If you haven’t read Judy’s Halloween and the chapters of Judy’s November I strongly encourage you to do so before you continue with this story. The previous chapters have been exclusively from Judy’s perspective. In this chapter we get two different versions. The first one is from her BFF and neighbor Suzanne, the fun-loving auburn haired vixen, and the second is from Judy herself.

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Suzanne’s December

I have been friends with Judy ever since she and Jimmy moved into the neighborhood. We are about the same age, and have a lot in common. Over the years, our “girl talk” has included all manner of sexy revelations about the both of us. We are what the kids would call BFF’s.

So I was totally shocked when I saw her costume on Halloween this year. She looked a complete sub slut. Oh my God it was so hot. I wished I had the guts to wear something like that. As the party progressed, I noticed that Jimmy was getting drunker than usual and that Judy was missing the action. I had seen her earlier with Leo, so I looked around for her and even went upstairs for a peek, but never found her.

The whole incident passed out of my mind until the middle of November when Jimmy was away on his hunting trip. I saw Leo take Judy’s car out on the first day, and then making a lot of visits to Judy’s house during that week. At first I thought that Judy had arranged for him to help her with chores while Jim was gone, but then even after Jimmy came home from his hunting trip, Leo was a frequent visitor. None of this made sense and I knew I would have to confront her to find out what was going on.

Long story short, between Thanksgiving preparations and early Christmas shopping, we didn’t actually get a chance to sit down for coffee until early December.

“Judy. You know I’m not a snoop, but honey, I have noticed that Leo is spending a lot of time at your place, and most of it is when Jimmy is out. Is there something you want to tell me?”

Judy’s face flushed, then the color drained from her cheeks and she looked down into her coffee.

“Oh Suzanne.” She sighed. “You really don’t want to know.”

It took me several minutes of wrangling to finally get the story out of her. It was an abridged version of what you have already read in the previous chapters, but it was enough. As her story progressed, from the party to the anal encounter, to the pet and sex shops, I could feel the moisture begin to seep from my pussy. I’d always had a slightly submissive streak and this tail of domination really hit home.

“Honey. What are you going to do now?” I asked. “Are you still seeing him? Is he still …doing you…doing you in the ass?” I could hardly get the words out.

“Yes” was her breathless reply, “Yes and I can’t help myself. He just makes me crazy with his gorgeous hard young cock.” This last as almost a whisper.

My pussy contracted and I felt another flood of juices. My best friend was being dominated by our 18 year old neighbor, and she couldn’t get it stopped. Somewhere in the back of my mind, a little voice said “why not me?”

Coffee was over and I headed back across the street. Things are always frantic for me as Christmas approaches. I have ton’s of shopping to do and never enough time to do everything else I want to get done. It was about 3 days later that I got myself into a ridiculous situation. I was making a batch of Christmas cookies and spilled some milk on myself. Luckily it was also laundry day and the load that had just started included jeans so I quickly dropped my pants and rushed to throw them in. Disaster averted. Not having time between batches to run upstairs and get fresh pants, I went back into the kitchen and resumed my baking. Rushing to keep production going I stacked another mixing bowl on the pile by the sink, but when I took my hand away an avalanche of cookware crashed down. As I turned, I watched in horror as the one of the pieces hit the little bowl were I keep my rings while I am baking. The world turned to slow motion as I watched the rings fly through the air and right into the sink.

“OK…OK.” I thought “No worries, I’ll just dig them out and clean them off. They’ll be fine.”

But as I dug through the dirty dishes, I realized it wasn’t going to be fine at all. My Grandmother’s diamond was not there. How could it not be there. I looked everywhere around the sink, counter and floor. A knot formed in the pit of my stomach. It must have gone down the garbage disposal drain. I was in a panic. That ring was the only keepsake I had from Granny. Without even thinking, I reached through the rubber flap and into the machinery. There it was! I could feel it. Just a little further…Got it! But when I went to pull my arm out, it wouldn’t budge.

You read stories like this, but you never believe it could actually happen. A woman standing bent over the sink in panties and tee, with her arm stuck down the drain. If it hadn’t been for the fact that it was me I might have laughed.

Now What? And then I saw it. When I had stripped off my jeans, I had tossed my cell on the counter on the other side. Just out of reach! Damn. Think…Think… I groped around until I found a spatula and was just able to snag the phone and pull it toward me. Got it!

“Hello. This is Judy.” A bit out of breath.

After I explained my predicament, Judy said that she would be right over with help. After the call was disconnected, those words came back to me. What did she mean “with help” I didn’t have to wait long to find out. Within a minute the back kitchen door opened and Judy walked through it followed close behind my Leo. When I saw Leo, I started to panic.

“Judy. What’s Leo doing here? Didn’t I tell you I was half naked? He can’t see me like this. Oh my God! Get him out. Send him away.”

“Judy doesn’t “send” me anywhere.” Leo replied. “Besides, I’m here to help you out of this little jam you’ve gotten yourself into.”

When I looked at Judy again, I saw that she had a collar on. A collar with a metal tag. It was true. She was wearing Leo’s collar. My eyes were fixed on that collar, thinking of what it meant, and I didn’t really see Leo approach until I felt his hand on my hip.

“Oh my.” He purred. “What have we here? A cute little damsel in distress. Let me see what I can do.”

I felt his hand start to slide up, pulling the bottom of my tee and exposing more of my half naked ass to his gaze. I reached back with my free hand to pull it back down, but Leo trapped it easily behind my back.

“Suzanne. Right? Now Suzanne, If a girl needs help, she should try not to get in the helper’s way shouldn’t she?” He soothed. “You just keep this hand still while I start to work.

“Leo. Leo. Please don’t hurt me.” I gushed. “Judy. Why did you bring him here?” This on the verge of tears.

“Quiet now!” Leo hissed. “We don’t want to attract anyone else to the party do we?” As the gag went into my mouth.

Now that I was effectively silenced, Leo again began pulling up my tee to expose my rear. He released my arm and began to kneed my ass cheeks with both hands. As his assault continued, I could feel my pussy starting to leak into my panties. Thoughts of what Judy had told me rose unbidden in my mind. I was getting turned on by this whole scenario but it had to stop. Fantasy is one thing, but this was going too far. I struck out with my free hand but again Leo easily trapped it behind my back.

“Judy. Give me a hand here.” He commanded. “It’s a good thing we brought that little rope. Tie one end to her wrist, then twist up a big hank of her hair.”

I felt the pressure of the rope added to my wrist, then a big hank of my long auburn hair being pulled into a pony tail. Leo pulled the rope up behind my back and tied it into my hair, which had the combined effect of immobilizing my arm while pulling my head back at the same time.

“Nice.” He said as he stepped back to survey their handiwork. “Pretty as a picture” and I heard his phone click as he took one.

I was embarrassed enough already and I certainly did not want this teenager to have pictures of me. I struggled and mumbled into the gag but he took three more as he moved around the kitchen for different angles.

“OK. Let’s see what we can do for you.” He announced as he stepped behind me.

As he leaned over me, he pushed his crotch against my ass and I could feel his hard cock under his jeans. Instead of reaching for my arm, Leo pressed his palms on my hips and pushed them up along my sides. When he reached my armpits unimpeded, he realized that I was not wearing a bra. There was nothing to stop his hands as he pushed them under my chest and grabbed my breasts. His fingers immediately went to work on my extended nipples, twisting, pulling, rubbing. My pulse quickened along with my breathing as this teenager worked me over.

“I love laundry day.” He sighed. “Underwear is so often optional.”

My nipples were now at full extension and Leo had taken to pulling on them with a milking motion. Each squeeze and pull causing a jolt of electricity straight to my pussy. I was very aroused, and my increased breathing rate was causing me to huff loudly around the gag.

“Having trouble getting enough air Suzanne?” As he started to roll my nipples between thumb and finger. “If I take it off, will you be a good girl? Will you be quiet while I work?”

My brain was descending into an erotic fog of thoughts. I was trapped as this boy’s plaything, my best friend was actually standing there watching, and I could hardly breathe. I nodded my head in ascent and then gasped as Leo undid the strap and removed the ball from my mouth.

“Leo. Please. You can’t do this.” I whined.

” Oh but I can.” Was his whispered reply “Judy check her pussy for me.”

Leo continued to milk my sensitive nipples as Judy pulled down my panties and traced a finger along my lips.

“She’s ready Leo.” She stated. “Nice and wet and ready.” As she continued to rub gently.

“OK. Judy. Take out my cock and put it in her.”

The sound of his zipper roared in my ears followed quickly by the tinkle of his belt buckle. I knew it was Judy, because Leo’s fingers never stopped their infernal milking motion. Leo groaned loudly.

“That’s it Judy. Just stroke it a couple times. If I come too soon it will spoil the fun. Line it up for me”

At those last words, Leo once again started rolling my nipples. I felt the head of Leo’s cock being rubbed up and down along my pussy, and groaned in arousal as it finally came to rest just at the entrance to my hole.

“Tell me you want it.” He whispered. ” Tell me how badly you want me to fuck you. How much you want my cock to pound your cunt. Tell me.”

It was all too much and I lost complete control.

“Please Leo. Please fuck me. I need your hard young cock to pound me. Fuck me Leo. Fuckkkkkkk mmmeeeeee.”

As those last words left my lips, I felt Leo’s cock stretch my pussy as he entered me right to the bottom. I faintly heard him groan his approval just before I started to cum. As I wiggled and squealed Leo pounded me with his cock driving me to a continuous orgasm. It wasn’t long before I felt his whole body stiffen and then a strong jet of cum spray my cervix. OH GAWD. Could this boy cum.

He pulled his cock out, wiped it off on the bottom of my tee and did up his pants.

“OK Suzanne. Let’s get you loose.”

With that he grabbed the bottle of dish soap and poured it around my arm where it went into the drain. He used his fingers to spread the soap all around my arm, then sprayed just a bit of water from the tap.

“One…Two..Three…” And I was free. Falling back into Leo with a jerk.

But the ring. The ring was gone. I was frantic, until Leo said that he could get it for me with a rather ominous:

“But it’s gonna cost you.”

I didn’t like the sounds of that, but I really had to have the ring. Leo went downstairs to shut off the circuit and get some tools. In no time, he had dropped the disposal from the sink,tipped it up and VOILA. The ring dropped out. When I went to grab it, he quickly closed his fist, so I couldn’t touch it.

“See how close you are to the thing you desire, but still you can’t touch it?” In a horse whisper. “Just like me, with you hot MILFs. I live right here in this neighborhood. I see you both in various kinds of dress, and it makes me crazy with desire to have you, but I can’t. Well I couldn’t, that is until now. How badly do you want this ring and what will you do to get it?”

“Leo.” I began to plead. “Please. Please don’t. That ring is very special to me. Please. I’ve got to have it back.”

“OK. Let’s see how badly you want it. Get down on your knees. Judy help her down.”

My left hand was still tied to my hair behind me which limited my mobility. I was able to drop to my knees with Judy’s help”

“Leo. OK. I’m on my knees begging you.”

Leo walked towards me while unzipping his fly. I realized immediately that I wasn’t on my knees to beg. I was on my knees to suck. Judy had her hands on my shoulders holding me in my submissive position.

“You’ll love his cock Suzanne.” She whispered. “It’s so young, and hard. Isn’t it gorgeous? Look at it Suzanne, It’s throbbing for you.”

When I had been stuck in the disposal, I had not been able to see Leo’s cock when he took me from behind. Now I had a close up view of his fresh young dick. Judy was right. It was gorgeous. Hard and pink and throbbing as he moved it towards my lips. The whole scenario seemed unreal. My best friend was holding my shoulders while her teen lover pushed his cock at my face. Leo didn’t even have to ask. I opened my mouth as he approached and he pushed right in between my lips. My arm was pulling on my hair causing my face to tilt up. I lifted my eyes to look at Leo’s face as he pushed all the way to the back of my throat. I could taste our combined juices from before and it excited me even more as I sucked vigorously on this young man’s thick cock. Seeing me comply, Judy let go of my shoulders and guided my right hand to Leo’s cock.

“Stroke him Suzanne. He loves to be stroked while you suck him off.” And that’s exactly what I did.

Thank God that hubby was at a job in another county, and wouldn’t be dropping in today. Wouldn’t be finding his wife kneeling on the kitchen floor sucking the neighbor kid’s cock. I was humiliated by what I was doing. Humiliated and yet so very excited, that I never wanted it to stop. But after a couple minutes of steady suction, I heard Leo groan, felt him stiffen, and then shoot his load directly into my mouth. Leo had telegraphed his orgasm fairly well and so I was expecting his first shot and was able to swallow without missing a beat.

My mind reeled. Two hours ago, I had called my friend for help and instead, she had brought her teen lover to fuck me. I was in a complete erotic haze and so horny I couldn’t form a simple thought.

While my mind was still scrambled, Leo and Judy quickly bound my knees to my elbows and my ankles to my wrists. This had the effect of doubling me over and keeping my legs spread. They then flipped me on my back and without even asking, took a scissors and cut off my tee. For the first time I was completely naked for their inspection.

“Hmmm. Nice nipples.” Leo groaned. ” I knew they felt big, but who knew that big? They are already bigger than yours, Judy, and we haven’t started to stretch them yet. Strip Judy. Strip and sit on her face. Make her eat your shaved pussy.”

Judy groaned, pulled off her jeans, and lowered her wet pussy to my mouth. I had experimented a bit in college, so girl-girl sex is not completely foreign to me. I was so horny and she was so wet, I just pushed my tongue in and started licking and sucking her cunt. I felt, more than saw, Leo push Judy’s head between my legs, and when her tongue licked my lips I moaned into her.

“That’s it Judy. Suck her pussy. Suck all my cum out of her hot cunt.” Leo instructed.

For the next half hour that’s exactly what happened. As I serviced Judy with my mouth and tongue, she sucked and licked Leo’s cum from my pussy. College had been fun, but this, this was a level of sexual intensity miles above that. Bound as I was, I didn’t always have the best angles to reach Judy’s sex, but she obligingly moved it to within my reach. Judy had been quite tentative to start but as I increased her arousal by eating her pussy, her enthusiasm grew until it seemed like she was trying lick devour me completely. Eventually, the combination of Judy’s mouth and Leo’s steady commentary, brought me to a strong orgasm. As I started to come down from mine, Judy stiffened and spasmed, leaking a large quantity of her juice into my mouth and down my face.

“Oh that was hot.” growled Leo. “But we are running late. Judy get dressed and let’s get going,”

As Judy dressed, Leo untied me, then took Judy’s hand and left. I was a wreck. My mind was scrambled by a flood of emotions and memories of what had happened. I picked up the remnants of my tee and my discarded panties, before heading to the shower. As I stood under the steaming hot water, my mind replayed what had happened with Leo and Judy. And then it hit me. The ring. My Grandmother’s ring. Leo had not returned it to me. Oh No. As I was wondering how I was going to get it back, I recalled Leo’s admonition: “It’s gonna cost you.”

Judy’s December

December is always a busy month for me. Shopping, baking, the parties. This year was particularly busy because on top of everything else, I had to satisfy my teen neighbor’s sexual demands.

After Jimmy had revealed that he had been behind Leo’s exploits, he insisted that his part of the bargain had included Leo’s continued access to me. Thankfully, Jimmy had no real interest in watching, he simply wanted me to tell him of what Leo had done to me. At the same time, Leo was carrying about a half load of courses, and he dropped by 3 afternoons a week and every Saturday night. All in all, Leo was probably shoving that gorgeous teen dick into me about 6 times a week. He insisted that I remain totally clean shaved “down there”, and he continued to apply larger and larger suction cups to my nipples.

It was sometime in mid December that my friend and neighbor Suzanne dropped in for coffee. Cup in hand she sat down on the couch and flipped her auburn curls off her face.

“Judy. You know I’m not a snoop, but honey, I have noticed that Leo is spending a lot of time at your place, and most of it is when Jimmy is out. Is there something you want to tell me?”

I couldn’t hold back. Within minutes I had poured out the whole story. The party, the anal sex, the pet store, the sex shop, Jimmy’s involvement. Leo’s continued interest.

“Honey. What are you going to do now?” She asked. “Are you still seeing him? Is he still …doing you…doing you in the ass?”

“Yes. Yes and I can’t help myself. He just makes me crazy with his gorgeous hard young cock.” This last as almost a whisper.

At this last revelation, I saw Suzanne’s face go slack and she got a kind of far away look in her eye. Then she snapped out of it. By then we were finished our coffee and she went back across the street.

I couldn’t believe how hot I was after revealing my secrets to Suzanne. Reliving my adventures with Leo by telling them to my best friend had my pussy fairly dripping with juice. When I heard the back door open I looked and saw Leo walking in. I was so horny I ran over, grabbed his hand and pressed it to my crotch.

“hhmmm. Hot and ready. Just the way I like it.” he moaned.

I threw my arms around his shoulders, pulled him tight to me and kissed him as he fingered my wet pussy. As one hand drew my moisture out and rubbed it around my clit, the other raised up and started to vigorously knead my tits.

Sunday morning I woke up with the other guy’s foot in my face. Someone had pushed our two mats together during the night. The square mats were only big enough to sleep curled up. I started to roll over and felt a huge tug on my balls followed by a sickening pain that froze me in a waking fright. I looked down to see a parachute ball stretcher on my balls with a long rubber band attached to the same kind of stretcher on the other subject still asleep. He woke too and quickly rolled away grabbing his balls and yanking on the connection with an “Ugh!” I had no choice but to jump over on top of him to relive to tension on the stretched rubber band.

I straddled him my head to his feel and our balls came together. My ass in his face, for him a little better than the alternative. I heard the “bip-beep click” of a digital camera and looked up to see the Lady with the camera smiling beside the digital video cam on the tall tripod again.

She said “Naughty boys, you should have stuck to your work instead of poking around on our website, well… you’ll learn.”

I reached down to try to fee my balls and touched the other guy. He slapped my hand away and gave us both a whack to remember. The Lady with the camera put her foot on my ass pressing our junk together.

“Silly boys, now grab each others ankles and pretend to have sex and I’ll let you out.” Instructed the camerawoman as she snapped away jiggling my ass cheek with her foot.

I felt the other guy grab my ankles so I did the same and we made corny thrusts and groans. I couldn’t see but it felt like the other guy was getting a hard on. I had morning wood too so… I don’t know, I didn’t feel like looking to check.

The woman with the camera said “More, deeper, louder…” as she took more snaps and spun our mat around to put as side on and repositioned the video camera.

She continued; “Now suck those toes”

…and we did. More woman came out to watch. One of them climbed on to the Jesters stocks while she watched. I am not gay but simulating sex for a group of leering women was really turning me on. I think the other guy was too. The women mocked and taunted until one grabbed my arms and spun me around face to face with the other guy. She hooked a long hoop padlock around our collars and told us to go and make the breakfast.

Getting up was a struggle. I couldn’t bend back to let the other guy… …lets call him “Bob”, to lean forward off his back. We rolled around sideways and through some more ball yanking and nose rubbing and his teeth in my mouth few times we got into a position of me kneeling on top and him kneeling facing me and we slowly raised up off the mats to cheers, whistles and clapping from the women.

We walked sideways into the kitchen, Bobs and my footsteps in time. Someone was moving around the kitchen behind me as I looked through the cupboards. I found some cereal and put out some bowls. Bob opened the draw to get the spoons and we moved in opposite directions slapping our faces together as the long padlock on our collars pulled taught. One of the bowls went missing and so I another out.

Bob and I carried the cereal out into the big room and set them on the table. We had to make extra trips for the milk, sugar, OJ and spoons. When we came back he last time there was a bowl on the floor. The Lady with the camera had moved the video tripod and was taking stills regularly. She pointed to the bowl on the floor and another woman daintily bent down and filled it with dry cornflakes.

Neither of us had eaten much over the last two day and the smell of food was like torture.

All the women picked up their bowls and munched away while Bob and I slowly lowered ourselves into a face to face kneel with his thigh between my legs and mine between his. Carefully we lent down sideways toward the bowl on the floor and tried to scoop up some cereal in our mouths. I managed to get a mouth full and we took turns one face in one out until we had eaten almost all the way to the bottom, our faces covered in cornflakes and saliva.

The Jester came in and unlocked the padlock around our collar and mimed a bite action for the rubber band joining our balls. I bend down in a kneel but I just couldn’t get the band into my mouth. Bob moved around in a few positions and ended up repeating the same actions as me. All the while the video camera rolled and more stills taken. A few minutes of pointless trying was stopped when we were lifted up and directed to clear the breakfast plates.

We could move a little freer and managed to yank on the band several times during the clean up. After washing up we went down stairs for the morning hose down. As before the Jester soaped Bob and me at the same time. The women up above us watching from the railing seemed very pleased with our predicament. The Jester put on his Unitard. We finished our hose down and were led upstairs without our clothes.

Bob’s ankles were bound with the hoist strap and he was slowly lifted off the ground. I held his hands to stop him from falling forward and we wiggled and wrestled naked and wet in the big room for a minute or so before I realized the winch had stopped. Holding him up and keeping my balls next to his was a real struggle. The women seemed to loose interest when we found a position that stopped the tugging.

The winch started again and Bob went upside down. Our balls lined up, his hands on the ground. Again a pause for a few minutes and again the photographer moved around for some stills.

Finally the winch started again and Bob rose up. The rubber band stretched taught pulling my balls up in the air and Bobs down. We both struggled to pull on the band with our wet hands. Our chests rubbing together as we grappled with the tight rubber band. Then I noticed Bob trying to bite the band. I did the same and the band broke with an almighty force. Bob and I were slapped hard and crippled by the pain. Rolling around on the ground in pain I could see Bobs balls swell up and turn purple-red. The Lady with the camera spun him around and took some more shots. The women left one at a time. Patting us both on the ass as they passed us cupping our balls for comfort.

The Jester lowered the winch and we were put to work making another picnic lunch. Same as yesterday we were locked in the editing room, this time naked for the streaming webcam. I was assigned video editing and uploading duties again. Bob finished off the Xmas themed blowup lawn ornaments.

When the women came home they had a trailer on the car. It had high caged sides with a merry Xmas from the Valkyries sign in fairy lights along the inside of the left cage side.

The Jester took us in to make and serve dinner, still without any clothing on apart from dog collars holding our chores list and ball stretchers tight around our still swollen but slowly deflating purple-red balls, pinched into almost perfect spheres like baubles by the parachute stretchers.

After dinner was on the table the Jester took us down stairs to the garage area and gave us the nylon blowup xmas decorations and motioned to us to put them on. It had been two days since I had said anything much more than “Yes ma’am” and it was starting to feel normal that women speak and men do not. We put on the oversized blow up lawn decorations and a lady stepped up on the trailer and beckoned us to follow. She took a stapler and closed the nylon suits around us.

I was on all fours inside the reindeer, my hands on some short wood blocks in the front legs to keep me level but standing bent over. My face was popping out of the end of the head just in front of the antlers. Bob was kneeling inside the short little snowman and the Jester standing inside a green Xmas tree. Each of us looking out through swimming goggles sewn into the suits.

As soon as we were stapled in someone got on the trailer behind us and I felt a wet feeling on my back. Another lady jumped onto the trainer and cut a hole in the suit between my legs but it was so baggy nothing showed. More wet feeling and a fizzing sound like over shaken coke. I felt my feet squashed with warm foam. The feeling quickly ran up my leg and I noticed that the women were mixing and pouring a yellowy brown liquid into the decorations we were in.

Very quickly I felt the whole suit inflate around me in the shape of a reindeer as I was incased in expanding foam. Foam poured out of the face hole and my balls and cock and balls popped out from between the legs of the nylon reindeer as the nylon pulled tight. The foam squashed me as it expanded, filling out the animal shape completely.

Quite a bit of extra foam came out and was wiped away. A red blinking nose was superglued on to my nose and a bridle with lots of bells went around my head with a very thick bit in my mouth. To top it off a bell bracelet was put around my cock and balls. I was thankful it wasn’t lit up.

The snowman got a very long carrot nose and black swimming goggles. His cock and balls pulled through a hole cut in his suit and a pink Xmas stocking tied on with red ribbon. The tree got wound up with a string of blinking LED lights.

I heard the shaking of spray cans and with a shh-shh from coloured hairspray our faces got painted brownie-red, green and white to match the nylon suits.

So there we were three human Xmas ornaments on the back of the little caged trailer. The cage sides went up we three got tied down and the woman piled into the car. It was still light out, about 7pm or so I guess and I could see a lot of cars pass us as we bounced along. Very few of them gave a second look. Some stared, some laughed, some passengers took pictures with their phones. None would have guessed there were three men in those inflated ornaments.

We stopped at a beach with a lot of trees and grass but not many buildings. With what seemed like and endless amount of multipoint turns we parked. The women took three sides of the cage down and took some pictures in front of the Valkyries sign with an ocean backdrop. Taking turns to ride me, hug the snowman and hang Polaroid pictures and underwear on the tree. Lots of campy beach holiday poses for the camera in the sunset twilight.

When we set off again, it was dark. We drove for a while, into the state park and down a long narrow road to a little town. Many houses had lights and we stopped out in front of the better ones for more snaps. We came to a carpark in a reserve of some kind and the trailer was unhitched. A lady hung some fruit around us and splashed something smelly around. With that the car drove off. We sat there for a long while. I could move inside the foam a little and tried to walk the reindeer suit. I could move the deer feet but not enough to get off the trailer. The bells around my balls jingled when I tried to move. I gave up.

The silence was broken by other cars passing then some people walking home… …then after another pause some light hoof steps and a very bad smell.

I was facing away from the low side of the trailer so I couldn’t see what it was but something climbed on and the trailer rocked. A few moments… then more.

Deer, actual deer were in the trailer with us. I didn’t even know there was any in Sydney. In the distance I heard laughter and the deer spooked. Half an hour or so later I heard our car come back. The trainer re-hitched we headed for home. I was relieved to make it back, the suit was getting very hot and itchy.

One of the women put headphones on me with erotic Femdom audio. I listened happily for a few minutes. I didn’t realize what a massive hard on I was getting and the women repositioned us so my cock was in the face of the snowman. They cheered and posed for more photos in the little garage under the main room of the clubhouse.

The headphones came off and the bit came out of my mouth, a lady said “Tell me a fantasy… …what would you like to do for your last hours here?” and pressed record on a Dictaphone.

I told her I would like to have sex.

“No! Silly boy, what kinky things would you like to do, or have done to you?” Cupping my balls and then ringing he bells by jiggling my hard on with the back of her hand.

I told her about being a bunny on a paintball hunt and about trying electro ejaculation and some other things that I remember thinking would be good, but can’t remember the details of. I really wanted sex. She moved on to the others when I ran out of ideas. I guess the others got the same treatment.

A big pair of scissors cut the nylon suit and I was left in the foam shell with the blinking red nose still glued to my face. My clothes were neatly folded in front of me and the trailer was pushed out into the drive.

A lady said, “Wriggle hard little ornaments, you want to be out of that foam and into your clothes before the sun comes up Monday morning.” As she closed the roller door with us still in the driveway out the front of the clubhouse in full view of the street.

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