pool orgies


Josie and Elaine came to town for their ring ceremony and a two-week honeymoon. Rob walked Josie down the aisle and Marshall walked Elaine. Elaine’s daughter Rhonda came with them and stayed at Holly’s. Her mom Liz and Elma stayed at Wendy’s.

Our own Moms were still at Wendy’s so they moved in with us for a couple of weeks. Mom was in the process of buying a new upscale patio home nearby and moved into it from my house. Ruthie’s mom Maddy moved in with her, Mom had bought only one bed.

Maddy kept putting off her return to Toronto just as Mom had put off her trip to California. She answered each inquiry with, “Eventually, maybe next week.” Ruthie and I were sure there would be no returning home. Our Moms were obviously a couple and having our moms in town was a great gift for us; we had been without them for nearly ten years.

Rhonda never left either. Our bank needed her degree and experience; she became a vice-president in less than two years.

She and Ruthie became frequent lovers. I was in bed with them most of those times and Rhonda was sometimes allowed the use of my cock. Holly was with them on occasion but I never stayed in bed with the three of them.

Jana and Inga’s pool party came around again and I had a lot of naked women in my yard. Leigh, Helen, and Sally fucked me to orgasms; theirs not mine. Edie, Naomi, and Shawna slid my cock in them while we kissed but did not fuck me. Petra made love to me. I made love to her. She welcomed my cum.

Three hours later Helen was on her way back home but stopped to give me a kiss. She slid my cock in her before the long kiss but did not fuck me. Leigh did the same thing moments later then both walked on through the newly built gate between Helens yard and mine. Shawna and Naomi just waved as they went through the same gate.

Edie came over and gave me a long kiss as she slid her pussy over the bottom of my cock then went inside my house, picked up her clothes and walked home still naked. Less than five seconds later Petra was sliding my cock into her and giving me a long love filled kiss.

I loved Petra almost as much as Ruthie did. I loved her smallish body draped over mine; her tits had their own aura. Our fucks were leisurely, loving. She was not fucking me however.

“What did Ruthie say to everyone today that has made most of the women reserved?”

“She reminded everyone that she was not in her period and all your cum belongs to her.”

“What did you say to her?”

“Oops. I whispered that. She gave me a beautiful kiss and an even better smile, she is obviously not concerned about us.”

“Concerned with what?” Sally asked as she pushed Petra off me and impaled herself on my cock.


“Oh, sorry. I don’t know how you can enjoy having his cock in you and not fuck him.”

“I enjoy my body covering his and his kisses and caresses and my pussy enjoys the company. I do the same with you.”

Sally smiled and kissed her. When their kiss ended they switched places. I began to softly caress Sally’s pussy. She moaned.

I had Petra sit up and lifted Sally over me and lowered her pussy to my mouth. Sally had a quick orgasm then settled down to enjoy kissing Petra as I made love to her pussy. Ruthie came to us, lay down next to me and held my hand.

Sally had another orgasm and rolled her body over Ruthie’s. Petra covered my body with hers again. The four of us kissed softly for a while but soon Sally and Petra went home. Ruthie covered me with her body and slid my cock into her pussy. We kissed and talked.

“And how was your day,” I asked.

“Compared to the last party it was fabulous. You will need to fuck me softly tonight and for a long while. I am the mood for another scary orgasm. We will miss the next pool party; we will be on the west coast tour. Rehearsals resume in the morning don’t forget.”

“The buffet at the resort for breakfast?”


“Have you decided which new songs will be added?”

“Yeah, the happy one Edie and I wrote, a sad one Edie wrote and one you wrote.”

“I didn’t know any of mine were under consideration.”

“Two of yours were under consideration. We decided to go with the funny one.”

Another sign that Melody was dead, she would have never considered it.

“Are the contractors coming tomorrow?”

“Yes, remind me to leave the gate open.”

“Did you remember to tell them about Flower and her girls?”

“Yes, he did not seem too surprised, apparently many people know we have resident skunks, but he was pleased to hear they were de-skunked.”

We kissed and just enjoyed our complete body contact. Once in a while she would do some light fucking but only for ten or fifteen seconds or so, just enough to maintain my erection. Others walked by and came over to kiss us. Several kissed and licked Ruthie’s butt.

“Edie was surprised you turned down a fuck, she may be disappointed. I may have bragged too much about your lovemaking and think I will keep my mouth shut from now on.”

“I think you may make a bit more clear to the ladies that all my cum is yours, make sure you didn’t miss anyone. You may need to cut everyone off for a while then secretly allow just a few to play.”

“Are you being overwhelmed?”

“Yes, a bit. Five women slid my cock into them earlier today. None seemed concerned about the possibility of my filling them with cum. I managed to hold on until Petra, as you know. I can’t give my best effort to everyone and I suspect not all of the ladies are telling their husbands.”

“I will tell all you are exclusively mine for the foreseeable future. Petra will know I don’t mean her. Sally comes with Petra so she will want you too. Anyone else you like to play with?”

“Helen and Leigh, they follow rules. I would be more than happy with just those.”

“Inga and Jana?”

“Once, maybe but they are not in my got to have list.”

“Funny, they said the same thing about you. Carly?

“When she needs it. She is in the same boat as you and Edie and wants you more than she wants me. If we ever find ourselves in a threesome then yes. Shirley too but no swapping with their husbands. I doubt Charles would give Shirley permission but I think Carly already has it. We can find out on our hot tub nights.”

“Anyone else on your wish list?”

“Don’t laugh. Paloma.”

“Oooh yes, both of us. She is older than our Moms you know.”

“She may be the sexiest woman in town, after you of course.”

“Of course. I love you; we are perfect for each other. Once we have the hot tub ready things will settle down a bit. Or not.”

“You still OK with a monthly couples only night?”

“Yes and we could not back out of that now, all our friends are more than enthusiastic. Watching each other fuck appears to be a great magnet to them. Helen and Edie say they loved those parties at Wendy’s tub and miss them. Paula told me today she and Paul would join us.”

“I’m glad I bought the big tub like Wendy’s.”

“Me too. The first few events may be a bit crowded.”

“Only until the men cum then it will be just women in there.”

“Not necessarily. The men are younger and I know at least one guy that can last forever and recover quickly,” she said as she squeezed my cock with her vaginal walls.

“We are going to miss two pool Sundays now that I think about it, we will be on the way back from Vegas for the month after next.”

“Two months without easy access to me should be enough.”

“I find it difficult to believe you are turning down pussy.”

“My cock is already in the pussy I want.”

“Lets close up the house and go to bed and fuck. Then lets eat the paella then make love until we have to go to work.”


It was exactly what we did. Her otherworldly cum did not frighten her as much as before but I again released my cum into a mostly unconscious Ruthie.

She made up for that the next day.

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