photo shoot

“Excuse me. I was wondering if I could get my homecoming pictures taken here?” asked the soft, angelic voice of a young girl who just walked into Jane’s photo studio.

Jane sat at the front desk with her face planted in her laptop doing a bit of research online.

“We do homecomings, proms, birthdays, bar mitzvahs…………” Jane trailed off once she looked up from her laptop and was astounded by the young girl’s profoundly gigantic bowling ball-sized knockers that were wrapped taut beneath a Superman signature tee-shirt. The Superman signature S logo was widely stretched over her large chest with her two ample spheres heaving below it, protruding enormously from the middle of her chest right at Jane with her nipples looking quite prominent even through the fabric of her massive brassiere.

“So, you do homecomings?’ the young lady asked.

Jane quickly snapped out of her spellbinding stare at the young girl’s monstrous jugs, as they heaved with each of her breaths.

“Yes! Yes, we do,” she answered hastily, as her eyes drifted back and forth between the young lady’s striking crystal clear-blue eyes that were concealed behind a pair of small circular, intellectual looking bifocals and her superb set of whopping fun-bags. She then looked over and notice a tall man standing closely behind her.

“So I take it you and your boyfriend here want to do something special for homecoming?” Jane speculated.

“Oh, Seth isn’t my boyfriend,” the young girl referring to the guy behind her. “He’s a friend of mines and I’m not his type… He’s gay.”

“Oh, I see,” responded Jane, as she looked over at the young man who bared a striking resemblance to the gay actor from The Big Bang Theory; Jim Parsons but his hair was dirty-blond and spiked up. Totally last year’s hairstyle, Jane thought. She also noticed his hair wasn’t the only thing spiked up. He kept momentary looking at Jane as if he was nervous about something…

“Oh, and I’m Rebecca Mitchell but everyone either calls me Becky or Becca… Sometimes even more then that,” the young girl replied in a sorrow tone.

“Yeah, like Becky Boulders, Bowling Ball Becky or Busty Becky or Big Boobie Becca,” spoke her gay friend Seth in a sassy tone.

“Gosh, thanks Seth. I’m sure the nice lady is very interested in the nicknames they call me because of my humongous boobs,” Rebecca sarcastically replied.

If only Rebecca and Seth knew that Jane had an obsession with huge tits and Rebecca had plenty on her chest shelf. To hear the two of them talk about Rebecca’s breasts made Jane quite aroused.

“Say, Becky. If you have an hour or two to spare for the moment, I would really like to take some photos of you as a practice run, if that’s okay?” Jane asked.

Rebecca was a bit confused by this sudden offer.

“Like, right now? I mean, won’t it cost me?” she nervously asked.

“Yes. At this very moment and no, I won’t charge you this time. It’s on the house.”

“Well Seth and I didn’t have any plans at the moment, so we can spare a couple of hours,” Rebecca said.

Seth didn’t look to thrilled about this out of the blue photo shoot.

“Well Becca, if your going to get your picture taken for a few hours, I think I’ll just go wait in the car.”

“Nonsense!” Jane exclaimed. “She’s your best friend. You should be here and support her. That’s what friends do.”

“You know, she’s right Seth. Plus, you know I’m a little camera shy. I need someone I know here with me,” pouted Rebecca.

“Fine. Alright. I’ll stay but can we like finish this is under two hours because I don’t want to miss a minute of Friends.”

“Great! Right this way please.”

Jane pointed the two of them towards the photo studio set. Jane couldn’t pry her eyes off Rebecca as she surveyed the overly well-endowed young lady from behind.

At 5’2, Rebecca had a voluptuous body similar to porn model Ashley Sage Elliot. Her light golden-brown hair flowed straight and was thrown into a long ponytail that stopped between her shoulder blades. Confined within a pair of loose fitting dark faded blue jeans were Rebecca’s full, childbearing hips and big, shapely soft ass. She also wore a pair of brown furry boots which Jane deemed horrendous in an issue of DAMSEL last year.

“Rebecca, you take a seat on the bed. Seth, you sit in that chair and don’t make a peep,” instructed Jane.

Jane watched as Rebecca took a seat on the bed and gasped at how her heavy full melons nearly came to rest in her lap.

“So why do you have a bed in your studio?” Seth nosily asked.

“Some people like to take intimate photos, now hush you,” Jane replied politely.

“So, is there any certain poses you want me to do?” curiously asked Rebecca, as Jane was putting together her camera.

“I’ll direct you as I’m taking your pictures but I have to ask you something and it might be a bit personal but, how old were you when you started developing your breasts?”

“Oh, its not too personal. Believe me, I get asked this a lot. About when I turned eleven and they haven’t stopped since then,” Rebecca confidently asked. “I was pretty much the bustiest girl in all my grade levels.”

“And your how old now?” Jane asked, snapping photos of the young busty scarlet.


“Wow! 18!” Jane replied astonished.

“Yep, 18 and the sometimes proud owner of a bra size, 38I.”

Jane stopped snapping pictures for a brief second after Rebecca revealed her bra size, then continued.

“Holy cow!! An I cup?? And only 18??” responded an excited Jane.

“Yeah. Kind of runs in the family. Well, it must had skipped a generation because my grandma has super large breasts and so does my older sister and two aunts. Their cup sizes are a lot bigger then mines,” Rebecca explained. “Mom wasn’t so lucky.”

“That’s… quite… remarkable,” Jane lustfully replied with an insane visual in her head of Rebecca’s grandma, aunts and sister looking like her with even bigger boobs. “We must do a family portrait real soon.” Jane laughed as she took a quick peek over at Seth and noticed how he crossed his legs frequently as if he was trying to hide his erection…

“Say, if your not too embarrassed by your breasts, could you show me? You don’t see ones as large as yours on a regular basic,” Jane requested.

Rebecca immediately began blushing, as her beige-colored cheeks turned red.

“Will you look at the time. I also forgot Friends started early tonight! We should be going Becky. I’m not liking this photographer,” said Seth.

“Well, gosh… I don’t know. Its hard for me to bare my tits in front of my girl friends and guys I date, let alone some woman who I don’t know,” Rebecca explained. “And Seth has never seen my tits, even though he’s gay and they don’t excite him.”

“Its my job to make sure you feel relaxed with your body when taking photos. I’m sure your prom dress will display a lot of cleavage, and if not, there isn’t a dress big enough to hide your breasts. I want you to be comfortable with them and be proud of them all the time and not just some of the time. Plus, its only me and your gay friend Seth. With breasts your sizes, I don’t see how any man, gay or straight could not get excited,” explained Jane.

Seth looked a bit nervous as he and Jane waited on Rebecca’s answer.

“Relax Seth. I set the DVR just in case. And Jane’s right. I need to be proud of my breasts all the time,” she naively answered.

Jane softly gasped and licked her lips as she snapped pictures of Rebecca removing her taut Superman tee shirt and revealed a huge, bulky purple brassiere that showed a gorge of pillowy cleavage. Rebecca’s tits were truly the biggest she was about to see with the exception of Charlene and Jane counted down and anticipated the day she would get to see Charlene’s titanic monsters in their naked glory…

Jane was extremely turned on just by the size of the gigantic bra cups that housed two immense, beige-colored balloons Rebecca called boobs. The harness like bra was straining at the seams as her swelled melons pushed against the lacy material. The thin shoulder straps no doubt dug into the poor girl’s shoulders due to the gigantic weight of her tits. Even though Jane preferred men, she wouldn’t mind having her way with those thick swollen udders hanging from Rebecca’s large chest and judging by Seth and his dick’s reaction, he wouldn’t mind neither…

“I can’t begin to tell you how uncomfortable it is wearing huge bras. As you can see, they are not very sexy and appealing,” Rebecca replied, as she reached around her back to unsnap the grand contraption that restrained her oversized jugs.

“Hold on a minute Rebecca. Why don’t we let your wonderful gay buddy Seth take off your bra?” Jane suggested. “I mean, he probably doesn’t have a whole lot of experience taking off woman’s bras but lets see if he can do it. Might be fun to see him squirm.”

“Okay!” Rebecca excitedly agreed.

“I don’t want too,” Seth sassed, as he rejected the offer.

“Oh, come on Seth. This is no time for you to start upholding your gay rights! Get over there and help your friend out,” scolded Jane.

Seth seemed to be agonizing, not only over his decision to participate but over his fully-blown erection.

“Alright Becky. Turn around so I can loosen the darn thing,” Seth sassed.

Rebecca turned around with her back towards Seth as he stood up. Jane gasped… She wasn’t as much surprised to know that Seth wasn’t really gay and that he sprung an erection, but it was the size of his erection that overwhelmed and aroused Jane. His large hard wood obscenely swelled against his jeans and he obviously didn’t want Rebecca to see it but Jane got an eyeful and sunk it in.

Seth stayed close to the edge of the bed while he reached over and started unhooking the multiple layers of hooks to Rebecca’s giant bra. When he finished the unhooking the last latch, he quickly returned to his seat to try and hide his enormous boner.

“Are you guys ready to see why its not easy being me?” Rebecca teased, as she left the oversized bra drop to the floor. She stood up and turned around with her tiny hands failing miserably to cover up her whopping breasts that dominated her whole chest. After a few seconds of teasing, Rebecca dropped her arms to her sides and allowed her humongous beige-colored tits to be exposed to Jane’s and Seth’s eyes…

“Holy shit girlie! You got a pair of fucking pumpkins strapped to your chest! Never in my life have I seen such beautiful breasts in such a riveting size!” praised a horny Jane. “Doesn’t she have terrific breasts, Seth? Why aren’t you looking Seth?”

“I’m maybe gay but I’m still a man and I don’t want to come off as some pervert,” he answered.

“Gosh Seth… You act as if you’re the one who’s exposing their breasts. I am. Will you please look,” pleaded Rebecca.

“Yeah Seth. I mean, you’re gay right? Gay men don’t attend to get aroused when looking at a woman’s breasts… Or do they?” said Jane. “Why don’t you prove us wrong.”

Seth had his legs tightly crossed and mauling the sofa cushion while keeping his eyes away from a topless Rebecca. The two continued nagging him about looking until he finally caved in.

“Okay, shit! Shut the fuck up! I’ll look for heaven sakes if it means that much to both of you bitches,” he sassed.

Seth turned his head towards his topless friend and attempted to keep a calm demeanor and a straight face as he got his first eyeful of Rebecca’s enormous 38I milk cans in all their naked, beige-colored, and veiny glory. Rebecca had those “can’t see my feet over my breasts” type tits that protruded and swooped naturally low from the middle of her chest to where the plump bottoms of her breasts stopped above her naval. The thick, meaty flesh cannons were firm and a tad perky with few stretch marks at the tops with a barrage of light-blue veins circulating through them and toppled with peach drink coaster-sized areolas and petite rosy nipples. Her 5’2 voluptuous stout figure reinforced the emphasis that her gargantuan breasts truly dominated her body. The sight of Becky’s naked mammoth bulbous breasts caused Seth to prematurely erupt in his skinny jeans and he softly moaned with the release…

“What do you think of those Seth? If you were a straight man, wouldn’t you want to just bury your head between those monsters and never come out? Sunk your fingers into their soft pliable flesh and squeeze until your heart is content? Wrapping your lips around one of those hard rosy nipples with your face smashed against the spongy warmth of her tit while sucking for dear life hoping to extract some milk? And how could you not want to thrust your big, harden dick in between all the mountainous flesh and fuck them until your blue in the face and you cum in hers?” Jane taunted.

Rebecca blushed hearing Jane speak in such a lewd manner about her tits and not surprisingly, the talk aroused her. Seth didn’t answer and just ignored Jane and the fact that his cock left a large cum stain on his left pants leg. Fortunate for him, his right leg was covering most of it.

“Becky, could you give us a little show like bouncing your boobs? Swing them from side to side. Its just to incredible to stand before a young beauty like yourself with such large breasts,” suggested Jane. “Also makes for some good shots!”

Rebecca didn’t oppose and placed her arms to her sides. She hopped and skipped in place to upsurge her heavy milk bags to her chin and back down to her waistline to the delighted Jane and the calm Seth, whom was really fighting a deep urge to pull out his enormous, rock-hard cock and bust the biggest load he ever produced on her bouncing jugs. Her monster tits flopped up and down, slapping with thuds against her ribcages, her flat stomach and each other.

After the spectacular bouncing show, Rebecca lifted her arms up and placed her hands behind her head. She swung her upper torso from side to side swaying her tremendously giant breasts. She turned around with her back facing Jane and Seth so they could see just how far out and behind her gargantuan knockers could sway. Both Jane and Seth were mesmerize and fought their horny urges to play with themselves for the moment…

About after a minute of swinging her incredible 38I tits standing upright, Rebecca turned back around and leaned forward so her pliable tits dangled down towards the floor showing a jaw-dropping, eye-popping, mouthwatering, dick hard spectacle of her crayon of cleavage. It looked as if bowling balls were pulling down and stretching the poor girl’s skin beyond limits. Rebecca shimmered her shoulders from side to side launching her immense fat udders into a flopping, jiggling frenzy. Her tits looked like they were being hit by small tremors. Seth’s and Jane’s eyes were deeply glued to the mind-boggling showcase.

Rebecca kept shimming up for a minute, then slowed down and swung her bowling-ball knockers in heavy, circular motions and side to side. Jane was just at a complete loss for words as she took in the pleasure of Rebecca’s fantastic titty show. Her nipples were so hard, they could cut through her blouse and pussy so wet, she could make a sizable puddle at her feet. She took a quick glance over at Seth and saw his hard cock was largely swollen and on the verge of bursting through his tight-fitting jeans.

Jane certainly didn’t want the titty-swinging show to end but she wanted to see what else Rebecca could do with her colossal baby feeders.

“Say, Becky, that was an unbelievable show, my god but I was curious if you could suck your own nipple?” Jane asked with caution.

“But of course. I’ve done it many times while masturbating,” Rebecca explicitly answered. “I just love having my nipples sucked! Of course, its feels better when a guy is doing it because then I don’t have to lift up my own heavy boob but I’ll show you, if you like?”

“Oh, you bet! It’ll also make for a nice shot!”

Rebecca lifted up one of her largely heavy jugs with both hands and brought it towards her. She hungrily sucked on her harden teat attached to the gigantic jug. She moaned as she occasionally licked the smooth surface around her nipple and suckled it.

“I get so horny when my nipples are sucked,” Rebecca moaned, pausing for a moment to squeeze and grope the immense tit she sucked on. After a few minutes, she dropped the profound tit and hoisted up its twin to give it the same oral treatment. Jane lipped her licks visualizing it was her mouth around Rebecca’s juicy nipple.

“Are we done yet?” nervously asked an extremely horny Seth, as seeing his busty friend sucking her own fun bags was becoming too unbearable to witness. His hard, swollen erection already shot off two large loads from the titty-show and he was extremely close to shooting off a third.

“Not by a long shot,” announced Jane. “Please Rebecca, feel free to make yourself a bit more comfortable. I have a little, no pun intended, surprise for you.”

Rebecca was super hot and horny as she held up both of her whopping breasts and wildly groped and kneaded at their soft flesh. She relinquished her breasts as she sat down on the bed and took off her furry brown boots. Rebecca was naked with the exception of her solid black ankle socks with green polka dots.

“God Seth! Don’t you wish you were straight so you could stick your big dick between her legs and ravage that soak and wet hairless pussy until your balls explode? Watching her huge fat titties bounce up and down as you fuck her as hard as you can? I know you can image just how juicy and warm her pussy would feel wrapped tight around your throbbing, rock-hard cock,” Jane heavily teased the super horny Seth. “Whether then picture it, we’re about to see it what you could had done if you were so gay… Oh Bart, it’s show time, my big man!”

“What? Who? Bart?” questioned Seth.

“Oh, he’s the part-time janitor of this building before I purchased it. Trust me, he’ll know how to satisfy your top-heavy horny friend. I’ve seen the damage he can do just masturbating,” Jane explained.

Seth squeezed at the rock-hard bulge in his jeans and kept his eyes on his busty friend Rebecca. She was leaning back on the bed comfortably and frantically rubbing on her sensitive clitoris. Her soft moans started to become louder as a tall, scrawny older looking man with a blond mullet, freckles spotted all over his face and beaver teeth walked out from the back room of the studio dressed in a bright-red tracksuit. The moment he came out, Jane noticed an extremely large dent had already formed in his crotch area.

“There she is Bart. Just like in the magazines and those VHS tapes but in the flesh,” explained Jane.

Bart was old fashion when it came to porn. The 59 year old didn’t know how to use a computer or even owned one. He had a massive collection of porn magazines dating way back to the 50′s. He also had a large collection of porn captured on VHS tapes, as he enjoyed the much, much older porn that’s not on DVD or blue-ray. Both collection mainly centered around big breasted girls. Bart had never been with a girl who’s bra size was larger then a B. And just like Jane, Bart had a deep obsession with larger then average breasts and seeing Rebecca’s monstrous fun bags and knowing he was about to have his way with them, excited his massive cock far more then any magazine and VHS tape ever could…

Bart wasted little time and stripped out of the bright-red tracksuit to his underwear without taking his eyes of a self-masturbating Rebecca. She was loss in her own pleasure as her cum juices leaked onto the bed. Seth looked over and saw that the large mushroom head of Bart’s hard cock had emerged from the top of his washed-out underwear and practically drooled cum.

“Now what exactly is Bart going to do again?” nervously asked Seth.

“I believe he’s going to show you how a real man fucks,” replied Jane. “So just sat back, jerk off, and enjoy.”

It had been another long hard week at work and the gentle rocking of the train had sent James into an almost inevitable slumber. His mind drifted to where it normally did having been away from home all week, and images of his naked wife filled his dreams. The subconscious self soon started having a very visible effect upon the physical form, as James’ erection rose impressively in his lap.

The buxom middle aged woman sitting beside him pretended not to notice but betrayed herself by not turning the pages of her romantic novel, which up until now she had done with a level of gusto and regularity that had started to become irritating for the other passengers. It had been a long time since she had felt a penis as firm and proud as the one she was now within touching distance of.

She found herself thinking back to her younger days when she had done her courting, remembering the sensation of her numerous boyfriends slowly penetrating her nubile pussy with their thick firm cocks. A sensation her overweight husband of 20 years had long deprived her of. Just as she contemplated putting her hand under the jacket that was hiding her own crotch, and rubbing her achingly wet pussy, she was startled by a mobile phone.

James woke with a start, as confused to be woken so suddenly by his phone, as he was by his erection. He immediately noticed the MILF sat next to him who appeared to be doing her best not to look at him. He pulled his phone from his pocket taking the opportunity to hide his now softening member. It was a text from his wife, Tammy.

“Looking forward to you getting home tonight, the kids are at a sleepover so it’s just you, me, and my stockings… Love Tammy xx”

The text message had an immediate effect, with his softening dick springing back to attention. James knew he was in for a good night, Tammy was clearly as horny as him after their week apart.

It was a short taxi ride home from the train station. James saw the curtains were drawn even though it was only just starting to get dark. He rummaged in his bag for his house keys and let himself in.

“Hi Honey, I’m home!”

“In the lounge darling…”

James took his shoes off, dumped his bag and went into the lounge. There perched on the end of the sofa was his gorgeous wife. James stood transfixed as he took in the sexy outfit his wife was wearing. Her feet were in a pair of black stilettos, her legs clad in black stockings, the tops of which he could see peeking out below the short grey skirt wrapping her narrow waist. A white blouse and red tie loosely wrapping her neck framed her pretty face. Her hair had been arranged in bunches and some rouge had crudely been applied to her cheeks. A pair of big hoop earrings finished the schoolgirl look.

“You like?” she teased.

“Very much” James replied, suddenly short of breath.

His wife would dress up as a rare treat, so when she did he didn’t want to rush things. He was sure he could pull her knickers down (if she was even wearing any) and be finished with her in less than a minute if he didn’t control himself.

James went over to where his wife was sat and kissed her on the head, she in turn reached out and grabbed his crotch, feeling assured by the hard bulge she found there.

He pulled Tammy up and embraced her for a proper kiss. As their tongues met he reached down and under her short skirt to find a pair of frilly knickers. Pulling them aside he felt her freshly shaved mound inserting two fingers which glided in with no resistance. Tammy let out a sigh, betraying her state of arousal.

James worked his fingers while kissing his wife on her neck, knowing this would driver he wild.

“Let’s get that cock of yours out then shall we” said Tammy breaking off from their embrace.

“Not yet, I want it to last. How about letting me take some memories with me when I go to work next week” James said, while motioning to his camera on the bookcase.

Tammy looked shy, but didn’t say no. James took this as a sign of agreement and went to pick up the camera.

“How do you want me sir?” Tammy asked in a naughty voice.

“Well seeing as you’ve been so naughty you had better bend over for me first” James said mockingly, joining his with the Role Play.

Tammy turned around and very slowly bent over. As she did her short skirt rode up above the gusset of her damp knickers. The more she heard the shutter of the camera, the wetter she got. With one hand she reached behind to pull the sopping gusset to one side.

Tammy then stood up and turned to face her husband, who was photographing every move.

“What about my titties sir, do you want to see those too?”

She didn’t wait for an answer, and slowly unbuttoned her blouse until her breasts fell out. She took one in each hand offering them to the keen photographer. Tammy knew this would be driving her husband wild, but she was horny as hell herself. She’d been putting her Dildo to good use this week, and even though it satisfied her urges temporarily, she had always been adamant nothing felt as good as having a hot cock inside her. Tammy was desperate to feel her husband inside her, so decided to move things along.

Sitting down on the leather couch, she spread her legs and pulled her skirt up.

“Do you want to see my tight pussy too sir, Its all wet”

“Pull your knickers down” James commanded hoarsely.

“Yes sir” came the obedient response.

Once her knickers were around her ankles she slowly spread her legs and looked right at the camera. Then very deliberately lowered her hands to her sopping pussy lips, gently pulled them apart so that James could see just how horny she was.

James took a few more photos before it became too much for him. Throwing the camera down he undid his trousers and had his pants off before Tammy knew what was happening. He grabbed her by the waist and flipped her over, so her ass was sticking in the air.

“Ohh sir” she said with passion in her voice.

James entered her without any pleasantries, he knew from the viewfinder she was more than ready for him. The sex was animalistic, as he drove towards releasing the built up juices in his balls, which were aching for a release.

“Don’t cum yet” Tammy reminded him. She had been off the pill for the past year and they had been using condoms of late.

“It’s not fair, I want to cum inside you, I want to see it dripping out”

“Well you know the consequences if you do” she replied.

Indeed he did and withdrew while he still could. As he knelt there looking down at Tammy in her sexy little outfit, bent over for his pleasure, an idea came over him.

He reached down and started to finger fuck Tammy where his cock had left off. Replacing his finger with two from his other hand, he used the lubrication to rub around his wife’s smooth sphincter.

Bending down James whispered: “I really want to have some photos of my cum dripping out of you”

This was met by a large sigh. As he spoke James inserted his finger into her now wet arse.

“And without getting you pregnant, I can only think of one way to achieve this”.

As he spoke He replaced his finger with his cock. Another groan indicated her compliance with his plan.

With this James slowly pushed his cock, until it slowly began to penetrate his wife’s tight hole. He watched intently as the opening got bigger and bigger as Tammy accommodated him in the most intimate and dirty way a wife can. As he proceeded he noticed Tammy move her hand to her cunt and where she began a furious rubbing motion on her clit.

As he drank in the imagery below him, Seeing her stockings and stilettos, and her elbow move furiously, James fought the urge to explode immediately. He very slowly pushed himself in, and then pulled back. He kept this slow movement going and felt this rhythm might help him last longer that he originally feared.

Tammy looked over her shoulder, and meeting James’ lustful gaze, said: “I want you to cum in my tight bottom sir, fill my dirty arse with your cum please sir, and then take a photo of it dripping from me so you can show your friends and wank off to it.” This was too much for James, his cock exploding immediately. Tammy gasped as a week’s worth of cum shot into her tight anus, filling her instantly. Pulling out, James quickly grabbed the camera.

Looking through the viewfinder the sight of Tammys gaping hole came into focus. Just as it did the first string of milky white cum slowly appeared, hanging down from his wife in the slimy way only spunk can. Shooting photo after photo of the filthy sight in front of him James got lots of wank material for his long nights away from home.

Tammy continued rubbing herself, as she did James reached out with one hand and spread her arse cheeks apart, taking photos all the while. The degrading pose was too much for his wife. She knew how filthy she looked and that it was being committed to prosperity. As her imagination began to envisage her husband in his hotel room, wanking furiously to the pictures of her sticky arse, Tammy felt her orgasm approach and began to shudder.

Noticing this James let the camera drop and looked directly as his wife. “My friends are going to enjoy these photos you filthy slut”.

Screamed out as orgasm after orgasm hit her, Tammy collapsed into the sofa.

Once she had recovered James didn’t allow his wife to dress. He knew the opportunity to get some good photos was far too good. With sperm still dripping out of her, she was made to pose in every way imaginable. The photos were indeed amazing, and proved to be wank fodder of the highest order for months to come. I can testify to this as I have them in front of me, as I recount this story of me and my sexy wife. Have my friends seen them? No! Not yet that is…

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