plump lips

Merve got fucked up the ass; when I pulled my cock out, it felt moist and semi-lubricated- a satisfactory feeling. I met this fine specimen of a girl on the internet (not a big surprise for me.) She is easily the most attractive girl (physically more than anything) I’ve ever seen. Her skin looked supple in her photos, her lips deliciously plump, and her eyes big and dynamic. I became instantly obsessed with her; she caused me to become tumid with lust.

After about 4 months of messaging her via a pen-pal site, I finally met this young goddess. She flew over from Turkey- her country of origin- and met me at the airport. She looked ravishing, better than I had expected; her luscious, crimson lips were coated in a thin layer of lip-gloss and those deep, penetrating eyes glistened with a touch of mascara on her lashes. Her make-up only highlighted her beauty and never heightened it (for that would be impossible for such a natural beauty like her.)

There was an awkward introductory moment between us; I felt a little uneasy being around such an angelic girl. She gazed at my face, almost seductively, and said, “Nice to finally meet you.” Her accent had a mild Turkish ring to it. Idiotically, I responded with, “I know, I…” before hesitating. She smiled, placed her hand in mine, and we sauntered away from the airport.

When we arrived at my place, we had a coffee, and then spent the next half-hour French- kissing on the sofa; it felt unbelievably good; I was feeling tumescent but controlled. Gradually, I placed my hand up her red, linen blouse, and felt the warmth of her smooth, voluptuous breasts. If there was an equivalent to human silk, then her breasts were made of it. As her flesh became cupped in my hand, the blood rushed to my penis and I felt the urge to take things further.

She seemed to love the French-kissing, so I began to caress down her neck and onto her chest. Her elegant, gentle voice let out a slight moan; I knew it was legitimate, unlike the escorts I’d been with in the past who were giving me what I wanted to hear. She started to lean back on the sofa as I worked my way down her, my lips delicately pressing against her young Turkish body. She unbuttoned and removed her blouse; she seemed confident doing so and looked at me directly in the eyes.

When I got to the top of her dress, I unfastened the waistband and slid the dress off; her long, sleek legs felt warm and erotic as I held them in the air, her calves gripped in my hands. I put my face against her feet and felt them brush against my cheeks, alternating between one another. Drunk on lust, I sucked the tip of her big toe and felt potent and rock hard down below. I slid off her white cotton underwear and immediately caught a glimpse of her eye-catching, shaven cunt; it appeared firm and tight. With one hand on my belt and the other gripping her leg, I took off my black denim jeans and threw them onto the floor by the TV. She leant forward, placed her beautiful, young hands on my ass, and began to lap up my hard, erect cock. She started at the top; the sweet, tender sensation was close to bliss; then she went deeper, clawing my ass-cheeks with her fine, red nails. I’ve never been too fond of oral sex but I guess I just never found the right girl.

After 5 minutes of sucking, I turned her around, her back facing me, and inserted my penis into her moist, naturally lubricated cunt. It literally slid right in and I felt immense warmth surround my penis. I thrust against her, pulling back her dark, silk-like hair. I leant forward to kiss her soft lips, sliding my tongue into her mouth, twisting and turning it against hers. Her perfect heart-shaped derriere bounced against my lower body. I caught a glimpse of her ass-hole, and touched it with the tip of my forefinger. I wanted to slide it in right then and there but I thought she would be uncomfortable with it.

I pulled my cock out of her cunt and slid it up and down her ass-cheeks; I felt deeply lustful, it was all too pleasurable. I really wanted to insert it up her incredibly tight ass-hole, but felt as if she would object, like a lot of girls. Deciding to take a gamble, I placed the tip of my cock on her ass-hole and heard a slight moan come from her mouth. I pushed it in a bit; it just started to enter. Then, my ears caught the words, “oh, yes.” I felt excited by this positive response, and went deeper into the anal abyss of her young Turkish ass.

Soon it was halfway in; it felt tight and very warm. Then she said, “Wait, not too deep.” I made sure I didn’t sink in any further; I started to thrust back and forth. The light sweat of her body had lubricated her ass-hole and made it easy for me to move my cock in and out of it. Then, not being able to control myself any longer, I came, with full orgasmic force, in her ass. I could feel the heavy load of cum exit my cock in a sickly, sultry manner. I felt relieved of adrenalin and waited a minute before I pulled my cock out. I collapsed on the sofa, and Merve leant over me and kissed my lips. A dirty, guilty feeling lurked within me; but I also felt deeply satisfied and contented.

Later that day, we went out to a restaurant; caught a movie at the Odeon; and fucked some more on that sofa.

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