Sated and lazy, Alice lay on the floor for a long time, marveling in the feeling that a good fuck left her with. She’d been with Trey so long she’d forgotten this. Normally she felt twitchy and unsatisfied, ready for him to fall asleep so she could slink off on her own and finish what he’d barely started. Some of her felt bad for that, since after all, maybe she should talk to him about it… let him know what she needed and offer advice on how he might help more. Usually the rest of her just felt agitated and grumpy.

Not now, though. Now she was filled with the delicious warmth that came after a burst of pleasure. She felt so good she didn’t even care that she was sitting on some floor with a strange, faceless man’s cum leaking out between her legs.


She cared a little.

This might be a dream, or it might not be a dream, but it certainly felt real. And if it was real, however crazy that sounded, she had to get out of here.


Time to go.

“Goodbye, faceless man.” Alice waved at the faceless door guard, who nodded in her direction. It seemed like a strange gesture given what they’d just shared, but then she realized he couldn’t smile since he had no mouth.


This place was so strange.

As she stood up, Alice took a moment to take stock of what happened. She and Trey had just had sex, when he fell asleep and she went to go finish up and get ready for bed. Before that could happen, she spotted a rabbit in the hallway outside Trey’s eleventh story apartment building. The rabbit had a strangely massive cock, human in size in shape, and took off when she looked at it. So obviously she’d gone chasing after it, only to be pushed down a laundry chute.

“That was really stupid.”

Only she fell for what seemed like hours, and landed in a room with no doors and a table. On the table was a vibrator that, when used, turned her very small… which allowed her to find a hallway that was previously too small to even see. At the end of that hallway had been a man with huge muscles and no face who wouldn’t let her through the door. The door that she was now looking at and reaching out to touch.

Only, at the time, he hadn’t let her through. So she went back into the room, found a bust that wanted her to massage it, which made her breasts huge and in turn made the faceless man have sex with her.

Alice took a deep breath, suddenly exhausted by remembering all the idiotic things she’d down in the past hour or so. Unprotected sex with a man she didn’t know and who had no face almost didn’t make the list…

Because now she was opening a door to who knows where while clad in nothing but a mostly ripped nighty, and the only person who had any chance of helping her was just sitting on the floor and watching, with his huge, massive cock lying limp between his legs. Alice licked her lips just thinking about it… but no! That wouldn’t get her anywhere.

So she opened the door.


A rush of air swept in behind her, throwing her off-balance and causing her to teeter precariously at the edge of where the hallway should be. Beyond the door was… nothing. Just empty sky, with a placid blue sea far below it. Far… far… far below it! Alice teetered forward again, having trouble keeping her balance with her newly large breasts to deal with… screw that, they were tits now. With her unwanted tits getting in the way, Alice was having trouble maintaining balance…

She was falling!

Alice screamed and swung her arms wildly, trying to catch onto the edge of the hallway as she overbalanced and went flying out into nothingness. She caught a brief glimpse of the faceless man lunging to catch her… and missing.


Alice spent a moment marveling at the ridiculousness of falling from incredible heights twice in the same hour, and wondering if maybe she would survive this fall too? Then she got back down to the business of screaming.

The water rushed up far too fast… far too fast. This wasn’t like the last time at all! Last time it had been like she was hanging in the air almost, falling in slow motion through a dark column that had no beginning or ending.

This time, the brilliant azure waves were reaching eagerly up to greet her.

“Shit shit shitshitshiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!-”

The world suddenly filled with liquid. It crashed in around her and closed in around her and it wanted to replace the air that had just been violently knocked out of her.

She knew she shouldn’t, but her lungs were already burning… they just needed something to fill them. Anything…

Then she broke the surface.

“What?” Alice shook her hair out of her eyes as she bobbed up through the waves. That seemed even more impossible than anything else… she was buoyant, sure, but the length of that fall? She should still be dozens of feet underwater, disoriented and ready to drown herself…

Then she noticed that she was floating with her head and even the tops of her shoulders above the water

“What?” It sounded stupid saying it again, but what else was she supposed to…


Her new tits were doing it.

They were resting easily on the top of the water, bobbing with the waves, and she could feel the pull of them holding her up… which was just…


But at least it saved her life.

Sighing, Alice looked around to try and orient herself. There were some waves on her left. Some more waves on her right. Some white clouds in the sky… she couldn’t even see the door she’d fallen out of, not that it would really help her since she couldn’t fly.


Feeling silly, Alice flapped her arms experimentally a few times… nothing happened, except that she splashed some water around.

And one thing she didn’t need more of right now was water.

“What I really need is land…”

Alice sighed; that didn’t seem like it was going to happen. There was nothing that she could see in any direction except more water, or if she looked up, more of that grey, stormy sky.


Alice looked again… she was positive those clouds were thin and white only a few moments ago. Did that mean that a storm was coming? Because, on top of everything else, she really didn’t need that right now. She really didn’t.

Then she noticed something else… a splash of… purple? Against the horizon.

Not caring what it was, Alice started to swim for it. Which turned out to be harder than she expected it to be. Her flotation devices kept getting in the way, whacking her arms when she went to do a front crawl, and forcing her body back into an upright position every time she tried to lie flat and kick.

A peal of thunder in the sky told her that she really didn’t have time for this, so she soldiered on anyway. With great force of will, and a growing pain in her back which told her that she’d pay for this later, she managed to swim towards the splotch of purple on the horizon. The splotch turned out to be getting closer much faster than she expected… in fact, it was coming right for her.

Forcing herself not to look a gift horse in the mouth, Alice kept swimming.

Eventually… eventually she got close enough that the shape started to resolve itself instead of just the colour. For a while, though, she wasn’t sure what it was. It looked like a rounded ‘w’ floating in the water, sometimes dipping so far that she could only see the very tops of it.

Then, when she got closer, she realized what it was.

A bra!

She was still tiny, and it was some bra, floating on the water. Well, at least it would be better than being stranded in the middle of an ocean when a storm hit… so she kept swimming.

And kept swimming.

And then hit the edge of the bra fast and painfully.


Alice found herself doubled over the edge of one of the bra’s cups, her legs still dangling in the water while the rest of her leaned forward. Grinning, excited to be making progress, Alice tried to scramble the rest of the way over when she felt strong hands pressing against her shoulders. At first she was elated.

“Oh, thank-you, thank-you for rescuing me!”

And then she realized that the hands weren’t helping her come on board, they were actually keeping her where she was.

“Wait a”

“second there”

“young lady. We’re not just”

“going to take anyone”

“on board you know!”

Two voices spoke like one, and Alice shook her head, afraid to look up to see more weirdness. She looked up anyway. Instead of weirdness, she was greeted by two well-formed young men, both wearing only tattered jean shorts, giving her an odd stare.

“What!? You can’t be serious!” Alice was shrieking, and at this point, didn’t care. “You have to let me on board!”

“Hey now, we”

“aren’t monsters. We’re not”

“just going to throw”

“you back like the wet fish”

“that you are. There are”

“rules you know.”

“What rules!?” Alice gave a renewed burst of energy, or at least tried to. She found that all that falling, sex and swimming earlier meant she was now reaching the end of her physical reserves, and pretty much at the whim of these two.

“No one”

“rides for”

“free. We need”

“something in”




“or ass.”

Alice stopped. Blinked. Gave the two of them a long, pointed look. Gave the ‘boat’ which had no obvious motor a pointed look. Gave her body, which the nighty had fallen off of earlier, leaving her totally naked, a pointed look.

“Do I look like I have any gas or grass?”


“no you don’t.”

Alice shook her head, not believing this.

“Okay, look. I think we got off on the wrong foot. I’m Alice, who are you two?” Alice reached out a hand to shake, but neither took it.

“We’re the”

“twiddle brothers! I’m”

“Twiddledick and I’m”


Alice tried to hold on to her laughter, which only made it come out as a snort instead.

“Really?” She had no idea what else to say.


“Really? Your names are really Twiddledick and Twiddlecock?”

“Our names”

“are really-”

“Ya, I get it… okay. I’m sorry, it’s just… you know… those are really stupid names.” Alice shook her head. She wanted to be nice, she didn’t want to alienate them, but… damn!



They sounded sad, but Alice couldn’t crane her head to look up far enough to see whether their facial expressions matched their tone. Instead, she tried to think of another way to stall time. Maybe if they talked long enough, the two of them would forget about their crazy plan and just let her on board…

A crash of thunder and rain starting to patter down onto Alice’s back stopped that thought cold.

“Okay… okay, look, fine. I’ll have sex with you.”

“Both of”


“Okay! Just let me on!” Alice started to struggle on board again, then stopped and thought about it. “Only, you know, later okay? I’m really tired now.”



Strong hands helped Alice into the boat… bra… whatever it was. Then those same hands tried to help her up and over to what looked like a covered shelter built onto one of the sides of the bra. Only someone’s legs weren’t working, which was making it very difficult for the three of them to maneuver, especially with her… oh wait, those were her legs.

The storm swept in across the tiny lingerie vessel, but Alice was already asleep when the twiddle brothers finally got her into shelter.


Alice didn’t know how much time passed before she woke up again, to the sound of raindrops lightly spattering the roof.

“Mrrmph… Trey?” She swiped out a hand to see if her boyfriend left early that morning, and sure enough, he wasn’t there. She’d have to have a talk with him about the crazy dream she’d had…


She would leave out some parts, that’s for sure.

Sighing groggily, she pressed one hand against her eye and rubbed it around a little, trying to clear the sleep from her eyelids and from her mind. It seemed so real. She could almost imagine the smell of the wood structure on that crazy bra boat, and the sound of water lapping against strangely buoyant cloth.

Wait a second.

She was smelling and hearing those things right now!

Shock caused Alice’s eyes to fly open in a hurry, and despair made her groan. Instead of the roof of Trey’s apartment, she was in the little wooden structure on the bra boat. If it was a dream, she was obviously still in it.


If this was how it was going to be, then fuck it, she might as well play along.

Growling to herself about the craziness of this place, Alice stood and strode confidently out of the small wooden room, not even bothering to cover herself. Outside was the bra she remembered, along with the two well-built men who’d rescued her. Now that she could see them, she realized their faces were just as beautiful as their muscled bodies. Long, flowing golden hair spilled down their heads in perfect waves, somehow looking manly despite the length, and their muscles glowed with the sheen of water from the rain.




“Ya I’m up… I guess the storm died down?” Alice was walking towards them, the sight of their beautiful bodies just making up her mind all the more. If this was going to be a never-ending dream, then she was damn well going to enjoy it.

“Yes. It looks like”

“the worst of it is over now.”

“Hey! What”

“are you doing?”

Alice walked right up to one of them, and put her hands down his pants. She could feel the warm, silky skin of his member between her hands, and she could feel its heft. This had to be a dream… everyone was so well endowed!

“Which one are you again?”

The twin she was talking to visibly gulped, which belied the stirring hardness she could feel with her hand.

“Umm, I’m”


Alice nodded, then dropped to her knees in front of him and started unzipping his pants. Now that she was committed to his course of action, she could feel herself responding instantly to the desire that was coming off of him. It was good to be wanted right now… amidst all this craziness, simple human lust was something she could wrap her head around.

And her hand, apparently. When the zipper came down, a hard cock sprang out joyously to meet her.

“I’ll call you C, and the other one D, okay?”



D was walking up slowly, apparently entranced by the sight of her leaning forward and kissing the tip of C’s manhood gently. So, so gently… she could feel him quiver under her hands as even the lightest touch of her lips sent shockwaves of need throughout his body. Wanting him to know more, Alice opened her mouth and took the very tip of his cock into it. She let her lips settle around his head, while her tongue teased out and started to dance in a circle around his foreskin.

Alice actually squeaked, which C seemed to like, when she felt strong hands grab her waist from behind and pull her up from a crouching position to a bending one. Then lightning-streaks of pleasure rang through her as strong, sure fingers started to massage her sex. His hand was wet with rain, and so was she, and the slickness made every motion better, every sensation stronger. D started off by just touching her lightly, running his hand along her inner thigh and across her abdomen, before he got serious. When he did, Alice groaned and took more of C’s cock into her mouth, sliding down it like it was a pole, letting it fill her all the way to the back of her throat.

She could tell that C liked it when she moaned, because his cock twitched inside her mouth every time she did. That was good… but she knew it would be better if she reached up and started to play with his balls while she worked his tongue up and down his cock. So that’s what she did.

While Alice was playing with C’s balls, making him groan in pleasure and reflexively grab her hair, D was being all sorts of wonderful. He ran his finger down her labia, catching her clit as he went and making her shiver all over with glorious pleasure. Then he started to probe her pussy with his thumb, while using his thumb and forefinger to gently tease her clit.

God that was good!

Alice was having trouble concentrating on the blowjob she was giving, even with the huge cock in her mouth, and decided it was time to move to the next level. Her body was thrumming with need, and even though D’s careful exploration and maddeningly slow buildup was good, she wanted sex. Now.

“Fuck me!” So she pulled her mouth off of C’s cock and said the first thing that came to mind.

And they obliged, which was nice of them.

C grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her up into his arms. She went willingly, thrusting her hips forward to meet his cock. She cried out as he filled her, his huge member sheathing itself as far as it could into her pussy.


“Hey now, don’t

“forget about D. I’ve

“got a surprise.”

Alice, who was eagerly working her hips against C already, had no idea what that surprise could be. Then she felt something press against… her anus?

“Wait, what?”

Alice stopped for a second to look back at what D was doing. Sure enough, his cock, which was thankfully smaller than C’s, was pressed between her buttocks. She could feel the tip of it resting against her ass, almost asking permission.

“Well, we can stop”

“if you like…”

“No! No… do it.”

Alice cringed, not sure what to expect… she’d done it before with Trey, but he was much smaller and fit easily. And, it turned out, so did D. His cock slid pressed against her for a moment, causing some uncomfortable pressure, then it just slid right in. Alice almost bit right through her lip at the feeling of it… while it wasn’t pleasure necessarily, the feeling of being filled by the two cocks at once was incredible.

Then they all began to move. Slowly at first, but picking up steam as the three of them found the rhythm, they pumped their cocks in and out of her. And in and out… Alice didn’t know who was crying louder in pleasure, them or her. She knew she was digging her nails into C’s ass, using her arms to help him get moving faster. She could feel her breasts crushed up against his chest, which was actually pretty nice, and every time he sheathed himself in her his pubic hair tickled her clit.

The combination of that and the two cocks meant she came… she didn’t know how many times. They rode her for what seemed like hours, driving her to peaks of unbearable pleasure again and again, making her finally scream loudly as she came against C’s hard chest. And each time that happened, she felt her muscles working and tightening around their cocks, which in turn sent more ripples of pleasure through her and started her on her journey to her next orgasm.

Finally, when she didn’t know if she could take it anymore, C and D both groaned and spasmed, bucking against her as they shot their load inside her.

Then the three of them collapsed onto the ground, all breathing hard and for a long while unable to form sentences. Alice didn’t even care that she was sprawled on her back with cum leaking out of her ass and pussy… a situation she normally would have cleaned up, but which today felt right. The afterglow of vigorous exercise and incredible sex had her in its thrall, and for a long time she just lay there, breathing and listening to them breathe.

Then, finally, she found the strength to say something.

“You guys are bastards.”



Alice laughed. A happy, golden peal of laughter, and probably the first since she came to this crazy place.

“I’m kidding… I’m kidding. We need to do this again.” When the two of them made eager noises and started to sit up, Alice waved her hand at them and laughed again. “Not… not now. Too tired…”

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