I love the way he man-handles me. The way he worships my curves. I’m only four kilograms lighter than his 84, 162cm’s in height to his 175 and yet he tosses me around as though I’m nothing.

He grabs me to him, possessing me, attacking my mouth with his own. Grasps my soft flesh firmly with his strong hands. Squeezes and smoothes his hands across me; my belly, my hips, my arse, my upper arms, my breasts. Sucking at my ear lobes, pulling them wetly into his mouth then releasing them. He squeezes my full breasts with those hands some more, lifting and separating and lifting again.

I barely have time to catch my breath before he’s kissing me again, plundering my mouth with his tongue. Now he moves to my neck, kissing and licking, nipping that spot just below my ear – the one that makes me gasp loudly it feels so good.

“Let’s go to bed,” he mutters in my ear, before backing me down the hall, his mouth re-fused to mine. His hands are clamped on my arse, my “luscious, peachy bum.”

“Peachy,” I giggle, the first time he tells me this.

“I love it.” He’d replied, and love it he did.

We’re in the bedroom and now he’s tearing down my pants, reefing off my knickers. He pulls me to him once again, kissing me ferociously, one hand cradling the back of my head, the other reaching down to tease my mons. His fingers slide lower, into my slick heat, and he groans into my mouth. Then backs me towards it, and pushes me on the bed.

He follows closely after, re-attaching his mouth to mine, nudging my legs apart with one strong thigh. He hooks his hips between them, widening them further, and with one sure stroke he’s inside me, thick and hard, filling me up so completely I cry out in shock. I don’t have a chance to recover before he starts up a rhythm, I wrap my plump legs around his slim hips and hang on for dear life.

He’s kissing my neck again now, holding my head in place with his hands, the thumb of his right hand hooked around into my mouth so I can suck it. I suck it hard, lick at it, bite it gently, roll it over my tongue. I wish it was his cock and I tell him so, around his thumb.

“What’s that?” he mumbles, distracted, against my neck.

I spit out his thumb.

“I want your dick in my mouth.”

He thrusts into me, HARD. My head falls back and I cry out again, with the pleasure/pain. I swear he swells to twice the size inside of me, and I squeeze hard with my pussy. He growls at me, pulling my head up to look him in the eye.

“I love that.” He tells me. I squeeze him again.


I whimper as he abruptly pulls out, grasping under each of my knees to spread me even wider before burying his face between my legs. The suction on my clit is so intense I cum almost immediately. He jams two thick fingers in me and I start screaming. It feels so fucking good and the pleasure goes on and on as he repeated hooks his fingers up and on the spot beneath my bladder.

Mercifully, his fingers begin to slow and finally withdraw and I feel myself come back to earth. He’s lapping at me now, licking up all my juices, telling me I taste so fucking sweet and he just can’t get enough.

My breathing is returning to normal but I’m still in a daze as he leaves my quim and kisses his way back up. Over my mons, over my belly which he pays particular attention to, to my breasts which he lays a kiss on each. He kisses up my neck to my mouth and I eagerly accept his tongue, tasting my honey on his lips.

“I love you,” I tell him. “I love you.”

“I know,” he answers, and enters me again.

He rolls us so that I’m above him, his glorious cock still inside me. I’m still recovering from my orgasm but I squeeze him all the same because I know how much he loves it. He scoots down and lifts me so that he’s still inside me but can reach my tits with his mouth. I brace my arms on the bed on either side of his head and watch as he cups each full breast, squeezing one, while guiding the other to suck at it.

His mouth pulls strongly on my large puffy nipple, they’re dark pink and I love it when he handles them roughly. He doesn’t disappoint, pulling his head back with my nipple in his mouth, stretching out the flesh and causing ripples of pleasure to spread through me. The hand on my other breast clasps it so firmly, I’ll have bruises again tomorrow but I don’t care – it feels so good.

He releases my right nipples from his mouth and it glistens wetly as he stares at it in satisfaction. He moves to the left, biting and sucking before moving his mouth up to the fleshy side of my boob and sucks hard, raising a hickey. The pleasure builds further and I start to grind up and down on his rod, rubbing my clit against his pubic bone.

Suddenly, he flips me again before pulling out of me. Before I can protest, he’s wrenching open my legs and diving between them once more to eat my cunt.

He uses long, luscious licks this time, his tongue flattened against me as he licks me from my slit to my clit. He licks and licks, getting me hotter and hotter, making meal of me with all the appreciative sounds men make when eating something pleasurable. Then without preamble, he dips lower, swirling his tongue over and around my pursed little arsehole. His tongue becomes insistent, trying to gain entry, but I’m not ready for that yet, and can’t let him.

He grunts in exasperation and flips me again, pulling me up onto my knees and positioning me, lining his cock up again and thrusting into my cunt. The different angle feels so good, so very good and before I know it I’m crying out uncontrollably again, screaming out my pleasure as his thrust drive me into the headboard of his bed.

My pussy is squeezing his cock with my cum and he pulls out. Not ready to cum yet, he tells me, before shoving my legs wider apart and applying his mouth to my arse once more. This time I’m ready to let him get his tongue inside me, this time I want to feel it slip wetly into me and he groans against me as he makes it inside. His fingers are inside my pussy, now they pull my wetness back, bathing my puckered little hole with my juices.

He pushes me onto my side and spoons me, one leg bent back over his hip. His fingers continue to stroke my pussy, pushing my cream down to my other hole. His other hand lovingly strokes my belly, while he whispers in my ear how luscious I am. How he wants to get me pregnant and watch me grow. How he wants to see my breasts fill with milk. But for now, how he wants to fuck my arse.

We’ve never done it before. He tried once and I freaked out. I’ve never had it there and wasn’t ready. I’m ready now.

I wiggle my peachy arse against his hard cock and without another word, he lines it up against my slippery little hole, and begins to push. I cry out in pain and it begins to breech the band of muscles protecting it.

“Push out baby. Like you’re taking a shit.”

“Ew,” I giggle, but give it a try. He slips in a little further and while it still hurts, the pain has lessened.

He slips in slowly, a little at a time, letting me get used to him. Each time he gently thrusts, I push out like he said, and slowly but surely he makes his way in until finally, his balls are resting against my pussy.

I reach back curiously to feel where he’s inside of me. I feel really full, and it’s not an especially pleasurable feeling, but it’s not unpleasant either. I give an experimental wiggle and he begins to pull out.

It still feels weird until he begins to slide back in and then it begins to hurt. My small cries of pain seem to excite him, and unbelievably he swells even further inside of me. He grips my hips.

“Push out baby, keep pushing out.”

I do so and this time, when he pushes back in, it actually starts to feel good. I notice some kind of pressure at the top of my back entrance, which feels as though it’s sending tingles to my clit.

I reach down to rub at my button and the pleasure increases. Oh my god. I had no idea.

Now I’m pushing back to meet his thrusts, and he’s gripping my hips hard enough to leave more bruises. The sensation of that great, hard rod sliding in and out of me is totally different from how it feels in my pussy, but it feels just as good. He’s powering in and out of my now, as I scrub furiously at my clit. He moves a hand down from my hip to slide a finger inside my cunt and the feeling of having two holes full of him is too much. Pleasure spreads from the area above my arsehole, to my clit and inside my cunt and I explode with an orgasm so powerful I black out a little. But not before I feel him detonate inside my back channel, going off and off, the tightness allowing me to feel every last bit of it.

When I come to, he’s softening inside of me.

“That was unbelievable,” he tells me, kissing the back of my neck.

He slips from me, turning onto his back and pulling me into his side.

“I took your cherry,” he teases gently, placing his hand on my behind.

“I love you,” I tell him, and fall asleep in his arms.

I lead you upstairs and into our bedroom, turn to you and kiss you deeply. Another wonderful evening of lovemaking about to start. As I unzip your uniform to the waist I kiss you deeply and lift the tunic over your head. I run my hands all over your soft full plump breasts and soft midriff and moan as I do so, already lost in your curves. I unzip your uniform trousers and ease them down over your wide soft hips and fat bottom – you are standing in our bedroom, in just your underwear, and look just simply the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen – full, round, beautiful and mine. I unclip your bra and sinking to my knees take hold of your breasts and start to suck one of your plump nipples into my mouth – I pull on it firmly, but not too hard, my tongue caressing under it, my lips squeezing and pulling it longer – you moan loudly at the pressure and the suction I am applying to it. I roll your other nipple between my fingers and thumb and pull your plumpness onto me, my arm around your luscious fat bottom, my hand full of your fleshy cheeks. I swap nipples, pulling and sucking that one deeply into my mouth, pulling your body ever closer to me.

I ease your knickers down over your wide glorious hips and taking a hold of each plump cheek pull you into me further still. I push you onto the bed and lick you from arsehole to clitoris in one deep wet lingering slurp. You shiver as you know what I’m going to do to you.

I move a pillow onto the floor to kneel on and manoeuvre another pillow underneath your luscious fat bottom to lift you up for better access to everything. I spread your plump thighs wide, wide open and ask you to hold them apart with your hands. I hold you under your plump cheeks and lick your whole pussy, from the opening to heaven to your shiny little clitoris. You shiver and moan. I concentrate on your clit at first, licking and lapping at it, long rasping licks, then as you get wetter I flick rapidly over it, my tongue hard and urgent. You are moaning more loudly now. Put your hand inside me, you moan.

I move my focus down slightly and push my tongue inside your pussy. It feels wet, slippery and viscous under my tongue, and I bathe my whole face in your spread-apart cunt, tongue-fucking you really deeply, my hands under your arse-cheeks, pulling you harder onto the onslaught of my tongue. You feel the whole contour of my face on the softness of your pussy, my lips and tongue as they fuck you deep and searching, my nose pressing against the labia, and you push your cunt onto me even harder. I love it so much!

Are you ready, I ask – you moan loudly as I take some lube onto my hand and push two fingers inside you. I rotate them so my finger pads are pointing up and start to apply direct pressure to your G-spot. You moan really loudly as I press onto it in a curved, rocking motion. More, you moan, more. I add a third finger, then a fourth, and my hand sinks further into you, my thumb still outside at this point, thumbing your clitoris. My face is very close to your pussy as I push four fingers into you and rock them into you, all in a vertical line. I look up at your beautiful face, and know its time. I don’t speak, but as my fingers come out at the end of the in and out stroke I curl my thumb into my palm and push my whole hand inside you on the in-stroke.

As at the very beginning, and as at every single time since, and there have been very many, as during our secret days I would fist you two or three times over the course of a day, I feel a massive rush, an acceleration of feeling and emotion as I enter your body. I am well past my wrist bone, my whole hand inside your pussy, and I just rotate slightly at first as you open up, and then you contract involuntarily around my hand and wrist. As I rotate my hand I start to slowly corkscrew my hand so the pumping motion has a twisting aspect to it too.

You moan as I increase the depth and range of the twisting, rotating motion of my hand. I lower my tongue to your clitoris and start to lick it as I fist you deeply. I remove my hand completely then re-insert it deep and swift, making you cry out with pleasure. I increase the range of each stroke, so on the way in my thumb is in a line with my fingers and is then concertina-ed into my palm as I reach your cervix. On the outward stroke it falls back into the line, and this repeated widening and narrowing of the dimensions of my fist-fucking add to your moaning. I speed up my licking, as I feel your breathing getting more and more laboured as you approach your climax. I am shuttling my whole hand back and forth into you deeply, my tongue licking you as fast and hard as I can, as you start to cum. Your cries are loud, unrestrained, get louder and more sustained as your climax lasts and lasts. I only stop when you push my head away from your clitoris and squeeze your thighs together to restrict access to your pussy.

As always you take ages to get your breath back and come back down to earth from those massive fisting orgasms. I wrap you close in my arms and when you can you kiss me again we kiss and I hold you close for a few minutes but then my cock rears it’s demanding head and I turn you onto your knees to fuck you. I lick you from pussy to arse again but linger on your arse, licking over and over it, pushing gently with my tongue. I take some lube into my fingers and rub it all over your arsehole, and gently, carefully push one finger in – just a little at first, but as you are so turned on by the very recent fisting I quickly sink my forefinger all the way in. You moan as you know I am going to fuck your arse very soon. I pull my finger out and start to tongue your arsehole – gently at first, then pushing in deeper and deeper. I am pushing a good inch into your arse with my tongue and you are moaning very loudly by now. I move back and ease one finger, them another into your arse – are you ready I ask?

Yes, yes you moan, fuck my arse really hard.

I kneel up, continue to push two fingers into your arse carefully, and pump some lube onto the head and shaft of my rock hard cock. I nudge just half a centimetre in and pause, gently rocking back and forth, my cock just inside you – I feel your arse relax around me and nudge the head into you – I pause again then ever so gently push my cock deep into your arse till I can’t get any deeper and I am fully buried, tip to balls, inside your luscious fat bottom. I pause a moment again, then start to push into you, slowly at first, hard, deep and long.

It feels so different from your pussy, hotter, tighter, more snug, much more naughty….I hold your hips tightly and start to fuck you harder – I pull out momentarily and put some more lube on the head of my cock, smear it all over the head and shaft, then push back into you, hot and hard. I am very very aroused, and my cock feels like an iron bar. You are moaning in deep satisfaction as I arse-fuck you very hard, pounding with as much as force as I fuck your pussy. I pull out again, and pull my foreskin back tightly and hold it pulled back as I push into you so you feel the hard barb opening you. Do you like that, I ask – you just moan and I repeat this over and over – I see you lean forward and one arm disappearing under your body and I know you are fingering your clit as I fuck your gorgeous fat bottom.

I speed up as that really turns me on and then all of a rush I feel my own climax hurtle down my shaft – I hold you tight as I shudder again and again into you, and I cry out as each contraction pumps cum deep into your arse. My breathing is a right state as you sink down onto the bed, my cock still firmly impaled inside you, inside your luscious bottom. I lie on top of you still as we both get out breath back – then I roll off and lie next to you, holding you very tight.

I had seen one of Premier Inn’s periodic giveaway offers and booked three of four up a few months ago. I booked two Thursday evenings after your work, one Thursday during the day and a Monday night. The 3rd October was the first Thursday and wow was it a good one!!!

We weren’t going to have that much time as you’d probably be getting there about 7.45 and we’d have to go about 9.15, but we did cram a lot in…..

So I check in and wait for you to get there – I go back downstairs and as always I pin you to the wall of the lift as we go up to our room. We come together like North and South poles of a magnet kissing deeply immediately, clothes coming off very quickly and I sit or rather sprawl in the armchair. You take a little lube onto your hand and start to wank me in that leisurely, hugely sexual way you always do – I tell you to suck me but you make me wait a little, enjoying the feel of my big hard cock in your palm. It is almost hypnotic the way you do it, then you do sink to your knees and take me into your warm, wet, sucking mouth and you start to suck me as you pump my shaft up and down in that deliciously leisurely way again.

You sit right back on your heels as you suck so you can look up and I can see your beautiful face as you do so. You push my foreskin all the way down with your lips as you suck me in deep. You build up a wonderful sucking rhythm using your hand as well – you pull my cock back toward you a little, and look up at me as you suck – your eyes are fixed on mine, your mouth full of my hard curved cock – but actually it’s not mine but yours now and as you suck me you know that deep in your heart. You are sucking me the way you do when you want me to fill your mouth with my seed but I want to fuck you very hard.

I tell you to lie on the bed and as I put a couple of pillows under your beautiful bottom you know what I am about to do. I place a pillow on the floor and start to lick your pussy – I push my tongue into your pussy, lick your clitoris a little and reach for the lube. You shiver cos you know what I am about to do. I take some lube onto my finger and rub it gently onto your arsehole, just getting it nice and lubricated but without applying any inward pressure. I start to lick your arsehole in long flat strokes, while at the same time my hands are very busy – one is fingering your clitty, the other squeezing your beautiful plump belly. I increase the pressure on your arsehole and start to press inwards with my tongue. You start to moan as my tongue presses in deeper, up to a good centimetre – I move my fingers from your clit and push one finger quite deep inside your arse. I move it round and round in little circles – you grip me tightly but I feel you relax a little – I resume tongue-fucking your arsehole again, this time deeper and more insistent.

My cock is like an iron bar by now and I stand up. You move your luscious plump bottom nearer to the edge of the bed and spread your thighs wide wide open. I pour lube on my cockhead and shaft and get it good and covered.

I nudge my cock to the entrance to your arse and nudge in just a half a centimetre or so – I rock back and forth pushing gently – I nudge the head in and pause – you catch your breath and I just hold it steady a few moments – I feel your arse relax some more and I press a little further in – you moan loudly – not in pain but as I start to fill your back passage with my hot thick manhood. Are you ready I whisper – you moan a quiet yes and I gently press all the way in. Your arse is now full of my hard curved cock.

You gasp as I take hold of your thighs and start to arse-fuck you gently. My knees are on the edge if the mattress and I start to build up a rhythm – I am slipping on the carpet though and adjust my position. I keep slipping so tell you to move further onto the bed and turn onto all 4s. I grasp the head of my cock and push right into your arse in one deep hard movement. You gasp and I start to pound you hard, really hard. I take hold of your hair in one hand and pull your head back firmly. I slap your fat bottom hard as I pull your hair and start to fuck you really hard.

I know I am going to cum in your arse – can feel the tingling and tightening in my balls and along my shaft-. I pick up speed till I am slamming into you just as hard as I when I fuck your pussy. You can sense I am getting near and as I start to moan so do you – I feel my seed boil and I explode inside your beautiful fat bottom – massive shudders as I fill you very deeply. After I cum you lie prone and I stay inside you, my cock still hard, your arse full of cock and cum. It takes me ages to calm down and I lie in you and envelop you – I learn later my cum stayed inside your arse till the small hours.

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