Author’s Note:

This is my first submission to Literotica. I grabbed a story I wrote a year or so ago when I first began flexing my writing muscles. Please forgive any grammar errors that I failed to correct on the re-check, and I hope you all enjoy it! I may add more of the other’s I’ve written in the future, but likely not too soon just yet.


I finished my run to the glade, a little more than a mile off one of the park’s main trails. My husband, Eric, and I found this little spot on one of our bi-monthly walks in the park and we just love it. We began to come here often during the summer months for secluded romantic picnic lunches. It takes almost fifteen minutes just to get here at a good jogging pace, and in the past ten months since we’ve been coming here we haven’t seen a single person come near to our secret hideaway. It was perfect, especially for what we had planned for today.

I took off my backpack and began to unload the blanket and lay out the food we had picked out for our meal today. My body was covered in sweat from my run here so I took a refreshing drink of my water, spilling some of it as I pulled the thermos away from my lips, the water further drenching the front of my sports bra along with the exposed upper portion of my chest. Though accidental, it was a welcome happenstance as the cool water evaporated off my skin.

Eric wasn’t due to even reach the park for another twenty minutes or so, as he had to go in to work for a few hours unexpectedly, so I figured I would kill some time doing stretches while I waited. As I began my routine my mind drifted back to our conversation in bed several nights before.

* * *

“You sure you’re up for this?”

“Of course! Haven’t you ever wanted to before?”

“Well, sort of. I mean I’ve always thought about it as just kind of a daydream fantasy, but I never actually thought about really doing it before.”

“Well it’s a good thing you have a wife willing to turn you into a sexual degenerate.”

“I’m such a lucky man.” He grinned.

“You got that right mister.” We kissed a lover’s kiss.

We just finished discussing our plans. After a bout of lovemaking I asked him if we could live out one of my many naughty fantasies. I have always secretly wanted to have sex outside, not necessarily “in public” but just simply outside, under the open sky with the sun shining down on my naked form, lush green blades of grass caressing my bare skin, all while under the influence of sexual passion. I don’t know why but this particular fancy made me feel like such a slut, fortunately my loving husband was always willing to live out these lurid dreams of mine.

That’s where the park came in, Eric saw on the news that the weather was supposed to be clear this weekend and our glade in the park would be perfect for it. Outside, but too far away to have to worry about typical park goers to find us in the middle of a small field rutting away like animals. Sure we could have used our backyard, but one of our elderly neighbors was always too nosy for her own good. Always finding ways to interrupt the day of the younger couples in the neighborhood, seeming to have a sixth sense about when any of us were about to engage in a midday copulation; her intrusions a constant center point of discussion in our social gossip circle. Besides, the backyard seemed almost lazy where the park would feel much more adventurous to match the occasion.

“You’re not scared are you?” I asked.

“What, me? Of course not.” I gave him a skeptical glare. “Ok maybe a little. I guess I’m just worried about if we’re caught.”

“How come? It’s not like I’m not going to be just as naked as you are.”

“Yeah but women always look beautiful naked. Men… well honestly honey I’m not sure why you women put up with us.”

The silly boy had always been self-conscious about his looks since his skinnier nerd body days from before I knew him. In his early twenties he finally decided to do something about it and started going to the gym about three times a week and apparently gained about 40 pounds of muscle. Now, and when I met him, he isn’t exactly what you would classify as “buff” but he definitely has a nice musculature to his body. Nice firm stomach with the hint of a 6-pack of abs showing and strong defined arms that can pick me up with the greatest of ease and throw me onto the bed, or pin me up against the wall so that he can ravish me to both our heart’s content.

“That’s just because you don’t have a female point of view about a man’s body. And besides…” I reached down under the blanket and grabbed the thick muscle he didn’t get from the gym, “With this big thing you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.” I straddled his body and pointed his erection at my cunt, both of us ready for another round of hungry sex.

“Just think how fun this would be if we were outside right now.” I said as I lowered myself onto his throbbing meat. “Ooohhh….”

* * *

“…Eric!” My aroused moans brought me out of my daydream and back to the present. I pulled my hand out of my tight running shorts, having unconsciously moved it down to rub at my moistening slit. I brought my fingers to my mouth and sucked off my juices, trying to will myself to calm down until hubby gets here. I began to walk back to where I had set out the blanket and food, when from behind the tree I was leaning against a man walked up and grabbed me, pulling me off the ground and back into him. I yelped in terror.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” I heard his low gruff voice in my ear. “What’s a pretty girl like you doing all the way out here?”

“Leave me alone! My husband will be here any minute.”

“Your husband should know better than to leave a beautiful woman like yourself all alone in the woods. Haven’t you heard? There are dangerous animals about.”

One of his hands loosened from around my body and he moved it to my front, fondling my right breast. A shiver went through my body. I began to struggle harder, kicking at his legs and trying to free my arms from the powerful grip his one arm still had encompassing my entire body.

“Please don’t hurt me. Just let me go.” I pleaded.

“Oh don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you. I planned just the opposite in fact.”

To emphasize his point he pulled me back into him harder, making me feel the bulge in his pants. My fear grew knowing he planned to take me, but also because of my bodies unwanted reaction to the thick slab of meat I felt pressing into my bum. He heard my surprised gasp; he heard that there was more desire in it than fear. God you are such a slut! I mentally berated myself.

“Aahhh, sounds like you could go for some lovin’ right about now.”

“No, you’re wrong. I could never want a pervert like you.” I shakily argued back.

“Well now, let me just check and be sure.”

He slowly snaked his hand down my flat belly, his left hand still groping my tits and holding my feet off the ground, then it slipped under the band of my running shorts, finding no underwear to impede him further. His hand rubbed across my slit and over my nub several times, eliciting several aroused moans from my throat that I failed to hold back.

“See, your body don’t lie. You’re dripping for me.” He said as his hand came back up drenched in my girl cream.

“Please don’t do this.” My voice not very convincing.

“I’ll do whatever I want with you.”

He began taking off my sports bra and I started to kick and scream again. At a certain point I was angled so that I could simply fall out of my top, so I did, giving myself enough freedom from his arms to start to run away. But I was so short, his legs so much longer than mine, he caught me again quickly grabbing me by my long blond hair. He pulled me down onto my knees in front of him as he took off his shirt and hooked the waistband of his running shorts down below his cock, allowing it to flop down in front of my face. My eyes went wide.

“Oh my god….” I gasped.

“Looks like you’re going to be a bit of trouble here sugarbot. How about I make you a deal, you suck me off and then we each go our separate ways. Saves me time and trouble and you get to spare your little cunt from my fat pole and tell your husband you didn’t cheat on him.”

“I wouldn’t be cheating if you forced me.”

“So you do want me to force you then.”

“NO! That’s not what I…. mmmoomffph… gwuaf…” My protests were cut off by the giant prick being fed into my mouth.

“Oh that is such a sweet mouth you got girl.”

Sure I could have bit down on him, but it was such a lovely cock it wouldn’t be right to punish it for having the misfortune of being attached to such a bad man. So instead I simply reached up and cupped his balls in my left hand and held his hip with my right then proceeded to suck and slurp at the delicious slab of fuck meat being force fed into my maw. Drool began escaping between the seal my lips formed around his hot, erect flesh; dripping down my chin to splatter my exposed breasts. My pussy was also drooling out a significant amount of my juices, imitating and envious of my mouth, forming a wet spot on my shorts.

When he was ready to cum he held my head in place and I twisted and bobbed my head every which way I could to take as much of him as I could down my throat. He came so much I couldn’t swallow fast enough, forcing me to gag a bit and some began to overflow out of my mouth and dripped down to join the saliva on my tits. He tasted so good and it was so warm I couldn’t help but moan around his cock, satisfied with my drink. Still sucking his swollen member, he pulled me off of him making a naughty popping sound as he left my mouth with a trail of drool and sperm connecting my lips to his puffy head. I reached out with my tongue to try and pull as much of it as I could into my mouth where it belonged.

“Damn woman, you’ve gotta be the best cocksucker I’ve had.” I couldn’t help but blush at the compliment.

“So we’re done here? You’ll let me go?” I looked up, my crystal blue eyes meeting his brown for the first time.

“No.” He kicked off his shorts pooled around his feet and advanced toward me, my fear returning to add to my arousal.

“But you said…” I began as I started to crawl backwards away from the hunk of a man towering over me.

“I lied.”

He kneeled and bent over to grab my leg, pulling me back to him. When I was close enough he reached out with his other arm and began tugging at my shorts. I managed to flop over onto my stomach, twisting his arms enough to break free of his hands. I tried to get up off my knees to run but his hands pulled my shorts down, entangling my legs and forcing me to crawl out of them. I was almost to my feet again when he grabbed my leg and pulled me back down to the ground. He pulled me across the ground by my legs as I futilely clawed at the ground to get away.

“With a cock sucking mouth like yours, did you really think I could pass up the cunt that came with it?”

All I had to do was just kneel there and let him passively face fuck me until he came down my throat. Why did I have to actively participate in sucking his big beautiful pylon like the wonton cock whore that I was?

He flipped me onto my back and pulled me another few feet closer to him. My pussy freely leaked girl cream the closer it got to the object of its desire, my cunt lips were an embarrassment as they were so aroused and puffy they were practically inviting the giant dong inside them. I had to think of something to stop this gorgeous man from giving me the fuck of my life. Why? I heard a voice in my head ask.

“My husband!” I exclaimed, suddenly remembering I had one. “He’ll be here soon. He’ll see you.”

He came up between my legs, his cock resting on my belly and his balls being caressed by my puffy pussy lips. “If he comes, he’ll see me making you scream and beg for more.”

“I won’t beg.”

“You will.” He pulled back and aligned his cock up with my fuck hole.

“You’re horrible.” I spat.

“Actually I’ve been told I’m quite good.” He slowly sunk his thick tool into my welcoming slit.

“Nnnnoooooo… don’t.” I moaned in protest. Not to his fat schlong invading my pussy, no it was a protest to him taking it out. “Put it back in.” What was I saying? You whore! Another voice accused me.

“What was that? I thought you didn’t want me to fuck you?”

“I didn’t. I mean I don’t. I mean…” I gasped as he took each of my nipples and pulled and twisted them between his finger and thumbs.

He bent over me and whispered in my ear, “Tell me what you want me to do. Beg me for it.”

“Put it back in me. Please. I need it. Fuck me with it, make me cum. Make me your slut, your whore, your bitch. Please just FUCK ME!!”

He shoved the entire length of his fuck pole into me in one hard thrust and left it there, not moving a millimeter. He simply let me feel him, my pussy walls twitching, caressing, and adjusting around the searing hot flesh of his steel hard member. My breath came in short gasps as my entire body quivered underneath his, my eyes gazed up at the perfect clear blue sky above, feeling like the heavens were sharing in the bliss that I was about to taken by. And then he thrust.

“Oh my god…” I barely had enough breath to utter.

He thrust again, and again. Hard. He didn’t bother being slow or gentle, he didn’t need to. I tried my best to meet his thrusts into my snatch with my own, but it wasn’t long before his masterful cock had my body bucking and thrashing wildly in orgasmic ecstasy.

“Aaaaahhhhh! Fucking god yes! Ungh! Don’t stop! Ungh! Please! Oh god, please, yes, yes, yes! Make me cum on your big, fat, pussy-thieving cock! Ungh! Oh it’s so good! FUCK ME! YES! OH GOD! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! OOOOOOH GOOOOOODDDD YEAAAASSSS! UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! YES!”

I screamed through my orgasm in pure rapture. I don’t know when it ended because my stud kept fucking me during my release, sending one earth shattering orgasm after the other through my body. I loved every second of it.

But this continuous assault of pleasure to my body wasn’t simply for my benefit. He had already taken my body, bent it to his will. He was doing this to me for his pleasure. It wouldn’t have been difficult for him to claim my body, heck it wasn’t difficult at all. He wanted to claim my soul too, a true testament of his prowess. He had it. He always did since the day we married.

With one final thrust he came, grunting with each spurt of his potent seed. Despite having cum in my mouth a few minutes before, he had plenty of cock sauce for my overstuffed cunt to gorge on. I came once more, my fingernails raking across his back, my pussy walls gripping his throbbing meat to milk it for every drop of sperm it had. Then he kissed me in a deep lovers kiss. When he broke our kiss I looked up into the beautiful brown eyes of my husband.

“Geez Ariel, that was amazing. If I didn’t know any better I’d think you were an easy lay.” Eric said, smiling down at me.

“Who says I’m not?” We both laughed and he leaned in for another kiss.

“So you hungry?”

“I think I’ve worked up an appetite.” I replied a wicked grin spread across my face.

He lifted off me, both of us sighing regretfully as his cock slipped out of me, then picked me up off the ground and into his arms carrying me, like any good husband would, to the blanket and our picnic lunch before setting me back down on the ground. We ate our lunch in contented silence, naked, under the sun in our little glade; resting up our energy for round two, where this time I got to be on top.

After finishing my meal I looked over to my husband lying back on the grass, his semi hard cock drooping across his lower stomach. I reached out and gave it a few tugs, grinning as it began to thicken in my hand.

“What are you up to?” Eric asked, opening one of his eyes to look at me and grinning.

“I’m still hungry.” I said, leaning forward.

“Anything in mind?”

“I was thinking of a hot dog. And maybe some nuts.”

“Want something to drink with that?”

“I’ll just see what you have on tap.”

I opened my mouth, took his hardening sausage into my mouth and began to suck on my helping of seconds. Or was it thirds?

The End…

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