Joseph fumbled with his clothes, his underwear tangled in his pants, with his hands unable to fully open. Stepheni watched as his hard on as it bounced around with each step, still fully erect even after his hour or so session as her naked pony boy. She had never felt that much of a rush before. It wasn’t just Jo’s size and physical strength, it was the feeling of power. The power to transform Jo into a lust crazed animal… Steph was euphorically high on the experience.

Jo managed to get his clothes back on, Steph hadn’t untied the bridal from around his head she had made from an old pair of panty hose, so Jo stood, still fully erect under his pants, clothed… in that head harness all Steph could think about was riding him again.

Jo remained; ready and waiting, seemingly unaware of Steph’s past actions or even where he was… He was now clearly unable to think for himself, totally captured by the combination of that tea and his long-standing attraction to Stepheni.

Steph looked him over again, she had climaxed many times in the last hour, several times just in the last time she rode him… but she was heating up again…

“Take down your pants Jo.”

Steph said, softly now, feeling something more for her human pony toy.

Jo slipped his pants down to his knees and Steph took hold of his cock, condom still attached and gave it a squeeze. It felt firm and hot, a little greasy under the lube and juice on the condom. She stripped it off to a shiver and a snort from Jo. Rolling a new one. Steph’s face so close now Jo began to shake.

Steph looked up to see Jo, burning with lust, the moment was too much for her, she fell to her knees and licked it like a rubbery Popsicle. Jo rocked forward and back in a hula motion. Steph took hold of Jo’s ass checks and took a big suck on the head.

Jo had been the picture of obedience and submission. Steph’s lips ran teasingly down Jo’s shaft. Jo’s rocking got a little deeper and a low hum escaped his lips. Step, now intoxicated by Jo’s meat really starts to suckle and gives his balls a little squeeze for good measure. Finally the stimulation is too much and Jo locks his fists behind Steph’s head.

Drawing her all the way in to his lap his massive member slides down her throat and she begins to gag. The uncomfortable feeling prompts her to struggle and honk a little out of her nose. The sound and the motion excite Jo and he pumps Steph’s head.

Steph feels the thrust and lets out a little honk each time Jo slides down her throat. She is getting a little panicked now by Jo’s power and seemingly incoherent state. Jo pumps away with a strange grin behind his panty hose bridal bit. Steph looks up and tries to tell him to stop. Pushing against him is futile and the gyration and reduced oxygen is starting to give her a head spin.

Locked on to Jo’s cock, totally enslaved by the power of his raw lust Steph is frightened but the panic is turning them both on. Starting to see stars Steph grabs at Jo’s balls but can’t get a firm grip being thrashed around and dizzy. A few more pumps and Steph was on the edge of consciousness. Out of desperation she bites down firmly hoping to discourage Jo’s intrusion.

Jo feels the rasp of Steph’s teeth through the rubber, the lube and the numbing effects of the tea. The sound from Jo’s mouth is primal, he thrusts so hard even his balls go into her mouth. Steph’s face pressed up against his lap the little amount of oxygen she was getting through he nose gone she passed out just as Jo released his load.

Steph goes limp as the condom pops off and Jo fills her with cum. Slowly he releases her, she flops onto the imitation Persian rug pattern lounge room carpet. Cum drips down on to her face and neck. She breaths in and slips between unconscious and sleep with the rubber dangling out of her mouth like a smear of mustered from a massive hotdog.

Thirty minutes go by with Jo standing over Steph sleeping on the floor with cum on her face. Waking she scratches her face and smears the cum across her hand and cheek.

“Eww! What the… Oh. Right…

… Jo! You fucking bastard. Wait here.”

Steph went into the bathroom to wash her face and neck. Swearing and mumbling under her breath. Her phone slipped into the sink and picking it up she pressed the play button on the video she took of him prancing around with his cock flapping away.

Steph had the perfect revenge for Jo’s “use” of her mouth and throat.

“Come in to the study Jo.”

Ordered Stepheni as she walked down the hall and did a figure eight with the mouse to wake up the PC.

“You will behave won’t you!”

Jo looked at Steph without a hint of understanding.

“Fine! Lest see what we can do with this little video of you.”

Once again Jo looked on totally unaware that was supposed to be a threat. Steph jumped on the search engine and looked up human pony boy. Several sites popped up and Steph opened them in tabs.

She didn’t notice but some of them had pop ups. Fascinated by the images she saw Steph forgot momentarily that she was intending to post the video. She found a site that was looking for armature uploads.

The registration prompted an email address and she typed in Jo’s. The next step asked for the confirmation code…

“Jo log in to your email account”

Jo did, typing with his knuckles and Steph took note of his password and the code and emailed it to her self. Logging into the human pony play site. One of the pop ups got in the way and would not close. Steph just tabbed around it and uploaded the video. The thought of revenge was now totally replaced by reliving the thrill of Sadism and reducing Jo to a pony play toy, and fucking him senseless. The images of other pony players drawing her deeper into the headspace.

A few more minutes of pony boy and pony girl images, she found one she couldn’t look away from. A lean muscle bound pony boy, covered in fur, nipples and horse ears pierced with a horse head and massive flaccid cock.

Steph looked back at Jo still waiting for Steph’s next command patiently, flaccid and massive like the deviant art drawing… apart from the fur, hooves and horse head…

Steph lead Jo into the kitchen and ran the tap to get a drink of water. Steph took a long drink and offered the glass to Jo. His hands curled into fists he couldn’t take the glass. Steph got the idea and cupped her hand under the running tap. Jo lapped up the water from Steph’s hand giving her a huge rush.

Steph went back into the study and pulled out the craft box. There was some tape and card but nothing… …*horsy*…until she got to the flocking gun… her grandmother had been covering the bottom of her porcelain figurine collection with felt….

“Brown… perfect.

Strip off Jo. Shoes too.”

Steph’s eyes widened as she contemplated the thought of a fury brown pony boy, just like that drawing but better. While she read the instructions and thought about the glue on Jo’s skin her grandparents’ PC made some odd noises.

The pop up window had broken through the windows firewall and was now scanning for images and text documents and transferring them back to the website, along with remote desktop privileges.

Realising that covering Jo in glue and then brown felt would probably make a monumental mess Steph looked through the craft box and the cupboards in her grandmothers study and found a large plastic bag from the new refrigerator, a broken pair of platforms and a large roll of brown packing tape.

She tried to put the platforms on Jo’s feet but they were two or three sizes too small.

“Hmmm… it’s true what they say about big feet, isn’t it Jo?”

Steph quipped but Jo looked on without a glimmer of recognition. Steph too and art knife and stripped off the canvas, leaving just the sole and heel of the platform shoes. The heel had been held on by the outer layer alone so the shoes just fell into two pieces. Steph thought she could tape the heel on somehow.

“Jo Lie down on the floor.”

Jo lay on his back, hearing Steph’s commands his erection now returning to full strength.

“No, no silly boy… …Oh… well hmmm… no. I want to dress you up OK?”

No response from Jo. Steph took that as a yes. She placed the platform toe under the balls of his feel and ran the shiny brown tape around many times. It looked like it would stay, but it didn’t look… …he needed socks she though. Stepheni ran the tape over his toes and wound it in a spiral up to his knees.

‘No, still something missing’, she thought. Steph looked around the room again without seeing anything to give her inspiration.

She jumped on the computer again to have another look at those human pony play images. Engrossed in her erotic human art project she had totally forgotten that Jo was playing along only as a result of the tea… …which was wearing off slowly.

The internet was frustratingly slow as Steph surfed through a few dozen images… All the while an intruder was watching Steph surf… an intruder who had used Geo-location software to single her out. This intruder was looking for a very special type of subject; the human pony player, in Western Sydney, close enough to pick up and take out to the ranch…

Steph looked up to see the light on her webcam come on. She didn’t understand the significance at first. Steph clicked on another image to open and it didn’t. A new image of a man and woman bound together popped up instead.

In the picture the man was bent over backwards under the woman, his chest against her belly. His arms bound around her waist. She was bending forward, her wrists bound under his ass. Together they made a kind of Centaur.

The image jumped and froze as it loaded. It was an animated gif. The two were bound together to make a human horse. They fell to the ground and a woman in long riding boots and breeches put a bridal and bit on the pony girl’s head. The gif repeated. Steph watched it loop over a few times before mousing over to close it. Where the close button should have been was marked: “Continue?”

Steph clicked on it and a new gif loaded. The same pony boy and pony girl bound together on the ground, a whip lash from out of shot. And then a loop again.

Steph clicked on the continue button again and a message window opened.

“Hello Stepheni, how are you?”

Steph was a little shocked by the unknown person knowing her name. She wondered if it might be an automated ad…

“Hello? You can type back if you wish… or speak.”

Stepheni was wary but curious.

“Who are you?” Stepheni asked. She wanted to ask how they knew her name but was worried about seeming foolish.

“I am the webmaster of this site. I administer the human pony play.”

Somehow the explanation calmed Stepheni.

“I really enjoyed your upload, I notice the time stamp is less than an hour old, are you still playing?”

Feeling cheeky Stepheni replied: “Yes, he’s on his back on the floor, I’m making him some tack.”

Stepheni felt giddy talking out loud to her anonymous online chatter. “Tack”, a word she had recently learned meant the gear you put on your pony, saying it made her feel a bit special.

“So why did you stop?” The normal looking text seemingly inappropriate in Steph’s mind for the nature of the conversation.

Stepheni took a moment to remember why she had come back to the PC…

“Oh. Well I… …his fee.. ..hooves didn’t seem right so I need some inspiration.”

The curser on the message box blinked a few times before the webmaster responded:

“Go into the bedroom and get some football socks.”

Steph said in a chirpy voice; “Thanks, I’ll do that”

And dashed off to look through her Grandfathers sock draw. She came back with two pairs.

The computer screen flicked ans the font on the message increased:


Stepheni dropped the white pair and picked up the scissors and cut as instructed. More text from the screen:


Steph had the tape in hand before she realised that she hadn’t mentioned the tape, the colour of the socks or that she hadn’t taped up Jo’s hands yet.

“How did you know the colour of the socks?”

Steph asked, even though she had realised that the wbecam light had been on for the last ten minuets.

“TAKE THAT BOX AND CUT OFF THE FLAPS.” The webmaster continued.

Stepheni was back to feeling wary again. She waved her hand in front of the camera and a camera window popped up. There she was on cam with Jo and his impressive erection in the background.

Steph snatched the webcam off the top of the computer and yanked out the usb cord.

The font changed back to a smaller script:

“That wasn’t very nice… I want you to plug that back in and continue.”

Steph was feeling betrayed and frightened:

“I don’t care what you want. You have no right to spy on me.”

The curser blinked a few times while the webmaster composed the reply:

“There is no need to get upset. You signed an agreement that allows me and my site to use your video. It’s in the privacy statement, didn’t you read it?”

Stepheni felt foolish, but still a little angry: “Well… I… un- agree.”

The webmasters response a little quicker this time:

“Hmmm… I see, well just put that in writing and post it in to our office and we’ll action that in the next 21 days as per the agreement.”

Steph was speechless.

“Now in the mean time, replace the webcam, tape up your pony’s hooves and lets get on with the flocking. C’mon, you know it will be fun”

Steph stood still, confused and indecisive. The screen came to life with screen captures showing her on top of Jo the pony boy naked on the floor, a few images of her from her grandparents holiday photo collection and a word document, a letter from her grandmother to her showing both their addresses.

At least the mystery of how they knew her name was solved. Stepheni plugged the camera in and the webmaster typed out instructions for her to reposition it.

The font switched over to large again:


Steph answered; “He’s Jo”

As she helped him to his feet, he made a clip clop sound, taking little steps to steady himself in his new hooves with no heels. The activity calming Steph down a little she started to enjoy the session.

More text:


Step followed the instructions. The wide brown opaque tape giving Jo a shiny new horse nose. The cardboard blocking his vision ahead and pushing on his tongue.

A brief pause as the webmaster waited for Stepheni to step back and then:


Steph complied again, Jo’s head was an elongated shiny brown mass. His lips spread wide, forced open my the cardboard and tape. The folds of cardboard making a square snout and flared nostrils. His transformation was almost complete.


Stepheni didn’t like were this was going, she continued to follow instructions, with each one, *Joseph* disappearing, *Big Jo* the horse boy emerging and Stepheni loosing her sense of reality to this animalistic fantasy.

To be continued…

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