playboy playmate

Look, I know that what I had done in order to move us out of my parents’ basement and into the house of our dreams was wrong.

But there was no other way for that dream to come true with my salary from that waitressing job at the diner and the weekly paycheck that my husband had been getting from his boss.

Anyway, it was on this one Wednesday afternoon that my best friend Shirley had walked over and told me that the guy who looked like Tom Cruise had wanted to pay me a huge amount of money just to have sex with him for one night.

Now I know that whenever I let myself look in the mirror, I would see this particular Playboy Playmate whose name happens to be Patti McGuire staring right at me.

And I also know that I was unable to let some other guy fuck me behind the back of my own husband because I still love him deeply.

But since we were in need of moving ourselves into our own place and desperate times really do call for desperate messures, I had decided to just take a deep breath and sell my body to raise the money for our dream.

And so, after I had walked over to Tom and told him that I had accepted his offer, both Shirley and I had taken a break and headed straight for her apartment where she had loaned her sexy dress and shoes to me for that night and volunteered to make sure that Mark does not find out why I had decided to work late on that night.

Then, when our boss was about to close the diner up for the night, Shirley had walked up to him and said, “I have a better idea. Give the keys to Nikki. She will close up for us.”

Of course, he was reluctant to hand those keys over to me at first.

But that was before he had looked at his watch, let out a sigh and said, “Okay, Nikki. I could trust you.”

And after he had given me the keys and said ‘good night’ to us, our boss had left just before Shirley had rised her thumb and said, “See you tomorrow, Nikki. And good luck to you.”

And as soon as she left, I had gone into the back and changed into the outfit that Shirley had loaned to me and sprayed on some perfume before I had walked back out and leaned myself against the jukebox.

That was before Tom had came in and saw me in that outfit just in time for me to unsnap and open the dress to show him that I was not wearing any underwear.

“Well. I see that you are ready to get down to business.”, said Tom while he was taking his clothes off and jerking off in front of me.

And after I had started fingering myself and said, “As a matter of fact, I am. So, are we going to fuck our brains out or what?”, Tom had moved himself closer, kneeled down and started sucking my pussy and touching my tits.

And even though I had been thinking of Mark the whole time, the oral sensation that Tom was laying on me with that tongue of his was so fantastic that I was unable to resist my primal urges any longer and had forced myself to drop to the floor and let him fuck my ass with his finger while I was sucking on his dick.

That was when I had closed my eyes and said in a soft voice, “Please, God! Do not let my beloved Mark find out about this! Just let me enjoy it for a few more minutes!”

Then, after he took that huge cock of his out of my mouth and used it to fuck my soaking wet pussy dry while he was sucking on the nipples of my breasts, I had dug my nails into his back and bit my tongue in case someone would walk inside to find out why the diner was still open.

And when he had finally let himself cum inside my pussy and we had stopped to catch our breath, Tom had reached into his wallet and gave me more than the amount that we had agreed on and said, “What could I say except that you really are worth every penny.”

And to tell truth, even Mark still agrees.

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