power games

Lying in the golden sun, Katherine listened to the crashing waves with her eyes closed, blocking out the irritating chatter of fellow holiday makers; humans. She twirled her lapis lazuli necklace with an absent mind as her thoughts shifted from her present, if a little mundane, vacation. No drama. No dicks. No fun. Just serenity; the peace and quiet she had longed for.

Yet, Katherine’s subconscious took her straight back to the chaos she had been running from. She found herself looking in a full length oval mirror to see a slender girl clad in a deep violet skin tight cat suit that shoved her cleavage outwards. Katherine’s dark glimmering hair that gave her the essence of an exotic beauty was scraped back from her angelic smirking face , into a high sporty ponytail. One hand was clutching wiry cobalt stick. Oh meow! She chuckled to herself in pure amusement and arousal.

Katherine backed away from the mirror and turned around to see exactly who her victims were. Her jaw dropped slightly in surprise but she composed herself quickly, sniggering behind her palm.” How apt I get to finally show the men who never returned my affection that I’m the boss!” she mused wryly.

Eric blinked several times, enquiring sheepishly, “Katherine?” He was tied to a black steel chair with blue ribbon around his sculpted chest and his hands were secured in front of him. Naked. Smooth. Sexy.

“Hello,” Katherine simpered, casting her second victim an even more smug look. Chris was in the same subdued condition as Eric, except he wore a more irritated expression. She paced in front of the two men, shaking her head and laughing. Revenge. All she could have dreamed for. “Well, I must say we’re going to have so much fun together.” At least in her head, Katherine could be in full control. In this fantasy, there was no way her two ex’s would overpower her!

“Katherine!” Eric gritted his teeth and struggled against his luxurious, bold bonds. In response, Katherine landed the stick on his bare crotch sharply, causing him to shudder in a mix of pain and arousal.

“Yes?” she batted her lashes sweetly. “Please, call me Miss Katherine.” Walking towards Eric, Katherine lowered herself onto his lap and stroked his face, cooing. “Why couldn’t you have loved me?” She shot Chris a dark look and prodded his bare chest, frowning. “You used to be more athletic,” mocking, scolding, teasing, “what happened? I don’t think I can have much fun with this version of you at all!”

A low purr escaped from Katherine’s lips when she felt Eric’s prick rise to attention. Lowering her lips to his neck, she sucked delicately, nipping a little. “Good little boy! Now,” her dark eyes flashed with amusement as she focused her attention back on Chris. “Let’s see if I can make you behave.”

Shifting from Eric’s warm and moist lap, Katherine moved to drape herself over the back of the other chair so that her mouth rested over a firm nipple and her hair swished in Chris’ face. Again, Katherine let her tongue do the work and her teeth leave a few droplets of red.

“Rise for me,” she breathed in Chris’ attentive ear, letting her cane tap repetitively on his slowly growing bulge. Once it reached full height, she broke away from the groaning Chris, smiling to herself. What more games to play?

After a few minutes of thought, Katherine addressed the two men again and beamed when they both twisted their necks to look directly at her with lust. “I will untie only one and let the lucky guy sample,” she pointed at the crotch of her suit that would surely unzip, “here. The loser will go in that small cage across the room.” The cage was a squat square and wounded into thick iron bars; it was a prison for even a dog.

“Yes, Miss Katherine.” Eager, desperate. The reactions she had yearned for all this time. Too little too late…

“I’m thinking of a body part. Tell me what it is.” She cocked a brow, already deciding who she wanted to go down on her.

“Your little pussy cat, Miss Katherine” Chris winked.

“Our big hungry dicks, Miss Katherine” Eric wondered in a hushed, strained tone, indicating his deep desire for her intimate touch.

Katherine strutted in front of the boys in dark high stilettos that matched her outfit; she made sure her hip movements were fluid and slow so that they would study the way the leather dimpled under her cute little butt. She pulled a pair of scissors from her cleavage and cut the ribbon around Chris before ordering in a sultry tone, “cage. Now. You hound dog!”

Katherine was glad that dream-Chris was very compliant, almost docile. She winked at Eric, cutting him free and helping him upwards before she let one finger rest on her crotch to pull the zipper down.

Eric gasped at the sight of Katherine’s cunt peeking out from the tight folds of her outfit. She beckoned for him to kneel down and embrace her throbbing clit. Shuddering with pleasure, her walls growing more soaked as Eric’s tongue action grew more intense, Katherine managed to cry out, “I want to hear masturbation going in that cage. If Chris is good, he’ll be allowed to crawl around my back area!”

To her satisfaction, within minutes she heard grunting and panting coming from Chris.


Katherine pushed Eric from her and to the hardwood floor. “Now does good little boy want a reward?” Eric nodded quickly, leaking from his erection at the thought of the angelic dominatrix going down on him. Katherine straddled the quivering man, crushing her smiling lips to his parted ones. Delicious. She felt Eric slide inside her and thrust in a rocking motion.

“Just how I remember! OH!” Her hands wrapped around his faintly pulsing neck in a possessive manner. “Mine! All mine!”

The heaving couple kept on going until Eric collapsed with exhaustion. Katherine stood up from his sweating body and blew him down a kiss. She then proceeded to loiter in front of the sordid prison, sitting on her damp haunches to eye the jerking, grunting man inside. “This leather needs to come off soon. It’s sticking to my skin!”

Chris stopped tugging on his erupting prick as soon as Katherine rested in front of the cage with a curious look playing on her soft features. “My reward? Miss Katherine?”

“You really don’t deserve to even touch me.” Katherine felt for the zip at the back of the restricting, sweltering cat suit and tugged it downwards, pulling her arm free from one sleeve, and then the other. She slid the leather down her dusky skin to expose her swung breast and then continued pulling ever so slowly at the material until it reached her ankles. The she shrugged her heeled feet out and voila; she turned around to let her dripping cum be viewed by Eric, who still lay on the floor incapacitated.

Raising her pert lithe butt to the bars, Katherine got on her hands and knees, shivering with anticipation. “But, my fantasy, my desires. You can enter me now. IF you can fit through the bars.”

Would he? Katherine heard shuffling behind her and strained guttural sounds. In a matter of moments, a piercing sensation rippled through her anus. He was way quicker than she expected! Expert,even. She purred in delight, giddy, as the solid prick shoved it’s way inside and slipped out. In and out. Faster and faster. The moans of pleasure couldn’t be contained by Katherine any longer.

Eric crawled across the floor, hands outstretched to grope her rising and falling chest. Now it was his turn to press his lips to the nape of her neck, to her wet lips. Wrapping his legs around either side of Katherine’s delicately curved body, Eric worked his way inside her and let himself gently caress her clit. Like she needed any more rough thrusting!

“I’ve lost control!” Katherine screamed wildly for a second before being consumed by Eric’s passionate kiss. “Who’s the boss now!? I’m being fucked over again!! OH!” It was hard trying to focus when she was being harshly plundered by the roguish prick! “I want to wake up but you won’t let me. This is too good!”

Eventually, Eric collapsed onto Katherine, embracing her with his manly arms this time. Chris pulled himself from her, but managed to slip a finger and thumb through the bars to rub the back of her neck.

“I love you, Miss Katherine,” they both uttered at the same time, causing Katherine’s heart to swell and tears to form in her eyes. It was what she had wanted to hear for a very long time. Maybe we can reconcile in real life? They must love me, somehow. Please come back to me. Both of you. I…I…

Katherine woke up with a start, cursing under her breath. The dream had been good; stunning, fantastical, intoxicating. Until unresolved feelings had crept back in and ebbed the power from her inch by inch, thrust by thrust.

I love Eric, she reasoned calmly, “but he hates me so I have to move on. Be strong. I also… she cringed about her inner, dark feelings, no. I don’t love HIM anymore. I did, and that part of me clearly wanted to invade my erotic fantasies. I HATE Chris and I am trying to hate Eric. YES! I hate them both. Damn fuckers ruining my own fantasy.

Rising from the pale blue sun lounger, Katherine stalked off in irritation, making her way up the crowded beach trying to ignore the wet patch that had formed in the crotch of her black bikini bottoms.

It had been a long day at work and James wasn’t looking forward to dinner at his parents house that night. I mean, he loved his parents, but they were always bugging him about when he was going to settle down and meet a nice girl. Of course his brother would be there with his perfect wife, and condescending advice. He blew them off, but the truth was he was feeling rather lonely. He had had a couple of relationships but for some reason nothing ever stuck.

He wanted to leave work early but by the time he finished all the last minute stuff, he was 30 minutes late. Shit. He was supposed to be at his parent’s in 20 minutes, he wouldn’t even have time to go home and change. He turned on the air and started driving the familiar roads back to his old house. The radio was turned up so he almost didn’t hear his phone ring. By the time he heard it, it was on the last ring and when he saw the number he almost drove off the road. He hadn’t expected to hear from her. I mean granted, he hadn’t forgotten her, how could he? But it had been almost 3 years since they met that night in the club. He felt his hands shaking as he tried to answer, but he was too late. The other end was dead. His mind was racing, what could she want? He felt his heart beating like a drum, could he call her back? She had given him express directions never to call her, and he had always obeyed, but I mean, this could be an exception, right? After all, he had missed her call. Still, he knew he wouldn’t, he couldn’t call her.

As he drove, he remembered the night they met. He’d thought about it many times before, but this time felt different, stronger somehow, knowing how close he had gotten to talking to her again. He was at a club, with a group of friends. There were several girls in the group, but no one that he was too interested in. She on the other hand, she was something else. He saw her the minute they walked in the door. She was oblivious to his eyes as they eagerly devoured her body, her curves. He watched her ass, the way she shook her hips in mesmerizing circles. He felt his cock twitch, hardening at the thought of what that curvy little ass could do to him. He noticed that even though she was dancing with a lot of guys, she didn’t seem to be sticking to any one in particular. Was it possible she was here alone?

Normally, he didn’t have the confidence to approach girls like her, but there was something magnetic about her, he felt himself being pulled to where she was on the dance floor. Before he had time to second guess himself, he was standing behind her. She flipped her blond hair over her shoulder as she turned to acknowledge him, and then proceeded to grind that perfect tight ass into him. If he had been partially hard thinking about her before, he was like a rock now.

Her short skirt barely covered the bottom of her cheeks and he wished he had the courage to grab them. She looked back at him with a raised eyebrow, and smiled coyly. She had noticed his erection and was enjoying teasing it with her ass. She turned to face him. As she danced, her body got lower and lower until her head was even with his completely hard cock. She tilted her head up and they made eye contact. His cock pushed hard against the rough fabric of his jeans. He realized she was enjoying torturing him. She grabbed his ass and held it tight as she stood back up. He could feel his heart pounding. He looked at her again, her tits were smallish, perfectly round, and he realized as he watched her, moving freely beneath her halter top. He wanted to worship this goddess, pay tribute to her. He wanted her to take his cock, any way she wanted. But he could feel her losing interest, slipping away.

He would have done anything to keep her there, but before he had a chance she turned away and was quickly dancing with one of the other line of guys who had been staring at her all night. James walked back to his friends, slightly lightheaded. He felt juvenile. He hadn’t come that close to losing it during a dance with a girl since junior high. He adjusted his throbbing cock, so it wouldn’t be obvious to his friends. He tried to act interested in what they were talking about, but as soon as his cock had a moment to calm down he would think about how smooth her skin felt, or the intoxicating smell of her hair and it would jump up again. He saw her several times, on the dance floor, ordering drinks, but she didn’t so much as acknowledge him. He didn’t expect her to.

His friends had a table and drinks, but none of them were really into dancing. He sat with them, but he was clearly preoccupied.

“James, James, hello?”

James shook his head, “what?”

His friend Brad was laughing at him, “Do you know that girl?” He whistled, “She keeps looking at you.”

James looked and saw her, now standing at the bar staring at him, a predatory glint in her eye. He felt his face flush. She pointed at him and then gestured for him to come over with her finger. All of his friends had seen it, they were looking at him with open mouths. He couldn’t believe it himself. He knew he wasn’t the hottest guy at the club. Which isn’t to say that he looked bad. He was tall and cut, he had a runners body, but he definitely didn’t have the courage of some of the bigger guys at the club. He felt embarrassed suddenly, shy. Apparently, he hadn’t moved fast enough for her, because she walked over, swaying those mesmerizing hips.

She smiled at his friends, “Excuse me gentlemen, I’ll only need your friend for a minute.”

She winked at him as she grabbed his hand and pulled him after her. His friends started whistling and clapping as she dragged him away. He willed his legs not to buckle underneath him. She pushed him into a tiny room which turned out to be a supply closet and pushed a chair in front of the door.

“Are you sure this is ok?” he said nervously.

His heart was racing as she turned to face him, “No, don’t talk. Take off your jeans.” she said.

She said it simply, but forcefully. Not that he minded. He was putty in her hands. He brought his hands down and began to fumble with his belt. He realized his hands were shaking. As soon as he pushed them over his hips, his cock sprang out, begging to be used. She smiled at it, and then pushed him against the back wall, and got on her knees in front of him. She rubbed her face lightly against his thighs, her hair just barely brushing the underside of his balls as she inhaled deeply. He had had blow jobs before, mainly from the girl he dated in high school, but even though she was willing, it never seemed to be something she really liked. He had felt embarrassed when he asked her, like he was asking her to do something disgusting. This girl clearly loved everything about it.

She looked up at him, her eyes wide, clearly approving of his hard cock. “Do you want me to touch it?” She asked.

He tried to control his voice, but he could feel it trembling, “Yes.”

She brushed her fingertips along his thighs, tracing the line next to his balls, never quite touching them. She arched an eyebrow at him.

He realized she wanted him to say more, “Yes, please. Please touch my cock.”

She cooed, “good boy,” as her fingertips traced circles on his balls.

Her touch felt like electricity. He could feel the blood rushing to his cock and had to put a hand back on the wall to steady himself.

She brought her face back between his legs and began to rub her closed lips along the side of his shaft. When she got to the tip, she hesitated. She looked up at him again, her mouth open, her tongue almost on him. He needed her mouth around him. He wasn’t sure if he could hold it still, every fiber of his body was telling him to push into her mouth. Involuntarily he felt his hips inching forward. She kept looking at him with those huge eyes, her tongue just centimeters from the tip of his cock, and inched backward, never quite coming in contact with his skin. He whimpered. Finally, he felt her warm tongue lapping at the head of his cock. She grabbed the base with one hand, as she licked up one side and down the other. He could feel the cum building in his balls. She greedily devoured his whole cock, pushing it into her throat and then sliding up and down on it. He could feel his legs shaking and knew he was about to shoot his load. He couldn’t control it much longer She must have known too because all of a sudden she stopped.

She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and looked up, “Not yet.” She whispered.

She took one of the elastic bracelets off her wrist and before he knew what she was doing, had slipped it over his balls and twisted it tight. He winced. The blood trapped in his now constricted balls was making them super sensitive. Still on her knees in front of him, she asked if he wanted her to take off her shirt.

He swallowed hard, “Yes, please.” He managed.

She slowly untied the top of her halter and it fell down. He had been right, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts were round and perky, with perfect pink nipples. He noticed her nipples were already hard and he longed to feel them in his mouth, to twirl them in his tongue. He reached toward her but she firmly moved his hand and put it on his own cock.

“Stroke for me.” She said.

He wished it was her hand on his cock, but he knew he had to do what she said. She controlled him now, he was her slave. He started slow, pumping his cock with his own hand, watching her breasts bounce slightly as she watched him, clearly excited by seeing him play with himself. She reached forward and twisted the bracelet holding his balls around her finger, making it even tighter.

“Five more and then stop.” She said, and counted out loud for him, “One. Two. Three..” Each time he pumped she would twist the bracelet, he could feel his cum straining to be released.

“Four.. Five.” He groaned, but obeyed.

He removed his hand. His cock felt like it was on fire. It was angry it kept being denied. His balls were bright red and bulging. She touched them ever so lightly, sending waves of pleasure through his body. She grabbed the bracelet and pulled it towards herself. He was literally being led by the balls. She pulled him down until he was sitting on the ground and then she slipped the bracelet off. He felt his balls swell as the blood began to run through them again.

She stood over him, her high heeled legs like towers rising on either side of him. He looked up cautiously at her skirt. Her legs spread he could see a thin black lace thong, and beneath it, the outline of a beautiful smooth pussy. She peeled the thong off one leg and then pushed him roughly back until he was laying down, still straddling him. She used one hand to gag him with the panties while the other reached underneath herself and guided his hard cock towards her pussy. He felt her use the tip to rub against her clit, it was already wet and slippery.

“Don’t cum until I tell you.” She warned.

He knew he didn’t dare. She guided him inside and he felt her warm wet pussy lips devour him. She was getting more aggressive now, rocking back and forth on his cock, she grabbed his hands and guided them to her tits, which were bouncing along with the motion of her ass as she rode him. He happily squeezed her nipples and rolled them between his fingers. She slid back and forth, up and down his cock, making figure eights with her hips, her pussy clamping his cock in ways he had never felt before. Her skirt was pushed up around her waist, her high heels pressed tightly into the floor on either side of him. He didn’t know how long he was going to be able to last. He could feel her moving faster, the tight circles getting more frantic, and her breathing was getting louder. Now he knew what the gag was for, it was all he could do to keep from screaming, as she dug her fingernails into his chest and whispered, “oh my god, I’m cumming.”. She shook on top of him for what felt like hours and then he felt her body relax.

He was ready to cum too but still needed her permission. She rolled off him.

“Stroke for me and then cum on my ass.” She commanded.

He happily grabbed his cock, which was more than ready to explode, especially when she bent over in front of him, waving that gorgeous ass at him. Her pussy lips were smooth and slick from his cock and her juices.

“Now cum.” She said.

He felt himself lose control of his cock, as the cum sprayed out of him, shooting across her ass. It was more intense than any orgasm he had ever had. She smiled back at him, and using one finger scooped some of the cum off her ass cheek and licked it. He felt lightheaded. He was barely aware of what was going on, but out of the corner of his eye he saw her use his boxers to clean herself off, put her clothes back on and then she handed him his jeans. She had his phone in her hand, and was dialing someone. Her phone lit up in her purse, and she snapped his shut.

“Don’t call me.” She said as she handed his phone back.

With that, she had walked out of the room and out of his life. He had her number in his outgoing numbers box, and he saved it as “club girl,” but he didn’t dare call it. When he walked out several seconds later, his dick raw and chafing against his jeans without his boxers, she was gone. That was almost three years ago, why was she calling him now? He waited for her to call, in fact he almost thought he had dreamed the whole thing, except that he had her number in his phone, and his friends congratulatory high fives to convince him it had actually happened.

He slammed on the brakes just in time. He had almost driven right by his folks house he was so distracted. His parents asked the normal litany of questions, but he managed to make it halfway through dinner when his phone rang again. He felt his cock move the tiniest bit before he even looked at it. The phone said, club girl.

He tried to sound normal, “I um, I have to take this.” he said.

He walked quickly outside, his family staring after him bewildered. He willed himself to control his voice as he answered, “Hello.” He whispered, and then cleared his throat,

“hello.” The voice on the other end was the same as he remembered it. Soft, playful, but firm. “Do you know who this is?”

He paused, “..yes…”

“Did you save my number?” She asked.


She seemed pleased, “You saved my number and never called it. Good boy. Where are you?”

He looked around, his parents and brother were still inside, “I’m at dinner.” He said.

“Do you want to cum for me tonight?” She asked.

His heart skipped a beat. “Yes. I mean, yes, please.”

She purred, “Go back to your dinner. In five minutes, excuse yourself to the restroom and then call me back. Understood?”

He could barely breath. “Yes.” He said and heard her hang up. He looked at the time. He took a deep breath and stayed on the porch a second to compose himself.

His brother poked his head out the door, “Is everything ok?”

James tried to sound natural. “Yeah, sorry, it was work.”

He walked back to the dinner table, but he couldn’t eat a bite. He kept checking his phone, he didn’t want to miss it. He excused himself a minute early and headed to the bathroom. Once he locked the door, he looked at himself in the mirror. What was he doing, he had completely lost control of himself. He was at his parents house for christs sake. But he had to do it. She told him to. Even after all this time, she still owned his cock. He hit her number with shaking hands. It was exactly 5 minutes.

She answered, “Are you in the bathroom?”

He whispered, “yes.”

“Good. Take off your pants.”

He shivered, “I.. I can’t I’m at my parent’s house.” Her voice was playful but stern, “I’m not asking.” His hand moved against his will to his belt, and pushed his pants down to the ground. He saw himself in the mirror, cock at full attention.

“I won’t make you talk.” She said, “just follow my instructions. Is your cock nice and hard for me?” She asked, “If it is, say nothing.”

She listened to his heavy breathing for a second. “Good. You know, I really liked playing with your hard cock. Put your hand on your balls and tug them.”

His breathing into the phone got heavier. “Harder.” She waited and then told him to softly stroke his shaft, but not to pump. His cock was rock hard and begging to be pumped. Just the sound of her voice had almost set him over the edge. But he didn’t dare pump until she told him.

She must have sensed he needed it because her next instructions were, “Wrap your fingers around the base of that beautiful cock and pump it. Slowly. Pump it for me. Picture my ass while you’re pumping it.”

She listened to his breathing become irregular, little gasps and sighs as he struggled to contain himself, “That’s it, like that.” She said, “Pump harder.”

He was getting close to the edge and she knew it. “I don’t want you to cum, not yet. Take your hand off your cock.” She said.

He was disappointed. For a second he thought about finishing off while he was in the bathroom, after all, she would never know. But he couldn’t.

“I promise I will make it worth your while.” She said, “Now when you hang up the phone, I want you to turn your phone to vibrate and put it in your pocket. I’m going to text you ten times, and on the last one, you are going to cum for me. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” He said.

“Will you do that for me?” she asked.

He paused, “Of course, I’m your slave, I would do anything for you.” He heard a click on the other end.

He reluctantly took his hand off his cock and put his pants back on. His parents and brother had gotten into a political debate, so they hardly noticed when he sat back down. His cock was still completely hard, and he realized his hands were shaking as he reached for his glass of water. He was acutely aware of the phone in his pocket, like pins and needles against his leg as he waited eagerly in anticipation. It buzzed and he jumped so violently, he spilled the water all over the table.

His brother jumped up as the cold water splashed in his lap, “God, James, what’s wrong with you?” his brother yelled.

He apologized. He waited until his brother sat back down and the family had all gone back to their conversation before he snuck the phone out of his pocket and checked the message. “Rub yourself through your pants under the table. Do it for me.”

His face flashed red even though no one else had seen the message. He didn’t think he could be that bold. But he had to obey her. He nonchalantly dropped a hand under the table and slowly began to rub his hard cock through his jeans. He felt like he was going to cum in his pants already, he was so keyed up. He focused on controlling his breathing to sound normal.

Thankfully the phone vibrated again and he quickly took his hand off his cock and checked the message. “Are you doing it?”

He texted back, “Yes, rubbing.” and then a second later, “does that text count?”

He only had to wait a second for a reply this time, “Every text counts, you’ve just wasted one asking. 7 more.”

He cursed himself for asking and went back to rubbing himself under the table for another minute until the phone buzzed again. “Your dick tasted amazing. I think about it all the time. You can stop rubbing yourself now.”

He breathed a sigh of relief even as his cock ached to be touched. So she thought about him too? He went back to his dinner, but his mind was still with her. When would she text him next, and what would she make him do? He was terrified and excited at the same time. He tried to take a couple bites of food.

She made him wait longer this time. It was almost 10 minutes before he got the next one. He read it under the table. “Slip your hand under your waistband and play with your balls, but not your cock.”

He scooted his chair in and slowly slid his hand down to his aching balls. He must have let out a sigh on contact because his mother looked at him weird, “Are you feeling ok, James? You’ve hardly said a word and you haven’t touched your food.”

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