Part 3

Story number 2

A few weeks after I interrupted Bill and Tracy’s night out, I thought it was time to see how far she would go. Dave had given me the web address of his swinging group and I went online to look at some of the ads. The one that said “Does your wife love ass play?” got my attention.

“Does your wife love to get fucked in her ass? My husband has been begging me to do it for years. We have decided that for his birthday this year we would go out and find someone he could do anal with. I would be more than willing to blow you as long as he fucks her in the ass.”

The ad went on to say that they were looking for a one shot deal, were virgins to swinging and included a phone number. I called her and we traded stats on everyone (height, weight, tit size, etc). She wanted to know if I was sure Tracy would allow ass play.

“She will do whatever I tell her to do. She isn’t my wife, she is my sub. I tell her to bend over; she bends over and lifts her skirt.”

“Well than it looks like you got the world’s best blowjob to look forward to, while he is pounding her ass.”

We made plans to meet that Friday. We met up at the hotel bar where they were staying. After a quick introduction we headed up to their hotel room. When we walked in I sat in the chair near the bed, unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock.

I pointed to Tracy and said “Bed”.

She got on the bed on her hands and knees, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to the side.

I told the husband “Make sure you lube the area first so you don’t hurt her jamming it in”.

As he salivated, he walked over and stuck his tongue in her ass. While he was tongue fucking her ass, his wife got on her hands and knees and crawled over to me. I guess it was all the fucking I was doing with Tracy but it was a bit difficult getting a hard on. The wife had spit on her hand and started jerking me off. When her hubby got behind Tracy and slowly passed his dick through her ass, she engulfed my dick. Things were going good. Until about 45 seconds later. Then it all went downhill fast. The husband pulled out, grunted once and came all over Tracy’s back. After he came down from his orgasm the wife took my cook out of her mouth.

“I really want to thank you two for this. This was exactly what we were looking for” she said.

“What do you mean was? It’s over?”

“I said I would blow you as long as he was fucking her ass. He is done and so am I” she replied.

To say I left there pissed would have been an understatement. Not for me of course. Her blowjob skills were sub par at best, but I really wanted to give Tracy a good time out of this. I apologized to her on the ride home. Since it was still relatively early on a Friday night, I told Tracy that I would drop her off where ever Bill was so that they could get some quality time. I would give her the rest of the weekend for herself.

“Have I disappointed you sir?” She asked.

“Not at all but I am just a little mad at the situation, especially since I put us in it. I told you about this experience hoping that you at least had an enjoyable time. It was disappointing for both you and me. I just figured I would make it up to you by setting you free this weekend to spend with Bill. I have been taking up a lot of your time lately.”

Tracy was completely quiet for about five minutes, just staring out the window. Then she said:

“Bill left me two weeks ago. He told me he had hoped that I would have this out of my system by now, but since I didn’t, he couldn’t continue dating a no good whore. I told him that I loved him and regardless of how you have used me that only he had my heart. He didn’t care and walked out. I gave up calling and emailing him after a week. He is gone.”

What had I done? I never wanted this for her. I assumed the same thing as Bill had. That she would get tired of it and just stop accepting my calls. I could play a good Dom, pretend I didn’t care but the truth of the matter was I did. I couldn’t stop being a nice guy. It really got to me when I heard a sniffle. I looked over and even though it was dark, I could see a tear.

“OK. Change of plan. I am taking you home and you are getting changed into something nice. We are going out and I am going to show you off.”

“Should I put on something low cut? Maybe a skirt without panties?”

“Not that kind of shows you off. I want you to dress classy. I want you dressed like a million bucks.”

She seemed confused but she went along with it. She wore a nice red summer dress, with small heels, her makeup done really nice to accent the good and hide the bad. We went to a nice steakhouse, had a few bottles of wine and then went to a nightclub. Neither of us dance but we did some people watching and had a few more drinks. I took her back to my place. She blew me and then I fucked her doggie style. Then I made my next mistake. I gave her a kiss and fell asleep. It was the first (and only) time I ever kissed her.

When I woke up, I knew she had spent the night with me. Another first. She wasn’t in the bed but I could hear the radio on in the kitchen. I went in there and she was making breakfast in nothing but a t-shirt. I knew right then I had to do two things. Break it off with her, and fuck her where she stood. I had to fuck her to take back control. She started to turn to me and I pushed her back facing away from me. I put her hands face down on the counter, told her not to move, spit in my hand, used it to lube up my cock and shoved it into her. I jammed my cock into her pussy repeatedly. She started to get into it and rested her head on the backs of her hands. I pulled her hair and said:

“Who the fuck told you to put your fucking head down you fuck slut?”

I shot my load into her as a look of confusion came across her face. I pulled my dick out, told her I was going to shower and walked away. I thought I saw a look of sadness on her face but I turned away so I didn’t have to face it. After I washed in the shower, I just stood under the water for a few minutes. All the mean things I did to her, all the nasty names I called her, this was the first time I felt really bad about it. I felt like such a shit. I knew I was right when I decided that morning to end it with her. I had crossed a line trying to cheer her up and I thought she was taking it the wrong way. Like there was more to it then there was. I was working on something for her for about three weeks later and decided that I would go through with that, and then come up with a way to get rid of her. I figured I owed her that one last hurray and it was going to be a good one.

Story 3

I fucked Tracy only twice over the next few weeks. The second time I told her that I was not going to fuck her for the next week cause I had something planned for her and she should be ready at 1:00pm Saturday morning and not expect to be home till about noon the next day. I picked her up and we went shopping. I bought her a nice little maid’s outfit complete with thigh highs, the lace fingerless gloves and CFM pumps. I took her to a salon to get her hair and makeup done. When the woman asked what type of look she was going for, I replied:

“Make her look like a whore. You know, a street walking hooker. We are going to a costume party.”

When I came back to pick her up she looked great. Her hair was teased up. Deep red lipstick and nice eye shadow which really brought out the exotic Latina look in her. We showed up at our final destination, walked up and rang the bell. Dave answered the door in his No Fat Chicks t-shirt.

“Dude, you aren’t supposed to be her for another hour. I was cleaning up.”

“I know. Her salon appointment took a lot less time than I thought it would. By the way Dave, this is the fuck slut. Fuck slut,Dave. Fuck slut, why don’t you go into Dave’s bedroom and put on the outfit we bought today and hang out there till I come get you. I will explain everything to you later.”

She took the bag from my hand, smiled at Dave as he showed her where it was, went inside and closed the door. Dave looked at me and said:

“You know, a little part of me thought you were full of shit. That shit like this doesn’t happen to guys like us. Like me finding Lisa was all the luck that anyone in my circle of friends was going to get. But this takes the cake.”

“Glad you like Dave. How many?”

“I was able to come up with three extra guys. Although one guy said he might be able to bring another guy. So including you and me that 5 maybe 6 guys.”

“I am not partaking tonight. These guys all cool?”

Dave said “At least two of them are for sure. Joe my brother is coming. Jerry is a guy I met when I was with Lisa and have seen him quite a few times since. Ron I don’t know that well. Met him once at a swing party. He said he might be able to bring someone else. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find single guys or guys who wives will let them play around to come to something like this. Most guys with wives or girlfriends hear and right away they want to bring them. I knew you wanted this to be all about Tracy.”

The doorbell started ringing and after about 40 minutes, the gang was all there. Ron was able to bring an extra guy, Paul. They all sat down around the poker table. I went to go get Tracy. When I walked in the bedroom, even I had to admit, she looked like a solid 9 all done up that like. I brought Tracy out to the living room where the hooting and hollering began. When it quieted down I did my speech;

“Gentlemen. Thank you all for coming to poker night. Buy in is a $1000 a guy. Winner takes 60% with the house, that’s me tonight, taking the other 40% to cover drinks, food and entertainment. This is Tracy by the way. She will be the hostess this evening. If you want anything to eat or drink, just ring the bell on the table, Tracy will get it. If you need to cop a feel or a little luck for a particular hand I am sure she will be happy to sit on your lap and help you out with that as well. Anyone loses all their money; they are out of the game. After two hours, anyone still left in will play one last hand to decide what place everyone falls into. Fifth and fourth place will receive a blowjob from Tracy, third and second get to fuck her and first place gets her for an hour…ass included. That’s right Tracy…you are going to be a “prize” for all these men.”

I could see her panties getting moist almost instantly. She did a little twirl and wished them all good luck and skipped into the kitchen. It took about 4 seconds for guys to start ringing the bell. I sat off to the side bored for about twenty minutes before Jerry lost. He came and sat down next to me.

“You want me to call Tracy? You can claim your fifth place prize?”

“There is no rush. I am going to hang out all night,” Jerry said.

I got to know a little about Jerry and Dave was right. He seemed like an ok guy. Mid 50′s, salt and pepper hair and he kept in shape. He had told me that he and his wife were swingers for almost 20 years before he lost her in a car accident about a year ago. He had just got back on the horse 6 weeks ago and told me that all the chicks from the swinging groups were real sympathetic and trying to fuck his brains out to forget. He told me it was a little weird since he was used to going to groups as a couple and now he was a single guy in the group and it just felt weird. We exchanged numbers and decided to go grab a beer one night and trade some more stories.

Shortly after that Paul lost and said:

“Get that chick over here so I can get my blowjob and go.”

She came out of the kitchen, took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. I was sitting on the couch with Jerry when I heard a loud crash and Tracy came out the room yelling “SIR! SIR!!”

“What’s wrong Tracy?”

“I can only do what Sir says and Sir said fifth and fourth place is a blowjob only.”

Paul came out the room yelling “What the fuck? Tell that bitch to get back in here with me now!”

I said “Lets everyone calm down. Tracy, tell me what happened.”

“I will tell you what happened. That cunt…” Paul started.

“Is your fucking name Tracy? No. Tracy, go on. Just tell me what happened.”

“Sir, you said fifth and fourth place only got a blowjob. We went into the room; I sat on the bed, unzipped his fly and took out his cock. I was blowing him for a minute when he grabbed my hair, pulled me up and flung me on the bed face down. He ripped my panties down and I told him to stop. This is not what Sir said. He said he didn’t care what Sir said, that he was in charge now. No one would stop him and that I was just a whore with a hole anyway so what would it matter which one he used. I kicked the bed stand and the lamp fell and broke. I rolled over the bed and came right out here.”

Paul looked at me with a smug who gives a shit attitude. I laid into him:

“Who the fuck do you think you are? She belongs to me. I wouldn’t let you key my car; I wouldn’t let you steal from my wallet. What the fuck makes you think that you can take something that belongs to me after I am nice enough to give you a piece? I think it’s time you grab your shit and go. Ron, you too. You vouched for him, he is your responsibility.”

Paul looked at me defiantly and said “I will leave when I am good and…”

I didn’t even see Jerry get off the couch but I could hear the crack when his fist caught Paul right in the jaw. Paul went down hard but was still conscious. Jerry stood there with his fists clenched and his armed cocked daring him to get back up. Ron picked him up and they got the hell out of there.

“Thank you Jerry,” I said. “Let’s just all have a seat and a drink and just relax for a few minutes.”

Tracy sat with the four of us at the card table and had a drink. She was a bit rattled but calmed down almost immediately after they left. 20 minutes later and she was her usual normal self, sitting next to me and rubbing her hand on my cock under the table.

“Not to sound like the asshole here, but what do we do about the game?” Dave asked.

“Well by looking at the chip count, it looks like you won Dave with Joe in second. Jerry since Ron and Paul were disqualified, I guess that means you are in third. I have a headache so I am going to grab some zzz’s on the couch. Why don’t you three take her in the bedroom? You have until about 11 am tomorrow morning. Make the most of it.”

Tracy looked at me and smiled a wide smile before saying “Jerry that was so hot. My pussy is all wet for you. Joe, you will have to fuck my mouth since Dave got first place, he gets my ass.”

And off to the bedroom they went. I woke up about ten the next morning with a little bit of a hangover. I stayed up and watched some TV and finished a bottle. I went to the bathroom and opened the door to find Tracy sitting on the sink with Jerry between her legs, his mouth on her tit, his cock buried in her pussy and a rag in her mouth. It was to keep her from screaming.

“I woke up about 20 minutes ago with her mouth on my cock. Joe went home about 2 am. We didn’t want to wake Dave or you so we figured we would fuck in here,” Jerry said sounding apologetic.

“No worries. Don’t mind me you two. I just have to pee. Jerry feel free to fuck her ass now as well. It must have been hell on her to have three cocks and only one in her ass.”

“Will you stay and watch me get fucked Sir?”

Jerry pulled her off the sink and put her on a towel on her hands and knees on the floor, changed condoms before he slid his cock into her ass. I sat on the bowl and watch as he slowly pulled his cock till it was almost all the way out and then rammed it back into her. Watching her get fucked got me hard. She inched over with Jerry inching right behind her till she could take my cock in her mouth. She slowly swirled her tongue over the tip. She ran her tongue up and down the sides. She was looking me in the eyes the whole time. She was making love to my cock with her mouth. Jerry said that he was going to cum just as the door opened and a sleepy eyed Dave walked in.

“I can’t get it up any more and you are still fucking?” Dave said.

He watched as Jerry came in her ass and I pulled out and came on Tracy’s face. It was time to call it a night…or day.

A week later I had told Dave that I was getting rid of Tracy. It was getting to be like a full time job trying to come up with stuff for her to do without it getting boring for her. Add that to the mistakes I made and the fact I was worried that she was getting attached. Dave shrugged his shoulders and said:

“Too bad you can’t trade her in like a used car.”

“You just gave me a great idea. Hand me the phone.”

After my phone call, I sent a text to Tracy and told her to be at home tonight and that I was going to call her. I wasn’t sure how she was going to react but I wasn’t man enough to do it face to face. I figured phone would be best. It was the best way for me not to lose my nerve.

“Hi Tracy. I am glad that you are home. We have to talk. There is no easy way to say this, so I am just going to come out and say it. I’ve sold you.”


“I sold you. Well not sold you but traded you is more like it. Remember that guy Jerry from Dave’s poker game. He is going to take over duties as your Dom. I will have some rules for you and him but I will go over those when I take you to his house tomorrow night. He said he would listen to what my terms were and then he would decide yes or no on the spot. Do you have any questions? Please don’t start to cry,” I said. I had heard a small whimper over the phone.

“I… I… I’m not crying. I just came. I wasn’t touching myself or even remotely turned on before we spoke but I had an orgasm and my panties and jeans are soaked. I… uh… Is this even possible?”

She was in a bit of shock and to be honest so was I. The very idea of being thought of as property turned her on to the point of almost immediate orgasm. I was kind of relieved. I knew that meant she was going to be ok with this. My conditions weren’t so rough that I was sure Jerry would be too. It seemed like a formality. After Jerry let us in and the hellos were passed out, I began to talk:

“OK Jerry, I only have three rules for you taking her over. Rule 1 is that there will be no pain just for pains sake. It has to be for pleasure, either yours of hers but there must be pleasure. Rule 2 she can call you anything but Sir. That’s reserved for me. And Rule 3, she belongs to me. She always will. Just because I am giving you her master duties don’t mean anything. I can always over ride you, or come take her back. If she calls me and tells me you hurt her for no pleasure, I will come take her back. If you decide to get rid of her she comes back to me so I can find her a suitable replacement. But she will always belong to me. Any questions?”

Jerry said “Just one. Is it ok if I fuck her without a condom? I hate those damn things.”

“She is yours. That is up to you.”

With that I took my leave. I guess things worked out well since Tracy never called.


Three years later, I was two states over visiting my sister. I had to swing by the local mall since I forgot to get her kid a birthday gift. I decided to do some window shopping since watching a bad clown was not my idea of fun. I had heard it, but couldn’t imagine it was for me as the only people I knew in the state were at that party.

“Sir. Sir. SIR!!”

I turned around on the third sir to see Tracy standing there with a guy on her arm. She ran up to me and gave me a big hug.

“It’s so good to see you. Sir…I mean Steve. This is Frank, my Fiancée. Frank, this is Steve.”

I shook his hand, congratulated them on the engagement and asked how she has been.

“I am doing well. If you got time for coffee, we can get a little caught up. Frank you said you had to hit up the sporting goods store. We will be in the food court having coffee. Just head over when you are done. Shall we?” Tracy said as she reached out and took my hand.

Angel looked at the sleeping man tied spread eagle on the futon and thought about how she had gotten him there. Every weekend she got together with a few friends and played poker. Becky used to pick on Angel saying she needed a sex slave. So when Casper had agreed to play strip poker Angel decided she would follow Becky’s advice and see what it would be like to have a sex slave.

Casper looked so sexy washing the dishes with a hard-on. And when he had to run outside to get the firewood Angel felt herself getting wet just at the knowledge that she could make him do anything she wanted. The only problem was how could she make the most of this amazing opportunity. So while he was tied she called Becky to come over.

It was Becky’s idea to shave him, Angel wasn’t sure at first but now she was glad they had. His muscles were clearly visible with no hair to block her view. He was athletic without being bulky. The kind of build you would expect of a cyclist or swimmer. Angel thought he was gorgeous.

Becky had sucked him hard before the shaving. Angel watched his face as Becky expertly worked him almost to climax. For some reason Angel got even more aroused knowing he didn’t know who was pleasuring him. From the beginning Angel had been taking pictures, she figured she would show Casper one day what all see had done to him, but for now they were just for her to show off to her friends if she wanted to.

After Casper finally fell asleep Becky left to go pick up a few things and promised to return in the morning. Angel sat up watching this man sleep. She wondered if he liked her or if he just was interested in what every other guy had always wanted. He was always nice to her and although he did look at her now and then, he had never said anything that would let her know he was interested in her.

Angel did go to sleep but kept waking up to put more wood on the fire. She could always get a blanket but Casper was on display and couldn’t do anything if he started getting cold.

When morning came Becky showed up, as promised, with a brown bag full of ‘toys’. She pulled out a small silver toy less than two inches long with a wired remote called a bullet, a rubber cock ring with another bullet attached, small butt plug, two vibraters, and a rubber ball gag. Angel had a dido herself but the other things were all new to her. Becky gave a brief lesson on what everything was including four wrist and ankle straps to make changing the position he is in easier. Angel wasn’t sure if she wanted to use the butt plug so it was put back in the bag. Becky got batteries in everything and put the toys near Casper so everything would be quick and easy to get to. Becky took the bullet and turned it on low, then letting it hang by the control wire, ran it along Casper’s flaccid cock. Slowly it started to harden. Angel took one of the vibraters and after turning it on tickled Casper’s nipples. Angel started to giggle as those too got hard. It wasn’t long and Casper was fully awake. Helpless to do anything only to hope he would be allowed release. Both girls stopped their assault on Casper’s body and prepared for the next stage in the morning game. Becky pulled off her shirt leaving her 36c breasts contained in only a silky black bra. Next her jeans lowered over her full legs exposing matching panties. Angel had never seen Becky undressed but looking at her now she was very attractive.

Both Becky and Angel were about the same size. Not too thin but not caring extra weight around. Angel had blonde hair while Becky had dark brown. Angel’s hair was about four inches past her shoulders but Becky wore hers shorter to about chin length. Angel had held true to what she had told Casper and was once again wearing the bra and thong he had seen her wearing earlier the night before. Becky slid her panties down her thighs and Angel got her first look at her pussy. Unlike Angel, Becky wasn’t completely shaved, she left a thin strip of dark brown hair. It looked sexy against her warm skin tone. Becky unclasp her bra and stood naked for the first time in front of Angel. Angel removed what little clothing she had on, trying not to stare at Becky’s hot body. Angel watched as Becky climbed over Casper straddling his face. She lowered enough that he could tell she was there and he could barely touch skin if he reached as far as he could with his tongue. Angel placed the cock ring over both Casper’s cock and balls turning the attached bullet on.

Precum dripped from his raging member. Casper still had no idea that anyone other than Angel was in the small cabin and for now she wanted it to stay that way. Angel watched her friend lowering herself on the same mouth that got her off the night before. And suddenly realized Becky wasn’t shaved, he might notice.

” Wait, don’t, he might tell the difference. I had him eat me last night, before you came over.”

“So? He’s a slave why does it matter?” Becky asked.

“I just don’t want him to know yet. Later he will know but I don’t want him to figure it out just yet.” Reluctantly Becky pulled her pussy away from Casper’s face. His cock was throbbing with a puddle of precum forming on his waist. Angel licked him clean after Becky was clear of his body and climbed on top this time preparing to lower herself onto that waiting cock. Angel was already wet from watching Casper all morning. Her pussy easily opened welcoming him into her warm insides. She moved farther down until she had taken it all inside. Slowly she moved at first. Casper’s cock filling her more than anything ever had before. It wasn’t going to take long to reach her climax with his cock filling her and how horny she had gotten. Angel ran her hands across Casper’s freshly shaven chest. Feeling the flexing of his muscles as he moved the little amount he could. Angel couldn’t believe she was having sex with someone else in the room. She looked over and Becky was actually masturbating while watching Angel riding Casper.

Angel couldn’t take it any longer she felt her pussy start contracting around the massive cock she was filled with.

The walls of her pussy pulsed and contracted pushing Casper over the edge. With all the teasing that he had done to him he was more than ready. He shot load after load deep into her wet pussy. His entire body seemed to be cumming. His stomach tightening as he filled her body. Angel couldn’t believe how hard Casper shot inside her. It was amazing. She collapsed on top of Casper kissing him passionately.

Amazingly the kiss wasn’t that of a slave kissing his master but a kiss of two lovers made for each other.

Becky got the straps ready to put on Casper. Angel helped get Casper standing allowing his hands to hang behind him.

“Everyone still getting here at 10?” Becky asked

“What? Oh, damn I forgot the game. I better get ready, I’m going to get a shower real quick.” Angel ran into the bathroom and started her shower cleaning herself well, over and over thinking about that kiss. Was she imagining things?

When Angel finished her shower and exited the bathroom she saw Casper standing immobile next to the card table. Becky looked over and said “I figure you would want to show him off during the game.”

“Sure, why not, that could be fun” Angel replied

Becky had gotten dressed back in her bra and panties but hadn’t gotten the rest of the way dressed. “Why don’t we have everyone play dressed in only bra and panties. then once someone goes broke they can trade their clothes to whoever is in the lead.” Becky was loving this “I bet Rachel is nude in 30 mins.” Becky let out a full laugh

“I would love to see her with nothing covering her red bush” Angel couldn’t believe she said that but Rachel was always acting like she was better than everyone and she loved the idea of seeing her loose her shirt (literally)

“Ok, I will tell everyone that they have to leave their clothes at the door then I’ll put them all outside so the looser has to leave naked to get them.”

It wasn’t long before the girls showed up. Rachel wasn’t sure at first about the only bra and panties thing, but when Nancy stripped right there on the porch, she did the same not wanting to be out done. The girls looked at the blindfolded man tied next to the table.

“Is he the prize tonight?” Nancy asked.

“We’ll see. I’m not sure if i want to bet him just yet.” Angel answered.

The game started as normal with each starting with $5 and a min bid of a quarter. Maybe it was the naked cock in the room but everyone was betting higher than normal. Rachel was falling behind as usual and was soon broke. Angel was slightly in the lead with $7.50.

“I’ll buy your bra and panties for 2.50″ Angel offered. Rachel thought for a minute She looked about to fold out of the game until Becky offered to pay an additional dollar. Rachel stood up and removed her red bra and panties. Her skin was extremely pale and the thin line of pubic hair proved that her red hair was natural. Slowly Rachel continued to loose the money she had gained by selling her clothes, but Nancy wasn’t gaining any ground and soon found herself with nothing to bet. She also agreed to forfit her under garments to continue playing.

Nancy was slender with medium brown hair. She took off her basic white bra and panties and handed them too Becky. Becky collected both sets of clothing and excused herself to get refills on drinks. Unknown to everyone else Becky soaked all the undergarments in water and placed them in the freezer.

Angel looked around the room and realized that everyone except her was nude. She still held the lead in the game and if she could keep it up then even Becky would be soon have nothing to add to the pot. Angel couldn’t help but wonder what Casper must be thinking tied as he was without being able to see or hear. Angel thought she would bring him into the game as a sort of prize.

When Becky returned to the game with a fresh drink for everyone Angel announced that she wanted to maker the game more exciting.

“Why don’t we have the winner of each hand pick something the loosers have to do in addition to the normal bet? Each looser has to do one thing.”

Of course Becky was very quick to agree having her dominate personality. Nancy agreed easily forcing Rachel to agree or wuss out.

The first hand Angel won with a full house jacks over threes. Becky had three nines ace high. Rachel and Nancy both had a pair. Rachel with a pair of kings beating Nancy’s pair of tens.

“Since you were the highest, Becky, you get to suck him hard, I am tired of it not standing out. Rachel you and Nancy get to make out. And I don’t mean just kiss I want you making out.”

Becky got on her knees facing Casper’s cock, it didn’t take her long to get him hard again. Nancy and Rachel took a little longer. They kissed lightly at first but slowly the kisses got deeper and although you wouldn’t have thought they were long time lovers, to watch the kiss was still erotic.

The next hand was dealt and bets were placed. The monetary portion of the game didn’t seem to matter since all of the losers had to do something the winner said. So no one wanted to chance losing.

Rachel won the next hand and was quick to order both Angel and Becky to strip. Nancy was told to lick Casper’s cock. Rachel seemed proud that she got everyone as naked as she was. Everyone did as instructed and the four women resumed their game.

Becky won the next hand. Rachel was ordered onto her back and Nancy was instructed to tease her pussy with one of the didos Becky had brought earlier. While Angel was to suck and lick Rachel’s nipples. Rachel was reluctant at first but it was part of what they were betting now and she wasn’t going to welch on a bet. Rachel laid down on the table putting her feet flat legs wide. Her face was turning red. Becky thought it was great how embarrassed she was getting.

None of them were gay and of the four girls only Becky had ever been with a girl before. Becky was enjoying the power she was having and wanted to make the most of it. Nancy took the dido and positioned herself between Rachel’s legs. The contact was light and brief with the toy turned on about half way. Angel leaned over Rachel’s breast. They were a large B cup and looked perfectly sized for her small frame. She was only five foot two inches tall and maybe ninety pounds. Angel placed her mouth over Rachel’s light colored nipple. She ran her tongue in small circles around her nipple occasionally sucking and pulling with her lips. Rachel closed her eyes and the contact between her legs and on her breast became more constant. Little did anyone know but Becky had a camera recording everything that was happening.

Becky smiled internally as she saw her plan starting to come together. By the end of the afternoon all three other women would be answering to her, and once Angel was her slave Casper would be hers to break. Becky had gone to a few slave parties and really enjoyed forcing both men and women to do humiliating things. The teasing on Rachel’s body soon came to an end much to Rachel’s dismay. She was beginning to enjoy it.

“How about if the winner gets the loosers as slaves like your boyfriend over here?” Becky asked.

“That puts too much on one hand, but we could have the winner get the person with the lowest hand. That wouldn’t be too much” Angel responded “and the other two loosers still have to do one thing the winner says.”

“So the lowest hand gets tied up, and has to be the winners slave?” Nancy asked, “Sounds good to me. What about you Rachel?”

Rachel thought for a minute, “How long is the looser a slave?”

“Well Casper is my slave the rest of the weekend, how does that sound?” Angel stated. Everyone agreed and the hand was dealt. Angel looked at her hand She had 2 kings, a five, a seven and an two. not the worst hand but not exactly great. She held the kings and drew the remaining 3, this was it, what would happen. Angel drew a six, seven and a queen, she was screwed, Nancy laid her cards down, she had 2 nines, a seven, a two, and a king. Angel was safe. Rachel placed her cards on the table after Angel, a seven, a eight, queen, King and ace. She was in last place it was up to Becky’s hand to see who won, Angel or Becky. 2 eights, a three and 2 jacks. Becky now owned Rachel the rest of the weekend.

Becky took Rachel and tied her hands together and placed the rope over one of the cabin’s exposed rafters and pulled Rachel to her tip toes, securing her there.

“Angel get on your knees and deepthroat his cock. Nancy use that dildo on Rachel.” Becky was loving getting to order her friends around. “Wait I changed my mind, Nancy use the dildo on Angel as she is sucking that cock. Rachel only gets to watch.”

Angel got on her knees and took Casper’s cock in her mouth. Nancy got behind her and started to rub the dildo on Angel’s pussy. Angel was wet from all the sexual experiences she had been having this weekend so the dildo easily started sliding in. Angel worked Casper’s cock as deep as she could gagging as the dildo would get deep. Angel felt overwhelmed with sexual pleasure tasting Casper’s cock while still getting her pussy filled. over and over the dildo penetrated her body as she worked Casper’s cock deep in her throat. Then Becky told them they were done and the stimulation was over.

“Are you guys up for another hand?” Becky asked.

“What would the bet be? You already have Rachel as a slave and I have Casper. what would happen if Nancy wins? it would be weird if Nancy owned one of us while we had our own slave.” Angel said.

“If I have the lowest hand I will give Rachel to the winner and you can give Casper if you were to loose and if Nancy looses she will answer to the winner for the rest of the weekend.”

“I think I will sit this one out for now maybe later.” Angel responded. “I want to enjoy my winnings and Casper still doesn’t know anyone else is here and wouldn’t even know he was being bet”

“What about you Nancy? Are you up for another hand?” Becky asked.

“I think I’ll sit this out too. I might head home in a little bit.” Nancy said.

Becky shrugged her shoulders and went over to Rachel. She pulled out a ball gag and secured it in Rachel’s mouth. Nancy and Angel just watched as Becky prepared Rachel. Rachel was secured bent over the back of a chair with her arms tied to the front legs and her ankles to the back Becky made sure Rachel saw the camera as she took pictures of every position and every part of her body. Clothes pins were placed on each nipple, Becky flipped the pins a few times and Rachel’s eyes begged for it to stop. Becky found the butt plug that she had brought and covered it with lube. Rachel watched as Becky covered the plug with lube then going behind her, she started the insertion. Rachel’s eyes got huge and she started shaking her head “no” as it went deeper, finally, it was all the way in her. More clothes pins were placed on her pussy holding her lips open slightly. Becky went to the porch and picked up a bag.

Nancy watched as Becky removed multiple sexual devices, some she had never seen before and others as simple a dildo. Rachel couldn’t move at all as more clothes pins were placed around her breast. Becky pulled a huge dildo from her bag and got behind Rachel. The clothes pins on her pussy were slapped a few times causing tears to flow down the helpless Rachel’s face. Then Becky started to work the massive toy between Rachel’s open lips and into her pussy. Nancy nor Angel had ever seen a toy that large and it was being slowly inserted in their friend. Rachel’s eyes got wide in disbelief. The dildo was worked over and over going deeper each time. It had to be over a foot long and only a third of it was in so far.

“I think you are hurting her.” Nancy told Becky.

“You can take her place if you want. I did offer to play you another hand.” Becky responded, “the offer still stands I’m willing to bet her against you. If I win I get you as my slave and if you win you get her. It’s up to you.” Becky continued to work the toy deeper into Rachel’s pussy.

“Okay but if I win you have to leave everything here and leave just as you are.”

Becky thought for a while, then agreed, “ok but I win you have to submit to ANYTHING I say without question” Becky started to deal.

The game was 5 card draw with nothing wild. Nancy checked her cards as they were dealt. There would be no changing the bet or backing out now.

“Ok this is good 7, queen, 10, queen and another 7″ Nancy thought.

Nancy discarded the 10. And was dealt another 10. Becky took three. Time for the moment of truth.Nancy placed her hands face up and waited for Becky. 5 another 5 a jack then another jack. Becky slammed the last card on the table. Another 5, Nancy lost. She had to do everything, no mater how bad, that Becky told her too.

Angel watched her friends loose their freedom and decided she would stay out of it and enjoy the only cock in the room.

Casper was tied with his arms over head cock facing everyone. Angel took his cock in her mouth and worked it to full size. She bent over and pressed her pussy against his cock. She worked his cock against her very wet pussy. His cock slides smoothly over her clit. Angel felt her Pussy open to welcome the hard member behind her. She watched as Nancy crawled to Becky and softly kissed her pussy. Deeper the cock entered her body. Is Nancy actually eating Becky out? Angel let that thought fade as she lost herself in the pleasure of having her pussy filled. She thrust his cock deeper and deeper working her pussy quickly. Casper was thrusting back with her and the feeling of his body slapping against her ass was quickly bringing her towards orgasm. Angel worked Casper’s cock fully in and out. Feeling the full length of him deep in her body.

Nancy continued to pleasure Becky. Becky was in a position that she could work the massive dildo in and out of Rachel’s pussy.

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