Part I

I was 19. I was still a girl, not a woman. However, my preferences were already clear to me. I am not a lesbian or a bisexual. I like men. But more than that I like to see how they like me.

That I like to be appreciated by men is nothing extraordinary. Every girl and every woman does the same. But for me it is an understatement. I like to see them burning in desire for me. The naked lust in their eyes is what turns me on.

In many ways I am a dominatrix, although I never wear any costumes. Nor do I use any whips. I use my body instead. But I always tie them up.

In more ways I am a completely normal woman. I also enjoy standard sex without any domination on any part. But then again, properly submissive men are not that easy to find. But I have found quite a few over the years.

I was 19 then. It was not my first encounter and I already had experiences.

He was 47. That age makes men fall for the young pretty things very easily. I did not know this guy previously. He came to the joint where I used to work as a waitress and then kept coming quite regularly. He would sit in one corner and stare at me the whole time. I was very much aware of his stare. I even wondered at times if he actually ever blinked. I also made it a point to take his orders myself and would not let the other girl go to his table. Initially he was quite careful and would not look at me directly when I would be looking in his direction. But then his courage grew and he became much more direct. Then one day I saw him looking straight at my breasts as I was writing down his order standing right next to him. Very soon this became the norm.

I think it was the third week when I found him sitting straight with one hand under the table. I went about my work as usual although I knew there was a guy sitting in the corner and masturbating while looking at me. Same thing happened on the next two days. On the fourth day I was prepared. About five minutes after his hand disappeared under the table, I picked up a bunch of paper napkins and dropped them on his table and left without saying a word. His activity went into a pause mode instantly but it was resumed after a while.

Two more days passed. He was a regular customer by then. Both days I had supplied him with napkins. On the third day he took a bold step. Just as I was dropping the napkins on his table, he grabbed my wrist and looked at me. Then he said with a croaked voice, “You’d like a little love, hon?” I smiled inwardly at this cliché pick-up line and told him, “You’d like to be tied up?” His jaw dropped. So I said again, “I’ll call the shots. You will be powerless in my hands. Does that suit you?” He was still gaping at me. So I decided to give him some time for thinking. I told him, “If you throw that tissue on the floor while going out, then I will take it as a yes.”

He left after twenty minutes. I picked up the crumpled napkin from the floor with the sticky goo in it and threw it into the bin.

Next day he had come earlier than usual. As I went to his table his hand slipped immediately under the table. I looked at it and smiled. He was looking at my breasts and was getting red in his face. “So you want to be my plaything?” I asked him. He just nodded. “Day after tomorrow,” I told him, “I have to attend a party in the evening. So it will be late in the evening. Not before eleven. Wait for me near the bus stop on the opposite side of the road. We will go to my place.” He just nodded again. I took a bunch of napkins from the counter and came back to his table. He grabbed a few and went back to his work. I did not move from my place. It took him a few seconds to understand what was happening. Then his eyes grew wide. His hand started making jerky movements underneath. His eyes were glued to my breast. I let him look. His face had gone red. His other hand flew out to touch my bottom. I slapped it away. “‘You can only look,” I said. He nodded again.

After a couple of minutes his body jerked once and then he stopped. I wrote down his order.

Part II

I had not lied to him. I actually had a party. But it was no wild stuff. It was just a cocktail dinner to celebrate my friend’s Mom’s fiftieth birthday. But it gave me the perfect reason to wear a cocktail dress. I was itching to wear it for two reasons: one, it was new and two, I wanted to try it on somebody. I saw that somebody standing near the bus stop a little after 11.

He was disappointed on his first glance as he could not see much of me. It was quite chilly and I had an overcoat on my dress. It was all buttoned up and reached my knees. So all he could see were my blue-grey high heels. I was not wearing stockings.

We did not say a single word. He was too excited to say anything and I was too busy planning my activities for the next few hours. We came home in a taxi. I deliberately let him pay.

As we were inside I made sure that all windows were closed and curtains drawn. At that time I hated piping Toms, which changed somewhat over the next years.

He was standing in the middle of my small apartment. It had a living room with a kitchenette and two bedrooms for me and my roommate. The roommate had very conveniently taken up a job at an all-night pizza joint leaving me completely free to do anything at night. We had also made a kind of pact. At night the apartment belonged to me and she would call and give a thirty minutes warning before coming back – in case she needed to come back in the middle of the night. I used to follow the same procedure during day time when the apartment belonged to her.

I could see that he was excited. His eyes were glowing. I also understood perfectly the reason behind this. I was still wearing my overcoat preventing him from seeing anything. This time it was not a visual turn-on for him. Now it was pure anticipation of what was coming. Or what he thought was coming. People of that age find girls of my age absolutely irresistible. To him my soft and unblemished skin, my silky long hair and my still-teenage curves were symbols of pure and untouched beauty. Now he was dreaming in his mind about how to ravage the beauty and maybe make a mark of ownership on it. But that was, unfortunately for him, not going to happen.

I went into my room and came back with some nylon ropes and tape. I dropped them on the kitchenette countertop. I also saw him looking at them. Now he was almost smacking his lips. Without a word I stood in front of him and started unbuttoning his shirt. I took off his shirt and then simply pulled down his pants.

He was, as I had assumed, quite out of shape. The more out of shape a man is, the more he fantasizes about younger women with a nice body. Now I can safely say that I had a very nice figure when I was 19. Not that I did not know it then. The effect was instant. His dick was already hardening. And still he has seen nothing other than a girl in an overcoat.

The best thing in my apartment was not the rent or the space, but a round pillar in front of the kitchenette. It is a very useful piece of architecture if you like to tie up people. I shoved him against this pillar and made him stand with his back to it. I quickly tied his hands behind the pillar before he could make any last minute protests. Then I knelt down and tied his ankles together with another piece of rope. I secured him to the pillar with a rope around his waist. Now I was more or less prepared. I made a last trip to my room and brought a used and unwashed panty. His eyes were bulging. I shoved it in his mouth and gagged him with a tape.

It was almost comical seeing him trying to twist and turn the panty in his mouth in order to taste it. I laughed loudly at him and took off the overcoat. I heard a gasp behind the gag and saw his eyes coming out of their sockets.

I was wearing a white cocktail dress, strapless and tight fitting. It ended nearly four inches above my knees. I was wearing a thin silver necklace with a white pearl pendant that rested exactly on the spot where my cleavage began. And I had a silver bracelet.

Part III

I stood there and looked at him – and let him look at me – for about 30 seconds. Then I decided to ignore him for the next 30 minutes. I just left him tied to the pillar and went about my work. Which was nothing important actually. I checked my mails and did this and that and pretended to be completely unaware of his existence. But I made it a point that I was always in front of him.

I just let him see me. After all, that is what he used to do everyday. I did not even give him a cursory glance. I was lost in my own world, although I kept on doing those little womanly things like tossing my hair and adjusting the dress. Especially the latter.

At times I like to do things slowly. That helps building up the climax. Even without looking I could almost feel his eyes boring into my body. I could also imagine the fantasies that were running in his head. Fantasies about me, about the girl he could see but could not touch. By the end of half hour I could very well feel the wetness of my panties. But then I had also imposed some restrictions on me. I was not going to touch myself now. And I did not, although by the end of the half hour that was proving to be quite difficult and I needed some willpower.

After 30 minutes I casually turned off my computer and got up. I looked at him. His dick was parallel to the floor. I slowly moved in front of him and looked him in his eyes. His eyes locked on mine for a moment and then swiftly moved down to my breasts. I took a step forward. Now we were separated by an arm’s length.

I raised my arms over my head and held them their. That lifted my breasts a bit more and made my body look more slender. I let him appreciate me like that for a few moments. As a sign of appreciation, a drop of liquid appeared on the crown of his dick. I wiped the precum casually with my left middle finger and licked my finger clean. The second drop appeared much faster than the first one. I repeated the performance and did the same with the third drop.

His dick started throbbing. His eyes were roaming wildly over my body. I let him throb without touching him. When the throbbing subsided I knelt down in front of him and licked the precum from his dick. I did not take him in my mouth, simply licked him with my tongue. Unfortunately he started throbbing again. So I had to get up again.

This time I moved as close to him as possible without touching his dick, which was not very close considering the fact that his dick was completely horizontal and in all probability more erect than it ever was. But I was close enough to be able to touch him. So I started drawing lines on his chest with my fingers. I played with his nipples. I took time doing this and had to take three short breaks when I knelt down and licked his cock dry.

After the third time I decided to give him a bit more pleasure. I inched a bit closer to him and his cock touched my body. He took a sharp breath. I moved a little to the right so that his dick was touching my hip from the side. After waiting for about five seconds I inched even closer. Now my breasts were touching his chest. This time the sharp breath was missing. Most probably he had stopped breathing. Finally I let my head rest on his neck so that his face was buried in my hair. I let him smell my hair for some time. He was trying desperately to rub his dick on the curve of my hips. But the ropes did not allow that. I stood like that for nearly five minutes. Every breath I took pressed my boobs firmly against his chest.

Then I moved away from him, sat down on a couch and did not touch him for the next 10 minutes.

Part IV

After 10 minutes I went up to him and without making any more delays took my former position. This time I make sure that we had full body contact. I gave him a couple of minutes to fire up. He did not need any warm ups anymore. Then I brought two pillows and dropped them near his feet. I knelt on the pillows this time which brought my boobs up to the height of his dick.

I held his dick in my hand and started rubbing it against the top of my boobs. The top lining of the dress gave him the necessary friction. I wiped the precum on my cleavage and went ahead with the dick again. He was throbbing badly. And he had also started moaning a lot. I kept doing it for quite some time and then decided not to torture him anymore. But I had to think about myself as well.

I was wet as a submarine. I thought about bringing the dildo but then realized that I don’t need it really. Fingers should be able to finish the job, since the job was very near the finish line anyway. I only needed a final kick.

And I got that kick as soon as I stood up. His eyes fell on the top of my breasts and the cleavage. They were streaked with his precum. His eyes bulged out. And this time his whole body started to throb. It was evident that he wanted me very badly.

Without delay I pulled down my panties. While doing that the thought crossed my mind that he had in all probability never ever expected to see his juice on a teenage girl’s cleavage. I wrapped my left hand around his neck and inserted two fingers of my write hand into my pussy. It did not take long to discover that my body was throbbing just like his. I tightened my grip on his neck and started rubbing my hip forcefully against his dick. My eyes had closed on their own. I was not fully aware of my surroundings or anything else when the orgasm hit me. It took me a few more minutes to regain the strength in my legs to finally let go of my grip on him.

His eyes were closed. Breathing was fast. My dress near the hip was drenched in his cum. As I looked at it, it started running down my thigh.

Even in the shade of the tree canopy, the air was warm and smelled of moss. Logan Mathews could see the trail restoration team spread out along the hillside. The bark walkway stretched about 30 yards in either direction from him and then turned in a sharp switchback at either end. Huge evergreens towered overhead with ferns and berries around his thighs. Logan was pulling vines and blackberries away from the trail edge, while others from the team worked on the trail above him, higher up the mountain, replacing wooden beams that lined the path.

Logan glanced up as a girl in tank top and cargo shorts walked toward him down the incline of the path. Her strawberry blond hair was swinging in a ponytail, and her breasts seem to gently match the movement beneath the white cotton.

“Hey,” he said, glancing at her bare calves and hiking boots.

“Hi,” she answered, cracking a small smile. “They’re done with the beams and are heading up to a higher elevation. They sent me down here to help you.”

“Sure,” said Logan as he straightened up, his chest breathing heavily from the work. “What’s your name?”

“Sunny,” as she pulled off a work glove to shake his hand.

“Really? Wow.” Logan gave her a lopsided grin and took the small hand in his. It was soft and warm, and her toned arm flexed a bit as she looked up at him.

“Yeah, I know. Parents from the 60′s, blah, blah…,” she said sheepishly.

“No, no…um…it’s cool,” giving her another smile. “I’m Logan. Is this your first restoration? I haven’t seen you before.”

Sunny took in his broad shoulders and trim waist under the jeans. His green eyes stood out next to the brown t-shirt that was pulling gently across his chest. “Yea, I’ve done the guided hikes and snowshoe trips, but I have a German Shepard I usually take and they won’t let him come on the maintenance stuff. He’s with my sister today though…”

“How about I start up there and work my way toward you?” she said, motioning to the hillside 15 yards away from Logan. He nodded, staring at her intently.

Sunny turned, knowing that Logan was staring at her ass as she walked away from him. She glanced back catching his eye before reaching down to cut more vegetation. Logan couldn’t resist the moment to watch her bent over, shorts riding up her thighs, as he took a drink from a Nalgene bottle. She was tan, and tight, but it surprised him how quickly his body had responded to her.

He was just about to start working again when he heard a far-away yell and an echo from splitting wood. He knew it was the team higher up the mountain, but something in the sound made him tense. Then a louder crack and the flurry of a bird as it flew up from the forest floor. Logan’s body reacted before his brain did, as he dropped his shears and started toward Sunny. The hair on his neck bristled as he lunged forward. Then he saw it — a 3 foot boulder, careening down the hill from somewhere up above, smashing branches as it gained speed.

Sunny looked up just as Logan yelled her name and came at her in a dead run. She wasn’t sure what part of him hit first, but with one arm around her shoulders and the other around her waist, he knocked her off her feet and rolled once, twice and landed to the side of the path half on top of her as the boulder whizzed by her head and continued down the hillside. Her chest heaved as she caught her breath, slowly feeling Logan’s body around her…on her. One forearm was under her shoulders, a hand cradling her head. She could feel his mouth along her far cheek. A large thigh resting heavily between her legs. The inhale and exhale of his stomach moved against her ribs. Logan pushed with his other arm and rose above her, concern on his face.

“Are you ok?!” he rasped, his eyes scanning the top half of her body.

“What happ…?” as Sunny gasped and blinked still feeling the jolt of the fall with him.

“It was, uhh, a boulder from the group up above. They must have dislodged….God, the idiots.” Logan stared down into her face. “I…..” he struggled. “I’m sorry,” as he levered up off her.

Feeling his weight leave made her gasp. Sunny stood shakily grabbing a handful of fabric on his t-shirt. “No! It’s ok….Um…Thank you,” she said breathing heavily.

Logan’s adrenaline was still pounding. He put a hand behind her neck, his thumb along her jaw. God she was gorgeous. “It’s….,” he started to say. The smell of her skin with the dirt and the pine was too much for him. Logan bent forward crushing his mouth on hers. She was sweet and soft and he groaned with pleasure.

Sunny reacted immediately, slipping a hand along his shoulder, molding her body to his, pressing her breasts into his chest. Logan’s hand splayed across the small of her back, pulling her even closer. She opened her mouth slightly and he lapped at her tongue, tasting the faint scent of oranges.

Sunny was lost in his hard strength and drugging kisses. Was she dizzy from the near accident?…or the hands caressing her back, her stomach, sliding up her ribcage.

“Ohhhh!” Sunny cried as she buckled in pain, breaking the seal on his lips. Logan’s hand had risen along her left side causing her to flinch. He pulled back instantly, frowning.

“Owwww…my side,” she complained and gingerly pulled at her tank top. Logan covered her hand with his and slipped the fingers of his other hand under the fabric.

“All right, wait, let me see,” he offered and bent slightly at an angle for a better look.

Logan could still sense the feel of her body from pinning her beneath him. He couldn’t believe he’d reached her in time, nevertheless gotten her out of the way. The boulder would have knocked them unconscious, or worse. As he lifted the shirt and cocked his head for a better look, Logan saw the gash in the soft flesh under her last rib. A shard of wood was lodged in the skin and blood had started to ooze down her side.

“Jesus. Ok, hold still,” he commanded and unclipped a small fanny pack from around his waist. He pulled out a gauze pad and alcohol wipe. “Well, at least you know how to make a first impression,” he quipped, which made Sunny both chuckle and wince at the sting of moving.

Logan crouched slightly wrapping an arm around her torso to brace any movement, and then without warning gently pulled the piece of branch from her side.

“Ahhh! What are you doing!?” Sunny yelled.

It pained him to hear her cry out but he covered the wound with gauze and then held her still in his embrace, the pressure from his hand working to stop the bleeding. He could feel her shaking slightly.

“I’m sorry, darling, but I had to get that out and letting you think about it wouldn’t have helped matters. Good news is it’s not very deep. Let me clean it up a bit and you’re good as new.”

Sunny smiled weakly as she let him work on her. His hands were large, but nimble, and although it was difficult for her to see everything he was doing, his warm fingers were soft against her skin. His palm flattened against her stomach as he pushed gently to seal the gauze bandage. He pocketed the paper wrapper waste but left his other hand on her hip, just below the wound. He was back to standing over her, thighs just brushing hers, their breath intermingling.

“Thanks. Again.” Sunny said meeting his gaze. “That’s twice that you’ve….” “Thanks,” she finished as she put a hand up to his chest.

Logan could feel himself reacting again. An ache in his chest, his stomach, his loins.

“I guess I couldn’t resist,” he stammered while realizing that Sunny hadn’t pulled away…and hadn’t stopped looking at him. Her pert little mouth was open slightly, her face still flush, and her eyes sparkling more boldly than before.

“Then don’t.” She countered with a little smile. That was all Logan needed to give in to her sweet request. He brought both hands up, cupping her face and kissed her firmly. Her lips were soft and moist as he brushed kisses across them. The tip of her tongue teased his upper lip as she tilted her head higher to meet his. Logan felt the rest of his body responding, his cock protesting the confinement in his jeans. He slid his tongue along hers, drawing it out and sliding it in again. She suckled on him and then nipped at his lower lip. Her hands slid around his back and caressed upward, feeling the ridge of muscles running along either side.

Logan brushed his mouth along her cheeks and her jaw as one hand slid behind her head to hold her where he wanted.

“Oh sweetheart, you’re just sexy hot,” he confessed, pulling her tighter but careful to avoid the bandage on her side.

Sunny pushed her hips against him moaning. She twisted slightly and drew her crotch along one of his thighs. Logan groaned, pulling at her tank, and tasting her lips again. He cupped the sides of her breasts, dragging his thumbs over her nipples as they hardened for him. She easily filled his hands, the mounds firm and pliable. He pulled his mouth from her and nuzzled under her ear, along her neck. Sunny wanted more. She drove her hands down his back and pulled up his t-shirt to slip her fingers under the waistband of his jeans. He was damp with sweat. She pulled a hand to the front and felt the hardness of his stomach and the trail of soft hair that lead to something much harder.

“Logan…” she whispered. “I want…,” trailing off.

Logan had worked the straps of her tank and bra off her shoulders and then pulled downward freeing her breasts to the air, and to his heavy lidded gaze. “God, Sunny,” he moaned taking one of the large nipples in his mouth, circling it with his tongue and grazing the tip with his teeth. Sunny brought one hand up, holding a breast for him and pointing a dusky nipple right at his mouth. Sparks of pleasure rippled down his limbs and deepened the ache between his legs. His cock was so hard; he shifted trying to find some comfort.

She knew what he needed. Pulling at his waistband, she undid the button and coaxed the zipper down while pulling the denim apart. The jeans sagged on his hips, but he was still throbbing…already huge and peeking out the top of the boxers. She pulled her breast from his mouth and pushed him slightly till he felt one of the huge evergreens tree trunks behind him. Her hands pulled on the elastic of the boxers, freeing him, and she wrapped her warms fingers around his length. With his hands gripping her arms, Logan closed his eyes and gasped deeply, “Ohhhh that feels so fucking good.”

Sunny pushed his jeans and boxers lower while she dropped a hand to caress the inside of his thigh as she slid down his chest. Her huge nipples brushing his stomach as she trailed kisses down his front. Her tongue paused at his navel, dipping inside and wetting the hollow, causing it to cool in the forest air. Logan’s back leaned against the tree behind him for support. He brought one hand to her shoulder and the other to the top of her head, pushing gently to keep her moving downward. His knees were weakening with the rabid desire to have her mouth enveloping him.

Her one hand moved up his thigh to the crease at the inside top of his leg, while the other hand began an unholy stroking of his cock which was slick with precum in anticipation. She tipped her lower hand open and palmed his sac, massaging slowly, just as her knees hit the ground in front of him.

“Oh, shit, baby…” Logan managed as he knew he couldn’t last much longer.

“Not yet,” Sunny crooned, “I still need a taste of you.” And with that she buried her mouth over the top of him causing Logan to toss his head back against the tree and grab the trunk with one hand to steady himself. Logan felt her hand tighten on the base of his cock as her nose came all the way to his pelvis and then with a small choke, she pulled backward almost the end. Her tongue ringed around the tip of his mushroom and then flicked lightly on the end before she buried her face on him again.

Her hair had come loose from the ponytail and wisps of it fell around her face, teasing his thighs. Logan looked down at her and thrust his hand into the strawberry colored silk and encouraged her to move faster. She was pulling on him hard, stroking with her hand to the same rhythm as her mouth, while her other hand rolled his balls underneath. His veins teased her tongue and she sucked harder for the tangy salt of him.

“Oh, God…oh, gawd….” Logan bit his lip as his leg muscles tightened. Sunny slid her hand thru his legs and covering his ass with her palm, pulled him toward her madly thrusting mouth. Logan let out a deep guttural moan and exploded in her mouth, hot cum shooting into her throat, leaking down her chin, and spilling onto her hand that was still milking him slowly.

“Mmm hmmmm….” Sunny lapped at his cream, swallowing deeply and smearing it across her lips. “Oh, you taste so fucking good,” as she licked, cleaning the tip of him.

Logan gradually became aware of the breeze and sound of a few birds far off. As she slid her hands back to his hips, Logan pulled her up along the front of him…her breasts retracing their path along his cock, his stomach, and settling on his heaving chest.

“Holy Hell.” Logan couldn’t think of much more to say. “You need to do trail work more often,” his breath softening.

Sunny licked her bottom lip. Her smoky eyes staring into his. “There’s another restoration tomorrow,” she smiled.

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