I lay in bed the next morning, watching the beautiful Pippa Middleton sleep, after a few minutes she wakes up.

“Good morning, Steve!” She says with a smile.

“Good morning, Pippa!” I say, leaning down to kiss her, gently cupping her one breast.

“Don’t tell me you want to shag again?” She says, giggling.

I push two fingers inside her pussy and gently suck on her nipples.

“Oh! You do want to shag again, don’t you!” She says, moaning in delight.

I move up and start kissing her again, as I start working my fingers in and out of her pussy, using my thumb to rub her clit

“Steve? I want you to do something really naughty to me.” Pippa whispers in my ear.

“What’s this naughty thing you want me to do?”

“I want you to bend me over and shag my bum, or as you would say it, I want you to fuck my ass, do you want to fuck my ass, Steve?” She says, lust growing in her eyes.

“Yes, Pippa, I want to fuck your ass.” I say, reaching down and pinching her nipple.

Pippa gets out of bed, and, bends over the bed, sticking her ass in the air.

I drop to my knees behind her, spread her ass cheeks open and spit on her asshole, pushing my middle finger in as deep as it’ll go.

“Oh! Fuck! The feels weird!” Pippa moans out.

I push two more fingers into her ass, really stretching her ass.

“Oh! Will your cock be that big?” Pippa cries out. I look up and see a tear running down her cheek.

I pull my fingers out of her ass and start running my tongue around her brown, puckered hole, making her jump and moan.

“Steve, put your cock in my bum, Steve!”

I reach up and grab a handful of her hair and yank her head back.

“Do you want fuck your slutty ass, Pippa?” I whisper in her ear.

“Yes, fuck my slutty ass!” She yells out.

I take my cock out of my boxer shorts, and ram it into her ass, making her scream out.

“Ow! Fuck that hurts!” She moans.

I start spanking her ass, leaving my hand print on her ass cheeks.

“You’ve been a naughty girl, haven’t you, Pippa?” I say, once again slapping her ass.

“Yes! I’ve been a naughty girl, I’m your naughty girl!” She moans out.

I start fucking her ass fast and hard, I reach under her and start rubbing her clit, spanking it, making sure it’s erect.

“You keep doing that, I’ll cum!” Pippa says.

I decide to push her over the edge, I pinch her clit and give it a rough twist, making her both cry out in pain and cum at the same time.

“Oh! Oh! That was amazing! Are you close to cumming, baby?” She says, trying to catch her breath.

“Yes, I’m real close!” I say.

“Flip me over and cum on my belly, Steve! Don’t waste your cum in my ass!”

I pull out of her ass, and flip her on to her back, and I start stroking my cock.

“Cum for me, Steve! Cum for me!” With those words, I cum hard, shooting so far that some gets on her tits.

I lay down next to her, exhausted.

She leans over and kisses me one more time, and she reaches down and starts stroking my cock which is still semi hard.

“Steve, do you want me to clean your dirty cock off?” She asks, lust once again growing in her eyes.

I get up on her chest, and start wiping the head of my cock across her mouth, until she opens her mouth and I slide my cock inside her warm, wet mouth.

Her eyes well up with tears as she tries to adjust to the size of my cock, but to my surprise she doesn’t gag.

I start fucking her mouth fast and hard, bouncing my balls off of her chin. Pretty soon I’m ready to cum again.

My cock jerks and I fill Pippa’s mouth with my load, I collapse on the bed next to her as she struggles to swallow my huge load.

We lay there for a few minutes in silence.

“Pippa? I want you to cum again.” I whisper in her ear as I start kissing her neck.

“I’d love it if you ate my pussy, or as you might say it, I want you to eat my cunt. Do you want to eat my cunt, Steve?” Pippa asks.

I nod my head yes, and she stands up on the bed, and straddles my face, I grab her hips and lower her down onto my face. I stick my tongue out and start teasing her clit, which is super sensitive, and become instantly hard.

Slowly I start licking her, she tastes even sweeter than she did yesterday.

“Oh! Fuck! That feels really good, Steve!” Pippa moans out.

I start running my tongue up and down her pussy lips, stopping at her clit and nibbling and sucking on it, bringing her close to orgasm.

I reach up and pinch her clit hard, sending her over the edge, she has a loud, wet orgasm, soaking my face.

I let go of her hips and let her collapse on the bed next to me.

“Let’s take a nap, Pippa.” I say, exhausted.

“Sounds like a plan!” She says, kissing my cheek, and quickly going to sleep.

I just lay there and think about the naughty fun we can have later.

To be continued…

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