Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Adam, I’m 20 years old and living in the North of England. I have blonde hair, I’m 5″8 and a little plump, but I don’t mind. I’m not as experienced as a lot of my friends in the bedroom, but my dick is 6.5 inches which has never caused me any problems. This is a story about something that happened to me very recently – which I want to share with you all.

Meet Annie. She’s just turned 18 and doesn’t live too close to me. She’s a little bit smaller than me but has the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen. She has long flowing ginger hair, which just nicely covers her gorgeous breasts when it hangs down in front of them. Her breasts are an Impressive 34E size and they make me hard just looking at them. She has gorgeous legs, which I’ve always fantasized about being wrapped around me if I was ever lucky enough to get into the same bed as her.

Anyways, we’ve met up a couple of times before and had a pretty good time, we’ve usually gone out round her city to the local shops and leisure places to spend time together. I’ve had a large crush on her for a long time, she’s often the object of my fantasies but I never thought she could reciprocate the feelings. She rang me up a few days ago letting me know that her parents are out of town for the weekend and asked me if I wanted to stay the night. I of course obliged, but little did I know the events that would unfold during that night.

I was REALLY excited thinking about meeting up with Annie again, spending time with her always made me incredibly happy inside because she’s such a genuinely nice, warm bubbly person with a brilliant sense of humour. We actually met on a popular Internet site, and have swapped pictures and talked dirty a few times but nothing ever came of it. I usually find myself getting quite horny just thinking about her when I’m in bed and struggle to contain my thoughts about her when I’m out in public or talking to her.

Before I knew it I had begun the quite long drive to her house. On the journey there I started thinking about spending time with her again and my thoughts soon progressed to a fantasy I had been thinking about just the night before. I quickly cleared my head realising she probably wouldn’t want anything to happen with me in a sexual way. Little more than a couple of hours later it was about 9pm and I was stood on her doorstep with the all too familiar butterflies in my stomach waiting to see her stunning complexion once again.

I could feel my heart beating so fast, the blood rushing through my veins as I reached out to press the doorbell. My stomach jumped a little as I saw the hallway light turn on and a shadowy figure running towards the door. I stepped back slightly as I heard the rattling of a key in the lock and watched the door fly open in front of me. The woman of my dreams stood no more than a metre a way from me with a beaming smile on her face. I took a moment to look her up and down; she was wearing jet-black leggings covered only by a small red skirt at the top. Above that was a rather thin white T-shirt that cut off just above her elbows. An obviously visible black bra covered her breasts; they seemed larger than ever before.

Her eyes sparkled like the night sky as we looked deep into each other’s and whispered “I missed you” at the same time. As if nothing had changed, she jumped on me and wrapped her legs around my waist, her breasts pushing against the bottom of my face as she gave me the tightest hug I had ever received. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and grabbed my hand to pull me into the house. I had been here a few times before, but only when her parents were in. It seemed strangely more comforting yet romantic knowing that we would be alone and uninterrupted for the entire night.

I must admit, it did cross my mind wondering why she would invite me to stay the night, but I just shrugged it off assuming she wanted to spend some more time with her friend, we hadn’t seen each other in a while after all.

She led me into the lounge and we both sat down to watch TV. My favourite movie — its kind of a funny story was just starting. As we sat down she sat a lot closer than she usually would to me, resting her head on my shoulder and curling her knees up into a little ball; giving me almost a half cuddle.

We sat and talked for an hour or so catching up on what had been happening in our lives since the last time we saw each other. She talked about her experience with boys, finishing university and just general life around her part of town. Nothing had really changed in my life, the only woman I had ever felt anything for over the past year or two was sitting inches away from me — but I couldn’t tell her that.

It wasn’t long before I started feeling a little parched after the long drive she asked if I wanted a drink of anything, but I took out a bottle of wine — her favourite — that I had brought with me. She rushed off to get some glasses and poured one for each of us. We continued talking for a few more minutes before there was a loud bang somewhere in the street and all of the lights went out. We were surrounded in complete darkness and silence as even the TV had switched itself off.

Annie went to look out of the window and noticed that it didn’t just seem to be us that had lost electricity, the rest of the street was in darkness too. Annie is a natural worrier, she tends to overthink and worry about a lot of things. We both do actually, but the electricity cutting out seemed to scare her slightly. I told her to sit down and topped up her glass of wine before wandering off in search of a source of light.

It took a couple of minutes before I found a huge box of candles tucked away in a cupboard in the kitchen. I brought them back into the lounge and started placing them around everywhere, lighting them all around the room. I took some upstairs into the bedroom as well ready for when she needed to get ready for bed.

I don’t know if it was the wine or the soft orange glow from the candles, but her eyes seemed even more beautiful than ever before. Her face seemed so soft and smooth, and we spent a few seconds staring into each other’s eyes. I moved closer to her and cuddled up to her on the sofa. If anything I wanted to make sure she felt completely safe and comfortable. She thanked me for coming and once again we found each other looking deep into our eyes. Our faces started slowly moving closer to each other, the tension in the room building dramatically by the second. My heart started racing as we continued to lean in to each other.

For the first time in the history of our friendship our lips met and the feelings of romance and attraction that I had been building up about Annie released all at the same time. I was overcome by not only emotion, but also sheer passion as I started to kiss her. Her tongue danced with mine as our lips continued to kiss softly and slowly, yet passionately. I softly moaned her name into her mouth as my teeth gently bit her lower lip, my hands moving down to the small of her back and embracing her at the same time as kissing her.

As the kiss drew to an end, our lips parted and she pecked me on the cheek once again before moving our faces apart and cuddling up to me like we had only been just a few moments ago.

There was a little bit of an awkward silence where neither of us knew what to say. This would usually have been filled with the quiet drone of whoever was on the TV, but since we had no power there was nothing to fill it. I needed to come up with a form of entertainment to break the awkwardness.

I had been playing guitar from a young age and found it a great way to express my emotions and more recently, my passion and love for Annie. I nipped out to my car and brought it in as she topped up our glasses with a fresh bottle of wine. I started to softly strum the guitar and play a song that I had been experimenting with, all about her. I could see her intensely listening to the lyrics as some small tears started to form in her eyes. The song explained how I felt about her, how she had made me such a better person and how I couldn’t be without her in my life.

To my surprise once the song had ended she wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered, “I love you baby” into my ears. The soft whisper sent shivers down my spine. I replied with the classic “I love you too”, and felt rather anxious yet in complete bliss. The candles flickering in the background, the glasses of wine and the passion yet not-so-awkward tension were making this evening turn into one of the most perfect evenings of my life.

Annie started thinking deeply for a moment, I wondered what she was thinking about and just as I opened my mouth to ask her finger moved to my lips, giving me a signal to be quiet. She laid me down on the sofa and climbed on top of me, moving in for a second kiss.

Before I could ask if she was sure, our lips had met once again. This time it was her that was being very passionate. She bit my lip and started kissing me hard. I could feel her breathing get slightly quicker as she moaned my name. I could taste her breath as we continued to kiss. I could tell she was starting to feel turned on. Her hands moved down my legs and rested on top of my jeans, she could feel my rock hard dick. She started to rub her hands slowly making me even harder.

I slipped my hand under her bra and felt her full breasts in my hands. As we started to kiss even harder my fingers made contact with her slightly hard nipples. I felt her take a sharp breath as I slowly pinched them.

I could feel my dick getting harder than I ever remember it getting before and I couldn’t help but wonder how she was feeling. We broke this kiss once more and my thoughts were quickly confirmed as she pulled her top over her head — revealing her gorgeous breasts. I didn’t need her to tell me what to do as I went to cuddle her again. My hands reached round to her back and unclasped her bra. I watched as she gracefully pulled it off and exposed her breasts to me, I could see her nipples were really hard from where I had been playing with them.

She leaned in to kiss me again but I had a slightly different Idea. I switched round so she was lying down on the sofa before I sat softly on her thighs, my hands moving to touch and explore her breasts. I could tell she liked this as she slowly closed her eyes and started breathing heavier. My hands continued to pinch and twist ever so softly at her now hard nipples. She moaned a little louder and told me to continue.

Her eyes were still closed as I removed my hands and leaned in with my mouth. A loud moan escaped her lips as my tongue made contact with her nipples and started to gently lick around them. One of her hands moved onto the back of my head and pushed my mouth harder onto her breast. I couldn’t tell where her other hand had gone until I felt it slowly moving around her pussy, rubbing it ever so slightly through her leggings.

I switched to her other breast and continued to softly lick and suck on her nipple. I gently bit it with my teeth which caused her eyes to jolt open and a half-moan, half-scream to utter from her lips.

I sat up from where I was looked at her breasts glistening in the candlelight. Her cheeks were flushed red and her breathing was quite quick now. I could tell she was trying her hardest to stop from slipping her hands into her pants and feeling her gorgeous pussy. An object which I had only ever seen in my fantasies, I wondered how long it would be before I could taste her sweet nectar.

I looked at the time and saw it was 11pm, we both agreed that we should probably move to the bedroom in case we fall asleep. The wine was starting to take its toll now and both of us felt a little tipsy. I told her to wait downstairs whilst I went and set the candles up, so she didn’t have to be in the dark. I took my bag and guitar upstairs and set it on the floor as I quickly lit a lot of candles around the room. I had brought some rose petals with me for some reason and decided to sprinkle these on the bed. The room looked so perfect with the flickering of candles and the romantic petals on the bed.

I put her favourite song quietly playing in the background and headed back downstairs. When I entered the lounge I was surprised to be greeted with a completely naked Annie stood in front of me, she’d taken her skirt and leggings off and looked completely amazing. I could see she was wet as the glistening between her legs caught my eyes. I lead her upstairs and she gasped slightly as she saw the petals spread across her bed.

She kissed me on the cheek and her hands moved to unbuckle my belt, sliding my jeans and boxers together onto the floor and setting my hard dick free. I stepped out of my clothes and took my shirt off. We both stood naked in front of each other and I moved in to hug her again, I could feel her wet pussy against my dick and became so much more turned on.

I pushed her onto the bed and spread her legs open; I moved in to kiss her again and slipped my hand down towards her pussy. It was so wet my fingers just glided over it and rested on her slightly enlarged clit. As I moved my fingers in a circle around her clit she gasped and bit down hard on my lip. This only turned me on even more and I started to slowly move my fingers up and down her pussy, occasionally circling her clit with my fingers.

After she started to moan quite loud, I inserted two fingers inside of her now dripping wet hole, and felt her breathe in so hard as her back arched up from the bed. My other hand moved to slowly rub her clit as I started fucking her hard with my fingers. Waves of electricity spread through her body as she started to loudly moan my name.

When my fingers were deep inside of her fragile body, I moved them upwards to try and tickle her clit from inside. Another scream came out of her mouth as she dug her hands into my back and told me not to stop. I started to rub her clit faster than I had done so far, my fingers going deep inside of her faster too. She started breathing harder and faster than she could manage, her back arched and her eyes shut tight. Before I knew it she was screaming “I’m comingggggg” as her hands dug into the bed, her pussy thrust itself into the air and exploded into the most powerful orgasm I have ever witnessed.

Before her orgasm could even start to come down, I moved my head between her legs and flicked my tongue across her clit. I lapped up her wetness as she screamed out one more time. One of my hands moved to her clit as my tongue went deep inside of her, fucking her pussy. I could tell she wasn’t expecting this as after only a few minutes a second orgasm started brewing deep inside of her. Fucking her with my fingers and tongue seemed to be too much for her as she exploded into a second smaller, yet still powerful orgasm. Her pussy thrust itself into my mouth one more time, as she screamed my name out loud.

Overcome from her two intense orgasms, she lay back on the bed and caught her breath for 5 minutes. Her pussy was still dripping wet and her puffy lips caught my attention. I wondered if she was falling asleep as I moved my hand down towards my incredibly hard dick, needing a release from everything that had happened thus far. As my hand made contact with my dick I moaned so loud, it felt so amazing, nothing like I have ever done to myself before. Annie must have noticed as she shot up and slapped my hand away from my dick.

Her hand pushed my chest back onto the bed, and she grasped my dick in her hand. As she slowly climbed down the bed I wondered what she might do until I felt the most amazing feeling in the entire world; her warm, wet mouth wrapped itself around my dick and started to slowly move up and down. Her tongue exploring around my head. It felt so incredibly wonderful and I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long. Was she intending to give me a good time, or was she just trying to get me ready to be able to fuck her for a long time?

As her head started bobbing up and down I couldn’t help but constantly moan her name. This obviously spared her on as she got faster and faster, taking my hard dick deep inside of her mouth.

I struggled to manage the amazing feelings of her tongue moving around my dick and it wasn’t long before my own orgasm started building up inside of me. The head of my dick started to get wet and we both knew what was coming; Annie started to suck me off harder than ever before as she put all of her energy into making me come. Only a few minutes had passed before my dick exploded into orgasm and cum repeatedly shot into her mouth.

I seemed to be in an utter state of bliss for what seemed like forever, my cum filling up her mouth more than I had ever cum before. She swallowed and moved in to kiss me on the lips again; I could taste myself in her moth and she could taste herself in mine.

I feared we were both too tired to continue as she broke the kiss and softly whispered into my ear “fuck me now”.

I reached over to my bag and pulled out a condom, I always did prefer to be safe rather than worry about getting anybody pregnant. She took it out of my hands and slowly tore it open, removing it from its packaging and softly put it on my still-hard dick with her mouth. It felt so amazing.

She lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide open, offering her pussy to me. Her entire pussy and tops of her legs were glistening from the intense wetness. I moved up and positioned my dick at her entrance as she guided it inside of her.

I slowly started to thrust into her; every fantasy about this magnificent woman came true as I made love to her for the first time. My dick moving ever so softly inside of her, she gasped and held on to the bed, as I got deeper and deeper.

I slowly pulled out and started to push back in faster this time, getting slowly faster with every thrust. She moaned my name gently and closed her eyes as I moved in and softly kissed her on the lips. Getting faster and faster I started thrusting deep inside of her, my entire dick filling up her pussy. Her hand moved down to her clit and started to slowly rub around her clit. It felt so good to both of us to be having amazing sex after such a wonderful evening.

About half way through we switched around; Annie moved on top of me and I laid back on the bed. As she hovered above me she guided my dick back inside of her and slammed her pussy down onto it; both of us letting out a loud moan. She started to move up and down getting harder and harder, slamming my dick deep inside of her. I couldn’t concentrate on anything except for the amazing feel of this woman’s dripping wet pussy enclosing over my dick. I’d had sex before but it had never been this intense, this wonderful, and this passionate.

She continued fucking my hard until both of us started to build another orgasm. My hips kept thrusting up to meet her slamming down onto my dick — going deeper inside of her than any man had ever been. We started to get harder and faster, screaming out each other’s names until she exploded into a third orgasm.

Her pussy clamped down onto my dick causing my own orgasm to unleash, we carried on thrusting into each other as our orgasms combined into one, her breasts were bouncing up and down, her eyes were shut tight, her lips closed except for the occasional moan leaving them.

As we both finished; we moved apart and cleaned up. We both laid down in bed and cuddled upto each other, a quick peck on the cheek and she was soon fast asleep.

Completely exhausted from the night’s events I closed my arms and slowly started to drift off to sleep, holding Annie in my arms wondering just what the next day would bring to my newfound love…

This is the second part of this series. It might pay to read part 1 first for the story to make sense. It is up to you.



Led him in a reverse grip back to the front room. “Lie down with your feet against the wall.” She raised an eyebrow at his prompt and meek reply “yes mistress.” Letting him free from her hand, he complied immediately.

He was almost resigned to his fate without knowing the direction it would take. Desperately wanting to blow his tortured load he had decided that the best course of action of late, was to respond to her the way he expected she would like.

” Good boy” she offered him patronizingly.

He lay on the plush layered rug with the soles of his feet pressed against the wall below the window. He placed his hands by his side and watched the post Friday workplace foot traffic; wander past the window, only feet from his prone, naked body.

” If they only knew” he thought and his cock pulsed at the thought.

Above him, his newly dominating mistress stood in her robe. He felt if she only split her stance slightly more he would be able to glance further up her long white slender legs, past the hanging soft robe, perhaps even to the promised land…

God, what is happening to me, he thought? He was being held there against his will, naked, scared and alone. He was a colossus on the rugby field, feared and admired by many – respected by all. Here he was nothing! In all of this, the tension in his balls grew and his cock continued to pulse in increasing anticipation. This was unlike any experience he had ever had. He lacked control over his situation. He lacked control of any kind…

She stood over him.

Over the time since he had arrived she felt her power over him grow. The thrill of it was immense. She had read of the psychology around dominance and control. She never really considering that she would ever be in a situation to test it out for herself. When David had made his fatal mistake over a fortnight ago, she had nearly rushed into an urgent scheme to exploit him. She was so glad she had pulled back and planned more carefully.

Fortunately she caught herself and had managed to concoct a more deliberate and specific plan, which seemed to be unfolding splendidly.

Noticing the dreamy direction of his eye line up her legs, she smiled.

“Do you like what you see rugby boy?” she asked with a chuckle. She stood over him now, physically dominating his prone form. She briefly placed her foot lightly on his balls – stroking him with her toes to tease him further. The gap in her robe danced but would not part enough to offer him more of a glimpse. She stopped her toe wiggling and stared into his brazen, staring eyes.

Suddenly remembering his subservient position he tried one of his boyish grins, which rarely failed to get him out of trouble with the ladies. Hoping, even in this bizarre situation he found himself, that he might find some favor and perhaps relief or release.

She returned his smile but brushed away the opportunity for his eyes to glimpse her naked parts and in the same movement closing the robe. Reaching into the plush pocket of the brushed cotton material, she removed the blindfold, which was still damp from the shower.

His grin immediately vanished from his face. Unbelievably, he was starting to relax a little and enjoy himself. Part of this was getting a semblance of sense back to make out what was going on. He really wasn’t sure what was happening but by playing by the rules imposed had begun to get a sense of safety.

” Hold still” she instructed as she lifted his head slightly and re fitted the blindfold.

Embarrassingly, he heard himself moan slightly as his world once again was plunged into darkness.

“Oh… there there, rugby boy” she offered him in a voice that was both soothing and mocking, somehow all at the same time. “Let me get something to rest your head.”

He knew instantly, from the sound of the fabric hitting the floor that she had removed her robe. Once again, they were naked together and he was unable to enjoy any visual pleasures from the body she was exposing. He was left to his imagination which was proving to be a powerful tool. Again he heard himself moan.

She smiled, imagining the torture he must be going through. He must be completely lost she thought as she folded the robe, lifted his head and lowered it gently back down onto it. Her own arousal was through the roof. Her juices had gathered and were starting to leave a damp oily area between her thighs.

“Lie very still rugby boy” she instructed him. Careful not to touch him, she lowered herself to the floor. On all fours gently she eased herself until her mound was directly over his face. Her legs split wide and her slender but strong arms easily holding herself in position, It certainly helped at times to be raised in an enthusiastic gymnastics family. More recently she was a keen dancer. Her abilities were good enough to make a good career from the trade but she felt that might kill her passion for the activity so she never pursued it that way. Lithe and flexible she could bend and twist or tumble on cue. Her core was very strong and revealed subtle but obvious abdominal muscles to anyone lucky enough to have that part of her body revealed to them. David was not one of these people.

Only inches above his mouth and nostrils she hovered, her arousal very evident in the air.

He tried to lay still but his imagination was running wild. He knew she was in the immediate proximity.

He could feel her heat.

He could smell her.

She was so close but so out of reach. What was she doing?

God he could smell her juices!. Her pussy was obviously close.

She watched as his cock pulsed in joyous torment. Again taking care not to touch him she held her hair in one hand and leaned in toward him. Her strong body was trembling with the exertion… She got as close as she dared and blew gently on the tip of his cock.

He heard her exhale and felt the deliciously mean breath breeze past his cock and tickle his freshly shaved balls.

“Lie still” she commanded as she released her hair, using the newly free hand to push his raised pelvis back to the ground. Now supporting herself in a kind of “press up” position she was leaning in. The tips of her cascading hair brushed over his cock and balls.

From the direction of her voice and the feel of her hair he could tell where she was and how she must be positioned. Before he could stop himself, he blurted out “oh god.”

He felt her lift off him and he lay still…

“I’m sorry, I mean… Um… Oh god mistress?”

She leaned in toward his ear and whispered…. “good try, to late – lie still rugby boy”

He was kicking himself. – she had him by the balls, almost literally but definitely figuratively and he was making it easy for her

She was only gone for a few moments. She had only just, caught herself and was grateful he had broken the spell. His outburst to god was enough to re focus her and snap her from the haze of unfocused horniness. She had planned for this night and had almost strayed from the set course. The temptation to just grab his cock and lower her pussy onto his, obviously eager face had almost overwhelmed her.

She smiled remembering that her own orgasm was not far away… and it would be worth the wait.

” I have nearly finished with you rugby boy. Only a little while longer and you can go home for the night. You’d like that wouldn’t you rugby boy?” He nodded slowly, not sure if it was the right thing to do and not even certain if it was what he wanted.

“For the next few minutes you only have to do two things,” She spoke slowly and deliberately making sure he was getting the details

“One, you will continue to lie still until I am finished, understand?”

Again he nodded quietly

“Two, your tongue will be extended and moving… again until I am finished,”

“Are you clear on those instructions rugby boy”

He nodded his understanding gently once more.

She took a quick moment to gauge her situation. She had one of, if not the most desirable man in the city, lying naked on her lounge room floor. His cock was twinging and tweaking in anticipation. She was in control. Her nakedness was not a vulnerability but an extra strength. She knew he was powerless to do anything despite his not being bound or physically restrained in any way. He was as good as physically imprisoned yet not at all.

She knew she was blackmailing him. This did not sit comfortably with her but the capabilities of power and dominance so recently attained were hard to argue against and sacrifice. Besides, judging by the strength and obvious hardness of his erection he was not entirely displeased. In fact she was sure despite the confusion he was enjoying himself immensely. She ran a long fingernail lightly up his cock from the base to the tip. Aside from his cock bouncing and jumping in delight he managed to suppress any indicators of how he felt.

“Good boy, rugby boy, you are going really well. Not long now” she caressed him with her voice as she lightly began to wank him in her hand. Barely touching she stroked his turgid cock. She felt his pulse through the veins in his weapon and marveled at its weighty length and the full head. His balls were nicely tight and swollen.

Shaking her head to re focus, she let him go and reached for the old mp3 player she had sitting on the floor nearby. The player was old but the noise cancelling earplugs were very new and very good.

“Right” she said as she gently slipped them into his ears. Pleasingly they were a good fit and did not extend far outward. There was no audio playing so she knew that, although slightly muffled, he would be able to hear her.

“Ok rugby boy, let’s see your tongue wiggle and no other movement.”

With that, she pressed play and watched his expression.

David could now hear nothing other than the audio once it had started. The first song was a remake of an old classic. Barry White was introducing his part in, lets just kiss. … and say goodbye. David recognized the irony and even managed a little smile. This beautiful minx was putting him through hell. He had been robbed of both sight and sound… Well his choice of hearing. A stranger was blackmailing him. His right to independent actions had been completely taken away from him and he had knew, he could only ever get it back at this strange beauty’s whim.

Despite all this, he was no longer afraid. In fact he could not deny he was enjoying being at someone’s mercy. It was so different to being the responsible leader. Here he had no decisions to make. He was in fact banned from making any of his own. So, he smiled

… and extended his tongue.

She saw her rugby boys tongue protrude through his smile and her heart jumped in delight. Turning on her own stereo to local radio she maneuvered his arms away from his sides, knelt so her shins crossed his biceps at right angles and lowered her bare pussy toward his (by now) frantically wiggling tongue.

With her thighs taught stretched, the sensation as his tongue met her lips was almost overwhelming. The jolt that coursed through her as his wet mouth muscle expertly parted her labia in what seemed like a single simple heavy lick, was mind blowing

She tilted her head back and arched her back. Holding still she moaned as Davids tongue pointed at and through her drenched entrance

David couldn’t hear anything other than the music. He felt his arms being manipulated to right angles from his body and felt the weight of her pin his arms to the ground. He knew he could easily break away as she was not heavy but the feeling of giving in to her was strangely enjoyable. He knew what was coming. At least he felt he knew what was coming. Her, on his face.

He was not adverse to oral pleasure having bought girls off that way a few times. But being David Tanner, captain of the local professional rugby team, had it’s advantages. This meant in the bedroom things usually went the way he liked. This involved enthusiastic blowjobs and numerous positions all dictated by him to a willing partner. He was far more often on the receiving end than the giving. His brief encounters were usually hoping that their performance might lead to something more. Perhaps even a relationship.

This was very different he thought as he felt her gradually lowering herself onto him.

Then contact.

Her lips met his.

He tasted her and she tasted good.

Never before had this smell and taste appealed so much to him. His enthusiasm was genuine and seemingly his only immediate goal, was to please her.

As his lips touched her body his busy tongue hesitated briefly. She froze above him. After a brief pause David tilted his head and slowly lapped upward. Stiffening his tongue he lapped up between her lips – parting the moist, hot slippery meat on its journey. He was delighted to feel that she was either freshly shaven or waxed and her smooth wet vagina tasted and felt good.

Slowly he repeated the track up and down her slit, stopping each time before he felt near where her clit may protrude, tilting his head and starting again from the bottom of her slit

She was in heaven.

His slow start was delicious.

Matching his pace slightly she began to lightly dip her pelvis and slide along his willing tongue.

Kneeling in her own lounge, from her position she was looking directly out onto the sidewalk. She tried to focus on the passes by, to see if she could pick out a familiar face.

It was a surreal feeling. Anonymously watching the residents of your home city, go about their business while you sat naked, fucking the face of their most desirable male icon.

She knew she would not last here long. The public faces became a blur and collective moving mural. Reaching forward she gently grabbed his cock and gave him a few light strokes from the balls right up to the tip. She was hoping to convey her pleasure through this action and encourage her living sex toy below her. She wanted to send a signal to him so that he knew he was doing well.

David was trying to steadily increase his lapping technique and focus on feeling her when he felt her hand on his cock. Moaning with delight he somehow managed to stay still, despite wanting to thrust upward and fuck her hand. She only held him for a few seconds but the feeling was incredible. He was filled with frustration and desire, which combined to increase his licking speed. His thinking was that, if I can make her come – perhaps she will at last return the favor.

With very little way of knowing what stage she was at, David wasn’t sure when to advance his tongue tasting to try and find her little bud. He would try soon and just go for broke.

She was already very close to her edge and knew what she needed to get over. She was aware, through everything that David was deliberately avoiding her clit and she didn’t mind. She gave him that little semblance of power, knowing when she was close enough she would do what she wanted to get her orgasm – but she did like his technique

Welling inside her was something unlike any experience she had ever had. Every sinew and fibre was tightening. Every corpuscle was focused on her groin and the increasing heat and delight was building. Her hands clenched on his chest and dug deeply into his flesh.

After only a couple of minutes of David’s centralized attentions she knew she was approaching the point of no return.

Easing her self backward she straightened and arched her back, tilting her body further above his head. In the process physically pinning David’s head onto the folded gown pillow.

As she tilted and arched she bought her clit directly onto David’s mouth. She jumped as he licked her on the love button and then clenched, clamping her self there.

David now was in no doubt she was close. As he felt her tighten above her he inhaled through his mouth and managed to create a seal between them. Again somehow increasing the speed at which he worked he probed and licked his way around the pronounced bud that proudly presented itself.

Helena screamed.

Her toned thighs tightened and she ground her core into the living love toy.

In seconds she was over the edge and doing all she could to stay upright. She bucked on his head as the lightening which combined with flashing stars, over took her consciousness. Within her body, muscles went into spasm, her waist bucked uncontrollably.

Over the course of the next few minutes she came and came again. David was not stopping and she was not climbing off.

After her third, slightly less violent orgasm she raised one of her legs and collapsed on the rug beside David. Lying and panting along side his body, which lay he in the opposite direction.

After what seemed like several minutes she raised herself up onto an elbow and lightly brushed an open palm over one of her possessions nipples. She lowered her hand to his ear and removed the headphone buds gently.

David to his credit was still lying still and moving his tongue. She smiled at him.

“You can stop moving that gorgeous tongue of yours now rugby boy, well done”

He licked his lips before retracting his tongue and smiled.

“Lie still and don’t move,” she mentioned to him as she raised herself and left the room.

Still plunged in absolute darkness David laid there. It seemed like hours – he dared not move as the consequences of disobeying his mistress far out weighed his curiosity now. He had learned this already the hard way.

From the state of absolute arousal he gradually wound down. His large phallus fell into a relaxed state over the many minutes he remained alone. He desperately wanted a release but dared not bring himself the satisfaction. He could feel a small pool of pre cum forming on his stomach as the contracting pipes of his body forced it out. Gradually the urge to come lessened… but the dull ache in his balls did not.

She returned to her bathroom and showered. She washed her body and hair, taking her time and soaking in the memory of her fantastic experience.

Putting on a light makeup and some deodorant she dressed in some comfortable casual clothes and returned to her lounge with a small bag she had prepared earlier.

As she expected, David was there and had not moved.

He heard her approach and his anxiety started lifting. It was no longer a feeling of fear so much as one of what was going to happen next.

She noticed he was very flaccid and just the way she wanted him.

“Good boy, rugby boy” she offered as from the bag she removed the item she had only recently purchased.

“Just one more thing and I can let you go,” she said as she took his limp but strengthening cock in her hand.

Before it got to hard she slid it into the device. Having never used one of these she was very pleased at how the tube fit and the ring slipped into place around his balls. She noticed she was lucky to get the device on promptly as the new attention to his genitals had already swelled him to fill the available space. The last thing was to click the rubber coated padlock into the latch between the ball ring and the cock tube.

“There you go Rugby Boy” I bought you a little present for my new little cock”

As she said this she removed the blindfold from his face and watched as he grimaced and squinted, adjusting to the invasion from the light.

David was quick to take in his new dilemma and frowned lightly with the growing discomfort. He did not say anything but turned his gaze back to his captor who had not seen for some time.

She looked amazing. Freshly dressed in comfortable jeans, a long tee shirt and a hair tie holding back her long red hair – slightly off to one side. He felt extremely naked.

She met his gaze and commented “well done today Rugby Boy, you performed above expectation”

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“If you keep your mouth open like that the flies or something else will get in.” says Claudette with a smirk on her face, her eyes are smizing, which to those of you who do not watch America’s Next Top Model is smiling with your eyes. I watch. I have even dated some of them and one of those models is in my thirty.

I realize that I am still sitting gaping at her. I can’t believe that she’s here in my office. I gather my wits and remember who I am. I want this woman on her knees sucking my dick. I want her begging me to fuck her. I am not some slave to a woman; she is a slave to me. My dick jumps reminding me that I am the master here. “Calm down boy.” I whisper so she cannot hear.

Standing I smile warmly at her. My dick does a dance. My boss, Robert Douglas comes behind Claudette. He has been staring at her ass. Right now, I envy him because she has a fine ass and I would like to be standing behind it. “I see you two know each other, Ms. Casey is thinking about bringing her business to us. We are going to have lunch to discuss. She would like you to join us.”

Claudette smiles at me and gives me a wink. Her voice is sultry and smooth as she turns to Robert and says, “I’d like to discuss what you have to offer me.” As she says this, I feel as if she is directing this towards me and I blush. Luckily, her back is to me. Robert leads her away and my dick starts to deflate a little.

My best friend David who works two offices from mine comes over to my office. David is a 6’2″ brown haired guy who looks older than his 31 years, but very handsome with dimples that all the girls’ find very attractive. All of my mates are good-looking guys. I like the competition. We take bets on which one of us a certain girl will go for in a bar.

David is open mouthed as he says, “Who is that beautiful woman? My dick got hard the moment she walked onto the floor. Every man in here and a few women are watching her. Stan, he almost fell over looking at her ass and Barry, he went into the men’s room and I don’t think he went in there to pee.”

I laugh and then I smirk. “She’s a friend of Samantha’s. I went to a party at her house. I’m going to lunch with her today.”

“Shit man you’ve been holding out on me. Is she single? Does she do white guys? Hell I’d be on my knees kissing that ass in a minute. She makes JLo look like a boy. You had better hope our boy Marvin doesn’t see her. He will make a bee line for that skirt.” David says.

I am a little worried about Marvin. He’s a really good-looking black guy and a friend. He used to be a basketball player and an underwear model. He’s tall and chocolate colored. The women around here all fall over him. He’s currently dating a supermodel from Sweden with long legs and long blond hair.

I get a phone call from Robert’s secretary, an older woman named Catherine who says that lunch will be at one. We are walking over from the Financial Center at the World Trade to the Palm restaurant.

It is a mild March day and I’m glad that I don’t have to wear a coat. Claudette is wearing a light white coat. I can see her longs legs and her feet encased in those Christian Louboutin nude pumps. I know all about women’s shoes. I make a notice of everything women wear because I do dress the women I go out with. If I find something I like I buy it and send it to one of my thirty. They are all so grateful, so very grateful and spend lots of time on their knees or on their backs or even better with their ass in the air.

I can’t wait to see what she has under that coat. My dick jumps at the thought. I open the door at the Palm for her and she smiles at me. “Thank you.” She says with a slight nod of her head. My dick jumps again. Damn what is this woman doing to me?

I help Claudette with her coat and as I turn back from giving her coat to the coat check my dick jumps and stays stiff. Down boy, I say, but the dick just salutes at me and says, no way. She is gorgeous in a nearly backless fuchsia Valentino lace dress. How I long to run my hands down her back. I start thinking about baseball, basketball, soccer and it is finally thoughts of golf that make my dick go back down before I am very embarrassed.

We have our meeting. Claudette is a smart executive and much richer than I could have imagined. She’s a billionaire and counting. She is Oprah rich and wants to be even wealthier. She has great plans for her money and I have realized she wants power. Claudette does not want to be President, but she wants to control the President. Claudette wants to buy small companies, keep them in tact and just make a few changes just enough to turn them into a big company. She has some smart ideas and it will be my job to implement them.

We are sitting in a booth and she is sitting next to me, my boss across from us. We have had our lunch and are having dessert when I feel her hand touch my leg. I freeze as she lightly runs her hand up my leg. My dick rises immediately. I keep talking but all I want to do is cum. Just as quickly, Claudette removes her hand and I am left with a hard dick that now refuses to go down.

Claudette smiles sweetly at me. The bitch is making me mad with all this teasing. I finish my presentation and excuse myself to go to the men’s room. I manage to bring the old boy down, but I know the moment I return he will rise his head again. What the fuck is this chick doing. Who the hell does she think she is? Before I return to my seat, I call Chloe and tell her that we will be having dinner at eight at my house. She is so excited that I just have to laugh.

I manage to make it through the rest of lunch with my dick staying calm. I get Claudette’s coat and help her on with it managing to run a finger up her back. She doesn’t even flinch, but my dick does. Her skin feels so soft. I want to feel that skin and kiss it.

We walk back to the office. Her Bentley is waiting out front and I open the door before her driver gets out. She slides in and says to me, “There are a few more things I’d like to go over with you. Robert.” She says to my boss, “Would it be possible for Mitch here to come to my house day after tomorrow with the papers for me to sign?”

My boss looks at me. I can clearly see the disappointment on his face. He had hoped she would ask him to come. “Yes, he can be there?”

She reaches into her purse that she didn’t have with her in the restaurant and pulls out a card that she hands to me. “This is my New York address. Please meet me there on Thursday at 6.” She says coolly. I just nod, close the car door and watch as her driver drives away.

Robert and I walk into the building. On the elevator, he says to me, “Make sure you get this account Mitch. It’s important. If you get this, there is a promotion in your near future. “I nod and he grins, “She’s a damn fine woman. I’m happily married, but I’d give my left nut to fuck that sweet pussy.”

I grin broadly; my proper boss never talks like that. So it’s not only me she’s having an effect on.

Marvin is waiting in my office with some papers, but I know he has heard about Claudette. “Hey Mitch, how was lunch?” he says raising an eyebrow.

“Lunch was great. I got this one in the bag.” I say with a smirk.

Marvin grins, “So what is Claudette Casey like?”

I smile, “She makes my dick jump.” Marvin nods, “Wanna bet I can get to her first?”

“Nah man, I got this one. I’m invited over for her to sign the papers. I plan to hit that.” I say.

Marvin laughs, “Ever been with a black woman before?”

“No, but she’s got a pussy and I can always get there.” My grin is broad.

Marvin really laughs, “Let’s make that bet, because she ain’t gonna be that easy.”

We make a wager. If I get her to sleep with me on Thursday then I will give Marvin my two tickets to the Super Bowl next January. If Marvin wins then he will give me his tickets to the World Series. In addition, whoever wins also gets a bottle of very expensive champagne we both want that costs about $5,000.00.

We shake hands. I got this and I am not worried.

I arrive home at 7:15. I cook, but not tonight. I want to eat and fuck so I order from a restaurant that knows me. I now Chloe likes lobster and I have a porterhouse. The table is romantically set and I have a nice bottle of red wine. I feel a kind of responsibility to Chloe since I was her first, so I want to treat her nice.

A few weeks ago, I ordered a beautiful red negligee for her, which I lay out on the bed with some red-heeled slippers. She will change into this before dinner. I change into a pair of red sweat pants and a white tee shirt. These pants really hug my hips and I have several pairs. I am wearing sandals on my feet. Every week I have my nails and feet done. I believe a man should always look good for his woman and I do.

I check the drawer in my bedroom and tonight I take out the condoms. I also take out the vibrator and the lube because of course I’m going to fuck that ass. In a locked closet, I take out the paddle and a spreader bar. I have to get out my frustrations about Claudette. I’m going to use Chloe, as I want to use the black woman who is frustrating the hell out of me.

Chloe arrives early. She is dressed in a short skirt with a blue print top and a black trench coat with the sexiest five-inch rain boots. It’s raining and her Burberry umbrella is wet. I kiss her chastely on the mouth, take her umbrella, and put it in the stand. Chloe strips off her coat and drops it on the floor. She throws her arms around me and I take them off. “Pick up the coat Chloe.” I say my voice menacingly. She looks surprised.

She does not say a word but picks up her coat which leaves a puddle on the wood floor. In my mind I could not’ see Claudette doing this. I take her coat and leave her standing there as I hang it in the bathroom. I bring back a mop and hand it to her. Behind my back, I hold the paddle. “Clean the floor Chloe.” I order. Chloe looks scared but does as I ask. I go behind her and taking the paddle, I swing it, hitting her on her skirt clothed behind.

She jumps. “Ouch, Mitch, I’m sorry.” She says and stops mopping.

“Chloe, keep mopping. Clean up the mess you made.” I say going behind her and unzipping her skirt. She keeps mopping as her skirt falls to the floor. “Step out of the skirt.” I say and she does but she keeps mopping.

“Stop mopping, but hold onto the mop.” I say and I take the paddle and hit her on her butt that is still encased in her panties. She moans. I run my hands down her back and to her panties that I rip from her body leaving red angry marks on the side of her thighs. She gasps but still holds on to the mop as I pick up the paddle and start paddling her ass. Chloe holds on to the mop as I paddle her behind.

Tears are streaming down her face and I Chloe is holding onto the mop and trying not to scream. Finally, I stop paddling her. Her ass is red. She lets out a choking cry and I scoop her up into my arms. The paddle drops and I carry her into my bedroom laying her on her stomach on the bed. I turn off the lights. She is sobbing. I get onto the bed and grab the lube.

I am angry, but not at Chloe. It is Chloe however, who will get my anger. I lube my dick and her ass getting on top of her with one thrust I am in her ass. Chloe screams and I start fucking her hot to the touch ass. “Take it. Take it all bitch. You tease me and don’t deliver. Take all of my cock in that ass.”

She is trembling and I take her arms lifting them over her head as I fuck into her ass. “Please Mitch, please.” She sobs.

“Please what cunt!” I say not even seeing her. I’m thrusting harder and harder and she’s crying. I’m fucking her brutally and seeing Claudette underneath me. This woman is turning my world upside down and I cannot take it. I have to have her.

I realize in a brief moment of clarity that I am hurting Chloe. I stop and carefully pull out of her very sore ass. I kiss her back and her spine. She is whimpering like a little dog and I am ashamed of myself. How I ever let someone get under my skin like this.

Getting off the bed, I go into the bathroom and return with a wet cloth and a bowl of warm water. Carefully and tenderly, I wash her. She is bleeding slightly from her asshole and I clean her.

I place the bowl and washcloth on the floor. Chloe has turned to her side and is in the fetal position. She is still crying softly. I wrap my arms around her and kiss her neck. “Chloe, I’m sorry. So sorry I hurt you. I’ve had a bad time at work today and I guess it went to my head.

I turn her over. Her mascara has run and her face is streaked. Her eyes are closed and she is saying nothing. Again I get off the bed and take the bowl and washcloth back to the bathroom. I run a bath for her. When I return she is sitting up. I sit down next to her. She is looking at her hands and I lift up her chin.

Gently I kiss her and she responds. “I’m sorry I dropped my wet coat on the floor.” Chloe says to me in a barely audible voice. I move a strand of hair from her face, “no Chloe, I’m sorry. I let things get out of hand.”

She looks up at me, “Mitch, I liked when you paddled me. I also liked when you fucked me like this. I deserved it. I’ve wanted you to be rough with me and…” She stops talking.

I am astonished. Yes, I wanted her as one of my little pets, but I thought it would take time. Chloe moves and gets on her knees. “I want you to be my master. I’ve been reading all kind of things about BDSM and I was hoping that you would teach me.”

“Chloe.” I say, “You don’t know what you’re saying. I think that this has all been too much for you.”

“Mitch, uhm, Master, I want you to teach me. Paddle me, whip me, do whatever you want and I will just ask for more. Yes it hurt, but I want it to hurt.” She reached up to stroke my face, then let her hand drop. “Use me Master; take out all your frustrations on me. Whatever is bothering you, use me.”

I am floored and start to speak, when the phone rings. I take my iPhone from the table and look at the number. I don’t recognize it and I answer, “Mitch here.”

“Hello Mitch. I was just calling to confirm for tomorrow.” Said the sultry voice on the end. My dick did a jump and Chloe starts to lick my balls.

“Hello Ms. Casey.” I sigh.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything.” She purrs.

Chloe was now sucking my cock. I looked down at her. “No nothing at all.” I say, as Chloe starts sucking and slurping on my dick.

I am trying desperately not to moan. This voice and not Chloe is bringing me to the edge.

Claudette laughs, “I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow evening. Please don’t forget the papers. Goodnight Mitchell.” She says and hangs up.

I set down the phone and grab Chloe’s head and start fucking her face roughly. She has been practicing on a banana or a dildo or something because she is much better and I use her mouth, her lips and as I cum, I choke her with my cock and envision Claudette on her knees sucking me.

Chloe gets her bath. I talk to her about what her being my slave means and that first she must learn to be my submissive. I tell her I want her to think about it for a week and I will also think about if I want to train her.

I have had five submissives in my life. I ended all the relationships. The thirty do what I want when I want at a time and place I choose. Having a submissive is like having a small child who works very hard at pleasing you. It is an obligation and I didn’t know if I wanted to take on the responsibility of having a submissive. I had decided that I didn’t. Now I’m not so sure.

Claudette is bringing out in me something I haven’t seen in two years – the very dominant side of me. The side that wants to control everything about the person I’m with. From what she wears to what she eats. This side of me hasn’t want to raise his head and now I’m thinking about it…with Chloe.

I am not Christian Gray from that book. I am not fucked up from a cruel childhood. I’ve always been this way. I’ve always been in control and I do like my women pliant. The five subs I have had – one got married and has two children, another one had a master and was very happy. Another one is getting her doctorate and the fourth is pregnant and living with another man.

The last one, Emily. I was falling in love with her and knew I had to get rid of her. I don’t like to think about her. She lives in Los Angeles now with her sister. She hates me. She has a right to. I not only broke her heart but her spirit. I pay for her therapy and her schooling.

Maybe this is what I need to get me out of thoughts of Claudette. I wash Chloe and dry her body. I dress her in the red nightgown and lay with her in my bed. I leave her there while I return to the bathroom and shower. I hold her in my arms, not making love to her the rest of the night. In the morning, she gets dressed, kisses me and leaves.

I block all thoughts of Claudette Casey from my mind and work hard all day. Finally, it is time for me to leave for dinner. Marvin comes to my office and reminds me of our bet. Robert comes by and reminds me of the contract. David comes by and tells me to tap that. I grin and tell him that I plan to.

I take a town car to a townhouse on sixty-Third Street. “Damn.” I whisper under my breath. I can only hope to have a house like this someday. This place must have cost at least thirty mil, I think. I get out and walk up to the black door that is painted black. Before I can ring the bell or knock, the same butler I saw in Connecticut opens the front door.

He escorts me in, takes my coat, leads me into the foyer and my heart drops. I thought we would be alone. There are about twelve other people milling about. I see Claudette talking to Morgan Winthrop and she walks over to me.

“Come and meet everyone Mitchell.” She takes my arm and I feel a current run through us. Claudette raises an eyebrow and I know she’s felt it too.

She introduces me to everyone in the group, but the person who peeks my interest is Mrs. Stephanie Stone, widow of the lawyer, Steven Stone with her new bride Anna Stone and her husband, Brian.

Stephanie Stone is a very attractive woman, but she’s no Claudette. Also, she seems to be very much in love with the two people she’s with. I chat with Mrs. Stone and give her my card. She is a quite wealthy film director and her wife is a stunner. I don’t disrespect married people but that Anna is gorgeous. As I chat with Stephanie from the corner of my eye, I keep watch to Claudette.

She is laughing at something a man named Tony has said. Her head is thrown back and her laughter is tinkling in my ear like bells. Again, there is a wonderful dinner and I am seated between Stephanie and Brian. The conversation is lively.

After dinner, there is dancing and drinks with a band. Claudette interrupts my dance with the beautiful Anna. She takes my hand and again the electricity charges between us. She leads me to her study. I had forgotten I was here to get papers signed and remove them from my leather folder that I have left on a bench in the foyer.

Claudette goes over them. Her attorney’s already made changes and she just checks to make sure. With a flourish, she signs her name and hands them back to me.

Claudette sitting behind her desk crosses her legs and stares at me. “So Mitchell, now that I’ve signed what do you intend to do for me?”

I go around her desk and stand in front of her. “I will work very hard on your account Ms. Casey.”

“You and I both know that’s not what I mean.” Claudette uncrosses her legs. She reaches out a hand to touch me. There is a knock at the door.

Stephanie Stone comes in. “Sorry Claude, Anna, Brian and I are going home. I wanted to say good night and thank you for a wonderful evening.”

The spell between us is broken and I scoop up the contract as Claudette stands and breezes past me to hug Stephanie. I watch her ass as she walks Mrs. Stone out the door. It is a really fine ass. For a moment I wonder what she would have done. Would she have taken out my prick? Would she have sucked me? I have to find a way to see her again.

Before you start, make sure you are prepared for this session. Make sure you will have privacy for the next while, that your door is locked and you will be undisturbed. Turn off anything that could distract you, this includes your television, music and your messaging programs. And turn off any bright lights. You want to focus all your attention here.

Sit or lie down comfortably, loosen or remove any tight clothing you might be wearing.

And clear your mind.

Try to forget about any distractions

Let go of your hesitation

You want to experience this fully

You need to clear everything from your mind.

Just focus my words, imagine the rest of the world doesn’t exist, doesn’t matter.

Let any other thoughts drift away. They’re not important now.

Forget everything except the words you read here

Let all thoughts drift away.

Nothing matters but me and you.

All you have to do is obey me.

Focus on your breathing

Breathe deeply and slowly


And out…


And out…

Keep going…


And out…


And out…

Now let your body relax

Let the tension slip away from your muscles.

Imagine a soothing blue light sweeping over you, taking it all away.

The soft, pleasant, blue light sweeps over you one piece at a time.

First over your toes and then they relax and the tension slips away

Then spreading over your feet and they relax…

This warm light travels up your legs… everything it touches relaxes.

Now it surrounds your fingers…

Your hands…

Your arms…

Up too your neck and shoulders…

Let this warm, pleasant light engulf you…

Your eyes are feeling heavy now…

Let the light cover your face… let it relax…

Let this feeling of relaxation travel through every part of your body…

You should now be feeling true relaxation and open-ness

Take a moment to enjoy this soothing feeling

This warm, relaxing feeling…

Picture yourself facing down a long corridor

The walls are a dull white

As is the floor and ceiling

There are no doors or windows

There are no markings of any kind, just plain white walls

This dull white corridor stretches farther than you can see

It stretches deep into your unconscious mind

You will walk down this corridor as I count down from 10

As I approach 0 you will come closer to the end of this corridor


Your feeling even more relaxed


You’re letting all of your thoughts go.


You are leaving behind your feelings


You are leaving behind your thoughts




You’re falling deep into the trance now


You see an opening ahead of you

But you can’t see anything beyond the opening


Let everything go


You come to the end of the corridor

Beyond it, all is black

Step into this blackness

You are mine!

You are now in a pure state

You are now in your true state

Ready to receive and obey any command

Softly say “I am under your control” to yourself

You smell nothing

You hear nothing

You feel nothing

You can see nothing but these words

Here in your pure state

Take a moment to embrace this condition

You will remember this state

You will return to it each time you take this session

You will fall deeper into it each time

Suddenly you feel someone’s eyes on you

A man’s eyes exploring every inch of your body

You enjoy this feeling

It makes you horny

You want to show him more

Stand up

Slowly, strip off your clothes

One piece at a time

Take them all off…

Now sit back

You can feel your breasts swelling at the thought of him watching you

Your nipples are hardening

Move your hands to them

Caress them

Rub them

As those hands rub your breasts you can feel the lips of your pussy swell

Engorging with lust

Your pussy is expanding

Getting wetter

You are yearning to be filled

You are yearning to be taken

You are already aware of the pleasure that is coming

You want to feel those fingers sliding down to your pussy

The desire is overwhelming

You are almost quivering with lust

You realize that the man is right behind you

You can smell his pleasant scent

You can hear him breathing

You realize that those are not your hands

You realize that those are his hands



Let a hand down your breasts


Down across your stomach

Down between your thighs

Now, let the hand rub up and down your pussy lips

While those sensations travel from your lips

You can feel your swollen clit

Aching to be touched

His fingers continues to slide over your pussy lips

Let them slide inside

Your heart is beating faster

Now let those fingers slide up those lips

Toward your clit

They caress around it slowly

Every circle makes you wetter, hornier

You spread your legs wide

Inviting him to fuck you

He appears before you

Naked, his cock hard and ready to fuck you

He takes his cock in hand and presses it against your wet pussy

You feel the head of his cock pushing against your pussy lips

You feel your pussy lips part as he enters you

You feel his cock pushing deep inside you, filling you

You feel it withdrawing from you

And as the head is about to leave you

You feel it entering you you again

And again

And again

Over and over without stopping

The sensation is more intense than ever before

Each thrust brings you closer to estacy

Each time he enters you, you want to cum

Each time you need to cum

You feel his cock pushing deep inside you, filling you

You feel it withdrawing from you

Then his hips thrust forward again and he buries himself inside you

He fucks you relentlessly

He picks up his pace as he continues

Fucking you faster

Fucking you harder

Fucking you deeper

You can feel it coming on

Your heart will beat hard against your chest

Your clit will pull back

Your pussy will tighten

You love this intense feeling of anticipation sweeping over you

You will remember it

Everything is going to flood out

You cannot resist his fucking any longer


Its time!

Let it come!

Let it sweep through you!

Let the orgasm take you!


Its time!

Let yourself open up

Let yourself fall into this

Let those waves of pleasure sweep through you

Take a moment to enjoy this feeling

When you wake up you will remember how good this felt

You will remember the waves of pleasure

You will feel completely satisfied and happy

As I count up to 10 you will gradually awaken



You will remember the orgasm and how good it felt



You’re becoming conscious now


You will feel satisfied and happy






You are wide awake now and you feel great

For so long I had defined myself by my role as wife and mother. I had pushed aside my sexual self as deviant and unnecessary and instead defined myself by my role. I was the good wife, obedient and demanding nothing. I was the good mother baking muffins and volunteering at school. I helped with homework and wiped away tears and felt my sexual self dying a bit more every day.

Being a good wife and a good mother was important, hell it still is important but Sir made me realize that it was not the only important thing. I am important too, and my submission is my gift to Sir and my legacy to myself.

So I changed my life and reordered my priorities. I am no longer a wife. I will always be a mother but by reaching out for what I need I have become a better mother because I can live in my own skin.

I met Sir online when I was standing on the edge trying to decide if I was worth the sacrifices I would require. My practical side insisted on caution and care but She would not be silenced. She demanded that her voice be heard and her needs be met and caution had no right to demand her submission. Only Sir could do that and in order for that to happen I had to get out of my own way.

As I readied myself for my first scene with Sir my hands shook. Would Sir find me wanting? The thought of disappointing him made me shudder. We had done coffee several times in recent weeks after months of contact online. We had discussed limits hard and soft. We had discussed Sir’s style and my own wants and needs. We had discussed Sir’s requirements and Sir had explained safety and really building trust and how Sir felt that trust took time and so there were things he would not do until trust had been built.

As I shaved myself and ran my fingers over my folds to make sure they were smooth and ready for his inspection I could feel my fingers tremble. I remembered our discussions and wanted so much to please him. Over and over the razor slid over my skin until I was smooth and soft for his pleasure.

I went to my closet and pulled out the dress Sir had chosen for me. I had taken my cellphone shopping and taken pictures of myself in almost thirty different dresses. As soon as Sir had seen this dress he had halted my shopping and declared it perfect. Knowing that the dress pleased him made me feel right inside. When I could please Sir my world felt whole.

I pulled the dress off the hanger and admired it’s lines once again. The top was low cut and lightly boned to make wearing a bra unnecessary. The soft black chiffon tucked in at my waist and fell to a skirt made with several layers of the same fabric which overlapped and swirled as I walked. It was cut to lay between my knee and my ass and had a handkerchief hem so the higher layers gave the impression that a scandalous bit of flesh would be revealed at any moment as I walked. Yet it never made good on that promise. Sir alone would determine who would be allowed to gaze upon the flesh hidden by the fluttering layers of skirt.

I pulled on the garter belt and clipped the silk stockings in place. The softness of the silk caressed my leg and emphasized the bareness of my pussy and ass. Sir had demanded they be left bare so that I would be accessible to him. Finally I pulled on the garter which Sir had insisted be red. As I walked the garter played peekaboo through the layers of chiffon and added to my feeling that I was laid bare and trembling and at his mercy.

On my lips I carefully drew a red line and filled it with Russian red lipstick. Sir had a fondness for bright red lips wrapped around his cock. It was one if the first things he had ever told me and I wanted to please him in all ways. My hair I left down and soft. I allowed the natural wave to float across my shoulders. My eyes were also soft and I could feel my mind quiet and my musvles soften as well. I was nervous, terrified even, at the thought that Sir would find me wanting. I pressed a hand to my breast and took a deep breath. Sir had seen what I looked like. We had talked for months and I trusted him and knew he would not harm me.

I trembled not because of my nerves and my fears. I trembled because I wanted to please him. I wanted to be what he desired and was afraid of falling short. With one last deep breath I gathered my courage and put on the black stiletto heels which completed my outfit. Not allowing myself to delay any longer I gathered my purse and headed to my car.

I remember little of the drive to the hotel. The air was cool and the wind whispered again my legs and kissed my naked pussy and ass as I walked the length of the hotel parking lot from

the spot Sir had told me to park. I could feel my anticipation ramp higher and my nerves settle as they always did when I obeyed Sir. It was likely that he would never check to make sure that I had obeyed his order that I park farthest from the door but I did not obey to avoid punishment. I obeyed because I had a bone deep desire to please Sir and if no one ever knew my obedience and desire to serve him in all ways I would know it and so the walk from my car to the doors of the hotel was a service to Sir and part of my gift to him.

I crossed the lobby to gather the key-card from the front desk clerk and saw his gaze skim my attire with a hint of speculation before he smoothed his features into a courteous mask. A blush washed over my body and colored every inch of exposed skin a delicate shade of pink. I wondered if he had caught a glimpse of the red garter but I kept my head down and did not meet his eyes. Key-card in hand I headed to the elevator and pushed the sixth floor button as I entered.

Finally I stood at the door to the room. I stared at the numbers on the door and felt my breath quicken. Anticipation had me panting in short order and I had to force myself to take deep breaths and calm myself. Passing out at the door before I even entered would not please Sir.

I entered the room quietly and heard the hiss of the shower. I looked around the dimly lit room and saw the note Sir had left on the table by the door and hurried over to read it.

Take off everything except the red garter. Go to the bathroom. I want you on your knees with your hands behind your head and waiting. Please me.

I felt my nerves recede as I quickly undressed and piled my clothing on the table. The red garter stood out in stark contrast to the pale white skin of my upper thigh and the feel of its scratchy lace combined with the gentle bite of the elastic which held it in place seemed only to emphasize the lack of clothing every else. I hurried to the bathroom and placed myself quickly in position. I got on my knees and spread my legs as wide as was comfortable and then stretched them out one inch more. My legs were splayed wide and my hands went up to my head and clasped behind. I had entered this position before through the months that Sir had instructed me and every time I entered it I felt the peace cover me like a wave. Even the hardness of the tile and the lines of grout which seemed to press into my knees at the point of contact did nothing to diminish my peace.

My breath caught as I heard the water turn off and I stared at the towel laying in front of the tub as a temporary bath mat. I heard the curtain pull back. I did not look up though it took all of my focus not to. If Sir wanted to see my eyes he would let me know. All I had to do was obey. Again I felt myself centered and reassured by that thought. I did not have to think or question or wonder. I had only to obey.

I saw Sir’s feet as they hit the towel and watched as he leaned to one side to grab a towel. “Eyes up.” I looked up immediately and felt my waves of peace become a tsunami which rocked me to my core. Sir was so beautiful to me. The grey at his temples seemed only to emphasize the blackness of the rest of his hair. His eyes were brown and his face held a stern expression and yet I felt my breath catch again as my eyes worshipped him. His stomach was taut with just a bit of that middle aged paunch which betrayed his age of 46. A sprinkling of dark hair scattered his pecs and trailed down to his cock. His cock made my mouth water. Sir motioned my eyes up with his hand and I started guiltily from my my lustful perusal of his body. Sir took the towel, refolded it and carefully placed it back on the towel bar and took a step closer to me.

He stood inches from me and every part of my being yearned to lean forward and close the gap but I had not been given permission to touch. I heard a whimper fly through the air between us and realized it had come from me. “Hush.” I fell silent and waited for Sir to give me instruction.

Sir touched my chin and lift it higher as he took another step forward. He lifted his cock and pulled it taut to his belly exposing his balls to my hungry mouth. I wanted to open my mouth and swallow him in but I waited in stillness for his command. Every fibre of my being shrieked at the effort it took to deny myself. I felt a shudder wash through my body and my lips rocked forward of their own volition to touch his flesh. It was the minutest of touches but Sir felt the contact and I saw his face firm in disapproval. “Be still.”

Time seemed to stretch forever as I knelt on the floor at his feet waiting for his command. Finally when I thought I could bear the wait no longer I felt his balls nudge forward to my mouth. “Open.” My lips opened on a sigh as he pushed his balls firmly against my mouth and I sucked them gratefully. My tongue reached out to bathe his tender nut-sack and I worshipped his skin with my mouth. The softness of the skin there contrasted with the crispness of the hair with which his nuts were lightly covered. I could happily have spent an eternity suckling and nibbling at his flesh. I heard Sir begin to breathe more heavily and the thought that I was giving him pleasure made me feel tipsy. My own arousal swelled within me as I thought of bringing him pleasure. I licked and sucked and adored his balls and almost sobbed as he pulled them away from me. I wanted to lean forward and chase him as I felt him withdraw but I forced myself to remain still as the gap widened. In my stillness I felt my position as prey. I could feel Sir’s perusal like a physical touch, heady and overpowering.

Sir lowered his cock from his stomach and brought it to my lips. Again I waited for instruction, though the desire to lick my lips and bring them into contact with his beautiful cock was nearly irresistible. Sir closed the gap and I felt the satin skin of his cock touch my lips. Still I waited until I heard a whisper of sound hiss, “Open.” My lips parted gratefully as the heat of his cock pushed into my mouth.

On a gasp I pushed forward in my eagerness to fill my mouth with his cock and felt his hands reach up to grip my hair. My senses felt overloaded and the flash of pain as he gave a swift sharp tug of warning overwhelmed me even further. I whimpered my need. “Silence.” Another sharp tug quieted me and I again waited for direction with his cock in my mouth, pressing down on my lips and tongue.

Your body is mine to use and I will decide how I want to use it. Do you understand? I tried to nod to show my understanding and was given another even sharper tug of reprimand. My eyes darted to his as I tried to understand what he wanted of me. His severe expression seemed to hit me like a physical pain. Far more cutting than the tug of my hair I felt my soul shrink at the thought that I was displeasing him. I was still under his hand and let my eyes sink into his. He nodded once and his expression eased a fraction. I felt my own inner turmoil ease in answer.

Sir began to thrust into my mouth. He held my head in place and increased his pace as his cock became slippery with my saliva. As his flesh grew slick saliva dripped down my chin and hit my breast. My entire focus was in keeping my mouth open and soft in spite of the ache beginning to gather in my jaw at the effort required to do that. With each thrust Sir pushed deeper and stretched my mouth further, deepening the ache in my jaw.

My senses felt overloaded as I tried to process the sensations assaulting me from all directions. The warm firmness of his hands on my head, the hard yet soft heat of his dick as it pressed between my lips. The stretch of my lips and jaw as I struggled to accommodate his thickness and length. Several times I gagged and each time Sir would hold me in place as I worked to accommodate his cock. Eventually I found the rhythm and was able to take Sir to the back of my throat. Each time he slammed into my throat I swallowed around him. I heard Sir’s breath catch. The only outward sign that he was affected by my actions. I felt his cock swell even further and thenit began to pulse streams of cum into my mouth and onto my eager tongue. I gently lapped at his cock without moving my head. I swallowed his seed and waited silently as I felt the joy at having pleased Sir cascade over me and suffuse every cell of my body.

“Good girl.” Sir said softly.

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