[This is part 1 of a longer series describing events occurring in a student house in the Netherlands. While loosely based on my life, the story is largely enhanced by my imagination. The girls are all real, their names have been changed. Enjoy and feel free to give feedback]

It was pretty dark in the room, though I had cracked the shades on the windows and the moon gave enough light to see after my eyes had adjusted to the dim light. It was a warm summer night and the wind could only provide very little comfort here in the city of Groningen in the Netherlands. I was lying in bed, on my right side and though I hadn’t moved in about thirty minutes, I was awake and listening for something I was sure was about to happen. My room in the was not very large, just about 3x4m with my table and computer in front of the window, my couch against one wall and my bed and closet on the other side. And of course the mattress with the girl on the floor in the center of the room. Her name was Bella and I had known her for about ten years, though we lost contact while I did my bachelors degree in the US and just recently picked it up again. Half German, half French, she was a smallish girl with dark eyes and hair, very nice curves and a firm body that she worked out constantly. Myself, I was a 25 year old psychology student. I worked out twice a week and tried to keep in shape and my face was described by some women as quite handsome, which I didn’t doubt since I couldn’t complain about a lack of female attention.

A slight rustling sound caught my attention and in the dim light of the silvery moonlight I could see movement underneath her blanket which was, appropriately for the hot weather, quite thin. A smile played on my lips as I watched her hand descend her body while she was still lying on her back. At most, she was a meter away from me though in the darkness there was no way she could see that I was still awake, a fact that I had counted on. Trying to keep my breath calm and regular, I continued to watch with utmost attention as her hand made its way slowly across her belly and between her legs which she spread ever so slightly to gain access. She had not yet taken of any of her clothing and I was pretty sure she wasn’t about to since this would have given her away. She was in fact wearing pajamas with underwear underneath in spite of the heat. She was quite shy that way, though I didn’t doubt that by the end of her one-week visit with me that would have changed quite dramatically. I calmed my breath and listened intently and did not have much trouble picking up the slight sound of flesh rubbing on flesh, even though for the moment any visible movement underneath the covers eluded me. It was clear to me that she did not want to give me a show, but just wanted to get some relief and I wasn’t about to ruin the moment by saying anything.

Beginning softly, the rubbing sound became just slightly louder as she picked up some speed and for the first time I could see the slight rising and falling of the covers where her hand undoubtedly rubbed her clit underneath her panties. Sometimes, her hand would dip lower and I could hear the wetness of her pussy as she fingered it slowly but with great determination before wandering back to her clit and circling it again. My eyes traveled over her body to her tits, covered by the blanket and I was disappointed to see her other arm behind her head instead of playing with them. Her face lay mostly in shadows, but I could see her bite her lower lip as she slowly lifted her hips. The sudden sound of her moving on the mattress was almost a shook to my intently listening ears, but I could see her shove her pants down just enough to gain free and unhindered access to her pussy. The rubbing continued, but this time adding a slight squishy sound which told me she had spread her juices to her clit as well. Lying on my belly, with my head on my pillow gave me a great viewpoint, though my hard cock was pressing into the mattress and making it uncomfortable to remain like this. Smiling, I decided to spice up things a little and moved to lie on my right side so that my body was turned toward her. Her movements stopped immediately and I could feel her eyes on me, though I couldn’t see them. Her breath, seconds ago still deep and becoming quicker was suppressed as she intently listened to whether I might have awoken or not. Lying on my side, I remained still and breathed deeply for a couple of minutes all the while watching her intently.

I was not disappointed as soon she began her work again. The sound of her fingers slowly circling her clit, wet with her juices began to fill the room once more while I watched with fascination the blanket above her hips rose and fell as her hand moved up and down, picking up speed as she went along. Apparently she decided to finish this quickly before risking me waking up, something I didn’t mind at all. With my other hand, under my blanket, I pressed a button of my cell phone sending a prepared text message. I had made sure the phone would be invisible under the blanket and all key-tones were turned off in order not to give me away. Timing was of the essence, though I wasn’t overly worried since the recipient of the message was only a few rooms away, waiting for it.

The sound coming from her was louder now, almost to the point where I would have to be tight at sleep to not hear it. Not only was it the sound of her attacking her clit with abandon, but also her breath was becoming faster and faster while her lower body started to move on its own, lifting and shifting beneath the ministrations of her hand. I was starting to get worried she might finish before my plan could get started when a very meek knock on the door killed all of her movement in an instant. Again, I didn’t move and watched as the handle of the door turned and a sliver of light from the corridor flowed in, before the silhouette of a small girl pushed in and closed it again quietly. Then she moved over to my bed and went to her knees in front of it and pulled away my blankets and my underpants down. Luckily, her body prevented Isabelle from seeing my towering erection leaking pre-cum and she leaned forward to take it into her mouth. At this point, I raised my voice for the first time since we turned off the lights.

“Nice. Just be quiet, I don’t want you to wake her,” I whispered to Justine the 19 year old Belgian business student. Of course, in close proximity as Bella was, she could understand every word I whispered. Justine had a beautiful round face, short blond hair to her shoulders and a petite body to kill for. During the summer she had taken to wearing tight shirts which showed of her small but perky breasts and her toned stomach which I loved coming on. She looked up from sucking my cook while the moonlight was lighting up her face and smiled.

“Of course. But it is my turn today, remember?” she whispered back to which I gave a quick but muffled grunt as she took my member again in her mouth and swirled her tongue expertly around its head while at the same time fondling my balls with her hands. So I was lying there, naked with my cock in a beautiful girls mouth while a meter away from me another pretty girl was lying under her blanket with her pants down and a hand between her legs, still wet with arousal of an orgasm she didn’t reach yet. The slurping sound Justine made while her lips were wrapped around my cook combined with the silvery moonlight was more than enough to give Isabelle a pretty good show. I gave Justine a slight push with one hand and without hesitation she climbed on the lower end of my bed, got between my legs and took my cook in her mouth again. I knew this way Isabelle had her first view of my dick while also allowing Justine to glance at the supposedly sleeping form of the girl on the mattress on the floor. Now, my cook is not huge but it is about 18cms or 7 inches long, slight curved and at the moment it was hard enough to plow a field. I just loved the view of the Belgian, French speaking vixen sucking on my cook while one hand played with my balls and the other grazed slightly over my abs up to my nipples to play with them, something I enjoyed quite a lot. On the side I could see Isabelle’s hand moving slowly under her blanket again, her sounds completely obliterated by Justine’s work. A big smile now spread across my lips. Bingo.

From her movements, which became quickly faster, I could gather that she was just about to come and the view brought my blood to boil. I felt the tingling in my lower back and balls as my cum started to rise and put one hand and the back of Justine’s head as I started to cum in her mouth lifting my hips and doing my utmost not to groan loudly. I wasn’t sure whether I managed, but didn’t really care either way. Shot after shot landed in the beautiful girls mouth and she swallowed without hesitation, something that she had a lot of exercise in while my hand pushed her head lower and my cock deep into her throat. In the foggy embrace of my own orgasm I could see Isabelle’s body going stiff and a muted gasp escape her lips as she reached her own, both of us coming down together with her becoming very still again.

“That was awesome. I would love to return the favor, bet we can’t risk her waking up. You’ll have your turn tomorrow,” I whispered to Justine who smiled broadly, gave me a quick peck on the cheek and crawled out of bed and left the same quiet way she entered. I remained lying naked and uncovered on my bed, my slowly shrinking erection standing up in the warm summer air, listening to Isabelle’s breathing, waiting to see whether she would say anything. But she didn’t, so I pulled up my underpants, rolled over and went to sleep. Before I drifted of I could hear her moving again as she pulled up her pajama pants and panties. This was going to be a very interesting week, indeed.

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