piss play

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Emily awoke the next morning to the sound of soft moaning and wet slapping coming from down the hall, in the direction of her older sister Naomi’s room. She sat up sleepily and glanced over at her sister Cora’s bed in time to see her pushing her masturbation kit back under her mattress. Cora sat back down on her bed and picked up the substantial rear plug she’d obviously just retrieved out of her masturbation kit and began to lube it thoroughly before she noticed her younger sister had also been awakened by the rhythmic noises coming from down the hall. Cora mouthed a silent, “Good morning,” to her sister before setting the lubed plug conveniently on her nightstand and lying back down to pretend to be fast asleep.

“It’s going to be one of those mornings,” Emily thought to herself with much amusement as she rose slowly from bed; the large plug her mother had forced into her ass during the previous night caused her movements to be slow and measured. “Well, I’d better get myself used to it if mother is going to be taking a more personal role in my anal health,” she continued. And, truth be told, Emily really wasn’t all that upset at the turn of events her life had taken over the past night.

She made her way out into the hall with the bathroom as her anticipated destination. Overly large anal plugs did have a tendency to reduce a girl’s bladder capacity and she needed to use the toilet in a bad way. Halfway there she had to pause outside of Naomi’s room to observe the goings on inside. As she’d expected, Naomi was laying face up on her bed, legs tucked underneath her lithe body. Her weight was supported by her knees and shoulders, leaving her hands free to toy with her young breasts. Laura, their mother, was sitting on the bed between Naomi’s wide spread legs administering to her daughter’s needy asshole. The base of a massive plug clearly visible between the cheeks of the attractive cougar’s shapely ass did not escape Emily’s attention. Her mother had obviously been trying to stir Naomi to full wakefulness for quite awhile now, considering the progress she’d made at opening up her middle daughter’s back hole this early in the morning.

Laura’s forearm was pistoning into the younger woman’s ass, from wrist to elbow, back and forth with forceful, determined strokes; the result of which caused Naomi’s body to rock back and forth in rhythm of the impressive fisting. Naomi was squirming on the bed and moaning loudly with her back sharply arched. Her lacy black nightshirt was scrunched up just below her pert breasts while her fingers were crushing and rolling her very hard nipples as brutally as she could as her hips gyrated in rhythm to her mother’s pounding forearm. Emily could clearly make out the outline of Laura’s deeply embedded arm through Naomi’s muscular stomach, as her mother’s skilled hand rediscovered every nook and cranny of her sister’s bowels. For her part, Naomi was doing her very best to force herself even farther down onto her mother’s arm. Naomi had always been the most masochistic of Laura’s five daughters; which was saying something for a family of overtly masochistic women!

Naomi’s figure bore a strong resemblance to Emily’s: toned and petite but with slightly larger C cup breasts atop her shapely frame. Where Emily, her oldest sister Amanda and their mother all had varying shades of red hair, Naomi had long luxurious brown hair which reached to the small of her back. She’d also done quite a bit of modeling since she was a teenager and never had to try very hard for the attention of the guys; or the girls for that matter. And her appetite for anal abuse, which was on full display to her younger sibling, was on par for all the Wilder women. It was a first-hand illustration of what Emily’s own tender asshole should be expecting from her mother on what was almost certainly to become a regular basis from now on.

Laura jumped slightly as she just happened to notice Emily standing in the door-less entryway to Naomi’s bedroom.

“Oh!” she breathed in obvious surprise, but expertly not breaking her arduous rhythm. “I didn’t see you standing there. I apologize for the delay. I should be in to wake up you and your sister in a few minutes. Naomi here was just having a hard time shaking off the ‘sleepies’ so I figured I’d help her wake up with a healthy dose of endorphins,” Laura said while looking back down onto her orgasming middle daughter. “An endorphin release first thing in the morning is so much healthier for a young woman that half a dozen cups of coffee, I always say,” she continued, lecturing both of them, as she emphasized her point be driving her arm so hard into her daughter’s spasming rear end that her elbow disappeared from sight. “Come to think of it, it would probably be healthier for me as well,” she added as an afterthought as her mind was drawn to the slab of latex she’d hidden away up her own bum.

Naomi, who’d been orgasming steadily for over a full minute already now, screamed in ecstasy and went absolutely rigid while her mother, her arm still just past the elbow inside the younger woman’s tightly clenched asshole, held finally still. Emily could see the muscles on Laura’s upper arm flexing, and the outline of an arm and fist inside Naomi’s abdomen, and knew her skillful mother was twisting and rotating her hand and forearm deep within her sister’s rectum while Naomi rode her early morning orgasm out to its earsplitting conclusion.

“Why don’t you go lay back down with Cora in her bed and mommy will be by in a minute to get you both up,” Laura said politely to her youngest daughter while her middle daughter was still wrapped around her arm and in full, mind-shattering orgasm mode. “In fact, I’m sure you both have full bladders that need emptying, I know Naomi sure did,” Laura commented while absent mindedly licking the salty taste off her lips. “She always did drink too much before she went to bed and she has no one else to relieve the pressure since Mary moved out. Why don’t you two take care of each other’s morning potty needs the way your mother and aunt Mollie always did when we were growing up together. It’s a beautiful way for sisters to bond!” Laura commented knowingly.

She and her twin sister, Mollie, had always been instructed by their mother to do just that every morning before they got out of bed to start the day. It had been something they’d continued to do even after they’d left home and gone to college together; and, truth be told, whenever they’d slept under the same roof together for family reunions and holidays.

“Yes, mother,” Emily nodded obediently and turned away from the arousing scene of rough anal incest before her to return to her own room and await her mother’s (re)awakening — her original destination of the bathroom having been totally derailed. Reentering her room, Emily went to her bed to retrieve a larger plug from her masturbation kit, knowing it would be needed shortly. She was having a hard time sorting out her emotions enough to tell if she was apprehensive about having a larger plug up her butt this early in the morning or aroused. Just the weight of the latex toy in her hand, as she produced the appropriately large plug from her kit, was enough to put butterflies in her stomach. In the end, she decided it was a little bit of both.

“Wow, Em’! That’s a lot larger than I normally see you volunteering to take!” Cora said in surprise from her prone position in her bed as she watched her little sister pump a few globs of lube into her hand from the bottle on her nightstand and begin to apply it up the seldom used ass stretcher. “And since when are you interested in ‘Mother’s Full Morning Treatment for Sleepy Young Ladies’?” she inquired. “I thought you were headed off to the bathroom like you normally do.”

“I was,” Emily answered as she kicked the kit back under her bed with her foot and sat back down on her mattress. “But Mom suggested that we take care of each other’s bladders the way she and aunt Mollie always do every chance they get. Then she said to wait for her to come and wake us up. I figured that pretty much singed me up for the ‘Full Treatment’ even though I’m already pretty much awake,” she said as her hands worked on liberally spreading the lube onto the toy that would soon find its way into her already sore bottom. The imposing hunk of latex measured nine inches long, three and a half inches in diameter for most of its body with a neck of about three inches at its base; it was the next size up from the plug her mother had decided she wear after she’d been caught in her failed, early morning masturbation attempt.

“Sweet!” Cora declared. “While I’m not as fond of drinking from the tap as mom and her sisters are, I’d never pass up an opportunity to lock lips with that pussy of yours. Of all the girls I sample on a daily basis, I love the taste of yours the best!” Cora said as she threw back her covers and slid over to make room in the bed for her closest sister.

Emily got up from her mattress and crossed the room to her sister’s bed and placed her plug on the nightstand next to the waiting butt stretcher already there; Cora’s dwarfed hers by comparison. Cora’s chosen post ‘Treatment’ plug was ten and a half inches long, four and a quarter inches in diameter along its length and four inches around at the base; it was two sizes up from the one she had currently buried in her nether hole. As was a normal state of affairs for the horny young cheerleader, Cora was in the mood to be challenged a fair bit. Emily grimaced at the mere sight of it. The thought of something so large going up Cora’s bottom made Emily’s bottom ache in sympathy. Not that its length and girth surprised Emily that much. It was pretty par for her sister’s course.

“So when are you going to stop pussy footing around with that fat ass of yours and start using some properly sized plugs?” Cora taunted as Emily slipped into bed with her.

Cora threw the covers over the both of them and used the motion to bring her hand up to Emily’s semi-hard nipple to give it a healthy tweaking through the thin nightshirt. Emily’s angry retort died unborn in her throat as she sucked in her breath slightly and arched her back in response. That elicited a slight smile from the older of the two high schoolers.

“Still a submissive whore for nipple play I see! Some things never change then. Good,” Cora stated and used her crushing grip on her younger sister’s nipple to pull Emily’s mouth up to her own.

As their lips met, they were quickly parted by young tongues eagerly searching for each other. As the sisters greedily kissed, Emily’s hand wandered down between her sister’s conveniently spread legs to find a very wet cunt waiting for her. And then it was Cora’s turn to gasp slightly as three of her younger sister’s fingers forced their way into her dripping front hole. Not to be outdone, Cora released the grip on the crushed nipple to search out another equally wet hole to hide her fingers in; it took her less than a second to find one.

“When you stop being such a stereotypical cheerleading super-slut!” Emily gasped as their lips finally broke away from each other a few seconds later. She was about to add something else to her angry retort but the pussy slicked fingers of her sister pushing past her lips silenced her. Emily contended herself with playfully biting the hand that was feeding her and smiling at her slightly older sibling as she hungrily sucked her self-made girl juices off the offered fingers.

“You know, I do taste pretty good,” Emily said absentmindedly to her sister as the offered fingers were removed from her mouth and returned to her snatch for another helping. “I can see why you and mom love going down on me so much.”

If Cora was about to add anything in response, she didn’t get much of a chance as Emily’s pussy soaked fingers were brought up to the older sister’s mouth to be sucked clean in turn. Emily’s fingers were quickly cleaned off and returned to the gooey slit from whence they’d come quickly, and the two girls just as quickly locked tongues again while they waited for their fingers to scoop up sufficient amounts of their sweet girl juices. This exchange of deep kissing, pussy fingering and digital tongue washing continued for a minute or two before Emily finally broke the cycle by throwing off the covers and sitting up to turn herself around.

“I know two bladders that will never get emptied if we keep this up for too much longer,” she stated matter-of-factly as she pushed the older teenager onto her back and, turned around in the bed, climbed on top of her.

“I agree,” Cora responded as the delectable girl parts of her youngest sister suddenly appeared above her, only inches away from her eager lips. “Mom will never get those plugs up our butts without us pissing everywhere from the pressure on our bladders if we don’t take care of the problem first,” she stated as a matter of fact.

It was normally part of ‘Mother’s Full Morning Treatment for Sleepy Young Ladies’ for Laura to drain the young lady in question’s bladder herself, partial as she was to the act, but it wasn’t the first time Emily and Cora had handled the function on their own; and they’d been taught very well how to drain both male and female bladders without spilling a drop as part of their proper upbringing.

Cora wrapped her arms around the torso above her tightly and pulled down; forcing Emily’s already spread legs to open up even wider. This maneuver also brought her lips into contact with the moist teenage pussy between them causing Cora to sigh in contented bliss as the heady aroma filled her mouth and nostrils. She felt the lips of her younger sister make contact with her own drenched cunt and a well-educated tongue began to go about its work; Cora let out another contented sigh in response.

Cora bathed the offered cunt before her with her tongue, from taint to clit hood and back again, greedily lapping up the juices she found within. She could tell from the feeling emanating from her own young pussy that Emily was doing the same for her. Truly, the age old and time tested 69 was the ultimate bonding experience for any pair of sisters, and Cora and Emily were no different. The fact that their mother and aunt Mollie were as close as they were and that they engaged in the very same pastime so often was another example of the bonding power of the sisterly 69.

Emily only let this go on for a minute or two before she found the wherewithal to remember that there was a purpose to their activity other than their normal playful, sisterly games. If it were up to the two horny sisters, Cora and Emily would continue give each other orgasm after orgasm until they were late for school; it’d happened a few times before when their mother had had to go to work early and they’d been left to their own devices.

Pausing in the tongue bathing of her slightly older sister, Emily closed her lips over her sibling’s urethra and sucked hard. She was rewarded with a small spurt of warm salty liquid, but not the torrent that she was expecting from the bladder of an eighteen year old after a good night’s sleep. This was not totally unexpected and Emily thought back to what her mother had taught her to do in such a situation. The memory was when Laura was first teaching her how to force a woman’s bladder to give up its contents. At the time, mother and daughter were locked in a passionate 69 while Laura gave directions to her youngest daughter in-between her own cuntoral administrations and gasps of pleasure.

“Now, Emily — Uuuung! Right there! — when you’re ready to drink up but the owner of the pussy you’re sucking on is too distracted to let loose, here’s what — Fuck yes! — you do. If her bottom hole is empty, like yours is now, you need to — Oh God, yes! Nibble on mommy’s clit just like that! — push your hand up her ass and press forward against her bladder. The pressure — Mmmmm… Harder! Nibble on mommy’s clit harder! — on her bladder will cause it to empty without her having to let go of the muscles voluntarily. She should be excited enough to — Oh, baby… baby… baby! Mommy taught her little girl so well! — be really lose back there and your hand should be able to slip right in. [...] See? You barely noticed my hand slipping past your ass ring did you?

“Now for true anal sluts like you and me, you may want to make a fist and pop it past her sphincter a few times to — Oh my! This is turning you on, isn’t it? Can you suck on mommy’s pussy a little harder? Uuuung! There you go! — get her juices really running. Take your time and really have fun with the defenseless ring of muscle. Now, I’ll just slip my fist in and out of your little asshole a few more times and — Oh god! Mommy’s soooo close! — you should be ready to drain your bladder. [...]

“There we go. I always find that a few dozen fist reinsertions are always what a well train ass needs to really get in the proper mood. Now, do you notice that when I burry my fist up your ass and press — oh yes, baby. Yes! — forward firmly it gets harder and harder for you not to pee? Alright, now I’m going to push forward hard and you’ll be unable to stop from peeing down mommy’s throat. Don’t worry about choking mommy; mommy knows what she’s doing. Just let it flow. [...]

“My, my, Emily! That was an awfully full bladder! Mommy’s not going to be thirsty for awhile! Okay, now while it’s not necessarily part of tonight’s lesson, I hope you don’t mind but I’m — Oh, baby! Just like that! Mommy’s pussy needs that! — just going to keep my fist up your ass for right now. Anyways, now if her bottom hole is packed full of latex, like mommy’s is, you need to force the pee out of her a little differently. Now pull mommy’s plug about half way out and — Tongue! Use your tongue a little more! — shift it 45 degrees so that the tip is right up against the bladder and press forward forcefully. Now, be sure your lips are sealed around mommy’s urethra tightly. You don’t want to let any leak out. Now you try. Ummm… The bulk of mommy’s plug feels so nice stretching mommy’s dirty ass like that. Feel free to rotate it a few times in mommy’s sloppy hole. Remember what mommy said about having some fun with a non-resisting sphincter? Ooooo… That’s better!

“Now, shift it and press forward. There you go. A little harder. Harder! Oh shit! I’m pissing! I can’t turn it off! All of mommy’s hot piss is shooting right out and mommy can’t do anything to stop it! Good job, Emily! Keep gulping it all down. Push the plug forward a little harder. Uuung! There you go. Make sure to drain as much out as you can. Don’t spill any. Suck really hard to get out those last few stubborn drops.

“I think mommy’s empty now. Good girl! That wasn’t so bad now was it?

“Now normally, you would go ahead and shove the plug back up mommy’s ass and continue to eat her out, but mommy wants to cum really hard now so go ahead and take the plug out and set it aside. Grab that large veined dildo we used on mommy’s ass earlier tonight when we were learning about being stretched to maximum capacity. Yes, the really big one that made mommy cry. It needs to go back up mommy’s bottom again. Mommy was bad for crying so pathetically in front of her baby girl and need to be punished.

“I know it’s heavy and unwieldy, but you need to ram it up mommy’s bottom really hard. Yes, it’ll still fit inside mommy’s butt, just push a little — Oh shit — harder! Now I need you to be a big girl and don’t be gentle with mommy or mommy won’t cum — oh my God, that really IS big! — as hard as she can. There you go. Now make sure it goes all the way in. You can fit another few inches up mommy’s — oh oww! — butt, just push a little harder. Come on, baby! You can get another inch of it inside mommy!

“Now pull it out about half way and ram it back — SHIT! — in. Oh my God! Use both… hands… Harder… Harder… HARDER…

“Now don’t stop…

“Until mommy…

“Goes limp!

“Oh! My! God! YES!!!

“Mommy’s cumming! MOMMY’S CUMMING!



If Emily had let herself reminisce, that particular memory would have gone on for a few more exhausting minutes as she’d pounded the absurdly large veined dildo in and out of her mother’s ass until she’d passed out from the over stimulation. Emily had talked to her older sisters after that lesson and had found out that each of them had had a very similar experience with their mother when they were being taught how to drink piss from another woman. It seems that was a lesson Laura was well versed at teaching.

As it were, Emily remembered that special lesson well. Reaching under the succulent pussy she was feasting on to the plugged hole underneath it, she grabbed hold of the base of the plug nestled there and began to pull against the resistant sphincter. The resistance was short lived though, as Cora’s asshole had long since been battered into an acceptable level of submission; an acceptable level of submission being total submission, of course. She felt Cora tense underneath her as the teenager’s ass was unexpectedly stretched wide by the full three and three quarters inch diameter body of the plug. Extracting the plug half way, Emily pointed the tip upwards and began pressing the large latex butt packer back into the hole from whence it had come. As she did so, she locked her lips over Cora’s piss hole and sucked hard. She was almost instantly rewarded by a geyser of hot urine forced outwards by the unstoppable progress of the plug from the rear. She continued to press the plug inwards while gulping down mouthful after mouthful of hot liquid.

On her third mouthful, Emily was startled by the sensation of her own plug being extracted from its comfortable resting place. It was pulled halfway out, pivoted, and then forced inwards against the back wall of her bladder. Emily cursed silently to herself as she felt her bladder control get removed from her conscious command as her piss started flowing without her actually loosening her PC muscles.

“Damn it! I was so concerned with getting Cora to empty her bladder down my throat I forgot to empty mine down hers,” she scolded herself. “Oh well, at least we both had the same great teacher!” she commented silently as she relaxed to enjoy the sensation of her bladder being drained against her will. Emily continues to gulp down mouthfuls of pee while she felt Cora do the same underneath her.

All too soon, the geyser turned into a steady flow and the steady flow turned into a dribble and then stopped altogether. Emily pushed Cora’s plug in extra hard and sucked with all her might and was rewarded with a few more drops, but that was it. She felt Cora reaching the same conclusion underneath her as well.

“All good things come to an end,” she thought to herself, as she allowed the plug before her face to reseat itself up the sexy bottom that was missing it. She felt Cora give her own urethra a few last strong pulls before her ass ring was allowed to close over the neck of her plug once again.

“Now that we have all that hard work out of the way,” Cora commented from underneath Emily, “it’s time for our reward!” she said as she pulled her sister in tighter and attacked the delicious cunt with all the fervency she could muster. Emily gasped out loud as her sister’s tongue found its way into the folds of her gushing pussy to extract as much girl nectar as it could.

“Damn straight!” Emily agreed before turning her full attention to her sister’s cunt and greedily devoured it with enough gusto to match her older sibling.


Finally, after almost another full minute, Naomi collapsed onto her bed; totally spent for the time being.

“That’s a good girl,” Laura said pleasantly as she slowly withdrew her arm from her daughter’s now gaping anus. She paused briefly to admire the three inch wide cavern between her daughter’s toned and muscular butt cheeks; it opened and closed slightly with each of Naomi’s labored breaths as she lay on her bed recovering her senses. “That’s a great way to start the day! You just lie here and regain your composure while I go wake up your younger sisters. I know Cora seems to need ‘Mother’s Full Morning Treatment for Sleepy Young Ladies’ just as badly as you do on mornings like these for some reason,” she said with a smile on her face. The fact that she knew Cora had been awoken by the loud, sustained orgasm and knew exactly what had caused it was just something she’d let Cora keep secret.

“Besides,” Laura thought to herself as she looked for a larger ass plug in Naomi’s nightstand for her well stretched butt. The one she’d been sleeping with was nowhere near large enough now, “Who am I to play favorites with my own daughters? If Cora loves to be woken up just like her big sister, I should be glad for it! Now if only I can get Emily to come around I could consider myself a successful mother.” She found the one she was looking for and smiled to herself again. It seemed every morning when Naomi was in need of ‘Mother’s Full Morning Treatment’ that she always had an appropriately sized butt plug from her masturbation kit lubed up and waiting conveniently nearby. “It’s almost as if she knows when she goes to sleep the night before that she’ll be having a hard time waking up the next morning,” Laura continued to herself in thought, deciding again to let Naomi keep her little secrets too.

The plug waiting for Naomi’s battered rear hole had a diameter of nearly three and a half inches at its base, which was a bit larger than Laura’s forearm at its widest point. The bulk of the formidable plug’s ten inch length was over three and three quarter inches wide, or just slightly wider than her butt had been stretched, just minutes before, into mind shattering orgasm by her mother’s elbow. Laura wiped some extra lube off her hand and onto the waiting hunk of latex and pressed it deftly into her daughter’s still obscenely gaping asshole. It went in easily enough. Not easily enough that Naomi didn’t tense slightly and moan pitifully at the not unanticipated intrusion. Even if she had wanted to protest or fight against the latex monster being forced into her backside, Naomi was in no physical condition to do so. All she managed was a few soft gasps and grunts as the sizable plug slid past her resistant sphincter.

“There, there, honey. Mommy knows your bum has been through a lot this early in the morning,” Laura said soothingly as she continued to press the too-large-for-comfort toy into her daughter’s abused ass. Her free hand moved up to thumb Naomi’s little man in the boat to placate her rising dissention. “Shhhh, now. Shhhh… It’s almost… all… the way… in… There now. Isn’t that better?” she asked pleasantly as her daughter’s tautly stretched sphincter closed around the base of the substantial plug and she let out a soft sigh of relief.

A sigh of relief that quickly turned back into moan of displeasure as Laura just as smoothly began pulling the plug back out past the resistive muscle of Naomi’s helpless anal ring.

“Hush, now. Be a good girl for mommy while I make sure your plug is settled in correctly,” Laura admonished her daughter as she removed the toy entirely from its warm sheath; leaving her daughter’s ass gaping open once again. “Mommy wouldn’t want her darling daughter to be uncomfortable with an improperly seated butt plug, would she?” Laura asked as her hand disappeared up her daughter’s backside once again to reallocate the substantial amount of lube already present inside her daughter’s distended anus. Satisfied that Naomi now had the proper amount of lube in all the right places, again she pressed the slippery toy back into her middle daughter’s nether hole and at the same time sped up the thumbing of her aroused clit.

“No, mother. I’m sorry, mother,” Naomi half moaned as her back passage was packed unpleasantly full so soon after her toe curling orgasm.

“I though not,” Laura concluded as the plug continued into Naomi’s most private hole a second time; bottoming out 10 inches into the moaning girl’s no longer very tight butt. Just as quickly as Naomi’s sphincter came to close around the wide base of the latex butt stretcher, the plug was again withdrawn with moans of protest from a horny daughter and reassuring words of encouragement from a loving mother.

“It just doesn’t seem to want to go in right. Why don’t you reach back and pull apart your cheeks so mommy can get a better angle?” Laura asked. Naomi obediently reached back and spread her butt as wide as she could as her mother’s hand again disappeared up her bottom to spread around the slick lube present there.

Again, plug in and out. Respreading of the lube. Plug in and out. Respreading of the lube. Faster. Plug in and out. Plug in and out. And then, just as Naomi was starting to move her hips in time with the passage of the no longer uncomfortable plug into her well stretched rear, the plug was at last still. This elicited a different kind of moan from the young Naomi. The removal of her mother’s expert thumb from her throbbing clit elicited a still louder and more firm moan.

“Now, now, honey. I just wanted to get you back into the correct mindset,” her mother said, leaving the large plug halfway into her daughter’s dilated rear hole. “It’s not good for a girl your age to be sexually sated for very long. A girl should always be ready for her next orgasm.” Laura patted the half inserted plug on the base, causing her daughter to twitch slightly. “I just couldn’t get it to sit correctly, and a proper young lady is better at getting the larger plugs to sit properly up her own bottom than anyone else anyway. Just go ahead and seat this one fully when you’re ready to get up and meet us in the bathroom,” Laura said as she stood up from Naomi’s bed, grunting slightly at her own over packed rear end. “Your sisters need waking up too, you know. And I can’t play favorites; it’s just not motherly!” Laura smiled and walked out of the bedroom without a backward glance at her daughter’s frustrated condition; the half inserted anal plug still protruding from her young shapely bottom.

Walking down the hall and into the room of her two youngest daughters, Laura was greeted with the sight of the two eighteen year old sisters locked in a passionate 69; loving trying to drain the last of the night’s urine out of the other’s now empty bladder.

“Maybe I’m not such a bad mother after all,” she thought to herself as she paused just inside the room to admire the act of ongoing sisterly love in front of her.

Both girls lay side by side on Cora’s bed hungrily lapping and sucking at the other’s urethra and clitoris as they moaned constantly in response to the other’s expert mouth and tongue. Laura’s right hand drifted down to her own dripping snatch to massage out some of the early morning stress as she watched her two youngest daughters taking care of each other’s needs. Her own soft moan of pleasure snapped her back to the present and she removed her now wet fingers from the depths of her pulsing slit and admonished herself for getting too distracted. Bringing the moist fingers up to her lips, she sucked the sticky girl fluid from them, only allowing herself a brief pause to enjoy the taste of herself, before she moved onward into the moan filled bedroom.

“Good morning girls,” Laura said pleasantly, “I hate to interrupt what is obviously very important goings on in here, but I need to check your bottoms so we can all get our morning enemas or we’ll all be late to start our days.” This prompted two disappointed sounding pops as previously sucking mouths were disconnected from previously appreciative vaginas.

“Yes, mother,” was the simultaneous response from the two teenage girls.

“Good. Now that I have your attentions, why don’t you both get up on knees and shoulders and point those lovely butts towards me? Get those cheeks spread, ladies!” Laura demanded, as the two young women began to reposition themselves to their mother’s polite command.

When both daughters had finished repositioning themselves at the foot of the bed, they reached back to spread their shapely teenaged butts for their mother’s inspection. The genetic similarities between the two well formed backsides were reinforced by the latex shapes of the large sleeping plugs embedded deeply in both of the displayed butts. The fact that the plug nestled up Cora’s ass was noticeably larger than the one up Emily’s did nothing to detract from the perverse beauty of the view. Laura felt her pussy redouble its juice production at the hot sight of her two youngest displaying themselves wide open for her inspection.

“I see both of these pussies have been well tended to this morning. That’s what a mother likes to see!” Laura commented as she kneeled down at the foot of Cora’s bed and sunk two fingers of each hand up a different teenage cunt. She didn’t feel the slickness of the girl lube until her fingers reached the depths that tongues were incapable of obtaining; both snatches had been expertly sucked clean by lustful mouths. Extracting her fingers, she brought all four of them up to her mouth to lick them clean and savor the combined taste of the two youngest offspring. Again, she had to remind herself she had a job to do here.

“Now let’s make sure these asses get well tended to as well,” Laura said as she reached out to grab a firm hold on the bases of both plugs. Since both Emily’s and Cora’s plugs had just been used to forcefully drain their bladders, neither sphincter put up much resistance as the latex cylinders were extracted. “Oh my goodness!” Laura exclaimed as both plugs slid effortlessly out of her daughters’ nether holes, “It seems that both of you have been neglecting yourselves back here. These plugs are way too small for such cavernous young bottoms! Well, don’t you worry, Mommy’s here now and she’ll make sure you both feel properly full before you head off to school!”

Laura leaned forward and handed a plug to each of her daughters; Cora’s to Emily and Emily’s to Cora. “Now be sure to wash those off thoroughly,” she instructed, “I won’t stand for dirty plugs in my house!” she added as she stood up, grunting as her plug shifted pleasantly yet again, and moved towards Cora’s nightstand to retrieve the bottle of lube that all the Wilder women kept handy at bedside.

Both teenagers got busy tongue washing the other’s butt plug as instructed. Being so close in age and having always shared a room together, Cora and Emily usually ended up with the other’s plug in their mouth more than their own; so it was something they were very used to.

Returning to the foot of the bed, Laura paused to admire the sight: two obscenely gaping teenage anuses on top of two dripping and aroused teenage pussies. It was all Laura could do not to drop to her knees and bury her face up the sweet, young holes, but there was maternal work that needed doing, and she was the only mother here!

Bending over slightly, she gave each gaping hole a good half dozen pumps of thick lube before standing up and pumping a few globs of lube into her hand. Setting the bottle of lube on the bed, Laura began rubbing the lube all over her hands, wrists, forearms, and even past her elbows. After all, there were three young assholes that were in desperate need of ‘Mother’s Full Morning Treatment for Sleepy Young Ladies’ this morning! One had already received its treatment to her satisfaction but there were two more that needed it badly. Seconds later, two teenage mouths gasped aloud as Laura’s arms disappeared up two backsides halfway up to her elbows. Both arms were soon pounding in cadence up two needy holes and the room quickly began to fill with moans of approaching orgasms.

“Actually,” Laura thought to herself, “I can think of at least one more bottom in this house in need of some serious treatment this morning but, alas, there’s no one here to give it what it really needs.”

Once again, she felt a pang of loss for her later husband, Dave.

“Maybe I’ll give Amanda a call when I get into work this morning. I think she’s in town on business over the next few days.” Laura’s bottom positively tingled at the thought; her oldest daughter knew the needs of her mother’s back hole almost as much as Dave had. She allowed herself to dwell on possibilities for only a few seconds longer and then returned all her focus to the task at hand. There were two quivering nether holes before her, both of which had obviously been criminally neglected by their owners, and it was time to start getting serious.


Naomi panted and whined softly to herself as she watched her mother leave her bedroom with the job only half done; in both senses of the phrase. The aftershocks of her previous orgasm hadn’t even fully died down completely, and yet her mother’s skillful hand and the sheer size of the three and three quarters inch plug half inserted into her bottom had her almost to another screaming orgasm.

“Damn it, mother!” Naomi cursed softly, not wanting her retreating mother to overhear her daughter swear at her as she walked down the hall to Cora and Emily’s room, “You always do this to me in the morning! I swear to God I’ll get you back for this one of these times!” Naomi swore vehemently to herself. “But first things first,” she concluded.

Rolling onto her right side and pulling her knees up to her chest, Naomi reached back to grab a hold of the base of the plug still half seated up her bum. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she began pulling the large latex girl stretcher outward a few inches before reversing its direction inwards towards her anxiously waiting rectum. Slowly, ever so slowly, the faux dong impaled itself between the toned and tanned cheeks of the twenty-two year old’s shapely ass. A full eight inches later she felt her defeated sphincter close in around the three and a half inch base of the ten inch rectal dilator. She threw her head back quickly as another soft gasp escaped her full lips. Naomi’s head came back around with a determined expression on her pretty face and looked down towards her backside. All she could see was the curve of her hips and her left arm disappearing behind it to her hand maneuvering the unseen but sizable plug.

“Oh! You’re not getting off that easily THIS morning!” she informed her hidden asshole, as she backed out the plug, causing the ring of muscle to again widen uncomfortably to accept the passage of the full width of the ebony colored toy.

The plug was once again withdrawn till it was only an inch or two from popping free from Naomi’s protesting backside before it reversed directions again to begin its short, inward journey. It was a testament to Naomi’s skill, and to close instruction from her mother, as well as the hundreds of hours she’d spent in her short lifetime, at masturbating her nether hole in this position that she could pound a toy of almost any diameter or length up her bottom and not allow it to pop free once; if that was what she intended. And as the pace of the plug’s eight inch journey began to increase dramatically, Naomi put all that acquired skill to use on her own battered back hole.

Reaching her free right hand out from underneath herself, Naomi firmly grasped her pert left breast and brought its tender nipple up to her mouth and its row of waiting teeth. Taking the reddish nub between her lips, she sucked hard and began to bite down on the base of the already abused areola. The fresh wave of pain emanating from her tit caused her already hot pussy and painfully stretched butt hole to spasm with masochistic pleasure. Confident her left breast was incapable of escaping the torment she was inflicting on it with her mouth, her right hand was now free to turn its devious attention to her other breast and give it a similar treatment with the finger nails of her thumb and forefinger. A second later and both hard numbs at the tip of her gorgeous breasts were the source of considerable pain and suffering; just what the doctor ordered to get Naomi off quickly and efficiently.

It took less than a minute of sucking, biting, pinching, butt pounding stimulation to get the twenty-two year old model to crash over the edge of her second orgasm of the morning. As the waves hit, she buried the huge plug up to the hilt in her bottom and rolled over onto her back. Supporting her weight on her buttocks and shoulders, she ground her hips around in fast circles to force the plug to rotate in her spasming rectum. With both hands now free, each mistreated nipple now found itself the sole recipient of a strong hand. As Naomi threw her head back and cried out loud in ecstasy, her hands were doing their best to pull her body up into a sitting position with the entrapped nipples; this caused her breasts to be pulled outward into proud, cone-shaped mammaries.

The pain induced orgasm lasted maybe twenty seconds before Naomi collapsed once again onto her sheets; panting in exhaustion.

“There. That’s better,” she commented once she regained her breath; although her hips were still slowly rotating atop the entombed butt plug. Slipping her arms though the shoulder straps of her nightshirt, which had been unceremoniously pulled out of the way earlier in the morning to provide her hands with unfettered access to the cowering tits it nominally protected, she pulled the thin material up to cover those young breasts once again; and immediately winced as it was drawn over the raw nubs at their tips. “That’ll leave a mark!” she concluded unnecessarily.

Sitting up in her bed and allowing her full weight to come down on the plug buried in her backside, she smoothed her nightshirt down over her toned stomach. Redressing herself completed, if wearing only a thin nightshirt and a massive butt plug could be considered a complete outfit, Naomi pivoted ninety degrees sideways to swing her legs over the side of the bed. A soft gasp of pleasure escaped from her lips as the plug grabbed at the taunt sheets and rotated within its moist hole an equal angle.

“Damn! I’ll have to remember that happens for next time,” she thought as she stood up to make her way out of her bedroom.

Once in the hall, on a lark, instead of turning towards the family bathroom and her waiting morning enemas, she turned the other way and headed towards Cora and Emily’s room. As she made her way down the corridor, the soft sounds of rhythmic slapping and the louder moans of pleasure from two teenage throats became clearer and more distinct.

Stopping just outside the door-less bedroom, Naomi gazed into the room to take stock of the situation. Laura stood at the foot of Cora’s bed bending slightly at the waist over the kneeling forms of Cora and Emily. Both girls were using their hands to pull their ass cheeks wide apart and give their mother full access to the stuffed back holes between them. Naomi’s eyes widened as her gaze fell downward slightly and the sheer size of the base of the plug protruding from her mother’s bent over ass registered.

“Nice, mom,” she thought to herself, “I know you can take a lot larger things up there than that, but it’s been awhile since I’ve seen you spend all night with something that large stretching that gaping abyss you mistakenly refer to as a woman’s butt. I wonder what the occasion is,” her internal monolog continued as she made her way into the room.

It was obvious from the pitch of the dual orgasming screams emanating from the two eighteen year old sisters that the application of two simultaneous ‘Mother’s Full Morning Treatment for Sleepy Young Ladies’ was reaching its inevitable conclusion. This observation was confirmed as Naomi walked further into the room and could now see both of her mother’s elbows disappearing up her kid sisters’ wildly thrashing nether holes. Laura was alternating the pistoning of her arms in and out of the young assholes before her. As her right arm’s elbow slipped past Emily’s loose ass ring, her left balled fist was pulling Cora’s well trained sphincter outwards between the young cheerleader’s firmly spread buttocks. Then, simultaneously, both arms would reverse their directions and a half second later Emily’s anus was being pulled outwards from her body while Cora’s bottom was fully impaled up past the elbow on her mother’s left arm.

As Laura went about her business, Naomi was rewarded with a side view of her mother’s massive womanly assets swinging side to side in rhythm with the pounding anal fisting she was administering to her two youngest daughters. Her mother’s rock hard nipples straining to break free from the mostly transparent negligee were obvious to anyone who cared to look; and Naomi was very interested indeed. The outline of something truly gigantic could clearly be seen pressing outward from underneath her mother’s stomach below her impressive, swaying breasts.

Just as Naomi reached the sweating trio of women, the pair of lusty screams changed to a fevered pitch as Laura buried both arms past the elbow into the two now violently orgasming teenagers and pressed her weight forward. Naomi could see the muscles in her mother’s upper arms flexing and she knew from recent, and first hand, experience that Laura was now rotating her arms and fists deep inside the quivering large intestines of the two young women underneath her; forcing already hard orgasms to crash just a little bit harder. Naomi’s greedy bottom twitched in fond memory.

An evil plan hatched instantly in Naomi’s mind and the edges of her lips twitched upwards in a Grinch-like grin.

“I must have done something right in a previous life for karma to reward me with an appropriate revenge like this so soon,” she thought to herself. Standing just behind her distracted mother, Naomi spread her legs slightly to give herself access to the drenched, girl cum-filled honey pot between her legs and quickly dipped three fingers in while consciously keeping herself from moaning, so as not to alert her mother to her presence.

In less than a second, all three fingers were covered with gooey, post orgasm juices. Removing the wet fingers from her dripping snatch, she replaced them with the fingers from her other hand to get them ready too. Naomi quickly brought the soaked digits around to her mother’s slightly open mouth as she breathed laboriously. Without even thinking twice, and out of pure well train reflex, Laura’s lips closed over the offered fingers immediately and began to suck.

Laura was slightly surprised at the, not unwelcomed, taste of Naomi’s recently orgasmed cunt filling her mouth. She knew it was Naomi the second her lips locked around the fingers. A good mother should know the distinct tastes of each of her daughters’ pussies as second nature; and Laura had always tried to be a good mother to her five daughters. As Laura turned her head questioningly to the side to see her grinning middle daughter standing behind her, she tried to ask the obvious question, but it only came out as, “Wha ah yoo — OWW!” as Naomi spanked her mother’s defenseless, and well packed, ass hard with a pussy juice slicked hand to get the older woman’s attention.

“Now, mother! What have you always told us about speaking with a full mouth?”

Laura, who always tried to provide a good role model for her daughters by practicing what she preached, went silent to focus her attention on tongue washing the succulent juices off of the fingers between her lips. “That’s what I thought you’d always told us to do. Now clean these fingers too,” Naomi commanded her mother as she removed one set of fingers from her mother’s warm, sucking mouth and replaced them with the other set. Her recently cleaned fingers returned to her pussy to be resupplied with more homemade girl cum. This continued for a few rotations before Laura closed her eyes to concentrate on the taste of Naomi’s cunt filling her mouth. This was the opening Naomi was waiting for.

Quickly, with her free hand, she reach between her mother’s ass cheeks to take a hold of the recessed handle built into the base of all large model butt plugs and gave it a firm downward yank. Any effective resistance her mother’s sphincter could have once possibly given against the sudden movement of the massive plug had been trained out of it decades before by Elizabeth, her mother’s own mother; and constantly reinforced and built upon by her husband Dave, Naomi’s father. A loud gasp escaped Laura lips around the juice covered fingers still stuck between them, as the well trained ass submitted in giving up its latex intruder. The thick, manmade dong slid out about six inches and Naomi got the first real look at the size of the monster that her mother had shoved up her ass the previous night.

Naomi estimated that the neck at the base of the plug was a good five and a quarter inches in diameter while the main body was closer to five and a half inches. Whenever her mother wore equipment of that size out in public, she would always wear a constricting corset along with it to conceal its presence, as even a casual observer would be unable to miss the telltale abdominal outline of such a large object buried up such a petite woman’s backside. Naomi would have noticed it before too, but by the time she had been roused to full consciousness this morning her mother’s arm was already buried up her sleepy bottom halfway to its elbow; and by that point Naomi hadn’t been paying attention to any abnormal bulges that may or may not have been present on her mother’s stomach.

“Oops!” Naomi exclaimed innocently as she continued to extract her mother’s colossal ass stretcher from its rightful home. “I didn’t mean to pull it all the way out. You just go on ahead and finish up giving the ‘Full Treatment’ to Cora and Emily and I’ll get this back up your bottom where it belongs,” she said as she removed her fingers from her mother’s mouth and kneeled down behind the slightly bent older woman.

“Naomi! Why did you — OWW!” Laura started before she was interrupted, again, but a sharp slap to unprotected ass cheek.

“Now mother, you just told me that you couldn’t play favorites. I got my ‘Full Treatment’ this morning without interruption and Cora and Emily deserve the same amount of attention from their mother. Now just go back to what you were doing and let me reseat your plug for you. It’s the least I can do after ‘accidently’ knocking it loose. And I know what I’m doing; you taught me how. Remember?” Naomi stated as she ignored any further sputtering from her mother and focused her attention on the gigantic plug that was still slowly sliding out of her mother’s cavernous rectum.

Over twelve inches of pliable latex had slid out of that beautiful ass and still more was yet to be uncovered. Laura, after pausing to consider her middle daughter’s point, returned her attention to her two youngest daughters; who were just now coming down from their first, of what was certainly to be many, mind-blowing anal orgasms of the day.

Free of her mother’s immediate attention, Naomi continued to extract the full length of the latex butt dilator from her mother’s firm behind. Unlike the plugs that she and her sisters normally wore, which were smooth to facilitate what was usually a large and painful insertion, the plug Naomi was pulling out of her mother’s ass had small, offset, smoothed triangular bumps all along its entire length. Naomi knew the purpose of these bumps was to ensure that the entire length of the insertion or extraction of the plug pulled at the rectum walls and the tight anal sphincter for the entire trip. It was a plug designed for an accomplished anal master, and by no means a novice or a mere enthusiast like Naomi or most of her sisters. She was pretty sure her older sisters, Amanda and Mary, had similar plugs in their collections; though probably not one of this size. Her thoughts were interrupted by the plug finally slipping free from the now gaping and empty ass that was at eye level and only inches away from Naomi’s face. She whistled silently to herself as she admired the sixteen inch length of the entire butt busting instrument.

“No wonder mother had grunted when she’d gotten off my bed just a few minutes ago,” she thought to herself. “Even the most masochistic anal slut on Earth couldn’t be blamed for a few outward signs of discomfort while moving around with something like that spreading their intestines apart!” Naomi then turned her attention to the wide open anus before her and the moist, pink cave above it leading deep into her mother’s guts. Even devoid of the massive toy now in Naomi’s hands, her mother’s ass cheeks still had at least five inches of yawning nothingness between them. “As many times as I’ve seen it in the past, mother’s gape is still awe inspiring,” she continued to herself as she lined the huge ebony, bump covered toy back up with her mother’s momentarily empty hole. “I wonder if my butt will ever get ruined to this extent.”

“Of course it will!” she heard a part of her brain answer quickly. “Just give it time.”

Naomi almost started to argue with that other part of her brain but then decided against it. After all, it was almost certainly correct anyways.

Now that Naomi knew the exact dimensions of the weapon that was once again poised to disappear up her mother’s bottom, she could put to good use all the skill she had acquired with ramming toys in and out of her own ass. That knowledge and those hard learned skills were a very dangerous combination for Laura’s poor, defeated nether hole. The Grinch-like grin on Naomi’s face returned as the first six inches of thick, bumpy plug was reinserted into her mother in one quick thrust.

Laura let out a low, throaty moan as her plug was unceremoniously reinserted into her aching bottom by her kneeling daughter. Due to her extreme horniness last night, after she had anally masturbated her youngest daughter properly, she’d chosen one of her more uncomfortable plug designs to force up her own sore back door; after she’d first ensured it had been properly dilated and ravaged by her favorite set of veined dildos, of course. Dave had originally bought the set of extra large studded plugs for her as an anniversary present two decades ago; after Laura had shown him an article in her favorite woman’s magazine at the time about how effective they were. The same company also made similarly designed 2XL and 3XL sets as well, but Laura would never be able to take anything that size up her nether hole. However, the fact that the company sold them was proof enough that some women could and did.

The plugs were designed to be punishment plugs to correct any perceived failings or offenses of wives and girlfriends; not as instruments designed to produce anal pleasure. Only a truly debased anal slut, such as Laura herself, could ever view those horrible plugs as anything which could produce both results. Dave had always been understanding towards his loving wife and knew that no matter how hard she tried, she would always be in need of extra encouragement to be a better wife and mother. And Laura had found her backside being forced open by one of those dreaded punishment plugs only a few times each month for the past twenty years. Since the shortcomings prompting their use seldom happened twice, Dave considered their purchase a success; and Laura was forced to agree. Of course, she did own other sets of even more deviously designed punishment dilators that even she wasn’t able to find the slightest pleasure in. But Laura would never willing use one of them on her poor, over-used bum unless she was being forced to. Truth be told, if Laura was honest with herself, the fact that those excruciating plug sets had gone unused for so long was yet another reason she missed her late husband.

In truth, the one Naomi was now forcefully shoving up Laura’s butt was one of the smallest plugs in that particular set. Laura had only had to wear the largest one once in her life when she’d totaled Dave’s sports car while driving to the store. The minor detail that the other woman had been drunk, had run a red light, and had managed to total four other cars before hitting Dave’s was no excuse. Dave had reassured her of this again and again before he was finally able to seat the entire length of the murderous plug deep into his crying and apologizing wife’s tortured ass. But Dave was a loving and forgiving husband; in the end, he’d only made her wear that monstrosity for eleven days — one day for each year he’d owned the vehicle; and only made her take it out and reinsert it a dozen times a day or so for her regularly scheduled enema regime. His understanding towards his suffering wife’s plight was amply rewarded in the end. The insurance payment for the lost vehicle, with a healthy bit added for his wife’s mental trauma over the entire incident, was more than enough for him to buy the sports car that he’d always coveted.

Snapping back to the present, Laura felt the tip of every smoothed triangle bump softly tear at the tender tissue of her rectum. But even that wasn’t as uncomfortable as the seesawing feeling emanating from her over stretched asshole itself. That ring of muscle was crying out in surrender as the plug made its full sixteen inch trek up into her bottom before finally closing in around the slightly smaller neck of the huge anal toy. Laura’s sigh of relief was short lived as her sphincter was unexpectedly forced open to the full five and a half inch diameter width of the plug’s body as Naomi began withdrawing the plug once again. Naomi pulled the painful latex dong out about half way, rotated it to the right; and then to the left. She adjusted its angle slightly and then began shoving it back up her mother’s rear hole once again. This time Laura rose to the balls of her feet and contorted her face in obvious discomfort as the punishment plug neared being fully seated once again. It never got there. The inwards direction was reversed just an inch before full insertion.

“Honey!” Laura gasped, trying to interdict her daughter’s abuse of her well stretched bum, “it doesn’t have to be perfect. Mommy’s going to take it out in a few minutes anyway when she gets her morning enemas.”

“Hush, now. Be a good mommy for your daughter while I make sure your plug is settled in correctly,” Naomi paraphrased her mother’s exact words that she’d used against her just ten minutes ago. “Your daughter wouldn’t want her darling mother to be uncomfortable with an improperly seated butt plug, would she?” Naomi emphasized her point by pumping and rotating the viciously large plug quickly in and out of her mother’s very sore asshole. As Laura’s legs began to shake from the intense sensation, the mother of five threw her head back and groaned soundlessly at the ravaging her back hole was receiving at the hands of her beautiful third daughter. Naomi misinterpreted her mother’s lack of audible response as silent consent and so continued to paraphrase her mother’s earlier words.

“I though not,” Naomi said as she slowed the punishing pace of the brutal pounding she was administering to her mother’s most private orifice.

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