Part III, where I discover that there is a big, kinky world waiting for me. Knowledge of Parts I and II are not necessary, although if you enjoy this story you can find your way to ‘Silence’ and ‘Dancer in the Dark’ at that point.

The following is completely true, except for all of the parts that are total lies. If everything didn’t happen exactly like this, then maybe it should have. Protection was used when needed, but usually not mentioned for the sake of story flow.

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Stranger to Myself

August, 1991 -

“Nobody has ever made me cum like that before.” The voice on the phone was low and breathy. “Are you up for coming and visiting me again soon?”

My cock twitched, and I adjusted how I was positioned in my sweats as I remembered the first night that Donna and I had gone from ‘friends’ to ‘friends with benefits’. An image of her flashed before me: impaled on my cock as her hips moved to the beat of the Middle Eastern drums. Another one — this time of sweat dripping down our joined bodies as her cunt muscles milked my shaft to an explosive orgasm. I lay back against the headboard as I cradled the phone against my ear. “Experiences like that can kill a guy if he’s not careful.”

“I think you’re up for it, Eric.” I could hear the smile in her voice. “Didn’t you say that you needed the practice?”

“Only if I can manage to get back out into the dating world.” I suddenly felt down again. I hated the bar scene, and with my work hours, I didn’t get out to socialize much anyway.

“Well, this might be a touchy subject, but have you thought about online dating?”

“Ugh. How romantic.” She could hear the sarcasm dripping from my voice.

“I know, I know. But just because your ex-wife met someone online and ran off with them doesn’t mean you can’t use the internet’s powers for good, too.”

“Huh. Why are you so intent on helping my sex life, Donna? What happened to that next ‘visit’ you were talking about?”

“Oh, I still plan on collecting. I have a few more moves I want to show you. But I know this is just a ‘Faire Fling’ between us. That doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy the hell out of it while it lasts, though.”

Her attitude surprised me — it wasn’t what I was used to from my lovers. “So do you have any suggestions for the online dating thing?”

“Actually, I do. I have a girlfriend who’s been using something called ‘Adult Friend Finder’. She put an ad up and had more responses then she could handle. Last Monday she came into work grinning from ear to ear and barely able to walk.”

“Hmm. OK. Maybe I’ll check it out later.” Now I was curious, and simply avoiding the cigarette smoke in the bars was a big plus.

“You better tell me if you find someone on there,” she threatened mockingly.

“Oh? Why is that?”

“So you can tell me all the details, why else? You wouldn’t begrudge me that, would you?” I could practically hear her batting her eyes at me over the phone connection.

I chuckled. “I didn’t think that you’d want to hear those kinds of details.”

“No?” I heard a wet sound, as if Donna was licking her lips. “Why wouldn’t I want to hear about someone sucking your cock down their throat? About how you tit-fucked somebody you met online, and shot all over her face. About how you sank your big hard cock into some hot, steamy pussy, and fucked it like you fucked me.”

I moaned at her words, and stroked my suddenly hard prick through my sweatpants. “Yeah? And why would you want to know all that?”

“Are you kidding me? If I’m not getting any myself, I can at least live vicariously through others.”

“Is that your kink, Donna? Are you a voyeur at heart?”

She hesitated, and then said, “One of them.”

“Any others you’d like to share?” I listened to her breathing on the other end of the line. It had quickened as she thought about her answer. “Tell me.”

“I like to be talked dirty to,” she blurted.

I thought quickly. “Really…” I drawled, stalling for time as I processed her words. “You want me to tell you all the dirty details of my sex life, eh? Are you going to touch yourself, pretending that it’s my tongue on your clit as I tell you about eating someone until they scream? Are you touching yourself right now, Donna?”

I heard her breath catch. “Y-yes…”


Another hesitation. “My pussy.”

“You’re fingering your cunt, thinking about me touching you there? Are you wet Donna? Are you as wet as you were for me when I had my tongue on your clit and my fingers inside you?”

“Ohhhhh…” I could hear her moan even as her breath quickened.

“Answer me or I’m hanging up” I warned her.

She gasped, a little taken aback by my sudden forceful tone. “Yes, my panties are soaked.”

“Take them off.” I listened as I heard rustling for a moment, then I could hear her breathing into the receiver again. “What else are you wearing?”

“Just a t-shirt.”

“Pinch your nipple through your shirt.” She moaned, obviously following my instructions. “Hard!”

She gasped, and then moaned louder as I pulled my rock hard cock out of my sweats and started stroking myself. I’d never really ‘gotten’ phone sex before, but I was beginning to become a fan. “Now stick your fingers in your cunt, and tell me how wet you are.”

“Oh god. Ohhh… I, I’m dripping; the sheet is getting wet.”

“Suck your fingers, tell me how you taste.” My own pre-cum leaked from my slit, and I smeared it around my crown before licking the remnants off my thumb, surprised at the innocuous, slightly sweet flavor of my own lubrication.

“Mmmm. Musky. Sweet.”

“Get a vibrator, or a dildo, Donna. I know you have something.” She gasped again, quietly, and I heard movement.

“OK.” Her voice was low, and throaty.

“What do you have?”

“Ah, both.”

“Good girl. Take the dildo, and just tease your cunt lips with it. Get the tip of it wet with your juices, and rub all around your clit.” I paused, listening. Her breath was quick, and uneven. “Now start taking it inside you, slowly; just enough so that it won’t pop out.”

She moaned again, and as I listened to her I continued to stroke my hard shaft. I cradled the phone on my shoulder so I could pinch my own nipple, my cock twitching at the sudden sweet pain. The head of my cock was slick, and the pleasure increased as I slowly slid my hand up and down. “Is it in yet?”

“Yesss…” her voice was drawn out and breathy.

“Close your legs and cross your ankles, so it stays without you holding it. Can you do that?”

“Oh god. Yes.”

“Good. Now take both your hands, and play with your tits. Squeeze your breasts; those are my hands on your tits. Squeezing them; pushing them together so that I can fuck them with my cock. Pulling on your nipples, pinching them, squeezing them tighter…”

“Nnnnggg…” she moaned loudly; then gasped as her fingers tightened on her own nipples in response to my words. “Oh!”

“Get your vibrator, don’t turn it on. That’s my cock; I want you to lick it, get it wet for me.” I heard a clicking sound; I imagined it was her teeth tapping the hard plastic of the vibrator. “Is it nice and wet for me?”

“Yes.” She was panting now, her breath coming in little gasps.

“Turn it on low, and tease your nipples with it.” As she moaned again I heard a low buzzing start in the background. “Put one hand on the dildo, and start fucking yourself with it, slowly. Use the other hand to tease your lips with the vibrator — don’t touch your clit yet!” She gasped; then moaned in frustration at my last words. “How big is your dildo?”

My question took her by surprise, and it took her a moment to process my question. “Um, about seven inches,” she panted. “But it gets really thick.”

“Can you take all of it?” Her breath was coming fast; she obviously was still following my instructions.

“Sometimes… ah, ooohhhhhh!” The pitch of Donnas’ voice rose as she worked the dildo further into her wet pussy.

“Take it all for me Donna; push that thick cock into your hot cunt.”

“Ohhhh, it’s so thick. Please can I touch my clit?” she begged.

“Not until you’ve taken it all; how much is left?”

Her breath was now fast and ragged, with little gasps between her words. “Ohhh, about a, a third left.”

“Do it Donna, take it all for me!” My hand was still stroking my cock lightly, my entire shaft now wet with the pre-cum dripping from my slit.

“Ah ah ooooohhhhhh!” she wailed. “Oh god, it’s in; I’m so full!”

“Use your fingers to touch your clit — but don’t cum yet!” I warned. I heard a loud gasp, and then she started moaning continuously, not yet reaching her climax, but audibly climbing towards it. My hand started pumping my shaft faster, my balls starting to tighten, and my own breath coming faster. “Now Donna, use the vibrator on your clit, turn it on high!”

“Oh Gaawwwd!” she wailed, her voice rising higher and higher as her orgasm hit, her words turning into a scream.

I pumped faster as I reached the point of no return. “I’m cumming!” I moaned, squeezing tight right beneath my cockhead while continuing to stroke my shaft with the rest of my hand. I released my grip as a pulse hit, and a white rope arched up, and then splashed back down high on my chest. We were both gasping and moaning as we masturbated together; connected by our sounds of self pleasure. The cum shooting from my cock weakened with each pulse, and I had to release my shaft and just hold my balls as I came down from my climax.

“Wow.” Donnas’ voice was quiet, and she sounded out of breath. “OK, that was a new one for me. Damn.”

“Same here, I’ve never done that before.” I reached for a box of tissues with my spare hand, and started wiping up the mess I’d made before it started dripping onto the sheets.

“I’ve never cum that hard by myself before — but I guess I did have a little help.” I could hear the smile in her voice.

“You let me know anytime I can be of service.”

She laughed in response, a warm, throaty sound. “You can count on it. And don’t forget, I expect to hear the details of any ‘encounters’ you have.”

“You’ll be the first to know,” I promised.


That evening I had some time, so I found the “Adult Friend Finder” website that Donna had mentioned. It was fairly new at that point, and allowed you to browse the ads freely, without having to pay anything up front. Wow. The number of horny people looking for other horny people was overwhelming. I narrowed the filter down by giving my area, and specifying that there had to be a picture in the ad. That narrowed it down to mere hundreds. I spent the evening browsing the site, becoming hornier by the minute.

Since my ex and I had separated, I had started spending more time on the internet. At the time, the big resource was USENET — basically an international discussion board on every topic under the sun. Want to know about restoring classic Chevy’s? There was a group for that. Want to discuss current science fiction books or movies? They had that covered too, under rec.arts.sf. How about any conceivable sex act or combination you could think of? If you couldn’t find it under alt.sex somewhere, it probably couldn’t be done. I’d done a lot of reading, and a lot of things that had secretly turned me on were being advertised openly on a web site dedicated to getting horny adults together. I felt like a kid in a candy store.

I put together a basic biography for the AFF web site. When it came to the section where you could check off sexual activities that I was interested in, I didn’t hold back. Anything that had interested me in the slightest I checked off. Group sex? Sure, why not? Toys? Sounds like fun. Bondage? I’d been reading a lot about that on USENET, and the idea of consensual dominance and submission never failed to turn me on, so that got checked as well. I browsed some more, marking a number of ads to look at again later. I was still looking at listings when the phone rang, and I answered it distractedly.

“Eric, it’s Tami; I’m glad I caught you!” Tami and I had been friends for many years; and although there had always been a submerged sexual spark between us, one of us had always been in a relationship whenever the other was not. Now was no exception, and she had recently moved into a new apartment with her current boyfriend Carl. She was also more than ten years younger than I was; although that had only been of potential issue for the first few years that I knew her, when she was still ‘underage’.

“Good to hear from you Tami, what’s up?”

Her voice was gleeful. “Can you come over to the new apartment tonight? We’ve got a surprise for you!”

“What kind of a surprise?”

“If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise, now would it? Can you come?”

“Sure, why not. You’ll have to give me the address though, I haven’t been there yet.”

“You’ll never find the apartment, it’s a maze inside. There’s a liquor store on the corner of Oak and Lincoln — meet us in the parking lot there and we’ll guide you in.”

“Sounds good” I said. “See you in 30 minutes?”

“Make it 45, we’ve got a couple things to do. Bye!” She sounded insanely cheerful as she hung up, and I wondered what I was getting myself into.


I pulled into the parking lot of the liquor store, amusingly called ‘The 21st Amendment’, and got out to look around. A squeal snapped my head around as Tami jumped out of an unfamiliar car parked nearby. She ran up to me, spinning me around as I got an enthusiastic hug, her breasts pressing against me. Tami was beautiful, her exotic features framed by her long straight black hair.

“It’s good to see you too!” I laughed as I returned her hug, and then pushed her out at arms length to get a look at her. Her medium sized breasts looked larger than they really were on her small frame, and filled her blouse wonderfully. “You look great! So what’s the surprise?”

“This.” The female voice came from behind me; and before I could react a pair of hands covered my eyes. “Guess who!”

The voice was familiar, but I couldn’t place it. “Do I get any hints?”

The body behind me moved closer, and her lips tickled my ear as she spoke softly into it. “You don’t remember me? I’m hurt!” I could hear the teasing in her voice as I wracked my brain. The voice was familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it. I could feel her breasts pressing into the top of my shoulder blades, and I realized that whoever it was behind me was taller than I was by at least a good inch or two, if not more. Between that, and the additional words I thought I had it.


“You got it!” she exclaimed delightedly, removing her hands and allowing me to spin around. “Hi!” Before I had a chance to answer, she leaned in for a kiss, and dazed, I responded. Her lips parted, and my arms went around her as she leaned into the kiss, the tip of her tongue darting out to open my lips. Tami was forgotten for the moment as my mind went into overdrive as our kiss, our first ever serious kiss deepened.

The last time I had seen Lynn had been about two years earlier; she was a friend of my ex-wife. Lynn had been going through a rough financial patch, had needed a place to stay; and so ended up in our spare bedroom for about two months. Lynn and I had gotten along well, and had become good friends ourselves, but nothing had ever happened more than some innocent flirting. Well, my wife had confessed during pillow talk that she had fantasized about making love with Lynn, but that’s as far as her bi-curiosity had ever taken her. I’m sure that Lynn had heard my wife and I making love in the months that she lived with us though — the walls were paper thin and the bedrooms were adjacent to each other. I didn’t think that Lynn had ever heard us whispering to each other during sex, fantasizing to each other about what it would be like if Lynn would join us. Her favorite fantasy was eating Lynn while being fucked by me. Mine was fucking Lynn while Lynn and my wife performed 69 on each other. Sadly, they remained fantasies unfulfilled.

Physically, Lynn was atypical of most of the women I’ve dated. I’d always dated brunettes or redheads — she was blonde. Almost all of the women I had been with have been 5’5″ or less — Lynn was tall – closer to 5’9″ in bare feet — and she liked wearing 2″-3″ heels as well, which gave her more than a few inches on me.

She moaned into our kiss as forgotten Tami behind me started laughing. “OK, break it up, you two!” I broke the kiss, but Lynn didn’t let me go, keeping one arm around my shoulders as we swung around to look at Tami. Her other hand went possessively to my chest, her nails scratching my nipple through my shirt.

“I didn’t even know that you two knew each other!” I exclaimed, trying to keep from visibly reacting to the pleasure Lynn’s touch was giving me. My arm was around her waist, but her additional height caused my hand to rest comfortably on her ass. “We didn’t until a few months ago — she and Carl have known each other for years though.” I thought back and understood — both Lynn and Carl had known a lot of people in the local theater and ‘Goth’ communities; that was probably where they had met. “We just realized that you two knew each other today, so we just had to all get together. Carl is waiting for us at the apartment; follow me in and park where there isn’t a covering over a parking space.”

Lynn let go of me as we moved to the cars, and I finally got a look at her. She had always had fashion sense, even when she was on a tight budget, and this was no exception. Her boots went nearly to her knees, and had a 2 inch wedge heel. Above that was a simple above-the-knee skirt with a slit on one side to allow for easier movement. On top was a soft wrap blouse, her generous cleavage framed by the material. “You’re looking wonderful! What have you been doing?”

We chatted as I opened the door of my SUV for her, and we gave each other Cliff’s Notes versions of our lives over the past few years as I followed Tami into the apartment complex maze. The complex had evidently gone for an upscale theme, and there were ponds, fountains, and various other water features everywhere, separating the various buildings with a bewildering labyrinth of roads, parking lots and paths. Lynn kept her hand on my leg as we slowly drove further into the complex, running her fingers up and down. I wasn’t complaining — I’d been horny all day, and even my phone interlude with Donna seemed to increase my libido rather then slacking it. Spending hours reading ads from women looking for sex hadn’t helped matters any either.

“I was sorry to hear about you and Tonya. Have you heard from her?” Her words brought my attention away from her hand, which was a mere inch from the bulge of my cock extending down my right jeans leg.

“Not since she left the state. Have you?”

“No, I haven’t talked to her in over a year. You holding up OK?” she asked. We were finally evidently in the right lot, and Tami aimed for a covered parking space while I looked for an available visitors spot.

“I’m getting used to it” I replied, as I swung into a spot. “Strangest thing is not having someone around all the time.”

“I know the feeling — Sarah and I split up a while back ourselves.”

I cocked an eyebrow at her as I turned off the engine. “Sarah?”

She grinned at me. “Guess you hadn’t heard that I’d expanded my horizons.”

I laughed. “I’m just disappointed that Tonya isn’t around to hear that. You know she fantasized about being with you, right?”

The look on Lynn’s face was priceless — shock and lust and disappointment all wrapped up into one. “No way! If you knew how many times I thought about joining in with you two when I heard you guys going at it…” Her voice trailed off, but her hand was gripping my upper thigh, her pinky in the crease where my leg met my abdomen, the light touch of her finger on my scrotum beneath the material of my jeans vied for attention with her words.

I met her eyes, and let out a soft sigh, as her hand started moving slowly towards the stiffness extending down my leg, barely grazing the material as she did so. All of my senses were focused on her hand as it traced the outline of my cock, and then ever so slowly covered the stiff rod, the heat radiating from her hand as she did so.

TAP TAP TAP. We both jumped at the sound of keys on the window behind me; my head spun around as Lynn’s hand convulsed on my cock. I gasped at the feeling even as I looked into Tami’s laughing eyes on the other side of the glass. “You coming?” she asked through the window.

“Absolutely.” Lynn and I looked at each other and laughed as we unstrapped our seatbelts. I let Tami and Lynn walk ahead of me on the narrow walkway, enjoying the sight even as I willed my erection to fade before we reached the apartment. My attention was split between Tami’s butt encased in her tight jeans, and Lynn’s cheeks swaying under her tight skirt, an absence of panty lines hinting at a thong, or perhaps even less beneath it. The difference between the two was striking. Tami: short, dark, and exotic. Lynn: tall and fair with an hourglass figure.

We chatted as we walked to the apartment, passing by a series of ponds lit with what I thought was an excess of underwater colored lights. “The apartment is OK,” Tami continued. “The worst part is that it doesn’t have its own washer and dryer — we have to use the laundry at the end of the building. That really sucks when it’s raining. Here we are!” She opened the door and ushered us in. The apartment was set up more like a town house, and had two small bedrooms and a bathroom up a set of stairs, with the living room and kitchen on the main floor.

Carl was in the living room, music playing in the background with the books and papers of an evident research project scattered around him. He looked up and waved as we came in, and started to shuffle the materials into a ragged pile. “Hi Eric, haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Carl, how are you doing?” Frankly, he was the biggest reason I hadn’t seen Tami in a while. I got along with Carl fine, but he had a narcissistic, dramatic air to him that tended to rub me the wrong way. I quickly regretted my ‘small talk’ question, as he started to tell me how he was ‘doing’ at length. Eventually we made it to more general conversational topics, and Carl broke out a bottle of wine and passed around glasses. I took the bottle as it went around, and started to pour some for Lynn.

“None for me please,” Lynn waved me off. “I’ll take some more soda or some juice if you have it.”

“Who are you, and what have you done with Lynn?” I demanded jokingly. Lynn had never been known for her moderation.

“I’ve been sober for almost a year now.” Lynn replied. “That’s one of the reasons I’ve been out of touch, the program I’m in is pretty restrictive. This is the first time I’ve been able to be out at night by myself since I started.”

“Wow, I had no idea! Congratulations, by the way. Hey, I don’t need this wine.” I moved to set aside my glass, and Lynn put her hand over mine to stop me.

“Don’t worry about it; it’s fine.” She smiled. “It’s really not even a temptation right now. My life is in the best place it has been in years, and I’m not about to screw that up. I’ll let you know if it’s ever an issue.”

“You do that.” I was still stunned by her announcement, and the matter of fact way that she had made it. “What kind of program are you in?”

“It’s run by the county, and it’s out at the decommissioned Air Force base. In the first part of the program you’re in the old military barracks housing. Now that I’ve moved on to the next part, I’ve got my own apartment, but I still can’t have anyone over at night. Just daytime visitors; and they have to sign in and out.” She looked at her watch. “I have a curfew too — I still have a couple hours left though.”

We soon moved on to other topics, and the four of us spent the next hour or so catching up and socializing. Hardly any time at all seem to have passed when Lynn announced that she should be getting back before her curfew started.

Lynn looked over at me. “Could you give me a ride back?” She shrugged ruefully and grinned. “No car right now for me either. Could I get more pathetic?”

“Not a problem at all, we can play more catch-up.” We grinned at each other, the sexual tension that had been buried ever since we had entered the apartment starting to percolate back up to the surface once more. “Tami, Carl, it was great to see you guys again! Let’s all get together soon and do something, eh?” I gave Tami a final hug, and threw a wave at Carl who had started shuffling through his research papers once again.

We were both silent as we walked together down the narrow path towards the parking lot.

“So let’s hear abo…” I started.

“Were you seri…” Lynn blurted at the same time. Laughing, she insisted that I go first.

I grinned at her. “I was just going to ask about this ‘Sarah’ you mentioned.”

“Figures. Pervert.” She smiled to take the sting out of her words. “We were roommates after I moved out of your place. I was still drinking pretty heavy, so I’m not really sure who seduced who — I think that she made the first moves on me, but she swears that I tackled her one night. That’s one nice thing about being sober.” She looked at me mischievously and raised an eyebrow.

I shrugged, and took the bait as we stopped next to my SUV, shadows from the meager parking lot lights forming a pool around us. “OK, what’s that?”

She took a step closer and leaned in. “I never forget who starts what anymore.” She inclined her head down as I looked up at her, a strange reversal of roles for me. I reached out and held her hips, pulling her into me as our lips met, our tongues flirting with each other. My hands caressed her ass through the thin skirt as her breath quickened. Our kisses quickly deepened; tongues and hands gaining fresh urgency as I pulled her tight into me, my hardness evident between us as she pressed me back against my vehicle.

I slipped a hand into the slit on the side of her skirt, and followed the curve of her ass with my fingers as my hand reached farther back, feeling in vain for underwear. She chuckled throatily. “I’m a bad girl,” she whispered, her hand trailing down my neck, playing with the top button of my shirt. The button popped free, and her nails slowly traced a path down my chest to the next button in her way.

I groaned as I caressed her ass with one hand, the other hand exploring her other curves, tracing the underside of her breast and finding the bump of her nipple with my thumb. “What are we starting here?” I asked as she finished unbuttoning my shirt, her fingertips dipping inside my pants as she stroked back and forth across my abdomen.

“Something we should have done years ago,” she breathed into my ear. “I just wish we had more time tonight. I need to be back in about 40 minutes. And it’s almost 15 minutes back to the base.”

“Well, let’s make sure you’re not late to begin with.” I forced myself to step away from her, my erection painfully pointing down one pant leg while I dug out my keys and unlocked the doors. Holding Lynn’s hand, I walked her around to the passenger side and opened the door. I helped her in, and then leaned in close after her, my hand caressing the side of her face as I moved in for another kiss. Her open mouth met mine, and she gasped quietly as my hand slipped down to her neck, my fingers tracing the line of her blouse as it dipped into her cleavage.

I pulled my head slowly back, our tongues parting reluctantly; even as I moved to cup her breast and scratch at her hard nipple through her bra with my thumbnail, causing her to gasp and arch harder into my hand. Tugging at the fabric of her bra, I smiled. “I don’t think you’ll need this for your ride back, do you?”

Laughing, she undid a catch at the front of her blouse, and shrugged her shoulders as she turned her back to me, causing the fabric to slip down her arms. “Care to do the honors?” she asked over her bare shoulder, indicating the now visible bra strap. I quickly undid the hooks, and she performed the feminine magic of removing a bra from under a blouse. She turned back to me, not bothering to refasten her top, which was now revealing a stunning amount of cleavage framed between the soft folds of fabric.

Once again we leaned towards each other, our breath mingling as our pulses increased. This time as my hand slipped under the fabric, there was only smooth bare flesh there to greet me. Lynn’s hands weren’t idle this time either. One hand played with the nipples of my exposed chest, scratching and pinching, and rolling them between her fingers. Her other hand alternated between gripping my erection through my jeans, scratching her nails across the fabric, and reaching underneath to cup my balls.

I found a nipple, hard and extended, and I followed her example and copied what she was doing to my own nipples. Lynn gasped and moaned into my mouth, her hand suddenly frantic on my cock, struggling with my belt. Grinning, I stepped back and reached for her seat belt, then leaned over her once more to snap it into place.

“Oh, kinky!” she exclaimed with the trace of a giggle in her voice. “Is that what you want to do, tie me down and have your way with me?”

“Hey, if that’s what you’d like, I’ll try anything twice.” I resisted moving in to kiss her again, instead shutting her door and moving around to climb in beside her.

“Oh, I bet you’d like it a lot. You seriously haven’t done anything like that?”

I started up the engine, and slowly started navigating out of the apartment complex. “One of my ex’s and I used to pretend she was tied up sometimes — no actual ropes or anything. Does that count?”

Lynn smiled and put her hand back on my thigh once more, close to my still stiff cock. “It’s definitely a start, but actually being helpless as opposed to pretending to be helpless, are worlds apart.” I glanced over at her as I pulled out onto the main street outside the complex. She licked her lips as she saw me looking, and smiled. “You have no idea how exciting it can be.”

“I guess I’ll have to take your word for that.” I chuckled, looking over at her as I did.

Her hand moved, tracing the outline of my erection through my jeans as I sucked in a quick breath. “No, you don’t. You can tie me up anytime, and I think that anyone who does the tying should know what it’s like to be the one tied.” She licked her lips again, looking at me predatorily. “I bet you’d like it if I tied you down and had my way with you, wouldn’t you?”

It was more of a statement then a question, and I didn’t answer immediately, instead concentrating on driving. She moved her hand onto my hardness, and answered her own question.

“That’s what I thought. You like that idea.” She squeezed as she finished talking, causing me to inhale sharply.

“Like I said, I’ll try anything. I don’t think we have too much time left tonight, though.” I glanced at the dashboard clock; I figured that we’d only have about 20 minutes after I got her back to the base.

“True. And it’s a shame to waste any of it.” With that, Lynn twisted in her seat, turning more towards me as she drew back the folds of her wrap-around blouse, exposing her full breasts riding high on her chest. I tried to keep my eyes on the road while simultaneously taking in her curves. She didn’t make it any easier on me when she moved her hand back to my hard cock, stroking it firmly through my jeans.

“Oh god, Lynn!” It wasn’t profound, but it was the best I could come up with at the time. She continued fondling me through my pants with one hand; while the other came up to pinch and tease her own nipples, which were getting even stiffer with the exposure and stimulation.

My own right hand went to her leg below the skirt fabric which had hiked up as she turned in her seat. I traced the smooth skin as my fingers disappeared under her skirt, and Lynn obliged me by parting her legs even further, and rolling her hips towards my questing hand. Moments later we both groaned in frustration as I had to remove my hand in order to navigate onto the freeway. A few seconds later my hand was back in place, and I continued my explorations as we drew closer to the base where she lived. My eyebrows shot up, and I grinned as I confirmed the total non-existence of underwear beneath her skirt, and Lynn moaned as I traced her moist lower lips with my fingers. By the time I had reached her exit and pulled over on the side of the street a few hundred feet away from the base entrance, her shaved, wet slickness had blossomed and opened for me, and my fingers slipped easily into her dripping tunnel.

Without saying a word, she tilted her seat back, and slipped into the back seat where there was a little more room. Glancing at the dash clock, I joined her; we had about 20 minutes before her curfew went into effect.

I kissed her deeply once more, her lips soft under my own as our tongues danced together. Cupping one of her breasts, I brought it up to my mouth, licking all around her hard extended nipple before sucking it into my mouth and biting gently, chewing on the nub while simultaneously teasing it with my tongue. Lynn’s hands once again went to my belt, frantically undoing it and unfastening my jeans, reaching in to give my cock the freedom it so desperately needed. It finally sprang free, and Lynn grasped it firmly, slowly pumping it up and down in order to force a bead of pre-cum out of the slit.

That accomplished, Lynn looked me in the eyes as she slowly bent her head, her breath warming my cock as she got close. Still holding my gaze, her tongue slowly extended, and gave the head of my cock a slow, sensual lick as she gathered my pre-cum on her tongue.

“Yum,” Lynn licked her lips, and slowly lowered her face down, letting my cock slide slowly between her lips as her tongue moved sensuously, tracing the veins on the underside of my erection.

As Lynn’s mouth and tongue explored up and down my cock, I found two buttons on the side of her skirt. Moments later, I pulled the fabric aside to reveal those beautiful long legs. I then pushed the blouse that had never been refastened off of her shoulders; except for her sexy boots, Lynn was naked in my back seat, slowly sliding my cock in and out of her mouth as she held my eyes with her own.

Taking her face gently in my hands, I lifted her off of my cock and pushed her back so that her back was leaning against the door, then started kissing and licking my way down her curves. After licking and biting each nipple, I kept moving down, wanting to taste my friend while there was still time. She was shaved, and I enjoyed letting my tongue caress her folds as my head dipped lower. Saliva pooled on my tongue, and I let it slide onto her clit for extra lubrication as my flat tongue glided across her sensitive nub for the first time.

Lynn moaned, and her hands clasped the back of my head and pulled me closer, her hips starting to move frantically as she mashed my mouth into her hairless cunt, using my face as a fuck toy in order to get herself off. Her moan became a wail, and her legs had locked around me as well as her other hand, as she frantically chased and caught up with a tremendous orgasm. Her legs pressed around my ears muffled her cries, but the spasms deep in her cunt and the flood of juices into my mouth let me know that she had cum.

As I started to climb back up her body, we both glanced up at the clock in the front seat, and saw that there was only about 10 minutes left before she had to leave.

“Kick those the rest of the way off, and kneel over me,” she said, indicating my pants as the item she wanted me to remove. She sat in the middle of the bench seat, her legs together, and I quickly straddled them, keeping my head down and forward to avoid the low roof. She reached between us and grasped my erection, now framed by her naked breasts. She lowered her head and took my cock in her mouth once more, then spit on the head for more lubrication before using her hands to force her breasts around my now wet cock and start to tit fuck me. A car drove by; it’s headlights sliding across our naked bodies, her saliva glistening wetly on my cock.

I started rocking my own hips now, sliding my cock in between her beautiful breasts. She lowered her head, and sucked in my cockhead as I thrust up, her cheeks hollowing even as she tongued my slit. I felt her hands on my ass, pulling me closer and deeper into her mouth even as one wet finger circled around my anus. This was a first for me, but it felt incredible. Her head bobbed, then rose again as she took her mouth off of me in order to speak.

“Cum for me Eric! Give it to me!” and once again enveloped me in her mouth, even as her circling finger pushed firmly into my ass.

“Ahhh!” My orgasm took me completely by surprise, coming out of nowhere, and I shot off into Lynn’s mouth, one hand milking my shaft, the other with a finger still up my ass stroking my prostate as I shot a second time into her mouth. She moved her head back, off of my cock, and my third shot hit her chin and neck as she slowly pumped the seed from my still pulsing cock on to her breasts.

She slowly withdrew her finger from me as my cock twitched a final time, and wiped her chin and neck with her other hand, licking the cum off her fingers as she cleaned herself off. I glanced at the clock, just less than five minutes remained of her time. We hurriedly pulled on our clothes and climbed back into the front seat, and I pulled up to the gate as she finished putting herself together.

“See you soon?” I asked, as she got out and came around to my window for a final kiss. I could taste myself on her tongue, and frankly, I didn’t give a damn.

“I’ll hunt you down if you don’t,” she replied, and walked through the gate and into the small side building, presumably to sign in.

I sighed, suddenly exhausted, and pulled away to head back home. This had been one hell of a day.


After work the next day I called Lynn, and made a date for the following weekend. I then settled back down to working my way through the local listings at the Adult Friend Finder site. Eventually, I found one listing that I couldn’t get out of my head. It was from a woman who was already in a relationship, but they were looking for a guy to join them. She was specifically looking for a long term relationship, not just a one-night-stand, which actually appealed to me. Sex with no emotional attachment just wasn’t as much fun.

She used the term ‘polyamory’ in her posting, which I had never heard of before. A bit of research, and I was more than a little intrigued. Polyamory was basically defined as responsible non-monogamy. Not swinging, or random hook-ups, but the concept that people can and do love more than one person at a time; and that as long as everyone concerned was aware and supportive, you could have loving, sexual relationships with more than just one person at a time. This seemed overall a much better system then what I had engaged in all of my life: ‘serial monogamy’ was what they called that in the poly community. One relationship at a time; and you discard when it doesn’t work any longer. Rinse and repeat.

Her photo was striking; I later found out that she had actually used a photograph of Nicole Kidman, the actress, in one of her ‘redhead’ phases. I wouldn’t have known it if she hadn’t told me about it later though, the resemblance was that close. The photo was casual, and a huge amount of curly hair in tight spirals cascaded around her shoulders as she smiled dazzlingly at the camera. In other words, she was way out of my league. I went ahead and sent a brief note anyway, telling her a little about myself, and linking to the profile I had set up. I didn’t think much more about it after that; I was certain that her listing had been overwhelmed with responses, and frankly my self-esteem wasn’t at its highest ever level. I turned off the computer and turned in for the night, my last thoughts swirling around the ultra-sexual Lynn, and the face of the unknown online redhead.

CvsN 28 – Robin’s Revelation


Jack reestablishes his role in the house, openly with Debbie. Robin drops a bomb.


Amie jogged up to Debbie who was starting work on dinner.

“Jack’s hard again. Do you mind if Robin and I play with him a while?”

Amie’s new beau had left before I made it out of the bedroom. Understandably, it was almost noon. I was determined to relax, and refuel. The last few days had been both strenuous and stressful. I was taking it easy, watching some pre-season football, when Amie showed up with a cold beer. She sat with me, putting her feet in my lap, and I quizzed her on Eric. She was content to fill me in on their rapidly advancing relationship. She was also doing her best to get me worked up. When Robin found us sitting alone, she joined in and they teased and tempted me to no end. I readily admit it, I’m weak. If I were Superman, pretty young girls would be my kryptonite.

No surprise that I was showing more than a little physical interest.

Robin was right behind Amie, “Please, just a little?”

From my seat I could see across the house, where my housemates were trying to butter-up she-who-controlled-the-penis. It was never stated as such, but was common knowledge.

The girls rushed back to me, giggling and dragging me off to our bedroom. “Deb says we can have 30 minutes. She can barely walk as is, and poor Beth is hiding in my bedroom, with a cold compress between her legs. You’ve practically ruined them both,” Robin laughed.

If I wasn’t sure of her intentions, her latest t-shirt message made it clear. “You’re on my list of things to do today.”

“How about me? Don’t I have any say in this. My poor cock is almost ready to fall off,” I argued.

Amie was already undressing me. “We’ll be gentle, I promise. Let’s go, the clock is ticking.”

Twenty minutes later, I was still taking turns on them, when Beth wandered into the room.

Amie jumped up from where she’d been playing with Robin, while I had my way with the naughtier sister. “Beth! Come play!”

Beth scrambled quickly across the room. “No way! I’m taking a long bath, and relaxing. I’ve got a lot of recovering to do. You forget that I’m going to have to climb back in that bed tonight.”

Amie was not that easy to get rid of. She had run over to Beth and was hugging her. “A little while, that’s all.”

Beth laughed. “That’s what he said this morning.” She turned on the water in the tub, then stood in the doorway, undressing, watching me drag Amie back into the bed, and climbing on top of her. “That’s the last time you travel alone, buster. Shit, if you’d been gone two weeks, I’d probably be in a wheelchair now, ruined for life.”

The truth was I was exhausted, and really needed a break. But after Cathy’s morning lecture, I felt the need to re-establish myself as Jack the insatiable, and undeniable.

I pulled out of Amie, and went to my favorite teenager. “The bath will take a couple of minutes to fill. Play with us.”

I grabbed her hand and dragged her to the bed, while she resisted lightly.

“Jack, I’m so sore,” she whined.

“I’ll be gentle. Just a minute, Ok?”

She sighed, and let me draw her down. “Get her ready?” I asked Amie.

“Mmm. Love to. She’s so sweet.”

I pulled Robin into my lap, where she used her mouth to make sure I was equally ready. That’s what I loved about Robin. So willing to play whatever part she was asked to, and always giving it her all.

When Amie moved aside, I pulled her over and kissed her. “Thank you. Keep an eye on the tub, please.”

Then I was between Beth’s legs, slowly, gently opening her up and sliding back inside of her. She grunted once, from soreness, then relaxed.

I leaned over her, kissing her lips softly, holding steady inside her. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“Couldn’t you be happy with the wild ones?” she asked, a smile letting me know she wasn’t really complaining.

“They’re fun.” I leaned down and whispered, “But you make my blood boil. I love being inside you.”

I started stroking her gently. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself. Seeing you standing naked in that doorway, that’s just too much. You know that.”

She gave me a tender smile. “I know. I guess part of me knew what would happen if I came in here.”

I was long-stroking her, enjoying her for the few minutes I had her. “Are you really that sore?”

She nodded, “I don’t know how Debbie takes it.”

“I’ll be gentle tonight. We can use the back door, if the front is out of order.”

“Oh great. You’re going to destroy both my holes,” she complained, with an exaggerated eye roll.

“You don’t want Debbie to have to take it all, do you?”

She gave me a smack. “Lube. Lots of lube tonight. Got it?”

“Got it. And I’ll try to be gentle.”

“Like you were last night?” She turned to Amie who had shut off the water to the bath, and was returning to us. “Ames, take care of this please. And don’t let him make you sit in his lap. He almost killed me that way last night.” I gave her a soft kiss, and let her retreat to her bath. Amie pushed me onto my back, and climbed onto my hard wet cock.

“It starts like that,” Beth said, watching her best friend ride me. “All sweet and loving. Then he fucks you to death, making you come and come until you completely black out. Then I think he sticks a baseball bat up your cunt, so when you wake you’re completely ruined down there.”

She smiled, and it felt like she was bragging. “I mean, really? When a girl’s unconscious, couldn’t you give her a break?”

“You know what you do to me,” I told her. “And there was no bat. Debbie wouldn’t allow that.”

“Thank God for Debbie. Could you imagine if I was as hot as her? After he fucked me to death, he’d probably go on fucking my corpse until I was cold.”

“Go on. That’s crazy talk,” I told her, while Amie did her best to tame me. “If you were dead, I couldn’t enjoy that mouth of yours. It wouldn’t be the same. I’ll never let you die.”

“God, Jack! You are so bad!”

Amie moaned. “Fuck! If this is bad, I don’t want to know good.”

That got Robin laughing, and Beth retreated to her bath, but not before looking over her shoulder and wiggling her tight little ass at me.

“Do that again, and I swear I’ll drag you back in here and fuck that butt until you pass out again.” I called out to her.

She smiled, wiggled her ass again, then quickly ran to her bathtub. The little tease.

Robin leaned in close and whispered in my ear. “We’ve got a few more minutes. I wouldn’t mind a little back-door action.”

Damn. The things a man has to do, to keep up appearances.

* * *

Karen had the kids all day, so I could have a, supposedly, quiet day of recuperation, but she brought them by after dinner. We retired to the living room, all of us pretty well worn out. The kids were zonked, and were quickly put to bed.

Jim was retrieving the last of Karen’s things, and putting them in his jeep, while we enjoyed our adult milkshakes. They were decadent things, with lots of vodka and Bailey’s to give them a kick.

Let’s face it. Between Spain, and Deb’s cooking, my diet wasn’t going all that well. At least I was getting a little exercise.

Beth had retreated to the far side of the couch, letting Amie take her place. When Debbie settled in next to me, she frowned. “What are you doing over there?”

Beth looked at me cautiously. “Trying to stay alive. I know if he gets hard again, it’ll be the death of me.”

That got a good laugh out of everyone. “Did passing out really bother you that much?” Debbie asked with concern.

“Hell yeah! One minute you’re having the best orgasms of your life, and then they won’t stop. He won’t let them. You’re coming and coming, and you can’t see, can’t breathe, your head is bursting, your entire body is on fire, and then you wake up in bed, with no idea what happened in between.”

Debbie went over to her, hugging her. “When you blacked out he picked you up and laid you in your place in bed. He was very gentle. He didn’t do anything crazy. He wouldn’t, you know that. Even if he would, you have to know I wouldn’t let him.”

Amie had her hand in my lap, playing. “Come on, Beth. Was it worse than the night he took my ass for the first time? He went on for hours with both of us. I tried to get away twice, but he kept dragging me back for more. I don’t even remember how it ended, I was so out of it. I just remember waking up being held. That wasn’t so bad.”

Beth gave us a small smile. “Jeez. Do I remember? He was bad that night.”

It seemed like a night for one-upmanship.

Karen laughed. “You’re telling me. When we moved into Jim’s, they both took turns on me for hours and hours. They double teamed me a half dozen times, and wore me out, front and back. I remember being on top of Jack, while Jim filled my ass, and then all I knew was that I was lying on Jack, while he pounded into me from below. I completely lost it with both holes filled. I was used up, and Jack still wouldn’t take no for an answer, and filled my poor aching butt again. It was insane. I swear, when they finally gave up, neither one of them able to perform, I felt like I’d conquered Everest, even if couldn’t remember half of it.”

Robin looked over at Debbie, “How about you? I can only imagine what he does to you.”

Debbie smiled. “Whatever he wants, however he wants, for as long as he wants. I love the feeling of drifting off while he’s inside of me. And waking up to the feeling of him still taking me. You have no idea what that does to me.”

Robin pouted, “I feel so left out. Nobody ever fucks me unconscious.”

That got another chuckle from the crowd. Jim spoke up, “I think we can take care of that.” He turned to Debbie, “With Jack’s help of course, if that’s Ok with you?”

Debbie flushed. “Why do you guys always say it’s up to me? It’s not like it’s my cock doing the fucking.”

She looked around and saw that nobody was going to let her get away with that. She finally giggled. It sounded so cute from her, she wasn’t much of a giggler. “Alright. It IS my cock. Happy?”

“As long as you share, now and then,” Amie laughed.

“We don’t even have to have him to ourselves,” Robin said.

Even Karen had to get in on the action. “But that’s Ok, too.”

Beth came to Debbie’s defense. “Come on guys! She shares a lot.”

That got a response from the peanut gallery. “Easy for you to say. You don’t have to get permission,” Amie reminded her. “Yeah, she shares with you every night.” Robin added.

I think that the teasing was getting to Debbie. I put my arm around her, and pulled her close. “Alright. Enough teasing. Keep it up, and I won’t let her share me with anybody. I’d be perfectly happy to save it all for my two roommates.”

Beth piped up. “Oh no you don’t! We need a break sometimes.”

Debbie gave me a hug. “Speak for yourself, wild child. I will never, ever say no to him.”

She turned to me, giving me a kiss. “Look at you. Hard again.” She grinned and took off her shirt. “Do you want me now, handsome? Here, now, in front of everybody?”

“God, Debbie. I always want you.” My voice cracked like I was going through puberty.

Looking around the room I saw a wide variety of responses. Jim looked excited, Robin looked surprised. Beth was wearing a huge grin. I think Amie’s was the best of all. “I love watching you two. Do her, Jack.”

She started clapping her hands. “Do. Her. Do. Her.”

Robin and Beth joined in, while Debbie undressed, then pulled my shorts off. I was definitely able, and God knows when it came to Debbie I was always willing.

Karen reached over and grabbed her sister’s hands. “Quiet, everyone. You’ll wake the kids. Then we’d miss the show.”

Debbie smiled for me, then climbed on my lap, straddling me. “Let’s give them that show.”

She lowered herself onto my cock, then rode me for our friends. Amie was still beside us, and couldn’t keep her hands off of Debbie. “Jesus, you two are hot,” she said. Debbie was exaggerating her movements, grinding against me, arching her back, stroking her own impeccable body. I heard poor Amie moan.

Debbie reached over and stroked her red hair. “Kiss me, Amie, for Jack.”

Amie got up on her knees, and kissed my naked Goddess. I held her hips still, and thrust up into her, enjoying my own show.

When Amie backed away, Debbie kissed me. She leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Go crazy on me. Use me hard. Give them the show of a lifetime.”

I slowly stood, still fucking her, moving my arms under her legs, then lifting her up and down on my cock. I lifted her high, and dropped her down, letting her own weight impale her.

“See,” Beth said to nobody in particular, “That’s how it starts. That’s what almost killed me.” She sounded just the slightest bit jealous.

Debbie’s bigger than Beth, and even as small as she was, she was tiring me. “Pillows,” I gasped. “Coffee table.” I nodded to Jim.

He got up, and I saw his cock was out. Nice to see someone was getting attention, not just me. He put a couple of seat cushions on the coffee table, and I placed Debbie on them. With the weight off my arms, I smiled down at my gorgeous lover, my face lowered until our noses just touched. I gazed into her eyes, trying to communicate all I felt for her. I slid in and out of her, deliciously, letting her feel how much I loved her. She lifted her lips to mine and I kissed her, first softly, then more intensely.

As much as she loved that intimacy, I knew this wasn’t the time for that. “Ready?” I whispered.

She nodded.

I hammered her. Full length. Pistoning away like I was trying to fuck right through her. Jim had stayed nearby. I realized that he’d never seen Debbie naked, so it was understandable that he would be enthralled. Amie had followed us over, and her hands were busy again, touching and stroking Debbie. The others soon followed suit, gathering around the coffee table, and touching Debbie. There was a sea of hands caressing her skin, a few of them fondling her breasts.

I lifted her legs into an obscenely wide ‘V’ and started long-stroking her, plowing her thoroughly. I saw her excitement peaking, whether it was what I was doing to her, or being the center of so much attention. I pushed her legs back further, so I could probe her more deeply, and lowered my hips to make sure I worked her g-spot. We were like a well oiled machine, my familiarity with her body making things easy. I knew what she liked, and where her magical places were. I played her like a virtuoso. Fitting, since she’d put a Stradivarius to shame.

She was squirming under the multitude of hands, and I saw her tense up, feeling her orgasm building like winding a steel-spring. Her breath sped up, the tell-tale gasps and gentle moans, announcing her impending release. When she cried out it was beautiful to watch. Beth moved over her face, kissing her upside down. Damn, as if I wasn’t excited enough already.

Debbie squealed cutely when I lifted her bodily, straining to hold her in the air by her heavenly hips, flipping her over and putting her on her knees. I slid back inside of her, and fucked her easily, enjoying the change of pace for a moment, getting my strength back, and taking the edge off of my own need. I noticed that clothing was coming off, and some of our audience was sitting on the coffee table, to get closer. Amie was standing beside me, leaning over and holding Debbie’s fine ass for me. She was opening her cheeks, spreading her wide. Her face lowered and rested on Debbie’s butt, kissing her softly, then she turned to look up at me, and opened her mouth, practically pleading.

I almost grinned, at her willing presentation. We were making a sexual demon out of her. I hesitated for a moment, then recalled Cathy’s admonition. Man-up.

I pulled out of Debbie, and slid my cock between Amie’s lips. She sucked Debbie’s juices off of me, and I entered Debbie again, fucking her harder. Every so often, I’d pull out and let Amie suck me, before I hammered Debbie some more. I was getting more aggressive, pulling Amie’s head firmly onto my cock, pressing into her throat, making her gag. A stream of saliva spilled out of her lips, and ran down the crack of Debbie’s ass. As I fucked my dream, it pooled on my cock and slid into her.

I saw that Robin had wedged her head underneath Debbie, and was working on her tits. Things were heating up.

Beth was seated opposite me, and was stroking Debbie’s hair. I saw that Jim’s hand was underneath Debbie, caressing her breast, and I smiled when Karen grabbed his head, and pushed him underneath the blonde beauty. Jim stretched out on the coffee table, and Karen sucked him, while he butted heads with Robin, each gobbling one of her impeccable tits.

I felt Debbie’s trembling, and could sense another big one was coming. I also knew that I wasn’t going to be long after her.

Beth could see it coming as well, “She’s going to come for you Jack,” she said softly.

Debbie was moaning now, one arm clutching Beth. “Close,” she gasped, arching her back, pressing her tits down onto her oral admirers.

I gently pushed Amie away, grabbed Debbie’s hips, and fucked her like a demon. She cried out, her whole body tensing, and I could feel her pussy squeezing me. It was a huge one, and as she came down from it, I knew how I wanted to finish.

“I’m moving her,” I announced, and almost laughed watching all of our playmates scamper out of the way.

I put her on her back again, then laid over her so I could look her in the face. “You drive me crazy,” I told her, leaning down for a kiss. I felt a hand guiding me back into her, and looked back to see Amie doing the honors.

I turned my head and Beth was there, inches away. I kissed her deeply, while Debbie wrapped her legs around me, and I took her again. Beth alternated kissing the two of us, then moved back so I could have Debbie for myself. “I’m getting close,” I told her.

“Not yet,” Debbie pleaded.

Hands were squirming their way between us, grasping Debbie’s tits. Another was brushing the top of my cock, moving around Debbie’s clit. Somebody was rubbing me from behind where I was entering her, and I felt a naughty finger slide inside her with me, and then another, making the tightness almost unbearable.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. “I’m going to come for you, Debbie,” I groaned, lifting up and grabbing the back of her thighs. I fucked her hard, as deep as I could, each thrust setting her incredible tits in motion, under the questing hands of our friends.

“Come on her, Jack,” Beth urged. “Cover her with your cum.”

I hated the idea of pulling out of her. There was nothing I loved as much as emptying myself inside of her, but she had wanted a show.

As I passed the point of no return, I pulled out and leaned over her. For a moment her body was open, untouched, everyone watching. With a mighty groan, I came, my first shot nearly reaching her neck. I leaned over further, shooting on her beautiful pale tits, finishing over her smooth tanned stomach. I moved back between her legs, and pushed up inside of her, the spasms finishing inside of her. No way I was done with her yet.

For a few seconds she lay there on display, my juices branding her. Beth leaned over and licked my cum off of Debbie’s upper chest, and that seemed to open the flood gates. Karen and Robin set to work licking and sucking Debbie’s chest clean, while Amie laid claim to her soaked belly.

Debbie was staring at me, her eye’s opened wide. She gasped and then I saw her coming again. “Jack!” she cried out, her hands reaching for the sisters, pulling their heads down against her tits.

It was one of the most exciting things I’d ever seen, and any chance of my hardness wilting was eradicated.

Amie moved down closer, her head sideway, her mouth open for me again. She was a little minx. I pulled out and gave her a taste, before returning to Debbie’s warm nether embrace.

Jim had gotten braver, and was sharing Debbie’s tit with Karen. While I watched she ceded that perfect melon to him, and squirmed between his legs so she could get to his hard-on.

I wondered if I shouldn’t feel jealous, but there was something worshipful about their attention, that I understood. It was only fitting.

Beth came around the table to me, and pulled me down for a kiss. I slid my cock back between Amie’s willing lips, until Beth finished. I started to slide back inside of my dream woman, but Beth stopped me. “Let her ride you for a while. Everyone should get a chance to see that once.”

I gave her a quick kiss, and announced my intentions, so our playmates could clear out. Debbie looked well used, but still willing. She moved to the side so I could lie down, then she quickly mounted me, several hands at working helping me back inside of her. She took her time getting positioned, carefully placing her knees on the cushion beside my hips.

I looked up and grinned, seeing her beautiful smile. She lowered herself onto me, then leaned forward. Her hips moved up and down, taking my full length, then rising up, up, up until I thought I’d pop free. Then she slid back down, taking it all over again.

I heard Jim moan, “Oh God!” I didn’t see him immediately, then looked around Debbie to see him sitting on the couch, Robin’s head in his lap, while he watched us from between our legs. I bet that was a hell of a show. I saw Robin move away and her sister’s face slid into his lap. Lucky boy.

Beth and Amie were on each side of me, their hands wandering over my body. They took turns kissing me, and occasionally Debbie as well.

Debbie turned to Beth. “I want him in my ass,” she said softly.

“You sure?” Beth asked softly, cautiously.

“Completely,” Debbie said with a wicked smile. “The show must go on.”

“Lube?” Beth asked.

Debbie nodded. “Please.”

Beth took off for the bedroom, while I let the excitement build. When she came back, she moved down beside us, and I could feel Debbie responding.

“What is she doing?” I asked her, softly.

“One finger, lots of lube, deep,” she said with a smile. She gasped, “Two fingers, no, three. Three fingers.”

I could only imagine the view from the box seats. I looked over at the couch crowd and almost laughed. I wouldn’t have to imagine. Robin had her phone out and was recording the show for posterity. If that went online, I’d kill her.

Debbie looked down at me. “Ready? I’ll start.” I nodded.

She rose up off of me, then lifted off of my cock. She shifted her legs forward a couple of inches. “Beth? Help us?”

I felt my sweet teen playmate’s hand on my cock, while Debbie lowered herself. I entered her easily, the lube doing its job, and Deb slowly slid down, taking the whole thing first try.

I heard Jim groan, and Robin’s angry whisper. “Share, damn it!”

Debbie giggled, and I reached up and cupped her tits, tweaking her nipples. “And that’s just from seeing it. He has no idea how good it feels.”

She grinned, “And never will.”

“Poor boy,” I said.

“I think he’ll survive. With two sexy, horny sisters to take care of him.”

She gave me the wickedest grin. “I’m going to turn around for a bit. It’s show time,” she whispered to me.

“Rotten thing,” I told her, giving her perfect tits one last squeeze.

She settled down until I was fully sheathed in that magical ass. She slowly turned, keeping me in her, working her way around until she was facing backward.

She paused, then rose up on her knees until I was almost totally exposed.

It was difficult, but I rose up on my hands, and fucked up into her, pounding her at the top, imagining how her breasts were responding for our enraptured audience. She lowered herself a little, making my job easier, if a little less visually enticing.

Debbie put her hands on my hips, pushing me down. I watched her start fucking me, faster and harder, until she was bouncing on my cock like a madwoman, her tightness nearly overwhelming.

When she slowed down from the exertion, I pulled her back against my chest and drew her legs back until they were almost to her ears. I fucked her ass deeply, smiling when Amie came over and started rubbing Debbie’s pussy.

Beth moved in and pushed Amie out of the way, the lube in her hand, pouring it onto my cock, making the motion easier again. Moments later she was using her mouth where Amie had used her hand. Debbie moaned for us.

That seemed to be a signal, soon the girls were taking turns licking her, while my cock continued its ownership of her flawless ass. A few kind souls would allow their mouths to wander lower, licking me where I was entering my anal Angel.

Karen came over and sat beside us. She put her hands on Debbie’s tits, massaging them nicely. “Can Jim have a little taste?” she asked cautiously.

Debbie nodded. “But that’s all.”

Karen leaned in and gave her a kiss. “Thank you.”

I watched her return to Jim. She hugged him, then gave him a nudge. He moved in and I watched his head lower. “That’s Jim,” I whispered to Debbie, while her head lolled back against my shoulder.

She giggled. “I know. A little eager.”

It was incredible. Five people taking turns licking her, while she rode my cock.

“They’re going to make me come,” she told me softly.

“Good,” I told her, straining to kiss her.

“Stop a moment,” she moaned, “all the way inside me. Let me feel it.”

I pushed in deep and held still. Someone was caressing my balls. I hoped to God it was one of the girls down there.

I felt her tell-tale tremble, heard her sweet gasping, and then she was coming. It felt great around my cock, her ass pulsing wildly. She came hard. She was normally hard to get off, and I couldn’t remember so many huge orgasms coming from her. No doubt about it, she was getting off on being the center of attention.

When she was done, gasping, she groaned. “Can you finish for me?”

“Not quite yet,” I told her.

“Put me over the end of the couch then, and ream me raw.”

She sat up, and pushed her oral admirers away. “Moving,” she said, a soft chuckle escaping her lips. She got up and stood at the end of the couch, bending over for me. I walked up behind her, and called Beth over. “Lube us, beautiful?”

She found the lube, and worked us over well. I pushed back inside of Debbie, ready to finish our show. I started out slowly, but soon was fucking like a rabbit, my hips a blur. I’d never taken her ass so hard or so fast. The slapping of our skin was echoing in the room. I had her cheeks in my hands, opening her wide, while I concentrated all my efforts on screwing her as thoroughly as I could.

My legs were burning, and I could feel the sweat starting to drip down my chest. I changed up, giving her long hard thrusts. I pounded harder and harder, pausing and grunting with each stroke. I felt the couch slide in spite of having three people seated on it watching. I was worried for her thighs, remembering Cathy’s ordeal. At least this couch was much more padded on the ends.

I ignored the room, gazing down at where I entered her. All my attention was on her stretched ass, clinging to my cock on each stroke. I pulled all the way out, leaving her gaping, then slammed back inside of her. I did that several times before hunching over her and jack-hammering her again, feeling myself finally getting close.

I was reaching the end of my endurance, both physically and sexually. The sweat was dripping off me, fat droplets splashing off of her immaculate skin. My hips were pounding away, the urge was growing stronger and stronger. My breath was labored, as if I’d been running a marathon. I grabbed her hips, pulling her back against me as I went faster. There was nothing in the world but my cock and her sweet, giving ass.

My hands were on her lower back, my arms fully extended, pinning her mercilessly to the couch. My strokes were measured, long and full, pounding, hesitating just a moment when I was buried in her. I was there, so close, holding back. Just a little longer, don’t let it end. Never let it end.

My breath was coming in heaves, my legs shaking. My vision was tunneling, only aware of that small hole I was plundering mercilessly.

I could hold back no longer.

“God!” I groaned, turning my head to the heavens, burying myself to the very limits. I felt my balls erupt, flooding her ass, burst after burst painfully shooting into her, straining to push deeper. I couldn’t see. I couldn’t hear. I couldn’t breath.

I pulled back, my legs wobbling, and fell to the ground.

* * *

I was lying with my head in Beth’s lap. I looked up past those breasts I knew so well, to see her smiling at me. “Serves you right. See how you like it.”

I felt movement down below, and raised my head. Karen had a facecloth in her hand and was cleaning me up. I was so sensitive and raw it hurt. “Gentle, please,” I moaned.

Amie was peeking over the end of the couch. She giggled at my predicament. “Now I’ve seen everything. Two people passed out and still fucking. This should be in Guinness.”

“I didn’t pass out,” I argued. “My legs gave out. I had to rest.”

Beth laughed at that one. “Almost five minutes. Dead to the world. I was getting worried for you.”

I felt myself turning red. “It was only a few seconds.”

She laughed even harder. “It’s Ok, Jack. A lesser man would have died. And gone to heaven knowing it was worth it. Probably bragging to St. Peter.”

I was looking around trying to sit up. Beth pushed my shoulders back down, settling her sweet tits onto my face. “She’s alright. She was only out for a few seconds. I think. She might have been out for the whole time you were abusing her poor butt. But once you finished she was back with us after just a bit.”

“Debbie?” I called out.

I saw her walk around the edge of the couch, kneeling down and looking at me. Her smile was gorgeous. Her hair was wet with sweat, stringy, and her body looked like she’d stepped out of a sauna. She was stunning.

“Any time, any where, any way, right?” she reminded me.

I nodded.

“Scratch that. My butt’s off limits now,” she told me pouting. “God only knows for how long. That was over-the-top.”

I smiled weakly. Karen’s head was in my lap, my poor worn out cock in her mouth.

“It was worth it,” my Goddess said sweetly.

Our little party ended, with me getting dragged into the shower before being allowed in bed. I was surprised to find myself being tended to by Amie, while Debbie soaked in the tub a few feet away, and Beth cleaned up.

Amie was sweet, and loving, pressing her body against me, while she did a pretty good job of cleaning me up. The water was soothing, but not near as much as her gentle touch.

“Anytime, Jack. Anytime you want to do that to me, same rules. Where ever, however. That was incredible to watch.”

“You should try being on my side of it,” I laughed.

“I’d love to be on the other side of it. Anytime. Please.”

I turned to her and kissed her softly while the hot water washed over us. “I’d like that. I’d love to go crazy on you.”

“There wasn’t a dry seat in the house. I know I came at least half-a-dozen times, just watching. Fuck, that was hot.” Her soft hand was caressing me and I was surprised to feel a response. I wasn’t hard, but I was no longer soft.

“Damn Amie, you are amazing. I didn’t think I’d be able to get even that hard for another week.”

She reached behind me and turned off the water, then dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. She was gentle but insistent, and I leaned back against the glass, watching her in amazement.

“Get hard for me, that’s all I want. Just to feel it.”

She sucked me for a good while, but I couldn’t get much harder, and I saw she was tiring. I pulled her up. “In the bed.”

She hugged me, and dried me off outside of the shower. Debbie was sound asleep, and Beth must have still been shutting things down.

I climbed in bed beside the gorgeous one, and Amie settled in between my legs. I closed my eyes and relaxed, letting her play with me. “Gentle,” I reminded her when she got a little more aggressive.

Beth came in and found us that way. “Not likely,” she teased.

Amie leaned back with a smile, holding my brand new partial erection up for display. “Come play. He doesn’t mind.”

Beth patted her friend on her naked butt. “You have fun. You earned that one.”

She climbed up next to me, and moved in close. “That was pretty amazing. I didn’t think it was possible to wear Deb out.”

“I needed the help of five other people. You all taking turns between her legs was pretty fucking intense.”

Beth chuckled softly, “Wasn’t it? I was jealous. Hell, I think everyone was.”

I held her, enjoying what was going on below. “I’m sorry about last night. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“I know. Water under the bridge. After watching tonight, you can fuck me senseless anytime.” Her eyes were closed, and she was speaking softly, half asleep.

“I love you, Beth.”

“Mmmm,” she purred.

Amie sucked me for an eternity. I almost fell asleep in the middle of it. Beth had rolled over and was snoring softly. Too cute for words. Debbie was dead to the world. I looked over and it was only 10 o’clock.

Amie climbed up and kissed me. “My jaw hurts.”

“That was beautiful. I didn’t think it was possible for me to get hard again tonight.”

“Can I try something else? I’ll be gentle.”

I nodded. “I think I’d love that.”

She moved down and eased herself onto my cock. I wasn’t rock hard, but it was enough. Her pussy was soft and very wet, bathing my abused cock. She rode me, gently, true to her word. I was sensitive, and had to slow her down a couple of times, but she was patient with me. On and on she went, pleasuring me sweetly. I was still amazed that I could stay hard for her.

When her breathing was ragged, she laid down on me, resting her weight on my chest. “You feel so good in me, Jack. Thank you.”

She reached down and pulled the sheet over us, reaching out to make sure it covered everyone.

“You’re so sweet,” I told her. “Sweet and nasty. A hell of a combination.”

She moved back and forth gently, my cock sliding effortlessly inside of her. When her movements slowed, I took over, pushing into her.

I relaxed and held her sweet ass in my hands, while I eased in and out of her tightness.

She moaned softly. “Don’t stop, please. If you keep that up I’m going to come for you.”

Spent, I still wanted to reward her for her herculean effort. She was breathing hard, pushing back against me, her hands clutching my shoulders. “So good, soooo good,” she murmured, soft little sounds of contentment escaping her.

“You’re getting harder,” she gasped, feeling me thrust deeper.

“Of course. I’m inside of you, sweet girl. I don’t know anybody else who could have done this to me. Jesus, you turn me on.”

Her body was rocking harder, shaking the bed a little. No chance of waking the two girls sharing it with us, not in their current state. “Oh God, Jack! I’m going to come for you!”

I squeezed her ass and thrust up into her with the last of my strength. “Do it. Come for me. Now. Come for me now.” I urged her.

She whimpered, than gasped. “Coming,” she moaned.

Amazingly, I was about to come as well. I thrust into her, feeling her tremble. Again and again, hearing her sweet gasps. “Come for me, Jack. Please? Please?”

It was weak, but undeniable. I pushed into her, groaning, and felt my release inside of her. She cried out softly, and I felt her tight young pussy squeezing me dry.

“Incredible,” she murmured.

“Yes you are,” I teased, kissing the side of her sweet face.

I closed my eyes, holding her close. I pulled the sheet up to cover her shoulders, and gave myself over to exhaustion and much needed sleep.

* * *

It was dark. I opened my eyes, barely able to make out the tangle of wild red hair. I was hard inside of her. I don’t know how she’d done it, but she was fucking me softly, quietly.

I thrust back against her, half asleep, and let her ride me to sweet oblivion. I awoke with a start as I came inside of her again.

She sighed sweetly, kissing my chest. I brushed my fingers through her hair. “Nice,” I murmured.

She purred for me, already half asleep.

* * *

I normally sleep like a log, especially after a day like that. Not that night. When Amie left for her own room, it was around 3:00 am and I had been sleeping restlessly. Beth got up around 5:30 for her swim, pulling out of my arms and pushing me toward Debbie. When Debbie got up around 7:00, I was still restless and exhausted. I rolled over and prayed I’d be able to get a couple of more hours sleep. I set my alarm for 10:00, even though I’d told Chris I’d be in by then. I figured I’d earned it.

I woke to a familiar feeling. A warm mouth getting me hard.

Groaning, I was tempted to beg off, but I was determined to stake my claim on one-and-all, in spite of the soreness and aching of my poor body. Never mind my 8 inch partner in crime.

I let myself slowly come alive, trying to guess who was giving me my morning treat.

Definitely, not Cathy, or Debbie. I could tell those two after just a minute or so. Not Beth either. I relaxed, enjoying my mystery fellatrix.

It was a game to me, working it out. I thought about it. Karen had already dropped off her kid last night, and would be at work. Amie should have been dealing with the new kids since it was supposed to be the grand opening of the day care center.

“Good morning, Robin. That’s nice.”

I felt her mouth release me as she slid upward. I watched the sheet slide back, exposing her sexy body while she slid me home.

“I hope I’m not disturbing you.”

“Not at all beautiful. I was getting up anyway.”

“Staying up for a while, I hope,” she giggled.

“With you? That’ll be hard.”

She laughed again, kissing me softly. “Good. I like it hard.”

That’s how she got it. I took my time with her, since we so rarely had any time with just the two of us. The rest had done me well, and I was feeling little after effects from my marathon of the day before, other than a general soreness.

Robin was a sweet little fuck. Very accommodating, and very flexible. She was the skinniest of the girls, at around 5’7″ and a little over 110 lbs. It made her tits look huge on her slender frame. I always thought of her as young, still being in college, but she was older than me. You’d never know it from her performance in bed. Robin was like a kid with a new toy, laughing, giggling, tickling, playing. She was so fun, I regretted not playing with her more. She made all her openings freely available to me, and I enjoyed their use, immeasurably.

She was lying against me, her breath still uneven. “Have fun?” she asked.

“What do you think?”

“I think it’s about time I finally got to show you thanks for letting me spend the summer here.”

“You’re welcome?”

She laughed easily, her hand playing with my chest. As her laughter died out, she turned serious. “Ron asked me to move in with him.”

Ron? Wow, I wondered how Amie would take that. “You guys getting serious?”

“Maybe. I wasn’t planning it. It just sort of happened.”

“You’re good for him. Hell, you’d be good for anybody, given half a chance.” I’d been playing with her boob, and I tweaked her nipple. “Very good. Very, very good.”

“I guess that’s a helluva compliment coming from you. I’d say you know ‘good’ if anyone around here does.” She climbed out of my bed. “Taking the day off?”

“No, as much as I’d like too.” I stood and took her in my arms, kissing her. “You planning on doing it? Moving in with Ron?”

She gave me a hug, then beat me to the bathroom. I followed her, turning on the shower. “I think so. This Friday. I don’t know if it will stick. I’m still going back to school in less than a month. At least we can give it a try.”

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