playa del carmen

I was divorced with no kids. I was also bored with work and bored with my life. I needed a major distraction and fortunately I had lots of vacation time I needed to use.

An ad for a Cancun vacation drew my interest; it claimed air and hotel for seven days for less than it would cost me to fly to New York and stay one night. My life was such that I did not have anyone I could ask to accompany me so I would have to pay the single traveler penalty. I booked it nevertheless.

The flight was a lot shorter than expected and my hotel a lot smaller than expected. It was a “boutique” hotel that catered mostly to Europeans and was closer to the city than the hotel zone. As I walked through the lobby the conversations I overheard were in German. My room was more than good enough for a man by himself so I had no complaints. I arrived on a Sunday afternoon in mid June and spent that day in my hotel’s small beach.

On Monday I took a tour to Chichen-Itza. The site was more dramatic than I had even hoped and much bigger than expected with several other structures besides the pyramid including something they called a baseball field. They must have had very short seasons because according to our guide the losing team was sacrificed atop the pyramid.

But the big pyramid was what I had come to see and I soon saw that it was a lot taller and a whole lot steeper than I had envisioned.

The trip up the pyramid was OK but I noted the narrowness of the steps. They were only wide enough to get just half my foot on each of them. The Mayans must have had tiny feet.

After catching my breath at the top I took some pictures as I walked around to check for forgotten catchers mitts. I knew I was stalling. My mind had seen that the trip back down was going to be terrifying. I saw that I would have the front half of my feet dangling in the air with each step down. If I caught my heel on a step the chances of going all the way down on my face were way too high.

I saw some guys inching their way down step by step on their butts. I really did not want to be one of those guys but it was either embarrass myself or wait for a rescue helicopter.

I saw a chain running down the middle of the steps for no apparent reason. In a moment of lucidity I grabbed the chain and made my way down stepping sideways while holding it.

My embarrassment was short lived because as soon as I was down I looked up and saw several people imitating my technique. It occurred to me that it might have been the purpose of the chain.

My Tuesday excursion was to Cozumel. That was a much shorter bus trip than Chichen-Itza although a much longer boat trip than I had expected.

I made friends with my tour bus seatmate Lydia. Unlike me she was with two companions, one of which was a personal trainer and the other ran a club. Both were athletic looking blondes.

I felt that she might have considered herself a third wheel. Her friends did not treat her as such but all three were relieved when I took over the responsibility of keeping her company.

Lydia was a lawyer. She moved quietly like a cat and was very cute with decent size tits. She had long black hair with somewhat pale skin and amazing dark green eyes. Although shorter than her companions she was at least five feet, five inches tall, about six inches shorter than me. She appeared to be in her early thirties as I was.

I was more than happy to keep her company even though it crossed my mind she may be gay. I was sure her friends were a lesbian couple. She spent a portion of the bus ride writing in a journal in which she wrote my name after I introduced myself.

She laughed when I described my terror as I inched my way down the steps of the Chichen-Itza pyramid but after I showed her my photos from the top that clearly showed its steepness she admitted she would probably still be waiting for the helicopter. She asked my help in spelling Chichen-Itza for her journal.

Our tour bus dropped us off at the corner of a plaza in Playa del Carmen not too far from the ferry landing. Her friends walking speed was much faster than mine and I was pleased to see that Lydia opted to match my pace instead of theirs. It effectively separated us from them for the rest of the day. By the time we joined the line on the pier there may have been a hundred people between them and us. Lydia and I were already comfortable with each other so we just hung back instead of moving up to find them. We found two seats together on the ferry but we did not make much of an effort to find her friends.

Lydia and her friends were on their way to Cozumel to sightsee and shop. I was going to snorkel the underwater Chankanaab National Park. It is a beautiful park where the coral reef abuts the beach with crystal clear waters. Lydia was intrigued by my destination and asked me about it. After I finished describing what I hoped to see she clearly wanted to join me, so I asked her to do just that.

She pulled out her cell phone and told her friends that she was making a detour on her schedule. However, she did not invite them to join us. I found that curious but did not comment on it.

I led us down the waterfront street until I found the scooter rental place I had previously contacted. Lydia giggled and said she had never ridden a scooter before. I told her not to worry since it had been only fifteen years since the last time I had.

It turned out OK, as I was a competent driver by the time we went three blocks, (except for the running a stop sign thing), and she was a relaxed rider by the time we left town. She had begun the ride with her hands on my hips but as soon as she was comfortable with my driving and the motion of the scooter she had placed her hands on her knees.

Half way to the park I went over a speed bump a bit faster than I should have and her arms wrapped around my waist. Even though there were no more speed bumps on the way she kept her arms around me. I did enjoy that.

After we made it to the park I rented gear for her and fins for me, I had my own snorkel and mask. Lydia was wearing a bikini under her t-shirt and shorts. I stopped her from taking off her t-shirt explaining that when you snorkel your back is directly exposed to the sun. Sunburns happen quickly and deeply, and painfully.

What she did was a treat for me. She moved us away from the locker room/showers building to near some sea grape trees and took off her shirt then her bikini top and had me hold it for her. She fumbled with her t-shirt long enough to insure I had a good look at her tits then put the shirt back on.

I said, “Thank you.”

She said, “My pleasure.”

Lydia was a playful exhibitionist. My first.

We took our shorts off and put our stuff in a locker then I treated us to fruit juice. As we walked to the beach I fell behind her for a few moments and got a good view of her bikini-clad butt. It was magnificent.

We strolled down the beach until we found a spot at one of the places you could get in and out of the gorgeous waters without damaging the coral reef or ourselves and we slid in. I waited for Lydia to get re-acquainted with her gear, she had snorkeled before but she was a kid the last time she did. It did not take her long to do that and we were soon gliding along the wall of the reef in the calm, warm waters.

We spent the next hour and a half in awe of what we saw. We repeatedly stopped and pointed at something for the other to see, parrot fish, angelfish and schools of sergeant majors swam close to us. We followed a large eagle ray for a while and watched some scuba divers about fifty feet below us in the transparent water. We hung as if in mid-air and watched the coral wall creatures do their thing. A small brightly colored moray eel came out to say hello. An even more brightly colored crab waved at us.

Several times we treaded water as we talked about some amazing sight or other. As we did her t-shirt floated above her breasts. The second time it happened I asked her to wait a second then put my face below the water and took a picture of them. When I surfaced she splashed water on me, she knew what I was doing. I consoled myself with the thought that she never tried to cover her breasts.

We eventually got out of the water and returned to our spot on the beach. Lydia would have won any wet t-shirt contest I would have judged and I told her so as I took another picture. She giggled and kissed me on the cheek.

I had a large beach towel but Lydia had not expected to get wet and did not have one so we shared. I got us some food and pina coladas served in coconuts and we rested for a while.

Lydia noticed that many ladies were topless so she asked me to help her get her wet t-shirt off which I gladly did. I handed her my coral waters environmentally approved sunscreen and she thanked me for it and for not volunteering to put it on for her.

I was thankful that the idea had not crossed my mind even though we both knew I was staring at her tits. They looked delicious.

I did get to put the sunscreen on her back and shoulders. It took me a while to realize that my application of sunscreen had turned into caresses. She did not say anything. After I realized what I was doing I enjoyed it for a few more moments then with a tinge of embarrassment I pronounced her all done. I had already kissed her shoulder before that act registered in my brain.

She gave me a shy thank you. I noticed her nipples were very erect. She may have noticed that my cock was too.

We lay on my towel and talked about our lives to that point. She had been married for three years and had been widowed for seven. She lived in a small Texas coastal town called Felicity. She had no children but her mother had given her a Pekinese puppy for her birthday two years before.

I told her I had been single for six years, no kids. I related that I had been a Geography teacher for a while but had been pushed by my ex into getting a job in the natural gas exploration industry for a higher salary. I lived in Shreveport, about five hundred miles away from Felicity we guessed.

After we finished our lunch and drinks she settled on her back and I on my stomach propped up by my elbows. We were talking almost face-to-face. Our hips were touching. I did not disguise my pleasure in watching her re-apply sunscreen to her tits. She may have prolonged the task for my benefit.

Somewhere during our conversation I began to occasionally kiss her shoulder. By the time I noticed what I was doing she had moved closer to me so I did not have to stretch to reach her with my lips. Since she appeared to be OK with my kisses I turned to my side facing her and kissed her neck. She moved a bit closer and turned her face to me. I aimed my next kiss at her lips. I gave her a soft delicate kiss with no expiration date.

Two kisses later her hand “accidentally” brushed my very erect cock. My hand “accidentally” brushed a bare breast almost getting tangled up on the nipple.

“Accidents” began to occur more frequently so we decided we better get back into the water. Her nipples seemed to be trying to break free of her t-shirt after she put it back on.

Once in the water we played with each other a bit more but that particular sea offered us no privacy, anyone with a mask could easily see what we were doing in that clear water and there were many people with masks in that water. As relaxed as Mexico beaches are we were sure we would cross the line. Her hand still accidentally brushed my cock on occasion and she apologized for that by squeezing it. My hands found her tits and ass often but I did not apologize.

At least we both knew what we would be doing that night.

Our afternoon snorkel was very pleasant and was highlighted by the close passing of a very large barracuda.

At three in the afternoon we forced ourselves to get out of the water and prepare to return to town. I got us park souvenir t-shirts so she would not have to wear a wet one for the rest of the day. I received a top five kiss as thank you. I was happy to see she did not wear her perfectly dry bikini top under her shirt.

I also got kisses as we walked out of the park hand in hand. Before we got underway our tongues introduced themselves to each other.

On our ride back she kept her arms around my waist and leaned on me. After we were underway her hand would occasionally caress my perpetually hard cock over my shorts.

After we returned the scooter we found a nice restaurant a bit off the main tourist areas and had a very nice dinner. Our hands rested on each other’s inner thighs during much of the meal with occasional sorties higher up. Neither of us was wearing underwear and I discovered that she was not going to stop my hand no matter how high up her thigh it went. I had no intention of stopping hers either.

After dinner we slowly strolled back to the ferry dock hand in hand enjoying where we were and each other. She bought the usual souvenirs. We kissed often.

On the ferry ride back she wrote a long passage in her journal and I saw my name included more than once in her notes. After she put it away she kissed me and we held hands for the rest of our trip back to the Playa del Carmen dock.

We did not see her companions until we were crossing the plaza as we headed back to our tour bus. They told us that they had enjoyed Cozumel but decided that the only way to get the feel for the island was probably on a dedicated two or three-night trip. Lydia did not volunteer any information about our day except to say it was fabulous.

When the tour bus stopped at her hotel she stayed in her seat next to me and waved at her friends as they filed out. The look of shock on their faces had Lydia giggling. Just as our bus pulled away we saw them waving to us. Their shocked expressions had been replaced by big grins.

When we arrived in my room Lydia and I went to the shower first. As soon as we were wet she said, “Let me show you the kind of woman you are fucking tonight,” and promptly began to piss on my leg.

I said, “Understood,” and began to piss on her pussy. She moaned and took over the aiming of my stream. I had just enough piss to give her a small orgasm. I took her into my arms and kissed her for a while.

That “watersport” episode was a first for me but I got over the shock quickly and soon realized that it had high erotic value.

I found a washcloth and began to soap her down. Her breasts needed a lot of attention but she apparently preferred my tongue to the washcloth so I did my best to make them happy. My first impression of them had been correct, they were delicious.

Her pussy took longer. I went to my knees and draped one of her legs over my shoulder as she grabbed a water pipe to steady herself. My first kiss to her pussy took a while, long enough for her orgasmic moans to echo off the shower walls.

I lathered soap in my hands and began a detailed cleaning of her entire groin area. Since I was down there with soapy hands I decided to pay attention to her rosebud too and slipped a soapy finger in it as my other hand scrubbed her clit. Her orgasm shook the walls.

As I rose up to kiss her I kept her leg up and my cock slid into her pussy as if it was a guided missile. She groaned and in less than two minutes another orgasm hit her and she almost collapsed on me.

I allowed her leg to go down as my still hard cock slipped out of her pussy. I embraced and caressed her while I waited for her.

She gave me a shy, almost embarrassed smile and kissed me softly. She took the soap and lovingly soaped my body leaving my cock for last. After she had done a fine job cleaning my cock with her tongue she soaped it, rinsed it and began a delicious blowjob. She told me to warn her when I was getting too close. She said she wanted my first cum in her pussy, not her mouth.

Amazingly that allowed me to keep calm and give her a longer stretch of time to make love to my cock. I was not particularly close when I lifted her into my arms, kissed her, then told her I wanted to make love to her.

She kissed me back and told me that I had been making love to her all day and that was why she was naked in my arms.

We dried each other and went to bed. Without any further ado I slipped my cock into her and began our fuck.

I saw she was allowing me to do as I pleased with her body, happy to receive me but only as a receptacle. She was not involved in the fuck other than being happy she was there for me. Our long day and her orgasms in the shower had wiped her out.

All of my life that would have been more than good enough for me to just fuck away but apparently not that time, and not that woman. I began to lose my erection. I dismounted and kissed her.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I don’t think I can take this trip without you. I can wait until you can join me,” I said.

She looked at me in disbelief then crushed me in an embrace as she covered my face with kisses. She snuggled to me and said, “Give me about twenty minutes and I will take you on the ride of your life.”

“Deal,” I said as I gave her a long soft kiss then continued to leisurely kiss her as my hand softly caressed her ass. Lydia fell asleep. If it had not been for the fact that she was naked in my arms and I never stopped kissing her I would have probably fallen asleep too.

After about an hour or so I felt her begin to stir. She paused for a few seconds, apparently to get her bearings, then turned her face to me so I could kiss her lips.

As I kissed her she slid a hand to my now mostly limp cock. Her hand made love to it until it began to respond. Lydia kissed her way down my body and slid my cock between her lips. It took my dick just seconds to achieve full ready status.

I coaxed Lydia into bringing her hips to me then I lifted them until her pussy was directly over my mouth and plopped her down on me. I heard her groan as I wrapped my arms around her gorgeous ass and began to devour her pussy.

It did not take me long to notice my mouth on her pussy was distracting her mouth away from my cock. Her moans were continuous. Suddenly with a loud groan she reversed her position, stabbed her pussy with my cock and began to fuck me with extreme passion. Her first orgasm had not completely swept past her before the second began. When her third orgasm arrived we jumped off the cliff together, loudly, dramatically, and eventually lovingly. We kissed our way through the many aftershocks.

I felt we were sinking into sleep so I put a pillow on my shoulder for her and covered us up. She moved her legs until they were between mine thereby trapping my cock inside her pussy tightly.

I fell asleep with her breasts kissing my chest and my hands loving her ass. I knew I had never spent a day in my life as lovingly erotic as that day had been.

Her cell phone woke us up the next morning. Her friends called to remind her that their tour of Tulum would leave in under an hour. Lydia said, “That’s nice, have fun,” and hung up.

I asked her if she had a reason for skipping her tour.

She said, “Yes,” and pulled me into the shower, held me tightly in her arms and began to pee on me. I was soon peeing on her. I kissed her neck and squeezed a breast and she again had a small orgasm before I was done. I noted that the mingling of our pee gave me a big hardon.

I turned on the water and rinsed us off then stepped out to load up my toothbrush then rejoined her in she shower. I brushed my own teeth first as she smirked at me.

“Pussy,” she said.

“Yes ma’am I said as I pretended to misinterpret her and stuck the toothbrush handle into her pussy. She squealed and slapped my hand away.

“You told me to put it there,” I whined.

“You know perfectly well what goes in there and I see it wants to go back in now.”

She quickly brushed her teeth as I even more quickly soaped and rinsed both of us. She turned the shower off and we hurriedly dried. Neither of us was in the mood for foreplay and I simply fucked her hard from start to finish. The finish was very satisfying and once again we thanked each other with a rain of kisses. We lay on our backs catching our breath as we held hands.

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