Warning! This story contains lots of piss play, humiliation, abuse, and worse. Do not read this if you might be offended, which is partly what I’m always trying to do anyways.


It was just happenstance. We were at a friend’s place, a big weekend party at this great house in the country miles from anywhere. The party was winding down on Sunday, and this woman I didn’t know needed to get to the train station. Since I was leaving about the same time and it was generally in my direction I offered her a ride.

A mutual friend described a short cut through the countryside that was supposedly a bit rugged but, she said, would give us a beautiful view of the land that we just couldn’t get from the highway. Not map directions, but more the “go up the road until you get to the fork, with the left one just a slight turn, but the right is sharp. Take the right, and drive for a few miles until you pass an old barn behind a rock wall with a worn coat of white paint, and turn past the wall going left for a few miles” etc. and so on. Neither of us was in a great hurry, so we were fine with the idea, and away we went, no cares.

She was not a real looker, but nice enough. I didn’t know her, but I figured she was bright. She had some kind of a research and teaching job, and was sort of known in the city. You know, rich enough that she worked at what she wanted, because she was interested in it. I didn’t care, but I’m sure I could have made a connection or two for work or whatever if I had wanted to press it. Even though we were there just to relax, she was dressed pretty well, even expensively. I figured she was probably pretty straight, and I was a bit intimidated, although I have learned to keep an open mind about people.

After a few miles the road was just a double rut in the dirt between the grass, and we were going a lot slower than I had thought we would. But the view was great, the sun was still high, and everything was going fine. Until the car died.

Stupid me, the city kid. I never thought of it, and was merrily sailing along, talking and laughing, without a care or a thought for anything as mundane as the gas level. And it wasn’t even the corny old trick of running out on purpose.

So we got out, looked around, and realized from the weeds and grass growing on the road that there wasn’t exactly a steady flow of traffic that would be showing up any time soon. I wasn’t even positive we were on the right road. Of course in a car you can just drive around until you hit a main road or a river or something, right? As long as you actually do have gas, that is.

But now we had to decide what to do. We were far enough out that neither of our cells was on any grid, and it looked like any rescuing that was going to happen was going to be done by us or not at all. So we started to walk.

After walking for a few hours in the sunlight and then in the dusk however, we still had not seen anything or anyone. Some shortcut. By then we were tired, and lay down in the grass for a rest. At least the summer heat was enough that we were in no danger of freezing.

We were somewhat bored though, and we were both restless. It looked like we might be staying here for the night, and I was envisioning the idea of spending the night doing nothing but staring at the stars and talking to a stranger. Being ADD, I sometimes get impulsive urges to do or say things just to be a bit jarring, to provoke people, for a kick. Or perhaps it was just my boredom with always doing things the conventional, accepted ways. Anyways, I didn’t really have a lot to lose.

“Why don’t you suck my cock?”

“OK,” she said nonchalantly, and leaned over to zip down my fly.

Now, I wasn’t completely surprised, as she had seemed neutral to mildly friendly, with no negative signals. To me this meant that she was at least latently interested. And for all intents and purposes we were marooned together, the classic situation. She was probably a little jazzed by the potential of sex, and there was precious little else to think about then and there.

I figured that the only downside was that the trip would turn frosty. But it was just as likely that she would either refuse and then just not discuss it, or be shocked and not react at all. But I also figured it was fifty-fifty that she would go for it. And I was more than gratified at her completely casual acceptance of my instructions.

And she was so casual, almost placid, that I wanted to see just how far I could push her. I wanted to see if she was just OK with the cock sucking, or if I had lucked out and stumbled on a real sub. I told you I sometimes like to provoke people.

“Actually, while you’re at it, I think I’d prefer to take a piss in your mouth. I’d like you to drink my piss right down, the whole lot.”

We were miles from everything. If she didn’t like it, she could just say no, but otherwise how bad could it get?

“Sure, ” she said, and looking me in the eyes, took almost my whole cock in her mouth.

We were lying sideways to each other by now, but I rolled over her, so I was pressing my cock down into her mouth. This could be difficult for her, as she would have no control if she started gagging, which was almost inevitable. Also, if I started to seriously fuck her mouth, she would be defenseless, which was just what I wanted.

She put up no resistance or objections, but merely waited for me to start.

I unleashed full force.

She swallowed as much and as fast as she could, but she couldn’t get it all. Aside from the gagging, I was letting her have it too fast for her to handle, and a lot went down the sides of her mouth even as she was swallowing. It soaked her hair and formed a pool that turned the dirt she was lying in into strong smelling piss mud by the time I was finished. She just lay there, redfaced from the choking, but passively waiting for me to make the next move, or give the next instruction.

Bingo, we had a winner. The lady was a sub, or at least enjoyed being one for the day. Or the night.

I told her to strip, as I needed all her clothes to tie her up with.

I tied her face down and naked across a large tree that had fallen. I was able to thread the clothes under the log in such a way that her wrists were tied to her ankles, with her legs spread wide apart, and her asshole and cunt high in the air, fully exposed and on display.

My first use of her like this, my first pleasure, was to fist fuck her in both holes. This took quite a while, which was all good; hours of fun and excitement for both of us.

Having finally worked a fist into each of her cunt and asshole, fucking her with my hands several times, I then looked for other toys to invade her with. Since we were forced to make do with materials at hand, I picked up some small smooth roundish stones and put them in her mouth one at a time. I told her I didn’t want to put anything dirty in her asshole, so I wanted her to thoroughly clean the dirt and filth from each one first. As she finished sucking each stone, I took it from her mouth still wet and worked it slowly and steadily into her asshole. Finally she had her entire rock collection in hand, so to speak.

I then picked out an evergreen bough and experimented using it as a switch or flogger. I left some very satisfactory red marks all over her skin, paying particular attention to slashing and beating her cunt and asshole with the needles and rough branches. I did the side of her tits a bit, but I left that until later when she was off the log. She didn’t have a gag or anything, so she screamed and screamed. I figured if it brought anyone running it would be a bonus, as my fun would end but we would be rescued. She started to cry, but never asked me to stop whipping her.

I then grabbed her hips hard, gripping her pelvis and with my thumbs digging deep into the white flesh of her ass, and started to work my hard cock up her cunt. For some reason I didn’t need to add any lube, as juice was overflowing her cunt and was seeping all down her legs.

But I could feel the stones clearly through her cunt wall, and it actually made it harder to fuck her. I had to fuck into her on a downward angle and force it all the way in, because the stones pressed down on the inside of her cunt. It was difficult working my way in, so once I got all the way in I stayed there and just fucked in and out in short strokes. The friction was great, and the rocks made her cunt super tight.

When I was ready to cum the first time I pulled out and stuck my cock in her throat for the first couple of spurts, which she swallowed. As I was cumming I pulled out and the last shots were all over her face, which I told her she was to leave intact to dry on her face and show to anyone we saw.

I continued to fuck her and use her until I had absolutely nothing left, so I had my bedtime piss all over her back and ass, and left her tied up and spread like that for the night. Maybe someone or something would find us in the night and rape her! We said our good-nights and fell asleep.

In the morning I realized that we had been assaulted by bugs, although I had been a snack while she seemed to have been a banquet, spread out naked like that. I had my morning strong piss into her mouth, and she did a better job of swallowing it all. I then repeated the harsh whipping to her back, legs, cunt and ass. I let her off the log finally, standing her up straight and tying her with her back against a large tree and whipping her neglected front. I hit her hard and rough on her cunt and the rest of her body, but paying particular care to savagely beating her soft and tender breasts from all angles and with dried, rough branches. Then I fucked her in her cunt, untied her, and made her kneel in the dirt while I fucked her skull for a while.

We started walking again, but for the rest of the day I kept her marching naked along the narrow road, with the stones still up her ass, and spreading her cunt lips or her ass most of the time to expose herself in case anyone might see us. For a while I had her walking with a very thick branch shoved high up into her cunt, filling it and making it very difficult to walk. Of course, the orgasms she seemed to be having while walking along with that small log filling her probably didn’t make walking any easier either.

Another time I made her walk with a few boughs covered with needles I shoved up her cunt, just for the pleasure of the insertion. Too bad we didn’t have any rose stems, but these were almost as good.

We did finally come to a highway, so I gave her her clothes back and we hitched to the next town where we could get a meal, a can of gas and a cab ride. She was a mess and there was still some stuff dried on her face – sweat and cum and piss and mud and whatever else. Everyone who saw us almost certainly thought she was a total whore. Different people of course would have thought this was a good or bad thing.

The cabbie was clearly interested, and kept making crude and suggestive remarks. So I had her strip naked in the back of the cab, and suck my cock all the way back. We almost went off the road. The cabbie was going insane, and when we finally got to our car I told him he could have any of her holes he wanted. He got her to stand beside the cab still naked and lean inside and suck his cock while he was sitting in his driver’s seat. Clearly a favourite fantasy realized.

When we got back to the city I took her up to my place and fucked the shit out of her, I reached into her asshole with my hand and searched around inside her, pulling the stones out one at a time, or as many as I could find. As I pulled each one out I then put it in her mouth for her to lick and suck her own shit off.

She comes over on weekends mostly, and sometimes I invite friends over to use her, both men and women. I have a standing challenge to anyone to find something so perverted that she won’t do it. The prize is that she will have to do it anyways; and then be that person’s slave for the night.

She hasn’t said “no” to anything yet.

It was going to be a party to remember.

Janet knew that. It was the first time that she was invited to an employee’s party and she knew it’d be just great. At 29, Janet didn’t have many chances to attend parties. She was the modern woman’s ideal — a, strong liberated San Francisco woman, daughter of a congresswoman, progressive in her ways. She’s been at the leading edge of things since childhood. She always had high grades, ever since basic school. She was Class President, sat in the joint board meetings, led her school in rallies and protests alike. She had her bachelor’s degree in Business and Management from UC Berkley and within three months of graduating, already sat in a San Francisco office of a large landscaping firm. Three years later, she was offered the promotion of running a field office in the foothills — a big promotion for a 26 years old woman, no doubt. She reluctantly let go of the liberated city aura of San Francisco and took her brand new hybrid to what she personally thought of as Redneck Country. She found herself in Grass Valley, a town so alien to her lifestyle it could as well have been in another world. The people all drove big gas guzzlers, pulling large horse trailers behind them and it seemed like everyone owned a shotgun and couldn’t stop talking about sports fishing and raising birds, pigs or goats. The town had no decent sushi place, the closest health food store was down in Auburn, some 15 miles away. The coffee shops were all so… unrefined.

But it was all worth it to her. She had always been on her way to the top and this promotion was just one more step on her way. She had 19 landscapers on her staff — little more than gardeners but saying she managed “landscapers” sounded so much more artistic. They were all locals, all married and most had kids. She had nothing in common with them — big, gruff men who talked football, baseball and war. She secretly despised them, although she’d never admit that to anyone. They were little people, with no initiative, no control over the course of their life. She, on the other hand, was always in control, always in charge. Responsibility could be heavy, challenging even, but she was always strong enough to handle whatever life had to throw on her plate.

So what if she didn’t really have time to party? She didn’t need parties or romance or friends to get personal satisfaction. She could always count her successes and take the pride in knowing she was on her way up… and if her employees didn’t invite her to parties they held, so what?

Which was why she found it strange that she was excited about Bob’s party. Perhaps it was because she never got invited to the parties. Maybe it was because of the chance to see how a local party looked like.

“Or maybe I’m just enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon,” she told herself as she drove her blue hybrid into Bob’s driveway. The driveway was packed with local cars — SUVs, pickups, not a single hybrid. The only pretty car she noticed around was a perfectly restored late 60s Chevy Corvette but just the thought of how much gas that old monster must drink soured her opinion of the classic car.

There was loud country music playing in the backyard. Trace Adkins or some other redneck, she thought. They all sounded the same to her, but she knew better than to expect cultural music at this event.

She stepped out of her hybrid, straightened her burgundy dress and donned her best smile. She entered through a small gate in the ugly chickenwire fence.

“Janet,” Bob smiled to her. He was a 34 years old man, descendant of Gold Rush miners and prospectors and looked the part — large, loud, with a thick bushy beard and big callused hands.

“Bob,” she said, “your house looks really nice.”

“Thank you,” he said, “it’s good that you came. Please, make yourself at home. Something to drink?”

He showed her to a table of what appeared to be the local equivalent of bottled water — Miller Lite. She hated beer. Fortunately, she foresaw that and was ready in advance.

“I wasn’t sure what would be appropriate to bring,” she smiled politely, “I hope this bottle of wine works”

He took the bottle — a $30 bottle of Zinfandel from a good Napa Valley winery — shrugged and said “Sure, let me get a bottle opener.”

She managed not to sigh. At least she’ll have good wine to drink.

Half an hour and two glasses of Zinfandel later, she was about ready to find an excuse and leave. The party was horrible. Her employees and their wives were all rednecks. They were talking on and on about the most boring of things — Guns! Hunting! Fishing! Some were sitting around a small TV in the porch watching a baseball game! The women were just as bad — all they could talk about was their kids and their churches. She knew little about children and cared less about religion. She was positively bored stiff. In addition, her bladder was starting to complain, reminding her of too many coffee cups since she woke up this morning.

* . * . *

Author’s note: All, this is a work of FICTION. Any similarities to real people or places is entirely coincidental.

Do you want to know what the hardest profession is in the entire world? Name any that you want and I’ll trump you. Whatever your response is, I would simply shake my head with a knowing smile and say, “Nope, I have the hardest job in the world.”

No, you see, I am a 29 year old, attractive single man who teachers seniors at the local high school. It’s not the bratty and smart-ass behavior of the kids, the checked out demeanor of kids ready to leave and start college or even the entitlement that many of them throw around because they know their parents would never believe their little angels would ever do anything wrong. No, I can deal with that, even if our hands are severely tied in many occasions.

No, what I can’t deal with is the girls. Everyday, and every year since I started, I am constantly bombarded with a new wave of incredibly hot 18 year old girls that I get to see and interact with on a daily basis, but due to my job, I’m not allowed to pursue. What’s worse is that many of them realize this and try to use it to their advantage. There might possibly have been a few that truly wanted something, but most realized they could flirt or covertly tease without any worry of having to follow thru.

Now, have I fucked any of my students? Sure, but it was after they had graduated and I would run into them at a bar after they turned 21. This has only been in the last year or two due to the short time I’ve been teaching. That’s fun and all, but when you see them on a daily basis and really want to fuck them but know that they are forbidden fruit, it makes you want them all the more. Make no mistake out there, if you are a hot senior girl at your high school, 90% of your male teachers want to fuck you and have cum with the vision of you burned into the inside of their eyelids.

So technically, no, I haven’t fucked any of my students. Well, not until this year that is.

Before I tell you that, let me back up a bit. Brianna was her name and from the first day she stepped into my last period class, I was immediately hooked. She was a 5’7″ girl with model looks and long brown hair. Her blue, exotic eyes sparkled as she laughed with friends and that big, beautiful smile melted everyone around her. Her lips were full and soft and she always accentuated them with either clear or light pink lip gloss. She was obviously the queen bee of her click as she was always front and center in her group of girls. They were hot, she was hotter.

She had long, killer legs with great tone. Her hamstrings curved out slightly showcasing her athletic legs and her calves weakened my knees. They were tan and seemed to shine whenever I was lucky enough to see her in a dress or skirt. She had a flat belly, tiny hips, a perky, athletic ass to die for and topped it all off with a set of firm, perky C-Cup breasts. Her cleavage would always cause me to lose my train of thought. I know I wasn’t alone in that.

She was an extremely smart girl as I found out thru the year. Her work was exemplary and she had a shot at being the graduating class’s Valedictorian, or at bare minimum the Salutatorian.

She kept her strong school work up while also managing to be the school’s head cheerleader. This was one of those special girls. She did so much and was successful at it. Her father was a high powered Judge in the area and her mother was some sort of philanthropist.

She was an only child so her parents high expectations fell completely on her shoulders. It was my understanding that she had received full scholarship offers from big universities like Stanford, Harvard and others. She had a lot going for her.

She was a friendly girl, even to those that didn’t fit within her social group and even to me. There were plenty of times she would stay after class to ask about some of the material we had covered or about different research projects we were doing. She always found a way to touch my arms or even my chest when I would say something funny, but it was almost always followed up with a statement of how important it was for her to ace my class. I began to realize that she was just trying to ensure she got a good grade, even with her already stellar work, by flirting with me.

It was a Thursday after class and this wasn’t one of the days she stayed after. I began to tidy up the class so I could leave and head home to grade some tests. As I did, I noticed a small makeup case by the door to the room and realized that one of the girls must have accidentally dropped it on their way out.

I picked it up and opened it up to see whose it was. I was completely shocked at what I saw. Inside was some small make-up items, probably $200 in twenty’s, a drivers license and a debit card and around 10 small baggies filled with a white substance. Cocaine.

I dropped into my chair and stared at what was in my hands. I made sure to only touch the cloth sides because the last thing I wanted to do was get my fingerprints on the felony I was holding. I shifted everything around so that I could see the license. My eyes widened as I read the name.

Brianna Alexandra Hayes.

I again stared at what I had in my hands and realized that I held her future in my hands. This would kill her scholarships, her father’s reputation, hell even her mother’s too. If I took this to the principal or school officer, her life would be forever changed. I decided I needed to think about what I was going to do. She seemed like such a good girl and even though it would be her fault, I still felt horrible. Proof again that if you are a hot girl, you will find all sorts breaks in life.

I reached in my desk and pulled out a large zip lock baggie from the stash I had in my desk. If you are a teacher, you know how our desks can be a plethora of random supplies that we obtain thru the years. I placed the make-up bag inside, closed it and slipped it in my briefcase.

I have never driven as carefully as I did on my way home. If I was found with it, I too could suffer some serious consequences.

When I got home I made my way inside. I knew I was going to have to deal with this situation, but as I’ve told my students, it is important to get the stuff done first that you don’t want to do because you may not get around to it later if you don’t so I tried to put it out of my mind and started to tackle the tests.

Once those were done, I poured myself a large Makers’ on the rocks and pulled out the bag containing the make-up case and set it on my table. There was no way this could turn out good for Brianna. The possibilities ran thru my head.

I could report this, but then this otherwise promising young student’s life would be forever altered. I could dispose of the narcotics and return her case with a strong lecture, but honestly, she wouldn’t learn anything about consequences. I could destroy everything, but again, she would learn nothing and the only thing she would take from the experience is a sense of fear of not knowing what happened to her stash.

I finally realized a solution that would guarantee she leaned a lesson, yet would not ruin her life or the reputations of those in her family including hers. I have to say that this solution was personally beneficial as well. I went to work on my plan.

I laid my cell phone on the table and went and grabbed another large zip lock bag. I didn’t have any latex gloves so this would have to do. I picked up my cell phone and opened the video recording feature and began recording with the camera pointed towards the zip lock bag containing the case.

“My name is Jonathan Clements, I am a senior English teacher at Sheffield Hills High School. Today, upon my final class leaving for the day, I found this case laying next to the door, obviously there from a student accidentally dropping it on their way out. I opened the case to determine the ownership and this is what I found.”

I opened the zip lock bag and pulled out the case and opened it as well. I began to record the contents.

“As you can see, the case contains some make-up items, a large roll of money, roughly 10 small baggies containing narcotics and a debit card and drivers license, all belonging to Brianna Alexandra Hayes. This serves as a video documentation as I intend to turn these items over to the school and to law enforcement so that they can take necessary action.”

I ended the video, put the phone down, removed my hand from the other zip lock baggie and downed my drink. Tomorrow, I was going to fuck one of my students. And not just any one of my students, but the hottest one I’ve seen in a long while.

The next day came and I managed to make it thru all of my classes. I had butterflies all day, but made sure I didn’t reveal it to any of my students. Today was just another Friday. Finally my last period came and the students shuffled in. I saw Brianna enter but there was something different about her today. She wasn’t her normal self plastered with smiles. She was disheveled and had an air of worry about her. I made no indications towards her that were different than any other day.

My class went as usual and then the final bell rang. As the kids shuffled out I said, “Oh, Brianna, could you please stay a moment after class?” Fear spread quickly over her face.

Once the class was empty save for me and the young Miss Hayes, I sat down at my desk as she stood by. “We need yo have a talk,” I began. “I found something that you dropped in my class yesterday.” Her eyes watered up.

“I can tell from your expression and reaction that you know exactly what I am talking about, is that correct,” I said in a stern tone. She nodded ever so slightly as a tear ran down her cheek. “Just to be sure, I want you to see something.”

I pulled out my phone and opened up the recorded video and began to play it for her. She cried more and more, deep, silent sobs coming from her now. When the video got to the part about turning the video over to the school and law enforcement, she dropped her head into her hands and began to weep, her upper body jerking from the sobs.

“Now, this is a very serious offense Miss Hayes. This is a major felony violation. Its more than just possession, it’s possession with intent to distribute. Being at the age of 18, this comes with serious jail time even for first offenders. Your scholarships, your bright future, your PARENT’S (I emphasized and lingered on this word) reputations will all be severely tarnished from this.”

“Mr. Clements, please, no,” she said quickly between sobs, her gorgeous tear-filled eyes pleading with me. “”I’m so sorry, please, I promise, I’ll never do it again, please?!?!” She started sobbing again, looking into my eyes, trying to see if there was any sort of hope to be found.

“I’m sorry Miss Hayes, my hands are tied,” I said back. “I don’t believe I have another choice but to turn you over to authorities. I have to ensure that drugs are kept out of our schools even if that means allowing your actions to ruin your life and the lives of your family.”

“You can’t! You can’t do that!” she pleaded with a hint of anger on her voice. “How could you be so mean? Don’t you care how many lives you’ll ruin?”

“Ah, Miss Hayes, this is exactly why I have to do this,” I said. “You are so disconnected. It won’t be my actions that ruin your family and your future, the blame lies squarely on your shoulders. You’ve had everything handed to you on a silver platter and, I’ll be first to admit it, worked extremely hard at everything else, but it was also your decision to sell cocaine so the consequences and fallout from such actions are solely yours.”

Her head dropped again and she started crying. “So why are you telling me all this instead of just turning me in? Please, there must be something I can do.”

I told you she was intelligent. This meeting shouldn’t have been with me. This should have been a conversation she had last night when the authorities showed up at her house to take her into custody.

“I actually wrestled with my options Miss Hayes. I actually even contemplated destroying everything, burning it and pretending I never found it,” I explained. “You are an extremely talented young lady and I couldn’t believe you would do something so dumb. This is something I would expect from kids like Jeremy or Tasha (referencing two suspected stoners and obvious slackers in class), but not you.”

Her eyes widened sensing a glimmer of hope. “You still can, please Mr. Clements, I promise I’ll stop. I’ll never do it again, I promise, please.”

“But Brianna, you wouldn’t learn anything,” I started before she quickly interrupted me, “I have, I have, I’ve learned my lesson, I promise.”

“Learned what?!” I snapped back. “That you can commit a major felony and the only consequences are a stern talking-too? I don’t believe for one second that you’ve learned your lesson. An hour from now, you’d be fine and probably brag to all your friends about how you got away with it. Next week you’d be back to your old ways only this time you’d be smarter. More clever. So don’t give me that shit that you’ve learned your lesson. I’m not an idiot.”

The sharpness of my tone and the cursing from her teacher showed her the gravity of the situation. She sunk down, defeated and said, “So that’s it. There’s nothing I can do. I’m just screwed.”

I chuckled internally at that last statement and thought to myself, “not yet….”

“Brianna, you have to be the most talented young lady I’ve ever taught and it’s so unfortunate and disappointing that this very serious infraction, this completely idiotic set of choices on your part, are going to cause so many hardships in so many people’s lives. It is so disappointing because I’ve liked you since the moment I met you. Probably more than a teacher should like one of his students.”

I said nothing else and just stared at her. She slowly looked up and I saw in her eyes that she was processing this new information. A confused realization crept across her face and she said, “Mr. Clements, are you saying that you,” she swallowed hard, “you LIKE me?”

I said nothing but continued to stare her directly in the eyes. She readjusted her posture from that of someone who was defeated to someone who now realized that they had a new weapon to use in their battle. She wiped tears from her eyes, put on a desperate smile and said, “Mr. Clements, I’ve had a crush on you since the first day of class, even before. Most girls do. Every girl wants you as their English teacher. There must be some sort of mutually beneficial agreement that we could come too, privately, that could ensure this whole thing just disappears?” she stressed the word ‘privately’.

“I’m not sure what you are getting at,” I said, intent on this being her idea.

“Maybe there’s something I could do to make you forget this ever happened,” she said and bent over, placing her hand on mine that was resting on the desk. I had a wonderful view down her shirt.

“I don’t know what you could offer that would make me forget something as serious as this,” I said, but didn’t move my hand.

“What if I offered you…,” she paused and looked deeply in my eyes, “me?”

There it was. I was rock hard under my desk, but I was far from done. “Brianna, if you are suggesting what I think you are, it is highly inappropriate. Such actions, if revealed, could cost me my career.”

“But I wouldn’t say anything,” she said. “You’d be helping me get what I want and you’d be getting what you want, however you want it.” The last portion was dripping with sexual overtones.

“Here’s what we’ll do, pull out your phone and do a Google search for ‘Jonathan Clements address’ and see what it pulls up,” I said. I am publicly listed so I knew my address would come up. I wanted it to appear as of she searched me out, not that I gave her my address. It may be a little too cautious, but still.

When she found it, she showed me the phone and I confirmed it was my address. “I want you there tonight at 8pm on the dot. You are not to be tardy. We can then discuss this beneficial arrangement some more. You are by no means to tell anyone you are coming there. If we can work things out, I will destroy everything and your life and that of your families will go untarnished. Is that clear?”

“Yes Mr. Clements,” she said. “Is my stuff at your place?”

“Absolutely not,” I lied. “I’m not an idiot. There’s no way I would keep something like that at my place.” If I had said yes, she could have tried to set me up. Again, I may have been a little more cautious than I needed, buy this was still risky for me. It was definitely going to be worth it though.

I dismissed her and reminded her of the time. I told her I didn’t care how, but she should make her parents realize she wasn’t coming home tonight. She just smiled and said, “ok,” before walking out of class and leaving me there alone.

I quickly left school, headed home and went and retrieved her make-up case. I pulled the money from the case, put it back in the zip lock bag and hid them again. I left my house and went to the seedier part of town that had sex shops. I purchased a small black micro-bikini, a slutty school girl outfit, a vibrator, some handcuffs, a blindfold, some flavored lube, a collar and leash and a few other odds and ends. I spent almost all of her money, but paying by cash cut the money trail to me.

I headed back home and removed all tags and packaging from the purchases and laid them out. I placed the black micro-bikini and matching thong along with the short white schoolgirl top that could be tied up and the extremely short red and black plaid skirt on my bed along with some black, sheer knee-high stockings. This was going to be her outfit for the evening. It may be cliche, but if I was going to fuck a schoolgirl, I was going to fuck a schoolgirl.

I placed all of the other purchases like the blindfold, handcuffs and lube on my bedside table. This may be a one time thing so I was determined to sample everything, and I do mean everything, she had to offer.

7:45 rolled around and my doorbell rang. Early? I like that. I went and opened the door and there was Brianna in a nice pair of tight jeans, heels, and a black, low-cut v-neck sweater. Her breasts looked magnificent as they pushed the material out and her cleavage almost made my mouth water. She looked like a dream.

I stepped aside and told her to come in. She walked in and I got a good look at her tight ass encased in the dark denim. I wanted to reach out and grab every inch of her, but I sustained. I had plans.

“You’re early, I like that,” I said. She turned around and I made no attempt to hide my actions as my eyes ran over her young body.

“Well, it’s not everyday that a girl gets a private, one-on-one detention with the sexiest teacher in school,” she said and smiled.

“Make no mistake Miss Hayes, this is still going to be a punishment for you. For this to satisfy my requirements, you will have to completely submit to each and every one of my requests tonight, no matter what they be, is that understood,” I asked her while keeping an air of scholastic authority in my voice.

She tried to wipe the smile off her face and replace it with a serious look. She was failing, but she was at least attempting. “Yes Mr. Clements, I understand. I’ve been a naughty girl and I deserved to be punished.” She looked at me with big, puppy dog eyes and bit the corner of her bottom lip.

“Kiss me,” I commanded. She put her purse down on the ground and stepped up and pressed her lips against mine. We began to kiss and I forced my tongue into her mouth. She was kissing me tenderly, passionately and it was better than I had even imagined. Her soft, full lips enveloped mine. I had never kissed lips so soft on my entire life. I reached up with my left hand behind her head and grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked backwards. She let out a surprised gasp and looked at me with a bit of sexual panic in her eyes. She enjoyed it.

I looked deep into her eyes and said, “tonight, you are all mine. I’m going to do whatever I want to you, do you understand?”

“Ooooh, Mr. Clements, I understand. Me and my body are yours tonight,” she said. I brought my right hand up and squeezed her face and said, “that’s a good girl.” I then leaned back in and kissed her again, never removing my hands from her hair and her face.

I stopped kissing her and again, never let go of her face or hair and said, “Get on your knees.” She smiled and bit her lip and did as I instructed. With her down on her knees, I told her to put her hands behind her back. She did so and I grabbed her head and pulled it towards my crotch. I have a fairly big cock at almost 8 inches and tonight, in my slacks, I had the idea to go without underwear. My cock hung heavy down my right pant leg and was filling with blood and creating a good bulging tent in my pants. I pushed her head against my cock and rubbed her face around. My hardening cock was smashed into her entire face as I moved it around. This was strictly a power play on my part but also served to show her that she wasn’t dealing with some small dicked jack off.

I continued to push her face hard against my cock. I said nothing and dominated her. “Do you feel my cock Miss Hayes?” She gasped out a yes. “Do you feel its size and power?” Another breathless yes. “This cock is your world tonight. You will become very acquainted with it. I’m not a juvenile high school boy who nuts in 30 seconds and is done for the night. I am a man. This is a man’s cock. I can fuck for a long time and I can cum several times. Are you willing to be a slave to my cock tonight?”

“Yes Mr. Clements, I am willing,” she said with her eyes closed as I rolled her face around on my cock. This was so erotic. We were both fully clothed and I was using her face to massage my cock. I wanted everything to last so I continued forcing her face against my cock, letting the heat and hardness press against her.

I pulled her up by her hair and she squealed with a bit of sexual pleasure and surprise. I turned her around and pushed her over at the waist, her face and upper body resting against the foyer wall. My hands went to her denim covered ass and began to squeeze. My fingers were facing down, my palms out as I squeezed and caressed this perfect teen ass. I brought my right hand back and then smacked it down on her firm ass and she again squealed in delight. I pushed forward with my crotch and started dry humping her. Each thrust pushed her uncomfortably into the wall, but based off the sounds she was making, I don’t think she cared.

I dry jumped her for awhile, telling her I couldn’t wait to use her. She pushed back with her ass and met each of my thrusts. I grabbed her hair again and pulled her upright with my cock still pressed against her and reached around with my left hand and forcefully began to grab her tits thru the sweater.

I told her to get down on her hands and knees and commanded her to start crawling. I watched her ass flex with every movement she made as I directed her back to my bedroom. When we were there, I told her to stand again. I pointed at the outfit I had laid out for her and instructed her to go in the bathroom and change.

“Oh, Mr. Clements, how naughty,” she said. She had a twinkle in her eyes as she scooped up the tiny outfit. She disappeared into the bathroom and I waited.

About five minutes later, the door to the bathroom opened and there she was. The sheer white top was tied in the middle, just below her cleavage and I could see the tiny black bikini top was barely containing her large, firm breasts. The top had very short sleeves, almost triangles that covered just parts of her shoulders. Her tan, flat stomach had just then hint of a line going down the center, showcasing her abs, but was primarily flat. I could see the top of her hip bones as they were slightly visible over the waist of the plaid skirt. The skirt hung down just below where I imagined her pussy was, covered only in an obscenely small piece of fabric. From the back, I was sure that the bottom of her ass would be visible. She had the sheer knee high stockings on and she had put her high heels back on. With the added height, she was probably closer to 5’10″.

She stood in the doorway,leaned up next to the frame and with her right hand, she was playing with her hair, twirling it in her fingers. She oozed sexuality.

“I’ve been a bad, bad girl,” she said, “and I need to be punished.” She was not smiling. She had a pure, unadulterated sultry look on her face.

“Come here,” I said as I was sitting on the side of the bed. She slowly sauntered over and when she got close, I told her to turn around. As I had expected, only the top portion of her ass was covered. The bottom moons were clearly visible and they were firm, athletic and perky. Her ass was smooth and like her legs, seemed to shine. There was not a hint of cellulite on this 18 year old ass. Like a fine scotch, it had aged to perfection.

I reached out and began squeeze each cheek with my hands. I marveled at how the tight flesh compressed under my fingers. It was taught and firm. I squeezed her ass and pulled it apart, noticing the tiny black string running up her crack. It did nothing to conceal her tight, hairless pucker. “Have you ever been fucked in your ass,” I questioned as I continued to feel her ass, moving her from side to side to get every angle I could.

“No,” she said quietly as she enjoyed my hands on her ass, exploring her like a piece of meat.

“You will tonight,” I said and then spanked her softly on her right cheek. She just moaned, or maybe it was a whimper, I wasn’t entirely sure.

I pulled her to me and laid her out over my lap. Her pelvis was directly over mine and her ass was presented to me. In this position, I again began to squeeze and caress her ass. She moaned lightly under me and that’s when I began the punishment. With my right hand, I flipped up her skirt exposing her perfect ass to me fully. I then rubbed her right cheek with the palm of my hand, then brought my hand up and brought it down sharply on her ass. She yelped in pain. I did it again.

I smacked her ass about ten times on the right cheek, she was yelping and moaning and I could tell she was also crying a little. Her beautiful tan ass was now red on the right side and I leaned back a little and delivered another ten to her left ass cheek. Both were red and hot to the touch, yet even as she was crying a little, she was also rocking her pelvis against me. The pain excited her.

I caressed the hot flesh, rubbing my hands around and squeezing them. She winced a little with each squeeze, but continued her gyrations. I could already tell this was a highly sexual girl. She played the part well and got off on it.

I moved her off of me and had her get down on her knees. I stood up and walked over to my nightstand and retrieved the handcuffs and blindfold. I walked back to her and told her to put her arms behind her back and as she did, I clasped the metals cuffs on each of her wrists. With her arms immobilized and her in a submissive kneeling position a few feet away from the bed, I placed the blindfold on her and deprived her of sight. I walked around her and admired her body again. This amazingly hot 18 year old girl was bound and fully under my control.

I removed my shirt and threw it on the floor. I stepped up to her and again, grabbed her by the hair on the back of her head and shoved her face into my cock. I pumped my hips toward her head and shoved her face against my big, hard cock. As I roughly shoved her face against my cock, I said, “have you ever sucked a cock Miss Hayes?”

“Yes,” she mumbled, her mouth pressed against my slacks.

“Do you enjoy sucking cock,” I asked, grabbing her head with both of my hands and really grinding my hard cock against her face.

“Yes,” she said again, still muffled.

“Have you ever been face fucked,” I said. “Had your control taken away and just used? A cock fucking your mouth and throat like it was your pussy?”

“No,” she said, gasping. She fidgeted a little.

I let go of her head and stepped back. I undid my belt and my slacks and let them fall to the ground. My hard cock sprang free. I stepped out of my pants and kicked them aside. I gripped my cock by the base and stepped forward. I lifted it up and placed it on her beautiful face, its length running the full height of her face. I grabbed her head with my other hand and began to repeat what I had done to her with my cock still in my pants.

She gasped in sexual bliss as I rolled my hard cock across her face. She could feel its size, its heat, its length. Some pre-cum was appearing on the tip so I pulled back and wiped it on her cheek. I told her to keep her mouth closed and purse out her soft full lips. She did as instructed and I rubbed the head of my cock all over her luscious lips. I heard a soft whimper escape her.

I pulled back and told her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue. She complied and I sat there looking at her. She was so beautiful.

With my cock still in my hand, I pushed forward and guided my cock into her waiting mouth. As soon as the spongy head of my cock was in her mouth, she clamped down with her soft lips and her tongue went to exploring it. It felt heavenly. I’m sure this girl gives a great, tender blowjob and I might have to get one from her, but this one was about dominance, submission and punishment.

With my cock in her hot mouth, she began to bob up and down on my cock, but I had other plans. I grabbed her head and started thrusting into her mouth. I was using deep, slow strokes and feeding her about half of my cock. I pushed deeper and deeper and I got to her throat. When I made contact, she pulled back and coughed, but I grabbed her head harder and pushed in deeper. She did a better job of breathing and my my cock entered her throat. I pulled out a little, pushed back in and went deeper.

She was choking and gagging as I explored her throat, going a little deeper each time. Saliva was pouring freely and as I thrust into her mouth, I kept saying, “that’s it, take it all slut. That’s a good bitch. Choke on your teachers cock. This is what rule breakers get. Take it all bitch. Choke on it. That’s it. You look so good with my big cock in your mouth.”

I continued the thrust and push and finally got all of my cock into her mouth and throat. She was truly a talented girl. Was there anything she wasn’t good at? I held my cock in her mouth and throat and she began to struggle as I had cut off her ability to breathe. As she really started to squirm, I pulled out. She gasped loudly for air.

I slapped my cock a few times on her face and then shoved back in. Again, I held it there waiting for her to squirm. When she did, I held it there again and then pulled out. This time I pushed in and once I was fully in, I removed her blindfold and told her to look at me. She had a bit of fear in her eyes as she did. I told her to look down at my crotch and when she did, I slowly pulled my big cock from her mouth. Her first look at my cock was as it was being removed from her. I did it slowly and it must have seemed to her that it was never going to end. Inch by inch of rock-hard, saliva covered cock was pulled from her mouth till I was fully out.

She looked at it and her eyes widened. I held it in my hand and smacked it a few times on her face. “Oh my God, Mr. Clements, your dick is so big.”

I said nothing and then pushed back in again and sank my cock fully. I did this a few more times and she looked up at me, smiling with her eyes. I pulled out and guided her head to my balls. I pushed her forward and her tongue and mouth lathered my balls. She licked them, kissed them and took them into her mouth. I rubbed my cock on her face as she did this.

I repositioned and stuck my cock back in her mouth, grabbed her head with both of my hands and began to thrust semi-quickly into her mouth, feeding her about three-quarters of my cock with each thrust. I was fucking the mouth of my 18 year old student.

She would occasionally make choking and gagging sounds as I hit certain parts of her throat, but I never let up. She kept her mouth locked on my cock and I picked up the pace. I was roughly thrusting into her willing mouth and I felt that glorious feeling that I was close to cumming. I picked up the pace and really started fucking her throat.

Right before I came, I pulled out and with a few furious strokes, I unloaded a huge load of cum across her perfect face. She was drenched and I immediately put my cock back in her mouth. She hungrily cleaned my cock, eating the remaining cum. I let her suck me sweetly for a bit and then began scooping large globs of cum off her face with the head of my cock and fed it to her. She gladly accepted it.

When she was mostly cleaned of cum, I walked behind her and helped her up. She was saying how hot that was. I led her into the bathroom and over to the large walk in shower. I told her to get on her knees in the shower.

I’ve always wanted to do something, but it always seemed to degrading to do to a girl, but that’s what this whole session was about. I assume she thought I was going to turn on the shower and clean her off, but instead, I pointed my cock directly at her face and began to piss on her. She squirmed and moved her head from side to side, but I noticed it was not from her trying to get away. She started moaning as my stream was hitting her and she even surprised me when she opened her mouth and let my piss fill her mouth.

When her mouth was full, she pushed the urine out onto her body and opened up again. I sprayed her face, her open mouth, even her perfect tits. She got off on it, even more than I think I did.

“Holy fuck Mr. Clements, yes, use me however you want. I want to make you happy,” she said.

I turned the water on and even though I turned it to hot, the initial cascade was cold. She shrieked and tried to move away from the water. It eventually warmed up and I just stared at her magnificent drenched body.

Her outfit was soaked and clung to her body. She was still kneeling in the shower and I left the bathroom and headed into my bedroom. I came back and undid her handcuffs, but told her to stay kneeling. Her wet hair and clinging clothes made her look even more erotic than before. I was still standing outside of the shower, my cock, while not erect, hung heavy between my legs.

“Strip. Slowly,” I told her. She stood up under the hot, steamy water and slowly untied her white top. She looked seductively at me the entire time. She removed the top leaving just the small triangles of her bikini to conceal her perfect breasts. They were round, perky and had a great curve under the bottom. The inside curves touched ever so slightly as they hung firm on her frame. I could see her nipples were hard under the material.

She reached down and unzipped the side of the skirt and then let it fall to the wet ground below. The string of her panties hugged her tiny waist. The small piece of fabric that covered her pussy was wet and had formed up to her yummy looking pussy lips. Even covered, I could tell she was bald and bare. Just the way a girl should be.

She reached behind her and untied the bikini top and let it go. The wet material clung to her nipples as the strings hung loose. She brought her tiny hands up and cupped her breasts, squeezing them together. Like her ass did when squeezed it, her fingers compressed the flesh and I could tell there was firm resistance underneath. She removed her hands and removed the bikini top at the same time. Her perfect nipples came into view. Perfectly round areolas and hard, tiny nipples that were a few shades darker than her tanned skin beckoned to me.

She smiled and turned around and slowly pulled the g-string down. Once past the bottom of her ass, she bent over to guide them the rest of the way down. I could see her tiny pucker and beautiful pussy lips as she did. I was going to fuck both.

When she was completely nude, I stepped into the shower and ran my hands over her wet body, feeling every inch. I reached her pussy and dipped a finger in, eliciting a moan from her. I pulled my finger out and placed it in her mouth. She sucked on my finger and lapped up her own juices.

I pulled some body wash off the counter in the shower, put it in my hands and began rubbing every inch of her body. I can’t even begin to describe how good her wet, soapy, young body felt in my hands.

I reached her ass and turned her around. I pressed a soapy finger against her pucker and pushed in. She tightened up, but I told her to relax. I did this some more and finally buried a finger in her tight ass. I slowly fucked her with my finger and I felt her body respond. She pushed back as I continued to violate this virgin territory.

I removed my finger and turned her around. “I want you to wash me now,” I said. She smiled a mischievous smile and simply said, “yes sir.”

She took some body wash in her hands and started at my shoulders. She washed them and ran down each arm to my hands where she would hold them up and slide her fingers between mine, washing me thoroughly. She returned to my shoulders then moved to my chest. She lathered up my chest and moved to my abs. Her tiny, soapy hands felt amazing. She turned me around and went to work on my back.

She washed and massaged her way down and reached my ass. She grabbed more wash and went back to cleaning my ass. She knelt down and rubbed and caressed my ass. I play a lot of racquetball and squash so I’m in really good condition and I do have a firm, athletic body, my ass included.

She rubbed all over my ass and massaged it. Her tiny hands explored by cheeks and even spread them several times. She then moved her hands down and rubbed my legs and then finally my feet. She pushed on my legs and motioned for me to turn around. I did as she wanted and she was level with my cock. She ran her hands up and down my legs and as she leaned forward to get my lower legs, her head brushed against my cock.

She ran her hands back up my legs and then removed her hands and took more body wash into her hands. She reached up and placed her left hand on my balls and her right hand on my cock. She lathered me up and slowly, sensually, stroked me and caressed me. I quickly became hard again as she manipulated my cock and balls.

I let her slowly and sensually massage my groin for a good five minutes. She never took her eyes off of my cock save a few times to look up at me. The hot water cascaded down on me and I let it rinse the soap from my body. Once removed, I presented my cock to her and told her to slowly suck my cock.

She took me in her mouth and slowly bobbed up and down on my cock. She massaged my balls as she pleasured me with her mouth. It was heavenly. I let her take charge this time. She savored my cock as she slid her mouth over it. I pulled out and turned around, looked back at her and told her to eat my ass. I, like any man, loves a good rim job.

She leaned forward and pulled my ass apart. I saw her face move between my cheeks and then I felt her tongue make contact with my pucker. She licked it and ran her tongue around it. I actually moaned at the feeling of her tongue exploring my ass. I reached back and pushed her face into my ass, encouraging her to go deeper. She continued to lick and started probing my asshole, pushing her tongue into my ass. She let go of one of my ass cheeks and reached thru my legs and began stroking my cock as she ate my ass. I moaned louder.

I let her eat my ass for a few minutes before turning around and offering my cock to her again. She took me in her mouth but reached down and grabbed the body wash. She squirted some on her fingers without ever letting my cock drop from her mouth and then reached up between my legs and ran her fingers across my pucker.

I’ve co-authored this story in partnership with sexyslut of Pandora’s Secret (not Literotica’s sexyslut). Major thanks to Literotica’s DiamondStar for her fantastic editing services! This is the first part of what we hope will become a multi-chapter series (that, of course, will be determined by reader response). Happy reading!


Dear Diary,

The most interesting thing happened to me Friday evening at work. Believe me, you’ll have almost as much fun reading about it as I did doing it!

It was 5:30 PM. Everyone else had left the office for the day, and was beginning to enjoy their weekends. Instead of going out on the town, I was in Mr. Goldstein’s office taking an important dictation. One of the firm’s most important clients needed this ASAP.

I’ve written to you before about the huge crush I’ve had on Mr. G. ever since he hired me as his assistant, nearly seven months ago. Mr. G is my handsome boss and a married man in his 40′s; he’s been a successful lawyer for nearly 20 years.

Despite knowing how unlikely it was that Mr. G. and I could ever be together, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hoped that he would throw me onto his desk and fuck my brains out.

As you know, I am a twenty-two year-old young woman… just graduated from a good college with a degree in business. I have tiny breasts, a pear-shaped body, and long, beautiful red hair.

Anyway, I was typing up the dictation, when all of a sudden I felt something unexpected in my pussy. This feeling reminded me that I hadn’t gone to the bathroom all day. The official end of the workday had come and gone, and I desperately needed to expel the many cups of coffee and several glasses of water I’d consumed during my shift.

“And furthermore…” my boss continued. I did my best to keep my mind on the job at hand and not on the massive pleasure I’d feel at squatting over a toilet to relieve my overflowing bladder.

I crossed my legs tighter together in an attempt to reduce my urge to pee. This caused my garters to tug at my nylons, but did nothing to alleviate my need to piss. “How much longer is this letter going to take?” I thought. Still to myself, “I REALLY need to go!”

Crossing my legs hadn’t helped. Perhaps uncrossing them would do the trick. Meanwhile, I was fighting the instinct to place a hand under my mini-skirt and onto my crotch to hold the urine in.

Just in case you’ve forgotten, I’m 5’9″ and I weigh about 165 pounds. That makes me a little tall and curvy for my a-cup breasts, but the proportions must look okay because guys have always told me that I’m cute as a button! I let a few of those young guys bang me in high school and college, but they were all mediocre lovers at best.

Mr. Goldstein stopped dictating his letter. He was staring right between my thighs. Dark-haired Mr. G. caught himself peeking. He quickly averted his gaze.

“Is everything alright, Veronica?” my boss asked compassionately.

God! The man’s voice sounded even more intoxicatingly deep and sexy than normal!

“I have to pee real bad Mr. G.,” I said as I squirmed in my chair. It didn’t dawn on me how slutty yet innocent those words would sound until the sentence had already passed my lips.

Mr. G. was staring into the depths of my skirt yet again. The gorgeous man in front of me obviously couldn’t help himself. “Fine by me!” I said to myself.

“Under normal circumstances”, my boss began, “you’d be more than welcome to use my executive bathroom.” Mr. G. gestured to the doorway on his right. “But as you know, they’re remodeling it for me. I don’t have a toilet or even a shower in there for you to pee in.”

Mr. G. shifted in his chair, as if hiding a hard-on or something. “Why don’t you go and see if the employee bathrooms are still open? Feel free to take as long as you need. Then we can finish the letter for our client and get you on your way for the weekend.”

“Thanks,” was all I took time to say as I grabbed both of the heeled shoes from my feet and tossed them onto the carpeted floor; It would be easier to run through the building without my heels clicking and clacking on the floor the entire time.

I raced out of Mr. G’s office, through the receptionist’s area, and into the hallway containing the employee bathrooms. I went to open the women’s restroom door. I heard and felt resistance.

“Fuck!” I yelled out loud. It was locked!

I tried the men’s restroom in desperation. It was shut tight for the weekend as well. I scurried even faster than before as I retraced my steps and barged into my boss’s office. It was then that I literally caught him with his pants down.

Mr. G. was sitting on the edge of his desk, stroking his semi-hard cock with his right hand. Even with his less than full erection, Mr. Goldstein’s cock looked just as enticing as I had imagined in all of my daydreams. Certainly better than the tiny boy pricks I’d grown accustomed to!

But ridding my bladder of its full load was still the primary thing on my mind. Before my boss had the chance to formulate an excuse for why his pants were at his ankles and his dick growing in his hand, I spotted the only reasonable place in the entire building to pee.

I quickly unzipped my skirt and stepped out of it. Mr. G’s jaw dropped at the forwardness of my action. The older man was still holding his dick. His cock was certainly firming up nicely!

I scampered to the side of Mr. G’s office opposite his out-of-order bathroom, and arrived at the small bar where my boss often prepared drinks for clients before getting down to business. Drinking glasses and liquor bottles clattered against each other as I moved them, in a single mass, to the far side of the bar.

I hopped onto the counter and squatted over the bar’s built-in sink. My entire backside was now facing Mr. G. Strangely enjoying the exhibitionist aspect of what I was about to do with my boss watching, I tugged the crotch of my black lace panties to one side and let golden urine explode from my body. Out of pure instinct, I moaned primitively as hot pee noisily impacted the metal surface of the sink. My hand and panties intercepted some of my piss.

There was a mirror adjacent to the bar. I was watching myself pee, and looking at Mr. G. ogling my body. He was masturbating to the unloading of my bladder. I was enjoying this immensely!

“I’m such a little whore,” I whispered too softly for my boss to hear. My nipples were getting harder and harder as a stream of possibilities began racing through my young mind.

My vibrant green eyes met Mr. Goldstein’s deep brown ones by way of the mirror. “So, you liking the show?” I inquired, speaking loudly enough this time for him to hear me over the sound of my pee hitting the sink and flowing down the drain.

Mr. G. nodded silently. I smiled.

The smell of my own piss floated up from the sink and into my nostrils. How could I have never paid attention to this wonderful scent before? I can’t think of words sufficient to describe the pleasure I felt as my bladder finally emptied.

Done pissing in my boss’s bar sink, I hopped down from the counter and turned to face him. Our eyes met again with the same lustful magnetism as before, this time without any assistance from the mirror. Seductively, I made my way towards Mr. G. I undid the buttons on my white blouse and Mr. G. slowed the stroking of his cock to match the rhythm of my stride. I looked down pointedly at his hard cock and licked my lips. I wanted, needed to taste it…

“Let me sniff them,” my boss commanded. He indicated my panties by pointing at my crotch with the pointer finger of his free hand.

Now, you know from my previous entries that I’m usually very well behaved, but Mr. G’s request was a huge turn-on. I knew that doing what I was about to do with a married man was wrong, but any chance of me stopping myself disappeared the moment he demanded my panties.

Like a good employee, I immediately went into action to fulfill my employer’s orders. I unclasped my garter belt from my stockings, and then removed my panties while being careful not to snag them on any of the clasps. Although I’d held them to one side during my pissing adventure, my panties were saturated with my 20-something pee.

I casually handed my damp panties to my boss, as if giving him a stack of memos for his review. Mr. G. brought the panties to his face as I re-clasped my garter belt to my stockings. I could see him eying my bald pussy over the fabric of the panties held tightly against his face. I knelt on the floor in front of Mr. G’s desk, noticing that he’d opened his mouth slightly to taste my piss-soaked panties as he sniffed them with his nose.

Mr. Goldstein’s took his hand off his cock and reached down to caress my silky cheek. I placed both of my hands around his dick and asked, “Would you like some help with this, sir?”

Mr. G. didn’t respond with words. Rather, he moved his hand from my cheek to the back of my head. Still taking in whiffs of fresh female urine from my panties, Mr. G. pulled my head towards his crotch. I opened my mouth and allowed his magnificent dick to enter. I began bobbing my mouth back and forth on his cock.

Then, out of nowhere, the phone rang.

I should tell you that my boss has one of those special phones, you know, the kind that speaks the name of the person calling in. “Miss-us Gold-stee-een… Miss-us Gold-stee-een… Miss-us Gold-stee-een…” rang a simulated voice.

The rush of adrenaline that surged through my body was like Mr. G’s wife had actually walked in on us! It took a moment for the rational part of me to realize that she wouldn’t be able to see a thing through the telephone.

Mr. Goldstein took my panties away from his face and pressed the button to answer with speakerphone. “Hi Christie,” he said as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on, “What can I do for you tonight my love?”

“Wondering what you’re up to Don,” replied a mature-sounding woman’s voice on the other end of the line. “Are you working late on the Freeman case again?”

I’d met Mrs. G. a couple of times. She was attractive. Dirty blond hair, cut short; large tits; and a trophy-wife figure that most women (including me) would kill for. She had also seemed very nice. As Mrs. G. talked with her husband at that moment, I felt a little guilty for having her husband’s rod in my mouth… but only a little. I kept working on my boss’s dick with my open mouth.

“I did some stuff with that account a little while ago, but now my lovely personal assistant is sucking on my cock. She’s almost as skilled as you are, dear.”

Mr. G’s dick hadn’t reached my throat yet, but I nearly gagged in shock upon hearing him confess to his wife so freely! I stopped bobbing on Don’s cock, but he just chuckled and pressed his hand firmly against the back of my head. I had little choice but to take his manhood deeper into my mouth as he continued talking with his wife on the telephone.

“Congratulations honey!” began Christie Goldstein with a tone denoting her sincerity, “Veronica has been there for less than a year. I didn’t think you’d be able to land an innocent type like her for a couple more months at the very least!”

I don’t consider myself naive, but I was quite confused by the turn this had taken. Nonetheless, I loved having Mr. G’s big cock in my mouth so much that I just got lost in the sensations. I started bobbing again, moving faster and sucking a little harder than before.

Mr. G. took the phone off speaker and brought the receiver to his ear. After a brief pause, my boss said, “Right. Yes… very good. Don’t wait up. I love you too darling. Bye-bye…”

My boss hung up the phone then picked up my panties and began breathing in my wet, womanly scent once again. At the same time, he forced my head towards him until my nose was digging into his flesh. His cock was now as deep in my tiny throat as it would go. I have to confess that I was overwhelmed by a choking sensation none of the schoolboy’s I’d been with in the past had ever been able to give.

“This is so much fun,” I noted silently to myself, “I must be a perverted little skank!”

Without being able to pull away, I coughed a lake’s worth of saliva all over Mr. G’s ridged cock. He responded with a pleasure-filled groan. With a great sense of timing, Mr. G took his hand away from my head so I could slurp up the mix of my spit and his precum. I worked on his cock a little more with, if I do say so myself, a great deal of schoolgirl-like enthusiasm!

“I had no idea you were such a little slut, Veronica,” Don observed.

He’d earned it with that comment. While continuing my rampage on Don’s dick, I removed my blouse and unfastened my bra (black lace, like my panties). I let both items of clothing fall to the floor. My nipples had already been hard, but they turned into stone upon exposure to the office air.

Don threw my panties across the room. I instantly guessed what he had in mind. I slid my mouth off his cock, stood up, and allowed my boss to lift me onto his desk. His grip on my body was strong yet oh so tender. He guided me until I was on all fours on his desk.

“Wanna taste the real thing Mr. Goldstein?” I teased as I wiggled my butt and looked at him over my shoulder. We smiled at each other… lust-filled smiles.

“You bet your ass I do,” he said with a hint of hidden humor in his voice. In a single stroke his tongue went over my bald pussy, into it (hitting my g-spot just right), then out again to land on my asshole. He jammed his gigantic tongue what must have been several inches into my unexpecting ass. Mr. G. pulled his face away from my ‘down there’ and spread my ass cheeks apart with his hands. Then, he spat on both my ass and pussy in a single volley.

“My god! Oooh, Don!” I squealed in complete surprise.

My boss removed his clothes — from expensive necktie to fancy, glossy dress shoes — with a speed I would have previously thought impossible. A millisecond later, his dick penetrated the pouting lips of my waiting cunt.

I’m not ashamed to tell you that I was somewhat startled by the thickness and Don’s ridged, mature cock as it slid into my young wetness. Hormones raging, I gyrated my hips backward, attempting to take even more of him inside me.

“Patience, my little tramp.” my boss criticized sternly. “We’ll have plenty of time for that sort of thing before this is over.”

He placed his hands on my hips and adjusted his stance so just the head of his dick was in my cunt. Within moments, he pushed his entire length back into me again. Mr. Goldstein’s cock was by far the biggest I’d ever had in me. It felt like he was going to push through all the way into my empty womb!

“I LOVE seeing my cock stretch that tiny twat of yours baby, and watching you being so good at take it all so deep,” Don moaned.

My clit had become engorged, and the tingling was driving me crazy with delight, so I reached a hand under me to start rubbing it. At the same time, I squeezed Don’s swollen cock between my fingers. He growled, with a sort of playful anger, and started pumping faster.

“That’s right, baby. Cum on my dick. Let your boss feel employee pussy clenching his hard-on!”

I felt a stinging sensation across an entire side of my ass as Mr. G spanked me powerfully with an open palm. That sent me over the edge.

“Fuck Mr. G.! I’m cumming!”

I don’t know from what depths within me it originated, but despite having emptied my bladder a short time ago, a golden shower erupted from me on top of my already intense orgasm.

My boss’s cum flew into my snatch. He almost immediately pulled out of me as I was in mid orgasm/squirt, and placed the head of his cock against my asshole. Boiling jizz streamed from Don’s cock into my ass. More than sufficiently lubed — his spit and cum. My piss and cum — my ass obediently accepted Don’s still-spewing dick.

At that point, I orgasmed again. I was experiencing the gloriousness of two orgasms plus squirting. I quite naturally bore down on Mr. G’s penis with my anal muscles.

“Holy shit baby!” Don exclaimed.

I was overcome in that moment by how much my sweaty body loved his cock ramming it. Both my holes were now filled with my boss’s tremendous load of cum. I could feel his cock, still hard in my small little asshole.

I’m going to share a little secret with you now… Don is the first man to ever fuck my ass. A lot of girls I know say that anal sex hurts the first time. However, for me it was pure ecstasy.

“Still hard? Your wife must adore you!” I stated.

“And she’ll adore you too!” said my lover, breathing heavily and thrusting in and out of my ass. “When I took her off speaker, she told me to have fun with you at a hotel tonight, but to bring you home with me first thing in the morning so the two of you can get better acquainted.”

“Sounds like an excellent plan to me,” I panted.

I pushed back against Don again. This time he let me. I was fucking my own ass on his big cock, gyrating my hips so I felt every inch of him in me. My hand reached down with a mind of its own to finger-fuck my dripping pussy as I kept shoving my ass further onto my boss’s rod.

“Take your boss’s big dick in your ass, little whore!” boomed Don in a room-filling voice.

“No!” I disobeyed… surprising myself. “I want to taste everything I’ve put on your cock until you explode in my mouth.”

Don spanked me more harshly than before, as if punishing me. I cried out in response to a pain that somehow enhanced my pleasure. Mr. G. grabbed me and slammed my back onto the top of his desk. My head dropped over the edge of the desk.

“So you really are a cheap slut,” Mr. G commented as he shoved his cock into my waiting mouth. For the next minute or two, he fucked my face with such force that I thought he was going to snap my neck.

The taste of my pee, lady-cum, and anal juice on Mr. G’s dick nearly sent me into another fit of orgasm. Somehow, I was able to fight that urge until the older man started spraying his cum into the back of my throat. I grabbed my lover’s ass and pulled him closer. I could feel my gag reflex starting to act up again.

“I’m cumming baby!” Don yelled. I was cumming too!

“Ppppfffgggt,” was my unintelligible reply, as my throat couldn’t wait any longer to purge itself of Mr. G’s invading, mature jizz.

“That’s so hot,” observed my boss about my massive gagging.

Our eyes met again. We both knew that our lives would never be the same after what had just happened. Don helped me off of the desk. Both of us standing now, we hugged, petted, and caressed for what seemed like hours but what must have only been half a minute or so in reality.

Don and I got cleaned up, dressed, and were out of the office a few minutes later. We’d left the interrupted dictation for next week. My boss, the best lover I’ve ever had, and I drove in our own cars to the Grand Hotel… the most luxurious place to stay in the entire city. We had a great time. I can’t wait to tell you all about it real soon!

To be continued…

Whilst walking on the path in the park, Kirsty and Martin were chatting about what just happened. Kirsty felt wetness forming on her knickers as a dirty thought entered her head.

Kirsty gently pushed Martin against a small brick wall and got on her knees. She unzipped his flies and grabbed his soft placid penis taking it gently away from his pants. She started to work her hand on his foreskin and yanked it back quite roughly.

“That’s right cumslut I like it rough,” moaned Martin.

Kirsty moved her lips closer to his now semi hard cock, she licked the end of his cock whilst running her tongue all around the end. His cock hardened quite fast and when it seemed fully erect Kirsty put her whole mouth over his cock. She moved her mouth all the way down his penis and sucked then gently moved her lips up his shaft whilst sucking. Martin was breathing heavily as his cock started to grow hard.

Kirsty held the base of his cock with her right hand and with her left hand she fumbled with Martins trouser button and pulled them to his ankles. She extended her left arm and positioned it through his legs, started to touch his bum cheeks. Martin was in pure heaven really enjoying the sensations on his penis and lower body.

Martin opened his legs slightly wider apart and lowered himself against the wall. Kirsty managed to get a finger to his anus and rubbed it around his bum. She carried on sucking him as she managed to get one finger in his anal passage.

Martin pushed his bottom hard on her finger and it popped deep inside his butt. She started to wank with her right hand as well as licking and sucking his cock. This was getting to much for Martin and he started to lose control. She felt warm sperm enter her mouth and she started to lick his cock hard whilst she firmly wanked him. She was still wiggling the finger inside his arse and could feel it was getting quite sloppy.

Another shot of sperm entered her mouth, it felt thick and stringy especially as she her tongue was still going around his cock. At this height of pleasure Kirsty gently scrapped her teeth on his erupting cock, just on its head. Her hand was tightly yanking his foreskin back allowing all his sperm to easily ejaculate and she jammed another finger of her other hand deep in to his bottom.

Kirsty carried on for a few more minutes until no more sperm came out. She pulled her fingers out of Martins backside. Martin looked at her in the moonlight and slightly lighted park, Kirsty put her finger to her mouth and sucked on it hard. It didn’t really taste of anything untoward but it made her feel like a slut. She then started to lick his cock clean and used just her tongue on him until her gently pushed her away. Martin pulled his trousers up and took her hand.

“Come with me slut,” Martin said with a perverted look in his eyes.

Martin took her for a walk to the other side of the park underneath the rounded arches in the lagoon. It was quite dark in that spot.

“Get your fucking clothes off, sit on the floor and and hold your slutty tits up for me,” Martin commanded.

Kirsty Pulled her top off, she stepped out of her jeans and unhooked her bra, she left her knickers on and sat on the grass.

“Trust me, put your fingers in your slut pussy and make yourself cum,” Martin said in a soft voice.

In the shadows, Kirsty watched Martin undo his zip, he pulled his cock out and started to very gently stroke it, he started to rub his soft cock around her cheeks.

Kirsty rubbed her clit, she opened her legs as wide as she could and allowed her other hand to forcefully enter her own cunt.

“Good cumslut, let me know when you are close to your orgasm,” Martin said in a commanding voice whilst still rubbing his soft cock around her face.

Kirsty was really getting close to her orgasm, she kind of squeaked out “gonna cum soon.”

A few seconds later Kirsty then felt fresh wet warm piss leaking from Martins cock. Kirsty had her mouth closed as it dribbled off her lips down to her breasts, past her tummy to her clit where her hand was furiously rubbing.

“You better taste some slut, you owe me after last night,” mumbled Martin.

Kirsty still had her mouth shut as Martins piss went into full stream. He aimed his piss to her lips but she didn’t open them. In a perverted way Kirsty was rubbing her clit hard enjoying this dirty wet sex. The warm pee was magic on her throbbing clit. Kirsty was on the brink of one of the quickest cums in a long time, she opened her mouth to get some air and that’s when Martin forced his pissing cock into it.

“That’s right slut, taste it drink it.”

Kirsty was hitting full orgasm whilst she swallowed the first mouthful of Martins warm salty piss.

“Good piss slut.”

Martin removed his cock from her mouth aiming the piss flow at her breasts as her pussy was warming on her fingers as she came. Martin finished his piss by slapping his pissy cock in her face to get the dribbles out of his foreskin. He pulled it right back and wiped it over her piss saturated face.

He stood over Kirsty, neither of them saying anything and Kirsty drenched, face to feet in his urine. Martin then lowered himself slightly and his cock was in line with her face. She moved her lips closer to his cock and started to lick it clean. She licked all the stringy cummy piss from his soft penis.

“Still coming back to mine?” asked Martin.

“Nah, I’m going home to shower, maybe another time,” Kirsty replied.

Martin grabbed a handful of her hair and started to rub it on his cock.

“Just drying myself,” He said. He then turned around and walked off.

“I will give you a treat tomorrow night at 9 o’clock, it will be best you do not make arrangements as I am sure your cum slut needs will be met,” Kirsty heard Martin say.

Kirsty sat there for a few minutes thinking what a dirty nasty slut she was turning into and what a fucking night. She had a bad taste of piss in her mouth and was pissy wet all over. With that thought and feeling Kirsty got dressed picked up her coat and bra and wandered off home.

After a hot soak in the bath, Kirsty was on her the net arranging two more meetings. She told both it was going to be a mini threesome, one with an older man named Dell and the other was Pete again. She made sure both lads would be at the park at 8.30pm and thought to herself, fuck what Martin said I’m a cumslut.

Tomorrow was going to be fun.

To be continued…..

I woke up when some fluid hit my face, then I smelt it. It was piss. Where the hell was I? Then two parts of darkness parted and I saw a face looking at me.

“Bonjour bonjour. En plein de vos la bouche je vous en prie.”

So I opened my mouth and the piss squirted in. I just had to gulp it down. It tasted salty, I had forgotten the taste. I could see that the woman above me was only crouching over the toilet seat. When the flow of piss stopped, she sat down properly and looked down at my face once more and spoke (in French)

“Lick me now to orgasm, or I shall shit on you.”

My face was tickled by her pubic hair. I pushed my tongue up into her cunt and penetrated her vagina. It felt smooth and tight. The woman shifted her arse backwards and I could feel her clitoris – just a little nub of gristle, but an important one. I sucked at it and tried to bite it but it was too slippery. The woman above me squirmed and pressed herself down onto my mouth. I could feel my erection getting bigger with every lick. I was really enjoying the sensation.

How did I get into this position? Well it all came back to me. I was in the punishment toilet, yet again. I had been here twelve years ago as language student on a bicycling tour of the mountains of the Voges and I crashed into this Convent.It is called Sainte Marguerite, and is not far from Strasbourg. The Mother Superior had let me in, dealt with my cuts and bruises and allowed me to repaire my bike. At that time it was operating as a Refuge for beaten and abused wives and it was run partially by the nuns and partially by French professional care workers.

I had obtained my Honours degree in Modern Languages and I had immediately been employed by the European Union. By hard work over the years, I had risen to the position of Assistant Commissioner. I had overseen the alloction of a grant for converting the convent into a proper Refuge for abused women. The old nuns had died off and no young girls had been attracted to devote themselves to being a nun. The Catholic Church agreed to a long term lease to the French Government. The small nun’s cells were knocked two into one and an extension was built onto the main building to house the Care workers. The chapel was converted into a Recreation area. The old central toilets were partially changed to showers and the lavatories were changed for modern ones – except the punishment one which was were kept at my insistence. I was in that toilet now.

What happened to get me to undergo this ordeal again, was a bet. I had returned six months after it had opened and I stayed in the visitor’s house which had been the Priest’s place to stay when he went there to say Mass. I had had an evening dinner with the staff and the women in their refractory. I had been drinking some of the liquor from the distillery that was adjacent to the convent. It had been owned by the Convent, but now was a seperate business and it gave employment to the Abused women. I became a bit drunk and in a rash moment, I bet the women who surrounded me in the lounge after dinner, that I could stand a day being pissed on, for a hundred Euros bet. The word that a man was in their toilets and wanting to be pissed on, had spread.

With a cry, the unseen woman above me, orgasmed. She sat quietly for a moment and then got up and moved away. I was left alone for a period and then another arse appeared above me. This one was rather big and cut out all my light. Then there was this huge fart, right in my nose; I felt as though I had been gassed. This was followed by a hot smelly stream of piss; I let it flow all over my face with my eyes tight shut; this was what I wanted. I endured it with pleasure and I now had a nice erection. I reached down with my two hands undid my belt and pulled my trousers and pants down to around my ankles. I started to masturbate. I heard someone come into the cubicle and a hand slapped mine away.

“Let me deal with that.” A voice said. I could only see a female body; then I could see her turn around and place her bare bottom above my stiff cock. She took hold of it and guided herself down until I was wholly inside her. It was lovely,warm and wet, but she didn’t move back up again. She moved her body around so that her clitoris was rubbing against me; the woman doing this was taunting me. She continued this until I heard a gasp as she came. I felt frustrated which was obviously her intention.

There was a gap before the next woman and she approached my toilet facing the wall. She opened her legs to put them either side of the toilet,then bent her knees and pulled the lips of her cunt open to piss straight at my face. Again I had to shut my eyes because piss stings. She spoke, I’ll translate.

“You dirty bastard – drink my piss – this will repay you for your infidelity.”

She then lowered herself down so her cunt was right on my mouth. She was still pissing but not as fast as it was. She positioned her hairy twat right down on my mouth; I no option but to drink the last lot. She rubbed her cunt, trying to get off on my tongue. It felt funny being upside down, staring at her arsehole. My tongue dehooded her clit and I concentrated on it. Soon she came; my tongue was covered with her juices but the action had given me a raging hard on. I moved my hands down and wanked a bit but could not get satisfaction. She moved off without a word.

The next woman arrived a bit later and this time she deliberately placed her bum on my face. I heard her say “Lick my arsehole clean, you swine.” I pushed my tongue up and found that her wrinkled hole was shitty. I had never tasted woman’s arsehole before, and this one had a revolting taste. I had never thought I would do such a thing. To my surprise I felt my prick respond and grow stiff. I speared her asshole with the tip of my tongue; she ground her bum into my mouth. I was unable to breathe. When I couldn’t hold my breath any longer, I struggled to turn my head; then I managed to get my hands up through the tunnel and I lifted her bum off my face so I could breathe. I let her arse down again and she sat back on my face. I went to lick her arse hole again but I felt a massive fart explode, right in my face. I tried to turn my face away. I heard the woman laugh and she rose up off me.

“Did you enjoy licking my derriere?” she laughed and went away. It would seem that the abused women were getting their revenge on men through me. I decided I needed a piss myself, so I reached down and pushed my prick down between my thighs an let it go into the toilet bowl which was positioned under my arse. Let me explain the situation. Only my head showed in one toilet and my torso and legs were in another one, back to back. This ‘Punishment ‘ lavatory, had been installed when the Convent was built in about 1905 when the nun’s Order was very strict. When I arranged for the convent to be converted, I stated that this bigger toilet was to be designed as a Disability Toilet under the EU Health and Safety regulations. The fact was it was not safe or hygienic, was a nice touch of irony.

I had to wait about an hour for my next visit when two young girls came in at once. I could hear them and only see their faces if they leaned over the bowl. I looked up as they spoke.

“Oui, il ya un homme dans la toilette.”

One of them turned around as I watched, pulled her skirt up and then sat down on my face. She opened her thighs,looked down at me, and proceeded to piss out a strong stream of piss. It was so strong it went over my face onto the underside of the bowl. Then as it slowed, I saw a couple of fingers reach down and rub her clitoris which was in front of my eyes. They rubbed her slowly. I joined in the action by pushing my tongue up into her vagina. Then the girl moved herself backwards and her clit came in reach of my tongue. I eagerly licked it and she responded by moving herself back and forwards over it. This is what I enjoyed – licking a juicy cunt. My right hand moved down and I started to have a wank.

Suddenly, I heard a quick conversation and the girl got up off the seat, pulled her knickers up and then disappeared from view. Next minute I heard and saw that the two girls had come into the cubicle. I felt her soft hand on my prick. They were talking and laughing together but I couldn’t quite hear their words. Next, as I began to get erect again, I felt a lovely wet mouth on my cock head. Her mouth moved down and the up, up and down. Oh! It felt so terrific.

She stopped then and held it in her hand as she moved herself into place. I could see her lovely round white bum above my cock and then her cunt enveloped it. It was wet and warm as she slid down me. I thrust upwards. We got into a rhythm matching our movements; I felt that wonderful heady rush as one begins to cum, but the girl came first and lifted herself off me and grabbed my cock to prevent me cuming and from going limp.

I heard her say then, “Ok you can have him now. Use your arse hole so you don’t get pregnant”

She let go of me and her friend mounted me, again facing my feet. This time though, she held her arse cheeks open and slid her arsehole down onto me. I could see her thighs were open and I think her friend must have dropped to her knees and was fellating her. The image swam into my mind. I could see the younger girl on her knees pushing her tongue up into the other’s juicy cunt. I became terribly excited and I pulled the round bum down hard on myself; the pain of the tight sphincter muscle caused me to cum and cry out at the same time. The girl must have cum too because I could see her head go back.

Things went quiet then for a bit, until I heard a rush of doors banging; it must be lunch time, I thought. The face of the woman in charge appeared above me.

“Do you want a break for lunch? Have you had enough piss?”

“Yes I think so and yes you have won your bet.”

“I will come round and release you, but first I must have a pee. Open your mouth please.”

With that she turned around and pulled up her smart black skirt and pulled down her tights and pants. I could see her bending forwards and she aimed her hairy twat at my face. A stream of hot smelly piss hit my mouth. I gulped it down and wanked at the same time. I had a hard time swallowing it all and a lot went down my cheeks. When she finished, she wiped her cunt with a bit of tissue and dropped it on my face. I blew it off. Madam went away and next minute she came into the other cubicle.

“Oh, you’re erect! I’ll help you.” She put her hand on my cock and started to wank me vigorously. I came quickly and I had to hold her hand as she had not realised I had cum. She wiped her fingers on the loo paper and dropped it into the bowl and pressed the handle. I must explain here, that the flushing water was conducted into the side of the bowl. She then undid the broad leather belt that had been fastened across my waist.

“Have a shower and the please join me in the Refectory for lunch. Here is a towel and soap.”

At lunch I thanked her for my experiences and gave her a hundred Euros. That gave me an idea.

“I am the editor and publisher of a fetish magazine called ‘To Pee or not To Pee’ and I could put in an article about this Refuge and say that you would be willing to entertain perverted males for a donation of two hundred Euros. This would would include two night’s stay at the priest’s house. Would you agree to that?”

“Yes, I can see that some warped minded men would want to be humiliated and our women would like to make such men suffer. I agree.”

So, my magazine duly published my account and gave out details of the address. Quite a few men and some women used that toilet over the next three years, until the friendly woman in charge left, and the new one did not want such ‘Filth’ to soil her Refuge.

Jacob and Sam were on a long car ride home after the holidays. They had been at Jacob’s mother’s place over Labour Day weekend and were heading back to their apartment for the start of school the next day.

Jacob and Sam had shared a dorm room in first year. They had been inseparable since then and once the year was done had decided to rent an apartment together. 3 years later they still shared that apartment together. While they swore they were just friends other people had their doubts, and the roommates were about to find out why.

After their traditional stop at the PetroCan station about half way home to fill up on gas and buy snacks the boys ran into traffic. Slowly crawling their way steadily home Jacob was enjoying his blue raspberry Big Gulp and munching on coffee beans to stay awake.

“You should slow down. We’re a long way from a bathroom and who knows how long we’ll be stuck in this traffic.” Sam warned Jake.

“You worry to much. I’ve got a bladder of steal. Besides I can always pull over and piss in a field,” Jacob reassured him.

Well an hour and a half later of painfully slow traffic the boys found themselves stuck in the middle of a long, under water, tunnel when the traffic officially stopped moving.

“Fuck” Jake swore.

“It’s not that bad, we’ll get home eventually. In the mean time I’ll plug in my iPod since there’s no radio down here” Sam reassured him.

“It’s not that. Don’t laugh but I really have to pee” Jacob said, clearly uncomfortable.

“Oh, well I told you not to drink your slushie so fast.”

“Geeze thanks, it wouldn’t be so bad if you hadn’t gotten bored and punched it full of holes. At least I could have pissed in the cup if it was hole.”

“Whoops” Sam chuckled.

The traffic slowly started pulling forward. Then stopped again.

“Fuck, I can’t hold it like this.” Jacob said.

Sam thought silently for a moment. “Well, I’d be okay if you whipped it out if pinching your dick would help.”

“You sure?” Jake said already reaching for his button and fly.

“Yea, I mean whatever we just won’t talk about it later.”

“Of course, of course. Thanks dude.” Jake said noticeably relieved now that he had a little more control over the situation.

After another few minutes of stop and go traffic Jacob began to squirm again. Then without think he began to stroke his cock. He knew once he was hard he’d be able to hold his piss better and beyond that he wasn’t thinking of much.

Up until this point Sam had been trying very hard to look out the window and not at his friends dick. It was hard though as Jacob was especially well endowed. Once Jake started getting hard though Sam found that task impossible.

Sitting there with his 10 inch cock fully erect, stroking it without shame Sam found himself drawn to Jacob. Without thinking he reached over and cupped Jacob’s balls.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?” Jacob yelled, startled back to reality.

“Well I figured I’d help. Since you should have two hands on the wheel anyways” Sam said shyly.

Heart racing and desperate Jacob nodded curtly and tried to turn his attention back to the road. In the distance he could see the end of the tunnel. But with traffic crawling around him a distance that should have taken seconds was looking like it would take hours.

He relaxed back into his seat and turned up the heat. The cold air in the car was only making him have to pee more and he figured he might as well enjoy the handy he was getting as best as possible, even if it was being given from a dude.

Jacob meant to pretend that there was some hot chick stroking is dick but, much to his surprise, he couldn’t turn his mind away from Sam. He began imagining fucking Sam, plunging his cock deep inside while tugging on Sam’s dick as the both came in unison.

It was this thought that began pushing Jacob over the edge.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. I think I’m gonna cum” Jake stammered frantically.

“We have napkins, just let it happen” Sam said as he continued playing with Jake’s cock n’ balls. He was quite hard himself at this point and pulled down his shorts to let the vents blow warm air over his cock.

“No! You don’t understand. If I come I don’t think I’ll be able to stop” Jacob pleaded, “I’ll just end up pissing everywhere.”

“I know, I want you too.” Sam stated, much to his own surprise.

Just then traffic started moving again and the sense of relief of almost being free distract Jacob just enough that he began to cum.

With a couple of long hard strokes Sam forced long, thick ropes out of Jacob’s monstrous cock. They landed with an audible thud upon the steering wheel. Then, as promised, jets of urine began spray out of Jacob’s cock. They sprayed in every direction all over the car and Jacob’s pants and shoes.

“Fuck” Jacob moaned both in relief and exasperation as was of relief flooded his body as streams of hot liquid shot out of his huge cock. Traffic had let up but there was no stopping now. Jacob grabbed his cock again and desperately aimed it at the floor, soaking the mat. Having left the tunnel and once again travelling at high way speed there was little Jacob could do but let it happen while he tried to focus on the road.

Sam in the mean time had undone his seat belt and knelt on the seat. He was facing Jacob watching his cock stream urine all over the place. Sam was tugging full force, with both hands on his own cock. With a deep moan he felt his own orgasm wash over him as his cum joined Jacob’s on the steering wheel. He too than began pissing on the floor at Jacob’s feet.

Sam had been so busy jerking of Jacob that he hadn’t even noticed his own need to urinate. There was no denying it now though as both boys sat there pissing on the floor. Shaking from relief and pleasure, in full view of passing cars.

Once done Sam sat back down, put his cock away, and buckled up. Jacob left his cock out and rolled down the window to air out the car and shock himself back to reality.

“Well, I’m not saying I want to do it twice but that was the best hand job I’ve ever had” Jacob said peering over at Sam.

Sam just reached over and began playing with Jacob’s cock trying to get it hard again. “We can still have fun without all the extra dramatics” Sam said smiling to himself. He saw fun times head. He quite liked the idea of being roommates and fuck buddies.

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Before I start, I should tell you a little of my world, to save on some heavy handed, dialogue based exposition later. It was a time of peace. The Mage Wars were over and magic was all but extinguished, though the cost had been great. Many lives were lost and Council of Kings could no longer afford to support it’s own armies.

Soldiers, men like me, who had given our all to the conflict, were the hardest hit. We were not paid. There wasn’t enough coin in all the treasuries of the world to cover our back pay, so we were simply discharged, with the thanks of the council, and left to our own business.

I had a choice the day orders came through our unit was to be disbanded, remain in the city, looking for work as a hired sword, guarding caravans from my former brothers in arms, take to the roads as a highwayman and rob the civilians I fought so hard to protect or fall back upon my life before the army as a hunter, take to the wilds and hunt beasts for their furs and meat. It was a lonely life, but better than both the alternatives.

So, the day came, I said my farewells and, trusty bow in hand, left the civilisation I gave so much to save behind. I was fortunate it was summer and ended up following a herd of Knotch north into the Unending Forest. This was risky move. The Forest is, strictly speaking, Orc territory and while they are usually welcoming to travellers, a single trespass against their ways can land a human in a whole world of trouble.

Orcs are interesting creatures. They have green sink and are all, by outward appearance, female. That is, they have breasts, most have long hair, their features are generally feminine, though most ripple with muscle and they are, as a race, slightly taller than humans. They tend to dress revealingly too, tribal loin cloths and so far that would offend human senses of dignity were the wearers not so attractive. Beneath the loin cloths, however, some Orcs possess vagina similar to that of a human, indeed there have been some cases of interbreeding, while others possess cocks that would put most men to shame. It’s said in some circles that an Orc’s cock is something everyone must at least see before they die.

Anyway, winter came and it proved too much for me, so I began to head south. I had a good haul of furs to sell, so things were looking up. After a few days following a stream through the forest I came upon a path that seemed to be heading roughly south and was marked with fresh footprints, so followed it.

This was a mistake. After about an hour or so on, as dusk began to fall, the path ended and opened out into a grove with a stone circle and altar. Around the altar were a dozen or so Orcs, watching as two others, wearing a ceremonial masks, fucked atop the altar. Both moaned and groaned with pleasure. I was transfixed, I could make out the beads of sweat running down one of the beautiful creature’s backs, but from my position, I could not see the penis of the Orc on top as she thrust in and out of her willing partner.

I strained for view, but it was no use. I would have to move. I told myself if they didn’t see me, I was doing nothing wrong, and stepped forward. This was another mistake. Before I even realised what was happening, I was upside down, hanging from the tree I was just standing under. I had stood in a snare. I was spinning around and the blood was rushing to my head. The last thing I saw before I passed out was a dozen or so Orcs running over to me. They did not look happy.

When I awoke, the first thing I noticed was that I was stark naked. The second was that there was a metal collar around my neck. The third was that my wrists were chained to that metal collar by chains only around a foot long. The chain was also attached to a tree.

While the Council outlawed slavery a generation ago, the Orcs had not yet followed suit. Prisoners they took alive could expect the mines or, if they were lucky, a swift death in the arena of an Orcish city.

Looking around I saw I was on the edge of a fairly sizeable Orc camp of around a dozen tents and large fire pit in the middle. It looked like they were dug in for the winter. That meant I had at least a few months before I was sold on and ended up down the mines, were I could expect a few weeks of hard labour before dropping dead or the arena, where I could expect to die at the hands of an Orcish warrior or some exotic beast. The nearby Orc I assumed to be a guard looked like she could break me in half. The future wasn’t looking bright.

I saw next to me another prisoner, a fellow hunter, no doubt.

“I don’t know, I stop to ask for directions and this happens,” I said. He ignored me.

Two tall Orcs walked over and nodded to the guard, my fellow prisoner curled himself up into a ball. I was expecting a beating, but their body language did not seem aggressive. Instead, each stood above one of us, lifted up her loin cloth and pulled down the cloth thong to reveal what was beneath.

It was my first sight of an Orc penis and it was magnificent. I could do nothing but look up, admire then length of it, the thickness, the bushy pubes and treasure trail leading up to the sexy creature’s ripped abs. Even soft the thing looked powerful, ready for action. I stared at the thick snake and it seemed to stare back as the Orc above me unleashed a warm jet of piss that hit me square in the face. The stream was unrelenting and she slapped my hands away when I tried to block it. I could feel it running down my chest, trickling between legs and settling around my balls. Some of it even got it my mouth and up my nose, filling my very being with the taste and scent of Orc piss.

She stopped and tucked herself away, then stepped back. Her friend had finished too and muttered something in Orcish, then pointed to my crotch and gave a giggle. I looked too. My cock was rock hard and, degrading as it was, I knew that somewhere, deep inside, I had really enjoyed what had just happened to me.

It became a regular occurrence. Every few hours, two or more Orcs would come over, piss on me and my fellow prisoner, then walk away, leaving me rock hard, with nothing I could do about it as I couldn’t reach my dick.

I had been there a few days when, by the fire’s light, a pair of Orc’s came over. I had been thinking, there was no way I wanted to end up in the mines or the arena, it just wasn’t going to happen. I had to ingratiate myself with the tribe some how, give them a reason to keep me around. But how? That was the question. To them I was just another mouth to feed until I could be sold on. I thought and thought, until I remembered one drunken night’s liberty in Stoutbridge. One of my comrades spoke of how Orcs liked to keep sex slaves, to cater to the desires of a tribe while they are out in the wilds, so they are not slowed down by pregnancy. If there was any chance this was a reality, I had to take I, a life time of getting fucked and sucking Orc dick sounded an awful lot better than death.

As the two approached I sat up on my knees and smiled, gladly taking the stream of hot piss over my face and body. When she was done, I opened my mouth wide and leaned forward tongue out. I was an inch from her cock when I felt a hard slap to the face and fell to the floor.

“You like to suck, Pink-skin?” the other Orc asked. I gave a desperate nod, trying to ignore the fact that being pissed on then slapped about had given me such a hard-on I was worried the thing may burst. “You show us how you suck first, on him.” She pointed at my fellow prisoner. This was going to make thing awkward once we were alone together again, but I didn’t have much choice. I had made my bed, now I had to suck a guy off.

I crawled around in front of my fellow prisoner, face flushed and heart beating fast. One of the Orcs lifted him up and I knelt, his soft cock in front of me, still dripping with the Orc’s piss from minutes before.

I lent forward so he was inches from my face and began stroking him, he groaned and began to stiffen. It had clearly been a while since the last time he’d cum. Once he was semi-hard I licked the bottom of his balls and ran my tongue all the way up his shaft. Once there I tickled the underside of his head with my tongue and he was like rock. I wrapped my hand around the member and gently stroked, looking at each of the two Orc’s in turn. I had to impress them, this couldn’t just be a perfunctory suck off.

I spat onto the rock hard dick and rubbed in my saliva so the throbbing member glistened, then wrapping both hands around the base I thrust my mouth onto it, getting as far down as I possibly could, then pushing myself just that bit further. I gagged, but stayed down, then pulled back up and off, gasping for air. There were three or four long strands of spit between me and the cock and I could feel some running down my chin onto my chest. My own cock was slick with pre-cum.

I dived back in, making sure my hands were around the juicy prick whenever it wasn’t in my mouth as a rocked back and forth, moaning and groaning, making as much noise as I could. I could feel tears running down my face as I worked by throat down his shaft. My hands, chest and neck were all covered in saliva. I pulled off again, breathing heavy, worked some more spit onto the shaft, took a deep breath and took the final plunge. Trying not to gag, I buried my nose in his pubes and held there, massaging his balls with my hand.

Then I felt my fellow prisoner stiffen even more and start breathing in short, sharp breaths. I pulled off him, thick strands of spit between us, and worked him hard and fast with my hand. He exploded and jets of salty jizz flew right at my face. I felt thick spurts hitting my cheek, my forehead, I was pretty sure some got in my hair. I wrapped my head around the erupting dick, but it just kept coming, I pulled back off, swallowed a mouthful and took the last few ropes to the chest. Once he was done I made sure to squeeze out every last drop. He collapsed and I began scooping cum from all over my face into my mouth.

I turned to the Orcs, one said, “Not bad, Pink-skin,” and they walked away, leaving me with the erection of a lifetime and no way of doing anything about it.

Thanks for reading. The adventure shall continue in Slave to Pleasure Ch.2

Julie Davidson arrived back at her apartment block just after midnight. She paid the taxi driver and stomped towards the entrance door. She was in a foul mood. The 41-year-old divorcee had been looking forward to this night out all week. It was a rare chance to get out, dress up and enjoy herself. She had been out with her friends Louise and Pamela and after a few drinks they had all started flirting with guys, to her horror both she and Louise had ended up going after the same guy and he had brushed Julie off with a comment about not dating older women while Louise had her tongue in his ear! That had been too much for the raven haired, short tempered Julie and she stormed away, hailed a taxi and went home alone and angry. The fucking nerve of Louise, wait ’til she saw her again!

And so it was in this bad temper that she entered her building, far earlier than she had wished and steam still literally coming from her ears as she just refused to calm down.

Normally she would take the lift up to her top floor apartment but as she entered the lobby she saw it was already up there and after a moment’s wait she decided to stomp her way up the stairs. After about ten steps she realised the stupidity of doing it in her high heels but through sheer bloody mindedness she continued, cursing under her breath with every step.

It was a smart, new building in the city and each floor had two large, expensive apartments. Julie liked living there except for one thing – Allison, the woman who owned the other flat on the top floor. Allison was the same age as Julie, but (in Julie’s mind anyway) she looked older, fatter and uglier. Whereas Julie had long, dark, shiny locks, Allison had a short dark haircut with cheap highlights. Also whereas Julie spoke in a posh, cultured, educated voice Allison’s voice was a rough, Scottish accent that swore far too often for Julie’s liking. For long enough Julie had wondered how such a ‘creature’ could afford to live in the same apartment block that she paid for. But over time Julie had seen enough male visitors to Allison’s flat to form a very real suspicion that she was up to no good behind that door, drugs maybe, prostitution probably, something decidedly dodgy anyway.

The two women had never been friends. They had put up with each other, studiously ignored each other and, when they thought the other not looking cast vicious glances at each other. Both thought they were alpha females and would never get on. Their relationship had gotten worse just over a month ago when Allison had been playing music way to loud during the day. Julie had been off her work sick and had been feeling bad anyway but the constant booming noise had been too much and she had stormed across the shared landing to rattle on her neighbours door. It had not been answered quickly and when it was Allison’s head was all that was visible. She had snapped at Julie, Julie snapped back demanding the music be put down before storming back to her own sick bed. Whether the music was turned down or not Julie could not tell but from that point the two of them had embarked on a petty feud of complaints back and forth that did nothing but anger and irritate both.

Tired and still angry Julie made it up the last flight of steps and was greeted by the sight of Allison seeing a man out of her apartment. Neither saw Julie and she stepped in against the wall and listened.

The man was softly spoken and very well dressed.

“Thanks you Mistress Allison, well worth the payment. Again sorry to ask for a session at such a late hour but it just so happened I had the chance. Here, please take this as an extra token of my appreciation.”

Julie peered round to see the man hand Allison a note of some description. And only then did it dawn on Julie that Allison was not wearing ‘conventional’ clothing. The fat bitch was in a black PVC top and short, her fat tits falling out of it. She had on thigh high boots and elbow boots.

“Fuck’s sake” hissed Julie under her breath as the truth dawned on her slightly inebriated mind.

The man then got in the elevator and the doors pinged closed and it was at that point with Allison just turning back to go into her flat that Julie burst forward and shouted.

“I fucking knew it! You’re a whore! A fucking whore!”

Julie was drunk and aggressive, a bad combination. Her normal ability to bite her tongue was gone and she was saying exactly what she was thinking and actin without thought. Allison whirled around at the sharp voice behind her and faced the raging bitch before calmly stating.

“Did you want something?”

Julie was out of control and got right up in Allison’s face, pointing and poking her finger at her.

“Yeah! You out of there! You’ve no fucking right to live there! You don’t belong! I always wondered how you managed to afford this place and now I know! You’re a whore! You….aaaaaargh!”

Julie broke off as Allison casually reached her hand back and slapped her neighbour across the face. It unbalanced Julie and before she knew what was happening Allison had taken a firm grip of her hair and was dragging her into her apartment!

Julie was too stunned to react as her neighbour dragged her forcibly into her flat then slammed the door shut. They were both about the same height, five foot five but Allison had a good few pounds on Julie, though both boasted impressive breasts and were, rightly proud of their racks. Allison was virtually dragging Julie behind her by the hair until she dumped her in a bedroom that lay just off the main hall.

Staggered, Julie took in her surroundings and was taken aback as she looked at various whips and floggers on the wall, a cage in the corner of the room, a rack like contraption and a cross clearly for tying people to.

“What the fuck….”

She got no further as Allison’s large hand engulfed her mouth and muffled it. Allison leaned in close and spat her words out.

“I’ve had enough of you you stuck up bitch. It’s about time you learned your place. On your knees and kiss my boots!”

Julie looked up at her attacker with incredulity and shook her head.

“You’re mad, no way, I’m getting….”

She tried to crawl away but Allison’s fingers hooked into her hair and jerked her back and forced Julie’s head right down at her boots. Julie tried to respond but whether through shock or alcohol she was lacking in strength and power and was easily manhandled by the larger woman. Allison pushed her head down there and rubbed Julie’s face across the toes of her boots.

“You’ll do that gratefully when I’m finished with you.”

Julie managed to get her head up and spat out.

“Fuck you!”

That just made Allison laugh and she pulled over a wooden chair and sat on it and hauled Julie up and over her knee. Julie struggled and wriggled and couldn’t figure out what was happening until she froze as she felt her neighbour hoist up the hem of her short skirt and expose her creamy white ass cheeks.

“I can see you need a good, hard lesson in respect bitch. So you tell me when you’ve learned your lesson and are willing to kiss those boots of your own accord!”

Wit that Allison began to spank Julie’s ass firmly, each blow bringing a red palm print to her ass. After thirty of so and the smacks echoing through the room Julie cried out.

“OK! Ok! I’ll do it! Please stop!”

Allison halted her spanking and used Julie’s hair to jerk her head around to face her.

“Try anything slut and you will regret it, understand?”


That earned Julie another hard spank on her tender ass.

“Yes Mistress Allison. That is how you will address me from now on, understand?”

Julie was confused and scared and even a little aroused. She could not comprehend how she had been so easily dominated by her neighbour and just wanted to get out of there right then. She would have given anything to be safely in her own bed.

“Yes Mistress Allison.”

Nodding Allison pushed Julie’s body off her knees and she landed with a thump at her feet. Julie couldn’t believe she was doing it but she scrambled forward and began to tentatively lick the tops of Allison’s fetish boots. Allison observed her coolly, occasionally using her free foot to swat at Julie’s head and body, pushing her over, unbalancing her contemptuously.

“OK enough! Get up and get undressed. Let’s see what you’re so proud of bitch!”

Julie stared at her as if she had gone mad. It was a dumb move as it earned her another cuff around the head from Allison’s hand.

“Fuck’s sake! Are you as stupid as you look bitch? I gave you an order and you had better damn well do it or so help me god I will tie you to that cross over there and whip the living hell from you!”

That did the trick and Julie scrambled, drunkenly to her feet and hurriedly stripped off her expensive top and skirt and paused only a moment in her sexy lingerie before a harsh glare from Allison saw her peel that off too. Her shoes had gone in the earlier struggle and she suddenly felt very small as she stood, naked and uncomfortable as her hated neighbour stared at her and examined her. She felt like a cow at a cattle market as the PVC clad Mistress scrutinised Julie’s body, first with her eyes then her hands. She held Julie’s jaw and moved it to look at her profile, then her hands grabbed Julie’s tits and weighed them up.

“Proud of these are you?”

“No Mistress Allison.”

“Ha! Don’t give me that shit! I’ve seen you parade yourself around here with those things literally hanging out. Think you’re something special, don’t you? Yes, you fucking do! Well they’re nothing special, let me tell you. Now go and lean over the bench, time to see exactly what you can take.”

Julie did not like the sound of that at all, yet she still did as Allison told her and padded over to the far side of the room and stretched herself gingerly over a wooden bench with a leather top. From behind she heard rustling and a loud click. Unable to resist she looked over her shoulder and was horrified by what she saw. Allison’s PVC shorts now had a plastic cock jutting out of them pointing straight at Julie!

Julie made to voice her disapproval and resistance but the bigger woman moved swiftly and was on her in an instant. Leaning hard on her back, pining her down. Her hand snaked forward and again cupped over Julie’s mouth to silence her.

“Shut up you snobby tart. You went out looking for a fuck tonight, didn’t you? Well now you’re going to get one!”

Julie whimpered into the hand then jumped as she felt a finger tracing the outline of her shaven cunt.

“See? You’re soaking wet bitch! You want this!”

Julie shook her head but it was an action that held no real conviction. Allison removed her hand from Julie’s mouth and reached down to grab something, when it came up it held an orange ball gag that she stuffed in Julie’s mouth then tied it expertly behind her shaking head.

“Don’t want you waking the neighbour you know. She’s a real miserable cow!”

And then Julie felt her ass cheeks being pulled apart and with a sudden shock realised her fucking would not be what she expected. Allison laughed at the frantic movements of her trapped neighbour and swatted her ass with her hand again.

“Keep still bitch. You didn’t think this was for your pleasure did you? No this is all about me having some fun. Now relax and take this in the ass slut!”

Allison speared her body forward and impaled Julie’s ass on the thick plastic dick. Julie shook and struggled but Allison’s weight and position held her in place and she slowly eased the strap on deeper and deeper until it was in all the way to Allison’s crotch. Then she slowly drew back before shoving herself in again. After several more thrusts Julie managed to break free but she was still on the cock so when she dropped to her knees Allison followed her down no fucking her like a dog on hands and knees. Eventually, Julie’s arms and legs gave out and she was lying on the carpet just being ass fucked with all Allison’s weight on her. Finally, Allison relented and with a humiliating ‘pop’ she pulled the plastic from Julie’s asshole. In an instant Allison had the gag undone and just as Julie gasped in a deep breath into her mouth Allison rammed the dildo, fresh from Julie’s ass, right into Julie’s mouth.

Julie’s protests went ignored.

“You always act like your shit don’t stink anyway bitch, so what are you bothered about, eh?”

It was humiliating and degrading to Julie but her will was broken and she just lay there and sucked the fake cock clean of her own bodily substances. When she was down Allison rolled her ‘guest’ onto her back and stood towering over her. Julie just lay there and watched as the other woman unbuckled the cock and then peeled of the PVC shorts to reveal a very, hairy, fat pussy. Julie wrinkled her nose in disgust, which really wasn’t a smart thing to do. Seconds later she watched in horror as Allison stood right over her then lowered herself down so that her knees pinned Julie’s arms to the ground and so that hairy pussy was just inches from Julie’s face. The sweaty smell was powerful and disgusting and Julie so wanted to be out from under there but realised she could do nothing.

“Not as neat as yours, is it? Not as well groomed? Not as clean? Well you can do something about that now bitch, get licking it!”

Julie had never been with another woman before, never even dreamed of it (and for sure if she had it would not have been this lump of a woman she detested!) but with no choice available but to do as she was instructed she extended her tongue and began to tentatively explore the hairy cave in front of her. As she did that, Allison began to rock backwards and forwards, pushing her pussy further and further into Julie’s face as she did and she also peeled off her top and began to play with her own fleshy breasts. This was complete sexual domination and ironically both women were getting off on it, though one rather less willingly than the other. Allison reached back to poke at Julie’s cunt with her fingers and they came away soaking which only served to turn her on even more. Allison was moaning now and both realised she was at the point of climax. She brushed away Julie’s tongue and used her own fingers to finish herself off, rubbing hard and fast on her clit until it exploded, firing globules of hot juice all over Julie’s face and into her eyes, nose and mouth.

Her body exhausted Allison just stayed there, kneeling over her neighbour, catching her breath. Julie for her part, just lay there, not fully able to comprehend all that had happened since she had returned. Then Allison leaned back and before Julie could react Allison started to piss on Julie! It took her seconds to react and in that time a fair amount of yellow liquid had flowed into Julie’s mouth. Once she did close her mouth Allison didn’t care, more than happy to piss all over her stuck up neighbour’s face. When she was finally done she stood and looked down at her subdued neighbour.

“On your knees bitch, your hour’s nearly up and I bet you want to cum don’t you?”

With piss dripping from her features Julie whimpered as she nodded that she did.

“Then you can go once you have made yourself cum! But you’d better be quick because I’m going to write what I think of you all over you until you do!”

This confused the hell out of Julie and she was slow to start playing with herself. Mistress Allison wasn’t slow though and she picked up a black marker pen, walked over to Julie and scrawled the word “SLUT” across Julie’s forehead. Then Julie got it and she started rubbing at her clit as hard as she could. Allison smiled and wrote “FAT BITCH” across Julie’s tits as her neighbour screwed her eyes shut and tried her hardest to force her climax. Julie smirked and wrote in huge letters the word “WHORE” across Julie’s stomach. Julie gasped and doubled her efforts and finally came just as Allison scrawled the words “CUM DUMP” on her cheek alongside an arrow pointing at her mouth.

Julie came in a flood and then flopped forward in a gasping, sweating heap on the floor as Allison picked up Julie’s handbag from her pile of clothes on the floor and rifled through it for her purse.

“Normally I charge two hundred for an hour but seeing you’re a neighbour I’ll accept a hundred.”

With ease Allison removed the notes from Julie’s purse, and then before handing it back she grabbed Julie’s house keys. Julie looked at her questioningly but soon forgot that as Allison grabbed her by her piss soaked hair and marched her out of her apartment on hands and knees. On the deserted landing Allison walked over to the stairway and held up Julie’s keys and deliberately dropped them down the central gap. Seconds later the noise of them landing on the bottom floor echosed through the stairway. Alliosn grinned at her naked, piss soaked, obscene graffiti covered neighbour and said.

“Better get going slut.”

Then turned on her heel and slammed her own door shut and very deliberately locked it. Julie stood dumbly on the landing for a moment then hurried away down the stairs to attempt to retrieve her keys….


Allison’s doorbell rang a eleven the next morning. She thought it might be the police. She had her story ready of how a drunken Julie had attacked her last night and a witness already lined up to back her up but when she answered the door it was just a very contrite looking Julie standing there. Wearing very conservative clothing and barely able to look Allison in the eye.

“Come for your slut clothes have you?” demanded an aggressive Allison.

“N-No Mistress Allison. A hundred for an hour you said, yes?”

And Allison gave a great big grin as the bitch from next door handed her five twenties and dropped to her knees and crawled in past her…

This story is a continuation of “A student in lodgings” which I urge you to read first. It is a work of fiction, any similarities with people and places is purely coincidental. The text remains the intellectual property of the author and may not be published elsewhere without specific permission from the author.

The narrative contains scenes of explicit sexual activities. If this kind of story is illegal where you are reading this, perhaps you should navigate to another site. Similarly, if you don’t like such stories, I wonder why you are surfing a site which contains such material.

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End of preamble; let’s get on with the story …


I woke up next morning feeling refreshed and ready to start a new day. It was a Saturday and I knew I had no business so the prospect of a lazy day seemed good to me. The sound of birds singing in the garden was complemented by the sun shining on the curtains fluttering in the light breeze. It was one of those days which make one glad to be alive.

For a few minutes I lay on the bed reflecting on the amazing happenings of yesterday, how Wendy had seduced me on the back lawn, how she had introduced me to excitingly different sex, how unconcerned – even encouraging – her husband, Mike, had been when he arrived home as I was fucking his wife. It all seemed a little unreal but I looked forward to another day like yesterday.

With pleasant thoughts of yesterday swirling through my mind, I stretched lazily and noticed that my prick was already showing signs of life. Normally I would attend to it before rising but I ignored it this morning in the hope that it would get more attention from Wendy. Oooh, the mental pictures of what might be made it stand up even more. Time for my shower, I thought, noticing by the bedside clock that I had slept later than usual.

Dressed in just my boxers I made my way to the bathroom and this time I didn’t worry about the lack of a lock on the door. I did the necessary then got under the shower, luxuriating in the warm cascade as I soaped and rinsed myself. As I was towelling myself dry, Wendy walked in dressed in just her panties, which she removed and sat on the toilet, entirely unconcerned about my presence and wishing me a cheery “Good Morning, Jon. Give me a kiss.”

“Good morning Wendy,” I replied, stepping over to give her a peck but she put her hand around my neck and held me in a sexy tongue-swapping kiss which encouraged my prick to show some signs of life especially as her other hand closed around it.

She released me from her clutches and I made my way back to my bedroom where I dressed in shorts and tee shirt. With the aroma of bacon permeating up the stairs I descended to the kitchen and was surprised to see a maid, in full uniform, standing at the stove busying herself with cooking breakfast. She looked over her shoulder as I entered the kitchen and asked me if she could get me a coffee or anything. At my request, she set a mug of coffee on the table in front of me and returned to her pans on the stove.

I sat there sipping at the drink and watching her. I didn’t know my hosts had any servants so from where had she come? She was fairly tall and slim with shoulder-length light brown hair. Her black uniform was tight over her smallish breasts but flared out at the waist and fell to just above her knees. The black was complemented by a crisp white apron and cap. Her shapely legs were encased in black stockings or tights and she wore ‘sensible’ black shoes. She looked to be maybe in her mid-30s and attractive.

After yesterday’s fun with Wendy I had been looking forward to more of the same, especially as Mike had seemed happy enough when he had arrived home early to see his wife naked and having sex with me in the garden but I wondered if the attendance of the maid would put a damper on any such activities. In a way, I found myself resenting her presence.

After a few minutes Wendy appeared, wearing tight and skimpy white shorts and halter bikini top which strained to hold her bosom. Her nipples poked through the thin material and were surrounded by the darker shadow of her aureoles. “Get me a coffee please, Sandy,” she asked the maid who quickly obeyed.

After taking a few sips, Wendy turned to me and asked, “Do you have any plans for today, Jon?”

“Nothing much,” I responded, “just maybe get some sun and swim a little.”

“Sounds like an excellent plan,” there was a twinkle in her eye, “I might just do that myself. Have a lazy day. Well, maybe not too lazy!” She reached over and stroked my groin, making no attempt at hiding it from Sandy who kept glancing over at us. Nervously I indicated with my eyes that the maid was watching her groping me and was now approaching the table with two plates of bacon and eggs which she set before us, apparently unconcerned about what she had certainly seen. Wendy’s hand left me and went round Sandy’s waist. “Don’t worry about Sandy,” she said. Turning to the maid, she told her to give me a kiss.

“Yes Mistress Wendy,” she replied in a low, husky voice, dipping a little courtesy before bending over and kissing me briefly but sexily. I was a little nervous about this but I opened my mouth to accept the tongue, which was pushing at my lips. After a few seconds, she broke away and told Wendy, “He kisses nicely, Mistress.”

“Down, girl!” Wendy gave her an admonishing look and slapped her rump quite firmly although there was an enigmatic smile on her lips.

“Yes, Mistress.” Sandy bobbed her knees again and retreated, a little petulantly I thought, to the stove where she began tidying her work surface noisily until Wendy told her to refill our coffee cups and stop sulking. She did the former but a little sullenly which Wendy seemed to ignore.

When Sandy had retreated again I said to Wendy, “I didn’t know you had a maid.”

“Oh, Sandy is only with us at weekends, unless I throw a party or something during the week. She’s good but sometimes gets a bit … oh, I don’t know, a bit forward. Just ignore her unless you need something.”

“Where’s Mike and Dad?” I asked.

“Dad went out early this morning. He loves fishing and has found a spot by the canal he can get to in his wheelchair. He’ll be gone all day. Mike will join us later. It’s a bit early for sitting out in the sun: I think I’ll do some weeding for an hour. Anything you’d like to do? I can find you some more weeding.”

“I think I’ll check out my emails and do a bit of surfing,” I told her, not relishing the thought of rooting out the weeds. “Anyway, I’d be scared of pulling up the wrong things.”

“That sounds like an excuse to get out of work,” Wendy retorted, but her smile said she didn’t mind. “Go on then, get on your computer.”

We went our separate ways, she to her garden shed and I to my room. I booted up the computer and saw there was an email from my sister. It was just a chatty message to which I replied in the same vein, telling her how I had settled in here at The Old Parsonage. I told her how I had worked clearing a load of nettles in the morning yesterday, then spent the rest of the day sunbathing and swimming. Obviously I never mentioned my other activities with Wendy, just told her I was enjoying my stay. I messed around on the net for a while then switched the machine off and decided the sun was now up enough for sunbathing.

Wendy called out to me when I entered the garden, saying she’d be with me in a few minutes and would I ask Sandy to get the towels out and a drink ready. I waved to acknowledge her request and went to look for Sandy. I found her in Wendy’s bedroom, making the bed and passed on Wendy’s instructions. With another little courtesy, she answered “Yes Master.”

“Call me Jon,” I told her. Sandy’s servility made me feel a little nervous and out of place.

“Yes, Master Jon,” was how she responded. I gave up and returned to the garden. I was just about to settle into one of the loungers when Sandy appeared with an armful of large towels and a big pitcher of fruit drink frosting with condensation. She laid out two of the towels side by side on the lawn and poured out a couple of glasses of the cold drink, which she placed near the towels.

Wendy appeared out of the shed and walked over, reaching behind to loosen her bikini top as she did so. She tossed the garment to Sandy who placed it neatly on the nearby table. She sat on one of the towels and proceeded to remove her shorts and panties and lay face down on the towel. Sandy retrieved the discarded clothes and placed those on the table too then disappeared in the direction of the house to return a couple of minutes later with a bottle of sun lotion. Kneeling next to her mistress she poured some liquid from the bottle and smoothed it all over Wendy’s body. When that task was completed she asked her mistress to turn over so she could do the rest. Sandy did not neglect Wendy’s private places and neither woman seemed at all put out by the intimate touches, Wendy occasionally stopping her to take a drink of juice.

Meanwhile I took off my tee shirt and sat on the other towel, drinking the cool refreshing juice and watching Sandy work. As soon as she was finished Wendy told her to do me and told me to get rid of my shorts. On seeing my reluctance, Wendy laughed. “Don’t be shy, Sandy’s seen it all!”

“Not mine,” I retorted but Sandy, with a quick word of apology, started pulling my shorts off. I surrendered to the unavoidable and quickly turned face down to hide the erection starting to grow. Sandy’s touch as she smoothed the lotion over my back and down my legs was soft and sensitive. She didn’t neglect my bum, even sliding her hands down the crack and between my legs although she didn’t linger there any longer than necessary. I could have quite happily stayed in that position but before long she had finished and asked me to turn over. Problems! Her touch had had its inevitable consequences and I was painfully erect.

“Mistress!” she said, causing Wendy to look up. She knew what had happened but, ignoring my discomfort, she told me to turn over in a sharp order. Seeing I was still hesitant she reached over and I felt the crack of her hand against my buttocks as she slapped me hard.

“Turn over, Jon,” she ordered, “or do I have to tell Sandy to give you a spanking?” They wouldn’t dare, I thought. I’m not some naughty child. Nevertheless, Wendy’s own smack gave me the incentive to move.

They both just ignored my rampant tool when I did reluctantly turn over and Sandy rubbed on the cool lotion starting on my face and working all the way down to my feet. She never touched my erection although not out of any shyness because my testicles were certainly not missed out and her hands had been everywhere else.

When she finished, Sandy said, “Mistress, may I?”

I propped myself to a half-sitting position resting on my elbows wondering what she was talking about. Sandy was looking alternatively at my erection and her mistress with a pleading look in her eyes. Wendy looked across at us both and with a grin said, “OK, go ahead.”

The maid took hold of my prick and bent her head towards it. She actually licked her lips before kissing my tool then sinking her warm, soft mouth around it. The combination of being in the presence of a naked woman and the past half hour of Sandy’s hands passing all over my body and the skill in cock sucking that she obviously had, it didn’t take me long before I was groaning and writhing as I grabbed her head and pushed it all the way down. The tightness of her throat as the head of my prick passed the barrier just sent me over the top and my seed was spurting down her throat. She eased back a little, taking the rest of my cream in her mouth, sucking at my prick like she was trying to suck my testicles up through it.

When she had milked me dry she moved up, her face to mine and gave me a kiss. I opened my mouth to her probing tongue and then felt something liquid dribbling in. Oh jeez, it was my sperm she was pushing onto my tongue with hers. Startled and disgusted I tried to jerk away but by now she had her hands around my head and held me in place as she continued to share the sticky mess. I had little choice but to swallow it. The taste wasn’t as bad as the thought of what it was. Slightly salty but not unpleasant. In fact, as Sandy withdrew her mouth I found myself licking up the excess from my lips.

“I told you he’d like it, Mistress,” she said almost triumphantly in that husky voice. I sensed the taste lingering in my mouth and had to agree, it was nice. What was happening to me? Yesterday I had peed all over Wendy and she had done the same to me, making me drink her piss, now I had just been given a professional blow job by a strange woman and tasted my own sperm from her mouth. And enjoyed everything! I wondered what further surprises Wendy had in store for me but I knew I would be happy to go wherever she led in the three years I was going to be staying with her and Mike.

“I think you can get on with your work, Sandy,” instructed Wendy. “There’s some cold chicken in the fridge; would you make us a plate of salad for lunch. Mike will be here by then so make three plates.”

Sandy got to her feet, gave a courtesy. “Yes, Mistress Wendy,” and made her way back to the house.

“Let’s catch some more of this sun,” said Wendy and lay back on her towel, her breasts flattened somewhat on her chest but still looking lovely, tipped as they were by those big chewable nipples. I lay back and relaxed in the sun with more erotic thoughts and images drifting through my mind.

I was woken from a luxurious semi dream state as a shadow passed over my eyes. I opened the, squinting at the brightness and saw Mike standing over me. He was wearing loose, thin cotton shorts and no underwear. His tool was dangling in plain sight from where I was looking. I averted my eyes until he moved and put out another towel next to his wife. “As you’re both naked, I might as well get rid of these,” he said, pulling off his shorts.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gay or anything but I had only seen two pricks in my life. My own and a friend from back when we had both just passed puberty, we used to masturbate together while watching sexy movies or porn magazines. But I was curious to look at another nude man and see his tool.

“Before you settle down, Mike, get us another drink. Water would be fine for me. You OK with that, Jon?” This last addressed to me.

“Yes, sure,” I replied. “Whatever.” Mike grabbed the now-empty pitcher, ran into the house and reappeared at a trot a few minutes later carrying a carafe of water with ice tinkling in it. He looked almost comical as he ran across the lawn with his tool jiggling and bouncing every which way.

We all had a long drink, at Wendy’s urging. She had that twinkle back in her eye and I thought I knew what she was planning. She had Mike pour us all another glass then return to the house for a refill. He came back carrying three jugs all full to the brim. “Last one to finish,” she announced, “Gets a spanking from the other two.” Picking up her own jug she proceeded to gulp it down in big swallows. Not wanting to be last, I grabbed my own jug and started pouring it down my throat as fast as I could, trying to keep my eye on the progress of the other two. Wendy had a head start so she drained hers just before I slurped the last of mine. I’m glad that Mike had been a bit slow on the uptake because he almost pipped me at the post. Wendy adjudged that Mike was last by just a fraction So he was to get the spanking.

Wendy made him lie face down and when he had done so she knelt on one side of his body and indicated I was to do the same so I knelt opposite her. “Now smack him,” she told me. I brought my hand firmly on his buttocks. “Oh, don’t tickle him, smack him properly!” She demonstrated by swatting him really hard. “Your turn …” So I hit him harder. “That’s better, now we alternate,” she instructed, bringing her own hand down hard. I smacked him again then again as Wendy gave me the rhythm.

Time after time we smacked him in turn until we had both given him about twenty slaps each. “Well done, Jon,” Wendy told me as Mike turned over again and I was amazed to see a throbbing erection. He really had enjoyed it. These two are really kinky, I thought. Come to think of it, I was hard myself when I looked down, and Wendy’s nipples were crinkled up tight. Stranger and stranger.

We were still kneeling over him and it didn’t surprise me when she took hold of his erection gently. She bent further down and took it in her mouth. She broke off briefly and told me, “Come down here and give me a kiss, Jon.” I too bent down, spreading my legs out behind me and turned my face up to give her the kiss she had demanded. I don’t know about you but this was the first time I had kissed a woman with another man’s glistening tool oozing precum just a couple of inches away.

The kiss was sexy and lingering before she brought Mike’s circumcised prick closer then she turned aside and licked up his prick, catching the clear liquid on the tip of her tongue. Holding her tongue out she kissed me, thrusting her tongue onto mine, making sure I shared her prize. She returned to Mike, taking all of him in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down for a few strokes then stopped, put her arm round my neck and pulled me into another kiss. After a few seconds of this her hand left the back of my neck and took hold of the prick between us. She brought it to where our mouths were locked in a kiss and I felt this warm flesh pressing between us. Wendy turned her head a couple of degrees and allowed the prick to slip inside, rubbing against my mouth as it went in. With Mike still in her mouth she turned back to kiss me and I felt Mike’s hand pressing my head towards her. And towards him!

I managed to kiss the corner of her mouth but most of my lips and tongue were touching man flesh. It almost seemed natural as she eased the tool from her mouth and into mine. I couldn’t believe I was sucking another man’s tool. And it felt nice and tasted nice too. After too short a time he pulled out and Wendy kissed me again. “We’ll share it,” she said, panting a little before taking over where I had been a few seconds before. I envied her. Crazy isn’t it, my first prick and I wanted more of it. I wanted to see if I could bring him off.

Fortunately Wendy hadn’t lied about sharing. She came back up, kissed me then offered the prick to my mouth. I licked it greedily, teasing a drop of precum out of the tip with my hands and licked it off. It was kind of sweet, kind of salt but not a strong taste. I took the tip of it between my lips and slowly dropped my head down until it was touching my throat. I’ve read in magazines, seen videos of it on the net and even had it done to me by Sandy this morning. I wondered if I could take Mike all the way. I pushed a bit harder and as it pushed just inside, I suddenly gagged out of sheer reflex. I pulled away coughing.

“It’s not easy the first time, Jon,” sympathised Wendy. “The gagging reflex is just that, a reflex but you can control it. Just be determined that you won’t gag. You will a little at first anyway but fight it in your mind. Now try again.” She put her hands on my head and guided it over Mike’s tool. I took it in willingly, running my tongue over the bulging veins but Wendy pressed my head deeper and the flesh went in deeper until it was once more at my throat entrance. She continued to push down as Mike pushed up from underneath. Again came that awful gagging.

“Fight it, Jon.” I was almost heaving but they kept me there until I did find some kind of control then I pulled back against their pressure and took a gasping breath. When I caught up with my breathing again, I took a deep breath and went back to work. Now Wendy’s hands were pushing me down faster. Mike rose to meet me and I found my teeth grating into his pubic hair. I started to gag again but managed to suppress it then slowly I pulled back and went in again, now and then pulling right back for another gasping breath. Mike grabbed me by the back of my head and just started fucking me in a frenzy. All too soon I felt it twitching and a pulse ran up my tongue. His first spurt went into my throat but I took the rest in my mouth, savouring the taste and stringy texture of it.

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