This adventure happened during Art school, my boyfriend Bob’s family owned a summerhouse and cool boat on a huge lake in Arizona. During that summer, we were staying at the summerhouse for a few weeks.

One day Bob mentioned that we were going to a party on the lake. It was a really big affair and about 10 miles up the lake. The boat that Bob’s family owned was a pretty big, fast job, I don’t know a lot about boats, but I guess this was something special. It was a jet boat and it had a deck big enough on the back for me to lie on and soak up the sun, it was all cushioned and plush. Once we slowed down at the party area, I figured I could just lay back and be really comfy.

Well, I have to tell you that thing just flew across the lake. It seemed that in no time at all we were creeping into the cove where the party was going on. We passed a point of land and turned in, I couldn’t believe the number of boats there or the number of people out partying. There must have been at least a couple hundred boats and tons of people on shore. There was a band playing on a big pontoon boat and other boats just cruising through watching all the action. There was one boat with a huge sign urging girls to sign up for a bikini contest that was going to be held later in the day.

As we cruised in closer to shore and the main action, I could hear guys chanting “tits, tits, tits” and saw that a number of women were giving them what they wanted. A lot of women were just plain topless as well. They looked pretty comfortable to me and it was apparent that Bob was enjoying the show.

We anchored settled back to watch the action and listen to the music. Bob popped a couple of beers, rolled a joint and fired it up. By the time we finished the joint, I was on my second beer and had a really good buzz going. I lay back on the rear deck and just grooved to the tunes and the sounds of partying going on around me. I guess I dozed off a bit.

I woke up to Bob rubbing tanning lotion on me. What actually woke me up was when he slid his hands under my bikini top and rubbed lotion into my breasts. I kept my eyes closed and enjoyed the attention. He finally just pushed the top up and off my breasts for better access. I arched my back and smiled as he went back to work rubbing in the lotion. He worked his way down and pulled my bottoms down and rubbed lotion on my butt and over my sex as well. I laughed and asked, “You don’t really expect me to get sun down there do you?”

He laughed, banged on the motor deck and said, “who knows we may be going for it on the motor deck by this afternoon”.

I smiled at the thought but didn’t think it very likely.

When he finished lubing me up with lotion, he asked if I wanted to take a ride in closer to shore and see what was going on.

“Sure”, I said, “let’s check it out” and sat up and pulled my top back in place covering my breasts. It was wild closer to shore. The guys on shore were trying to talk all the girls on the boats into showing their breasts. As we got closer, Bob tossed me a beer and asked if I was going to flash em.

“I don’t know “ I replied, “You want me to?”

Hey, I think you’re the hottest thing out here; I’d love to see you flash; it’s your decision though.

I opened the beer and pretended to be considering something that I already knew I was going to do. Hell, if you’ve read any of my other stories then you know it too.

As we came up on the shore area where all the guys were lined up, they started chanting for me to show them my tits. I teased them for a couple of moments and then pulled my bikini to the sides revealing my breasts to the crowd. They cheered and chanted and seemed to appreciate what I had shown. It was a real rush, flashing in front of a crowd like that. Man, oh man!

As we left the area, I noticed a lot of women were topless, enjoying the sun and decided to go for it as well and removed my top entirely.

Bob just smiled when he turned to look back at me as we were slowly cruising by all the boats. I don’t know why, but it always excites me to be photographed. There were cameras and video cameras everywhere… and more than a few were pointing in my direction!

We headed back out into more open water. Bob looked back and said, “ I told you they’d love you”.

I laughed and told him they loved any girl who showed them what they wanted.

He laughed and said “yeah that’s probably true, but I loved it anyway; I love it when other men see how hot you are”. I leaned up and kissed him, loving him for thinking me that sexy.

We eased out to a good anchoring area and partied for a little bit. After a while I told Bob I needed to pee and we needed to find someplace for me to go. He started the boat and slowly eased out to deeper water away from most of the other boats. I jumped into the water removed my bottoms and relieved myself. It felt really sexy to be floating totally nude so close to so many people. I swam around for a few minutes enjoying the feeling. Finally, I climbed back up onto the boat and lay on the back deck totally nude. Boats would go by and a couple came in close, but everyone was cool. After a little while Bob fired up the motor and we started to idle into the party again. I reached over and grabbed my bikini bottom and slid it back on.

As we were idling back, we heard these 2 guys hollering to us from another boat. Bob steered toward them to see what they wanted. It turned out that their boat’s motor wouldn’t start and they wondered if they could join up with us. They had tons of food, alcohol and bragged on some killer weed.

Bob turned toward me and said, “It’s up to Jenn”. If it’s ok with her, then it’s fine by me. I didn’t really want any company; on the other hand, if I were in their shoes, I wouldn’t want to miss out on the party. Besides they were cute in a surfer boy kind of way. So I agreed and they secured their boat and moved their coolers and stuff over to ours. I pretty quickly decided to put my top back on because both guys couldn’t seem to keep their eyes off my breasts. They were trying to be polite, but I guess when breasts are just out there like that, guys just gotta check them out.

We idled closer in to the party, anchored and began to start some serious partying. These guys came ready to party, They had coke, pot, and all kinds of alcohol. I don’t know what they were planning, but getting totally wasted figured pretty high on the list. They lit up a giant joint and I was zoned in almost no time and just lie back to enjoy the sun. I was really high!

After about an hour or so of partying, Bob wanted to to take a run by the shore again to see what was happening. We all pretty lit by this time, but Bob was being really careful and as we got closer to shore, we could hear the guys with their chanting again. When we got close to shore and started to cruise along it, the chanting got to me and I pulled my top aside again exposing my breasts to the crowd. The guys on the boat seemed to be screaming the loudest. When I covered them back up again, Bob and the guys booed me. I just smiled at them and went to lie on the back deck of the boat. We anchored much closer to shore to watch the action, listen to the band and continue to party.

The guys cooked up some burgers and once we finished eating brought out a bottle of Tequila and we all did some shots. I was really pretty wacked by this point and decided to lie down for a while, I needed to let the buzz mellow out a bit. The guys came back to talk to me while I lay back there. They brought out some coke and snorted it then offered me a line saying that it would help to even me out… and what great stuff it was. My god, I was so high! My head was humming!

I lay back and Bob got the lotion out and squirted some onto my belly. He started to rub it in and I just lay back enjoying it. As he was applying the lotion, he slid his hands under my top again rubbing the lotion into my breasts. I figured he was really pretty hammered to be doing this in front of the guys. But I didn’t resist, there was no sense in getting him upset and besides, I thought it was kinda hot and the guys had already seen my breasts anyway. He finally undid my top and pulled it off me. He tweaked my nipples for a few moments getting them good and hard then he got up and moved to the front of the boat taking the other guys with him.

I guess they started partying some more, I didn’t pay much attention. I dozed off for a while and woke up when the motor started. We idled away from the crowds and anchored so that we were away from the crowds but could still hear the band playing.

The guys all dove into the water to relieve themselves and cool down. I lay there dozing off. Vaguely, I heard them climb back aboard. They were going to do some more lines and Bob came back calling my name. I ignored him and pretended to be sleeping. I knew that if I answered him, he’d want me to party some more and I needed a break. I was still way too high!

I heard him tell the other guys that they could all party in the back of the boat where it was more comfortable. He told them that I was crashed and was probably out for a while. He laughed and told them that when I crashed like this I could sleep through a war. They must’ve all been standing around me as they talked and drank; at least that’s how it sounded anyway.

One of the guys told Bob that I was really hot and very cool; he wished I hadn’t crashed. Bob told him that I would probably would wake up and party again in a few hours. The other one told Bob that he was one lucky guy, what a great body I had. I knew Bob was really blasted when he told them that if they liked how I looked there, then they should see me totally bareass, it’d blow your mind, she’s got the best pussy. Both guys piped up, yea we’d love to, Let’s see it, but Bob just laughed, ignoring them. One of the guys asked Bob if he was up for another line of coke and they cut it up and snorted right next to me.

When they finished the coke, the opened some beers stood around talking. Bob started to tell them the story about a party he had at his frat house. I had gone and he had tied me up, blindfolded me, then left me with the door to the bedroom open. He told them how he set up a video camera to record whatever happened and all he expected was that some guy would come and maybe feel me up. Instead one of my girlfriends came in and got nude and went 69 on me. The guys all hooted at the story and I could hear hands slapping as they told Bob that he was damn lucky to have such a hottie on his hands.

One of the guys must have been staring at me lying there topless because he said “Man, I can’t take my eyes off her tits, I love those big puffy nipples. I bet she has a great pussy, no offense man. After that story you just told and what you said a little while ago, I’d really love to see her bareass!”

“Yea she really does have tight little pussy” Bob replied, “you’d love it for sure”. It was quiet for a moment of two and then I heard Bob say, “ahhh what the fuck, she’ll never know and if we’re going to be standing around partying anyway, why not be looking at a nice hot pussy”. Both guys cheered I could hear hands slapping in high fives, the next thing I know Bob’s hands are at my hips easing my bikini bottoms over my hips and down my legs. Once he got the bathing suit off, he spread my legs more and then he must’ve backed off to let them to take a look.

I couldn’t believe it; the problem was that I was turned on by it too!! Both guys were admiring my pussy and I could only imagine how I must’ve looked. Bob started telling them about a time when I was passed out and he started playing with me until he made me orgasm. I didn’t remember that and began to wonder what else he might’ve done while I was passed out. He sure had no problem showing me off to strangers!

While the guys were admiring me, Bob said that he should put some lotion me before I burned up. I heard Bob go up to the front of the boat and then climb down into the bow. Instantly hands were feeling my breasts and pussy. It only lasted a few seconds until they heard Bob coming back up again.

While the guys were checking me out, they were congratulating themselves on the luck of being on our boat and how loaded Bob was. When Bob came back, he must’ve sat on the back edge of the boat because I heard him ask the guys if they wanted to apply the lotion. He’d have a beer and watch. Yeah!! was the response, and a moment later I felt the lotion being squirted on my body and then hands rubbing it in. One of them noticed that my nipples were getting hard and mentioned it to Bob.

“Hey man, I hope she’s not waking up; her nipples are getting hard”.

“No” Bob replied, “I don’t think so; she just gets turned on real easy, even passed out”.

“Ok, I just didn’t want to create any shit for you dude” he replied and began rubbing the lotion into my breasts again. The other guy wasted no time in getting the lotion on and around my pussy.

I couldn’t believe that Bob was allowing this to go on, I realized that he was probably getting off on watching these two strangers play with my body. One of the guys slid fingers into my pussy and was rubbing my clitoris with his thumb. He must’ve taken Bob’s silence as a signal to continue and the next thing I feel is a tongue flicking my clitoris. I couldn’t hold out much longer and not start to respond.

Bob laughed and finally told him that that was enough and the guy reluctantly stopped. The damage was already done though. I was thoroughly turned on and I knew my pussy must have been open and my nipples swollen. They sat back and shot the breeze while smoking another joint and then pulled the tequila out for some more shots. After the shots one of the guys asked Bob if he’d mind them taking some pictures of me, this was too cool not to get some shots.

Bob was slurring when he told them to go ahead, He’d just sit back and watch. A minute later I heard the camera clicking and the guys moving around as they photographed me. I heard Bob ask them if they wanted him to a couple of shots with them in the shots with me. They said yes and Bob started snapping shots with both guys with me. One of the guys lay his cheek on my breast and the other upped him by sucking a nipple into his mouth. When the first guy saw that, he did the same and Bob just laughed and continued to shoot them playing with me. They moved down and I felt hands spreading my legs and again I could feel both heads on my thighs and then tongues sandwiching my clit and Bob didn’t stop this either. I couldn’t help myself, my breathing started to get heavier and I moaned softly as they licked my pussy.

I could still hear the camera clicking away, until Bob told them that they were out of film. One of them said that they should do a couple more lines and reload the camera. He went off to get the stuff. I could hear the camera being reloaded and the guys snorting up the coke and then drinking even more tequila. When they finished the drinks and the coke, Bob asked if they wanted any more pictures and they both laughed and said “damn right we do”. Ok, Let’s do it and started up with me again. I knew this was out of control, but at the same time I was so aroused that I didn’t really want it to stop either. When I felt a mouths on one of my nipples and a second later another licking my pussy, I let out a loud moan.

They both stopped and one of them told Bob that I was really hot and wet. Was he sure that I wouldn’t wake up. He told them not to worry. If I were going to wake up, it would’ve been before now; there was nothing to worry about. It was so weird, I could hear the music, people laughing and boats on the lake.

It was all quiet for a few moments and Bob asked if they got all the pictures they wanted.

“No way man”, and they both were at me again. After a couple more minutes of this, one of them turned to Bob and asked if he minded if he took his bathing suit off and got a couple of shots with his dick next to my pussy. Bob told them that it wasn’t a problem with him and I heard the rustle of clothes dropping to the deck. They moved me so that my legs hung over each side of the corner of the back deck. Essentially keeping my legs spread, but my pussy at the edge of the deck.

One the guys moved between my legs and I felt his dick bounce on my thigh and I heard the camera click. He moved closer and put it right on my open pussy lips. All it would take would be a slight push and he would be inside of me. “Get a close up would you Bob, god she is hot, and so wet, it feels like she’s on fire.”

The camera continued to click away, but closer in and it sounded like Bob was breathing heavy too. Whoever it was at my pussy had everyone’s attention because the other guy wasn’t touching me at all. As the camera clicked, he applied a little pressure and the head of his dick spread my lips and he was at entrance of my pussy and he very slowly, incrementally continued to push.

I guess I expected that Bob would bring it to a halt and I really didn’t want him too. It was maddening, and I was biting my bottom lip without realizing it. As the head of his dick slid into me, I realized that Bob was either to drunk or too much into this to stop it. He was always into showing me off and this had to be the ultimate for him. He wanted it as badly as I did now. The guy stopped with just the head of his dick in me and didn’t move at all, but I could feel the head pulsing and twitching. The camera clicked again and he pulled slowly back out until the head was just spreading my lips again. Bob leaned in and got a close up of the wet head resting against my spread open lips. I could hear the guys’ breathing was fast; he was really excited by all this. Then he started to slowly push back into me again, almost as if he did it slowly, Bob wouldn’t notice what he was doing and stop him. Again when he had the head in, he stopped and waited for a bit, then he began to push in again. I let out another involuntary moan as he filled me up. He stopped and Bob told him it was ok, I was just enjoying it my sleep. Ok he said and continued to push into me until I felt his balls resting on my butt. The camera clicked, then he started to slowly fuck me. It was all too much and I couldn’t believe that they didn’t realize that I was awake. I was moaning loudly enough to wake the dead and my hips had started to move in response to what he was doing. The camera clicked next to my head and then again down by my pussy. He started to pump faster and Bob told him not to come inside me. He pulled out just as he started to blow his top and sprayed all over my belly. The camera clicked. As his breathing slowed and he got back in control of himself, he took a towel and wiped my belly and moved away to have a drink and catch his breath.

The other guy asked Bob if he minded taking a couple of pictures of him too. Bob told him to go ahead and a moment later I felt another dick at my opening and this one wasted no time sliding into me. I was so hot that I just reached my hands around his ass and held on as he fucked me. I was tossing my head back and forth and moaning while he pounded my pussy. I could hear the camera clicking in the background while all this was happening. I heard the first guy telling Bob how cool this all was, like a fantasy come to life.

He asked again if I was awake because I really seemed to be into it. Bob assured him that I was not conscious at all; I was only reacting to the physical sensations and would think it was all a dream when I woke up. Well in that case I want to get another shot then and he moved up next to my head and turned it toward him and slipped his dick into my mouth. The camera clicked! How in the world could they not know that I was awake and aware of everything that was happening, I think the guys knew, but Bob was way too hammered to know anything. But there was nothing he could possibly say to me about it anyway. I was supposed to be passed out and he initiated it.

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