a bit snug, but I’m sure no one would mind. Especially since it hugged all the right places, and pushed all the right parts together and out. Yup, no one would mind at all.

On the evening of, I had him pick me up from my place. And right on time, a limo pulled up in front of my apartment complex. As I walk out, the driver opens the back door and helps me in. I see Derek sitting back smiling at me. I do have to say, he cleans up VERY well. The door shuts behind me and we drive off.

“Just remember,” he starts to say, “please don’t let anyone know who you are.”

“Don’t worry. I’m an actress. It’s what I do.”

We reach our first stop, and two couples slide it. I slide next to Derek, but he keeps a comfortable distance. Once the four teens get situated, they look up at me and their jaws drop. I was afraid they saw the resemblance, or saw my age. Until, I noticed one of the boys eye me up and down, before his sight went straight to my tits. That’s when I knew we were in the clear. For now.

“What did you bring?” Derek asked one of the boys, before reaching for a little box on the floor.

The boy reached in his pocket, and pulled out a nice sized bag of already rolled pot. In the box, Derek pulls out a bottle of SoCo and a bottle of Sailor Jerry rum.

“Where did you get those?” I asked. I guess the infliction in my voice put him on the defensive. His eyes got wider.

“I’ve been stashing them. Why?” he whispered.

“If we get caught, I’m fucked.” I whispered back. During our private conversation I could smell the pot wafting through the air. It smelled good, just like it did back in high school.

When I looked back, the boy closest to me was passing it my way. I tried to at least be responsible and turn it down, til I saw the condescending smirk on the little shit’s face. I got baited to join, and I did. Hook, line, and sinker.

By the time we reached the last stop for the final couple, we already finished two joints and one bottle. Of course, due to age and practice, I was able to hold my composure better than these teens, but even if was feeling it slipping away.

On the way to the dance, all the couples were getting more touchy feely. And yet here I was, with my cousin, sitting side my side, our hands in our own laps. We would have gotten away with it, if one of the kids didn’t notice.

“What’s wrong?” the one kid asked.

“We can control ourselves.” Derek said with a bit of asshole in his voice. That was so fucking hot.

“I got something she can control.” the third boy in back said, under his breath. We still all heard it. His date gave him a smack. I would have smacked him too.

“I have a man, thank you.” I responded. The booze was started to hit me.

“Uh huh.” the first boy said with a smile.

Our lie was unraveling quick. I thought about my money, and knew what I had to do. So I took a deep breath, grabbed his arm, wrapped it around the back of my neck. That’s when I put his hand right on my left boob, nuzzled into his neck, and started doing my tricks. Kissing, biting, licking. The whole nine yards.

The whole limo went up in cheers, right before we reached our destination. As everyone was piling out, I took the time to fix myself. Derek just sat there quietly. We were the last ones out. As the three couples started to make their way to the entrance door, Derek spoke.

“Wow. That was… Wow. Thanks for….”

I stopped him. I pushed him right up against the limo.

“That never fucking happened. You got me?”

“Uhhh, yea.”


And that’s when I lost control for the first time that night. I grabbed his face and slide my tongue into his mouth. To this day, I don’t know why. Maybe it was the pot, or the booze, but I just had to taste him. I felt that thick bulge get thicker right up against my thigh. I loved it. Then I pulled away, and grabbed his hand and started to drag him inside.

“Now, I wanna dance.” I said.

Once inside, it was pretty much a typical prom. Finger foods, punch, awkward dance moves. The only problem was, usually when I’m at the club, and I’ve had a few beers, I can get a little dirty on the dance floor. So here I was, drunk, sweating, and grinding my ass hard against my cousin’s groaning junk. Feeling his breath on my neck, his hands all over my body, it was so sexy. We sold that lie pretty fucking good.

Even when Derek went to the bathroom, a boy asked if I wanted to dance. During the song he asked if I wanted to go to his afterparty. I informed him that my man had plans for us. I didn’t know if it was true, but he didn’t care. When Derek was coming back, I kissed the boy on the cheek and grabbed his dick. I’m sure I made his night.

Afterwards I was, in fact, informed of an after party. At this point we were all sweaty and drunk. We crammed into the limo, and I made my way onto Derek’s lap. One of the girls put music on, and I started grinding into his dick some more.

We pulled up to someone’s house.

Inside it was wall to wall teens. Dancing, drinking, eating, making out. I didn’t have a change of clothes but a few people didn’t either, so I didn’t feel too bad.

This is where the story gets a little fuzzy. I remember the major stuff, but the little stuff I tend to forget.

We got a few more drinks. I’m sure he was getting me drunk, but I like booze so I didn’t mind. Then we made our way to the dance floor. As I’m grinding into him, he places his hand on my hip, then starts sliding it around my thigh into the slit of my dress. That drove me crazy.

Soon a boy walks up to us. Derek pulls his hand out, but the boy says nothing and starts dancing against me too. I have one thick penis against my ass, and another between my thighs. I pull my skirt up, to try to position myself to get more comfortable so I can dance with these two strapping young men. Mmmm, I was in heaven.

After a few songs, I had to sit down. I was getting dizzy. I grabbed a seat on the couch, Derek sat next to me. I snuggled next to him, and went back to work on his neck. Even today, the idea of getting so turned on by my cousin, in the middle of a big crowed no less gets me so wet. I think he enjoyed it too. Especially when he grabbed his jacket and placed it over his lap. When I noticed, I lost control again. I slipped one hand under the jacket, and straight to his zipper. I pulled it down and dug my hand in. I let it burrow deeper through his boxers, until I was able to wrap my fingers around his already swollen member. Holy shit, I thought, I’m jerking off my cousin in the middle of a crowd (which wasn’t my first public display. But that’s another story) This is so wrong. It’s dirty. I’m such a fucking whores. Oh my god, it’s so sexy.

This went on for a few minutes, until someone noticed and gathered a crowd. Some were disgusted, some cheered. I felt a warm wave wash over me. That’s when I decided to give them a show. I pulled my hand out, and buried my head under that jacket. I first started to pick his balls, with his dick resting on my face. The crowd cheered louder. I sucked his dick for a bit too, my head bobbing up and down, until I felt my panties being soaked. I needed him. I pulled my head from under the jacket, stood up, wiped my mouth, and made him follow. We made our way up the stairs and found an empty room at the end of the hall. I entered first, he followed an closed the door behind us.

“Sit on the bed.” I told him.

He did so with the biggest grin on his face. I kneeled down in front of him and started stroking his fat, wet, veiny cock, while I picked his balls.

“You won’t tell anyone about this, right?” I whispered between licks.

“I won’t.”

He moaned as I moistened his balls with my mouth, jerking him off.

“Why are you doing this?” he asked.

“I don’t know. But you paid me to be your girlfriend.”

“Mmm. My good little whore.”

Now, no one calls me a whore. But at the time, I was drunk with my 12 years younger cousin’s balls in my mouth. It wasn’t the time to be politically correct.

He reached down and pulled my dress’ too down, and started playing with my tits. Precum and drool dripped from his cock and balls, down my chin and into my cleavage. At that point, he got me up and pushed me on the bed, face down. He pulled my dress up over my ass, and moved my boy short panties to the side. I felt the head of his dick rub against my pussy lips. I felt it spread me apart as my cunt swallowed my own family inside me. God, I am a whore. A dirty fucking whore, and I loved every second of it. He pushed my head down, and pulled my ass up as he pounded into me.

“Fuck me.” I moaned.

“Mmmm, you fucking dirty slut.” he said. God, I love that.

I reached up and grabbed the bars of the head board, as he drilled into me. “Give it to me.” I shouted over and over again.

He turned me on my back as he continued to plow into me. With my legs on his shoulders, and my tits bouncing back and forth, I knew I was his. He bought and paid for me, so he knew it to. At one point, he reached in his pant pocket and pulled out a few bills and threw them in my face.

“What are you?” he asked as his stiff dick slide deep inside me.

“Your whore!”

“My cum dumpster.” he corrected.

I felt my body get tingly all over. My pussy got tight around his dick. I couldn’t hold back. I squirted all over his dick. He knew I came, and started to pound faster. And harder.

“I’m gonna cum!” he announced.

“Not in me.” I begged. I wasn’t on the pill.

“Fuck!” he screamed as he pulled out and thrusted his body over mine.

I grabbed his dick and stroked as I started to feel every pump he had. And that’s when it hit me. Load after load, streaking all over my hair, my face, my tongue, and down to my tits. I jerked him harder, taking every squirting he had and making it mine. I sucked the head, til I was sure he had nothing left.

We were spent. We just layed there. Covered in each others juices. We still semi had clothes on. I guess that was a good thing since I just fucked my cousin.

“Don’t tell any body.” I managed to get out between breaths.

He simply said “Ok.”

And then I passed out.

And couple hours later, I woke up. The party was still going on and I was still drunk in my prom dress. But that’s not what woke me up. Derek came in the room with one of the boys from before. My head was started to pound. I was confused. Nobody said anything, until they started opening their pants. The boy then proceeded to rest his balls on my lips. I didn’t know what to do, so I just opened up and started sucking while he jerked off. I saw Derek in the corner jerking off too. I tongued his sack, and took each nut in my mouth one at a time. This went on for a few minutes til the boy pulled out and jerked his load onto my face. At the same time Derek got closer and gave me another on my lips and chin. I licked some of it up, and rubbed the rest in like lotion, while both boys through a few bills at me. I was a legitimate whore. And I loved it.

The next morning, we hardly spoke. We washed up, and called a cab. It was such a quiet car ride back to his house.

We walked up his walk way, and into the living room. Everyone was still asleep.

“That was fun.” he said.

“It was but you can’t tell anyone what happened.”

“I won’t.”

I started to walk away, but I didn’t want Derek to think he was in this alone. Besides, it REALLY was a good night. So I turned back to him and planted a kiss on his lips. Mmmm, it was even good sober. His tongue worked next to mine so perfectly. I even felt myself get moist. Even more so when I felt him grow against my thigh.

I pulled away, “I better get going.”

He grabbed my hand and put it on his bulge, smiling.

“No!” I whispered. “Not here.”

“Every one is asleep.” he said. He pulled away and sat on the couch. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled it out. Thick and stiff. Even sober, it looked delicious.

I knew I shouldn’t, not here and not now, but I couldn’t help it.

“We’ll make it quick.” he said smiling.

I got down on my knees and licked him from sack to tip. I wrapped my lips around the head and let my drool dripped down the shaft. I started pumping my head up and down. His breathing got harder. My left hand started stroking his moist balls, while my right pumped his cock in the same tempo as my mouth. Mmmm, it tasted so good sliding deeper in the back of my throat. I moved faster, trying to make his quick as possible. It didn’t take long for him to thrust his hips up as he squirted that salty seed down my throat. I swallowed load after load, until he had nothing left. I squeezed every drop before rising to my feet.

“Text me.” I whispered before heading out.

That wasn’t the first time I took part in whorish activities, but it was the first time I was a whore for family. And the first time I was paid for it.

It wasn’t the last time I was with family though.

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