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Sussie laid her head back and enjoyed the lapping of the warm water on her bare skin. She smiled at the sensation. The day before all her hair on her body, except for her head, had been waxed off by a woman that Uncle Jake had called out to his home. It had been a little painful and had taken a long time but the end result was the sensuous feel of anything that touched her skin. Even a slight breeze seemed to caress her and make her body tingle.

Behind her, Uncle Jake had one arm wrapped around her, his hand lightly rubbing her stomach. She couldn’t see him but she knew he was smiling. He was very pleased that his seed was now growing in her womb. And she had to admit she was as well.

Though she hadn’t planned on having kids until she was a bit older, after college perhaps, that was now all changed. Everything had changed. She had changed. And she was truly happy.

True she had been angry at first, with her father and Uncle Jake, for keeping her here but after some time had passed, she realized she had gotten exactly what she had wanted to begin with. She was with her Uncle Jake whom she loved greatly and he wanted her. Their relationship, which she didn’t understand in the beginning, was now a comfort to her. He took great care of her; she lacked nothing and wanted for nothing. In return she took care of Uncle Jake. And the sex and sensations he introduced her to were more than she could ever have imagined in her own mind.

Susie felt his hand ease down to her swollen clit. He flicked the ring that was pierced through her clit and she moaned while his other lightly pulled on one of her nipples rings. Oh how she was so grateful that he had this done to her. She had protested at first, gaining her time in the stocks for her outburst, but in the end he had won out. Understanding her fear, he had Ricky and Greg bring their slaves over a week after their first visit and talk to her about the process and the pleasure that they had with their body jewelry.

Another quick flick to the ring with his fingers caused another moan to escape her. She heard him chuckle behind her and smiled to herself. He so enjoyed teasing her with it. He wasn’t going to let her cum that easily. He would draw it out until she was begging her Master to let her cum, which he would with much pleasure at watching her. That was if he let her cum.

“Is your stomach feeling good?” Jake asked her for the twentieth time.

“Yes much better. I haven’t really felt nauseous for over a week now. I believe you were right about the cooking meat.” She turned her head to look back at him.

Jake smiled at Sussie and kissed her nose. She gave him the credit but it wasn’t too hard to figure out. He had watched her, trying to see what he could do to help her during those moments of stomach upset. Every time there was cooking meat she would run to the restroom and empty her stomach. The only other thing he found that bothered her were eggs that had any uncooked white on them. The visual would send her running as well. So they ate more vegetables and changed the eggs to hard boil for her. Lots of tea and a dark cola seemed to help her with her queasiness as well. Cum, on the other hand, she seemed to crave even more along with his cock. He chuckled at the thought.

Her being pregnant made him very happy. When she had started her menstrual cycle a week after his friends visit, he had been a bit disappointed. Not one to give up though, he kept planting his seed in her until a few weeks later he woke up alone and to the sounds of her heaving into the toilet in the bathroom. Just to be sure he had her take a home pregnancy test and was thrilled when it had read positive. Immediately he became watchful over her, taking care that she or he did nothing to endanger the baby growing in her womb. He even tested them both during their sexual moments to see how far they could go without causing her any harm. He was surprised and happy that she seemed to be able to handle most everything the same. Even so he made sure to not pound into her over enthusiastically. And he had given the warning to his friends that they were meeting that night.

“I have planned on taking you to this private party but if you are not doing well there is no point of us going.” Jake told her running his fingers through her slit, then into her pussy. “We can stay here and I can have my own party with you.”

Sussie gasped at feeling his thick fingers sliding up into her. She spread her legs letting them fall against the sides of the large tub. “Really I am good.”

“Yes you are.” Jake smiled, watching her gently rock her hips in time with his thrusting fingers.

“You sound eager to go slave. Do you have any idea what will happen there?” He asked her lightly biting her earlobe.

She only shook her head no, her focus on the wonderful sensations he was causing to her nether region. She wished he would move a little faster but held her tongue knowing he would do what he liked and even if she begged he would keep at the agonizing pace just to get her more amped up.

“I could have you stripped in front of the men.” He told her whispering in her ear. “Or I could have you service them all with your mouth.” He continued pushing his fingers deeper into her. “I could have you tied up and let them lick and suck everywhere on your body forbidding you to cum.”

She was breathing rapidly at the finger fucking he was giving her and by his words. He knew, after that night when Ricky and Greg visited, that she enjoyed the very things he was threatening her with. She understood perfectly that he could demand her to fuck them all and she would do it and enjoy it. After that night she had felt like she had been enlightened. She had enjoyed exposing her cunt to the men, loving their reaction, the lust in their eyes making her pussy drip with anticipation of what they wanted to do to her. The fact that Uncle Jake was there, seeing it all and enjoying it made it all the more thrilling for her.

“I might take you there, enjoy some chatting with my friends and just bring you home.” He told her, removing his fingers from her aching quim and bringing them up to her other nipple ring, tugging at it.

Sussie arched her back at the sensation. “Whatever you decide Master.” She groaned louder as he pinched her nipples.

“Good girl. It’s time to get out of the tub and get ready.” He said helping her to stand up in the oily water.

He dried them both off, and then gave her some time to do her hair and makeup as he shaved and got dressed. Once he was ready he helped her to get dressed taking great care on deciding how he wanted her attired. Before anything else touched her body he attached her silver chained collar around her slim neck, connecting it to her nipple rings. After, he chose a red filmy dress that made her body somewhat visible in the right light. He decided on no underclothes at all except for a pair of black thigh high stockings. Next were the ankle and wrist cuffs before adding 5 inch black strappy heels to finish off her wardrobe.

Jake smiled looking at her as she stood before him. She was beautiful. The dress was cut so that the bodice hugged up underneath her breasts, pushing them up, and her nipples about to pop over the edge. He could see her chains and rings through the material and noticed her nipples were already looking like pencil erasers telling of her arousal. His cock jerked in response as he continued to look his slave over. His eyes drifted downward and he could barely see her skin through the material but the black stocking showing quite nicely. He had her turn and he held back a moan getting a lovely view of her perfect ass. Oh yes, this was the outfit for her first time out with him.

Sussie looked in the full length mirror and smiled. She looked both sexy and slutty. Her body jewelry twinkled underneath the material as the light played off the metal when she moved. She could see her body through her dress and felt her pussy getting wetter than it already was. Turning towards her uncle she smiled and took his outstretched hand. As they left the house she felt a little nervous. She hadn’t been with any other person besides her uncle in about three months. Pushing her nervousness aside she thought instead of what the night could bring. Her Master could choose a number of things to have happen to her tonight and the not knowing heightened her lust.

Walking into the house full of men set her heart racing. A little ripple of fear shot through her as she stepped into the house behind her Master. He moved to the side and she could be plainly seen by the five other men in the room. There were a few whistles and all were smiling in appreciation of her presence. Jake smiled and introduced her to the men as his slave Amerilyss. She noticed Ricky and Greg amongst the men, smiling devilishly at her. They had already had a small taste of her and her of them. Her pussy throbbed at the remembrance.

She also smiled at the thought of her new name she was to answer to when out with other people. It was a little strange at first, especially when she was busy doing some sort of housework and he would call her by that name. She would not pay attention and then feel herself being bent over and a quick hard spanking being administered to her behind. She was a quick learner and within the first week she was regularly answering to the name Amerilyss when he tested her. When alone, he usually didn’t even call her by her given name so that made it easier for her as well.

Jake pulled on the chain he had attached to her collar upon arriving and she obediently followed him. He went from man to man, greeting them and ignoring her for the most part. She noticed that the men look hard at her as they talked with her Master. Though they did not touch her, Jake took every opportunity to fondle her through her dress, his hand often straying over her still small stomach.

After an hour of moving about after her Master, Sussie wondered if he had decided that it would be best for them to leave after a bit. She had stopped following the conversation and sipped on her tea looking over the men. Each one was attractive in their own way to her. And then her mind began to try to envision what lay beneath their clothes. This was how she kept herself entertained while she waited on her Master.

Jake stepped away from one of the men and pulled her along down a hallway. He must have been there before because he knew exactly where he was going. A turn or two and he led her into a bathroom. He commanded her to try to relieve herself but said nothing further. Chills broke out on her skin. Would he now release her to the men she wondered? Or was he just attending to her needs before bidding his friends a good night.

Once she was finished and hands washed, he hugged her from the back, biting lightly onto her neck. He pulled away slightly. “Remove your dress Amerilyss.” Sussie felt her nipples stand out immediately at the command. Even if she was only exposed to the men, that alone would cause her pussy to drip with desire. After he undid the back of her dress, she slowly pulled it off and used the hanger on the back of the door which was obviously left for her. Jake gave her a once over, adjusted her chain and then led her out of the bathroom. Her heals clicked on the tile as she walk to the side and behind of her Master.

“Mmmmmmm doesn’t she look exquisite.” Ricky smiled being the first one to see them re-enter the room. His eyes followed her as she continued on past him, Jake leading her to a tall but small looking table in the center of the room. Her eyes had strayed to it earlier wondering if she was going to be fastened to it at all. And now she knew for sure.

Jake indicated for her to rest her torso down onto the padded top and stepped back. Not liking the angle or the height, he had a few of the men readjust the height and then stepped back again. Yes, it was at the right height and angle and would not cause her any harm. She could be bounced forward and back but no pressure down on her abdomen. He had talked to Ricky earlier, indicating his concern for her and the baby’s safety and they both had decided on this device for the night’s entertainment.

The men had been selected carefully as well. They were all experienced Dom’s, none ruled by their lust so that they would do anything risky or harsh or against Jakes wishes. Each was informed that his slave was not experienced when it came to a gang bang and that she was pregnant. With all that information given them, he was sure that they would introduce her to another aspect of their dom/slave relationship and make it a pleasing experience for her and themselves.

Jake spread her legs further apart attaching her ankle cuffs to the thick legs of the table. He went to the front of her and took hold of her wrists. This too had been thought out. He fastened her wrists so that her weight rested on her forearms and she would be able to raise her torso now and then to relieve any stress. She would have some control over her body if she at all became uncomfortable.

Now that she was secured and her pussy and ass exposed, he ran his hand from her shoulder blades on down to her ass, giving her a quick slap before retrieving the small bag he brought with him. He returned to her opening the bag.

Sussie heard the men talking but she paid little heed to them at the moment. She was focused on the feeling of being exposed to the men in the room and the feel of being secured to the table. In the position that she was in, they could access every one of holes and she was unable to do anything but except their hard dicks and the thought thrilled her. Her pussy which was already wet with anticipation was now dripping with her wetness. She heard one man commenting on her juices stretching and hitting the floor and it caused her pussy to clench in need.

“Already wet whore?” Jake asked her loudly having seen her pussy salivating so easily. This brought a few chuckles from the men but she didn’t mind. It was true and she was trying to see what he was fishing out of the black bag.

He took out one large nipple sucker and showed it to the men. He commented how he had found a new way to use the object and knelt down between her legs. Though her legs were spread they were not so far done that the sucker wouldn’t stay on. He spread her juices around and was rewarded with a moan from her.

“She is hot already.” Greg smiled as he watched Jake press the nipple sucker over her clit and squeeze the bulb. He released it and the bulb’s somewhat flattened surfaces slowly filled up.

Sussie felt the sucker secure and pull on her throbbing clit. She groaned out loud loving how it felt like someone sucking her clit deep into their mouth. The men kept up their comments as Jake ran his fingers over her slit avoiding the sucker. He then thrust his thumb into her wet hole and pumped her a few times. She bucked her hips at the small intrusion causing more comments. He removed his thumb and popped it into her puckered whole, adding his two fingers into her now empty cunt, fingering both her holes as she pushed her ass back against his digits, moaning.

“Do not cum yet cunt.” Jake ordered her still thrusting his fingers in and out of her pussy and ass. “I haven’t finished decorating you yet.” He stopped and moved back to his bag.

Next he moved over to the front of her. He took out the little ball weights that he made to attach to her nipple rings and put them on her. When her body would be used and rocked by the men’s thrusts, the bouncing of her breasts would make the weights jiggle back on forth on her pierced nipples causing pain and pleasure. Once on, he reached under her and cupped her breasts in his hands. He pulled on the dangling beads before going back behind her. The last thing for him to do was to insert her anal plug. He lubed it and slowly inserted it into her clenching puckered hole.

Sussie was throbbing all over. Her arousal climbed with each thing he did to her in front of the men. She noticed that they were all coming closer, watching everything her Master was doing to her and gauging her reactions as well. She grunted as the widest part of the plug stretch her sphincter and then settled in. She thought that he was finished until she heard the whistle of the crop before it landed on her right ass cheek.

There were a few ahhhhs at the little shriek from Jakes bound slave. She had not expected it and the surprise of it was a thrill for everyone in the room, including her. Another hit landed to her other side and she breathed long from her nose. He begun to tap the crop over her ass and then down to her thighs watching her hips rock from the contact. He placed some on her inner thighs before reaching for the sucker and removing it.

Jake spread her pussy lips to show the men her now visibly swollen clit. They discussed the effect and she felt a hand rub flatly over her cunt. She turned and noticed that it wasn’t Jake but Ricky. He smiled at her and knelt down behind her until she couldn’t see him anymore. His tongue ran from her nub up to the plug inserted in her ass then back down. He told the men how good she tasted and licked her again. She saw him stand up and moved for the next man to taste her. She guessed she was now open for service as two of the men came up to the front of her and began fondling her breasts and face.

Jake stepped back and gave the men room to play with his slave. He would watch for a bit just to make sure that she was doing well and then join in. He pulled off his shirt in one fluid motion letting it drop to the floor too engrossed in the action that was starting.

Nick, one of the men in front of Sussie had removed his hard cock from his pants and was feeding it to her slowly while the other man, Sean stroked his rod and pulled lightly on her nipple rings. She sucked Nick into her mouth, her cheeks sinking in with the effort, while behind her; Greg was licking and sucking on her little nub. He loved to see her hips bucking with pleasure as she sucked a cock in her mouth. He released his thick stiff shaft and stroked himself as he sat in a nearby chair. Roger decided to tap his cock on her ass as he watched Greg eating his slave’s cunt.

Sussie was surrounded by all five men now and she felt all tension leave her. The cock thrusting into her mouth was on the average size but was delightfully blessed with a large head that she could slurp on when he pulled back. She heard his continuous moans as she pleasured him with her mouth. The mouth at her cunt was focusing more on her clit and she had to concentrate to hold her orgasm back. After all, her Master had not given her instruction to cum at will so she put her attention to the other cock that took over in front of her.

This cock was short as well but thick, stretching her mouth as she took him in as far as she could. He began fucking her mouth with short strokes before pulling out and letting Nick back into her mouth. She moved back and forth on both cocks licking and sucking them in turns. Greg stood up and let Roger have a taste of her now. His technique was a little different and for that she was happy. He was centering his working tongue up her hot cunt which helped her to hold back her orgasm.

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