This story is a continuation of an earlier story of mine “THE SHED”. It works well as a stand alone story, but you will understand the references throughout if you read “THE SHED first.

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Claire lay on her back, lightly stroking her nipples, cum oozing out of her swollen, used pussy. She had just had the shit fucked out of her.

“What a great start to the year.” she thought as she stretched out on her bed.

Her thoughts went back to earlier in the night…

Claire’s New Year parties were legendary. The house was packed. She was surrounded by friends, welcome guests and a few less than welcome guests! But hey, it was New Year.

Everyone was buzzing, cocktails were going down quickly.

The prep work for the party had been done earlier in the day, so she had plenty of time to get ready. She always made a big effort for the party and tonight was no exception.

She spent hours getting ready, luxuriating in the bath, washing her long, dark hair. She shaved her legs slowly before moving higher to shave her pussy lips bare.

This was a ritual, and even though her husband didn’t appreciate the effort, she kept them smooth as they were more sensitive…for her own…er….benefit.

Her husband wasn’t the most passionate individual at the best of times, and when he graced the home with his presence, he seemed more interested in the TV than exploring her shaved pussy. But that was fine. She knew exactly what to do to keep herself satisfied.

Once she was done, stepped out of the bath, rivulets of water tracing her curves, running smoothly off her full breasts.

As she dried herself, she looked appreciatively at her reflection in the full length mirror. Her hair hung like dark, mane down her back. Her full breasts moved heavily as she dried them, her nipples stiffening to thick nubs as the soft towel moved over them.

Her tits swung forward as she leaned forward to dry herself, one leg raised on the bath edge. She couldn’t help looking back as she did this.

Her legs were smooth and shone as she ran the towel down them.

From this angle she could see her pussy lips glisten wet between her legs. She couldn’t resist putting her hand between her legs to stroke her shaved lips.

They were perfectly bare, thick and soft. She shuddered as her fingertips traced the outline of her favourite place.

Her pussy was framed by a perfect, peachy bum. She had an arse any 34 year old woman would be proud of. Not small by any means, but who the fuck wants a small arse on a woman?!

Her big arse was the perfect competition for her big tits, and the guys she caught checking her out, and she caught them regularly, seemed to be split 50/50 between them.

It was always a thrill recognising someone was checking out her assets. And it was more of a thrill when they suddenly realised she was looking at them, looking at her.

There was that fleeting moment of sexual frisson followed by the embarrassment. Or not! Some guys held her eye just a little too long.

They were the ones that found their way into her many wank fantasies. A look, a second thought, before she was pulled into a pub bathroom, or the back of a car in a shopping centre car park, and fucked senseless.

She moved through to her bedroom – her sanctuary. It was simple but luxurious. Dominated by a huge wooden bed, fluffy pillows and a silk duvet over the world’s comfiest mattress.

Her outfit was already laid out on the bed. A lot of time, and money, had gone into this evening’s attire.

She cupped her breasts in a beautiful transparent, lace black bra. The cups sharply angled downwards, barely covered her large bumpy areola.

Next she slid a pair of sheer, seamed hold-up stockings with a thick lace band up her smooth legs, taking time to ensure the seams were perfectly straight.

She finished her underwear off with a matching pair of black lace panties. You could just see her neat triangle of dark pubic hair through them.

Finally she slipped on a paid of impossibly high satin black and diamante heels.

Her friends called them her “fuck-me” heels, and they were right. They weren’t designed to be walked on. They were designed to be bouncing over some guys shoulders as he ploughed into her.

She completed her makeup, sitting at her dressing table, semi-naked, legs crossed. She liked the way her stockings slid over each other, causing the friction of skin on skin to be heightened between her thighs. False eyelashes, smoky eye shadow and cherry red lipstick were the perfect look for her outfit.

Claire stood up, turned round and looked at Stage 1 in the full length bedroom mirror.

She liked what she saw. She REALLY liked what she saw.

Long, shiny, thick dark hair cascaded over a pair of perfectly framed tits, nipples just visible through the material. Thigh-high stockings showing just enough flesh to frame her perfect little pussy.

She stood with her hands on her hips, shoulders back, tits jutting out, legs slightly apart and took herself in. “I look like a slutty superhero”, she thought.

Super Slut at your “service!”

Finally, she pulled on a black silk, very low cut, backless dress, which clung in all the right places and finished midway down her thighs. She topped this off with a very simple long silver chain necklace, which hung right between her very ample cleavage.

She looked fuckable. Absolutely, totally, completely fuckable.

It was the kind of outfit that stiffens a guy’s cock in seconds, even with wives and partners in the vicinity.

And with that, the doorbell rang….and the party started.

She was the perfect hostess – Chatty to the girls, flirty with the men.

Even though she knew the chances of her getting lucky with hubby this evening were slim, she knew 100% that some of the men would go home and fuck their wives, picturing her, imagining they were sinking their cocks into their friends wife.

The atmosphere was spectacular from start to finish. She felt liberated. Her lovely mother had offered to take her children for the evening, so she was taking full advantage of it and was already feeling tipsy on expensive champagne.

She felt a hand on her shoulder. “Claire, what a great party. And you look spectacular”.

It was Jack. An old friend who she was very glad to see. She’s known him for years, but they didn’t see nearly enough of each other as either of them would have liked.

Jack was handsome. Tall, broad and rough shaven with a permanent glint in his eye. He had on a well fitting black shirt, unbuttoned and a loosely tied tie. It was casual, but effortlessly stylish, as always.

“Jack, you came! It’s great to see you.” And she meant it. It was always good to see him. He had a way of making Claire feel beautiful, desired and well……fuckable, but without it being uncomfortable.

Both Claire and Jack had partners, and boundaries were not meant to be crossed.

Saying that, in the past they had been crossed. Well and truly crossed.

Whenever they met, there was always a shared memory of an encounter at a party many, many years ago where Jack had unexpectedly fucked the shit out of her in a dark garden shed, behind both of their partners backs. It only happened once, but to this day, it was one of the hottest experiences of both of their lives.

When Jack said hello, both Claire, and her pussy, said hello!

“So where’s Missy?” asked Claire, referring to Jacks wife.

“She’s tucked up in bed, already asleep. She’s got the flu from hell, so she told me to come out and enjoy myself. I got here a while back, but you’ve been tied up looking after everyone as usual”

“You look spectacular” said Jack. Then he laughed. “I’ve said that already haven’t I?”

“Yeah, but a girl never gets tired of a handsome man telling her she looks good!” Claire replied with a big grin.

“So where’s the Doc then? I can’t believe he isn’t keeping his eye on you every second dressed like that!”

Jacks eyes ate her up! He ALWAYS remembered how good she looked while she was stuffed full of his cock that one time, and the years since then had been great to her. She looked like a woman 100% in the right way.

Jack called Claire’s husband the Doc. It was an in joke. Claire let slip once that she called him Doctor Doom because of his negative attitude, and it had stuck.

“The Doctor is currently getting very drunk, with his loser mate, playing fucking video games in the spare room, and not helping me one single bit with the party.” Gasped Claire, exasperated with the situation.

“Well, that doesn’t make any sense to me. There are much better things he could be playing with right now!” winked Jack, looking directly at her magnificent cleavage.

They both laughed as Claire slapped his chest in mock indignation. “You, my friend, are a dirty bastard!….but I like it! I’d better do the rounds. Come find me later for a chat.”

And with that she was gone, making sure everyone was having a nice night. She spoke to Jack several times throughout the night and each time they both got a little drunker and a little flirtier with each other. And despite him always chatting to the other guests, she noticed he seemed to be paying attention to her more than usual, and that was just fine. “Well, I do look fucking hot!” she thought with a smile.

She couldn’t help stealing looks his way too. And every time she did, her thoughts went back to their encounter. God, it made her pussy throb every time she thought of it. She couldn’t walk right for days! She had lost count of how many times the mental replay of that experience featured in her masturbation routine over the years.

The party went with a bang and before she knew it, people were counting down from ten. The atmosphere turned frantic and a glass of champagne was thrust into her hand…5….4…..3….2…..1…..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Everyone cheered; she kissed what seemed like 100 people, including the Doctor, briefly, as he dragged himself away from his mates for a minute before disappearing back into the games room again.

She didn’t let it bother her. Not tonight.

She headed into the kitchen to pull out yet another tray of party treats for her guests.

As the door closed behind her, she felt two hands on her waist.

“Happy New Year, beautiful.”

She spun round and came face to face with Jack as he leaned in for a kiss.

Their lips met once. He looked at her intensely, and she was surprised when he pulled her close and kissed her again. Really kissed her. She felt her lips part as his tongue slid into her mouth. It was way more than a new year kiss. His hand slid up her back, over her bare skin and stopped her from pulling away. She could feel her lip gloss thick on her lips as their mouth crushed together.

She had no intention of pulling away…but the bang of a party popper made them both jump. Claire’s hand grabbed the counter and knocked over the tray of party snacks, spilling them onto the floor.

They both laughed. “Now look at what you made me do!” said Claire.

They both knelt down to pick up the spilled food, Claire’s bum pressed hard against the kitchen door. As Jack helped with the clear up, he realised the way Claire was crouching gave him a perfect view up her dress. His cock jump to attention at the sight of her thigh high stockings, bare skin and tightly covered pussy mound.

He was suddenly overcome with an uncontrollable urge to stop what he was doing and lean in to kiss Claire again. She immediately returned the kiss, pushing her tongue into his mouth. Jack couldn’t help himself.

He slid his hand under her dress. Claire jumped as his fingers made contact with her silk panties, and then groaned as they ran down her covered lips to her pussy hole.

She quickly slid her hand round Jacks neck, breathing heavily as she pulled him deeper into their kiss. She could feel titillating cool air on her bare thighs as his fingers drew electric lines up and down her pussy.

God it felt fucking good. Naughty, wrong, dirty, exciting, good.

Suddenly, Claire was jolted out of the moment as someone tried to enter the kitchen. The door bumped into her ass, and she lurched forward as the noise from the party invaded their bubble. Jacks hand slid quickly out from under her dress, and they both quickly resumed their supposed task in hand of clearing up.

The person entering the kitchen to get a drink out of the fridge would have been none the wiser that Claire’s very expensive panties were now very, VERY wet.

As they left, Claire stood up on shaky legs and in the heat of the moment, said “Come here….quickly!”, as she grabbed Jacks hand and pulled him into their small utility cupboard.

She quickly closed the door behind them and pushed Jack hard against it, crushing her mouth onto his.

Her hands went immediately to his trousers, fumbling with his belt and pulling his zip down. She couldn’t move fast enough. Jacks breath was coming in gasps as she reached in and pulled out his VERY hard cock.

Jacks hands were in her hair, pulling her into him as she started to frantically wank him off. The head of his cock was already slick with pre-cum as she pumped his foreskin back and forth aggressively over his helmet.

Their kiss turned to gasps as Jack fought to control his groans. The situation, her small hands, tight around his cock, wanking him off, it was so fucking risky, it was too much. He felt animal desire course through his veins.

His mouth found her neck, kissing and biting a sharp line down to her shoulder. She felt it all the way to her soaking pussy.

Claire couldn’t quite believe she was doing this!

This wasn’t her, but she couldn’t help it. She wanted to make him cum so badly.

She gasped as Jacks hand mauled her breast, squeezing her already stiff nipples hard enough to make her squeal.

Her knees shook as Jacks hand snaked under her silk dress and found her pussy again. She wanked his cock harder, faster, as his fingers snaked into her panties and began to furiously rub her wet pussy. Her lips spread open easily for his fingers, already slick with her thick, viscous juice.

She didn’t stop jerking his cock for a second, as she heard the kitchen door open and someone else enter. She didn’t care if someone heard them groan. She’d already made her mind up how this encounter was ending.

She could feel the tip of Jacks stiff cock under her dress. Her hand hitting his as they both frantically wanked each other off, absolutely caught up in the moment.

Jack heavy breathes was hot in her ear as he gasped “God…..gggnnfff …Claire…feel…sooo …fucking goood……. Ahhhhh…. you’re …going to…make me…..fucking cummm….”

She sped up her actions as she felt him bury his face into her neck, and groan.. “gggnnnnnnfffffff”. His legs went and his body twitched as he leaned into her.

She furiously wanked his cock as she felt it swell, then start to spurt in her hand.

She felt his cum hit her panties, splash onto her bare thighs, and run down the inside of her stockings. His body twitched against her as he emptied his balls between her legs.

She knew the inside of her dress would be covered in spunk, but she carried on wanking his cock until his body jerked away, his cock suddenly super sensitive to her touch.

Jack’s face was buried in her hair, panting, barely able to get his breath, his cock stiff grasped firmly in her hand.

The whole encounter must have lasted less than 5 minutes, but she was suddenly very aware of the mess she was in. She pulled Jacks cock out from under her dress, her hand was covered in spunk.

It hung in thick, milky ribbons between her fingers. She could smell it. It coated the palm of her hand, as she released her grip on his dick.

“I have to go clean this up” she said with an edge of panic in her voice, and with that she was gone from the room, leaving jack leaning against the wall, panting, his softening cock still hanging out.

Claire moved quickly through the party. She didn’t want to think what she would do if anyone stopped her. She could feel the skin above her stockings sticking together with Jacks cum as she clicked through the crowd on her heels.

She reached her bedroom and immediately went into the en suite. Claire lifted her dress to see the damage. It looked like a bomb had gone off under there…..well, it kinda had! She carefully slid the straps off her shoulders and draped her dress over the bath.

She kicked off her shoes and slid her sodden panties down her legs, realising for a moment they were as messy on the inside as they were on the outside! She did the same with her ruined stockings, leaving them in a sticky, spunky pile as she wet a cloth and started to remove the evidence from the inside of her dress.

“This is gonna need dry-cleaned” she thought. “What the fuck did I just do? What the fuck was I thinking?!”

Eventually the inside of her dress began to look a little more respectable. It was damp, but the black silk hid this easily. It still smelled of spunk. She still smelled of spunk.

She looked down at herself, sitting on the loo in only her bra, Jacks cum still thick between her thighs, and she realised she was still incredibly fucking horny.

Her pussy lips were swollen and hung open, her slit glistened with her own ooze.

Without a second thought she reached down and started to rub her pussy. She desperately needed to cum. Her fingers slid fluidly up and down her slit. With two fingers, she spread her pussy lips, unhooding her clit. With her other hand she started to frantically rub her swollen, super-sensitive clit. The sensation forced a groan out if her.

She wasn’t going to last long. She was already there in her head, replaying what she’d just done. Wanking Jack off with everyone just outside. His cock shooting spunk all over her…

She reached down and scooped a glob of spunk off the inside of her thigh and rubbed it all over her clit.

It felt soooo fucking filthy; rubbing another mans spunk into her pussy, mixing with her own juice. She wasn’t on the pill, but it wasn’t like it was inside her pussy, she reasoned.

She straightened her legs, tensed her thigh muscles and pointed her toes as she reached the point of no return. Her fingers were a blur over her clit as her orgasm slammed into her, bending her double and forcing a gasp out of her.

She held her breath and squeezed her eyes shut as her whole body tensed waiting for the next wave.

Her orgasm coursed through her like electricity racking her body. Her arse clenched and unclenched and her abs tensed, jerking her shoulders forward as the last few spasms of her orgasm contorted her body.

She was left panting, her chest swelling heavily as she regained her breath. Her legs felt unsteady under her as she squeezed her thighs together, loving the sensation of a swollen sensitive clit between them.

Claire was suddenly aware that the party was still going on around her. Her chest was flushed, her lipstick was smeared over her lips, and she was sitting on the loo in only a bra with a cum covered pussy.

She jumped into action. The hair, makeup and dress she could salvage. The panties and stockings lay absolutely covered in spunk on the floor. She would have to forget them.

Her dress would work without stockings, and as long as no-one lifted her dress…..she might just get away with it.

A few minutes later, Claire appeared refreshed from her bedroom, and seamlessly rejoined the party. To the unwitting eye, it seemed effortless, but inside, Claire was highly aware of her bare pussy, barely covered by a dress that may very well still smell of spunk….not her husbands spunk.

No, he sat blissfully unaware that a mutual friend had just coated his wife’s panties in jizz.

That brought her swiftly back to Jack. Where was he? Had he left? Was he still hiding in the utility cupboard?

As she scanned the room, their eyes met. Jack was sitting on the sofa, talking to a girlfriend of hers. He looked slightly worried, and slightly guilty, but he also has a shit eating, Cheshire cat grin on his face when he noticed her bare legs.

He got up and walked over to her. “Did you leave the panties on?” he asked.

“Jack!’ she scolded quietly. “It’s not fucking funny.”

“It might not be funny to you, but it IS to me. Plus it’s fucking hot knowing you don’t have panties on under that dress.”

And with that he moved away, leaving her standing in the middle of her party, with another tingle in her pussy.

It was unspoken between them, but they didn’t spend too much more time with each other for the rest of the evening. They both mingled and chatted throughout the night, but kept a respectable distance from each other.

Eventually the party started to wind down, as people drunkenly headed for home.

Her very drunk husband surfaced from the games room and announced that he was going back to his asshole friends house for a smoke, and he’d be back later. Claire knew this meant he wouldn’t be back until the next day, but she didn’t see any point in making a scene as they both drunkenly staggered out of the door.

Jack came over shortly after to say goodbye. As Claire saw him to the door he pulled her close again, his hand immediately cupping her arse as he kissed her.

“Thanks for an unforgettable New Years party chick!” he said with a huge smile on his face. And with that he was gone.

A few minutes later the last of the revellers left, and Claire was alone.

She looked around at the carnage and let out a huge sigh of relief, mixed with exhaustion, mixed with disbelief.

She spent the next 30 minutes making her home a little more presentable before walking into the kitchen and confronting the mountain of washing up! “This lot can wait til tomorrow” she thought. “I need my bed.”

She let her dress slip from her shoulders as she entered her sanctuary, unhooked her bra and slid into bed. The mattress felt incredible under her as she lay on her back.

“What a night!” she thought, her fingers gently running over a nipple. Claire’s thoughts went back to the crazy events earlier in the evening, and her fingers started to work their way down her body when she heard her door open.

Her husband must have forgotten something, or worse, he decided not to stay out for the night. She felt a twinge of disappointment that her pre-slumber wank had been ruined as she heard their bedroom door open and clothes hit the floor.

Claire kept her eyes closed, feigning sleep as her duvet lifted and the mattress compressed, but instead of a dead weight rolling in beside her, she felt someone crawl into the bottom of the bed and between her legs.

Her back arched instantly as she felt two strong hands push her thighs apart and a tongue unexpectedly drag up her pussy, from her hole right up over her clit.

“aaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! She groaned involuntarily.

She threw the covers up, and to her delight and surprise she saw a very naked Jack looking back up at her from between her spread thighs.

“I heard the Doc was out for the night, so I thought I’d come pay you back for earlier!” he said with a smile on his face as he slid both hands under her thighs.

“Fucking hell Jack, he could come back any min…aaaahhhhhhhhhh”

Her word was cut short as Jack bent his mouth back to her pussy, shutting her up instantly with a flick of his tongue over her clit.

“After I left, I made sure he was definitely not coming back. He’s long gone in a taxi, and Missy’s unconscious for the night, so I thought I’d come back and eat your pussy for a few hours. You got a problem with that?” he asked.

His breath was hot between her legs, and he WAS already down there….

“You’re the boss.” She said, lowering the covers and closing her eyes.

For the next however long, she gave herself up blindly to sensation.

Her whole body relaxed as she felt Jacks hot breath on her pussy.

Jack LOVED eating pussy, and there was no way he was going to rush this.

His nostrils were filled with the incredible, musky feminine smell of Claire’s pussy.

He lowered his head and exhaled hot breath across her cunt that ran a shiver down her spine.

He dragged his lower lip softly over her fat lips for He licked his lips and very slowly, incredibly lightly, started to kiss what seemed like forever, purposefully keeping clear of her clitoris.

The sensation of his soft lips and facial stubble on her freshly shaven pussy was incredible. She could hardly bear it.

Claire’s eyes rolled back as she felt Jack’s tongue gently run up between her outer and inner labia, sucking them into his mouth, pulling and teasing them before he dipped down and very gently teased the tip of his tongue into her wet pussy hole.

She groaned and pushed herself into his face, but Jack moved back, removing all contact immediately. He was in control. Claire was in heaven. “Take control” she thought. This could go on forever for all she cared.

It took all of Jacks self restraint not to immediately tongue her pussy. He knew he could make her cum in seconds if he really wanted to, but he was enjoying this as much as her!….well, maybe not quite as much.

Jack reached out a hand and ran a feather light touch down over her stomach, through her neatly trimmed pubes, tantalisingly over her clit and then slowly down her slit.

His finger barely penetrated her pussy before very gently circling her puckered little bum hole. It was wet with the cream oozing out of Claire’s pretty little pussy, and he used this as a lubricant as he continued circling her sensitive spot.

Claire’s back arched as she felt his hot breath cover her pussy. He started to softly lick her clit as his finger teased her arsehole. His tongue was so soft on her clit.

The sensation made her clench muscles in her arse.

Jack continued this for a few minutes, running his finger from her bum to her pussy and back, penetrating neither as he gently circled her clit with his tongue.

Claire felt goose bumps raise all over her body. Her skin was suddenly super sensitive as the sensations in her pussy increased.

She felt Jack’s free arm run under her thigh again, his fingers slowly moving up her side before reaching the swell of her breast.

His fingertips traced feather light, electric circles round her large bumpy areola, purposefully avoiding her nipple, as he continued to softly, but rhythmically tease her engorged clitoris.

She couldn’t believe the sensation. It was driving her mad with lust.

In the dark room, the lack of visual senses made it all the more intense.

She shuddered as his fingers finally ran over her thick, puckered and very erect nipple. She heard Jack groan between her legs. This was turning him on as much as it was her. She visualised him between her thighs, kissing her pussy as his stiff, hard cock pushed into her mattress, desperate to sink into her hot, wet hole.

Jack teased her nipple with his middle finger as he lapped at her sex. He knew the two zones had a sexual hotline between them, but this was also for his own benefit!

He remembered how incredible Claire’s nipples were when he fucked her all those years ago. He’d nearly lost it as he watched her spectacular tits bounce as he fucked the shit out of her.

The memory made him suddenly pinch her stiff nipple between his fingers, causing her to gasp.

At the same time he flattened his tongue and dragged it all the way up her slit and firmly over her clit. He could feel the engorged little nub kick as the soft sandpaper of tongue enveloped it. Claire thrust her hips up off the bed, her buttocks clenched tight, reacting to the change of sensation.

Jack fucking loved it. His cock was rock fucking hard and all he wanted to do was slam it up the sexy little bitch, but he was enjoying his job way too much to stop. He had Claire eating out of his hand….as he ate out her pussy!

Jack squeezed her full, heavy breast in his hand and tightly rolled her nipple between his fingers, as he increased the pressure and tempo on her clit. He sank his tongue between her lips and ran his face up the length of her slit. Her pussy juice coated his face and he fucking loved it.

Claire started to moan as his tongue slathered her pussy. He sucked her clit between his lips, tonguing the swollen bud until she started to twitch. She let out a long, emotional groan. Jack felt Claire’s hand on the back of his head, pulling his face into her soaking wet pussy.

At this point she couldn’t have given a fuck if her husband and the entire party had walked through the door and caught her with Jack’s face buried in her pussy.

Explosions went off inside Claire as Jack suddenly, with one fluid motion, pushed two fingers deep into her hole.

His tongue flicked her clit as he jammed his fingers again and again into her sloppy pussy. It squelched with every thrust, sodden through Jacks oral assault, but fuck it was tight.

Jack remembered how tight she was before and nothing had changed. He felt her juice squeeze out around his fingers.

Claire rocked her pussy into Jacks soaked face as she realised she was about to cum.It was inevitable and there was nothing she could do to prolong it.

“aaahhhh….lick me…..fuck…ing…..lick itttt….ahhhhhh.”

Claire’s moans were getting louder with every second. Her neighbours would be thinking her husband was giving her an incredible seeing too, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Jack’s tongue was firmly smothering her clit as his fingers, hooked inside her, hit her g-spot time and time again.

Claire lifted her arse and started to thrust her pussy into Jacks face, in time with his finger fucking. Her moans matched the pace of her thrusts.

She was light headed, writhing about on the bed getting the best fucking oral she’d ever had in her life as her orgasm slammed into her.

Claire’s whole body tensed and contorted, stars burst between her tightly closed eyes and she let out a long, continuous, tortured sounding moan.

“”Aaahhhhhh… I’m…..going ….to…..fucking….cuuuuuummmm.”

Her fingernails dug sharply into the back of Jacks head, as he squeezed and pulled her nipple hard between his fingers.

Her pussy pulsed and contracted around Jack’s fingers, but he didn’t let up his assault on her. His tongue never left her pulsing clitoris, his fingers buried deep inside her, the tips of his fingers rhythmically rubbing on her g-spot.

Claire’s body twitched and writhed at the prolonged sensations coursing through her body. Her pussy was contracting in spasms, involuntarily thrusting Jack’s face as her cum wracked through her body.

“Aaarrghhhh….Fuck… fucking….uuunnnggggffffff…..keep fucking…..licking me …you…dirty….cunt….” she groaned, the muscles in her arse cramping.

Jack couldn’t fucking believe it. He almost shot his load with the fucking filthiness of it all. Claire’s pussy enveloped him. Her taste and smell enveloped him.

Claire hadn’t cum this hard in a long, long, long time. It seemed like her body was releasing years of pent up orgasms. Jack kept the pressure on her pussy the whole time until he felt her orgasm start to subside. Her movements became less spasmodic, and Jack slowly took the pressure off her clit as it reached that super sensitive point.

Claire wasn’t quite back in the room yet, and Jack found it funny that every few seconds her stomach muscles would contract and her body would twitch.

He carried on gently kissing her pussy lips as his fingers slid fluidly out of her flooded pussy.

Jacks whole hand was coated in her juice. His fingers stuck together with it.

His entire lower face was wet and his nostrils were full of her scent. He’d be paranoid about his face smelling of her pussy for a week. There was a sheen of sweat on his forehead…. “and fuck me, those fingernail marks are sore!”

As Claire’s body sank into post-orgasmic bliss, Jack slid his body up between her thighs.

Claire looked at him through half closed eyes. “That was fucking amazing! I’m SO glad you came back.”

“Yeah so am I” said Jack as he bent his head down and sucked one of her still erect nipples into his mouth. Claire shuddered, then sensation almost too much to bear.

Claire hadn’t forgotten Jack loved her tits, so she made no move to stop him.

Plus it felt nice in her afterglow.

Jack loved Claire’s tits. Even on her back, gravity flattening them to perfect round globes, they sat full and bare, dark pink dollar sized nipples their crowning glory.

He let her nipple pop from his mouth, and moved up to kiss her, slipping her tongue into his mouth. Claire could taste her pussy on his lips. The kiss was gentle and sensual.

Claire felt the head of Jack’s VERY stiff cock twitch against her. She wiggled her hips, and relished the quiet moan Jack let out as his cock slid past her thick, wet lips and found her hole.

They both revelled in the sensation, all their focus on their kiss and the deliciously light joining of their sex.

The soft tip of his cock was just inside her, but barely. Neither of them made a move to increase the depth.

Claire imperceivably lifted her hips, caressing Jacks foreskin with her pussy lips, the head of his cock pushed at her pussy, penetrating her by millimetres.

Claire’s body felt every electric sensation in her post orgasmic state, from his soft gentle lips, to his toned body supported above her, to the probing, wanting head of his cock at her glistening entrance.

She felt Jack’s finger brush feather light strokes across her puckered nipple. It made her shudder.

The sensation caught in her throat as she felt the sensitive ring of muscles at her pussy entrance stretch deliciously wide and then pop closed around Jack’s bell end as he tensed his arse, and slowly, gently and deliberately slid every inch by incredible inch inside her.

Claire’s eye’s closed as she focussed on the perfect pressure of her vagina being penetrated by Jack’s thick cock. Despite how wet she was, she could feel her pussy stretch around him tightly, gripping every ridge of his hard cock as it slid into her.

After what felt like an eternity, she felt his groin touch hers. He was completely inside her.

“Wow! That feels as fucking amazing as I remember.”

Claire hooked a hand round Jack’s neck and pulled him deep into a satisfied kiss as she tensed her muscles around his fat cock.

Years of kegels kept Claire’s pussy as tight as the 18 year old girl he’d fucked in the shed all those years ago.

She let out a spoilt moan as Jack slid his cock as far out of her pussy as he could possibly could, leaving just the tip of his prick in contact with her hole before pushing his soaked cock, balls deep into Claire’s viscous cunt. She moaned with every inch until his groin hit her swollen clit

Jack started to fuck her with long, deep strokes. Claire tilted her hips upwards to meet his, sinking his cock deep inside her. He filled her perfectly.

“Aaaaggghhhh, fuck me Jack. …You feel fucking amazing inside me.”

Jack smiled at the compliment. He took one of Claire’s thick, erect nipples between his fingers and squeezed hard, loving the soft resistance of the dark pink nub.

The rush of delicious, electric pain went straight to Claire’s pussy. She gritted her teeth and thrust her pussy up onto Jack’s prick.

Jack knew this was a signal to fuck her a little harder and faster.

Intuitively they fell into a strong fucking rhythm, their organs meeting each other in the middle with a satisfying, wet thump.

She could feel his body weight pressing down on her, flattening her breasts underneath him as he drove his cock into her, forcing her arse into the mattress with every thrust.

He buried his face into Claire’s neck, using his teeth on her creamy skin, as he took her perfect, full breast in this hand squeezing it hard. He loved how stiff and puckered her nipples were under his palm.

She loved Jacks hands on her while he fucked her. It made her feel totally desired and beautiful….and very – fucking – dirty.

She got a vision of her husband, drunk, smoking dope with his friend while she was naked, flat on her back, with a hunk ramming his cock into her.

She wanted Jack’s cum.

“Godddddd Jack, fuck me.” She groaned into his ear. “Fuck my little pussy. I want you to fill my slutty, little pussy up.”

If there was one thing that got Jack off, it was dirty talk. It was like a red rag to a bull.

Jack started to really pump her. She gripped onto his body tightly, as she was thrust upwards against the mattress, thighs splayed wide and her ankles hooked behind Jack’s legs.

Jack could feel her heavy breasts move against his chest as he fucked her little pussy.

“Oh, god, You want my cum do you, you little slut? Ask for it.”

He knew she would. She started the game, and it would end when he filled her pussy.

“I want it Jack…uuurrghhh….Fuck your…..slutty….little….girl. Pump my pussy….bang the fuck out of me.”

Her words were punctuated by the breath being forced out of her as Jack did what he was told – he banged the fuck out of her.

He could feel the cum rising with every pump.

He reached a hand down her body and grabbed her arse, literally pulling her into his thrusts.

“You fucking…..little…slutttttt….. I’m gonna…fucking fill you up. You want my spunk you….dirty …..little…..whore.”

“Yes Jack, do it…… fucking do it….. cum inside me. Fill my little pussy, you dirty bastard!”

She felt Jack’s whole body tense. His eyes squeezed tightly shut and his jaw clenched as his whole being hung in orgasmic ecstasy for those incredible few seconds before the cum left his body.


Jack cock erupted inside Claire. He saw stars as his cock pumped and pumped thick streams deep into her pussy.

Jack thrust his pulsing prick hard into Claire again and again, coating her insides. She was gripping onto him, letting him use her, use her pussy to unload into. She could feel Jack’s cock swell and spurt deep in her pussy, and she fucking loved it.

Jack was in his own little world at that point – all his focus, and feelings absolutely centred inside her as the rush coursed through him like a drug.

She felt his body loosen, and his movements slow as his orgasm started to subside. His body relaxed and she took his body weight on hers as all his energy left him. It made her smile.

She could feel Jack’s cum oozing out of her pussy, coating her lips stuck around his cock.

“My fucking god!! That was insane!!” exclaimed Jack. “I haven’t cum like that in so long.”

Claire giggled as Jack rolled off of her, his softening cock sliding fluidly out of her with a slurp, pulling a stream of thick, viscous cum with it.

Her pussy was wet before, but it was a fucking mess now. His cum tickled as it slid over her tensed, puckered little bum hole and soaked into her bed sheets.

Jack lay beside her, regaining his breath.

Neither of them could believe this had happened again. All those years ago when Jack had fucked the shit out of in the shed, neither of them would have guessed it would happen again when they were adults.

Claire turned towards him, running a finger lightly over his chest. His eyes were closed in satisfaction.

Fuck he looked good. It was the first time she had seen him naked, she realised! He had now fucked her twice and this was the first time! She found it quite funny. She liked what she saw. He was in good shape, toned and broad, and his cock….. well, she loved the way it felt, but even in it’s semi-soft state it still looked….. fat, impressive, fuckable, lickable, suckable. Yeah, suckable.

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