Author’s Note: This is a new series of stories, all of them holding at least a kernel of truth, if not more. Not all will have full-on sexual contact and/or encounters, at least as I have it planned, but I hope the reader will enjoy the feelings, and emotions, that went through my mind. That being said, there is going to be a lot of interracial sexual relations, sex with strangers, and even some violence.

Call it adultery, call it slavery, or call it submission, whatever label you choose, but unless you have a CONSTRUCTIVE comment, I’m not interested in hearing your blithering, whiney fingers scream about how I should be divorced, shot, made homeless, or abandoned. We all have enough troubles in our days without listening to your opinions on how someone should live their lives.

With that said, if you are still here, please enjoy this second installment:


I had literally melted into the grasp of the man, his calloused hands mauling me as he continued to suckle my tongue into his mouth. My voice mewed like a kitten, and I could feel my body suddenly highly aware of my surroundings. The wafting of air across my nearly naked form, his hand holding my bra-less breast through my charmuese blouse, the sound of someone dragging luggage down the hallway. All of it served to heighten the senses as he electrified me. For now I was his slave, his toy, and in pretend, his wife. The cool metal of the necklace and charm had warmed by my body heat, and the dangling charm began to stick to one side of my cleavage, the perspiration leaking from my pores adhering the shiny words to my skin.

I was able to turn my body, fully able to face him and not break the languid surrender of that kiss, the tip of my tongue wiggling against his as his thick, dark lips suckled my tongue into his mouth. My hands hung limply still, yet my hips started to act with a mind of their own, and I began to thrust against his fully-clothed body. The rough fabric of his jeans felt hard against my blonde strip of curly dark pubic hair. If anyone had a doubt, I was a natural brunette. All they need do was look under my skirt, or in this case, simply open their eyes. I was figuring the latter would be more likely. Ben didn’t allow me to wear much while I was under his control.

He finally broke the kiss, and I reluctantly and softly groaned. There was something about that initial surrender that just did it for me. A combination of arousal, desire, need, and even debauchery that just made me shiver, in a good way. Today was no different. I smiled to him, flashing the smile made of braces when I was in high school, the taunting and teasing, of ‘brace-face’, and ‘metal mouth’, and kids calling loudly, asking what station I was picking up now worth it. My smile could open doors, even get lunch for me. Now, of course, I was using it for something I wanted even more. Ben. My Master. I wanted him so badly, I could feel the first slickness gathering at my folds. He didn’t waste time with his own clothing, stripping himself to full nudity even as I stood before him. His black skin, and there was no other word for it, for he was dark as coal, was sheened with his body oil, and even in the light of the room, I could see every contour of his well-toned body. He wasn’t the young-buck of his physical prime, but slightly older, probably in his late-30′s, that time when our lives grow busier and things such as going to the gym gave way to more urgent tasks. For me, I didn’t exercise much, and didn’t have the stamina of an athlete, certainly. But in his youth, I bet Ben had more muscles than many, and even as his chest sagged a little, his arms and thighs were taut and strong and the muscles that controlled his manhood were well-developed, and strong. He stood there, his hands on his hips, and his cock was hardening as he stood there, his own arousal matching my own.

My eyes dropped to watch that magnificent organ develop into the woman-tamer it was, and I was sorely tempted to drop to my knees, and give it the adoration it commanded of me, yet this time I would not give him the blowjob I was tempted with. Instead I reached to my top, delicately grasping the hem in my fingertips with crossed arms, and lifting it higher and higher, exposing the rest of my body, until it was inverted over my head, and draped down my arms. I began to twist my wrists, twirling the satiny fabric tighter until the blouse became a binding, my wrists firmly encircled and held tightly by the silky material. I held it over my head, and took a few steps around the black Adonis, and made my way onto the bed, not bothering to pull down the covers. Not that I could anyways, with my arms bound. I made my hips swivel with each step, my spiked heels helping me in my task, until I reached a corner opposite him, and I lay back, my arms over my head. Using my heels and shrugging my way, I shivered across the bed, until I was diagonally across it, and my hands were hung on the corner furthest away, as if I was tied down. I looked to Ben, who was merely watching my lascivious display, and I licked my lips with a moan. “I will fuck you or whom pleases you, as you want, and any way you want.” I purred. My repeating our litany assured him of my loyalty to Him, as well as sharing my need.

The moaning and writhing of my hips, straining at the pretended helplessness of my bound wrists had evidently become a greater demand on Ben than anything else currently, and he simply clambered on the bed, his knees between mine. Laying upon me, he flexed his abdomen, and curled his knees, lifting my hips until my body was bent, and my knees were tilted back, my shins now level. Cradled like this, I was indeed now helpless, as if I would want to stop his advances. My knees parted wider for him, as he lay his equipment atop my belly, the thick, black shaft almost leering at me with its slit as my eyes were drawn to it. The feeling it on my skin, warm and pulsing, almost like an alien tentacle, was also something I relished. I had surrendered control, given everything to Ben, my passion, my lust, and soon to be, my body. My heart was hammering and my chest was heaving, my large and deep breathing made my breasts sway gently as my eyes looked up from that delicious woman-pleaser. Eyes looking deeply into his, he didn’t really smile much, other than perhaps that small grin of a man knowing he is going to mate, until he broke my gaze and looked down, his body tilting up on his heels, hands reaching for that thick tool.

I let out a gasp as I first felt him, using his cock along my folds, my lubrication already evident as I had been thinking of this moment for what seemed like hours. He used that probe on me for almost a minute, if not more, my hips starting to rock on their own, my body desperate to feel him in me, and I moaned. “Please…” That made him smile, a toothy grin that showed a large gap between his upper front teeth, and a gold cap on an incisor. Applying more pressure, and aiming himself, he found my tunnel, and he began to push, building in force until my vagina yielded to him, and he first began to enter me. “Here it comes, slut.” was all he would say.

My eyes rolled back into my head, and my head fell back to the bed, my back arching to help allow him entry, as well as release some of the sudden tension in my body, muscles flexing tightly. My hands suddenly clenched, knuckles white as I felt more of him enter me, and the loud guttural whine from my voice began. It was the start of my vocal litany during sex. A loud whine as I was entered, and a soft gasp as I was vacated, the frequency increasing as the man’s thrusting pace quickened, until there was nothing but a loud scream in my climax. It didn’t matter who I was with, from my first lover to Ben, all men including my husband made me do this. This night would be no different.

He took his own sweet time to fully enter me, and it gave me time to collect my wits and glance down and see the great contrast between our skins. My Brazilian strip of fur being the only bridge between my bikini-tanned whiteness, and his coal black darkness. My mind luxuriated in the feelings, the sight, and the conflicted emotions. What I was doing was wrong, I knew that. I was disobeying my marital vows, I was dishonoring my husband, and I was having what was, in my family anyways, taboo sex. My thoughts ended in the last thought of my cycle, and the lack of sexual safety. I was unprotected, and he was bareback in me. I figured I was safe for this trip, having recently ended my period, but one was never absolutely certain, and that added to the sexual tension, the thrill. Yes, I could wind up pregnant, the bearer of a black man’s child.

I looked up in time to feel him lay down on me, his knees cradling my body between his, and his elbows collecting my shoulders from underneath. His one hand on my hair, he pulled my head back, until my lips were to his, and we licked tongues lewdly, our passions growing as he began to thrust. The kiss lasted exactly three thrusts, until my vocal emissions took over and I could do little else but writhe and cry out in his control, his he rocked his hips, fucking me. Each thrust was my body tensing, fingers clawing at the air, back arching and wriggling, making my jugs shake up and down, and side to side, my nipples already hard and making me feel a burning sensation as they brushed against his chest. My love canal began to tighten on him, and begin to massage his monstrous equipment as it repeatedly thrust in me.

I was in ecstasy, I was in pain, I was in glorious sexual pleasure, I was going out of my mind. I wanted it to end, but I needed it to last. In and out he went, and my consciousness streamed thoughts, images, feelings, and perhaps even colors. The haze of sex was overpowering, and at some point I tried to curl up as I screamed, my body having the first climax of this mating. Ben usually made me have two, if not three, just using his cock, and as soon as the first one began to reside, I had but scant seconds to recover before the next one began to build. My voice again began its serial whining, and my body was now sheathed in perspiration.

The bedding had a small stain of my lubrication leaking from the seal of my vagina and my small gush of my own orgasm, and the mattress was singing its own squeaky song. Ben’s tempo began to increase and my body reacted, each of his thrusts full, fast and furious, until his hips began to spasm erratically, his own body losing control, and he began to ejaculate into me. I couldn’t necessarily feel his semen spilling into my vagina so much as know he was cumming, and that knowledge was enough to make my own body have my second, longer screaming release. My arms pulled uselessly against my twirled blouse, and my heels pointed up and out at a 45 degree angle. His deep voice made guttural noises and my own softer voice began to whimper softly in tender pleasure, and I began to mew again, the kitten in me feeling full, my pussy well-sated.

Thank you to Mr. Wolf for editing this story and making it a much better read. Now and then I like to get away from the romance stories and write a Loving wife story. I hope you enjoy it. I do understand not every story is for everyone.


We’d only been married two years and Jessica thought we ought to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year by going out for dinner. I was never big on celebrating every occasion except for Christmas and maybe New Years. I figured it was nothing but a money maker for the card and candy companies. Just to keep her happy, I told her I would take her out for dinner. She smiled at me and told me she would make the plans.

I was surprised when she came home from work and told me she invited another couple out for dinner with us. After we all went out for dinner at the Olive Garden she invited Carl and Christine over to our apartment. I wasn’t sure why she was doing this. They were a middle age married couple in their forties. I was thirty and Jessica was twenty three. After talking to them for a couple of hours at dinner, I didn’t think we had a lot in common.

Jess had met Chris at work; they both worked in a large insurance office. Lately Jess said we didn’t go out enough and she felt bored all the time. That’s when she told me she asked Chris if she and her husband would like to go out for dinner with us on Valentine’s Day.

When we arrived at the dinner table the Henry’s were already seated. They stood up when we arrived. I was a bit surprised that they were black. They both smiled as they greeted us. Chris was a good looking woman, dressed in a low cut red dress and had large breasts. The dress was also quite short, to be honest, she looked hot!

Carl was dressed in a pin striped suit. It was easy to tell he was a proud and educated man. He just exuded that type of confidence. He shook my hand; there was power in his grip. He then hugged Jess and even kissed her lightly on the cheek. It took me a bit by surprise that he was so bold. I in turn gave Chris a light hug, not wanting to be the odd guy at the table.

Both Chris and Carl complimented Jess on her evening dress. It was black, somewhat low cut and made of a silky material. I have to admit she looked great. She said she bought it for me to show her off in. I in turn did wear a sports jacket because of the way Jess was dressed. I didn’t even own a suit and never wore a tie.

During dinner I found out that Carl owned an accounting firm. He had over twenty employees and did quite well. When I asked why Chris didn’t work for him he told me he didn’t mix business and pleasure. It made both Jess and Chris laugh. He did mention that they each needed their space. They had their evening to be together.

I was surprised they didn’t have any kids together. They said they had only been married five years. Carl did have two grown kids from a previous marriage, a boy and a girl. They lived with their mother but now were in college.

Chris said she never wanted kids. She came from a large family and could see her nieces and nephews, enjoy time with them and then send them home to their parents. We all smiled.

I work in a factory and was recently promoted to supervisor over an entire department. It might have been a salary position but I still felt I was a blue collar worker. I was still one of the guys and enjoyed my work.


I went to college for two years and received a degree in Business Administration. After college my Dad got me a job at the factory. He told me the degree would help me with advancement later; he was right.

I dated a lot in high school and college but I didn’t really have any steady girlfriends, I just played the field. I can’t say I was ever really in love, but I was in lust a lot! I would party, get drunk or high on weed and then have sex. I probably wasn’t what you would call a good lover. I just wanted to get my rocks off; the women didn’t seem to complain.

After college I straightened up some. I started my job and it was hard work. I found out I couldn’t drink half the night and be at my best at work. As I wasn’t about to screw up my job I started to only drink on weekends.

I met Jess at a friend’s party. We seemed to hit it off and began dating. She was a little on the more wild side but I didn’t mind. By wild, I mean she did get high on weed and liked mixed drinks to the point of getting rather intoxicated. I guess we had that in common.

While she was still a senior in college she called me one evening and told me she was pregnant. She was really shook up and I went over to see her. We talked and even though I wasn’t in love with her, I really did care for her a lot. I wanted to do right by her and asked her to marry me; she said, “yes.”

Our families were both happy about our upcoming marriage but not so happy that she had gotten pregnant. We got married the following month and she graduated a month later.

We lived in my apartment which was nice and had two bedrooms. We were going to fix up one of the rooms for the baby when it arrived. Jess and I talked it over and she wasn’t going to look for a job till after the baby was born. Most employers weren’t looking to hire a pregnant woman.

She ran into some kind of complications in her fifth month. I rushed her to the hospital and she had a miscarriage. Although we both felt bad about it I think I felt even worse than Jess. I was getting used to the idea of becoming a father.

Jess’s doctor put her on birth control. He said she shouldn’t take a chance on getting pregnant so soon after the miscarriage. We went along with our lives and everything seemed fine. Jess went looking for a job and got one the first place she interviewed at an insurance agency. She was young, had the education and the looks so it wasn’t a big surprise.

Things were looking pretty good for us as we both had good jobs and were able to buy most things that we wanted. About a year after our wedding was when I received the promotion. It meant even more money. The only problem was I had to work the afternoon shift and Jess worked in the office during the day.

I would see her first thing in the morning and the nights that she waited up for me. I can’t tell you how many times that I came home after work and slid in behind her while she was sleeping and had sex. Needless to say she always woke up and never complained. We seemed pretty compatible when it came to sex.

On the weekends she always wanted to go out. I could understand it because she worked all week long and was alone a lot. She visited her family and friends in the evenings. We would go out with a few friends to a lounge and dance or take in a movie on the weekend. The problem was I didn’t get every Saturday off. I had to work at least one or two weekends a month. On those days Jess would go out with her sister or friends. She was always home before I got home and we usually had sex. Life was pretty good.

I need to tell you a little about my past sexual experiences. To be honest, I wasn’t some great lover that brought all his partners to gigantic orgasms. I was just a guy that dated women but never got serious about any. Most of my sexual encounters happened at or after parties.

I didn’t do a lot of the things you read about on a regular basis. I wasn’t in love with eating pussy. If I was really drunk, I might do it but not very often. I was never really in touch with the sexual side of a woman. I didn’t do a lot of foreplay. It was usually about getting into my partner’s pants.

I did try to help them reach an orgasm; I wasn’t a complete asshole. It’s just that sex to me was getting in a pussy and coming. Most of my partners seemed satisfied and I did have a lot of sexual partners. I had oral sex with a few women but unlike you read in most stories, most didn’t like sucking a cock. I will admit to a few exceptions.

After finding out Jess was pregnant I sobered up a lot. I wanted to be a responsible husband and father. I really can’t say that I was in love with Jess but I did care for her a lot. I felt that I would grow to love her since I was no longer the partying guy. Once we got married I had every intention of settling down and doing what was right for my family.

I asked Jess how come she wanted to go out all the time. She told me that she knew that I had sowed my oats but that she still liked to party. She said she would never cheat on me and always be honest with me. She just enjoyed going out with her friends once in awhile.

I knew where she was coming from. The few years difference in our age at this time in our lives would make us think a bit differently. I wanted to trust her although at times I had doubts but when I asked my sister about Jess when they went out together, she said she danced with other men and flirted a little but never more than that.

I gave her a little space and the benefit of the doubt. Every now and then when she went out I would show up unannounced if I got out of work early. She was always happy to see me but did ask how come I never called her so she knew I would be coming. I just replied that I never know when I’ll be getting off early or if I was in the mood to go out. We never talked more about it.

I had a problem that I was trying to work through. I cared for Jess a lot but I didn’t know if I loved her, or she me for that matter. Sure, we said it to each other but did we mean it? I married her mainly to do what I felt was doing the right thing as she was pregnant with our child.

Then, the miscarriage happened and we were both hurting from that. That might have even brought us closer for awhile. I’ve never cheated on her or had any intention of doing so, but I wanted my feeling for her to grow. I really wanted to love her and her me. When we went out for Valentine’s Day things changed.


As I have mentioned, Jess invited Chris and Carl back to our apartment. We had quite a few drinks at the restaurant so I was glad we lived close. The last thing I needed was to get stopped for driving under the influence.

We arrived at the apartment and I offered everyone a drink. As I was making them Jess put on some music. After giving everyone a drink Jess asked me to dance with her which I did. Chris and Carl got up and were dancing also. The CD that Jess put on was all love songs, slow and easy to dance too.

In our living room we don’t have a couch but we do have a loveseat and matching recliner. After dancing a couple of dances Jess went into the kitchen and grabbed a chair. Carl sat in my recliner so I sat on the loveseat. Chris had used the restroom and when she came back into the room she sat next to me on the loveseat.

Carl asked if we ever smoked any weed. I looked over at Jess and she smiled. “Yes, we have in the past, but I haven’t smoked any since we got married,” I replied.

“If you don’t mind I have a few joints with me and it’s an excellent grade. After drinking I like to smoke a joint or so. I have more than enough for all of us.” replied Carl.

Before I could answer Jess said she didn’t seen any problem with it so Carl lit up two joints and passed one over for Chris and I to share and said he would share his with Jess since she was sitting on the chair near him.

I took a hit and he was right. It was probably the best weed I have ever had. I took another puff and passed it to Chris. Damn, weed makes me mellow. I watched Carl pass his joint over to Jess and she took a few hits, looked at me and smiled. I was happy she was having a good time.

After we finished our joint Carl lit up a second one for us. We started smoking it and listened to the soft music playing in the background. Carl asked Jess if she would like to dance. She said yes and the two of them got up and were dancing. I mentioned to Chris that I didn’t think I would be a good dance partner and she said it was okay. We could just sit, smoke the joint and relax, which we did.

I watched Jess and Carl dance; they were really close. She had her arms around his neck and his were around her waist, resting on her ass. I’m sure when he turned her away from us he put his hands on her ass. I didn’t know if I should say anything or not.

After a couple of songs Carl sat back down on the recliner. He pulled Jess by the arm and she sat on his lap. I was going to say something when Chris said, “Let it go, they’re just having fun.” About that time she leaned over and kissed me. I wasn’t sure what to do. It felt good, her sweet warm lips touching mine.

I looked over at Jess for her reaction and she smiled at me. I was a couple of sheets to the wind by now and when Chris kissed me again, I let it happen. She also put her hand on my thigh and was pushing it up toward my cock. To say I wasn’t getting hard would be a lie.

I looked back over at Jess and she was kissing Carl. He had his hand on her thigh and was pushing it up under her dress. It was a turn-on but I knew it was wrong. I was letting this man feel up my wife but his wife now had my pants unzipped and was pulling my cock out.

I was in the moment when she got off the couch onto her knees and started giving me head. God, it felt good! Jess didn’t do it very often since I didn’t go down on her, but it felt great.

Jess looked over at me as she was being finger fucked by Carl. She smiled at me and she and Carl got up and went into our bedroom. I knew what was happening but didn’t even try to stop it. Chris was doing a number on my cock.

She quickly took off her dress and was in her matching bra and panties. How she stopped me from coming I’ll never know but she knew what she was doing as she slid my trousers and briefs down and took off her panties.

I was staring at her pussy with the dark black curly hair neatly trimmed. She was facing me as she held onto my cock and slid it into her pussy as she lowered herself down. Her pussy was so wet and hot. The weed must have gotten to her also.

I don’t know how long we fucked but I know I came hard. I held tight onto her ass and filled her with my cum. By the sounds she was making I’m sure she came a couple of times.

I must have passed out for a few minutes. When I opened my eyes my trousers were still down around my ankles and Chris wasn’t there. I heard sounds coming from the bedroom and figured it was Jess and Carl. I got up and pulled up my pants and walked toward the bedroom.

I was somewhat in a daze as I walked over to the bedroom door and saw Carl pumping his cock into my wife who lay there asking for more cock. I looked over and saw Chris on the bed sucking on my wife’s tits. She looked up and smiled at me. I didn’t know what to think or feel. Carl and Jess didn’t even know I was watching.

There on the bed was my wife being fucked by a black man while his wife was sucking on her tits. Jess was loving it and I could see her having mini orgasms as Chris talked to her.

“Do you want to suck Carl’s cock when he gets done fucking you? You know you love sucking his cock,” said Chris.

“Yes, suck cock, I like sucking Carl’s cock.” I heard Jess reply.

I didn’t know what to think or do. My mind was in a fog from the weed and the booze. Did I just hear my wife say she had sucked Carl’s cock before? Did they set me up for this swap tonight? My mind was racing all over the place. I wasn’t sure what to think or do.

I knew it was too late to do anything so I turned around and went into the guest room, shut the door, laid on the bed and fell asleep. I woke up at five-thirty in the morning with a headache. I walked out of the guest room and looked in our bedroom. There was Jess naked, sleeping with a sheet over her. Her dress was still on the floor with her bra and panties at the end of the bed.

I walked through the house and Carl and Chris were gone. My mind was starting to remember what had happened the night before. I picked up a little in the living room and decided I had to get out of the house and think about what happened. I didn’t want to talk to Jess till I knew what I was going to do.

Usually when I needed to be alone I would go fishing. It may have been February and cold but I went anyways. I left a note for Jess telling her where I went and would be home later. I gathered my fishing gear and headed out to the pond. This time of morning the pond was calm and still with the sun just coming up.

I threw my line in and just sat there and thought about the night before. I was angry at myself for letting me be used and not knowing what Jess had planned. There was no doubt that she had been with Carl before. I heard her say it.

I didn’t hate Jess for what she did but again I never really loved her. Otherwise I would have stopped her from fucking another man. I also realized I had to take the blame for having sex with Chris. The one thing I knew was this wasn’t the lifestyle I wanted.


I spent the morning fishing and after getting my thoughts together I headed for home. Jess was up, dressed and drinking coffee when I walked in. She looked at me and gave me a slight smile. “It was quite a night last night wasn’t it?” asked Jess. “Is that why you went fishing this morning? I know you told me that fishing helps you think.”

“Why Jess? Why did you do this?” I asked.

“Do what? Mike, it just happened. I guess it was the mixture of the booze and weed. I saw you kiss Chris and it just took off from there. I didn’t plan it.”

“Jess, do you really think I’m that stupid? How many times have you been with Carl?”

“What! I don’t know what you mean.”

“Stop it Jess! Or I’ll walk out that door. Tell me the truth. I heard you tell Chris that you like sucking Carl’s cock. How many times have you been with him? I deserve the truth.”

“Will you stay with me if I tell you everything? We belong together,” replied Jess. I could tell she was nervous.

I wanted to hear the story. I had no intention of staying in this marriage, but I needed to know how it all started. “No promises, just tell me how it started.”

Jess’s explanation:

“I was getting bored at work and Chris suggested we go out. It was about two months ago. We went out and danced with a few guys and had some drinks. She asked me back to her house and offered me a joint. It’s been two years since I smoked weed. I took it and it felt so good. It was like I was almost dreaming.

“Chris leaned over and kissed me. I’ve never been with a woman before but I wasn’t shocked. It felt good and I let her kiss me some more. We were on her couch and before I knew it she was fingering me. I knew it was wrong but I didn’t want it to stop. It felt so good.”

“That’s when Carl came into the room. I was embarrassed but he said it was ok and sat down next to me. I had met him before when he came to the office to see Chris. Before I knew what was happening Chris was kissing me and Carl was finger fucking me.”

“He took out his black cock and took my left hand and wrapped it around his cock. I just started jacking him off. He said that my pussy was all wet. He asked if his cock was doing that to me. That’s when Chris told me to suck his cock. She pushed my head down to his lap and I put my lips around his cock and sucked the head.”

“Ever had a black cock before?” asked Carl.

“No, never, I can’t do this, I’m married,” I answered him.

“We’re all married Honey. Just having a little fun. Your husband doesn’t need to know,” said Chris.

“Carl fucked me right there on the couch. I let it happen and it felt good. On the way home I felt bad about it. I took a shower and cleaned up and put on my negligee for you. You came in and we had some of the best sex ever.”

“So, you went back for more? You said you were with him twice.”

“It was a few weeks ago. We had an argument about something. I don’t even remember what it was about. I went over to talk to Chris and Carl was home. I told them we had a fight and I had to get out of the house. We sat back and talked and smoked a joint. Carl said he had just what I needed for my problems. We all got up and went into their bedroom.”

“But Joe, it’s our annibirthery!” complained Annie.

“I know, I know,” apologized her husband from the other end of the phone. “I asked Clancy, but he said there’s no way I could get off this weekend.”

“Dammit Joe! I was really looking forward to spending some time with my husband.”

“I know Ann. I’ll make it up to you just as soon as this job’s done.”

“It’s not just our annibirthery. I’m starting to ovulate and you know what that means?”

“No dear, what does that mean?” he lied, knowing exactly what it meant. He just wanted to hear her say it and his penis extended an inch the second his lovely wife mouthed the words.

“I’m getting horny.”

“I’d love to help with that problem, but I’m stuck here,” he said. Annie had always had an amazing sex drive. It completely matched his own male sex drive early in their relationship, they had sex every time they went on a date. Annie didn’t even mind if he came over just for sex after a night drinking with his friends. Annie liked it because Joe often got the opposite of whiskey dick. He tended to last a long time after drinking. Once they got married, they had sex nearly every night for the first year. Then Joe got sick of condoms and Annie went on the pill. Her sex drive diminished by about 90%. She still enjoyed it, but now after three years of marriage, she could take it or leave it and they only had sex about once a week. This all changed when she went off the pill so that they could try to start a family. Her sex drive came back like a runaway freight train. She was hornier then ever, sex when they went to bed and morning sex before he left for work. Her sex drive now outpaced his own and his horny librarian wife plumb wore him out. He started looking forwards to these jobs away so that he could rest and recuperate. It got worse as she came into her fertile period and unfortunately, their free time hadn’t lined up so that he could take care of her. The few times, they’d made love close to her fertile cycle, just hadn’t took.

“Fine,” she said. “Just work extra hard and try to get back to me as soon as possible.”

“Still going to be at least a week,” said Joe. “I better get going. Bye, I love you.”

“I love you too. We’ll celebrate our annibirthery as soon as you get back. Happy birthday and happy anniversary.”

Joe smiled. “Happy Anniversary and happy birthday,” he replied. Both he and Annie were twenty-five. Tomorrow was his birthday and he would turn twenty-six. Annie would turn twenty-six two days later. They had decided to get married the day between their birthdays and they had made their annibirthery a three day celebration ever since. “Love you.”

“You too, bye.” She hung up the phone. “Shit!” she growled, looking at herself in the mirror. The pretty face staring back at her at tears running down her cheeks from beneath her black glasses. Annie hated to admit it, but the tears weren’t from her husband missing their three day annibirthery, but from her growing need to have a penis shoved inside her. Her arousal was getting bad and growing worse by the day. She was fidgety, jumpy, and ill tempered, snapping at her coworkers and some of the library’s patrons. Worse, she was starting to size every man she saw up, wondering how he looked naked and even getting a little flirty with some of them. It didn’t even matter the man, as long as it was male. She batted her eye lashes at the sixty year old custodian and even giggled at one of her regular patrons attempts to hit on her. He was a single dad and a lech that all the other librarians found creepy. Annie swore that if things got any worse, she was going to have to buy herself a dildo and the thought of substituting a plastic penis for her husband’s nice and hard six incher repulsed her.

Annie went back out to work the circulation desk. She was the youngest employee. The director was in her fifties and every other employee or volunteer was in their sixties. Being the youngest and best looking in the library had her getting most of the male attention. This was how she met Joe Whyte actually. He’d come in looking to get a library card so he could start checking out audio books as his construction job had him traveling some and he could listen to them while he worked. She helped him get his card and showed him the audio section. Much to her surprise, he asked her to dinner. Annie checked him out. He was sandy haired, good looking, and appeared fit. She liked any guy that enjoyed books. She was casually dating another man at the time, a rather mousy nerd, but with a nice intellect. The nerd was just lousy in bed. He just couldn’t handle seeing Annie’s killer body and ripe bosom. He never lasted more then a few minutes, though his recovery time was pretty good. The problem was her sex drive had kicked in a few years earlier when her last boyfriend took her virginity. He’d been better then the nerd, but not by much. She needed more. “Library closes at 6:00,” she told Joe. “I’ll be waiting outside.”

Joe was waiting and their dinner went well. They seemed to hit it off immediately. “May I ask what prompted you to ask me out?” she asked.

Joe leaned back in his chair and sipped his beer while he stared at her. “Well, you’re very pretty,” he said. She smiled and blushed a little. He wasn’t lying. Annie had a very attractive face. Her skin was extremely pale and she had piercing blue eyes that looked back at him through the lenses of her dark rimmed glasses. Her hair was long and mostly straight with a few stray curls. She had it tied back in a pony tail. She was stunning in a sexy librarian fashion. “You seemed nice when you were helping me. I felt we had a connection.” His date seemed to like that. Her body was dumpy, her top pushing out to hide a chubby belly, but there was a very promising swell to her breasts. They looked huge, DD’s at least and Joe was a breast man. He’d take big breasts on a fat girl over a flat chest on a sexy model any day. He found out that night exactly how wrong he was about her body.

Joe was very surprised once they were back at his car when Annie grabbed his shirt and pulled him down to her face to kiss her. He was surprised, but pleased. He kissed back and her hand resting on his thigh while he drove home had him stomping on the gas. They were holding each other and kissing while he unlocked his door. He practically carried her inside. The large breasts pressing into his chests were driving him crazy. He set her down and broke the kiss. Without moving from his spot by the door, he just pointed and spoke quickly. “Let me show you my house. Living room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, guest room, hallway, master bath, and…” He grabbed her hand and led her to his bedroom. “Master bedroom.” Annie giggled. They kissed their way into his bedroom and as they made their way to the bed. He sat down heavily on the bed and she stepped back to pull her dress off. Joe nearly came in his pants when he saw exactly what she had been hiding under her frumpy dress. She wasn’t chubby at all! Annie was built like a fucking stripper! Her belly and waist were thin. She had the sexiest belly he’d ever seen on a woman, mostly flat, but with womanly swell under her navel and above her hips. Her underwear was modest, but her bra and panty were black and looked sexy against her pale white skin. Once they were married and she became Annie Whyte, he nicknamed her “Snow” because of her pale skin and dark hair. The bra looked like it was straining under the pressure from her big bosom. She unhooked the bra and her magnificent rack sprang free. Her nipples were already hard and the fattest longest nipples he’d ever seen. They were as big around as a nickel and probably ¾” long. Her areola were only the size of a quarter making them almost all nipple. They were a rosy pink color and Joe couldn’t take his eyes off them until she stepped out of her panty and he saw her rather hairy black bush as raven dark as the hair on her head. Joe stripped as quickly as he could and she seemed just as pleased with his fit construction worker’s body. “Condom?” she asked unleashing her tied up hair. His date had just gone from librarian to porn star in under a minute though she kept her glasses on. He liked that.

Joe opened his dresser drawer. He slid back as she straddled his lower legs. “I like your penis,” she told him, taking him in her mouth. He gasped loving the feeling of her hot mouth on his dick, but she wasn’t here to suck him off. Once he was good and hard, she opened the condom packet and rolled the rubber down his penis. She straddled his crotch and held his stiff penis up to the entrance to a pussy that was already giving off a lot of heat. She pushed her pussy lips against the head and slammed her entire pussy down over his dick. He gasped as she started moaning and bouncing. It had been three months since he’d gotten laid and that had been a one night stand he wasn’t particularly interested in. This evenings incredible turn of events and the amazing woman moaning as she bounced in his lap was too much for him. Joe filled the condom after only a minute. She groaned in disappointment. He tried to apologize, but then she never stopped bouncing. He stayed hard and was soon raising his hips up to thrust his stiff prick into her pussy every time she lowered herself down. He lasted longer this time and she squealed in delight as she got herself off. Several times that night, Joe stabbed her back with his stiff penis until she opened her legs for him and they’d fuck again. They did it again the next morning before they both had to run off to work and even took a shower together to save time, though it turned to the longest shower of his life as Annie kneeled in front of him and sucked him off. She did everything, but swallow, spitting his semen out near the drain of the tub. They were married a year later.

“You ok, you seem distracted?” asked the library director.

“What?” Annie looked startled. Not only had she been daydreaming, but she was unconsciously pressing her crotch down into the edge of her chair. “Sorry, it’s Joe. He’s not going to make it home this weekend.”

“Sorry Ann,” she replied sympathetically. “You should go see him.”

Annie perked up then slumped back down. “He’s four hours away.”

“That’s not that far. Surprise him. I’ll let you leave early tomorrow so that you can get an early start. Then you’ll have the weekend together.”

“Wow! Thanks, that would be great.”

“Your friend’s back,” said the librarian.

Annie looked up. The lech was back. She smiled at him and went over to help him find a book that he easily could have found on his own. It was her fault for flirting with him. She controlled herself this time knowing she’d have a stiff prick in her tomorrow when she went to surprise her husband. It was partly Joe’s fault anyway. She’d started dressing sexier at work once they were married. Nothing too sexy, but her tops didn’t make her look fat anymore, now they hugged her body and showed off her figure. Many patrons thought she’d lost a lot of weight and complimented her. She still kept her hair up with the glasses on and never wore makeup to work. She also thought the wedding ring would protect her, but to be honest most men appeared not to have noticed it or not to have cared less when they did. She brushed off the creep and went back to work behind the desk.

Annie Whyte drove home thinking about how she was going to surprise her husband. She didn’t even know what hotel he was staying at. If she called and asked him, that would spoil the surprise. She did have his company’s business card and that had Clancy’s cell phone number on it. She hated calling old Big Black Cock himself, but he was her most logical choice. Clancy was a rather obnoxious black man that had openly hit on her once at one of his famous pool parties. Joe was slowly getting her to loosen up and dress sexier which she did to make him happy, but quite frankly, she did not care for the added male attention. Her breasts always attracted men’s interest, but once she switched to form fitted shirts and men saw her actual body, the attention was growing to almost annoying proportions.

Twice now Joe had talked her into going overboard in her choices of clothing. The first was at a Halloween party in a bar they frequented. Joe had worn a batman costume and he had convinced her to go as wonder woman. He thought she resembled the actress who played wonder woman in the 70′s and Annie filled out the suit nicely. Too nicely, as it wasn’t designed for big DD’s and she had a lot of tit flesh squeezing out of the tops. The bar patrons loved her outfit and not only did she win $500 for the costume contest, but men bought her drinks all night. It turned out fun, but she paid for all the drinking the next day.

The second time was when Joe was invited to Clancy’s pool party and he talked her into wearing a bikini. “Please honey, I wanna make all the guys jealous?” he’d begged. She wasn’t a sunbather or swimmer for that matter and didn’t even own a swimsuit. Joe bought her one. It was a black bikini and his jaw dropped when she tried it on for him. It was neither modest nor skimpy. The bikini covered her crotch nicely as well as her ass. The top did squeeze her breasts together and created more cleavage then she was used to showing. Her rather long nipples also poked out through the material. The black material was held together by large hoop circles. A hoop sat on each hip and one held her cups together right between her breasts.

Wearing that bikini was the least she’d ever worn in public and she felt very uncomfortable walking around the back of Clancy’s house to the pool in just the bikini and flip flops wishing she’d owned some sort of pull over top. She grew more uncomfortable when she saw that everyone there was black. There were about two dozen people at the party equal parts male and female and Annie swore every male eye turned on her the second she appeared by the pool. No one but Joe had ever seen her this close to naked and under the gaze of a dozen black men, she felt her nipples hardening underneath the bikini top. Her vagina started quivering funny too and her thighs grew a little damp. Annie didn’t care for being around black people too much. She knew Clancy was black, but had never thought that all his guests would also be. She found out later that Joe was the only white man on the crew.

Annie sat down in a lounge chair and started rubbing lotion on her skin. One of the reasons she didn’t own a swimsuit or sunbath was that her skin favored burning over tanning. The next day, she’d discover that she had missed a few spots and had some red burns on her skin. As she was rubbing lotion onto her belly with Joe sitting next to her, a large black man of about fifty years old walked up to her. He was shirtless and his chest rippled with muscles. Joe was pretty big and had a nice chest with abdominals, but this man was a giant. He had on tight fitting swim trunks that hugged a massive bulge. Her eyes lined right up with the bulge and she had trouble taking her eyes off it, but did manage to look away to avoid embarrassment. “Now here’s woman that needs a big black cock,” said the man.

“I beg your pardon?” Annie looked at him in shock. She heard Joe sit up beside her.

“You need a big black cock,” said the man. He handed her a mixed drink. It’s a double shot of Jose Quervo Black mixed with equal parts Fighting Cock Bourbon Whiskey.”

“That doesn’t sound good,” she told him, but she took the drink.

“Trust me, you’ll love big black cock.”

“Honey,” said Joe. “This is Clancy, my boss.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Clancy holding out his hand. Annie took it and watched her small dainty white hand engulfed by his black paw. It was the first time, she’d ever touched a black person. “Joe, you married up. Woman thou art FINE! Annie took a sip of her drink to hide her blush of embarrassment and almost gagged. “What do you think of big black cock?” he asked.

“It’s potent,” she replied, breathing heavily. “I’m only used to wine.”

“You got that right,” said Clancy laughing. “Keep drinking. The more big black cock you have, the more you’ll like it. Eventually you get hooked.”

He was wrong. She never grew to like it. She finished the shot and felt the big black cock go immediately to her head. She switched to beer, mostly sipping it, but Clancy kept feeding her big black cocks and soon she was drunk from the potent mixture. She was drunk enough on big black cocks to loosen up and actually have a good time. A lot of the black women shunned her completely, but a few were pretty cool and all the black men were very friendly and went out of their way to say hello. She was drunk enough to dance with several of the black men including Clancy and both his brothers Ellison and Lee. They were a good deal younger then Clancy being in their mid thirties. She danced and had fun enjoying herself, but she wasn’t drunk enough to press her body into one of the black men when a slow song came on. She sought out her husband for those songs. Joe spent a lot of time talking to Adam, another black man on his crew and the only one he actually considered a friend. Adam’s wife was nice to and one of the few black women at the party that was nice to her. Several times, she caught Adam staring at her breasts, but thought nothing of it. All men did after all. Afterwards, she and Joe had passionate hot sex when they got home. Joe had drunk enough, he got one of his old stiffys that wouldn’t go away and she was as horny as she’d been before going on the pill.

The only downside to the evening was when Clancy said goodbye. Annie held out her hand for a handshake, but instead he took it and pulled her into his massive chest for a tight hug. Her breasts poked into his chest, nipples bending against him. She felt his sweaty skin against hers. The hug was bad, but what made it worse was when he whispered in her ear, “Let me know when you’re ready to try a real big black cock.” He’d pushed his huge bulge into her stomach as he spoke. It felt like it was swelling. The encounter left her shaken.

“That thing must be a monster,” she said out loud as she pulled her car into her driveway remembering back to the pool party. Clancy had come on to her a couple times since, nothing too bad except for when he maneuvered her under the mistletoe and the company Christmas party and they’d actually kissed. Yes, she’d been forced to press her lips against a black man’s. He pressed his bulge against her then too as he tried to slip his tongue into her mouth, but she had kept her lips tightly closed. “That thing must really be a monster,” she said again. “I wonder how big his black cock is?” Her hand started trembling as she held the key up to her door. I wish Joe’s was a little bigger and fatter, she thought. Hell, I just wish he were here. I’m about ready to jump the next man who comes through my door and luckily no man did.

Annie got out Clancy’s business card. She looked at his name and cell phone number. She pictured the huge bulge straining against his tight swim trunks. “Get a grip girl,” she told herself. Not only was she flirting with the perv at the library, but now she was wondering how big Clancy’s penis was. Stupid fertility. Stupid raging hormones. Her panties even felt damp as she remembered the pool party. She took out her phone and dialed Clancy’s number.

“Go for Clancy,” said his deep voice on the other end.

“Clancy, it’s Annie Whyte. I need a favor.”

“I know. You’re ready to try a real man. I’ve been expecting your call.”

“Shut up.” She sighed. “Is Joe with you?”

“No, just me, Ellison and Lee.” Annie heard voices through the line. “Who is it?” asked either Ellison or Lee. “Joe’s wife,” said Clancy. His brothers laughed. “Annie big tits?” “I love Whyte titties?” They spoke softly, but Annie could hear them, hating her breasts and all the unwanted attention they had brought over the years. “When can I do you,” Clancy said. “I mean what can I do for you?”

“This weekend is me and Joe’s birthday and anniversary weekend.”

“I’m sorry Annie, but he can’t have off under any circumstances. We need to finish this job.”

“I understand Clancy. I’m planning on driving up there and surprising him tomorrow. I just need to know what hotel you are staying at and Joe’s room number.”

“We’re at the Triplecreek Express on the interstate. Joe’s in 301.”

“Thanks Clancy. You’ve been a big help. Maybe I’ll see you there. Bye.”

“Hold up,” said Clancy. “I feel bad about keeping him away from you. I’m in 303. Joe and I have an adjoining door. I’ll switch over to Ellison’s room and leave you the key to my room at the front desk. I’ll see that the doors connecting our rooms are unlocked and then you can sneak next door and really surprise him.”

Annie paused to think it over. “That’s a great idea. Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome. “I really do feel bad about this weekend and maybe this helps make up for me teasing you all the time.

“It does, I appreciate it.”

“Good and maybe if Joe leaves you hanging, you can find your satisfaction in my room.”

“Goodbye Clancy,” she replied, frustrated with her husband’s arrogant boss, but glad she’d called. Annie hung up the phone.

That night, Annie Whyte had some disturbing dreams. She was back at the pool party, surrounded by black men. Joe was nowhere in sight. She was in her bikini dancing between Clancy, Ellison, and Lee, having a great time and they kept feeding her big black cocks. They moved closer until she was sandwiched between them. Annie quickly stooped, but found herself staring at three bulging crotches. She shot up between them as Wonder Woman, flying up into the sky and landing at a motel nearby. She opened room 301. Joe was there and the room was under construction. Joe was sawing away at a board. He didn’t see her. Nothing she did could get his attention. Finally frustrated and crying, she left the room still dressed as wonder woman and marched across the hall. Annie knocked on the door. Clancy opened it and smiled at her. He was wearing jeans and a superman tee shirt. He stepped aside and she entered his room. Annie/wonder woman walked over to the bed and sat down, staring in anticipation as Clancy opened his jeans and pulled out…

Annie awoke with a start. She was breathing heavily, her nipples were aching they were so hard, and her vagina was dripping with arousal. Her juices were flowing down her ass crack and had made the mattress under her crotch wet. She sobbed in frustration. She’d never been this horny before. If Joe didn’t knock her up this weekend, she was definitely going to buy that dildo just to keep herself sane.


Annie left straight from work, having packed her bags the night before. Her condition hadn’t improved any. If anything, she was hornier then ever. She was sizing up men right and left. A cute eighteen year old man had come in looking for help writing a research paper. She found herself giggling around him like a school girl as she helped him in the reference section. She also caught herself leaning over the table to slide a book to him and showing him her cleavage. It worked and his eyes zoomed right in on them. She wondered if it was making his penis hard. She wondered how big it was. She wondered how many times he might get it up if they spent the night together. A teenager could surely go all night increasing the odds of impregnating her tremendously. She was worse helping a seventy year old regular customer. He was amazingly fit for his age, an ex-marine. Not very attractive, but she knew he was wealthy. He drove a Mercedes and lived in the wealthiest part of town. She leaned over him from behind and fought the urge to press her breasts into his side. This wasn’t a young and virile man, but his wealth could have supported her and their baby. Annie left the library as soon as she could. A volunteer had called in sick and she hadn’t been able to get off early after all. Things weren’t better on the road. A policeman had pulled over a black woman. He was a big guy, leaning down and handing the woman a ticket through the window. In Annie’s mind, it was she that was spread eagled against the squad car and the officer was frisking her body then pressing his bulging crotch against her ass. She caught herself pressing her foot down on the gas in hopes that a young virile cop just might pull her over. She looked up through her sun roof and saw a big hairy, bearded truck driver looking down at her as he passed her car. Annie pictured herself hitchhiking in short shorts with and a plaid blouse tied up to show her belly as the truck driver picked her up for a ride. She slid into the back of the cab and took her clothes off waiting for him to join her. Annie drove the whole way with wet panties and hard nipples.

She had packed light. She fully planned on spending the whole weekend in bed with her husband. During the day when he was working she could nap and read. She did pack her bikini just in case the hotel had a pool. Maybe she could try to tan and not get burnt? She did pack one dress in case they went out for dinner or there was some place to shop nearby. She also packed some lingerie, but didn’t expect to wear it for very long.

Annie arrived at the hotel later then planned both because she hadn’t gotten off as early as she’d hoped and because traffic had been heavy since it was the weekend. She parked and carried her light bag up to the front desk. “I’m Annie Whyte,” she told the clerk. “I’m supposed to be moving into room 303 tonight.”

“Yes, Mr. Washington said you would be arriving and left you his keys.”

Mr. Washington was Clancy. “Thank you.” Annie took the keys. “Can you verify for me that Joseph Whyte is in room 301?”

“Yes ma’am,” said the clerk, checking his computer. “Yes, There is a Mr. Whyte is in room 301.”

“Thank you,” she told the clerk. Annie picked her bag up and carried it over to the elevator. She had to pass the hotel restaurant which had about a dozen people seated at the bar drinking. Most were in business suits. Two large black men stood out from the rest. They were in jeans and white tee shirts, tall dark skinned men with broad muscular chests. One was shaved bald and the other had a flat military cut. Ellison and Lee. Joe had explained to her that Clancy’s mother had Clancy when she was just a teen. She apparently had rather loose morals because none of the three boys had the same father nor did either of Clancy’s two sisters that she had met briefly at his pool party. The mom did marry in her mid thirties and Lee was the only legitimate child she had. There was no sign of either Clancy or her husband, though it was already after nine and Joe should be in bed already. Naked. He sleeps naked. And he often gets an erection while he sleeps. This wouldn’t be the first time her husband would wake up to find her hand on his penis. He was going to be pleasantly surprised.

The elevator opened and she rode it up two more floors. The odd numbered rooms were on the left side of the hallway with 301 and 303 right outside the elevator. She opened the door to 303 and turned on the lights. Clancy had been true to his word and vacated the room. Maid service had been through that afternoon and there was no sign that a sweaty black construction worker had been sleeping here for the last week. The only thing out of place was a tray with a shot glass containing a double shot of a dark colored liquid and a bottle of champagne with two glasses. A note on the tray read; I thought you might enjoy a big black cock for your birthday. The Bubbly is for your anniversary. Clancy.

“How thoughtful,” she muttered. She didn’t particularly feel like drinking, but Annie lifted up the shot glass and sniffed it. She wrinkled her nose at the smell. Big black cock was too strong and potent for her taste. The best way to handle it was to just chug it down and swallow the big black cock down her throat as fast as she could. Annie tipped her head and swallowed the shot. She hacked and gasped for breath as the warmth spread through her. She hadn’t had it since the pool party and it made her want to gag. A BBC was as potent as she remembered. Who would ever have thought to mix tequila with whiskey? She did like champagne and poured herself a glass.

Annie wanted nothing more then to march next door and jump onto her husband’s prick, but she forced herself to remove her clothes in an orderly manner, sipping champagne as she undressed. She stripped off her skirt and shoes. Then she opened her blouse and removed it. For some reason, she had worn her sexiest lacy black bra and panty. She didn’t know why she’d put it on that morning. If she had her way, she was going to go without underwear the rest of the weekend. She neatly folded her clothes and set them on the bed. Her underwear soon followed her clothes. Annie removed and folded her glasses before untying her pony tail and letting her long black hair cascade down. She felt funky from working all day and driving more then four hours. Plus, her thighs were sticky from her being horny the whole trip. Annie decided to take a quick shower and make herself nice and fresh for the long overdue reunion with her husband.

Annie climbed under the hot shower and sighed with pleasure. She opened a bar of soap and began running it all over her body, a lather forming before she’d turn and let the spray wash it away. She used one of the hotel’s shampoo bottles for her hair and was pleasantly surprised by the lavender smell. Annie climbed out of the shower and toweled herself dry. She dried her hair before curling it. This was Joe’s favorite look on her and she usually curled her hair when they went out. She kept it straight and in a pony tail for work. Satisfied with her hair, she applied some makeup, but not much. A red lipstick coated her lips and she used some blue eyeliner. Joe might not even turn the light on, yet she was primping herself for a mating ritual. The only thing remaining was her lacy blue mesh camisole. She slipped it on over her head. It was Joe’s favorite piece of lingerie and it was purely sexual with no practical value whatsoever. It was completely see thru and hung down to her vagina. If she were to reach up, she’d flash her beaver. If she bent down, it would just barely cover her crotch. The blue lace clung to her breasts and fell off the nipples hanging over her stomach and bellybutton. It left her shoulder, chest, and the tops of her breasts bare except for the two straps over her shoulders. Annie didn’t bother with a panty. Panties would have just gotten in the way of what she needed and nothing on heaven or earth what stop her from getting what she needed. She quickly downed a second glass of champagne, throwing her head back and feeling the bubbly slide down her throat.

Annie was swaying a little as she walked over to the door adjoining their rooms. The drink had gone straight to her head and she found herself craving another shot. Perhaps big black cock was something she could get used to after all?

Annie was nervous as she tried the door. She wasn’t sure if Clancy had been able to unlock it on both sides or if he had, maybe the maid had locked it again. That would ruin her plans and she’d need to cover up and knock on Joe’s rooms door. That wouldn’t be as fun as sneaking in, but maybe she could wrap a towel around her and flash him in the hall. Joe would like that. Luckily the door was unlocked. Clancy had come through for her. She opened it. Light shone from her room on the foot of his bed and she could make out the legs of a sleeping form. She quickly closed the door, not wanting to wake him yet. She turned her lights off and opened the door again. It creaked a little and she left it open rather then close it and risk waking Joe. She felt her way to the bed and gently pulled the covers down off her sleeping husband, climbing onto the bed.

Annie straddled Joe’s crotch and was almost instantly aware that something was wrong. Her legs were spread wider open then normal like Joe had a bigger waist. She pulled the camisole up over her hips and lowered herself on his penis. The poor neglected housewife’s pussy was dripping in anticipation for what was to come. Her pussy dripped onto his shaft before she’d even felt it and as she lowered herself down until her labia spread open along the large shaft of his penis, she got two surprises. One, Joe was already hard! Two, his penis felt enormous!

Annie slid her horny pussy along the shaft, soaking it with her arousal. Joe didn’t move until her pussy reached the surprisingly large round head and the end of his surprisingly long and surprisingly thick stalk. “MMMmmm,” she sighed with pleasure as she pushed her pussy down onto the head, pressing it down as hard as she could. Joe stirred then. His penis flexed, lifting a little into her pussy. Her soaked labia spread itself wide around the head as the tip of his prick teased the entrance to her pussy. “Surprise,” she whispered to her husband.

Joe’s strong hands, hard and calloused moved to her waist. He felt the camisole as his hands slid up over her lingerie to feel her large breasts. His penis flexed again the moment he touched her nipples. He squeezed and kneaded them rougher then he normally did, but Annie wasn’t complaining in the least. The fingers pinching her nipples had her moaning and sliding along his shaft. “Oh Joe,” your penis feels so big tonight,” she muttered. She sighed with disappointment as his hands suddenly left her breasts, but they were just moving under her camisole, coming up under her lingerie to play with her breasts and nipples again. She sighed again when his hands pulled back from her breasts. They moved back up over the camisole to the hem above her cleavage. She felt his grip on her camisole and she thought he was about to pull it over her head, but instead, there was a ripping sound and his strong hands tore his favorite piece of lingerie right down the front so that it now hung open in the front.

Annie’s pussy started quivering. Joe had never been this aggressive with her before. That single manly act of ripping her clothes off had her already wet pussy squirting all over the shaft she was astride. She felt an orgasm growing and quickly slid her pussy back up to the tip of his penis. She pressed herself hard against it and leaned forwards. Joe took the opportunity to wrap his broad flat lips around her hard pointy nipple and gently bit down upon it. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you tonight, but I like it,” she told him, moaning as she pushed back into his cock head and at least half of it entered her.

Joe flickered his tongue back and forth over her nipple and then licked around the sensitive nub. His fingers came up to pinch her other hard nipple. She moaned in pure pleasure as she pushed her pussy back into the penis and the head completely pushed into her. The quivering in her pussy grew and grew and then exploded all over the end of his shaft. Annie panted afterwards holding still to recover. “That was a big one,” she told her husband who was still busy with her tits. “Thank you.” She was truly grateful. The large orgasm was exactly what she needed short of feeling him ejaculating deep inside her. “I need this big boy in me right now.”

Annie slid off the end and lifted herself up. She reached down to grab his shaft. “It’s as thick as a baby’s arm,” she said, truly surprised. It had felt big straddling it, but holding it she got a better feel for the true girth of the large penis in her hand. She slid her hand up to the tip. She hadn’t even been touching the base of his shaft, but the part sliding through her hand felt far longer then her husband’s penis and when her hand got to the head, the round knobby tip felt as big as a golf ball or small plum.

Annie pulled the tip of his cock between her legs and lowered her pussy down over it. The large head spread her lips open again and pushed at the entrance to her vagina. Joe had both hands on her tits again, squeezing and pinching her nipples. She was panting and aroused, the large orgasm having done nothing to quench the fires in her pussy, those fires could only be doused with baby making sperm. She worked her pussy around the head of his penis feeling it’s size and power. Her mind screamed at her through her drunken haze. Something is wrong. This isn’t your husband. Maybe it is? It isn’t. It can’t be. But maybe it is? Maybe his penis got bigger? Could it have doubled in size? Maybe it just seems bigger? I’m so horny! This isn’t your husband. But maybe it is. I gotta know. I gotta know. I need this!

Annie lowered herself down over the head, feeling it push deeper. “So big,” she moaned, raising and lowering herself over the tip. Her pussy had never been so stretched out before. You should stop. “I can’t stop,” she whimpered out loud. Annie was fond of teasing the end of Joe’s penis before slamming her pussy down over it. She’d done it the first time they had sex and many times since. She loved feeling the entirety of his hard penis slam into her. Without thinking it through, Annie raised herself up so that only the tip of his large penis head was spreading her labia apart and then she let gravity take her down fast. “Aaaaahh! OOOWWW! AARRGGHH!! Her moan of pleasure turned to pain as the head pushed deep in her and hammered into her cervix. The pain was almost unbearable. She struggled to remove the now painful organ pushing inside her, but her husband… the stranger just grabbed her waist and held her still.

He released her waist when she quit struggling. Annie held still, the end of that huge penis still pressed hard against her cervix. She wasn’t even sitting in the man’s lap. He returned his hands to her nipples again. The pain from having him pound her cervix slowly faded and the pleasure radiating outwards from her nipples began to replace it. The man pinched her nipples and pulled her forwards by them. He pulled her head down against his lips. Annie resisted at first, but then she parted her lips slightly and kissed the man whose penis was inside her, feeling his tongue push into her mouth. Her tongue pushed back. His cock head was now at a different angle in her pussy. As she kissed him, she felt his penis start to push deeper. There was no pain this time. This time it felt good. Her cervix was opening for him. The oversized head of his penis pushed right through and entered her womb. She slowly slid down until she was seated in his lap.

Annie broke the kiss, she sat up and arched her back loving the feeling of being fully penetrated by so big a penis. “I thought I was sneaking into my husband’s room,” she said. The man didn’t answer. He did flex his penis muscle a couple times making his penis jerk and she responded by grinding her crotch into the root of his shaft. “Your penis sure is big,” she told him. He still kept silent. “It’s at least twice as big as my husband’s.” She waited a bit. His hands left her nipples, ran over her breasts, up to her shoulders and down her arms. He moved off her arms to feel her waist and hips then up her belly over her ribs and back to her breasts. Annie moved her own hands to his chest. Joe was fit with a great body, but this man had some real muscles, big and hard and rigid. Joe had some chest hair and she enjoyed running her fingers through the wisps of hair when she mounted him. This man had no hair, just hard solid chest. He was broader then Joe too. Her hands ran to his shoulders and then the impressive biceps on his arms. “I didn’t know penises got this big,” she whispered, moving her hands back to his chest. “Say something.”

“Call it a cock,” said a voice so deep, she felt vibrations through his chest.


“It’s not a penis, it’s a cock.”

“Cock,” she said, feeling her pussy start to tremble again. Something about calling this stranger’s penis a cock was more erotic, more exciting, then calling it a penis. At the same time warning bells were going off in her head, the voice sounded familiar. “Your cock,” she moaned as he jerked his cock again. The stranger’s cock had to have been at least a foot long. “Your cock is so big!”

“Do you like it?”

“I love it!” The vibrations grew. “I’m about to cum again,” Her fingers tightened on his chest. Her pussy clamped down over his cock’s shaft. Her pussy muscles squeezed every inch of the huge shaft tightly. Annie’s whole body shaking. She began to sweat. Not just her nipples, but her entire areola puffed up. He squeezed her breasts. “I love your big cock.”

“Tell me,” he hissed. “Tell me you love my black cock.”

“Aaaahh I love oohhh your black c…” Annie froze in shock as one hand left her nipple. She heard it fumbling with the light switch. There was a click and the room was illuminated. She blinked and then came all over him. The orgasm tore from her womb soaking the black cock buried hilt deep in her vagina and soaking the man’s balls. Any disgust she felt seeing her small white hands gripping a dark skinned black man’s chest faded with the orgasm. Any shame she felt knowing it was a black man’s cock that felt so good stuffing her pussy was negated by the orgasm. Any horror she felt seeing the big lips and broad flat nose on Clancy’s ugly face was nullified by the fact that she was cumming again almost immediately after the last one. “AAAHHH!” she screamed, trembling all over his cock. Her eyes locked with his. She couldn’t break contact. “UUGGHH!” she moaned, trying to muffle her scream as her pussy contracted all over Clancy’s big black cock and she came a third time since he turned the lights on. Annie trembled. “Uh.. Uh.. Uh.. AAAHH!!” She came a fourth time just from sitting on her husband’s boss’ huge black cock.

“Damn! You’re a fine looking white girl,” said Clancy running his hands all over her chest and arms. Annie was still luxuriating in the pleasure she felt from having multiple orgasms. Seeing his dark calloused hands slowly moving over her pale white skin was turning her on again. He was so dark and she was so white. Clancy had just given her more orgasms in a few minutes then she’d had in the last two years. She’d cum twice once before with Joe, the first orgasm from sex and the second had occurred because that was the moment she decided she’d loved him. “Bet Joe’s little boy’s dick doesn’t get you off like that?”

“No,” she purred lazily. “It doesn’t.” Annie swayed in his lap, pushing her crotch down into his and slowly grinding her pussy around his cock. “You’re so much bigger then Joe… JOE!” Annie came to her senses. “What happened to my husband?”

Clancy grinned at her and reached up to twirl her erect nipple between his thumb and forefinger. “He insisted on leaving. He didn’t talk to me, but told Ell that he was leaving to be with his wife on their anniversary and joint birthdays. Said that if I didn’t like it well I could go screw myself because he quit. Otherwise, he’d be back Sunday night. Ell didn’t tell me until he left. You probably passed each other on the highway.” Clancy laughed.

“You didn’t think to call me?”

“I figured Joe would call you.”

“Guess he wanted to surprise me too.”

“Guess he did,” said Clancy. “Ell snores and this room was still rented on the company dime so I figured I’d move in here. Forgot all about the unlocked adjoining door. Lucky for me I did.” Clancy flexed his cock making it jerk in her pussy. “So we gonna fuck or what?”

“Yyyeeesss!” she hissed feeling his cock jerk again. Nothing had ever felt so good to her before. There was only one thing she needed more then feeling Clancy’s cock inside her and that was feeling Clancy’s cock ejaculating inside her. His big black volcano erupting his hot lava into the very depths of her womb like Joe never could. But that couldn’t happen. She was ovulating and so horny she was ready to fuck just about anyone even her husband’s black boss. Even now the inside of her vagina was clamping down on Clancy’s shaft and pulling inwards as if it was trying to milk the seed right out of the cock. “We’re going to fuck,” she told him, panting with her need.

“So what’s the hold up?” He bucked his hips, lifting her up a little. “Work that white pussy. Fuck dat black cock. Go for Clancy.”

“Lets get two things straight first. First, This is a one time thing. It’s just a freak accident. It never happened. It isn’t happening now. It’s just a pleasant dream you’re having. You quit flirting with me after this and we never mention it again. Got it?”

“Sure thing, baby.”

“Second, I’m ovulating,” she said. “UUGGHH!” His cock jerked again as she spoke and his hips started bucking a little faster. It was taking every ounce of Annie’s will to keep from bouncing as hard as she could in his lap. She leaned down on his chest, pressing her soft flat belly into his hard stomach. She couldn’t stop it any longer and started sliding her pussy up and back into his cock. Her breasts were in the black man’s face and she started moving faster when he planted his thick lips around one nipple. “You need to put on a condom,” she begged.

Clancy took his lips off her nipple, but ran his tongue around her erect nub before saying. “Don’t have one and wouldn’t use it if I did. More fun fuckin bareback.” He went back to sucking her nipple.

“Ohmygod! Going to cum again,” she panted. “You gotta warn me. Can’t cum in me. I know..,” she breathed heavily. “I know when I’m fertile…AAHH!” His cock had jerked again. “You’ll get me pregnant. AAHH!” Annie lost it and started fucking him faster. She was sliding up and down at least half his cock now from the hilt and half way up. Six inches never left her pussy. She didn’t want it to leave her pussy, ever.

“I’ll pull out. I promise. Roll over and let me give ya that hard fucking your pussy’s craving right now. I’ll pull out and cum all over your tits or you can swallow it if you want.”

“NO!” Annie didn’t trust the black man. “I’m staying on top.” Annie figured she’d know when he was about to cum and could leap off. That big black monster could shoot it’s seed all over his belly and not get her all messy or even worse gets his cum in her mouth.

Annie bounced in his lap. She wanted to feel the full length of that mighty black cock sliding in and out of her pussy, but his cock was almost too big. She would need to squat down over his cock to be able to do that and all her orgasms had left her too weak to even try. She was forced to lean over him and slide her horny pussy back into his cock and forwards to get the full feel of most of his twelve inches. It was a good position as it had her back arched and breasts thrust out into Clancy’s face so that he could suck and lick her nipples. Annie moaned sliding back into his cock as fast as she could. She began to wish she were on her back getting the hard fucking he’d promised with the entire length of his cock, but she didn’t trust Clancy and stayed on top.

Annie got a better idea of what he was capable of when Clancy started bucking his hips, shoving his cock deep into her each time she was sliding back into it. Annie squealed in surprise. “Don’t cum in me,” she warned again just before she came all over his cock. Clancy’s crotch and stomach were slick with their combined lubrication she had cum so much over it.

“Unh unh unh,” groaned Clancy. He was grunting now.

Annie moaned, throwing her head back as she ground her crotch into his for a moment before starting her slide fucking once again. “I swear you’re getting even bigger.”

“Getting close,” he hissed through gritted teeth.

“Oh god!” His announcement was having a strange effect on her body. Annie knew she should slide off his cock right now and just jerk him off until he shot his load all over his stomach. Instead, she started sliding her pussy around his cock even faster. “I’m gonna cum,” she moaned feeling the tremors growing in her pussy.

“Me too, baby,” he growled. His voice sounding strained.

“Oh god! Oh god! Feels so good,” she moaned fucking back into his thrusting cock even faster now. The pressure building inside her was promising to be a big one. Maybe even bigger then any she’d had earlier. “Hold on Clancy,” she pleaded. “Don’t cum in me.”

“FUCK!” he groaned. “Gonna blow.”

“NO! Don’t cum in me.” Annie could feel his cock swelling to the point it might burst. Her mind told her to leap off the dangerous monster, but her body had a mind of it’s own. “Don’t CUM in me. IN ME! CUM IN ME!” She slammed her pussy down into the root of his cock just as his cum exploded from the tip to flood her womb in one powerful blast. “AHH AHH GIMME YOUR SEED AAARRRGGGHHH!” His cock spurted and spurted triggering her own pent up orgasm. Her vagina squeezed his jerking cock as her uterus contracted all around his cock head sucking up millions of his sperm towards her fallopian tubes. Their joint orgasm seemed to last for minutes and Annie collapsed on to Clancy before she’d even quit cumming. The extreme pleasure knocked her out cold.

Annie slowly came to her senses. She sighed in contentment. Clancy’s cock still stuffed her pussy though it had lost some of it’s hardness. There was a pleasant warmth that spread out from her womb. She’d never felt this satisfied from a sexual encounter before. “How long was I out?” she asked, hugging him tight. Her head rested on his shoulder, her head against his cheek.

“About ten minutes,” he said, petting her long dark hair.


“Wow is right, baby,” said Clancy. “Sorry I didn’t last too long. Your hot body drove me crazy.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, lifting her head.

“You’re just so fucking perfect I didn’t last very long.”

“I don’t understand. That was like thirty minutes. Joe wouldn’t have lasted ten.”

Clancy leaned up and kissed her lips. “You poor thing. I knew you were needing a real man to take care of you. Next time I’ll last longer. I promise.”

Was he fucking kidding her? He didn’t look like he was kidding. “That was amazing Clance, but like I told you earlier, this is a one time deal.” Even as she spoke, she couldn’t help working her squishy pussy around the length of his black cock still stuffed inside her. Squishy? “Why am I so sloppy wet?” Annie’s brow furrowed as she looked deep in Clancy’s eyes. “JESUS!” Annie scrambled to get off him. His limp cock plopped out of her pussy followed by a steady stream of his semen. “You came in me!” Annie threw herself off the bed and ran for the bathroom. “You came in me!”

“That was on you baby,” he replied. Clancy adjusted himself on the bed. He crossed his arms and put his hands behind his head as he rested contentedly on the pillow. He watched her in the hotel bathroom. She hadn’t shut the door and he could see her squatting over the toilet, trying to force his sperm out. She was frantically wiping herself with toilet paper trying to get every drop. “Might as well give up Annie. My shit shoots deep. You’ll be leaking for days.”

Annie didn’t give up. She half thought her efforts were working as his sperm was pouring from her pussy as if she were peeing. She did lower herself onto the toilet seat and urinated hoping it would carry more of his sperm out. The problem was there was no way she could get it all and she’d lain on top of him for ten minutes with his cock plugging her up like a cork holding all his semen inside her. Her womb was still radiating a pleasurable heat even as it felt bloated, swollen with millions of sperm and all it would take was one.

Annie finally gave up. The steady flow had turned to a drip, but her womb still felt like it had a water balloon inside it from all the sperm trapped behind her cervix. Clancy’s big black cock seemed to have been designed to breed a woman. “You came in me,” she said once again as she left the bathroom.

Clancy climbed off the bed and walked up to her. Annie hadn’t really gotten a good look at his cock before. Now she stared at it. His penis looked like a spoiled black banana swinging between his legs. It was still nearly a foot in length and the head nearly reached his knees. It was pushed out slightly from the presence of two testicles so big and swollen, the could have been small coconuts. No wonder he came so much!

“You were in control, remember?” He walked up to her and rested his hands on her shoulders. “I tried to warn you, but in the end you were begging for it.”

Annie flushed with shame. He was right. “I’m not in my right mind when I get like this,” she said looking down between them. Down at his huge cock.

Clancy cupped her chin and turned her face back up into his. “It’s ok.” He gently kissed her. “Everything will be alright.” He kissed her again. “If it’s mine, I’ll take care of it.”

He bent down to kiss her again, but Annie reared back and put her hands on his chest to push him away. “I don’t want your baby. I want to have one with my husband.”

“To late for that,” said Clancy with an evil grin. He pulled her tighter into him and brought his lips against hers.

Annie held her lips tightly closed, but as she felt his tongue pushing between them, she parted her lips and let him in. Her hands had been pushing against his chest. It was like trying to move a brick wall, but instead of pushing, they started sliding along his torso, feeling his hard muscles. So different from her husband’s. Clancy reached between them and grabbed her wrist, stopping her from rubbing his chest. He pulled her wrist down to his cock and she wrapped her hand around it feeling it stiffen again. She moaned as they kissed and her hand started stroking the growing cock. He growled. His hand came up to squeeze and pinch her hard nipples. Annie probably wasn’t even aware of it, but she was lifting herself up on her tip toes trying to get her pussy closer to the tip of his cock. She broke the kiss. “I can’t believe this big thing was inside me.” She stared down at her hand stroking his length.

“Well it was hilt deep, baby,” he whispered. “Here, I can prove it.” He spun her around and walked her back a step to the bed. Clancy put his beefy hand on her back and pushed her down on the bed.

“Ooomph!” cried Annie, falling on her stomach. She pushed herself up on all fours which was just what he wanted. Strong black hands grabbed her hips even as she felt the fat head of his cock poking between her legs. “One time thing,” she panted even as she opened her legs slightly and felt his cock head press hard against the entrance to her pussy. She sighed at it stretched her open and slipped inside. “Just don’t cum in me,” she told him.

Clancy chuckled. “Little late for that, baby, but whatever you want.” He pulled and pushed on her hips as she took more and more of his length inside her. His cock head pressed against her cervix which opened at his knock finally releasing some of the semen trapped inside. The head of his cock pushed into her womb and Clancy was balls deep inside her again. “Now I’m gonna show ya how a real man fucks.”

And he did. Clancy gave her the fucking her body had been craving the first time when she rode him. He used the entire length of his cock to fuck her hard and fast. Minute after minute ticked by on the clock without the powerful black man slowing his speed. Annie started cumming again, early and often. It started to feel like she was having an orgasm every fifth stroke. They were big, but they got bigger when Clancy placed the tip of his large thumb against her anus and started rubbing it. She almost struggled from the shock, but it felt good. It felt even better when her tight little rosebud opened up and his thumb pushed inside. The added stimulation made her orgasms even bigger.

He fucked her like that for a good twenty minutes before pushing her down and his cock sprang free. Annie was expecting to feel a rain of his hot cum down on her back, but he was only switching positions. Clancy rolled her over on her back and climbed on the bed. He spread her legs open and kneeled between them. Annie looked down at the gigantic rampant cock rearing up above her dark black pubic hair. She’d never seen anything so beautiful, so perfect, or so exciting before. He reached down and grabbed her hand, pulling in to his cock. Annie grabbed the tip and squeezed. “You put it in,” he ordered. She guided the end of his cock back towards the entrance to her pussy. It was so hard and rampant, it was actually difficult to pull it down and she raised her pussy slightly to meet it. “Tell me to fuck you.”

“Fuck me,” she said, pushing her vulva up into his cock head.

“Use my name.”

“Fuck me Clancy.”

“With what, SLUT!” He hissed.

Annie felt her own arousal squirt around his cock head when he called her a slut. No man had ever talked to her like that before. “With your big black cock,” she responded, feeling the head push through her fingers and enter her. Inch after inch of his dark cock meat slid past her fingers and into her pussy. “Fuck me with your big black cock, Clancy,” she purred.

“You got it, slut,” he growled, cupping his strong arms under her knees and lifting her pussy up to get a better angle. Clancy’s cock began fucking her, slowly at first, but turning into a rapid piston.

Annie stared down her pale white body. Her big breasts were shaking under the strength of his thrusts. Her white belly was undulating sinuously down towards the dark hair patch on her pussy and the dark black shaft fucking her so hard it was almost a blur. Her eyes roamed up the dark muscular body to meet his eyes and the orgasms started coming. “Ugh ugh ugh fuck me ohmygod bigblackcock fuck me FUCK ME! AAHH! SO GOOD! Ugh ugh ugh cumming again cumming again cumming fuck me slut pussy ugh ugh ugh cum in me FUCK! Seed me! Cumming CCUUMMIINNGG!! CUM IN ME!”

“You sure, you fucking white slut?”


“You got it,” said Clancy. His cock had been swelling again and he was fucking her even harder. Sweat had appeared on his brow and chest. He slammed his cock deep and held it still.

“YES! GOD YES!” screamed the horny white wife as the first wad of his semen flooded her womb. “GOD YES!” Her entire body went crazy. She was writhing in ecstasy on the bed, humping her pussy up into his cock like crazy. Wad after wad of semen sprayed millions of more sperm into her contracting uterus. “GOD YES!” Annie sobbed with pleasure, tears rolling down her cheeks. Clancy didn’t keep his cock buried this time. He yanked it out from her protesting pussy. Her crotch tried to follow his retreating cock to keep it in her, but it sprang free. Her eyes fell on the rampant monster as it continued to shoot jet after jet of white semen over her body. She felt his hot seed rain down upon her. It struck her face, chin, chest, breasts, and belly. “God yes!” she cried more softly this time. Her hands were running all over her body, rubbing his semen into her skin. She slid her wet hands all around her stomach and breasts, rubbing his seed into her nipples, even flicking her tongue out to taste a bit that had fallen across her lips. She took the small wad into her mouth, rolled it around on her tongue and swallowed. Something she never did for her husband.

Clancy collapsed beside her. “You’re amazing, baby,” he groaned.

“And you’re dangerous,” she replied. Her body was still writhing sensuously and her own fingers were pinching her nipples. Amazingly, her body was still cumming. It was a small orgasm, but an orgasm nonetheless. “Oh God! What have I done?” Annie quickly jumped off the bed. Her pussy was so flooded with sperm she had to cup her hands under her as she waddled to the door adjoining the rooms. Annie opened and shut the door just as her cell phone went off. “Fuck! That’s Joe.”

Annie waddled over to her purse and pulled her phone out. She checked the screen. Sure enough it was Joe. She went over to sit on the bed answering the phone. “Hi honey,” she sobbed.

“Annie, What’s wrong? Why are you crying? Where are you it’s late?”

Annie started crying loudly. “I’m at your hotel,” she moaned. Clancy’s sperm was still flooding from her pussy and it was all over her hands. She wiped it off on her nude body as she slid back on the bed and raised her crotch up to keep his seed from leaking out any further. The maid was sure going to have a mess to clean up tomorrow in both rooms. “I wanted to surprise you. Waaaaaa.”

“Calm down honey, it’s not the end of the world. I thought I’d surprise you.”

“I ugh know ugh waaaaa I just wanted to be with my husband on our annibirthery. Waaaaaa.”

“Me too my love. I didn’t think it was going to happen, but Clancy insisted that I leave to go home right after work today.”

“Clancy… let you have off?”

“Yeah. I’m as surprised as you, but he qualified it by giving me work to do at his office.”

“Oh god! Waaaaaa!”

“Annie, Annie, calm down. It’ll be alright. You can drive home tomorrow and we’ll have tomorrow night to celebrate our anniversary and most of Sunday to celebrate your birthday before I have to drive back. How’s that sound?”

“Okay,” she sobbed.

“You can sleep in too. The work he’s gave me is going to take the most of the day, but I’ll be done in time to take my lovely wife out to a nice romantic dinner. I didn’t check out of my room so you can sleep there without paying for a room. Just ask the clerk at the front desk for a key. Get a good night’s rest and I’ll see you tomorrow. I love you.”

“I love you too Joe and happy birthday.”

“Thanks. Bye.”

“Bye,” she replied, turning her phone off. Annie looked up at her crotch. It was still raised up above her head, but she could still feel sperm bubbling up out of her pussy and flowing down the crack of her ass. Her belly and breasts were coated with a mixture of liquefied semen and flakes of dried semen. It suddenly occurred to her that having her crotch elevated was holding his semen inside her when what she wanted to do was get as much of it out of her as she possibly could. Annie dropped her ass down on the bed. Screw the mess.

Annie stood off the bed. Between working all day, the long drive, and the mind blowing sex, she should be exhausted, but instead she felt energized. Her entire body felt great. She’d never felt this good. Annie glanced over at the door between their rooms. She didn’t know whether to go over there and thank Clancy or to put a pillow over his head while he slept. Instead she muttered with pure vehemence. “Screw you, you black fucking bastard.” Clancy had set the whole thing up and she was pissed, but she was also filthy. Annie hurried over to her bathroom and turned the shower on. As she slipped inside, the door between their rooms opened.

Clancy stood and watched her shower for some time. The door was clear enough to give him exciting glimpses of her magnificent body as she furiously lathered her belly and breasts to get his cum off. His cock swelled a little, but still hung limp. Finally, when Annie put her head back under the shower to wash her long dark hair. He entered the bathroom.

Annie thought she heard the shower door creak and wiped the water from her eyes. At first the giant black form that came into focus scared her until she realized who it was. Her reaction was still to protect her modesty and she threw one arm across her chest and held her hand over her crotch. Her breasts were slippery from the soap and one popped out above her arms. She realized how foolish it was to cover up after what she’d just done with this man so she removed her arms and instead used them to pound her fists on his chest. “Asshole! Asshole! How could you?”

Her tiny fists couldn’t hurt him, but Clancy grabbed her upper arms and pulled her into him anyway. “There there honey. Everything’s gonna be fine.” He rubbed her back and the back of her hair.

“You lied,” she sobbed, but she was embracing him back. “How could you?”

“How could I not? I’ve wanted you since the day I saw you in your bikini at my pool party. You are just so sexy and perfect. I didn’t think it would work, but it did and it was wonderful. Better then I expected. You’re the best fuck ever.”

“Mine too,” she replied. Annie was hugging him tightly. Her breasts were mashed into his stomach. She could feel his penis swaying against her thigh. It felt good to embrace him. He almost made her feel like everything was going to be fine. Almost. “Why are you in here?”

“I knew you were upset and wanted to console you.” He pulled his upper torso back, but kept their crotches together. Clancy reached out and cupped her heavy breast. Her nipple was already hard from embracing him, but she watched as her entire areola puffed up even more, the pink skin raising up off the white. He bent forward and kissed her.

Annie kissed him back and he pinched her nipple. He was getting her worked up again. “We can’t fuck again,” she told him. “It’s too risky.”

“I know,” he said, grinning. “It was just a one time thing. I just figured we could conserve water and shower together. Help this hotel go green. Besides, I’m happy just staring at your sexy body.”

Annie had brought body wash because she didn’t care for hotel soaps. Clancy took the bottle from the rim of the shower and squirted some on his hands. For the next ten minutes, his large callused black hands ran over every inch of her body. She shivered at his touch. His hands were everywhere, arms, belly, breasts, hips, between her thighs, fingers working over her slit until she started humping him before his fingers ran up between her ass cheeks, pressing against her anus.

Clancy handed her the bottle of body wash and it was his turn to watch her dainty white hands sliding over his hard wet black body. There wasn’t a soft spot on the older black man’s body. His arms and chest were hard as a rock. Her hands slid over his biceps, pectorals, nipples, and abdominals. This was a man that clearly worked out. She reached down through his curly black pubic hairs and grabbed his cock. It was at half mast as her hand started cleaning it. Clancy moved his hands to her shoulders and gently applied pressure. Annie lowered herself to her knees. His cock was sticking straight out now. It looked clean so she released it. Her hands moved to soap and clean his testicles. His big brown balls still bore the residue of their love making. Dried flakes of sperm covered them and they were sticky. Her hands hefted and kneaded both heavy balls, massaging his nut sack. They were still heavy despite the two voluminous loads he’d blown. Her hands moved to his thighs and down to his knees.

Clancy shifted position and his cock slid across her cheek. Annie moved her head away from it, but the bobbing head seemed to follow her. The urethra moved and slid right across her lips. Annie pulled her head back away from it, but the bulbous head followed her, pushing against her nose before sliding back down to her lips. “What are you waiting for?” asked Clancy, towering above her. “Suck that big black cock.”

Annie went down on her husband occasionally. In fact, he always got a blow job today as a birthday present. Probably, the reason he’d sped home so quickly when Clancy gave him off. Joe would also go down on her on her birthday. Something he only did once a year. She let Joe cum in her mouth, but she never swallowed. She looked up submissively at her husband’s boss. He was looking down at her expectantly. Clancy raised his eyebrows questioning her. Annie continued to stare at him as she opened her mouth and kissed his cock head.

It didn’t take long for her reluctance to fade. She ran her tongue over every inch of his throbbing cock before moving her head back and taking the end on her mouth. Annie began sucking him in earnest. She stroked his shaft with one hand while massaging his balls with her other as she sucked the tip in and out of her mouth. I can’t believe this thing fitted inside me, she thought. The head was pushing down her throat. She relaxed her muscles and pushed her body forwards. She felt like she was choking on a golf ball as the head slid past her tonsils. Annie resolved the give him the best blow job of his life. She owed this man for giving her the best sex of her life. The lying bastard had tricked her into adultery and most likely impregnated her with a baby that she wouldn’t be able to pass off as Joe’s. She should be biting down on his cock instead of trying to get the whole thing down her throat. Yet this was where she wanted to be. She wanted to be kneeling at his feet sucking his titanic black cock more then she wished she were home with Joe. If by some miracle, she wasn’t knocked up, she wondered if Clancy would let her come around and suck him off occasionally? She could suck this cock in his office or by his pool and then they could fuck again. His cock was turning her into a whore. She needed to forget him which was hard with half his cock shoved down her mouth. She needed to break it off immediately, but first she’d deep throat him and take his seed in her mouth and maybe just maybe, she’d swallow his load to show her respect for him. Then she would break it off.

Annie breathed deeply through her nose and pushed forwards. His cock pushed it’s way deeper down her throat and probably into her belly. She didn’t stop until she felt his pubes tickling her nose. His cock jerked inside her which she took as a sign that he was pleased with her and Annie was filled with a deep sense of happiness. She wanted to gag, needed to gag, but she held it off bobbing her head back and forth over a few inches. When she couldn’t take it any more, Annie pulled back until his cock head receded into her mouth and sprang free past her lips. She gasped for air while stroking his shaft with both hands to keep him excited. The spray from the shower was splattering on the back of her head as she leaned forward and took the end in her mouth again. This time, she worked his cock with both her hands and her mouth, feeling it grow and vibrate. Annie growled with lust. She wanted his seed more then anything in the world at that moment. His cock grew and swelled up as his orgasm approached, but just as he was about to blow, she lost it. She slipped a little and his cock sprang free of her mouth. His hot sperm splattered all over her face before she managed to pull the tip back into her mouth. The amount of his ejaculate hadn’t diminished from earlier and she wasn’t disappointed as his second wad completely filled her mouth. He tasted good. Annie happily swallowed it down just as his third wad nearly filled her mouth and then his fourth filled half her mouth and then his fifth filled a quarter. She gulped every bit down as fast as she could, jerking his shaft towards her mouth to make sure she got every drop. “I actually enjoyed that,” she said, licking her lips.

“Yeah, me too.” He laughed. “Lets get out of here.”

They toweled each other off. “Damn gurl, I can’t get enough of your hot body. When we gonna fuck again?”

“We’re not,” she told him emphatically. “Right now I’m just hoping for a miracle that I’m not pregnant.”

“I told you, I’d take care of it,” said Clancy. “I got plenty of money.”

Money! Money and cock! Clancy had money and cock. He would be a better provider for the baby, more money, bigger house and cock. He had cock. His money could provide for the baby while his cock could provide for her. Fuck me. FUCK ME AGAIN. “We’re done. I need to get home to Joe,” she sighed.

“Really baby? You could give this up?” He hefted his still thick cock.

“No, I mean yes. I mean, maybe we could get together and I could suck you off from time to time?”

“Anytime, baby. You know where to find me.” Clancy looked around her room. “Hey your bed’s not all messed up. We should sleep here tonight.”

“No we just me,” said Annie. “There’s no doubt where that would lead and I need a good nights sleep for the drive back home tomorrow morning. Go back to your room.”

“Have it your way.” Clancy held his hands up in surrender. He walked over to the adjoining door and opened it. “If you change your mind, you know where to find me.” He left and closed the door.

Annie relaxed. She hadn’t realized how tense she’d been confronting him. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Clancy, well she didn’t, but it was more that she didn’t trust herself. The thought of sharing the bed with him had thrilled her. Just the idea of being snuggled by his strong black arms sent a thrill of excitement up her spine. She’d sleep peacefully and contentedly from the amazing sex, but at some point, his cock would start poking her and she’d spread her legs to receive him again. In the morning, she’d reach down and shake his black cock back to life before crawling down under the covers and sucking him again. She could still do that. Annie decided to wake up a little early and sneak over there to suck him off one more time before hitting the road. He’d fill up her belly so nicely, she could skip breakfast. They could even arrange their next meeting so she could blow him again.

Annie slipped into the bed and sighed in contentment. Clancy was right. The nicely made bed was snug and comfortable. The pillows were cold just the way she liked them. Annie had cheated on her husband on his birthday. She felt guilty, but then again sex with Clancy had been absolutely amazing. Her hormone crazed body knew exactly what it needed for satisfaction and that was apparently a foot long black cock or to be more precise, the deep womb filling seeding that a foot long black cock had provided her. Annie’s body was moving slightly under the covers. Her hips rising almost imperceptibly into the imaginary thrusts of Clancy’s black cock. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Annie had another pool party dream. This time, she was walking around in her black bikini, waving and greeting all the black guests. She was playing the hostess. Joe was nowhere in sight. She walked over to Clancy who was manning the grill. He leaned down and kissed her, then bent further down and kissed her swollen belly. Her sexy stomach had turned bloated and round at eight months pregnant. Her belly button had popped out. “You look uncomfortable honey,” said Clancy. He untied the top of her bikini revealing her breasts. They’d grown a cup in size and her areola had grown with them. They were swollen and milk laden. Clancy pulled her bikini bottoms down. He playfully smacked her bare ass. Nude, Annie walked around the pool greeting and hugging his guests. The women had disappeared, but all the men were still there, now naked with long black cocks dangling down or semi-swollen. The men kissed her or pinched her nipples, or cupped her crotch, or grabbed a handful of ass. She grabbed handfuls of cock and stroked them while they kissed her or bent to kiss her belly. Clancy’s half brother, Ellison came up and started rubbing suntan lotion all around her swollen belly.

Annie stirred, half awake from the dream. The dream hadn’t been that bad. Actually, she’d enjoyed it and woken up aroused. The creaking of the adjoining door had awoken her. Through half lidded eyes, she saw Clancy’s large dark form hovering over the bed. She felt the covers being pulled down off her naked body. His strong hand cupped her breast, hesitantly at first, but turning more aggressive as he ran it over the smooth curvature to find her erect nipple. The hand slid down her belly to the wisps of her pubic hair. He moved further down to pull the covers down her legs. He moved to the edge of the bed and pulled her feet out from under the covers, spreading her legs open. This was so hot and arousing. Her body wanted him again and there was no way she was going to stop him. All thoughts of stopping him fled when she felt his tongue on her inner thigh. She spread her legs wider as he moved between them. His tongue found her clit, flickered over it and then moved deeper. He paused at her labia as if shocked by her wetness. She almost laughed. She had the impression that he was trying to get her worked up and ready to receive him again, but had found her already well lubricated. To his credit, he continued, his tongue working it’s way between the wet folds of her vagina into her and lapping up over her pussy lips to her clit again.

Annie started moaning quickly. It felt wonderful to be eaten. She thrashed her head back and forth, sucking her lower lip into her mouth. He pushed her thighs up and back, his tongue running from her distended clitoris down to her anus, even going so far as to press into her puckered little rosebud. He’d played with her ass earlier and was clearly into a little anal play, something she would have considered disgusting earlier that day, but now it was something that added to her pleasure. His tongue moved over her labia again and wiggled inside her. Clancy sure knew his way around a pussy. Her moans turned to a gasp of pleasure as his meaty fingers found their way inside her and started finger pumping her. He brought her right to the brink of orgasm before stopping and sitting up.

Annie spread her legs wide as he moved up to kneel between them. His cock head made a clumsy attempt to enter her. She was so eager that she leaned up and grabbed his mighty shaft, guiding it right to her pussy. He felt even thicker then he had earlier as she gripped it. She still couldn’t get over how big his cock was. She rubbed the head up and down her aroused vulva before lining it up with her vagina and pulling it inside her. Despite being stretched out from their previous encounter, the big head still had to force it’s way into her. She released the shaft and laid back down with a contented sigh. He was working his cock around, loosening her up and lubricating his shaft so that he could push it deeper. Annie reached up and felt for the hard muscles on his chest, running her hands over them. She wished the lights were on and she could see her white skin against his black again. “Unngh!” she grunted as his cock pushed deeper. He really did feel thicker this time. It felt good, but her pussy was forced to stretch even wider to accommodate him. “Ugh ugh ugh. “I love feeling your cock in me, Clance,” she hissed trying to excite him. “Promise me one thing. Don’t cum inside me again. Just promise me that,” she said. He remained silent. “Please. Don’t make me pregnant. No matter how much I beg for you to cum in me, just pull it out and spray your seed all over me or I can swallow it again. Come on. Just promise me that, Clancy.”

“Sure,” he said, his voice deep and husky.

Annie relaxed. “Then fuck me with that big black cock,” she told him. He continued working his cock in, deeper and deeper. The head hit her cervix, but it no longer hurt. He angled his cock and pushed the head up and through her cervix into her womb as he buried his cock to the root in her. Annie shuddered and came all over his shaft. His cock head wasn’t quite filling her womb this time even though it was buried to the hilt in her welcoming pussy. It must have been the angle she thought as Clancy lowered himself down on top of her and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He brought his lips down to hers as he slowly started pumping her pussy with his big cock.

Annie moaned as his tongue dueled with hers. Clancy was using a different technique this time and she didn’t like it. He was taking her like a husband takes a wife and that was wrong. This was more passionate, more like making love then raw animal fucking. She squirmed and writhed beneath him, her nails digging into his back hard as she lifted herself off the bed, clinging to him and came all over his cock. Annie relaxed and fell back down on her back. His cock never quit the slow rhythmic pumping. Clancy did break lip contact, moving his lips and tongue down to her neck before arching his back so that his mouth could reach her hard pointy nipples. He let out a low animalistic growl of lust when his tongue found her hard erect nipple. “Oh god! Your cock feels so good, baby,” she moaned, holding his neck as he suckled her sensitive nipple. He groaned again. “I love the way you fuck me with that black cock.”

“Unnnhh!” grunted her black lover, his cock flexing inside her.

“Oh! Oh yeah! OH! Ahhh that’s it baby, keep fucking me. Getting close, lover.”

“Unnnhh,” groaned Clancy breaking lip contact with her nipple and arching his back. His thrusts were increasing in speed.

He’s getting close, she thought. It was quicker then last time. He must really be excited. Hell, I’m really excited. His cock is getting bigger. I’m fucking a huge black cock bare back during my fertile period and it’s about to blow. So risky. So HOT! Annie’s entire body started trembling as her orgasm approached. “SEED ME!” she hissed. Clancy started fucking her faster. His strong arms were holding him up as his hips pumped his massive cock in and out of her needy pussy. “Cum in me,” she ordered, hoping that he wouldn’t listen to her earlier demands to pull out. She wrapped her legs tight around his broad waist to keep him inside her. “Inseminate me, stud. Seed my white pussy. Give me your cum. Gimme. Gimme.”

Clancy wasn’t even trying to pull out. “FFUUCCKK!!” he groaned, slamming his cock deep. The first wad of his ejaculate striking the back of her womb.

“YES!” screamed Annie, bucking her ass up into his cock. “Aaaahhhh gawd.” Her orgasm was big, lasting as long as his cock continued to shoot his seed into her womb. Her pussy was contracting like crazy around the thick shaft buried inside her. Her vaginal muscles milked his shaft inwards coaxing every last drop of his fertile seed into her womb.

They were both gasping for air by the time their orgasms had stopped. Annie purred seductively. She grabbed the back of his neck and pulled his head down to hers. “You broke your promise,” she whispered. “Thank you.” And then she kissed him passionately. “You’re amazing, but we can’t keep going like this.” She kissed him again. “No more.” She kissed him again. “I’ll suck you off in the morning if you want, but no more cumming in my pussy.” She kissed him. “Now I better go get cleaned up.”

Annie hurried to the bathroom, his cum dripping from her pussy with each step. She flipped the bathroom light switch, blinking her eyes as the room went from total darkness to brightly lit. She squatted over the toilet for a few minutes trying to squeeze his semen out of her pussy. It dripped out so fast, it sounded like she was urinating. The gesture was futile as there was still plenty of sperm trapped behind her cervix. Clancy’s penis was the perfect delivery vehicle for inseminating a woman with his little baby makers. It wasn’t just the deep penetration or the sheer volume of his sperm, but all the orgasms it induced in her greatly increased the odds of getting her pregnant. She wondered if Clancy were special or if all black men were thus equipped. She’d never been a crotch watcher especially with black men, but it was too hard to believe they all were so gifted. Clancy must be special. Annie’s crotch was a gooey mess so she decided to take a quick shower. She ended up squatting in the shower, watching more gooey strands of semen floating in the water to get sucked down the drain. She stood grabbed a washcloth and poured body wash onto it, squatting again and scrubbing between her legs as best she could.

Annie got a surprise when she returned to her bed. Clancy was still there. She felt the big man’s weight beside her. She figured he would head back to his room after he’d gotten what he wanted. He moved and got off the bed. He entered her bathroom, she blinked as the light came on and she made out the his dark muscular torso disappearing through the door. She closed her eyes and listened to his strong stream of piss striking the toilet bowl. Annie stretched and flipped her pillow over to the cold side. She heard him come out of her bathroom. “Goodnight,” she told him, guessing he would go back to his room. Instead, he climbed back on the bed near the foot.

Annie felt his strong hands on her hip. He applied pressure trying to push her on her stomach. She obliged, a part of her wishing he was about to give her a good back rub with his strong hands like Joe sometimes did. Instead, he grabbed her waist and pulled her up until she was on all fours. Annie couldn’t believe it, but within seconds, his hard cock head was rubbing against her pussy lips again. They parted as he pushed inside her. “Aaaahhh,” she sighed, feeling his pleasure giving cock working in and out of her. “I love feeling you inside me Clance, but I said no more and I meant no more.” He pushed deep until the head hit her cervix again and then he slowly removed his shaft. Despite her verbal objections, her pussy reacted by clamping down around his shaft, trying to hold it inside her. She missed his cock the moment it was gone. It wasn’t just her body that wanted his cock, her mind was urging her to beg him to fuck her again. Please seed me Clancy. I need your cum. Her ability to reason not to mention her exhaustion kept her mouth shut.

He rested his big hard shaft between her ass cheeks. Annie heard a click. He’d opened a bottle. A cold viscous liquid splattered on her butt cheeks as he squeezed the bottle over his cock. His hand touched her ass and she felt his grab and stroke his cock, coating it with the fluid. Annie couldn’t figure out what he was up too. He was lubricating his cock for something and she guessed he planned on jerking off over her. His hand squeezed her right ass cheek, the thumb falling between the crack between her cheeks. He ran his hand down, his thumb pushing down between her cheeks until it found her anus. It circled around her tight puckered little ass hole. The thumb had some of the liquid on it and Annie guessed that it was her body wash from the bathroom. “Aaahhh!” she gasped as his thumb pushed inside her again. She never would have imagined that anal play could enhance sexual pleasure, but it did and if he kept it up, she really would be begging for him to fuck her again. He adjusted his position and she felt his cock head on her vulva. Annie smiled, eyes still closed. He’d won. She was ready to fuck him again. Ready to feel his cock spurting his hot fertile seed deep in her womb again.

But the penetration never came. Instead, the cock head slid up to his hand and the thumb in her anus. He was using his thumb as a guide. No sooner had Clancy slowly pulled his thick thumb out of her rectum then Annie felt his huge cock head pushing down on her sphincter. “Uh Clancy?” she questioned as her rosebud began opening. Opening for an object as big as a golf ball. “Clancy?” His only response was a soft slap on her ass to shut her up.

“Fuckin tight,” he growled.

Oh shit! She thought as the head continued to push against her anus. “OW! CLANCY!”

SLAP! He spanked her ass harder.

Tears started rolling down Annie’s cheek. She sobbed, then laughed as she thought that at least this way there wasn’t any risk of pregnancy. It hurt. Oh god, it hurt. She couldn’t understand why her ass wasn’t tearing. Her anus was opening wider and wider and wider and just when she thought Clancy’s cock was going to rip it open, the head pushed inside her. “UUUNNGGHHH!” she grunted, thanking god he’d lubed his cock up with the body wash. He tested the snug fit out by working the tip of his cock around a bit before pushing it deeper. “UUGGHH! It’s too big! This isn’t going to work Clance. OW! OW! Alright, that’s deep enough. OW! TOO THICK! Put it back in my pussy. Please. PLEASE! You can cum in me. OW! OW! UNH! OH! Oh! Oh god! That’s deep. Doesn’t hurt so much anymore. Gimme a little more. Oh! Ah! YES! YYEESS! Fuck my ass.” SLAP! He spanked her again, working his cock in and out now. “FUCK MY ASS! FUCK MY SLUT ASS! YYEESSSS! I Like it, Clance.” Annie pushed herself up and began pushing back into his cock’s thrusts. “Your big black cock feels so good fucking my white ass, Clancy.”

“Take it all, bitch,” he growled.

He was deep fucking her bowels now. His heavy scrotum was smacking against her vulva and it was arousing her. His ball sack was getting wet with her arousal. The repeated slapping of Clancy’s oversized testicles against her blood engorged labia and clitoris combined with the pleasure of having his cock fucking her ass had her trembling with an approaching orgasm. This was unbelievable. How had a romantic surprise for her husband turned into multiple womb-fulls of a black man’s seed, a blow job in the shower and now her first ass fucking? Because he’d lied and tricked her, that’s how, but oh god was it worth it. Annie sobbed with joy. “I wanna do this again,” she told him. “I want you to fuck my ass again. I want to suck your cock again.” I want to fuck you and feel you cum inside me, she thought. Oh god, I want to fuck him again. I want this all the time.

SLAP! He spanked her, increasing his thrusts.

“You own my white ass,” she told her black lover just as her orgasm broke. “AAAHHH! CCUUMMIINNGG!! His thick cock felt even thicker and then it jerked and she felt a warmth spreading deep in her bowels. Annie collapsed forwards onto her head and arms. She passed out to the feelings of his cock still jerking and spurting his hot cum deep into her ass. She wasn’t sure how long she slept, but when she slowly came back to her senses, she was in the same position, ass in the air, but his cock was gone. His semen was bubbling to the top of her anus and running down over her vulva in a steady trickle. Clancy was beside her and snoring now. Annie moved and put her knee in a large sticky wet pool of semen right under her clit. Again, she wondered how long, she’d been out to leak this much semen.

Annie slid off the bed and went back to the bathroom for another thirty minutes trying to get clean. When she returned to her bed, she climbed in, feeling the now cold wet spot right under her back. She wiggled over to the black man. He grunted and turned into her. She turned on her side and pushed her ass back into his crotch. This was how she slept with her husband, but the swollen cock pushing against her clearly wasn’t her husband’s. Clancy threw his arm over her, still snoring peacefully. She reached out and grabbed his wrist, bringing his arm back closer to her. She placed his hand right on her soft breast. He squeezed it several times and she fell asleep nestled in the black man’s arms, cock pressing into her ass cheeks and his hand on her breast.

Annie awoke to light coming in the window. She had rolled over onto her stomach. She turned and faced Clancy. He was on his back, a pillow over his head. She reached out and felt his muscles, fit chest. Her nipples started growing as she watched her white hand run down to his stomach. His cock was plump and swollen, but soft. Her hand slid down to it and stroked it. It hardened in seconds. Annie leaned over him and kissed his chest, then his abdominals, then stomach, working her way down to his cock. It was sticking up, head past his navel. Her tongue twirled around it and then she took him in her mouth and began sucking him.

She gave him a loving blow job, thanking him for the amazing night. Clancy groaned and shifted above her, but she only had eyes for his cock. It had felt thicker last night and he felt thicker in her throat then he had when she blew him in the shower. It wasn’t quite as long either. Close, but it was half an inch to an inch shorter then yesterday. Joe’s cock… no, Joe’s penis changed size all the time. She was quite fascinated with her husband’s little penis. She’d seen it pathetically small, sunk into his scrotum after a cold dip in the pool. She’d seen it swollen and engorged right after cumming. She’d once thought it was huge when it was swollen. How could that be huge when it was only half the size of the real man’s cock halfway down her throat. And the real man’s cock, the black cock was getting bigger. He was going to cum and Annie wanted to taste him again. She pulled back until just the head was in her mouth, jerking his hard shaft and running her tongue all over the knobby head. The room was more lit now. She moaned around his cock running her hand up his stomach. His skin didn’t seem quite as dark as it had yesterday. Clancy was black, very African looking. Today his skin was a dark brown.

The cock exploded, pumping her mouth full of his hot seed. Annie moaned, loving the taste of a black man’s cum. She looked up to see it she had pleased her black lover and found herself looking up into the face of ELLISON!

Annie gulped his sperm down as she stared up at Clancy’s half-brother in shock. She was so shocked, Ellison’s cock plopped out of her mouth and his sperm blew across her face. Her mouth hung open. His sperm splattered all over her face again, some falling on her lips and in her mouth. She licked her lips. Then something clicked in her brain, it no longer mattered that she wasn’t with the man she thought she was with. He still had a huge black cock full of tasty cum. She caught his cock and pulled it back into her mouth getting several more blasts across her tongue.

Annie jerked the remaining sperm from his shaft before leaping to her feet. She flashed him an evil stare before turning and running off to the bathroom. She used the toilet and then brushed her teeth, rinsing her mouth out with mouthwash afterwards. Annie angrily stormed back into the bedroom and wagged her finger at Ellison. “Just what the hell is going on?”

“Dayum gurl,” he said, staring at her breasts and belly. “I knew you were fine, but not this fine.”

Annie suddenly felt very naked. She’d done things with this man last night, but he hadn’t been able to see her body. It was a foolish reaction, but she still felt self conscious that she was exposing herself to a strange black man. She held her arms across her bosom and one hand over her pubic mound. In all fairness though, she was enjoying the sight of the long floppy cock laying over Ellison’s thigh. “Answer my question.”

Ellison continued laying on the bed. The sight of Annie’s gorgeous body with her pale unblemished skin had his cock stirring. He watched her move over to her suit case and pull out a bra and panty. “I stopped by to see Clancy last night and he told me that you’d just walked into his room last night and mounted his pole like some cock hungry whore.”

Annie felt her face turn red with anger. “He told you that did he?” she said threw gritted teeth. “Did he tell you that he tricked me into thinking I was sneaking into my husband’s room.” Annie was so mad and didn’t care anymore that Ellison was staring at her. She quit covering her goods and stepped into her panties. Her heavy bosom dangled as she leaned down to step into her underwear. She stood back up and noticed his cock had turned fully hard again. Her nipples were starting to stick out as she put the bra on. The underwear didn’t do much to cover her. The material was sheer and lacy blue clearly showing both her nipples and her black pubic hair through the material. She’d only brought her sexiest lingerie for her meeting with her husband. “Did he tell you that he sent Joe home and took his room after I told him I was coming here to surprise my husband?”

“Nope. He just said that you were into black cock and snuck into his room to fuck and suck him off.”

“He’s a liar!”

Ellison shrugged. “I didn’t believe him either so he told me to go on over to your room and see for myself. You seemed into it to me.” Ellison made his voice go high pitched like a woman’s saying, “Don’t cum in me. Cum in me. Oh baby, seed me. Seed my white pussy.”

The flush in Annie’s face moved down her body to chest and breasts as her anger grew. She didn’t even bother dressing the rest of the way. She turned towards the adjoining door and stormed towards Clancy’s room.

“Where ya goin, baby?” asked Ellison. “Get back here and ride my cock. I wanna watch them big white titties bouncing as you get off on my cock.”

“Never again Ellison. I’m done with you and your asshole brother.”

“Bull shit. I seen you starin at my dick getting hard.”

“Fuck you!”

“Shut up bitch. Stop,” he ordered as her hand was reaching for the door knob. Annie did stop, retracting her hand. “Turn around. Let me look at ya.” Annie did what he said for some reason she couldn’t understand. She must have had some mild submissive streak that she hadn’t known about. She liked having men tell her what to do. She lowered her arms to her sides and slowly turned around showing Ellison her body. “Gurl, you are stacked. You belong on the pole.”

“I don’t know what that means, but thanks I guess.” Annie was still mad. She quickly reached for the door and pulled it open. Clancy was sitting at the table working on his laptop. He stood as she stormed into the room. He was naked, but for a pair of sweatpants that hung loosely on his hips. He was smirking! The smug grin only served to enrage Annie more. “You arrogant fucking prick!” She swiftly walked up to him and raised her fist to slap him, but he easily caught her wrist and she gasped as she felt the strength of his grip. He released her. Annie raised her fists up and started beating his chest. He made no attempt to stop her and hitting his pectorals was like hitting a brick wall, hurting her more then it was hurting him. The strength of her blows slowed down. “I hate you. I hate you.”

Clancy reached out and grabbed her shoulders. She was still hitting him as she felt him applying pressure to her shoulders. The pressure grew and Annie found herself slowly lowering until she fell to her knees before the tall black man. Annie felt her arousal growing and she hated herself for it. Hated the raging hormones that had gotten her into this mess in the first place. She was staring directly at the swelling bulge under his sweats. She moved her eyes up his powerful torso to his arrogant face staring down at her. He released her shoulders. She swore to herself that all she meant to do was reach out and use his legs for leverage to pull herself back up so that she could leave. Instead, she reached out and placed her palms above his knees gripping his sweat pants. When she tried to pull herself up, she found herself pulling his pants down instead. She rose up a little as his curly black pubes appeared and then the thick root of his cock and then inch after inch of his rapidly swelling shaft. His foot long black cock sprang free just as she fell back on her knees having failed to gain leverage from his sweat pants.

Annie stared at the cock that had turned her into an adulterous. It was semi-swollen, sticking out, but bending down under it’s enormous weight. He grabbed the base of it with his hand. With a flick of the wrist, Clancy slapped his meaty cock against her cheek. She gasped in shock even as he brought his cock back across her other cheek. He slapped it across her eye and then her forehead. It shouldn’t have been turning her on, but it was, much to her shame. When he quit slapping her, he released his cock and now it was completely hard and sticking straight out. He moved it so that the head bobbed before her lips. Annie pulled her head back from the engorged cock head swaying before her eyes. If he thinks he can treat me like that and have me suck his cock, he’s got another think coming, she thought even as his strong hand came down on top of her head. He pulled her forwards so that his cock head brushed her lips. I’m not going to suck it. I’m not. I’m not. What she did do was strange and submissive. She puckered her lips and kissed the tip of his cock right on the urethra. She looked up at him as she kissed his cock. Annie’s tongue flickered out and tasted the precum that was dribbling out of his cock. I’m not going to suck it for him. She parted her lips, opening her mouth around the head. Not after what he did to me. Don’t give him the pleasure. His cock head entered her mouth and Annie ran her tongue all over it. She started bobbing her head, taking his cock head down her throat. She gone in the blink of an eye to a woman fighting her desires to a woman that knew what she wanted.

Her lust for the big black cock down her throat had her moaning in the back of her throat. Clancy slowly moved, heading towards the bed. She walked on her knees after him, never letting his cock leave her mouth. He sat down on the bed and opened his legs allowing her to kneel between them and rest her arms on his knees as she sucked him off. This was where she wanted to be. This was what she wanted to do. She was hungry for his cum even with her belly still full of Ellison’s semen.

Clancy reached over her back and unhook the bra. The elastic sprang loose and her tits popped out of her bra even though the now loose bra was hanging off her shoulders. Annie had been holding the base of his cock while she sucked him and kneading his heavy balls with her free hand. She released him long enough to pull the bra all the way off without ever letting his cock leave her mouth. “You’re getting better at this,” said Clancy. “Guess you must have practiced some more on El last night.” It angered her, but she never slowed her pace. “You’re gonna be a grade A cocksucker by the time this weekend is over. I’ve never seen a woman whose body was more built for black cock then yours Annie Whyte.”

Annie deep throated his cock. “Mmmmm,” she moaned around his shaft. I am built for black cock. I can take them in my pussy. I can deep throat them. I can even take these monsters in my ass! His words made her start to suck him faster. Somehow Clancy managed to grab her hips. He was pulling her up. She was too focused on sucking his cock to wonder what was going on. She followed the lead of the strong hands on her hips and climbed off her knees to her feet. She found herself standing on the floor of the hotel, bent at the waist, and leaning down to suck his cock. His hand grabbed the back of her panty right above the crack of her ass and pulled her underwear down. That was odd because Clancy had both hands resting beside him on the bed. One hand grabbed her waist as she felt the bulbous end of another cock pushing against her already soaked vulva. It quickly found the entrance to her pussy and pushed inside. The second hand appeared on her other hip and the man pulled at her hips as he forced his cock in deeper.

Annie turned to glance in a mirror near the bathroom door. She could see Ellison standing behind her in the reflection. She hadn’t seen him enter, but the door to the adjoining room was open now. She looked up expecting to see Clancy angry and about to put a stop to this, but he had more of a ‘what up, bro!’ look on his face then an angry one. Was he okay letting his brother fuck her while she sucked him off? She wasn’t okay with it or was she? Annie couldn’t bring herself to give up either of the cocks. Her belly was growling for Clancy’s sperm even as she was thrusting her pelvis back into Ellison’s probing cock wanting it deeper. Her cervix opened up for Ellison’s large cock head even as she felt Clancy’s cock swell in her mouth to the point she felt she started to gag. Annie pulled back despite being forced forwards by Ellison’s thrusts. Clancy’s cock head had barely cleared her tonsils when it blew it’s load. Having his sperm gushing down her throat reminded her of doing a beer bong back in college. She gulped as fast as she could until his cock head cleared her throat and filled her mouth up with his hot seed. She moaned in pleasure at the taste of his rich seed, swallowing it as fast as his cock could pump it.

Drained, Clancy’s floppy cock fell from her mouth. The young wife put her nose in the crotch of her husband’s black boss and nuzzled it while his brother continued pounding her pussy. Ellison was just using her body to get off, but she loved it, cumming multiple times while he fucked her hard and one big time when he buried his cock and pumped her womb full of his seed.

“Go get cleaned up,” ordered Clancy while she was still had her head down in his crotch and her ass in the air. Ellison’s sperm was already defying gravity, welling up in her pussy to drip down onto the carpet.

Annie pushed herself up and waddled with her legs together through the adjoining door to her bathroom. Despite her efforts, she left a trail of white semen behind her. Annie, turned the water on in the shower and stepped inside once it got warm enough. No sooner had she thrown her luxurious dark hair under the water then the shower door was opened. Annie jumped startled and stared at the two black men watching her. Clancy and Ellison were still nude, long banana cocks dangling between their legs. “What?” she asked.

“Nuthin, we just wanna watch you wash that sexy body,” said Ellison.

For a few minutes, Annie ignored them. She grabbed the hotel bottle of shampoo and washed her hair. She put her hair under the shower to rinse it and let her well lathered hands run down over her breasts, then her flat belly. She pulled her head out from under the water, grabbed the bar of soap and began running it all over herself, paying extra attention to the space between her legs and her pale DD breasts. The two black men’s cocks began to rise. Annie turned and stuck her rear end out towards the two half brothers. She bent forward and brought the bar of soap between her legs, washing her fully displayed vulva under their gaze. She looked down between her legs and saw Clancy and Ellison’s cocks sticking straight out. “Get your white ass out here,” said Clancy.

Annie rinsed herself of the soapy lather and stepped out of the shower. He didn’t even let her dry off. He grabbed her hand and pulled her to the bed. He fell on his back, holding his cock up for her to mount him. Annie climbed on the bed and straddled him. She picked herself up and lowered herself over the huge cock head. He still felt new and amazing to her. It was different from last night in the dark when she thought it was Joe she was mounting. Now she was looking down lustfully at the older black man. She put her hands on his chest as she brought her pussy down his long shaft. As his thickness fully entered her, her hands curled into claws trying to grab his flesh, but his hard muscles were taut and she could grab on to nothing.

Annie began riding his huge black cock. She stared at his hard tight body and at her tiny white hands against his dark black skin. She stared at his rugged dark face, but mostly she just stared into his eyes. She liked this better then last night. Seeing the man she was fucking was better then fucking blind in the dark. She glanced back at the mirror on the bathroom door and could clearly make out her voluptuous white form astride the darker form lying on the bed. The image was so erotically sexy that she found her claws trying to grab his chest again as she came all over his cock.

Annie felt the bed depress behind her. She’d forgotten about Ellison in her desire to mount her husband’s black boss’s cock again. Ellison’s cock was glistening in the light. He’d coated it with something. The viscous liquid was dripping off the nearly foot long shaft sticking out from his body. He kneeled behind her ass. Beneath her Clancy grinned at the expression on her face. “Unh!” she grunted in alarm when Ellison’s cock head touched her anus. Clancy grabbed her hips and pulled her down on his cock to keep her still. Then he slid his hands up to her upper arms and pulled her down so that she was laying on top of him. He held her still while Ellison forcefully pushed his engorged cock through her anus. Annie winced as he penetrated her, thankful that he’d broken her ass in last night.

Clancy stroked her hair as she lay on his chest. Ellison was working his cock around in her ass pushing it deeper. Annie could feel it pushing against Clancy’s cock. It was like the two giant phalluses were fighting for room in her small crotch region. This was so completely debauched. She couldn’t believe Clancy wasn’t stopping it from happening. The older of the two brothers had even slid his hands down to her ass cheeks and spread them open to assist Ellison in shoving his cock down her ass.

Ellison pumped into her a few times. His cock stretched her bowels out as it probed deeper and deeper.

Soon it reached the point it had been last night. He leaned back and pulled her up off Clancy while Clancy cupped her breasts and pushed her so that she was leaning over him. Clancy began slowly bucking his hips, thrusting into her as Ellison pulled back. The timing of their alternate thrusts was so perfect, Annie had the feeling they’d done this before. Clancy was squeezing her pendulous dangling udders, squeezing and pinching her nipples. “How’s it feel?” he asked.

“Unh! Unh! Unh!” Annie was grunting with each thrust of Clancy’s and Ellison’s cock. Her head was turned, looking at the reflection of the white slut getting fucked in both her holes by two black men. “Unh! Unh! Full. I feel full. Unh! Unh!

“Full of what?”

“Unh! Unh! Stuffed full of black cock. Unh! Unh! Not right. This isn’t right. Unh! Married! Unh! Not right! Decent girls don’t do this. Unh! Unh!

Clancy grinned beneath her and it was an evil grin. He pinched her nipples and squeezed them tighter until the pleasure bordered on pain. “Oh, but Annie, you’re not a decent girl. You’re a SLUT!” He hissed the final word between clenched teeth. “El, lets go from AC to DC,” he told his brother.”

“Yeah Clance,” answered Ellison. “Lets teach this whore what two black cocks can do.” Ellison pulled his cock nearly all the way out of her ass until just the head was stretching out her anus. Clancy pulled as much of his cock out of her pussy as he could. Then the two brothers began slamming their cocks forwards in unison this time.

“UNH! UNH! UNH!” Annie’s cries grew louder. Sweat broke out on her forehead. Her entire body started shaking like it did when she had fever chills. “UNH! UNH!” UNH!”

“Work that pussy slut,” growled Clancy still pinching and pulling on her nipples. “I can feel that pussy squeezing every inch of my cock.”

“Yeah, her ass is squeezing down over mine dick too.”

“Something tells me the whore is about to cum, bro,” said Clancy. “Fuck her faster.”

Annie squealed as their cocks began thrusting faster. “UNH!UNH!UNH! UNHUNH! UUUNNNHHH!” This was decadent and wrong, but it felt so good. “UNH! FFUUCCKKMMEEEE! FUCKMYASS! FUCKMYPUSSY! I’m cummmMMMIINNGG!!”

“DAYUMN! Slut’s pussy just gushed all over my cock,” said Clancy.

“So good! So good! Fuck! I am a slut. I love it. I love both your cocks. Keep fucking me.” Annie leaned down and dangled her breasts over Clancy’s face so that he could suck them. Her crotch had taken over fucking his cock. This threw off Ellison’s rhythm, but it didn’t matter much. She was going to orgasm again. “CCCUUUMMMing! I’m cumming! I’m cumming again. SHIT! I feel your cock Clancy. Cum in me. Seed my white pussy.”

“OH SHIT!” grunted Clancy, thrusting his hips up. His cock exploded in her womb flooding it with his seed.

“SO HOT! CUMMING!” Annie’s orgasm was so powerful, she collapsed on top of Clancy even as his cock was squirting the last of his seed into the fertile depths of her pussy. Her breasts mashed down on his face and if their soft pillowy mass had suffocated him, this was exactly the way he’d wanted to go. Annie was too wiped to lift herself off him. Ellison leaned over her, strong arms braced on either side and he started doing push ups. He still had a few minutes of stamina in him. She felt Clancy’s cock lose it’s steel, but not it’s size as it remained trapped in her pussy. “OH GAWD!” she cried. “I’m gonna have another one.” Annie could feel Ellison’s cock expanding. “Seed my ass,” she told him just as his cock blew, hosing her bowels with his hot seed. Annie sobbed in joy. “cccuuummmiiinnnggg!” she whispered.

“Shit bro!” groaned Ellison. He could feel her fluids squirting out on his balls which were touching Clancy’s scrotum. “She really is a gusher!”

“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” said Clancy, feeling her pussy contracting all around his soft cock.

“That was soooo good,” moaned Annie pushing herself up a little off Clancy. Ellison’s cock had gone soft too, but he hadn’t pulled it out either. She didn’t want them to pull out. She wanted to feel her ass and pussy stuffed full of their black cocks forever, but then her cell phone started going off in the next room. “SHIT! That’s Joe,” she murmured, pulling herself up. Ellison’s cock fell out of her ass with a plop. His semen followed the retreating cock to well up out of her ass. Annie glanced over at the alarm clock. “Oh My god! It’s noon! How did it get to be so late?” Clancy’s cock fell out of her pussy. His sperm started pouring from her crotch. “He’s going to kill me,” she said, cupping both hands under her crotch as she stood. The two black men’s sperm leaking from both her holes were combing to form a large stream dripping down to her cupped hands. “I was supposed to get an early start and be home by now.”

“Tell him your car broke down.” Clancy shrugged.

“I can’t lie to my husband,” she said, frowning when Clancy raised his eyebrows at her.

The distraught wife quickly waddled to her room with her hands between her legs. She pulled her right hand out. It was covered it sperm. She needed to answer the phone quickly as it had already rung seven times. There was nowhere to wipe her hand, so she just flicked his sperm off her hand flicking it to the carpet. She gave up trying to stop the constant flow from her crotch and just let it drip down as she answered her phone. “Hello.”

“Hey babe,” said Joe on the other end. “You almost home?”

“No,” she sobbed, breaking down and crying. “I haven’t left yet.”

“Annie, what’s wrong?”

“Oh Joe, I don’t know how to tell you this, but…” Annie felt Clancy’s iron grip on her wrist. He quickly took the phone from her.

“Annie? Annie? Hello?” said Joe.

Clancy held the phone up to his ear. “Joe, it’s Clancy. I’m with your wife at the mechanics. The water pump on her car blew.”

“Oh shit. That’s too bad,” said Joe.

“Yeah, as you can tell she’s quite distraught. I told her not to worry about the money. I’ll pay and write it off as a business expense.”

“Hey, thanks for doing that Clancy,” said Joe.

“No problem, but the mechanic says they don’t have a replacement pump on hand and they’re waiting to get one delivered. He’s still checking some of the parts suppliers, but so far no luck. It might be pretty late before it gets fixed.”

“Shit. I really wanted to see her this weekend. Can I head back then?”

“Nope. I need those invoices finished. I’m sorry, I know this is an important weekend for you two. Hopefully, she’ll be home tonight and you two lovebirds can spend tomorrow together before you head back.”

“Alright Clance. Can I speak with Annie again?”

“Sure. I’m gonna take her back to the hotel then get on out to the job site. Here she is.”

“Joe?” she asked, taking the phone from Clancy.

“Honey, I know you’re upset, but everything is going to be alright. It looks like Clancy has everything in hand. Don’t worry about the money and hopefully, I’ll see you tonight. I’m going to stay late and try to get all this paperwork done. Then we’ll have all night and tomorrow to spend together. I’ll leave late tomorrow night.”

“Okay,” she sobbed.

“Do me one favor.”

“Yeah Joe?”

“Stay away from Clancy. He may act like he’s doing you a favor, but don’t trust him. He hasn’t shut up about seeing you in that bikini since his pool party.”

“I understand,” she replied.

“I mean it. Don’t fall for his bull shit. He likes white women and prefers them married. Some of the things he’s bragged about, you’d find degenerate.”

“I believe you,” said Annie glancing at Clancy. He winked at her. She had a naked black man, old enough to be her father in her room while she spoke to her husband and he had the temerity to start going through her open suitcase. “I love you.”

“I love you too. Lets just hope those mechanics get that pump fixed so you can get home and I can pump you. Bye.”

“Bye,” said Annie, turning off the phone. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she asked the black man.

“Just looking for something for you to wear,” he replied. “AHA! There it is. I was hoping you brought this.” He held up her bikini.

“You think I’m going to parade around in that for you?”

“I sure do. Ell and I need some time to recharge so I thought we’d hang out at the pool.”

“I’ll get my suit,” yelled Ellison from the next room.

Clancy walked over to the adjoining door and stuck his head in. “Call Lee, tell him something came up and he’s in charge of the crew today.” He turned back to Annie and tossed her the bikini. She caught the top, but dropped the panty and had to bend over to pick it up. “Get cleaned up and changed. Come over to my room when you’re ready. A couple hours relaxing by the pool should be enough for me an Ell to recharge our batteries. Then we’ll come back up here and send you off home nice and proper only this time, I wanna test drive that fine ass of yours.”

Annie gulped. Just the thought of being double penetrated again, had her becoming aroused again. What kind of a woman was turned on by something so sleazy? Not the kind of woman she neither respected nor wanted to be. She was still a mess and quickly moved to the shower. Annie had every intention of washing, dressing, and fleeing for home to be with her husband, but as she scrubbed between her legs or ran the soap over her hard nipples, she kept thinking of Clancy’s cock. She kept thinking of Ellison’s cock. She kept thinking about how she had ridden Clancy’s cock while Ellison pushed his into her ass. Now Clancy wanted to try her ass while she rode Ellison. Annie shuddered in pure lust at the thought. She was a woman in heat and her hormones were telling her body that she still needed to be seeded. Seeded by a truly dominant male. Seeded by a big black cock.

Annie stepped out of the shower and dried herself off. She combed her hair and walked back out into the hotel room. She walked over to her suitcase. She’d packed light, but Clancy had strewn all her clothes about as he went through her luggage. Annie started packing so that she could head home and spend her annibirthery with her husband. She went over to retrieve her bikini from wear she’d tossed it on the bed. She held up the small swimsuit and looked at the strings, material, and the hoops that cross her hips and rested between her bosom. She hadn’t tried it on for quite awhile, since Clancy’s pool party to be exact. Annie stepped into the panty and pulled it up over her hips. Then she pulled the top on and tied the string behind her neck. Annie glanced back at her luggage, nearly packed and at her car keys, the means she had of returning to her husband, lying beside it. She looked at her keys long and hard before turning and going through the adjoining door to Clancy’s room.

“Gurl, you don’t know how fucking hot you look in that bikini,” said Clancy admiringly.

Annie smiled at him. “You look pretty good yourself.” The black man was only wearing tight white biker shorts that hugged and showed off the outline of his cock. “For an old man,” she added.

“OLD!” he scoffed. “I’ll show who’s old when we get back from the pool.”

Annie had been smiling, but she dropped her grin at his suggestion. “I want that,” she said, hesitatingly. “I want your cock again. I want Ell’s too. I want… nothing has ever… I didn’t know sex could be so good, Clance, but this has to end.”

“No more?”

“No, I want it one more time, both you and Ellison and then I’m going home to my husband and we forget this ever happened and we hope that I’m not pregnant.”


“Just as soon as the two of you are ready to go again. I want to be on the road as soon as possible. I need to spend time with my husband.”

Clancy nodded. “Get a towel from my bathroom and go ahead and head down to the pool. I’m gonna go get Ell and meet you there. You like burgers?”


“The restaurant had half price burgers during lunch. I’ll get us some.”

“Sounds good, but I’ll get the towel from my room. I need to get my suntan lotion too. I burn easily.”

“I remember you were a little red leaving my pool party.”

Twenty minutes later, Annie was laying back by the pool in a cot. It wasn’t crowded. There were only a few other people there including one middle aged balding businessman type guy swimming laps. He tried to catch her eye and smile, but she ignored him. The pool had an outdoor bar back to back with the inside bar at the restaurant. It was closed, but the indoor one was open. The only clothes she had on were the bikini, her wedding ring, and her black glasses. They tinted in the sunlight. She was coating her body with SPF 20 lotion to keep from burning when she saw Clancy come out of the bar carrying a tray with three burgers on it. “Lunch is served,” he called.

Annie noticed a look of surprise on the balding man’s face at the sight of Clancy. He quickly lost interest in her and sat down on a cot reading a tablet. She gratefully took the basket with the hamburger and fries in it. Annie attacked the burger not realizing how famished she really was. No matter how protein rich several bellyfuls of black sperm might be, it wasn’t enough to replenish her energy. Ellison came out of the bar when she was halfway done her hamburger. He was carrying a tray with two beers, a margarita, and three shots on it. Eating the burger so quickly had left her thirsty and she took a long sip of the margarita without thinking about it. Ell joined them and started eating his sandwich. The two black men sipped their beers while she drank her margarita.

Annie was already feeling an alcoholic buzz from the margarita when Clancy handed her the shot glass filled with a familiar black colored liquid. “I really shouldn’t,” she said, taking it. “It’s only a little past noon.”

“You’re on vacation,” said Clancy, holding his shot up. Ell clinked his shot with Clancy’s and Annie reluctantly did the same. “I thought a big black cock would be the appropriate choice to toast the last twenty-four hours we’ve spent together. To Annie and big black cocks,” he said.

They clinked and Annie took a sip, wincing at the taste of the potent mixture of hard liquor. “Whew!” she said. “That stuff is still strong, but I think I’m starting to get used to it.”

“Big black cocks take some getting used to, but after awhile it’s all you’ll want.” Clancy winked at El.

Ellison smiled. “Big black cocks are strong and they last a long time, but they sure get the job done.”

“They sure do,” said Annie looking at her shot glass. She’d only drunk half, but already she’d gone from buzzed to drunk.

“To Annie,” said Clancy holding his empty shot glass up. Ell raised his empty one and Annie followed with her half full glass. “Happy anniversary today and happy birthday tomorrow. What do you and Joe call it?”

“Our Annibirthery,” said Annie, clinking her glass and downing the rest of her drink. It went down smoother this time. Clancy was right. She could get used to big black cocks. “It’s hot. I’m going to take a quick dip.”

Annie stood off the cot and walked over to the pool. She jumped in. The cold water sobered her a little, but she was still drunk. Too drunk to drive home. Maybe, if she waited it out a couple hours, she could make it. She swam a lap while Clancy and Ellison jumped in. Refreshed, the three climbed out and returned to their cots.

“Wanna sit in the Jacuzzi?” asked Ell.

“Too hot for that,” said Clancy. He looked down at Annie’s stunning body stretched out on the cot. Her thick nipples were poking out through the bikini top. The panty had sunk into her crotch giving her a camel toe. Her black glasses made her look intelligent and combined with her voluptuous body, she looked like a sexy scientist laying there. “You need a fresh coat of lotion,” he told Annie. “Don’t want you to burn.”

Annie opened her eyes just as Clancy brought his lotion covered hands down to her belly. Ellison quickly followed and she found herself being oiled and massaged by four strong black hands. The two men covered her front with lotion until her fair skin was sparkling in the sunlight. All three were breathing heavily by the time they tired of touching her.

Clancy stood. The outline of his cock under his tight shorts had swollen and bulged out. “I think I’m good to go.”

“Me too,” said Ellison standing. He was only wearing a tight speedo style swimsuit and his bulge was even more prominent.

They hurried back to their room. Annie felt the stares of others on her as she walked through the lobby flanked by two towering naked black men, clear signs of arousal on all three. Ellison hit the button to close the elevator door before pushing Annie to her knees in the elevator. He fished his cock out from the speedo and slapped the semi hard piece of meat across her face. She reluctantly took him in her mouth while Clancy reached out for her arm and pulled her hand over to his cock after he pushed his tight biker shorts down. It wasn’t a long ride to the third floor, but the men were both fully hard by the time the elevator dinged. The door slid open and luckily, there was no one waiting or in the hallway to see the bikini clad white wife on her knees sucking one black man’s cock while stroking a second with her hand.

They pulled her to her feet and hurried to Clancy’s room neither man bothering to put his cock away. The three quickly stripped once they entered the room. The maid had cleaned while they were out and Ellison just dropped onto the bed and held his cock up. Annie straddled him and lowered herself down over the shaft moaning with pleasure as she took every inch deep into her pussy. Clancy was waiting at the foot of the bed stroking his cock. When Annie had fully impaled herself on Ell’s cock, he climbed onto the bed behind them, spitting in his hand and coating his dark black shaft until it was slick. Then he bent the head down to Annie’s tightly puckered asshole. He lined the head up and pushed. “Uugghh!” she grunted, still not used to being anally penetrated, but her rectum opened easier then he would have expected as his cock head disappeared inside her.

Annie threw her head back and screamed in joy as she had an explosive orgasm that rocked her entire body. She wondered how many women had ever experienced such joy. She wondered how many women had ever cum as much or as hard as she had over the last day and a half. One thing she did know was that there was no greater pleasure in the world then having two large cocks penetrating you at the same time.

They fucked like that for a good thirty minutes. Ell was pinching one of her nipples and she felt his pinch tighten until it hurt a little. The bucking of his hips was growing erratic too. She could feel his cock swelling, the flair on the big head catching in her cervix. “Seed my pussy baby,” she begged just as his cock went off inside her. Hot semen sprayed into her womb triggering another large orgasm. She was still cumming when more sperm flooded her bowels. Clancy pushed his cock deep into her ass emptying his balls inside her. He collapsed on top of her and Annie found herself sandwiched between the two black men as their cocks slowly softened inside her. “That was amazing,” she moaned.

Clancy groaned as he pulled his spent cock out and rolled off her, falling heavily to the bed. Annie was exhausted too, but sperm was bubbling up out of her ass and there was a slow river of semen running down the cock still plugging her pussy. She pulled herself up and off Ellison, his cock plopping out and turning the slow river into a waterfall. Annie hurried to the bathroom to clean up.

When she returned, Ellison and Clancy were laying on opposite ends of the king sized bed that filled Clancy’s room. She stared at the two black men that had given her so much pleasure. Both appeared asleep. Annie knew that the smart thing to do would be to return to her room, gather her things, leave as quickly as possible and never look back. Her head was still spinning from the margarita and shots. The intense sexual workout hadn’t seemed to sober her up much. Driving home for four or five hours would be risky. She should go to her room, lock that damned adjoining door and take a nap before leaving for home. Instead, Annie climbed onto the bed and laid down between the two black men. She leaned into Clancy, put her hand on his hard black chest and slid her hand down his abdominals to his stomach. Her small white hand moved down to his genitals. His black cock had gone all floppy, but was still a foot long. Residual semen had spilled from the urethra forming a spoon sized pool of white seed that rivaled in size Joe’s entire ejaculate. She grabbed and shook his cock, stroking it and that’s where her hand was when she fell asleep.

The cock was still in her hand when she awoke later, but it was fully hard now. Clancy was moving, rolling on top of her. He held himself up off her and she guided his cock into her rapidly lubricating pussy. She wanted to fuck him again. She wanted his cock inside her forever, but she was tired and sore. Clancy seemed to sense she needed a break and so this time, he made love to her, taking her slowly, kissing her passionately while he slowly moved his cock in and out of her. He hunched his back and bent down to suck one nipple between his large dark lips. Annie writhed beneath him, moaning, lifting her hips up into his thrusting cock. When she came, it wasn’t the explosive exhausting kind of orgasm his hard fucking had produced, it was a long continuous series of orgasms that seemed to last forever. They were like a series of bliss inducing firecrackers going off until she wrapped her legs around his hips and held him inside. His cock spurted turning the firecrackers into dynamite. Annie threw her head back to scream, but no sound came out of her mouth as she trembled beneath her black lover, her womb taking yet another load of sperm.

He pulled his spent cock from her body and climbed off the bed. Clancy went to the bathroom and she heard a strong stream of urine striking the toilet bowl followed by the shower turning on. She laid still on her back, feeling his cum leak from her body. She had a strange urge to lift her crotch up to try to keep his sperm inside her, but she fought it. A strong black hand fell on her curly black pubes and moved up her flat stomach to grab and squeeze her breasts. It moved to the side and rolled her toward him. She fell on her stomach and Ellison climbed up on his knees behind her, pulling her onto all fours. His cock entered her sloppy pussy and he took her like that. His cock pushed his brothers sperm back inside her as he began slowly fucking her. He was good too, gently taking her as she laid her head down on the pillow grunting each time he buried his cock. He fucked her for a good twenty minutes until Clancy came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He watched as Ellison buried his cock deep and shot jet after jet of his seed into her womb to mix with his brothers. When he had finished, he held his cock deep in her, keeping his sperm from flooding out. She purred, content just to have his cock in her.

Annie promised herself that she would leave as soon as she sobered up. Clancy offered to take her to dinner in the hotel restaurant. She cleaned up in her room and found herself wearing the nicest dress she had brought along for the weekend and carefully applying makeup for her dinner with her husband’s boss. He whistled when he saw her, eyes roaming up and down her body repeatedly. The dress was something she only wore on special occasions, like tonight, her anniversary. It was a little black one piece that stopped inches above her knees. It was sleeveless and had spaghetti straps over her shoulders. It also uncharacteristically for her, showed off her impressive cleavage. She pulled her hair back and applied lipstick and mascara before putting her glasses back on. Black high heels completed the ensemble.

She meant to go home to her husband after dinner, but then Clancy bought them a rather expensive bottle of wine. He kept her glass full and the booze kept her giddy and flirty. She constantly touched the arm of her black dinner partner and batted her eyelashes at him. Ellison sat at the other end of the restaurant with his brother Lee. The two were deeply discussing something over a table for two. Ten other black men were seated at the bar watching a basketball game on the television. They were the rest of Clancy’s work crew, a loud boisterous bunch, drinking heavily. She hoped that none of them, especially Adam, her husband’s friend, would recognize her as Joe’s wife or if they did, that they wouldn’t pass on to her husband that she was enjoying an intimate dinner with his boss. She’d only met them once before and that was at the pool party. They’d only seen her in her bikini and then she hadn’t worn her glasses. Hopefully, she was safe and for the most part they weren’t paying any attention to her or their boss. “Well, I guess you’ll be going home then,” said Clancy, a knowing grin on his face.

“Yes,” replied Annie. “But I’m worried I drank too much.” She stood and suddenly grabbed the edge of the table as she swooned. “Definitely drank too much. Not going home tonight.”

“Good,” said Clancy. “Looks like we get one more night together.”

Annie’s panties went instantly damp. “Alright. One more night.” She stared at the black man. Annie sucked her lower lip into her mouth before asking. “Will Ellison be joining us?” She hoped the question seemed matter-of-fact, routine, indifferent to whether the answer was yes or no.

“Do you want him joining us?” Clancy called her out.

Annie looked down at the table, then back up. “Yes,” she whispered.

“Why do you want him joining us?” He waited, but she didn’t respond. “Answer me.”

“I want him too. I want both your cocks in me at once.”

“Then that is what you will get, you little slut,” said Clancy.

Annie turned red and looked up at Clancy. Strangely, he wasn’t looking down on her. Instead, he appeared pleased with her decision. “I’d better go call Joe and tell him I won’t be home anytime soon.”

“Tell him the part didn’t arrive.”

“Good idea. Should I meet you somewhere?”

“Lets go back to the pool for awhile. We can have some more drinks in the Jacuzzi before the fun starts.”

“Alright. I’ll go call my husband and meet you down there.”

“Wait,” said Clancy as she turned. “I’ll ride up with you.” He stood and glanced over at Ell and Lee. They were staring back at him. He nodded and they nodded back. Then he followed Annie out of the hotel restaurant and over to the elevators. Inside, he took her in his arms as soon as the doors slid closed. She gasped in surprise, but quickly found herself kissing him back, pressing her body into his. His growing bulge pressed into her belly. This was what it was like to be kissed by a real man. They broke the kiss when the door dinged and opened. Annie was panting after the passionate kiss. She was fully aroused and ready to do anything to please this man at that moment. “Get your bikini on and I’ll meet you at the pool.”

Annie nodded and walked to her room. She called Joe and strangely felt unmoved by the disappointment conveyed by his voice over the phone. She apologized, promised to make it up to him, then lied about having a headache in her eagerness to get off the phone so that she could go be with Clancy again.

Her bikini was still damp as she pulled it on. She didn’t need anything to go sit in the Jacuzzi. It was dark, so she didn’t need tanning lotion. She didn’t need money or shoes even. She took her glasses off and set them on the table. Annie left the room with nothing but her key card. A young man in a suit did a double take seeing the bikini clad woman walking down the hall. He tried to smile to get a reaction, but she ignored him. Two teenage boys were waiting for the elevator in the lobby when the door opened to reveal the bikini clad woman and their eyes went wide. She smiled at them and their shock, winking, as she walked past the hotel desk and out to the pool. The cool night air made her nipples poke out a little. They turned fully hard when she saw Clancy and Ell were already in the Jacuzzi. They stood to greet her and she gasped in shock to see their long plump penises swinging pendulously between their legs. She looked around, but the pool and area was empty. Ellison reached out and picked up a tray holding six shots of familiar dark liquid. “I thought you might like some more black cocks,” he said.

“I’m looking forward to it.” Annie took one drink off the tray. The two black men took one each. They clinked shots and all three threw them back. Annie stepped down into the warm tub.

The three talked and laughed for awhile. The two black men were funny and charming in a crass way. She found herself enjoying their company. There was tension in the air though. After all, they weren’t here to become friends, they were here to fuck again. It wasn’t long before she felt strong calloused hands rubbing her thighs. Clancy’s hand grabbed her wrist under the water and pulled her hand over to his stiffening cock. She grabbed it and started stroking the shaft as he turned fully hard. Annie was about to ask if they were ready to go back to the bedroom, but Clancy was ready now. He stood, his cock sticking out before him, the tip a good foot from his pubes. It bobbed and swayed as she leaned forward and took him in her mouth.

Annie moved to kneel in the center of the Jacuzzi happily sucking his cock, not concerned that some other guest might come out for a late night swim or to soak in the hot Jacuzzi. Clancy moved back and she moved forward to keep him in her mouth. He sat down on the edge and she moved between his legs, grabbing the root of his cock and sucking him faster. Hands grabbed her hips and pulled her up so that she was bent over. The hands grabbed the sides of her panties and pulled them down over her ass cheeks, past her thighs, and down her lower legs. Ellison quickly lined his cock up with her pussy and started pounding her from behind. Her moan as the huge cock head splayed her pussy lips open was muffled by the cock shoved halfway down her throat. She came hard the second Ellison’s cock pushed deeper then Joe could go. Ellison was eager to bust his nuts in her womb and just fucked her rapidly from behind. Maybe he was worried about getting caught or maybe he just wanted to get off. Either way, she got off multiple times from the relentless pounding and had one large orgasm when his seed flooded her womb. She’d neglected Clancy a little while his brother fucked her, but now she turned her full attention to sucking him off and after a few minutes was rewarded with multiple big gulps of his tasty sperm.

Satisfied and exhausted, they all slid back into the hot water. Ellison distributed the other shots, toasted again and downed them. Annie looked deep into her empty shot glass. “I’m definitely starting to prefer black cocks.” The two black men laughed.

Ellison stood up. Annie’s eyes went to his penis. It was still a plump monster, even dangling between his legs. His cock was bigger and thicker then anything she could have imagined two days ago. “I gotta piss,” he announced, grabbing his shorts from the side of the Jacuzzi. She watched his penis disappear into his shorts and thought it a crime that this man was forced to hide such a perfect tool. She turned her attention back to Clancy. She smiled at him and then moaned as he took one of her feet in his hands and started rubbing it.

Clancy was on her second foot by the time she heard Ellison return behind her. A black hand appeared above her forehead holding another black cock shot between it’s fingers. She reached up and took it, hearing Ell drop his shorts behind her. “Three black cocks might be more than I can handle,” she said, looking at Clancy who quit massaging her foot much to her disappointment. “You two know that you don’t have to get me drunk to fuck me at this point.” She threw her head back and drained the shot.

Annie slid up out of the water to sit on the edge so that she could reach over to the tray and put her empty shot glass with the others. She was still bottomless, but her top was on. Ellison moved up from behind her. She looked down at his bare feet, then up his legs, and she stared at the huge dangling cock between his legs. She looked away and then right back at it. “What the hell is that, Ell?” she asked. She leaned closer to his cock to get a better look. Ellison’s big round cock head had disappeared into a dark black wrinkly skin. She reached out in confusion and grabbed the rapidly swelling shaft. His cock grew and grew until it seemed thicker then normal. Before it had been a little shorter then Clancy’s, but now it looked a little bigger. It was darker too, closer to Clancy’s skin color then Ellison’s normal brown. The head emerged from the foreskin until it looked like it was wearing a turtleneck. Even the head looked different, more serpentine, like a crocodile’s head then the round knobby golf balls that were Clancy’s and Ellison’s cock heads. She knew even as she looked up the man’s body that it wasn’t Ellison. The other brother Lee grinned down at her lustfully. “Clancy?” she asked in alarm, looking over at the older brother.

Clancy shrugged. “I share everything with my brothers,” he said. “Whether you want it or not is something ya gotta decide for yourself, but I think your body has already decided.” He nodded at Lee’s cock.

Annie turned to see her hand lovingly stroking the fully hard cock, keeping it erect and ready for her. She whimpered with lust and twisted around to take his cock in her mouth. Lee groaned as her hot mouth engulfed his engorged penis. She hefted his balls while sucking his cock. They were large and heavy, filled with cum. “Oh fuck!” he groaned. Already, Lee’s cock was swelling. “Bitch sucks cock like a pro.” Annie pulled back just as he came and the first wad of ejaculate completely overwhelmed her mouth. His seed shot out the corners of her mouth and dribbled down her chin. She gulped without really tasting him just to make room for the next wad. His second blast of semen still filled her mouth, but she was able to enjoy the taste, savoring his hot seed as it slid down her throat. Lee’s semen was richer then his brothers and thicker too, having more the consistency of pudding. It was delicious! It continued to cum and she continued to swallow, jerking his shaft to drain every drop of Lee’s sperm. “Shit,” he groaned as his cock plopped from her mouth. Annie scooped up some of the sperm on her chin and pushed it into her mouth. “Shit,” he said, looking sheepish. She leaned forward and kissed the head of his semi hard cock while looking up at him. “It’s been awhile,” he apologized. “I’ll last longer when we fuck.”

Annie nuzzled his cock, smelling it, her tongue flickering out to lick up a remaining pearl of sperm that had formed at the tip. “Well then,” she said. “What do you say to us going to do just that?”

“Let’s go,” said Lee, his cock extending an inch at the thought of getting in her pussy.

It was time to go anyway. A couple had just emerged from the hotel and were heading towards the pool. The three black men and the white woman fumbled for their bottoms, sinking back into the hot water to pull their swimsuits up before the other couple noticed them. They needn’t have bothered. As soon as the middle aged couple saw them, the male froze like a deer in the headlights. Clearly uncomfortable at the thought of getting into a Jacuzzi with three well built black men. “It’s all yours,” said Clancy, rising up from the tub. The couple’s eyes widened in surprise when they saw the smaller white woman amongst the men. The male’s eyes couldn’t help but roam down Annie’s body.

They got more stares entering the lobby. They took the elevator up to the third floor and quickly walked to Clancy’s room. Ellison made a beeline for the restroom and all the booze had Annie’s bladder full too. She walked through the adjoining door that had gotten her into trouble this weekend and used her own restroom. She peed, then stripped off her wet bathing suit. Annie figured there wasn’t much sense putting anything on, so she walked over to the door nude. She hesitated at the door, shocked at her own behavior. She’d gone from uncomfortable wearing a modest bikini, to walking nude into a room filled with three black men waiting to fuck her. She opened the door and strolled in. “Now that’s what I’m talking about,” said Clancy, staring at her nude body.

The three black men were nude also. Lee was spread out on the bed, his huge cock flopped over one thigh. It slid up his leg a little when he took in her full breasts. Clancy and Ellison were seated in chairs around the small table in the room. “Come ride this bitch,” said Lee, pointing at his cock. It was slowly rising on it’s own. It moved up to point up his stomach. As she climbed on the bed and moved over to straddle him, it had lifted off his stomach. Annie’s pussy and mouth watered at the sight of his big black cock. It was truly a magnificent weapon and the serpentine head with the hood pulled back from the head made it look like a dangerous black snake.

Annie straddled his crotch, feeling the hard cock between her legs. She slid forward, feeling his shaft slide between her pussy lips until it widened into the large head at the end. She pressed her pussy down, feeling her lips part around the head. Annie quite suddenly came all over the long head as Lee’s teeth gently bit down on one nipple. Her breasts were thrust right out in his face and he quickly had taken advantage of their location. After she had come down from her orgasm, she leaned forwards, pressing her boobs into his face, nearly smothering him as she worked her pussy around the end of his cock until she felt it push into her. Then Annie slowly began backing into his cock, feeling the head go deeper and deeper. When she had taken about half of it, she lifted herself off his body until she was squatting over him and let gravity take her the rest of the way down. She came again as his cock head pushed into her womb.

“That’s it baby, cum all over that big cock,” growled Lee, reaching up to squeeze her titties.

“I think I love your black cock,” she told him, keeping her eyes closed and just luxuriating in the feeling of being fully stuffed. The extra length and thickness was stimulating her nerves endings even more then Clancy or Ellison. Lee’s large serpentine head felt better too, especially the larger flared ridge. “It’s my favorite.”

“Hey!” complained Clancy.

“Sorry stud. All three of you are amazing. Lee’s just feels really good right now.” With that said, Annie started bouncing in his lap. Lee’s cock felt even better sliding in and out of her. She came again and again. It used up a lot of the strength in her legs, but when she fucked the entire length of his cock, the hard flare around his cock head would stimulate her swollen clit before pushing deep and scraping her G-spot, getting her off nearly every time. Unfortunately the strain and the continuous orgasms left her legs too weak to do a great job fucking it. “It’s soooo gooood, Lee,” she moaned.

“I’m sick and tied of hearing woman tell you how much they love your cock Lee,” groaned Clancy, kneeling on the bed. He spit in his hand and began coating his cock with his saliva as he bent his cock down and pointed it at Annie’s ass.

“What can I say bro?” replied Lee, with a grin on his face. “Women just find it the perfect fit.”

“Uuummm hmmmm,” moaned a contented Annie. “Ohhh!” she cried, feeling her ass cheeks being spread open by Clancy. “Clance maybe you shouldn’t… Ohhhh ummm.” Her anus was spreading open for his cock head. “Oh shit. It feels even better now.” She sat down hard in Lee’s lap and leaned forward over him, offering her ass up to the older black brother. “Oh shit. Oh shit.”

“Please don’t say that when I’m plugging yo ass,” said Clancy.

Annie ignored him. “Oh shit! Shit! Shit! CCUUMMIINNGG!!” Her ass squeezed down around the end of Clancy’s cock even as her pussy contracted all around Lee’s. Annie’s body was wracked by pleasure from her toes to the hair on her head. It was her biggest, most intense orgasm yet and it seemed to go on for minutes. When she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was a big beautiful cock head bobbing hypnotically before her face. She kissed it to show her respect for it, then kissed it again, then licked it, then opened her mouth and let it push inside her. She looked down the shaft then up the muscular body. She hadn’t even been aware that Ellison had climbed on top the bed. Annie now had three big black cocks stuffing every hole in her body.

The foursome tried to make a rhythm of it, but it was too difficult. Every time Clancy slammed his cock forward into her ass, Ellison’s cock was shoved down her throat making her want to gag. Lee could do little but buck his hips underneath her.

“Suck me first,” said Ell. He grabbed her head and guided her mouth up and down the length of his cock. Clancy and Lee quit moving while Annie relaxed her throat and let his cock slide in and out of her. The contractions came and she orgasmed all over Lee’s cock again just as Ellison was cumming. She screamed with pleasure releasing the end of Ell’s cock from her mouth and received and big blast of sperm on her face that covered her from forehead to chin. Ellison shoved his cock back in her mouth and pushed it deep, cumming still as it slid past her tonsils. When he was finished, he pulled his cock out and climbed off the bed.

Clancy and Lee were able to work out a better rhythm then. Clancy grabbed her hips and Lee pushed up on her breasts holding her at the right height that they could both work their cocks around in her. Their well practiced strokes had Annie once again wondering if they’d done this kind of thing before. They took turns, their cocks working like pistons, one slamming deep into her ass and pulling back as the other thrust deep into her pussy. It felt amazing, but it felt even better when they switched their pattern both slamming deep into her at the same time.

“Fuck! The bitch’s tight ass is milking my cock,” said Clancy. He suddenly pulled back and let his engorged cock fly free of her anus before he came.

“What’s wrong?” panted Annie. “Put it back in. PLEASE!”

“No, I want to fill yo pussy again. Let’s switch bro,”

“Flip over,” said Lee, pinching a nipple.

An exhausted Annie, lifted herself up until Lee’s cock head was just at the entrance to her pussy, but then she let it slam back deep into her womb another orgasm washing down the shaft buried to the hilt inside her. She tried again, but once again let gravity carry her down around the shaft.

“I said flip over,” ordered Lee.

“I can’t,” she whined. “I can’t stop fucking you.”

Just as she was lifting herself up to slam down on him again, Lee quickly jerked his cock out of her pussy. Annie whimpered in frustration. The two black men grabbed her hips and turned her around . She raised her crotch up and felt Lee’s cock head slide across the opening to her pussy. She was ready to shove her pussy back down around it, but the head moved down to her ass and with some difficulty, it pushed inside her. Clancy grabbed her legs and lifted them even as he aimed his cock at her pussy. He pushed his cock in deep and buried it until his heavy ball sack was splayed out on Lee’s beneath her. Clancy was eager to get off at this point. He pushed his hands down on the bed and held himself up as he began fucking her pussy as hard and fast as he could. Annie came several more times before she felt him groan. Lee was groaning too underneath her. Both men bellowed, filling her womb and ass with yet another load of hot black seed.

Later, an fatigued Annie rolled off Lee and made her way to the bathroom. She stepped into the shower and felt the hot water strike her breasts. She washed Ellison’s sperm off her face before squatting in the tub, trying to push as much of the other two black men’s sperm from her ass and pussy. Sperm leaked from both her holes in steady streams combining into one larger river that struck the bottom of the tub and ran to the drain nearly clogging it with the thick seed.

Finally feeling clean and refreshed, she walked out of the bathroom with a towel around her. Clancy was sitting back in the chair with his head thrown back apparently asleep. Ellison and Lee were sitting side by side on the bed. Annie looked at them. “Well thanks, I guess.”

Lee sprang off the bed. “Whoa there baby. Where you going so fast?”

“I need to get some sleep. I got a long drive tomorrow and you guys wore me out.”

Lee reached out and pulled her towel open, displaying her breasts and pussy to him. “But I ain’t filled that sweet white pussy yet, baby,” he said, pulling on both ends of the towel until her body pressed into his. The towel fell to the floor when he let go. Lee bent down to kiss her and she found herself leaning into him as they kissed. She was tired and exhausted, drunk and worn out, but she melted in his arms. Her hand had a mind of it’s own, reaching out for his swelling cock. It fully hardened as she stroked it. She broke the kiss. “Okay.” She kissed him again. “One more time.” She kissed him. “But I want you to do all the work.” She kissed him. “And I want it hard and fast.”

“No problem baby,” he replied, kissing her as she offered her lips up to him. Lee maneuvered her to a round table and lifted her up so that she was sitting on it. His cock head pressed against her labia. “Just the right height for fucking hard and fast.”

“Then do it,” she begged. “Give it to me.”

Lee French kissed her as he guided his cock deep. Annie moaned into his tongue. He began fucking her slowly at first, picking up speed as he went. They broke the kiss and Lee pushed her down so that she was laying on her back. He grabbed her tits for leverage as his cock began pummeling her rapidly. “Ya like that big cock, baby?”

“I love it Lee. I fucking love your big black cock. You’re the best Lee. Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Who owns this pussy?”

“You do Lee. Fuck me. CUMMING!”

“I’m gonna fuck you whenever I want.”


Lee’s snake headed cock spit it’s venom deep into her womb. Annie’s toes curled. Her clit throbbed. Her nipples ached. Her eyes rolled up in the back of her head and she passed out. She dreamed of sex, sex with black men, a lifetime of having her pussy owned by horny black men that would fuck her every night. Dare she continue after tonight? Could she stop?

Annie was semi-comatose when she felt a cock pushing inside her. “Oh god, I want this so bad,” said a deep voice. She opened her eyes to see another black man between her legs. “Sorry Annie. I want to fuck you so bad.” Her eyes opened wide. The man between her legs was Adam. He was friends with Joe and the only black man that treated Joe half decently. “Sorry Annie. You’re just too hot.”

“It’s alright,” she said softly. “Fuck me Adam. Give me that big black cock.”

Adam looked anguished as he fucked her hard with a guilt ridden look on his face. His cock erupted in her womb and she had another orgasm.

Adam stepped away from her and another black man took his place. Annie stared at him in confusion as he lined a cock that was nearly thirteen inches long with her pussy and pushed it inside. She didn’t know the man’s name, but they called him Dense because it always took him awhile to catch on to anything. “How do ya like that cock? Bet Joe’s got a little one. Bet your hooked now. Joe will never satisfy you again.” Annie’s breasts began shaking as Dense fucked her hard. “Joe know you like black cocks? Poor Joe would probably have a heart attack if he saw what I was doing to ya.” Dense laughed. “Fucking Joe called me slow once. Well I aint fucking his wife slow, am I?” He laughed again, fucking her as fast as his hips would go. “Fucking Joe know what a slut his wife is?” Dense pushed deep and spurted a strong jet of seed into her pussy. Annie erupted in orgasm as she was seeded yet again by a black man. “Joe make you cum like that?” he asked, pulling out.

“Never,” whispered Annie.

A black man took his place and she was vaguely aware that the room was full of dark figures. She wondered if Clancy’s entire crew were lined up to fuck her. There was little pleasure in being fucked at this point, but her body still reacted by orgasming every time a black man hosed her womb with seed. Another man entered her. He reached out and flicked her nipples with his fingers as he started fucking her hard. Her nipples reacted by swelling up. “Slut!” he growled. “Cunt! Whore! I’m a gonna fuck you up bitch.” Annie looked up at this man whom she did not recognize. He had his hand up to slap her, but Lee grabbed his wrist. The man looked angrily at Lee for a second before relaxing and lowering his hand. He kept calling her names. “Fucking cunt. White whore.” He spat in her face. “Gonna fill that slut pussy up.” He flicked her nipples again, spitting on her belly. “Here it comes cunt.”

“YYYEEESSS!” she cried coming alive again as his ejaculate triggered yet another orgasm. She didn’t recognize this black man, but he must have had some big balls. His cock shot jet after jet of ejaculate in her pussy. YYEESS!! YYYEEESSS!!!” She wrapped her legs around his waist and held the vile man’s cock buried inside her. Annie couldn’t believe how much sperm the man was emptying inside her. Her orgasm continued with every jerk of his cock and splatter of his seed in her womb. It was the most prolonged orgasm of the weekend. “Yes,” she moaned as the jerking cock began slowing down. “Soooo goood.”

“Everything I said about you was true, cunt.” The man spat on her one more time.

“Get out of here asshole,” growled Clancy.

“Yech,” said another black man stepping up. He pulled his stiff cock out of her pussy and pushed her legs back raising her anus up. He pushed his cock into her ass instead fucking it hard like it was a pussy and filling her bowels with cum.

“Shit’s nasty,” said the next man, pushing his cock into her. “Can’t feel a thing.” Neither could Annie for that matter.

“That’s cause you dick’s to small,” said a black man.

“Fuck you,” replied the man, pulling his cock out. He moved around and Annie felt herself being lifted into strong arms. He placed her down gently on the carpeted floor. The man then straddled her belly. Annie looked up to see him pushing his cock down between her breasts. His cock was nearly ten inches long and that was apparently small to these black men. “These big white titties are perfect for fucking,” said the man. He pinched her nipples while pushing her breasts around his cock. The man started rapidly sliding his cock in and out of her breasts. Annie was nearly comatose at this point, but she did what she could to lick the underside of the man’s cock head each time it thrust forwards. His dick may have been smaller, but his balls weren’t. When he came, it was like a tidal wave of hot black seed fanning out from the tip to cover her face.

Two men with bigger cocks took their turns titty fucking her and spraying even more sperm on her face, the final one jumping back and covering her tits with cum. The next man didn’t care about the mess in her pussy and fucked her again, laying down on her and kissing her despite the sperm on her lips. She came again when he pumped her womb full of semen, though it was a smaller orgasm. Another man took his place and Annie passed out.

Annie didn’t know what happened after that. She dreamt she was getting fucked by black cocks and she dreamed she was cumming again. She dreamt she was in an earthquake the epicenter in her pussy making her tits flop as her body slid back and forth on the carpet. She dreamt of shadowy figures standing over her, hands moving rapidly between their legs until a hot rain splattered down all over her nude body.


Annie awoke to redness beyond her eyelids. She felt the heat of the sun on her face, but she couldn’t open her eyes. For a moment she feared she was blind, but then her muscles broke through the crust that held her eyelids shut. She opened them and blinked at the dawn sun shining through the window. She moved, her entire body stiff and covered in the same flaky white crust that had held her eyes shut. She was still on the carpet. Moving, she could feel that there were some wet spots on the carpet. The sperm covering her body was all dry and flaky, but there was still plenty of wetness between her legs. Her muscles forced the crust to break as she flexed her limbs and climbed to her feet. The carpet had a wet pool of white semen on it from where it had leaked from her legs. The pool was bigger then a can of soda’s volume.

Annie rose to her feet. The room was empty, but for Clancy fast asleep on the bed. She looked at him with hatred at that moment. He had tricked her into sex, invited his brothers to join in, and then shared her with his crew. It didn’t matter that she had enjoyed it so much, what he did was wrong. Worse, he had likely impregnated her. She hoped she’d never see him again.

I have been dating Sadie for the last month. I have spent all my days off with her, and now, instead of getting a hotel, I stay at her place each time I go see her. The sex continues to be amazing, and whether it is due to her super-horniness or just good chemistry, I try not to think too much about it.

I called her two weeks ago and let her know I had a vacation scheduled for this week, and asked her if she would be able to get away for a week. She had plenty of time available even considering she would be taking maternity leave soon in the next month or so.

I was taking time off to visit the home I owned on a lake about 5 hours away from her town. I had bought the property 10 years ago, and had spent the intervening years remodeling the house and working on making it my permanent home. This trip would be the first since all the renovations had been complete. My brother and his wife were pulling their RV up from their home to stay for the week. The house was small, two bedrooms only, so room was at a premium. My brother, Richard, and his wife Michelle, were bringing my 18-year-old niece Claire as well.

We were leaving on Saturday as I was on vacation from the time I got off on Friday until the following Sunday. I desperately needed a vacation, and the fact I could spend it with Sadie made the time off all the sweeter.

I picked her up and loaded her bags, then drove out. It was nice having company on such a long drive, and we talked through the first couple of hours. After a while, I couldn’t stop looking at her legs in her short dress. She was wearing a loose fitting dress, and as she sat, it barely covered past her upper thighs. I was trying to get a few peeks, and I could tell she was deliberately remaining covered to tease me.

“You keep looking at me like that and we might have to see if an eight-month pregnant woman can give road head,” she threatened.

“We wouldn’t want that,” I said.

She raised her dress up right underneath her belly, and I could see a small sliver of bright blue panties dipping between her thighs. She stretched out, letting her legs fall apart, and I got a good view of the sheer fabric. She was bare, and I had found out she had been lasered some years before, so would never have pubic hair.

She slid her hand down her panties and I could see her fingers through the fabric. She slid a finger in for a few seconds and pulled her hand out. She licked her finger, then looked at me. “Yep, just as I thought….I am very wet.”

She unbuckled and moved to where she could lean across the console of my truck. She unzipped my pants and reached in to pull my very hard cock out. She started sucking, gently at first, then applying more pressure.

I enjoyed the feeling for a few miles before feeling the need to come wash over me. She felt my cock harden, and sucked harder. Knowing how much she loved come, I let go, flooding her mouth with spurt after spurt. She sucked every drop, swallowing deeply to take it all in.

She delicately wiped her mouth before tucking me back in my shorts.

“I better get repaid as soon as we get there,” she said.

We pulled down the lane to my house a little after 3 that afternoon. I unloaded the truck and helped her get settled. When she had her stuff situated, she came in the living room and stood in front of me. I pulled her close and slid my hand beneath her dress and slid her panties down over her hips and ass. I cupped her cheeks in my hand and squeezed, feeling the firm flesh beneath her small layer of pregnancy padding.

I had her sit on the couch before I knelt between her legs. I licked and sucked her pussy, paying extra attention to tasting her. Within 20 seconds of concentrating on her clit, she came hard, moaning softly.

I shoved my shorts down and moved closer, sliding the head of my cock into her wet, swollen pussy. When I was in deep, I changed my rhythm, stroking deep and hard. She came twice more while I fucked her.

I kept sinking into her warm, wet pussy, over and over, losing myself in the feeling. Despite coming earlier, I was ready to come again. I pulled out and stroked my cock, letting her watch me pleasure myself. When I came, I aimed each rope onto her wet and open pussy. She reached down and rubbed my come into herself, using my fluids to make her come once again. Afterwards, we showered in my large, tiled shower, and I took extra care to wash her beautiful body very thoroughly. We were drying off when I heard a car door slam. I quickly dressed and walked out to greet my brother and his family.

I hugged Michelle and Claire before grabbing Richard and lifting him off the ground in a bear hug. “Put me down you overgrown meathead!”

My brother is three years older than me, and where I am 6’3″ and very muscled, he is 5’10″, with a runner’s physique. His size is no indication of his physical prowess, as he gives me a run for my money in wrestling matches.

“How are my beautiful ladies?” I asked, turning to my sister-in-law and niece.

“Great,” said Michelle. “God, it is so beautiful here!”

“Uncle Robert, thank you so much for the graduation present! I can’t believe you got me a car!”

Buying my niece a car for graduation was not my original intent. I had started putting money into a college savings account for her when she was born, and what I thought might amount to a few thousand to help out, ended up being in excess of $50,000. When she earned a full ride scholarship to Texas Tech, I used part of the money to buy her a graduation gift. The remainder of the money is still in the account, growing, and will be given to her when she graduates college.

Richard is a very good, very successful financial planner. I have been investing almost 60% of my salary with him since I started working in the oilfields 15 years ago. I live frugally, and over time, I have developed a very healthy portfolio. I paid cash for the run-down house and land, and have paid cash on the remodel. I have a very small apartment that is cheap and my truck payment, and other than utilities, I have no other bills. The trip to the lake is two-fold… reason is to spend time with my family and Sadie, and the other is a business meeting.

I turned from my family and watched as Sadie walked out. She waved and walked over, shoulders back, head high, not trying to conceal her pregnant state.

Michelle let out a low whistle. “I see what you see in her,” she whispered.

I introduced her to my clan and we went around the house and settled the women on my lake front patio while Richard and I went to park his camper. It was short work as I had essentially set-up an RV hookup with all the amenities of a RV park.

By the time we returned to the patio, Sadie had made fast friends with Michelle and Claire.

“Richard and I are going into town for groceries and stuff. Anyone wanna tag along or can we get you anything?”

“I’m going to put my suit on and go for a swim,” said Claire.

“We’re fine,” said Michelle. “You boys have fun shopping.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Once Robert and Richard left, the women waited until Claire had went for her swim before the real talk began. Sadie was nervous, but really wanted to know how Robert’s family felt about him dating a woman who was pregnant.

“So, when Robert told you he was dating me, how long did it take him to tell you I was pregnant?” she asked.

“Honestly? We didn’t know you were pregnant until you walked out of the house.”

“No way! He didn’t tell you?”

“One thing about Robert is he is infuriatingly close-mouthed. He takes the strong, silent thing to the extreme. He called us a while back and told us he had met someone and wanted us to meet her. He called later to tell us you would be joining us out here this week. Other than that, he has said little.”

Sadie laughed. “Was it a big shock?”

“Not really. Robert is strange. He has never done the ‘normal’ thing, so surprising us would take a lot more than a pregnant belly. How far along are you?” Michelle asked.

“A little over eight months. It probably goes without saying the baby isn’t his.”

It was Michelle’s turn to laugh. “Yeah. I won’t get nosy, but the father isn’t in the picture?”

“No. He never was really. I got drunk, got stupid, got laid. Never saw the guy again. I was on the pill, it failed, and here I am. The last thing I planned was to start dating six months pregnant. In case you guys are worried, I’m not looking to make Robert this baby’s daddy or anything.”

“I know, honey. Robert has the best bullshit detector of anyone I know. If he wants to be with you, it’s because he really likes you and trusts you.”

“How long have you known him?”

“Robert? Oh shit, Richard and I started dating when were 16, so roughly 22 years. I have watched him grow from an oversized teenager to an overgrown man.”

“He is big, isn’t he?” Sadie said. “He makes me feel like a midget. Plus, the quiet thing? Drives me crazy! At first it was awesome! A man who listened. Then I realized he never said anything personal. He has just started coming around and opening up a little.”

“That’s Robert. It probably took two years to get him to say more than five words to me. Hell, we were in college before he had a full conversation with me.”

“He went to college?”

“Yes. Full ride scholarship. He only finished his freshman year. There was some trouble, so he quit and headed to the oilfield.”

“Football scholarship?”

“Academic actually. The boy is a certified genius, but hates the indoors. He was going for his degree in chemical engineering, but decided he wanted to work outside with his hands.”

“You said there was trouble in college? Can you tell me?” Sadie hated it, but she had heard too many times about guys getting in trouble with date rapes and wanted to make sure it was nothing like that.

“Sure. It involved me, so I can tell you. Richard worked nights at the mall, and without me knowing, Robert had made a habit of walking over on the nights Richard worked to check on things around our place. We lived in married housing and Robert lived in the dorms. Anyway, one night he comes by and hears a noise from the side of the house. He goes around and checks and sees two guys peeping in my window. There was a small hole into our bathroom window they could see through, and they were watching me shower. I had put Claire to bed and was getting ready for bed. Huge mistake on their part. Robert wasn’t as muscled as he is now, but he was still a big boy. He ended up putting them both in the hospital with broken bones.

I didn’t know anything had happened until I got out of the shower and heard the ambulance and cops pull up. Here I am in my robe, trying to figure out why my brother-in-law is in cuffs. The police didn’t press charges on Robert, but he was suspended by the university. They let him finish after investigating, but it soured him on college.”

Michelle got a little teary eyed. “Something else happened that night….something I’m not proud of, but something that says a lot about him. Richard and I were having problems. In fact, he cheated on me right before this all happened and we were having a really rough patch.

“Here I was, in my robe and I bring Robert inside. He had just protected me, I was hurt with Richard, and he was just so cute. I dropped my robe and propositioned him. He’s no saint, so he looked. Then he picked up my robe and covered me up. I asked him why not and he said, ‘Cause in 20 years from now, when you and Richard are as happy as can be, I want to be able to look you both in the eyes.’ He turned around and walked home. I thank him for that to this day.”


“Yeah. Don’t worry, that was the only time I have ever been attracted to him.”

“No worries. I haven’t known him long, but he seems trustworthy.”

“You have no idea. Do you know what else makes me love the big lug? When we had Claire, Robert comes in to see her, and he picks her up and holds her, and tears just streamed down his face. He said she was the most beautiful thing her had ever seen. After he went to work and started making money, he started a college fund for her. When she got her scholarship, he bought her a car for graduation with the money.”

“That is amazing. I could see how much he loved her just looking at them.”

“She loves him right back. She had a boyfriend a couple of years back that was just no good. We tried everything to keep them apart, but she was going through a phase and nothing we said did any good. Robert came for a visit and took her for dinner and had a long talk with her. Neither one has ever told us what was said, but the next day she broke it off with the guy and has been on the straight and narrow ever since. He also had a heart-to-heart with guy and he never showed his face around us again.”

They talked for another half hour until the guys showed up with groceries. While they were throwing dinner on the grill, Claire returned from the lake and went in to change.

* * * * * * * * * *

I knew as soon as I walked up that my dear sister-in-law had filled Sadie’s ear. I didn’t mind as I had expected her to blab about everything under the sun. I really had nothing to hide, so was not worried about Michelle divulging too much.

During dinner, Richard mentioned something about our business meeting coming up in a couple of days. I shot him a look, which he read and stopped talking.

I was ready, both mentally and financially to get out of the oilfield. I had done all the landscape work on my own, and during a conversation with a neighbor, he mentioned there was a landscape business for sell. The owner was a poor businessman, and his work was less than stellar. I had arranged to talk with him about buying his equipment, and Richard and I were meeting with him to hammer out the details. I didn’t want to let Sadie know as it meant me settling at the lake permanently and we had not reached that point where we could talk about her moving.

After dinner, we had drinks on the patio and talked for hours. Claire and Sadie were engrossed in their own conversation, so Richard, Michelle and I caught up. Of course, Michelle gave me a quiet earful on keeping Sadie’s pregnancy quiet.

“I didn’t think it mattered,” I said.

“Of course it doesn’t, but that isn’t the point.”

Women. Logic never works. I looked at Michelle and sighed in frustration. She gave me a big smile in return, knowing she won the round. Michelle has always been a beautiful woman, and has grown more beautiful with age. I had a crush on her when Richard started dating her, and it has never really gone away. She is of Scandanavian descent, and it shows with her pale blonde hair and ice blue eyes. She is tall, almost as tall as Richard, and is lean, with small breasts, and a small little bubble butt.

I looked over at Claire, and could see both of her parents in her. She has Michelle’s blond hair, but is a shade taller at 5’11″. It killed Richard his daughter was taller than him, a point which I never let die. She has a killer body, which brought out the over-protective part of Robert’s personality.

“Well, ladies, my bed is calling me,” yawned Richard. “Why don’t we leave these two love birds in peace for the night?”

We all said our goodnights, and I followed Sadie inside. We showered together and talked about our day. “So, after getting the scoop from Michelle, do you still want to be around me?” I asked.

“Absolutely! She gave me all the juicy details. How did you resist jumping her when she got naked in front of you?” she teased.

My face went scarlet red. “She told you that? Oh my god, that woman. It wasn’t easy, let me tell you.”

She reached down and wrapped her hand around my cock, pulling me close. “You are a good man, Robert Mason.”

We kissed and I pulled her out and dried her off before leading her to the bedroom. As she was crawling into the bed, I stopped her by grabbing her hips, then knelt beside the bed and looked at her glorious ass. I spread her legs a little and pulled her cheeks apart, revealing her sexy little pussy, already wet with want. I leaned forward and tasted her, kissing and licking her pussy from behind. She pushed back against my face and I slid my tongue in deep to taste her desire.

“Fuck, you are so good at that. Make me come!”

I followed orders, licking and sucking her clit until she came, trembling. She rolled over and lay on her back, panting. I slid up beside her and cupped her tits in my hands.

“I think they are getting even bigger,” I noted.

“Don’t remind me. They are so sore. It feels good when you rub them.”

I massaged them, paying attention to the nipples. She reached over and started stroking me, and I moved between her legs, placing my cock between her wet lips.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“I want you to put your cock in me.”

I looked down where my cock nestled between her hairless lips, then up her body, over her swollen belly, and across her breasts with her erect nipples. Her eyes were hooded with desire, and looked up at me longingly. “Dirtier,” I directed.

She knew I loved to hear her talk dirty, and had no problem complying with my request. “I want you to put your long, thick cock deep inside my wet cunt.”

I slid in deep in one thrust. She cried out in pleasure at the sensation of being stretched fully. “Fuck me! Please, fuck me hard.”

I gripped her rounded hips, pulling her closer to my kneeling body and thrust in and out, watching her huge breasts bounce with each stroke. This woman turned me on more than any other ever had, and I pleasured her to the best of my ability.

I pulled out and had her straddle my legs facing away. I guided my cock into her wetness and watched as she lowered herself down fully onto my erection. I loved her ass in the position and could watch all night as she rode me. When she took me in fully, she would clench her ass together, squeezing my cock, before releasing and moving up. Her weight gain had added a thin layer of flesh on top of her muscled ass, and the hint of cellulite as she clenched turned me on more than anything.

She reached between her legs and starting rubbing her clit and I could tell she was close to coming. Her breathing quickened and she threw her head back and moaned, before tensing fully before she released in her climax. “Fuuuuccckkkk!” she cried. She fell forward onto her hands, and almost came off my cock. I managed to move my hips so I didn’t come out, content to be inside her as she recovered.

She moved forward and looked back over her shoulder. She rested her belly lightly on the bed and put her head down, ass as high In the air as she could get it. “Fuck my cunt from behind,” she said.

I moved up to my knees behind her and slid my cock in. With a firm grip on her hips, I fucked her long and deep in slow hard thrusts. My goal was to make her come once more, so while I told her to play with her clit, I slid my thumb into her tight ass. She was so wet her entire ass crevice was slick with her juices, so my thumb slid easily inside her ass.

Within seconds of this treatment she came.

It was my turn, so I asked her how she wanted me to come. She liked variety, liking all aspects of come. She liked her tits, face, ass, pussy, and even belly come on, so I liked her to decide what way appealed to her the most.

“I want you to fuck my face and come in my mouth,” she said. She rolled onto her back and turned her face to the side. I knelt in front of her and slid my cock in her mouth. I thrust in shallowly, putting my hand on the back of her head and using her mouth to pleasure my cock. I looked between her spread legs and gazed at her well fucked open pussy, which sent me over the edge. She curled her arm around the back of my legs, trapping me deep in her mouth as I unleashed the first few hard streams into her mouth. She released me and I thrust, finishing my orgasm as she swallowed my come.

Chapter 11

“Candle in the Wind”

“GIRLFRIEND?” Carmen asked in a bit of a snippy tone. “YOU have a GIRLFRIEND? I thought you were on that whor . . . well into ‘one-night-stands,’ and not into ‘tying yourself down’,” she added and had to look away as she calmed down.

Intense, burning jealousy burned inside Carmen as she walked beside Benita, yet she kept this disturbing feeling bottled up inside of her. Carmen had not, as yet, told Benita that she was pregnant with their child. Carmen had resisted any of the advances that Benita had made towards Carmen. Carmen had also denied her own desires to start any sort of relationship with Benita.

“Yes, I have a girlfriend, and she makes me happy. I thought that as my best friend, you would be happy for me. You’ve been lecturing me on how I shouldn’t sleep around so much and I should settle down. Well, I took your advice and found someone to settle down with. What do you want from me?” Benita replied defensively as the pair walked down the high school hall, towards their first class.

Logically Carmen should be relieved that Benita had found another, healthier and more permanent outlet for her affections. While as a friend, Carmen was happy for Benita to have found someone. As the pregnant mother of their child, however, Carmen wanted Benita to focus on her. Carmen almost opened up her mouth and told Benita right there, but resisted. The middle of the high school hallways didn’t seem like the right place to inform someone that they were the “father” of your child.

“Well, I think it’s all a bit sudden. I’ve never even heard of her,” Carmen replied in a defensive tone. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” she added with a scowl on her face.

“Well, we’ve only just started dating! It’s not like I’m going to marry her!” Benita scoffed defensively before she chuckled.

“And you told you parents about your . . . thing . . . And us? You didn’t even ask if I was okay with it! What if your parents tell my mother? What then? What am I supposed to do then?” Carmen angrily spat as she scowled at Benita, her anger boiling to the surface.

“I was tired of the lies and the double life! I felt it was time to come clean with them. I didn’t think how it would affect you, sorry,” Benita replied in an apologetic yet defensive tone.

“That’s your problem Ben, you don’t think! You do things that you want to do and never sit down and think of how they will affect others . . . of how they will affect me! Then I’M left dealing with the mess YOU make! I have to get to class!” Carmen said as she stomped off, in an agitated mood.

“What the fuck is her problem?” Benita mumbled to herself as she watched Carmen walk away.

Carmen had a miserable day at school and avoided Benita for the rest of the day, not wanting to get into another argument. Someone noticed that Carmen was not her usual self and deeply troubled, and decided to intervene.

Irene, the school councillor was on her way to her office in the mid-afternoon. School had just let out for the day and she was walking back to her office to do some paperwork and perhaps get an early end to the day. Irene almost had a sixth sense for when students were troubled more than just the usual teenage troubles. As Carmen approached, Irene got a strong sense that Carmen needed to talk so she altered her direction and walked over to Carmen.

“Are you okay, Carmen?” Irene asked as she put her hand on Carmen’s shoulder as she walked beside Carmen.

“Yeah, sure,” Carmen replied in a fake-calm tone, complete with plastic smile.

“Well you seem distracted today, is there anything you want to talk about? I have some time,” Irene asked in a prodding yet inviting manner.

“I . . . I don’t think so,” Carmen stammered in a confused muddle.

“Whatever you tell me is strictly confidential, come on,” Irene said as she directed Carmen over to her office.

Carmen started to stammer and stutter to protest but realized that she needed someone to talk to. Carmen did tell Irene what was going on but didn’t say that Benita had impregnated her but a guy named “Ben.” It was a simpler and more palatable answer but still allowed Carmen to talk about the crux of the problem. What to do about the child and should she tell Benita right away? What to do about these jealous feelings about Benita’s girlfriend.

“In the end, what you do is up to you. Remember that there are many options to you: adoption, abortion, keeping your child,” Irene said in a knowing and calm manner.

“I know, but I’ve already decided to keep my baby,” Carmen said as she raised her arms and crossed them across her belly.

“This ‘Ben’ should help and support you in raising this child, should you ultimately decide to keep it. After all he has a responsibility to you, but ultimately the choice is yours,” Irene said in a knowing and confident manner.

“I know, I know . . . he will,” Carmen said and had to catch herself from saying “she.”

“As far as this Ben is concerned, you should tell him when you’re ready. As far as pursuing any sort of relationship, that’s up to you,” Irene said with a calm and almost clinical manner.

“I know; I just don’t know if I should. Perhaps we never got together for a reason,” Carmen said, not wanting to say that she never dated Benita because she was a woman.

“True. But I do strongly suggest that you tell your mother what has happened, she will be your best source of strength and support through all of this,” Irene said in a friendly, yet lecturing manner.

“Thanks, I will,” Carmen said before she got up and left the office.

Carmen was a nervous wreck as she waited for her mother, Susan to come home. This was one of Susan’s later nights so it wasn’t until after eight that Susan came home a little tired. Carmen had kept herself busy with cleaning and tidying up of the apartment, so the place was spotless. When Susan entered and saw that the place was cleaner and tidier than it had been in a long time she knew something was up.

“What is it Sweetie?” Susan said as she approached Carmen.

Carmen turned looked her mother in the eyes and her guard came crashing down. Tears were the only answer Carmen could give and before the fourth tear fell, Susan had her baby girl in her arms and held her tight. That was when the dam broke and all of Carmen’s pent-up emotions came flooding forth and she cried hard. Somehow Susan was able to guide Carmen over to the couch and sit the pair down so she could hold and comfort her daughter.

Once the crying stopped Carmen opened up and told her mother the same story she had told Irene, the school counsellor. She didn’t mention her own conflicted feelings towards Benita or her emerging submissive side, both of which scared her and she was repressing. Carmen wanted to be completely open and honest with her mother but didn’t think her mother would believe the truth.

“You can’t keep this child,” Susan said in a sad and sympathetic manner.

“I’m not aborting my child! This is my child and I will raise it!” Carmen replied in a hurt and defensive tone. “Are you sorry you had me?” Carmen added in a hurt tone.

“Honey, I love you dearly and I wouldn’t change anything for the world, but raising a child on your own is hard,” Susan said in a sympathetic manner.

“You did it, why can’t I?” Carmen answered back.

“The last thing you need right now is to be burdened with a child. You are young and have your whole life ahead of you,” Susan said in an urging manner.

“So does my baby,” Carmen replied sternly.

“Yes, it does, but all I’m saying is let someone else raise it, someone who will be able to give it a better life than you can as a single mother,” Susan said and her words resonated inside Carmen’s mind.

As Carmen went to bed she was more confused than she was before, there were too many choices, too many options. The next day at school Carmen went through it on autopilot. She was happy that it was Friday and the week was almost done.

Kody was a slightly chunky guy who still cut an impressive figure; he just had a bit of extra weight on him. Like Carmen, however, that weight was well distributed around his body. His short brown hair was styled shorter on the sides and back but longer on the top, spiked up a bit almost to a flattop. He walked with a confident swagger and somehow his approach was missed by Carmen.

“Hey, Carmen, we still up for movies tonight?” Kody asked as he put his hand on Carmen’s back.

“AH!” Carmen squealed and jumped in shock. “Sorry,” Carmen added as she calmed down a bit.

“Didn’t mean to scare you, just wanted to know if we were still on for movies tonight?” Kody asked as he pulled his hand off of Carmen and looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“Movies? Right, yes, tonight . . . Absolutely, looking forward to it,” Carmen said with a smile up into Kody’s face.

“Okay, see you at seven then,” Kody said as he leaned in and gave Carmen a peck on the lips before he swaggered off.

That night Carmen did enjoy her movie date with Kody. They had been out a few times and she enjoyed his company. Tonight, she needed a slice of “normalcy” and a respite from her “carrying Benita’s child” troubles. Through the movie Kody had managed to get his arm around Carmen’s shoulder, or rather she let him. Carmen even pretended not to notice when he slyly caressed the far side of her far breast.

After the movie was over they shared a cup of coffee at a trendy coffee shop on Whyte Avenue. The topic of the conversation was small talk and almost trivial compared with what Carmen was facing. The levity was a welcome reprieve and Carmen didn’t want the evening to end, for once it did, her troubles would come crashing in again.

Carmen and Kody held hands as he walked Carmen back to her place. The evening was light and warm and the mood was friendly, yet the air was thick with sexual tension. As they rounded the last corner and Carmen could see her building not that far off she knew a choice was coming.

The decision she had to make was if she should let Kody get into her pants. Since pregnancy was not a problem, it made her decision a bit easier. Carmen wanted to know what sex with a guy was like and perhaps, just perhaps if she opened her legs to Kody he might stick around. Carmen was still afraid of raising her child on her own and hoped that perhaps she could get Kody to be the surrogate father for her baby.

“Well, here we are,” Kody said as he stood tall, smiling charmingly at Carmen.

“Yeah,” Carmen replied, looking up into Kody’s face with a coy, yet alluring smile.

Kody leaned in and kissed Carmen on the lips with a soft and romantic kiss. As a result Carmen’s sexual desire started to rise, since Kody was a good kisser. Before the kiss was broken, Carmen was curious to know just what else Kody was good at.

“Wanna come up?” Carmen said as the kiss was over, yet still she held Kody tight.

“Won’t your mom be there?” Kody asked as he stroked Carmen’s back.

“No, she works till ten tonight,” Carmen replied as she looked up at Kody, biting her lower lip.

“In that case, I’d love to come up,” Kody replied with a cocky smile.

Once they were inside the safety of Carmen’s room clothes exploded as they disrobed each other at the same time. Kody was only momentarily delayed by the workings of Carmen’s bra. Kody’s hands were all over Carmen’s breasts as soon as the bra was removed.

Carmen’s mind was quickly turning to mush as Kody’s magic hands caressed her breasts with skill and practiced precision. Carmen didn’t remember the rest of her or Kody’s clothes being removed, nor how she ended up on her back on the bed.

When Kody’s lips wrapped around her left nipple, Carmen moaned deep and loud. Carmen was fast learning how much she loved having her breasts played with. Carmen just laid there as Kody’s lips, tongue and fingers explored her bosom relishing in the pleasure.

Carmen giggled as pleasure radiated from her pussy as Kody’s fingers found her nether-slit. Without taking his mouth or attention away from Carmen’s breasts Kody began to stroke and tease her pussy. Carmen signalled this was okay with her by opening her legs, to give him access. Kody reacted by licking his way down Carmen’s body in a casual trail down to her pussy.

Carmen shuddered when Kody’s tongue first flicked across her clitoris. Carmen shifted her body so Kody could comfortably lean over the edge of the bed and eat her pussy. Carmen slumped down and surrendered her body to the assault of Kody’s tongue and fingers. Kody was as good at eating pussy as he was at kissing, it seemed. Carmen could only twitch and moan as a result of Kody’s ministrations. Conscious thought and coherent speech was not something Carmen was capable of while Kody worked his magic on her pussy.

As Kody continued to eat Carmen’s pussy, Carmen’s excitement continued to build to a crescendo. When the moment finally arrived and Carmen’s orgasm hit she grasped Kody by the hair. As wave after wave of intense pleasure rocked her body Carmen pulled Kody’s face closer and closer into her pussy almost smothering him with it. When her orgasm had finally subsided, Carmen could think of only one thing.

“Fuck me!” Carmen demanded as she looked down between her legs.

“I was kinda hoping you would return the favour,” Kody said as he stood up and looked at his cock.

“FUCK ME!” Carmen repeated in a sterner and more demanding tone of voice, with fire in her eyes.

“Okay,” Kody chuckled as he reached for his pants.

After Kody pulled a condom out of his wallet he sheathed his respectable six inch cock and crawled up onto the bed. Carmen had moved to the centre of the bed, eager and desperate to get fucked. Kody smirked an arrogant smirk as he positioned himself above Carmen and unceremoniously mounted her. As Kody’s cock slid into her, Carmen moaned and loved the sensation, yet had a flashback to her time with Benita.

Kody withdrew his cock and then slid it back in, beginning the time-honoured dance of lovers on Carmen’s bed. Kody kept up a steady pace of fucking.

As Carmen was getting steadily drilled she was in love with the sensation of a cock inside her pussy. A thought flashed across her mind, since she was already pregnant why not fuck any and all comers? Didn’t she deserve some pleasure during her time of troubles? So why not allow herself some, so what if it meant to “slut out” a bit. Carmen wasn’t sure if it was just the lust and hormones talking and dismissed this line of thought.

As Kody’s own orgasm approached he picked up the pace and intensity of his thrusts. This elicited a shudder of pleasure and a comment that, in retrospect Carmen wished she hadn’t said.

“Oh god Ben, I love your cock!” Carmen moaned out as her second orgasm quickly approached.

“Who the fuck is Ben?” Kody asked in between huffing breaths.

“Shutup and fuck me!” Carmen demanded in a moaning whine as she threw her legs around Kody’s waist to prevent him from pulling out.

Kody continued the fuck even past when he climaxed into his condom. It was not that much longer before Carmen’s second orgasm of the night hit her. Carmen clutched Kody tight as pleasure wracked her body.

Carmen didn’t let up her death grip on Kody till pleasure released its grip on her. When Carmen slumped down onto the bed lifeless, Kody pulled out of Carmen and got off the bed.

“Who’s Ben? Your boyfriend or something?” Kody asked in a slightly disgusted manner as he removed his condom and threw into a nearby garbage can.

“Ben? What?” Carmen asked with a confused expression, as she watched Kody clean his cock with a Kleenex.

“As we were fucking, you said ‘Ben, I love your cock’ . . . WHO’S BEN?” Kody repeated as he got dressed.

“He’s a guy I dated for a bit before you. I didn’t know I was pregnant when we broke up . . .” Carmen started to stammer. She was not sure what she was saying or why, just spinning what sounded like a believable story.

“HOLD IT!” Kody interrupted. “You’re pregnant with some other guy’s kid?” Kody asked sternly as he looked at Carmen in a demanding manner.

“Yes,” Carmen replied in a meek and scared manner.

“What, are you shopping for a ‘daddy’ or something?” Kody said in disgust as he started to dress.

“No, I . . . I like you . . . that’s all,” Carmen stammered as she watched Kody continue to get dressed.

“I can’t be with you even if I wanted to! You belong with this . . . Ben guy. You owe it to your baby to be with its father! You can’t just move on to another guy because you feel like it!” Kody said as he pulled on his shoes.

“It’s not that simple!” Carmen urged.

“Mothers and fathers should be together! If you want to be with me, have this Ben guy tell me it’s okay, and then we’ll see . . . maybe. Till then . . . see ya!” Kody said in a stern manner before he walked out of the room and apartment.

Carmen slumped over on the bed, still nude and cried her embarrassment and tears. Carmen never left the bed, she just pulled the covers up to her head curled in a ball and cried herself to sleep . . . again.

Saturday morning came early and Benita was in too good a mood when she and Suki came by to pick Carmen up for the day of shopping on Whyte Avenue. The last thing Carmen wanted to do was see or hear anything about Benita’s girlfriend. Now not only did she hear about her, she met her and had to endure Benita and Suki’s frequent and varied public displays of affection. Carmen almost made up an excuse to bow out early but stuck it out and finished the day of shopping.

What aggravated Carmen was the fact that, all things considered, Carmen liked Suki. What was worse was that Suki seemed to be a calming influence on Benita as her roving eye was reduced considerably. On one hand Carmen wanted to shove Suki under a bus to get her away from “her Benita.” On the other hand Carmen liked Suki and felt like she was good for Benita.

Once the day was over and Carmen was ascending the stairs of her apartment building her mind began to swim once more. Carmen had too many solutions to her problems, too much advice. This made the already confusing situation that much more confusing; the muddy waters were made much more murky. As Carmen wondered and prayed for some sort of guide to help her through the forest, the answer hit her: Stacey.

Without bothering to call, Carmen walked the ten blocks to Stacey’s place and was not turned away, but rather welcomed in with a friendly hug. Stacey fixed them both a soothing camomile tea and while they sipped it, Carmen told Stacey what had happened since they last met on Wednesday of this week. Stacey never interrupted but simply listened to Carmen talk. Stacey waited till Carmen had talked herself out before she spoke.

“So what are you going to do?” Stacey asked calmly as she sipped her tea.

“That’s just it, I don’t know!” Carmen replied with confusion in her eyes.

“Give it time and the right solution will just come to you,” Stacey assured in as calm a voice as she could.

“I don’t think so, the longer I think on this the more stressed and confused I get,” Carmen said, letting her fear leak into her voice and onto her face. “I just wish someone would tell me what to do,” Carmen added as she ran her fingers through her hair.

“A few people have,” Stacey replied with assurance, “You just have to decide whose advice you want to take,” she added with calming comfort.

“No, not advice, just tell me what to do!” Carmen said with a fear and pleading in her eyes.

Stacey looked at Carmen with a raised eyebrow, cocked her head to the side. She was tempted but resisted the impulse; instead she shook her head and sipped her tea.

“You don’t mean that,” Stacey replied dismissively.

“Yes, I do,” Carmen replied calmly, with a nod of her head. “I guess I need someone to give me clarity,” she added with a slightly muddled expression.

It was a Sunday in early June and the Marc and Jim foursomes where unpacking at their hotel in Zurich. The two teams had recruited over two hundred from their lists and added a few others to make their total number almost five hundred. Marc and Hu’s group had five prospects coming into Zurich and Carlos and Jim had four. Coincidentally each had a musical instrument maker in their list, a stringed instrument maker and a reed instrument maker.

Moesha and Mizuki would give birth the following Tuesday and Natalia and Claudia the day after. They did not have the packet for their next stop as expected but were confident they would soon.

The women quickly met in Natalia’s room and began to love each other. The men went down to the lobby and were astonished to see Carmen and Jordan there, apparently waiting for them. They had assumed they were still on the planet of the Akkad.

“We have a major problem. None of the other women were pregnant. I hope you will tell us your wives are.”

“Yes, they are. They have gained weight, eaten bizarre stuff, and sent us out to get ice cream in the middle of the night, although we think they did that just because they could. But most importantly we could sense our little babies inside them,” Hu said.

“Good. You four have a new assignment. Tomorrow we want Jim and Carlos to fuck Rapa, Sonia and Mara. We want Marc and Hu to fuck Akira, Labiba, and Eji the next day. It doesn’t matter which of you fucks two of them but make sure they are all fucked.”

Jordan said, “We apologize for this, we know each of you intended to remain faithful but our plan will not work without their children.

All the women are still here in the floor above you. Postpone your departure until we are sure they are pregnant. If they are you will need to fuck them again the next time too.”

Carmen continued, “The council is rethinking the partitions and ranks on Cel. You will remain as Dukes but the others may be placed under you as Viscounts. Rudihi and Aadi may be bumped down below that. All know they have not done their duty and would accept the consequences. Darren has asked to be tested to see if the malfunction can be corrected. The others seemed happy they would not need to be parents.”

Marc said, “Our wives are entertaining each other now. We could do it today if it’s OK.”

“Follow me,” Carmen said and headed to the elevators. They found the women making love spread over two queen beds in Sonia’s room.

“”Don’t worry if they are not the ones we paired you with, go in and fuck them,” Carmen urged.

The men became nude and chose a woman to fuck, Marc chose Akira first, Hu chose Sonia, Carlos chose Labiba and Jim chose Mara.

Sonia wanted all four to fuck her as did Eji so each man fucked all the women although the last two women the men fucked did not get sperm packets. The women just wanted the fuck and were already pregnant so that was not a problem.

The men left the women in a cuddling nude mass and met Carmen in the lobby and told them how it had turned out. She thanked them and said, “We will know for sure Thursday and Friday. Schedule your departure for next Tuesday just in case.”

Jordan then gave each man a packet and said, “You are now going on only as couples, the Emperor wants more people in Cel as soon as possible. He is afraid the island will end up in a blockade and getting people and supplies will become difficult. All of you will be in North America and can meet for weekends somewhere. Vegas would be interesting.”

“May we suggest you do not tell your wives about your extra assignments?” Carmen asked. “I feel you will and I am sure they will accept it but it would be the most prudent route.”

“We would prefer you tell our wives. Join them in their play and just tell them what happened. We will not be back for three hours, we have interviews so our wives will have enough time to figure out how they feel about it by then.”

“OK, I will. Take Jordan with you, he will fill you in on planet Akkad.”

As they walked to the office complex the interviews would occur Carlos asked Jordan, “Why did you need to go to Akkad?”

“Our coronation ceremony. We are now the king and queen of the Akkad colony on Earth,” Jordan said,

“Your majesty,” the four men said.

“Carmen and I decided to dispense with that except during formal ceremonies.”

“Oh good, however we don’t mind, Marc said.

“Yes, well we would, we are from countries with royal houses and we find it a bit embarrassing to be referred as such.”

“Formal occasions it is then,” Marc said. “Tell us about Akkad.”

“It turns out Akkad is a sparsely populated planet, the planet itself is smaller than Earth but bigger than Mars. It is mostly a water planet and there may be just five million or so citizens, many fewer than just London. There may be several thousands from other worlds holding jobs and caring for their families there; it is a melting pot.

The Akkad are the thinkers of the Federation, they founded it. The Akkad Emperor is the Emperor of all seven planets but all of them act independently. They do like the Emperor and follow his lead often. Each of those planets has elected king and queens. We will too once the crisis is over.

The Kindred are the builders and they all look like hairless swimmers with muscles but are not very tall. Although they accept everyone’s sexual behavior they are not likely to fuck other aliens themselves except the Devil people. They have a thing for the Devil people. They have large hands and apparently all that denotes.

The Devil people are the space ship builders and pilots; they are the oldest of the civilized races. They are also sports fuckers until they marry then as a couple they hunt for someone to fuck together. Their planet orbits a red star. Carmen loves them.

Their name is really not Devil but that is as close as Kindred and humans can come to pronouncing the actual word. The men are bigger than the females and have longer tails. The males are definitely red but the women are more shades of hot pink.

As you know they are shape shifters.

The Sprites are observers. They are more reserved than the others but will have sex with other species. The men are nearly twice as big as the women but not as big as we are. The men fly only when they need to. Their children fly in swarms. They communicate with each other by wing beats and turns but understand and speak Akkad, Kindred and English. They learned English from Clara and Fiona. They are great mimics and observers. They make up the bulk of the communications industries of each planet.

The others are more alien, one looks like an octopus and live in a water world. They communicate by flashing colors. Most think of them as geniuses.

Another is a race that may have been what our dinosaurs would have evolved into. They are the biggest beings and the most skilled at making machinery. Their communication it apparently telepathic although their eyes are very expressive.

The last race is like the sea race in that it has to be inside their environment. They breathe methane and they of mostly resemble a plant. They are simple happy beings and also communicate telepathically. They are not as advanced as humans in engineering but are way more advance in biology. They are at the forefront of medical research and were the ones that came up with the template that produced you. They are proud of all twenty of you but very proud of the eight of you.

There are many interspecies marriages in Akkad but children are not forthcoming from those.

No one is ever mad at anybody and apparently free sex is the norm even interspecies. Bad manners gets you noticed quickly and you need to apologize even more quickly but are always forgiven.

The Emperor is as Emperors should be except for his habit of wearing baseball caps. He admires Carmen, likes me, but loves Grandma.

I feel they are related.

It was his suggestion we try what we did today although Carmen worried you might decline. The Emperor however seems to think this whole mess will turn out to everyone’s benefit. I do too.”

“Are you sure the others will accept the new hierarchy without complaint?” Carlos asked.

Rudihi and Aadi will. They know they don’t have the abilities the rest of you do. Mauro and Mariano know they don’t either but are hoping they will not get bumped down too far. Darren and Marcel may take it poorly if it is a big drop. But all know that without children they are jeopardizing the plan and everyone’s survival.

We are into the process of finding their previous lovers and see if any of them are pregnant. Any that are still single will end up in Cel.

The Emperor, Grandma and Grandpa will be making the decision on Darren and Marcel soon, they are consulting with the people that did the genetic template as we speak. Apparently it may be possible to get Darren and Marcel working properly but there is no consensus as to how long that would take and time we don’t have.”

They were at the office building by then and Carlos said to Jordan, “Come sit with me during the interviews. It may keep you entertained.”

“No thanks, I’m starving. I have not eaten since yesterday. You guys have a nice day and I’ll see you Monday.”

The four waved goodbye and went into the offices just as they realized they had fucked away their lunchtime.

Each was interviewing people they had met in Europe. None were science people but all were smart and multi-lingual.

One that Marc was interviewing was a singer from Portugal whose voice and song stayed in his head for days. It was a Fado and she made most people cry as she sang it.

Marc had not talked to her that night because he assumed the man with her was her husband. He later learned it was her stepfather and he had been sexually abusing her. She was just eighteen.

Marc had sent her a ticket to Zurich and was prepared to finance the next nine months of her life. She surprised him by saying she wanted to be a chef. He sent her to a well thought of small school in Naples where the students live with a family. The youngest daughter in the family also gave guitar lessons. That young lady was pregnant with Marc’s child.

Before she left the office she told Marc their fuck was the first she had ever enjoyed.

His last interview was with Ana, his hotel clerk from Milan. She wanted to run her own resort and had asked him if he new a school for such a career existed. He did and she would soon be on her way to Houston.

But first it would be Marc and Natalia’s bed.

He went into the other three offices and found each guy fucking a young woman.

Mark said to them in Mandarin, “Guy’s, I’m taking my young lady to Natalia as a peace offering.”

Before Ana and Marc were a block away the other six were walking with them.

Their wives were grateful and immediately devoured the young women. Natalia just overwhelmed Ana saying, “We should have done this before.”

They never mentioned a word about what Carmen had told them until the next day when Mizuki and Moesha suggested to their husbands that they go help the ladies again just in case while they were in the hospital. Jim and Carlos declined saying they needed to say hello to their children before they were put in the incubator.

The wives were very pleased.

Natalia and Claudia did not make similar offers to Marc and Hu; they knew their husbands would never miss the birth of their children.

All had noticed that the medical staff looked like earthlings but were probably not.

Like Carlos and Jim had done Marc and Hu spoke to the children before and after they were placed in incubators. The nurses said that the father and the mother’s voices would be used in the child’s education.

After their next round of interviews the four couples found themselves with a four-day weekend and went to Interlaken and enjoyed being tourists. On Monday Carmen called and said all six women were pregnant and it was time to make their wives pregnant again.

“We already have,” all said.

Carlos and Moesha were then posted to New York City. Jim and Mizuki were posted to Seattle. Hu, and Claudia were posted to Chicago. Marc and Natalia were posted to Houston. Each found over three hundred keepers including musicians, actors, and a novelist/scriptwriter. Three weeks into their schedule they met in Las Vegas for the long Fourth of July weekend and had a fabulous time. They also recruited seven members of the Cirque du Soleil.

Six weeks later they all met in New York City and after two nights there flew together to Zurich.

The plan had been changed again, their wives would be having a third set of children, and only Akira and Labiba would have a second, that would catch up the numbers.

Labiba chose Carlos and Akari chose Marc; they were the fathers of their first children and the women wanted their children to have full brothers and sisters. None knew if their sex organs had imprinted with each other but that point was made mute by the women’s choices.

Marc and Carlos spoke to their children with Akira and Labiba too; the women wanted their children to know who their father was this time.

The four others knew who had impregnated them but there would be no testing to confirm it. Carmen told the genetic engineers to make sure to the children were not imprinted with siblings as mates.

When they met again six weeks later Natalia and Moesha shared their husbands with Akira and Labiba.

Marc and Natalia’s first children would be marrying Hu and Claudia’s first children, Their second children would marry Jim and Mizuki’ and the third Carlos and Moesha’s children. Akira and Labiba’s children would be marrying Hu’s and Jim’s. All their children would need to find a non-peer to marry.

The other men had been demoted to the rank of Baron and assigned a city to run which was gratefully accepted except by Marcel and Darren. They decided to abandon the peer group.

Darren became very rich investing in the market and began to build his shelter in the mountains of south Australia. He was recruiting women he liked and just enough men to keep the place working. It became his mansion and retreat.

Marcel became a famous racecar driver and convinced a rich man to build a shelter in the French Alps and invite everyone they liked to a party there on June twenty third of the following year. That was the day that the large meteor would crash into the Gulf of Mexico.

Both apparently survived until the comet impact but contact was lost soon afterward.

Heir wives Labiba and Akira were allowed to keep their titles and their positions and Cel was divided into six duchies.

The Emperor and Grandma and Grandpa felt much better about the arrangement.

“It should work,” they thought.

This is the story of a teen who suddenly becomes aware of the allure of his girlfriends mom. Of a boy/man who struggles with the feelings this woman ignites within him. And what about his girlfriend’s dad, a man who’s always treated him like a son? And why does this inexperienced lad become so excited at the thought of taking another man’s wife?

This is a Loving Wives Category story. It’s approximately 3 LITEROTICA pages long. It is a stand alone story but I am hard at work on a sequel.

All sex described involves human beings 18 years old and older only.

1 — 3:18 p.m. May 27th 2008

“Tommeeeee!” my girlfriend’s mom shrieked as I lifted her high up into the air. But her eyes were smiling in excitement as she looked down at me from above. She thought I was just playing a game.

“Stop it,” the thirty-six year old, still pixie cute face ordered between giggles as I threw her up in the air and then caught her in my arms, one arm under her knees, the other supporting her back. Unbidden one of her arms snaked around my neck to steady herself.

“You’re bad, soooo bad,” she accused with a broad smile on her lips, lips that were just inches from mine. I couldn’t miss seeing the excitement in her eyes. Her short blond hair seemed to be sparkling.

“It’s you who’s been bad Mrs. Wright,” I answered as I flipped her up and down in my arms. Her other arm circled my neck as she tried to hold on.

“I’m not… and don’t you dare drop me,” she ordered. She still thought we were playing. Were we?

“You’re as light as a feather,” I said as I tossed her upward again, amazed that this adult woman was as easy to handle as her daughter. In fact easier! When she came down the arm that had been supporting her legs found itself under her skirt and touching her bum.

“TOMMY! I’ll fall … you shouldn’t–”

“I’m very strong Bonnie,” I said as I used her given name for the first time even while realizing how easily I could handle this woman, how light she was in my arms. Stop, that’s enough one part of my brain ordered.

“Bonnie? It’s Mrs. Wright to you young man,” she instructed, but the smile was still on her face. I could feel a breast, one significantly fuller than her daughters, pressing against my chest. The blood was flooding into my penis.

“In fact you’ve been so bad Bonnie that you’re going to have to be disciplined,” I said as I moved backward until I felt the sofa in the Wright’s den hit the back of my legs. I sat down with her still cradled in my arms. Don’t do it you idiot my sane side advised.

“I’m not bad,” she said with a sexy pout. This woman, who’d been teasing her eighteen year old daughter’s boyfriend for the last three months, still had a teasing, even challenging look in her eyes. She didn’t yet realize that today she was going to pay for the little game she’d been playing.

“You’re just a little tease, aren’t you Mrs. Wright?”You’re fucking crazy, don’t do it, I admonished myself silently as I looked down at the body that had increasingly invaded my dreams in the preceding weeks. She’s Kristine’s mom you idiot I thought as I lowered her until her bum was sitting atop the bulge in my pants. “Yes, a bad little girl who needs to be taught a lesson. What do you think Bonnie’s punishment should be?” I asked her.

“You’re not funny Thomas Campbell,” she said but in a tone that indicated she was quite happy to be held in her daughter’s boyfriend’s arms. To feel his penis arching upward against her bum. “Let me go,” she ordered as she started to try to free herself. I simply held her a little tighter as she writhed in my arms.

“What did Bonnie’s daddy do to her when she was a bad little girl?” I asked with a smirk. My cock, now huge, was throbbing under her wriggling bum.

She tried to use her adult voice, her mother’s voice, “That’s enough now, stop it Tommy! I’m serious.” In answer I simply flipped her over so that her rear end was sticking up and inviting my next action. My right arm flashed through the air.

“Did daddy spank his little angel when she was bad?” Twack!

“Ooowwww!” My arm lifted and fell a second time. Then a third. “Are you craaaazy?” she yelled back over her shoulder. In answer I grabbed the hem of her skirt and lifted it up until I’d bared her rear end and the skimpy, red lace fringed, bikini panties that hardly covered it. You fool echoed in my head. Too late now!

“DON’T!” An order. My hand fell again.

“Nooooooo!” The woman who’d so easily been able to cow me cried. There was a desperate tone, a fear now in the wail that echoed around the room. I quickly stripped the soft panties from her loins. My hand fell again. On her bare bum.

“You’ve been a bad girl Bonnie, very, very bad,” I said as I ran my hand caressingly over one firm cheek and then trailed it down her crack.

“It hurts… and I wasn’t bad,” she complained.

“It’s supposed to Mrs. Wright, you were a very bad girl,” I answered as my hand rose and fell five times in succession. Hard blows. The sharp slapping sound of my palm landing on her ass sounded like rifle shots as they echoed around the room.

“Bastard!” she moaned between groans. My middle finger found the puckered hole and I tentatively pushed the tip in.

“DON’T,” she ordered but I knew I’d broken her. In fact I almost couldn’t believe how easy it’d been. The woman I’d dreamed of for weeks but had been in awe of, now bent and trembling in my lap. I slid my finger farther down her crack and then under. Her slit was wet. A married woman’s pussy. I pushed my finger into another man’s property. Penetrated her. She groaned.

“Please, it’s wrong, so wrong, don’t Tommy,” she begged. Which only earned her five more sharp blows. She had to know I meant business. She cried out each time my palm landed. There were tears in Mrs. Wright’s eyes when I finally pushed her off my lap and down onto her knees between my legs.

“I swear, you’ll never see Kris again,” she threatened as she sobbed. “I’ll tell Greg, your parents… the police… yes I’ll report you … you’ll go to jail…” There was a wildness in Mrs. Wright’s eyes as she raved.

“For spanking a bad woman?” I had one hand in her short blond hair as I talked, holding her so she couldn’t escape. “An innocent high school boy seduced by a sex crazed married woman?” I knew that I couldn’t stop now — I’d already gone too far. I knew that all our futures depended on me completely breaking her.

“I didn’t seduce you … you’re a monster,” she accused.

“A poor boy made to do dirty things by his girlfriend’s mother.”

“I did nothing,” she denied.

“I’ll tell the police how you touched me, my penis.”

“That’s disgusting,” she answered as her eyes flicked downward to my cock which was clearly outlined through my pants.

“I’ll tell everyone that you said that your husband couldn’t satisfy you. That you said his cock wasn’t big enough for you.”

“LIAR!” she yelled.

“That you said you craved my cock, my big cock. I’ll tell them that you watched Krissie and I when we made love–”

“You’re sleeping with Kristine?”

“As if you didn’t know! I’ll tell them that you told me that you were better than your daughter, that you could show me things, do things for my big cock–”

“Shut up!” she hissed.

“That you loved big cocks in your cunt.”

“That’s disgusting. I don’t! You’re just a boy.”

“That you liked to be spanked,” I continued, ignoring her outburst. “And then when I’d done what you’d asked, after I’d spanked your naked bum–”

“STOP!” she howled. There was desperation and tears in her blue eyes.

“That after I’d spanked your bum until it was bright red you slipped down off my lap and then knelt between my legs. That you touched me through my pants before you lowered my zipper and pulled my penis out.”

“I won’t, never,” she declaimed as she looked up into my eyes.

“Yes, I’ll tell your husband that you said it was much bigger than his, much nicer, that it felt soooo good when it was inside you,” I said as I undid the button at my waist and then lowered my zipper. She watched as I lifted my rear and quickly pushed my pants and boxers down my thighs.

“Oh my gawd,” Mrs. Wright moaned as my freed penis slapped angrily upward against my stomach.

“How his wife kissed its head before she slipped her hungry lips over it.”

“I won’t!” she insisted, then added, “no one could swallow it.”

“Krissie can,” I lied.

“Krissie sucked you? All of it?” There was awe mixed in with her disbelief.

“Yes,” I said as I reached for her left hand. Once I’d captured it I pulled it toward my shaft.

“No,” she said as I forced her fingers to open and then placed them around my penis. My other hand pulled her head towards the drop of precum that was precariously perched on the tip of my cock. For second after second her eyes flicked from my penis to my eyes and back.

“I’ll tell my parents, and the police, that you said that you loved sucking high school boys. That I wasn’t the first.”

“You’re a monster,” she accused, then seconds later her tongue flicked out and captured the precum just as it was about to drop.

“Kiss it,” I ordered as I released my hold on her hair. Freed, she did nothing to escape!

“You’re forcing me, aren’t you?” she asked as she looked up into my eyes. I knew she wanted to.

“Yes Mrs. Wright I am, now lick it.”

“You’ll spank me again if I don’t, won’t you?”

“Hard,” I promised as I moved my hand back onto her head. Then slowly pulled her forward.

“I can’t stop you can I? You’re too strong.” I nodded in reply as her lips tentatively reached to kiss my cock. Then her tongue darted out and slowly and moistly circled my cockhead.

“I hate you,” she hissed.

“Krissie’s better,” I told her as my penis was engulfed.

And then my cell phone rang. My hand tightened on the back of Bonnie’s head, holding her in place, as I pulled the phone from my pocket and flipped it open. Mrs. Wright’s tongue was still working as she looked up and watched me.

“Hi hon,” I said after recognizing the caller. “Where are you anyway? I’ve been waiting for you for like twenty minutes.” I’d put a peeved off tone in my voice. Her mother’s tongue continued to swirl around my cockhead.

“I’m sorry, our practice just ended,” my cheerleader girlfriend answered down the line.

“We’ve gotta get that school project done,” I chided as I watch her mother try to swallow even more of my penis.

“Are you at home?”

“No, at your house, your mom let me in. She fed me some cookies and then started questioning me.”

“She did? About what?”

“You know, mother’s questions. I’ve been getting the fifth degree. She wanted to know what we’ve been doing … whether we’ve been doing it,” I said as I pulled her mother even farther down on me.

“She wanted to know if we’re doing it? Oh my gawd! What’d you say?”

“I told her that her daughter’s a sex maniac … that you never leave me alone. That you’re always touching my cock. I told her you love to suck me, that we fuck at least twice a day,” I answered in a teasing tone.

“Hah! You’re the sex maniac,” my girlfriend accused. “Where is she anyway?”

“She was hungry … she’s getting something to eat,” I told my girlfriend as I watched her mother struggle to get more of me into her mouth.

“She can’t hear you can she?”

“As if,” I said with a laugh. “Hey Mrs. Wright, I’m going to fuck your daughter when she gets home from cheerleading practice.” I winked down at her mom.

“Shut up you idiot, she might hear you,” my girlfriend cautioned down the line. Her mother, her eyes angry and boring into mine, was now bobbing up and down on my shaft. Her daughter had never got as much in her mouth. I could feel the pressure building in my balls and knew I was close.

“Besides Tommy Campbell,” Krissie added, “we don’t have time to make love today… we’ve got homework to do.”

“We’ll see,” I said ominously as my cock bucked and sent a thick strand of cum deep into her mother’s throat. Then I snapped the phone shut as the spasms of ecstasy that were shaking me propelled my cream into Bonnie’s mouth. “Ohhhhhhhh fuck,” I cried as my cock continued to spit my sperm into her sucking mouth.

“You’re a pervert,” Mrs. Wright finally spat out after I’d finished. A sticky strand of my spunk hung from a corner of her mouth and down across her chin.

“You’re the one sucking her daughter’s boyfriend’s cock,” I answered.

“I hate you.”

“Do you want to watch us?”

“Watch what? I want you to go home … I never want to see you again.”

“Liar,” I laughed. I knew I had her where I wanted. The rest would be easy.

“You’re a horrid boy,” she hissed.

“I’m going to leave her bedroom door open when she gets home. She’ll tell you we’re going to be studying. I’ll put her on the bed so you’ll be able to see her in the mirror … she won’t be able to see you. You can stand in the hall in the dark and watch us.”

“You’re crazy. What’s happened to you? I won’t watch … I’ll tell her I don’t want you two alone in her bedroom. I don’t want you dating Krissie any more.”

“You want me for yourself, don’t you? You want me to fuck you.”

“Don’t talk dirty, you used to be a nice boy,” Mrs. Wright hissed.

“She’ll be home soon, you better wash your face,” I told her as I slowly stuffed my cock back into my pants. “Your saliva, the saliva you slobbered on me, will pave the way for me, lubricate me as I fuck your little girl,” I promised.

2 — November 2007, Six Months Earlier

The Wrights liked me. In fact they always had. They’d been elated the day their daughter told them she’d dropped her old boyfriend and was going out with me.

Growing up together on the same suburban block, children of two men who were business partners, children of couples who’d become best friends, I think it had always been assumed, or at least hoped for, that Kristine and I would go out together when we grew up. From the time we’d been five year old kindergarten students we’d heard the comments from our parents and their friends, the, ‘oh don’t they look so cute together’ kind of stuff. And we’d genuinely liked each other. Played and laughed together all our lives.

But of course, once we’d reached the boyfriend/girlfriend stage, as the hormones were exploding in our young bodies, we’d rebelled. For four years we’d resisted, warily watching the other even as we explored our awakening sexual desires as we dated others.

But there was always a certain sexual electricity between us as we grew older. A just suppressed hunger that was continually fueled by the daily interaction between our two families. No matter whom we were dating we were always aware of who the other was seeing, dating, fucking.

Then one day six months earlier we’d both stopped pretending. As eighteen year old high school seniors we were finally ready to admit the truth. It had just taken one question from Kristine. “Where’s Jacqui?” she’d asked, referring to my current girlfriend, after she’d run into me in the school hallway late one afternoon.

“We broke up,” I answered on the spur of the moment, a completely untrue statement. At least it had been until I’d uttered it.

“You have?”

“She dropped me, said I’m not good enough for her,” I said.

“Yeah right! Is she craaaazy?” exploded from her lips. I casually shrugged my shoulders. Then a suspicious smile crossed her lips. “I’ll bet it was you, you dropped her, didn’t you?” she accused.

“There’s this other girl … I keep thinking about her,” I stammered, pretending. I hadn’t planned any of this but suddenly knew where it was going.

“Who? Gwen? April? Liz?”

“She’s smarter than Jacqui. Cuter. Better looking. More fun to talk to. Smarter. Sexier.”

“Who is it?” my curious neighbor couldn’t help asking.

“She’s got a boyfriend,” I said, a touch of sadness in my voice.

“Does she know? Did you tell her? If she knew she’d–”

“She’d what?”

“She’d be lucky,” my friend said wistfully.

“She has great breasts too.”

“She does? Great how?”

“Uh huh. And she lives on my street too.”

I could see the wheels turning as Kristine ran through all the possibilities on our street. “No she doesn’t,” she finally announced with absolute confidence.

“She’s tall … beautiful long legs …blond hair …hangs right down to her waist … the prettiest blue eyes … funny little nose,” I said as I ran my eyes slowly over Krissie’s body. “I dream of her all the time.”

“A funny nose?” There was a grin now on Krissie’s lips. She knew.

“Uh huh. Great nipples too.”

“You’ve never seen my nipples!”

“You were about four, you didn’t want to keep your bathing suit on—”

“Ha, Ha!” She was beaming.

I grinned back.

“So, do you want to walk home together?” she finally asked after seconds of silence.

“Where’s Will?” I asked, referring to her then current beau.

“I broke up with him … just today,” my neighbor lied as she took my hand in hers.

“Good,” I said as we started to walk down the deserted hallway. It had been as simple as that. By the time we arrived at her house we were going steady.

Her parents and her younger sister had been in the Wright kitchen working at preparing dinner when we’d marched in twenty minutes later that afternoon. Her family was always happy to see me and welcomed me warmly. Mr. Wright, who had no son of his own, was especially happy any time I dropped over.

“Can Tommy stay for dinner,” Kris asked her mom.

“Of course he can,” Mr. Wright answered happily, the prospect of a dinner table conversation with another male present irresistible.

“Oh, by the way, we’re dating now, Tommy and I that is,” Kris said simply. Both her parents’ eyes opened wide in surprise.

“Oh my gawd,” her little sister Mandy blurted, then added as she ran from the room, “Wait til Gail hears this.” Gail, my younger sister, was her best friend.

“Finally,” Mrs. Wright said, an unbelievably wide smile on her lips.

“Have you told your parents?” Mr. Wright asked me as he shook my hand. If I had asked him at that second if I could marry his daughter he would have said yes.

So my parents and sister were summoned to join us for dinner, and they were as delighted as the Wrights.

And when Krissie’s little sister asked between courses, “When are you two getting married?” everyone at the table looked at us expectantly.

“Hah, who knows, I may not even like him. Besides, next year when I’m in college I won’t be dating high school boys,” my new girlfriend said dismissively. But no one at the table was fooled. It was just a question of time as far as they all were concerned.

The next day we’d made love for the first time. And we hadn’t stopped in the six months since. It was better than great. We both knew we’d been made for each other. For both of us it was different from anything we’d ever experienced before. So much fucking better!

It was love. And sex. Great sex. We were both happy as we planned our future life together. We both wanted kids. We’d even discussed getting married as soon as we graduated. Why wait we’d both asked ourselves.

So what had brought me to a point where I’d wanted her mother? Why had I taken her over my knee and spanked her? Why had I forced her to her knees and made her service me with her mouth? Suck my cock.

It’s not easy to explain. Something happened, something changed in the way I looked at Mrs. Wright. She’d always been just a neighbor, an adult. My mom’s friend, Krissie’s mom, dad’s partners wife. Just another adult.

Had I ever thought of her in a sexual context growing up? Looking back I realize I must have, she was a beautiful woman. But if I did, and I don’t really recall it, it was just background sexual noise that was drowned out by the sexual feelings I’d had for the more legitimate and likely targets of a horny teenager.

Was it her fault? Certainly she hadn’t planned anything. She hadn’t set out to seduce her daughter’s boyfriend. She’d been happy with her life, with her husband. But a subtle change had occurred in her attitude towards me. Something happened in the weeks after I’d started dating her daughter.

It started with simple looks. I’d lift my eyes and catch her watching me. Catch her with a look in her eyes that was new. An interest. It took me a while to interpret it as sexual interest but it finally dawned on me. I responded in kind. I liked it. It was exciting that my girlfriend’s mom was attracted to me. Strange but exciting. Anyway I wasn’t planning on doing anything about it.

And then there was the physical contact. A mother’s hug. A kiss on the cheek of her daughter’s boyfriend. A soft breast suddenly pushed against my arm. A soft hand caressing my hair. Normal day to day contact that suddenly was something more.

Again I responded. A hug held seconds longer than expected. A kiss that she’d expected on her cheek instead brushed her lips. A hand on her shoulder. We said nothing as we lured the other. We fucked each other with our eyes.

And so a desire was slowly awakened. She morphed in my eyes from just another adult into a sexy woman. She started to appear in my dreams. She triggered wet dreams. I’m not sure what was happening in her brain. How she was rationalizing it.

And the fact that she was married, that she was another man’s wife, somehow added a taboo excitement that was unlike the desire I felt for her daughter. I realized I wanted her in part because she was married.

And so it had finally gotten to the point where I’d simply taken her. Spanked her. Pushed my cock into her mouth. Assaulted her. And after having mastered her I knew I was going to fuck her. Even though I still loved her daughter… it was wrong…

3 — 4:07 p.m. May 27th 2008

And so, five minutes after I’d spurted my creamy sperm into her mother’s mouth, my girlfriend, the girl I’d been going with for six months, and making love to for almost as long, arrived home and found her mom and her boyfriend in the family den. Everything looked normal.

“Hi mom, hey you,” Kris said as she walked over and gave me a hug.

Taller than her mom by about two inches, at five foot, nine inches tall, her body still had the coltish quality of a female who was on the cusp of full ripeness. She hadn’t quite attained her mother’s lush roundness.

After a minute or two of conversation with her mom Kris excused us, explaining we had a school project to do. I winked at her mom before we turned to go. Then Kris turned back and asked, “Can Tommy stay for dinner mom?”

“If he has to,” she answered, a scowl on her face.


“We can’t,” Krissie protested once we were in her bedroom and I’d pulled her against me. “We’ve got to study, really Tommy, I’m serious,” she said as my hands found her rear and pulled her tighter against me.

“I’m hard,” I said needlessly, she couldn’t help but feel my urgency.

“You’re always hard,” she protested but lifted her arms up as I pulled the sweater up over her head. Groaned softly when I unsnapped her bra.

“Your nipples are hard too, hard little pebbles,” I said as I cupped and caressed her firm teenage breasts.

“She’ll hear,” Krissie complained even as her fingers worked the buttons on my shirt and then the button and zipper on my pants.

“Sex maniac,” I accused as my girlfriends soft fingers found my cock.

“You are. Yuck, it’s sticky,” she complained as she softly moved her palm up and down my shaft.

“You make me sticky,” I answered as I lifted her and carried her to the bed. I laid her on her Queen Size bed at an angle so that she couldn’t see the mirror or the door I’d left open a crack.

“Now don’t make any noise, we don’t want your mommy investigating,” I directed as I knelt between her legs and then slowly lowered my mouth to her sex.

“Ohhhh Tommy,” she groaned as my tongue found her clit. Looking up I found my girlfriend with her head back, her mouth open, her eyes on the ceiling as I slowly licked up and down her slit. Then flicking my eyes upward I caught a movement reflected in the mirror. Mrs. Wright! Bonnie’s watching her daughter get eaten!

I was already hard but found myself in no rush. My ejaculation into her mom’s mouth just minutes before had taken the hard, urgent edge off. I took my time, delighting in the cries of pleasure my probing tongue produced. Her hands held my head against her sex.

She was thrashing wildly when her first orgasm washed over her and spilled out onto my lapping tongue.

“Hurry,” she urged after I’d sat up and knelt between her legs. “Please Tommy,” she pled as I slid my cockhead up and down her moist slit. I realized as I teased her that I wanted her screaming!

“Hurry and do what?” I kidded. I could see her mom now clearly reflected in the mirror. I smiled at her before positioning my cockhead at her daughter’s gate. Then I lifted it up and down in a mock wave to the woman who’d just swallowed it.

“Fuck me,” she cried as her fingers reached for my cock. I pushed inside. Deep. And hard. Her mother’s eyes were locked on my penis as it disappeared inside her groaning daughter.

My hips started to thrust in and out rhythmically. Krissie started to yell. I watched Mrs. Wright in the mirror. She had her dress raised and her hand was working urgently inside her panties as I continued to fuck her daughter. I’d never been so excited… so hard!

My girlfriends pussy was like a boiling cauldron when my penis finally erupted and bathed her insides with my hot sperm.


“Do you think she heard?” Kristie asked between panting breaths minutes later. We were both covered in a sheen of sweat.

“You were howling like a bloody banshee, of course she heard,” I answered as I gently ran my hand over her heaving breasts.

“What if she says something?”

“Like what? She knows we’re doing it.”

“Still Tommy–”

“She and your dad must make lots of noise when they’re doing it. What’s the difference?”

“No they don’t.”

“Your sexy momma doesn’t scream out when your daddy’s fucking her.” Looking up I caught movement reflected in the mirror. Mrs. Wright was still hanging around.

“That’s gross.”

“Why? It’s just sex. If they hadn’t done it we wouldn’t be here. You should hear my mom scream,” I answered.

“You’ve heard them? They do it when you’re home?”

“Sure, they’re going at it all the time. Don’t your parents?”

“I don’t know… I mean they must do it but…”

“But what?” I asked.

“Well … they’re old.”

“Hell your moms only thirty-six, she’s hot, I’d fuck her,” I said as I trailed a finger down her slit, picking up a thick drop of my cum that was still oozing out. I winked at her mom in the mirror.

“That is so disgusting. She’s my mom you pervert!” I pushed my cum covered finger between her lips.

“So? If I was your dad I’d be fucking her day and night. I’d have her screaming.”


“Did you ever dream of doing it with your dad?”

“Are you crazy? That’s sick.”

“Does your dad have a big penis?”

“How should I know?”

“I’ve dreamt of my mom… of doing it with her,” I admitted.

“You haaaaave?”

“To your mom too. I’ll bet my cocks bigger than your dad’s.”


“You and your mom in bed with me … naked… licking me… sucking my cock. Your dad watching.”

“You’re such a sicko,” Kristie accused even as her hand reached for and then circled my again hard shaft.

“Would you really mind if I fucked her?” I asked as I thrust deep inside her.

“Do you really want to?” she gasped. I sensed she was excited at the idea as I was.

“Yes,” I finally told her five minutes later as I pulled my softening and dripping cock out of her pussy.

4 — 6:15 p.m. May 27th 2008

“You’re eating here more often these days than you do at your own house,” Mr. Wright, Greg, teased when Krissie and I arrived at the table twenty minutes later. I’d just spent the last hour and a half making love to his daughter and he didn’t have a clue. And if he had he wouldn’t have minded, he’d already decided I was the perfect husband for his little girl. My cum was sliding down her thighs.

“It’s because Mrs. Wright is such a good cook,” I said as I bowed towards his wife before I took my seat at the table. I watched him, wondering what he’d think if he knew what I’d shoved into his wife’s mouth earlier that afternoon. If he knew my sperm was swirling around her stomach. I was tempted to tell him.

“Don’t let your mom ever hear you say that young man,” he said good-naturedly.

“Yup Mr. Wright, one of these days, I’m going to have to cook up a special treat for Mrs. Wright, pay her back for everything.” As I spoke I slipped my left foot over until it touched Mrs. Wright’s foot.

“Krissie’s a good cook too,” her little sister interrupted.

“Yes she is,” I agreed as I let my right foot drift onto my girlfriend’s calf. We ate dinner. I played footsie throughout with both of them. Greg Wright was oblivious to what I was doing. In one way I felt bad about what I’d done, about what I was going to do. But I also couldn’t help but feel a little bit of contempt for him too. Shit, his wife had sucked me off and here he was feeding me.


“We’ve got to go daddy,” Kissie’s sister Mandy insisted twenty-five minutes later as she pushed the empty dessert plate away from her.

“I’m coming too,” my girlfriend said.

“The cake was great Mrs. Wright,” I said as I licked my lips.

“You girls have to help your mom clean up before we go,” Mr. Wright instructed. He’d earlier agreed to take his younger daughter to the Apple store to buy her an I-Pod. I knew Krissie wanted to go so she could continue her campaign for a new computer.

“You guys go, I’ll help your mom,” I said as I stood and then started to clear the table. Mr. Wright protested my offer but within two minutes his two daughters had him out the door.

“You don’t have to, I can do it,” Bonnie said when I arrived in the kitchen carrying a second load of dirty dishes. She was standing at the sink, her hands immersed in the soapy water.

“You can do it can you?” I asked as I moved up behind her and circled her waist with my arms.

“Stop … we can’t.”

“But you just said you could do it,” I answered as I moved my hands upward until they were cupping her full breasts. Rounder and softer breasts than her daughters.

“I didn’t mean that! Please Tommy,” she pled. I pinched her nipples in reply as I pulled her back against me.

“Did you like watching?” I asked as I caressed her. My prick was hard.

“I didn’t watch.”

“Liar!” I pinched her nipples a little harder. Pulled them. Stretched them.

“That hurts,” she groaned as I ground my cock into her bum.

“Watching your daughter get fucked,” I whispered into her ear. “Touching yourself while my cock was in Krissie’s cunt.”

“I didn’t!”

“She’s noisy isn’t she? When she has a big cock in her.”

“I hate you.”

“She said you never make any noise when your husband fucks you.”

“She didn’t say that.”

“She said Greg has a small prick.”

“No she didn’t, she said she’d never seen it.”

“You listened to every word didn’t you?”

“No I didn’t.”

“So Bonnie, is it as big as mine?”

“You’re disgusting.”

“Did you hear what I told her,” I asked.


“That I wanted to fuck you, fuck her mom. It excited her.” My hands moved downward as I talked, down across her stomach, then over her hips and down her thighs. Then I let them creep up under her skirt. After pushing her panties aside I slipped a finger inside her. She was sopping wet.


“I’ll make you cum,” I promised as I used my other hand to undo my zipper.

“They’ll be back soon, we don’t have time,” Bonnie cried as I ran my thick cock over her bum. “Please Tommy.”

“Turn around.”

“Why? I don’t want to.” In answer I pulled her hands out of the water and quickly turned her so she was facing me. Then I forced her hands back behind her and back down into the water.

“Leave them there,” I ordered.

“What are you going to do?” I started to undo the buttons on her dress instead of answering.

“Don’t… Pleeeease Tommy.”

“I want to see your breasts,” I replied as I pushed the straps of her dress down off her shoulders. Then I quickly unsnapped her bra. Her full, pink capped tits tumbled out.

“You can’t!”

“Why? Do you think your husband would mind? ” I asked as my palms took possession of her breasts. “They’re so beautiful,” I crooned into her ear.

“They’re not. And Greg’s always been good to you. He’s treated you like a son,” she argued as I massaged her now erect little nubs. Her nips were thicker than Krissies but shorter.

I knew it was true. I knew that it was wrong to do what I was planning to do. But there was another feeling growing in me. It was more than simply having sex with a beautiful woman. It was the excitement at knowing I was going to possess another man’s wife.

“It’s his fault,” I growled.

“His fault?” Bonnie asked, her incredulity clear.

“If he can’t protect his own wife, can’t satisfy her–”

“He can” she protested.

“Not like I will,” I started just as the lights from a car turning into the driveway splashed across the curtained kitchen window.

“Oh my gawd, they’re back already, let me go,” Bonnie squealed franticly but I continued to caress her breasts. Breasts that were fuller and rounder than her daughter’s still growing young beauties. “Please Tommy,” she pled. I let my hands drop to my sides.

“Kiss it,” I ordered.

“We don’t have time,” Bonnie cried as she struggled to reattach her bra. I let her. Then I let her button up her dress even while keeping her hemmed in with my body. My cock was poking her.

“Put it away … hurry.”

“Kiss it first,” I insisted as we heard the car doors open.

“Don’t let them see it,” she begged. I simply waited until she bent down and kissed the tip of my cock. Then I let her tuck me away just as the front door opened.

“I’m going to fuck you Mrs. Wright,” I whispered, then turned to greet my girlfriend.


A half hour later the two girls, their mom and I were in the Wright den watching TV. Mr. Wright had excused himself, saying he had work to do after young Amanda had won the remote and insisted we had to watch some show on Animal Planet.

“It’s about orangutans, it’s a series … we always discuss it in science class the next day,” Amanda explained as she settled herself on the floor in front of the TV. I was happily ensconced between her mom and sister on the couch in the room whose only illumination came from the flickering screen. I put an arm around each of them as Mandy gave us a running commentary on what was happening on the screen.

“That’s Jasper, he’s what they call the Alpha male of the pack.”

“The what?” I asked as I let my right hand drift down onto the edge of Krissie’s breast. She quickly checked her mom but then said nothing when her mother seemed oblivious to what I was doing.

“He’s the strongest, the biggest, he’s the big boss, they all have to obey him,” Mandy explained.

“Like me,” I said with a laugh. “The man in charge of the women.” Krissie gave me a quick elbow but then nestled back into my side. I cupped her breast and then squeezed it. My other hand started to caress her mother’s hair.

“He’s in charge of everyone. Even the other males, they have to obey him,” Mandy said without looking back. On the screen in front of us the big male orangutan was mounting one of the females.

“That’s so gross,” Krissie announced when the orangutan started to pump his hips, pushing his monkey prick into her. He quickly finished and pulled out.

“I don’t think Mandy should be watching this Mrs. W, this has to be an Adult’s Only show,” I said, knowing I’d get a rise out of the almost fifteen year old.

“Its natural science Mr. Smarty Pants,” Mandy said in the most superior tone of voice a girl her age could manage.

“Look Mrs. Wright, he’s doing it with someone else now,” I said in mock horror as the screen showed the orange monkey mounting another female.

“Maybe you shouldn’t be watching dear,” her mother started.

“They’re monkeys mother! Its how they’re made, don’t you know anything? He sleeps with all the females in the family,” the exasperated teen spat out as she continued to watch the screen.

“He sleeps with all of them? Even his sisters? His mother? His daughters?” I asked. My hand moved down onto Mrs. Wright’s breast.

“They’re in the wild. That’s what monkeys do. He wants all the baby orangutans to be his. That’s how it works.”

“Jasper the monkey gets to sleep with his girlfriend’s mother,” I whispered into Krissie’s ear, then kissed her.

“Perv,” she whispered back but as she turned she saw my hand cupping her mom’s tit.

“It’s late, I gotta go,” I told my girlfriend whose mouth had opened wide in disbelief. “I’m not watching any more of this weird monkey business. C’mon, give me a kiss,” I insisted, then covered my girlfriend’s lips with mine.

“It’s not weird,” young Mandy insisted, her eyes still on the screen.

“Bye Mandy, night Mrs. Wright,” I said as I turned to Krissie’s mother. Then I lowered my lips onto hers. Tongued Bonnie as her daughter watched.

Then, before either of them had recovered, I was up and out of the room without another word.

5 — 12:15 p.m. May 28th 2008 High School – the next day

“Are you fucking crazy? What if Mandy had seen? Or if Daddy had come back into the room?” Krissie demanded. I’d succeeded in avoiding her all morning but at lunchtime she’d finally cornered me in the school cafeteria.

“The orangutans excited me.”

“Idiot! They’re fucking monkeys. Who do you think you are, Tarzan the ape-man? You touched her breast. Tongued her.”

“Well you told me your dad didn’t satisfy her.”

“I never said that,” my girl protested loudly enough that heads rose all around the cafeteria.

“Maybe we better discuss it somewhere else,” I suggested as I nodded towards the surrounding listeners.


“I said they didn’t make lots of noise, not that he didn’t satisfy her,” Kris hissed at me five minutes later. We were walking across the school baseball diamond. She’d refused to let me hold her hand.

“I think she wants me.”

“Are you crazy? She’s happily married.”

“She’s just like her daughter. Horny! Wants a big cock in her.”

“She’s not. And if you think I’m going to allow it–”

“Call me Jasper,” I teased as I grabbed her and pulled her against me.

“Stop it!”

“Can you feel Jasper the orangutans big cock?” I teased. “It’s nice and big for little Krissie.”

“You’re so sick,” she said but made no effort to escape my grasp. In fact she even wriggled a little closer.

“We can do it behind the stands,” I whispered between kisses.

“Someone might see,” she protested but couldn’t hide her excitement.

“Me Tarzan, you Jane,” I said, then released her and beat my chest. Krissie fled laughing. But I caught before she got to first base. Then released my “bat” and managed to hit a home run in the infield…

When we’d finally finished I looked up and saw the school gardener standing by the outfield fence, his hand working urgently inside his pants. Pervert.

6 — Wednesday, June 4th 2008 A week later

“How’d you get in?”

“I have a key … in fact I think it was your husband who gave it to me.”

“You should be in school.”

“I should be in you,” I said as I moved purposely across the room. “Mr. Wright did give me the key. He said I was welcome anytime. That the Wright door would always be open for me. You’re door.”

“That’s not what he meant. I want you to go home immediately,” she ordered. Instead I picked her up in my arms.

“He knows you’re frustrated, that you need a real man. That’s why he gave it to me.”

“We can’t, it’s wrong, he didn’t want you to do it,” Bonnie Wright protested as I carried her towards her bedroom. Towards the bed she normally shared with her husband Greg.

Seconds later, laughing, I dropped her in the middle of her bed. “Take off your clothes,” I ordered as I let the knapsack I’d been carrying slip off my shoulders.

“I won’t. Krissie loves you, you’ll break her heart,” her mother implored. She was lying on her back, her legs spread and her panties exposed as her dress rode up her thighs.

“Krissie will have to share me,” I answered as I pulled my t-shirt over my head. Shirtless I turned to my backpack.

“What are you doing?” she asked when I pulled the tripod and the video camera from my pack.

“I’m going to film us.”

“Are you crazy? You can’t,” she protested as she watched me set up the camera.

“Our first time together.” I pushed the ‘record’ button.

“I love my husband, I won’t,” she promised as I unzipped and then shucked the jeans and boxers I’d been wearing. “It’s wrong.” I simply walked towards the bed. My cock was engorged with blood.

“Come here,” I ordered. When she cowered back against the headboard I simply grabbed her ankles and pulled her back toward me. Then I quickly reached between her legs and ripped the white cotton boy shorts from her loins. Her wispy triangle of blond pubic hair couldn’t hide the pink, inviting gash of her sex. Her vaginal lips were already puffed wide in anticipation.

“Don’t!” she protested as she watched me climb up onto the bed and push her knees apart. Holding her hips down I slowly brought my erection towards her sex.

“It’s too big,” she cried as my cockhead pried her nether lips apart. “Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh,” she groaned when my shaft split her.

She’s a married woman… someone else’s wife I chastised myself as my penis forced itself inside her. Greg’s wife! She was as tight, hell, even tighter than her daughter. But she was wet with excitement. I pushed more inside. Then more.

“Tommy, we shouldn’t,” Bonnie said softly even as she spread her legs wider.

“Should I stop?” I asked. I stopped moving my hips and looked deep into her eyes.

“Yes,” my girlfriend’s mother answered but the way she wrapped her legs around my back belied her words.

I slowly pulled my hips backward until I’d eased all but the fat head of my cock from her. Her heels slammed down on my butt. “Say it,” I demanded as I locked eyes with her.

Second after second she met my gaze until she suddenly dropped her eyes and whispered, “Fuck me.”

“Fuck you?” I asked.

“YES! FUCK ME,” she demanded as she lifted her hips upward off the bed. I smashed downward and filled her with one deep thrust.

“Aaaaaaaaaaah!” Krissie may have never heard her mom make any noise during sex before but the next five minutes proved she was as excitable and as loud as her daughter. Her moans, her groans, her shrieks of pleasure echoed from one end of the house to the other as I pounded inside her.

And then my cock flooded her with my sperm as her orgasm spasmed through her body. I was in her husbands bed… and in his wife.


“It hurt,” Bonnie whispered. She was lying on her back, her legs splayed wide apart, my cum leaking from her vagina.

“Liar.” I turned on my side and lightly caressed her hair. “You’re a beautiful little slut Mrs. Wright,” I said reverentially as I let my fingers slide down her cheek and then farther down onto her breast.

“I’m not,” she started but my lips found hers before she could say another word. Our tongues explored.

“Touch me,” I encouraged when our lips had finally separated.

“I don’t want to,” she protested even as her hand slipped between our bodies. “My god, you’re already hard again,” she said when her fingers circled my penis.

“You make me big,” I said as I rolled her over onto her stomach. I moved my palm possessively over her ass as I moved between her legs. “Lift your bum, get on your knees,” I instructed as I ran a finger up her crack.

“No, not there… you’re too big … I don’t do that,” Bonnie protested as I slipped a pillow under her stomach.

“You don’t like it here?” I asked as I moved my middle finger against her puckered anus.


“Greg doesn’t make love to your ass?” I asked as I pushed my finger deep inside her.

“Noooooo! Please Tommy! Fuck my pussy … my–”

“Your cunt?”


“Are you sure?”

“Yes, fuck me … fuck me with your big cock … hurry.”

“Is it bigger than your husbands?” I pumped my finger insistently in and out of her bum.

“Yes … much bigger … please Tommy… fuck Bonnie…I need it… fuck me hard.”

I did! Hard, deep dogging that within seconds had her screaming in pleasure as loud as her daughter ever had when impaled on my cock. I waited for her, waited until her juicy orgasm struck before I splashed more cum inside her.


“Again?” she asked some time later.

“Yes,” I said as I again pushed my penis into another man’s wife.

“You’re an animal,” she accused back but in a voice that invited.

“You love it,” I laughed back. We both did!


“It’s late. They’ll be home soon,” Bonnie whispered. She was lying on top of me, her lips inches from mine. She was mine now.

“Tell me.”

“Tell you what?” she asked. I simply waited. “I love you,” she finally whispered, and then when I said nothing she added, “I love your big cock.”

“Kiss it,” I lured. She did.

I fucked her once more before we left her husbands bed that day. Then I joined the Wrights for dinner. And I knew as I ate that it should have been I who was sitting at the head of the table.

7 — Thursday June 12th 2008 Krissies bedroom

“What is it?”

“A film I made,” I answered as I put the DVD into the player. It was a week since I’d taken her mother.

“You want to watch a film? Now?” my girlfriend asked, her surprise clear. She was lying on her bed. Naked. She was panting. I’d just finished eating her out. We were alone in her house.

“Yes,” I answered as I turned back toward the bed. My hard-on was poking out from my body.

“I don’t think heee wants to watch a movie,” Krissie teased as she reached out for my bouncing cock.

“We’ll multitask,” I answered as I hopped up on the bed next to her and then rolled her over onto her stomach. Like mother, like daughter I thought to myself as I prepared her. As I put a pillow under her stomach.


I interrupted her with a quick firm slap on her butt. Then I moved so that my cock was resting against her crack. “We’ll make love and watch a movie,” I said as I grabbed my penis and directed it to her sex.

“What’s the film about?” Krissie asked back over her shoulder. There was a dirty little grin on her lips.

I pushed my cock inside her moist, welcoming teenage sleeve. Then pushed play on the remote control. “About mothers and daughters … and men who can’t satisfy their wives,” I whispered into her ear. The screen lit up.

“OH MY GAWD!” She started to struggle, tried to wriggle out of my embrace. I tightened my grip on her breasts and held her tight as I started to piston deep inside her. We both watched the screen, the screen that showed me fucking her mom.

Krissie’s cries of pleasure and protest soon were echoed by the cries her mother was making up on the screen.


“I hate you.”

“I love you,” I answered.

“What are we going to do?”

“Probably just get married and start having babies.”

“You’re terrible.”

“Am I?” I bent my head towards hers.

“What about mom?” my girlfriend asked just before my lips found hers.

It was twenty minutes later before we started talking again. She was lying on top of me, her erect nipples tickling my chest as she tried to hold my softening spear inside herself.

“Are you mad at me?”

“I don’t know,” she finally admitted. “What about Daddy?”

“If a man can’t protect his property–”

“A wife isn’t property,” my girlfriend protested.

Ignoring her interruption I went on, “then some other man will come along and take her.”

“That’s crazy.”

“You’re both my property now,” I promised.

“Ha, ha.” And then, as we lay silently contemplating each other, a new and surprising thought suddenly appeared in my brain. Krissie saw something in m eyes. “What?” she asked.

“Nothing … it’s nothing,” I answered even as I examined the thought. Why hadn’t my father ever made love to Mrs. Wright? In all the years they’d known each other, that they’d been friends, during all the socializing that the two couples had done. Why hadn’t he? I knew he had a big cock, knew he and mom went at it all the time. Why hadn’t he picked up on Bonnie’s need?

8 — Saturday June 21st 2008 the Wright house

“I want to ask you for the hand of your daughter.”

“What?” I’d surprised Mr. Wright with my question. It was another ten days later. I’d slept with his wife another two times in the interim. Bonnie had succumbed easily each time I’d approached her. “But you two are both going off to University in the fall.”

“I love her.”

“I know you do, it’s just that … I mean, have you told your dad?”

“I wanted to ask you first,” I told my future father-in-law. The man I’d cuckolded.

“Well of course we were all hoping … Bonnie and I … your parents …its just that we thought you’d wait a few years. You two are so young.”

“We’re in love sir.”


“How old were you when you married Mrs. Wright?” I knew she’d been seventeen and he nineteen when they’d married.

“That was different,” he started but I knew as I watched him that it was going to be okay.


An hour later, after we’d finished off the bar-b-q steaks my dad had prepared, in front of my parents and sister, and in front of Krissie’s parents and sister, I knelt in front of my love.

“What are you doing?” Krissie asked with a grin, thinking I was up to one on my crazy stunts. Then she saw the ring.

“No way,” she answered after I’d proposed. But she was smiling. In fact everyone around the table was smiling.

“If she won’t marry you I will,” little Amanda chimed in.

“Mandy!” her mother chided.

“He’ll just have to wait a few years,” Krissies sister added.

“Then you’ll be my sister-in-law,” my little sister told her friend.

“Shut up you two,” my girlfriend warned as she slipped the ring onto her finger and then embraced me.

“Remember you’ve got to promise to obey me,” I teased after our lips had separated.

“Yeah right,” simultaneously spilled in answer from the mouths of the five females present. Little did they know!

And over the next thirty minutes our families agreed on the main details. We’d marry in the summer. A late July weekend. In just five weeks. Our moms had protested they wouldn’t have time to prepare everything but we simply plowed through their arguments.

We’d marry in the Wright’s back yard.

“How are you going to support Krissie anyway?” her clever little sister asked after we’d agreed on all the general arrangements.

“I’ll get a job.”

This raised an immediate protest from the four adults present.

“They’re attending University,” mom quickly interjected.

“They certainly are,” Greg agreed.

“College will actually be cheaper with them married,” Bonnie added.

I said nothing even though I knew I wasn’t going to go away for school. Neither was Krissie. I figured I’d save that news for another day.


“She’ll be the only one? Promise me,” Krissie demanded. It was later that night and I’d just snuck into her bedroom.

“Just you and your mom,” I lied. I knew there was at least one other woman I’d eventually have to take.

“And you promise to never let daddy know?’

“He’ll never know from me,” I agreed but wondered as I uttered the words if I could keep the promise. I’d been slowly coming to realize that it would never be enough to simply take another man’s wife. He also had to know. If you’re going to be king of the jungle the other males have to know it. What was the point if he didn’t know?

9 — Sunday July 6th 2008

“I’m not going away to school dad,” I told my father on an early July Sunday afternoon two weeks later.

“Of course you are,” he answered as he lowered his beer bottle to the patio table. “Every Campbell male goes to the University of Virginia.” I could see he was ready to argue this one.

“I’m going to stay here in town, get a job, take some courses at State.”

“You can’t. What about Kristine?” her father Greg asked from across the table. The three of us had been sitting on the patio talking baseball.

“She can go to State full time.”

“Where will you work?” Greg Wright demanded.

“You’re going to U.V.A.,” dad insisted.

“I’m going to set up a web design and computer marketing company,” I told Mr. Wright as I ignored my dad’s comment. “Do for others what I did for you guys last summer.” I’d spent the summer building a web site for their company and had worked part time at it all year.

“You need to get a degree first,” my dad growled.

“I’ll get one part time, at night.”


We talked back and forth, argued really, for another hour before I finally split. I hadn’t totally convinced them but they hadn’t shaken my resolve either. Leaving, I knew my father and Mr. Wright well enough to know that they’d spend the next hour or so discussing the pros and cons of my plans. Knowing Krissie was off with a couple of her friends organizing last minute things for the wedding I went looking for her mom.

And found her ten minutes later. She was on her knees in her backyard garden with a trowel in her hand. A garden that was completely screened off from the neighbor houses by a thick wall of foliage. I unzipped as I walked towards her. She looked up when I was five feet away from her.

“Are you crazy?” my future mother-in-law screeched.

“Yes, you make me crazy,” I agreed as I grasped my rapidly hardening penis in my palm.

“Greg’s in the house!”

“He’s over at our place. Dad and he are deep in discussion, they’re discussing my future,” I answered. “You’re so beautiful,” I intoned as I reached with my free hand to caress her hair.

“Krissie could come out,” her mother hissed.

“She already knows,” I said as I ran my cockhead lightly across her lips.

“She does?” I pushed my penis between her lips before she could say another word. Then I put both of my hands on the back of her head. Her tongue started to move.

“It excites her to know you and I are doing it,” I said, then was silent as I let her mouth work my cock for minutes before finally pulling away from her. I wanted to fuck her.

“Not here,” she cried as I undid the denim jean shorts she was wearing. After I’d exposed her I pushed her down on her back onto the rich soil she’d just trowelled.

And then I pushed my hoe into the most perfect furrow God have ever designed. A furrow formed of human skin. A married woman’s welcoming sheathe. She was sopping!

“I want you to have my baby,” I told Bonnie when my cum started spurting deep inside her.

“I’m too old.”

“You’re perfect,” I cooed as I started to move my hips again. “You’re both going to have my babies,” I promised.

10 — Sunday July 20th 2008

“What’s this?” Krissie asked as she took the proffered envelope from my dad’s fingers. The two families were eating dinner together again. It was some two weeks since I’d told dad and Greg my plans to not go away for school. The wedding was scheduled for the next Saturday.

“A wedding present,” dad answered.

“From all of us,” Bonnie added.

“What is it?” my future wife asked.

“We thought if you weren’t going away,” my mother started.

“It just fell into our lap … Mr. Conrad was transferred, they were in a big rush,” Greg added.

“Mr. Conrad, our Mr. Conrad?” Krissie asked, clearly confused. The Conrad’s lived two houses down from the Wrights and across the street from our house.

“We didn’t want you living in some broken down student apartment,” mom explained as my girlfriend opened the envelope and pulled out a deed to the Conrad’s house.

My future wife screamed in joy. And then we all started to talk at once, then, laughing as the tears fell down our cheeks, we all embraced.

I hugged Greg and couldn’t help but smile at the thought of how easy he was making it for me.

11 — Saturday July 26th 2008 Wedding Day

It was a perfect July afternoon when Kristine Wright was escorted by her beaming father to an altar that had been temporarily erected in her parent’s back yard. Standing waiting at the altar I couldn’t help glancing at the spot just feet away where I’d planted her mother just weeks earlier. Her mother, who, at that moment, was smiling at me from the front row of the temporary seats that had been installed just that morning. My mother-in-law Bonnie, a woman who already had my child growing inside her.

And so we both dutifully said, “I do”, and then kissed in front of our friends and family to seal our union. We became man and wife. I was married! We wee both ecstatic. I was a husband. At eighteen.

And then the party began. We ate. We made speeches. We smiled. Krissie and I kissed again and again to the demands of the clinking china. And then we danced. And then it happened. As I was dancing Bonnie around the dance floor that had been set on the lawn next to the pool.

I looked up and locked eyes with her across the yard. And as I smiled I saw as the quizzical expression she’d had on her face suddenly changed to knowledge. Somehow she knew! Some female intuition. I looked away from my mother as I continued to dance my mother-in-law around the room. How could she know/ I asked myself as I looked away from her now penetrating stare.

Twenty minutes later, while I was dancing with my new wife, my father cut in and left me with my mother as my partner.

“It can’t be true can it?” She asked. She knew it was. I didn’t answer, instead simply held her a little tighter as I led her around the dance floor.

“She seduced you? Her daughter’s boyfriend? She’s supposed to be our friend. I’ll kill her.” Her words weren’t really directed at me, they were simply her thoughts that were spilling unbidden from her mouth. I continued to dance. “Is she crazy? God, what about poor Greg?”

“How’d you figure it out,” I asked.

“She’s a slut,” my mother accused her best friend.

“It was as much my fault, I seduced her,” I finally whispered in my mother’s ear.

“You?” I nodded yes into her cheek. “But why?”

“It just happened.”

“Just happened? But what about Kris? Your new wife for God’s sake.”

“She knows,” I said as the song ended.

“Ohhhh Tommy,” my mother groaned into my ear.


“You should have waited for me,” my new sister-in-law, recently turned fifteen year old Mandy told me as I danced her around the room some time later.

“Well, by the time your old enough in three or four years maybe I’ll be ready to trade in your sister,” I teased back.

“Yeah right.”

“Or maybe I’ll need a second wife by then,” I said with a wink.

“Sure,” my new sister-in-law scoffed.

“I could be like your friend Jasper.”

“The orangutan?”

“Uh huh. Doesn’t he rule all the women in his family? Don’t they all become his wife?”

“Ha, ha,” she said as the dance ended and I released her. I watched as she walked over to my sister and whispered in her ear. Watched as they both started to giggle. They were still girls of course but dolled up as they were for the wedding you could see the beautiful women they were likely to become.

We took the family pictures at our new house. We’d already taken lots of the wedding party, with the bridesmaids and ushers and all. But we’d all wanted a group of just family shots. Krissie and her mom, with her sister, with her mom and dad, with me and her family. Then with my family. Then both families together.

A shot of Krissie and I, flanked by our mothers, then our sisters, and then at each end of the shot our fathers.

Then I banished my dad and Greg and orchestrated a shot with just me and the five females in it.

“He probably thinks he’s Jasper,” my sister Gail said as I clowned around among the women, directing them.

“Who’s Jasper?” my mom asked.

“He’s just a big monkey who thinks he’s the big boss, thinks all the females have to obey him… and have to sleep with him,” Amanda Wright answered. The photographer snapped a picture a second later and captured the moment for posterity. In it my little sister and Mandy are both giggling, my wife has a grin on her lips, my mother-in-law is holding her hand in front of her mouth, and next to me, my mother has a questioning look on her face.

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