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I looked around the room with a sense of relief and satisfaction as I dropped into my favorite chair in the entertainment room of my new home. It had been a long day of telephone interviews and library research, followed by almost five hours of solid writing, but I had worked my way through over sixty-five hundred words of painstakingly detailed new technical text and also made a good start on the “first pass” reread/edit process on a long-term contract proposal for an important new client. Now I could sit down without any guilt and enjoy tonight’s ball game and a couple drinks in my new home. The house was almost twenty years old, but it was new to me and that’s what counted. I knew myself well enough to know that I’d never want to be in some kind of sterile box with six foot trees and cheap landscaping. I had picked a moderately stylish structure placed within a grove of fully mature oak and hickory trees with good lighting, mature landscaping and several perennial planting beds already established. This should have meant that life was filled with bliss and blue skies all the day long. In fact, the last few weeks had been filled with intermittent problems due to the move, several issues, actually, that were all from one single problem. My best friend, and house partner, was having adjustment issues.

Buddy and I had been together for three years. I had adopted him from the local shelter as a pup, and the little, black, Lab/Shepherd mutt had grown into a fine fellow. living a couple miles out of town in an old farmhouse was the only life that Buddy knew. The place was only a little more than an acre, but all the homes in the area were set into similar or larger parcels of land and the old place seemed spacious by comparison to Buddy. He had been pretty good about staying at home while living at the old place, for the most part, that is, but Buddy did have the run of the neighborhood and there were a couple of widows and older couples who were more than happy to supply all the snack treats and bones he could want. He was used to running his “meat route” daily. Unfortunately, my career success made it necessary for me to move and we had ended up just inside the town limits, in a very nice place on roughly a quarter of the land Buddy was used to having as his personal buffer zone to the world at large. I was making the adjustment nicely, waving and smiling at all the new neighbors, even though sometimes things did seem awfully close quartered, and generally getting along nicely enough with everyone in the area. Having less grass to cut and landscaping to keep up with was also a blessing, what with my new schedule and a larger set of deadlines. I was happy here. Buddy was having some issues.

Buddy just couldn’t get it through his head that some people didn’t want to see his bright eyes and smiling face at their door looking for handouts. I kept him inside or on a wire run in the backyard most of the time, but let him run free when I was outside to supervise. I was trying to teach him manners and to stay at home and respect property limits. Most of the neighbors were fine with Buddy and just sent him on his way when he would stray too far, he even got along with the other dogs in the neighborhood, but my next door neighbors on one side were not happy.

Buddy had made the mistake of chasing a squirrel past the property line and following it right on into their yard. And that’s when he came face to face with the mistress of the manor next door for the very first time.

Buddy bounded around the corner of the house, just behind the squirrel, which was clawing its way right up and over her back to launch itself from off of her shoulder on its way to the squirrel feeder and the safety of the trees beyond that, just as she was filling the feeder with shelled corn and peanuts. She screamed and spun around to face her intruder, corn spilling everywhere, and Buddy, startled by unexpectedly finding himself confronted with a complete stranger, didn’t make things any better by letting out a loud bay of his own in return. Miriam stumbled backwards in shock and awe, hooked her heel on the border stones by the patio, and sat down abruptly on concrete. Her tailbone was throbbing painfully and her dignity was in tatters. The last thing she needed was wet kisses from a strange one hundred pound dog who thought she had sat down specifically to introduce herself and pet him!

I made apologies for Buddy, called him off, and helped her up. Miriam was cordial and understanding, but it’s just not how you’re supposed to meet the neighbors. In the next week, things didn’t get any better. Buddy violated jurisdictional boundaries several times in what he unilaterally considered hot pursuit, broke the lead to the wire once, leaving him free for several minutes, and Miriam went to bat for her favorite local wildlife with all the fervor of an anti-war activist. Her doughy husband, (I still don’t know his first name, Jerry, I think!), made the mistake of threatening both of us while standing up for his wife. By the time that exchange was over, (public sidewalks must have been invented by cowards), I had made it plain that as far as I was concerned we could all live in peace, with the squirrels mostly taking care of themselves, or someone could get hurt real bad, but “my” dog wasn’t going anywhere!

A week or so went by, and then one day Buddy started moping about and acting listless. It wasn’t the heat, (too early in summer for that), but he had a bad case of diarrhea, quit eating, and didn’t act like he was feeling well. The vet said he looked anemic by the color of his gums, and sold me some vitamin and mineral supplements. We wrote it off to the change in location and activity level.

Three days later I walked out the back door to bring Buddy inside, just at dusk, and noticed he was chewing on something in his mouth that he greedily swallowed before I could see what it was. Then I heard door closing sounds over at Miriam’s place, but nobody came outside. I went back in for a flashlight and looked around on the ground where Buddy had been eating. I didn’t find much more than a couple of broken pieces, but it looked like the fish flavored bait pellets I had bought to kill mice out in the garden shed at the old place.

I went back inside and stuck my fingers down Buddy’s throat until he brought up some cooked hamburger and more pellets! I took them over to the vet and he confirmed my identification, cautioned me about letting buddy get into stuff like that, (I omitted the part about the hamburger), told me how lucky I was, and sent me home to worry while Buddy spent the night with the vet.

I came home, fuming and skipped my dinner while doing a little brainstorming and internet research, and also knocking back a couple of drinks. The end result was a plan and a trip into the city, first thing the next morning. I picked up Buddy in the afternoon and watched everything carefully whenever Buddy was outside for the next week or so. Twice I caught Miriam walking a curious circular path when taking bags of trash out to the big cans behind their shed. This was also something I only saw her do when Buddy was outside by himself as well. She would walk a random path through the side yard near our property line while intently looking around on the ground and over her flower beds and such like she was searching for something that was missing, all the while carrying the bag of trash instead of dumping it in the can first and then wandering about. It looked a bit forced and awkward to me, and she seemed mostly interested in only this side of her backyard. I came out a couple of times and noticed she would break off, going straight to the trashcan as soon as she knew I was there, and then quick march straight back inside the house with her back ramrod stiff and never looking to either side.

At least the view was nice. Miriam was a dark mahogany redhead with a few accents of grey, better than average size tits that were still firm and perky. She was fairly tall due to a pair of long lean legs hooked to a fine looking ass; overall a pretty good figure for a woman in her later forties. Her ass was pleasantly generous, well muscled instead of blubber, and still carried high and firm. No hint of a satchel ass or saddlebags on this chassis. Her stiff-backed walk made her tits bounce deliciously, proving that she was still in pretty good shape for her age. The second time I intercepted her during one of these excursions, I went out the front door and came around the opposite side of the house. Miriam, almost crossing over into my yard by that point, made an immediate reversal in direction and went to her trash cans by the shed before bee-lining back to the house. Despite the low light of late evening, I still noticed that something had caused her adrenaline levels to skyrocket. Her cheeks were flushed high scarlet and her large nipples were erect and prominently on display under a thin shirt. By the way they were tenting the material of her cotton tee-shirt due to their fully erect condition; they had to be more than a half an inch long and thicker than my little finger. She seemed awfully nervous and hurriedly marched straight inside with one hand up to her throat while wiping the other on her shorts as she walked quickly to their back door.

I pulled Buddy inside and waited for it to get dark. Then, I pulled the blackout flashlight from my kit, checked to make sure the red filter was in place, checked the batteries, waited another thirty minutes, until it was fully dark, and then turned off all the lights and sat down in the darkened living room with my eyes closed for a good fifteen minutes to make sure my night vision was at its peak. I left the house by the front door, turned and walked around the corner on the far side of the house, turned again and went all the way to the back of the property before finally turning towards the other property line and the spot beside the garden shed where Miriam and her husband kept their trash cans. I set the lens for a diffuse beam and cupped the flashlight with my hand to throttle back the light output, keeping it aimed down just beyond my feet as I crossed over the line into Miriam’s back yard and walked up to their trash cans.

Thank God for plastic cans! I silently lifted the lid to the first can. Seeing that it was empty, I replaced the cover and pulled off the lid for number two. There, sitting right on top of the bag of trash Miriam had put in the can was a baseball sized chunk of cooked ground meat. Putting the light between my teeth, I picked it up and it was still slightly warm.

I replaced the lid and retreated back to my own yard, retracing my path before turning and cutting directly across the grass to go in the back door and into the kitchen. There I broke open the meatball in the sink and spilled out the small pile of poison pellets cached inside. I was seeing as red as the light from the lamp in my hand, so I bagged the poisoned meat, cleaned up the kitchen, and sat down to let myself calm down and figure out how best to handle this. Then I went back out and quietly dumped Miriam’s can over, pulled the lid off and scattered bits and pieces of trash and garbage from inside the bag she had left there. With any luck, she would think she had baited some poor raccoon family to an early death.

The next day I went back into the city and purchased the spotting camera I had looked at earlier and a few other items I was going to need. I played fetch with Buddy and let him run free in the back yard while I puttered around in the flower beds and such, trying to be inconspicuous about making my preparations for later. Just before dusk, I pulled out of the driveway in my pickup, leaving Buddy out on the lead in the backyard. Parking a few streets over, I waited out most of the light by walking a big circle and came in from the other side where my return path was screened from Miriam’s windows by the house.

When it was almost totally dark I quietly pulled Buddy inside and set up the infrared video camera on the mounting post I had installed in the flowerbed beside the back door, plugging it up to the buried power supply and data cables as well. I went back inside, checked the video image on the computer, and picked up the motion sensitive spotting camera, checked the battery charge and my earlier setup to make sure it would flash properly and take wide-angle color images roughly covering a fifteen foot by fifteen foot area, all in good focus, and walked back outside. I made a slight adjustment to the video camera and walked out to the tree near where Buddy usually rested while he spent time on the line. There I set the camera into its mounting bracket I had earlier installed on the side of the tree opposite Miriam’s property so the camera couldn’t be seen by anyone from their side and the motion sensitive camera wouldn’t trigger unless something was well inside my property lines.

After going inside to check the computer screen again and being satisfied that I was getting a good image of the targeted side of my backyard, I picked up the small digital camera and the flashlight and went back out into the night. There I settled into the folding chair I had picked up from beside the back door on my way out and parked myself a few yards away from and obliquely behind the spotting camera, careful to make sure I was still shielded from Miriam’s backdoor by a conveniently placed burning bush growing in the yard. Without any light from my patio it would be impossible for anyone to see me from Miriam’s side until they were well into my yard and I became silhouetted by the street light at the next corner and light coming from the house on the other side of mine.

I settled into the chair, pulled a hat down over my eyes, and waited for something to happen until well past midnight. I did the same thing for the next three nights in a row, checking the ground carefully every morning before I let Buddy out to make sure I wasn’t bushwhacked by someone willing to outwait me.

On the fourth night, it rained lightly for several hours, enough to completely soak and chill me, and then I gave it up and went inside as the rain got heavy enough to really start drenching me. I toweled off, changed clothes, and moved to the computer, watching the video monitor record the rainfall and sipping on a beer. Just before midnight it let up and I had almost called it a night, but decided to go back out for a bit because Miriam’s house still had some faint light showing through the windows. The usual pattern had been complete blackout by ten o’clock or just a bit after that on nearly every single night. I knew her husband was always up early in the mornings because I heard their car and the garage door every morning before six am.

The soft snap of a twig was my first alert and I just had enough time to cover my eyes and protect my night vision when the flash on the spotting camera began firing at three frames a second. I pulled hard on the camouflage patterned parachute cord I had carefully strung in a complex pattern of trip lines crisscrossing the target box covered by the camera. The trip lines came up to their intended six inches height, and I had just enough time to pull all the slack out of the lines, before there was an answering pull against the line I was holding, a wavering cry of fear, and a solid thump as something big hit the wet ground hard.

The camera shut down automatically after five seconds. I flipped on the red light. The wide angle spot illuminated Miriam sprawled out at my feet. She was flat on her back, gasping in silent agony as she lay there trying to re-inflate her lungs. The deer in the headlights look on her face told me that she had taken a hard fall, probably bouncing her head off the damp ground as well as fully emptying her lungs and paralyzing her diaphragm when she hit the ground. Her eyes were moving rapidly without really seeing anything but the afterimages of all the camera flashes. I reached over and shut off the spotting camera after firing it for another three second burst.

She had managed to tangle both feet in the trip lines by hooking the lines as she fell and then churning her legs about when turning around to run away. The result was a pair of feet neatly snared at the ankles by thin, almost unbreakable, nylon parachute cord and they would stay that way as long as I kept the lines tight. She had continued spinning as she fell, finally landing flat on her back with nothing to break her fall, knocking the air completely out of her body as the weight of her organs pushed her diaphragm high into her chest cavity from the momentum of her fall.

I watched her struggle for a minute, keeping the light shining directly into her eyes as I focused the beam down into a smaller cone of red light just large enough to light her face and upper body. After a minute I could hear her starting to get some air back inside her chest and when her eyes oriented to the red beam of light aimed into her face, I decided to press my advantage, keeping her mentally off balance and confused as much as possible.

I set the flashlight down aiming it to keep Miriam illuminated while also grabbing the digital camera from the cup holder in the chair, closed my eyes tightly, and popped the flash right in front of her face, keeping her blinded for the moment. I dropped my voice a little and told her to “Freeze! Stay right where you are”.

Miriam whimpered, a tremulous little bit of sound coming from deep in the back of her throat at the sound of my voice, and drew in a ragged sobbing breath. I knew right then that she was really scared. Her trapped legs were thrashing about and her hands were plucking at the cords randomly, but she wasn’t really going anywhere.

I brusquely told her to stop moving and lay still. She started whimpering again and I could see her arms were trembling with shock and fear. Her whole upper body was shaking, making her tits bounce suggestively under her tee shirt. She started reaching for her ankles and I pulled harshly on the line, to make her realize that someone else had control of her feet. I triggered another burst from the flash camera and she let out a soft wail of fear.

“Don’t hurt me anymore, please!” she sobbed. “I’m not going to run away.” She was starting to cry real tears, now. Big ones that cascaded down her cheeks on both sides when she screwed her eyes tightly shut after I hit the flash again.

I had messed it up a little bit that time, too. I forgot to close my eyes tightly enough and needed to stall for time while I recovered some vision myself. I was just lucky that I hadn’t been looking directly into the light and would recover much faster than Miriam.

She sat there quietly crying while I waited for the flash afterimage to die down a bit. The first thing I could see when my eyesight returned was Miriam’s nipples were jutting out prominently from her rapidly rising and falling chest. They rose and fell with her rapid breathing; seemingly to swell with each breath and her tits would bounce delightfully with every shuddering sob Miriam was taking. Miriam’s knees were splayed out to either side and I could see a band of thin cloth tightly stretched while covering her gash through the leg hole of her jogging shorts. The lips of her pussy were clearly outlined by the tightly stretched material. I triggered another flash right in her face to give my vision more of an edge and Miriam let out another low quavering moan of fear and lowered her upper body back to the wet ground from held upright with her weight against her shaking arms. She lay there sobbing heavily with her hands plucking futilely at the parachute cord and her splayed legs hanging slackly wide open in utter defeat. Her tits were flattened out but her nipples still jutted straight out and those tits were really rocking and rolling as her chest shook with each shuddering breath.

I jerked on the cord in my hand again. “Lay still and be quiet.” I told her harshly. “Do exactly what you’re told and nothing else if you don’t want to be hurt.” I had intended it to mean that she shouldn’t try to get up and run away while her feet were tangled up, but after it came out I realized that what I said could be taken as a threat.

That caused her to cry some more, and she started babbling. “I’m sorry! I’m so very sorry” she sobbed out between shuddering breaths. “Please let me go. I’m not a bad girl; I’ve never been in any trouble before.” Miriam brought her knees up together, drumming her feet on the ground in frustration at the resistance to their movement while she continued to cry softly. “I won’t ever try anything like this again”, she sobbed out. All sorts of stuff like this continued cascading out of her mouth in a big jumbled rush as she tried to talk her way free. I figured that by now, she must have guessed it was me, but I wasn’t sure.

“Shut up, woman! Shut your pie hole and don’t move if you know what’s good for you!” I replied harshly. I jerked on the line again and Miriam broke down into deep hard sobbing, her legs relaxed and fell wide open again as all the fight went out of her again. I took one quiet step aside in order to tie off the lanyard for the trip lines around a stout nearby branch, making sure that there was plenty of tension to keep her ankles snugly lashed together. Miriam wailed and sobbed some more as I added more tension to the cords trapping her ankles. The pressure from the lines running beneath her back made her prop herself up on her arms again too. Her low cut shirt fell away from her chest and I looked down the open top in the dim lamplight at her breasts as they swayed with her heaving sobs. The germ of an evil idea was starting to form.

I reached down and gathered the neckline of her tee shirt in one hand. She shrank from my touch and mewled but I pulled on the shirt and gruffly told her to stand up. While she stood there shaking, I patted her down like I was looking for weapons, but really I was just finding out exactly how much clothes she had on.

Miriam jerked and pulled away from every touch of my hands, so I grabbed her tee shirt again and gave her a small push backwards, not enough to trip her but enough to make her realize she could be back on the ground in a heartbeat if I let go. “Don’t move!” I said. “Put your hands to your sides and just stand still. Not even so much as a wiggle!” I told her. I noticed she was keeping her eyes closed and ordered her again; “Open your eyes.” I had the camera ready and flashed her in the face as soon as she opened them. She started sobbing harder again.

This time she only flinched the first time my hand touched her side. My hand slowly went up the outside of her left arm across the top to her shoulder blade and back down her left side from her shoulder to the curve of her hip. I was careful to touch her softly, but not too lightly, like you would when gentling a horse. Then I worked my way slowly along the front of her belly, feeling her suck it in tight as I went across her stomach at the waistline, and back up the other side. Back over the other shoulder and straight down from the side of her neck until the heel of my palm ran into the nipple of her right breast. I continued going down slowly, letting each finger tip drag past the nipple slowly. Miriam started trembling, taking several rapid deep breaths the moment I made contact with her nipple, but she didn’t move or otherwise make any sounds. I let my fingers trail down across her quivering belly until I made contact with the waistline of her shorts, resting it there a moment, and then started back up at an angle. This was the move that would tell me if I had a chance of making Miriam’s punishment for trespass and attempted dog poisoning into a very pleasant and interesting situation.

I rotated my hand until the palm was facing up and let my fingers continue trailing across Miriam’s belly. It was taut and vibrating like a drum head against my fingertips. Miriam’s breathing was getting very fast and shallow, she was almost panting, but her body had stopped most of its uncontrolled trembling. My palm made solid contact with the underside of her left tit and I closed my fingers and thumb gently around the soft cone of flesh resting in my hand as I lifted it slightly up and away from her body. She stopped breathing for a moment and then shuddered again before restarting her shallow panting. I closed my eyes tightly because of being so close and brought the camera up again, triggering a flash with the camera right beside my shoulder and hoping everything would be in focus. I aimed a little lower and triggered it again to make sure I had my hand and her fabric covered tit somewhere in the frame.

I put some gentle pressure on her tit and felt her nipple respond by getting slightly harder. Miriam started making a quiet whining noise that could have been pleasure or fear, I wasn’t sure of which, but she didn’t pull away when I started being a little more forceful with how I manipulated her tit with my hand. I massaged it for another few moments and then used the slickness of the shirt fabric to let it slip from the palm of my hand so I could close my finger tips on her nipple. I took it between thumb and fingers, gently caressing and kneading it until I felt her start rocking back and forth in time with my movements as I repeatedly pulled it slightly away from her body. I started making my motions larger and Miriam went with me until she was noticeably leaning towards me and rocking backward every time I let up on her nipple. I rocked her forward and held her there, squeezing her nipple enough to hold onto it against the pull of her body as it tried to rock backwards again, using more force than ever before to stretch out her tit from her body. I held it that way until Miriam rocked forward again, surrendering her nipple to my thumb and fingers. Then I stopped, and after dropping her tit, I rewarded her by just slowly circling it with my finger tip through the fabric of her shirt until it grew even harder.

Miriam rocked back and let out a long breath. “What are you going to do to me?” she whispered. “Are you going to hurt me?” “Please… I… I’ll be….” her voice trailed off into silence.

It was thin and whispery, and she still sounded scared, but her voice had changed by an octave, becoming lower and more ragged than before. She was trembling again but she didn’t jump or shrink back when I reached forward and made fresh contact with her breast. I gently stroked along the outside of her tit and flicked the hard nipple through the fabric with my finger tips. I quietly said, “It’s not going to be like that”. “It’s not right what you’ve done, and it’s not going to be easy to forget what you would have done, either.” “I’ll bet I might find some evidence of how ugly and cruel some people can be right here in this yard if I looked for it”, I told her. “I’m not sure what might be enough to balance those scales.” I flashed the camera in her eyes again. She flinched, but she was getting resigned to the blindness and didn’t jump very much this time.

Miriam was starting to lean in towards me as I cupped her breast again, rubbing her nipple through the fabric of her shirt with my thumb. She let out a long slow breath and then said, “I said I was sorry. I’ll make things up to you somehow, if you’ll let me”. After a short pause, she continued, “Just tell me what to do. I’ll be good, I can be very good, but, please, don’t hurt me”. I answered her with silence, letting her own mind suggest whatever it would.

She shuddered and her hips bucked when I slowly dropped my hand to make contact with the soft flesh of her belly just above her waist. I let my finger tips slide inside and under her shirt tail just above the top of her shorts. The tips of my fingers slid back and forth along the bare skin above her waistband before rising slowly toward her chest again. Her breath became quicker and more shallow as I lifted the front of her shirt until my fingertips touched the underside of her breast and then I slid them along her silky skin until again contacting and surrounding her rock hard nipple.

Miriam drew in a breath with a hissing sound and then let it out with a small groan, rocking forward into my hand and trembling as I put more pressure on the flesh that was trapped between my thumb and finger. I was starting to feel body heat coming off of Miriam as she stood trembling before me. Her throat made small hissing noises as she drew in ragged breaths of air. I put the camera in my shirt pocket and brought my other hand down to her right hip, placing it on top of her ass cheek and sliding it up to the elastic waistband of her shorts. She flinched slightly with the contact and then relaxed her lower back, letting her hips fall forward against my hand. I ran my fingers back and forth along the juncture between her bare skin and the top of her shorts along her right side, pushing down slightly as I followed the curve of her waistline, until I started to feel the elastic band walking up over the tips of my fingers.

Miriam wasn’t trembling as much now, but her body hadn’t stop moving. I could feel the war going on inside of her as her raw emotions and instincts began to take control of both mind and body. Physical pleasure was becoming a very tempting refuge from the fear her mind had been forced to deal with. I slid my hand around behind her waist and put gentle pressure against her lower back while sliding my fingertips down inside her shorts as she rocked further forward. The tip of my index finger slid about one knuckle deep into the crack of her ass, and her ass rose bucking back into my hand as she arched her back in response.

Miriam started to take a small step toward me but stopped when she felt the cords pulling against her ankles as she tried to lift her foot. It made her go off balance and she leaned heavily into the hand working on her chest. Small sounds of frustration came from her throat. “Please, don’t hurt me. I’ll be good. I can be a really good girl. Just tell me ….”

I was starting to wonder about this a little. I hadn’t hurt Miriam at all, at least, not intentionally. She had taken a nasty and abrupt fall to the ground, but the ground was damp and soft from the rain; as well as being carpeted in deep thickly rooted grass. Sure, I had scared the crap out of her, as I felt she well deserved, but I had intentionally been careful with my hands too, not putting enough pressure anywhere on her body to leave a mark. I wasn’t sure why she kept talking about being hurt, but I figured I knew how to find out.

I put some real pressure into the grip I had on her left nipple, grinding down on it until I heard a harsh intake of breath from Miriam. She shuddered and arched her back again, thrusting her chest towards me, but she didn’t panic or struggle wildly with fresh fear. Her hands reached out as she leaned her weight against me. She released the breath she was holding slowly and I heard a low keening moan coming from Miriam’s throat.

I pushed my other hand deeper inside the back of her shorts and under the edge of her panties, rocking her hips forward again with the motion of my hand, then drew my hand back toward the front of Miriam’s body while rotating my fingers so the palm of my hand cupped her belly. As the distance became smaller, my hand naturally traveled lower, deeper inside her panties, and I let it plunge down until I was tangling my fingers in the hair growing over her pussy. Miriam’s moaning became more intense as I pushed my fingers through the coarse hair covering her vagina, and the beginnings of a pleading whimper crept into her voice. I let my hand fall by its own weight naturally until I could feel the middle finger start tracking the outlines of her pussy lips and corrected my aim just enough to slide my fingertips over the top of her lips and into the gap between them, but too low to make any contact with her clit. I dragged my index and middle fingers through the wetness there until I had two knuckles worth fully coated in her slime. As I parted her lips with my fingers the rest of the trapped moisture my hand had released dropped down to soak the front of her panties.

Then I pulled my hand back far enough to draw my fingers directly up her slit and against Miriam’s swollen clitoris. There, I circled it gently with the tip of my middle finger, quickly eliciting a long series of shudders from Miriam. She softly made a keening, high pitched whine from the far back of her throat that faded into heavy breathing as her shuddering came to a stop. Miriam continued to lean on me for support as I continued to massage her “little man in the boat”. I continued stroking her clit until her hips started rocking in time with my hand motions again. Then, I experimented by starting to work more aggressively on her tits, switching my hand under her shirt to the right tit; kneading the firm fleshy globe of her breast roughly before squeezing its rigid, outward pointed nipple with enough force to cut it off from the blood supply and make it swell even larger with the blood still being trapped inside.

All Miriam did was start rocking harder against my finger and begin making those tight little moaning sounds deep in the back of her throat again. I was starting to get Miriam figured out. I switched back and forth between her tits for a few minutes with my right hand, and then reached around behind her and started pulling her shirt up over her head. She stiffened up for a second but I took her swollen clit between my thumb and finger and pinched it, putting some pretty good pressure on it and she ducked her head and scrunched her shoulders up for me as I pulled the shirt over her head and off her body. She raised her arms and let me finish removing her top and I dropped it to the damp ground at our feet. I pulled out the camera and took another flash picture of her naked torso.

Now she was bare to the waist, her weight was resting on her arms with her hands clinging to my shoulders and her forehead resting against my chest, as I went back to work on her tits. I reached up and grabbed the nipple on her left tit between the ball of my thumb and the second knuckle of my index finger. I clamped down hard on it and Miriam began to shudder a second time. This climax hit her like a ton of bricks and she was getting wobbly trying to continue standing up. After it was over, her head fell forward against my shoulder and she leaned there, panting for air as enduring the combination of pain and pleasure consumed all of her oxygen and she tried to catch her breath. I let up on her cunt and withdrew my hand from the front of her shorts. She didn’t do anything but stand there breathing rapidly, and I decided it was time for me to get some physical satisfaction for myself as well. I reached out, found her wrist, and pulled her right hand over to my crotch. I expected her to pull back sharply, but all she did was twist her arm at the wrist, trying weakly to free it from my grasp when I first made contact.

All I had to say was the word, “Don’t.”, and she stopped struggling. I turned her hand palm towards me and forced her to rub her hand up and down the front of my cargo shorts until the outline of my cock had to be unmistakable in her mind. I let go of her hand and she stopped moving until I said, “Fair is fair.”

With that she started to slowly move her hand up and down, over the swollen flesh beneath the zipper on my shorts. I waited for a minute, then reaching in, undid the button and zipper on the front of my shorts, pulling one side of them open. Her hand had frozen in place the moment it made contact with mine and I grabbed her wrist and guided her hand up inside the shorts, rubbing it up against the wet cloth of my briefs where precum had already soaked through the material. She resisted for a moment and I rocked slightly backward to pull her further off balance. She had to put more pressure against me with the hand on my cock since her feet were still held in place by the tight cords tangled around them. Then she allowed me to turn her wrist so her fingers were curled partially around my cloth covered shaft and the palm of her hand was rubbing up and down against the thin material distended by my swollen member.

I released her hand and she continued to stroke my cock through the fabric. I walked my shorts down the back of my ass until they dropped the rest of the way from their own weight, freed one leg, and stood there enjoying the feeling of her hand massaging my manhood. Then I grabbed her hand by the wrist again, guiding it upward until her fingertips grazed the circumcised tip of my cock nosing its way out from under the waistband of my briefs. She stiffened up when she realized what was happening, but I didn’t give her any room to back out or hesitate. Using a firm grip on her wrist, I made it plain that her hand was going to go back down inside of my briefs. Once it was there, I held her wrist tightly and pressed her palm against the hot swollen flesh inside. I began guiding her to curl her fingers completely around the hard shaft and making her continue working it up and down as my erection got even harder.

After a few seconds, she got into the swing of things and I released her hand. She shifted her elbow, taking a more natural grip, and then picked up the pace a little bit. I brought my left hand up, grabbed the camera and took a shot of her hand on my cock, then put it back in my pocket and started working on both of her tits at the same time. I kneaded both ripe globes of flesh at the same time, gently at first and then with more force, and then pinched and pulled on her nipples in unison. Her breathing started to get deeper and more rapid. I felt her leaning more heavily on my shoulder, supporting some of her weight through her head that was still down against my right upper chest. After a couple more minutes I shifted my hands and gently pushed her upper body slightly away from mine, causing her to raise her head off my shoulder.

I kneaded her firm tits a few more times and then shifted my hands to grasp both her nipples between my thumbs and the sides of my index fingers. I pinched her nipples, putting some real pressure on her flesh as I twisted them harshly, lifting her tits up and away from her body and then pulling them out and downward to stretch them even further from her body. I continued to torture her breasts by their fleshy tips, still trapped in my fingers, while her breathing became more harsh and frantic. It was becoming plain that she liked what was happening to her, including when I was increasing the pain she felt as my hands continued roughly working over her breasts. I lifted her tits up one more time and then really bore down on her nipples with my thumbs, grinding her flesh between the sides of my fingers and the balls of my thumbs. She shuddered and tried to lean into me again submissively.

I pushed her back on her heels and let my hands drop, allowing the full weight of my arms to pull down on her breasts, stretching them out and distending her nipples until her tits were pulled out of shape and her nipples were pointed at the ground between our feet as if by weights. Miriam began to compensate by lowering her shoulders, and then realizing where her body was headed, moaned the word “No!” in a quavering voice.

I didn’t reply. I just kept rolling and pulling her nipples between my fingers, milking them as I shuffled my feet backwards one more tiny step, adding some more pull by straightening my elbows just a little bit. Miriam whimpered incoherently as her trapped feet forced her to lean perilously forward, but she didn’t release my cock or slow her hand down as she continued to jack me off. I started working my hands around in little circles while continuing the downward pressure on her upper body through her tits until I heard her softly whimper a pleading “Please,…no.” again.

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