You have been the target of a human-trafficking investigation for years. No one in my department has been able to crack down on your syndicate. Being the only young female in my team, I am assigned to go undercover to track incriminating information to prosecute you. This is my first undercover assignment.

It is months before I manage to work up the ranks to be able to get close to you and for you to trust me to help run your deals. However, what I need are your books as solid proof for a prosecutor to even touch your case. One night, after a particularly successful deal, for the first time you decide to ask me to your penthouse apartment for a celebration. I took this as the opportunity to find what I need for proof of your crimes. I turn up at your apartment in a red dress with a plunging neckline and side slits that run all the way up my thighs. It is apparent that I am not wearing any undergarments. You greet me warmly and I can feel your eyes roaming up and down my body, absolutely pleased with me for not wearing any underwear. You lead me to your balcony that has a gorgeous sunset view out to the ocean. You hand me a glass of champagne and watch my every move like a hawk. I nervously sip the drink.

Despite wanting to find my evidence, I had stupidly arrived at your home without a plan of action as to how I would go about finding this evidence. I thought I would slip you a drug that would knock you out for a bit while buying myself some time to search your place. I ask you for a tour of your penthouse and you oblige. Right when you take us past the extremely spacious bathroom, equipped with a hot tub and rain shower, you hand me your glass of champagne and excuse yourself. I take the opportunity to slip my pill into your drink while waiting for you outside the bathroom for you to come out and continue the tour. You are quick to return. I hand your drink back to you as we proceed to the rest of the house, chatting jovially and sipping our champagne. Next thing I know, we are standing outside your bedroom and for some unknown reason, and my head start spinning. I feel weak in my limbs. You help me onto your bed and sit me down.

You put your hand on my thigh and caress me. I try to move away but my body refuse to obey. Your hand drifts to the slit of my dress. You slide it under the hem and roam purposefully towards my inner thigh and pussy. I attempt to protest but all that I can verbalise are incoherent moans as you continue your leisurely exploration of my slit. I try to clamp my legs to prevent you further access. Once again, my body refuse to obey. You lift the skirt of my dress to expose my clean-shaven pussy. You spread my legs wide apart while your fingers expertly trail along my labia and eventually flick over my clit. My body betrays me with a shudder. Even though I cannot move, I can feel myself getting wet under your ministrations. You push me onto my back and pull my ass closer to the edge of the bed while you kneel between my legs. I can feel your hot breath against my wet pussy right before I feel your slippery tongue lapping up my juices hungrily. You alternate between tongue fucking my pussy and flicking your tongue over my clit. I am powerless to resist you now, not that I could from the moment I entered your room. You eat my pussy until I cum with a shattering orgasm. My mouth opens in a silent scream from cumming so hard.

You stand up and hover over my face. “You like that, don’t you?” You ask. I can only look at you helplessly. “I have known you are an undercover agent for awhile now. I invited you here fully aware of your intention. I only handed you my drink after I have drugged it and did a switcheroo with the champagne after you handed my drink back to me. I want you to know what I do to snitching hot undercover cops.” You whisper in my ear while you nuzzle my neck, kissing my sensitive skin and making me shiver. Your hands work at slipping my dress off my immobilised body, exposing my ample bosom. My cover is blown. I am completely helpless. I am near tears in fear of what you will do to me. I’ve always wanted to save myself for someone special and therefore have stayed a virgin all this time. “What will you do to me?” I tried to ask. No sound comes out of me.

Your hand explores my body, toying with my nipples, as you continue to whisper in my ears. “You are mine now. I will have you however I want for as long as I want, bitch. And there is nothing you can do about it. When I am done with you, you will be begging for more. And you will be swearing your allegiance to me!” You chuckled. You stand up and take off your clothes while I lie naked and helpless on my back. Next thing I know, you drape me over your lap, your left hand between my legs fingering me. I feel a chilly draught right before I feel the sting of your palm against my round ass. Each time you spank my buttocks, you seem to push my down harder on your fingering left hand. Once again, I can feel myself dripping wet. Meanwhile, I can feel your cock getting hard and poking the soft flesh of my belly.

“This is what you deserve, you little snitching bitch!” You croon as you spank my ass. My ass is hot and stinging while my pussy is oozing juices by the time you are done spanking me. All I can do is whimper. You lay me on the bed face down with a pillow propping up my hip so that my ass and pussy was entirely at your mercy. You position yourself behind me and rub your monster cock up and down my wet slit. You line your monster cock head against my pussy. Without a word, you plunge yourself deep inside me. Pop, goes my cherry.

You keep your cock in my pulsating super tight pussy. You savor the sensation of my velvety virgin pussy engulfing your unprotected cock. The sight of your large cock buried deep inside me nearly makes you cum right there and then. The sight reminds you of how much you love fucking virgins. It takes almost all of your self-control to resist cumming. Ever so slowly, you pull out your cock until only your cock head is inside my tight pussy. You pause for what seems like an eternity before plunging in hard and deep again. You repeat this over and over again, building an increasing rhythm. In. Out. In. Out. Your huge cock fucking my tight wet pussy was driving me to the edge. You plough on harder and faster as wave after wave of earth-shattering cums quake through my body. And still you plough on. Just as I thought I could cum no more, “I will cum in you now, bitch. You will have you pussy filled with my jizz!” you grunted out. With my pulsating pussy milking your cock for all it’s worth, you ejaculate an eternal stream of cum deep inside me.

You pull out your cock out of my pussy, flaccid and dripping with jizz and juice, and you flip me over onto my back with the pillow still under my hip. You lean over me to whisper in my ear “we are not done yet bitch! I am going to fuck your virgin ass next. And then I am going to keep fucking you some more.” With that, you lift my legs to your shoulders and line your flaccid, cum-soaked cock against my virgin ass. I can feel your cock head pressing against my ass hole. I have heard of how painful ass fucking can get if one is too tense. By this stage, even though still fairly weak, I have begun to regain small amounts of muscular control and managed to make myself relax enough so that you wouldn’t hurt me more than was necessary. Because you pushed your cock inside me while flaccid, I was able to take the full length of your cock in without too much pain. As soon as you are buried entirely in my ass, I can feel it grow inside my tight rectum. The sensation was nothing I could have imagined.

“My god, your ass is so tight! Undercover cop like you deserve to have your ass fucked!” You grunt out.

As you start fucking my ass in earnest, your cock seems to undergo a ceaseless growth, expanding me around it. You plunge two fingers into my pussy and finger fucked me in sync with your ass fucking, while you still manage to expertly finger my clit. I start moaning out loud, which startled you a little. You lost track of time while fucking me and the drug you slipped me seems to have run its course and is wearing out. As soon as you realise I am not resisting you anymore, you continue at a steady pace again, neither increasing nor showing signs of stopping. This is driving me mad with the stimulation and no cumming in sight. You look at me and tell me, “Beg for it, bitch! Beg me to make you cum by fucking your ass! Beg me to fuck you like the slut that you are.” I cannot take it anymore. I scream out, “Please fuck me! I’m yours. Please make me cum!”

You immediately pick up the pace and fuck me hard and fast. As waves of cum once again overtook my body, I can feel you shoot another huge load of your cum into my ass. The cumming is so intense, I pass out. Next thing I know, I wake up with sitting in an armchair next to my bed, fully clothed and watching me.

“You belong to me now, do you understand? You will do as I say, or I will give worse punishments to you than what transpired last night.” I nod in understanding.

Suffice to say, my undercover career will never be the same again.

I clicked on the email from Mistress Nicolette. Inside were instructions to meet her at an apartment over by the Chelsea Piers. She said I would be cleaned up there, and then we’d head to the dungeon.

My last session with Nicolette had ended ominously. The session itself was great — she fucked my ass in front of three strangers and I came hard. But while we were cleaning up, she said she had an idea for our next session. I asked her what it was, but she wouldn’t tell me. She wanted it to be a surprise.

She wanted me to be nervous, and it was working.

At the appointed hour, I found myself outside a mid-rise apartment building on 24th Street, a block from the Hudson River. I was buzzed in and took the elevator to the 8th floor. I got out and saw Nicolette, in street clothes, standing next to an open door. I kissed herself lightly on the lips, and she ushered me in.

Inside was another woman, blonde, small breasts and attractive. She was standing next to a massage table.

“Peter, this is Tatiana,” said Nicolette.

I shook her hand.

“I know you love my bald pussy, Peter, and I know how much you enjoy getting nude for strangers. So I thought I’d combine the two today, in a way. Take your clothes off.”

I looked at Tatiana, and she said “yes, take off your clothes” with a Polish accent.

This was the second time in two sessions where we’d started off by me getting nude in front of someone I’d just met. I was beginning to feel like a piece of meat, which is to say I loved it. I removed my clothes and stood nude and semi-erect in front of the two fully-dressed women.

“See here,” said Nicolette, lifting my cock up. “He does a decent job with the pubic hair above his penis, but I don’t like the hair on his shaft or his balls. So I’d like you to take it all off. And do his taint and asshole as well, please.”

Tatiana put on latex gloves and grabbed my cock. She was inspecting the hair on my shaft, turning it left and right. She was also making me hard.

“Turn around and bend over, Peter,” Tatiana said.

I obeyed and felt her hands spread my cheeks.

“This isn’t bad at all,” she said.

I felt a finger tapping at my asshole. I didn’t know whether it was Nicolette or Tatiana, but I didn’t care. I just liked feeling exposed.

“Please get on the table and lie on your back,” said Tatiana.

As I climbed on the table, Tatiana removed a tea towel from a cart, revealing a slow cooker full of wax, a container of tongue depressors and a stack of cotton squares. This was going to be my first time getting waxed.

Nicolette loved waxing. She said it kept her pussy smooth for up to a month. She’d wanted me to get waxed, too, and I told her I was game. But we’d never put together a plan.

Nicolette stroked my cock lightly. I looked at Tatiana.

“It goes better if you’re hard,” she said.

“He’ll stay hard,” said Nicolette.

Tatiana spread hot wax on my pubic bone, and tamped down a piece of cotton cloth. The wax was hot, but not burning. But then she ripped off the cloth, taking a bunch of my pubic hair with it.

That hurt. Instinctively, I sat up. Tatiana pushed me back down.

“Breathe, Peter,” said Tatiana.

“Just like in BDSM,” said Nicolette.

It took five or six more applications to remove the hair from my groin. Then Tatiana started in on my shaft. She pressed my cock into my belly and put hot wax on the base. The skin here is thinner, and more sensitive. This hurt. On went the cloth, and she ripped it off.

Then she pressed my cock against my left thigh, to get the side of my shaft. The right thigh was next. Then she pulled my cock down between my legs. She waxed the front of my shaft, and my cock was now clean and smooth.

From their it was onto my ball sac. She grabbed one of my balls, squeezing it out between her thumb and forefinger. This time, the wax really hurt. I flinched. I thought I saw Tatiana smile. She worked her way around my scrotum until it was hairless, too.

I looked down at myself. I looked like a little boy. Then Tatiana started massaging my cocks and balls with lotion.

”This will take away the sting,” she said.

That was true, but it was basically a hand job. An aggressive one, at that. A drop of pre-cum emerged from my cock.

“Now get on your hands and knees, and spread your legs,” said Tatiana.

I felt like an animal at the vet’s, getting examined. The hot wax was applied to my taint, then the cloth. Tatiana ripped it off, and my hips shot forward, shooting my back up.

“Easy, boy,” said Nicolette. “You’re almost done.”

She petted me, like I was a dog. I relaxed, and spread my legs further. I felt someone blow air on my asshole, and Tatiana giggled. She waxed my asshole, and it was done. Then she rubbed lotion on my taint and around my asshole. A finger poked inside me to the knuckle. I felt more lotion being applied, and the finger went in again.

This time Tatiana put her whole finger in, followed by a second. Her fingers moved in and out — she was fucking me! I felt her fingers curl in search of my prostate.

“Hang on,” said Nicolette. “Hand me a glove.”

I felt more lotion on my ass, and then a third finger, and a fourth. This one hurt.

“Breathe, Peter,” said Nicolette, ” and move back on our fingers when you can.”

I was sweating now. I’d never been fingered by two women at the same time — I felt so filled up. Tatiana found my prostate and massaged it. I felt an orgasm welling up within me. I dropped my shoulders to the table, so only my ass was in the air. Tatiana rubbed my prostate harder and I orgasmed, collapsing on the table. I felt the fingers slide out of me.

I rolled over on my stomach and looked up at the two gloved women.

“He didn’t cum,” said Tatiana.

“He did,” said Nicolette. “That was an anal orgasm, much like a woman’s. He won’t ejaculate unless his cock is stimulated. He can have multiple orgasms, plus his cock stays hard. Very useful.”

Nicolette started to remove her clothes.

“I’m going to change into my domme gear here, if you don’t mind, Tatiana,” she said.

“No problem,” said Tatiana, “I’ll clean up.”

Nicolette was now nude, and I was still hard from the prostate play.

“Let’s see what that feels like,” she said, coming over to kiss me.

She pushed my cock between her legs, and she ground her hips against mine. I felt her smoothness on my skin. It was wonderful. Then she pulled away from me.

“How do we look, Tatiana?” she asked.

We were two, six-foot blonds with no pubic hair. We stood with our arms around each other, ready for inspection.

“Beautiful,” she said. “Very sexy. You go play now?”

“We have a stop or two, but yes,” said Nicolette, reaching for her corset.

I began getting dressed, and tried to navigate my erection down into my pants leg.

“Hold on, Peter,” said Nicolette, “I want your cock pointing up, with the head above your jeans. And give me your belt. And your shirt. You can put on your leather jacket.”

Nicolette finished getting dressed, putting on a coat over corset, panties and stockings. She paid Tatiana, and I went to shake her hand and thank her. Instead, she drew me in for a kiss, and her hand reached into my pants to touch my cock.

“Thank you,” she said. “Enjoy your new cock.”

We left Tatiana’s apartment and took the elevator down to the lobby. Once out on the street, I started to hail a cab.

“No, we’re walking,” she said.

We were on 10th Ave. and the dungeon was near Third. This was to be a bit of a hike.

We walked down 23rd Street until we got to a newsstand. Inside was a man buying cigarettes and a couple of Asian women behind the counter. We walked in and the women smiled at Nicolette, then at me. The man left and the women came out from behind the counter.

“This is the guy?” asked one of them.

“Yup,” said Nicolette. “Ready?”

“Yes, yes,” they said.

Nicolette opened my jacket and undid my jeans. My cock flopped out, still mostly hard.

The women came over and bent over my cock, lightly touching it with their hands.

“I came in here last week, and asked if they had ever seen a man who had his cock and balls waxed,” she continued. “And then I asked them if they’d like to.”

I looked up and saw a security camera.

“Um, Nicolette?”

“I know about the camera, Peter. But that’s what you get when you’re an exhibitionist — you get shown off. And people get to use cameras, so they will always know what you looked like.”

I blushed. I loved this, but I had no idea where that videotape would end up.

“This is the humiliation, Peter. You can’t just be a safe exhibitionist — you need to feel the danger. You need the rush.”

She was right, but I couldn’t admit it to myself.

“Alright,” she said, “button up and let’s get out of here.”

The woman thanked Nicolette for the show and we headed back out onto the street.

Next up was a coffee store. A couple was buying beans when we entered. We walked to the back. Once they left, the cashiers — a white girl and a Latina — rushed over. They positioned me behind a barrel of beans, so I would not be seen if someone walked in.

“You know the drill,” said Nicolette.

I unzipped my leather jacker and undid my jeans. Out flopped my cock. The girls pawed over my cock and balls like it was some new toy.

“It’s so smooth,” said the Latina. “I want my boyfriend to do this for me.”

“Did it hurt much?” asked the white girl.

“It did,” I said.

“But it was worth it, wasn’t it, Peter?” asked Nicolette.

“Yes,” I said, “it was worth it.”

The bell above the door chimed, and a female cop walked in. I zipped my jacket partway. The Latina ran behind the counter and up to the front. I tried to pull up my jeans, but Nicolette wouldn’t let me.

The Latina and the cop had a short conversation, and the cop walked to the back. We slowly moved away from her, hiding my cock behind the bean barrels.

The cop was looking for a particular kind of bean and not finding it. She moved around a corner into a new aisle, and we shuffled away from her. The cop looked up towards the front, and then back at us.

“Are his pants down?” she asked, walking over to us.

I was busted. But even that wouldn’t kill my hard-on.

The cop turned down the aisle to find the white girl holding onto my cock.

“It’s my fault,” said Nicolette. “He’s going it on a dare. I’m sorry.”

The cop walked right up to me and grabbed my cock — hard.

“Tell me about it,” she said looking at my cock.

“Not a dare, really,” said Nicolette. “I just got him waxed, and I wanted to show him off. The cashiers said it was OK ….”

“His cock is smooth,” said the cop. “His balls, too.”

She looked up at me.

“I’m a bit of an exhibitionist myself,” she said. “But when want to get naked in public, I go to a nude beach, where it’s allowed. Not a coffee store.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said.

“But there’s no harm done here. So I’ll let you off just with a warning.”

Now her hand was on my balls. She squeezed hard, and I went down.

“That’s your warning,” she said.

“I’m sorry to tell you this,” said Nicolette, “but he likes that.”

“Really?” asked the cop, smiling.

Nicolette nodded.

The cop unholstered her gun. She checked the safety, and bent down. Then she whacked me in the balls with the butt of her gun.

I rolled back in pain. But it also felt good.

The cop went in search of her beans, and I stood up and pulled up my pants. Finally, my erection was subsiding. I zipped up my jacket and we walked to the front. The cop paid for her purchase, and I held the door open for her.

“Thank you,” she said, “and thanks for the show. You’ve got a nice cock.”

We walked down 23rd Street towards the dungeon.

“Only one more stop,” said Nicolette.

“Not sure that’s a good idea,” I said. “We got lucky with that cop there.”

“That’s not going to happen again,” she said. “Promise. And we’re here.”

We were outside a salon. They cut hair, did nails and offered their own waxing services. Frosted glass covered most of the windows, so at least I’d have some privacy. We walked in, and Nicolette locked the door behind us.

“Uh oh,” said Nicolette, “they’re not supposed to be here.”

There were four stylists in the back, and three of them had customers — three young women, drinking red wine. The stylist without a customer came running to the front.

“You’re here,” she said. “I’m so excited! Let me have a quick peak.”

Nicolette stood with her back to the customers. I unzipped my jacket and undid my jeans.

“What about the customers?” asked Nicolette.

“Last minute walk-ins,” said the stylist. “But they seem cool. I’ll ask them now.”

Nicolette stepped toward, kissed me and stroked my cock. I’d lost part of my erection, but it was coming back now.

“Hey guys,” said the stylist. “This is my friend Nicolette and that’s her friend Peter. He just got waxed! Want to see what it looks like?”

“A nude guy? Why not?” said one of them. “And more wine, please.”

Nicolette put her hands and pushed me into a chair. She started to take off my shoes and socks.

“This time, I want you completely nude,” she said.

I would not have thought that would make much of a difference, but it did. Before, I could always button up my pants in a hurry if something went wrong. But Nicolette was taking that option away.

“Hurry up down there,” said one of the customers. “We want a show.”

Nicolette turned around and I scooted out of my jacket and jeans. I was completely nude, but Nicolette was blocking the customers’ view. I stood up and Nicolette’s hand found my cock. She started walking towards the customers and pulled me behind her.

“Ladies, this is Peter, and he’s completely nude. Would you like to see him?”

“Yes,” they yelled in unison.

Nicolette looked over her shoulder at me.

“It’s all you, babe.”

She released my cock and stepped aside.

I stood nude — completely nude — in front of seven women. And I was hard.

“Come closer,” said one of the stylists, “we need a better view.”

I walked over to where they were sitting. They reached out to touch my cock and balls.

“It’s smooth,” said one of the customers.

“How many times have you done this?” asked a stylist.

“This is my first time,” I said.

“Did you do your asshole, too,” she asked, “or just your cock and balls?”

“Everything,” I moaned.

“Ooh, can we see?” asked a customer.

“Why don’t you get down on your hands and knees?” asked Nicolette, walking towards the front. “Actually, put your shoulders on the ground and spread your cheeks.”

I heard a click, and looked up. Nicolette had unlocked the door and took a peek outside.

“Coast is clear,” she said.

I felt hands on my ass and ball sac. Someone tapped my asshole, while someone else stroked my cock.

“Oh, my god,” said one of the customers. “His asshole! It winked at me.”

“Peter does a lot of anal,” said Nicolette, “so his asshole can loosen up a lot.”

“Fingers?” asked a stylist.

“Fingers, tongues, dildos,” said Nicolette, “whatever will fit.”

My face was on the ground, my ass was in the air, and Nicolette was discussing my love of ass-fucking. If Nicolette wanted to embarrass me, she was succeeding. But this is who I was. This is what I loved. This is what I deserved.

“What about this?” asked a stylist.

I tried to see what she was holding, but Nicolette stepped on my head.

“That’ll work,” said Nicolette. “Just put a latex glove on it. And spit on it to lube it up.”

I felt several people spit on my ass, then something hard started to penetrate my anus. It didn’t have a head, like a dildo. Someone pushed it in all the way, and I felt bristles against my cheeks. They were using a brush handle on me. The brush handle fucked my ass harder and I felt an orgasm building. I tried to rise up off the ground, but Nicolette held my face on the ground with her shoe. I came, and collapsed on the ground.

“Keep going,” said Nicolette. “Just spread his legs and pound him. Really pound him.”

Now I felt hands on my legs, spreading me wide open. More hands spread my ass cheeks and someone else shoved the brush handle back in. This time, there was no mercy. The brush handle slammed into my rectum.

I heard the door open.

“Are you still — oh, my God!” said a voice. “What are you doing?”

“Fucking a guy up the ass with a brush handle,” said Nicolette. “Care to watch?”

There was no answer, but I heard footsteps coming closer. I tried to see who it was, but Nicolette kept her shoe firmly on my head. And the fucking continued non-stop, so I just gave in to the pleasure. I came again, twitching and Nicolette’s foot came off my head. I caught my breath and sat up.

Before me was a new women, definitely young.

“He has no pubic hair,” she said.

“He just got waxed,” said Nicolette, “and I’ve been going around, showing him off.”

“You’ve been to other places?” asked the woman.

“Yup. This is our third stop.”

“And he gets fucked in the ass at each stop?” she asked.

“No, no. The waxer and I finger-fucked him, but that was it. So he’s only been fucked twice, ” said Nicolette.

I stood up and someone handed me a glass of wine. I needed it.

“I’d like to know,” I said, panting, “who was fucking me?”

“Don’t tell him!” said Nicolette. “I might tell him later. Or I might not.”

“Can I touch it?” asked the woman.

“Absolutely,” said Nicolette. “He wants you, too.”

She was right.

The woman dropped to her knees and reached for my cock and balls. Then she rubber her face against them.

“They’re so smooth — no stubble.”

“That’s what’s great about waxing,” said Nicolette.

“Wow,” said the woman, “I’ve never seen anything like this — at all!”

“I’m glad you walked in,” said Nicolette. “Peter, get dressed. We’ve got one more stop. Ladies — thank you for your attention.”

That was right. I still had a session with Nicolette. There would be more ass-pounding, but at least Nicolette would jerk me off. The anal orgasms were great, but they only made me more horny.

“Thank you for the show, Peter,” said voices from the back. “Thanks for letting us fuck you in the ass!”

I mumbled “thanks” and followed Nicolette out the door.

But instead of turning right and heading east down 23rd Street, we walked across the street to an Irish bar. It was mostly empty, with a couple of old men sitting at the bar watching college basketball. A cute little bartender, wearing glasses, sat on the back bar. There were noises, though, coming from the poolroom in the back. That’s where Nicolette was heading.

We walked in and the players — all women — stopped their games.

“Peter, I’d like to introduce you to the Manhattan Women’s Pool League, or at least two of its teams. And I think you know the drill.”

“Nicolette, may I go to the bathroom first, please?”

“Certainly. Ladies — to the men’s room.”

They were going to watch me piss. When was this going to end?

The women filed out and led me around the corner to the men’s room. I followed Nicolette in.

Nicolette looked at me. I took off my jacket, and I gave it to her. Then I unbuttoned my jeans and stepped out of them. Nicolette picked them up.

So, for the fifth time this evening, I was nude, and hard, in front of strangers.

“How many people have you been naked for tonight?” she asked.

I did the math in my head.

“Fifteen, I think, including you,” I said.

“That’s right,” she said, “and how many girls are here with you now?”

I counted the room, which meant I had to make eye-contact with everybody in the men’s room.

“Fifteen,” I said.

“Worked out nicely, didn’t it. Now you can take your piss.”

I walked over to a urinal.

“Hold on, hold on,” said Nicolette. “Put your body at an angle, so the girls can still see. Now you can go.”

She held my cock in her hand and pointed it at the urinal.

You pull up in front of me in your police cruiser, lights flashing. My escape is blocked. Your eyes look angry as you step out of the vehicle, nightstick in hand.

“You vandalized City Hall?” You demand.

“I redecorated.”

Your lips purse at my smartass remark. “Hands on the hood, legs spread.” You order.

I laugh. “Yeah right, what’s a little thing like you going to…” my words get cutoff as the breath is knocked out of me and I find myself on my knees in front of you.

“OK, hands behind your head then” you order and grab my arm roughly to slap the cuffs on me.

“Ow! Hey you can’t…”

“You’re going to tell me the law?!?” You snarl furiously at me.

“No pig you’re supposed to know the l…” Again, you don’t let me finish my smartass remark. Instead I find myself gagged.

“You’re going to shut your dirty mouth. I don’t want to hear another word out of you!”

“Mmmfffmmmm!” I try to mouth off at you but am unable due to the gag.

You take me into the station, book me and process me, removing the gag to do so. Wherever we walk, you roughly push me ahead of you. You poke me with your nightstick to steer me. You lock me in a cell, but before you go, you look at me, walk over to me and cuff my hands to the bed. You smile as you put the gag back in my mouth. There is something in your eyes, delight maybe? And without a word you leave me like that.

It seems like hours pass. It is very late and I lie uncomfortably on the bed. I awake to the clatter of you walking toward my cell, allowing your nightstick to smack each bar you pass. The clatter is loud and jarring. Finally you reach my cell door, open it, and step inside. You uncuff my hands from the bed then cuff them behind my back. This time, you are deliberate without being rough. You step back.

“Stand” you order quietly. Your head and face are looking straight ahead. Only your eyes are directed downward at me. I cannot tell if you are smiling. Your lips are full and always seem to have a hint of a smile, but your eyes… Your eyes seem, hungry?

“Gulp” escapes me as I look at you and obey your simple order.

Without moving your head, your eyes look me up and down. They scrutinize me, lingering where my cock rests inside my pants. Finally you move. You walk a slow circle around me, poking at me with your nightstick, occasionally slapping it against your other hand.

You stop your circling in front of me and look up at my face. With the end of the nightstick, you push it down my pants, using it to pry the waist out and away from body. With your other hand you reach inside my pants and I feel your hand slide over my cock. Your touch sends an electric charge through me. My cock throbs briefly in your hand as it slowly begins to fill with blood. Your eyes never leave mine as you do this.

Your eyes grow large, and in a low voice that rises with each word you utter, you say “What…the.. fuck.. is this?!? Is this supposed to be a cock?” Your hand gives my cock a fierce squeeze and a rough pull. I groan in both pleasure and pain. “This cock better be hard and thick or this nightstick will show you what a real cock should feel like!”

Your hand roughly grasps at and pulls on my cock as it hardens. My breath comes out in gasps.

You fasten your nightstick to your belt and use the now free hand to practically rip open my pants. A button pops free, making a small noise as it hits the ground. You shove the pants down, squatting in front of me as you do so. Your face is now level with my cock. I can feel your breath on it. You grasp my balls in your hand, pulling at them while with your other hand you stroke my cock.

“Get hard you fucker!” You yell at me. “I want you to fuck my mouth. I want you to make me gag on your cock. Do you understand?”

“Mmmrrmmf” I try to say, still gagged.

You open your mouth and aim my cock at it. Your eyes look up at me. “What are you waiting for? Fuck my mouth!”

I step forward and thrust my hips. My cock enters your mouth and your lips close around it. You hold still, though I can feel your tongue moving against the underside of my cock. I get the hint. I begin thrusting in and out of your mouth. After a few moments I see you frown with my cock in your mouth. You spit me out, you reach out and slap my cock with your hand.

“I told you to fuck my mouth! Now can you do it or not? Fuck my mouth and make me gag!”

You then stuff my cock back in your mouth. I thrust harder. You begin making noises as I thrust hard into your mouth. You make gagging noises around my cock. It’s too much for me. Suddenly I come in your mouth. My come fills your mouth and overflows to drip on the floor between your spread knees.

Your eyes are furious. You stand up and spit my come at me. You reach out and smack my cock. You look like you are about to punch me.

“I did not say you could come! You better be able to get hard again for me or I will show you what this nightstick can be used for.”

You reach up and rip the gag from my mouth.

“Eat me.” You order and remove your uniform and panties, but leave the belt and nightstick on. I squat down before you and you grasp my head in your hand pulling me to your pussy. My lips part and I use them to caress your pussy lips and press on the hood over your clit. I hear a gutteral sigh come from you. From the corner of my eye I see your bra drop to the floor. Looking up while my mouth massages your pussy I see you groping your own breasts. Your fingers tug at your nipples and roll them. You bite at your lip and breathe heavily through your nose.

While I watch you play with yourself, I decide it is time to use my tongue before I invite more displeasure. Another gasp escapes you as my tongue, laying flat, wetly slides over your lips. As my tongue moves up, it raises the hood over your clit, briefly exposing it to the surface of my tongue. A loud moan escapes you now.

“It seems you are not completely useless.” You say aloud.

Now I begin directing my tongue at your clit. I use up and down motions, then side to side. I change the pace of my licking, sometimes flicking your clit fast and hard, then lightening the touch when I feel your body begin to shudder. I slow down the flicks, holding your pleasure at a peak.

But now I’m getting cocky. I think I own your clit. So I pull away and look up at you smirking triumphantly. You look down at me, your teeth bared. You reach for the nightstick at your waist.

“Who said you could stop?” You growl. Your face is flushed, you are panting with excitement. But your eyes are unflinching and bore into me without any flicker, without wavering once. My moment of smug superiority is over before it even really begins. Clearly you are the one in charge still. You grasp my head and shove it toward your pussy.

I attack your pussy with my lips and tongue again. I manage to regain the momentum of your clit with my tongue. The groans, moans, and panting coming from your throat and mouth confirm your excitement. I then begin to flick my tongue over your clit with firm steady movement. That does it. Your legs quiver, your belly spasms and shudders. As your orgasm overtakes you, I flatten my tongue and make it soft. I move with your body so my tongue no longer applies friction to your clit, just some firm pressure. This slows down your descent, prolonging your orgasm.

Your knees weaken, you wobble over to the bed, holding my head against your pussy. My tongue and lips never break contact. You collapse on the bed and take a few moments to recover. As I sense your sensitivity has subsided to more normal levels, I begin to gently use my tongue and lips on your pussy again.

You sit up briefly, just long enough to reach behind me and unlock the handcuffs. With my hands free, I cup your ass holding you up to my face. Your excitement rises again. You squirm beneath me. Then I feel your fingers clench my hair and yank my head back. I look at you. Your face is flushed. But your eyes, they are slitted and looking at me.

“You better be fucking hard right now. I mean FUCKING hard! Because I am going to fuck-the-ever-living-shit out of you!”

You look down and see my hard-on. You turn on your side and simply look back at me. I get the hint. I lift your leg and slide my cock along the length of your pussy. You still look back at me, waiting patiently. And then I slip inside you. I see your eyes roll up in your head. A breathless moan escapes both of us as I move inside until I can go no further. I pause for a moment. Your pussy is tight. I then feel you working your muscles on my cock. You are milking me.

You are watching me again. You see the panic in my eyes as your milking nearly causes me to orgasm without permission. You scoff at me for being so easy. And then you start fucking my cock, thrusting back at me. I match your movement, trying very hard to keep myself from coming inside you.. We move in a steady rhythm that has me pulling out and thrusting hard into you. I reach under you so I can cup your breast in my hand.

I try to kiss you and you push me away. You offer your neck to me. I groan with the rejection and the unfulfilled desire to kiss your lips. I move toward your neck. I smell your odor of sweat and leather breathing you deep. I kiss your neck and you smile.

Our fucking grows quicker. You are fucking me faster now. I hear your squeals and grunts of pleasure. You practically throw me off the small bed with your vigorous thrusts.

“You better NOT come” your order comes out as a gasp. I sweat from a mix of pleasure and now fear that I may not be able to hold out until you allow me to come. You reach back and tease your asshole with your fingers. Your fingers work themselves into your ass for a minute, making it ready.

“Fuck my ass” you order.

I groan loudly as I desperately want to come inside your pussy. I don’t want to leave the heavenly tight confine of your delicious pussy.

“Damnit fuck my ass!” You command. But you continue to fuck my cock. I see a small knowing and wicked smile play across your face as I visibly struggle with the desire to remain in your pussy or obey you. You are purposely making it difficult for me to leave your pussy. I reluctantly pull my protesting cock from you. My cock aches with the need to be back inside you and threatens retribution on me if I don’t comply.

I put the head of my cock at your asshole’s tight little entrance. I push forward delicately. You grunt with impatience. And then you push back against me forcing me deep inside you in one long slow movement. Your ass stretches around my cock. I hear you groan in pleasure and just a little pain. Your face looks strained. My mind races as I worry about what you will do to me for entering you like that.

But after a momentary pause you begin thrusting against me. You grunt with each thrust. My cock pushes inside you and presses and slides against the inside of your pussy from this angle. Your moans become loud, almost screams as we continue to move.

And then I feel it. Your body begins to spasm and shudder. Your whole body convulses with your orgasm. You fall forward onto the bed unable to hold yourself up. You whimper, you gasp and pant. One hand claws at the bed. One reaches behind to claw at my ass. I can no longer take it. You feel my cock in your ass throb. Each throb you know is sending come shooting from my cock into your ass. You did not give permission, but wrapped in your own orgasm you let it pass. Instead you milk my cock of all its come.

My cock subsides and slips from your ass. I fall back onto the bed trying to catch my breath. You lie very still for a minute. I feel you finally get up. I watch you as you get dressed. All too soon your body is hidden from my sight by your uniform.

You don’t even look at me. I no longer matter to you. Once you are dressed, you walk out the cell, slam the door shut, and leave the cell room. You don’t look back once.

I lie in the bed and consider what my next act of vandalism will be.

You put the blindfold back on and switch the handcuffs so they’re in front of me instead of behind. You push me back down so my ass is in the air again. You lightly brush from my clit to my tight little asshole, trailing my juices, feeling how wet I am for the first time.

“You dirty little whore, do you know how wet your pussy is right now? I know you’d turn out to be a good submissive. Look at you lying to yourself trying to get away from me. I bet you’ve fantasized about this for a long time. Well you’re finally going to get what you want and what you deserve.”

I hear what sounds like a vibrator and eventually I feel it lightly flick across my clit. You play with it for a little bit before you move it up and down my juicy lips, teasing my pussy and clit mercilessly until you think I’m close to cumming, my moans growing louder.

You stop abruptly, “Oh no little girl not yet. You don’t think I’m going to make it that easy for you, do you? You’re going to have to work a little bit before I let you cum. Do you know what I want you to do for me?”

“No..” I say trying to catch my breathe.

You give my clit a nice pinch and it makes me wince but I remember not to make a sound this time. “That’s a good slut for not making a noise when I punish you but what did I tell you to address me by?”

“Sir or Master, Sir.” I say quickly wanting you to go back to pleasuring my pussy that’s so wet for you.

“That’s right, so I will ask you again. Do you know what I want you to do for me?” You say, still not putting a hand on me.

“No Sir..”

“Good girl,” you say putting the vibrating toy back on my hot spot, this time putting just the cold tip into my pussy. You take it out to spread my juices all over, including on my tight little asshole. “I’m going to make you take this in what looks like your virgin ass. It’s going to hurt at first but you’re going to be a good submissive and take it. Do you understand me?”

“Please no Sir, I’ve never had anything in my ass before. Please do anything else, please.” I plead with you.

You ignore me completely and continue to play with my pussy, spreading my juices to my asshole to make it ready for its upcoming intrusion. “I love hearing you beg for mercy. You sound like the little sub that you are. I’m going to make you beg more than you can possibly imagine.”

I feel the tip of the vibrating device poking my tight asshole. I try to move away from it but you pull me back with another spanking. “Now don’t go and do anything you’ll regret, right my little slut?”

“Yes Master..” I say as I can feel, what now I believe to be a butt plug, go in a little deeper than before.

“That’s my good little girl, now just relax your sexy tight little hole,” you purr as you take the plug back out. You penetrate me deeper and deeper each time you pull out until I groan in a mixture of pain and pleasure and I realize that it has reached its full potential in what was once my virgin ass. “I want you to guess know how many inches of plug is buried deep in your slutty asshole.”

Trying to mask both my pain and pleasure I manage to get out some words, “Master I don’t know.. 3?”

Laughing out loud, “Oh no my little fuck toy, and for that,” you say as you give my extremely red bottom a quick stinging spank causing my occupied hole to clench around the plug sending shooting sparks of both pain and pleasure up my spine. “Guess again slut.”

Feeling so confused at how I could be so turned on by this, I manage to spit out, “Uh.. uhm.. 5?”

“I knew you were a smart little slut,” you say as you push the plug fast and hard immediately making me cry out loud with extreme pleasure. “Oh yeah my little girl, you love that don’t you? Do you like your asshole being devirginized in such a slutty manner?” You give my ass another spank and pull the plug out only to immediately shove it back in to its full potential.

“YES Master!” I manage to say in between frantic breathes.

“Mmm, you are getting very willing aren’t you, whore? You love being treated like the submissive slut you are, don’t you? Tell me you like it. Tell me you want more. Tell me you don’t want me to stop. Now!” You say with such intenseness I get a little frightened.

“Master I.. I..” I’m drawing another blank at fear of your anger. And sure enough I feel both your hands come down on my ass. I scream in pain only to be jolted from the floor off of my feet and slammed into a wall. Blindfold and butt plug still in their rightful places.

“I don’t think you realize the severity of my demands. You’re not being a very good girl when I was so nice to pleasure you.” I can feel your breathe on my neck and my pussy dripping down my legs. “I will give you one more chance. Tell your Master what he wants to hear.”

I manage to catch my breath, “Please play with me Sir. I want you to make me cum. I like being your slut Sir, please make me cum. Please Sir please!”

I am begging and pleading with you. I want it more than I have ever wanted anything before. I tried to keep it in, but I secretly want you to break me. Just like that I feel myself leaving the wall and being carried away. I don’t know where you’re taking me but I am excited. I feel myself being thrown and I land on a soft bed. You grab me by the cuffs and I feel you roping me up. You lay me on my back and tie my ankles to separate corners of the bed and the cuffs to the other end. I am completely and utterly vulnerable to you.

I feel you take a step back and I can feel your eyes on me when you whisper, “beautiful, just beautiful. I wish you could see yourself right now. Totally open to your submission, whether you like it or not. You’re quite the masterpiece. Now tell me again.”

“Sir I want you. I want you to do whatever you want with me. I’m your.. I’m your dirty little slut. Turn me into your submissive fuck toy..” I’m becoming anxious and the suspense building up inside me is going to make me explode.

Still watching me you say, “that’s right my little one. Beg for it. Beg for me to make your little cunt cum. You will not cum until you ask permission. You will not cum until I give you that permission. If you cum before I say you can, I will spank that naughty little cunt and punish you farther than your wildest imaginations. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master. Please I will not cum before you give me permission. Please play with me Sir. Please make me cum.” I’m squirming with anticipation trying to move the butt plug around at least while I wait for your expert hands.

“Make what cum?!” You snap.

“Please Master.. make my naughty little cunt cum. I want you to play with my… slutty.. cunt.” Still trying to wiggle the butt plug around.

“Do you think I’m stupid? Quit moving, you will not pleasure yourself. You haven’t earned that privilege yet. I really do wish you could see yourself right now, begging and whimpering like a little puppy dog. So pathetic and, yet in some way, cute and endearing.” You say with a chuckle that just wants to make me cum on the spot. Your demeaning arrogance is really turning me on right now. But, I try to stay as still as possible and patiently await my fate. “That’s it, good willing slut. Be patient. You won’t have to wait to wait too much longer. You’re too willing to keep you waiting… although, I think I will make you wait a little longer.”

For the next several months I see, hear, and feel… sense nothing that has anything to do with the girl I saw at the bar that night. I carried her garments with me for about a week. I couldn’t resist smelling them, which caused me to masturbate to an enormous orgasm every time, until the smell started wearing off of them. I then put them in a plastic bag, hidden in my apartment in case I come across her trail again.

At least I saw her that one time. If I never do again, at least I know she exists, we exist. I was starting to think I was crazy. I’ve sensed others before, pretty strongly, even brief glimpses, but never such a long sustained visual on one of my kind, and luckily a female.

I’ve spotted males before and the compulsion to meet is strong, but I never realized how much stronger it would be when I met a female. If we would have physically made contact, we probably would have destroyed the room, killed whoever got too close while fucking each other to death for several days, if not longer. I don’t know what would have happened. If we fuck, do we somehow gain knowledge of my species’ inner workings, showing us how to find the rest of our people? Or do we simply keep going as we have been, with our heads in the dirt? I’ve always felt that we would one day all be joined together as a race. I’m probably just being nostalgic.

I head out around sunset. Always liked twilight. It means most of the normals are going to sleep soon and my senses become more acute. If my senses were this sharp in the day, I would lose my mind around all the idiots prating around their boring humdrum meaningless lives. Don’t get me wrong, I make it sound like I hate humans. Not all of them. They are a race like we are, just very different, with different goals and priorities.

On foot and with a soft chill breeze, I head down to the park about a mile away. I come here often, because I suspect this is one of the places my kind would come to find others. It’s a gathering place and it’s outdoors.

About the time night settles in, I feel an itching in the furthest reaches of my senses. It happens when I’m taking a break, sitting in the grass. This could either mean trouble, another of my kind, or nothing, a false alarm which I have all the time with my wishful thinking.

Two girls walk by, one turns and points at me, while whispering to her girlfriend laughing. I can’t make out what she is saying. They turn my direction. The short one, with brown tightly curled hair, pulls the taller brunette in my direction. I’m dreading it already because I have no real interest in humans, except for the occasional fuck when I get frustrated in my search and even, then I form no attachments and sneak out while they sleep or go to the bathroom. Never seeing them more than once.

The short one greets me, “What’s your name?”

“Have we met?”

“No, I guess you could say I’m just really friendly and have never seen you here before. My name’s Amelia and this is Brandi.” I can tell Brandi wants to leave but knows that Amelia wont until she’s ready.”

“Are you from around here?”

“Sev, and no, I’m not. Just passing through.”

“That’s too bad, Sev… What a strange name. Where are you staying?”

“My, you are full of questions.”

“You just seem like you could use some company.”

“I’m fine. I’m just looking for somebody.”

“We can help you look, two extra sets of eyes.”

“I’m afraid you will just distract me.”

“Which one of us do you find the most distracting?” Brandi looks like she wants to die and rolls her eyes, exhaling sharply.

“I think your friend is ready to leave,” I tell her.

“Forget her… Do I distract you?”

The itching I felt earlier becomes a throbbing and changes direction. Am I picking up on something? If this bitch would leave me alone, I might be able to home in on it.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have any money.”

“Shit, I’m not a prostitute.”

“Sorry, but you came on so strong and this park is full of prostitutes.”

“It’s okay. I just really like you.”

“You just met me.”

“You’re my type. I knew I wanted to fuck you as soon as I saw you.”

“I’m outta here,” her friend says.

“Catch you tomorrow, Brandi.”

“Listen, I’m here on foot. I’m not able to give you a ride anywhere. Maybe you should go with her?”

“That’s okay, I can call a cab when I need to,” Amelia says enthusiastically.

The throbbing splits into two entities in my mind. Fuck, there might be two of them here.

“Listen, I’m really not interested.”

“Bullshit, you’re not interested,” her eyes are wide and gazing between my legs.

She’s eyeballing my cock which, because of the situation, is already so hard the head is sticking out of the top of my jeans, for all to see.

“You’re really large,” she says, with a hungry look on her face.

I can’t believe my luck. There are possibly two of my people here and this slut wont leave…Wait a minute, maybe I can use this to my advantage. I touch the tip of my dick with my middle finger smearing a drop of pre-cum that has formed all over the head.

The girl’s mouth opens a little, with a bewildered look on her face.

“I thought you weren’t interested? Was playing hard to get? Wow, you went from cold to hot in like, a second. You’re so horny suddenly. I can see it in your eyes and cock. You almost look like a different person. I like it.”

I’m horny, but not for her. It’s one of the side-effects of when I’m near one of my people, causing intense emotion, most of the time an insatiable sex drive. The good thing about it is the hornier I get, the further my senses will extend, as long as I can keep a clear head. With her mouth wide open and body frozen in place, I unzip my pants and free my cock.

“What are you doing? Are you wanting me to fuck you out here, in front of all these people? We’ll be arrested,” she says.

“If you want to fuck me, you’ll do it now.”

“You get off on doing it in front of people, don’t you? I can’t, If I go to jail, I’ll lose my job and it’s a great job.”

I wrap my fist around my shaft and squeeze it up to the tip. A long string of jizm seeps out dripping down to my balls, a little getting on my jeans.

“Holy Fuck, what am I doing? I’ve never wanted anything so bad before,” she gasps, her eyes wide.

She gets down on her knees, between my legs and sniffs the liquid coming out of my dick, then slowly licks the tip clean then down the shaft and balls and back to the head again, to suck whatever might remain inside. Wrapping both hands around the base, she starts pumping, while keeping the head in her mouth.

I can’t pinpoint where the two others are. Just that they are closer. I’m not to the point where I can see their true forms yet. They could be any of the people in this park. The feeling is not as strong as the one from the bar, but it’s still unbearable. Time to up the ante.

“Take your shirt off!” I tell her.

“No, are you insane?”


She starts unbuttoning her shirt.

Something lurches to the right of my senses. The feeling gets stronger. I rip her shirt and bra off in one motion exposing her nicely sized white tits. With a look of shock and rapture on her face she does nothing.


She hesitates then does it. A long thread of spit coats her cleavage, still connected to her bottom lip.


She does it. I push my pants down further and pull her down until my dick slides between her tits. I cup them in both hands pushing them together, as I slide it between them faster and faster. She automatically spits on the head of my cock as soon as her tits start to dry, making them nice and slippery. Nipples getting hard, she fucks me faster with her tits.

“Hey check it out. Holy shit, he’s titty-fucking the hottie,” someone says.

Damn, somebody has noticed us and will surely draw more attention to us. I’m not stopping now. Amelia is turned on, but I don’t think she is to the point where she’ll want to continue with an audience.

She stops grinding me and looks around realizing she topless. Dammit, she’s gonna run. I sit up and push her down in the grass on her back, undo her zipper and yank her pants down. I can already smell her excited pussy. Her expression is one of fear.

“It’ll be worth it,” I assure her.

“Are you insane?”

“Keep your hair in your face, so no one will recognize you.”

Sliding her pants off, I pull her legs up spreading them and start licking her pussy through her already drenched panties. Her legs lock around my head, as I move my head up and down, teasing her clit with my nose and fucking her pussy with my tongue through the fabric. She starts moaning and pulls her panties to the side to give me better access. I stick two fingers inside her and work her clit with my tongue. She digs her crotch into my face.

More people walk up.

“Damn, would you look at that.”

“You think they are gonna fuck?”

“I bet they fuck.”

“I hope they fuck. I want to see them fuck.”

I can’t risk her getting cold feet again and slide her wet panties down her legs and off. She’s still in the moment and spreads her legs wide for me.

“Slide that hard dick in me and fuck the hell outta me!”

“They’re gonna do it! YES!” Someone says.

With both her hands, she opens her dripping pussy for me. I waste no time and swirl the head of my cock around her open lips, back and forth. She doesn’t want any foreplay. She wants to fuck and lifts her pelvis off the ground, taking me inside her. She grabs her heaving breasts and squeezes the nipples, while pumping her pelvis, taking a little more of me inside her with each thrust. No more chance of her chickening out. She wants to fuck me now, no matter who watches.

The two presences are getting really close. Not much longer and I will be able to see them as they really look.

More people gather and some of them start chanting, “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK” over and over.

There are others in the background who don’t look so thrilled. Two of three are on cellphones. I hope they are talking to their friends and not calling the police. There are two more standing behind everybody else, on the opposite side, just watching curiously. Could that be them? Stay a little while longer and I’ll know. Don’t leave. Don’t leave. It’s a big male and tall female, both with sandy blond hair and with strange expressions on their faces.


Why the fuck did she come back? I better give Amelia the fuck of her life, so she doesn’t listen to her friend.

“Stop it Amelia! Have you lost your mind?”

Brandi addresses me, “Stop fucking her. She’s lost her mind, you both have.”

Amelia turns to face her, “It… It feels so… good… so b… b… big… I want this… don’t care.” Getting lost in the moment again, she stops talking.

Brandi jumps forward and grabs Amelia under the arms, trying to pull her out from under me. Amelia grabs my waist hard and tightens her pussy around my cock, a little of her juice escapes, drenching my balls and her ass. Brandi pulls again but to no avail. It has the opposite effect on Amelia, turning her on even more, bringing her to the brink of orgasm. Shaking, she unlocks her legs from me and curls them up to her face, hands gripping the grass. Brandi, taking advantage of the moment, drags her a couple of feet forcing my dick out of her, with a wet sucking sound. Amelia starts rubbing her clit profusely as soon as she realizes I’m not in her anymore.

“What is wrong with you? You’ve got to stop this, baby, please. It’s almost like he has you under a spell.”

Amelia looks up at her, eyes barely open enough to see her, “I can’t. I’m just so fucking horny… I’ve never… f… f… felt this… g… good…” Rubbing her pussy furiously it’s so wet it drips with each stroke. “OH… OH… OH MY FUCKING GAWD! I’M GONNA CUM!”

Spreading her legs as wide as she can, curling her toes and grabbing Brandi’s arms her whole body spasms. “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, I’M CUMMING!!!” Arching her ass up in the air she sprays herself and Brandi with the force of a fire hose.

With a shocked look on her face Brandi releases Amelia’s wet body. Standing there astonished and horrified for a moment, staring at her hands, with Amelia’s juices dripping from them and tasting her on her lips. Her clothes are soaking and Amelia’s scent permeates the very air around her.

As soon as Amelia’s climax subsides, she starts rubbing her juices all over her, focusing on her tits and mouth then back to her pussy again for round two.

Brandi comes to Amelia’s side, getting on her knees taking her face in her hand. “I don’t know what’s happening. He didn’t inject you with something did he? I’ve never seen you do that before, you squirted. I’ve seen you have some hellacious orgasms, but nothing like that. You’re already wanting to have another one and you don’t give a shit if the world sees you. I don’t know what is wrong…”

Amelia kisses her hard on the mouth. A few moments Brandi slides her tongue in causing Amelia to gasp, rubbing her clit that much harder with one hand and slipping her other hand into Brandi’s shirt cupping her left breast.

Withdrawing her lips from Amelia’s, she whispers, “What am I doing?”

Amelia removes her hand from Brandi’s breast, slides down her stomach to her pants, trying to unlatch them one-handed, still working her own pussy with the other.

Brandi looks into Amelia’s eyes as she helps her undo her pants, slides them and her panties down to her knees.

“Get completely naked, baby,” Amelia says. “Please.”

After a short pause, Brandi buries her tongue into Amelia’s mouth, while pulling off the rest of her clothing. Amelia helps her with her top, until she is just as naked as she is.

“I can’t believe the cold bitch is joining her. This is amazing. Damn I’m glad I came here tonight,” somebody in the crowd says.

“Are you getting pictures?” Another asks their girlfriend.

“Pictures? Fuck that, I’m filming it. This is too hot to miss.”

Several others are recording it as well. This will probably be all over the internet soon.

“…heathen perverts completely naked, fornicating in front of God and everybody else. I’m just thankful there weren’t any children here tonight…” an old woman says on her cellphone, unable to take her lustful eyes off the spectacle in front of her.

I think to myself that this has gotten completely out of control. I didn’t expect her girlfriend to come back and I sure as hell didn’t think she would take my place fucking her, and now they’re filming the damned thing in front of everybody and I think I hear the police coming. I’m going to have to move again as soon as this is over.

My senses jolts through my brain so hard, making me see stars for a moment and making my hard-on even harder. There’s at least two of them and they’re close. I may never get this lucky again. If I do see them, I hope they don’t bolt like the last one did. I’ve got to make this happen.

By now, Brandi is on top of Amelia, sliding down her stomach to her wet cunt. When she reaches her destination, Amelia lifts her ass off the grass to meet her tongue, wrapping her legs around Brandi’s head. Brandi’s spit mixed with Amelia wet pussy, drips down her ass into the grass. Brandi begins messaging her own clit and rocking it back and forth, while licking Amelia’s. With her ass sticking up in the air, I can see her pussy’s wet and glistening.

I’m not passing this up. My brethren are here somewhere and I’m going to find them. I hope they don’t flee this spectacle. I get up and go to the two women. Brandi is really going to town on Amelia’s pussy, while stroking her own, dripping down past mid-thigh. My cock is throbbing, just inches from it. These two are obviously lovers. Amelia’s bi, but Brandie is hardcore lesbian. I bet she’s never had a dick in her before. She hates me, let’s see just how lost in the moment she is. I touch her pussy lips with the head of my cock, it almost sucks it in. She takes a deep breath and freezes for a moment. I slowly slide it in further. When it’s in halfway, she forces it in further. The police are getting closer. I pull it out then shove it in all the way.

Brandi says, “I hate you, motherfucker! I’ve never had a dick in me before…” she’s having a violent orgasm. “I hate you, I hate you… asshole… fu… fu… fuck you… OH MY GAWD… fu… fuck… AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Her orgasm is violent, drenching me to the knees. She starts pounding me with her ass, fucking me as hard as she can. Her pussy feels like it’s trying to suck the cum out of me.

“I hate you for making me want this. I want to cum again,” Amelia follows suit and cums all over her face, making her long black hair stick to her neck and face. I can hear Brandi swallowing and licking it, as Amelia is gyrating her body, fucking her lover’s mouth.

I feel my dick burn from within and grow even harder as I’m about to cum. The cops pull up. I estimate it will take them 30 to 40 seconds to get here. I might be able orgasm and run for it hopefully catching a glimpse of my Kind in the process. A middle-aged couple point them to my location and they start running towards us.

I grab Brandi’s ass and pound it for everything I got. Her pussy splashes a little with each thrust. She’s about to blow.

She says “Give it to me, motherfucker. I hate you, fucking bastard. Give me your fucking cum, asshole. Cum in my pussy now! Hurry before they get here, you stupid asshole.”

She has noticed the cops and doesn’t care about getting caught, as long as she get’s off before it happens.

It’s hard to keep my mind clear enough to spot “them” while watching to make a last-minute getaway. I figure I have about 10 or 15 seconds before it’s too late. I’m almost there. Amelia starts bucking Brandi’s face, her pussy making wet sloshing sounds with each thrust. She’s cumming. It’s now or never. I push into Brandi as hard as I can. My hard cock clenches so tight that it hurts but hurts good. My balls draw up and I shoot a huge hot load in to the lesbian’s pussy.

Brandi pants, “Holy Shit! Tha… that feels good. Oh FUCK! I’M CUMMING AGAIN!!!”

I squirt into her again and open my eyes. I can’t see the two strangers anymore, or any other possible Brethren.

The cops are almost upon us when a strong wind hits me full force in the face. With a hard yank on my neck my whole body is airborne, my dick popping out of Brandi’s pussy, squirting a huge stream of cum across her back, ass and calves.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” She screams. “I’m not finished yet!” as I’m forced away.

My spine reels and I almost black out from the excruciating pain of having my body tornfrom a stationary pose so quickly, 0 to 100mph almost instantly. I’m moving so fast, that just as the police try to wrestle the girls apart, they’re already a small dot to me. To them, it must have looked like I just vanished. The wind keeps me from turning my head to see what has me. All I can see are my surroundings in a blur, with my arms, legs and my dick swinging in the wind.

Whatever grabbed me suddenly lets go and I fly into a tree. It knocks the air out of me and gives me tunnel vision. I think I have a concussion.

I must have blacked out for a moment. I open my eyes. Still on the ground with my back to the tree and eyes blurry. I can’t see anything in front of me but moonlight on unknown objects possibly trees. I think I’m in the woods. I must have been carried out of city limits.

After a few minutes my eyes focus and I see two figures standing 10 feet in front of me. One of them huge and smoking a cigarette. The other one tall but slender. It’s the blond couple. What an imposing couple they are. They stare at me, the female paces back and forth never taking her eyes from me. The huge male continues to smoke.

This country needs a National Nude Day.

Not National Naked Day, because naked hints at smuttiness and carnality and evil and at being against the Christian Right and the Fundamentalist Islamic Brotherhood and the devout Hassidic Jews.

Naked is flaunting one’s body for prurient purposes. You can always tell when someone is naked and flaunting their bodies…they wear jewelry or scarves or tattoos in strange places like big neon arrow signs flashing (sorry) to accentuate that part of their body.

Nakedness leads to wanton sex in the trees and streets…for free! How could wanton sex be controlled for pleasure and profit if it were everywhere and didn’t cost anything to look at? The economical equivalent of a couple of small third world nations would be lost in New York City or Reno alone!

Ah, but Nude. Now that is a whole different concept. Adam and Eve were nude until the bitch bit the fruit! Then…kazam, just like that, she was naked and she snatched a fig tree bare to cover her snatch. She likely stitched up something for her ol’ man to drape around his balls too. They were bad.

David, the shepherd boy knew how to make an impression, that lad did! He must have wanted to show that he had no contraband or weapons in his luggage when he strolled out to do the twist and shout with the big guy. He had so little on him he could have breezed right through security at most any airport. Not even a speedo! The future king was nude and everyone there was proud to admit it, too.

Of course the Christ Child was born sans clothing, but I think that we can sidestep that issue for a little while. It was mid winter or so the story goes, and the story does mention swaddling clothes and mangers. Who knows what happened in the next ten years. We can be sure that he was nude on the cross even if the powers that were considered him naked because they wanted him properly shamed. Not unlike the selected Abu Grebe and Guantanamo prisoners of today, it’s difficult to feel good about yourself when you’re naked. But if you are nude, well that is different!

Nude is innocent! Nude is childlike. Nude is playful. Nude is joyous. Nude is carefree. Nude is happy. Nude is clothing optional, au natural, sans duds.

Naked is guilty. Naked is Adult. Naked is bashful. Naked is bad. Naked is burdensome. Naked is work. Naked is fearful. Naked is clothing missing. Naked is something to hide.

Nude is love. Nude is caressing. Nude is clean. Nude is free. Nude is honest. Nude is sex.

Naked is lust. Naked is groping. Naked is dirty. Naked is expensive. Naked is corrupt. Naked is prostitution.

Back to National Nude Day. Not that we would ever see such a thing, but suppose the United Nations passed a resolution proclaiming some appropriate day…Vernal or Autumnal Equinox come to mind because the seasons would all be a bit chilly except in the far North or the far South and who cares about Alaskans or Kiwis (they are a tough bunch of bricks anyway)…to take the day off work and have a world holiday. Celebrate mainly by stepping out of our threads and cavorting nude.

We could schedule massive parades to march in. Be a good idea to carry parasols and wear flipflops I suppose.

Can you imagine how difficult it would be for Dick Chaney to be taken seriously trying to give a speech on any subject…nude? I can hear McMillan is his name (?) the press secretary, cautioning President Bush against holding the press briefing (funny enough in itself) in the Rose Garden.

The strippers could be undressed without feeling as though they were working.

Oh, for the most part we would be a really ugly sight, scary ugly, funny scary ugly, silly funny scary ugly. And have you ever noticed how difficult it is to be afraid of silly things?

The police and soldiers would look like mommy and daddy. No one could carry a concealed weapon…well, not a very big one and not very comfortably even if they did.

The homeless people and the rich, the educated and the underprivileged all would look the same.

But there still would be differences. The soldiers, even with healed wounds would have their scars of bravery. Some would walk well but on fleshless legs and hug with machine arms.

We might be amazed at the number of us who carry the healed wounds of disease…breasts and bags from cancer…those signs of self-inflected hurts might remind us of the scars that don’t show even when we are nude…scars on our souls. And thus reminded…might we not…could we not just perhaps be a little nicer to each other…be a little more open…a little less covered and hidden with our feelings, too?

There’s an old saying among cops that the badge gets you pussy, and then pussy gets your badge. I am proof of the first part of that adage. The second part, well, I have seen a few dumbasses get fucked over by some slut or other. Those poor fuckers lose their fucking mind over some hottie, and the next thing you know, the wife and the slut are both at the PD fighting it out in the Captain’s office.

That ain’t a very good situation. It generally ends up with some sort of investigation. Everybody knows where that will go. Everybody, that is, except for the stupid fucker who couldn’t keep his bitches in line. Before he can say, “bend over,” he finds himself working the night shift as a bouncer at some titty bar.

The trick to scoping pussy while on duty is smarts. First of all, you can’t just pick any slut to use. You gotta know people, especially women. Most of the fender lizards, as we call them, want more than just a hard fuck in the middle of the night. They want you to stick around. They want to have a relationship. I avoid those at all costs.

Second, you have to use that pussy good, so she doesn’t go running to the captain while the cum is still oozing from her fuckhole. It also helps if she ain’t all that bright. The smart ones are trouble. They can turn the whole shit around on you, if you ain’t careful.

You see, I have been doing this for over fifteen years. I have probably hammered about fifty different ones over that time, and I have done most of them more than once. Hell, I have one that basically drops to her knees as soon as she hears me knock on her door. She was actually my first, all those years ago.

Her name is unimportant, but if you do have to know, it is Gwen. Gwen is close to fifty now, but she still keeps herself tight in all the right places, if you know what I mean. She is a secretary for a defense attorney, of all things. I almost bust out laughing when I am on the stand for a case, and her boss is cross-examining me. She makes sure to tell me what is coming from the ambulance chaser, before the trial. Generally, when she lets me in on these little details, her face is streaked with a load of cum.

I first met Gwen, like I met them all, while I was working. I was new on the force at the time. I had just made my year. No longer a rookie, I could work off-duty. One of the choice off-duty jobs back then was working at a club called Sparx downtown. It was one of those places where all the college kids got shit faced on Thursday nights.

The college girls were always slutted out. Short skirts, titties almost falling out of their tops, I am sure you can relate. Me and another guy were working at the place that night. The other cop was an older dude. He hated working shit like that, but he had a kid in school across the state, so he had to do something to make a few extra bucks. He would spend most of his time at the front door checking Ids, which left me to mingle. It was a perfect situation.

Gwen stuck out, mostly because she was ten years older than just about everyone else at the bar. She was also dressed less slutty than the college girls, though the knee-length, red dress she had on fit her body just right, showing off her best assets. She spent most of her time just sitting at the bar, ordering one Crown and Coke after the other.

Every once in a while, some hard-dicked college guy would make a move, but Gwen would shoot his ass down quick. It was obvious to me that Gwen was looking to get something hard up in her, but it sure wasn’t going to be some teenager.

When we first made eye contact, she smiled. I smiled back. Even then, not knowing shit basically, I knew I was going to fuck this woman. I made my way through the crowd of losers at the bar and introduced myself. I still laugh when I remember she shook my hand like we were in a business meeting. All the while, she was positioning herself, so that her nice 38D’s were rubbing against my arm from time to time, as I leaned against the bar facing the crowd.

She acted like it was an accident each time, like the crowd was bumping her, but we both knew it was a ruse. The one thing about being a cop is that people tend to give you a fairly wide berth. Generally, it is a radius of about eight feet in any direction, no matter how crowded a place is.

We made small talk for a while. I left her for a few minutes to toss a couple of drunken frat boys out. I could feel Gwen’s eyes on me the whole time. When I returned, she acted all impressed with the way I handled them. I did the “aw shucks” thing about it. You know, talking about it like it was just in a day’s job, but still feeding the shit about it being dangerous. I am sure you get the idea.

She said, “I don’t know how police officers face all that danger.” This is the first clue that tells me that I am going to have a chick biting the pillow. That eye-batting thing some women do. Yeah, even if she didn’t know it, she was a groupie. Even barely more than a rookie, I spotted it.

Gwen kept talking about leaving. She needed to get home, because she had to be at work the next day, yet there she was at closing time. I went about clearing the club of all the horny kids and kind of lost track of her. When I looked over at the bar, Gwen was gone.

After getting my money from the bar owner, I walked out to my car pretty much figuring I would be jacking off tonight. I had a lot of images to take with me, so it would be no big problem cumming all over my stomach, as I thought about Gwen’s big tits and full lips, or any of those coeds in shorts skirts bending over the back of my patrol car, for that matter.

As I was opening my car door, a pulled alongside me in the empty lot, it was Gwen. I walked over to her window. As I neared, I saw her pink tongue slide seductively over her upper lip. Shit, I wanted to pull my cock out and introduce it to those lips right then and there. Looking back on it, I think she probably would have sucked me off right there through her window in the near-empty parking lot.

I could sense her nervousness in her voice, as she said, “I was just wondering if you would like to come by my apartment for a cup of coffee.” Even as new as I was to this game, I knew to take my time answering. I just smiled for a second, letting the pause create a little doubt in her mind. Then she added, “I don’t live far away. It’s just a few blocks.”

I finally replied, “Sure, that would be great.” Looking down at her in her car, I could see that her dress had ridden up her thighs. My dick still gets hard thinking about her legs. She had, and still has, great thighs. I like them thick, not fat mind you, just thick. I hate girls with bird legs. Gwen’s thighs were just right. My cock was throbbing, as I followed her to her place.

Gwen never did the coffee going. Before she could even fill the pot with water, I was behind her, my hands reaching around and cupping those big, fat tits, as I grinded my crotch into her round, plump ass. I remember she moaned, “Oh God, it’s been so long,” before her voice trailed off. Her ass pressed against me, as she rolled her hips. Her hands covered mine and pressed them hard to her tits, as I leaned down and kissed her neck.

I thought I was going to cum right then and there with Gwen bent over the sink. I knew right then that I was going to do this bitch nasty. I was going to use her. She was not going to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed when she made it to work in a few hours. In fact, I figured she might not even be able to walk when I was done with her.

I pinned her with my legs to the counter, while I reached down and lifted up the back of her dress. It was tight, as I worked it up over her wide hips, exposing her ass covered only in a pair of sheer pantyhose. As I yanked those down to the middle of her lusciously thick thighs, she craned her neck and tried to look back at me, as she asked, “Y-you’re not going to take me right here, are you?”

I didn’t reply, I just unzipped and worked my pecker out of my trousers, which when you’re wearing a gun belt outside and briefs on the inside, is no easy feat, I tell you. I knew I wouldn’t get all eight inches in her because of the belt, but I knew she wanted, hell, she needed, to be fucked just like this. Old Gwen needed to get it from a cop still in uniform.

As she resigned herself to the fact that this was indeed going to happen right in front of the sink. She turned toward the sink. Above the sink was a tiny little window that looked out into a small courtyard during the day. At night, with the kitchen light on, it just reflected our faces. She could watch my face as I was plowing in behind her, and I could watch her expressions as she took all I gave her.

As I pushed my precum covered cock up and down her slit from her cunt to her asshole, she just groaned. I made sure to look at her reflection in the glass, as I finally stopped teasing her, and let her have what she wanted.

She shuddered and moaned something inaudible, as I pushed my dick into her. Gripping her hips, I pushed all the way in slowly, but firmly. It was a hard, steady push into her already sopping cunt. Fuck, she was tight. Gwen really hadn’t had a dick in a while. All she could say is “Oh, that feels so good.”

I plunged my dick in and out of her. With each thrust, I pushed harder into her. My hands grabbed her hips tight, and I yanked her back to me each time I rammed into her. I looked up to see her in the window, but her head was now lolling downward, as her pussy was being pummeled.

As my hips really started slapping her asscheeks, she could only make grunting sounds. Gwen was really getting into the pounding. She had reached up and placed her hands on either side of the window, so that she didn’t fall due to her spiked heels not being able to get traction on the tiled kitchen floor.

My eyes met hers in the window, as she gripped tightly. Her pussy was quivering around my pulsing meat, as I drove in and out of her. The sound of my cock punishing her drenched cunt and of my hips slapping her jiggling ass coupled with the look on her pretty face sent me over the edge.

She cried out, as I came inside her. I filled her cunt to the brim with my spunk. As I kept driving in and out of her, I saw her eyes roll back in her head, as she came hard around my cum spewing cock. Cum streamed out of her steamy fuckhole, as I started to slow my thrusts.

I pulled out of her slowly. My dick plopped out wetly. One last, thin stream of my jizz streaked the back of her pantyhose. I stood there for a minute looking down at her ass. Gwen was lost in the moment, I guess. She looked so sexy just bent over that sink, her arms crossed under her, supporting her head. She seemed to be taking it all in, as cum oozed from her well-used cunt.

The sight, considering I had just cum, didn’t make me rock hard, but it did keep me from going all the way soft. I started removing my gun belt. I wanted to use that mouth of Gwen’s. I wanted those plump lips around my cock, while it was still covered in cum and pussy juice.

I laid my belt on the counter, grabbed Gwen and spun her around. I looked into her eyes. It was like she was in a daze. She looked a million miles away. I pulled her close to me. She opened her mouth to say something, and I covered it with mine before she could. My tongue swirled with hers, as I reached around and unzipped her dress at the back. I broke the kiss only to pull it over her head.

As the dress was tossed to the floor, I got a look at her luscious tits. They were in one of those large, women’s bras, the kind of bras women wear more for support than for looks. Plain white—nothing fancy, kind of like Gwen. I don’t know why, but the fact that the bra was plain and not some Victoria’s Secret thing made me hotter than I already was. I gave her one last kiss before telling her, “I need you to clean somethin’ for me.” I shoved her down to her knees, before she could utter a protest. Her mouth was still open as if to say something, as I filled it with my cock.

Gwen gagged a bit, as I shoved my prick to the back of her throat, but I do have to hand it to her, she took it all. She could also suck cock like a pro. She was tentative at first, as if she was embarrassed to show how good she was, but she was soon very much into the act. I had my hand in her hair, as she bobbed eagerly in spite of herself. Her hair was plastered in hair spray, which like the bra, made me even more excited than if her hair had been silky soft.

I could feel her drool squirting out between my balls, as they slapped her chin. She was moaning and sucking. From time to time, I would push my hips a little too hard at her, and she would retch. Instead of taking it easy on her, I made certain to use her throat harder. A couple of times, I just knew she was going to lose it and puke all over me, but the girl made me proud by not giving and inch.

I felt my balls filling, and I pressed my left palm at her forehead. She looked up at me inquisitively, her blue eyes filled with tears from the punishment at the back of her throat. I held her face a couple of inches from my prick, as I stroked it with my right hand.

She had drawn her lips together, her eyes kind of closed as well, as she readied herself for my explosion. The fact that she closed her mouth kind of pissed me off so I said in a rasp, “Open your fucking mouth. I want to watch you catch my fucking load.”

Her eyes widened in shock from my tone, and I am sure she was taken aback by the way I was treating her; still, just as I started to spray my streams of salty, white seed over her face, her mouth opened wide, her eyes closed, and she took what I gave her. Good girl, I thought.

I finished cumming. For a minute, she just knelt there, her mouth still open and eyes still shut. It took her a second or two to realize I was done. When her eyes opened, they just looked up at me, expressionless. After a long look up at me, she whispered, “I can’t believe I just let you do this to me.”

The whole time, I’m thinking, “what the fuck does that mean?” I guess she did not want to admit it to herself, but she wanted to be used like a whore. While she wanted to blame me, it was she who invited me—not the other way around. I kept that to myself, though.

She stood up after a bit. I guess she was trying to look defiant when she said, “I have to work in the morning. I think it is time you left.” The defiant look just really didn’t work very well, what with her standing there in her big girl bra, cum streaking down the corners of her mouth and chin and her pantyhose down around her knees.

I guess I kind of snickered, because she got pretty pissed off. She said something about calling the cops, if I didn’t leave right then. “How would you like that? What would your Chief say, if I called the law on you?”

Now her saying that made me a little angry, but it also kind of scared me. This was my first time doing anything like this, so I really did not know how it would play out. I yanked up my pants, grabbed my gear and left. As the door slammed behind me, I wondered if she would actually call my department.

I worried about that all the next week. Fuck, I didn’t even look at women while I was working. Yeah, I guess you can say that I was scared shitless at the time. I just knew that silly bitch would make a complaint on me. Even though I was off probation, I still didn’t need shit like that. I even passed up working that bar the next Thursday and the Thursday after that.

About a month passed, before I saw Gwen again. I was at a grocery store picking up a shoplifter. As I was escorting him to my unit, Gwen was walking into the store. As I passed her, she reached out and handed me a card. There was no expression on her face, and she said nothing. She just kept on walking into the store.

I took the card and slipped it in my pocket with a slightly trembling hand. I didn’t look at it, until I was back out on the street from booking the shoplifter at the jail. The front was just your basic business card with her name, the law firm’s logo and phone numbers. When I flipped it over, I almost wrecked my car. It said, “CALL ME” and had her home phone number below the words.

I still have that card. I have the number memorized, of course. Since that time, Gwen has been married and divorced, but it hasn’t kept her from wanting a good hard fuck, from time to time. I still love pumping my cock over those plump lips of hers, and she sometimes still does the defiant thing. I guess that makes her feel better about being used.

Well, gotta go. There is a brunette in a Maxima that looks like she needs to suck her way out of a ticket…

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