Author’s note: This follows directly from the end of Part 2 of the story.

* * *

Danny stepped out of the tub, giving Lisa room to twist the taps while he grabbed a couple things off the counter. As he stepped back in, he pulled the curtain the rest of the way closed and handed her a plastic package containing a hotel shower cap and she laughed as she opened it and put it on. “Oh my gawd, Danny — I’m going to look ludicrous in this!”

Lisa pulled the knob to start the shower, and in moments, there was warm, steamy water coursing over their bodies. Danny picked up a bar of soap and lathered it up in his hands, before reaching over to Lisa and running his soapy hands over her breasts and belly.

He leaned in to her. “We’re not in a rush. We can make each other clean. I want to explore your body some more.” And he proceeded to do just that, his hands slowly and patiently siding over her wet skin, pausing to stroke here, pinch there. He ended with an extended session of playing with her ample breasts, cupping them gently squeezing and massaging them, his mouth moving back and forth from one erect nipple to the other.

He looked up, smiling, and seeming to understand, Lisa took over, her hands now moving over his body. Perhaps as a reaction to his having been pissed on — and more — by her, she took the cleaning part literally, grabbing soap and a facecloth and lathering up all of his body, and scrubbing his pink flesh with gusto. She didn’t pretend that his protruding belly didn’t exist, kneading and gently squeezing it, then with a grin working her pinkie into his belly button.

She grabbed the shampoo bottle, and squeezing some out into her hand, ran it around Danny’s untrimmed pubic hair. She worked up a lather as her fingers worked into the flesh under the dark, curly locks, and twisted her body out of the way to let the shower’s flow rinse him clean.

Then she dropped to her knees. “I’ve wanted this in my mouth all day!” she shouted up over the noise of the rushing water before engulfing his half-erect cock. She took in the length of the semi-flaccid shaft, working her tongue around the head before pulling back and licking it up and down. Holding his member with one hand, she began licking his balls, her tongue sliding over his scrotum as her hand stroked his shaft.

As she went back to sucking on his member, she noted that Danny’s cock was getting much stiffer now, standing up straight of its own accord. She gave him head for a little while longer, enjoying the sensation of having this man’s cock in her mouth, thinking about how it would soon be pushing its way into her asshole.

Danny must have been thinking the same thing, and with a gesture, he indicated Lisa should stand up. He had her turn around and lean over, and once again his hands were stroking her buttocks. But now he reached over for a tube of lube and squeezed some onto his finger. He stroked her asshole only briefly before pushing it in, slowly measuring the resistance her sphincter would offer. He worked the finger in slowly but firmly, and he could feel Lisa’s body relaxing as he did so. He could tell she was eager for this, but he refused to rush the process of loosening her asshole.

His finger worked its way in and out and he reached around with his other hand to play with her tits some more. He only paused to add more lube and go up to two fingers. As he entered her, she pushed back, as if she were eager for more, but again, he wouldn’t rush, fluttering his fingers inside her, gently starting to stretch her tightly-gripping muscle. He frigged her like this for several minutes, switching off and on to add a third finger. Eventually he withdrew, and ran his fingers up and down her back for a few moments before slipping back in, and finding her entrance relaxed and unforced.

He reached over and turned off the shower tap. Lisa looked at him, speaking in the sudden silence, “Oh Christ, I want your cock inside me.”

Danny grinned at her. “Don’t you worry. It’s coming. I just figured we should have more elbow room. Let’s dry each other off and go back to the bed.”

Danny grabbed one of the large fluffy towels and rubbed it over her body with the same patient dedication he’d shown while washing her, paying special attention to her tits and crotch. Then she dried him off in the same manner, saving his cock for last.

Danny stepped from the tub, then turned to offer his hand to Lisa as she did the same. While he leaned over to grab the lube and some of his other equipment, Lisa pulled off the shower cap and shook out her hair, looking at it for a moment in the mirror before following Danny out of the bathroom.

Back in the main room, Danny was reaching into his gym bag, producing a foil-wrapped condom and handing it to Lisa. “Will you do the honors?”

With a smile, she dropped to her knees. His cock was still mostly-hard from the vigorous rubbing it had just gotten with the towel, and Lisa carefully stroked it a couple times, feeling his clean flesh coming to life beneath her. She tore open the packet and pulled the rubber out. She held his cock at the base with one hand while the other fitted the ring over the tip of his penis. With mature confident motions, she smoothly unrolled it down the length of his shaft, her other hand brushing back his pubic hair as she completed the action. As she moved back to admire his cock once again, Danny was lowering himself to the floor. He handed her a bottle of anal lube, and as she took it from him, he lay down on his back on the carpeted floor.

“I want you to ride me to start,” he said. “So get some lube on there and then… sit on my cock!”

Danny was obviously excited about the idea of fucking this near-stranger up the ass — but not quite as excited as Lisa, whose hands were shaking a bit as she squeezed out some of the clear, thick lube, rubbing it down the length of his shaft with a single slow stroke. Then she reached up to the towel on the dresser above her to wipe her hand off before half-standing to position herself with a foot on either side of his hips. She lowered herself to a squatting position, feeling the damp prod of his cock bumping off her thighs.

She reached around behind herself, finding Danny’s balls and the base of his cock. Holding it steady and pointing straight up, she lifted herself a bit, adjusted her position, and settled down, now feeling his cockhead poking at her asshole.

She exhaled with excitement, but still took a moment to rub it back and forth against her asshole, as if she were now teasing him. Danny closed his eyes as she did that, but blinked open as she again returned her grip on his cock to its upright position. Then, at once, she let herself relax and lowered herself about an inch, feeling his cockhead easily slip into her.

“C’mon,” Danny said, cajoling her as she enjoyed the sensation of that initial penetration. “You want it all the way inside you. Come on and ride it.”

Lisa lowered herself a little more, then pulled up. Danny’s foreplay had been quite thorough, and her sphincter was relaxed and ready for this intrusion. She lowered herself again, letting about half of his length inside her. She rocked her hips a few times, letting it slide in and out. Her hand released his cock, and moved to his Danny’s chest, to rub distractedly up and down.

There was no discomfort, just a most pleasant sensation… and a desire to be filled. Now she lowered herself further, until she felt her buttocks brushing against Danny’s thighs. It was no effort — she had taken the full length of his cock.

“That feels so good, Danny,” Lisa said as she slowly raised herself about halfway up. With a slow and steady motion, she began riding his cock. Danny remained motionless, watching her, and letting her do all the work for now.

For a minute, they were both quiet, only the smooth, efficient movement of Lisa’s hips interrupting the calm. Danny was watching her face, and finally, he spoke. “That’s so beautiful to watch. Now, I want to keep going, but I want you to touch yourself… I want you to come for me.”

Lisa nodded, and half-swept the hair out her eyes with her right hand before it reached down to start rubbing her pussy. Her left arm rested gently against Danny’s sternum for balance as she began masturbating. The up-and-down motion remained steady, seemed to be on automatic as her breathing slowly sped up. Danny remained still, enjoying the visual stimulation as well as the physical, but did nothing but watch.

Lisa’s fingers were digging deeper into her pussy, her thumb grinding her clit as she moaned. For the first time, she lost the steady pace of her hips riding Danny’s cock. With another moan, she lowered herself fully onto the impaling cock as her orgasm swept over her, this time with just a small spray of fluid from her pussy. Her fingers were a blur, frigging herself as her thighs twitched. And then slowly she eased back to just rubbing herself before withdrawing her hand.

Leaning forward, she extended it to Danny’s mouth, and with a smile, he licked her juices, slurping her fingers up and down before releasing her hand.

“You worked for that,” he said. “And I think you can work a little more, but let’s switch it up here.” He motioned for her to rise, and Lisa awkwardly pulled herself to her feet, dislodging Danny’s cock from inside her.

Danny also pulled himself up. He grabbed one of the Diet Cokes from the ice bucket and took a quick gulp. Then, he looked over at the padded armchair for a moment before sliding it across the floor. He settled into it as he motioned to Lisa. “Why don’t you sit on it again?”

Lisa stepped in between his thighs and turned around, once again carefully lowering her ass to meet his cock. She felt his cock sliding back into her, and she paused for a moment once as her ass rested lightly against her chest.

Danny hands reached around her, stroking her belly before settling on her hips. “Look up,” he said.

Lisa did, seeing why Danny had pulled the chair over in this manner. They were now in front of the long mirror and the full length of her reflection was in front of them both. “I like the sight of that,” he said.

“I like it too… and I like having your cock in my ass.”

“Really? Well show me how you like it, then.”

With that, Lisa once again set to riding him. Her hands gripped the wide, padded arms of the chair for leverage as she worked her ass up and down on his shaft. Danny was a little less passive now, his hands moving constantly and exploring her body, rubbing her belly, cupping her breasts, pinching her nipples and then occasionally moving down to her thighs. He obviously was enjoying the view, his eyes moving up and down the length of Lisa’s body as she rode his cock.

Lisa was soon closing her eyes and focusing on maintaining her steady rhythm. Danny let her continue for several minutes, his fingers never always touching her body, but never quite touching her pussy. Finally, she began to slow down a little.

“Are you getting tired?” Danny asked. Lisa nodded. “Okay, let’s stand up together.” At the bottom of a stroke, they both lifted themselves out of the chair, joined together all the while. Lisa could feel Danny’s hips half-turning them to the right. “Grab the top of the dresser, and lean over.”

Lisa followed the instruction, and now, for the first time, Danny was in control of the motions of his cock penetrating her. Standing in the doggie position, he grabbed her hips and started thrusting into her with slow, long strokes.

“It feels different this way,” he commented. “Now, it really feels like I’m fucking you.”

“Please… fuck me,” Lisa responded.

Danny grinned and did just that, maintaining his constant pace. He could tell this was stimulating for Lisa, and her breathing was once again speeding up to ragged bursts. Instead of fucking her harder or faster, however, he leaned forward over her, one hand now clinging to her shoulder as the other reached under to start playing with her pussy. He could tell from her twitches that she enjoying this.

But instead of pressing on, his hand pulled out from her pussy and was quickly smacking the outside of her buttocks with hard, loud slaps. Lisa responded immediately, her hips bucking back to meet him as she moaned, and began to nearly shout at him.

“Yes! Fucking spank me! Give it… to my ass! Fuck!” Her stream of filthy invective continued for as long as he kept spanking her, pausing only to switch sides, which was accompanied by a weak squirt of liquid from her pussy, her juices running down her leg. When he finally stopped smacking her, out of fear that he was going to start hurting her, Lisa actually moaned in frustration.

And then, when he stepped back, withdrawing from her, she half-turned and glared at him over her shoulder.

“I think you’re ready now,” he said, as he turned to the bed and grabbed a pillow. “Ready to get fucked really hard.”

Lisa moved over beside him. “Fuck, yes. I want you to pound my ass.” She laughed as she climbed up on the bed. “That sounds like something out a b-grade porn movie, doesn’t it? But I don’t have any nicer way to put it.”

“Remember that bondage story you wrote? Where the woman was kidnapped and made to yield to a mysterious stranger? There was the big finish, where she was handcuffed and bent over a box, fucked up the ass — pounded up the ass — from behind. I could tell from the way you wrote that how much it turned you on. So now… assume the position.”

Lisa got on her knees on the bed, and Danny tucked a couple pillows under her stomach before he pushed her to lean over, so that her shoulders and face were flat on the bed, he ass elevated above.

“You look fucking gorgeous like that,” Danny muttered as he positioned himself behind her, on his knees between her spread legs. He guided his cock into her and pushed all the way in.

Now he began fucking her — buggering her. There were no more gentle strokes as he began pounding her. Lisa closed her eyes, and now she was the passive one, accepting the rough pleasure he was administering to her.

After his earlier monumental orgasm, Danny felt like he could stay hard forever — and this was no second-round semi-hardon. His cock felt swollen like a war club that he could wield indefinitely. And so he kept at it, rutting into the prostrate woman below him, losing himself in the pleasure of it.

After several minutes of persistent fucking, Lisa came, her orgasm hitting her with such force that she basically collapsed onto the pillows below her. Instead of pulling her back up, Danny pulled her legs together and straddled her, his knees now outside hers, as he basically laid over top of her and settled back into penetrating her. He was even deeper in her now — as deep as he could get. Reaching up, he stretched out her arms, his palms now holding down her hands. Their sweat-slicked bodies were in contact for their full length, and Danny knew that Lisa was pinned below him, trapped. Surrendered to him. His to possess.

And he took her, fully and with no trace of gentleness — lying on top of her and thrusting into her with steady forceful hunches. It almost felt as if he was doing violence to her, but Danny could tell that Lisa was not objecting to this treatment at all — in fact, she seemed to be on the verge of coming again.

“I’m sodomizing you,” Danny said in a low voice that was almost a growl. Lisa moaned, lost in her own pleasure, giving herself up to him.

Danny wanted her attention, or at least some of it. He bucked into her with a violent thrust that jogged her head, and she managed to half-turn to look back at him. Now he started talking to her, though he never let up from his steady hard thrusts.

“What am I doing?” he barked.

“You’re… fucking… my… ass!” Lisa managed to get out, each word in a separate burst.

“I own your ass!” She moaned to this, trying to nod in agreement, but not quite making it.

“When you get back to Wisconsin, are you going to tell them that you gave your ass to me?”

“Whuhhhh,” Lisa moaned. It sounded like she was trying to say ‘Whatever’. Whatever you want me to say.

“And you’ll tell Shirley that she should have stuck around the hotel so she could have watched you walking around naked?”

Lisa moaned again.

“I made you do that! You submitted to me, Lisa. All the way. Do you like it?”

“Jesus, Danny, fuck me!”

“Are you my whore? Tell, me — I want to hear you say it.”

I AM YOUR FUCKING WHORE!” She shouted that, almost at the top of her lungs, and it echoed through the hotel room.

Danny laughed, and almost coughed. “I guess it doesn’t matter now that your co-workers are right next to you, huh? Well, it’s okay. I own your ass, and I say it’s okay. And now I’m going to finish you off, Lisa. I’m going to fucking destroy you.”

He stopped talking, and though it didn’t seem possible, he started fucking her with even greater ferocity. Pulling back and slamming the length of his cock into her guts, over and over. She moaned, and Danny thought she might have came again, but by now he hardly noticed. Finally, after more than twenty minutes of steady pounding into her ass, he could feel a glow inside him. A wave building up — no: a tsunami. A wall of destruction. A glorious humming emanating from his balls that seemed to ripple out through his whole body. But the sensation rose within him with delicious slowness, and Danny was lost in ecstasy. It was as if the peak of pleasure that came right before ejaculation had spread over him, but in a long, slow surge instead of a single burst.

As he plowed into her, again and again, he didn’t hear his own moaning now, rising up into a roar. It was as if lights were flashing behind his eyes. He was fully out of himself now, gone somewhere else as his body continued on autopilot, making those last… few… thrusts.

And Danny came. Now he shouted, and Lisa could feel his cock, deep inside her, surging in a different way. Exploding. That was enough to send her on one last peak and she was nearly howling, too as their bodies locked together in a cataclysmic spasm of pleasure. And then at once, like a rubber band band pulled taut and then snapping, their bodies both seemed to crumple.

Danny had just enough presence of mind to not collapse right on top of her and managed to twist himself, resting on his flank. His cock was so thoroughly impaling Lisa that she had to turn onto her side to follow him, and as they caught their breath they were nestled together in a spooning position.

Danny was panting as he leaned forward to kiss Lisa’s shoulder, gently now. They lay against each other for a couple minutes, saying nothing.

Feeling his massive erection wilting away, Danny gripped the base of his cock, and pulled himself out of Lisa’s asshole. As he looked across Lisa’s hips, he saw an enormous wet spot on the pillows that had been below her, and for a moment he was concerned that his condom had broke, until he realized this was the aftermath of Lisa’s own secretions. Free of her, he let his cock flop down, brushing against Lisa’s asscheeks.

She took a deep breath. “Well, thank you,” she said. “That was what I came here to get from you.”

“You don’t have to thank me,” he said. “That was the most incredible orgasm I ever had.” Rolling over, he swung his legs out and got off the bed. “And anyway, we’re not quite done yet Follow me.”

Danny headed for the bathroom, pulling the drooping condom off his cock as he walked. He dropped it into the garbage can.

“Come here and sit down,” he instructed, gesturing to the toilet

Lisa complied, looking unsure as to what was going to happen next.

“This might be a little easier on your bottom, he said, indicating the toilet seat. Do you feel sore?”

“Sore… like I just finished a workout. Not bad sore.”

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