The dark continuation of my first story…


After the forceful climax, my heart felt as though it were beating from my chest. My breath was labored and my skin tingled with excitement. Christian’s eyes met mine and I noticed he too was breathing hard. He kissed me hard as though he were breathing life back into my limp body. His weight was still pinning me to the bed and I felt helpless and weak underneath his muscular frame. He removed himself from between my quivering legs and put on his robe. I used all my strength to pull myself up into a sitting position when I noticed it. Between my legs I felt a warm liquid flowing on to the burgundy sheets and I saw the bright red of my virginity stain them. The drugs were starting to wear off as the shock set in. Christian quickly covered me in my robe and lifted me from the bed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and dug my head into his warm chest. He smelled of salt and a faint wood scent I couldn’t identify. My golden curls were now dry and bounced as he carried me from the bedroom to a couch in the main cabin of the yacht. He gently lay me down on the soft couch and walked away. I could smell the crisp ocean air coming from the open hatch to the deck. I considered making a run for it again but knew I wouldn’t get far as we were probably miles into the ocean by now.

The rocking motion of the cabin was relaxing as I lay on the couch staring up at the open hatch. Christian soon returned to me with wash cloth in hand. He opened my robe and gently part my legs with his large hands. I was scared of what he might do next and tensed before he ran the cloth over my once virgin sex. He leaned in to kiss me but all I could see were his piercing blue eyes that were once stone now seemed less threatening. His lips met mine with a soft kiss and he covered me with a throw from the couch. My eyelids became heavy and the pain between my thighs dulled as everything slowly faded.


I watched my princess fall asleep before returning to bedroom. I pulled the burgundy silk sheets from the bed and threw them in a trash bin. After dressing, I returned to the top deck, pulled the anchor, and continued on my route as Amelie slept peacefully below. I recapped the kidnap in my head as I sailed onward. My timing was so perfect and I executed it flawlessly. No one would suspect Amelie was a missing person until it was too late. I hadn’t expected her to put up as much of a fight when I grabbed her in the ally, chloroformed her, and lay her in my van. Her tiny figure didn’t stand a chance though and I never once thought she would break free from my grasp. Still, it was impressive how she struggled and it only made me want her more. I was also surprised how the drugs made her so willing to let me inside of her.

My cock grew hard as I thought of how tight she was when I entered her virgin pussy and pierced her. The look of ecstasy on her face was priceless as she gripped my cock so tight with her pussy on climax. It was better than anything I had imagined all those months preparing. I knew she’d love the surprise I was about to present her. I was going to make her my wife, mother of my children, and most of all, my sex slave and there would be no one around to stop me. We’d have our own little piece of heaven far from civilization and she’d be mine forever.


When I awoke, the boat was stationary and I could hear the sound of seagulls outside the hatch door. I looked around nervously to see if Christian was still watching me. He wasn’t… I slowly crept from the couch to the ladder that lead to the deck. I held my breath with each step and my heart raced thinking he’d hear me and stop me at any moment. After several strategically planned steps, I climbed my way to the deck and peeked out to see if he was still up there. He wasn’t. I took a moment to adjust my eyes to what I assumed was the morning sun beating down on me before I hoisted myself silently on to the deck.

We were definitely docked on the shore somewhere but not home. I walked silently across the deck and my heart swelled when I saw a beautiful plantation house about 100 yards from shore covered by the dark woods. I knew if I ran fast enough, I might be able to get away from Christian and alert the inhabitants of the mansion to help me and I’d be free. I climbed down from the yacht and sprinted as fast as I could to the front door of the house. I turned to see if Christian was chasing me and he wasn’t but I continued on as though my life depended on it. My legs felt heavy and the house felt so far away. I thought the drugs had warn off but who knew what Christian did to me while I was sleeping. I felt dizzy but realized this was my fear and heavy breathing not drugs. I was 10 yards away now and ran barefoot up the sandy trail to the front door and tried to open it. It was locked so I screamed for help and pounded on the door with my fists. No answer. I thought maybe the inhabitants were out back so I ran around the large mansion to the back yard. Through the fountain and hibiscus. I could see no one sitting on the patio furniture of the enormous backyard. It seemed unreal… Maybe they were out but surely they had maids or someone else attending their home.

I briefly considered giving up and returning to the yacht when I noticed the french doors were just barely agape. I quickly opened them and locked them behind me before running into the home screaming for help. I ran up the large staircase and through the wide hall ways but no answer. It was then that I heard the front door open and I peered over the banister to see Christian walk through the front door. I panicked and ran into the master bedroom. I thought if I could hide in the walk in closet he wouldn’t see me in the clothes so I ran and hid. To my horror, when I turned on the light, there were my clothes hanging in the closet again. How was this possible? I must be still asleep and having a nightmare. I felt sick and backed away in disbelief before my footsteps were halted. I turned around to Christian’s angered expression and screamed before he pressed his hand tightly over my mouth. I smelt the same medicinal sweetness come from the rag as I had in the ally and my body went limp.


I felt betrayed. I thought she was softening up to me and falling in love but I knew this was all in my head. I should have stayed with her until she awoke so I could be the first to show her the mansion, our new home. I was just bringing the rest of her things in and didn’t think she’d attempt to run away so quickly. She needed to be taught a lesson in obedience. I couldn’t have her trying to run away all the time now could I? Even if we were the only ones on my private island, she had to know her place. She had to know who her Master was.

By now, I was beginning to perfect the dosage of drugs I needed to sedate her. She gave in so quickly that my work was simple. Lifting her over my shoulder, I lay her on to the four post king bed I had prepared for her. Her curls lay scattered on the pillow above her head and I ran my hands through them. She was so insanely beautiful that it hurt to do this… but it was for her own good. I pulled the robe from her limp body and kissed her soft neck before laying her on her stomach. I pulled the rope from the side table and quickly worked to tie her hands and legs spread tautly and fastened them to the posts. I stood at the end of the bed admiring my craftsmanship and the beauty of her pink juicy pussy spread wide open. It wasn’t her tight pussy I wanted though. No, to teach her a lesson, I’d have to stretch her tight virgin ass wide open instead.

My cock grew hard thinking of taking her in the ass with immense force and pressure. I’d make her bleed if I had to prove a point. I walked into the master bath and looked for the lube in the medicine cabinet. I grabbed a towel too and placed it under her abdomen and pussy to keep from making a mess. Her plump little ass spread perfectly as I exposed her pink sphincter. The tight little ring was reluctant to allow my finger entrance to apply lube but after massaging a little, it loosened enough for the tip of index finger to enter. I felt her tight ring pulse as I slowly pushed forward applying lube to the inner walls of her rectum. Her warm tight hole would be stretched to its max when I stick my huge cock inside it. My dick was so hard from just fingering her and it was time for the lesson to begin.


SMACK! I awoke abruptly to a hot burn on my ass and ropes cutting in to my wrists and ankles. I started to whimper and cry as I felt the contrasting coolness of something wet on my exposed anus. The tears rolled down my cheeks as fear came over me. I shouldn’t have tried to run away, I should have waited for Christian to come back, what was I thinking? I kept imagining the cold angry eyes that I saw right before he sedated me again. He was angry and I knew there would be a price to pay. I muffled my cries when I felt him hop on the bed next to me. He ran his hands through my hair and then pulled my head up to see his face.

“Why did you run away when we were having so much fun Amelie? I thought you trusted me but now I can see you’re a disobedient bitch that needs taught a lesson.”

The tears were uncontrollable now and I was terrified of what was going to happen next. He leaned in and licked the tears from my cheek before whispering in my ear, “Don’t worry love, this will all be over soon. Just remember, you brought this on yourself.”

Christian then moved behind me, in between my legs. I felt his huge member as he stroked it between my ass cheeks. It was slippery and eager for insertion. I trembled and cried, “No please, I’ll be good, I’m sorry!” but it was no use. He took a fist of my hair and jerked my head back to whisper, “The more you cry, the harder I’m going to fuck you so keep on love.”

With that, he positioned the tip of his large cock at my tiny sphincter and began to push the head in. I felt like he was going to rip my rectum open but the lubricant helped him ease the huge head in. I felt my ass stretch to adjust to the girth of his dick and prayed he’d stop but he didn’t. Slowly, he eased his fat cock deep into my tight rectum. I screamed and felt him push harder. I thought it was over but he was only half way in and had far to go.

“Please, Christian, I love you, don’t hurt me, I’ll be a good girl.” I pleaded.

“You should have thought of that before you tried to run away princess.” and quickly, without warning, he put all he weight on my ass and thrust the last half of his thick member in to my reulctant asshole. I screamed and almost passed out from the pain it was unbearable. I could swear he was up to my abdomen he was so deep inside me. He held his cock there for a few minutes and with each passing second, I felt my body relax and adjust to his girth. He reached around with one hand to rub my swollen clit and used his other hand to run my nipple through his finger tips gently. The combination made me relax as the pain became ecstasy.

I heard a vibration noise as Christian flicked the switch of a bullet massager and inserted it into my now moist pussy. I almost came as the waves of vibration and the pressure of his dick were too much to bear. My sphincter had now loosened enough that he could pull out and thrust back in. The pound of his dick deep in my rectum triggered a semi-orgasmic feeling . He knew I was beginning to enjoy it so he continued to pump me first gently and then slowly gain momentum adding more and more pressure. Anal sex felt more stimulating than anything I had experienced before, even better than when Christian took my virginity. How could this be punishment when it felt so good?


I was surprised Amelie’s virgin asshole adjusted to the girth of my huge dick so quickly. I could tell my “punishment” had backfired but I was enjoying her tight rectum too much to care. For added discipline, I spanked her ass with every thrust deeper into her ass. I thought I might explode she felt so good. Her tight little sphincter pulsed around my dick keeping me inside her. I thought she might pinch my dick off she was so tight. Her soft breasts were the perfect grips as I rubbed her nipples. My bullet in her cunt was doing its magic as her juices overflowed from her pussy on to the towel and her clit swelled into a large pink button for me to push for an extra spasm of her ass.

I rode her relentlessly thrusting harder and harder until she cried for me to release her. My balls hit her pussy I was so deep inside her with every penetration. I wanted to release my hot load deep in her ass but she’d have to come first and squeeze that sphincter around my cock. The pressure was building and I spanked her harder. I made her tell me she was my obedient slut and would never pull that shit again. She cried out , “Yes master!” and I turned the vibrating bullet up to full speed and felt her orgasm roll from her center , down her rectum, through my long shaft, and right the sweet spot. Her sphincter squeezed my dick so hard I exploded. Her orgasm set off a chain reaction that emptied the contents of my balls deep inside her as I grasped her hair and arched her back. I felt the last few spasms of release and collapsed on top of her, squeezing her close to my chest.


Once again, his weight pinned me to the bed but I didn’t mind, I was in heaven from the powerful orgasm that had just erupted from me. Christian reached to the nightstand again and returned with a large black butt plug and knife. He pressed the cold blade against my back and I lay as still as possible. He leaned in to my ear and said softly, “You’re mine, and no matter how hard you cry, no one will hear you Amelie.” Just then he moved the knife to the ropes on my wrist and cut them free. He then lifted me back in to his arms and kissed my sore wrists gently. He reached for the butt plug and slowly pulled his penis from my anus and replaced it with the plug. “I want you to keep a piece of me inside you Amelie.” Then he massaged my tender breasts and removed the bullet from my pussy.

Pulling out the bullet, a rush of juices followed and collected on the towel below me. I was delirious and shaking in his arms like when we had showered last night. He cut my ankles free and once again lifted me into his strong arms, walking me to the bathroom. There he removed the plug and lay me in a large tub. The hot water felt good on my wrists, ankles, and abused ass. He took a sponge out of the basket next to the tub and washed me gently. The same stone cold eyes had now become the soft blue seas I once recognized. I reached my hand to his tousled chestnut hair and ran my fingers through it. He closed his eyes and leaned in to my hand then kissed my wrist. “I didn’t want to hurt you Amelie, I just wanted to teach you a lesson. You mean the world to me and I can’t lose you.”

I sat up and looked into his blue eyes, embracing the moment, before I kissed him. “I love you Christian, I promise I’ll be obedient from now on.” He moved his large hands to the back of my head and pushed my lips harder in to his. We embraced one another until the water became cold and he lifted me from the bath and lay me in the large king bed where we slept naked in each others arms.

To be continued…

Jessica Line had just started as an administrative assistant at a large firm, she was 22 and fresh out of college. She was initially put in the secretary pool before being assigned to someone permanently. She was happy when she was given a permanent slot, but when the other secretaries heard who she got, she was informed of many rumors.

Alexandra Molly was an upper manager with a strange reputation, she never had the same assistant for more than a few months. At 30 years old, she was the youngest person in her position. She was stern and unapologetically authoritative. Almost all of the girls who worked under her had quit, and in there exit interview insisted they were doing so because something better came along, and not because their boss has treated them badly.

Jessica was a tough and mindful girl and had no intention of quitting the job she had just gotten. But at the same time she didn’t want to be bullied at work. She brought a special purse a friend gave her as a gift from a spy shop that had a little window in for your phone’s camera to secretly record. If she was going to be harassed she would tape it and either sue or leverage a better position with the company.

When she reported to Alexandra Molly’s office she was met by a beautiful woman in a fashionable business suit who was all smiles and friendly greetings. Jessica dropped her guard a bit, until she noticed a strange detail. Most assistant’s desks were located just outside their boss’ office in the hall, but Alexandra Molly had two desks in her large office; hers facing the door, and a second small one that ran perpendicular to hers and pushed against a wall. That did seem suspicious.

The first few days were pretty uneventful, Jessica learned a few of her new boss’ habits and how she liked to have things done. She made appointments and took messages, nothing out of the ordinary. Until Thursday came, and after lunch Jessica’s boss asked her to come over to her desk. Jessica got up and came over, her purse camera was rolling. “Yes, Ms. Molly?” She asked.

“I notice you seem to take a lot of bathroom breaks,” Alexandra started, “I understand you have to serve your physiological need, but I am worried it is leading to too much slacking off.” Jessica wasn’t sure what to say, admittedly when she went to the bathroom she would use it as an opportunity to send a quick text or chat with someone in the hall, but she couldn’t stop going to the bathroom. That’s when her boss offered a solution, “I’d like you to wear a diaper,” Alexandra said as if it was a perfectly reasonable request.

“Ms. Molly… I… I don’t know what to,” Jessica started to stammer, and then realized her phone was recording and the camera was angled right at her boss’ desk, this could be her big break. “Alright,” she agreed, “if that’s what you think is best.”

“Good girl,” Alexandra said pleasantly surprised, “hop up on my desk, bring your dress above your hips, and lay down long-ways on it with your feet up.”

Jessica couldn’t believe how bold her boss was but figured this would make great evidence for the HR rep so she complied fully. She hiked up her dress exposing her panties, and got on her boss’ desk laying down and resting her feet on the corners. She laid her hands across her stomach and looked like she was in a gynecologist’s chair waiting for the doctor.

Alexandra opened her large bottom desk drawer, Jessica couldn’t help but turn her head to look. Inside was a pack of diapers, some powders and ointments, and some other things she didn’t recognize. Alexandra stood between Jessica’s spread legs and closed them for a moment to slip the girl’s panties off before returning her feet to the corners, keeping her spread wide. “I’ll just hold onto these for you,” Alexandra said, dropping the panties into the drawer.

She took a baby wipe and ran it through Jessica’s vaginal lips, which made the girl buck her hips off the table and gasp. Alexandra placed a gentle hand on her waist lowering her back to the desktop, “It is okay, I am just making sure you’re clean.” Jessica swallowed hard and allowed her to continue, knowing it was all being filmed secretly for her gain. But her hands left their peacefully folded position and grasped the edges of the desk when her boss ran a fresh wipe through her ass crack and gently circled her anus.

After a sprinkling of powder, Jessica’s boss had her lift hips slightly as she slipped a diaper under her positioning it just above her ass. What was strange was that Jessica felt a strange sense of calm as Alexandra closed the diaper around her. When she finished and was told she could get up she even inadvertently blurted out, “Thank you Ms. Molly,” which made her boss just smile at her kindly.

Sitting at her desk over the next hour was strange, she shifted her weight several times, constantly aware that she was in a diaper, with her panties across the room in her boss’ drawer. She looked over to Ms. Molly’s desk, who was busy at work, not in the least distracted by the events that just occurred, and unaware the incident had been filmed to be used against her.

The next hour was as bad as the first for her productivity, she had become physically comfortable with the diaper now, but that brought about psychological uncomfortableness. Did she enjoy being put in a diaper like that, did she enjoy wearing the diaper, did she enjoy the power her boss held over her. She imagined some insane scenario where somehow someone would come in and inspect the two women, she was wearing a diaper, but her boss kept her panties, she would look insane. This of course was a preposterous scenario, but her mind was clouded and confused. And then it came on her suddenly, she had to use the bathroom.

She eyed her purse, knowing the camera would still be running, the beauty of a new battery and a huge hard drive. She wasn’t sure if she has enough evidence to mount a case, or if she needed to keep going, or was it that she wanted to keep going. She wasn’t sure what to do, she thought about asking to use the bathroom, but then realized how that would make her look to her boss, she might be on to her. Jessica closed her eyes for moment, let out a small sigh and released her bladder into the waiting vessel. “Ms. Molly,” she spoke, “I need to be changed.”

Alexandra looked up from her desk, and again smiled her kind smile. Standing she gestured for Jessica to come over and lie on the desk once more. The girl got up and walked over, she couldn’t help but feel a flutter in her heart and she again lifted her dress to her stomach and laid down on the desk. The older woman undid the diaper, inspecting the it was only urine, she put it in a special opaque bag that sealed at the top, it concealed the contents of the bag as well as any smell.

When she brought a baby wipe to Jessica’s crotch, the girl seemed to push her hips out slightly, making more of herself available to it. This did not go unnoticed by either woman, as Alexandra took more care and more time to wipe the damp cloth through Jessica’s labia, before giving her ass the same treatment with a fresh wipe. After the powder, Jessica needed no instruction and was lifting her hips awaiting the diaper to be slid beneath her. A faint moan of relief escaped her lips as she was closed into her second diaper of the day. Again she thanked her boss when it was over.

Before she went back to her desk, Alexandra said to Jessica, “There now, isn’t that so much better than having to run off to the bathroom. You don’t even have to leave the office, and there are no distractions.” Jessica nodded in agreement, and hurried back to her desk.

The last two hours of the day passed by much quicker, as Jessica was able to concentrate on her work now much more comfortable in her diaper, still with the lingering thoughts of using the tape in the sexual harassment case of the century. When it was time to go home she approached Ms. Molly’s desk, “Um my…” she asked nervously, “my panties Ms. Molly?”

“Oh yes, of course,” she said, she opened her top drawer, unlocking it, making sure Jessica saw that she did in fact keep them under lock and key. She brought them out, and asked, “Do you just want them, or should I change you into them?”

Jessica thought for a moment, “a better case,” she lied to herself. “You can change me,” she said agreeably. And without any instruction pulled up her clothing, laying on the desk. This made Alexandra smile, knowing she had another one, another young girl under her control.

Alexandra undid the diaper, inspecting it was clean. She of course wouldn’t reuse it, but wouldn’t waste one of her scent sealing bags as they were expensive, she laid it to the side. She saw Jessica’s vagina was visibly wet, she didn’t want to over play her hand, but took a risk and ran her fingers through her slit without even the pretext of having a baby wipe. The girl gave a wordless shudder, and Alexandra slid her panties back on.

When Jessica stood up she eyed the diaper on the desk, “May I keep that Ms. Molly?” she asked. Physical evidence, she continued to lie to herself. She was kicking herself for not just taking her panties and walking, so she wouldn’t have to ask. This would have also saved her from showing her boss how turned on she was, but maybe she wanted her to know

Alexandra smiled at her subordinate, “of course,” she told Jessica, picking it up off the desk and handing it to her.

Jessica stuffed it in her purse and quickly departed the office, her face reddening. Once in the elevator alone, she reached in her purse, past the diaper and dislodged her phone. “Still recording,” she thought with relief, she caught the whole day on tape, and she headed home for the night.

At home Jessica sat in her bed watching the video on her phone. She watched herself being put into the first diaper, and then watched herself being changed into a fresh one, and then lastly having her panties put back on her. She rewound the video, and watched herself being changed out of the dirty diaper again, and then again, and then again. She felt a strange mix of emotion, it was degrading, it was humiliating, and yet she was so turned on.

Her resolve was gone, she hated herself for it, but she had to masturbate, and she had to masturbate to this video. She laid out a towel on her bed, Jessica was a squirter and a big one, and it was actually kind of embarrassing. She had only been with two guys and both were shocked when she came with them, and humiliated her, leaving disgusted and disgruntled. She thought she better warn the next guy, but that embarrassed her too much, and so there was no next guy.

She was smoothing out the towel, knowing it didn’t always catch it all when her mind went to the diaper in her purse. “It would restrain her squirt, even absorb it” she thought. She’d lose her ‘physical evidence’ but she was overcome and didn’t care. She retrieved it from her bag and frantically put it on, for some reason it felt good to be in it. She sat back down on her bed, feeling the diaper under her and pulled up the video again, slipping a hand into the diaper. It didn’t take long before she was screaming, hit by an orgasm, she could feel the splash of her ejaculate on her hand and then it was gone, the diaper worked. She slept like a baby that night.

The next day she arrived at work early and found Ms. Molly was already there hard at work. She passed her own desk, and walked right up to her bosses not even stopping to drop off her bag. “Do you want to put me in a diaper today Ms. Molly?” Jessica asked almost rhetorically.

“Do you want to be in a diaper today?” Alexandra asked back with the same rhetorical tone, looking up from her papers.

She had her, Jessica knew it, Alexandra knew it, there was nothing left but just to come out and say it. Jessica did just that, “Yes Ms. Molly, I want you to put me in a diaper.” Alexandra smiled, almost wickedly, clearing the papers from her desk as Jessica lifted her clothing, she made sure to wear a skirt today, and laid on the desk eager to feel her panties be slipped off.

“Grab the sides of the desks with your hands and keep them there until I say otherwise,” Alexandra commanded authoritatively. Jessica complied immediately, confused being the shift in tone, and slightly aroused. Alexandra slid her panties off and put them in her drawer. She stepped around the girl and reached into her bag pulling out her phone. She played with it for a moment as Jessica’s eyes took on a fearful stare. Alexandra nodded her head finding what she was looking for, Jessica could her the audio and knew her boss was watching yesterday’s events. The video stopped, Jessica heard a familiar whoosh, and then then a generic sound she wasn’t sure of and her boss tossed her phone in with her panties, locking the drawer, before saying, “I think it’s best I hold on to your phone while you’re at work from now on.” Jessica could only give a fearful nod in agreement, keeping her hands firm on the edge of the desk.

Alexandra, dropping all pretext, laid her hand on Jessica’s vagina, already moist. The younger woman had to grip the desk edge tightly to keep from moving her hands. Alexandra masturbated the girl gently as she spoke on, “I emailed the video to my private address and deleted it off your phone and from your outbox.” Jessica moaned low at hearing this, any leverage she had was gone. “You don’t get to where I am without learning all the little tricks, I knew you were filming me, that’s why I acted when I did. I knew you’d go along with it for the camera,” Alexandra spoke as she was increasing the pressure on her captive’s genitalia, intending to let her have an orgasm.

“I squirt!” Jessica blurted out, ceasing her boss’ assault. Alexandra looked at her puzzled, as she disclosed fully, “I squirt when I come Ms. Molly, and it makes a horrible mess. I put on a diaper last night when I masturbated to the video,” her pussy had a spasm at her confession.

“My my,” Alexandra said intrigued, “you are an interesting one. It’s alright my little Jessie, you lack discipline, it’s a problem a lot of you young girls have, and I don’t blame you. You are just still in your anal retention stage,” she falsely referenced psychology to set up her next words, “and I have just the thing to help you with anal retention.” Alexandra went to a desk drawer and pulled out a small blue butt plug and tube of lube.

Lubing the toy generously she brought it to the girl’s anus, who clenched her teeth and grabbed the desk sides hard as it was pushed in, moaning in relief as the widest portion slipped past her asshole and it was able to shrink back down. Alexandra gave the base a little tap, with a pleasant, “There we go,” said. She put a diaper on Jessica, whose face took on its usual euphoria when it was fastened around her. Jessica bit her lip as her boss reached into the diaper and rubbed her clit, just like last night she was cumming in seconds, her squirt hit the diaper, and Alexandra had to stifle a laugh.

In her refractory state she was breathing heavy, her asshole involuntarily tightening around the butt plug’s base every so often. Alexandra took the diaper, soaked with squirt into one of her opaque bags and disposed of it. She used a baby wipe to clean Jessica’s pubic area, leaving the anal plug in and cleaning around it, she fastened a new diaper around her assistant, and moved away from her sitting in her chair.

Jessica stood up, regaining her composure as best she could, shifting her weight on her heels adjusting to the plug stretching her. “Come here Jessie,” Alexandra motioned for her to kneel on the floor between her legs. The girl did, and her boss slid her own panties off in front of Jessica. She too was wearing a skirt, Jessica didn’t notice until now as she hiked it up and showed off her pussy. Alexandra leaned forward and put her hand behind Jessica’s head saying, “I think you need a pacifier to suck on,” and pulled the girl forward having her mouth envelope her pussy.

Jessica had never performed cunnilingus before, but took to it like a fish to water. Happily licking away at her boss’ labia and sucking at her clit, she even complied when Alexandra pushed her head down further and had her eat out her asshole. Jessica’s own ass was adjusting nicely to the plug and she wiggled it in pleasure while she ate out her boss beneath her desk who was squeezing her head with her thighs. When she was happy with her secretary’s work Alexandra gently pushed her back, before she had her stand she used a fresh baby wipe around her mouth, and another on herself, before sliding her panties back on. She made of bit of a show if putting her underwear on, showing off to Jessica that she wore panties rather than a diaper, despite her ideas about them saving time.

She instructed Jessica back to her desk to begin her work, who did so dutifully. Jessica sat down gently, feeling the plug as she lowered herself. She worked hard, and only stopped to have her diaper changed, once before lunch and one after. Alexandra lingered with her baby wipes through Jessica’s vaginal lips, she tugged at the anal plug gently to ensure it was retaining well and tease Jessica in the process. At the end of the day, Alexandra took off Jessica’s diaper, unlocked her drawer and retrieved her phone and panties. She grasped the plug as she spoke, “each morning you come in a few minutes early to be changed into your first diaper, and have your plug inserted. I will hold your panties and phone in my desk until the end of the day, understood?” As she finished she withdrew the plug slowly.

“Yes Ms. Molly, I understand,” Jessica said back. Somehow the phrase ‘your plug’ stuck in her mind. When her boss slid her panties back on her she rose and gathered her things, her ass now adjusting to the absence of the plug. Before she left, Alexandra stopped her to say one last thing.

Her tone returning to stern as Alexandra instructed Jessica, “You are not to masturbate, have an orgasm, or wear diapers without my permission. And as of now, outside this office you don’t have my permission.” She did not ask if she understood, just made her statement. Jessica nodded with a familiar fear of her boss that made her respect her and submit to her so.

She was laying on the couch, wearing nothing but her very special thong when he walked in the door. Laela lay on her back with her back arched in pleasure as she ran her hands up and down her body and moaned. Her eyes were closed but she heard him enter the room, feeling his eyes all over her. She continued to tease herself, softly pinching her nipple with one hand and running her other back and forth on her inner thigh, forcing herself not to touch. Attached to the thick strip of fabric in the back of the thong was a small slender anal plug, and attached just below it was a tiny wiggling toy almost like a finger. Both of the toys were connected to a tiny remote vibrator in the front placed strategically on her clit, sending her body into spasms of pleasure.

She opened her eyes and looked at him, longing to feel his strong hands all over her body.

“Come here,” she smiled, rolling onto all fours, biting her lip and staring at him. She thought of his big arms and hard cut chest, and contemplated jumping him right there. “I feel like I’ve needed you all day.” Laela ran her hands down her body once more, “Please, just make me cum.”

Jaxon smiled devilishly, and came to her at once. He grabbed her shoulders, facing her to towards him on her knees. “You want to cum, huh?” He bent down and breathed on her neck letting his hand slide down the front of her body curving between her legs.

“Uh huh. Yes, please make me cum” she said going crazy with anticipation.

The tips of his fingers rested on the base of the anal plug and he pressed it deeper into her. “Where’s the remote?” He asked, shaking the plug back and forth inside of her.

She reached behind the pillow on the couch for the small pink remote. She handed it to Jaxon, which he took with his free hand and he still pumped the plug in her ass. He curved his hand snugly to her crotch applying soft pressure to everything in and against her before quickly picking her up with the hand slamming both toys as far into her as they could go. She called out in pleasure as he rocked this hand rapidly back and forth almost sending her over the edge, before suddenly stopping and holding her there suspended in the air.

After a moment he set her back on her knees, and let her catch her breath for a moment while he examined the remote. “Level one huh? Only the lowest setting, Bae? You can do better than that, right” he teased reaching his hand up to turn the dial.

“No!” She yelled attempting to pull the thong away from her body. He stopped her grabbing her arms.

“You want me to make you cum or not?” He whispered into her ear.

“Yes, God yes, I do. But that will be too much-” she started before he put his hand over her mouth.

“Then we’re doing it my way.” He grinned again, and sat down on the floor, Indian style and leaned back on his palms. “Come here, Bae.” He added gesturing to his lap.

Laela walked slowly over to him, kneeling in front of him.

“Sit on me.” He told her simply. She wrapped her thighs around his hips running her hands over his shoulders and back. Jaxon slowly brought his hands forward and onto laela’s hips, swiftly slamming her body down against himself three of four times, making her scream again.

She pulled back upwards so as to try keeping him from being able to force her down. He must have noticed, because he grabbed her hips slamming her into himself over and over harder and harder, until she started shaking.

He stopped, leaving his hands on her hips and looking at her. “I told you to sit on me,” he said pulling her back down onto himself once more and holding her there for a moment before adding, “that means you don’t move.”

Jaxon stretched up and kissed her full and hard on the lips reaching his arms around her holding her down. She reached her hands to the sides of his face leaning into him. Laela felt her hips start grinding slowly back and forth against him.

He pulled away from her and smiled, “No, you don’t get to move. I want you to sit down on me as hard as you can and push those toys up into your tight holes” he pushed her hips down onto himself again holding her there again. “Don’t move an inch, or I’ll make you wait to cum even longer.”

“No, please don’t make me wait. I’m tired of these toys inside of me.” She panted, willing herself not to let her hips move. “I want you inside of me.”

“You’ll have to wait. You haven’t earned it yet.” He smiled at her, laying on his back and reaching for the dial on the remote once more. “If you want my dick you have to be good, and do what you’re told. Now don’t move.” She heard the soft click of the remote as she felt the small wiggling finger speed up inside of her.

Laela yelled out forcing her body to stay put on top of him. “Please.” She moaned, “Please let me fuck you.”

“You can beg all you want. I want to watch you go crazy.” He said with another click of the dial. Her legs began to shake uncontrollably as she moaned louder and louder.

“I told you not to move,” he grinned up at her, clearly enjoying himself. “Now turn around, on all fours” his voice was strong, demanding. In a sense it scared her and she revelled in the fear making herself hotter.

She lifted herself shakily and slowly off of him, turning around and straggling him again.

“Now, don’t move. Or I’ll have to punish you.” He said.

*punish me?* she thought to herself, *this is punishment enough* Laela felt his warm hand slowly caress her ass cheek, squeezing it slightly. She moaned at his touch and instinctively pressed back into him.

Instantly she felt his hand move and come down on her skin hard. She sucked in her breath.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I need you’re dick inside of me, Baby please.” She begged, as his hand came down again. “Please.”

“Stop begging me and take your punishment. You disobeyed me.” Jaxon continued to slap her bare ass cheeks until he felt satisfied, leaving her perfect round ass red and hot from the pain. “Do not move this time. No matter what, or I’ll hurt you worse next time” he said laying one last blow across both her cheeks.

Jaxon clicked the dial twice and smacked her ass again. As she moaned louder, she felt his hands soft of her ass again, squeezing the meat and slapping her cheeks together rippling a hot tremor inside of her. He grabbed the back fork of her thong and pulled up on it forcing the toys into her from a new angle as he turned the dial the rest of the way up. Waves of pure pleasure flowed through her body as he pulsed the toys into her.

Laela collapsed forward onto her stomach and she heard the remote click off.

“You moved.” Jaxon said grabbing her hips and rolling her over lazily to her back. He was smiling down at her, sitting back on his feet.

“I couldn’t take it anymore, Baby. I’m sorry.” She apologized to his breathlessly.

“Oh are you all finished now?” He asked coily, lightly running the tips of his fingers down her body. “All cummed out?”

Laela nodded her head to him, as he smiled again and leaned over her. “That’s too bad, Baby. I haven’t even gotten started yet.”

Jaxon stood and left her laying on the floor. He returned after a moment with her secret stash of toys, dumping them all on the floor around her.

“Can I please take them out?” Laela asked pulling down at the top of the under ware. “It hurts, Baby’”

“Good” he said shoving the toys back into her with his hand again. “Because I’m not done with you yet.”

The characters in this story were introduced in my story Mom’s New Boyfriend (MNB). If you want more of a backstory on how semi-innocent high school teacher Jenni was seduced into a submissive lifestyle, you can read about it in MNB. Or, you can start reading here and (hopefuly) not be too lost. This is the story of high school teacher Jenni. She is a real person who is a fan of MNB and is submissive. This story chronicles her life submitting to one of her students. Many of the events in the story are real, although like a “based on true events” movie I will embellish them to make for a better stroke story. Some of the events (like her seduction) are fictional because it makes for a better read.

In our story, over the last few weeks Jenni, who has a repressed desire to be more open sexually, has been exposed via a former student (the very submissive Brittney) to a lifestyle free from the bonds of societal norms. What Jenni doesn’t know is it wasn’t just a coincidence that Brittney bumped into her. Brittney’s master tasked her with helping seduce Jenni to become the playtoy of his neighbor’s son, one of Jenni’s students. As we pick up the story, Jenni is at a party where her inhibitions have been broken down. She has seen Brittney both pleasured and punished and wants to experience the wild sexual abandon and release that Brittney has enjoyed. Thinking Brittney is her friend, she has put her trust in her to arrange her first BDSM experience. In retrospect that was either her best decision or biggest mistake. You can decide for yourselves.

This chapter is much shorter than one of my typical chapters. In an effort to publish more frequently, I am going to try and keep the chapters shorter.

I had just watched Brittney tied on the couch and gangbanged. The look of intense pleasure she had on her face was something I’d never felt and I wanted that. After the group of men and women who were using her like a fuck doll had finished with her I pulled her aside and confessed that I wanted a similar experience. She asked if that meant I wanted to be gangbanged. I told her no, but that I wanted to be tied up and fucked. I guess part of me did want to be gangbanged and maybe my being tied was my way of putting myself into that position without admitting it to myself or to her. My pussy was pulsating with the thought that after I was tied the guys would just take advantage of me, but I couldn’t say that was what I wanted. Brittney said she could arrange everything and that I should go to the bathroom and relieve myself. She told me with a wink in her eye that I may not have an opportunity to go for quite a while.

Upon my return, Brittney was standing alone. When I walked up to her she took my hand and started leading me to a hallway off the family room. I guess she had arranged for my first tie to be private which reassured me. I thought Brittney was amazingly free in her serving her master and mistress which shocked me. And although I think I understood where she was coming from I didn’t think I could act that way. She led me into a bedroom where I saw a queen sized bed which already had ropes attached to the corners. All of a sudden my fantasy was becoming real and I was nervous. Brittney must have sensed my hesitation and gave me a hug.

“Don’t worry, Jenni,” she said reassuringly. “I’ll stay here with you. Everything will be fine. Just enjoy yourself.”

I nodded. I trusted Brittney. It was time to let go of my fears and hopefully experience something beyond anything else I had ever done.

The first thing Brittney had me do was strip off my coverall and out of my tiny bikini. Not that I had figured I would be clothed at all, but the act of getting naked in front of her, especially at her command, made me tingle. I moved toward the bed, but before I was allowed to lay down, Brittney pulled a large pillow out of the closet. It was wedge shaped and looked like it was designed for holding your legs up when you lay down. She tossed it to me. It was very firm. It must have been made out of high density foam. Brittney told me to put it in the middle of the bed and then to lay face down with the pillow supporting my hips. She also told me to face the foot of the bed.

I didn’t quite understand the purpose of the pillow until I lay down. Because it was a wedge, it very effectively kept my ass in the air. I had expected that. But because of the angle shape it also allowed me to take some (but not all) of the pressure off my knees and chest meaning I could hold that position longer. I began to wonder how long Brittney planned to keep me there. She expertly tied my wrists and ankles to the bed. Immediately I tested my bonds to see how much I could move. The answer was not much. I was really stuck now. My final preparation was to be blindfolded. Again I didn’t really understand the purpose, but Brittney assured me that not knowing who was touching me or what was about to happen would be a huge turn on. I hoped she was right. She told me to “hang on” and I heard her open the door and walk out of the room. I didn’t hear her shut the door. If that was true anybody walking by would see me in my predicament. It also mean anyone walking by could choose to fuck me. My mind began to spin.

I don’t know how long Brittney left me. Time stood still. I may have been seen, but nobody else came into the room. “I found you a partner,” Brittney announced. My pussy gushed a little at her words. “He said he would be here in about 5 minutes. My mom was blowing him.”

I began to worry that he would cum in Brittney’s mom before he had a chance to fuck me. Then I felt a sting on my ass as Brittney had just spanked me. “He likes a nice pink ass,” she told me. “Plus I’ve been wanting to do this as payback for all your teasing.”

“All my teasing?” I thought. She was the one who kept teasing me. That’s why I find myself here. What the fuck? My question didn’t have long to stay in my mind as another sharp blow from Brittney’s hand refocused my thoughts to the exquisite pain emanating from my bottom. An erotic spanking was one of the things I fantasized about when I masturbated. How did Brittney know? I never told anyone because it was too weird. Yet here we were.

Brittney administered what I guess was a sound spanking. I had no frame of reference. She didn’t seem to want to hurt me, but she was forceful enough that blood was rushing toward my skin heating up my backside. She did tease my pussy a bit telling me that “he’ll love all this juice” and making me squirm a bit. She also told me how much she would love to eat my pussy and maybe she would do that after he was done before she released me. Brittney knew I wasn’t into girls, but I wouldn’t have a choice now would I. I wondered if she would make me eat her as well. Then I heard the door open again.

“Well what do we have here?” I heard a man’s voice say. It sounded familiar. I must have talked to him earlier. “Looks like a slut who wants to get fucked.”

I didn’t answer. He was right, of course, and I’m sure he knew that. I heard him taking down his pants. Brittney was rubbing my clit.

“She’s dripping all over my hand. She’s definitely ready for you.”

“She better be good. I gave up your mother for this and you know how much I love fucking your mother,” he said.

“I know,” Brittney replied. “Mom loves fucking you too. But Jenni here will be a treat for you. This is the first time she had been tied.”

I felt his weight on the bed in front of me and soon after felt the tip of his cock brush my lips. I didn’t need to be told what to do. I was happy to take him into my mouth. I wanted to prove I was better than Brittney’s mom, Cathy. I knew I had not sucked as many cocks as she had, but I was inspired to prove myself worthy. Brittney kept playing with my pussy making sure I remained overheated. I didn’t take long for the cock in my mouth to be at full staff and he seemed very ready to break my bondage sex cherry. Brittney announced that she “would be right back” and I felt her weight leaving the bed. At the same time my mystery man popped his cock out of my mouth and I felt him move behind me. I don’t think I had ever been so wet and he slid into me easily. It felt so good to finally be full as I had been dreaming about cock all during the party.

“You like being tied up and fucked don’t you little girl,” the man hissed at me. I didn’t respond right away. He smacked my ass and started fucking me harder.

“That’s OK, slut,” he continued to berate me. “You don’t have to admit it. Your body’s reaction tells me all I need to know about you. Your ass is the most beautiful shade of red and your pussy is gripping my cock like you are afraid to fall off. How long have you been dreaming of a stranger using you?”

I was moaning now. Every degrading word he said went straight to my heart. I knew he was right. I was a slut. I was getting off on being tied up and I didn’t care that I didn’t know who was fucking me. All the times I acted like a slut at a bar dancing on tables or trying to get picked up was because I secretly wanted to be treated like this. I’d never found the man I needed because I didn’t know how to look. But here he was fucking me from behind and I didn’t even know his name. I tried my best to buck my ass up to meet his thrusts. I couldn’t move much but I know he appreciated it based on his comments and a few additional well timed swats to my ass. I could feel my orgasm building. I normally don’t cum just from penetration. I need clitoral stimulation too, but I was getting close and thought I may be able to get there just from his thrusts, spanks and dirty talk. Then I heard the door open again. I was expecting Brittney’s voice but instead it was another woman.

“Well look here,” she said in a mocking tone. “I found a new whore fucking my husband.”

I don’t know why that triggered the reaction in my body to start cumming, but it did. Was it the humiliation of another woman catching me fucking her husband? Was it the implied promise that she would punish me for my sins? Was my body finally letting go from the limitations of my conscious mind? I don’t know. But I do know that once I started cumming I didn’t stop. I yelled out “Fuck me I’m cumming.” I do remember that. I think I babbled something like, “Oh God your husband is good. His dick is amazing.” The rest of my sounds were unintelligible I’m sure. Then I felt him swell and was rewarded with a thick shot of man goo deep in my pussy. He grabbed my hips and held himself tightly against me while his cum splattered my insides.

“I saw that same look on your face when you fucked Brittney, honey,” the woman said. I realized her anger must be part of their game. “Brittney is not this tight,” he added to the conversation. “Peter has stretched her out. I’m glad I got to enjoy this one before she gets ruined.”

They were talking to each other as if I wasn’t in the room. I was just a fuck hole to him. Well two fuck holes so far and his wife didn’t seem to care. I felt him get off the bed, but somebody else took his place. Based on the amount of movement in the mattress it was another guy, unless his wife was pretty big and I didn’t remember any of the women at the party being plus sized. I felt another hard cock sliding into my pussy. But he didn’t start fucking me. I began to wonder if my first partner’s wife had helped him get hard or if someone else was in the room. I had not heard Brittney’s voice but certainly there were plenty of other women who may have provided services. Or he could have just gotten hard watching me cum. It didn’t really matter. I was full again and ready to be drilled. But he just sat there.

“Please fuck me,” I pleaded.

He didn’t say a word. Then I felt the cool gel of lube being spread around my asshole.

“No, please don’t fuck my ass,” I pleaded. “You’re too big.”

Then I heard the woman speak. “Shut up slut. You talk too much.”

I was about to say something else when I felt the mattress compress in front of me. I didn’t get an opportunity to complain, resist or explain that I didn’t do women before a wet pussy was forced into my mouth. “You can cum again after I do whore,” she exclaimed with more than her share of obvious pleasure of dominating me. I didn’t start sucking her pussy immediately. She was basically rubbing herself on my face at first. But when the guy behind me pushed his cock against my asshole, greased or not I squeezed my ass shut and opened my mouth to complain. And just like that I officially became bi-sexual.

A few more swats to my ass with a command to “loosen up” found my new friend inching his cock up my butt. By the time I had opened up to take his full length (I thought I had been full before but this was amazing) I was eagerly lapping away at the pussy being forced into my mouth. When he started thrusting I went wild with howling. There was no way I was going to hold back from cumming again and I didn’t care if I came first against orders. Fireworks were going off in my head. The pain from his cock stretching me had given way to bolts of pleasure overpowering me with every thrust. Even the thought of eating pussy, up to that moment a repulsive concept, turned out to be not that bad. I still didn’t know what I was doing and I think she was getting more pleasure from rubbing my face and watching the action than from my limited skills.

Again I lost track of time. I came at least three times rutting on his cock up my ass. I think the woman came twice and the guy shot a huge load deep up my butt which he then trapped by pushing a plug in effectively sealing me from dripping. I was totally gone mentally. I vaguely remember both of them getting off the bed. I then felt my arms being untied. I started to stretch but two hands grabbed my wrists and quickly brought them behind my back. I heard the snap of the handcuffs even before I registered the feeling of cold steel on my flesh.

Next I felt the pillow being pulled out from under me and finally my legs being untied. A pair of soft hands felt up my legs, into my pussy, now leaking the cum of my first suitor, a little tug of the plug to make sure it was secure and the Brittney’s voice. “Roll over baby. I have one more task for you.”

I flipped over onto my back. I had a pretty good idea of what Brittney might want. I knew she enjoyed girls as much as boys so I shouldn’t have been surprised when she slid me down the bed so my head was off the edge.

“The report on your pussy eating ability was not very positive. I’m going to let you practice on me,” I heard Brittney proclaim. “Of course I’m also need to punish you for teasing me so the quicker you get me off, the quicker you’ll be released.”

I felt a piece of leather slowly being drawn over my pussy lips. I knew pain would follow, but at that moment it was pure pleasure and I responded as such. Then I felt Brittney swing her leg over my head. I was crushed between her thighs and then felt the sting of what I later learned was a riding crop. I liked being hand spanked much better. The crop was too intense.

I did my best to make Brittney cum. Cum well and cum quickly. For her part Brittney was giving me instruction on how to get her off, but she obviously also enjoyed using the crop on me and she took delight in calling me every filthy name in the book. Of course at that moment she wasn’t lying. She teased my pussy with the crop between strikes on the rest of my available flesh to keep my arousal bubbling but not allowing me to go over the top. It was sheer madness. My clit was throbbing and her indirect stimulation of it meant and direct contract would set me off like a rocket. But of course she didn’t allow that. Even after she came on my face she didn’t let up.

“So you can be a good pussy slave,” she declared. “Now you need practice. Do it again.”

When I didn’t respond quick enough, meaning instantaneously, she snapped the crop against my thighs. I cried out in pain, but my scream was muffled by the soft folds of her dripping snatch. She kept snapping the crop and then softly teasing my labia avoiding by millimeters direct contact with my clit and what I was sure would be an instant orgasm. I was spinning with lust and cursing my body’s need for release. I was starting to understand Brittney and her mom better. In my current state I would do anything to cum. I couldn’t say that, but I felt it. Finally after I got her off two more times she stood up. I felt her place the crop on my stomach. The tip was just grazing the top of my clit.

“Jenni, you’ve performed well. I thought of one more thing for your introductory lesson,” Brittney told me. I thought eating her was her one last thing. Maybe she was just teasing me again and had no plans to let me go or worse no plans to let me cum again.

“I’m going to whip your pussy and clit 5 times with the crop. If it makes you cum you are what we call a pain slut. That’s not a bad thing, but in the future it’s good to know. If you don’t cum, I’ll let you use the vibrator of your choice. Deal?”

“Um, I guess,” I replied. “Do I have a choice?”

“Not if you want out of those handcuffs,” she told me.

The first swat was to my pussy. It was hard and the pain was terrible. I screamed. Brittney didn’t seem to care and I realized nobody was going to come to my aid. I started to focus on making myself cum so she would quit hitting me.

“Count with me slut,” Brittney instructed. “One,” I shouted out.

“Good girl,” she replied.

“Two!” I screamed. The second one was on my pussy as well. Pain was shooting through my body. The crop focused the strike. There was no pleasure, beyond the enjoyment Brittney was undoubtedly feeling.

“Three! Please no more. I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Really?” Brittney said with a pause. “You know I’m a sub. But maybe Master Peter and Mistress Dasha would train you.”

“Anything,” I begged.

“Four!” another scream and another blow to my pussy. “Please no more!”

I realized none of the strikes were directed toward my clit yet. I couldn’t withstand a strike like that on my clit. I started to cry.

“Five,” I babbled. Brittney started rubbing the crop on my clit. My hips began rolling side to side and my tears became quiet moans as I tried to not let her see what she was doing to me. Of course there was no doubt Brittney knew exactly what she was doing. I’m sure her master and mistress had done something similar to her. Hell, they were probably testing her to see if she had learned anything from her own punishment.

“Please let me cum,” I pleaded hoping her own memories would trigger a sympathetic response. She continued to slowly rub the tip over my clit.

“Have you been punished enough?” Brittney asked although I could tell from her voice she was just teasing and the question was rhetorical.

“Are you ready to start your new life as a cum slut?” she asked and then quickly added “On call to be used by your superiors at a moment’s notice?”

When I didn’t answer right away (I was trying to think of about the implications but the intense nerve pulses coming from the core of my body was making it difficult) she applied more pressure to my clit with the crop, although she didn’t snap it.

“If I strike your clit you will experience a pain like you have never felt before,” she warned me, “but a whore like you will probably get off on it.”

Brittney’s words seemed out of character for her, but they were working wonders on my psyche which I assume was the idea. I also assumed my first submission had been a game so I could experience some of what Brittney and her mom felt, but now I realized it was different. This wasn’t a game and she was really going to make me beg and pledge myself before I’d be allowed to cum. I was desperate to orgasm. I was happy to suck any cock, eat any pussy and offer my pussy and ass to anyone who would make me cum. But this was different. Would Brittney become my mistress? Or was I meant for her owners. Or was I overthinking this and she was just fucking with me? In one last act of defiance I told her I wanted to feel the lash on my clit. I know what you’re thinking. That was stupid. But I had to know if she was right. Was I a pain slut? Would I really get off on being beaten?

I couldn’t help the groan that escaped when I pulled into the parking lot. The convenience of having a gym in the neighborhood was a great one, but I hated to work out. When my old gym had burned down I had seriously debated on not finding a new one to join, but as much as I hate to work out, I like being in shape more. And I know that my fiancé likes it too; she’d never tell me otherwise, but she’d be less attracted to me if I lost the tone and definition I’ve built over the years.

Grabbing my gym bag out of the back seat of my BMW I trudged inside to the locker room. It was late, close to midnight, and much later than I typically start my workout. Jenna’s parents had been staying with us for a week already, and I needed to escape somewhere. I was counting the days until Christmas, when they would leave and head up to suffocate her brother and his family. As long as my future in-laws were around, Jenna’s legs were closed, and the sexual tension I felt on top of everything else needed to be released. I knew Jenna felt uncomfortable having sex as long as her parents were around, so that left me two options: beat off in the shower or work out. As much as I needed to cum, I knew her mother would inevitably ask why I spent so long in the shower. The “I’m a big guy, there’s lots to wash” excuse was only valid once per visit.

Tossing my bag on the bench, I stripped out of my shirt and toed off my shoes. Yanking one of my old college t-shirts over my head, I let out a sigh. I was tired. Buck up, I told myself, the sooner you change, the sooner you can work out, and the sooner you can go home and sleep. Christmas is in three days; I can make it that long. Just three more days and I will be able to fuck my woman whenever I want, and the in-laws will be gone. Three. More. Days.

I walked out of the locker room and was surprised to find that I wasn’t the only one in the gym tonight. The fitness center was open 24/7, but even when I did come late at night it was rare that I saw anyone. There were two women jogging on the treadmills, and a guy using the bench press in the corner. Slipping my ear buds into my ears, I let music cover the sound of machines and headed for the bike. Twenty minutes of cardio and twenty minutes of weights and then I could go home.

I pedaled through my cardio, and the twenty minutes there seemed to fly by. My forehead was shiny with sweat, and I wished I had remembered to grab a bottle of water before I’d left the house. Wiping my face with a towel, I headed for the weight rack. I won’t boast and say that I can bench 350, but I can lift our two, hundred pound dogs without a problem. I worked through my routine methodically, fantasizing about what I’d get to do to Jenna once her parents were gone. It’d been a while since I’d fucked her in the kitchen, maybe I’d start there, or maybe I’d fuck her ass in the shower again—that had been an interesting evening, and one I wouldn’t mind revisiting.

The tap on my shoulder yanked me from my plans, and I jerked the headphones out of my ears. “Do you mind?” I snapped, turning to face whoever had interrupted me.

“Whoa there, Andrews. Just wanted to say hi.”

I groaned as I saw my boss standing over my shoulder. Todd Barkley was one of the founding partners of the advertising firm where I worked. He and his best friend started the firm before they’d hit 30, and it was now one of the best firms in the country. I was just a lowly junior executive, and I was surprised that he knew my name.

I stood, wiping my damp hands on my shorts before I extended a hand to him. “Mr. Barkley, sir, I didn’t see you. I apologize.”

“No apologizes necessary, William. We’re not in the office, we’re at the gym—just two guys working off some steam.”

I nodded, grateful that he didn’t take my greeting personally.

“I didn’t know you belonged to this gym,” he said, sitting down on the bench across from mine.

“Just joined a month or so ago. My old place wasn’t available any more.”

I watched as he picked up one of the 50-pound dumbbells and began to curl it. I’ve never been a small guy, but my boss seemed to dwarf me. My 6’3″ was overshadowed by his 6’6″, and while my muscle tone was nothing to laugh at, his was far more impressive. I had thought it was only at work that he was intimidating, but I was more intimidated here at the gym than I was in the office.

I caught myself staring at he curled that dumbbell. It was blatantly obvious too, if he were to look up at me, he’d see that I had stopped lifting my own weights and was fixating on his bulging biceps. Little beads of sweat had broken out around the cuff of his shirt, and were sliding slowly along the veins that bulged. I had to bite my tongue to stop the groan I felt welling in my throat. What the fuck was wrong with me? I was getting turned on watching another man lift weights.

Quickly I resumed my own workout, more anxious now than before to finish so I could go home. I curled two more reps and then jogged into the locker room. I was reluctant to shower at the gym, but forced myself to take a quick one, knowing that Jenna wouldn’t let me crawl into bed tonight unless I took one. She’d probably be asleep when I got home, and if I took a shower once I got there she would wake up and be more pissed at me than she already was. She hated having her parents visit as much as I did, and had been pissy with me since their arrival.

Stripping out of my clothes, I headed for the showers. Both of the single-stall showers had “Out of Order” signs taped across their doors. Groaning in frustration, I headed for the communal shower. I had escaped the awkward moment with Todd out on the gym floor, but I didn’t want to have the chance at another one when we were both naked, and I was sporting a semi. I didn’t notice him when I first entered the gym, but that didn’t mean that he hadn’t been there. He could be ready to wrap up his workout as well, and I didn’t want to be around when he did.

Pumping soap into my hand from the dispenser on the wall I lathered my chest, trying to decide if I wanted to do a full-body wash while I was still at the gym. Jenna didn’t like me to come home sweaty and stinky, but just being under the water would wash the sweat and the majority of the stink away, so I should be fine waiting until morning to wash my lower body. Rinsing the soap off my body, I reached for the shampoo.

“You missed a spot there, William,” Todd’s voice echoed off the tiled walls.

Fuck. I should have waited to shower at home. A pissed-off Jenna couldn’t be worse than this. I stood facing into the spray, wishing that he would go away, or that I had been hearing things.

“You shouldn’t neglect your body, William,” my gut clenched as his hand ran over my shoulder blades, sliding up my neck into my hair. “A clean body is a healthy body.”

I shrugged, trying to remain nonchalant. “This is just a quick shower before I head home. My fiancé doesn’t like me stinking up the car and the house.”

“Why waste water William? Finish your shower here, now.” He turned me to face him. “I’ll help you.”

I watched helplessly as he pumped soap into his hand, watched the lather foam between his fingers. I swallowed convulsively as Todd kneeled in front of me, his hands running up and down my legs, spreading the soap evenly. His fingers dug gently into my muscles, relieving the tension and sending it higher. The white suds climbed higher up my legs, inching up over my kneecaps onto my thighs. I clenched my eyes shut, hoping that he would stop, but then I felt his fingers curl around my balls, and I started hoping that he wouldn’t.

Shame blotched my cheeks as I watched Todd roll my balls around in his palm. I found myself hoping that he would suck my dick. The thought startled me, but I found myself craving it anyway. He looked up, his brown gaze searing into mine. He nodded, as if he was reading my mind, and his lips slid over the tip of my shaft. I wasn’t fully hard yet, but the moment his mouth closed over the tip and began to suck, I turned to stone.

“Ah, fuck,” I growled.

Todd pulled his lips off my cock with a pop. “Like that, do you Will?” I nodded, my hips thrusting of their own accord. “Relax, baby boy, I’ll give you what you want.”

This time, Todd sucked me down to the root. Jenna, even after six years together, couldn’t deep-throat my seven inches. I growled again, bumping my hips into Todd’s face. His hands slid up and gripped my hips tightly. “No,” he barked before sliding his lips down my dick again.

Over and over again he swirled his tongue around my shaft, skimming his teeth along the super-sensitive underside. Every time I felt like humping his face, fucking his mouth, his fingers tightened, reminding me of his order. I felt my balls draw up; I was about to cum. The shame I had felt as Todd had started to blow me returned, and I kept thinking that I should not be hard for, or getting sucked off by, another man.

Biting my cheek as the tingles started crawling up my spine, I fought the urge to rut against Todd’s face and cum all over him. It was wrong. I was a man who was attracted to women. I didn’t get my rocks off thinking about other guys. I was straight dammit. When her parents weren’t around Jenna and I fucked every night, in every position possible.

But when Todd said “Cum” I couldn’t help it. Pearly shots of cum shot from the end of my dick, and Todd swallowed them all. Jenna had complained once about the amount of cum I shot off when I orgasmed, but Todd said nothing as he sucked it from my cock.

“Good job, baby boy,” he whispered against my still-hard dick. He rose to his feet, his erection glancing my stomach. I gulped, feeling that impressive appendage pressed against me. Todd’s lips collided with mine and he shoved his tongue into my mouth, controlling the kiss.

I was knocked off balance, and clutched at his arms to steady myself as he plundered my mouth. Being accustomed to being the aggressor, I was surprised as how quickly I let myself be taken by him. I could taste my cum on his tongue, the slightly salty taste made my dick twitch again, and he chuckled into my open mouth.

“Just can’t get enough, can you, baby boy?”

I shook my head, unable to help myself. I’d never cum that hard, or on command, in my life.

“Good,” he smiled, kissing me again. Our tongues dueled for a moment before he pulled away. “See you at the office tomorrow.”

With that reminder, I closed my eyes and waited for him to leave. The door to the locker room shut with a soft snick, but still I waited. The embarrassment washed over me, sending me reaching for the soap again so I could was my body. I didn’t miss an inch of skin, wanting to cleanse myself from his touch.

Jenna asleep in our bed when I got home, curled around my pillow like it was my body. Gently, I tugged the pillow out of her grasp and lay down beside her. She immediately snuggled into me. Despite my cleansing frenzy in the shower and all the shame that I felt, I was still hard. Determined to prove I was still a manly man, I pushed Jenna onto her back and stripped her t-shirt over her head. She mumbled incoherently, but didn’t open her eyes. When I set my mouth on her pussy, though, she awakened with a gasp.

“Will! What are you doing?” she hissed. “My parents are here!”

“Then you better be quiet,” I whispered, diving back into her lush folds. I lapped at her eagerly, devouring her musky sweet taste. Just when she was on the brink of cumming, I flipped her over and drove myself deep into her clenching cunt.

“Ohmygod, Will, ohmygod,” she chanted into her pillow.

I could tell she was trying to keep quiet, but that only drove me to try harder to make her scream. I was a woman’s man, and I was determined to prove it. Her pussy felt so good around my cock, hot heat that drenched my cock. I could see her juices flowing down her thighs, and her moans were growing steadily louder. Her pussy gripped my dick like a dream, far better than Todd’s mouth had. My cock tightened and I drove into her one last time, just as she screamed into the pillow.

I pulled out and watched as my cum dribbled down the inside of her thigh. It was such a turn-on, to see her marked with my seed like that. I swiped a finger through the creamy trail and raised it to her mouth.

“Suck it,” I ordered as she latched onto my finger greedily. Jenna was such a slut for the taste of my cum.

I curled up behind her and we fell asleep that way, with Jenna still sucking my cum-coated finger.

I kept glancing at the clock on my desk, watching the second hand tick by slowly. It was three o’clock, and I’d somehow managed to avoid running into Todd all day. Just two more hours and I would be home free, and wouldn’t have to fear running into Todd until after the New Year. That was plenty of time for both of us to forget what happened in the gym locker room.

“Hey, Will, package came for you.” Lindsay, my red-haired assistant smiled at me from the doorway to my office.

“Thanks, Lindsay, I’ll take it,” I said, rising from my chair.

She held out a small, cardboard box. She was actually the assistant that I shared with Paul, one of the other junior executives. A bathroom that we shared connected our offices, and Lindsay had a cubicle outside our doors. She was sweet girl, and Jenna thought when we first hired her that she would be a temptation for me, and I’d proved her wrong. Lindsay was a lesbian, who actually in a long-term relationship with as assistant to one of the senior executives.

Going back to my desk, I slit open the tape and opened the box. There was a note lying on top, and printed on it was:

You missed a spot. Do it now.

There was no signature, but I didn’t need one to know whom it was from. Setting the note aside, I looked down at the enema kit that lay inside the box. Panic clenched in my gut. I’d hoped that last night’s incident had been a one-time only event. I never wanted to experience that again.

I clutched the enema box in my hand, intending to throw it away, when my email pinged.

Waiting only prolongs the inevitable, baby boy.

Cursing in every way I could think of, I headed into my bathroom and locked both of the doors. It wasn’t necessary, since Paul was already on vacation, but I wasn’t taking any chances. Following the instructions on the box, I fulfilled Todd’s wishes and gave myself an enema. I’d never had one before, and I was surprised at how clean I felt when I was finished. I buried the kit deep in the trash, and brought the bag into my office to stash under my desk. I wasn’t going to risk the custodial staff seeing it and asking questions.

Sitting on my desk was another box.

Put this in and come to my office. You have 10 minutes.

My stomach tightened again, but it wasn’t repulsion that I felt this time. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was, but as I ducked back into my bathroom, I knew that my dick was already hard.

Todd had included a small bottle of lube along with the butt plug in the latest box. I’d used one on Jenna before I’d fucked her ass for the first time, and I knew I couldn’t just pop it in there. Smearing a dollop on my fingers, I massaged my asshole. I pushed one finger inside, twisting it around. I was so glad Paul wasn’t in his office, because he surely would have heard the groan that escaped as I slid another finger into my freshly cleaned asshole.

I fucked myself with my fingers, loosening up my tight sphincter, prepping myself for the plug. It wasn’t overly large, but it would still be a challenge to take in my virgin ass. My teeth bit into my bottom lip as I pushed a third finger into my loosened hole. Twisting my fingers together, I concentrated on stretching the furled muscle ring, enjoying the way that it felt. I hadn’t allowed Jenna to play with my asshole before, but after this experience, I would have to let her.

Slipping my fingers out of my gaping hole, I immediately began inserting the butt plug. It was slightly tapered, but still thicker than my fingers had been. Remembering what I how I had instructed Jenna when I first took her ass, I exhaled as I pushed in on the plug. It popped into my ass, my grasping hole bringing the entire toy inside. I tugged gently on the base, insuring that it was snug inside my rectum.

Pulling up my pants proved to be a challenge, but I managed it and emerged from the bathroom. I half-expected anther box to be waiting for me on my desk, but there was none. I had my instructions, and looking at the clock, I had three minutes to get up to Todd’s office. I couldn’t walk quickly, the plug prevented that, but each step sent sparks of pleasure up my spine and swirling back down to my aching cock.

Todd’s office was three floors above mine; a corner office that was easily the size of four of the junior executive offices, which weren’t small by any means. He was waiting for me, sitting on his leather sofa, looking powerful and in-control in his suit. My dick leapt in my pants, the plug twitching inside my ass.

“Glad you could follow directions. Come,” he patted the cushion next to him. “Sit.”

I gulped, unsure if I was capable of sitting with the plug filling my ass. Todd noted my hesitation and raised an eyebrow.

“I said sit.”

Gingerly, I lowered myself onto the couch. The sensation nearly blindsided me. I felt stuffed full and fought the urge to squirm around until I shot in my boxers.

“Like that plug, don’t you, baby boy?” Todd crooned, stroking my hair. I nodded. “Just wait until it’s my dick, sweet boy. You’re going to love it.” He scooted closer to me, his mouth nibbling on my ear. “You’re going to crave my dick, want it inside you so bad you’ll do anything.”

Panic welled inside me, and I shot out of my seat. I wasn’t gay. I wasn’t. I didn’t want to get fucked in the ass by my boss. I didn’t want to be sitting in his office with a plug lodged in my backdoor. “No!”

Todd rose to his feet. “Oh, yes, baby boy. I took care of you last night, and now you’re going to take care of me.”

His hand clamped over my mouth, his mouth back at my ear. “Now are you going to be a good boy and do as you’re told? Or am I going to have to gag you?”

I shook my head vehemently. “I’ll be good,” I mumbled into his palm.

“Good boy.” His hand slipped from my mouth and slid down my torso to cup my cock. “Nice and hard for me already, I like that baby boy. I want to see your cock again.”

My hands fumbled with my belt, but I managed to open it and slide my pants down to my knees. My traitorous cock strained against my belly, pre-cum pearling at the head.

“Look at that,” Todd murmured. “Such a beautiful cock, and all for me.” He slid a thumb across my slit, collecting the white droplets. “Suck it,” he ordered, shoving his thumb in my mouth.

Even though I had tasted my cum in his mouth the night before, I had never tasted myself directly from the source. I groaned as I latched onto his thumb, savoring the moment when the salty bitterness was gone. I couldn’t believe the things I was doing for Todd. I’d never had inclinations towards anther guy before. I never would have imagined that I would be obeying his every command like this, hard a rock and craving more.

Todd shoved me away from him, his thumb slipping from my mouth with an audible pop. His fingers slid down my chest, undoing the buttons of my shirt. Once undone he flung the material behind him onto the couch. “Get on your knees, baby boy,” he commanded.

I lowered willingly, clenching my sphincter around the plug to insure it stayed deep in my ass. The burning sensation had long gone and I only felt the pleasurable fullness and the occasional rub against my prostate. I knelt at Todd’s feet, waiting for further instruction.

Fingers tore at my belt and he shoved my pants and boxers to my knees. With a hand at my back he pushed me down so my chest was on the floor, my hands stretched above my head. My ass was angled up, practically begging for his attention. I could feel his smile against my neck.

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