power dynamics

*All sexually active or sexualized characters are at least 18 years old.

There is humiliation, name-calling, unprotected sex, and mind control in this story. The first three should only ever occur in real life between well-informed, consenting adults and the fourth one doesn’t even exist in real life! So please treat this fiction as the fantasy that it is.

As always, chapters that are part of a larger arc are enjoyed and understood best if read in order.*


A part of Will expected it to be Friday again when he woke up. As if the surreal events he remembered had no other explanation except for being part of a dream. He felt equal parts relief and excitement when the date on his computer confirmed Saturday. On one hand, it meant that the new intern at work, Liz was in fact the powerful, terrifying person with unfathomable powers that he had feared. Yet it also meant that he still retained the lesser version of those powers that she had inexplicably passed on.

Sure, Liz made it incredibly clear that she was the one in charge, but Will’s sexual experiment on the dim and busty intern, Lauren T yesterday showed that he definitely had personal satisfaction to gain from this.

Will sat up in his bed and rested his head against the wall. It was still a lot to take in. As a staunch defender of science and logic, the past few days were incredibly counter-intuitive to him. Still, he reminded himself, science often required entirely new ways of thinking.

Perhaps more troubling than the unknown elements – of which Liz had commanded him to not discuss with others – was how quickly Will had been willing to use them on another human for his own sexual benefit.

Sure, Lauren T was vapid and annoying, but that didn’t make her less of a person. Yes, Will had been able to erase her memories of the lewd titjob she performed on him in the soundroom, but that didn’t appease his conscious. Plus, why was his first act of mind control a sexual act? Sure, that’s all Liz seemed to use it for, but she never listed that as a restriction.

Will tried to think of other ways in which he could use his newfound abilities, but all his ideas were simple, selfish, and largely sexual. Was this another command of Liz’s? Was it the nature of the mysterious power itself? Or, worst of all, was all this far too telling of Will’s personality?

He got tired of thinking so hard so early in the morning and he sat at his computer chair and restored the browser he had kept minimized all night. It opened to Meagan’s Facebook profile. Oh, right. He had jerked off to her again last night. She was the original intern to occupy Will’s thoughts before all this supernatural Liz business. He felt resentful of Liz for distracting his life from his feelings for Meagan. It was a silly sentiment, but Will had really started to have deep feelings for the tiny redhead. He hadn’t felt that way about a girl in a very long time.

Will constantly told himself that he should be thankful for his powers. But that line of thinking made him uneasy as well. Nothing about Liz made Will believe she should be trusted. She seemed to get pleasure out of controlling and humiliating Will and then somehow making him feel grateful for it.

Will closed Facebook out of guilt and frustration. Then he felt that dark feeling rise that he had felt in the soundroom the day before. The feeling that enabled him to ignore his guilt and command Lauren T to jerk him off with her giant breasts. Will remembered that Liz’s arbitrary restriction was only set for Friday. He was free to come inside a girl’s mouth now. The realization caused the dark feeling to consume even more of Will.

He spent a minute staring into space, thinking about who he should convince to suck him off and using which methods, but he was somehow able to shake himself off. It wasn’t right. Liz must be trying to corrupt him. Maybe that’s why she gifted him the powers in the first place.

Ignoring the dark pleas in his mind, Will instead opened up his porn stash on his computer and rifled through his favourite models. As mostly a boob guy, the majority of the girls featured exaggerated breasts. Still, he settled on the comparatively proportionate April O’Neil – ignoring the fact that she looked like a less scary version of Liz – and jerked off to settle his libido.

The morning passed uneventfully after that. Despite working afternoons and evenings during the week, Will tended to wake up fairly early on weekends. He watched some TV, dicked around on the internet, and made himself a late breakfast. It was only one in the afternoon when Will got bored of his apartment and decided to head to The Lazy Bean, his favourite independent coffee shop a few blocks away.

Will had no issue with the bigger chains, but The Lazy Bean had a better sense of community. Fewer employees worked there and he knew them all very well after living in the area for a few years. As he threw on his jacket and got in his building’s elevator, Will did his best to pretend like he didn’t hope Sophie was working. Or, more accurately, he pretended that he wasn’t almost certain she was working. Because of the small staff, the schedule was pretty easy to work out and Sophie always worked weekends.

Will blasted music in his ear to keep his mind as clear as possible to feign innocence and hold back the moral part of his brain. His stride was faster than normal and he was nearly at a jog by the time he got inside. Although he tried to ignore it, his heart sank when he didn’t see Sophie behind the counter. It was Jeff, the manager. A nice enough guy not much older than Will, but way more by-the-book than Will would have expected from a small coffee shop.

“Hey Will! The usual?” Jeff beamed and didn’t even wait for an answer before moving to the espresso bar.

“Thanks, man,” Will replied. He pulled out his wallet and stood by the cash.

“Sophie will ring you in in a second. She’s just putting the new order away.”

“Alright,” replied Will coolly while his heart jumped.

Sure enough, the tall Japanese girl strode out of the back room a few moments later. Her height and confident way she held herself led people to believe she was stuck up, but that perception often evaporated when she spoke.

“Ohmygawd, hey Will! Where have you been?” Sophie’s voice was projected across the cafe, but was silky enough to not disturb the customers. Will couldn’t help but beam back at her.

“I was here last weekend, Sophie. I’m never here during the week.”

“Oh yeah! D’uh. I’m such an idiot.”

Sophie was socially ditzy, but Will knew from past conversations that she was actually an incredibly sharp and witty girl. She was studying to be a chemist and from what he could tell, she was acing her courses.

Will had never asked her out because – despite her stunning appearance – he never felt like she was his type romantically. He liked ambition in the women he dated, but Sophie’s interests didn’t mesh with his. Also, to be blunt, he was incredibly intimidated by her. He felt the darkness rise inside him again. He thought about how easy it would be to have a one-off sexual escapade with Sophie. They lived in practically different worlds. He could make her forget about it, nothing would come from it except for an amazing fuck.

No! Will shoved down the darkness again. This was a friend whom he had respect for. Sure, they only knew each other through the cafe, but they had gotten to know each other quite well. There was just something wrong about taking advantage of her and her incredibly long legs and sharp attractive features and slim figure and small, proud bust.

But his power felt like a force of its own needing to be fed. He couldn’t just put this phenomenon to waste. But Will hadn’t lost all reason. Sophie was at work and it would hardly go unnoticed if she disappeared for a time without explanation. Logic finally won out and Will suppressed his desire to see Sophie naked. But he had to make sure he still had the powers, he had yet to test them since he woke up.

‘You will only charge me for a small coffee instead of my usual,’ he thought while concentrating on Sophie. She seemed taken aback at his stare, but turned away the moment the command was issued, and rang in exactly what Will had ordered her to.

“So that’s just a small coffee then,” Sophie said with a wink. Will winced knowing he should have made additional commands to make the transaction silent. It was too late, Jeff walked over with the drink he had just finished preparing and placed it on the counter while looking pointedly at Sophie.

“No, this is the large mocha with extra whip that Will always gets. Always. You know that. Why would you undercharge?”

“Um, I dunno, I just thought…” Sophie looked incredibly confused as she stammered at her boss. Will felt overcome with guilt. It would be one thing if Sophie had chosen to give him a discount of her own volition, but here she was defending an action she took without really knowing the reason why she did it. Panicked, Will shot his attention over to Jeff.

‘You are no longer upset about the undercharge, and you will pass off your reaction as a joke to both Sophie and me,’ Will thought into Jeff’s mind. Jeff instantly responded.

“I’m just kidding, Sophie! Don’t look so scared,” Jeff’s change in tone was so instantaneous that Will was just as surprised as Sophie even though he had issued the command. “Will’s here all the time, of course he can have a discount once in a while. Sorry for scaring you.”

Will felt relieved, but he could sense Sophie’s confusion and didn’t feel comfortable sticking around to chat like he normally would. He muttered something about needing to be somewhere and got out of the cafe.

Will sipped his drink as he walked down the sideway, his heart thumping, his earbuds back in his pocket. It had been so easy yesterday. Will made a vapid, busty intern his to play with for twenty minutes, and then had her forget the whole thing. That was way more morally grey than saving a few bucks on a coffee, so why did he feel more upset now?

Maybe it was how surreal the experience had been yesterday. At the start of the day, he didn’t believe in the existence of mind control, but just a few hours later he had been using it himself to get a topless intern to pleasure him. Maybe it was because all the supernatural experiences Will had up until that point had only happened at work, as if weird things could only happen inside the old TV studio. Bringing his newfound powers away from work on a brand new day when he had not seen Liz felt like enough little things to feel like a big thing.

Plus, he still felt selfish. Will was sure he should be able to discover ways to use his powers for the greater good. But the harder his brain struggled, the more it was filled with thoughts of making girls perform sexual acts with him. His attempts to come out the bright side of his moral quandary just made him hate himself more.

Will realized he was so inside his head that he had been looking down at the sidewalk ever since he left the cafe. He looked up in an effort to use the sights to distract from his quibbling mind.

As fate would have it, he chose the exact moment when he was passing by the hottest girl he had seen in days. A dark instinct in him instantly shot a thought into her mind.

‘You realize that you’re very intrigued by the boy you just passed. Ask to talk to him.’

Will didn’t even look back to see if his command landed, he just maintained his pace. Sure enough, a few seconds later, he felt a hand on his shoulder, and a rich confident voice entered his ears.

“Excuse me, so sorry to bother you, but I just had to talk to you. Wanna chat?”

Will turned around and feigned a surprised expression, “Yeah sure. Want to walk with me this way?”

“Er, I actually have to be somewhere, I thought maybe you could walk this wa–” the girl started.

‘You have time,’ Will thought to her.

“…You know what? I can make a little time,” she finished. “Where are you going?”

Will hesitated for a second when he realized that he wasn’t walking in the direction of his apartment, “er, to the mall, I guess.”

“A’ight,” the girl responded. She seemed to be a little confused as to why she was so interested in a guy who appeared to have nothing interesting going on, but joined Will as he walked. Will decided to set some ground rules.

‘You will answer honestly to any question I ask you,’ he thought to the girl, ‘you will not care when I check out your body. In fact, you will be flattered.’ That was enough for now. He continued out loud.

“So what’s your name?”


“Pretty name.”

“Enh, it’s alright.”

Will took the opportunity take a proper look at Carnise during their small talk. Her curly black hair framed her beautiful rounded features. She had huge brown eyes, big soft lips and a little rounded nose. Her milk chocolate skin was incredibly smooth and Will’s eyes followed it down her face until it jutted out in front of her. Will resisted his instinct to pull his gaze away after a glance and took in the glory of Carnise’s cleavage. Her waist was impossibly thin considering the bust it was holding up. Her giant mounds must have been an F cup, Will concluded. Insane. A figure like Carmen Bella.

He finally ripped his eyes away from her huge tits bouncing inside her simple tight white tank top to look at her rear end. Carnise certainly upheld the stereotype there with an ample amount of attractive extra padding. Her body was almost cartoonish in its exaggerated proportions, but Will was too attracted to her to truly find it ridiculous.

Carnise blushed at Will’s overt leering, but the expression only lasted a few seconds before she scrunched her face.

“Why are you going to the mall by yourself on a Saturday? Sounds kinda lame,” she said. Will felt a wave of guilt wash over him for what felt like the millionth time that day. Two different voices must have been waging war in her head. The initial command had left her undeniably intrigued by him although she would have obviously had nothing to do with him otherwise.

This triggered Will’s own internal battle yet again: his conscious versus this new darkness that had become so powerful so quickly. Just as he was convincing himself to let the poor girl go, he took another glance at her incredibly generous chest, exposing himself to his greatest weakness. Will was mesmerized by the proud jiggle of the expansive valley of her cleavage. It was times like this when he would think that boobs looked best contained inside a bra and shirt. It reflected their firmness, struggling against the fabric containing them, but also reflected their softness, visible in the ripples each step made in Carnise’s titflesh.

Although it wasn’t the direct intention of his stares, Carnise was put more at ease because of them; forgetting her question. The gratitude she felt for his attention certainly wasn’t her typical reaction, but it was still overwhelming enough to fog over her conflicting feelings.

Will’s darkness was rising close to the point of no return. The more he stared at Carnise’s exaggerated chest, the more overcome he was with lust. He pictured her lying on top of him, her massive mammories dragging on his chest. He pictured being smothered by them; his entire face and both hands completely overflowing with her huge and young brown tits. He pictured fucking her on her back; her face pained with pleasure, her giant tits shaking around her chest like mountains of pudding.

That was it, he had to have her. As an olive branch, Will decided to make sure he wasn’t keeping her from a job interview or anything that would really mess things up for her. He almost didn’t bother when he noticed how flushed she had become from his non-stop gaze on her chest, but he somehow forced himself to provide the courtesy.

“So where were you heading off to before you joined me?”

“Meeting my boyfriend for a late lunch.”

Will lost his stomach. How had he not even considered that possibility? Will’s lust had sunk as far as his stomach and he became filled only with guilt. Without looking at her, he spoke softly.

“I’m sorry I made you waste your time, Carnise. Please go meet your boyfriend.”

Carnise looked equally confused and grateful.

“Thanks,” she said without inflection, then kissed him on the cheek; her breasts pressed against his arm. Then she ran back in the direction they came from. Will turned around to try and catch her expression, but she was moving too fast. Will took the chance to admire her fantastic ass.

After she was too small to make out, Will walked to a nearby bench in a daze and sipped his nearly empty drink absent-mindedly. Why had he been so willing to go through with that? How was he so able to detach her from the reality of being a human being with a life and experiences and commitments and preferences? Why did she show signs of affection when she left? Was it some weird form of short-term Stockholm Syndrome? Or maybe the command to be intrigued by Will was informed by the command to feel flattered from his leering.

This gave Will pause. He never thought of the commands as being anything but static before. Was it possible they could evolve and spill over into genuine feelings? If he could change people’s feelings with a command anyway, was that any different? What did this mean for Liz’s commands over him?

He had never expected his newfound mind control to be so full of philosophical questions. With more stealth than usual, the darkness entered the conversation. People’s minds changed all the time, right? What was really the difference between their minds being altered by their experiences and their minds being altered by his new supernatural gifts?

Choice, said another part of his mind. They evaluate the experiences and make their own decisions based on them. This would normally seem obvious to Will, but the darkness twisted his basic logic.

Will looked around. Why HAD he been walking toward the mall? He must have had a reason. Maybe if he continued in that direction, it would jog his memory.

As if his brain were a movie, his mind performed an extra-long crossfade. Soon the reason he was going to the mall was extremely clear and it was if he had never forgotten. He could finally use his powers free of Liz’s restriction that had been placed on him for Friday. And what better place to make that happen than in one of his – albeit clichéd – fantasy spots: a changeroom.

Will managed to hold his resolve on this decision without falling into another moral dilemma. However, when he finally got inside the mall, he found himself shaking. His excitement mixed with his fear based on how crowded the mall was. It was the sick feeling in his stomach, not his conscious that almost made him turn back.

Still, he pressed on and entered the first store that had both a changeroom and a men’s section. He pretended to look at jeans while scoping out the territory. There appeared to be three employees working. All female, and one of whom Will found to be particularly attractive. She appeared to be about a decade older than him, with wavy brown hair and a confident stride. Will admired her tight curves accentuated by her black dress pants, striped dress shirt and slick blazer. Will got hard just picturing this sexy, older woman on her knees in front of him.

He tried to find a good moment to send a thought to her. The store seemed to be too busy, however. All three employees were constantly running around helping out customers, ringing in transactions, and grabbing stock from the backroom. Will was not nearly confident enough in his new powers to try and send commands to the entire store to bend the situation to his liking, so he moved on to another location.

He ran into similar situations, however. Stores were either under-staffed, far too busy, or even far too slow. The most painful example was a practically empty shoe store. Will thought he hit the jackpot when he saw no customers and a girl with jet black hair and a voluptuous figure behind the counter. She was heavy-set, but had a beautiful face and incredibly full lips. He even got as far as commanding her to honestly answer his perverted questions.

She told him how much she loved sucking cock and how it was the biggest compliment she got in the sack. Will was just about to take the busty beauty to the changeroom when it dawned on him that he couldn’t take away the store’s only employee. If a customer did end up coming in, they would likely end up making a fuss looking for the employee. Or worse, they would steal something, and Will had no way to prevent that. He wanted to empty his balls into this girl’s mouth, but he didn’t want her fired. The twisted logic seemed sound to Will, and he regretfully commanded the girl to forget the conversation they had and exited the store with a raging hard-on.

He was almost ready to give up when he finally came upon the right combination. In an unpopular corner of the mall, he found an equally unpopular clothing store. Still, there were two girls working and only one or two customers browsing at any given time. The store didn’t have a men’s section, but Will had stopped caring about that. The employees were certainly apathetic enough to not even notice his presence.

Will didn’t think either girl was very attractive, but the girl at the shoe store with the jet black hair had got him far too riled up to go home without a blowjob.

The first girl was frumpy looking with a baggy sweater and frizzy brown hair and pretty bad acne. The second girl had pointed, unattractive features and blond hair done up in a tight ponytail. She was better dressed however, and her simple but stylish jeans and tank top revealed a tight and firm teen body. Both girls looked pretty young, actually, so Will sharpened his talents by silently commanding the girls to work their ages into the gossip-filled conversation they were having.

“Ugh, and it sucks because she always asks me to go to The Attic, but I don’t have a fake ID. I just wish I was 21 already,” said Frumpy.

“At least you will be in a few months,” replied Ponytail, “I just turned 19 last week, I have two more years!”

Will breathed an internal sigh of relief and got right to work.

‘You will not be concerned when your coworker follows me to the changeroom,’ he thought into Frumpy’s mind, ‘nor will you mind if she takes a while. When she comes back, you will not speak of her absence.’

Will commanded all this while stupidly looking at handbags a few feet away. Frumpy had continued her conversation without a hiccough and Will grew panicked that his command didn’t land. He continued,

‘If you received my order, say “frog” at the end of your next sentence.’

“Oh well, Cynthia is such a total bitch anyway. Frog.” Frumpy seemed utterly confused, but Will smiled with satisfaction. As Frumpy tried to awkwardly explain the reason she spoke the seemingly random word – although she didn’t consciously know – Will wasted no time shooting his next orders to Ponytail.

‘After I go to the changeroom, excuse yourself from your conversation and follow me. After you excuse yourself, you will stay silent unless I ask you a question or tell you otherwise. You must honestly answer any question I ask.’

Now confident in the strength of his commands, Will immediately walked toward the sign indicating where the changerooms were. Unsurprisingly, Ponytail appeared soon after. Her face read confusion and fear. A pang of guilt hit Will and he instinctively spoke.

“Don’t be scared.”

Ponytail’s face immediately calmed. This made Will hesitate. Did he have full control over people’s emotions, then? He had only had the powers for a day and so wasn’t yet able to evaluate the test commands he gave to Lauren T about gaining lust for him. The only other information he had to go off of was how in control he felt of his emotions during the times that Liz had controlled him. But how was he ever supposed to know which of his emotions were genuine or forced? Maybe his command made Ponytail calm, or maybe it was the basic reassurance that caused it. Maybe he only had control over immediate reactionary feelings, and not deep-rooted emotions. That would line up with how he was able to make Lauren T forget short term events, but not the existence of her family.

Will returned to the present and told Ponytail to follow him into one of the two changerooms.

“I am going to call you Ponytail,” he said to her, “Do not tell me your real name, I don’t want to know it. You will address me as ‘Sir’, okay?”

“Yes, sir,” she replied.

Nah, it wasn’t doing it for him this time. It had been so hot when Lauren T said it, but Will craved something more now.

“Scratch that,” he said, “address me as ‘Master’, okay?”

“Yes, Master,” she replied.

Yes, that was it. He felt his cock twitch at the words alone.

“Do you have a boyfriend, Ponytail?”

“No, Master.”

“Have you given blowjobs before?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Do you enjoy doing it?”

“Kinda,” she said.

“What do you mean?”

“I like the idea of it, but it always tastes gross.”

“The penis or the come?”


“So you’ve swallowed before?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Well today you’re going to give me the best blowjob you’ve ever given and you’re going to swallow my load. However, I also want you to enjoy it. What’s your favourite flavour of popsicle?”


Will grinned. Did anybody know what popsicle flavours were actually supposed to be? He didn’t know if this would work, but he figured it was worth the shot.

“Okay, then to you, my dick will taste exactly like a pink popsicle. It will have the same flavour and temperature in your mouth, but feel normal to your hand.”

Ponytail nodded.

“And as for my come, do you like creamsicles, Ponytail?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Then my come will taste like the filling of a creamsicle to you. Is that okay?”

“Yes, Master. Thank you.”

“I want you to keep your clothes on, but feel free to use your free hand to finger yourself or feel yourself up. Also, please pull your tank top a little lower to give me a better view of your young A cup cleavage.”

Ponytail followed the order, but looked like she wanted to say something. She nodded instead. Will realized he hadn’t formed his orders as a question.

“You may speak or make noise at any time as long as your keep your volume pretty low and speak only to me.”

“Okay, Master,” she instantly replied. “That’s better, thank you.”

Will noted that while she sometimes still looked confused, she never once regained a frightened expression. Maybe he really could control some emotions. Ponytail spoke again.

“How are you doing this? Controlling me, I mean. And how did you know my bra size?”

Will paused. Lauren T never asked him that yesterday. Had he commanded her not to? Or was she too dim to really understand what was happening? Will replied without properly formulating his answer.

“Because I am gifted in a way that few others are. I have a trained eye and incredible powers. I am your master and you are excited and grateful for the opportunity to suck me off and swallow my load.”

Where did that come from? He didn’t have much time to consider his own words, however, as Ponytail spoke again.

“Of course, master. I shouldn’t have asked. Thank you for the opportunity to suck on your perfect dick.”

Strange, he hadn’t told her to call his average dick perfect, and she hadn’t even seen it yet. He shrugged it off and decided he was done with the talk.

“Get on your knees, Ponytail.”

She giggled and obliged. She certainly seemed way more into everything since he told her to be excited. He felt a dark rush as the definition of his newfound powers expanded in his mind. If it weren’t for the teen with the tight body on her knees in front of him, he would want to think about this further. As it stood, he looked down at her. As horrible as it was to think it, she looked much better to Will like this. He couldn’t make out her unappealing facial features, but had a good view of her firm ass and perky cleavage. He could see the padding in the bra, and her small tits barely filling it out.

At that moment, he had the urge to fuck her. He wanted to hear her high-pitched voice moaning in time with his thrusts, he wanted to see her tiny tits shake with the movement; he wanted to slap her little ass over and over again.

But his mind was set. Not only was a blowjob his favourite way to come, he was dead set on this ever since Liz had told him he would be unable to until the weekend. Half to get back at her, half to make sure the restriction truly was up.

At this point, Ponytail had taken the liberty of pulling out Will’s semi-erect cock and stroking it lovingly.

“Wow, this is the happiest I’ve been when I’m about to go down on a guy,” Ponytail raved. Will smiled and waited to see how well his popsicle experiment would work. He watched as Ponytail moved her mouth painfully slowly toward his dick. Finally she wrapped her lips around it and Will felt the wonderful familiar feeling of a warm tongue sliding down the length of his cock. But the sensation barely lasted a second before Ponytail made a muted squeal and sprung away from Will’s crotch. He barely had time to panic before Ponytail clapped with glee.

“Oh, Master! I didn’t believe it would happen, but you did it! Master, it tastes just like a pink popsicle!”

Without leaving room for a reply, she attacked his dick with far more fervor than before. She moaned as loud as she could considering the vague volume restriction of “pretty low” Will had issued earlier. Will was amazed at Ponytail’s enthusiasm. She couldn’t get enough. Her pace was incredible as it seemed that all she wanted was to forever stuff her face with Will’s cock. Will could feel his dick leaking precum and felt Ponytail scoop it up with her busy tongue. She made a more emphatic moan and tried to talk with her mouth still stuffed with cock.

“Mmmph, thastes lie cweamthickle!”

Will felt his dick get even harder at the slut’s proclamation. He felt no need to reply and Ponytail certainly didn’t appear to need any egging on. He held onto the wall for support of his weakened knees and let the tight slutty teen do all the work.

“So gwood, masther,” she praised, still bobbing furiously on his dick.

“That’s a good slut,” said Will. Ponytail moaned happily at the encouragement as she downed his rock hard cock with incredible hunger. Will could feel a giant orgasm building and grabbed tightly onto what gave Ponytail her nickname.

‘Love this,’ he thought into her head with all his might. Then he used his grip on her hair to pull her face almost all the way off his dick before slamming it back down, shoving her face as far down his dick as it would go. She moaned in shock and pleasure and Will’s balls convulsed. He held her head against his crotch until the very last moment before he exploded.

As his seed shot up his shaft, he released Ponytail’s hair and let her move her head back to taste his creamsicle come with her tongue. Both of them were in heaven. Will threw his head back as he felt his come drain from his balls into the slutty teen’s warm mouth, still wrapped firmly around his dick. Ponytail, so worked up from the blowjob, couldn’t believe the sweet taste of her master’s seed. She moaned furiously as the creamy stuff filled her mouth. She swirled it across her tongue and happily swallowed it down. She was thankful for the countless streams that splashed inside her young warm mouth. She couldn’t get enough. She realized that she hadn’t even been fingering herself like she usually did while giving blowjobs. She had been far too fascinated with her master’s delicious dick.

Will couldn’t believe how firmly Ponytail’s mouth remained on his cockhead. Even the most slutty and thorough of the girls that had swallowed his load in the past had not been so committed. Nothing felt better to Will than a willing slut gratefully swallowing his load, and this easily topped the list. He had completely forgotten about her unattractive face, he was just happy to be shooting stream after stream into it.

Will’s dick finally stopped and Ponytail eagerly lapped at his exhausted shaft and cockhead to clean it off. Will’s head spun with inflated thoughts. He thought about how kind he was to bring such pleasure to this girl. Maybe it didn’t matter about choice if she was this happy, he considered with a healthy dose of guilt. He looked down at the slutty teen cleaning off his cock with her tongue. The pleasure started to become overwhelming. Will decided to sit down to enjoy the cleaning, but panicked as his body didn’t respond. His vision suddenly blurred and went in and out. Before blacking out, the last thing Will remembered was the ugly teen with the hot body looking up at him, begging her master for more of his tasty come.


Will opened his eyes. He was on his bed. Did he just wake up? What time was it? He rubbed his eyes before his memories flooded back to him. He shot up in his bed in blind panic. What happened? How was he back at home? What happened with Ponytail? Why didn’t he remember leaving? He must not have left any commands for Ponytail to either forget the incident or not speak of it. He had to get back to the mall. He jumped out of bed.

“HOLY FUCK!” Will screamed and fell right back on his bed. Sitting on his computer chair, calmly watching him, was Liz.

“You left no trail, don’t worry darling,” she said in the most soothing voice Will had ever heard escape her lips.

“Darling?” is all Will could manage. Liz ignored this.

“Didn’t wait long to capitalize on the lifted restriction, did you? Was it worth it?”

Will could only stammer. Had Liz watched the whole thing? Did she interrogate him during the – he glanced at a clock – 2 hours that he couldn’t account for? Liz seemed satisfied with no response.

“Poor boy only wants want he can’t have, it seems. Not very creative, are you?”

Will filled with fury, but as he stood up to talk back to Liz, he instantly fell on his knees. She stuck a barefoot out and Will instantly grabbed it and sucked the big toe into his mouth.

“You’re lucky I washed it, scum” she said with incredible malice, “don’t you dare fucking forget who is in charge. You’re not the only person who can toy with memory.”

Will continued to suck furiously on her toe. He felt his insides conflicted. He felt genuine lust and appreciation for the opportunity to suck Liz’s toe despite it being far outside his typical range of fantasies, yet he felt equal anger and humiliation at being forced to perform the act. Was this what he put Ponytail through?

“Come,” commanded Liz.

Will had never felt such a bizarre sensation. His dick was still flaccid, but her command caused an instantaneous orgasm. Come flew from his cock with the force it normally would, but his dick remained soft. Instead of the usual mix of pleasant pain and pleasure, it felt more like pain and relief combined with the unpleasant feeling of his seed filling his boxers. The extremely strange orgasm combined with his continued attention to Liz’s toe made connections in Will’s emotional structure that he would have preferred to not make. He felt humiliated and furious, but also turned on because of it. Was that the result of a silent command, or just the extreme circumstances?

“How does that feel, you stupid slut?” Liz barked at Will. Will felt a surge of both pride and shame shoot through him at the name-calling. “You’re just my stupid slave. My dog.”

Will wasn’t sure what he had done to deserve Liz’s wrath like this. She herself had specified for his no-come-in-mouth restriction to only last for the duration of the day before; the same day she had gifted him his powers. Despite his hurt, confusion, and shame, he felt his dick grow from the situation.

“Do you like sucking on my toe?”

Will found himself able to stop sucking just long enough to answer her. “I love it and hate it, mistress.” Addressing her that way must have been another silent command. He found it unsettling that she switched from “ma’am” to “mistress” just as he had switched from “sir” to “master” a few hours ago. Will returned to his work on Liz’s toe as she responded to his answer.

“Not good enough, you stupid slut! You will love everything I let you do to me. It is a privilege!”

“Yes, mistress. Of course.” Will felt his gratitude rising although he tried to force it down. His humiliation didn’t go away, but he couldn’t help but feel happy for the chance to be following his mistress’ orders. He couldn’t explain the split it caused it him. The gratitude certainly didn’t feel false, but he was still resentful of Liz’s decision to make him feel that way.

The degrading names caused a similar conflict. He didn’t think twice about using the same terms when he controlled both Lauren T and Ponytail, but hadn’t thought about the way they might have reacted if not under his control. Every time Liz shouted a name at him, Will felt shamed and guilty, yet happy and horny at the same time. A part of him wanted to be those things for Liz, the other part felt awful about it.

“Get off of me, slut, you don’t deserve my foot,” Liz commanded, kicking Will off of her.

“Noooo,” Will found himself whining. He curled up on the floor, desperate for the chance to put Liz’s perfect toe back in his pathetic mouth.

“Are you hard?” Liz snapped.

“Yes, mistress,” Will said quietly.

“I want it to go away.”

Will couldn’t believe it as his body responded to Liz’s words. He supposed he shouldn’t be so surprised on account of always coming on command, but the state of his cock seemed to be a different thing all together. Still, there it was, flaccid as ever, in a matter of seconds.

“Yes, mistress. I’m soft again.”

“Good,” Liz said. “Come.”

Will once again felt the uncomfortable sensation overcome him. His third load that day unloaded into the still fresh remains from a few minutes earlier. Will convulsed pathetically on the ground as Liz pushed his body with her foot.

“Again,” she almost whispered.

The feeling was mostly pain this time, and certainly full of discomfort. His boxers were beyond soaked and his soft cock ached. His balls felt like they had just been kicked. His whole body felt drained. He pleaded desperately in his head for that to be the last time, hoping Liz wasn’t able to read his mind. Whether or not she could hear him, Liz didn’t command another orgasm.

“Climb on your bed, slut.”

“Yes, mistress,” Will croaked before clawing his way onto his bed. He tried to resist it, but he felt grateful for what he could only feel was Liz’s kindness.

Liz said nothing as Will finally made it onto the bed on his back. He looked straight up and had the feeling this position had been a silent command.

“Scoop as much come as you can from your boxers, slave. Then lick it off your hand.”

“Thank you, mistress,” is all Will could manage, unable to decipher his different emotions any more. He did as he was told and felt immediately glad that he had been able to let Ponytail taste creamsicle because his come was bitter, salty, and extremely unpleasant. Will continued to scoop out his own seed and eat it off his hand. As he got more used to the taste, he noticed Liz moving in his peripheral. He wasn’t allowed to fully look, but he could tell that she was removing her trademark tight yoga pants. Either she hadn’t been wearing panties or she removed them in one fell swoop because it certainly looked like she was fully naked from the waist down.

His suspicion was confirmed when Liz climbed on the bed and straddled Will, who finally found he was able to stop feeding himself from his crotch.

“If you’re going to dump your dirty jizz into girls you control, I only think it’s fair to know what you’re putting them through, don’t you?”

“Yes, mistress,” Will answered without hesitation. That was odd. There was no mention of how he had made his sperm taste better for Ponytail. Maybe Liz had only assumed he would shoot a load down an unsuspecting girl today? That didn’t make sense, then how did he black out immediately after? Or maybe Liz thought the lesson was deserved either way. Will put the thought out of his mind, however, as he was both scared of the potential for Liz to be inside his head, and because she was advancing her body up his.

“Poor slave dog. You’ve been so deprived of my smooth pussy ever since I made you jack off to the thought of it. Do you remember that? Shooting your disgusting cock off in your work bathroom?”

“Yes, mistress, I came so fucking hard.”

“I bet you really want to taste it.”

“Yes, ohmygod, yes.”

Liz was now straddling Will’s face, her fully-shaved pussy a few inches from Will’s lips. The scent was overwhelming. Will couldn’t remember a more intoxicatingly beautiful smell. He became blind with lust. There was nothing he needed more. Yet no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t lift his head to bring his lips to hers. He could stretch out his tongue, but only in vain. Will whimpered and moaned thinking of nothing but being able to lick and suck his mistress’ perfect pussy. He could see how soaked it was, the perfect scent was everywhere. He was vaguely aware of his mistress calling him more names he knew he deserved. He knew his tongue didn’t deserve to massage that clit, he knew his lips weren’t worthy to wrap around her pussy. But he knew nothing else, so he still tried.

Finally, Liz became so soaked that a single drop of her pussy juice fell and landed on Will’s tongue. He couldn’t be happier with the gift. He came again – very painfully – from the incredible taste and passed out; soaked in his own jizz.


Will shot up from his sleep in a panic. He whipped his head around, scanning his room in fear. When he saw that Liz wasn’t there, he relaxed a little. He leaned against the wall and groaned. He almost felt hungover. He remembered everything from his shaming from Liz perfectly. Every detail, and the way that she had made him feel. He was furious, embarrassed, but also a little in awe. How could he not be? She was in charge for a reason; she knew how to maintain the position.

He groaned again as he instinctively reached down to his crotch. It was completely crusted over. Will considered lying back down. He felt utterly defeated and disgusting. His mouth tasted of his own stale come and his groin ached. But he had to at least make sure Liz wasn’t still hiding out somewhere in his apartment, waiting to ambush him again. How did she know where he lived, anyway? Much less gain the ability to enter.

The whole situation made him extremely paranoid, which he was sure was Liz’s intention. He was aware he had lost two hours. Liz was proving a point. Who knows how many other times she had covered her own tracks with him.

She wasn’t in the TV room.

But then on that note, what was significant about the events she did let him remember? She had teased him twice in his control room office at work, and that is also where she had gifted him the lesser version of her powers. Yet she had also shown some mild vulnerability in those moments. It wasn’t like Liz didn’t have the ability to make Will forget about that if she wanted. Was it more manipulative strategy?

She wasn’t in the kitchen.

But what would she be manipulating? His theory about power over emotions being short term appeared to be holding up, even with Liz’s commands. But everything had to be a theory. How much was crafted by Liz to give Will the wrong impression? Was he over-thinking? No, he couldn’t under-estimate Liz. She obviously wanted to stay in control, but she also gifted him with the powers for a reason. Maybe she was bored of all the power and wanted a challenge?

She wasn’t in the bathroom.

Yes, that must be it. Liz wanted to truly fear being bested. She must want the thrill of feeling like she could be defeated. How would he be able to do that, though? He had a lesser version of her powers. Was there some way to improve them? Or would he have to somehow outsmart her? That seemed even less likely.

Wait, were the shower curtains always closed?

Will’s heart pounded through his chest as he approached his shower and finally had the guts to rip open the curtains.


She was gone, then. He went to go lock the door, assuming she would have left it open whenever she left, but he found it already locked. This caused the already paranoid Will to scour his apartment again. Liz was definitely gone, so either she flew out the window, or she acquired a key somehow. Will shook his head when he realized he had considered the two equally plausible.

What had happened to the Will who was grounded in logic? These past few days had turned everything on its head.

Finally satisfied with the apartment being empty, Will stripped down naked, threw his clothes in the garbage and jumped in the shower.

After a very long shower, a far more calm Will got dressed and sat at his computer. It was then when he noticed it was no longer Saturday. The tone of the light through the windows should have set him off, but he had been too preoccupied. How was it 2pm on Sunday already?

Whether or not it was her intention, Liz’s re-assertion of her power over Will made him only think of retaliation and the growth of his own power. At once, Will had a theory about what made him pass out after Ponytail’s blowjob, while simultaneously appearing to leave Liz unaware of the details. He immediately had a plan. First things first, he didn’t trust Liz’s reassurance. He threw on his jacket and headed directly to the mall.

He marched right to the unpopular section of the mall and right into the equally unpopular clothing store. He was not surprised to see both Frumpy and Ponytail behind the counter again. From his experience, most shift workers also worked Sundays when they were in on Saturday. Especially at places with fewer employees. He walked straight up to the counter.

‘Answer my question honestly,’ he thought at them.

“Do either of you recognize me?” He said out loud.

The girls exchanged a confused look and shook their heads with a general chorus of “nuh-uh”. They looked at him like he was an alien. Will thanked the girls and left as swiftly as he entered.

The conflict had left him. He was now a man on a mission. He had been left so humiliated by Liz; he felt nothing but the drive to return him to the top. To let him be in charge again.

He strode into The Lazy Bean and ordered his usual from Sophie while other weekend regular staffer, Brian made the drink. Will maintained his typical banter with the pair, patiently waiting for the right moment. After the usual conversation routes had been exhausted – school, work, Brian’s spaghetti art – Will politely bowed out of the chat to sit down inside the cafe. He waited until Sophie was distracted by busywork; grinding beans, wiping counters, serving customers. Then he focused on her and calmly thought his commands into her brain.

‘After your shift is over, you will act as though you are leaving like you normally would. Even you will think so. However, when you leave the cafe, you will come to my apartment. This will not be strange to you. You will not question it. If anybody tries to walk you home, you will decline. If you had plans after work, you will cancel them with an excuse you would normally use. After you visit me, you will return home when I tell you to. The time between leaving work and returning to your house will be lost to you. You will not answer calls or texts or e-mails during this time. You will remember going for a long walk by yourself and nothing else. During this lost time, you will belong to me. You will be eager to satisfy my will. My wishes will be your command that you will be honoured to fill.’

Will then thought the details of his apartment into Sophie’s brain. The entire time, Sophie did not flinch. She did not appear confused, and she did not look at Will. He finally dropped his gaze and went over the command in his head, making sure he hit every point. He was extra thorough for the sake of it being his first time performing the experiment, and also for flavour.

He still wasn’t entirely sure about how thought commands operated. He wasn’t surprised to see no reaction from Sophie, because the same thing happened on Saturday with Frumpy. Yet, the first ever command he had issued was a question to Lauren T through a thought, and she had answered out loud. Was it because he asked her a direct question?

Whether or not this technique he was testing on Sophie today was the same one Liz used on him yesterday, Will felt confident in the success of his plan. Instead of his mind being filled with moral questions, he focused on the functionality of his powers and ways to test them or make them grow. Instead of considering Sophie’s own life, he felt himself consumed with desire and anticipation for the upcoming evening.

Will slowly finished his drink and returned to his apartment. He didn’t know when Sophie finished work, but he wasn’t going anywhere. He turned on the TV and turned off his mind while he waited for his date to arrive.

Nearly four hours later, Will’s cell lit up indicating somebody dialing his buzzer number. This was the first test. Will picked up, but pictured Sophie in the lobby before saying anything.

‘Say “frog”,’ he thought.


“Say ‘frog’,” he said out loud.

“Frog,” came the voice on the other end.

‘Say “frog”,’ he thought again.

“Frog,” came the voice on the other end.

Will grinned.

“Come on up,” he said, and let her in.

The control seemed to work like establishing a wireless connection. As if his voice was the password that connected their minds. But after the connection was made, did distance still make a difference? And was it a matter of Will’s control over his powers, or a matter of the receptiveness of the controlled person?

Will mulled this over in the remaining minutes before Sophie’s polite knock came at the door. This is where he was really unsure of what would happen next. Would Sophie be confused like the last two girls he controlled, or would she be in some sort of trance? It was his first time setting an allotted time for his target to be specifically under his control, not just being stringed from command to command.

“Come in,” Will projected. Sophie opened the door Will had left unlocked. She strode toward the still-seated Will. Without flinching, Sophie straddled Will. She had the pleasant scent of coffee mixed with complimentary perfume. Will already felt his crotch tighten with this long-legged beauty sitting on his lap, facing him; her knees fully bent on either side of his legs on the couch.

Sophie smiled and nuzzled against his cheek.

“I can’t wait to satisfy you, Will,” she whispered in his ear.

This girl had taken him from 0 to 60 in less than 10 seconds. He didn’t remember his string of commands specifying anything sexual, so maybe intention was equally as important in thought commands, because it was absolutely on his mind when he formed the plan.

Still, Will was shocked at just how little he had to coach Sophie. The latent commands were working even better than he could have imagined. He decided to not use his abilities unless absolutely necessary during her visit. It would be easier to break it down later. So without speaking or thinking a command, Will pointedly looked at Sophie’s black button-up work shirt.

Sophie followed his stare and put on a mischievous smile. Her long graceful arms slowly turned into her body and toyed with the first button. She playfully mocked an orgasmic moan as she finally undid it. Sophie continued the show that Will was more than pleased to watch. She threw her head back as she undid the second button, as if the plastic circle was her clit.

Now Will could see Sophie’s elegant black bra start to show. He resisted the urge to rip off the rest of her shirt and put his hands all over her smooth, slender figure. She had the sort of body that was perfect for magazines. The sort of body that Will wasn’t typically attracted to, but was making extraordinary exception for in this case.

By now, Sophie had finished undoing the last button and let her shirt hang open without taking it off. Will was a sucker for that look. The casual implications contrasted against her fit, intimidating, sexy figure. It shouted the message of “I have the dream body that’s out of your league, but I’m still comfortable around you and want you to fuck me.”

Sophie started to gyrate slowly on Will. She was a fucking pro. Not that Will had ever been to a high-end strip joint, but Sophie’s movements were way better than his most expensive lap dance. It certainly did appear that she was performing for him. Letting him stupidly leer at her sleek figure and flat stomach while she giggled coyly and ran her hands over his chest and back of his head.

She began to push her crotch harder into Will’s. She had noticed that he had grown to full-length and her calculated performance appeared to be giving way to genuine lust. Her grinding became less rhythmic and more animalistic. Her mock cooing transformed into involuntary moans.

“Unh, unh, you wanna fuck me, Will?” Sophie’s velvet voice teased Will’s ear.

Will grabbed her head and pulled her into a kiss. Sophie instantly responded, eagerly mashing her lips against his. They played perfectly off each other, both directing and responding to the other, Sophie making the first move with her tongue to quickly dart it across Will’s upper lip. Will’s hands finally went wild. He slipped one arm around the thin Japanese girl’s waist and his other hand under her tiny ass, using both to pull her harder against him. Sophie responded by moaning into his mouth and clutching at his hair and back; her tongue more aggressive now.

They passionately made out in what seemed like a timeless void. Will rarely had kissing chemistry like this. He was unable to break the kiss, but he eventually used his hands to start undoing his jeans. Sophie nodded desperately and moaned her agreement while leaving her lips locked against Will’s.

He finally managed to pull off all his clothing on his bottom half while maintaining the furious makeout session. He moved his hands to Sophie’s work pants, but they both whimpered when they realized she’d have to stand up to take them off.

Pouting the entire time, Sophie leapt up and pulled off her pants and thong as fast as she could. She gratefully jumped back on Will’s lap and relaxed her beautiful lips back onto Will’s. Will briefly felt sad for no longer being able to admire Sophie’s face, but her kiss relieved some of that sadness.

More effectively, her now naked pussy was pressed against Will’s raging dick. She was soaked enough that Will could feel the wetness through her full bush. The fact made his cock strain even harder, and it pushed him over the edge of restraint.

He moved one hand down to his crotch and directed his shaft to be aimed at Sophie’s opening. Sophie closed her eyes and moaned in agreement; breaking from the kiss to concentrate on the incoming sensation.

Will let the head of his cock enter Sophie and moved his hands to her ass, slowly lowering her onto him. Sophie’s vocal chords mimicked the pleasure Will felt. Her vice of a pussy clung onto Will’s shaft with strength that he had never experienced before. Just from the first slow plunge, Sophie was panting from the feeling of Will filling her; going deeper and deeper.

It had been a few months for Will, and he had been so obsessed with getting pleasure from tits and blowjobs that he had forgotten the irreplaceable feeling of a tight pussy around his dick. It was incredible.

Will finally felt Sophie’s pubic hair against his crotch, signaling that he was almost as deep as he could go. She noticed too, and took it as a cue to sink herself down as far as possible. Squeezing her knees tight and pulling Will up by slipping her hands under his ass.

They both gasped, sharing the same moment and equal pleasure. The pace and sensation at a perfect level for both of them. Was the perfection a result of the commands, or would they have had natural chemistry anyway? Will could really care less; his powers the last thing on his mind with the gorgeous woman moaning on his lap.

They held the position for as long as they could before they both instinctively started to gyrate. Soon the subtle motions grew into full-on humping, with Sophie bouncing forcefully on Will’s cock.

Their lips found each other’s again, breaking only to remove Will’s shirt. Sophie eventually wrestled her own shirt off, but neither of them made any attempt to remove her sexy black bra.

Sophie’s pace grew frantic, and her moans lost the already minimal restraint they held. Neither felt the need to talk yet. Their passionate humping already intense with wild hands, wild lips, and lustful looks.

Will placed his hands on Sophie’s hips and got a feel for her rhythm before starting to push her down harder with every bounce. Sophie’s voice responded and she involuntarily shouted.

“FUCK! Will! Fuck! Fuck me!! Fuck!”

Will grunted and slapped her ass, triggering Sophie to stop her bouncing and sit up slightly on her knees until only Will’s cockhead was still inside her. She supported herself with one hand on the back of the sofa and moved the other between her legs until she found her clit under her dark pubic hair. She didn’t move her fingers once she found it, however, and Will suddenly got the point. He went to work, finally taking his turn to hump her. Sophie’s finger responded the moment Will started pumping his hips from his sitting position.

Will couldn’t take much more of her incredible pussy. It felt just as tight as when he first entered and he was amazed at how he was able to last so long without shooting off prematurely. Maybe it was all the extra work his dick had done on Liz’s command last night.

Sophie started moaning with wild abandon. Sharp breaths punctuating every word she attempted to say.

“Oh! Fuck! Will! Fuck! Me!”

“Are you going to come all over my hard dick, Sophie?” Will growled.

Sophie let a pleasure-filled groan, “Yeeesssssss! Oh fuck, Will! Just one… Just one more second. Oh! FUUUuuuck!”

Will used every ounce of concentration he had in his body to maintain his pace and hold back his pulsing orgasm until he knew Sophie had found release.

“So! Close! Will! Fuck! So! Fucking! Big!”

The talk wasn’t helping; Will was almost at the point of no return.

“Keeeeeep fucking me! Fuck, you fuck me so goooood! Will! FUCK!”

Will couldn’t do it; he was going to explode inside the stunning Japanese babe being stuffed with his dick. Desperately, he shot a thought into Sophie’s mind.

‘Come,” he thought.

“AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh! FUCK! Fuckfuckfuckfuck!” Sophie screamed at the top of her lungs and Will felt the pleasant warmth of her girl come on his dick just before he unleashed his own load inside the sexy barista.

The two clutched at each other as they shook with pleasure, Will still firmly inside Sophie’s incredible pussy. She collapsed her body on to his, and they sat there shaking and caressing each other until the moment very slowly calmed.

Will began to feel his legs fall asleep and Sophie needed to stretch her legs out as well. She slowly lifted herself off Will’s softening dick and some of the product of their lust spilled out. Sophie knew to let it spill on Will’s stomach, and not his couch, without Will having to command her or even ask.

The tall and graceful beauty stretched her incredible and nearly naked body until she was satisfied.

“Bathroom?” She asked. Will smiled and pointed in the direction. He bent and unbent his knees to stretch, but couldn’t bring himself to stand up yet.

Sophie started to walk to the bathroom, but stopped after a few feet. Will looked up at her.

“Will?” She started. “Thanks. I really needed that.”

“Oh. Sure,” was all Will could manage.

There was that beautiful easy smile again, and Sophie glided her way to Will’s bathroom.

For once, very little crossed Will’s mind as he sat on his sweat-soaked couch, pleasantly exhausted. After a few minutes, Sophie emerged and silently started to dress. She smiled sweetly down at the boy she had just shared an orgasm with.

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