power shifts

Marshall finished his presentation to a conference room full of clients and co-workers at just past three p.m. and left the sales effort to those responsible for closing the deal. The preparations for this important sales meeting had been ongoing for months, but many of the details were finalized late in the process, leaving Marshall only two days to prepare his presentation and conduct a couple of walkthroughs. Being short a Marketing Department Manager to make decisions amongst the warring factions on what should be included in the presentation pushed everything up against the very end of available time. The new department Manager, J. M. Thornton, was expected to arrive the following week, but that was several weeks too late to Marshall’s way of thinking. The night before, he had barely gotten two hours of sleep due to the numerous, last-minute changes he needed to accommodate.

Dressed to kill in a postal-blue suit, a subtle, yellow and blue, color-coordinated tie and white dress shirt he left his office early and headed to Frank’s Place to blow off some steam and relax. Since he didn’t have a manager at the time and with everyone else still preoccupied with the presentation, nobody was going to miss him. Frank’s Place was the nearest upscale bar to Marshall’s office and it was his regular hangout. He hoped some of the unfaithful wives from the midday crowd of regulars would be there and he could dance with them and unwind a bit. Perhaps one of their husband’s would be out of town and the wife would join him for an evening of sinful pleasure. That exact scenario had played out several times before.

No such luck though; there was not a regular cheater in the place. Every woman there was with a man and from what he could see, they all wore matching rings. Marshall made eye contact with them all and smiled at the wives anyway with his impish, flirting charm.

“Fuck their husbands if they are so controlling and possessive that they can’t let their wives flirt a little with me,” he thought. He was confident and felt sure he could handle any easily-angered husband who caught him flirting with his wife. He had done it a number of times and Marshall was mentally prepared for such confrontations, much more so than any jealous husband.

He was so practiced at defusing those type of confrontations, it was almost a game with Marshall to decide which way to take the ball and run with it. He could make the guy look like an idiot, claiming he was being falsely accused, or apologize and be humble, or just tell the guy his wife was so incredibly hot that he was helpless not to try. After one such confrontation, Marshall had talked the couple into having a threesome with the wife being the very willing recipient of both men’s sexual attention that night. He wound up staying over at their hotel and wore the same clothes to work the next day.

The bartender didn’t bother to ask Marshall what he wanted to drink. He simply brought him a double Maker’s Mark on the rocks and asked with a friendly smile, “Early or late for you, buddy, which is it?”

Marshall told him, “I couldn’t get here for lunch and any midday fun this week, Sammy. Work has been crazy lately. I just finished a major project and I’m ready to unwind a bit and have some fun. Damn, I’m horny. Looks like slim pickings right now though. Are any of these couples swingers?”

“Don’t think so Marsh; not that I know of,” Sammy told him.

Marshall mixed with the regular, daytime crowd and played some video poker for awhile. Just after five p.m. his favorite waitress came over to him. They had a history of several wild romps in the hay. Marshall wondered what time she got off, but knew it wouldn’t be for several hours yet. Christy leaned in and let her barely-covered tits dangle in front of his face when she told him, “Sammy has a lead for you, hon.”

At the bar Sammy discretely pointed and told him, “Check out that pretty brunette with the bright eyes sitting over there with her husband. Something unusual is going on with them. I don’t know what it is exactly, but there is a strange tension there. It might be worth a look, but be careful. He looks like he could be pretty tough and he seems a little worked up already.”

Marshall turned on his barstool to watch the couple talking. Out of the corner of her eye the pretty brunette noticed Marshall staring at them. When her husband looked away, the woman cut her eyes to Marshall to examine her watcher. She looked a little frightened or uneasy, but Marshall saw the telltale signs of arousal in her face and eyes. She glanced away quickly, trying her best to hide… something.

“I see what you mean, Sammy,” Marshall told him. “The sexual tension over there is enough to make her squeak if she tried to walk. Thanks for the tip. Send them some drinks on me.”

He wondered about her and why they were still sitting in a bar having a drink in the late afternoon if she was as aroused as she appeared to be.

Marshall turned his back to the couple, but he watched their reactions in the mirror behind the bar when the drinks arrived. He saw Christy point to him before she walked away. Marshall was a big tipper and the waitresses at Frank’s Place would do just about anything to encourage him. His habit of leaving reward tips to extra-helpful employees had the whole bar organized and eager to assist him with his sexual conquests. As the pretty waitress passed him, he pulled her in and asked, “Got names for them, love?”

“Sure, you fucking pervert,” Christy poked at him. “I’ll get the name for you. I get off at eight tonight if she doesn’t work out, “

“Don’t think I can wait that long, doll, but thanks for keeping me on your short list,” Marshall told her with a grin.

“It’s her credit card they are using, Judy Mitchell, and I heard her call him Clint,” Christy whispered to him on another pass.

Judy had been sitting across from her husband, but moved around the table so she could face Marshall at the bar. She didn’t look at him right away. She bent over to put her purse by her husband’s leg and didn’t bother to hold the front of her loose-fitting dress to her chest. Two partially-tanned, large, braless breasts with hard, tight nipples flashed in front of Marshall’s face, swayed and jiggled there momentarily as she placed her purse on the floor and then moved it over a bit for no apparent reason. Her husband didn’t seem to notice.

Flashing her tits in front of him was like waving a brightly colored cloth before a bull. Marshall began to plan his charge ahead.

When she sat back and their eyes met, Marshall’s dick tightened inside his pant’s leg. Her eyes sparkled with life and teased him. Was it an invitation he saw there in the brief instant their eyes locked together? He couldn’t decide, but god she was beautiful. Her slim body and tiny waist dramatically emphasized the fullness of her breasts. They were features to be admired and lusted after. Marshall turned back away from her and tried to imagine her naked. “Shaved or unshaved?” he wondered. “Shaved,” he guessed.

“I wonder how much she would writhe and moan with me feeding her eight inches of thick, hard, cock?” he asked himself, and smiled at the thought of her trying to escape his dick as he held her tightly in the grips of passion and jolted her with his erection.

“How should I do this?” he considered, and then coached himself. “Don’t blow this one, Big Guy. Don’t fuck it up and let that beauty get away.”

Thursday afternoons were the busiest for the happy hour crowd at the bar and they were beginning to drift in. Almost all of the regulars greeted Marshall and had some bit of news, or a joke, or something personal to talk with him about. He would have preferred to be friendless at the moment. “Fuck,” he thought, “I need to get my shit together and make some kind of move soon or she is going to be out of here before I can do anything. Where are these people when I just want to have a drink and socialize a bit?”

Someone cranked up the jukebox with a slow tune and Judy touched her husband’s hand indicating she wanted to dance. As Clint led her past Marshall and their eyes met again. “Thanks for the drink, stranger,” she told him in a polite if distant sort of way as she passed, but nothing in her look suggested how hot and willing she was on the inside. She danced with her husband and never looked Marshall’s way until the song was almost over. She stared at Marshall briefly and he saw bedroom eyes, willing, longing for pleasure and satisfaction for a few fleeting seconds before she turned her full attention back to her husband. She snuggled her body back into Clint’s tall, strong frame and Marshall’s heart fluttered as a chill passed over him.

Aroused confusion consumed Marshall and his dick got bone hard in his pants. “Was that lusty, needy look for me, or was she just looking my way when it happened? God, she is just about the hottest thing I have ever seen, and her eyes are so fucking captivating. I could look into them for hours with my dick in her,” he thought. He wondered if she would dance with him if he asked.

It was a romantic soul that had visited the jukebox and another slow tune played. Again, there was a brief moment of visual togetherness and like before it was gone far too soon for Marshall to fully read her intent. The uncertainty only made him want her more and made his dick secrete more pre-cum. “Take Judy and her husband another round of drinks on me,” he told Christy when she passed. Christy took the time to stop and comment on Marshall’s very obvious erection. “Those big, perky tits and bedroom eyes of hers are getting that thing ready for me, I hope,” she told him with a knowing smile.

“That might be the case, love, but I’m hoping to get a much closer look into those big, bright eyes,” Marshall commented in return.

“Good luck,” Christy told him and prissed away teasingly, forcing Marshall to turn on his stool and look at her swaying ass as she walked off to deliver more drinks. He really liked that sassy, fun waitress, but he could have her anytime. He wanted the thrill of the chase and the capture with Judy. The desire to possess her sexually dominated his thoughts, and at that moment, she was all that mattered to him. Mere sexual relief was needed, but that need was secondary to his desire for her, the beautiful, married brunette.

He looked over at the table when Christy delivered the drinks. There was no mistaking the short, warm smile and the wink that time. Her playful wink traveled through his optic nerve into his brain, shot down his body and made his dick spasm, all in one split-second. When Marshall felt the involuntary reaction, he turned, rolled off the barstool and headed to the bathroom as the first and only spontaneous spurt of cum ran down the inside of his leg. His cum felt cold on his skin when the air pushed through the leg of his suit pants as he hurried away.

“Thank goodness it didn’t keep squirting,” he thought. “How the fuck did that happen? No woman ever made me come like that. What is it about her?”

He knew she was laughing at him. Her look and the playful laughter in her eyes told Marshall everything. It was obvious to him when he walked back to his barstool from the bathroom. She knew, and told him she knew with that knowing look and coy smile. Clint was talking away and she was giggling inside at Marshall, tickled that she had turned him on so easily and made him blow his load in his pants.

“Just wait, girl, I will get my turn to laugh,” he resolved.

Christy dropped a note from Judy in front of Marshall and muttered, “Fucking bitch,” indicating she had read the message.

The note read, “If you’d like, I’ll come back for you at 7 p.m. Signal with a wink and smile so I don’t waste my time, [signed] Judy.”

She didn’t even bother to smile back or wink when he signalled her, but her inviting eyes left no doubt she would return.

Marshall made sure the barstool next to his designated one was empty from 6:45 p.m. on. At 7:06 p.m. she walked back in and took the seat next to him.

“I am so very pleased to see you again, Judy,” Marshall told her with his warmest, most-endearing smile, and asked, “What can I get you to drink?”

Judy didn’t answer his question. She simply looked Marshall in the face. He could see the raw, quivering hunger inside her and sensed the depth of her desire. It was very obvious that she was powerful, sexual, sensuous and determined, but there was also a certain sense of vulnerability in her eyes, an inviting opportunity to approach, to come very close.

“This has to be totally my way, or we can’t do it,” she confidently stated.

“What does that mean?” Marshall asked, still mesmerized by her haunting expressive eyes, her bewitching good looks.

“It means where, what we do, and how we do it are all up to me, always,” she explained, never removing her gaze from his.

Marshall countered, “I’m used to being the dominant one.” In spite of his outward front, Marshall knew he would yield to her. He simply had to attempt to regain some measure of the control which he had lost in the beginning, lost with that first brief glance into her bright, beautiful eyes.

“I’m sure you usually are, Marshall, but not tonight. You never with be with me, not without my permission. No questions. Just come with me if I’m what you want,” she said. Judy slid off her bar stool, then turned and looked him in the eye as she reached out for his hand.

“God, those beautiful eyes,” he thought as his hand willingly took hers.

She drove him to a large, new house in an upscale, gated neighborhood just a few miles away and parked in the garage.

“Her husband must have a hell of a job! Wonder how much this place is worth?” Marshall thought as he looked at the massive house and immaculate grounds.

Judy flipped on the lights in the kitchen and asked, “What would you like to drink?” She made them both drinks, led Marshall into the big, open great room, lit two candles and placed them on the coffee table in front of the couch. She tuned the stereo receiver to a commercial-free, soft-rock station, turned out the lights in the kitchen, and led him on into the expansive, darkened room to the large leather couch. Once Marshall was seated, she snuggled-up lover-close to him and put her hand on the inside of his leg.

“Where’s your husband?” Marshall asked.

“No questions; remember?” Judy said as she slid her hand further up Marshall’s leg, stopping the progress of her suggestive touch just before she reached his sex. Her overt gesture was more than enough to reignite the hungry, sexual need in him.

Marshall set their drinks aside, leaned over, took her head in his hands and kissed her. Her mouth was warm and her lips soft and full. Her eyes hadn’t lied. He felt the depth of her womanhood in her kiss. The passion in her sensuous kiss went immediately to his groin, making his dick swell to throbbing hardness in an instant. He looked into those beautiful eyes as he peeled both dress straps off her shoulders. Judy lifted her arms clear of them, exposing two of the most beautiful and fullest natural breasts Marshall had seen in a long time, maybe ever. He kissed her again while his hands roamed her soft, hot, luxurious breasts and he drank in more of her essence.

“Yes,” she whispered as he began roughly massaging her breasts and rolling her nipples between his fingers and thumbs. He aggressively pushed her back on the couch and crawled over her, kissed her, sucked her tits, and shoved his hand under her dress. He teasingly squeezed the inside of her thigh in different places. He looked into her eyes with dominance when he forcefully gripped her pussy in his large hand.

He saw the surrender in her eyes as he massaged her sex and his fingers explored the hot wetness there. He kissed her again on the lips. Mouths and tongues rubbed and faces twisted on each other as he pushed two fingers into her. “Where is that bold tigress I saw earlier? Has her confidence wilted in the presence of the master, at my dominant, knowing touch?” he wondered confidently as his skilled fingers pressed steadily deeper into her wetness. Then, without warning, he shoved both fingers fully into her slick pussy.

Judy gasped and her hips instinctively rolled away from his hand at the sudden, unexpected invasion, but she recovered immediately and pushed upward, letting Marshall’s fingers penetrate into her to their full depth. He kissed her and raked her G-spot, pulled back and rubbed the lips of her pussy and massaged the area between her legs before returning to her G-spot again. Three, four times, he repeated the routine, kissing her mouth with passion and sensing how strongly she returned the intense sexual commitment. Marshall pressed her more deeply into the raw, heated foreplay until Judy burst into climax and he felt his welcomed, familiar sense of dominant control return. Marshall smiled on the inside and thought, “Finally, this little vixen is playing my game. Now, I am going to make her my personal sex slave. I love it. I truly love breaking a controlling, little bitch like her and dominating her completely.”

He let Judy’s climax begin to fade and her writhing and moaning die back some before standing her in front of him to remove her dress. Marshall didn’t bother with the garter and hose and there were no panties to remove. He let her stand there almost naked while he hurriedly stripped. He kissed her again and pressed his thick log-of-a-dick against her quivering, hot, flat belly.

Marshall thrilled at her willing surrender as he pushed Judy down to her knees to suck and kiss his dick. He will tell you to this day that it was one of the most beautiful things he has ever seen, that lusty look in her beautiful eyes and the passion on her face the first time she looked up at him with those big, bright eyes while she submissively sucked his cock. He wanted to look away at times and rest his eyes for a second, but couldn’t. He was mesmerized by her. He watched as she rotated her hands around his thick, saliva-covered shaft, sucked the head and looked obediently up at him the whole time until he exploded in her mouth. Judy stroked his long, thick cock and swallowed gulp after gulp of his hot, creamy cum. She licked him clean and stood up to kiss him.

He tried to wipe the cum from her lips before they kissed, but she warned him, “My way, remember?” Judy pressed her cum-coated lips to his and kissed his mouth with renewed passion and authority.

Marshall didn’t want to taste his own cum, but couldn’t stop her from kissing him and sharing his love juices. His mind fought the thought of doing so until their fiery, oral union simply felt too good for him to care. After getting used to the idea, he relaxed some and the taste of his cum on her heated, sensuous lips and mouth aroused him. He lustily kissed her in return. As their lips parted, he realized that his dick had recovered to full hardness in record time.

When Judy sat down on the couch, Marshall leaned in, took hold of her lower legs and pulled her to the edge of the couch to fuck her. Judy grunted, “Umph” and her body recoiled when the head of his hard dick slammed into her cervix for the first time. Marshall was determined to subdue her and make her pay for teasing him so in the bar. He slammed his big cock into her again and Judy moaned “Oh god,” but spread her legs more, inviting him to pound her all he wanted.

Marshall did; he fucked her hard and fast, as if trying his best to punish her pussy. He stretched her insides by repeatedly sawing his length into her hot cunt and slamming the head of his cock against her cervix until he could sink fully into her heated wetness and they fit perfectly together. Judy climaxed multiple times along the way and fucked him with more intensity than he could ever remember feeling from any woman. The sounds of their lusty passion echoed around the big room and carried out through the open patio doors into the evening air. Distant voices and laughter echoed back into the room from beyond. Somebody was having a party nearby.

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