Part 1: Jean Sterger

copyright 2012 by Darksolid358

This story takes place in Stormbringer’s E&I Series.


June 2012

Dozens of photographers and fans lined up for the red carpet grand opening of Hidden Closet Chicago. It had been the first fashion/swimwear/lingerie store of CEO Victoria Goodhead’s(under King Enterprises ownership) to be opening in the state of Illinois. When one of the Miss Teen Idaho contestants, Tracy Lopez, was employed into Goodhead’s company, that sparked the first change in Hidden Closet and ever since then, it went into a new and different direction. Several years after her brand was released, her line went through some changes in terms of targeting not just the skinner & slender demographic. This was where philanthropist Solomon King came in. The CEO and the billionaire had a one-on-one meeting with each other where Victoria was “persuaded” by King to spread her merchandise to the curvier and(in some cases) bustier fan-base. He also had her use some bustier models from his own empire to showcase her new lineup of sleazer fashion and lingerie in websites, posters, magazines, etc. When the female fans, especially the bustier ones, got the news the brand would be releasing the racy garments in the windy city, it was highly anticipated.

Among the people on hand at the event were Olivia Smythe, the CEO and editor-in-chief of BITCH Magazine. She was wearing a one shoulder deep neck black gown that showed a considerable amount of cleavage(supported by a Hidden Closet bra) as she turned and posed for the flashing cameras while showing off her ass accentuated by the gown. Strange, ever since Olivia took her magazine to a more X-rated direction, it’s like she herself more than loosened up by showing off her assets more frequently and with more skin.

Along the way, Olivia came by a latina interviewer, Liz, who held an H! microphone in her hand which meant that she worked for H! Entertainment. She then asked her: “Olivia, you took your company to a more mature direction.”

Olivia nodded her head.

“What made you want to steer your business to a more adult demographic?” asked the interviewer.

“Well, when we shot Mustafa seven years ago and I saw him in all his ripped beautiful glory, I thought people should see what a real big, strong man is made of in every part of their body…and I mean, EVERY part if you know what I mean.”

“Oh…u…um…so…” she said stammering.

“Yeah, sounds weird, right?” Olivia said as Liz replied “Y…yeah, a little bit.”

“I know I get that all the time but when I saw him naked for the first time, every part of his anatomy was very ripped and well-defined. He shouldn’t have to hide ANY part of his human body. It’s not just him but almost all black men.”

Liz just stared at her with a puzzled look on her face nearly unable to go on with her job.

“You don’t really mean that, do you?” Liz asked nervously smiling.

“I know what you’re thinking but based on what I’ve seen in comparson of white and black endowments, black men are the superior male inside and out.” Liz didn’t know what to make of it. This small interview had went to the point where they were discussing more in-depth detail about the differences between the white and black human anatomies. VERY much in-depth. “If I introduced you to some of the guys who I’ve partnered with you’ll have a “better understanding” of what I said.”

Olivia looked around the red carpet.

“Oh, there.” she said noticing two of her business partners.

Tyrone & Latrell of E&I Modeling were standing by the entrance of the building talking among themselves when Olivia called them over.

“Hey boys!” Olivia yelled as the two men turned their heads in the direction the voice was coming from. “Come here for a second.”

The studs made their way to the two ladies.

“Liz, this is Latrell & Tyrone of E&I Modeling.” Olivia introducing them.

“Pleasure to meet you, Liz.” Tyrone greeted her extending his hand.

“Likewise.” Liz said nervously as her tiny brown hand disappeared into his big black hand.

Strange, Liz, for a split second, had forgotten how to stand as she felt her knees weaken a little. These guys exuded masculinity by how they look and presented themselves towering over her. Weird, it was like she could almost smell it.

Deep down inside her, she was thinking that Olivia was right but was still skeptical.

“Guys, Liz here isn’t quite sure if she agrees

with me in blacks being more dominant than whites.” The MIB-like duo got the hint.

“Well, we’ll just have to prove it to her then. Ms. Liz, how would you like to continue this conversation in a more private place in the store. Say in one of the offices.” Latrell said with a charming yet evil smirk on his face as he held her hand romantically.”

“U..uhhh…OK.” Liz found herself saying. These two men were strangers but there was something about these two men. Something… very attractive that looking at these two towering… super males, her entire body was screaming for her to go with them. Latrell noticed the black cameraman filming all this for the network he was working for. “You can come with us as well.” The guy just nodded. If the cameraman had been white, he would have been forced to stay behind but he was black so…

The five made their way into the carpet and made their way inside. A black security guard was staring at them. Tyrone saw the guard staring closely.

“It’s all right. They’re with us.” yelled Tyrone as the guard had a little smirk on his face knowing what was going to happen with whoever that woman was as he went back to surveying the scene.

Back on the carpet, Tracy Lopez, Laetita Chaste, and Paris Holden posed together in the Hidden Closet lingerie to give the people a preview of how the product will look on the actual feminine body. Some of the men were whistling, a few were chanting derogatory words at the trio, and some were yelling at how they would like to have their way with them. The girls laughed at those statements mostly because they know that those kind of guys wouldn’t be able to satisfy them anymore.

Solomon King, who bought a majority share years ago, wasn’t on hand for the event, but his wife Ivara was, wearing a one-shoulder white dress bedazzled in her whole chest area.

Also, of course, the CEO herself Victoria Goodhead in a black gown with her hair tied up in a bun with dark lips smiling seductively at the cameras.

Finally, Will Jefferson, King’s advisor and consultant, was on hand in a black-buttoned, long-sleeved shirt with black pants. It looked very good on him with his phyisque the way it was. Since he was one of Solomon’s top right-hand men, everyone was calling his name, practically begging for an interview. Will originally wasn’t going to do any until one of the interviewers caught his eye. He recognized her as Jean Sterger, the former New York Jets correspondent who claimed she was involved in a sexting scandal with former Jets player Bart Favre. One day, he searched Jean up on the web and was mesmerized at how good she looked. Ever since then, he fantasized about her almost on a daily basis. He also found out that she really shot to fame for being a part of the FSU(Florida

State University) Cowgirls. ABC cameras showed her and the other cowgirls at one of the school’s football games wearing some skimpy clothing(torn tops which showed off a considerable amount of cleavage) and cowboy hats while they were on the bleachers supporting the home team. Since then, she became noticed; the magazine covers and photo shoots came calling by. She has since, after, quit her job as a Jets reporter and has now become a correspondent for H!.

When Jean saw that Will was heading in her direction, she got really excited because she could be in for a huge payday if she were to interview someone who knew Solomon King well.

Will approached the petite brunette. “Hi.” Will said in her mic she was holding. “Jean Sterger, right?”

‘Oh god, he knows who I am.’ she thought nervously. “Yeah. Will Jefferson, everybody.” she says to the camera. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” she adds.

“Not as much as it is for me to meet you, sexy. You look even more delectable in person.” This towering giant of a man just radiated masculinity as it effected her so. Also, for some reason, Jean’s entire 5’2 body just reacted in a way she never experienced. The second his compliments hit her, she opened her mouth a little in shock. Her nipples popped out of nowhere and she began to feel spagetti-legged. Deep down inside her for a second, she felt like she belonged on her knees, bowing before this black adonis of a man. Ever since getting enhanced, Will was always hitting on women with a 100% success rate of him turning them into filthy, dirty whores. Ranging from his classmates, neighbors, teachers, tormentors, even the principal’s own wife, Will also has a 100% success rate of “helping” them find work at E&I, King Enterprises, or flying them to Trinibogo for a “well-deserved permanent vacation.”

“So Will, why did you want to devote your time into helping a philantropist like Solomon King?” asked Jean.

“Well, it’s not just about me wanting to help Solomon but about me helping the troubled youth of today. I want to aid him in helping the people who are on the wrong paths. I show the youths that the are “much better lives out there” than being on the streets, behind bars, or getting themselves high. As far as helping Solomon goes, there is more to it than you know between us.

“Would you care to elaborate?”

“I would but I really need to get inside. However, since I am a fan of H! I would like to continue this interview elsewhere if you have the time for it.”

“Oh, yeah, definitely.” Jean said just blurting it out. She has never acted like that on the red carpet before.

“OK, then I’ll have it take place on an island called Trinibogo. Say… three weeks from now.”

“Oh…why three weeks?” said Jean a little concerned.

“I have some business I need to take care of over there however there are some days I left available in-between; the only days I’ll have off for a while.”

“That won’t be a problem.”

“Also, listen, I know we just met but I need to ask a favor.”

“Oh…umm…OK.” Jean said. It was weird that a stranger like him was asking her for a favor out of the blue.

“Your a correspondent on H! News, right?” Will asks.

“That’s right.”

“Myself along with the people of Trinibogo would really like to get the word out about the island and it’s “unique” tropical paradise to the mainstream fan-base and since the show has a legion of people who watch, I would like for the show to have a segment presenting Trinibogo and all of the pleasures it has to offer. That’s why I would like for you to spend those three weeks on the island experiencing them. Then, we can talk about it in a televised sit-down interview that I can schedule after.”

“Oh, wow….umm…. I’ll have to talk about it with my boss but I think I can be allowed to do it.”

“Fantastic, call me when you settle it with your boss and my guys & I will take care of the rest… and you.” They chuckled a little. “All right then, see you in three weeks.” Will said as he made his way into the building.

“OK, bye.” Jean got very excited, most likely if her boss approves, not only will she get an in-depth look on how E&I operates through her interview with Will but she will have three weeks of basically vacation to prepare her for it.

Victoria stood by a red ribbon with big scissors in her hand. “Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of King Enterprises, Hidden Closet Chicago is now open for business.” the CEO said as she cut the ribbon in two and the crowd wooed and cheered. HCC had an ocean of people in it. It was a three-floor building divided into three different sections. The first floor had all swimwear that accomidated all body types. Also, there seemed to be more bustier, curiver bikinis & one-pieces than in years past in stock. The second floor had fashion dresses and gowns for the rich and famous. The designers had much emphasis on the female anatomy. For example, there was Ivara Trump’s dress, another could show off more of a body’s back, and another was loose in the upper body and tight lower so as could accentuate the butt. The third floor featured lingerie and it happened to be more racy and revealed so much more on the women especially when it came to the bra. Some of them appeared to be very low-cut showing some mipple but still providing much support for the breasts. The front of the store back on the first floor featured clothes from all three floors put on manniquins for display on how it would look on a woman. But that’s not to say that the clothing styles Victoria envisioned before the company was King-owned wasn’t on display as well as not being in stock. There were pieces still on hand on each floor for the other female body types. However, when the times comes that there will be “more demand” for the racier items, the company will be all and permanently sleazy. All three stories were flooded with people. Most checked out the items, some were in line by the dressing rooms, and a few paying customers even left the stores wearing what they purchased.

Over an hour later, Will and Victoria surveyed the scene. The store was nearly emptied in not just crowds. The shelves and racks were nearly unoccupied and a few clothes layed on the ground & in the dressing rooms.

“Wow.” he said looking at the emptyness in the building. “You’re lucky you got a warehouse full of items in the back.”

“Yeah, well, the fans were expecting the line for months.” she said as the two made their way to the counter.

“So, Marcus, how much did we make?” Will asking the cashier.

“$30,000 in credit and $15,000 cash.” said the enhanced black man.

“Congradulations, Victoria.” said Will.

“Thank you, Mr. Jefferson.” Victoria said. “I say this calls for a celebration.” she said as she put her hands on their crotches.

“Ohhhh, I get ya boss lady.” said Marcus.

“Let’s go into the office.” Will said.

When the trio were in front of the office door, they could hear moans and grunts coming from inside. Will slowly opened the door with Victoria and Marcus close behind. They saw two other enhanced were fucking two naked women on the desk.

“Tyrone, Latrell, what are y’all doing in here?” Will asked with a surprised smile on his face.

“This bitch interviewer was skeptical about the “myth” on big black cocks.” Latrell said.

“So Olivia helped us out in showing her first-hand what’s it like to get fucked by real men.” Tyrone added. “So how you liking my black dick, slut?”

“Ay, yes…yes…me gusta. Oh…si…si…que rico!! Fuck me! Fuck me!” screamed Liz as she was fucked doggy-style by him on the desk.

“Ssssee, I told yaaahhhhgggg!” Olivia said to her as she herself was getting doggy-style fucked by Latrell’s massive black pole on the opposite side of the desk. Olivia then passionately kissed Liz on the lips who then returned the favor.

Will had a partial look of shock on his face. “I know her!” Will said in surprise.

“You do now?” asked Victoria.

“Yeah, that’s “Luscious” Liz Fernandez. She’s a former model & radio correspondent and has made a few appearances on Entourage. She also covered a few red carpets and it seemed you guys were “lucky” to have been interviewed by her.”

“Oh, yeah.” said Tyrone knowing what Will meant by “lucky.”

“I saw the ass on her. Stand her up; now that she’s naked I wanna see that ass.” Will said as he started stripping.

“You heard him bitch, stand up and show him.” Latrell said as he took his cock out and Liz jumped to obey.

“Shake that butt.” Will ordered as Liz began dancing smoothly and even put on a seductive face on. Will pull off his pants to reveal his erecting black cock growing to it’s 11\’bd just looking at Liz’s sweaty, swaying, latina, booty.

Will was now completely naked stroking his long, dark shaft. “I’m tired of waiting.” And with that, Will walked over to Liz, embraced her and kisses her passionately. Liz kisses him back wrapping her arms around his jacked-up body. Will then grabs her by the ass cheeks and effortlessly lifts her up still making out with her. He put his dark rod up her asshole and went anal on her.

Victoria, not wanting Liz and Olivia to have all the fun, grabs Marcus’ cock through his pants. Getting the hint, Marcus strips, unfastens his belt, and unzips his crotch to reveal his massive pole.

“Suck it, whore.” Marcus ordered.

“Gladly.” Victoria said with a sexy devilish smile as she got on her knees and wrapped her mouth around his dark dick and started bobbing her head on it. As she did just that, Marcus started to undress her.

Will layed down on his back, still carrying Luscious Liz and getting her in the cowgirl position.

“Hey Latrell, let’s teach this slut the two in one special.” Will called to him.

Latrell laughed as he made his way to the two. Meanwhile, Tyrone took Olivia and Marcus took Victoria, each taking them anally while Liz was experiencing 2 in 1 for the first time.

Will gets an idea in his brain. He knows that Liz is a correspondent for H! News. He’ll use her as a lightning rod to attract the other four female

correspondents to the E&I cause. Suddenly, another light bulb flashes on top of Will’s head looking at Liz being ravagely fucked. He had an ideas on how to take E&I in a new direction as the four blacks fucked the three women in all positions all through the night.


A day later, at the H! Entertainent Building in Los Angeles, Jean was on her computer sitting in her office looking up the Trinibogo’s official site. As she was looking through, she saw a section labelled “The Trinibogo Springs Spa.” She clicked there and it opened an entirely different page. It featured a white woman and a latina, in white bikinis, sitting in beach lounge chairs on opposite sides of the page looking at the viewer while being pampered by enhanced black guys, some who were checking them out. The black were wearing white shirts with the Trinibogo Spring’s Spa’s emblem on the right of their chests.

Jean also noticed rather large tents formed in each of their crotch areas in their white pants. The women also had rather large breasts, acccentuated by the white two-pieces the girls were wearing. There was also an ocean with the sun setting in the background. In the center of the page, there was a video. Jean used her mouse and hovered the pointer on the video. She clicked on it and it played.

It started with another enhanced in a white unbuttoned shirt and black shorts appearing on the screen.

“Hello, I am Devon and I am the governor of the great paradise that is Trinibogo. I also manage and run the top luxurious resort in the world: The

Trinibogo Springs Spa.” The video then shifts to him walking across a hall of open rooms presenting what the resort has to offer. “A tropical island paradise where we provide saunas, mud baths, massages, auromatherapy among others. For one month and one million dollars, my people will treat you to “the most wonderful physical experience your body could ever feel” or double your money back.” If you do not believe me, here is a woman who expierenced our ways first hand.”

Devon said as he walked up to the woman wearing a black and white striped two piece bikini. “Hello, I’m Marsha Dutton, 1977 Miss Teen Idaho.” Jean was a little open-mouthed at how good the 50-plus year-old woman looked for her age. “Now, I know what you’re thinking: how does a 54-year-old woman like myself look this lean and fit?” She said with her hands on her hips. “With the help of natives here, I was able to keep my figure… and more. My breasts are firmer and went up about one size. My skin feels just as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Speaking of babies, I still have this body even after I gave birth to my eleventh child. My eleventh!” Jean listened in amazement at what she just heard. Devon came back onto the screen and she noticed a growing bulge forming in his shorts just like the other blacks she saw earlier.

“Now, here is some more evidence of the island’s success.” said Devon.

“At first, I didn’t believe it.” said a female voice as they showed a picture of a young woman in a cave girl bikini. “That was me almost fifty years ago.” The pic then disappeared to show the same woman in the same outfit. “I am Raquel Walsh and this is me today.” Jean couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The famous actress looked like she hadn’t aged a bit. In fact, she looked better than she did in the past. More fit, very toned abs, and great big breasts. And she was an astounding 83-years-old. “One month and one million dollars, the Trinibogo Springs Spa will make you younger, healthier, and more fit. I can’t say how they do it. Only that it’s a secret only known by a few natives here. Trinibogo has changed my life and I love the way I look.”

The next clip featured a different woman in an orange bikini. “I’m Kelli Monacoe and my body has never looked better.” The “County Hospital” actress appeared her age at 36 but petite former model’s size 34D breasts increased to a size 36D and her average flat ass plumped up some. Will convinced the Trinibogons to try a new serum on her since he loves the way she looks and as a result, she retained her cougar looks but with more meat on her in the right places. “I feel better than I did when I was 20 and thanks to the Trinibogo Springs Spa and the pleasures it had to offer, I feel like I am a teen again. I can eat what I want, when I want, and I still be this sexy.”

The video then went to Devon again. “So, as you just saw with our tourists, the customer’s lives at our fabulous resort have changed for the better. As will yours, for a month’s stay and for a million dollars, you too will be more youthful and healthy. The spa’s telephone number appeared below the screen. “The fountain of youth is just a phone call away, so call now.” he said as the video ended.

Jean was breathing a little heavy. Those black men in the website and video brought back the thoughts about Will that night in Chicago. Weird, for some odd reason she couldn’t get him off her mind. the thought of Will and those blacks made her nipples harden a little and her pussy tingle but it wasn’t as effective. The video took such a grip of her attention that she didn’t noticed one of her co-workers calling her at her office door.

“Jean……..Jean!” called Jiuliana DePandi as Jean finally noticed her 5’8, skinny, italian co-worker calling her name by the door.

“Huh…o…oh, hi Jiuliana.” said Jean startled.

“Are you OK, you look distracted?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I was just a little focused on something I’m watching here.

What’s up?”

“Dave wants you in his office.” Jiuliana said.

“Oh, great, thanks. I really hope he says yes.” Jean said.

“Wait, yes to what?” Jiuliana asked but Jean didn’t hear her question as she just got up and rushed on out of there and on her way to her boss’ office. Jiuliana noticed that Jean left her computer on. So curious as to what she got excited about, Jiuliana sat in Jean’s chair and saw what made Jean act so strangely. “Trinibogo Springs Spa” Jiuliana read on the page as she played the video.


Jean walked down the hall across from Dave’s office and saw Katt Sadler and Ashley Gorse come out of the office and walked across from her.

“Hey, Jean.” they said.

“Hi, guys.” Jean said, still reeling at little from the clip she just watched moments ago.

Jean appoached the opened office and lightly knocked on the opened door.

“Hey Dave.” she greeted to a thin white man at his desk sort some papers.

“Oh, Jean, come on in, have a seat.” he said gesturing his hand to the chair on the other side of his desk.

“How are you? How’s life treating you?” he asked.

“Well, my body has been feeling weird ever since the Hidden Closet event in Chicago but it’s no biggie. Other than that, I’m fine.” she said.

“Hey, where’s Jeff? I haven’t seen him these past couple of days.”

‘Not that I care.’ she said to herself though it was weird and she was curious of his absence since he would attempt to win her over almost whenever they were in the same building together. However, she hasn’t seen him at all in the past couple of days.

“He had to take a leave of absence and won’t be back for the next few weeks. Believe it or not, he got an offer from the King organization. He couldn’t go into detail but I know there was excitement in his voice when I talked to him on the phone. Seems they offered him something big.” Dave had NO idea.

“Speaking of King, did you make a decision?” Jean asked.

“You know Jean, at first I wasn’t into the stuff that those guys were doing since we see philanthropists try to change the world all the time. It’s the same old status quo” Dave explanied to a concerned Jean.

“However, I looked the company up further and found interesting facts on it. The owner, Solomon King is married to the late Daniel’s daughter. Next, off his philanthropy and business, made him a lot of money well past the billion dollar mark. The island he helped restore to normal; it has had some drastic positive changes in some of the female tourists, physically. It’s even got some mainstream and celebrity support.” Dave saying further.

H! News Network didn’t seem interested in King based businesses at first, however due to the very slight mainstream popularity that emerged in the companies, H! wanted to be the first entertainment network to get exclusive details on the agendas and purposes of Solomon King.

“So you’re saying….” Jean said as her mouth slowly curled into a smile.

“Yes, you can fly out there and do the interview.”

“Yes.” Jean sounded as she did a little fist pump. “I’m so excited. Thanks a lot, Dave. Will you be alright without me? I heard that Liz will be taking some weeks off.”

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll just have Christina replace you for the next few weeks. As for Liz, when she was in Chicago for the HC opening, she was invited the join Black’s Gym at the Nubian King. She accepted however despite that, we’ll be fine.”

“Oh, that’s good.” Jean said.

“Yeah, we’ll be just fine without you. I can’t wait to see what info you’ve gained when it airs on H! News.” Dave said as he rose up from his chair.

“Thanks again, Dave.” she said as they both came around the desk and hugged each other.

“Don’t forget why you are there but have a good time.”

“I will. I’ll see you next month.” Jean said waving goodbye.

“Bye, Jean.”

Dave then sat back down and picked up his office phone. He dialed a number and put the receiver in his ear.

“Hi, Lisa, have Christina Guerrero come to my office.”


“So how long you gonna be gone again?” asked Felicia.

“About four weeks.” replied Jean.

“I’m so jealous right now. You get to spend a while relaxing on a tropical resort on an island filled with big stud islanders.” Crystal said.

Jean was at the airport sitting at a table waiting to board the plane with her two best friends Felicia Romero and Crystal Durnan. Just like their friend Jean, the two women were also part of the FSU Cowgirls when they were in college. By the time they got their 15 minutes of fame, guys wanted to have their way with all three of them. Felicia is also a former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader.

Jean was checking the time on her phone.

“All right, an hour passed, I should get called up any second now.” she said.

“Strange, I’ve never seen men so jacked up.”

“But, you’ve interviewed a lot of these guys on the field.” Crystal said.

“Yeah, I did but on the resort’s site, those… giants even put the men’s physiques on the football field to shame.” Jean said.

“What a minute.” said Felicia, gesturing her hand. “So what you saying is that… the men you’ve seen… have more muscle than those guys in the NFL.”

“As if they were chiseled out of stone.” Jean said.

Jean’s two friends almost couldn’t believe what they were hearing. The though of it made Crystal even more jealous.

“What even more weird was that every single one of those men are black.”

The two were a little wide-eyed and confused.

“Now boarding for Flight 169 to the island of Trinibogo.” said the voice in the loud intercom.

“That’s me.” said Jean as the three got up from their seats.

“All right, have a great flight and have a good time.” Felicia said as she hugged Jean.

“And call us when you land.” said Crystal doing the same.

“Will do.” Jean said.

Minutes later, Felicia and Crystal watched as Jean’s plane took off.

“I wanna check these men for myself.” Crystal said curiously.

“Yeah, I wanna see if she is for real.” Felicia said skepticaly.


A little over an hour into the flight, her lunch was going to be served in a couple of moments. Jean looked up the back of the lane to see and behind a cart full of food, she noticed a big black fight attendant strolling it. Her eyes widened and she was a little open-mouthed. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him cause she could tell he was full of perfectly-toned, ripped muscle even with his uniform on. She saw him greeting another black man seated in his chair and it was strange, this man was just as freakishly huge as the black attendant. As evident by their smiles, they seemed to have engaged in a good, small conversation before the attendant handed the passenger his food. She still had tunnel-vision with this black greek-god of a man even as he now made his way to her seat.

“Here you are miss, chicken parmesan and a sprite.” he said.

“Oh..uh..uh..thank you.” she said snapping herself out of her trance.

As the attendant put the lunch tray on her chair-assisted table, Jean got a strong whiff of him when his big forearm was in front of her face. Wow, he smelled good. On top of him having a god-given body, he had very enticing man scent. The aroma flowing in her nostrils had her nipples scratching from underneath her bra in her V-necked t-shirt that show a little cleavage and her crotch let out just a drip. The masculine presence of this fabulous specimen of a man had her very hor…aroused.

“Enjoy your food, ma’am.” he said as he walked away.

As Jean was digesting her food, she took several sips of her Sprite in-between chews. She was unaware, however, that her drink was laced with X-Cite. The drug(famous among only enhanced blacks and it’s inventor, Dr. Hank McGraw)that, if ingested, would cause arousal in women and impotence in men. It wasn’t just her drink but every passenger’s drinks were laced. These men were not gonna get some with their women on this trip.

A little later, Jean had noticed several odd things while looking around on the plane. She noticed that some of the seats are filled with black men and, by the looks of them, were just as well-built as the men she saw on Trinibogo’s site and at the Hidden Closet Chicago premiere. Did all black men look that good? Even the black pilots she saw earlier; their presence were also perfect examples of great physical masculinity. She didn’t know any of these giant-looking… alpha males and yet she felt strangely attractive to them just standing inches for them. But how was she physically attracted to men she didn’t even know?

Jean notices some seats behind her in the middle row, a huge black flight attendant flirting with a white female passenger. The woman seemed to very much enjoy being around the dark-skinned hunk and looked like she was loving the attention she was receiving as told by her laughter and giggling. Just as Jean was going to get up from her seat to use the restroom, the woman was already at the door and went inside. However, a few moments after she went in, the big black man also went inside. The woman never came out. As time went on, Jean could make out some slight banging coming from inside the bathroom. They weren’t doing… were they? By the time the two finally came out, their clothes looked like were hardly put on and they were somewhat sweaty. The white woman now looked to be slightly red and swollen but was moving around alright. It seemed like they were in there for over half hour.

When the woman went back to her seat and the man went back to work, Jean finally was able to go to the bathroom. She pulled her jeans down to her ankles(she wasn’t wearing any panties) and sat in the toliet, her urine coming out almost immediately. She inhaled through her nose in relief but as she did, she smelled something strange. It had filled the room up and surprisingly… it didn’t stink as tilted her head back slighty, breathing in more of it. As she did this, her nipples grew erect once again scraping through her t-shirt. Her urine was wasn’t now the only thing leaking out but so was a little bit of cum. Also, thanks to the aroma, and unknowingly the X-Cite, her nipples and pussy were aroused like she never felt. Why was her body reacting this way? These powerfully-prized men took a hold onto Jean not just in body but in mind as well. Ever since that night at the premiere, she couldn’t get the faint thoughts of these guys out of her head. She has even had partial dreams about them in her sleep. She just couldn’t seem to escape the overwhelming effect that had been put on her for the past few days.

But thank god for Trinibogo as mostly, she was on vacation to clear her mind off of the recent events not to mention the sit-down talk with Will Jefferson. These were perfect distractions for her to shift her focus on.


Two hours later, Jean had picked up her luggage from the airport terminal and strolled them outside of the entrance. She and the tourists where greeted by five of the largest black men they had ever seen. This was not really new to Jean, however.

“Welcome to Trinibogo. I am Devon, the islands Governor and manager of the resort. These men will take you to your rooms. Guests staying at the hotel can take the left bus and the beach bungalows take the bus on the right.”

Jean was staying at the hotel and left her luggage at the back of her bus where two of the five natives would take care of and she & the other tourists would board the bus. As she got on, she saw an example of the dark muscle men’s great strength. The two had lifted each pair of luggage and put them all in the back of the bus fairly quickly and they did it without breaking a sweat.

Before they went off, Devon got on the bus and had this to say: “Before all of you get situated into your hotel rooms, you will all be driven to the local medical office to get anti-malara shots to avoid getting striken with the disease. There are some areas on this island that are unsafe however, these will help ensure your protection.” And with that, Devon got off the bus and signaled the driver to take off.

Devon then took out his phone and made a call.

“Talk to me.” said Will.

“Greetings, Mr. Jefferson.” said Devon.

“Ah, hello, Devon. How are things?”

“She’s on the island, sir.”

“Good, good. Where is she now?” Will asked.

“They’re taking her and the others to the medical building then, we’re taking her to where she is staying.”

“OK, good work. Now you and your men know your places.”

“Yes, but why do we have to let her be? “Why can’t the men be allowed to have their way with her?”

“A few reasons, my friend. First, I want her at her most vulnerable weeks after she gets the shot. That will be the day she’ll be too weak, hot, & horny to resist me, you, or the natives. Second, I want her to “look her very best” when we finally have our way with her. Third, I want you and the natives desire for a this woman to be at an all-time high so all of you will be able to give her you absolute best. However, I want all of you to just tease her. This way when the times comes she’ll practically give herself to any of us just to quench her arousal. Her sexual frustration will play a factor and she won’t be able to resist our pheromones. Finally, I want to make sure we don’t lose this one. She can be a great catalyst to “all the other woman like her” to attract to our cause. She will be great for the future of E&I and King Enterprises.”

“Yes, Mr. Jefferson. I understand and I will make news of this to my people.” said Devon.

“OK, see you in three weeks.”


Jean waited in line along with the to get her flu shots at the local medical facility while the bus waited outside. As the three blacks waited in the

vehicle, they talked among themselves.

“Understood. All right.” Jermaine said on speaker as three were explained what their orders were by Devon. He then hung up.

“It’s gonna be great.” said the driver.

“Yeah, they all getting their shots right now. The women will each be gettin one shot of Y-serum. They’ll be horny for weeks from the X-Cite they’ll be drinking on the island especially the week they’ll go into heat weeks after going through an “additional growth spurt.” As for the men who drink it, let’s just say they ain’t gonna be getting pussy for a while.” Derek said as the three men smirked and laughed at the thought.

The tourists came out of the building and back on the bus. The three black men had evil grins on their faces as they could make out the bandages on some of the group’s shoulders. Two of the people they saw was a white couple, a 58-year-old man and his 45-year-old wife. The man looked a little shriveled up and on the contrary his wife looked very beautiful. Just a few wrinkles on her face, had some white hairs that were part of her dirty blonde head. She also looked very sexy for her age; B-sized that showed through her white tank-top, finely toned arms, and she had a flat, sexy ass that had a little meat on it. The white pants on her definitely accentuated it knowing how good a woman’s ass looks wearing white pants. After breaking up her marriage, their cocks grew hard at the thought of keeping her here for “awhile”…

However, they had to make sure Jean was given a shot as well. As she got on, they could see the bandage on her left shoulder. The early stages of Will’s plans were complete. Now all they had to do was wait three weeks…


The bus was now on the west side of the island where the “guests” would be staying. Jean looked around from her window, mesmerized at how beautiful the sunset was. She could make out the near-silhouetted trees, beaches, and a mountain that up the nucleus of the whole island. Jean took a look at the building outside as the bus arrived at the tourists places of residence. Jean was feeling somewhat physically stimulated the whole bus ride here. She looked at her nipples, which once again poked through her shirt. Jean gave them a light feel when nobody was looking. She let out a light moan, surprised at the sensitivity her breasts had now become. She also couldn’t stop leaking a little between her legs in which her pussy was tingling non-stop. It was like her body had a sexual mind of it’s own. What was happening to her?

Jean and the other guests went into the hotel and there, they were all sorted into their rooms. She was staying in room 618. As she walked the halls on her way there, she looked around at all the relics and pictures of what appear to be African warrior plastered all over the walls. But what really was mesmerized her were the statues of these black men posted along the halls and it seemed the creators put much emphasis on the male’s endowments. They were all standing very

much upright; their balls looked just as large as their man-hoods, around the size of oranges! Not one was shorter than 10 inches! These isn’t what the natives were really made of, were they?

Jenn finally got to her room and part of her was glad to now make it. She opened the door with her key and went inside, closing and locking the door behind her. It was a really nice room, looked very relaxing and it had a quiet vibe to it based on the comfy and reliving furniture but she didn’t want to look at the room for long. She was really exhausted from the near day’s worth flight and with her body’s reacting the way it was she felt she really could use some shut-eye. She found the bedroom on the left of her room and quickly changed into just another more loose-fitting t-shirt and some pajama shorts. Devon watched from the island’s command center and his cock immediately swelled.

“She got a cute ass.” he said to himself.

Every house, hotel room, and place were discreetly monitored by hidden cameras. Unknowingly, she was currently being broadcasted over the internet to E&I’s online subscribers. Additionally, the camera were used to follow the people’s movements to see if and when women were vulnerable and alone. E&I websites were getting huge spikes in their ratings watching a female celebrity strip down naked even if it was only for a moment. Thanks to her “newfound” arousal, Jean found it difficult but she was finally able to dirft off to sleep.


The next day, Jean felt better than she did yesterday. Her arousal died down mostly, had a better state of mind, and more in control of herself for the first time in days. The subscribers at starting loading up with viewers knowing that Jean was awake. When she showered and got dressed, the ratings spiked even more. There wasn’t anywhere that Jean could be without hidden cameras filming her presence, all unknowingly to her, of course.

She now got a good look of her room and it had a very secluded calm feel to it in the brown-colored furniture, the partially dimmed and cracks of lighting, it was definitely a room full of rest and relaxation.

The interview wasn’t for another 23 days. Jean had more than three weeks before her sit-down discussion with Will and she was going to use her vacation time to the fullest. So, she grabbed her shades and purse and went downstairs. Jean approached and rung the bell on the counter and out came a tall, black clerk with a hotel uniform.

“Yes. can I help you, ma’am?” asked the clerk whose name-tag read Tom.

“Uh.. yes..uum. Where’s the local swimwear shop?”

“Oh, it’s down the road onto your left.”

“OK, thank you.” she said as she walked to the entry doors. Tom stared at her swaying hindquarters in her navy jeans, getting a slight hard-on.

“Damn.” he said to himself, teeth-grittingly as she walked outside.


Inside the store, Jean was looking over the swimwear pieces and some of them displayed were the skimpy ones however she disregarded those. She then saw a much more conservative, B-sized, black-and white striped two-piece. She grabbed those and went into one of the changing rooms at the back of the store to try them on.

Unaware, however, it didn’t matter where she hid; hundreds of thousands of people tuned in to see her naked for the third time in her duration on the island. It appeared through the camera’s view as though she was struggling to put on the top of the two-piece.

Jean’s bikini top kept slightly elevating despite the fact it was in her breast size which was a B. However, it was like the top didn’t accept it, if you will. She just couldn’t seem to get it on properly. Jean wasn’t always a size B. During her stint with the FSU Cowgirls and Playboy, Jean has had breasts implants going from a size 32B to 36D. Fans, especially males, were ogling over her boob job during those times. Her celebrity status died down until she joined H! and when she did, her chest was smaller again. She stated that they had served their purpose for her career, and that she was tired of being stereotyped.

The brunette then put her t-shirt back on and came out of the room. The clerk could see the slight outline of her nipples as she was walking by. She clearly still had a little arousal in her. He smelled it on her; it was faint but it’s still there. Jean then got the same bikini in a slightly bigger size and put the smaller one back on the shelf and went back to the changing room. She immediately tried it on and it fit like a glove, to her slight surprise; same with her bottoms. And did she have a bottom. Her cheeks would bounce up and down every time she would sway her ass and hips when she walks. After she put it on, she looked at herself in the mirror. It looked good on her and ultimately, she bought the bikini along with a bottle of Trinibogo Tropic.

As she came out the doors, she looked at the beach across the street and saw some natives and tourists relaxing and socializing on the beach nearby. The white males looked slightly uncomfortable sitting alone by themselves in their respective spot in the sand. They also felt inadequate in just their beach shorts compared to the black beach-goers and lifeguards showing off their greek god-like bodies with some using their irresistible charm to flirt with the female tourists.

However, what suprised Jean was how almost all of them presented themselves; they were all naked! Some of the blacks fondled the women’s breasts and rubbing their big black hands all over their little ivory bodies. The female tourists seemed very turned on by the alpha males’ seductive advances and they, in turn, helped themselves to their beautiful, dark, chiseled physiques.

As she looked around at the beach some more, she got another good look at the black islanders and got the shock of her life when she saw what they were all packing between their legs. The pictures from spa’s site were right after all. They had penises the size of actual sausages! All of them did! Not only did they have, by far, the most impressive bodies she had ever seen on a man, but they had equally large dicks to go with them. She was still surprised as she walked toward one of the beach chairs in front of the beach and sat down in it. She continued to look around as she rubbed the lotion all over her body. Despite covering herself with her lotion, her eyes never left the appendages that were hung between the natives’ thighs.

“Amazing sights, aren’t they?” said a blonde woman as she sat in the empty beach chair next to Jean.

“Uh..yeah. The waves look so nice.” said Jean acting like she didn’t knew what the woman was talking about.

“You weren’t looking at the water. You were looking at their cocks; I can see the look on your face.” she said.

“Uh..u.umm.” Jean was open-mouthed, not knowing what to say. The woman didn’t need a yes or no answer. Jean’s stuttering answered the question for her.

“Can I have some of this?” she said pointing at Jean’s Trinibogo Tropic.

“Uh.yeah, go ahead.” Jean said as the women then squeezed a dab of lotion into her hand and rubbed it all over her body.

“I’m Linda, by the way.”

“Um…Jean. Nice to meet you.”

“Likewise.” Linda said. “Wow, you have a tight little body on you.”

“Um… thank you.” Jean said. “But, mine doesn’t compare to yours.”

Jean couldn’t be more right. Linda had one hell of a body on her. She had reddish brown hair and pouty lips. She had a slightly tanned body from living on this island ever since her own daughter got married here and went to see her. Her anatomy was like an hourglass. Some of the fat she had were in her ass and near her hip. Yet, was very firm. Linda also had scuplted abs and obliques; some of the most toned and definitely-shaped tummies Jean had ever seen. Her biggest(no pun intended) assests were her DD breasts. They were very round and globed that were very accentuated, along with the rest of her body with the peach-colored two-piece bikini she had on.

“Thanks well, it was strange. When I came to this island, my body started changing and before I knew it, I had DD boobs, my ass got bigger, lost a lot of weight, and I look like I’m 30 again.” Linda explained.

Jean was astonished at what she heard. Intently listening to Linda’s story.

“My daughter also went through the same growth spurt before she got engaged and moved here. I saw a photo of her pregnant; now she’s a mother of nine with one on the way and I also gave birth to my eighth recently.”

“And you still look that good?” Jean asked.

“Heha. Yes, I do. Their cocks provide REALLY good exercise.” Linda said with a happy look on her face.

“Uhh..wh…what?” Jean stuttered.

“Oh, yeah, you think those cocks are just for show? Only black cocks like that provide the best sex any woman can ever have. I didn’t believe at first hell I didn’t even like blacks that much…until one of them was inside me and they made me cum many times.”

Jean was a little disgusted at what she heard. However, deep down, by the looks of these extremely muscularly-gifted gods, she believed Linda. For a split second, she even wondered what it would feel like having a big dick like those inside her. But she didn’t think she could stay after hearing what she’s hearing especially when she got really sweaty and bothered again. All she knew was she had to get the hell out of there and get away from this woman. So, she gathered her stuff and got up from her chair.

“Hey, when you get your first taste, you’ll be gladly agree with me. Emphasis on “gladly!”" she yelled as she hurried on out of the beach. What did she mean by the words “they” and “when?”

An enhanced black came up towards Linda.

“You want some company, sexy?” said the guy.

“Ohh, yes, I do.” Linda said seductively and excitingly as she got up and walked arm-in-arm down the beach with the black stud.


Two weeks later, Jean was still very flustered from her strange conversation with Linda. On top of being constantly aroused nonstop nowadays, she was overwhelmed by the multiple images of big black…penises that were played out on the beach. Over the past several days, she has tried taking a swim, She just couldn’t seem to get them out of her head. Also, she couldn’t help but keep thinking about what Linda said to her; “Only black cocks like that provide the best sex any woman can ever have.” and in her horny state, her crotch was practically screaming for pleasure.

Later that night, Jean decided to go to the local bar and get a drink to ease her mood and, hopefully, her body. She went in and sat on a stool and a brunette bartender came up to her.

“Hi, what’ll it be?” she said.

“Anything that can relax me.” said Jean, slightly squirming in her seat.

“I got just what you need.”

She then turned around and mixed a couple of beverages in one glass. A few moments later, the bartender put the glass cup down on the counter in front of her.

“Thanks, ….um..”

“Angie.” the bartender said.


Jean then took the straw out and put it down on the counter next to her and gulped it down.

“Whoa, easy there.”

“Sorry, I just got a lot on my mind.”

“You want to talk about it?”

“…Well, my mind has been really off lately.”

“How so?”

“I’ve been seeing all these black men and their… erm… things between their legs.”

“Their cocks?”

“Yeah,…their cocks.” Jean said hesitantly.

“Well, it is quite amazing; what black men are made of. They make really phenomenal lovers.” Angie said.

“You had sex with one?”

“Yeah. Only blacks can give me pleasure of the maximum magnitude.”

“That’s not true.”

“Then why have you got horny all of a sudden.” Angie said.

Jean noticed her poking at her erect nipples which made Jean a little blush and embarrassed.

“If you want proof that only black men are physically capable of satisfying us women, see that white guy over there.”

Jean turned her head to her left and saw a white guy drink a bottle of corona eyeing her with an evil smirk.

“I rejected that pig numerous times somewhat because to save him the humiliation.”

“Humiliation?” Jean wondered.

“You’ll see what I mean once you get his pants off.”

Jean gave another look at the man and he winked at her.

“I got to get back to my shift, maybe “have some fun” afterwards. See ya.” Angie said as she then went to the back of the bar.

Jean was looking skeptically at the man. Jean really needs some and this island was a good escape from the hollywood crazyness and the paparazzi. No chance in hell that anybody in the U.S. would be finding out about this so…


20 minutes later…

Jean and the man were making out like crazy just a few feet on their way to his apartment door.

“Oh, what’s your name?” asked Jean lustfully.

“Shawn.” replied the man just as aroused.

Shawn got the door open and they went inside, still lusting at one another.

Shawn had a good build; at 6′ tall, he was lean and fit. He had good muscle tone under the white shirt he had on and in his arms as well. However, it was nothing compared the chiseled builds of the Trinibogons.

The two then made their way to the bedroom where Jean took off his shirt and rubbed her hands on his toned front. Then, she playfully pushed Shawn on the bed and got down on her knees. She touched his crotch seductively and out of nowhere, Shawn felt funny in his package. Jean pulled down his jeans and briefs.

“Uh…wait.” he said too late and Jean had a look of slight disgust and awe at what this so-called strong man was packing.

His dick was… well not. It was a sad excuse for one. It looked close to the size of an infant’s. Shawn was very embarrassed at the size of his penis. It was too pathetic to even be called a penis. He was more so humiliated that Jean’s eyes were locked on to it, kneeling inches from it. Seeing this inadequate display of manhood seemingly snapped Jean out of her lust. Disgusted and without saying a word, Jean got to her feet and ran towards the door.

“Babe, wait!” said Shawn but Jean was long gone.

Jean quickly open the door to her room, closing and locking it behind her. Hanging by the door, Jean was still very grossed out by the sight that presented itself. She couldn’t believe that she was going to put that…. thing in her mouth. She was a little more embarrassed at the way she acted tonight. She shouldn’t do anything like that days away from her sit-down with Will. She had to try to refrain from doing anything too crazy until after her job here was over. With that said and her mind now clear enough, Jean went to sleep.


It was the morning before her big day. Jean got up from bed and she felt very funny. She felt very flushed and was really sweaty. She waved her hand like a fan in front of her face for a slight cool breeze. She went to the bathroom and turned the showerhead on but she had the water be just cold enough for her body to tolerate. She then took off her PJ top and bottoms and got into the shower to cool off. The water cooled her down somewhat but she still was a little burned up. She then grabbed the soap from the soap stand and ran it all over her body. But, when she got to her chest, her hand suddenly slid down nearly steep-like. Jean looked down at her chest and was thunderstruck. She suddenly had bigger breasts! They grew back into the size of when she got her implants. Only… they weren’t the size of them; they weren’t 36D. They were a huge 36DD! Jean stood there naked open-mouthed at the size of her new melons. She noticed her darker areola and her very erect nipples. She touched one lightly and gave off a sharp yet slight moan. Her body shivered in surprise at the sensetivity of them. She tried to continue soaped herself and when she reached one of her ass cheeks, it suddenly bounced and jiggled. She then quickly felt up her ass and it felt fatter and bigger.

A little disturbed at what changed in her body, Jean quickly dried herself, went back to the bedroom and looked in the mirror. Her body did become curvier. She did had bigger breasts again. She then saw that she was very toned and very fit in her abdomen. It looked like her stomach and hips lost some fat, which all went to her ass. She turned around to look at it. It had become bigger; more round and upright. She then grabbed it and it was much more firm. She then looked at her entire naked body. It looked like she now had a porn star’s build. The videos on Trinibogo’s Spring Spa page were right. Jean body had changed dramatically. She spent just a few days at the Trinibogo Springs Spa. She didn’t realize it would have this much of an effect on her body.

She got dressed and went outside, on her way to the swimwear store. As she was walking, she noticed some familiar female faces she saw on the bus ride here three weeks ago. Some of the other women also seem to have new curvier anatomies. Some of the women were gently grabbing and bouncing their boobs, showing them how big they were to one another. While others turned around, sticking out and showing their asses. The women even felt both breasts and rears of one another’s to check if they were real. Jean even saw the that 45-year-old woman only… she didn’t look 45, more like 30. She was wearing the same white pants Jean saw her in when they first arrived on the island and they did a very good job of showing off her new hindquarters. Despite this, she kept moving.

Jean walked inside of the store and the clerk did a double-take. That was the same hot-ass woman he was checking out weeks ago. Looks like she was given that Y-Serum. The man smirled a little checking her out. Jean was aware of the looks she was getting from him. She was a little disturbed however she couldn’t blame him. She now had the body of a porn star’s! She almost instinctively went to the size B section but quickly realized and went to the DD area. Still almost beyond belief she was back to buying top for the bigger-chested, Jean picked out a flourish white two-piece and tried it on in the changing room. Despite being curiver than she thought she was going to be and feeling feverish, she smiled very much satisfyingly on how curvaceous and good her new body looked in the white swimwear. She came out of the room and went to the counter.

“How much for this?” Jean asked as she presented the bikini on her body.

“Um…$24.95.” the clerk said a little taken aback at how stunning Jean was.

She handed the money over to the clerk as she leaned over and her breasts pressed against the glass of the counter. The clerk’s cock jerked up real fast when he saw her big chest mounted against the separation between them as he worked the register and handed over her change.

“Have a very nice day, ma’am.” he said with slight emphasis.

“Thank you.” she said with a barely seductive smile.

The clerk followed her ass sways as she left the store.

Knowing she would be hit on relentlessly by the men on the sand, Jean decided to take a walk down a more private section of the beach. It was a deserted spot; a perfect time and place to go over the stuff she’ll say to Will Jefferson tomorrow.

Jean walked down the edge of the beach; the small tide coming in, repeatedly sweeping her feet with waves. She gazed into the distance; enjoying the sound of the waves, the ocean which stretched far and wide, and the beautiful blue sky.

Just then, a familiar voice yelled out to her.

“Jean!” she heard as she almost immediately froze in the wet sand; her facial expression was the look of slight concern. She knew that man’s voice.

‘Oh no…’ she said to herself.

She then turned around to see a huge black man approaching her. Strange, she saw a lot of hunky black studs on the island but this guy was wasn’t who she thought she was. Jean was relieved… until he got face-to-face or more like face-to-chest with him.

“Uh…hi?” said Jean, almost praying. Almost.

“Jean, it’s me, Jeff.”

She had feeling of sudden displeasure and what’s this… slight excitement to see him?

“Oh, hi.” she said, this time, only somewhat sarcastically.

“Gimmie a hug.” said Jeff, just coming right in and wrapping his ebony-chisceled, 255-pound frame around Jean’s 107; nearly lifting her off her feet. She was startled at first but she shouldn’t be surprised given Jeff’s perverted nature. However, when Jean got a good whiff of him, she found herself arching her back and wrapping as much of herself around him getting a feel of dark muscle for the first time and wow was it a good feel. He even smelled masculine. She held on for longer until Jeff snapped her out of her hypnosis.

“Jean… Jean, you can let go now.”

She was unaware that Jeff’s arms were now at his side until she snapped out of it and then she let go. Jean was a little dissappointed that she let go. She didn’t get it. Why was she feeling this way? Did she actually want to stay in the arms of this man who pursued her for utlerior reasons?

“Uh… wow, you’ve changed.” Jean said.

“Yeah, I got big. Been exercising some for weeks and got help from Black’s Gym. By how I feel and look, it more than payed off.” said Jeff, flexing and show them off to Jean. She was getting hot and a little sweaty again just looking at him and after the bodies touched from that hug moments ago, Jean wanted to feel him up again and more, but refrained from it. It’s was what he wanted to her before he became all buff. Jean didn’t want to sink to his level.

“Well, you certainly don’t look like the guy I saw weeks ago.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he replied critically.

The reaction she got from him made her step back in fear. Thinking quickly, she rephrased.

“I mean, physically.”

“Oh.” he said, satisfying.

Jean was relieved at his reaction. She didn’t use to be afraid of him. Why now?

Will saw something in Jeff to bring into E&I. What really happened was that Will took him to see Dr. Hank McGraw, the man responsible for the enhancement for some of the black males in the country. More ebony men are becoming enhanced even as Jean and Jeff were talking.

“Wait, so that’s what you’ve been doing. Just working out for the past three weeks.”

“It wasn’t just that. I’ve gotten an opportunity to work for KNEN, the network that Solomon King owns and I’m gonna take it.”

“Oh, wow, that’s a huge honor. Congrats.” said Jean, amazed.

“Thanks.” Will replied.

“…but wait, that mean you’re leaving H! right?”

“I didn’t say that though.”

Jean looked confused.

“I heard from Will that Solomon’s company, King Enterprises, had bought H! in its enirety.”

“Oh my, are you serious?” Jean said dumbfounded.

“Yeah, Solomon had a private meeting with H! president Susan Coleman. I don’t know how he did it but he “convinced” her to sell him the channel for $10 million. It was a done deal “once she started to see things his way.”"

“Oh my god. So, we’ll be under new management basically.”

“Yeah. Big things are coming for the company, according to Solomon and Will.”

Jean was astounded at what she heard.

“So what brings you here of all places?”

“Oh, well, I’m staying at the local hotel to prepare for an interview with Will Jefferson.”

“Oh, your giving the interview. That’s fantastic. This could be great for your career and just so you know, they’re having me be one of the two cameramen.”

“Oh, that’s great! So I’m not the only one on my way to success.” Jean said, strangely enthusiastically.

Why did she feel somewhat excited he was also gonna be there?

“Man, Jean, you got some got big tits…” Jeff said.

“and a great, beautiful ass. Very delectable.” he said as he leaned to his right to get a look at her new round rump.

“Wow…um…thank you.” she said, giggling and blushing. What? Jean should’ve been offended at the explicit comment Jeff made to her. However, it was the total opposite. A shiver came up her spine and had butterflies in her stomach. Her now-DDs are aroused beyond words and her crotch gushed at his… compliment. She loved the fact that he was ogling at her body.

“The spa helped you some, huh?”

“Yeah, I don’t know what it is.” she said, as she fondled with them a little.

“I guess it’s discreet only in some of the natives here on the island.”

The sight of her bouncing her breasts made Jeff cock swell up a little in his shorts.

“Yeah, it’s a sacred practice that is known to only a select Trinibogons.” Jeff lied.

“And by the looks of you in your white swimwear, you look absolutely stunning.”

That compliment got Jean in more heat than she did when she got up from bed.

“You all right, Jean?” asked Jeff, pretending to be concerned.

“Yeah, yeah. Um… it’s just really hot on this beach.”

“Well, why don’t you use the water to cool off?”

“Yeah, good idea.” she said as the two made their way to the edge of the ocean. There, Jean kneeled down as Jeff stood next to her to splash the water on her face.

‘Man, my dick is getting hot in my shorts…’ Jeff thought. ‘… and I can be nude if I wanted to.’ Jeff got an idea with his thought.

‘Well, when in rome.’ He then pulled the top of his shorts down from the top half-way.

‘Ahh, that’s nice.’ said Jeff, leaning back slightly and tilting his head back, closing his eyes.

“Ah, that felt so nic- gasp, oh, shit… oh my god…” Jean sharply whispered when her eyes and head turned to face Jeff’s 11-inch cock!

Jean fell from her knees to her butt in surprise when she first layed her pupils on it at close range. She slowly got back to her knees not taking her gaze off of it; awe inspiring to look at. Jeff didn’t seem to noticed. His girth was huge even when his rod was circumcised, providing a long, smooth shaft that ended in the tip and that exceeded his pole in width. How could he ever even fit a huge thing like that inside a woman. Why was she thinking about that? The brash black man had slipped the top of his shorts to the under part of his balls and they were BIG balls. Jean looked in closer and she could see they were the size of grapefruits just hanging below his crotch! Damn,… how much semen could those things hold?

One of the things she tried to avoid was just inches from her face. She was somewhat afraid that something like this would happen. Yet,… on the other hand, she felt like she was honored to be just inches from her face in the presence of such a magnificent penis. Jean then noticed the aroma coming from it from gently breathing it in. Smelling how good it was, she then sharply inhaled the scent and that was when she realized. No, it was a cock. Tom’s didn’t even come close to being a penis let alone a cock. Jeff was the most perfect man she had ever come in any kind of contact with. Wait, what?

She leaned her head in, closed her eyes, and parted her lips. But just before Jean’s mouth touched the skin, Jeff suddenly lifted his shorts back up his waist, stepping back a little.

“Ah, that felt nice.” Jeff said, feeling better.

That slight movement from him caused Jean to just miss his crotch and nearly ate the sand. Realizing she stopped dead in her tracks.

“Jean?…” Jeff asked, wondering why she was in a weird position.

Jeff then kneeled some and helped her to her feet.

“Are you all right?” he said.

“Um.. um… yeah, yeah.” Jean said, now having a clearer state of mind.

“Maybe I should walk you back to your room.” Being in Jeff’s hands, Jean felt more safe with him around so why not?

“Yeah, that a good idea.”

Jeff then put one arm around her was and felt like she could trust him. She actually felt a little disappointed that she didn’t get any cock in her mouth. However, she settled with his big, sexy arm touching a part of her body. She then did the same thing and absent-mindedly put her arm around his rock-hard back as they left the beach.


They got to the door outside her room.

“So it was really good catching up with you.” Jeff said.

“It was great talking to you too.” Jean replied and actually meant it.

“All right then.” Jeff then leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek.

“See ya tomorrow.” Jeff said and turned around and left.

Jean wanted to melt on the floor right then and there but she didn’t want to attract attention so she went inside her room and melted in bed.


“So you like my big black dick, don’t you?” Jeff said, standing there naked.

Jean just kneeled there on her knees nodding.

“Well, watchu waitin for, bitch? Get over here and suck my motherfuckin’ black cock.”

Jean obeyed and leapt closer to his cock and starting running her tougue up and down the shaft. Virtually slobbering all over it. This is what Jean so badly needed and she wasn’t gonna hold back.

“Open your mouth.”

Jean parted her lips more and Jeff moved his hips forward and put the big tip in her mouth.

Jean suddenly sat up and awoke. It was just a dream. She was in heat again more so than ever as she was breathing heavingly. She was sweating immensely and very much between her breasts. She felt something warm between her legs. She uncovered the blanket on her legs to discover she just had a wet dream! Yesterday, Jeff seemed to have an effect on her; more than just feelings for him. She actually dreamed about him!

But, she couldn’t worry about that right now. It was morning. Today was the day.


An almost sweaty Jean stepped through the doors of a penthouse suite. She felt like she was on a fever but she wasn’t going to let it stand in the way of getting the biggest scoop of her career. She stopped in her tracks to admire the very the very nice room. 20 x 20, very flourish white walls and couches with black and white couch pillows stacked across side-by-side. In the middle of those couches stood a short 2 feet tall black table. They were also some very tall and wide windows. Reaching from the floor, all the way near the ceiling. Great view of the island’s ocean. It was a really calm and beautiful blue sight. Jean wishes she could drop her body on the couch and just lay down and relax but she’s got a job to do.

However, at was a little hard for her to focus after all that’s happened. She had been sexually frustrated ever since for the last several weeks. She saw impressive package on the native she had never seen before. She was even close to performing oral sex on the beach to a guy she thought was a pig! She decided that after this trip, she was going to see a ob/gyn to take care of the problem.

She spotted a group of people further into the suite. Some had papers in their hands, talking among themselves and there he was; the man she will have her sit-down with. Will Jefferson, among the small group of people. He was a very good-looking man. All 6’3, 245 masculine, chocolate pounds of him. He was dressed in just a black t-shirt, jean shorts, and was barefoot.

He noticed Jean from the door way.

“Jean!” he yelled from the slight distance.

Jean then snapped out of her dream-like trance and walked over there. While closing the distance, she kept glancing down at Will’s crotch wondering if his coc… penis was anything like the natives’ on this paradise. She saw a tent that formed down along his thigh and that answered her question. She got aroused just looking at it, even when it was covered by his denim shorts. She was having thoughts about him too! She just had a wet dream thinking about Jeff, of all people and now she was thinking of another man. Was she thinking like a sl… she couldn’t be!

“Hi there.” Jean greeted, walking up to him.

“Hey, it’s good to see you again.” Will replied, just leaning over and hugging Jean, nearly lifting her off her feet.

She hugged him back as best as she could, feeling as much of his ripped back as she could. God, it felt so great being wrapped around his big, sexy, arms. Jean then got a whiff of him. Oh my god, he smelled good! He got a good feel of her as well and she got butterflies in her stomach.

In what seemed like an eternity(at least to Jean), they finally released their holds on each other.

“So how are you liking the paradise?” he asked.

“Oh, it was really nice. Very relaxing and I love the way of living here.” she said.

“All right, I’m glad to hear that. Are you ready? You know what you’re gonna ask me when we sit?”

“Yeah, I memorized them. I know exactly what to say. I just hope that you’ll provide the truth for everything I ask.”

“Definitely. I’ll be real honest.” he said. “Oh, this is Carla, she’ll be doing your hair for our discussion.”

“Oh, nice to meet you.” she greeted, extending her hand.

“Likewise.” the black-haired latina said, shaking it. “My, my, aren’t you a chiquita mamacita.”

“Wh… what?”

“She said you’re a petite, sexy-looking woman. Don’t blame her for looking. You look damn fine.”

“Oh, thank you.” she said sounding out of breathe. Even though having this much of a curvier and toned body was not what she intended, she was very much so flattered by Will’s comment.

“And this is Suzie, she’ll provide you with make-up and wardrobe.”

“Very nice to meet you, Jean.” the blonde said, shaking her hand.

“And you already know Jeff.”

“Hi Jean.” he greeted

“Hi.” she said somewhat dreamily. It was a little awkward seeing Jeff again because he was a man she used to find creepy. However, now it was that same kind of behavior towards her that she found strangely hot for him. Jeff was working on one of the cameras being used today. One of the camera’s sides read “KNEN.”

“Solomon provided me with the camera work for our talk. Now that he bought out the H! channel, some of our interview will not only be broadcasted to KNEN, but on H! News as well.” Will explained as Jean nodded.

“OK, so I’ll leave you with these two to prepare you while Jeff and I go work on the video feeds and such.”

“All right then.” said Jean.

“OK, see you in a little bit.” Will says, as he and Jeff left the room.


An hour later…

Jean had her hair and make-up done when Suzie came in with her wardrobe.

“Here’s your stuff you’ll be wearing in the interview.” said Suzie said handing the hanger of clothes to her.

“Thanks.” Jean says.

Suzie turned and walked to leave and Jean noticed the big V-neck down along the middle of her t-shirt and the tight white pants.

“Uh.. Suzie?”

“Yeah.” she said turning around.

“You don’t have anything more conservative?”

“Jean, here in Trinibogo that is very conservative and besides Mr. Jefferson personally hand-picked the whole wardrobe himself.”

Suzie walked away and Jean was a little surprised at what Suzie said. But, she was right about one thing. Thinking how skantily-clad the women were back on the beach, this was conservative compared to what the females were wearing.

Moments later, Jean looked at herself in the mirror with the clothes. She was in the very short green and white shirt only went up to her midriff. It showed off her killer-toned stomach more so secretly because of the Y-Serum. However, the most risque part of it was the shirt was cut down the middle just enough to show ample cleavage of her new breasts. Both sides of her brunette-brown hair fell just hanging next to her chesty bosoms. Her top was similar to the ones she wore during her college years in the FSU football games as an FSU Cowgirl along with Crystal and Felicia, but with the Jets’ colors. She was also wearing tight denim jeans that accentuated her now fat and firm ass.

The door opened and Suzie peeked in.

“Jean, we’re ready for you now.” said Suzie.

“OK.” Jean replied as she then put on her black plastic headband, made her way to the door and walked out.


Jean and Will were sitting at opposite sides of the couch with Jeff and another black man’s camera aimed directly at them. The black boom operator sat up his large mic on Jean’s right. She couldn’t get a good look at the guy’s face on the count that he was wearing large headphones and sunglasses.

“OK.” said Will, getting closer to her and putting his large black hand on Jean’s denim-covered leg. “Remember don’t be afraid to ask me anything.” Weird, despite being on opposite sides Will sat very close to Jean in the center.

Jean just sat there and nodded. When he touched her, it felt intimate and she felt tingly inside. She was very intimidated to even be in the presence of this animalistically-masculine man let alone talk to him but his touch and his words comforted her and got her hot again. She could see that Will was eyeballing her body which only made her horny to the point where she started to sweat a little all over. Strangely, she was happy that he was checking her out. She was a little concerned about the ensemble she was wearing but she was going to try to ignore that and let her talk with Will be her distraction.

She saw Carla and Suzie talk among themselves when the door opened and two big black came in and greeted them. The women then walked arm-in-arm with each black guy and having their ass feeled up by the big men and left the room.


“All right, ready in 5, 4, 3, 2,…” Jeff said aloud as he then pointed to her and that was Jean’s que.

“Hello, I’m Jean Sterger of H! News coming from one of the fabulous hotels here on the wonderful island of Trinibogo and do we have a treat for you guys because I am here with Solomon King’s advisor/consultant and one of his really good friends, Will Jefferson. Hi, Will”

“Hello, Jean.” he said with a smile.

“Thank you for having the time to hang with us on H!” Jean said slightly enthusiastically.

“Oh no, the pleasure is all mine.” he said this time with a more sinister smile.

“So I’m gonna get right to it; how do you know Solomon King?” she asked.

“Well, actually, I first met him through

unfortunate circumstances.”

“Oh, really?” she said with a look of slight concern.

“Yeah. I got jumped by three men as I was walking home in the night. One of those three men being Ray Traylor, one of the most wanted men in Chicago. They mugged me of my money and my shoes. He then pulled out a knife saying that they couldn’t leave any witnesses so I knew he was going to do. Solomon happened to be there and just in time too because just when Ray motioned the knife at me, Solomon grabbed his arm and physically shielded me from them. The three guys went after him. Dumb idea on their part. Solomon beat them down, reported them to the police and took me home before they got there.”

Jean just sat there listening closely.

“Wow, that’s some story-”

“Wait, there’s more.” Will interrupted. Jean’s whole body shivered. It was a little rude for Will to cut her off but she just got hotter by that bold action.

“We only knew each other for like a week because he was homeless and I was moving out of the state so that was the last I ever saw of him… until seven years later. We saw each other in New York and renewed our relationship. Meeting him again really changed my life.”

“OK, so Ray is in jail?”

“Yup, he is in jail for the rest of his life. He’s not ever getting out now, not that I’m concerned or anything because I can now kick his ass without breaking a sweat with all that combat sports in learned. Additionally, with my new chisceled frame. It’s helped me in the last year of school, too.” Will further explained.

“Yeah…” Jean said. Mentioning his body made her glance up and down at it for a second, but quickly shifted her focus back on work.

“Uh… really. How was it like?”

“Well, I wasn’t as big and as tough as all the kids there. I was the target of bullying from nearly the entire student body. A few times I’d get beat up by the boys; the girls would laugh at and/or verbally mock me. They would throw stuff at

me. Even that asshole of a principal made me into one of his victims. What was worse was that, some of the other kids who stood by and just watched it happened… that’s all they did was stood by. Nobody helped me.”

Will then extended his index finger.

“Not one person helped me during the torture I went through.”

Jean felt very sorry for him and being just inches away from him, for some odd reason, she even felt like she should be making him feel better. The relentless suffering from some of the student body and the lack of support of some of the others was the catalyst for Will going to Solomon for work and help. For the mistreatment he received, Will got his revenge on some of those people who made him suffer & just stood by and E&I where more than happy to help him in his endeavors. Will especially loved to bring misery to the bullies in general, not just his. Although he knew of his mission, he felt for some of the victims, no matter the race. Compared to Solomon, Will was the more sympathetic and compassionate of the two, but never strayed from his agenda.

“Before my senior year, I decided I had enough. So I signed up for a combat sports program for the next three months and I got tougher and stronger physically.”

“Oh, good for you.”

“Thank you. Also, three weeks before school started, Solomon recommended me to Black’s Gym back in Las Vegas where I was trained exclusively by Marcus Black and Darren Brown the co- owners.” He partially lied.

Although he was trained by them, it was really Dr. McGraw injecting Will with the X-Serum that awarded the latter with all those muscles.

“That year, I wasn’t getting messed with anymore. In fact, the student body was practically scared of me now.”

Will knew about all the benefits the X-Serum provided for him so he decided to get revenge, the E&I way of course. The male bullies were scared emotionally and mentally for life thanks to Will. Using his charm, forceful, and flirtatious ways, Will lost his virginity that year on one of his female tormentors. But, it didn’t stop there. Will laid his 11-inch black cock into the female-mini clique, the white girls who stood by, white female nerds, 3 of his female teacher’s, even the principal’s own wife! That sealed the fate of the rest of their lives. Will then fed them to E&I; they had the nerds work as interracial pornstars, the girls who stood were given stripping. And, what Will enjoyed most of all, one of the teachers and the female clique were thrown into the wolves and wolves meaning the enhanced black natives of Trinibogo; enhancing the women and using them for breeding stock, being young mothers to strong black children. Vengeance was indeed sweet!

“The principal was fired for his negligence & mistreatment of some of the students, myself included, and was replaced after my graduation.”


“Nearing graduation, I had decided what I wanted to do with my life.” Will interrupted. Again, Will cut her off. To her, it felt a little like he was taking over this sit-down talk; it was rude, but Jean just found herself attracted to him taking charge.

“I wanted to work for Solomon. I knew that if I can “convince” people to go to him for employment and/or endorse in him, his businesses would get taken up a notch and provide exposure for his ventures.”

“So years later, you are still under Solomon’s leadership, correct?” Jean asks.

“Yes, that’s right.” he replies.

“Could you elaborate on what you have done?”

“Well, Solomon has been aiding in the black community for several years now, especially with the troubled urban youth. He’s really convinced them that there is a better life out there than stuff like beating up people, robbing them and whatnot. I’ve helped them out myself in showing them especially gang members, that it isn’t right living as a scum of society when they can be part of “bigger things.” Now we’re seeing a lot of major turn-arounds in them and they’re really on the right path in their lives. Other people I have associated myself with have found jobs under him. I’ve also so far convinced a few of the rich and famous to endorse in him and his empire.”

“Do you have any other projects that you are working on? After all of the great things Solomon and now you are doing, what else do you have planned?”

“Well, I’ve been doing some research on Africa and there are some native tribes there that are struggling with situations ranging from hunger, homelessness, sicknesses, among others. So, within the next year or so, Solomon, I, & several of our volunteers will be journeying to the country to “assist” in the tribesmen & women relief efforts. We’ll also be opening some resorts near the tribesmen’s locations of living so the city men & women would be able to participate in some of the “festivities.”" Until then, I will continue to “attempt” to gain more Hollywood and mainstream support for Solomon’s businesses. And as I told you already, we have some influence on a small amount of celebrities especially here on this paradise. How are you liking the resort?” he asked with a sly smile.

“Oh…ummm…well, I do love it here. It’s the perfect place to get away from the pressures of everyday life and unwind. I am a little envious that the people live here. The male employees here are really nice and seem very…”adventurous.” And it seems so especially with the women here.” said Jean.

“Well,…” he said moving himself closer to her. “black men have that effect on them.”

“Oh,…ummm…well…OK.” she said experiencing some of that effect first hand.

Jean felt very overwhelmed with heat when Will answered and being this close to a man that near-eclipsed her. The look of his body zoomed in was getting her blood pumped.

“Uh… th…there have been a lot of rumors and gossip going around from the natives and the women on the island that black men are superior to white men. What do you have to say about that?”

“Well, it’s true.” Will said.

“Wha…uh…w…well, you can’t be serious?” Jean said, sounding somewhat confused.

“Well, I obviously know what my body looks like and I’ve seen the other natives on the nude beaches compared to the white guys I’ve seen and don’t act like you don’t know Jean. We are the true definition of man and only we can provide true satisfaction to women. The African-American package puts the opposite’s to so much shame and once you experience one, no other limp white boy noodle will be able to satisfy you again.”

“Nn… no, that can’t be right. That’s just a myth.” she said, trying to avoid the truth.

“Well,…” Will said, getting up and unbuttoning his shorts. “… how’s this for a myth.” he said as he dropped his shorts to his ankles.

“Oh, my god.” Jean gasped as she covered her mouth in shock and awe seeing Will’s massive cock pop out and waggle up & down to a stop. It curved downward but Will tugged on it a few times and swelled straight up.

Will walked a little closer, grabbed the back of Jean’s head and smacked her on both sides of her face with his long appendage. Jean got a zoomed look at only the second black cock in her life. It’s color was near dark-brown and it was pointing straight between her eyes. Despite being inches away from his body, the tip of his pole was dead close to her face. Was it really that long? Jean tilted her head to the side and her eyes widened a little more. It was wide in girth and looked very smooth. It was also circumcised too; the tip being a little bigger and wider than the rest of the long shaft.

“11 inches.” said Will.

Jean became open-mouthed as it came to her thinking about the Trinibogons, Jeff, and now Will that the black males averaged around 10-plus inches. She was completely oblivious at Will grabbed her hand and guiding it over to his rigid ebony pole. Jean snapped out of her trance the moment her hand finally touched a big black cock. She realized what she was touching but couldn’t bring herself to let it go. She ended up stroking his dick inch-by-inch. By the look of her small hand jerking the dark appendage had her lust for pleasure. Will could see the outline of her nipples under her shirt. She was clearly really turned on.

“Now let me ask you a couple of questions, Jean.”

“You have seen black men with cocks like this, right?

“Well, I…”

“Yes or no and I want the truth.” Will said in an authoritative tone.

“Yes.” the sound in Will’s voice made Jean somewhat timid of him, however it just made her strangely want him even more.

“And you tried fucking a white guy, didn’t you?”

Jean then looked up at his face in shock but never strayed from jerking him off. How did he know about that?

“Didn’t you?” Will asked more forcefully.

“Ye…yes…yes.” Jean answered out of partial fear.

“And how did he measure up?”

“He… he didn’t.”

“How many inches was it?”

“Uh… uhhhh… I don’t know. It was the size of a tiny noodle.”

Will laughed and the other blacks couldn’t help but laugh with him.

“You knew that when you saw his penis, he wasn’t gonna satisfy you on that night, didn’t you?” he asked.

“I knew.”

Jean took a look under at his ball sack. They were as big as grapefruits! Just how much sperm could hold those?!

“I see you can’t take your eyes off my dick. So, do you still think big black cock is a myth now?”

Jean was still in her dream-like state looking hypnotically at Will’s dick.

“Do you?” said Will as he motioned his left hand to her right breast and then pinched her right nipple with a little more force to get her attention. A sharp gasp escaped Jean’s mouth at the reaction of her chest getting felt up sexually.

“Uh… I… I guess not.”

“You guess not?” Will said.

Jean felt she should have never said that.

“I think you need more convincing.”

With that, Will pulled Jean’s face into the shaft of his long pole; her lips and nose touching the sleek phallus.

The very daring move caught Jean by surprise. However, when Jean got a sniff of his cock, she inhaled a huge whiff of the masculine male aroma. Wow, it smells so good! She then took another big whiff of his enticing odor. Experiencing this gave her flashbacks to her dream, being in the same position, kneeling before Jeff’s manhood. Only this time, this was real. She was now convinced.

“So, who is the superior male of the two?” Will asked.

“The black man.” Jean said, dreamily.

“Is the pleasures of experiencing big black cock a myth?”

“No.” Jean replied.

She couldn’t deny it any more. Jean was getting moist, her wide nipples were painfully pointy & erect, and she was very hot, horny, & sweaty just feeling & touching his upright appendage.

“Then you know what I have to do to really prove it to you, right?” said Will, smiling lightly.

Jean then got the hint but seemed slightly hesitant.

“But I don’t want to seem like a slut.”

“No, that won’t make you a slut, Jean.” he said as he rubbed his cock across her mouth.

“It’s only natural for a woman to serve black men and you are entitled to quench your sexual urges, especially after that puny white guy failed to do


When he mentioned Shawn, Jean got a little frustrated that the wimpy white boy could even attempt to get it up. Will was right. She had been horny for several weeks. She had been dying for some sexual attention. She did have the right to do what she was about to do. Convinced, she then took her right hand and grabbed his cock again.

“You’re right.”

She then lifted his cock up and licked up his shaft, leaving a trail of spit on it’s underside. Finally getting intimate with a real man quenched Jean’s arousal somewhat, but she wanted more. She then flickered her tongue all around the dark shaft, going up & down, side-to-side. She licked up every inch of his “god-given” ebony gift. Will then took off his shirt and threw it to the side. He then grabbed both of Jean’s hands and put them on his rock-hard exterior. She was a bit disappointed that she had to let go of his manhood, however when he had her palms on his smooth, shapely, physique, it was just as good as his cock. She had never felt such a well-defined body on any other man in her life. Excluding the hugs she got from Will & Jeff, but this was different; she was adoringly rubbing her soft hands all over Will’s hard anatomy, never straying from working her tongue on his hard phallus. Will’s cock was slobbered all over with Jean’s spit; not an inch was left dry.

“Wow, got some good licking skills on you.” Will complimented.

Will was very impressed with Jean’s tongue and it made feel her feel good to know she was doing great.

Jean then moved to the tip; lightly but quickly working her drool on it just as good as the shaft with the tip of her tongue. Will’s face cringed a little at his cock knob being coated upon the arousal-prone area. As she was licking in his pee-slit, her tongue tasted some substance pouring out of it. It tasted delightful as she separated her tongue from the slit to check out what the stuff was. Precum leaked out of his slit and poured on the floor. Knowing how great it was in her mouth, Jean immediately went to licking every other drop that came out of his cock while lashing her tongue around the tip. Seductively & lustfully, smearing her tongue at his bulb of his dick; letting out short & light moans & gasps as she continued.

Will then put his hand on the back of her head. He thrust his hips up a little, plopping his bulb of his cock into Jean’s mouth. She didn’t struggle at all with that. In fact, on the contrary, she instinctively started to jerking her head & mouth on his dark shaft with an a little assist with Will’s hand. It was delicious to suck even a portion of his length; she was just glad to be getting some period. The mixture of her spit and his precum further lubricated his rod more and Jean was able to get a few more inches into her hole. The former cowgirl lost all sense of her surroundings and what was happening as all she seemed to focus on was making Will happy. As if she made for this and it seemed like it was her job to serve Will. Scratch that… it was her job to serve the black man! Her mouth, however, could only pleasure just the first couple of inches of it, but it was good enough.

“You don’t have to worry about it, bitch. After all, I don’t really see you getting more of my black dick between your lips.” said Will sensing that she was trying harder to further stuff her face.

Jean actually got hotter when he called that. But, what really got to her was the comment he made about her cock-sucking skills(or lack there of in his case). The reaction at Will’s critical words of her service, lighted some motivation in Jean’s fire and she soon rammed her mouth further onto Will’s package.

“Uh, yeah, baby, that’s what I’m talking about.” he grunted, feeling his massive rod covered in her cheeks.

Jean bobbed her head up and down further into Will’s cock, now having gotten more used to more inches in her mouth. Will then took his hand and digged into her torn-down-the-middle shirt. With his left hand, he lustfully & vigorously fondled right breast; feeling and squeezing aggressively on her big hooter. He then took his other hand and did the same to her other melon. Her near dime-wide nipples were now being tweaked by his big thumbs and in response, her pussy squirted through her tight denim jeans. To great comfort to her because it was getting clammy down there. It also powered her up enough to go deeper on Will’s large black cock. She also found that if she suppressed her gag reflex, she could take more of him in her throat. Each time she went down on him, she felt her head being stopped by something. She opened her eyes to see what it was. It was Will’s crotch the top of her face was touching; she had swallowed the whole thing! All 11 inches of his peni… cock was inside of the hole in her face. Oddly enough, Jean found herself proud of this achievement because she knew that she was satisfying this man to the full extent. She then got another smell of his natural scent and went back to work sucking on his massive package.

Will then motioned to the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her chest, freeing her awesome mounds. Jean got the hint, releasing his cock from her oral hold & raising her arms in the air. She let him get her half-naked as he then tossed her shirt to the side & immediately went right back to work pleasing him. The three blacks in the background finally got a great look at her glowing orbs. Round, perfectly globed with cleanly light tan skin, Jean’s perfectly, mounted, udders were really a sight to be hold. And with very nice areolas with near-coined shaped nipples, it’s no wonder Will targeted her for enhancement!

Jean continued to bob her head on Will’s cock with gusto. She was giving head to a black man that barely even know. And yet, she felt like this was where she belonged. Now that she was pleasing this well-endowed, rock-hard, stud of a man, she did not know if she could give him…er… this kind of pleasure up. Jean then felt his cock swell up a little and he was pumping his cock up faster with more force.

“Argh… here it comes. Arggahhhhh!” grunted the big man.

Will’s cock then exploded his sperm next to Jean’s throat. The strength of Will’s hand prevented her head from jumping back in surprise. Jean was caught off-guard by the streamers of cum that blasted away at her throat. She couldn’t move her head, thanks to Will’s palm being there. So, she instinctively gulped it down the second the first strand surprised her throat and since Will wasn’t budging her head, she was forced to take more down her oral cavity. Will then moved back some to let some of his dick free, but strategically left the bulb in her mouth with his slit above her tongue. Strands of cum then came onto to her tongue as he was still ejaculating in her mouth. But, instead of her tongue cringing at its touch, the taste wasn’t somewhat surprising unpleasant. It was actually really good. In fact,… it the most delightful taste her tongue ever experience. She got to taste strand after strand of cum on her now-anxious tongue, letting herself enjoy the sensation of each couple of wads first before willingly and greedily swallowing his loads. When he was finished, Will backed his hips up a little and his cock flopped to a stop when it came out. He then tugged on his dick as he smeared his shaved nut-sack into Jean’s face and she followed up by enjoyingly licking his balls.

“So you like what I’m packing, do you?” he asked.

“Mmm-mmm, mmm-mmm.” she said, anxiously & enthusiastically licking lovingly at his abnormal testes.

“Well, I ain’t done with you, yet horny bitch.”

“What, but I thought-”

“We’re just getting started.” he said as he back away from her.

Jean couldn’t believe it. He was hard again! What she thought she had shrunken and made limp, just grew again in a matter of seconds! Jean was exhausted just getting him off and felt her cheeks swollen just a bit. Will, on the other hand, hardly broke a sweat. He didn’t look tired in the least, but what was more baffling was that his cock was swelling up again and he sounded like he was ready for another go with his appendage. Jean felt a little scared, but at the same time a shiver of excitement came over her.

“Get on all fours, whore.” said Will, pointing to a spot in front of him.

Jean then crawled by him and to the spot he pointed at, standing in the doggy position. Weirdly enough, she actually loved obeying him when he gave an order. When he asserted his imposing nature, a quiver came in her crotch. She also loved being treated like and being called a whore.

She looked behind herself to see what he was going to do. Will took a second to admire her bottom-heavy ass, leg-spread on the ground. He then walked to her, kneeling down before her ass-cheeks. Jean watched as he then wrapped his arms

around her waist, unbuttoning and unzipping her tight denim jeans. He grabbed the back of her jeans by the waist and begin pulling down. He pulled the waistline down to just under her cheeks, revealing her scrumptious, small yet said bottom-heavy ass. When she felt Will caress it with his big hands, Jean bent her head down and let out a soft, sultry, moan. Probably other than the male massagers at the Trinibogo Springs Spa, she never had a more pleasurably satisfyingly hands-on(pun-intended) experience. Out of nowhere, she let out a higher pitched moan. Something had pressed onto her pussy and was providing her with mind-blowing sexual satisfaction. Picking her head up & turning it around, she saw that it was actually Will smearing his lips & wagging his tongue over her smooth-shaven lips.

“Oh… oh my god… ohhhhhhh.” Jean moaned.

“How you liking my tongue slut?”

“Oh my god, ohhh… I’ve never felt this good in my pussy before. Ahh I’m gonna cum.” moaned Jean.

She then squirted into Will’s face, almost catch him off-guard, but he licks it all up and went right back to going down on her.

“Oh shit, yeah.” Jean let out.

Will then reached out and grabbed her melons again. He proceeded to squeeze & pull on her big breasts and tweaking her nipples with his fingers. Jean was overwhelmingly moaning & gasping with pleasure. She was getting felt up from virtually head-to-toe. Her body was radiating of arousal. No one has made her feel this good in… well… never. She was even pushing her hips, and in turn her pussy, back into Will’s face trying to get the most out of his tongue. Jean was really lost in her lustful state; she didn’t care about anything even the cameras that were recording the entire ordeal on tape(to use it for future release). All she cared about right now was quenching her satiable & frustrated sexual urges. And Will was doing a phenomenal job of it. Jean would cum around every 20 seconds on his face; thanks to the long-awaited satisfaction her body needed, it was much more prone to orgasms. Will playing with Jean’s equally sensitive breasts only added to it. He removed his face from her rear and spanked it as he got lifted his back up straight again. Getting spanked sent tingles in Jean’s pussy. Speaking of which…

“Now your ready to try this bull cock in your pussy.”

When Will said that, Jean felt a wave of relief and excitement come over her. In what seemed like forever, she has been wanting some man in her and since this was a black alpha-male she was servicing, she already knew that black cock would be more than enough to gratify her sensations. Her pussy couldn’t stop leaking from the thrill of it! Jean knew the size of his gargantuan dick would tear & cut her body in half, but she didn’t care. In recent weeks, she needed a cock inside her more than anything. He pushed her legs apart, spreading & stretching her ass out a little more; showing her pussy even more and now her tight brown asshole. Will lined his cock up with her pussy and started teasing it a little.

“Ah… ahhhh.” she whimpered.

“So you want my black dick inside you, Jean?” Will asked.

“Oh, yes! I need you to fuck me right now.Please?” Jean replied, almost sound like she was out of breath.

Will then grabbed Jean from under her pits and easily rose her back to her feet. That incredible feat of strength caught her a little off guard. She really respected and admired the raw power that these black people possessed. As a former Jets reporter, she had seen some of the players on the field power their way to their respective end zones. But here, Will effortlessly lifted a near 110-pound young woman off her feet. These black greek gods seemed to be gifted in almost every physical area of their anatomies and from her intimate experience with Will, they seem to also be great lovers. So, she could only imagine how good he’ll be once he engages her in copulation.

When he got her to her feet, Will attached his lips onto her’s while embracing her petite, curvy body. Jean reacted more enthusiastically than when he kissed her the first time. She rubbed one hand in the hair on his head, then, with both of them, explored his well-defined body. Being intimate with this abnormally-ripped, enticingly-scented, surely well-gifted lover of a man had Jean acting like a bitch in heat. Getting felt up virtually from top to bottom was pushing her over to the brink.

Will motioned both their lustful bodies still getting a piece of the other back to the couch. He then let himself fall back to sit himself into it.

“Now come ride me.” he said.

She then walked over to him and straddled his lap, putting both legs on opposite sides of Will’s waist. She could feel that his dick would gave her all the pleasure she needed and more. She just didn’t know how much. As Jean held her butt in mid-air above Will’s hard member, she didn’t know if the entire thing would even fit inside her. She just thought that she’ll get as much pleasure as she could from him. She badly needed a cock inside her, even if it was as big as Will’s.

She lowered herself slowly onto him; her pussy aligned with his dick. Once the tip touched her private area, Jean’s body shivered with a mixture of arousal & excitement. The bulb slowly went into her as a moan escaped her mouth.

“Nnnaaaahhhh… oh, my god. Ohhhhhhh” she said, lowering herself on more of his inches.

Even though she knew she taking it little by little, Jean was surprised she didn’t feel even the slightest amount of pain through her vagina; even more so that it was a bit orgasmic than anything else. Will helped in moving her up and down on the inches she could take so far. She had never felt her pussy so stretched out before and it was only a few inches.

“Oh, god. That’s good.” Jean let out.

She made a bigger effort and bounced her hips faster on his big appendage. She instinctively tilted her neck back at the new sensations that presented themselves in her body.

“If you think you like my dick now, you ain’t feel anything yet.”

Hearing him say that had Jean a little scared at just how much pleasure she was going to get. She didn’t have to wait long, however. Her accelerated movements on his upright member had her moist hole squirting all over his shaft. It was lubricate enough for Will to push the rest of his package into her.

“Uh… Oh my god!” she gasped as she felt every inch of her hole extend out in her pussy.

That was followed by another orgasm. Only this time, it was the longest she ever felt. Her body froze when the wonderful feeling spread. Her spine flexed back, her breasts stuck out, she was open-mouthed, & her head tilted back even more. It was like her hormones made time stand still and she was frozen in it. Will gripped her waist with both hands for more leverage and seeing as she now took the whole thing, he proceeded to pump his cock into her like a madman.

“Holy fuck!” she said caught off guard.

Jean grabbed on to Will’s neck to support herself as she felt the jackhammer go in and out of her. Immediately when he did that, Jean kept cumming like crazy and her pussy never let up. She couldn’t move her body as Will, his cock, and her orgasms seemed to be in complete control over her body. Jean had been in the same position as she did when she got the full 11 inches of his cock. All she could do was moan, gasp, and enjoy the best sex of her life.

“Ohhhh… god, yes!” she finally muttered out.

“Oh, Jesus! Oh, fuck me! Fuck me, yes!”

“So, you like me fucking you, Jean?”

“Yeah! Yeah, I love you fucking me with your cock.”

“So, do you agree with me now?”

“Oh yes! Yes, I do! I dooohhhhhh!”

“What do you agree with?”

“Ummm… I agree that white men are the weak being.” she said.

“And?” said Will.

“Ummm… and black men are the superior dominant males.”


“And as proof, it’s only natural for any women to please black men who have big, large, stallions opposed to pathetic, limp, noodle, white boys who can’t pleasure us females to save their lives and there’s a big black cock I’m now a slut for and just want to be fucked harder with it!!!!!!”

“Hehehe, you got it slut.”

Will then pumped into the horny whore with all his might. Jean came consistently being all caught up in her lust for big black meat. He used his hands to lean her chest close to his face. He then started munching and slobbering all over her size DD mounds. Will was also swirling and sucking on both her dime-shaped nipples.

“Mmmm, oh yeah. You like those don’t you?” she said, looking down smiling at her breasts being worshipped.

“Hell yeah, slut. When I saw your slutty big tits, I knew I had to have ‘em.”

Jean was cumming harder at the comment Will said about her gorgeous melons. She now wasn’t going to see somebody about her problem. Hell it wasn’t even one. She was glad and proud to have her body back. Her TRUE body back!

“Bite my nipples. Nnnggghh. Bite my nipples!”

Jean suddenly started to try matching his thrusts with her own. She was now shamelessly fucking him back. Not a ounce in her mind said that she shouldn’t be doing this. Her body was screaming in agonizing arousal to take and be taken by this perfect specimen; cumming consistently being all caught up in her lust for big black meat. Will lifted himself & Jean from off the couch and laid her on her back never taking out his dick from inside her. He grabbed the heels of her feet which were propped up in the air and pushed them into the couch’s headboard at the same time spreading her legs a bit more.

“Ohh… oh… ahhhh.” moaned Jean.

He then proceeded to pile-drive his black monster deep within her pussy. He used the hands on Jean’s feet, which in turn were dug into to headboard, for leverage to aggressively grind his hips into her ass.

“Ahhh… fuck me… ahhhhhhh!” Jean screamed.

Jean was feeling the full raw sexual power of this alpha male as he then picked up speed. The black rod invaded every inch of her hole and he was pounding into her at an animalistically-fast pace.

“Ah… ahh… ahhh… ahhhhhh… AHHHHHHHHH!!”

Jean gritted her teeth & held on to her pinned legs as her face turned slightly red from the intense, sweat-breaking, yet godly-great fire taking place in her crotch. For what felt like an eternity, her naked, sweat-glistening, contorted body near-sunk into the inside of couch by a madly, sexually-carnivorous black giant; imposing his copulating will on a sexually-fragile willing whore. When he finally stopped, Jean was near out of it and was breathing heavenly. Whichever way she looked at it, he wasn’t done with her yet.

Seeing as she was a little exhausted to move, he helped her to her feet. The sweat on their bodies glistened as the sunlight illuminated their bodies. He then put her on the floor on all fours. Will picked her ass up with one hand and with the other guided his smooth shaft to her…

Jean then felt his dick starting to penetrate another hole that wasn’t her pussy.

“Wait? What are you doing? That’s my asshole!”

“Relax, Jean. You’ll do fine. I’ve fucked a lot of other women in their asses; they all loved it & so will you.

“Oh, Ok.” Jean said, still a little unsure but decides to trust him and puts her butt in the air for him.

Will rubbed the bulb of his cock directly on her tight, brown asshole and then puts it in her.

“Oh… ahhahh….oww.” she let out as she felt her sensitive area being penetrated.

Will kept putting more of himself inside her rosebud and Jean felt herself getting more filled up than she was inside her pussy. Luckily for her, his dick was so lubricated from her consistent cumming, it was easier for her to take the enormous bulge.

Jean was really flexing her muscles with much emphasis on her hands and fingers as they gripped the carpet under her. Her feet curled up and her eyes squeezed shut as her butthole was getting stretched at all sides by more of Will’s cock. He held his rod in her ass still to get her used to it. Jean never thought that it would get this… “pornographic” if you will as she was having her first anal experience. She had thought it would be completely painful… at first. She felt her rectum now relaxing and getting more used to the penetration. Will was then moving his hips back and forth into her anal cavity. The pain wasn’t so bad now for Jean rear. In fact, the pain was fading rapidly and it was now becoming the contrary. Jean was surprised to find herself moaning somewhat to her butthole being reamed and pumped as pleasure now made its presence felt.

“Oh. My. God.” Jean moaned slightly.

Hearing that, Will then picked up the pace and pumped into her faster and harder. Jean suddenly reached behind her and with both hands, stretched her ass cheeked apart to assist Will in pleasuring her anally. Jean, obviously, now has a new-found lust for anal penetration.

“Ohhhh god, yeah!” Jean breathed out.

“Fuck my asshole! Fuck it good! Yes!”

Jean’s new-found dirty talk further upped Will’s motions. He was now pumping her harder, faster, & deeper. Jean was pumped her hips back harder than she was when Will was fucking her pussy while having a dazed smile on her face.

Will had never stopped moving his body into her in the least. Jean respected and “greatly” appreciated his sexual stamina. He wasn’t in the slightest bit tired, fucking her rectum for what seemed like hours.

“Oh yeah, fuck my virgin asshole!” she said enthusiastically.

Will was grunting & groaning and pumping her harder as he was about to cum in her asshole. Jean felt the force he was driving into her; she knew what was coming.

“Ahhhh, I’m cumming… Agggrrhhhh.”

Suddenly, something was blasted into her anal cavity as Will held onto her waist tight. Streams & streams of cum began flooding her rectum and showed no signs of stopped. Jean nearly passed out as that brought out her biggest orgasm yet. It was shocking to think that sex really felt this good and Will must have expertly switched holes on her to prevent her from knocking her up. Strangely, she didn’t seem to mind if he came into her womb as the sex would’ve been worth it.

Will took his cock out of her cavity as cum began flowing out of her. He flipped her body over so she could face him.

Jean was laying on the floor on her back. The sunlight from the sky glistened the sweat that formed all over her body. She was panting and breathing harder than she did in her workouts. In fact, Will’s big black cock provided her with the best workout of her life. She couldn’t move her body at all; she was so worn out. Will stood up back to his feet. He was also drenched in sweat, however, he wasn’t in the slightest bit as tired as the woman lying at his feet. Jean look up a him. He looked even more delicious when the sun shined down on his sweaty body. He looked like an chiseled god standing before her. She wished she could take him again then and there, but she almost couldn’t budge.

“You were a good fuck, Jean. I’m real impressed. You are by far one of the best I ever had.” Will said with an evil grin on his face.

Jean just blushed at the compliment. She felt used like a sex toy, but she didn’t give a damn. She needed a cock really badly and was entitled to sexually suppressing her horniness.

“However, I think there is one man who would appreciate you much more than I do.”

Will said as he pointed into the direction in front of her. Jean looked at what he was pointing at: it was Jeff; he stripped out of his clothes and was walking up to her prone naked body. But she also found that he was stroking his own big black cock. When he made his way to her, Jeff hovered his whole 200-plus pound, ebony-carved body over her curvy, petite, sweaty, exhausted one. He looked into her eyes. She looked into his.

“You look so sexy right now, Jean.” Jeff said seductively.

“Oh… ummm.. thank you.” she said, tiredly blushed.

“I have always wanted to be with you from the moment I laid eyes on you back at H!.”

Jeff’s comments hit Jean like they never did. This was the guy who tried hopelessly every line and every action in the book to get together with her. Now, at this very moment, his now compliments were really turning her on especially when they were butt-naked inches from each other on the ground. She was even squirting from her pussy from his words.

“I wanna be with you, Jean & I want to do you right now.” he said, point-blank in her face.

“I wanna be with you, too. You can do whatever you want to me.” Jean said, in the heat of the moment.

Jean wanted to be with this somewhat new Jeff. He radiated masculinity, is even more hotter & sexier than he was weeks ago, and she could smell that he could tear her apart in bed.

Jeff then motioned his lips to her face and kissed her. He closed his eyes and forced his tongue in her mouth and was moving it in there. That revived enough energy for Jean to pick her own head up, shut her pupils, and move her own tongue into Jeff’s. They both lightly moaned as their mouths and tongues were enveloping each other. Even though Jeff got her head moving again, the rest of Jean’s body was still immobile. So, she had to settle for this. But, god Jeff was a good kisser. The way he was moving his tongue between her lips, her mouth practically melted into hers; she was now partially absentmindedly moving her tongue with his.

She suddenly felt something insert itself into her pussy. She saw it was Jeff’s cock finally accessing itself into her pussy. Jean gave out some muffled screams as Jeff laid into her fast and heavy. Jeff parted his lips from her mouth and thrust his cock up and down her pussy faster and harder. His swift movements now brought Jean’s entire body back to life. She arched her back off the floor to further accommodate her ass, and her body for that matter to the gratification it was receiving from her man. That’s right. Her man!

“Oh yeah, Jeff, pump me harder. Harder!” Jean lustfully said.

Jeff then wrapped his left arm around her lower back for leverage and lifted her effortlessly higher off the floor. He pumped her with even more force; their bodies made loud slaps & thuds each time they hit each other when Jeff’s dick and hips went back up into her. Her back arched up even more, somewhat involuntary, at the height her body gained, thanks to Jeff’s sexually attractive primal strength. Jean wrapped her arms around the enhanced ebony god as Jeff leaned over and kissed her again. This time, the kiss was even more animalistic and aggressive than the first one, fueled by an increased lust for each other. He moved his face from her’s, motioned to her enhanced breasts and hungerly sucked on both nipples. Jeff let go to just focus on pumping into her.

“You like my cock inside you, don’t you?” he asked.

“Oh, yeah, fuck the shit out of me!”

‘Why did she refuse all of this beautiful man’s advancements?’ was what she was thinking. Having all his raw, awesome, sexual, power overtake her made her feel lucky he didn’t go looking for women elsewhere. Now that she had him right now, she was never letting him go. Jean felt Jeff was about to climax.

“Yeah, gonna cum baby?” she asked panting.

“Oh yeah, here it comes…”

“Yeah, come in meahhhhhh!”

Jean felt cum flow inside her for just the second time in just under an hour. She felt her womb flood with Jeff’s hot semen; she knew the risks of having a man ejaculate to her pussy but she didn’t care. Like she thought of before, the pleasure these men were giving her was worth it.

Will was just standing by watching it all go down and watch Jeff finally get his woman in bed…well, sort of.

“Well, I’m gonna go shower and leave seeing that this interview is over.”

Will then turned to the two cameramen, who stripped of their clothes and were now sporting hard-ons.

“Tom. Jack. Have fun.” They both nodded his way smiling evilly.

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