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For all that our honeymoon was spent getting to know each other beyond the basic knowledge we had always had of each other, the real world came knocking all too soon. We were enrolled in the College at the far end of our home town and classes were starting the following Monday. So while we did not wish to leave the little cabin by the lake, we were not left with much of a choice.

Barring the obvious changes caused by marriage, our relationship hadn’t really been changed all that much. Pete still treated me like a princess, and I returned the gesture in kind. For the most part his dominant side only showed up in the bedroom, which tended to be quite frequently during our honeymoon. By the time we were headed back to civilization, I was black and blue in all the areas that tend to remain covered by clothing. It was a combined effort; if he were being too gentle with me, I would goad him into being rougher, sometimes resorting to very underhanded tactics to make him lose his temper with me.

One of these times was the day before we were due to leave the cabin to move into our apartment, Pete was being a perfect gentleman and driving me absolutely crazy. I wanted to play, and I didn’t want him to be so darned polite about the whole matter. But no matter how I teased him, he seemed oblivious to my desires, and kept his kisses chaste and gentle. Perhaps he was trying to make up for being so rough all week, but I just wasn’t getting into the careful, gentle, loving way he was treating me.

Finally I stomped from the cabin in a childish fit of anger, unable to tolerate even one more minute of the gooey crap he was pulling. Little did I know that he was fully aware of what I was trying to do and was simply refusing to fall victim to my needling. The dominant in him wasn’t willing to allow his submissive to play him like that; he would take control in whatever manner he desired, whenever he so felt like it.

After a few minutes he followed me outside, wondering what I was doing. At first he couldn’t find me, then he saw me at the water’s edge, struggling to get the canoe untied from where he had tied it earlier that day. This caused him to raise an eyebrow, as he knew perfectly well that I panic when I am in a canoe by myself. I am not a strong swimmer, and can flip a canoe easily if I get spooked. Being that I have a fear of deep water, it doesn’t take much to spook me when I am in a canoe, and he was surprised that I was thinking about taking it out without him.

However, he had knotted the stupid rope so tightly that for the life of me, I could not get it untied. Such was my frustration that I didn’t even notice as he approached me, and I continued to fight with the knotted rope, swearing at it as I did. Dirty language irritates Pete, particularly when it is coming from me. For all that I laugh at his insistence, he is quite adamant that I’m much too pretty to use such filthy language.

If I had only been swearing at the canoe, he probably would have ignored my language. But as he got closer, he started to hear more of what I was saying. In fact, I was grumbling to myself about him and his general refusal to rise to my bait. Standing a few feet behind me, he listened with growing incredulity to my ranting. Normally I wouldn’t be being so mean about him, even to myself, but I was frustrated with him for not attending to me the way I wanted him to, and I was frustrated with the knot that I simply couldn’t untie. The combination of frustrations had pushed me past simple frustration to outright anger.

After a minute, he cleared his throat, causing me to jump, startled. Spinning around, I glared up at him, bristling irritably. “What do YOU want?!” The next words were a plaintive mutter, not fully intended for his hearing. “Stupid inattentive son of a bitch!”

However, Pete’s hearing is excellent, and his eyes narrowed as he returned my glare with equal measure. “What did you call me?” Striving to keep his voice even, his hands balled into fists at his side and he stepped forward, using his height to glower down at me.

“A Stupid. Inattentive. Son Of A. BITCH!” Making my first mistake I enunciated each word carefully. My voice rose as I finished, standing my ground against him, though a flutter of fear raced through my stomach to see how he was glaring at me.

Pete drew a deep breath, and keeping his voice steady, he stepped forward so that he was right in my face. “You’re really gonna regret it if you don’t take that back!”

When my temper flares up, it tends to get away from me. Consequently, this was where I made my second mistake, a really stupid one. “NO!” One of the few rules we had determined for our relationship was that I never tell him no. Being that he treated me like an equal, he would be willing to listen to my opinion and share the decision making process in our marriage with me, but I had to remember that he was in charge, and his say was final. For the most part, I agreed with this, as I had seen that behaviour emulated in my parent’s marriage. What my father said was absolute, no matter what and not even Mom could overturn his decisions.

But I was lost in my temper, and I was not thinking clearly anymore. I was on a roll and followed with my third stupid mistake of slapping him hard across the cheek. The look on his face was absolutely priceless, but I knew instantly that I really ought not to have done that. Mistake four: I turned on my heel, dodging as he grabbed for me and took off running, fully aware that I had just made him angrier than I had ever managed to make him before.

The shock that I would dare to run from him was enough to give me just a bit of a head start that I got to the cabin before he did and slammed the door as hard as I could in his face. Hightailing it into the bedroom, I struggled to push the dresser across the door, since we did not have the key for the lock. Hearing the front door bang open, I dove under the bed with the dresser halfway across the door way and scrambled to the back corner, where he wouldn’t be able to easily reach me when he got into the room.

I curled into a tight little ball in the back corner as I listened to him fight with the door. But given his general skinniness, he managed to squeeze through the doorway after a minute or two, and he looked around to see where I was. The screen was still on the window, so he knew I hadn’t snuck out of the room on him. Stomping across the room flat footed, he opened the closet door with a crash, checking to see if I’d tried to hide in there. That left only the bed, and he lay on the floor to see if I was under it.

“Get out here.” His voice was a venomous whisper, and his face bore my handprint plain as day. Shaking my head no frantically, I tried to pull myself in farther, cowering in the corner, having moved from angry to frightened by the sound of his voice.

“Dasani Jayne Daisy Andrea Gregory, if I have to come under that bed after you, you will be more sorry than you ever have been for anything in your life!”

When he pulled out my full name, I knew right well that I was toast. My mother had given me three middle names, after both grandmothers and her best friend from elementary school, so it was insanely long. If he was making the effort to call my by my full name, I really should have listened to him.

But still I clung to my defiance, not wanting to give in. Mistake number five. “Nooo…” I whined this, in precisely the tone of voice that I knew he hated, just digging myself further into the mess I had gotten into. “You can’t make me; I won’t do it!”

Sliding forward, Pete crawled towards me underneath the bed. “So help me, you will not cum until I let you, and when I finally permit it, you will not stop unless I say so!” There was nowhere left for me to go, though I tried to elude his hands as best I could. But he managed to get hold of my wrist and literally dragged me out from underneath the bed, despite that I fought him tooth and nail.

“WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!” When he got me out, he jerked me to my feet, grabbing my elbows hard and shaking me. “How DARE you stomp away from me!? How DARE you slap me!?” Leaning down so that he was in my face, he continued shouting at me. “As for the name calling! YOU submitted to ME, not the other way around, you rotten little brat! You PROMISED that you would NEVER say no to me!” With each sentence he shook me hard, causing my teeth to clack together in my head. “I will NOT tolerate such behaviour from my submissive, nor from my wife! It is up to ME when we play, NOT you, or did you forget about the terms that YOU suggested a mere TWO days ago!?”

Whimpering softly, my defiance was starting to fade from my system now, leaving me completely and totally terrified. I had indeed been the one to suggest the terms. We had worked out a few simple rules that covered most of the bases. I was to do what I was told to do, unless there was a genuine reason that I could not. I was to be polite to him, and to treat myself with the same level of honour and respect that I was to treat him, my chosen husband and dominant. That was it, three simple little rules. And I had broken two of the three within two days!

“Pete, I…”

“Can it! I don’t want your excuses!” Shoving me backwards a little, he pushed down hard, so that I fell to my knees, with my back at the edge of the bed, so I couldn’t back away from him. “Get my shorts off NOW!” At this point I was too frightened to disobey, and I started fumbling with the button on his shorts immediately. But owing to my fright, my fingers wouldn’t work right, and I couldn’t get the button to undo.

Snarling in irritation, he shoved my hands away and undid the shorts in a hurry, kicking them off. Since we were on our honeymoon, neither of us had brought any underwear with us, so his hard cock sprang to attention as soon as it from freed from the shorts.

“Get that in your mouth!” Jerking the elastic off my ponytail, he entwined his hands in my hair, not giving me a chance to obey him. Thrusting forward as he pulled me down on him hard, he seemed to be trying to bury the whole thing in my throat with one thrust. However, given that we had only experimented vaguely with this so far, he did not succeed. His real purpose was something else altogether. After pulling me down on him hard several times, causing me to choke and splutter around him each time, he pulled out.

Pulling me to my feet by my hair, he threw me across the bed on my stomach, stuffing the pillows underneath my pelvis as he did. “What are you?” Grabbing my shorts he pulled them off quickly, flinging them away as he did.

“I’m… I’m a…” I was stammering, still gasping for air from his assault on my throat. “I’m a… bad girl…”

“And what happens to bad girls?” His voice sounded almost evil as he positioned himself behind me, spreading my ass cheeks with his hands.

I was starting to panic, but I tried my hardest to answer. “They… get… puniSHED!” As I said the last word, he had pressed his cock forward against my virgin asshole. The shock and pain of having something so large press into my most private place caused me to shriek and start to struggle to get away.

“Please Pete, no, not that! I’m sorry I was bad, let me go Pete, please don’t!” The very idea terrified me, and I fought with everything in me to get away.

Pete kept his grip on my ass cheeks though, pushing forward steadily. “You will take your punishment, precious! And you ought to know from those stories you read on the Internet that it’ll hurt more if you fight it!” That little threat had me instantly lying still, tears starting to trickle down my face.

Thrusting hard, I let out a squeal of pain as the head popped into my formerly untouched asshole. Pete moaned loudly, “So tight!” and remained still for a moment to allow me some time to adjust to the feeling. But all too soon he started pushing forward again, his moans of pleasure matching the shrill whining sounds that I was emitting. It hurt! And it was not a pleasurable kind of pain like when he used the belt on me! My ass burned, and stretched, and felt like it was going to explode from the sheer fullness. His intention in forcing himself down my throat was clear now; he had been trying to lube it up to keep from hurting me too badly.

With not even a quarter of his cock in my arse, he started to pull out, causing me to clutch at the bedspread, screaming bloody murder. It felt like he was going to pull me inside out! Reaching my hand between my legs, I found my clit to rub, desperate to ease some of the agony that was radiating from my rear entrance. Pete noticed this though and grabbed my arm, jerking my hand back out.

“Don’t you dare! Punishment is supposed to hurt, and I told you that you couldn’t cum until I say you can!” Taking a bit of pity on me though, he grabbed the jar of lubricant from the bedside table and spread a generous amount on his cock and my hole. Grabbing my hips, he pressed himself forward again, lifting my ass up to meet him. In a quite gruff tone of voice, he barked the order, “Put those hands to better use by spreading those ass cheeks! It’ll make it hurt a little less if you’re spread wider!” He then fell silent, pressing down with all his might as I held my own ass cheeks open for his assault. It still hurt badly, but he was right, it hurt a little less with my cheeks spread wide and him pulling me up like he was.

But I was discovering that anal was not my thing; it took pain to a whole new level that I was quite sure I didn’t like at all. As he started pulling back out, I started shrieking again, just barely managing to keep a hold on my ass cheeks. “Please… please, Pete, pleaseee.,,,” I pleaded with him, starting to sob.

“Please what, precious?” He leaned forward to whisper in my ear as he started pushing back in again. “Tell me! Please what!?”

I couldn’t ask him to stop; I knew that I deserved this. For all that I wanted to beg him to stop, I was getting my just desserts for being such a brat a little while ago. “Puh… please Pete… pun…punish me, please…” Even if I didn’t like the pain, wasn’t that part of the purpose of true punishment? Beside, I felt guilty for having treated him so poorly.

“Very well.” With that, he started thrusting in and out harder, never quite removing himself from my ass, and getting a little deeper with every thrust. For my part, I sobbed incoherently into the bed, alerting my husband to the perfect punishment for me. If he truly wanted to punish me, this was obviously the way to do it, as I was getting hardly any enjoyment out of the matter at all.

However, my genuine cries of pain were tearing at his heart, because he does actually love me with all his heart. As a result, when he finally buried himself inside me completely, he stopped thrusting and reached a hand underneath me. Finding my clit, he started to pinch and roll it roughly between his fingers, trying to ease the pain a little. Perhaps the punishment wasn’t fully over, but he had decided that the time was right to allow me to have some pleasure through the pain.

As I started to get wet, he kept pulling on my clit as he started thrusting slowly in and out of my ass. However after a moment he stopped with his cock fully buried in me again, turning slightly and causing me to cry out in discomfort as his cock moved within. Digging through the drawer of the bedside table, he pulled out a small but powerful vibrating bullet, which he thrust into me, so that it rested on my g-spot. He had thought ahead, and had packed a few toys in his suitcase without my knowledge. Once it was positioned, he turned it to the very lowest setting. With that in place, he knew that I would derive some pleasure, but not enough to actually orgasm, which was something he had told me I could not have at the moment.

And so, he started thrusting again, harder this time. My squeals were confused now and interspersed with moans. I wished desperately that he would turn the speed up on that vibrator, because all it was doing was driving me crazy with lust, while his cock was still causing me pain in my ass, to the point that my belly was starting to cramp as a result of the fucking. Holy sweet mother of all things good, I would never be such a brat again! I was desperate to cum, desperate for him to be finished and fighting with myself to keep from trying to pull away from him.

After at least 5 minutes of Pete slamming roughly in and out of my ass, he slammed forward with a particularly vicious thrust and started to cum. As he filled my bowels with his cum, he turned the vibrator up one setting, but still not high enough to allow me to orgasm. It was just enough to drive me that much crazier, and I bucked back against him, moaning and pleading desperately.

When he was finished, he did not remove himself from my ass, wincing slightly as his cock tried to soften and couldn’t, because of the pressure my still tight hole was exerting on him. Reaching back into that awful drawer again, he fished around until he found a decent sized vibrating plug that was rather shorter than his cock, and a little less thick. Jerking his cock out of my arse suddenly, he forced the plug back in just as hard, shoving it in with much less resistance than his cock had encountered. Once he had it buried nicely, he pressed on the end of it, so that it turned on full blast as it slid into position, nestled tightly against my arse.

I was still moaning, my hips bucking in a desperate attempt to put more pressure on my clit so I could come. The vibrating plug in my arse just made me that much more wild and I was writhing on the bed like a mad woman, at the edge, but unable to reach the orgasm that I was now so desperately craving.

“Peteee… Stopp being soo mean!!”

Grabbing me around the waist, he walked over the dresser and sat me down hard, causing me to squeal as the pressure felt like it forced the plug inside my arse further, even though it was already in as far as it could actually go.

“Take it you little brat; take the punishment you asked me for!” The dresser was conveniently at the right height for Pete to not have to bend very much to take my nipple into his mouth. Sucking it in hard, he grabbed my other nipple, pinching hard and pulling on it. As he sucked on the one nipple, nipping it lightly with his teeth, he pulled and twisted and pinched the other one hard. But the more he hurt my nipples, the harder they got, and the harder they got the hornier I got, so that I was grinding against the wooden dresser top, trying to get off on that vibrator that was only going just fast enough to keep me just at the edge of orgasm.

After a few minutes, Pete wrapped his arms around my waist, clamping his lips shut tightly around the nipple, biting it slightly and moving to stand up straight. I shrieked and wrapped my legs around his waist frantically as he moved me back to the bed without letting go. Dropping me on my back, he pulled the vibrator from my pussy and started to fuck me hard. This drove me closer and closer to the edge, though I felt fuller than ever. My stomach was cramping almost brutally from the plug that was still vibrating deep in my ass, and Pete thrusting in and out of me exaggerated this feeling immensely.

Slamming himself into the hilt, he reached down and pinched my clit hard between his fingernails, “Cum you little brat! NOW!” And I fell of the edge of the orgasm that had been building ever since he’d started playing with my clit the first time, shrieking with what almost felt like pain as the pleasure finally overwhelmed me. But as he had told me that I wouldn’t cum until he said, then I wouldn’t stop until he allowed it, he pulled from me sharply without taking his own release, still pinching and manipulating my clit to keep me in that almost painful orgasm. The cramping in my belly picked up in intensity as I went, and Pete grabbed his belt from the bedside table.

Steph leaned down to peer through the window.

“ guys gonna be okay?”

They nodded.

“No hanky panky?”

Faye looked at her best friend and burst into laughter. Tristan pretended to tip his hat at her and smiled as he drove off.

Faye leaned back in her seat. The weather seemed nice enough. She wondered if she should point out that interesting fact to Tristan. Slanting her eyes she snuck a peek at him.

“You can look right at me y’know,”

Faye flushed. She studied the dashboard that suddenly seemed really intriguing.

“I wasn’t.”

Tristan looked over at her, a faint smile about his lips.

“So..where are we going?”

“I don’t know.. I don’t have anything on any-” Faye fumbled in her bag. “Shit someone’s calling. Who could it be at this..” Frowning, she looked down at her phone before casting an apologetic look at Tristan. “Sorry, it’s a potential employer I gotta take this.”

Tristan nodded and put a finger to his lips.

“Hello?” Faye pursed her lips. “Yes.. yes. Oh, that’s..that’s wonderful. What..” Tristan reached over and took her hand. She started in surprise. “Um.. yes.. sure. That soon? I mean sure I’ll be there. Yes. Thank you.”

Tristan listened to the sounds of her cellphone being put away. “So…”

“So, I’m sorry but I have to go,” Faye patted Tristan lightly on the back of his hand that was still on hers.

“Sure. Where to?”

“Uptown, you know. I think I landed a job!” Her face was glowing with excitement. Tristan looked at her.

“That’s great news.” His smile was warm and genuine, and Faye couldn’t help feeling a certain something in her chest. She ran her thumb over the skin of his wrist.

When they got there Tristan got out and opened the door for Faye. She met his gaze and smiled nervously.

“I hope everything goes well,” she said. Tristan put a hand to her face and tucked a stray curl behind her ear.

“I’m sure it will.” Leaning in he kissed her gently on her mouth. Faye beamed at him and turned to leave.

“Thanks for the ride!” She called.

“Oh, my pleasure!”

Faye flushed slightly again, then mentally hit herself for flushing so much these days, and entered the building.


The plants were fake, the carpet looked like someone had thrown up over all of it and then ironed a layer of plant fertilizer over it, and the receptionist was so frosty Faye could just about feel her eyes misting up.

But, this was good. It was.

Lifting her knuckles to the heavy wooden door, Faye knocked.

“Come in!”

The door opened to a spacious office. A large expensive couch was sprawled in the corner, a couple of — hey, real — plants stood green in their pots, and.. the sunlight poured in through the wide glass windows. Sitting at the desk was..

“Mr. Lexington.”

“Call me Samuel.” He stood up and shook her hand. It was a good, firm handshake. “Well, I’ve looked at some of your work and I must say I’m impressed.”

“Thank you, very much.”

“No no thank you. You’ll be an excellent addition to our team. Now, all we have to do is to discuss the little details. If you’ll just sit,”

Faye’s eyes misted over for real this time.

It was happening. For the first time in her life, everything was coming together.


“And then he offered me that sum, and I was.. well I was be-something!”

“Be-something.” Tristan laughed, helping Faye out of her coat.

“Yes! Be-something, bewildered or something. I still can’t believe it!” Kitty tottered up to her and sniffed at her legs. “Hey Kitty how’s it goin,”

Faye tossed her bag on the couch and fell back on the pillows.

“Do you want something to drink?” Tristan asked. Faye smiled at him. She reached up and pulled him closer by his tie.

“Actually I want something to eat.”

A small smile formed on Tristan’s lips. “You do, huh.” He stroked her face.

“I do.” Faye stretched up and lifted her mouth to his. He tasted so good, so warm and familiar already. Kitty sat down patiently in a corner. “You.” Faye pulled back and traced Tristan’s lip with her finger. He looked at her.

Faye jumped slightly when she felt Tristan’s hand moving down her stomach.

“Hey somebody’s moving fast,” she exclaimed.

Tristan hid a smile in her shoulder as he turned her around so she was sitting on her lap. “I’ve waited all day. Don’t think that counts as fast.”

Faye picked up the remote control and turned the television set on.

“Hey they’re showing reruns of That 70s Show. It’s that episode where Eric.. oh..”

Faye closed her eyes as she felt Tristan slide his hand down the front of her panties.

“Eric is having a..birthd-” his fingers pressed into her flesh. Parting her legs wider Faye pressed her hips back into Tristan’s lap. “That feels..good.” Tristan pulled her shirt down so he could kiss her bare shoulder. His fingers kept stroking between Faye’s legs. She let her mouth drop open as she savoured the sensation.

“Tristan..” Faye turned on his lap so she could look at him. Tristan pulled his hand out of her underwear and kept his eyes locked on hers as he put his finger in his mouth. Druggedly Faye watched him as he licked her juices off his hand.

“Okay bed now.”

Tristan laughed as she jumped on him and he stood up, hoisting her by her bum as she clung to him, and headed for his bedroom.

“Well hello beddy bed.” Faye stretched luxuriously.

“Oh beddy bed. Someone’s getting comfortable here.” Faye froze for a bit, but relaxed when Tristan settled next to her.

“Come on, let me undress you.” Faye got to her knees.

“Gladly.” Tristan lay back on his elbows, watching her contentedly. She ran her hands over his broad chest, smiling to herself. The tie went off first. One button, then two. He had such a delicious chest. Absently, Faye stroked Tristan’s skin. His eyes were dropping lower and lower as she took off his clothes, article by article.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” Tristan muttered when Faye had stripped him down to his boxers. With an easy heave he turned her on her back.

“Tristan!” Faye laughed. “That tickles.”

He looked up at her from her stomach, smiling devilishly into her skin. He pulled off her shirt, her work pants, her inner shift. When Faye was down to her undies she curled up, suddenly shy.

“I didn’t know you had it in you to be shy.” Tristan pulled at Faye’s arms, opening her up to him. She shook her head, smiling. Lifting himself over the length of her body, Tristan lay over Faye. She felt his arousal against her. His eyes were heavy.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered into her ear, opening his mouth and licking the sides of her neck. Faye shivered beneath him, hooking her legs behind his back and trying to grind against his erection.

“Uh-uh,” Tristan reached back and unhooked her legs. He smiled roguishly at her. “Me first.”

Faye felt delicious desire spiking in her blood, centering between her legs as she watched him. He kissed her neck and whispered in her ear as his hand went roaming on her body.

“I know you want this,” his hand clasped the curve of her breast, encased in her black bra.

“And this,” he trailed his fingers down her body, over her chest and her stomach — where she quivered and arched toward him — and teased with the ribbon on the top of her panties.

“You want me to touch you, don’t you?” Faye nodded wordlessly, lifting her hips toward him but he kept following her movements. “Tell me what you want.”

Faye looked at him, his eyes dark with arousal, a lock of his hair over his eyes. She arched closer to him as she spoke.

“Touch me. Make me feel good,”

Tristan’s eyes flashed and he cupped her through her panties. Faye squirmed under him and he stroked her through the fabric. He could feel her clit swelling between her soft folds and he rubbed it slowly. Faye gasped. She was going mad. He kept rubbing her through her panties..if he didn’t stop — Tristan pulled his hand away and she opened her mouth on a note of protest but his hand returned and this time delved beneath the cotton of her panties.

Faye opened and closed her mouth as she felt his fingers tease her, going up and down the sides of her pussy lips. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. Laughing lightly Tristan reached down and took her mouth. She lost herself in his kiss, his warm tongue delicious in her mouth, feeling each stroke between her legs as his fingers swept over her wetness. He poised two fingers at her entrance and she looked at him as he pressed them in gently. She felt herself open up to him and moaned low in her throat as he pushed deeper and stroked her where her ache was deepest.

“Tristan.. Tristan I can’t..” Faye struggled against him as he pleasured her. She felt his hard cock heavy against her and reached down instinctively through the gap in his boxers and took his warm length in her hand. Tristan shuddered and paused for a moment but soon continued stroking her between her legs, moving his hips into Faye’s hand in tandem with his stroking.

The pleasure grew and grew and Faye felt her eyes glazing over. Tristan saw it and slid down swiftly between her legs. Before she could react he pulled her panties down her legs, parted them and began to lick her pussy. Faye gasped quietly. Her thighs had already started to tremble and when she felt Tristan’s head move between her legs, his tongue slipping into her moist folds she clasped her thighs about him and mindlessly moved her hips against his pleasuring mouth.

Tristan looked up at Faye’s face. She was lost in the pleasure he was giving her. His cock ached but he pressed it against the bed and kept licking her, moving his head side to side against her pussy, feeding on her sweetness. When he felt her muscles start to tense he spread her pussy lips and pressed his mouth against her, moving his lips over her swollen flesh and licking deeper into her.

Faye gripped fistfuls of the bedsheets and bucked involuntarily against Tristan’s face. She..she was coming..he was licking her so good, it felt so good, he wouldn’t stop eating her as she came over and over, shuddering into his mouth.

When she had stilled Tristan lifted himself over her and smiled faintly.

“Hey you.”

Eyes still closed, Faye smiled back.

“Hey yourself.” Her small hand went down his stomach and grazed the outline of his heavy cock in his boxers. “Looks like somebody needs attending to.”

Tristan almost blushed. He turned on his back following Faye’s guidance. Her mouth looked bruised and her hair was in wisps about her face. She looked thoroughly sexed up.

He wasn’t prepared when Faye slid between his legs, pulled cock out of his boxers and began sucking on him with gusto.

“Ahh.. a—hhhh Faye, Faye keep it..keep it slow or I’ll..” Tristan worked his jaw, trying to regain his grip as he felt Faye’s lips wrap around his length, licking up and down. Her mouth was liquid pleasure. He gritted his teeth and looked down. Not that the visual helped any — seeing Faye between his legs, her eyes drugged and looking right back at him, his cock impaling her mouth, was enough to send him over.

With great effort Tristan reached down and pulled her up. He flipped her on her back, squealing lightly, pulled off his boxers and with one smooth move speared his cock deep into her. Faye gasped, rocking her hips back up towards him, wanting more of him. Tristan made a sound in his throat halfway between a growl and a moan and shoved his hips deeper into her. Her liquid center, so warm and tight around him. He pushed her higher up on the pillows with each thrust, heavy and uncontrolled, thrusting breathlessly into her. All he felt was the pleasure spiking, his flesh entering hers, her sweetness surrounding him, and he wanted more, more, more — his hips flexed forcefully against her center, and she found herself close to the wall with each heave.

Faye moaned loudly with each thrust. Tristan’s eyes were dark and unseeing. She reached up for his face and pulled him down. He kissed her as he drove into her over and over. She moaned, feeling the pleasure mount higher and higher inside. Looking up, seeing his face lost in pleasure and feeling him shove insistently inside her was too much and she felt herself riding out a deep orgasm.

Tristan felt Faye start to come. He pulled his cock almost out of her and slammed it back deeper. She writhed under him and he withdrew and pounded her harder. His own release was near — he could taste it, but he had to draw out her pleasure first — she was coming around him, her pussy clasping and releasing and he was helpless, plunging back into her and flexing his hips quicker, the sweet bloom of orgasm went over him and he came, jerking inside her.

Exhausted, he fell to the bed beside Faye. She reached for his arms and curled them around her.

In the corner of the room Kitty went to sleep.

Monday morning came and John got himself washed and dressed. He told Hillary that he was going to work, she grunted, rolled over and wrapped herself up in the duvet.

Sasha woke up at nine a.m. She showered, dressed and had breakfast in anticipation of John’s arrival. She had put on a short denim skirt, a tight black t-shirt and fishnet tights. She wanted to impress John, she wanted him to ravish her body, she wanted to bask in the sexual energy that had built up between them.

John pulled onto Sasha’s driveway. He checked himself in the rear view mirror, ran his hand through his hair and got out. He walked to the door, each step getting more and more excited, and more nervous. He didn’t understand the nerves, he had been cheating on Hillary for months now and, not since the first time with Rachel, he hadn’t felt anything other than pleasure from the experiences. When he got to the door he hesitated before pressing the door bell. His hand hovered over it for thirty seconds, it felt like an age to him. Finally John plucked up the courage to press the button, and then he waited.

Sasha looked up from her book as she heard the doorbell. She put her book down on the coffee table, stood up, brushed herself down and breathed a heavy sigh. This is it, she thought. A million thoughts went through her head — will he want me, what if i’m no good, what if, what if… She put the thoughts to the back of her mind and walked to the door. “Hi, come in” she said as she opened the door.

“Thanks, you look amazing.”

Sasha led John into the kitchen. “Would you like a drink?”

“Please, tea?”

“Sure.” Sasha switched the kettle on. John walked up behind her and put his arms around her, Sasha flinched slightly and then turned to face him. “I’m so nervous.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll take things at your speed.”

Sasha put her head against John’s chest and put her arms around him. They stood there until the kettle had boiled. As Sasha began to release her grip, John kissed her on the top of the head. Sasha looked up at him, he was smiling at her. She went in to kiss him on the lips. John reciprocated. Their lips locked and the softness of the kiss soon began to increase in intensity as the passion between them rose. John picked Sasha up and she wrapped her legs around his waist, her skirt riding up. John broke the kiss and moved his head down to kiss her neck, Sasha put her head back, she was breathing loudly, sighing as John’s mouth worked around her neck and chin. John reached his arms down and gripped Sasha’s arse, Sasha leant back and John began to kiss and bite at her breasts through her t-shirt. “I want you so bad,” she panted.

“I want you too.” John said as he put Sasha down. He dropped to his knees, ran his hands up her legs. Once he reached the crotch of her tights, he ripped them open. He put his mouth against her pussy through her tiny knickers. Sasha reached down and put her hands on his head, rubbing away as he continued to lick her. John pulled the knickers down and put his tongue against her clit, his hands massaging her arse.

“Fuck me,” Sasha panted, “fuck me now.”

John stood up, Sasha opend the fly on his jeans, pulled his cock out, rubbed it a few times and then bent over. John took his cock in his hand and pushed it against Sasha’s cunt. He slid inside, reached around her with one hand working her clit and one on playing with her breasts, tweaking, pulling and rubbing her nippled. He thrust in and out of her, she panted loudly, he said some oh gods, “Harder, harder,” she shouted, “fuck me with your big cock.”

John increased the speed at which he was thrusting, he grimaced, felt himself about to cum, pulled out, dropped to his knees and started to eat her pussy and arse. He licked her cunt, then licked her arsehole, he brought his hands down to finger her, he put one in her cunt and one in her arse, pushed them in and out as fast as he could. With his other hand he rubbed her clit. Sasha began to scream, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

John took his cock and pushed it back inside her, he fucked her with everything he had, faster and faster until he felt himself about to cum again, Sasha began to buck back on him hard, she grunted and then let out one long scream. As Sasha’s scream started John let himself cum, waves of pleasure covering his body.

Sasha was the first to speak. “Oh, god, that… that was amazing.”

“You’re telling me.”

“Cup of tea?”

“I believe that is what we were doing.”

Sasha reboiled the kettle and made the tea. John lit two cigarettes and handed her one. They sat on the sofa, wrapped in each other. Once the tea was drank, Sasha nuzzled down into John’s lap. “I’ve not felt like that in so long.”

“I can’t believe we’ve finally done it, it was definitly worth the wait.”

“Hell yes! Your cock felt so good inside me. I want it again, and again and again.” She undid John’s jeans and pulled them right off. His cock was beginning to harden again when she sucked it into her mouth. Sasha licked John’s cock up and down and then put her mouth all the way over it, licking and sucking as she did so. John threw his head back. He moved to lay down on the sofa, pulled Sasha around so that she was sat on his face and began to ate her pussy, remenents of his cum from earlier dripping out into his mouth, John lapped them up then Sasha climbed off, and stradled him, guiding his cock inside her. As she rode him, she suddenly thought, and spoke, “Do you feel guilty?”

“For what?”

“For being with me.”

“How could I feel guilty when your cunt feels this good on my cock, when your mouth feels so good and you look so fucking hot sat there riding me.”

Sasha smiled and continued to fuck him.

John and Sasha stayed together until three p.m. They fucked three more times, then dressed. John had to get to work. They kissed then John left to get into his car and drive to work.

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