I wake to that annoying sound my alarm clock makes. It’s 6:30 and I need to get ready for school. I drag myself out of bed and head to the bathroom. I stop and look in the mirror. ‘Why do I have to come off so girly?’ I wonder. I have dark longish indie styled hair, soft blue eyes, and a slim body. My name is even girly, Jayden Skylar Smith. Who names their son Jayden Skylar! I sigh and start my shower. I walk back into my room and get the clothes I’m going to wear for the day ready, then go back into the bathroom and strip off my boxers and get into the shower. The hot water beats on my back relaxing the muscles in my back. After washing myself and washing my hair I get out of the shower and dry off. I wrap the fowl around my waist and bend over to get my hair dryer out of the cabinet. I blow dry my hair and turn on the straightener to finish it. I smile to myself liking the way my hair has that little volume and spike to it; so I turn off my straightener and head to my room. I glance at the clock and it’s 6:53, I have go to to school. I dress in my tight dark skinny styled jeans and I black and white polo shirt. I pull my shoes on and walk back into the bathroom for one last look in the mirror before I leave. I grumble, I hate that you can plainly see how girly I look. I can’t help it though can I? I walk out the front door and lock it and get into the car my parents left me in their will. Camero. It’s freezing outside! I should have brought my jacket.

“Shit” I mumble. I start the car and start driving to school. I’m slowing down smoothly for the red light ahead. The person behind me speeds to get infront of me then over to the right hand lane. When I’m stopped fully at the light I flip the finger and the driver next to me. I notice that they saw it and who it was. It was Jayson Levett. God I’ve had a crush on him since 7th grade. Jayson smiled and flipped the finger back. I blushed and I know he saw it. The light turned green and I took off to school. I quickly parked and I sat in my car still blushing. ‘Oh my god, I cannot believe I just flipped Jayson the finger!’ I thought furiously. Might as well forget about it and head to first hour.

I was on my way to my second hour class when I felt someone grab my belt loop. I quickly spun around and my eyes met vibrant green orbs. Jayson. I blushed quickly.

“Hey you,” he started “do you want me to walk with you to class?”

We have the same second and fourth hours. Actually third

hour too, weights and conditioning, but I opt to help the


“I Uh, well, yeah sure” I blushed.

“Okay, you looked lonely walking by your self.” he said

Jayson is 6′ 2″ to my 5′ 8″, he is muscular, but not like a muscle head. He has light brown hair, shorter than mine and vibrant green eyes. Eyes I could stare at all day.

“Jayden?” Jayson asked.

“Uhh yeah?” I replied

“My partner isn’t here today, would you help me with todays work?”

“Yeah, I would, I don’t have a partner anyway” I kind of blushed.


It was after second period and I was walking to my car. I stopped by my locker and put my school things inside. We had an hour lunch break and I decided I was gonna go home for lunch. I turned to walk out the door then I saw Jayson.

“Hey! Jayson! Do you want to have lunch with me?” I asked not aware of his friend Jake Serdin standing next to him.

“Sure, your sure?” he smiled and I nodded.

“Okay, thanks” he handed a brown paper bag to Jake and Jake snorted.

We walked out the doors and started for my car. I nearly jumped out of my skin when Jayson looped his finger in my back belt loop and help on. I heard him laugh a little and I blushed. We reached my car and he let go and stood by the passenger side door. I unlocked the car and we got in, and I drove to my house. It was a silent drive home, and I faked like I didn’t notice his hand cover mine on the gear shift.

We got to my house and I put the car in park and shut the garage door. Jayson placed his hand on my cheek. I turned my head to look at him. Confusion filled my eyes.

” What are-” he shushed me by placing his lips over mine. I gasped and kissed him back. He wound his hand into my hair.

“Maybe we should go inside.” I was breathing heavy. Jayson was playing with my hair and nodded.

We hurriedly got out my car and made our way inside, barely able to tell where we were going. Jayson had me leaned against the kitchen counter while he sucked furiously on my neck and ears. He lifted me onto the counter and parted my legs so he could get closer and kiss me more.

I didn’t realize but I was pulling on my nipple rings extracting moans from myself. Jayson growled and rubbed his hand on my crotch, my hips jerked and Jayson stopped. I looked up at him confused, still breathing heavy. He didn’t say anything; he only took a few steps back and sighed.

“Fuck.” I muttered. And I walked briskly into the living room and say on the couch. “Crap crap crap.”

Jayson slowly walked and sat down on the couch as well.

“Sorry Jayden” he said.

“What? Sorry? Why the fuck are you saying that?”

“I- uh- I don’t- I’m just not gay” He blurted. My jaw hit the floor. The bastard could have fooled me. My eyes watered immediately.

“Then why would you even fuck with my head!” I yelled.

“I-I- I like you…, but—” I cut him off.

“Maybe its time for you to go” I frowned.

Jayson looked down like I broke him into a million pieces. My tears over flowed my eyes and Jayson wiped them away then slowly plodded out of my house. I shut the door then skipped to the floor and cried into my knees. This is ridiculous! I am an eighteen year old man and I should not be bawling like a baby. Yet the tears didn’t subside until an hour later.

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