prelude story

I grabbed my toolbox and headed out. It was about eleven. I – do house stuff. Carpentry-like. All your regular stuff, whatever, I fix. Freelance Carpenter/mechanic would be my job title, I guess. My name’s Cita – Tacita – James.

I pulled my truck (it looks like a rat trap but it purrs like a kitty – more like a great big lion actually. Okay – it’s small, but not compared to a lion, so. I’m really proud of it, it’s the big metal pet I never had) into the driveway. The big, fat, rich driveway. I could smell money.

The driveway was actually quite beautiful, not your typical mowed lawn of green grass that looks like carpet and pavement from here to there. The road was wide and smoothly paved but all around were gardens, plants etc. that reminded me of pictures of rain forests. Everything was green or brightly colorful, and there was a light sheen of rain from before.

I walked up to the door and looked for a bell. None, but a big doorknocker. Really nice piece, real antique-y. It made a big bass sound that made me jump.

“You’re the handy man?” A warm, melt-y voice asked. Turning around, I was met by the greenest eyes I’ve ever… You know the deal. But seriously, they were so green, in my favorite shade, like a Christmas tree, no a bit lighter. They were slightly larger then average and had that kind of knowing, cynical look. I managed to tear my eyes away from them, to eye up his face. What a face. How to say… Face like an angel. I’ve always thought was really vague – what does an angel look like? My angel or yours, there’s a difference. But trust me, he looked like the angel of angels. His mouth was full and wicked, his cheekbones to make you cry, his lashes absolutely not fair with everything else, and long, silky blonde hair in a low ponytail.

“Yeah. Dmitri Beaumont?” I managed to croak. He nodded, and kind of gestured in a way I couldn’t help compare to a come hither one. He led me around the back of the house to the back porch, where the porch was – well, it looked as if someone had taken a bat to it and done as much possible damage they could.

“Don’t mean to be nosy, but how did this…”

“An… acquaintance was a bit upset over something”

“Okay, then, I’ll just get started.” I got to work.

I was just finishing up when this woman came around the side of the house. She was tall, busty, and blonde. She was all make up and salon hair. I should tell you now, this is the kind of women I usually end up hating. Not only the ones I’ve met have all been major bitches, but I’m 5’4 (fine, 5’3.5), brunette, and a bit less then average in the boobs department. But hey, I wasn’t gonna to make any snap judgments. She saw me.

“Oh so you’re his new whore, huh? Fast work, what were you seeing him before?! I bet you think you’re so smart, you little piece of trash. A rich man like him must have you drooling. Well, guess what? He won’t marry you. But you’ll pay for ruining it for me you little slut!” And she raked her hand out and scratched me. Really hard.

I was still surprised and dazed from her entrance and monologue, or she wouldn’t have caught me, I swear. But she did, and her long nails tore down my cheek. I sprang back into action and shoved her away. I would have left it at that –even though the bitch had really long, claw like nails. She came at me with nails and fury. And pulled my hair. The bitch! I nailed her one on the jaw and then we were falling and you bet I gave that bitch a run for her money. She was bigger and used those nails really well, and pulled my hair and banged my head against the ground a lot, but I punch. I was a patron of the detention room for fighting back in elementary, and guy fighting was required. I use my fists and legs. But then a pair of hands were pulling her off me.

“God damn it, Barbara, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” The blonde hunk was back.

“You think you can fuck me and cheat? Well, my father will set you straight, you can bet on that. I’ll have you – you – arrested!” she finally settled on and stalked away – limping, I was happy to see. Blonde hunk – Dmitri – Mr. Beaumont – oh whatever, looked like he might have gone after her, but he saw me and as I realized later, I looked pretty bad.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry. She’s – well, she did the porch. Come in, I have a first aid kit. I am so sorry Ms James.”

“It’s okay, I nailed her a few, and those will last much longer then these. So tell me about her, the least you could do” I was a bit pissed off.

“We dated for a couple months, she wanted more, I didn’t. She’s… very territorial, and was always thinking I was cheating on her. I wasn’t, I swear, and we’d always just make up and then… until the next time. Day before yesterday I broke things off. She didn’t take it well”, he said glancing ruefully at the porch and at me in concern.

“You could say that”. He had bandaged the scratches on my arms and was starting on my face. I felt myself going hot with his face so close, his hands brushing against my face. I could see right into his eyes, their beautiful green, and he stilled. We stared at each other for an instant, and I leaned up and brushed his lips with mine, and again. He cupped my face and sunk into my mouth. Teasing my lips open, stroking my tongue. I snaked my arms around his neck and pulled him down close. We were tongue wrestling, teasing and fighting, our breath fast. I reached around and trailed my hands down appreciatively til I reached his very excellent butt. I expressed my appreciation in a hard squeeze. He’d been busy too, and I found my shirt unbuttoned and his hands deftly unhooking the front clasp on my bra. He started lightly rubbing and squeezing my breasts, narrowing down on my nipples and tweaking them. I moaned and unbuttoned the top of his jeans. He broke away.

“We can’t –”

“We can’t what?” I reached out and sank my teeth into his bottom lip, looking up into his eyes through my lashes. His eyes went dark.

“We can’t have sex on the steps.”

“Why? Will someone see?” I smiled wickedly. He didn’t bother answer, just gave me a really hot look and pulled my mouth back to his. He pushed my shirt and bra off and massaged my breasts. I ripped his shirt open, and smiled at his look of surprise. I lean in and fasten my mouth on his neck, sucking, trailing down to his nipple. I touch my lips to it, then snake out my tongue and give it little flicks until he growls and pulls my head back up for his kiss. He pushes my jeans off and squeezes my ass before running one hand back and around, toying with my pussy. I moan into his mouth and he slides a finger in. I sink my nails into his back and push against his finger. He slides another in and strokes me, til I gasp and pull away from his mouth to breathe. He catches my lips again and starts stroking my tongue, stroking my pussy. I’ve wrapped my legs around him and dig my heels into his back. He starts thrusting, fingers and tongue, and I cry out into his mouth. I’m coming, so hard, and it feels sooo good.

He doesn’t give me time to recover. He sits back against the steps – gotta be uncomfortable, and he pulls me astride him. I’m still weak, and I slump limp against his chest. He leans me back and draws one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking hard. I jump, and he softens it to a languorous licking. I’m way recovered now, hot to go again. I unzip his pants and release his dick, which is a good 7.5 and wide. I lift up and sink onto it, drawing a gasp from both of us. I inch my way down, adjusting, taking my time until my butt is resting on his thighs and I feel like I could cum right then and there. He leans in and starts sucking and licking at my neck and it feels so good and I start to rise and fall, in a nice pace. His tongue on my neck is driving me nuts and I rub my nipples against his chest and nip at his neck. He groans and grips my hips, pulling me down on him, impaling me deep. I gasp and bury my face in his neck. He lifts me and then pulls me down hard, biting my neck at the same time, sending hot chills down my body to my pussy, while his dick is hitting me right there, and he does it all again, and again, and I feel myself cumming, squeezing his dick hard, and he cries out and I feel him cum.

We lie there recovering, our breathing slowing down form a pant. I lift my head off his chest and manage a grin. “So what do you say, sailor, up for the next round?” I say cheekily. He reaches between us and rubs my clit, sending tremors up my body and causing me to slump back on his chest. He pats my butt, smiling, and answers, in a very self satisfied voice “You can ask again once you can stand.”

“I can stand! I can stand you little self satisfied egotistic male pig!” I try to push away but he just grins cockily and holds me against him. “You did a number on me too. Let’s just sit here a bit.”

I smile against his chest and give him a small bite.

To be continued…

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