prelude to cuckolding

When Wendy arrived home, she found Mark dutifully awaiting her return. He was completely naked as per her instruction save for the pink collar strapped around his neck. She loved that swath of color as an elegant touch of humiliation to be added to the symbol of his submission.

Upon her entrance, Mark knelt in the shadow of her sublime presence. He would not stand taller than her until she bid him to rise back upon his feet. This pleased Wendy greatly as she inspected her humble submissive and noted his growing erection in her proximity. Extending her hand, Mark received it in his own to kiss her ring and pledge his fealty.

Locked in a gaze such as a queen would share looking down upon her subject, she bid him rise. Their eyes never breaking contact until their lips met. The kisses were gentile at first. Wendy’s soft red lips tantalizing Mark to desire ever more. His arms wrapped around her waist as her hands climbed up his back, drawing each other ever closer. Submissive admiration and passion often manifests itself in expressions of burning lust.

Kissing was soon not enough to slack the hunger. Mark nibbled his way along her jaw line. Back behind her ear. Down her neck. The cool air brushed against the moist trail left behind on her body. Lips burrowing ever deeper into her muscle. If nothing was done, Wendy felt as if she may be devoured alive in Mark’s desperate desire. Giving way to the bruising of her tender flesh, the predator for a fleeting moment was the prey.

At her first attempt to pull away, Mark would not yield his advance. Indeed, Wendy’s attempt was half-hearted as Mark’s relentless kisses worked their way around her collar and back up towards her chin. But disobedience cannot be allowed, even in moments of pleasure. It mattered not if she was encouraging the behavior or not, Mark would have to be punished if he persisted.

“Stop!”, Wendy exclaimed. She reached down and grabbed Mark’s cock forcefully. His cock, her property. “I see that got your attention. Unless you want me to beat your ass with a paddle, I suggest you listen.”

In Mark’s mind the paddle was worth the price. But the firmness of Wendy’s grip about his manhood brought him back to reality. He was the submissive. And if he wanted to remain that way he needed to obey. “Yes Mistress”, was all he could utter in a whisper.

Wendy rewarded his obedience with another kiss, though this time she was the one in control. “You want to be my equal. But you can’t. I have many men, but if you want to be the special one in my life you have to bow before me. Is that what you want? Do you want to bow before me and kiss my feet? Or do you want to be my equal? Just another man in my eyes.”

All the while goading the answer she knew she would receive, Wendy was now artfully gliding her hand up and down Mark’s throbbing shaft. It mattered not that they both knew the answers to all the questions. It was good for Mark to regularly reaffirm his position and she would provide the positive reinforcement for the proper responses.

“I don’t want to be your equal. I want to special and obedient.”

Wendy pumped a little faster as reward for the correct response. “Good boy. That’s how I want you too. But you know what you have to do to be my submissive. To wear my collar. You have to sacrifice your dignity and sexuality to me. Are you prepared to do that?”

“Yes, Mistress. I’m prepared.”

Wendy leaned forward. Letting the saliva in her mouth build up, she let her spit dribble down over Mark’s cock before proceeding to masturbate him further. Mark gasped at the intensity of the stimulation and the juicy sounds.

“Like that do you, slut? ” Wendy chided. “Makes you think about being inside my pussy doesn’t it? But what if I told you you’ll never be inside me again? What do you say to that?”

Mark’s knees were knocking now. The tremors in his body building in intensity. A moment ago he was strong and assertive. Now he was melting against Wendy’s touch. Desperate for that touch. “You’re worth it. It’s better to be with you even if I can’t make love to you like a man.”

“But you aren’t a man any more. Not except for what I allow you. You are my submissive. That’s you identity.”

“Yes mistress, I’m your submissive.”

Wendy’s words were powerful even as she whispered them. Authoritative yet seductive. Intimidating yet encouraging. “It may be required of you to never have the pleasure of an orgasm again. I’ll milk the cum out of you with as little pleasure as possible. You’ll always be left horny and wanting. Would you accept this?”

Mark was willing to accept anything at this point. “Yes mistress, if that’s what you deem best for us.”

Wendy didn’t give hint of a smile, though she felt happiness on the inside. Meanwhile Mark’s face was becoming heavy. Cheeks sunk and mouth open as he labored to breathe. His eyes were glazed over in an almost hypnotic trance.

“Promise me you’ll never cum without me. Promise me that your cock belongs to me and you won’t cheat on me with it. Promise me! Promise me!!!!”

Wendy was working Mark to the edge of orgasm but wouldn’t dare dream of letting him go over at this point in time. In the midst of his desperate moans of pleasure, Mark unflinchingly acquiesced. “I promise! I promise I won’t cum without you! I don’t want to cum without you! I don’t care if you have other lovers. I crave your control!”

“You don’t care if I have other lovers that will touch me? Enter me? Cum for me?” Wendy pressed.

“No! I’ll be jealous! But I support your sexual liberation! I rather be your submissive than your equal in bed!”

“Promise me! Promise me!”

“I promise, Mistress. I promise!”

And then it stopped. Wendy let go of Mark’s cock which had a spittle of precum now dangling a foot below its head. He trembled there in dizzy desperation, struggling to keep his footing. After many moments, Wendy coolly replied, “Come with me. You are so hot when you submit. I need you down on your knees, face between my legs, now.”

Wendy took Mark by the hand to guide him to the bedroom. Frustrated but smitten, he staggered behind her, eager to satisfy her needs.

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